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My mother says I must not pass to near the glass. She is afraid that I will see, a little witch that looks like me. With a red, red mouth to whisper low, the very thing I should not know!
Sarah Morgan Bryant Piatt
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 12, 2015
Written by Selena
Directed by Erik
Episode Guide Transcript
Born Under A Bad Sign
Dream A Little Dream of Me

 Opening Scene: 

Sophia cannot see anything. Which immediately frightens her. It's the type of darkness that swallows you whole and try as you might there's no light to guide your way out. On reflex, she tries to scream, but it's to no avail. No sound comes out as the darkness is blocking that too. The chrone feels her hands start getting warm; a sign that an electrical current is already coursing through her veins. The best way to describe it is like a caged  animal ready to be let out. However, before she can attack one single candle flickers amidst the dark, then another and another one after that. Eventually the entire place is illuminated  in an ethereal glow. When she looks down, Sophia notices she is at the center of a triquetra  formed out of the carefully placed candles and wearing a old white dressed, now more of a grayish color from how dirty its is and  with many rips and holes. As she  pushes forward, the chrone can finally make out an old wooden door and a window overlooking the ground bare of any grass. But there little children playing except for a little girls tucked into a corner sniffling quietly. The two things that made her  feel so alone back then. She closes her eyes trying to rid her mind of those dark and miserable times when she had very little to eat and no one to play with, no one that loved her or cared for her.

“Sophia!” She hears someone whisper  from the outside and that voice sounds so familiar but she can't remember from where. Nevertheless, she decides to follow it through the door, down the stairs and out into the back of the orphanage leading into the famous sand pyramids of Melnik, Bulgaria.

“Isn't  it beautiful outside Sophia? Now catch me if you can!” The voice says once again but as she looks up at the sky, all the chrone sees are gray clouds. She searches frantically for the owner of that voice who's been calling to her till a flash of woman with  jet-black hair disappears through the woods.

She shivers slightly and notices that it's started snowing when a single snowflake falls on her nose. As she continues walking, she feels more and more cold the deeper into the woods she goes.  Sophia closes her eyes for a second and when she opens them again, the shivering has stopped and surprisingly, she isn't cold anymore. As she continues to walk, she hears a baby giggling  but when she turns around, there's no one there. Just her. Nevertheless, she continues walking till she sees up ahead two sets of footprints, one belonging to an adult and the other which appears to be that of a baby. Not thinking twice about it, the chrone follows them till they end at a river splitting the woods in two from there on out.  The baby's laugh is heard once again but this time coming from down below. Curious, Sophia kneels down and takes in her appearance being reflected on the waters of the river. Long gone are the rags the orphanage called clothes and instead she's wearing a beautiful long white dress.  Matching the snow that is already falling. She would think she looked like a princess if wasn't for the blood-shot red eyes and her hair being white as snow. Horrified, Sophia takes a closer look and sees something shining brightly below.  Unsure of what else to do, Sophia retrieves the object, but immediately after doing so, the entire river freezes over. She holds the object in her palm and upon closer inspection realizes it's a silver necklace with the triquetra at the top, followed by a crown on top of a heart that holds an emerald stone inside it.

“Treasure it with all your heart alright? Mommy's going away for a while but every time you look at it, it will serve as reminder of me and all the love I have for you. So you won't forget about  all the happy memories you spent alongside your dad and I.” She hears the same woman from earlier say; sadness evident in her tone.

Frightened,  Sophia backs away from the now frozen river; ready to run at moment's notice.

“My mother is dead. So who are you really?” Sophia asks, the necklace still her left palm.

“Shh, just follow me! I need to show you something, but promise me one thing dear... That your father must never find out!” The woman says, while  wearing a cobalt blue dress and bright red lipstick.

   Sophia hesitates in following the  strange woman, but it's as if her feet have a mind of their own.  It's weird, but the logical part of her is telling her that the woman in front of her isn't going to hurt her. So she carefully puts one foot on the ice and then another, to her surprise it almost feels like she's floating.  It's not too long before she is on the other side of the woods.

“maĭka? kŭde otide?” She finds herself saying in Bulgarian when she spots the woman a few feet ahead of her. Suddenly, the woman stops with her back to Sophia by a tree bare of  any leaves, its branches covered with snow. Sophia, who is now finally within reach of the woman places her hand on the woman's shoulder but the skin is cold to the touch.

In a blink of an eye, the woman's dress disintegrates and she falls to the ground on top of all the snow.

“Oh my god! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Sophia yells desperately as she rushes to the woman's side trying to shake the woman awake but to no avail. She does not even stir; if it weren't for her breath being visible in this cold weather, Sophia would think she was dead.

“Now, now, please don't cry baby! Mommy's got you alright?” The woman  finally says while gasping for air in between each word. Her hand extending to Sophia's face and wiping the tears that unknowingly began to fall from the chrone's face.  Then the woman's eyes get this faraway look and her pupils disappear leaving behind only the white.

By fire or ice, the chrone shall destroy her city. A cold and cruel heart will form, when the woman's  hair turns stark white. Her burning anger, unless prevented, will render even the greatest power unto utter desolation. Blood will pour. Friend or Foe, she will show mercy to none because to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” The woman gasps out and to Sophia's  horror the snow around them has turned a crimson red  due to the blood coming from the woman.

“No, please don't leave me! Help! Someone help me please!” Sophia cries out, clinging to the woman tightly and feeling this almost unbearable sadness wash over her but not knowing why.

She  hugs her tightly as her crying turns into sobs and her hands are bathed in blood.

 Point Dume Academy -Night 

With a jolt, Sophia wakes breathing heavily and her pajamas sticking to her body uncomfortably. She chances a look at the clock which reads 2:40AM and sees the still forms of Arabella and  Tara sleeping soundly. As quietly as possible, the chrone gets up from her bed and decides to make her way downstairs. In the hope that a nice cup of cold milk will calm her down and allow sleep to come once more. Having never wandered the halls of Point Dume Academy at night, Sophia feels a bit disoriented as the usually bright, open walkways that are now bathed in darkness and the few lamps along the corridor do little for illumination, but instead cast long shadows along the floor.  Luckily, the moonlight came to her rescue one more, by  streaming in from the large windows  providing more than enough guidance to make her way until she  comes across a sign that reads: KITCHEN and she sighs in relief. But that is shortly lived since once inside, Sophia almost screams at seeing she isn't alone. A ball of electricity  ready in one hand, she is ready to attack at a moment's notice.

“Whoa, there Sophia! It's a little early for going around killing your classmates don't you think?” Daimon Abigor jokes as he  raises his hands in surrender and her energy ball disintegrates.

“I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard. I'm just glad I didn't hurt you.” She responds and smiles nervously, feeling a little out of her comfort zone since this is the first time she properly talks with the hybrid without Josh being nearby.

“So what's got you up so late at night?” Daimon asks, setting his book face down and giving her his full attention.

“I could ask you the same thing mister.” She deflects while pouring herself some milk but nevertheless decides to sit beside him as she takes a small sip of her cup.

“Touche. Well, I don't know what, if anything, Josh has told you about what happened to me ... but today was one of those days where sleep evaded me since all I could see was myself one year earlier unable to save someone who I was very close with.” Daimon confesses, shocking himself in the process since not even Jamie or Josh who are his closest friends had gotten him to open up after the accident. It's weird, but he already feels like he can definitely trust and confide in the chrone.

“Don't worry, he didn't say anything about it, I'm sure he'd never betray your trust like that.  I guess the reason I came down here was because I had this really vivid  dream of who I think was my mom dying in my arms. I woke up gasping for air after seeing her  bleeding out in my arms, so after that I couldn't go back to sleep.” Sophia replies, feeling like it was only fair to be honest with the hybrid  just as he had with her.

“Nightmares? Yeah, I get those those a lot. Alazne says I should  try to ground myself by taking calm breaths and to write them down and then talk to a friend or family member about it. But all I end up doing is wasting away the minutes tossing and turning. Till eventually I end up waking up Josh and Jamie with the noise I am unintentionally making. So instead, I tend to make way down to the kitchen and pick up a good book to read until I fall asleep.” Daimon replies and shows Sophia his copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

“It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.”  Sophia recites a quote she remembers from the book.

“Read it before?” the hybrid asks, surprise evident in his face.

“Yeah, it was one of the few books that ironically enough comforted me when I was the kid no one wanted to adopt or be around in the orphanage.”Sophia reveals, shocked at the truth she just revealed so easily to someone she barely knows.

“While I don't advertise it, since I was five, I've known that I was adopted, which is a politically correct term for being clueless about one's own origins.”he admits and laughs nervously.

“We make quite the pair don't we? Anyways, seen as how we're both here now, there must be something that we can do to entertain ourselves with.” The chrone says as she begins to dig through the many drawers and cabinets that the kitchen has.

“It's a kitchen Sophia, all we have is food around us. So unless you're considering  a food fight, there's nothing fun here besides me.” Daimon tells Sophia rolling his eyes while pretending he is still very much enthralled in the book.

“Ever so modest, Daimon Abigor. This just makes me believe more and more that you and Josh are definitely brothers separated at birth since you're both way too alike for my liking. Now, get your butt off that chair and put those muscles to good use by helping me reach the flour from the the cupboard above the stove.” The chrone orders as she sets down the various trays, pots and pans in the  kitchen's  island.

While initially flabbergasted, Daimon does end up getting off the chair and does as requested; smirking at her when he brings down the flour with ease.  But what he doesn't realize is that he placed it on the island with just little too much force, causing some of it to cover their faces in flour.

“Playing dirty now are we? Well so am I!” She says rhetorically as she cracks a single egg in the hybrid's hair in retaliation.

“This was definitely unexpected but can't say I'm that surprised you were hiding this devious side of yours.” Daimon admits and wrinkles his nose in disgust at feeling how sticky his hair is due to the yolk of the egg.

“How's this for unexpected then?” Sophia asks Daimon and with a wave of her hand, the flour is gone from her face, followed shortly after by doing the exact same thing to the hybrid's. Both looking  squeaky clean.

“Whoa! How did you do that?” asks an impressed Daimon as he begins to take out the rest of the eggs and milk from the communal refrigerator.

“Now, now, Daimon, a girl never reveals all her secrets.” Sophia answers coyly and winks for added effect as she cracks one egg after the other  to begin mixing the contents in the bowl.

“Wait a minute... I thought that rule only applied to magicians? But I guess what I should be asking is what exactly is it that we're making?”Daimon says once the contents of the bowl have been mixed and  are doughy enough to be placed into  one of the sheets.
“It's mlechna banitsa, which is a traditional type of Bulgarian food typically served for breakfast with plain yogurt on the side and can be eaten either hot or cold. It's  prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs, with pieces of cheese in between and then baking it an oven.” Sophia shares a bit of her culture as she places the two sheets into the oven to be baked.

“Okay, can I just say I'm glad it was you who walked through that door and not someone like Sienna. She would definitely not be as pleasant.” Daimon jokes while taking one of the rags and clean up some the mess they made in the kitchen's island.

“Well, then I'm kind of glad I wasn't the only one here either. If it's one thing I hate is to be alone with my thoughts for too long.”She reveals and shrugs.

“Hey now, you don't have to do that anymore. Everyone has problems, some are just better at masking them or burying them deep inside the recesses of their minds. If you ever need  to tell someone about your day, don't hesitate to tell me alright?” Daimon says as he sets the timer to tell them when to take them out of the oven and prevent it from burning.

“Thank you, I feel like even if I wanted to open to anyone else, they wouldn't really understand.” Sophia admits to which Daimon tentatively smiles.

“Us tortured souls have to stick together right? It's honestly, the least I can do for my best friend's girlfriend who I hope will consider me a friend independent from our mutual relationship with a certain yellow-eyed demon.”  Daimon is able to reply honestly before the petite brunette hugs him. While awkward at first, he gives in after a few seconds and hugs her back.

He can definitely see why Josh is so smitten with her and why the chrone was able to make friends so fast. She's strong and independent, but there are times when her walls come down and she becomes this wonderful girl you can't help but want to comfort and protect.

“Do you like coffee? Or did you drink something different in Bulgaria? Cause I have a feeling we're going to  need it.” Daimon asks, already putting the teapot on the stove to boil the water once the chrone disentangles herself from him.

“Coffee would be great!” Sophia replies as she looks at the clock reading 6AM. Even if she is running on little sleep, she can't regret coming down to the kitchen cause she feels so much better after confiding in someone who went through something similar.

Unbeknownst to either of the them, a certain yellow-eyed demon girl had just witnessed their exchange. Sienna smirks upon hitting save on a picture of Sophia and Daimon embracing one another as she walks away before they are alerted to her presence. However, she only got near the door till she felt a bit dizzy and everything faded to black. Back in the kitchen, Sophia and Daimon fall to the ground as well...

 Point Dume Academy Aquatic Center 

A week. A whole fucking week has passed since my arrival at this stupid school and Jamie continues to evade me every chance he gets.” Todd thinks as he does another lap across the pool, having lost count on how many  laps he's done so far an hour ago. In hindsight, he does see where Jamie is coming from since he should have been stronger and refused  Arabella's advances... guess its true what they say about not knowing what you have till it's gone. But what gets him really angry is the fact that he's not even being allowed  a chance to tell his side of the story. Even if Jamie didn't want to get back with him, the least he could do would be to hear him out after all this time. Now, even Josh and Daimon, whom he had been close with a year earlier have distanced themselves since he came back. Then there's Sienna who can hold a grudge like no one's business! He doesn't know the new girl all that well, but she's awfully chummy with Arabella from what little he saw of her at the party last week. How the scales shift, it seems that he went from being one of the cool kids to someone on the outside looking in.

He finally comes up for air and decides to end his work out  if he wants to make it to class on time. While, he was never much of a stickler for the rules or school for that matter, he now had Maxim breathing down his neck and therefore couldn't afford to mess up if he wanted to remain in California. At least at this hell hole he was far away from the elder vampire who was far up north dealing with other problems. He was happier here surrounded by friends, someone he loved and cared for and threw it all away thanks to dear ol' Maxim Whitaker. But he won't be making the same mistake twice, that's for sure. The male vampire  goes for his towel laying nearby to dry himself off when he hears the click, clack of heels on the floor. He stops his movement, ready to strike if he deems the intruder an enemy. But he ends up frozen in shock at the person standing in front him.

Todd can't believe his eyes.

“Cynthia?” The vampire asks perplexed since the last time he saw her, she had been rather unmoving and pale from him draining her of blood. It wasn't his proudest moment since that was the night it all fell apart for him. The time when he was at his weakest and gave him into his primal urges and went in for the kill. He was certain she had died  though, once he came out of  the blood-induced haze.

“Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.” Cynthia replies and Todd notices that long gone is the fiery red hair he vaguely remembered and instead, one side of her head was shaved and dyed black as the night sky with purple tips to go along with her new look. Her make up no longer fun and flirty, instead much darker and edgy.

“What the hell happened to you?” He asks, still trying to wrap his head around this revelation that he hadn't in fact killed her. You would think he'd feel less guilty over this but looking at her, he can't forgive himself for what he's done.

“Well, isn't that the million dollar question huh? I'm sorry Todd, but you're kind of a year too late to care don't you think? But since I'm feeling generous right about now, I can tell you that  after you left me on the side of the road a  strange man appeared out  of nowhere. He asked me if was ready to die or did I want to live. I told him  I'd do anything he wanted if he could help me out cause the way you left me was not how I wanted to die. Next thing I know, I'm all alone once more but somehow feeling more alive than I ever did before.” She answers and sits down on the lawn chair by the pool, removing her sunglasses and flashing her bright emerald eyes at Todd, before she looks down and takes out her Vogue magazine from her Gucci handbag.
“That still doesn't explain what you are doing here at my school or what the hell you have become.” Todd says rather harshly.

“Oh? You're school?  I was under the impression this was a school for the supernaturally-inclined.  Thanks to you,  I'm kind of a menace to society, so I came here for help. As for what I am, well.. that's one secret I'm keeping close to my chest for right now.”

“It may not mean much but I am sorry for whatever it was that my bite turned you into. You never asked for any of this and everyone deserves a choice.” Todd admits but is baffled when he hears laughter coming right out Cynthia's mouth.

“For someone who is 118 years old, you are still quite so naive. I should actually thank you for this because if anything, I have discovered that what most  people call creepy, scary and spooky, I call comfy, cozy and home.” The strange girl states with a bit of a sarcastic tone, her eyes flashing bright green once more before she places the magazine down and takes out a bottle of black nail polish.

“I swear if this is all some elaborate plan to hurt me or any of the people I care about, then you have another thing coming! Todd says angrily, foregoing the towel altogether and getting ready to walk out before he allowed his anger to get the better of him yet again.

“Au contraire mon cheri! I actually came here specifically to ask you for a favor. Which I have on good authority you won't pass up.” Cynthia states, a smirk materializing on her face as she whispers to the vampire what it is she wants from him.

“If that's all you really need of me, then fine, I will gladly do it. But you  better hold your end of the deal.” Todd answers after a couple of seconds of thinking it over. To which Cynthia's lips turn into a wide smile before she kisses the blonde vampire on the cheek, leaving an imprint of her lips for all to see.  She then grabs her stuff and walks the same way she came and out of the  Aquatic Center. Leaving Todd alone with his thoughts once more till his vision goes blurry and he falls down onto the ground with a loud thud.

 Unknown Location 

When Todd awakes next, his head is pounding and his  vision is still a bit blurry. It's as if a jackhammer was used continuously on his head. Unconsciously, he tries in vain to sooth his headache but realizes he can't when he sees his hand are both chained to the metal bed-frame.

What the actual fuck!?” he thinks to himself and closes his eyes once more to try and breath calmly and not freak out about his current predicament. The worst thing is that he has no recollection of how he got to this place. Suddenly a blinding white light  goes off and when he looks around next, he realizes that to his horror, he's not the only one here. To his left are an unconscious Jamie, Sienna and Daimon and to his right are Josh, Arabella, that Asian chick whose name he can't recall and the hot new girl in school. He decides since he's the only one awake, that he needs to wake them up, but before he could even try, the sprinklers up top go off and wake them all with a jolt.

A string of curses and girlish squeaks can be heard all around him and if it was under different circumstances, he'd be laughing right about now. After several unsuccessful attempts at removing the handcuffs, he ends up dislocating his shoulder in order to break free of them. While hurting like a mother fucker, he's never been more thankful than right now to be able to heal at a rapid speed. Thus, the initial pain is drastically dull within seconds, but at least now he's free of those wretched things. He desperately looks around for an exit when he sees how rapidly the room they are all in is filling up with  water, but to his dismay he finds none.

Josh's eyes flash yellow along with Sienna's while Daimon's  glow an eery orange-red color as all three unlock their dormant demon side to escape out of their chains much less effort than he did earlier.

“My powers aren't working at all and the more I struggle, the tighter they become!” Sophia exclaims with panic in her voice. All while trying in vain to produce some electricity balls but to no avail. She feels helpless all over again, just like how she felt when she was being burned at the stake. Only this time she's not the only one in trouble.

Josh and Daimon race to  Sophia and Tara's sides respectively but even with their enhanced strength, the chains just won't budge.   

“You seem pretty calm for someone who is about to die Bella.” Tara observes once she notices  that the blonde witch is the only one who isn't panicking or freaking out. Instead, Arabella is sitting crisp-crossed on the bed and with  her eyes tightly closed as everything around them continuous to fill up with  the water.

“Everybody needs to calm down and realize that we're not in any danger. We were all brought here, which I assume is still somewhere  on school grounds. If none of you have figured it out, all this is just some sort of test, and right now we're failing it.” Bella states calmly, to which Todd snorts as he tries to remove Jamie's chains while the warlock rolls his eyes but even after their time apart, he can tell the warlock is scared but trying not to show it.

“What do you propose we do then, oh so wise one? I'd suggest you think fast cause there's no much time left.” Jamie asks sarcastically, their heads being the only thing not submerged in the water.

Like it or not, we need to all put our differences aside and work together to get out of here. Josh, Daimon and Sienna need  to swim  further down below while you, Sophia and I will tap into Tara's  foxfire to jump start our powers which seemed to be neutralized at the moment. Thereby being able to show the boys and Sienna which particular area in one of these walls to hit.”Arabella transmits her thoughts to Jamie and the rest of the group telepathically now that  they are completely submerged in water. Not seeing a better alternative, everybody follows Arabella's directions to the T.

Quickly! We don't have much time, now  try to hold hands the entire time and recite in unison Adescat! Vente! Lux! Three times. It's the only way this will work!” Arabella says telepathically once more and in a blink of an eye, the chains around Tara, Sophia and Arabella disintegrate, but Jamie’s bindings remain secured on his wrists.

Everyone looks to Bella who shakes her head, indicating she doesn't know what went wrong. Jamie struggles frantically against the chains that won't come undone, with panic clearly setting in as she feels what little oxygen he has leave him.  Todd is there again in front of Jamie. The desperate panic that is on Jamie’s face is echoed in Todd's. The whites of Todd's eyes turn the deepest red  the warlock has ever seen as he taps into that dark abyss of power, intending not to succumb to its savage malevolence, but to wield it, to use it like never before, to save the one he cared for more than anyone else in this world.  Gripping tightly on the chains on Jamie's wrists, and placing both feet atop Jamie's legs to act as a counterbalance, Todd gripped down on the chains, contorting them, practically crushing them as he pulled them away from Jamie’s arms. The awestruck reaction on Jaime's face was amazing, but now was not the time for such things.  With a brief nod, Todd turned around and followed the others who had assembled along the far wall. Arabella's spell must have given the demons something akin to x-ray vision since Todd can't see any difference in the section of the wall, but with their orange and yellow eyes aglow, they all confirmed they could see the weak spot in the wall Bella had been talking about.  With all their combined strength, the guys and Sienna hit that section as hard as they could, resulting in a small hole that slowly expands with each hit until the wall cracks under the assault and the overwhelming pressure of the water causing it to collapse altogether.

“That was seriously something straight out of a SAW movie  which I have no intention of reliving. I wonder who was the genius that came up with that crazy shit?”  Jaime asks, voice still raspy from being underwater for the amount of time they were in and his clothes soaking wet and sticking uncomfortably to his skin. But he isn't greeted with any response as the other teens are all catching their breath at the moment, too busy coughing up water or gasping for oxygen.

“That genius as you put it so eloquently would be me, Mr. Moores but congratulations to each and every single one of you on completing your first task. To be honest, I expected us having to intervene at the rate you were all going.” Comes the voice of Mr. Sherman, the professor at Point Dume Academy in charge of their Species Identification Master Class.

“Is this your idea of a joke Sherman? You could have killed us out there!” Daimon questions angrily after seeing Tara and the rest of the girls shivering from the coldness of their wet clothing. Daimon rushes over to her in an instant.

“Tara, can you activate your foxfire again?” Daimon asks.

“Maybe, but why?” Tara says between chattering teeth.

“Sophia you can manipulate energy right, that's how you make  those energy balls?” Daimon asks, looking at the chrone with a strange intensity.

“Yes, but I'm not sure what  you are getting at?” Sophia asks too cold to even think straight.

“Can you manipulate the energy from Tara's foxfire and spread it out all around us, make it hotter in here then?” Daimon finally says.

“I can try.” Sophia says eager to do anything to get warm.  Tara closes her eyes and focuses, calling forth the radiant energy from deep within.  At the same time Sophia stretches out her hands but instead of creating an energy ball she began siphoning off the foxfire, and transformed it into heat.  Seeing it working, she focused her mind to the task and soon had the wall of heat surrounding everyone.  In moments their clothes and hair were reasonably dry, and they were no longer shivering.

“Way to go you two. That was awesome, Sophia!” Josh said, hugging her.

“Yes, that was a most impressive display of teamwork.” Sherman remarked, making a little note on his clipboard. 

“Why didn't my spell work on Jamie’s chains?” Arabella asked, looking directly at Sherman.

“What was that Miss Martin?” Sherman replies, looking up from his clipboard.

“My spell should have removed his chains as well. It didn't. So what the big idea?”

“His chains were specially created for this exercise. It was only the combination of your spell and Todd's actions that allowed them to be removed. Of course Jamie could have removed them himself at any time.” Sherman says looking back down at his clipboard.

“What do you mean, I could have taken them off? I tried, they wouldn't budge!” Jamie yells at Sherman, forcing the older man to look back up again.

“The chains would have removed themselves if you had been able to forgive your friends and accepted their help.  You were chained by your own resentment.  It is fortunate for you that Todd's passion to save you overwhelmed the magic of the spell placed on the chains. So while everyone else has passed this particular trial, you Mr. Moores have failed spectacularly.”

“What trials, you can't seriously be seriously saying there's more to come our way!?” Sienna questions a bit angrily.

“As much as I would love to answer all your questions, it's  not for me to say. Now, you island of misfit toys need to follow  me downstairs for your next task.” Ian replies as he begins walking but sees no one else  move from the corner of his eye.

“Hate to point out the obvious Sherman, but by the looks of it, we're already downstairs.  I would say we're a couple floors below the actual school. In some top secret location only staff have access to am I right?” Sienna states in a bored tone as she combs through her hair with her fingers to try and prevent it from getting frizzy and tangled.

Mr. Sherman smirks at the group and then yells “ Ava! Hit the red button now please!”

“Aye, Aye captain!”  Ava's distant voice responds and the sound of mechanical whirring fills the otherwise quiet and empty area that contains the teens and Mr. Sherman at the moment. The teenagers all look around curiously, until one by one  all their gazes land on the crest with the sun and moon painted in the middle of the floor the group is standing on. It slowly opens up to reveal a long strip of a glass staircase leading down into the unknown.

Once again, Sherman leads the way but this time he doesn't wait to see if anybody else is following him down. At first, the group just stands there not knowing what to do so Arabella takes it upon herself to be the first to go,acting  as calm and collected as when they had all been in  that room together as it was filling up with water. Tara opened her mouth to protest, but Daimon put a hand to stop her and instead extended his hand,which the kitsune gladly took and the two followed Arabella. All three were in for quite a surprise when they all took their first step onto the glass platform. Easily large enough to have accommodated all the teens and then some,  said platform then slid down at least two stories in less than 5 seconds. Once the trio stepped off and onto the stable floor, it whizzed back to the top, presumably going  to get the rest of the “misfits” as Mr. Sherman had put it.

Tara turned around in circles, her eyes large in disbelief at all that she was seeing as she tried to take in her surroundings. By the looks of it, they were in a lobby-like room. All stainless steel and transparent glass. She'd never seen such things before, the sight was straight out of what she would
deem “futuristic”.  The kitsune could not believe her eyes and it was taking a moment for it all to sink in. To their credit, when the rest of teens came down and joined Arabella, Daimon and Tara, they all had similar reactions to hers, which surprisingly included Sienna as well.

“If you're all done gawking, it's time to move onto the next stage of your training. Let's just say that something very special awaits most of you at the end of this training exercise.” Mr. Sherman  says as he clapped his hands together ignoring all the protests and yelling from the eight teens. But knowing they literally had no other choice, the teens followed suit. The group walked in silence till Mr. Sherman stopped at a dead end; only to hit a few places on the wall lightly. Which opened up to a blinding white light that prevented the kids from seeing much due to their eyes hurting at the brightness. A few seconds later, and that light was gone, leaving the opening shrouded in darkness.

“ Uh, uh, there's no way in hell I will go inside there till you stop being so fucking cryptic with us Sherman and tell us what's going on! I assume you had something to do with most of us ending up in that room after being knocked out. So spill, or so help me I will tell my dad all about this little stunt of yours.” Sienna states angrily once she's in the front of the group and not somewhere in the middle.

Ian Sherman just laughs at Sienna's threat  until he says “Assuming your father will even be bothered to take your call, am I right?"

“ I will rip your throat out with my teeth if you don't get me out of this place!”Sienna's eyes flash yellow as she goes on the offensive to make good on her threat but before she can reach her target   everything but her face is frozen in mid-air and unable to move.

“Now Sienna, that isn't very lady-like of you and no way to be talking to  a teacher. Sorry about all the commotion kids, hope we didn't scare you too  badly.” came the voice of  Headmaster Specter before he actually materialized by Ian's side. “What's really going on? What am we really doing here?” Sophia asked as the rest of the teens gathered around her in a show of support. Desperately needing some answers as well.

“As you all know I recently joined the Point Dume Academy staff as the in house counselor. But what you guys don't know about me is that I am also a seer, which is someone that gets visions of possible outcomes of the future. There's a war coming from two fronts,  not only the hunter's side but also from a much bigger threat.  His name is Agoroth and is one of the strongest and oldest of white-eye demons in existence who is out for blood against those who wronged him. The things that are about to go down, we need to be prepared and work together if we have any hope of defeating him.” Alazne says while the  group of teenagers are able to see  various images of Agoroth and the massacre he is to cause if he isn't stopped thanks to Alazne projecting her visions outward. The visions being displayed like holographs.

“Why us though and if I remember correctly, the last time a seer was spotted was during The Salem Witch Trials. From what dear ol' Maxi told me seers were thought to be an extinct species?”  Todd asks, the rest of his classmates nodding in agreement while Nathan finally unfreezes Sienna and she is able to move again.  She huffs but remains quiet and gets closer to the group.

“ Almost extinct. I thought I was the last of my kind, but one of you has already began exhibiting early signs  of premonitions... isn't that right James?” Alazne says with a smirk at Jamie's shocked expression.

“I would ask how you know that but given that you're a seer I guess there's no need. I didn't think they were premonitions because they don't show up as visions in my head. More like I go in a bit of a trance and when I come out of it I am left with a sketchbook  full of drawings I don't understand.” Jamie confesses and notices from the corner of his eye that Todd is looking his way with concern in his eyes.

“All this going around in circles and beating around the bush is getting old. What you all have failed to  answer  is out of all the students... why pick us? What makes us so fucking special? Or are we your sacrificial lambs in this so called war?” an irritated Todd says just as  he hears someone laughing and the click clack of heels on the ground.

“My, my, some things just never change and clearly you still have quite the temper Todd Rollings. You should probably work on that a little more.”  comes the voice of Ava as she joins the other three adults standing all together.

I thought I heard your voice earlier but I didn't want to believe it. Is everyone in on whatever the hell this is!?” is heard belonging to Josh which everyone else shares in the sentiment.

“Buket ot zadnitsi” Sophia mumbles quietly, but somehow the other adults are all able to hear her all the way from the front.

“Care to share with the class what it is you just muttered  Mrs. Dimitrov?” Headmaster Specter asks and raises a curious brow.

When the chrone didn't answered Sienna spoke up once more “She called all of you a bunch of assholes in Bulgarian. A sentiment which I surprisingly share with her at this moment.”

“When did you learn Bulgarian?” Daimon asked the yellow-eyed demon girl.

“Wouldn't you like to know Mr. Hybrid?” Sienna says with a smirk and a roll of her eyes a she avoids answering the question all together.

“Kind of an inappropriate time to say this babe, but  it's kind of  hot hearing you speak in your native language. You should do that more often.” Josh whispers in  one of Sophia's ears, which made the chrone blush.

“Ti si mnogo tŭp. Zashto mi se primiri s teb otnovo?” Sophia says next in Bulgarian and shoving Josh slightly in the process. Enjoying the banter, the other teens watched in amusement and waited expectantly for Sienna to translate yet again.

“She called Josh stupid and asked herself why she even puts up with him.” Sienna answers, which  Daimon, Jaime and Todd both snort at while  Josh adopts a  convincing wounded puppy look.

“Did you really?” Josh asked and when Sophia nodded her head in confirmation, the demon looked affronted, scoffed and look the other way. Thereby avoiding eye contact with his girlfriend deliberately until she kissed his cheek in apology. Which made him smile at Sophia once he turned around and took one of her hands in his and entwine them.

“Hey, Romeo and Juliet over there... Sorry to cut your little Nicholas Sparks moment short but I'd thought you'd want to know that we have arrived at out destination.” Sherman says as soon as all the teens are now inside a room with vibrant white walls.

“There's no conspiracy if that's what you are all thinking. As Azlane has explained, we are all facing our toughest fight yet and in order to come out victorious we need to prepare you all to the best of our
abilities. Now listen carefully,  the eight of you were called upon today for a test of intelligence, team work and strength but no one outside of these walls must know what is going on. Spilling the beans will only cause panic amongst the students and community, which is what we're trying to prevent.” Nathan states calmly while moving out of the vicinity of the group of kids.

“Sophia, Daimon, Arabella and Todd are in the group with the red suits, which leaves  Tara, Josh, Sienna and Jamie in the other group with the white suits.” Ava states as she brings forth the aforementioned suits and pair of matching combat boots.

“Are these made of Kevlar?  What in the world are you all even planning to do to us that requires us to use it?” Jaime wondered, a bit of an edge in his normally composed voice.

“Guess you'll only know once you get in them?” Ava says with a smirk before she closes the door on the teens.  A bank of lockers emerge on from the walls on each side of the room. One set of lockers is bright red.  The teens in the red group head over to their lockers, and the white team does the same.  As soon as the group leaves the center of the room, a wall materializes between the two groups of kids separating them.

“Hey, what's the big idea?”Todd cries out.

“Sophia?  Sophia!” Josh starts banging on the wall, but it appears solid, and soundproof; he can hear nothing from the other side.  Ava's voice comes over the loudspeaker.

“The test will commence in two minutes. So I'd advise you  to not dawdle.”

Sophia looks around the small enclosed space they are in.  It contains only the lockers for their clothes and the separating walls.  There is no place to change. She looks over toward Daimon with concern etched in her face.
“I guess O.R.B.S. isn't big on privacy,” Daimon says with a wink as he pulls his shirt over his head, causing Sophia to blush fiercely. When he starts starts unbuckling his belt she turns around quickly, which causes him to laugh loudly.

“О Боже , убий ме сега!” Sophia says in Bulgarian as she turns her back and lifts her shirt up over her head.  Daimon, for his part starts singing softly to himself. 

“Getting to know you. Getting to know ALL about you.”  Sophia turns back around and tosses her shirt at Daimon's face to get him to stop.

“Please save the shyness, none of you have anything I want to see anyway,” Todd says pointedly while removing his own shirt, his abs in perfect view.  He was staring directly at Arabella who was also half undressed by this point.  She quickly turns around to hide the hurt and sadness on her face. Meanwhile, on the other locker room, much the same shock and consternation takes place.  Tara is especially nervous about all this, backing up far along the wall.  Josh, having conceded the wall was solid, with the bruised and healing hand to show for it, takes a quick look around the place and quickly realizes the administrators expect them to change here and now.

“Relax, Romeo, I'm sure she's fine and your best buddy Daimon is taking extra good care of Sophia,” Sienna says with malevolent smirk.

“What's that supposed to mean? Back at it with your mind games?” Josh asks, annoyed to no end about being stuck in a room with Sienna of all people.

“Get a move on lover boy, we haven't got all day,” Sienna says as she removes her top in full view of Josh. Revealing to him and the rest of the team,  she was not wearing anything underneath.  Josh looks away in disgust, and is rewarded with harsh laughter from Sienna. 

“Josh Frazer, playboy extraordinaire, suddenly shy when he sees a pair of tits.  How the mighty have fallen. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself!”  Sienna turns away and continues changing.  It is then Josh finally see's Tara still in the corner looking almost ready to cry.

“Um Jamie,” Josh says to the half undressed warlock, pointing over to Tara.

“Oh, right. Sorry Tara.  Umm, we'll take this corner,” he says as both Josh and Jamie turn their backs on Tara and give her what privacy they could.  The boys strip down quickly and put on their white combat suits.

With a few seconds to spare and all their armor in place, Jamie can't help but say while looking at Josh up and down.” So...Sophia's one VERY lucky girl,” prompting Josh to elbow Jamie in the stomach.

“Hey whadda know? Thing thing actually works!  I didn't even feel a thing!" Jaime says, admiring his own combat suit. 


“What level should I put for the team obstacle course?” Ian Sherman asks, as he takes a seat in the control room, while Alazne, Ava and Nathan remain standing,  looking straight ahead through the window, clipboards in their hands.

“I've decided to forgo the preliminaries, Sherman. Set the simulation to total world annihilation. If the prophecy is correct then these children  are destined to be the next members of the Order of the Dragon,  we need to see a real test of their abilities.” Nathan barks out while  Ian tentatively types in the code required for such a simulation. In a matter of seconds the white walls of the room the kids are in transform into a post-apocalyptic world right before their eyes.

“Whoa! It all looks so real and check out the school, it's in ruins.” Todd exclaims but before he can move closer to it, a ball of fire lands a couple of few away from where he is currently standing.

“The whole world is going to hell and you're all just going to sit there?  Get a move on!” the distant voice of Headmaster Specter comes through which makes the rest of the teens snap out of their shock.

“Bring it on Specter! Do your worst!” Josh exclaims as he cracks his necks and gets ready for whatever comes next.

“You pathetic fools! Does the fate of the world actually rest on these rag-tag group of misfits.” says a voice they don't recognize until he the person fully materializes into  Agoroth.

“Well they sure know how to get into character fast.” Arabella states as she immediately levitates a few feet in the air.

Exsurge! Exsurge! A servis domini iussu inferorum infima!” Suddenly Agoroth is heard saying some words in Latin and the whole ground shakes as countless dozens of zombie-like creatures crawl out of the ground and at their master's order launch themselves at the teens.

“What the hell are we supposed to do out here?” Jamie says immediately creating a force field to temporarily block the attacks.

“If we're to  pass this test, then  all we  need to do is work together. Which means for the time being putting our differences aside so we can get the hell out of here babe.” Todd says with  a grin and a wink at the young warlock as he moves out of the force field and takes out two of the zombies with ease.

When Jamie's force field begins to falter, Todd rushes  by his side while  Daimon and Josh do the same with Sophia and Tara respectively. Out of nowhere, one of the zombie-like creatures goes for  Jamie when Todd steps in and is bit by the creature.

“That motherfucker! This may all be a simulation but it still  fucking hurt!” Todd states as he begins to heal instantly.

“Alright then, let's do this!” Tara exclaims as her eyes glow orange and her entire body begins to take up an  orange ethereal glow and five tails out each with a ball of fire aimed at each of the creatures. 
Not thinking twice, she throws them while Daimon uses his telekinesis to throw some of the rubble  into the distance and hitting a few more of those hideous creatures.

Meanwhile, Arabella is using her astral projection so that there are two of her that are able to attack more of the creatures while Jamie continues to deflect the attacks being thrown at him and trying to protect everyone as much as he possibly can.

Sophia meanwhile feels her palms grow hot at she concentrates her power into her condensed balls of electric energy She releases them at several approaching zombies and sees them fall down to the ground stunned, but they appear undamaged.  After the ball of energy fades, they get back up again and resume their assault. 

“Electricity isn't going to cut it, princess, these things are undead, you can't kill them again.” Sienna calls out while fighting two zombies in hand to hand.  She elbows the first, snaps the neck of a second and turns and uses her demon strength to kick the first one a good 20 yards away into the next advancing group. 

“Any suggestions, or are you just going to be an unhelpful sarcastic bitch all night?” Sophia shouts back while throwing more bolts out to at least slow down the encroaching horde.

“Fire, Sophia, Zombies are weak against fire!” The levitating Arabella shouts out from above while using her powers to throw rubble into groups of zombies that get too close.

“I'm not like you guys who have managed to harness your powers by now! Mine manifested not too long ago! I don't know how to make fireballs because I'm still relatively new to all this!" Sophia cries out, frustrated that she can't be of more help and right now is being more of a hindrance.

“You channeled Tara's energy once before,” Daimon says calmly while engaged in combat.  “Now channel your own, focus on it to the point where it can ignite the oxygen in the air.”

Sophia narrows her eyes and takes one large breath before she exhales. Focusing with all her might on getting this right. To her amazement, the energy ball  condenses down smaller and brighter until with a crack, a small ball of fire hovers in her hand.  Her eyes light up in delight at having conjured fire, but her elation is short lived as she sees several zombies that have managed to get past Jamie's shields and everyone else was already engaged in fierce combat.  She lobs the fireball at the approaching herd and watches as the fireball utterly consumes them all in its entirety.  She lobs a few more that were getting too close to Josh, who tips an imaginary hat to her and winks, before resuming combat. 

“Hate to be  a downer, but I can't keep these shields up for much longer,” Jamie announces.

“It's okay, let it fall. Everyone into the center, I have an idea!” Sophia shouts. The group slowly coalesces back into a tight group as Jamie's last shield finally shatters completely, letting the entire army descend upon them.  Sophia lets them get a little closer before letting out a continuous stream of fire from her palms.  The front wave is burned down, followed soon after by the next.  Soon, Sophia has a wall of flames encircling their group and bisecting the zombie army in half, consuming dozens in the flames, and preventing more from approaching. Nevertheless,  that still left hundreds to deal with.

“Being on the defensive will only make this a much easier victory for me. Is that all you got?” comes the voice of Agoroth loud and clear despite being hidden in the shadows now .

“It's time to switch tactics guys! On the count of three, Jamie use your control of the weather to come up with a tornado that will swallow up all these creatures once and for all so that we will just have this hologram of Agoroth to deal with.” Arabella orders.  The rest of the group are amazed at the raw strength of Jamie's powers when he conjures not one, but several tornadoes within the simulation room without breaking a sweat. The entirety of the undead army on this side of the flames are swept up into the vortex, clearing the battlefield.

“Tut, tut and here I thought it would be more of a challenge. Game over, I win.” Agoroth says as
darkness descends over the battlefield, blackness so thick it seems to absorb all light and sound, leaving everyone in the group disoriented.

Sophia can't even see her hand in front of her face. She cries out but can hear no sound.  The suffocating emptiness of being all alone in the dark with no sense of time or space soon has her immobilized in fear.

It's only a simulation, so why am I so afraid?” the chrone asks herself, finding it even hard to breathe at this point.

Where is everyone? Why can't I see them? Oh god, where's Josh!? Is he dead?  Am I dead!?” Her thoughts continue to spiral downward, while her body remained rigidly locked in place.

“This was way too easy! Does the fate of the world really rest on you?” Agoroth's voice cackles as sound suddenly returns.

“One simple darkness spell and you think you're dead? If you wish for death Ms Dimitrov, I can certainly oblige.” Agoroth taunts, and suddenly Sophia finds herself back on the mountain ridge of Melnik, Bulgaria overlooking the town.  She is once again tied to a large stake in the center of a clearing. The sudden brightness after the blackness is overwhelming and she has to blink several times to adjust to all the light.  When she is able to see again, it is of Agoroth standing before all of her friends who are on their knees at the edge of the cliff, their hands bound behind them. They are no longer donned in their armor, but their usual street clothing.

Agoroth walks behind Arabella and with a mere gesture lifts her to her feet.  Tears stream down her face. To her horror, the bodies of Daimon, Jamie, Sienna and Todd lay motionless on the ground below.

“So this was the hope of the world? The best O.R.B.S. could muster? Pity.” Agoroth says before snapping Arabella's neck.  Her body drops unceremoniously onto the ground as Sophia wails in terror. Agoroth approaches Tara next and smiles down at her. 

“Always so jealous of Ms Martin's abilities, always wanting to be just like her. Not so much to be envious of now is there? But there's still time to learn. Let me teach you how to fly!” Agoroth taunts, before using telekinesis to launch Tara off the cliff-side.  Her scream fills the air, echoing off the surrounding mountainside until it is abruptly cut short.  Sophia's face is awash in tears and she's screaming at the top of her lungs, but she can't free herself from the stake.  Her heart skips a beat when Agoroth moves next to Josh's position.

She feels herself vibrating and doesn't realize that her hair has gone from her normal chocolate brown and turned into a fiery red color as her hands become painfully hot.

“The pressure levels in the simulation are escalating to dangerous levels sir.  Should I pull the emergency lever?”Asks Ian from the control room.

“No, let's see this play out to the very end. It is after all Sophia's brain waves making all this play out. We need to know as much as we can about her.” Nathan states, as the rest of the adults watch the screens or the look through the control window.

Agoroth kicks Josh over till he's at the base of Sophia's pyre.  He hauls him to his feet so she can look into his eyes.

“What a dashing young man, I can see the appeal.  But tell me, has he offered you his heart yet?” Agoroth says with a devilish smile.  Standing behind him Agoroth drives a hand through Josh's back, and the look of pain and shock on his face sends Sophia over the edge.  Suddenly, the whole room is shrouded in a blinding red light that causes a bunch of minor explosions within the control room itself and knocks the adults out of their chairs and onto the floor.

“Simulation Over.” a battered loudspeaker plays on loop as Ian, Alazne, Ava and Nathan look to see Sophia's uniform in shambles and breathing heavily before she collapses and faints from exhaustion.

 The White Room 

Some day, when I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight

Sophia blinks and jolts upright, looking around suspiciously. The walls were a blinding white, which made it hard for her vision to focus properly. However, when she looks to the side her boyfriend, Josh Frazer is reclined lazily against the wall, a guitar on his hands, plucking indeterminately at the strings. By the looks of it, the yellow-eyed demon has yet to notice she's awake and the chrone is glad for that when a couple of seconds later he began to hum an unidentifiable tune while playing the guitar with his eyes closed. She couldn't help but smile when she recognized it as Frank Sinatra's  The Way You Look Tonight. A song she heard once coming from a restaurant while trying to steal some money from an unsuspecting bystander in order to eat for the day.

Yes, you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me but to love you
And the way you look tonight

“ A man of many talents I see.” Sophia finally says which takes the demon by surprise.

“Glad you could make it back to the land of the living Sleeping Beauty.” He smiled at her lazily.

“Where are we?” She asks still feeling disoriented.

“It feels like I've been waiting forever for you to wake up babe.” Josh tells her instead of answering her question.

Choosing to ignore it for the time being, Sophia gives him a wide smile as she takes a few steps until she is able to sit as close to him as possible. The teenage demon sets his guitar down and reaches out to embrace her immediately. Thereby pulling her close to him as she laid her head on his chest, but to her horror does not hear a heartbeat.

“It's not there, believe me, I have checked.” Josh admitted sadly. Sophia closes her eyes for a few seconds and gets a smile on her face.

With each word your tenderness grows
Tearin' my fear apart
And that laugh..wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart

“Are we dead now?” He asks her to which she shakes her no.

“I don't think so,” Sophia whispered. “ I think we're somewhere in the middle. The last thing I remember is this overwhelming feeling of fear and unable to do anything in that damn simulation room one minute, and the next...not.”

Lovely ... Never, never change
Keep that breathless charm
Won't you please arrange it? 'Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight

“The last thing I remember is the screams of everyone around me while I was trying desperately to find you in the  complete darkness of our environment. Then suddenly, I saw you again but you looked different.” Josh said with glassy eyes as he relived the last few moments  of consciousness  he had, while simultaneously tightening their embrace.

“Your hair had this reddish tint and was floating a bit like some sort of halo while your entire body was glowing in a blinding light. It was beautiful but frightening at the same time.”

“Were you scared of me? Of the harm I might be able to do onto you or the others?” Sophia asked nervously.

And that laugh that wrinkles your nose
It touches my foolish heart

“That thought didn't even crossed  my mind at at all. You're relatively new to your powers and being thrown into situation like the one we all were thrown in today was bound to have some consequences. I was more worried of you hurting yourself than anything else.”

“Our relationship might be relatively new but there's something...familiar about you that makes me want to trust you with my deepest and darkest secrets.” Sophia explains.

“Why don't you?” He asks getting closer, his breath fanning her face.

Lovely ... Don't you ever change
Keep that breathless charm

“We can't. Our friends are worried about us.” Sophia says and suddenly they are able to see Tara, Daimon, Jamie, Arabella and Todd   huddled around two beds and appear to be sleeping; some sitting upright with their necks to the side. Sienna  is off to the side and away from everyone else and appears to be the only one awake with a magazine in her hands but looking towards the heart monitors every few seconds.

Won't you please arrange it? 'Cause I love you
a-just the way you look tonight

“Huh? Are you doing that?” Josh furrowed his eyebrow as he looked at the scene playing out in front of him. She definitely held a lot more information in that brain of hers she hadn't previously been sharing. Rather than immediately answer, the chrone slid away from the yellow-eyed demon  while he tried in vain to hold on to her and tighten his grip on her.

Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,
Just the way you look tonight ...

“Hold on, wait... I was quite comfy you know.” He pouted  but she leveled  him with a serious look thrown in his direction and goaded, “I can sense that while they are asleep, they are worried about our well being. Even Sienna, through that ice queen exterior is feeling scared and worried.”

“Then what do we about it?” Josh implored but Sophia didn't answer cause  a few seconds later Todd spoke up as he rubbed the sleep from his eye and eyed Sienna from the other side of the room.


“How are they?” Todd whispers to Sienna, and Jamie who is near him stirs at hearing the vampire's familiar voice.

“Same as an hour ago. Nothing's changed since then. Go back to sleep and I'll wake you  for your shift later since you're next.” Sienna says offhandedly with her eyes remaining glued to the magazine; which she has yet to turn the page the vampire observes.

“I will in a minute but how are you holding up? Last time I saw you, it appeared you and Joshie were getting quite cozy. Now it looks like he's move on and I don't recognize the girl I see at the moment.” Todd states looking to where Sienna is sitting and avoiding making eye contact with him.

“Yeah, I could tell, since you didn't call or write the entire time it was happening. Out of Daimon, Arabella and Jamie... I expected for you to be there for me. I thought we were friends Todd! You ditched me when I needed you the most.” Sienna said, her voice getting a bit louder as that carefully place mask she always wore cracked a bit.

“I, I know I should have been there, I was a shitty boyfriend to Jamie and a shitty friend to you. It's just...I just... I had to go, I... needed to get away from everything. Please, just trust me on this S.  ”

“How can I trust you when I feel like I don't even know you anymore? Do you know how it felt calling your house when  I didn't see you  at school and having Maxim say 'Todd didn't tell you That he moved to Idaho?' I don't even know why you went there in the first place.” She says as she drops the magazine and walks outside the transparent door.

“Fine! You want the truth? I was in fucking rehab okay! After Jamie broke up with me I had a relapse and drained the blood from an innocent girl who somehow survived and is now  walking the halls of Point Dume Academy as only God knows what. But that's beside the point Si. I heard what happened to Erin and then Josh dumping you while I was away.... I left when you needed a friend the most. I get that and I'm so fucking sorry. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be. You know, walking to classes together, dancing on tables at The Cauldron drunk off our asses, night swimming at your mom's summer house. You're like my sister Sienna. Y'know, with our families the way they are... we need each other. After being in that fucked up simulation room, it made me realize that I don't want to die with regrets. I'm going to get everyone's forgiveness  even if  the friendships I had with them can't be repaired.”Todd says, his eyes getting watery and Josh and Sophia feeling like they are intruding on a rather private moment.

“Don't be so hard on yourself. I think everyone will come around at some point, especially that boy of yours. Right now, I guess I'm the only friend you have. But, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go the bathroom and freshen up a bit. It's your turn to be on watch duty.” Sienna tells the vampire as she takes a few steps before she walks back to were Todd is at, embraces him for a couple of seconds and then makes her way to the women's bathroom around the corner from where Sophia and Josh are being kept in the school's infirmary.

“Who knew Sienna actually had a soft spot and wasn't as evil as she had initially appeared to me. People can definitely surprise you” Sophia thinks and find a  rather quiet and pensive Josh before he shakes it off and looks around the room rather then where Todd and Sienna were previously being seen by the two teens in this white room they are in.


He doesn't know  quite what he was looking for  but has this nagging feeling he'll know when he sees it. The chrone followed suit and gave over to her instincts which hadn't lead her astray just yet. And there nestled between a picture of what she assumed was her as a baby being held by a man with black hair like hers and striking blue eyes protected  by a frame that that said семейство, or family in Bulgarian was something she hadn't seen before in her life.

A beautifully ornate snow globe, containing absolutely nothing inside  but the glitter and  the water. Josh rose from the bed reluctantly and followed her, so that they were both standing in front of the desk. To their surprise, at the bottom of the beautifully carved base made from a white oak tree was a golden plaque with four words etched onto it in loopy, swirling cursive:A choice. A Chance .

“We could fill that,”Sophia said softly, her voice adopting a  dreamy, almost floating breathiness about it.

“We certainly could,” Josh nodded, his hand going to hers and their fingers lacing. Causing a small spark to go off which the demon found fascinating.

“So... Do you want to see what we would be choosing?” Sophia pondered. “Or would you rather be surprised and not know? Heck, maybe it's just going to show us what we might fill it with. Perhaps it would be that much worse to take a peek, only to find out it won't come to fruition?”

Josh seriously though about if for a long moment. The pull to stay put just where they were was incredibly strong. He knew that there was high chance they could see what was going to happen and in the process find out just how entwined their paths really are. It almost felt like fate had intervened not too long ago being him specifically to be the one who found a weakened Sophia by the gates of the school. However, he inherently also knew that mixed with the good there would probably be 70% chance of horror, death and destruction in their wake. But dammit, he was curious! He looked down at his much shorter than him girlfriend as she looked up at him with a  bit timid, yet hopeful look, in her deep brown eyes.

“You tell me. Do you want to see?” Josh questioned back after being deep in thought.

“ I asked first,” Sophia countered.

“I suppose just a sneak peek couldn't hurt.” Josh shrugged nonchalantly.

Sophia smiled up at Josh and brought their still entwined hands up and their knuckles brushed against the glass, causing the glitter inside the globe to swirl around chaotically. The two teens began to blink rapidly as an ethereal light began to reflect off the tiny flecks of sparkling glitter inside the globe. With each blink they took came a  glimpse of what they could only assume was  possibility of their future being played out on Earth. But to his dismay, Josh was indeed correct in his prediction earlier. Every other vision he witnessed was full of  fire, confusion, distress, pain and desperation. They saw split seconds of epic battles to come. Mortal enemies; one after another coming after them. Their friends' lives hanging in the balance and the fate of the world on their shoulders. They didn't ask for any of this dammit, but somehow the responsibility of it all was ultimately theirs.

However, it seems that for every three snapshots of terrible, there was always at least one that made both of  their hearts race at the implication each held. Victory after victory and many celebrations to come. Identical smiles on the faces of their comrades, a stolen kiss  in the moonlight while they are dressed head to toe in Masquerade attire, and to top it all off, frequent intense moments of passion were scattered throughout. Which causes Sophia's cheeks to blush and Josh's ears to turn a bright shade of red as they continue to stand there and blinking rapidly as they were hit with one glimpse into the future after another.

A future. They both could see it. A future filled with adversity but also with a few triumphs and  warmth, a heat and all consuming blanket of comfort, passion and love on top a solid foundation made out of friendship first. Years and years of walking hand in hand, first as the two of them alongside the beach and then joined by a beautiful baby girl and then a baby boy with a much older baby girl. It was all there and it could be theirs for the taking. All they had to do was just reach out and grab it, hold onto it tight and never ever let it go. Now normally, after seeing all of this, Josh would have undoubtedly panicked and broken off his relationship  with Sophia. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he behaved like such a tool. He'd be running for the hills at the first chance he got whenever things got too intense emotionally. How ironic that  just a year ago he was the type of guy who would make fun constantly of the hopeless romantics that were his friends, Daimon and Jaime. A guy who only looked for casual hook ups in order to avoid getting serious with someone and avoiding relationships altogether. If he was being truly honest with himself, he had never really seen  himself as the type to settle down and have a family someday. To subject them to the same indifference he'd sometimes felt from his parents seemed cruel and he'd had no intention of letting the cycle repeat.  He never wanted children to go through life like he had, feeling like whatever nannies that were taking care of him and Daryl, cared more for them than their always unavailable parents...

But out of nowhere, this beautiful girl is thrust onto him and he can't seem to let go,nor does he want to for that matter. He's never really fell this hard for a girl before and it's all consuming in a good way. While they've only known each other for a month, but to Josh.... it feels like a lot more. As cheesy as it sounds to his own brain, it almost feels like he was always destined to meet Sophia and fall head over heels for her. If this type of intensity already exists after almost a month of dating, he can only imagine how it might be for them after six months, a year, five years and so on and so forth. Sophia gasped at one particular blink took her a little too far into their future, showing her something that made a rushing warmth  flow through her entire body. However, as much as she wanted to see more, she was also apprehensive in case there was the slightest chance in the world that she and Josh wouldn't be able to have it. She pulled away and thereby disentangling their hands in the process, which caused the the glitter to suspend its movement completely. The chrone smiled guiltily up at the yellow-eyed demon, who furrowed his brow in questioning.

“What did you see?” he wondered and at her silence he continued by saying “ Cause I saw us sexing it up loads! I'm kind of envious of future me to be perfectly honest.” which got her to laugh and blush and seeing it with his own eyes, he finally understands what people meant when they said they say they have butterflies.

“Josh!” Sophia gasped, shoving at his shoulder again with one of her hands.

“It wasn't that... Something sweeter that I don't want to jinx by saying it out loud. But there definitely  isn't a word that has been invented yet to describe your depravity. I guess that answers my question as to which head you think with the most.” She admonishes, undeterred despite the puppy dog eyes he's giving her at the moment.

“Ah, I take it you must have seen us getting married then? I think I saw who I'm assuming is your dad walking you down the aisle and getting a bit teary-eyed.” Josh revealed.

“No... I didn't see that. It was something else entirely,” Sophia shook her head, her cheeks flushing.

“But doesn't that make you scared?” She prodded, putting her hair behind her ear to give her hands something to do.
“Maybe I'm crazy but oddly enough, it doesn't. I don't really know how to put into words, but it's like from the moment I met you... I gravitated towards you. Almost as if something clicked within me. Why do you ask?” He confessed with a wide smile and an air of extreme confidence.

“I feel  the same way, but I can't help but wonder if all this that we're seeing is only an illusion, a cruel joke being played upon us. What if by some cruel twist of fate you die on me? Or we fizzle out and grow to hate each other later on? I've been down a similar path with someone and it didn't end well for either of us. I don't want the same to happen to us.” Sophie reveals, eyes getting watery from unshed tears she refuses to let out.

“Regardless of what some mystical object may tells us, I know what I feel for you and I am  a firm believer in one forging our own path in life, rather than all this predetermined  bullshit we seem to be getting. I don't know about you but I don't see us ending anytime soon; if anything it feels like this is the beginning of something wonderful.” Josh whispered the last part as he raises Sophia's hands and places a kiss upon them.

“How is that you know the perfect thing to say? Just please don't die on me though. I've lost too many people and I don't think I can handle another loss in my life.”Sophia says a bit solemnly and unbeknownst to her, a few tears have began cascading down her face.

“I'll do my best,” Josh promised an wiped the tears from her face. He could tell she was getting ready to argue at his answer, so he squinted his eyes at her warningly. “The reason I said it the way I did was because if it comes down to protecting you or myself, I won't hesitate in picking you. That's regardless of whether or not we're dating. I just want to make sure you are safe.”

“Fine, I'm sold, but for your information I am more than capable of taking care of myself. If there's one thing I'm not is a damsel in distress that needs Prince Charming to come to her rescue.” Sophia tells the boy in front of her while tugging on his hand and thereby leading them to the bed slowly but surely. With a couple more steps until they get to the bed, the chrone yanks his hand as hard as she could, which took him by surprise and the two fall onto the bed with Josh hovering above her.

“I think I may have just just figured out a way to get out of whatever this is.” Josh announces proudly, his smile contagious and making her smile back.

“Oh yeah? Please do tell!” Sophia tells  Josh as she places her hands on his neck and the two continue to move even closer to each other.

“You know what always wakes up the princess in the movies?” He asks  her, the smile not leaving his face as he sees Sophia nod in confirmation.

“Of course I do.” Sophia tells the yellow-eyed demon calm and collected before she looks down when her blush becomes apparent.

Josh closes his eyes for a few seconds as he obnoxiously puckers up his mouth at her, which immediately causes Sophia to giggle at her boyfriend's antics.  He sneaks a peek by opening up one eye to look at her and he breaks into an even wider smile that he can't really control. “If you must know, it is a true love's kiss; so knock my socks off darlin'.”

“Shut up Josh. Now why would I do that?” Sophia orders in mock seriousness.
“How about you make me?” The boy in question asks hopefully, a smirk on his face and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively while waiting for her response. Sophia licks her lips before she slowly closes the distance left between her and Josh, her own eyes closing when he meets her halfway. Their lips colliding softly as they begin to feel a strange, yet familiar tugging at their insides.

They don't break their kiss despite feeling themselves moving back into the physical world, instead it only intensifies. Josh is very happy to report that by all accounts his girlfriend is a grade A kisser. Apparently, the chrone doesn't do things halfway. As their kissing, he can't help but be amazed at how Sophia can go from sweet and shy one moment to sexy and daring the next without skipping a beat. But nevertheless, he was caught off guard when he felt her  tongue swipe at his lower lip and biting it gently before delving into his mouth and attacking it with fervor he honestly didn't know she possessed. He pulled  her even closer to him; belatedly realizing that at some point their positions had switched and now he was the one sprawled on his back.


He was sure they were still in their own plane of existence, because to him time seemed to slow... or stop existing altogether. Maybe both at the same time. He honestly has no idea what's going through his head right now and quite frankly he's amazed he can still think at the moment. What started as one little kiss to wake them the hell up turned into a full on make out session. He felt a curious pushing at his back and turned his body slightly, the sound of metal dropping onto the floor below finally breaking the trance they were in. Sophia and Josh's lips eventually part but before they can  straighten themselves out, the doors to wherever they were being kept open up. Arabella is the first one they see and the witch collapses onto Sophia, her arms reaching around and squeezing the daylights out of the chrone. They were joined almost instantaneously by a buoyant and giggling Tara, who ended up tackling all three out of the bed and onto the ground.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Mother fucking Christ!” Josh hisses as he feels a bruising in his back throb with pain the three girls hug each other on top of him.

“This healing shit hurts.” He tells the group once he sees the rest pile into the small space.

“Thank goodness you both woke up! We were beginning to worry.” Jamie says to the duo before he throws himself onto the growing pile, and completely ignoring Josh's howl of pain.

“God dammit, James Quince Moores!” Josh roared from underneath the pile of people on top of him.

“A little help bro?” Josh asked Daimon desperately the second they made eye contact. Daimon, for his part wiped at his eyes and cheeks quickly, hoping that the tears he had shed earlier weren't noticeable. Even now, he gets this immense feeling of helplessness all over again thinking of the moment they all woke up, albeit a bit disoriented at the simulation room, but to their horror noticed Josh and Sophia remained unconscious, which was still replaying in his mind on a loop.

“Three fucking days that you both had us worried dude! Thanks for coming back to the land of the living.” The hybrid said, to which Josh understood perfectly what he wasn't really saying. Then Daimon shrugged and jumped in, reaching out for the chrone and demon simultaneously. Yet, somehow ending up near Tara in the process.

“This is starting to look like a pg-13 bordering on NC-17 that would make even Fifty Shades of Grey blush orgy,” Todd pointed out, but rather than joining the pile of people on the floor, he just went and sat on the bed closest to them and gave Josh a thumbs up.

“It really fucking hurts! I swear you're all the worst group of friends I could have gotten stuck with. Pretty sure if I survive this, I will need to make some new ones!”  Josh roared from the very bottom, which just made all the girls giggle at how dramatic he was being. What calmed him down was when he felt Sophia clinging to his arm and blindly(because their friends were in the way) he ducked his head and managed to plant a chaste kiss on her forehead. Over the  laughter, the complaining and unintentional groping, they all heard a polite clearing of the throat. One by one, six heads poked upwards, rolling off Josh and Sophia as best as they could given the circumstances. Each of their faces totally blank as they saw Sienna standing with Alazne, Ian, Ava and  Headmaster Specter.

“We heard from Sienna that Josh and Sophia had woken up. It's safe to say that the simulation room will  be out of commission until further notice. Although, all things considered... that was some surge of power you unleashed Mrs. Dimitrov.” Their Headmaster stated calmly, ignoring the multiple glares sent his way.

“At least one positive thing came out of this ordeal, which is to have been witness to all of you putting your differences aside and working together so effortlessly.” Alazne piped up optimistically.

“Agoroth is a real threat and it's only a matter of time before he strikes. What you saw in the 
simulation room was only the tip of the iceberg. Our sources at O.R.B.S. tells us that  his last sighting was in Athens, Greece. So we expect 100% commitment from all of you because we cannot be caught off guard.” Ian recites while looking down at some papers on a yellow manilla folder.

“But why us though? What makes us so fucking special? Or are we just being used as the sacrificial lambs in this scenario?” Todd asks angrily, voicing what the rest of the teens are thinking.

“We know you all questions and the answers will come in due time. Believe it or not, we do  have your best interest at heart.  Everyone's fate rests on your shoulders... No pressure.” Ava informs the group of teens who are now more huddled together; a warm smile on her lips that given the circumstances, they don't know how sincere it really is.

“I don't know what you guys think you're pulling, but I for sure didn't sign up to become a superhero. There's no way I am putting up with this bullshit.” Sienna states already gathering her think but stopping at the last minute.

“We can't trust  anything that's coming out of their mouths. They are being way too shady and I think it it's time time that all of us went in search of answers. If you're with me on this, tap your index finger twice.” Arabella told all seven of the teens telepathically and not even Sienna argued with that logic, as all  of them tapped their index finger as instructed.

 Looking For Answers 

Later that night after making sure Josh was sound asleep in the infirmary, she snuck out and walked down the staircase by the entrance of the school.

“Alright Bella,  I'm out  by the staircase waiting for the others. How long can you keep up the cloaking spell?” Sophia says to herself, awaiting for Arabella to telepathically answer her.

“Long enough, but you all need to stay in the shadows and avoid being seen. The others aren't too far away. Just be careful and don't share anything with the adults.” The witch answered her quickly.

Sophia looked around warily checking again that she hadn't been followed. Despite being assured by Arabella earlier in the day, the paranoid part of her brain just won't shut up. In theory, she could still turn back if she really wanted to. Sure, there's a part of her that wants to know what the adults are keeping from them. However, there's a small part of her that doesn't want to ruffle any feathers and mind her own business.

If she can't trust the adults can she even trust the people who she's known for  a little over two weeks? When it comes down to it, anyone can ultimately betray anyone.

Relax Sophia, don't over think this alright? You can trust us cause we're just as in the dark as you are.

Shit! I forgot that you can basically tap into my brain and read my thoughts. It's kind of invasive don't you think Bella? This is going to get old fast!

Says the girl who is a metamorphmagus. You can literally change your appearance at will. That gift is extremely rare you know.

Yeah, yeah but my so called unique power and yours are not on the same playing field. Yours is so much stronger.

Whatever, just focus and stop worrying  and then I won't have to check up on you alright?
Don't forget that upon arriving at the entrance you need to take 30 steps to your right. There you will come across a portrait of Queen Victoria.

“Fine.” The chrone grumbles out loud as she continues toward the meeting point, scanning the expanse of the school's halls as an extra precaution. It felt covert and foolish, but damn did it not flood her system with a much needed boost of adrenaline.  Strangely, she found that she liked this feeling. Back in Melnik, Bulgaria, Sophia was always on her best behavior. She never talked back to the caretakers and  never got  anything lower than a B in school. All in vain since she was never adopted like she dreamed day in and day out. Thinking about that paired with the chill in the air made the chrone shiver slightly. Luckily, the black skinny jeans Arabella gave to her paired with a long sleeve red shirt that was Tara's but no longer fit her and Josh's leather jacket were keeping her warm in this somewhat chilly night.
Reaching the entrance of the school, there wasn't any indication that anybody else was or had been present. However, to her relief that upon coming across the portrait, three hooded figures were already waiting for her casually passing around a bag of Cheetos. When Sophia made her presence  known, they pulled their hoods down to reveal Jamie, Tara and Daimon respectively.

“Shit, you actually showed up,” Jamie snorted as he crunched on a particular cheeto rather loudly.

“Did you think I wouldn't?” She asked the three other teens with a raised eyebrow.

“We may or may not have made a bet to pass the time as to whether or not you'd actually come.” Tara sheepishly admitted.

“If you're wondering, I won since I knew you wouldn't chicken out and I know you happen to be just as curious about all this as the rest of us.” Daimon stated, with a smug look on his face as both Tara and Jamie pulled out a $50 dollar bill each and gave it to the hybrid reluctantly.
The chrone rolled her eyes.

“Now that is over with... Are we all adequately prepared then?” Sophia asked the group in her most professional tone that she could muster.

“Uh huh. So now all that's left is pray we don't get caught, cause I hate to find out what they could could do to us if we do.” Jamie told the group as  he took a tablet and his glasses from a messenger bag with the school's logo.

In a matter of seconds(and to her amazement) a hologram of what appears to be a 3D version of the school appears onscreen followed by 4 dots varying in colors.

“So the red dot is Sophia, next to her is the orange who is Daimon,  followed by the black one being Tara and I'm the blue dot. The yellow star is the location of the abandoned school archives. If we walk 10 paces down from here, there will be a crack in the wall halfway up that we can just climb  up.” Jamie informs the others of the plan he devised.

“Are there any cameras?” Daimon asked Jamie once the warlock was done speaking.

“None that actually work. But just to be on the safe side, I hacked into the school security system and even if they were to check up on this area, they won't see us. The same scene is playing on a loop seamlessly.” Jamie answered and showing them on his tablet what the other side would be seeing.

“How hard will it be to actually get information since this is the archives  after all. Won't it be top notch security on it?” Tara asked next to which Jamie just cracked his knuckles before he spoke up again.

“They moved  a lot of the more important files onto the O.R.B.S database but my dad was once apart of it, so I was able to install a virus not too long ago that allows me to access their top secret files without being detected. ” Jamie recited like it was no big deal.

“Are we doing the right thing though?” Tara asked, who couldn't help but hesitate, as she went over all the possible scenarios(most of them bad).

Were they doing the right thing or going a tad bit overboard?

Had they overreacted?

She opened her mouth to voice such concerns in further detail but Jamie stopped her in her tracks and hissed.

“What are you waiting for T? A red carpet?” Jamie asked exasperatedly as Sophia and Daimon were already further ahead. So the kitsune hurried on and kept her mouth shut.

“And  why can't we just use our powers again?” Daimon called out, studying the crack that the warlock had mentioned earlier that they would need to pass through without being detected.

“Obviously, we can't use them because it be like sounding the alarms and we'd be detected from a mile away. Sorry, but we need to do things the old fashioned way so Daimon, better start utilizing those muscles of yours. Otherwise, what's the point?” Jamie snorted, rustling the bag of chips again to get all the crumbs.

Daimon just rolled his eyes but accepted the warlock's answer nonetheless as he began climbing the wall effortlessly.

“Now get your ass up here  Tara cause I'm getting bored.” Jaime said already halfway up,and then jumped down onto the other side with ease.

When it came time for the kitsune to climb the wall, she got to the top pretty easily; the brickwork was uneven enough to give her plenty of footholds, and it actually didn't that high when she got the very top. The nearest overnight lamps of the school seemed so far off from here now that Tara had a closer look . From this height, Tara was able to see that the sprinklers had been turned on; thereby misting the air between the four of them.

“For such a top secret school housing various supernatural creatures, their security sucks if Jamie and Arabella were able to disable it. Makes you wonder just how protected we really are from external threats.” Tara mentions offhandedly as she began to climb down on the other side. She was careful on her footing, but at the last second lost it and slid substantially. Digging her fingers into the bricks on reflex.

“Crap!” She exclaims as the kitsune braces herself for the potential fall.

“You're good,” Daimon calls up. He sounded closes than before, and when Tara looked down she  saw him standing directly below her, holding his arms out in the process. Tara shakes the sting out of her hands and felt around for another foothold, stretching to reach it in the process without risking actually falling this time.

“May I just say that the view is exceptional  from down here?” Daimon called out to her once again.

“Shut up!” Tara snapped back, but feeling her face heating up at the comment. Luckily, there was only a few more feet to climb down, and it was actually smooth going until she felt a hand on her back, guiding her the rest of the way. She turned around when her feet were on the ground, revealing Daimon's palm resting on her waist now, and fought back a smile.
“You can let go now, I think I made it safely back on land.” She said redundantly but neither teen making a move to separate.

“Oh yeah,  just, you know...checking for injuries.” Daimon replies sheepishly while  Jamie and Sophia who is making her way up the wall, but can still hear the conversation just roll their eyes.

“That's smart. Feels good for sure.” Tara retorts as she plays along with the hybrid.

“Yeah,” Daimon breathed, widening his fingers. “I guess it does.”

Tara noticed that in this particular moment he looked different; freer. The person Daimon usually portrayed  was more or less quite reserved and indistinct until you actually paid attention to him. He could probably fade in the background if it wasn't for his friendships to Jaime and Josh. Both of which have loud personalities which draw people in and they inadvertently become the center of attention. He didn't look as morose as he normally did though. Of course like the rest of the school, she had found out with everyone else about the car accident that Daimon and his girlfriend were involved in one year earlier. The humans were told it was an unfortunate case of teens driving under the influence, when in reality O.R.B.S. was on high alert for a while. The investigation went on for months till the trail ran cold and the supernatural community was forced to see it as nothing more than one of those unsolved mysteries.

Back then, she had yet to befriend Arabella who at the time was always seen with the likes of Josh, Sienna, Jamie and Todd. Whereas, she was more of a wallflower taking in her surroundings. As she looks at the Daimon before her smiling so openly and looking her with something she can't quite named in her eyes, she remembers vividly just how shut off from the world the hybrid have been after his girlfriend's death. For a while he even ignored his friends and missed a lot of class. If she had been a bit braver, she probably would have approached him and made him come out his catatonic shell much earlier and make him feel better by extending her friendship. Now though, a little over a year later was finally faced with a more relaxed, happy Daimon. This Daimon who had mussed hair and was playful but, highly intelligent and extremely friendly by helping Sophia acclimate to the school quicker. The kitsune honestly felt like she was meeting him for the first time  all over again. This must be who he is deep down when all the walls are down and he trusts you to not hurt him and she honestly feel fortunate enough that she gets to see that.

This handsome guy in front of her was wearing a pair of  blue vans and dark pants cut into shorts below the knee and his matching navy blue hoodie was unzipped to reveal a graphic tee featuring the galaxy front and center. But somehow rather than looking nerdy, the hybrid managed to pull it all off effortlessly. Now that she thought about it, this was probably the first time Daimon actually looked his age and not like the whole world rested on his shoulders.

“C'mon guys, Sophia finally made it down and we got no time to loose from here on out.” Jamie spoke up, and before Tara could react, the hand on her flank laced with her fingers to which Daimon grinned when the two made eye contact.

They ran half-crouched through the grass. The edges of the school's property was naturally fenced in by trees  of varying shapes and sizes. In contrast to the manicured lawns of the rest of the school, in this particular area  the grass was shin-height and rather thick.  The visibility also shrinking to that of the  moonlight filtering through the leaves in the trees and the clear, uninterrupted blanket of stars up above.
“So glad for night vision right about now aren't you Tara?” Daimon casually states and winks at the kitsune; fingers still laced tightly with one another and breaking into a run.

“Speak for yourself there buddy, Sophia and I are at  a severe disadvantage.” The warlock yells out loud enough for their heightened senses to pick up on but not for anyone else.

“When did Tara learn parkour?” Sophia asked Jamie in shock as she saw the couple up ahead both dodging obstacles flawlessly. Not to mention parkouring through various gaps in the trunks.

“That girl is just full of surprises.” Jamie comments as he picks up the pace.

The whole time Daimon gripping tightly to the girl's smaller hand entwined with his, Tara letting herself be led deeper into these uncharted woods and further away from everything she knew with certainty. More often tan not she was the type of person who would always be running on a straight path; whereas the hybrid was by the looks of it forging his own. To her amazement, the kitsune realized that she didn't mind where they ended up with as long as Daimon and her friends were right there with it. Strangely enough, Tara realized that she wasn't scared at all.

 Let Me Tell You My Story 

“So now that we're in, what exactly are we looking for?” Sophia asked her friends as she continued  to browse through the various files located in the” archive.

“Anything that you think is of use really. Perhaps something about the origins of this place or about Agoroth himself.” Jamie answers without looking up as he picks one file up after another and reading them at a rapid pace.

“ I really wish I had your power right about now.” Daimon commented, who was a bit exasperated at only being halfway through his first file titled Atlantis, but already knowing he wasn't going to find anything of use on this particular file.

It wasn't until a couple of  minutes later that Sophia felt an inexplicable strong pull towards a particular filing cabinet titled  Project Ragnarök.  To her surprised, when she opened it a leather-bound notebook with the name Nicholas Dimitrov popped out.

“Dimitrov? Could this Nicholas person be the same one from the picture in my dream? Is he really my dad?” She thinks to herself, and when she opens it up, there's what appears to be a  phrase in Latin.

“Absolvo amitto amplus brevis. Semper mea.” The chrone whispers softly and suddenly they all feel a violent gust of wind coming from the vortex that opened up after Sophia accidentally recited the Latin incantation. The force of it all causing the teens to blink shut in response.  When they finally open their eyes, gone was the abandoned archives room they previously were in, and in its place was the landscape of a picturesque beach. The waves were coming and going, making the sand they touched wet upon the two meeting, and  up above a clear sky with a blue moon shining brightly made the entire scene out of this world beautiful.

“Rule number one of witchcraft Sophia, never ever read things out loud that are in foreign tongues cause they could be spells.” Jamie says as he stands up and dusts himself off while the others are recovering from their improvisatory trip down memory lane.

“Sorry, I can't explain it, I just felt drawn to it and before I knew it my mind was already speaking whatever that gibberish was.” The chrone says sheepishly.

“Where are we?” Daimon asks as he takes a look around him but it all looks odd.

“Not where, but when!” Jaime answers as he points to a discarded  newspaper with the date being Wednesday September 1st , 1993.

“Did we just time travel?” Tara asks; completely perplexed.

Suddenly Sophia's mind clicks into place as her eyes go a stark white and she knows everything about their current situation.

“Libero sigillum, aperi meroriae.” She hears herself saying  as the others all feel a jolt of sorts run through their entire bodies, a zapping of strength, a spark of electricity, and an astonishing warm in the pit of their bellies.

“Did you seriously not listen to a word I said? I hope this isn't how all Bulgarians behave.” says an irritated Jamie  but his outburst is short-lived  since the next thing that plays out is several figures coming into view. As the need to be closer rose, the four teenagers found that they didn't even need to move a finger. Some sort of current lent itself to Sophia and the entire gang of misfits floated in the direction she wanted them to.

The first figure they are able to see up close is of a woman with long brown lock and dressed in pink short-shorts and a Point Dume Academy alumni t-shirt. She's walking alongside the  man who seems to be her boyfriend by the constant public displays of affection are anything to go by. From the corner of her eyes, Sophia is able to see Jamie tense up upon seeing the woman  in question. As Tara  and Sophia get closer, the chrone sees Daimon discreetly say something that makes Jamie snap out of it seconds later.

“ Remind me never to invite Kimiko or Laura helping to a trip again. It's just camping girls, there was no need for all this stuff you are both bringing.” A young man with jet black hair and blue eyes says and rolls his eyes.

“Oh my god, that's my mom and she dated Specter!?” Says a shocked Tara but before anyone else can say anything  the conversation  they are witnessing continues.

“Stop being such a drama queen Nick. I'm sure in all your haste  you probably didn't think to bring anything else besides your surfboard and an extra pair of clothes.  We are prepared for EVERYTHING.”Says the Asian woman revealed to be Kimiko with their much younger headmaster's hand around her hips.

“I think poor Nick here is just jealous cause he's the only single one in the group. But since you're such a big baby, I guess I can lend a hand.” Laura, the woman from earlier says as she untangles herself from an unnamed man and  takes one of the many items this Nick person has from his hands.

“Pure perfection Laura! I knew I kept you around for a reason, unlike Kimiko over there... You actually
are a good friend! If things with  the oaf  you're dating don't work out, come find me and I'll treat you like a princess.”Nick tells Laura, followed by a wink and a laugh when the girl just rolls her eyes and shoves him gently.

Sophia chances another peak at Jamie and sees the warlock get a bit teary-eyed and discreetly wipe his eyes. Reluctantly, she focuses her attention once more on the scene before them; not wanting to miss any piece of critical information.

“Now Nick, should I be worried that you might be trying to steal my girl? After all, you are the fifth wheel of our group at the moment.” comes the voice of a young man with dirty blonde hair as he embraces the girl named Laura, who in turn playfully hit him in the shoulder.

“How many times do I have to tell you Frank Moores that I am no one's property.  You better learn that soon before I throw you out like yesterday's trash!” She chides to the man named Frank, who at least has the decency to look sheepish.

However, for Sophia it all finally clicked as soon as the last name was mentioned. The two people they were watching being affectionate must be Jamie's parents and the guy with the jet black hair and deep blue eyes must be the same person from the picture she saw in the limbo-like state her and  Josh were in for three days. In this moment, she wishes she could find the right words to comfort her friend but being an orphan herself, she cannot. But her heart does go out to Jamie since the loss of a parent she would not wish on even her worst enemy.

“What the hell is that!?” A much younger Nathan calls out as the group all turn around to exactly where the warlock is pointing to. 

For Sophia and the others, it's like whatever magic is creating this illusion is letting them see just as clearly.

A woman can be seen coming out of the depths of the water and heading in their direction. When she finally reaches the group with their bonfire, she stays quiet for a few awkward seconds until the woman finally speaks up.

Nadia? Do you know Nadia?” The woman asks the group of young adults, her accent being Bulgarian and very thick. Despite having been submerged in the cold waters of the ocean, the lips of this woman remained a crimson red.

It strikes Sophia as something familiar as well.

“Are you alright? You don't look so good. I am Kimiko Linn, please let us help, we mean no harm.”The Asian woman who identified herself as Kimiko says calmly and slowly. Treating the other woman as if she was a frightened animal she did not want to scare off.

“You do not understand;  I cannot rest until I find Nadia.” The woman with jet-black hair continues, ignoring the other woman's question altogether and getting ready to walk  away.

“Sorry but I for one do not know who that is, any of you guys?” Laura pipes up while the others shake their head no in confirmation.

“Very well then. Sorry to have troubled all of you.” The woman says  quite calmly and begins to walk away from the group and their campfire when suddenly the man with jet black hair and blue eyes bolts upright and chases after the mysterious woman.

“Hey, wait up! A pretty lady like you shouldn't be out here all alone. I can help you find whoever it is your looking for. I  might even be able to help you out with anything else that you may need.” Nicholas says with a cocky smirk on his lips until the woman turned around angrily. One shove and Nicholas was thrown into the air by the sheer force and strength this woman possessed.

Laura and Kimiko gasp in shock as Frank and Nathan run to Nicholas' aid. He looked fine aside from a bruised ego.

“Lady, who the hell are you?” Frank calls out as he and Nathan are helping Nicholas sit back up.

“I do not know.” The mystery woman answers as she continues walking until all the kids feel a strong pull and  in a blink of an eye are back in the archives room and the journal belonging to Nicholas Dimitrov laying on the ground opened up to the last page of that entry.

“That was one hell of a walk down memory lane.” Daimon says as he picks up the journal and hands it to Sophia.

 Grimm's Cafe, Next Day, 5PM 

At Grimm's Cafe Daimon orders himself a black coffee, Josh asks for a hot chocolate while Sophia decides she wants to try the vanilla milkshake with a side order of french fries at Daimon's insistence and Tara opts for a french vanilla iced  latte.

“You got to try it Sophia and then you can be all judgmental about us Americans and our weird eating habits.” Tara states just as the boy take out their wallets to pay for everyone's drinks.

“Well, Bulgarian cuisine is very different from American cuisine if you must know! Add to the fact that I came from a very small town and we have much healthier foods. This all just seems like I'll  die from a sugar induced high.” Sophia says with a laugh as she takes a seat near a table overlooking the stage, followed by Josh on her left, Tara on her right and Daimon on the other side.

“Can you cook?” the kitsune asks  with a bit of curiosity.

“Yeah, I kind of had to being raised in an orphanage where they didn't care much about us... We had to pick up important skills if we wanted to survive.” Sophia answers.

“I'm just happy that you're no longer living through all of that and that I met you.” Josh whispers in her ear before he starts tickling her.

“T, let us never end up all Disney  like those two. I can practically see the hearts in their eyes. I think I may just be getting a cavity because of them.” Daimon says jokingly but grasps Tara's hand firmly and kisses it.

“Josh Frazer and Daimon Abigor?” A guy with brown shaggy hair asks and the boys mentioned raise their heads at their name being called out.

“Yeah?” They answer simultaneously which  makes Tara and Sophia giggle.

“You both  have calls in the office from your parents.” The guy states and scratches the back of his neck in a nervous tick.

“What could they possibly want?”Josh asks rhetorically as the two boys get up and head into office.

“Even with our phones on silent, they still managed to get a hold of us. You would think they'd get the hint at this point.”Daimon says bitterly and the door closes with a loud thud. Which leaves Sophia and Tara sitting awkwardly waiting for their drinks  until the server finally comes in with a tray that has everyone's drinks and french fries they will all be sharing.

“So I guess this must be the table with the black coffee, a  french vanilla iced  latte, a  hot chocolate and a vanilla milkshake with a side order of french fries?” The guy asks to make sure and upon taking a closer look Sophia sees that the name on the server's name tag is Connor. He must be new since in her short time in Malibu, it's usually Bethany who is the one working this particular shift.

“Yes, that would be us.” Tara answers  and the guy named Connor spares her a look for a brief second but then goes back to looking at Sophia intently.

“Thank goodness! Today's my first day on the job and I did not want to mess it up.”Connor brightens up as he tells  sets their drinks on the table.

“Oh, that would explain why I had never seen you then. Doesn't Bethany usually have this shift?” Sophia asks while trying to discreetly keep an eye out for  Daimon and Josh making their way back to their table. Taking in the NOW HIRING sign for the first time since they had all stepped into the cafe in the process.

“Yeah! Out sick apparently, no offense to her, but if it means extra cash for me I am not complaining.” Connor says  and spares his watch a quick look and panics at having spent more time than necessary at this particular table.

“Thank you.” Both girls say as they take a sip of their respective drinks.

“Well, hope you two beautiful ladies enjoy your drinks. Let me know if there's anything else you may need.” He smiles at them one last time and winks in Sophia's direction before he makes his way to the counter up front.

The two girls stay quiet before for a few more seconds until Tara steals one of  Sophia's french fries and the chrone slaps her hand when she goes back for more.

“Well, well, well, looks like someone's milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard.” Tara says with a bit of a smirk.

“I don't understand.” Sophia says, her nose scrunching up in confusion.

“ That hot new employee only had eyes for you and based on the sharpie ink on your drink, I'd say he gave you his number.” Tara explains and just when Sophia is going to talk the boys are back and sit in their respective seats.

“Who got a number?” Daimon asks as he puts a hand around  Tara which allows the kitsune to lean on him as she continues to sip her drink.

“That new employee over there at the front was flirting with me according to Tara. I just assumed he was being extra nice cause he wanted a big tip.” Sophia says and finally takes a french fry into her mouth.

Josh spares the guy in question one quick look before he turns back to Sophia and smiles. Something which she wasn't expecting.

“Two for two babe. By the looks of it, you have pretty good taste if I do say so myself. But he has no shot right?” Josh says and dips the french fry into Sophia's milkshake.

“Conceited much?” Daimon scoffs in Josh's direction to which the yellow-eyed demon just winks at his best friend.

“You should do as Josh and dip a french fry in your milkshake. Best combination if there ever was one!” Tara pipes in and cheers when Sophia tries it tentatively and continues to do it.

“ That server does have some  beautiful set of colored eyes. Maybe that's my type, so better save the cup with his number for when I finally get a cell phone.” Sophia taunts and licks her bottom lip at noticing that a bit of milkshake is there.

Immediately there's a change in the air and then Josh leans in, pressing his lips softly against Sophia's which makes him feel as if something in his body is lit on fire.

“Seriously Tara,  it's like we're not even here.” Daimon whisper-yells,  making sure the two teens currently making out heard it.

“I'm just happy to be able to kiss my girlfriend anytime I want now. Nothing wrong with that.” Josh says quietly as they break away sooner than either of them would have liked;  his eyes flashing a bright yellow for a few seconds before he's able to regain control.

“Just stop commenting on it Daimon cause frankly, its kind of weird.” Tara says mockingly serious and sees a mischievous glint in Daimon's eyes.

Before the kitsune can ask what he's planning, the hybrid dips her head slightly and catches Tara's lips with his own in a deep and sensual kiss. So as to not be outdone by his best friend. However, Daimon soon realizes that he is definitely addicted to Tara and her kisses. There's something about tasting the sweetness of her drink on Tara's lips that makes the whole experience even better. It puts him on cloud nine when she pulls him even closer and lets out a sigh escape her lips.

“Josh, I, uh, definitely see the appeal now.” He tells his best friend upon breaking apart from Tara.

The rest of their time goes pretty much uneventful as the four teens drink and share the fries. It's not till they are getting up, already having paid for their food  while leaving two $10 dollar bills as a generous tip to their waiter that they hear the bell on the door ring and in comes Arabella Martin hanging onto an unknown stranger's arm.

“Well done boys; things must be real serious if you are at the double date stage already.” The blonde witch says casually, a smirk on her lips while she hugs Sophia and Tara in greeting.

“And who is this, Bella? I'm your best friend and I had no idea you were seeing somebody.” Tara asked feigning nonchalance but the slight tremor in her voice gave away the fact she was a bit hurt.

“I'm Adam.  Adam McClain, its a pleasure to meet you all and finally put faces to the stories Bella here has told me.  I take it you are Daimon, and Josh?” Adam says with a smile on his face while shaking each of the guy's hands.

“And you must be the lovely Tara,” Adam says, going a step further by taking Tara's proffered hand and kissing it, causing her to giggle, Daimon to merely roll his eyes, and Josh to laugh out loud.

“And that leaves the lovely Sophia?” Adam then turns to Sophia and upon seeing her, his eyes lock on hers, and stay there just a little too long, with a fire in the back of his eyes, and his smile grows imperceptibly wider.  There was just something there, the eagerness, the intensity, that caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up, and kept her from offering her hand right away.

“It could just be me, but there's something off about that guy.” Sophia thinks as she shakes herself out of the thought and for the sake of appearances smiles as well. However, her hesitation does not go unnoticed.

“Sophia, can I have a word with you?” Bella tells the chrone and by the tone in her voice, even though its phrased  as a question, she doesn't have much of a say in it.

“Sure!” Sophia says as they both make their way to the women's restroom that the cafe has.

“What the hell was that back there Sophia? You were very rude to Adam.” Says a clearly angry Arabella once they lock the door and make sure they are the only two there.

“I just have a bad feeling about him Bella. Trust me, he's hiding something... I just don't know what!” Sophia replies a bit irritated at her friend's tone.

“Oh my god S, you haven't even given him a chance! And even if he isn't Prince Charming, I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets . I'm pretty sure there are things that you have not shared with us.” The blonde witch fires back.

Surprised at the verbal attack from Arabella, all Sophia is able to do is nod and bite her tongue to prevent herself from saying anything that will make the situation worse.

“Okay, then... Now that is settled, if you'll excuse me, Adam and I will go eat elsewhere.” Bella says with a huff and pulls Adam from a conversation he was having with Josh and Daimon without saying goodbye to the group.

“That was weird. What was all that about?” Daimon points out as they see Arabella climb onto the passenger side of  Adam's jeep.

“I think she got mad at me.” Sophia says to the group still puzzled at the blonde witch's outburst earlier.

 Specter's Office, Midnight 

Right on the dot, at exactly midnight two figures appeared holographically as Nathan Specter, the headmaster of Point Dume Academy was busy looking at something on his computer intently.

“Well aren't  you a sight for sore eyes Specter! Have the crazy youngsters been keeping you from your oh so precious beauty sleep?” Olivia teased, which even in this form, he could feel her mirth at his disheveled appearance.

“Contrary to popular belief, I do have a  very real academy to run which can be especially trying when I get special task after special task from the oh so powerful O.R.B.S.  It gets a bit exhausting after a certain point. But what would you know about hard work, Liv when all O.R.B.S. does is sit on their asses, observing and reporting and getting others to do their dirty work.” Nathan snaps, not being able to handle both women given the difficulties he faced and the lateness of the hour.

For their part, both of the women in question just shake their head and roll their eyes in perfect synch.

“Someone's extra sensitive, if I didn't know any better I'd ask if it was your time of the month. But nevertheless, you know why we came here. What are the results of our little experiment on the chrone?” Asked Violet in a rather bored tone, sounding as if she had better things to do than be here at this very moment.

Well that makes two of us.

“Ah, yes. We had some minor setbacks but all the kids pulled through in the end. For most of it, Mrs. Dimitrov  was more of a follower within the group setting. It wasn't till the lives of her classmates and of  that Frazer boy were put in danger that her real power was unlocked. The monitors indicated that she's at a much higher level  than we previously expected.” Nathan recites and the two women nod as on their end they are skimming through the papers he hand sent over.
“Excellent, glad to see we are making progress so rapidly. And what has the Rollings kid been up to?”  Olivia questioned seeing some of the footage herself of the training the teens went through. Even raising an eyebrow at Arabella's excellent leadership skills and how despite the situation, they all worked quite well.

“Is O.R.B.S absolutely sure of what they are trying to accomplish? They are after all just kids... should we really be placing so much responsibility on their shoulders.” Nathan pleads and for a second, the facade of eerie calmness falls off, showing his discomfort at the situation at hand.

“ You know as well as we do that this the price we have to pay. It must be done. We stand no chance against Agoroth and his followers by ourselves. Evolution is imperfect and often a violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born. Amidst these birth pains, morality loses its meaning, the question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish. We can't waste our time debating on whether or not what we're doing is good or bad.” Violet says a bit haughtily which in order to avoid a long argument that leads nowhere, Nathan bites his lip to hold back  his response. Instead he gruffly nods his head in confirmation.

“What about the other part of the plan? Did the kids find what they were looking for?” Liv asked in much nicer tone than Olivia before her.

“Yes, the Nicholas Dimitrov journal was planted where you guys wanted it to be found.  Everything is moving along nicely to this master plan of yours.” Nathan states as he goes over security cam footage.

 15 months earlier... 

Butterflies raced in her stomach, as Sienna tried to keep her lead foot off the gas pedal on the drive to Josh's house. The rook she took allowing her to go through the wealthiest part of Beverly Hills, but none of that matter to her. A a circus parade, complete with elephants could have passed her in the  other lane and quite honestly, she probably would have even noticed (or batted an eye at the sight). At this very moment, her one track mind had a one way ticket Josh.

  Regardless of the stifling heat, she'd rolled the windows all the way down, basking  in the hot breeze for the simple fact it meant freedom. The sky seemed bluer, the palm trees greener and even the ridiculous weather was more bearable.  Similarly, the anticipation of being with Josh was different, sharper somehow now that they were... She frowned.

What exactly were they?


Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

Or nothing more than friends with benefits on his part?

Amidst all the making out, they hadn't really stopped long enough enough to really define their relationship. So now, she wracked her brain for a word that did her feelings for him justice.

“Everything,” She murmured out loud,  the single word whisked away by the wind whipping through the front seat of her red convertible. Without realizing it, Josh had quickly become everything to her. A best friend, a confidant, and now,  maybe even a boyfriend. He was the person who knew all her secrets and didn't hold any of them against her. The one she automatically called whenever something monumental occurred(besides Todd of course), whether it be good or bad, that didn't matter. He listened when she ranted, has held her when she cried, and through it all has wanted to continue hanging out with her after it was all over. So much had changed in just a little over a year; just thinking about blew her mind.

She was honestly surprised they had gotten away with it  for so long. There's a part of her still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Sienna  bit her lip and forced the thought back to the far recess of her mind where it couldn't hurt her. Mercifully, her cell phone rang and Arabella's name flashed across her iPhone's screen. Not even thinking twice about it, she kept her eyes on the road, as she blindly went to grab it and answered it.

“Hey! You have perfect timing. I was just about to call you B!” Sienna says while keeping an eye out for cops that might bust her for talking on a cell phone while driving.

“ Oh yeah?” her friend inquired. Sienna could already picture Bella sitting up straighter in anticipation of something unexpected and interesting. “What's up?”

“ The parents took Erin on a family  trip throughout Europe and left me home alone for the remainder of our summer.” the teenage girl explained  while giving the short version of what transpired. Undeterred, she tried to focus on the positive, as opposed to dwelling on the pang of hurt she  felt at being excluded.

“No fucking way! Seriously!? Parents can be so weird.” Arabella concludes after a moment's thought. Thankfully avoiding the elephant in the room and choosing not to pry.

“I would offer to entertain you but I am a woman on a mission at the moment and have already committed myself to an evening of tennis, the ultimate spectator sport.” Bella continues, sounding more and more excited by the minute.

Sienna can't help but chuckle. “ It's after seven... Isn't that a little late for a match or whatever its called?  Me thinks someone has an ulterior motive by the name of Todd Rollings.” 

“Hmm, you would think wouldn't you? They actually pushed back the match because of the damn heat. A lot of good that did since its still like a gazillion degrees out here. But to make matters worse, I have yet to spot my future husband. I sincerely hope that your plans are more fun than mine.” Bella says to the other girl on the line with a big dramatic sigh.

“I'm uh... heading over to Josh's” She explained hesitantly, not wanting to lie but a little afraid of her friend's reaction nonetheless.

Bella didn't even miss a beat as she says “ Yup, that definitely sounds way more fun. Boo, you whore!”

 “Okay, I gotta go S. The match is about to start and Todd just waved at me in all his shirtless glory! And now, I'm starting to get dirty looks from crazy old hags ,” Bella muttered and lowering voice a fraction she says “ Tell Joshie-Poo I said hi! No glove, no love and all that jazz.”

Before Sienna could promise to do so, the line disconnected and the blonde witch was gone. A few minutes later, Josh's house came into view. His GTO wasn't parked in it's usual spot, but that only deterred her for a few seconds. She parked her car and without even stopping by his house, she made way through the side yard that lead to a deceptively run down building. Standing on the tips of her toes, she peered through the small window and sure enough, the orange muscle car was inside.

“Josh,” she called out, opening the door in the process. Blaring music that sounded an awful lot like Aerosmith drowned out her voice as she picked her way around discarded tools and pieces of scrap wood. The smell of sawdust and paint permeating the air as she closer and closer.

Finding him half under the front end of his car, she called his name once more, but the music and huge bulk of the car drowned out her voice. With a shrug, she yanked the iPod from its dock, blanketing the room in complete silence.

“What the hell!?” Josh muttered rolling out from under the car in an instant. Sienna, for her part crouched and braced her arms on her knees.

“Hi,” she grinned as annoyance morphed into surprise when he discovered the identity of his visitor.

“Hey,” he replied with a smile of his own. With practice ease, he leveraged  himself to a seated position on the  low mechanic's dolly. His face was dirty and his white t-shirt and blue jeans covered in grease and oil smudges, yet she had an overwhelming urge to run her fingers through his already disheveled hair.

He looked adorable and sexy at the same time.

Especially when he asked “ What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, duh.” she told him while finally threading her fingers loosely with his to sate her need to touch him further.

“Did you make a jail break? Should I be playing Jailhouse Rock for the escapee?” Josh asked as he playfully teased her and glanced down at their joined hands.

“Nope, there's no need. I have been paroled early,” She replied, somehow managing to grin even wider at sharing the good news with him. “Got some time off for good behavior, I suppose.”

“Seriously?” Josh said in disbelief and pulling his finger free from her temporarily. Tossing the socket wrench he was previously using into a large red tool box, he then grabbed a rag and started scrubbing at the grease on his hand. “That's freaking awesome baby!”

“It's better than awesome babe,” she disagreed, taking the rag out of his hand and confidently swinging her legs over his to effectively sit on his lap.

“Whoa! You don't want to do that,” he warned, refusing to touch her.

“Why not?” she frowned, his reaction causing her to second guess her bold attitude  in waltzing in here  like she owned the place.

“Because, I'm in serious need of a shower and be in clothes that aren't covered in grease,” he raised an eyebrow and gesture toward his stained t-shirt.

“Oh, I don't care about that,” she shrugged and very deliberately laced her small fingers back with his, settling on his lap despite Josh eying her warily.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She implored.

“I... Uh... nothing,” he replied with a chagrined smile. She made to get up but, but he did tightened his grip on her hands, but he still wouldn't relax. “Are you sure about this princess? I'm gonna ruin your clothes.”

“Josh, seriously, it's perfectly fine,” she insisted, shaking her head at the ridiculous conversation they were having at the moment. “What are you so worried about?”

“You're just going to find it stupid.” he shook his head and laugh derisively. “ It's just that from previous experience, other girls would have a fit. That's all.”

“Ah,” she nodded, the mention of other girls around him opening a sour pit in her stomach. Fighting that twinge of jealousy, she instead put her hands behind her back, thereby pulling Josh even closer so she could feel the heat of his skin the thin material of his shirt. Nose to nose, she touched his lips with hers. A bit chaste; only long enough to taste him. Bit by bit, he relaxed. Holding his gaze, she spoke carefully. “ I'm not like most girls, just remember that.”

Tugging one hand free, Josh brushed her hair over her shoulder and touched her face gently, his thumb skirting her cheek, then tracing the corner of her mouth. “ I know,”he said,  looking very serious and his eyes darkening slightly as he took  more than a simple taste, kissing her so deeply that she felt  it in her toes.  The fervent pressure of his lips and the way he held her almost possessively close eradicated any hidden doubts she might  have had about them making it in the long term and against any obstacles  that ay come their way.

When he pulled back,it just far enough to speak, they were both breathing heavily. “Trust me babe, I know.”

Unable to breathe properly in the intensity of the moment, Sienna grasped for something to break the tension. “Good, glad to know we're on the same page! Of course if my idea of casual dress was $300 jeans and a designer t-shirt, I might not want to roll around on the floor with my grease monkey of a boyfriend either,” she teased, then immediately winced at the implication behind her choice of words. She placed her hands on his chest and stammered. “Not that I think  of you as... my boyfriend. I- I didn't meant it like t-that.”

“Don't sweat it, I know what you meant,” he promised, gripping her hips to keep her from squirming right off his lap.

The way he looked at her, his green eyes cutting right through her nerves and anchoring her, made her brave... Or stupid. “ Well then, since I brought the incredible awkward subject up, what-what are now? I-I I mean it's perfectly fine if you don't know either, but...”

Josh exhales and clears his throat as he gets ready to say” You probably don't need me to tell you this, but I've never been  good with the whole boyfriend thing, “ he admitted honestly while absently caressing her jean clad thighs in a way that was making it very difficult for her to concentrate.

“R-right,” she nodded. “ That's-that's a-okay. You know labels... they're pointless, right?”

“Do you want me to be?” he asked, straight to the point like always. His gaze dropping to her lips. “ I mean,  I'm yours. I don't want to be with anybody else. And I am sure as hell not sharing you.. So I think that's pretty much the definition of 'boyfriend', right?”

Somehow, through the wave of nearly overwhelming  happiness making it difficult to breathe, Sienna marveled  that Josh's best lines, the ones that made her swoon and loose the ability to speak (along with her composure), were the ones he didn't even think twice about. She's going to need some serious help (or a divine intervention) if he started working that charm he has on her with  purpose and vigor.
Even though she saw right through it the first time they met, now, knowing what he was capable of when he followed through on all those innuendos, she'd be putty in his hands.

“Yup, at least it was the last time I checked,” she nodded a she popped the p, finally putting together a coherent thought. Unable to think of anything else to say, she framed his face with her now grease smudged hand and pulled him for another searing kiss. Sienna really couldn't explain why defining their relationship made her so giddy. Maybe it wasn't even the word 'boyfriend'. Perhaps, it had more to do with the way he'd so simply state 'I'm yours.' that made her heart ache to be near him.

Then again, she mused  as his fingers dug into her hips, maybe it was just the dam breaking after so many months of pent-up sexual tension. After denying what she felt for  so long while trying to appease her parents, the release of being able to act on impulse, to kiss him whenever she wanted, was like a drug. A very potent drug that made her want to continue exploring it until she memorized every inch of his skin in the process.

Buried beneath the bubbling passion though, something  darker simmered. If Sienna was in any position to pay  attention to anything but the way Josh's warm and slightly calloused hands had worked their beneath her blouse and to the bare skin of her back, she might have noticed it. She's perceptive like that, unless it's  matters of the heart... A desperation clung to the edges of his kiss as his mouth moved languidly with her. The same sensation had been there not too long ago; mirrored in her as a matter of fact. Somewhere deep in the back of their minds, a clock ticked relentlessly toward an end neither one of them could fight. It made them bold, and rendered silent that voice in Sienna's head warning her against moving too fast with this boy. Or any boy for that matter; contrary to popular belief, she wasn't into one night stands at all. What did scare her was that this boy had somehow become the most important person in her world and  unknowingly had the power to break her heart irrevocably.

“So,” Josh murmured, gently nuzzling his way along her jaw to press a kiss to the pulse point below her ear. “ what do you want to do on your first night of freedom?”

Sienna shivered and bit her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. “Anything. So long as I'm not home alone and that you are with me.”

“Oh, really? That gives me a lot of options. I think I can work with that,” he smirked with the same cocky arrogance that used to drive her nuts once upon a time. Now, that it wasn't the only way  he spoke to her, she had to admit that it was definitely a turn on.

“Well, no rush,” she replied, running both hands through his hair and dragging her nails along his scalp. Now it was his turn to bite back a groan. With just her fingertips, she tilted his chin to kiss him softly.  When she spoke their lips touched. “ I'm pretty sure I can keep myself entertained here  for... hours.”

I can definitely work with that,” he promised, returning the kiss with an intensity that had her melting into him. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, every nerve tingling where he touched her, a final coherent thought drifted through her lust addled brain

Her clothes would never look the same way again.

 Grimm's Cafe: Present Day, 11pm 

With the light of the moon shining brightly, Sienna notices that Daimon and Tara are the first out of  Grimm's Cafe. But they aren't  of any importance to her. She can't help but think  of what could be taking that damn chrone and Josh so long to get out. Her blood boils with anger as soon as she realizes that its been more than ten minutes and they are still not out. Just thinking about the chrone touching or kissing Josh where she once had makes her hate the new girl that much more.  It wasn't all in her head, Josh and her had been so happy together. Things were going great, but then one day out of the blue he breaks up with her claiming that “the whole relationship” thing just wasn't for him after all and that she should have known better than to trust a guy like him. Back then, she had assumed he just needed space and that perhaps, after summer break, they'd be back on track to how they once were. But things just went downhill from there. Next thing she knows, he's gone back to his playboy ways and a revolving door of  girls are suddenly the norm for Josh Frazer once more. As if things couldn't get worse for her, he just had to meet Sophia like something straight out of a fairy tale. Complete with hearts in their eyes and being all smiles and secret glances when the other  is supposedly not looking. Which all but crushes  her.

Did he ever look at me like that?

Was I the only one falling head over heels  for him?

Is he that  good at faking it that I foolishly thought we were in love?

Was everything we had a lie?

Unable to keep watching any longer as all these dark thoughts assault her brain, she decides to call it a day and get the hell away from here.  Just as she turns, Sienna ends up running to someone and that person falls to the floor a few feet ahead of her. Upon closer inspection, she see the person is a he and relatively young (possibly being just a little older than her). She is a bit startled when the guy in question began clutching his arm and howling in pain.

“Oh my god, are you OK!?” Sienna asks, fearing that she may have hurt the guy on accident due to how unfocused she previously was.

However, the young man doesn't answer her, but  as she takes a closer look to inspect him for injuries, she is able to see that the hand was previously covering a tattoo on the guy's arm. Now that normally isn't weird, but what was out of the ordinary was the tattoo glowing a blood red color as the snake moved in a  circular motion; as if eating itself on a loop. That should have been her que to leave and  gone back to the school unnoticed. But something inside was making  her stay. Out of nowhere though, the guy finally looks up  and his green eyes  stare right at her without a single blink. It doesn't last long as he moves his focus from her and points west. She follows his line of sight and coincidentally, it shows Josh buying Sophia an ice cream cone. She takes a big bite of the ice cream and manages to  get some on her nose, which Josh nauseatingly removes from it and leans in for a kiss; the ice cream forgotten for the time being.

“En sa beauté gît ma mort et ma vie.” The  dark haired- guy finally speaks, but it is in a language she recognizes as French.

“What was that?” She asks a bit surprised when not even a second later the guy speaks again but this time in perfect English.

“In her beauty rests both my death and my life.” he translates, with his gaze fully focused on Sophia by the looks of it.

A bit perturbed and not wanting to keep listening to one more guy waxing poetry about Sophia, Sienna finally bolts.

“Whatever... creep.” She mutters and gets away as fast she possibly can. Leaving behind the mysterious guy who despite the insult, looks unaffected and continues watching the couple meticulously.

 Caen, church of Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux : 2:00A.M 

Lightning lit the pitch black sky, breaking though the dark cloud and lighting the gargoyles that were perched on the ledges of the cathedral, their claws digging into the cement, with their stony eyes glaring down on anyone who neared the abandoned church. Some of these creatures had their wings curled around them, as if for protection, while others seemed poised to take flight to challenge any intruder. With their gnarled visages carved to reveal sharp stone teeth or open mouths with tongues sticking out, their presence made the ruin of a church even more foreboding. Tonight, these stone sentinels were the sole witnesses to the lone figure of a man deep in thought, tossing and turning a beautifully carved silver dagger.

Agoroth's hand tightened around the hilt of the dagger with his initials on it. As he waited for everyone he deemed important to arrive, he lightly ran his fingers over the sharp end of the blade. He welcomed the slight sting he felt as it cut into the flesh and bathed it with a drop of blood. These days, pain and anger were the only emotions that he was able to feel. If only he were still a mere mortal, they were such fragile creatures. Sickness could kill them, not to mention old age eventually leading the Grim Reaper to come for their souls when their time on earth was up.

“It would all be so simple,” he whispered to himself as he pressed the cool blade against his wrist, his eyes going stark white the deeper he took the blade. The warm blood running down his hands entranced him; almost like a moth to a flame. Even after all these years, he still found it fascinating that as strong a demon as he was, he could still bleed like a human. It was a harsh reminder of what he once had, of what he once was many, many years ago. Back when he still had something to live for...

“I'm glad we weren't late, any longer and Aggie here may have brooded himself to death.” Cynthia states, sassy and snarky as always as she appeared out of nowhere at their meeting place. Behind her came others following suit, walking through the ruins to gather around Agoroth, whose back was still turned. While he didn't normally tolerate being talked to in such a crass manner, it inadvertently did the job and it broke him out of his reverie and dark thoughts. He turned around to face the assembly.

Upon seeing the rivulets of blood on Agoroth's hand, Alietta stepped up before him, gazing into his forlorn eyes and without a word, but with incredible boldness, took the knife from his hand, wiped the blood-covered blade against her front of her designer dress without so much of a thought, and then gently placed the knife into Agoroth's front pocket, patting it lightly through the fabric. She then took up his bloody hand and brought his wrist to her mouth. She kissed the already sealed wound, but was not shy about lapping up the freshly spilled blood. With a start, her head came back up quickly and and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as the power of Agoroth's blood ran through her like some powerful narcotic. She opened her eyes again with a wide smile and was greeted with a small one from Agoroth himself, whose mood seemed to have lifted some.

“Looks like the gang is all here!” Alietta replies sarcastically, turning around and gazing upon the small band and with a roll of her eyes, moves to join the smirking Cynthia and a wide-eyed Matheus, while idly sucking her sticky, blood covered fingers.

“Not quite; there is someone who has been helping me keep a close eye on the hunter situation in Idaho. That should be him now.” Agoroth replies as they all see a great ball of darkness descending from the sky and revealing a mysterious person in a purple cloak.

“Since when did we add an extra member to this club?” Cynthia asks, folding her over in front of her, a bit angry at being caught off guard.

“I can't very well tell you all everything and run the risk on one or all of you betraying me in the end. This way each one of you knows enough but not too much. Anyways, my dearest friend here... has been helping me keep an eye on certain members of Maxim Whitaker bloodline along with the hunter situation in Idaho.” Agoroth mentions offhandedly.

“What!? This is news to me, as far as I knew that Todd Rollins kid was the last person Maxim ever turned. Do you know this for certain master?” asked an incredulous Matheus.

“I have seen the Whitaker Rings on the twinsss myself.” The mysterious newcomer replied.

“Twins?” Matheus scoffed, even more skeptical.

“Maxim Whitaker is very conservative when it comes to creating offspring, it is true Matheus, and though he tries to hide it, he cares deeply about those of his bloodline. My friend's description of the rings they wear is sufficient enough proof; there are indeed a pair of twins named Russell and May that were turned in 1998, but short of being given the rings, have no ties to Maxim. Yes, my friend here has discovered quite a bit of information since his arrival in the small town of Hailey, Idaho.” Agoroth tells the rest of the group and Alietta, for her part can't help but feel quite jealous. Whoever this person is has apparently gained a lot of respect from Agoroth in a short amount of time.

“Well, we have news as well Aggie! Why don't you tell them everything we have found out so far?” Cynthia says and pushes the succubus forward with a bit of a shove.

“Exactly three days ago eight of my current classmates went missing for an entire day. Now, this may not seem too weird, but it was the fact that it was that warlock Jaime, the yellow- eyed demon Josh, Sienna, Matheus' daughter,” she looks pointedly at Matheus, before continuing, “that blonde witch Arabella, the kitsune Tara, the vampire Todd Rollins, the hybrid Daimon Abigor and the new girl on campus, the chrone. Cynthia and I both asked around, and no other students knew anything and the teachers either played dumb or seemed to be just in the dark as everyone else. Now we may not know exactly what they did, but it was definitely something serious since that Josh kid and her girlfriend were in the infirmary for three days afterward.” Alietta manages to say but the longer she goes on, the bigger the disappointment gets on the older man's face.

“Matheus, has Sienna herself said nothing to you on this matter?” Agoroth inquired.

“No, my lord. She has not.” Matheus swallowed nervously.

“A pity...but you see now my dear Matheus, why O.R.B.S. must be destroyed, if only for the crime of turning daughters against their fathers.”

“O.R.B.S? What do they have to do with this?” Cynthia asked.

“Oh, my dear Cynthia, O.R.B.S. has everything to do with all this. It sounds to me like Headmaster Specter is training his students in more than just the established curriculum. He is probably creating a force on behest of O.R.B.S. It is of no matter. And could be to our advantage given whom Specter has selected for this little army. Matheus, you will call upon Nathan Specter and be quite adamant in your desire that Sienna remains a part of this fighting force. You will tell him that I am a threat to everything and that the Kronin family will do all it can to support O.R.B.S and their noble calling.” Agoroth said with a with a mocking smile.

“Of course, my lord,” Matheus says, bowing slightly.

“Tell me more about the hybrid and the chrone. Agoroth continued.

“They seem to be inseparable now. All lovey dovey in the halls, and I hear that Frazer boy used to be quite the playboy. It seems that chrone Sophia has worked her magic on him and turned him into a pussy.” Alietta says with an air of disdain, seemingly lamenting the fall of a kindred spirit to the depressing shackles of a committed relationship. Agoroth mood also sours, but it is because he is disturbed to hear that demon and chrone have grown closer, the words of the prophecy racing through his mind.

“S-Sophia...Dimitrov?” The mysterious man asks. The others look over at him.

“Yes, my friend, that is the chrone's name. How did you hear of it?” Agoroth inquires through narrowed eyes.

“I have heard thiss name while up in Hailey, while watching the hunters as you commanded. They have been rallied by Fiona Evergreen, head of a powerful clan of hunters. She has interests in the twins. She also has interests in this girl, this Sophia Dimitrov. When she heard she was alive, she left Hailey rather suddenly.

“Hey, maybe this Fiona chick will take care of the bitch for you.” Cynthia remarks. Agoroth scowls instead.

“I have my own plans for Ms. Dimitrov and I won't tolerate interference from human hunters. She provides a sufficient diversion for O.R.B.S at present, but if her interest in the chrone proves to be too troublesome, her usefulness will come to an end.  Therefore, my friend, you shall return to Hailey and continue your efforts.  Fiona's interests in Maxim's offspring is of interest to me." Agoroth declares. "Of coursse, my lord." the stranger replies.  “Just what will you do regarding the girl?” Matheus asks.“That depends on my friend here.” Agoroth looks back at the newcomer.“I have discovered the location of the object you ssseek, my lord.” The cloaked figure bows slightly. “What object?” Alietta asks, not liking being kept in the dark so much.

“He knows where we might recover Lilith’s mirror.” Agoroth says while closing his eyes, and sighing contentedly. Matheus' eyes go wide again.

“What in fucks sake it Lilith’s mirror.” Cynthia asks, her eyes shining emerald green for a few seconds before she reigns in the beast within her .

“Address me like that again and you will be eating your own tongue.” Agoroth admonishes the girl. She rightly blushes and bows her head, contrite for once.

“The Lilith Mirror is but one of many objects thought to be mere fantasy, but it in fact exists. It is a cursed object, with the power to turn the affected person into the worst version of themselves. When used on Ms. Dimitrov, it will bring forth the chrone fully, which is currently dormant, only manifesting itself in times of great stress. A fully fledged chrone will never align with O.R.B.S, and her power will become my power. And then, my friends, Specter's greatest weapon will be the cause of his own undoing.”

 Fiona's Study, Malibu 9:00P.M. 

In the dim light offered by the candlelight, Fiona studies the manuscript again and then looks among the various vials and flasks splayed before her. They have various Latin or German names on the bottles, and some older jars only have ancient symbols to denote their contents. She selects the one she needs. She sprinkles a small portion of the last ingredient into the bowel and watches as the liquid starts to glow a pale red before turning crystal clear. She hums a tuneless melody as she pours the contents into a small vial, and seals the lid, There is enough liquid remaining to fill several such vials. Fiona gets up however, and walks over to the bookcase and opens the bottom door, revealing a safe. She quickly turns the dial back and forth still humming to herself, which has changed into an old lullaby she used to sing to Eric. As the door to the safe opens she begins to chant the words to the song.

Come little children
I'll Take Thee Away,
Into A Land Of

Come little children
the time's come to play,
here in my garden
of shadows.

Follow sweet children,
I'll show thee the way.
Through all the pain and
these sorrows.

Weep not poor children

For life is this way,
murdering beauty And Passion.”
Fiona places the vial in the safe atop a book resting on its side. The safe also contains a picture of her son Eric as a little boy. Next to the photograph, also resting atop the book is an arrow, given to her by her deceased husband. Her fingers graze over Eric's face as she closes the safe and continues her humming to herself.


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 Body Count: 

 Episode Cast: 


Guest Starring:

  • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer (Created by: Raven) → 4/15

  • Eva Green as Elizabeth Dimitrov (Created by: Selena) → 1/15 (first appearance)

  • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (Created by: Jay) → 3/15

  • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone (Created by: Alietta) → 3/'''''15

  • Will Weatheritt as Connor Nordell (created by: Taylor Manton) →1/15 (first appearance)

  • Taylor Swift as Alazne Scott (Created by: Selena) → 3/'''''15

  • Matt Bomer as Nicholas Dimitrov (Created by: Selena) → 1/15 (first appearance)

  • Ming-Na Wen as Kimiko Linn (created by: Selena)→ 1/15 (first appearance)

  • Alexander Skarsgård as Nathan Specter (Created by: Umayer) → 3/15

  • Isla Fisher as Laura Moores (Created by: Jay)→ 2/'''''15

  • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 4/15

  • Demi Lovato as Cynthia Fordman (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 2/'''''15

  • John Stamos as Matheus Kronin (Created by: Sim) → 2/15

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Moores (Created by: Jay) →1/15 (first appearance)
  • Matt Lanter as Adam McClain (Created by: Gayaneh) → 2/15

  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Selena) → 2/'''''15

  • Ryan Paevey as Ian Sherman (created by: Amanda) → 2/15

  • Cymphonique Miller as Ava Peterson (created by: Britt) → 2/'''''15

 Special Guest Star(s): (From Bloodlines 

  • Amber Heard as Olivia Valentine (Created by: Sim) → 2/'''''15
  • Emily Blunt as Violet DeVoss (Created by: Sim) → 2/'''''15
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