Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 9
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The Worst Day Since Yesterday is the ninth episode of Horrifically Wicked Tales Season 1


The brutal death of Chasity Fairize sends the entire school into a mass frenzy. Everyone holds a vital piece of this puzzle, just one problem... No one is willing to co-operate and piece them together.

Elsewhere, DI Ryan McKenna has forced his way into the school, and is conducting interviews, in a desperate bid to find out why the teens were invited to the site of Chasity's murder.

 The Woods 

Clara stared up at the wall in front of her, with dread in her stomach. Callista’s rolled up jumper now rested in her backpack, should she be caught that would create quite the dilemma. She stared and stared, wondering if the power was still down, wondering if the guards were still away from their posts and how she would re-enter the school should they be stationed on the other side.

Nevertheless, she knew these fears must be put to one side. She had to return and she had to do it sooner, rather than later. She inhaled deeply, before jumping onto the edge of the wall. Her fingers clung onto the wire fence, as she slowly began to scale upwards. At the peak of the fence, Clara swung her legs around and stared outwardly at the empty wood.

“Thank god” she whispered to herself, as slowly shuffled down onto the wall before jumping down to the floor. As she patted herself down, Clara felt a dark presence in the air.

Something was amiss. She sniffed the air, as her lips began to quiver, for her nostrils were filled with the musty smell of smoke. Her eyes trailed upward, and she saw the night’s sky being masked by a thick layer of smoke.

“Oh dear God” she whispered to herself, as the distant sound of voices became audible.

“Chasity!” Oliver’s voice echoed throughout the air. Hearing the name, made Clara’s heart drop. A lump formed in Clara’s throat, but before she could move towards the clearing, she was grabbed from behind.

As the figure pulled down on her hair, Clara fell to the ground with an almighty thud, and an even louder gasp of pain. Her head hit the gravel beneath her, causing her vision quickly became impaired.

As her sight quickly came back into focus, her eyes twitched with fear, as she saw a masquerade mask staring down beneath her. In a moment, it was as if her entire world became slow motion, as the killer drew a blade from behind them. The masked being twirled the blade in their hands, as Clara laid there and attempted to regain her strength.

The blade suddenly lunged down towards her shoulder. But Clara was too fast, she forcibly kicked out her leg, ensuring that her foot went directly into the figures leg. The figure tumbled to the ground, allowing Clara to stumble to her feet.

The young girl ran for the clearing ahead, as the distressed voices continued to grow louder as the smoke in the air became denser. But once again the figure attacked Clara from behind, this time jumping on her back. But she was not brought down by their weight, instead she grabbed onto the back of the figures head, crouched low and forcibly flung them over her shoulder.

But Clara wasn’t done there, she was quickly becoming tired with this cat and mouse game. So she stomped down on the figures chest, and proceeded to kick them in the side of the head. And all at once the masquerade wearing figure, stopped moving. Only then did an out of breath Clara decide to head towards the clearing, but just as she began to sprint down towards the sounds of the whaling cries, she froze and turned back to where she was attacked.

“I can end this” she whispered to herself, in a moment of realisation. Without a second thought, she turned around and attempted to walk back, but instead she walked face first into a man’s chest.

Screaming with fright, Clara looked up to see Simon Mendoza staring down at her. “Hello Miss Stark” the man said in a dark, serious tone.

“Mr Mendoza?” Clara whispered, as she shone a bright torch directly into her face. The older opened his mouth to speak, but instead he remained silent and merely sniffed at the air. The sounds of screaming continued to reverberate through the woods, as the Head Teacher took a step forward.

“Get behind me, NOW” he roared at Clara, forcibly charging forward towards the clearing.

Clara looked back at her and wondered if she could make it back in time to catch the killer, but with the eyes of her head teacher now on her she knew she couldn’t sneak off.

So she walked behind him, and much to her dismay, they entered the clearing and witnessed the horror of Chasity’s burning body.

Her eyes began to fill with tears, before she let out a thunderous scream.

 Front Office 

Clara, Casandra, Oscar, Oliver, Leo and Dean all sat facing their headmaster. The five students who witnessed the death of Chasity, were all visibly shaken and covered in a fine layer of soot. Casandra clutched onto the hands of Dean and Leo, whilst a dishevelled Oliver rested his head on his brother’s shoulder. Clara sat at the end of the line, keeping her head down, wanting so desperately to leave her own body, but as the Head Master swivelled on her chair, she fully understood the reality of her situation, the fight wasn’t over and the killer remained at large.

“I have a number of questions for all of you” he said in an aggressive tone. “You all clearly have a blatant disregard for the rules of this school, and whilst cutting curfew and partying may have been a common occurrence in this school’s former regime, I will not allow it” he hissed at the teenagers. “And your actions have consequences, thus you will all be fully compliant, to these questions, understood?” he hissed, as he clung to the edge of his desk.

“Yes Sir” five of the teens said in harmony, whilst Dean remained silent.

“Good, now you will also face sever repercussions for breaking the rules. And it will start with a _” but Mendoza couldn’t finish his sentence, as Detective McKenna stormed into his office, accompanied by a number of police officers.

“In all my years in law enforcement, I have never seen such a blatant disregard of authority” the detective roared.

“I know, I agree one hundred percent, but as you can see I am dealing with the kids right now. And believe me Detective, they will be punished” Mendoza said, as he stood up to greet the officer.

“Not them, I am talking about you!” McKenna roared.

“Me?” Mendoza roared back at him.

“Yes, I have just been informed that you discovered the girl’s body over an hour ago, and yet the station only received your call half an hour ago. You waited thirty minutes to call us. Thirty FUCKING minutes” the detective roared. “I could have put it down to you wanting to compose the kids, but I am out there and hear you shouting at them. So I only have one question, why on earth did you wait so long!” McKenna continued to shout.

“I waited, because I didn’t have my phone, and I had to ensure that my students made it back to the safety of the school” Simon said in a calm tone, attempting to one up the detective, with a non-coherent answer.

In the moment that the words passed his lips, the door to the office opened once more, as a fellow officer entered the room with Tyler, David, Cohen, Jonathan and Jules, who all looked pale and scruffy. “We found these boys locked inside the Head Masters office, they claim the room was attacked by the murderer, Sir” the younger office told McKenna.

“My, my Mr Mendoza. Looks like all that new protection is keeping your students, completely safe” the Detective whispered, as his eyes narrowed towards the man. “Kids, you are free to go. But I will be talking to all of you individually tomorrow” he said, indicating to the students who were sitting down. “Along with your Head Teacher” he added, before once again shooting Mendoza a look of utter hatred.

“Now, off to bed” Simon added, attempting to regain some sense of power over the situation. But deep down he knew, he had already lost control...

  The Courtyard 

The teens walked towards the dormitories. Casandra remained clutched onto Dean and Leo. “I can’t believe this is real, this is like a fucking nightmare” Casandra whimpered, through quick pants of breath.

“It’s going to be okay, it’s all going to be okay, I promise” Dean whispered into her ear. Leo rubbed her arm, in a bid to calm his friend down, but he was more distracted by looking over his shoulder towards the distraught Oliver, who was now being supported by Oscar and Cohen.

“I am so sorry mate, I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now” Cohen told to Oliver.

“He hasn’t spoken a word since, just promise me you’ll make sure he gets into bed safely” Oscar explained, as his red eyed brother slowly looked up until his eyes met Leo’s.

Trailing behind them was Jules and Jonathan. “You okay kid?” Jonathan asked in an unusually friendly tone.

“Yeah, I think so” Jules replied, before continuing to stare down towards the floor.

“Well if you ever get scared, you know you can call me” Jonathan said sympathetically.

Seeing the figure tonight, set off something deep within him. Ever since he left the office he couldn’t get the image of the mask out of his head. The memory of watching Joel die kept popping into his head, over and over again. He thought he has shaken the fear and pain, but tonight only sought to remind him, that the pain was rooted within him.

Finally, Clara, Tyler and David walked together in unison, all trying to hold back their tears. “I can’t believe it, I want to projectile vomit everywhere. They were one step ahead of us again!” Clara moaned. “I thought this was over” she whimpered.

“Apparently not, now that we’re back it’s like we never left” Tyler cried. “They’re just picking up where they left off” he continued.

“Poor Chasity. She never hurt anybody, why her?” David questioned.

“Because_” Clara whispered.

“Why her?” Cassandra roared, overhearing the trio’s conversation. “Maybe because she was hanging around with you freaks” the girl shouted as she began to irrationally lash out.

“The three of you, and Lavender dragged her in to your messy friendship group. The killer is clearly after you, they killed Liv when she became your friend again, they killed Raven, buried Tyler alive, killed Joel when he became your friend, proceeded to attack you on Halloween and now they’ve killed Chas” she screamed, as the rest of the teenagers awkwardly stared at the spectacle.

“Enough Casandra” Tyler whispered, trying to keep both parties as calm as possible.

“No, I won’t remain calm. I have just lost a friend, and it is all your fault!” Casandra cried. “All of you are weirdly obsessed with these murders. This isn’t Scooby Doo sweetie, a gang of medalling kids isn’t going to solve this. Leave it to the police, and stop dragging innocent people into your mess” Casandra hissed before she flicked her hair and stormed away, leaving everyone in her wake.

  Iris Dormitories 

Clara and Leo walked in silence down the corridor, everyone else had filtered off to their own dormitories, leaving the two former friends alone. As the teens approached their doors, Clara felt compelled to speak to the boy, even if her attempts were met with more hostility. “Leo, I am so sorry” the girl confessed. “Sorry that you had to witness that and I’m sorry for being a really shitty friend to you” she whimpered. “I just want you to know, if you need me, I am just across the hall” Clara whispered, as Leo stared at his door, unsure if he should even acknowledge the girls presence.

But as he heard her door open, he knew he couldn’t harbour this grudge any longer, not after what he had just seen. “Clara wait!” Leo shouted, prompting the girl do a complete 180, before she could enter her room. “I’m sorry” the American boy confessed. “I was very immature and my reaction to you excluding me, may have been a bit dramatic. And I just want you to know that you’re a good friend, and I harbour no ill will against you” he added. “And if you need anything well, you know where I am” he said, as he indicated towards his door.

“Thank you Leo” Clara sighed, as she leaned in and hugged her friend. “Goodnight, try and get some sleep” she whispered softly into his ear, as she slowly backed into her room, closing the door behind her.

Leo let out a long sigh, as he nervously opened the door, dreading what awaited on the other side. But much to his delight, Logan was already a sleep in bed, so with yet another sigh of relief, Leo stripped down to his underwear and crawled into bed next to him. He laid there silent and still, until Logan began to yawn and moan. “Hey baby, when did you get here” Logan yawned, as he wrapped his arms around Leo.

“Just now” Leo replied in a whisper.

“Oh, well get to sleep, it’s late” Logan yawned yet again, as he nodded back off into his slumber.

“Goodnight” Leo whispered, as his eyes filled with tears, unable to escape the boys powerful grip.

  Iris Dormitories: Meanwhile in Clara’s Room 

Clara entered the room and immediately jumped with fright, for she saw the faint outline of a figure, resting on Dolly’s empty bed, in complete and utter darkness. She threw herself against the wall and flicked on the light switch, only to reveal a shaken Lavender. “Lav, what are you still doing here?” she gasped, attempting to regain her breath.

“I didn’t want you to come back after all that and be alone” Lavender whispered as she slowly crept towards her friend. “I should have gave you some warning, like a text or something” she confessed.

“No its fine honestly” Clara replied, as she walked over to her own bed. “And guess you heard what happened?” she asked nervously.

“No, I just assumed that it was something bad” Lavender whimpered. “When the police sirens began, teachers came in to check on the rooms. I snuck downstairs into my room whilst Caleb hid in here to ensure that they wouldn’t find out about the whole hacking thing” Lavender explained, as she joined Clara on the bed. “When they left I came back, Caleb turned the power back on and left” she whispered, noticing that Clara was barely paying attention to anything but her bag. “So what happened?” she asked nervously, as Clara finally raised her head.

“It was Chasity, the fucker burnt her at the stake” Clara hissed, unable to cry any more.

However, Lavender was not as strong, as soon as she heard the news, she began to cry, covering her mouth in a state of shock. “And I think it is my fault” Clara whimpered, “I was the one who asked her to read through Cali’s diaries, and before she died she called me to say that Cali was dating some older man” Clara confessed to Lavender, who took her by the hand for emotional support.

As she continued to speak, it was as if Clara had left her body, she stared at the floor with wide eyes and spoke in a stiff monotone voice. “I shouldn’t have asked her to dig, the killer was probably watching her. It’s all my fault, all of this is my fault” she said, as she continued to fiddle with her bag.

“It’s not your fault okay!” Lavender assured her friend. “We all agreed to help because we want to stop this psycho just as much as you do!” she roared. “We just have to regroup, we have to continue onwards for Chasity, for Joel, Raven and everyone else we’ve lost” she continued, as her mascara ran down her cheeks. “Did you find anything in the mores?” she whimpered.

“Yes, I did” Clara said, as she finally opened her bag. “And I think I know who’s behind this” she said, prying her eyes off of the floor to look at Lavender as she slowly handed over Callista’s jumper. “When I was at the mores, I hid in the tall grass across the road, and I saw Mr Mendoza bury this in the ashes of the fire” she whispered, as tears slowly began to fill up her eyes. “Lavender, I think Mr Mendoza is the killer” Clara cried, as Lavender held the jumper with her trembling hands.

  The Dining Hall: Following Morning 

“I can’t believe it” Vev whimpered, as she rested her head on Cohen’s shoulder. “I can’t believe she’s actually gone” she added, as her boyfriend stroked her hair in a bid to comfort her. The Hive member looked a nervous wreck, her hair was tangled, face pale as snow, and two red bags were stooped under her eyes, from an entire nights worth of crying. “Whilst I was fucking studying, that fucking creep was killing her” she moaned, as she nuzzled deep into his arms.

“Shh” Cohen whispered. “Don’t get yourself worked up, there is nothing you could have done” he told her, just as Casandra, Dean and Leo joined them.

“Well good morning everyone, seems that we’re all here” Jonathan said, in a solemn voice. “Fresh from one of the worst nights in my entire life, I think I speak for everyone when I say, I am truly surprised I woke up this morning.” Jonathan sighed, as he looked upon his friend’s tired faces. “So guys, I heard you’re all being interviewed by the police today, nervous?” he asked, as he shovelled a spoonful of porridge into his mouth.

“Jonathan” Cohen sighed, in annoyance.

“No, I am not nervous. None of us have anything to be nervous about. We will tell the police everything we can, and if that doesn’t help them, then screw it” Casandra sighed, trying to remain as strong as possible.

“No Logan this morning?” Jonathan asked.

“No, he’s gone for an early morning run” Leo replied, as he went on to speak, a disgruntled Vev clenched her teeth together and finally snapped.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe any of this!” she roared. “Chasity is dead, and you’re all sitting here making small talk like nothing fucking happened” she cried. “Casandra, she was our best friend for six years, how could you see something like that and not upset” Vev cried, as Casandra looked away.

“Vev, give her a break okay” Dean sighed. “People just process things differently” he added.

“I am fucking aware of that Dean” Vev hissed. “But I think I know Cassie a little better than you, so please don’t presume to think you know how she behaves and acts” Vev continued, as Casandra still refused to look her in the eye.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t presume things either” Casandra hissed, silencing her minion. “You have no idea what it was like seeing her burn on that thing, you weren’t there, and you didn’t hear the gut wrenching noises I made all night. Nor did you bare witness to nightmares that kept me up ALL NIGHT” Casandra roared, as the men of the table watched on awkwardly. “So forgive me Vev, if I want one fucking normal breakfast, after losing yet another one of my best friends!” she screamed, before storming away.

“Casandra I’m sorry” Vev cried, but the damage had been done and Casandra had already left the hall, leaving Vev to once again slump back down onto the shoulder of Cohen. “God, I am so stupid” she cried, as Cohen returned to whisper comforting thoughts into her ear.

“I’ll go after her, you stay and eat something. You’re looking super pale” Dean told Leo, before getting up and chasing after the girl.

Leo, I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me for acting out. I’m just upset. I didn’t mean to snap like that” Vev apologised to American boy.

“You really don’t have to apologise Vev. We’ve all had a difficult night. Tensions in the school are just running high again. That’s all” Leo replied, attempting to reassure the girl. “So how are you guy’s doing?” Leo asked Cohen and Jonathan nervously. He hadn’t quite gotten used to sitting with the boys who made his initial days at the Academy hell, but felt it was the only decent thing he could do.

“Well, whilst getting attacked at detention was horrific, it could’ve been worse. Thank God we weren’t hurt” Jonathan replied, not even bothering to look at Leo as he spoke.

Instead choosing to scroll through his phone, as he sipped on his morning cup of tea. “I just feel like none of this is real” Vev whispered. “It all just seems like some kind of horrific nightmare, that we can’t wake up from” she added. “First Cali, the Olivia and now Chas… Not to mention all the others, this school no longer feels safe” she cried. “I mean for fuck sake, anyone of us could be next” she sighed.

“Yeah, not me or Cohen by the looks of things” Jonathan said aloud, as Vev and Leo’s face dropped simultaneously.

“What are you talking about?” Cohen asked.

“That twitter account that bashes the school just released a poll, stating ‘Who Do You Think will Die Next?’ it gives a three possible options, Casandra, Vev, or you Bro” he announced, snapping his fingers towards Leo.

“And, what are people saying” Cohen asked nervously, as both Leo and Vev exchanged looks of utter horror.

“Well, you don’t have to worry my friend. You’re in third place” he said, as he smacked Leo on the back, as a twisted form of a congratulation. “In second place is Casandra, and in first…” Jonathan trailed off before he finished the sentence, he finally looked up from his phone to see tears fall from Vev’s cheek.

“Oh my god… People want me dead” she sighed, as she threw herself over the bench and ran out of the door.

“Why did you tell her that, idiot” Cohen hissed, as he quickly chased after his girlfriend. Leaving Jonatan and Leo alone.

“Well you’re the one who asked!” Jonathan shouted in response. “I wouldn’t think too much into mate, I don’t think you have anything to worry about” he said to Leo, who stared down at the boy’s phone with a look of utter fear in his eye. His mind raced with one thought and one thought only, the text everyone had received, blaming Chasity’s death on their misbehaviour. Was this another part of their punishment and was he now on the killer’s radar?

  Iris Dormitories: Clara’s Room 

“So what are you saying, that Mendoza is the killer?” Tyler questioned, as both he and David held onto the jumper of the dead girl. Whilst Lavender sat on the bed in the far corner, observing the boys.

“I am not saying that he is for sure, but I am saying right now he’s our prime suspect” Clara said as she walked around the bedroom, getting ready for her school day. “But this isn’t the only thing I called you over to talk about” she announced, as the boys looked up to her.

“Well, shouldn’t we wait for Oscar, before we officially start?” David questioned.

“Oscar is too busy comforting Oliver right now. Besides, he is the first person being interviewed, the last thing he needs right now is to be late for that” Clara explained as she took a seat next to Lavender. “Which brings me on to my second point” she whispered, as she looked rather solemn in the face. “If you guys no longer feel safe with what we’re doing, we can stop. Right here and right now, if the general consensus is one of dread, then we’ll take everything we have down to the police and let them handle it” she said to her friends.

“Are you kidding?” Tyler gasped. “No, of course we want to keep going” he continued, before shooting to his feet.

“I told her this” Lavender added, as she offered Clara a sympathetic smile. “The whole Chas thing just has her frazzled” she explained, just as Caleb walked into the room late.

“What is he doing here?” Tyler questioned in an aggressive manner, after being taken aback by how the boy entered the room so confidently.

“Caleb is here because he has been a big help to us. He found the unedited version of Cali’s video and found out it was Raven who filmed it” Lavender said, jumping to the aid of her friend.

“I’m sorry, I am lost… What?” David stuttered, looking back and forth between the two boys.

“Don’t worry, all will be explained in detail” Clara said, as she pushed her long mane of her out of her face. “But for now, all you boys need to know is Caleb is one of us, which is why he is here” she said, as she smiled at the pale boy who did not reciprocate. “But again, if you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be. I’d totally understand if you wished to severe all connections with us” Clara sighed as she too stood, upon noticing that Caleb was becoming visably anxious.

“Yeah mate, it’s completely up to… Sorry for just jumping down your throat there” Tyler apologised, as all the colour vanished Caleb’s face. “Are you okay?” he asked nervously, as Caleb began to take several deep breaths.

“Something terrible has just happened” Caleb confessed, sitting himself down on Clara’s bed in order to calm his trembling legs, whilst the group gathered around him.

“Bad as in you’ve failed a test bad, or bad as in the police found out you hacked the security system and are coming to arrest us at his very moment bad?” Clara asked, as Lavender sat beside her friend.

“Kinda falls somewhere in the middle I guess” he whispered. “See, I was the one who created that Anti-Windsor twitter account” he confessed, as the room suddenly became heavy with tension. Both David and Tyler exchanged a look of disdain, before their eyes reverted back to the boy, awhile Clara and Lavender continued to offer the boy comfort.

“I woke up this morning, knowing that what I did was wrong and that I needed to delete it… but” he sighed, as his sentence trailed off.

“But?” David asked.

“But someone stole it off me, hacked their way in or something” he told the group. As the boy’s confession continued Tyler withdrew his phone and began to search for the twitter account, but once he was on there, nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see.

“Holy shit!” he shouted, capturing the group’s attention in a second. “Whoever stole it has posted a poll, asking which Hive Member will die next!” he continued, before turning the screen to face the group.

“Oh my god, Leo” Clara whispered, as she snatched the phone away from Tyler.

“Don’t worry, he’s in last place… Looks like people think Vev is next… Or they want her to be next” David whispered, as he leaned over his shoulder.

“That’s not all” Caleb muttered, before withdrawing his own phone. “I got a message from an unknown correspondent who said if I do any more hacking then they’ll make sure I go down for the twitter account” he said, before handing the phone over to Lavender.

“So, you didn’t tweet anything bad. Only the truth, and I mean sure you were a little harsh but isn’t everyone in this school” Tyler said.

“No, Caleb’s right, this is very bad” Lavender whispered. “Because if Vev does in fact die next” she continued before David finished her sentence for her.

“Then it will look like you’re the one behind all of this” he said.

“Well you were right Caleb, this is indeed a shit day” Clara sighed, before leaning against her own bed. “But with this shit day comes a new challenge and a new theory” she sighed. “We have a lot to go over, and I wanna share another plan with you guys, if you’re all willing to listen and participate” she said, at which all of the teens nodded, ready and eager to hear her speak.

But just as the room finally fell into silence they were interrupted by the sound of Clara’s laptop, which alerted her of a new email. “What now?” she sighed, before storming towards the device. “It’s an announcement from Mendoza” she announced.

“What does it say?” Lavender asked, as the rest of the teens piled behind her to view the screen.

  Periwinkle Dormitories – Casandra’s Room 

Casandra sat in front of her mirror mouthing a speech to herself, whilst trying on various earrings. Dean however, was pacing around the room frantically and aggressively biting his thumb nail. “Self-Defence classes, is he fucking serious?” he roared. “I swear only my father could think that is the solution to all of this shit-holes problems. Combat aggression with more aggression” he roared, before throwing himself down onto the bed.

“I am sure he just wants us all to be safe. That being said, I am not sure what good a one hour class is gonna do against someone who is willing to burn their victims alive” Casandra said through a muffled voice as she applied a dark shade of red lipstick. “It’s just him trying to make it look like he cares… You know he still hasn’t been to visit my mother” Dean told Casandra. “That man doesn’t care for anyone but himself” he shouted.

Casandra stood up from her makeup table and did a three-sixty spin in an elegant black dress. “What do you think?” she asked, before beckoning down to the dress. “Casandra are you even listening?” Dean moaned.

“Yes, of course I am” the girl said, as she marched over to her wardrobe to retrieve a pair of shoes. “But I am about to be interviewed by St. Martians, and everything has to be perfect” she explained to the boy. “It’s been my dream university ever since I read my first issue of vogue” she said as she slipped on her shoes.

Dean wrapped his arms around her and sighed wistfully into her ear. “I’m sorry if I’m stressing you out. You know how my Dad just gets under my skin” Dean confessed. “Besides even if I were annoying you, you’d still do great. Because you are the most fashionable person, I have ever known” he continued, as he nuzzled into Casandra’s neck, forcing her to let out a loud giggle.

“You could never annoy me” Casandra whispered, as she gently kissed the boy on the lips. “But you will have to leave, their calling me on Skype in half-an-hour. And I just want to be alone to practice my speech and go over everything, to ensure I have perfection” she told him. The two teens continued to hug each other, before Casandra finally spoke again. “Are you nervous, about these police interviews?” she asked the boy. “The last time they questioned me, I didn’t even bat an eyelid. But after losing Chas, I feel like even the slightest of pushes could shatter me” she told him, as he rubbed his head.

“No, I’m not nervous, because we have nothing to hide” he told her. “What happened to Chas was awful. But we had nothing to do with that” Dean added. “You’re so strong and so brave, and I am going to make sure we don’t lose any more of our friends” he added, before finally standing up off of the bed.

“What does that mean?” Casandra asked, as she too stood up.

“It means, that I am going to find Cali’s box. I am going to put a stop to this, if it’s the last thing I do” Dean confessed, as Casandra joined him by the door. “I may have checked the places that were special to her and my Dad, but now its time to check the places that where special to her and I” he told Casandra as he stroked her cheek.

“Well, I’ll come with you once I’m done” Casandra said, through a teary voice.

“No, this is something I have to do on my own” Dean told her as he leaned in closer.

“Besides, you have a University to get into” he said, prompting the pair of teens to giggle, before their top lips gently caressed each other, as they leaned in for another kiss.

  Blossom Dormitories: Oscar and Caleb’s Room 

Oliver lay motionless on Oscar’s bed. His eyes were red and puffy, his skin the colour of milk, the boy had lost all his physical charm overnight. He held onto his phone tightly, as he began to scroll through photographs of himself and Chasity. Her beauty radiated through the screen, blessing him with the feeling of her presence.

“Everything okay?” Oscar asked, as he made his way out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and dripping wet.

“Yes Oscar, everything was okay ten minutes ago, and they’re still okay now” Oliver sighed.

“I’m just trying to check on you” Oscar replied, sensing the distance in brother’s voice. “I know, I know” Oliver whispered, as he sat up and smiled at his brother. “And I appreciate it. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me last night and today” he added. “I’m just a little raw right now you know, so if I snap, just please don’t take it personally” he pleaded, as Oscar offered up a sympathetic smile.

“Better get up now anyway” Oliver announced. “Considering my interview is in less than twenty minutes” he said, as Oscar tossed him a thick Windsor Academy hoodie. “Thanks Mate” Oliver said to his brother, who continued to dry himself. “You know Dad hasn’t called me yet” he announced, as he dropped his phone onto the bed and proceeded to pull the hoodie over his head.

“He hasn’t?” Oscar asked in a concerned tone.

“Please don’t act like that surprises you” Oliver replied. “We’ve known Dad was a shifty person, but I thought he at least cared about us” he sighed, before slumping himself down onto the bed.

“He does care about us, you more than me at least” Oscar reassured his brother. “He thinks I can take of myself, but has always asked me to look after you when he’s not around. He cares Oli” Oscar told him, as he rubbed his shoulder.

“Whatever, we still need to find out what he was up to with Logan” Oliver said dismissively, no longer wishing to speak of their father.

“Well, about that” Oscar replied, as he joined his brother on the bed. “See, I went to Leo’s room last night to apologise for the falling out. Logan was alone, he told me that he knew what we did during Christmas, that people at the bar told him we were looking for him” he told his brother.

“So?” Oliver replied. “We were looking for him” he added.

“Yeah but afterwards, he told me to stop interfering with his life. Said he would dismantle our family, and that Dad wouldn’t tell us the truth” he told Oliver, whose eyes now widened to the size of dinner plates. “I shouldn’t even be telling you this, you have too much on your plate, don’t worry about Logan, just leave him to me for the time being” Oscar panted, before smiling to reassure his brother that he had his back.

“There you go, doing it again” Oliver laughed. “Being a better parent than Dad ever was” he added, receiving a smile from brother. There was something about this morning that seemed to mend the twins rickety relationship. Each brother had never felt closer to each other, and it was at this exact moment that Oliver contemplated telling his twin about the whole situation with Leo.

There was a tingling in his stomach and a lump in his throat. His brain was begging for him to confess what had happened, but there was something in his way, something that stopped him dead in his tracks. Instead he smiled at his brother once more, and arose to his feet. “Well, I better get going” Oliver whispered, as he slowly made his way towards the door.

“I was thinking, do you want to go swimming later, a few laps may take your mind off things” Oscar replied.

“Yeah, sure” Oliver replied, but as he opened the door he knew he had to turn around. “Osc, you really need to tell Clara how you feel about her” he told his brother. “We may only be teenagers, but if you only have one shot at love, you should really take it. Do it before you have any regrets” he added, as Oscar slowly nodded his head. “Anyway, I’ll see you at the pool later” he said, before finally shutting the door.

Oscar waved his hand into thin air, just as the door slammed behind his brother. He rubbed his temples, as Oliver’s words were lingering in his mind. His feelings for Clara were growing by the day, it was an inescapable feeling, something that he carried with him during his every waking moment. But he was too scared to tell her, the mere thought sent his stomach into knots.

Just then his phone buzzed, alerting him that he had received an email from Mr Mendoza. But as he opened his phone, he found for whatever reason that it wouldn’t open. Seeing as it was marked as urgent, Oscar saw no other option but to quickly use Caleb’s laptop.

As he sat down at the desk and opened the laptop, what he would find on the home screen would leave him shocked to the core. For the laptop opened on the Anti-Windsor twitter account, as Vev continued to lead in the Poll. “Oh my god” he whispered to himself.

  The Front Desk 

Clara and Tyler stood at the front desk, as the receptionist began to type away. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Clara whispered, as the teens turned their backs on the women.

“I am the only one who can do this” Tyler whispered. “I’m the only person who has permission to leave the grounds” he added, as the he briefly looked over his shoulder to ensure that the receptionist wasn’t looking.

“Yeah, but sacrificing your one weekly therapist appointment for this” she pleaded. “We can always find another way to make this work” she told him.

“Clara” Tyler whispered, in an aggressive voice. “You need to stop being so hard on yourself” he reassured her. “Every one of us knows the dangers these tasks come with, and so did Chasity. Whatever happens is not your fault, it’s this sick fucks fault” he told her, as Clara looked out of the window nervously.

“But what you are about to do is more than trouble with this killer, it could get you arrested” Clara whispered nervously.

“Then so be it” Tyler replied. “We need to prove he is the one behind this. And this will certainly help” he added. “But I promise you, I will be safe, I’ll text you when I get there and when I get out” he said, as she finally smiled.

“Mr Stephensen, you may leave now. The taxi is waiting for you at the gates” the receptionist announced. Tyler nodded in response and slowly made his way towards the school’s main door.

“And please keep me up-to-date with the whole Dean thing” Tyler whispered, once again ensuring that the woman wasn’t looking or listening to them.

“Will do, now you better get going. Just like I better get going to my double Literature class” she said, as she turned her back on her friend and slowly walked down the corridor. Tyler watched her from afar and smiled, it pleased him to see the leaps and strides Clara had made since returning to Windsor. Her confidence was at an all-time high, and he wanted to tell her everyday just how proud she made him feel.

Instead he merely smiled and opened the door, walking out of the school and towards the taxi, knowing full well what his new mission entailed.

  Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Oliver stared blankly at Mr Mendoza and Detective McKenna, who sat next to each other, barely containing their mutual distain. Even the student could tell that these two men didn’t like one another, which somewhat eased his initial apprehensions.

“So, Oliver how are you feeling today?” Simon asked his student.

“Oh what, you mean since my girlfriend was burnt at the stake and I was forced to watch?” Oliver replied sarcastically. “Peachey” he added, before rolling his eyes dramatically and crossing his arms.

“Now Mr Olsson, that is exactly what I want to talk to you about” McKenna stated. “What WE want to talk to you about” Simon interrupted. Acting as if he were a petulant child, desperate to get his voice heard.

“What we wanted to talk about” McKenna repeated in a more sensible tone, as Oliver watched on awkwardly. “Why exactly where you and the others there?” the Detective asked. “Why did you make your way down to the clearing?” he added.

“Well, me, my brother and Leo Barnaby got a text” Oliver replied, as he instinctively handed over his phone to the two older men.

“You’ve all been very bad. And actions have consequences at Windsor Academy” McKenna read aloud, as he Mendoza peered over his shoulder. “And there is a map that directed you towards the back of the school…Interesting” he added, as he handed the phone back to Oliver, before scribbling down a note of the text. “This isn’t the first time the killer has contacted a student, are you aware of the fact that both Olivia Wright and Clara Stark have received phone calls from the supposed killer?” he questioned the teenager boy, as Simon listened intently.

“No, I wasn’t aware of that” Oliver replied. “I had heard rumours about Liv, but took it as mindless gossip. Drummed up stories by teenagers, trying to make the situation sound like a horror movie or something” he added.

“Well sadly it’s true” Simon said, desperate to speak.

“Yes, as Mr Mendoza said, it is true” McKenna added. “So with that comes our second question, have you received or seen any strange messages, phone calls or social media interactions, in the past few days or weeks?” he asked.

Oliver sat in his chair, desperate to bring up his father’s ties to Logan. He was sure it had nothing to do with the murder case, but was the only thing he could think of.

“None that I can remember” Oliver replied.

“This won’t apply to you obviously, but when Rave Castillo died he was contacted on a gay dating app called DreamBoy” the Detective said, and by the mere mention of the apps name Oliver’s stomach felt as if it had dropped out of his body. He hadn’t thought about Leo once all night, his head was too scrambled by the events of the previous night, but with uttering of those two words, Oliver quickly began to feel an inescapable feeling of dread.

“We believe the person who contacted Raven, was the killer. And they did so in order to distract the boy” the policeman added. “Two of your fellow students also use the app, maybe more but these two are the only ones to show their faces” he said, as he handed over separate photographs of Leo and Logan. “Has Leo Barnaby or Logan Kendrick ever seemed frightened, unsettled or jittery?” he asked, as Oliver stared deeply into the eyes of Leo’s photograph.

“Do you think they could be in danger?” Simon questioned the officer, before the boy could even answer.

“Well considering the app is not only for dating, but also caters to sex work yes I do think they could be. Although there is no proof that these boys engage in such activities” the detective explained, only adding to Oliver’s fear. “And even if there was proof, Mr Kendrick is eighteen as of January 1st. He is free to do so as he pleases, however Mr Barnaby is only Seventeen which makes things a lot more complicated” he explained in a slow degrading manner.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt this… Whatever this passive aggressive thing is” Oliver interrupted. “But I wouldn’t know anything about this app, or what Logan and Leo do in their personal lives, or whether they’re scared… Sorry” he said, in a very disjointed manner handing back the two photographs.

“That’s fine” Simon said quickly, once again wanting to speak before the detective. “Our final question is rather simple” McKenna stated. “Did Chasity have any enemies or people that she was angry at?” he added, as he looked at Simon out of the corner of his eye, desperate for the man to slip up in some way or another.

“The only one I can really think of is Casandra” Oliver confessed.

“Casandra Clooney?” Simon questioned.

“Yeah, they were best friends. But they fell out around Halloween. I can’t remember what over, I just took it as petty girl drama, and thought they would resolve everything” Oliver explained. “Guess they never will now” he whispered, as he was reminded yet again that his girlfriend was gone forever.

“Well, we will certainly take that into consideration” Mendoza replied. “Won’t we detective?” he asked the man sitting next to him.

McKenna remained stoned faced, unable to look at the Head Master. “You can go now” he told the young boy, before returning his attention down towards his notebook. “And may I recommend seeing a professional, in order to discuss the trauma you’ve been through… I’m sure your school would happily help out in that department” he said before finally turning his head towards the Head Master.

To avoid yet another awkward moment between the two men, Oliver stood up and made a quick escape out of the room without saying another word. “Really mature, really” Simon sighed, as he quickly began composing a text to Elias underneath the table, to ensure him that Oliver’s interview as over.

As the door shut behind him, Oliver leaned against it and let out a long and aggressive sigh, before the hairs on the back of his neck stood up when he heard a familiar voice. “Hey” Leo whispered, sitting down on a chair waiting patiently to be called into the office.

  The Courtyard 

Lavender and David both hid behind one of the tall stone pillars. Their backs pressed firmly against it, before David peered out at what appeared to be an empty landscape. “Are you sure he came this way?” he whispered to Lavender, who nodded in response.

“Absolutely, he couldn’t have gone anywhere else” Lavender replied, as she peered around the other side of the pillar. “Where did he go?” she whispered in disbelief, before the crunching of twigs alerted to the pair. Their heads snapped in the direction of the bushes, located in the far west corner.

“Cali’s memorial… Do you think he’s gone there?” David asked, remaining as quiet as possible.

“Oh god he’s going to her memorial, I feel like we’re invading someone’s personal moment or something” Lavender sighed, already feeling the cruel sting of guilt. “Clara literally couldn’t have picked worse people to stalk somebody” she added, before returning to look in the direction of the bushes.

“Agreed, this whole thing is making me feel icky. But we were the only ones with a free period, so we can’t let the others down” David insisted. “Maybe one of us should try and closer, whilst the other one acts as a look-out” he added, as Lavender nodded in agreement, before quickly realising what the boy was suggesting.

“What!” Lavender replied in a shouting whisper. “You want me to go down there?” she added. “Why can’t I act as lookout?” she asked.

“Because, I weight like a hundred more pounds than you. If I get anywhere near that shrubbery my big feet are gonna crunch everything on the ground. You’re lighter and much faster” David replied, in a bid to reassure the girl. “Pleaseeee” he added, drawing the word out for as long as his breath would allow him to.

“Okay, fine” Lavender replied, with a nervous sigh. She slowly worked her way around the pillar and began to tip-toe towards the memorial.

David upheld his end of the bargain and kept a look out, ensuring that Lavender wouldn’t be caught by any other student or teacher.

Knowing that the coast was clear, Lavender crept towards the bushes and looked through the hedges towards the other side, where she saw Dean Mendoza crouched underneath the blossom tree, as he caressed the memorial. Wanting to ensure that everyone could see what she could, Lavender upheld her phone and began to record the boy’s actions.

“I’m sorry to be doing this, but it’s the only place that I could think of” Dean whispered to the soil. “If our relationship meant as much to you as it did me, then this would be somewhere you consider special. And maybe this is where you chose to bury your secrets” he continued. Lavender found it somewhat odd that the boy was saying all of this aloud, however she rationalised it to herself by thinking of Dean, and how he must be feeling, when having to dig up his former lovers memorial.

“What are you looking for” Lavender thought to herself, as the boy slowly began to dig away at the dirt. She watched as he shovelled handful after handful of soil. But it wasn’t long until she saw all hope vanish from his face.

“Guess I was wrong about you” he whimpered, expressionless and still. “I won’t give up on you, I will find your box and I will solve this all. I’ll get justice for you” he whispered, before slowly rising to his feet. But just as he did, Lavender backed away and accidentally stepped on a large branch, tripping on it in the process and crashing down to the floor.

The noise instantly alerted Dean, whose head snapped towards the direction of Lavender. “Shit” David whispered, as he saw Lavender struggling to get to her feet and Dean quickly approaching. He saw no other option, he had to act quickly. Lavender stumbled towards a shorter bush and hid behind it, but that wasn’t going to keep her invisible.

“Whose there?” Dean shouted, as he slowly approached the bush. But before he could move another inch, David ran up from his behind and shouted loudly “Think fast Mendoza!” he stooped low in what looked like a stance to rugby tackle Dean.

“David what the hell, you scared me half to death” Dean shouted, as he pushed the rugby captain away. “What where you spying on me or something?” he asked whilst trying to regain his breath.

“Nah, was on my way to the library and saw you skulking around the bushes. Thought I would make sure you were still on top form and surprise you” David replied, as he watched Lavender awkwardly tip-toe back to behind the pillar, now that Dean’s back was turned.

“Clearly you are, well done!” he said, as he playfully punched Dean in the shoulder.

“Yeah, always am aware of my surroundings” Dean replied. “Kinda wish you did tackle me, would have been good prep for that self-defence class later on” he added.

“Well, I’ll keep that in mind next time I see you alone, skulking in the bushes” David laughed.

“I wasn’t skulking” Dean said, trying not to make himself look suspicious. “I thought I saw a squirrel so, had to look over there for the little guy” he added, desperately hoping David would buy his story. Unaware that he had been watched for the past few moments, Dean awkwardly smiled. “So you still heading the library?” he asked, as he looked off in the direction of the pillar and main body of the school.

“Yeah, you wanna come?” David asked nervously.

“Nah, going to Casandra’s room. But it was nice to see you David. See you in Biology later” he added, before running away in the opposite direction. The second he left both David and Lavender let out sighs of reliefs, but what they didn’t see was how upset Dean truly was following the entire experience.

  Outside The Office 

Oliver looked down at Leo and couldn’t help but form a faint smile. “Hey” Oliver replied, in an equally faint tone. “You…” he murmured. “You okay?” he asked nervously, as Leo awkwardly nodded his head in response.

“I guess, as well as I can be” Leo replied. “What about you, I should be the one asking you if you’re okay” he said nervously, before standing to look Oliver in the eyes. But both boys remained silent, both unsure of what to say to the other, that was until Leo finally worked up the courage to speak. “Look Oliver, about what happened last night before everything went down” he whispered, knowing that the two men on the other side of the door could be listening.

But before Leo could finish his sentence, Oliver reached out and took his hand. “I don’t regret any of it” Oliver whispered, as he stroked the back of Leo’s hands with his thumb. “I loved Chasity so much, but the love I had for her doesn’t cancel out the feelings I have for you” he told the boy, desperately trying to fight of tears. “I don’t believe that we have just one soul mate, we can love multiple people in our life time. And I love… Loved, the both of you” he added, as he stroked Leo’s cheek.

Leo leaned into the boy’s hand, it felt right and safe, despite the fact that both of them could have been caught at any given moment. “But it’s not right to believe that you feel the same. You have a boyfriend, and I should respect that” he whimpered, as he grip on Leo’s hand loosened.

But just as it did, Leo grasped a hold of his hand. “You, you mean more to me than Logan ever did. In a few a month’s you’ve gotten to know me more than he ever tried to” he whimpered. “I’d chose you, I’d always chose you over him” Leo told Oliver, who couldn’t help but form a smile. “But if this is going to happen, I need to tell you some things… Bad things” he added, knowing that he must tell Oliver everything that has happened, between he and Logan.

“Okay well in that case, come to my room the second your meeting is done. We can have our own private lunch date, before that stupid self-defence class” Oliver whispered, as he gently kissed Leo on the lips. “And there is one more thing you should be made aware of” he added nervously. “They know about you and Logan being on the app” he said, as Leo’s face dropped instantly as his mind entered a state of panic.

“Oh my god, oh my god” Leo whimpered.

“Look they can’t prove you were getting paid by guys. It’s a hookup app, they’ll just think you’re using it to sleep around or something” Oliver said, in a bid to calm him down.

“Why are they even investigating the app?” Leo panted.

“Because, they believe the killer was using the app to distract Raven, before they killed him” Oliver whispered, as his eyes darted back and froth from the door.

“Are you serious?” Leo whimpered. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening” he said. “They’re going to call my parents and a serial killer could potentially find me, really doesn’t get any better in this place!” Leo said frantically, before Oliver gently took both of the boys cheeks in his hands.

“Calm down okay, you’re going to be fine. I once promised you that I wouldn’t let anything hurt you, and I intend to keep that promise” Oliver sighed.

But their moment was cut short, as footsteps could be heard approaching the door. “See you later” Oliver whispered, as he quickly made his escape to not arose suspicion and left Leo to quickly sit back down. The American boy’s head was now working overtime, as awaited to speak to the Detective.

  Periwinkle Dormitories: Casandra’s Room 

“And to answer your question, I think the designer who has inspired me most is Stella McCartney. As not only are her designs well-tailored but she unlike a lot of designers who live in the past she has evolved” Casandra explained to a women, with whom she was sharing a skype call. She was nearing the end of interview, and was more determined than ever to put Windsor Academy behind her. “Furthermore, it is so pleasant and rather empowering to see a British woman blazing a trail in this industry, and stepping out of the shadow of her famous parent” Casandra concluded. As the woman diligently took notes, without looking up to the screen.

“Thank you Miss Clooney, we’ll be in touch, make sure you check the progress of your application. Goodbye” the woman said, as she the screen went instantly black “Well that was rude” Casandra sighed, “Thanks for all the feedback bitch” she moaned, before slamming the laptop shut. In an instant, she grabbed her phone and strolled towards her bed, kicking off her heels behind her she jumped onto the mattress and stretched out, before finally unlocking her phone.

Laying there, Casandra began to read through her various messages from Dean, who had been updating her on the status of the missing box. Casandra let out a deep sigh, as it had slowly but surely dawned upon her that her entire life now revolved around murder. She couldn’t think of a reply, so merely selected her twitter app and began to scroll.

Nothing caught Casandra’s eye, which was until she received a notification, alerting her that a poll she was tagged in had just ended. “What now” she moaned, and as soon as she opened the poll she remembered the conversation that transpired over breakfast. “Oh my god” Casandra whimpered, as she dropped her phone and shot straight off the bed, out the door and down the long corridor. As the phone hit the floor, it had revealed Vev had won the poll by a landslide.

Casandra quickly descened a single flight of strais before once again sprinting down another corridor lined with doors. Finally coming to Vev’s room, Casandra banged on the door repeatedly and aggressively. “Vev!” Casandra screamed at the top if her voice. “Vev open the door, open the door!” she shouted, but got no response, once again.

“Vev!” she continued, before panic began to sink in. In that moment Casandra steadied a quivering lip and began to kick at the door. It was as if she was a woman possessed. She had nothing on her mind but ensuring the safety of her friend. It took several attempts, but the handle finally unscrewed. And with that she threw her shoulder against the door and finally entered the room.

The second she entered, she saw a large red stain on the floor and let out an ear piercing scream. But it was short lived, as a hand reached out and touched her shoulder, forcing Casandra to gasp dramatically.

Before her stood Vev, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. “Casandra I was in the shower, I’m so sorry I scared you” Vev whimpered, her eyes still red and puffy. Casandra struggled to regain her breath, as her eyes dashed back and forth between her friend and the red mark on the floor. “Oh my god, its just nail polish” Vev sighed, as she walked over to her draws and lifted an empty bottle of red nail polish.

As she placed it back down, Vev was taken aback when Casandra charged towards and hugged her tightly. “I thought I was going to lose you!” she cried, as Vev reciprocated the hug.

“I’m so sorry I scared you. Needless to say that I haven’t had a particularly good day” Vev whispered. “That whole poll thing scared the living shit out of me, thought I could do what I always do after a long day, nice little polish session. But I was so shakey that I spilt the whole thing” she continued, as she stared at the stain, as the acrylic scent began to fill the room.

“So I thought a shower would take my mind off things. Wasn’t really expecting company” she continued, as Casandra backed away still somewhat shaken herself. The two girls let out a small smile. “But it means the world to me that you came”.

Casandra brushed away a few tears and inhaled deeply. “I’m so sorry about this morning, I didn’t mean to shout at you. But I’ve been on the edge for the past few weeks, and last night just tipped me over the edge. I’m so sorry” she whimpered, as Vev pulled her in for yet another hug.

“Don’t be silly. We’re friends, you don’t need to apologise for anything. I’ll always forgive you. Because you truly are the best friend I’ve ever had, and I just feel like there has been so much tension between us since Cohen and I… Got together” Vev sighed.

Casandra looked around as she felt a lump in her throat. She pulled her friend along to the bed and without another word Vev simply followed. “I should have told you this a long time ago, but I was too scared, but not anymore” Casandra whispered. “I am not saying this to interfere with your relationship, or try to break you and Cohen up, but I just have held this secret in for so long, it finally has to come out” she continued, as Vev adjusted her towel.

“Last year, Cohen got me pregnant” she confessed, watching as the expression on Vev’s face changed. “The night she died, Cali gave me a number for a doctor, and then during the break I went up to Scotland to get an abortion” Casandra continued, her words barely audible through her cries.

“Casandra” Vev whispered, as she attempted to steady her shaking hand. “I’m so sorry” she continued.

“He can never know okay, he can never find out” Casandra pleaded, but her efforts were for not. As the girls heard a shuffling, their heads snapped to see Cohen standing with his mouth agape.

“I was just coming to check on you” Cohen said to Vev, as a tear streamed down her face. In the blink of an eye Casandra had jumped up and had ran straight out of the room and down the hall.

“Casandra wait” Vev whimpered, as she watched the girl vanish. Unable to fight back her tears she sat back down on the bed and cried into hands.

  Swimming Pool 

Oscar and Oliver swan laps of the pool, touching either side from top to bottom. The two brothers didn’t speak to each other, and instead synchronised their movements, only coming up for air when they desperately needed it.

As he swam Oliver thought of Leo, his face, his smile, and everything about him. He imagined what it would be like to be with him, to be brave enough to go out in public, holding his hand. But the thoughts of new love were interrupted, by images Chasity’s burnt flesh and gut wrenching scream. But he pushed all of those thoughts to the back and continued to swim.

Whereas Oscar’s thoughts were on Clara, and whether or not he should attempt to tell her how he feels about her. Those thoughts were cancelled by memories which hurt him, memories of going to her room the week after Olivia had died, only to see David enter the room instead. Not to mention the thoughts surrounding his roommate Caleb. But, much like his brother, Oscar continued to swim.

But someone had entered the pool, via the spectator’s seats and was now watching the brothers as they swam towards him. “Olsson!” Jonathan shouted, forcing both boys to cease all activities.

“What do you want Johnny?” Oliver shouted towards his friend.

“I actually want your brother” Jonathan replied. “Oscar, mind having a quick chat?” he asked, whilst Oscar rested against the edge of the pool. He nodded his head, before finally exiting the pool.

Dripping wet, he strolled towards the boy, unsure of what he wanted as all of his previous interactions with Jonathan had not been fun. “What do you want Jonathan? Don’t have you have some child to torture” Oscar asked.

“Funny, but sadly no Jules is on a field trip” Jonathan corrected. “And again I’m not torturing Jules for the last… Whatever I am not here to talk to you about that” he sighed, forcing himself to remain calm. “I am actually here to talk about his brother, Caleb” Jonathan said, as Oscar suddenly felt his stomach sink. “From what Jules tells me, he has anger issues, so much so that he actually needs to take tablets to keep his inner hulk supressed” Jonathan said in an insulting tone. “I also suspect he is the one behind the anti-Windsor twitter account that published that death poll this morning, and I was hoping you could confirm or deny these suspicions” Jonathan stated, as Oscar attempted to hide his discomfort.

“I’m not getting involved in this shit Jonathan. The little war you have going on between Caleb is between you and him, so please keep me the hell out of it” Oscar hissed. “You are a coward, you let Joel die and now you have some crazy vendetta against Caleb, accusing him of things, when you have zero evidence to back up your claims” he continued to rip the rugby player a new one, all whilst Oliver watched on from the water.

“And dragging his mental health into this, really? Because from what I’ve heard you haven’t been the same since Halloween, been jumpy, skittish, not to mention your ego has grown… Something I didn’t think was possible, but I guess defence mechanisms kick in when you need them most” he added, before attempted to turn away.

But Jonathan merely laughed and pulled him back, in order to whisper into his ear. “Thanks for not denying it” he smiled wickedly towards Oscar, who remained stone-faced, knowing that he really couldn’t Caleb’s suspicion out loud. “You have been such a big help, trying to divert attention off your little roommate onto me. Guess your defence mechanism is that you think you’re tougher than you actually are, but face it kid. You’re not your brother and you’re not David” Jonathan laughed a loud, before finally leaving Oscar alone with his brother.

“Well that was a pleasant chat…” Oliver sighed, just as he completely submerged himself in water.

  Iris Dormitories- Clara’s Room 

“This is honestly impossible” Clara sighed, as she looked through several newspaper articles regarding the death of Cali. “There is nothing that we don’t already know, in fact I am pretty sure we know more than any of these so-called reporters do” she sighed, dramatically throwing the paper down onto the floor before burying her face into a pillow.

“Would be so much easier if we could just hack the entire school” she moaned from the pillow.

Caleb was avoiding talking of any sort. Instead he buried his face in his laptop’s screen, looking at more articles regarding the school in general. Clara noticed how tense the boy appeared, as she slowly lifted her head off the pillow. “You okay?” she asked him.

“Yeah, just jittery” Caleb replied. “Because once again, I have not been completely honest with you guys?” he whispered, peaking Clara’s interest immediately. “I wanted to tell you all this morning, but I was nervous, because it makes me look like a bad person” he added, as Clara began to work her way towards her friend.

“See, I knew about Cali’s affair with Mendoza, I’ve known for a long time” Caleb confessed, as Clara kneeled besides him. “I found out by mistake, walked in on them in his office going at it” he told her. “She already had leverage over me, so I promised I would keep it quiet. But when Cali died, Mendoza began to harass me, give me detention and stuff” he whimpered, as Clara watched on in disbelief.

“One day me and my brother got into a fight and Mendoza took his side, he gave me detention, and that’s when I found out a little more” Caleb added.

“Wait, you know more! Jesus Christ Caleb. I know you’re scared and all, but people are fucking dying” Clara shouted.

“I know, I know. And but I haven’t had a single friend in years, I didn’t have anyone would believe me. But now I have you guys, please don’t be mad at what I am about to say” Caleb whimpered. “That night in detention, Dean came in. He had two keys with him and he gave one to Mendoza” he confessed as Clara gasped in shock, before turning back to look at the wooden box that rested on her bed. “I am so sorry” he cried.

Clara stared at the box for a prolonged period of time, before finally turning to look back at the boy. “I forgive you” she whispered. “Under one condition… You hack Mendoza’s computer, one more time” she concluded, as Caleb nodded his head softly.


Tyler was patted down vigorously by a stern looking policeman, before he was ushered through into a separate room. The room was straight out of a film, a long row of windows that looked in to the prisoners whilst their visitors sat on the other side. “Number four” the policeman told Tyler, as he slowly approached the window with the given number printed next to it.

He sat down and nervously played with his sweating thumbs. It wasn’t long before the door on the other side of the glass beeped and a figure was ushered towards him. Tyler offered them a slight smile, as they sat down to face him.

“What are you doing here?” Maggie Mendoza asked, her hair was a tangled mess and she looked as if she hadn’t slept in several days. “Why did you come Tyler?” his former teacher repeated.

“Because, I need answers and only you can give me them” Tyler replied, as he leaned forward, determined to know everything she knew.

  Wolfsbane Dormitories: Oliver’s Room 

Leo approached the door nervously, he made sure to check his surroundings to ensure that nobody would see him enter Oliver’s bedroom. He took several deep breaths, before finally working up the courage to knock on the door.

It opened instantly, as if Oliver had been on the other side awaiting Leo’s knock, just as nervous as he was. “Hi” Oliver stuttered, as he smiled bashfully.

“Hey” Leo replied, as he hastily made his way into the boy’s bedroom. Once inside, he noticed the lights were turned down low and two poorly wrapped sub-sandwiches rested on the bed. The boy turned back and smiled at the blushing Oliver, who couldn’t contain his emotions. “When you said lunch date, you were being serious” Leo giggled, whilst the execution of the idea was somewhat laughable the thought behind it warmed his heart.

“I know it’s not exactly a five-star culinary masterpiece, but it was pretty hard to sneak those out of the dining hall” Oliver laughed, as he and Leo made their way over to the bed. “But I’m sure you’re used to being treated like a prince, so again I apologise for all of this” he said once again, as he awkwardly looked down to the ground.

“No honestly, it’s perfect. The nicest thing any boy has ever done for me really” Leo replied in a faint whisper, which immediately caught the attention of Oliver.

“How did your interview go by the way?” Oliver questioned, as he fiddled with the wrapped sandwich, whilst Leo’s eyes wandered around his room, gazing at all of the personal knick-knacks and rugby memorabilia.

“As well as it could” Leo replied, finally brining his gaze back to the boy. “Good news is, they don’t know I’m a rent boy” he announced, as he lightly tapped his fingers across the top of the bread. “Bad news is they think I’m a slut, and have strongly advised I delete the app as soon as possible” he said, before throwing his phone down in front of Oliver, who had now fully opened his lunch.

“So, isn’t that a good thing?” Oliver asked. “Considering the killer could be on it and all” he added, before taking a bite.

“No, it’s not that simple. Deleting the app would cause more problems than it would solve” Leo explained, as his mind wondered to what Logan would do to him should he find out Leo deleted the app without his permission. “Which is actually what I wanted to speak to you about before” he whimpered, prompting Oliver to freeze, with a mouthful of food.

He nervously swallowed and raised his eyebrows up to Leo, who now had no emotion in his eyes. “See, the night you and Chas bumped into me and Logan, the night we all snuck out.

Well everything was going well, up until that point” he continued, attempting to steady his shaking voice. Leo feared Logan, but he knew he couldn’t keep it a secret for any longer, he knew it was now or never. “That night, we were in your Dad’s bar and Logan asked me to have sex with some guy. And when I said no, he got really angry and he hurt me” Leo explained coldly.

The cogs in Oliver’s head began to turn. Was this why his father was paying Logan, was it all connected? “And he’s been forcing me to sext, send photos, used underwear, basically do whatever the guys on the app say ever since. All the money goes to him, but I promise you, I will get back every single penny you sent me, I’ll pay you back somehow” Leo cried, with tears now fully forming in his eye. To his surprise, Oliver took his hand and grasped onto it tightly.

“He’s a fucking monster, and I am so sorry I couldn’t save you from him sooner” Oliver sighed, as he too now began to cry. “But it’s not too late” he said, attempting to stand up before Leo dragged him back down.

“No, wait please wait” the American boy begged. “He said if I told anybody, that he would send blackmail to my parents, he’s recorded us having sex and said he’s gonna post it everywhere unless I stay complicit. He’s willing to destroy my entire life, please don’t aggravate him” Leo said, as Oliver could now feel his hand tremble.

Then it all hit him like a ton of bricks, “Fine, then run away with me” Oliver said bluntly. “Leo, run away with me tonight” he added.

“What?” Leo gasped. “Are you crazy, we don’t have anything!” he added.

“My Dad has two separate funds for me and Oscar, it was supposed to be for University next year, but I think this is a better to use it on” the boy said, with more determination and conviction than ever before. “Leo, I’ll look after you, every step of the way. And if that dickhead posts the video then we won’t even care. Because we’ll get to see the world together, all of this bullshit at Windsor Academy will seem like a distant nightmare” he sighed, as he got down on his knees. “Leo, please do this with me. Please” he sighed. Leo looked down at Oliver, and then down towards his phone screen which displayed a picture of he and Logan. “Back at the office I told you, I’d always choose you” he whispered. “So I’m choosing you” he added, as Oliver let out a little whimper of sheer excitement. “Tonight, we’ll go together, start our new lives away from this hellhole” he said, as looked around the room.

Oliver leaned in and kissed the boy, and for but a moment their dark lives had altered forever, as if the sun itself came down and illuminated the room.

  Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Dean sat in front of his father and Detective McKenna, blank faced with his arms folded. “You look awfully cold Dean, been spending a lot of time outside?” the detective asked, with much intrigue aimed at the teenager.

“Well you know, it’s still winter after all” Dean said sarcastically, as he slumped down in his chair and looked out of the window.

“See you have your father’s sense of humour” McKenna said bluntly as he side eyed Simon, who up until this point had remained surprisingly quiet. “Which may or may not be a good thing” he said, as he began to jot notes down under Dean’s name. “Now Dean, I am hoping you could shed some more light on last night. Now both Oliver and Leo have mentioned a text, which somewhat blamed Chasity’s death of yourself, the two aforementioned boys, Oscar Olsson and Casandra Clooney. Is this correct?” the detective asked, at which Dean merely nodded his head.

“A verbal answer would be preferred Son” Simon whispered, as Dean’s eyes shot towards his father.

“Yes, that is correct” Dean replied, as his eyes now wondered the ceiling. “It blamed us for her death, although I don’t know what the five of us did to the girl, to warrant such brutality, that kind of thing makes my stomach churn” Dean said bluntly, as his eyes immediately shot towards his father.

“Indeed” McKenna replied, as he jotted down notes about the boys relaxed demeanour. “Now is it also correct that you and Casandra Clooney have become good friends, and you were the with Miss Clooney when you both received this text?” the detective asked. At which Dean nodded his head. “And how would you describe Casandra’s friendship with Chasity” McKenna asked.

“The same way as every other teenage girl… Passive aggressive” Dean replied instantly. “Seems like all of those girls hated each other at some point or another. But didn’t change the fact that they were friends, best friends” Dean said, adamantly defending Casandra.

“Now, before we continue this interview, I must ask. Is there anything else you could tell us, that you may deem worthy or of interest to this investigation?” McKenna asked. Dean’s faced hardened, as he stuck out his lips and pouted. “No and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. You’re the man that’s wrongly imprisoned my mother. So as far as I am concerned, you can suck a dick and go to hell” Dean answered.

Which enraged his father “Dean! Apologise at once” he roared, at his son who remained ever so smug.

“No need in that Simon, the boy has every right to be uspset. Perfectly reasonable to lash out” McKenna said, attempting to stay on Dean’s good side, fore he had a feeling that the boy was hiding more than he knew. “Now, shall we continue” he said calmly, smiling at Dean.

Which the boy surprisingly reciprocated, fooling the officer into thinking he was willing to help. When in reality Dean’s smile was a spiteful power play to his father, right in front of his face. Whilst Simon sat there sweating in his seat, desperately hoping that his son wouldn’t reveal all…


Maggie stared blankly at Tyler who remained fixated on the women. “Please Mrs Mendoza, you have to help me, you have to help everyone in the school” Tyler pleaded.

Maggie smiled and cocked her head back, as she leaned into the chair. “You can call me Maggie now, it’s not like I’m your teacher Tyler” she laughed. “I’ll answer your questions under one condition” she said, raising the interest of the teenage boy. “You tell me how Dean is getting on and you have to convince him to come and visit me” the woman pleaded.

“Consider it done” Tyler replied instantly, without even thinking of the possible consequences. “Now, tell me everything you know about your husband’s affair” Tyler said, as he leaned closer towards the glass.

“How do you know about that?” Maggie gasped.

“Does it matter? The point is that I know, now please answer my question. Tell me about your husband’s affair” he demanded.

“What is there to know, like all men he got bored and wanted something new to play with.

It just so happens that my husband liked playing with teenagers” Maggie replied coldly. “I knew he was cheating on me, from the moment it started. Simon was never good at keeping secrets, he would come home smelling like Coco Mademoiselle, a perfume I didn’t own” she said, emotionless and stiff. “It drove me insane, I would purposely go up to all of the teachers and see if they smelt like it. But then one day in class she walked past me, and that’s when I knew, it was her” Maggie sighed.

“And that’s when you began to stalk Cali?” Tyler asked, as the former teacher slowly nodded her head.

“I was never ever going to hurt her, I want to say that right now” Maggie said rather aggressively, as she began to wipe tears from her cheek. “I just wanted to see what that slut had that I didn’t. And then I found out she was also seeing my Dean” she whimpered.

“What! Cali and Dean where dating!” Tyler said in shock.

Maggie nodded her head once more. “Yes, I don’t know why, or what my son saw in her. But they were in fact dating. I only know because I caught them in the act myself, right on the rugby pitch” Maggie said, in a manner that made Tyler squirm with discomfort.

“I believe Mrs Mendoza” Tyler said, in a bid to reassure the women. “I don’t believe you killed Cali, I think you’re innocent” he told her. “But it’s your husband that I’m not too sure about” he said. “I think he’s the one behind this all, so I am here to ask you. Well more like beg you to answer this one question” he whispered, leaning closer to the glass to ensure that they weren’t disturbed. “Is your husband the killer?” he asked.

Maggie smiled deviously before shrugging. “I too share your belief. I have thought for a long time that my husband murdered Callista, but the police and that brainless detective seem to have other ideas” Maggie scoffed. “I think my husband is a very dangerous man, and if you intend to cross him you’re going to be in for the fight of your life” she said, as Tyler once again squirmed with discomfort. “I mean, for god sake he even sold me down the river, just to ensure that he wouldn’t get jail time” she whispered. “That’s sick right?” she asked.

“Well what about Dean?” he asked, as her eyes darted forward. “I am curious, if he found out his girlfriend was having an affair with his father, I don’t he would be too pleased” Tyler said bluntly, as Maggie clenched her own fingers.

“Stop right there” Maggie hissed. “My Deany didn’t do anything to that girl. He wouldn’t hurt a fly” she assured the boy. “He’s nothing like his father. He was merely blinded by that bitch, he wouldn’t usually fall for someone like that tramp” she added.

“Well he seems to be falling for Casandra Clooney, so I don’t know if I can take your word for it” Tyler replied. “Seems like he has a type, bitchy, queen bees who are nothing but trouble” he added. “The type of girl can get a guy to do whatever she wants, the type of girl that can drive a guy insane” he continued, as Maggie smiled to herself.

“I know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work” she laughed. “My Deany is a good boy, and I would never ever say a bad word against him… But thanks for the update” she smiled, as she looked up at the clock behind her head.

“Times up” the guard behind Maggie said, as a loud bell echoed throughout the enclosed space.

“Thanks for stopping by Tyler” Maggie whispered, as another guard approached the boy, and tapped him on the shoulder. Instead of making a scene and drawing attention to himself, Tyler arose from his seat and walked out of the room, accompanied by the guard.

As the door closed behind him, Maggie’s smile slowly disappeared as she turned to the guard behind her. “Excuse me, I hate to be a tattletale. But I don’t think that young man had permission from his school to be here. You should call their Head Master, and report him immediately” she said to the guard, who nodded in agreement. And slowly, but surely, Maggie’s smile returned to her face.

  Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Casandra awaited outside the office, decked out head to toe in her sports gear, fully prepared for the self-defence glass. Although her face full of makeup told another story, as she used her compact mirror to smooth out all red from her underneath her eyes. Being Casandra she didn’t want people to see her cry, but she knew life had to go on and she would get into more trouble than it was worth for missing the interview.

The door opened and she quickly closed the mirror and folded her arms in silence. “Thank you for your co-operation Dean. It is very much appreciated” DI Mckenna stated, as a pissed off Dean exited the room. He opened his mouth to answer but went silent as soon as he saw Casandra.

“Casandra” he whispered. Even with her makeup Dean could tell that she had been crying. He had spent so much time with Casandra over the past couple of months that he knew her like the back of his hand. He went into hug her, but the Detective placed his arm inbetween the teenagers and coughed loudly.

“Miss Clooney, you are next. You will see Mr Mendoza at the self-defence class in twenty-five minutes. I’m sure your public display of affection can wait” McKenna hissed, as he ushered Casandra forward, into the room.

“I’ll see you few okay?” Casandra stuttered, as her stomach fell. As always she attempted to remain strong, she walked into the room with her head held high, in a bid to convince herself that she wasn’t scared. She took one last look at Dean before the door closed, Casandra took another deep breath before she walked towards the Head Master.

“Casandra, always a pleasure to see the Head Girl” Simon said, as he extended his hand out to the girl, who reciprocated it the gesture as she shook his hand, all whilst forcing herself to smile.

“Thank you Head Master” Casandra said as she nervously took her seat. The Detective didn’t take his eyes off her, as he joined the teacher on the others side of the table.

“Now, let’s start with the most important question” McKenna stated, as Casandra gripped the bottom of her chair with nerves. “How are you feeling?” he asked, as all the nerves immediately disappeared.

“I’m okay I guess, as well as one can be” Casandra stuttered. “Just a very surreal feeling you know, I just can’t believe she’s really gone, because we were friends since we were kids” she continued, as her breath became heavier with every passing second.

“It is my belief that you and Chasity Fairize were no longer friends before she died, in fact multiple students say that the pair of you were fighting a day before she died” the Detective said, immediately jumping on the girl’s response.

“Well, that is somewhat true” Casandra replied, as she brushed her hair out of her face. “Me and Chasity fell out before Halloween, and failed to reconnect when the school was closed. When I saw her on the day that the school reopened, I wanted to finally bury the hatchet. But Chas didn’t want to be friends with me” she added. “And I don’t blame her. I didn’t always treat my friends with the respect they deserve. I’ve really grown up a lot this year, but it was too late” she said, as tears began to form in her eyes.

McKenna watched the girl attempting to inspect if she was telling the truth or if she was lying. “Do you think that’s why you received the text, do you think you were being punished for how you treated her?” Simon Mendoza asked.

Casandra nodded her head. “Yes, I think that’s why I received a text” Casandra whispered, as the feeling of guilt stung her in the chest. She couldn’t speak, and perhaps it was a blessing from above, but the moment of silence was stopped in its tacks when Simon’s mobile rang.

Both Casandra and McKenna’s heads snapped towards the man, who went red with embarrassment. He looked down towards the screen, with the caller ID reading Elias Olsson. Simon took a deep breath of his own, before standing up out of his chair and taking the phone in his hand. “I’m sorry, please excuse me” he said to the student and detective, before excusing himself out of the room.

As the Head Master hurried out of the room, the detective burst to life and leaned over the tablet towards the girl. “Dean Mendoza” he whispered.

“What?” Casandra stuttered in confusion, before being hushed by the grown man. “What about Dean” she whispered.

“He was present at both the murders of Chasity and Olivia Wright. You and Clara Stark make sense, from what I can gather the two of you were friends with both victims. But why Dean, why was he there?” he asked, as Casandra looked on in confusion.

“I_” she stuttered. She couldn’t think of a reason, when the text came through Dean had offered to escort her to the woods, unlike the others he never received a text. As for the death of Olivia, she wasn’t sure about that herself. So it was with regret that she looked at the detective in the eyes and sighed “I don’t know”…

  Iris Dormitory- Clara’s Room 

Clara and Caleb sat in front of the computer screen as the coding quickly zoomed up and down the screen, which suddenly went black. “Is that a good thing?” Clara asked.

“Not yet, we still have to find Mendoza’s computer and see if we can get into that. But, if all goes to plan we should be in right” Caleb paused for a passing moment. “Now, the loading process has begun. But it will take a while, apparently our Head Master has learnt something from his past. Should be a couple of hours” Caleb added as Clara moaned with annoyance. “Sorry” he whispered.

“You don’t have to keep apologising Caleb” she sighed. “We can wait it out, beside we you need to get changed for the defence class, and so do I so I promise that I’ll leave everything the way it is, but could I have some privacy to get changed please” she asked, as Caleb awkwardly nodded his head.

“Again, I know you said not to apologise, but I am sorry that I didn’t tell you guys about the affair and everything. I really should have, I should have told anyone, before it was too late. I could have saved everyone” he sighed.

“Look, this isn’t your fault. It’s Mendoza’s and we’re going to take him down” Clara reassured her friend. “And don’t be silly, none of us could stop this on our, but we sure as hell can try and end it before it gets any worse… By working together” Clara said inspirationally, but just as she opened the door for him to leave, she was startled to see Lavender and Davidl on the other side.

“Oh guys, I thought we were meeting later?” she murmured.

“Can’t wait, he’s hiding something. Without a shadow of a doubt Dean knows more than he’s letting on” Lavender whispered, as Clara quickly shut the door behind her. “He was digging up Cali’s memorial, saying he knew it was a special place for her, and wanted to know if this is where she would hide something special” Lavender explained.

“But what would Cali have buried. After all he already has one of the keys” Caleb said to Clara.

“WHAT!” David and Lavender said in unison.

“Long story, we’ll catch you up later” Clara explained to them. “But maybe he wasn’t looking for the keys, maybe he was looking for… The box” she sighed, before she was interrupted by her mobile ringing. Seeing it was Tyler she quickly accepted the call and held the phone to her ears. “Hey, so how was it? Did she talk?” she asked.

“Oh she talked alright, and she was seriously creepy” Tyler said from the other end of the line. “Clara, I’m starting to think it’s not just Simon. Dean dated Cali too, and Mrs Mendoza ain’t too thrilled about it” Tyler explained. “Clara, I think they all did, I they’re all working together” he said, as Clara’s face went white with fear.

“Oh my god” Clara whispered. “It all makes sense now all of it” she continued.

“It does?” Lavender Questioned.

“They all wanted her dead for one reason or another. The only thing that can incriminate them is whatever is in that box, and Dean made sure he had two of the keys. And for all we know he could have more, all they need is that box!” she shouted.

“I mean that explains some things. It explains why they could have killed Cali, but doesn’t explain anything else” David said, as Clara’s theory began to unravel.

“Yeah, what other motive would that one family have for killing half of the year” Lavender questioned.

“Guess that’s another question that needs answering. But for now why don’t we focus on taking these fuckers down!” Clara said, with laser focus in her eyes. Just then there was another knock at the door, pulling everyone back down to reality.

Caleb reached over and opened the door, and on the other side was Oscar dressed in his fitness wear. “Hey guys, so we all ready to go?” he questioned, completely unaware of everything he had just missed.


Oscar and Clara trailed into the hall, following Tara, David and Caleb. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this, I’ve only been out of the picture for a few hours and all of this shit happens with Mendoza” Oscar sighed to Clara, who was throwing her hair up into a ponytail.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to burden you. After what you went through last night, I thought you and Oliver would have wanted some alone time, to just chill and process everything” she responded. “I’m sorry, I should have told you. But I hope you understand why I didn’t” she added, offering the sad boy a smile.

I understand, but don’t you think that it would be safer for us all to stick together at this point. To know everything” Oscar replied, but before Clara could respond, McKenna took the to the floor and confidently stood atop of several gym mats.

“Hello everyone, thank you all for coming!” the man shouted. “Now, you are the final year group of the day, so I thought it would be best to show my face, and conduct the lesson myself” he announced, as Clara and Oscar joined their friends in the semi-circle that was forming around the man.

“Now, what you young people have went through in the past couple of months, is something that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. I understand you’re under a lot of pressure in your final year, but to have all this murder and death surround you. I honestly couldn’t understand what is going on in your minds, even if I wanted to” he sighed, as he looked towards Dean and Casandra.

“Well, from the lack of progress made in the case, that’s very apparent” Cohen said from the other side of the circle. Vev hit in him the chest and pleaded with him to be silent. “After all, people are dropping like flies. And you or your team seem to be no closer to solving this” he added, as his eyes aimed towards the officer like daggers.

“Cohen’s right, what have you even found out anyway” Jonathan added, as McKenna spun around to face the boy.

“Our friends are dying and you are doing nothing to protect us. Joel’s body and guts were literally dumped in this very room. And we’re here like it’s nothing” Dean finally joined in. “I know that you are all frustrated and scared right now, but know that the police and the school’s security staff are doing all that we can to ensure your safety” McKenna said, desperately attempting to calm the students.

“Well what you’re doing isn’t enough” Clara said, adding her input much to the surprise of those around her.

“Look, kids, please just reason with me okay. I am doing all that I can” the man sighed. “I promise, this class will help you. It will teach you how to defend yourself” he said, as he looked around at the disinterested faces around him.

“Thanks, but I already took a self-defence class. So I’m just here because it’s compulsory. I don’t in any way think this will be practical or save my life” Clara replied.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t even need to be here if you did your jobs properly” Casandra hissed at the man.

“Okay enough!” McKenna shouted. “Now I may not be a teacher, but I am an officer of the law. And in here you will respect me, because I am trying to ensure that whoever is killing your skinny hormonal arses doesn’t do it again!” he roared, as all the students watched on in shock. “Now, since you two ladies wish to talk so much maybe you wouldn’t mind being a part of the demonstration” he said, as his face was red with rage.

Clara let out a large sigh before walking into the middle of the circle, but before Casandra could join her, she was stopped by Dean who took a step forward instead. “I would actually like to volunteer, I think it would be a better demonstration of how to defend yourself against a bigger enemy” he said to the officer, who was now rubbing his eyes.

“Fine, Mendoza and Stark” McKenna said, as Dean approached Clara. “Now I want you both to lock up and Clara I want you to use Dean’s weight against him in order to protect yourself” he announced.

The pair did locked up without any hesitation, as if they were already two skilled fighters. “Oh, didn’t expect this from you Stark. Maybe when this is done we should start a wrestling club” Dean whispered, before Clara aggressively hurled him to the floor.

The crowd gasped, whilst Jonathan and Logan let out short snickers. Dean quickly arose to his feet, and did his best not to look embarrassed. “Okay, now Dean, I want you to come behind Clara and Clara I want you to bend over like so” the Detective leaned forward. “And attempt to throw Dean over your shoulder, down onto the mat and then I want you to attempt to subdue him for as long as possible okay?” he asked.

“Yep, not rocket science” Clara said. “Give me the best you’ve got, bitch” she said to Dean, as the class once again burst into laughter. Dean however, wasted no time. He got behind Clara and wrapped one of his arms just below her collar bone. As the girl kicked and struggled, Dean maintained control, as he lifted her off the ground ever so slightly.

“God, I was just trying to be funny, why do you have to be such a cold, stuck up bitch all of the time” he whispered into her ear. Clara once again attempted to wriggle free, but she was stopped once again as Dean tightened his grip. “That was actually a rhetorical question, I know why you’re such bitch, because everything you touch dies, and that must fucking sting. Knowing that you’re basically the kiss of death” and with that, she had heard enough of Dean’s voice.

Clara leaned down and with all her might, sent him flying over her back. As Dean crashed to the mats below, Clara twisted his arm back in a bid to subdue him. The young boy screamed with pain, before roaring “Get her off me”.

The entire room fell silent, as a blanket of awkwardness befell upon the students. Clara blinked and quickly let go of Dean’s arm. “You’re fucking insane” Dean roared as he cradled his arm. Casandra and Detective McKennna attempted to help him up, but he swatted the pair away. “Stop, I don’t need sympathy!” he shouted to the rest of his year group, who all watched on through gritted teeth. And with that he quickly stormed out of the hall.

“Excuse me we’re not done in here!” McKenna roared.

“Well I am” Dean replied, in an equally loud tone, as he flipped the police officer off without even turning back.

McKenna clenched his fist as he watched the boy leave, before turning back he rose his hand out and stopped Casandra from following the boy. “Pair up and practice, NOW” McKenna screamed. “Because this class if far from over!” he roared, as all of the students quickly scrambled together, as the detective’s eyes narrowed.

  Iris Dormitory: Leo and Logan’s Room: One Hour Later 

Leo stared at his reflection in the mirror as he began to dry his wet hair with a towel. “Well, wasn’t that a fun afternoon?” Logan asked, from the comfort of his bed. “Yeah, I found it really interesting, hopefully I’ll never have to use what they taught us” Leo replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Logan asked aggressively, snapping his head up from his phone.

Leo already sense great tension, he didn’t wish to provoke the boy any further so he sighed and slowly turned around to face the boy, who was now getting off the bed and moving closer towards him. “Just that I hope I never have to defend myself against a threat, like the killer or” Leo stuttered nervously.

“Or?” Logan asked sadistically. “Or what? What or who else do you have to be afraid of?” he asked, watching as Leo squirmed uncomfortably, as he backed him up against the dresser. “Why are you jittery babe?” Logan asked, as he stroked Leo’s cheek, with the back of his hand.

Leo’s breathe shook, as he felt Logan’s cold touch. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, he was viciously punched in the face. The American boy let out a short, but fast scream, as he fell to the ground.

Logan crept towards the boy like an animalistic predator. He leaned over a shivering Leo with a wicked smile on his face. “How stupid do you think I am?” he asked, in a manner which made Leo afraid to answer. “I have access to your DreamBoy account I have been able to see everything you send and receive” he said coldly. “I know about Oliver Olsson” he whispered, as Leo winced with regret.

“At first I was going to let you have your fun, after all, this boy was a stranger, and you were on other sides of the country” Logan continued, as Leo rubbed his cheek and desperately tried to hold back the tears. “But then, just before when you were in the shower. You got a text from Oliver, saying that he expects you in his room at midnight… Whatever for?” Logan asked, as he dangled Leo’s phone over him. “ANSWER ME!” Logan roared, as Leo flinched with fright.

“He just wants to fuck me okay” Leo lied, knowing not to reveal his true plan. “That’s all” he cried, as Logan got a hold of his chin and pushed his cheeks together.

“Listen to me you little slut, if you think I am going to let that little closet case fuck you, you have another thing coming” Logan said, as he hurled Leo’s phone against a wall, as it shattered into several pieces. “This little fairytale is over. You’re never going to see that boy ever again” Logan as he slammed Leo’s head down to the floor. “Because if you do, then I’ll make every single second of your life a living nightmare. So much so, that you’ll be begging for the killer to murder you, to end your pathetic existence” he whispered, as Leo now fully began to cry.

Logan stood up and patted himself down. “Now, I am going out of the Academy. I have a little business to attend to tonight, in order to ensure that our new flat for summer is set up, with all the latest luxuries. You know why?” he asked rhetorically. “Because I care about our future, and preserving our relationship. Remember, you are my boyfriend not Oliver Olsson’s. You love me, and I love you. Nothing else matters, you’re my everything Leo” he whispered, before he slowly made his way out of the room. “Don’t wait up, get some rest baby” he sighed, before slamming the door shut.

Leo let out a loud cry of agony, which he had held in since the punch. He crawled over to his phone and sighed as he gently held the shattered glass in his hands. He saw no other way out, he was truly at the end of his rope.

The tears now ran like a river, and Leo knew there was only one thing left to do, he looked up towards the laptop which rested atop of the desk and let out a long drawn out sigh.

  Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Simon stared at his desk with frustration, as he rubbed his two temples with his index fingers. “And you just let her do that to my son!” he roared at Detective McKenna who too had changed back into his suit.

“It’s a self-defence class Simon, what would you have me to do? Shout at the girl for defending herself?” the detective asked sarcastically, as he secretly enjoyed watching Dean’s bratty arse get taken down a peg. “Anyway, before we conduct our final two interviews, I just think we should run over everything we already know” he said to the Head Master, before they were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the door.

“Head Master, Detective, I have a student here who believes he can help your cause” the receptionist said. The two men looked at one another and then beckoned the boy in.

Jonathan confidently strode into the office and took a seat in front of the two men. “Hello Gentleman” he said snidely.

“Good Afternoon Jonathan, so you can help us then?” Simon said, being as direct as he could.

“Yes, I think I know who the killer is” he told the two men.

“And what makes you think that you know who it is?” McKenna asked the boy.

“Because I have it on good authority that this person is highly aggressive, and I think they are the ones to start the twitter account that published that threatening poll today” Jonathan replied instantly. “And I think someone is covering for them” he added, with a sickening smirk. “And if I am right about these things, I think I’d deserve a reward” he said, as the two older men exchanged a look.

“Like money?” McKenna replied curiously.

“No, I don’t need money, I want security” he hissed. “I want placements at all my chosen Universities, I want to a bright future” he replied, as a smile formed on his face.

“Give us a name, and if you’re right. Then you’ll get your reward” Mr Mendoza replied.

“Caleb Barnos” Jonathan replied…

  Periwinkle Dormitories: Vev’s Room 

Vev and Cohen laid on the bed, intertwined with one another. The rugby player ran his fingers through her hair, “Is everything okay?” he whispered into her ear, as she stared off into the night’s sky.

“Everything is fine, at least it will be” Vev replied. “Just…” she whimpered. “I’m still worried about that list, that stupid fucking list” she whispered.

“Don’t be. I spoke to Jonathan before, and he says if he has his way that twitter will be down before the days end. It’s just some troll who’s probably never even seen a boob” Cohen said, in a bid to reassure his girlfriend. “And besides, even if it is someone different I’ll always protect you, no matter what” Cohen added, as he smiled softly.

“Everything about today, just messed me up. From Chas, to that stupid training, to Casandra” Vev replied sorrowfully.

“Casandra? What did Casandra do to upset you?” Cohen questioned, jumping up ever so slightly. “Is this why she was in your room today?” he questioned.

“Yes that’s why she was in my room, but” Vev stuttered. “But I can’t tell you what happened” she added. “I promised her I wouldn’t” she whimpered, as Cohen stood up leaving her alone on the bed. “Please don’t be mad, it just really isn’t my place to tell” she added, desperately scurrying to her feet.

Well if she is upsetting you then I’ll go ask her what her problem is” Cohen sighed. “I won’t have you dragged into ex drama. I knew I couldn’t trust her” he moaned, as he headed for the door.

“Cohen please!” Vev begged, as she threw herself in front of him. “Please don’t do this. Let’s just have a relaxing night, drink some hot chocolate, watch a few films. Please don’t worry, it’s nothing that concerns us” Vev lied, as the boy’s eyebrows raised.

“You promise me, you’re telling the truth?” Cohen asked. “We’re together now, and I don’t want there to be secrets, secrets is what destroyed my relationship with Casandra” he said, little did he know how true that statement was. “I just want this relationship to be better, because I really love you Vev, more than I’ve ever loved another person” he added.

“And I promise to protect you, from anything. Be it a serial killer or Casandra” he said with a smile.

Vev jumped forward, and embraced her boyfriend. “I love you so much, so fucking much” she whispered, as the pair attempted to forget the horrors that had occurred on this day, and looked forward to a brighter future.

  Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

Tyler rounded the corner looking nervous and lost, the bar came into sight and he looked up at the sign and smiled, unaware of the horrors that occurred within the walls. He passed the windows and froze, when he saw Elias Olsson handing over a briefcase to Logan. Curious to see how this unfolded, Tyler hid behind a nearby tree and watched the interaction unfold.

“And this is everything?” Logan asked, as he took a quick look inside the case.

“Yes, it is as we agreed upon” Elias replied, their voices barely audible through the glass.

“Good boy Olsson, you didn’t let me down” Logan replied in a patronising manner. Tyler watched all the pride vanish from the older man’s face. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he knew it wasn’t right. “Maybe you aren’t a total waste of space, aren’t you glad I convinced you to do this?” he laughed.

“I guess” Elias replied.

“You guess? I’ve made us fucking rich beyond our wildest dreams. I’ve bettered your son’s futures” Logan laughed.

“Yeah and you’ve destroyed that boys” Elias said, as Tyler wondered who they were talking about. “Not to mention everyone else you’ve hurt!” he roared.

“Hurt? I’ve helped these people get what they want, every bar does it so grow up and welcome to industry.... Now before you think about saying something sassy, just remember I practically own this bar, I can tear it apart with a snap of my fingers. And I could destroy your life with another” he laughed, as Elias stared down to the floor. “And remember, make sure your little boys stay out of my business, because believe me after the day I’ve had you really wouldn’t want to provoke me” he hissed.

Tyler watched on in confusion. He wasn’t sure what any of this meant or what was even happening, but he knew that he had to act fast, to ensure that Oscar and Oliver knew the truth about their father, and to ensure that Leo knew who Logan really was.

  Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra’s Room 

Casandra stared at her computer screen with tears in her eyes. She only needed to read the first line, and her heart was filled with dread. ‘We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected’ her head snapped back and she swivelled helplessly on her swivel chair.

She was in such a state of distress that she didn’t even notice, that someone had slipped a letter under her door.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory: Oliver’s Room 

Oliver sat on the edge of his bed, whilst Oscar sat at the far desk, diligently typing away on his laptop. “You don’t have to babysit me you know, it’s not like I’m going to throw myself out of the window or something” Oliver sighed.

“I know, I’m here because I want to be here dude” Oscar replied, with his usual perfectly innocent smile. “Besides, I am getting interviewed in about twenty minutes, and I would rather get my work done before hand, don’t know what trauma awaits me in there” he laughed.

Oscar returned to doing his work, whilst Oliver stared out of his bedroom window and towards Iris Dormitory. His mind raced with thoughts of Leo, and the pair being together. The dream to run away together was a mere thought this morning, and now it seemed so close that he could envision it so clearly. “You’re just a worrier, as usual” Oliver laughed, as he returned his attention back towards his brother.

The twins had failed to address an elephant in the room, both hoping that neither one would bring it up, but as the Oscar’s interview grew nearer and nearer, they found the topic weighing heavily on the room. “So, are we gonna talk why both of us got that text, and why we were being punished by the killer?” Oliver asked nervously, as Oscar’s fingers froze above the keyboard. “Because if we can’t tell each other, who can we tell?” Oliver sighed, knowing what revealing this secret meant.

“Okay, but I really need to go first. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll ever have the balls to tell you” Oscar replied, as he spun around in the desk chair. “The night before she died, I kissed Chas” he confessed, his breath quacking with fear. “I am so sorry, I never meant for this to happen, we were alone and it was just kinda in the heat of the moment” Oscar said, as he quickly joined his brother on the bed.

Oliver sat in silence and attempted to process the information, unsure of how he should feel. “I am so so sorry, just please don’t be mad. I apologised to her right away, and I just can’t explain why I did it, I just did” Oscar cried.

“Why where you alone with my girlfriend?” Oliver asked, as he rose his head, desperately fighting the urge to cry himself.

Oscar took another deep breath, for he knew this confession was going to put a lot of people in a difficult predicament, “See, me, Clara and a few others have been trying to find out who the killer is. And Chas wanted to help, and… and…” Oscar trailed off. “And I shouldn’t have let her, I should have protected her because she was basically family” he continued. “I should have protected her because you loved her” Oscar cried.

“I’ve been having an affair with Leo Barnaby since Halloween” Oliver stated bluntly, silencing Oscar instantly. “I don’t know if that means I’m gay, or Bi, or Pan, or whatever, all I know is I love him, even more than I loved Chas” Oliver confessed. “And it makes me sick to my stomach that I didn’t have the balls to break up with her. It makes me physically repulsed that I am sitting here, still madly in love with him whilst my girlfriend has just been burnt at the stake” Oliver cried, his face bring red and his hair a tattered mess.

Oliver trailed off into a fit of sobs, that was until Oscar threw his arms around his brother and hugged him tightly. “I know how hard that was for you to tell me” Oscar whispered. “But I am so glad that you did, you’re so brave mate” Oscar whimpered into his brother’s shoulder. “Don’t ever feel ashamed for being who you are, or what you feel. You can’t control your emotions” he added.

Eventually the boys backed away from each other and each whipped away their tears. “Are we bad people?” Oliver asked his brother. “You’re the smart one you should know” he added.

“No, I don’t think so” Oscar replied. “I think we’re teenagers, with a fucked up family life” Oscar laughed.

“Blaming Dad, always an easy out” Oliver said, joining in on the laughter as he attempted to defuse the tense situation.

Oscar sighed dramatically and stared up towards the clocl on the wall. “Well, I’m not going to get work done now, so may as well leave early and sit outside Mendoza’s office so I look like a good person” Oscar said to his brother. “Will you be okay on your own tonight, I understand if you need some space” Oscar added.

“Yeah I’ll be alright, some alone time would do me the world of good” Oliver replied, as Oscar packed his laptop into his backpack. “And I mean it dude, please tell Clara how you feel about her” he said, as Oscar had one foot out the door. “Because let me tell you, love sucks and it would be nice if at least one of us had a normal relationship” he sighed.

Oscar nodded his head and smiled to his brother. “Well maybe there’s hope for you and Leo too” Oscar replied. “You’re clearly a better man than Logan, and maybe we could work on telling Leo how shady he is, might better your chances” Oscar said, not knowing just how much his brother knew about the dark teenager.

“Maybe” Oliver replied nervously.

“Anyway, off to be interviewed I go!” he shouted in dramatic fashion. “Goodnight” he added, closing the door behind him.

“Goodnight” Oliver replied, as his eyes reverted back to the window, and back to Iris Dormitories.

  Meanwhile in Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Clara sat across from the two men, stern faced and arms folded. “So let me get this straight” Simon Mendoza sighed. “You did not receive a text, but instead were out of your dormitory, during a black out, and decided to follow a group of random students into the woods?” he asked. Clara had lied about her real whereabouts during Chasity’s death, in order to keep her escape from the school a secret.

“Yes, and they weren’t just a group of random students, I saw Oscar whose one of my best friends and I was worried for his safety, so I followed him” Clara lied. But she knew she had to tell some truth, in order to aid the investigation. “But when I got into the woods, I was attacked by someone wearing a masquerade mask” she said.

McKenna looked up from his note book and stared at the girl with fascination. Remembering that the boys who were in detention reported the exact same thing. “Interesting, and you managed to fight this person off I assume?” he asked the girl.

“Correct, using the skills I learnt from my own personal self-defence class” Clara replied, with a grateful smile in order to try to sell her story.

“Miss Stark, you are aware that by admitting you were out following curfew that you will have a detention, correct?” Mr Mendoza said, as he stared deep into Clara’s soul.

“I understand perfectly, and I know that I shouldn’t have stepped out of my room. But black outs make me so nervous, I just wanted some fresh air and … I just got scared for my friends I am so sorry” she said, fake crying in order to pull at the two men’s heart strings.

“Miss Stark, you have been a big aid to this investigation, but before you go I do have to ask you if there is anything else you’d like to tell us or ask us?” the Detective said, practically begging Clara with his eyes to reveal something else. But she shook her head and shrugged.

“I am so sorry, but I don’t think there is anything else. But if I find something or hear anything, rest assured I’ll report it to the proper authorities. I’d hate for this crazed person to get away with it, because they’ve been getting away with it for so long” she said, as her eyes met Simon’s, aiming the sentence directly at him. “The KEY to beating this killer, is not some corny hope, but it’s to do whatever we can to take them down, to protect our school” Clara said.

“Well, thank you for your time Clara” the Detective said, as he stood up and showed the girl to the door. Simon watched from afar, as they girl vanished behind the tall oak door.

He bit his pen and processed her words, all whilst playing with one of the keys, in his jacket pocket. He rubbed his thumb down the serrated edge, and his eyes narrowed, as he wondered if Clara knew more than she let on.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory: Dean’s Room 

Dean sat on his bed watching Netflix on his laptop, after the day he had, all he wanted to do was unwind and relax, when suddenly a knock came from the door. “It’s open!” he shouted, and the door opened. Casandra entered carrying a bag of what the teenage boy presumed to be food. “Hey you” Dean said, beaming from ear to ear as he closed his laptop to make way for the girl.

“Hey you” Casandra replied, as she sat at the foot of his bed. “I brought you some food, thought I could return the favour from when you brought me some cake” she said, as she handed over the bag to him. “It was Spagetti and Meatballs. So I just scooped as much as I could into disposable cups… Sneaking food out is such a mission” she laughed, as Dean withdrew a cup of spaghetti and a separate cup of meatballs.

“I love it, thank you so much. I would have sat with you at dinner, but didn’t think I could show my face, after that humiliation” he sighed.

“What? That thing with Clara, it was nothing. You were just holding back on her, I get it” Casandra said, as she stroked the boys chin. “I know you’d never hurt someone” she added.

But as she got closer to Dean, he quickly noticed the red bags under her eyes, and he instantly sprung to life.

“You’ve been crying again, is everything okay?” he asked nervously, as he placed the food onto his nightstand.

Casandra shook her head and sighed loudly. “No, I didn’t get in…” she said bluntly. “Oh god, Cass… I’m so sorry. I know how hard you worked on that interview” he said, as he got onto his knees and wrapped one arm around her.

“At the start of the year I was getting A’s in every class… Now I barely get Cs. I’ll be lucky to get into any University at this rate” Casandra moaned. “Maybe I should just become a housewife like Mother Dearest, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more than being an internationally renowned fashion designer” Casandra joked.

“Hey, don’t say that” Dean said, comforting her. “You’re future is bright, and always will be. Because you’re so amazing and no matter what you do, I know you’ll make it” he sighed. “But even if I don’t” Casandra replied instantly, as she gently caressed Dean’s face. “I know my future will be bright, because you’ll be in it” she added, as the two teens locked eyes yet again. “I would go to hell itself, if I knew you were by my side. Because you have been the greatest support system in the world. And although it sounds cheesy, after Cohen I never thought I’d find love again, and to my surprise I found a greater one” she said, as she began to cry with happiness.

“Casandra, what are you saying?” Dean questioned nervously.

“I’m saying, I’m ready Dean” she replied. “I want to make love to you, I want to be your girlfriend… I don’t want a future, if it doesn’t involve you” she whimpered, as she got closer to the boys lips, and the pair finally kissed yet again.

The moment was magical, and just as they backed away for a passing second, Dean uttered the three most magical words in all of human history. “I love you”.


Clara walked through the courtyard, and took a brief passing moment to stare up at the stars. “I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna take that bastard down for you Liv” she whispered to herself, as she forced herself to smile.

“Stark!” a voice shouted from behind her, as she spun around to see David approach her, still in his gym gear. “Long time no see, how long has it been?” the boy asked playfully.

“Oh, I’d say about three hours, four max… Too long if you ask me” Clara laughed. “So, take it you had a good work out?” she asked, as she poked David’s abs with one of her fingers.

“I did indeed, very calming after a very stressful day” he replied. “Sorry that I couldn’t find anything more about Dean” he said, as they began to walk around the courtyard, perfectly lit by the moonlight. “I feel like I let you down on that one” he sighed.

“Don’t be silly, hard to find something incriminating when they’re so good at covering their tracks” Clara replied. “But we can keep trying, until Senior or Junior slips up, then hopefully we can take those mother fuckers down and get justice for everyone they ever hurt” Clara said, as the pair reached an alcove.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I heard you before” David confessed. “Talking to Liv” he added, as he watched her expression change.

“You must think I am totally weird” Clara laughed. “But I don’t believe in God, or Heaven, or whatever. So whenever I need peace of mind that the people I love are in a better place, I look to the stars for comfort” she added, as she looked up at the vast night sky that loomed over the pair. “I know, I sound like such a freak” she laughed.

“No you don’t” David replied. “I think that’s actually rather beautiful” he added, as he reassured her with a flashy smile. “And don’t worry, you’re not alone” he sighed. “I talk to Joel all the time, just general chit-chat mainly. But sometimes when I am really struggling to make sense of all this, I will talk to him as if he were some higher power or divine being with answers” David explained. “Because, I don’t know what happens after death, but I certainly think that those souls have ways of communicating with us. And perhaps they do it through stars” David said, as he too stared up towards the sky. “Maybe we should have a star” Clara said aloud.

“The Scooby Gang Star?” David laughed, referring to Clara’s favourite show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

“Maybe, although we still need to work on a name for our team” Clara laughed.

Then how about in the meantime, me and you have a star?” David whispered, as the palpable tension made the hairs on the back of Clara’s neck arise.

“Maybe we should” Clara replied. “That one” she said, pointing at a random star in the sky. “And we shall it … Dara!” she said dramatically, sending David into a fit of laughter. “You liked that?” she asked in a joking manner.

“I did, looks like my mother has stiff competition for her Oscar this year. That was quite the performance Miss Stark” David joked, as he leaned against the girl.

“You don’t know the half of it” Clara sighed, as she looked into David’s deep blue eyes. “But I’d really like to know the entire thing… Not just half” David whispered seductively. He leaned in and Clara puckered her lips, and the pair finally kissed.

Much to the dismay of Oscar Olsson, who could see the pair from the other side of the courtyard. Once again witnessing the two in an intermit moment, Oscar became visibly upset, and ran away from the grounds and towards the Headmaster’s office.

Clara and David continued to kiss, until finally David backed away and smiled at her.

“Wow” he sighed.

“Wow” Clara replied, in an equally mesmerised tone of voice. Their eyes wouldn’t part, and they leaned in for another kiss. That was until a torch was shined into their face, by one of the school’s security officers.

“Okay love birds enough of this conoodling on school grounds!” the burley man roared.

“Now, you’ll be escorted back to your INDIVDUAL dorm rooms. Now stand up” the officer shouted, as Clara and David couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably.

  Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Oscar entered the room already in a vulnerable state. But what he was greeted by wasn’t just the two men who had conducted the previous two interviews, but his father had also joined them to listen to the investigation.

“What’s going on?” Oscar asked, as the McKenna ushered the boy forward.

“Oscar it has come to our attention that you may know something, which could be vital to solving this case” the detective said, as he the teenage boy sat down in the empty seat, facing the men.

“Why is my Dad here?” Oscar asked nervously, as he didn’t recall Oliver saying anything about Elias being in the room.

“Because Mr Mendoza wanted me to be” Elias replied instantly, in a stern tone. “You see Oscar, one of your fellow students believes that you know the identity of the person running the Twitter account which has been bashing the school and your fellow students” Mr Mendoza said, in an emotionless tone. “And said student also believes you are covering for the this individual, are you?” he questioned.

“No, of course not” Oscar replied frantically.

“We only ask because it’s come to our attention that said twitter account posted a poll, asking its followers who they think should die next. And is being treated as a threat against the lives of three of your fellow students” Detective McKenna said, jumping on Oscar’s final word.

“I know, but” Oscar stuttered.

“And if we find out that you do know this person, and that you are covering for them, then that will make you an accessory to a crime” McKenna added, as the men watched as all the colour drained from Oscar’s face.

“Regardless, even if this person isn’t the killer, then what you do or say now will affect your future. Universities and businesses won’t want to hire or accept someone with a shady past Osc” Elias added, as all the three men noticed that the boys lower lip had begun to quiver.

“So Oscar, the floor is yours. Do you know who is running the account?” Mendoza asked confidently.

Oscar couldn’t hold it in, he felt as if he was coming apart at the seams. Watching Chasity die, having to sit with the guilty conscience of kissing his brother’s girlfriend, seeing Clara and David together and now this interview had finally broken him. He bowed his head, and whimpered softly. “Yes, but I only found out this morning, I swear” Oscar moaned.

“We need a name Oscar” Mendoza said, still ever cold.

Oscar took a moment to himself, for he knew he had to sell out his friend without even hearing his side of the story. The three men had come with a plan, and that much was evident, to ambush Oscar and force him to confess. He sighed and confessed. “Caleb, it’s Caleb” he said, unable to look at his own father.

“Thank you for confirming our suspicions Oscar, you’ve done your school proud” Mendoza said, as he walked over and pated the boy on the back. Oscar began to cry into his lap, so much so that his father arose from his chair and attempted to comfort his son. But due to his emotional state, Oscar didn’t see his father and the head master exchange a smile and thumbs up.

And neither did Detective McKenna, who was distracted by his ringing phone. “McKenna here” the detective said, as another bomb shell was waiting to be dropped on the other end of the line.

  Iris Dormitory: Clara’s Room 

Clara stepped into her room and leaned against the door, as her heart skipped a beat. “Well someone seems happy” Tyler laughed, as he and Caleb sat on the girls bed, with her laptop in front of them.

“Jesus, guys you scared” Clara shouted as she jumped with fright. “Where is Lavender?” she questioned, noticing that the girl was missing from the group.

“She was tired so went to bed” Caleb explained.

“And Tyler, when did you get back?” Clara questioned as she approached the boy.

“A few hours ago, I’m telling you something fishy is going on” the boy replied. “After the prison, I went to the hospital where the school thought I was, but they never sent a taxi to pick me up. And when I called reception, they told me that someone had cancelled it, so I had to make my own way back” Tyler explained.

“Well, only one person can make and break the bookings” Caleb explained. “Three guesses who” he said to Clara, who began to approach them.

“Mendoza, of course” she sighed.

“And don’t worry, Caleb’s got me up to date with all that he knows, so no more secrets” Tyler explained. “We have a solid theory under our belts, we can start work to take down this sick family. And maybe this hack will be the final nail in the coffin” he said, as he indicated towards the laptop.

“Oh shit, the hack” Clara said, remembering what she and Caleb had started prior in the day.

“We didn’t want to start without you” Caleb explained. “It was your idea, so we thought it would be best to do as much research as we can, before curfew hits” he added, before the trio were interrupted by a knocking at the door.

“Miss Stark, please open the door” the voice of Mr Mendoza said from the other side of the door. Clara and the two boys panicked as they hurried to put the laptop under her bed, and out of sight. And once it was done, she opened the door.

“Head Master Mendoza, Detective McKenna to what do we owe this pleasure?” Clara asked.

“Well Miss Stark, I am here to ask you to step aside for a moment” the detective said. “After reviewing security footage we knew we’d find you two here” he added as he approached the two boys, two other officers entered the room.

“Caleb Barons you are arrested under the suspicion of murder” the detective announced. “And Tyler Stephensen you are under arrest for identity theft” he said, much to the confusion of Clara.

“What!” Clara roared.

“You see Miss Stark, Mr Barons has been identified as the individual behind the Anti-Academy twitter, whereas Mr Stephensen paid a visit to my wife and used my son’s name to get in” Simon said, with a wicked smile on his face. Clara watched on in shock, as her two friends were forced out of the door. It was as if the entire world went silent, as she stared on and watched helplessly, feeling as if the killer once again had the upper hand.

  Iris Dormitories: Leo and Logan’s Room: 30 Minutes Later 

Leo frantically emptied his wardrobe into a suitcase, his face had become red and swollen from where he had been hit. His hands trembled, but he knew this is what he had to do, he knew he couldn’t take another day in this torture.

He placed his final item of clothing into the case, the bee broach gifted to him by Casandra, when all of a sudden the locked door was pushed forward. “Leo? Leo are you in there?” Logan’s voice came from the other side of the door. “Why is the door locked” Logan asked, sending the American boy into a panic.

“Yeah, one second Logan. I’m just getting changed” Leo shouted, as he grabbed his case and threw it under the conjoined beds. On his way to the door, he closed his wardrobe before finally letting the boy re-enter the room. “Hey, welcome back” Leo said nervously, as he desperately tried to catch his breath.

“Hey, why were you getting changed?” Logan asked, curiously as he entered the room with a briefcase in one hand and a gift box in the other.

“I had a shower, so was just getting back into my clothes” Leo said, as he desperately tried to think of a lie.

“Oh well, I have a surprise for you” Logan said, as he leaned in and kissed Leo on the cheek. “How’s your face, I’m so sorry I did that, I just got a little angry when I found out you were talking to that closet case. I’ll buy you a new phone this weekend, a better phone” Logan sighed, as he stroked the raised cheek with his index finger.

“Its fine, I shouldn’t have provoked you” Leo said, attempting to suppress his anger.

“Anyway, hopefully what I have will cheer you up” Logan said as he placed both down on the bed. “The first is something for our future” he said, as he opened up the briefcase. “May I present to you, fifty-thousand pound” he smiled, as he opened the briefcase to reveal stacks upon stacks of money.

“Where did this come from” Leo asked nervously.

“Just a partner, don’t worry your pretty blond head” Logan sighed, as he kissed Leo on the head. “Just be happy, this will allow us to live comfortably in a flat, where we can be together forever” he added, as he nuzzled Leo in the neck. Leo’s eyes widened, as he stared blankly out of the window, towards Wolfsbane Dormitory.

“And now for the second present, which is a more a gift for me” Logan laughed. “Or rather something you can do for me” he continued, as Leo personally opened the gift box, to reveal a set of black handcuffs. “You’ll be totally safe, I just think this calls for a celebration. And you know I love it when you’re submissive” Logan laughed, as he took off his shirt and threw it to the other side of the room.

“But let’s start off slow, I wanna put them on you myself” Logan smiled as he sat down on his bed, and swung his legs underneath. When suddenly they hit something. His eyebrows raised, as Leo’s heart practically stopped beating.

Logan stood of the bed and ducked down, and when he saw the suitcase under the bed he felt his blood boil with rage. “Why is your case under the bed” Logan asked, but before Leo could answer he barged past the boy and threw open Leo’s wardrobe. “And why is your wardrobe empty?” Logan roared, again Leo stuttered with fear, before Logan booted him in the gut.

As Leo cried with pain, he clutched onto his stomach, as Logan paced around him. “Again after everything I do for you, why do you insist on hurting me” Logan hissed. “I’ve built a future for us, a future where all you’d have to do is fuck men and make a shit ton of money” he continued. “And what where you gonna do? Run away, how fucking 90’s of you” Logan moaned.

“Now, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to be taught a lesson you’ll never forget” Logan hissed, as he walked over towards his nightstand to retrieve something. “And I think there is no better way, than to emulate my favourite film of all time, IT” Logan said, as he withdrew a switch blade. “I am going to carve an L into your stomach, to ensure you remember who you belong to” Logan said as he approached the terrified boy.

“Oh my god, Logan please” Leo begged. “Please, I’m sorry” he whimpered.

“Sorry, but this is the bed you’ve made” Logan smiled. “And now you have to lie in it” he added, as he grew closer to the boy.

But Leo was too quick, he grabbed onto the briefcase of money and rammed it into Logan’s ribcage. The evil boy now tumbled to the floor, before Leo aggressively slammed the case down onto Logan’s back. As the boy grunted with pain, Leo quickly grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed his abuser to the bed.

“Leo what the fuck are you doing, let me go” Logan roared.

“Fuck you Logan” Leo roared, feeling a great relief. “FUCK YOU!” he shouted again, as he grabbed his case from under the bed and took it and the briefcase towards the door.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Logan shouted, as he clutched onto his stomach with his free hand.

“And I’m going to leave this door open, hopefully someone will kill you” Leo said, as he took one step out of the door. “See you in hell in Logan” he said, before he finally escaped Iris Dormitories, leaving Logan kicking and screaming with fury.

  Iris Dormitory: Clara’s Room 

Clara sat on the edge of her bed with bated breath and her headphones in, blocking all sound that was coming from Leo and Logan’s room across the hall. She was unsure of what to make of the events that had just occurred before her eyes. She had tried to call and get into further contact with her friends, to ensure they knew about the boy’s arrests but no one picked up.

So she was left alone to rummage through the Mendoza’s files. She didn’t see much out of the ordinary, until she stumbled into the photos file. One particular section, labelled simply as ‘C’ was locked, and required a password. However, thanks to the hacking software, Clara merely had to double click the text box, and the automatically saved password responded.

When the file was opened, hundreds of photos appeared, showing Cali and Simon together, some more compromising and scandalous as possible. Clara knew she had hit the gold mine, but also knew to be clever, she knew she had to have more information. So she decided to look into the student’s records.

“Come Dean, let’s see what you’re hiding” she said, as she stared down at the wooden box, which rested next to her. She didn’t know what she was hoping for, perhaps proof of the boy’s mental instability, or perhaps something else entirely, but nothing could prepare Clara for what happened next.

As soon as she typed the boy’s name into the file search bar, the computer didn’t automatically load, as it had done prior. “Shit, come on!” Clara shouted, as she hit control, alt, delete. But nothing…

The screen flickered, before crashing all together, not even allowing Clara to screenshot the pictures she had just seen. “No, no!” Clara shouted as she frantically hit the key board. Her heavy breaths were interrupted when red typing suddenly appeared on the screen. ‘You were warned… No more hacking’ the message read, as Clara watched on in complete disbelief.

  Wolfsbane Dormitories: Oliver’s Room 

Oliver approached his door, donned in a tracksuit and trainers, he rubbed his shoulders in a bid to warm his body, before finally entering the room. But just as he did so, he heard a voice that made his heart skip a beat. “Oliver!” Leo shouted from the other end of the corridor, as he ran into the boy’s arms.

“Leo, I’ve been trying to text you all night” Oliver sighed, as the boy backed away from his embrace. “What happened to your face, did Logan hurt you or something?” Oliver said, in a frantic panic.

“That’s not important, what it is important however, that we have to leave, right now” Leo said, as he merely pushed Oliver’s door and it opened, allowing himself to entre. “Leave, like run away, like now, now?” Oliver stuttered.

“Yes, now now. Because if I stay, he’s going to kill me, this is our one chance to escape” Leo cried, as tears now streamed down his entire face.

“What’s in that briefcase?” Oliver asked, as he shut the door behind him. Leo placed the case down onto the bed, inhaling deeply for courage before finally opening it to reveal the money to the boy.“Holy fuck!” Oliver shouted at the top of his voice.

Leo hushed the boy, before pulling him closer. “Look, one of Logan’s business partners gave him this, and I may have stolen it from him” Leo explained nervously, unsure of how Oliver would take his actions. “When he found out I was going to leave, he hit me again and was threatening me with a knife, so I had to protect myself” he whimpered. “So I hit him with the case and handcuffed him to the bed, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have acted that way, I was just scared” Leo cried, before Oliver pulled him in for a kiss.

“Leo, don’t apologise, you never have to apologise to me, ever” Oliver sighed. “You did what was right for you, you finally stood up to that cunt” Oliver said, with so much anger in his voice. “And if it were up to me, I’d go back there and finish the bastard off myself” he said, with a ferocious look in his eye.

“Please, I just wanna leave this place and never look back” Leo moaned, as he touched Oliver’s cheek. “I don’t care where we go, or how we get there, just as long as I am by your side” Leo said, as he pulled the boy in for another kiss. “I love you Oliver, you saved my life” he whimpered, as both of the boys kissed each other once more.

Oliver pulled away for a passing second. “Okay, we need to get all my stuff packed. We can leave and I’ll call Oscar tomorrow and explain all of this, and then I’ll drain my Dad’s university account, that coupled with Logan’s money will ensure that we can start a life together. Just you and me” he sighed. “I hear Berlin is nice this time of year, or maybe Greece, Milan, New York” Oliver said, as Leo giggled with happiness for the first time in a long time. “The world is ours” Oliver laughed, as he lifted the boy up into the air, before once again kissing him.

“By the way, I love you too” Oliver replied, forcing Leo’s heart to skip a beat. In that moment it was as if all their problems or troubling thoughts vanished, they were happy, they free and it was all thanks to the other.

“Do you mind if we make a stop in Minnesota? I’d want my Little Sister to join us, she can’t live with my parents, I don’t wanna leave her in that hell hole” Leo said. “If you’re saving me, then I really want to be the one to save her” he explained.

“Of course, and hey maybe I can convince Osc to join us. I know he hates this place just as much as we do” Oliver explained. The boys exchanged smiles, before Leo once again hugged his night in shining armour. “Let’s get packing” Oliver laughed, before putting Leo down to the ground. “Would you mind grabbing my case from the wardrobe?” Oliver asked, with a cheeky wink.

“Sure, no problem” Leo giggled, as he slowly turned away to approached the wardrobe’s door. But to his surprise it was already open, just a crack. His eyes narrowed, when he noticed a shadow moving inside.

“Leo?” Oliver said from the other side of the room, unsure as to why the boy had froze. It was in that moment that Leo closed his eyes, already sensing what was about to happen. The wardrobe door was booted open from the other side.

The wooden door hit Leo square in the face with such great force that it knocked him off his feet, and as his body practically spun in mid-air, before the side of his head hit the corner of Oliver’s chest of draws. “Leo!” Oliver roared as he sprinted towards the boy’s motionless body. He cradled the back of the boy’s head, and when he lifted his hands up they were soaked with blood. “Oh shit, Leo” Oliver whimpered, as blood continued to stream from the boy’s head, all across the white carpet.

Oliver looked up to see a figure wearing entire black clothing, but their face was once again concealed with a masquerade mask. “Shit” Oliver whimpered, before he scrambled to his feet and ran for the door. “Somebody help us!” he shouted, but as soon as he opened the door, he was met with a gloved hand over his mouth, and a knife in his chest.

The boy screamed with pain, but the sound was merely muffled. As he looked up he saw another figure, wearing a different mask.

With one aggressive push to the head, Oliver tumbled to the floor and the figure entered the room, closing the door behind them.

The two killers exchanged a look, before the second killer saw Leo’s motionless body on the floor and quickly stormed towards it. They knelt down and stroked the boy’s bleeding head, before snapping towards the first killer who was responsible for his death.

The first killer merely shrugged, before both of them turned their attention towards Oliver, who had crawled his way towards Leo’s body, and had laid himself ontop of it, as to shield the boy from more pain, not knowing that Leo was already dead. “Please don’t hurt him” Oliver cried, as he spat out a puddle of blood.

The killers exchanged another look, before the second killer plunged their knife into Oliver’s back several times, until the walls were splattered with his blood…

  Wolfsbane Dormitories: The Following Morning 

“Oliver come on!” Jonathan shouted from the other side of the door, as he banged on it repeatedly. “We’ve got rugby practice!” he shouted again, as he, David and Cohen all stared at the door, already awaiting in their kit. “You guys are the captains, do something” Jonathan said to the other two boys, before David stepped forward.

“Oliver mate, common. Wake up” David shouted, as he knocked against the wood. But there was still no reply.

All of a sudden Casandra and Dean rounded the corner and bumped into the boys, Dean too was ready go in his kit. “Oh hey guys” Casandra said, as she attempted to flatten her hair, embarrassed to be seen leaving the boys room this early of a morning.

All of the boys let on with waves and nods, except for David who was pre-occupied with the door. “Oliver if you don’t wake up we’re kicking the door down and you’ll have to do 100 push ups for making us all wait for your lazy ass” Jonathan shouted over David’s shoulder. “What’s going on?” Dean asked curiously.

“Oliver is being a lazy fuck and won’t get out of bed” Cohen sighed, as he shot a snarl towards Casandra, who avoided his gaze.

“Right that’s it. Let’s break this bitch down” Jonathan said to David.

“Don’t break school property, just ensure the door opens” David corrected, before Jonathan slammed his shoulder into the door. Surprisingly it didn’t take much of an effort to open the door, but once it was opened they all laid witness to the horror that awaited them inside.

Casandra let out a blood curdling scream, as she fell to the floor as the boys joined her in screaming. David turned away from the sight, only to be sick on the carpet floor, as many more students began to leave their rooms to see what the commotion was about.

For inside, the two boys had been gutted, with their internal organs laid out on the ground, arranged in the shape of a heart as their lifeless naked empty bodies, laid inside, staring up towards the ceiling.

  Iris Dormitories: Leo and Logan’s Room 

Logan paced the room on the phone, clutching at his bloodied wrist. “Well you’re gonna give me your cut now, because that little back stabber made off with mine! Do you hear me Olsson, you’re lucky you even got a cut in the first place” Logan hissed. “But now that my money’s gone you get nothing, which is exactly what you deserve” he said, before a knocking came from the door.

He opened the door, to find no one on the other side. He looked down the hall where there was no signs of life, it wasn’t until he looked down to the ground that he saw what the purpose of the knocking was for. For what he saw laid on the ground was the briefcase, bloodied, containing ALL of the money, untouched. “Well looks like you’re in luck Olsson, the money has found its way back to me… Guess I have a guardian angel out there” Logan sighed, as he took the money and slammed the door shut…

 Cast List 

Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 9/15 (Mention Only)
  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 9/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 9/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244)→ 9/15

Supporting Cast 

  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 7/15 (Video Flashback)
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 9/15
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 9/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 7/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 9/15
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 9/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 9/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 9/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 9/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 5/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 8/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 7/15 (Not Mentioned)

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