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*[[Olivia Wright]]<br>
*[[Olivia Wright]]<br>
*[[Callista Ranza]] †
*[[Callista Ranza]] †
|clique = *Queen Bees|hair color = *Blonde|eye color = *Blue|actor = *Sasha Pieterse||episode count = *4
|clique = *Queen Bees|hair color = *Blonde|eye color = *Blue|actor = *Sasha Pieterse||episode count = *5
|first = [[Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!]]|last = [[A Promise To The Dead]]}}
|first = [[Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!]]|last = [[Spilled Tea]]}}
'''Vevina Ferozco '''is a main character in [[Horrifically Wicked Tales]]:HIVE Academy.
'''Vevina Ferozco '''is a main character in [[Horrifically Wicked Tales]]:HIVE Academy.

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Vevina Ferozco

Vevina Ferozco
Biographical information
  • Alive
  • British
  • Female
  • 17
Personal Information
  • Queen Bees
Hair color
  • Blonde
Eye color
  • Blue
Played by
  • Sasha Pieterse
Episode Count
  • 5
First seen

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

Last seen

Spilled Tea


Vevina Ferozco is a main character in Horrifically Wicked Tales:HIVE Academy.


Vevina Ferozco is a popular blonde girl and member of the mean girl clique known as the the Bitchettes, denoted by the wearing of a bee brooch.  She is the group's gossip queen and knows everything about everyone.

 Season 1 

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!Edit

Vevina is seen along with the other Bitchettes at the Windsor Academy Masquerade Ball flashback from a year ago, meeting up with Callista Ranza, Cassandra Clooney, and Chasity Fairize.  In the present day, she arrives at Windsor for the start of term with the other members of the HIVE. She then helps the newest member of the Bitchettes, Olivia Wright, to unpack her things.  When Vev laments not being able to have a dance to go to, after Callista's death, Cassandra Clooney, leader of the Bitchettes, decides to hold a party of her own.

Outside in the courtyard, Vevina spots a hottie who turns out to be Raven Castillo, a former outsider who was tormented by Callista in the past. After flirting with Raven, Vevina joins the other Bitchettes in throwing water balloons at Lavender Jensen, a nerdy girl with designs to be the newest member to join the Bitchettes.   

Vevina is one of three girls selected as candidates to be elected First Girl.  Cassandra downplays Vev's chances of winning, thinking only about herself.  During the party Vevina spies Cameron Johansson wearing the same outfit as Cassie, which leads to an argument between Cassie and Cameron.  Vevina is the first girl to see Callista's video playing on the screen. 


Cassandra Clooney 
Cassandra is Vevina's friend, but often belittles her much the same way Callista did to Cassandra a year ago.

Chasity Fairize
Chasity is Vevina's friend and roommate.

Olivia Wright
Olivia is Vevina's friend and newest member of the Bitchettes.  Olivia offers to let Vevina borrow a particular cute outfit while unpacking her things.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! Appears
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Absent
A Hollowed Crown Absent
A Promise To The Dead Absent
A Gentleman's Choice Absent
Spilled Tea Absent
A Wilted Flower Absent
Dangerous Liaisons Absent
The Worse Day Since Yesterday Absent
Disturbing Behavior Absent
Memoirs of an Invisible Girl Absent
Bitch, Interrupted Absent
The Origins of Monstrosity Absent
Bloody Hell Absent
Murder She Wrote Absent


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