I’ve been working on a story called "Freight." (I’ve tried not to spoil anything)

Freight (Season 1) Rural country boy, Moriarty, was abducted outside a clinic in Mother Russia after waking up from a coma. Everyone he knows has been turned into a liability as he spends an excessive amount of time in a dark room with his captors. He has to maintain his sanity and will as the people torture him for information on a family he has gotten close to.

Theme: How far people are willing to go to protect their loved ones.


-Moriarty Croix- (Finn Roberts) A great MMA fighter who is being held captive and faced a cybernetic hand.

-Moira Freight- (Caitlin Blackwood)- Russian blind girl. She has strong will power and tries to prove to the world that she is not weak. Willing to do anything to get Moriarty back.

-Irena Freight- (Quinn Shephard)- Moira’s party girl adopted sister who Moira leans on for emotional support.

-Alexander Freight- (David Dastmalchian)- Wealthy russian man with connections father of Moira and Adopted Father of Irena. Does whatever he can to get Moriarty back.

-Oscar “Oz” Summers- (Kamil McFadden) Captain of Football team who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Constantly views Moriarty as his "rival" after an encounter early on.

-“Solonius”- (Catherine Keener) The mysterious woman who visits Moriarty in his cell to extract information and beat him up.

-Yasmine Duncard- (Jameela Jamil) Middle Eastern woman who is being held captive with Moriarty.

When auditioning characters, please use this format:


-Age (Around high school age or older for Mother Russia):

-Eye and Hair Colour:


-Dating Status:





-Role in Moriarty's life:


Additional Comments: (ie. Series Regular, supporting cast, special guest star,etc.) Note: Please refrain from using repeat actors on the Fearless Diva wiki. If you see that someone else has already chosen the actor or actress you wanted, please pick someone else. Posting pictures of the person you want your character look is required. I am mostly looking for characters to use in the flashbacks. But if you have a good idea for present day, give it a spin.

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