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The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.
Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date December 24, 2015
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena and Erik
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Dream A Little Dream of Me
The Heart is A Lonely Hunter



Sophia is still reeling from the shocking sight of seeing her first love, Eric Evergreen , alive after she and everyone else thought him dead. His return  forces Sophia to confront her past while internal forces threaten her future and the lives of her friends because no matter how far you go, there are some things you just can't outrun. Meanwhile, Tara has difficulty adapting to her breakup with Daimon, but receives support from an unlikely source, while a new friendship threatens a couple.

 Point Dume Academy: Sophia's Room - Morning 

(Song: Comatose - Mikky Ekko)

Sophia sat motionless on her bed, unable to talk, think, or even fathom what she had just seen. She couldn't recall how she had ended up back in her room. How is it possible? she thought to herself. I thought he was dead, her thoughts continued. Sophia stared unblinking at the floor. The morning sun shone brightly though the window. With the greatest of effort, she brought her head up to look over at her desktop mirror. Her reflection revealed an ashen faced girl staring back her, her eyes wide with confusion, shock, and fear. She stared at herself and questioned Who is that? Was this really the same girl from Melnik? Is this the same girl who fell for Eric Evergreen?

“Come on Bella,” Tara exclaimed at the top of her voice rushing towards Sophia with a coffee mug in her hands. Bella trailed behind her, her long blonde locks floating effortlessly in the air. Bella dropped her bag and her book from herfirst class onto the floor and rushed over to comfort their new friend after the traumatic sight that had just occurred in the hallway. Tara grabbed a metal tin off her shelf and scooped a spoonful of its contents into the mug. Bella reached out with her hand and sent a water bottle flying across the room that Tara caught and tore off the seal, pouring the water into the mug. She held the mug out before Arabella, who narrowed her eyes in concentration. She vibrated the water molecules in the cup faster and faster until the water became piping hot, with white vapour rising visibly from the surface. Tara pulled up a plush chair next to Sophia and slowly handed the steaming cup over to the girl.

“It’s Chi Tea,” Tara told her friend, who, with shaking hands, took the cup. The heat immediately warmed up her hands as she cradled it. She raised it to her lips and blew gently on the cup. Bella sat down on the bed next to Sophia and looked at Tara in the eyes. She tilted her head and urged Tara to talk to Sophia. Tara's phone starts buzzing. Tara pulls it out and sees it is a text from Jamie asking if Sophia is alright. She turns the screen off and stares back at Sophia, just as Bella's phone goes off. Bella responds briefly and then puts her phone down. She looks over at Tara and says. “Daimon.” Tara waves her phone in the air and replies “Jamie”. Bella's phone goes off again, in her hand this time. It's from Josh. She sighs softly while quickly texting a response. When done, Bella takes the extraordinary measure of turning off her phone altogether. Tara quickly does the same. The room grows eerily quiet.

The three girls remained silent, the only sound that could be heard throughout the common room was the sound of a lark singing outside the window and Sophia slurping her tea. She lowered the cup down to her lap and stared at her two new friends. “Everyone wants to know about Eric, don’t they?,” she asked them in a gentle whisper.

Bella gave Sophia a sympathetic look before softly touching her arm. “Only if you want to tell us,” she reassured her friend. Sophia sighed deeply and tilted her head up sighing in defeat. Eric was always at the back of her head, after believing she saw him the first day of Point Dume, and after that letter… Yet she never believed that Eric was truly alive. She thought it was someone messing with her, that it was some cruel joke. But now she knew, it was no joke but very real. Eric Evergreen was indeed alive.

“Eric Evergreen,” she whispered to her friends as her eyes filled with tears. “Eric Evergreen, my first love,”. Tara's eyes went wide, while Bella audibly inhaled and recoiled away from Sophia, just as Sophia had feared she would. Tara and Bella shot a look at each other; this was the most shocking news they both heard in a long time. Tara’s eyebrows raised and Bella’s jaw quivered. “He was my, everything,” Sophia continued to tell her friends as she stared down at her cup of tea.

“Evergreen, as in The Evergreen Hunter Clan?,” Tara asked her friend, wanting to be sure. She recalled reading about The Evergreens when she was very young. How they were one of the first families to hunt witches during The Salem Witch Trials and how they have trained some of the most ruthless killers in the world. Her mother made her read up on them to know the kind of threat that is always lurking in the shadows.

Tara recalled asking her mother why she needed to be worried, as the Evergreens traditionally only hunted Witches and Warlocks. However, her mother reminded her that, that was the past. She told her daughter “To them we’re all the same, they’ll kill us all given the chance. Fox, Wolf, Witch, Vampire it doesn’t matter to them. We are their trophies. We are nothing more than a kill to brag about.”

“I suppose. I didn't know that. Not at first. To me, he was simply, 'Eric',” Sophia said, awkwardly placing the cup on the floor. She bought her knees to chest to comfort herself. Bella looked saddened by this news, like all young witches her age she was taught about the atrocities that the Evergreen’s did to her kind. The thought about Sophia dating one of those monsters made her blood run cold.

“How did you even meet him?,” Bella asked Sophia curiously getting comfy on her chair. Tara too looked on fascinated by what she was hearing. Sophia let out another large sigh before rubbing her eyes. She looked deep into Bella’s eyes and smiled ever so slightly.

“Okay, I’ll tell you both, because you have both been so great to me. It all started back in Bulgaria, almost a year ago, when life seemed a lot easier,” Sophia proclaimed as she began to tell the story of how she came to meet Eric.

 Flashback: Melnik, Bulgaria – Marketplace 

(Song: One Call Away - Charlie Puth)

Sophia and her friend Piper Ross were walking around the marketplace joking and laughing with each other. “I can’t believe you’re ditching me for your boyfriend,” Sophia moaned to her friend who was fixing her blonde hair in her small mirror. Sophia rolled her eyes and continued to walk ahead waving to her friend.

“Wait,” Piper shouted as she ran towards Sophia. “You bitch, first you guilt trip me and then you try and ditch me. Aren't you just the sweetest, Dimitrov,” Piper laughed in a sarcastic tone, and Sophia gave her friend a fake smile as they continued walking through the market. Sophia was looking down at the cobbles beneath her feet, she kicked a rock as she passed. Her face had a bare solemn expression on it. “What’s wrong, Sophie? You’ve gone awfully quiet,” Piper said asking her friend about her feelings. Sophia didn’t answer she just kept walking. “Stop,” Piper shouted pulling Sophia by the hand.

What’s wrong? Talk,” Piper asked with a little more fire in her voice. She was a women on a mission, determined to find out what was wrong with her friend. Sophia looked around as the wind blew her long brown hair behind her. She shrugged and just stared at the ground once more.

You're gonna leave me,” she told Piper, whose expression drastically changed from worried to utter confusion. She soon realized that this face may have upset Sophia even more so she soon filtered it back to a plain emotionless expression before turning to comfort her friend. “You mean about what I said about Jensen? Sophie, we were just talking. Jensen's 17 now, he has only one more year till he's kicked out of the orphanage. We were just talking about our dreams, the future. When he leaves, he's going to get a job, get a place to stay-”

And take you away with him...” Sophia interrupted, her voice cracking with a swell of emotion.

I'm your best friend, Sophie. And I'm not going anywhere,” Piper said warmly as she gently stroked Sophia’s hair.

Sophia sighed once again, “I know, I know and you’re the best friend a girl could ask for Pipes. It’s just… I want what you have with Jensen. I want someone to love me,” she cried. Sophia was now on the verge of tears. Piper placed her hand behind Sophia’s head and embraced her. Piper herself was on the verge of tears. The hug lingered, it was the type of hug only a best friend could give, the type of hug that is comforting and filled with love.

You're only 15, Sophie, you have plenty of time left to fall madly in love with some dashing young man.” Piper said as she cradled Sophia's head with her hands. Sophia soon backed away drying her eyes, she let out a small laugh and looked up at the sky and then back at Piper. “Look at you, you met Jensen when we were kids. I'll never find anyone.” Sophia said looking down at the ground.

“True, he started hanging out with us when we were kids, but we only started dating this last year. You never know when you might find someone. For all you know, your soulmate could be right around the corner.” Piper replied.

Look at me, crying over not being loved, how pretentious can I get,” Sophia laughed at herself. But Piper shook her head and smiled too.

“You’re not an idiot. You’re human,” she told Sophia in a motherly tone of voice. Piper had been Sophia’s best friend ever since she had been left at the orphanage when she was only three years old. Some of the other children at the orphanage where horrid, teasing the awkward and outcast young Sophia, whose unusual behaviours were the stuff of rumour, but Piper was a rare and lovely exception. She had befriended the younger girl, practically the moment she arrived, and had defended her against the other children. Her actions were noticed by the Jensen, an older boy, big for his age. When he'd joined them, the outward teasing and taunting had stopped, but the gossiping and whispering remained.

The thought of Sophia being abandoned by her only two friends had shaken her to her core, and prompted this desire to have someone as special in her life as her friends had with each other. Sophia again took to drying her eyes before putting on a brave face for her friend.

Go, go be with your man. I am gonna go for a walk,” she told Piper shoving her playfully. However, Piper was unsure what to do now. How could she leave her best friend who had just been crying right in front of her. She had another look on her face, Sophia quickly picked up on this look and once again had to reassure her friend. “Go, I’ll be fine. What kind of friend would I be if I made you miss your date,” she proclaimed as she flashed a smile to Piper.

Piper hugged Sophia again, who was smiling now, “I won’t be late, don’t worry,” Piper told her, as she broke from the hug. “And I promise we'll be sure to tell you before we elope or anything,” Piper joked to her friend, who laughed.

The whole point of eloping is you don't tell anybody,” Sophia retorted, but with a bemused look on her face.

Oh, that's right. Well, you'll be the first person we'll call afterwards then,” Piper said with a huge grin on her face as she waved while starting to walk away from the market, working her way through the crowd when Sophia started to frantically wave back jokingly. “Make smart choices,” Sophia shouted before turning away.

Sophia walked deeper and deeper into the marketplace becoming immersed with the crowd of tourists and townsfolk. The deeper she got, the more fascinated she was by things like the preserves, the numerous wine sellers, and the beautiful fabric and woven rugs the town sold to the daily flow of tourists. Sophia longed for the day that she could leave the orphanage, get a job and buy whatever she wanted. As she was over at the local jeweller's stand, she was dazzled by some of the beautiful pieces he had on display There were traditional Bulgarian gold rings and and silver pendants, but there were also a section devoted to religious jewelry with various sizes of crosses ranging from very simple to incredibly ornate. Sophia always loved looking at the things he had on display. She would stare at them longingly, knowing she'd never be able to afford any of them, but It had become a habit to stop by on her way to and from the orphanage to stare for a bit and dream. On quiet days the merchant didn't seem to mind her presence, but if he had customers or visiting tourists he would shoo her away, not wanting to have an orphan loitering around his wares.

Amidst all of the beauty and all of the opulent wares folks had for sale to townsfolk and visitors alike lay a humble fruit stand. It caught Sophia’s eye purely because of it’s simplicity and rustic authenticity. It wasn't flashy or gaudy, simply a functional place to display nature's bounty. It was that bounty that caught her eye. A large crate of shining red apples sat at the front of the stall that seemed to be unattended. Sophia stood transfixed, gazing at the crate. She couldn’t believe this feeling she was having, but she had this insatiable desire now to steal one of the apples. She was not above the occasional thievery to fill an empty belly, but she wasn't hungry now. She couldn't explain her need to do this. She slowly approached the stall being cautious of her surroundings. The stall remained unattended when she began to crouch down for the apple. Suddenly, a snake appeared, gliding across the top of the pile.

It was a European Adder snake, one of the few venomous species of snake common to the mountains of South-western Bulgaria. It's body was a light-brown with black dorsal crossbars running along its back. Its red eyes shone brightly from the sides of its flattened head, giving it a distinctly dangerous look. Sophia was no stranger to snakes given her long walks from the orphanage at Rozhen to the city of Melnik, and showed no fear or any outward concern at its sudden appearance.

What are you doing away from the mountains?” Sophia asked the snake, bending down to her knees. “There's nothing here but fruit and people. Neither seem to be particularly very tasty for ya.” The snake stuck out it's tongue and tasted the air. Sophia fearlessly picked up the snake with both hands, one on its body and another right behind its head, preventing it from biting her. “Wouldn't you prefer some nice field mice instead?” She asked, looking down at the snake who stared right back at her. She walked a few paces past the cart towards a small grove that grew very close to the edge of the city. She bent over and released her grip on the snake, which dropped to the ground and slithered through the grass toward a nearby clearing. Sophia watched it go until she couldn't see it anymore among the tall brown grasses of the clearing. She then looked back at the crate of apples near the fruit stand.

Every moral fibre was telling her not to, they were telling her to walk away and go back to the orphanage. But something deep down in her was telling her to take the risk and steal the apple. Sophia turned her head to the right and noticed that it seemed pretty clear, no crowds or any obstacles. If things went wrong she could easily escape. She took a deep breath and reached for the apple on top of the pile.

To her surprise another hand grabbed for the apple too. The hand was soft but at the same time strong. Sophia backed away knocking the apple off the top of the pile. Luckily the man kicked the apple into the air before it hit the ground and caught it as it was plummeting down to the ground. “Pretty impressive ey,” the boy said. “'Maybe not as impressive as staring down an adder snake, though. You did know that snake was venomous right?” 'Sophia looked up at the boy and got a proper look at him. He was tall, handsome, had a striking quiff in his thick brown hair and had the most gorgeous green eyes she had ever seen.

She was at a loss for words, she had lost herself in his mesmerizing stare. “Oh, I’m sorry do you not speak English?,” the boy asked, switching to Bulgarian without any hint of his earlier American accent, as he extended his arm. Sophia smiled and took it so she could stand up correctly, she laughed quietly before flashing the boy a bright smile.

No, I totally speak English,” she told the boy, responding in his native language, with a barely noticeable accent herself. “Your Bulgarian is very good though,” she continued, causing the boy to smile broadly.

Thank you, years of practice, thanks to a mother who's a stickler for perfection. Your English is also quite good,” the boy replied. The compliment caused Sophia to blush and look at the ground, not from embarrassment, but from shame. While it may have taken years for this boy to learn a foreign tongue, languages always seemed to come easily to Sophia. When she was a little girl first brought into the orphanage, she had been placed in a room with a television running an old American television show from the nineties. After only a few hours when the nun returned to check on her, she had been able to start speaking full sentences in English. This unusual talent helped to further isolate her from the other children and nuns...until the day Piper had arrived. The boy takes notice of the subtle change in her expression.

So are you some kind of snake charmer?” The question made Sophia giggle, and look back up into those green eyes.

Not at all. You don't really have to worry so much about the venomous ones. They tend to stand out more so you can spot them better. It's a warning; they say 'I'm dangerous, stay away,' They sense fear and will react to it, but are so used to being left alone, they don't know how to handle it when something bigger comes along that isn't food and isn't afraid. It's the non-venomous ones you have to watch out for. They blend in with the countryside, and capitalize on your complacency. You can step on one without knowing until it's too late. Their bite might not kill you, but it would be awfully painful nevertheless.

I'll be sure to tread carefully,” the boy laughed easily. “Where are my manners? Here I am talking to you and I haven't even properly introduced myself! I'm Eric. Eric Evergreen,” he introduced himself, the first time Sophia had ever heard his name spoken aloud. Eric extended his arm again and Sophia shook his hand. “So you got a name or am I going to have to continue to call cute snake girl charmer in my head?,” he asked Sophia but before she could speak the stall owner returned.

Lover boy, you gonna buy that apple? Or just stand there holding it?,” the angry man told Eric with a raised voice. Eric jumped ever so slightly at the large man’s booming voice. He plunged into his pocket and withdrew some money. He smiled at Sophia and back at the stall owner before placing the money in the man’s hand.

Two of your finest apples, my good sir,” Eric laughed jokingly as Sophia soon joined in. The owner remained expressionless as he turned away to tend to his own business. Eric made a funny face and directed his eyes at the owner which made Sophia giggle even more. Eric slowly reached down and picked up an apple from the pile and extended it towards Sophia.

Sophia had a shocked expression on her face. Had Eric, a boy she just met, bought this apple for her? She took it and flashed him another smile to which Eric reciprocated. “So you never told me your name,” Eric sighed wistfully looking into Sophia’s eyes.

Sophia got lost in the two shining emeralds that was Eric Evergreen’s eyes, “Sophia,” she sighed with utter joy in her voice. “My name is Sophia Dimitrov; at least that's what the nuns told me was written on in the letter I had with me when I came to the orphanage... For all I know my real name could be Helga!” she told Eric. That one simple moment in the marketplace with the apple would change her life forever.

 Present Day: Sophia's Room - Morning 

(Song: Sirens - Lola Marsh)

“That’s so beautiful, like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie,” Bella sighed wistfully as her head rested on Sophia’s shoulder. Sophia let out a laugh amongst her tears similar to the time she was with Piper. She leaned her head into Bella’s and just whispered “Thanks.”

“Except for that part with the snake. Snakes literally make my skin crawl!” Bella shrieked, wrinkling her nose, and having a shudder run through her body.

“But other than that, it sounds amazing. I mean, you’re both from two different worlds and you come together in the sweetest way possible,” Bella continued to sigh over Sophia and Eric’s first meeting. Tara let out a loud fake cough, Bella immediately understood her error and began to correct it pulling away from Sophia to look her in the eye, “But you know, that was the past. You have Josh now, good ol Joshie, who became your knight in shining armour from the get-go.” she said quickly.

Tara watched on, smiling from the other chair as she leaned back into it. Bella sighed and looked at Sophia before extending her hand. “Come on young lady, lets get you some food, you still look a little pale,” Tara ordered. Bella and Sophia’s head spun around quickly to the kitsune.

“But I want to hear the rest,” Bella moaned, “Like why they broke up, where has Eric been, I want details,” she said in a very over the top fashion. Tara shot her a look of frustration. Sophia opened her mouth to speak when Nathan Specter suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“Attention, students,” Nathan Specter's gentle voice crackled in the hologram, making use the school's high tech communication system. His image was being relayed to every classroom and dorm room, every common area where students would congregate. It was so rarely used that Tara jumped a little in her chair, Bella rolled her eyes, and Sophia was still too stunned to have much reaction at all.

“I would just like to take a moment to brief you all about a security matter. There was a minor incident earlier this morning, but the situation was contained and resolved quickly, and there is no further risk to students or staff at this time. As an over-abundance of caution, however, I am cancelling any outdoor sports activities and the remainder of the morning classes that are not held within the main building. Students in those classes can head to the libraries for independent study. Furthermore, I am asking all students to please adhere to the Academy’s curfew and remain on campus tonight. Thank you," Nathan's image faded as the hologram shut off.

“Well, that settles, it. Our next class has been cancelled, so we are all free to go to brunch,” Tara said rather assertively. Bella stared at her for a minute before caving and stood up to join Tara. “We can talk about it another time, I guess,” she said as she skipped to Tara’s side. Sophia however was still hesitant. She placed her hand on her chest and then rubbed her forehead gently. “Fine, fine, lets go,” Sophia conceded. She put the mug down on the night stand, and ran her fingers over the rim absent-mindedly, already missing the heat. “That was a neat trick by the way...with the water,” Sophia said, looking up at her room-mates with a small smile.

“Thanks. I've tried to do the same thing, heating up the water with my fox-fire, but I ended blowing up way too many mugs for the school's liking, “Tara said.

“The staff started to complain,” Bella added. Sophia chuckled at the brief moment of levity. She moved to get up when a stray thought kept her from doing so.

“What’s gonna happen to Eric?,” she asked the two girls, both Tara and Bella looked at each other with a worried expression on her face. This obviously in turn made Sophia worried; she shot up like a bullet and stared at the two girls. “Guys, where do you two think Eric is now?,” she questioned hysterically.

The girls looked at each other once more as Tara began to stutter. “Well he’s a well-known hunter yanno? An Evergreen no less. The Evergreen clan is the strongest, most dangerous group of hunters there ever was. They've been around for ages...So if I had to guess,” she trailed off, Sophia needed to know what was happening and she needed to know now. “Please,” she shouted at Tara.

Tara took a step back and rubbed her head. “He will be with O.R.B.S. now,” she whispered to her friend as Sophia stared back at her friend with a worried expression on her face. “What does that mean?” Sophia asked.

“They're gonna wanna question him. Figure out how why he's here and how he got on campus.” Tara told her friend.

“So he snuck in, what's the big deal?”

“You don't get it. He shouldn't have been able to. All of Point Dume is protected from humans. For one, the whole thing is concealed with magic to look like some other nondescript building,” Bella informed her friend. “Beyond that, there's a barrier that only supernatural creatures can cross; humans can't penetrate it.”

“But there are some human teachers and staff...” Sophia interrupts.

“And they all go through a checkpoint at the gate. Very strict security.” Tara jumps back in.

“Who is going to question Eric? Will he be okay?” Sophia asks, her mind wandering back to him.

“Some member from O.R.B.S., but it depends. Like if he gets someone like Headmaster Specter, I'm sure he'd be alright...” Tara trailed off, trading a glance with Bella.

“But if he got somebody like Maxim--” Bella made a face as she bit her lip nervously, and reached for one of Sophia's pillows.

“Maxim?” Sophia asked.

“Maxim Whitaker--Todd's maker, the oldest vampire in the world, and short of Agoroth...probably the most feared man in the whole world,” Bella concluded, hugging the pillow tight to her chest.

 O.R.B.S Headquarters: Interrogation Room 

(Song: Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal)

“Hello Eric,” Violet smiled at the boy who was handcuffed and sitting on a seat at a hard metallic table. A dim light hung above their heads and the rest of the room was shrouded in darkness. Violet poured a glass of water and pushed it towards Eric. “You should have a drink,” she told the boy. Eric’s face remained expressionless as he stared back at the witch. He merely lifted his shackled arms up as far as would allow, pulling tight the chain linking the shackles to the table, indicating he couldn’t use his hands even if he wanted a drink. Violet let a small gasp before snapping her fingers, suddenly the chains came off and Eric’s hands were free.

Eric began to rub his wrist whilst still making eye contact with the witch. The whole time remaining completely silent. “Eric, we have a few questions for you. If you help us, we’ll let you go. Do you understand?,” Violet asked in a patronizingly slow, sweet voice that made Eric roll his eyes and grunt at the women’s pathetic attempt to be caring.

“I'd like to speak to Sophia Dimitrov,” Eric spoke at the woman, his piercing green eyes transfixed on her almost as if they were staring straight into her soul. This teenage human made Violet feel uncomfortable, something she rarely felt. It felt less like a statement and more like a command. However, she knew she had to follow the procedure that normally occurs in the interrogations. She sat up straight and straightened out her face.

“Eric, where have you been all this time?,” she said in a sterner tone of voice, but Eric didn’t budge. He leant back in his chair and tuned her out completely. Violet bit her lips growing a little frustrated with Eric’s childish game, but she had to remain calm for the sake of her moral duty to The Organization. She cleared her throat and began to speak once more.

“Eric where have you been? Your mother along with everyone else suspected you were killed at the hands of Sophia Dimitrov,” Violet shouted as she continued to interrogate him.

Eric's eyes flashed at the mention of Sophia's name, but quickly his expressionless mask returned. Eric threw his hands behind his head and simply stared at the ceiling. Violet put her head in her hands and let out a large sigh of frustration. Why was I lumped with this mute? she thought to herself.

Suddenly she felt a cold breath on the back of her neck. She jumped up and much to her surprise she saw Maxim Whitaker standing behind her. She let out a small gasp of horror, practically jumping out of her seat. “Maxim,” she panted trying to catch her breath. “I thought I was working this one alone,” she said to the vampire in a scared voice. Eric on the other hand remained completely still throughout the whole ordeal. Maxim’s pale lips widened a little to form what could be considered a smile.

“Ah dear, dear, Violet, that’s why I am so great, I’m just full of…,” Maxim spoke in his formal voice before taking a long pause to stare at the teenage boy sat facing him. “Surprises,” he finished his sentence tilting his head at Violet. He once again diverted his attention to Eric who was staring straight back at him. “Has he said anything of importance yet?”

“Not much, other than wanting to see Ms. Dimitrov,” Violet said, swallowing nervously. “But I've only just begun.”

Maxim breathed heavily before he began to circle the table, Eric showed no fear remaining in his relaxed position, but neither broke eye contact. Violet sat down hesitantly, due to the fact the tension in the atmosphere was palpable. She knew something was about to happen but she wasn’t sure what. She felt like prey caught in the middle of a showdown between two competing predators. She had to fight her instinct to flee. Violet knew Maxim was powerful, but at the same time Eric’s reputation preceded him, she knew he was just as dangerous despite being very young. As Maxim came behind her, he placed his left hand on her right shoulder, which caused her to jump the tiniest bit.

“I don't expect you will get much out of a man of Mr. Evergreen's reputation.” Maxim said.

“So what do you propose we do with him,” Violet asked, at a loss for words she sensed what Maxim wanted to do and she was not in favour of it.

“I don’t know about you but I say, we torture the lad. Find out why he was at Point Dume the easy way,” Maxim said so calmly. The fact he could say it without any trepidation made Violet even more nervous and frightened of the vampire.

“We can’t. If Fiona finds out...she’ll think we've had him this whole time. God knows what she’d do,” Violet explained to Maxim who was still in a stare off with Eric. His eyes betrayed nothing, but there was a barely audible snort of derision. Maxim smiled at Eric's slip, having heard it, so Eric changed tactics, leaning forward in his chair and pointing to Violet.

“I would listen to her. My Mother is a bitch when she gets pissed off. Who knows what she’ll do if she thinks you guys have hurt her precious child,” Eric said in a very sarcastic tone. Without warning Maxim reached over the table and lifted Eric off his seat before slamming his head down onto the table, knocking over the glass of water. He grabbed Eric’s neck with his left hand and held him down as he leaned over and said softly “I don't see your mother here. You're a little old to still be hiding behind your mother's skirt.” Eric grabbed one end of the handcuffs with his left hand and locked them around the wrist of the hand Maxim had pinned him with, while grabbing the toppled glass with his right, breaking it against the side of the table and jamming the the jagged edge into Maxim's hand. Maxim pulled his hand back but only so far as the chain would allow, but the moment the pressure was gone from his neck, Eric kicked himself away from the table, rising to his feet, his hands already reaching for his chair, which he picked up and swung like a club at Maxim, who ducked from the attack. Maxim gripped onto the chain of the handcuffs and pulled hard, prying the steel bracket off the table with a terrifying screech of strained metal, just in time to deflect another swing from Eric's chair. He caught the end of it, and pulled it away from Eric, tossing it across the room where it hit Violet, knocking her to the ground. Eric launched himself into Maxim, slamming him into the corner.

“I don't need my mother to protect me; as you can see old man, I do just fine on my own. Word of advice, never underestimate your opponent nor let you ego cloud your judgement.” Eric hissed at Maxim. Maxim smiled viciously as his eyes grew red with blood-lust. He pushed Eric into the other wall, and used his chain dangling from one hand to wrap around Eric's neck, and with a tug, spun him around. His fangs descended and hovered inches from Eric's exposed neck.

Suddenly Maxim was lifted into the air and thrown against his will to far wall. Violet had used her Telekinesis to save Eric’s life. The boy removed the chain and ran for the door. The pitcher of water hurtled against the door and shattered into a thousand pieces, flung there with another flick of Violet's hand. The water caught flame quickly blocking his exit, causing Eric to stop in his tracks.

“Our meeting is not yet adjourned, Mr. Evergreen.” Violet said to Eric rather formally given the barbarism the room had just witnessed. Violet turned to look at Maxim. “Violence is not the solution Mr. Whitaker. Now are you going to act your age or are you going to act like a bully on the playground,” she shouted, acting almost like a mother, disciplining her unruly children. Maxim was struggling against the spell; he was pissed and he wanted blood.

“Do not proceed to test my power, witch,” Maxim shouted at the top of his voice. However, Violet refused to release him. Soon, he stopped fighting and in a quiet, but sinister voice said “Let. Me. Go.” It was somehow even more terrifying than when he was shouting a moment ago. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. “We need answers, Maxim,” Violet said as she clicked her fingers together once more and Maxim dropped, landing perfectly on his feet. The fire at the door also extinguished itself.

He brushed himself off and nodded his head. “Get your answers then. Until next time…Mr. Evergreen,” he sighed before slowly exiting the room slamming the door behind him. Violet turned to Eric who was smiling ear to ear. “I just beat Maxim Whitaker in a fight… no one is going to believe me,” he laughed which made Violet laugh ever so slightly too, but it was more a side effect of all the adrenaline coursing through her veins. She used her power to retrieve Eric's chair and bring it back down on his side of the table. Eric slowly sat down and smiled at her, and Violet reciprocated.

“Thanks,” Eric sighed in an oddly earnest voice. “ But, I’m still not telling you anything,” he added bluntly to the witch. Violet looked at Eric with a shocked expression. “What, you think because you pin a one thousand year old vampire to the wall for me we’re suddenly BESTIES? No, I told you when you get Sophia here, then and only then, will I talk. That's my only request.” Eric told her once again.

 Point Dume Academy: Boy’s Dorms - Mid Morning 

(Song: Cat Power - Ruin)

“How could she not tell me she dated a hunter?” Josh moaned loudly as he paced the boys room in nothing but running pants. His shirt long since discarded and laying somewhere on the floor. Daimon was sitting on the edge of his bed rubbing his eyes whilst Jamie remained lying down in his bed with an open text book on hunters.

“I don’t know, but whatever her reasons were, you can't fault her for it.” Daimon yawned as he looked out the window.

“We’re supposed to tell each other everything!” Josh sighed sitting at the edge of his bed. “I just don’t understand,” he cried continuing his rant. Suddenly a pillow hit him in the face. Josh slowly turned his head to see it was Jamie who was the one who threw it at him. “Okay since you’re determined to not shut up about your love life drama I thought I’d chip in,” the warlock remarked pushing himself up to a more sitting position.

“Joshua, why are you worried about this? So Sophia comes with some baggage... are you seriously telling me that you’ve told her about EVERY girl in your past,” Jamie pointed out the slight hypocrisy in Josh’s attitude to the matter. Josh puffed and acted like he didn’t know what Jamie was talking about. “There wasn’t that much to tell, all of that is in the past. She's my present and hopefully future, as cheesy and lame as that might sound” the yellow eyed demon said honestly but letting out a nervous laugh.

Jamie tilted his head and narrowed his eyes, “Oh good, so you’ve told her about that Brooke girl who came up here to look at the school and that you gave her quite the tour?” Jamie said in a very sarcastic voice. Josh remained silent. Jamie smiled and continued “And I’m sure you’ve told her all about Sienna. Whilst that girl was clingy as fuck, you guys were serious at one point and you were the one who backed away out of the blue,” he said pointing at Josh. “You’re my friend Josh, but how can you expect her to be honest with you, when you hardly revealed anything to her,” he whispered.

“Did you just slut shame me?,” Josh asked in quite a mock-offended voice.

“No shame in it at all, you’re only seventeen, my point was if you haven’t even told her about your flings how could you expect her to talk about her only other serious relationship?,” Jamie asked his friend. Josh turned around putting on a loose shirt to cover his abs. “Well that is a case of pot calling the kettle, have you told Sophia about you and Todd? After all, you are her GBF right?,” Josh asked trying to deflect the situation from himself.

Jamie let out a small laugh before once again talking sarcastically “Oh yeah totally, I spilled all the tea because I am so fierce,” all three boys laughed as Jamie got out of his bed and walked to the boys bathroom. Just as quickly as the tension came it was gone.

“So how did Sophia come across an Evergreen?,” Jamie asked from behind the closed door. Josh took out his phone and read the text Bella had sent him informing him of how Sophia and Eric had met. “Bella told me they met in a market in Bulgaria and that he bought her an apple right before she was about to steal it,” Josh told his friends. Daimon looked confused.

“Their epic love affair started with an apple?,” Daimon asked in a confused voice. “Ugh, sounds like some Nicholas Sparks shit if you ask me,” the hybrid laughed before he laid down. Josh closed his phone and threw it on his bed as Jamie walked out of the bathroom and back to his bed. “I thought you of all people would be on my side. I thought witches and warlocks hate Evergreens more than anyone,” Josh said to Jamie who was now deciding on what outfit he should wear for the day. The presence of Sophia's ex throwing him for a loop, and for the first time in his life, making him nervous and second guess himself about everything.

“Eh, I guess I'm just the type to see the best in everyone and trust them unless they give me a reason not to,” Jamie told the other boys, as he was looking at a blue polo shirt in the mirror. “If it hadn't been for those few decent people that stood against the status quo and decided to trust and help their fellow creature rather than kill them, our world wouldn't be as unified as it is. Nobody wants to go back to the days of petty rivalries of vampires versus werewolves, or rehash the millennia old grievances between Demons and Angels. As for Eric, he couldn't be all that bad, if Sophia saw something in him. She's a pretty smart girl from what I've seen. Maybe she saw some good in him?” Jamie continued, taking off the shirt, deciding it wasn't the look he wanted for today and taking out a nice pink polo instead.

“Well are we certain of that? She is dating Josh Frazer after all,” Daimon joked while heading into the bathroom. He closed the door just in time to avoid the shoe Josh had thrown across the room.

“Et tu, Abigor?” Josh lamented.

“Seriously, Josh, why are you so worried? Everyone comes with baggage,” Daimon told his best friend, coming out of the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth. “Sophia’s baggage just comes with a bow and arrow and several sharp knives,” he joked trying to make Josh laugh, but this time it didn’t work. Josh was just staring in the mirror at his reflection.

“Look Joshua. Seric was the past and Jophia is the present… Don’t worry about it,” Jamie told his friend walking to the mirror and to his dresser. He picked up a large book that lay on top of it and threw it onto his bed. “Yeah, I guess you guys are right,” Josh sighed as he forced himself to smile. He let out a small cough and then flexed his muscles. “Just don't say the name Jophia ever again, okay?”

“And besides an Ex is an Ex for a reason, right?,” Josh asked his two friends in a somewhat happy voice. “Exactly,” Daimon smiled at the Demon. Yet at the back of Josh’s mind Eric Evergreen still remained. “I’m gonna go for a jog,” he told his room-mates as he put on his adidas sneakers.

“Did you not hear Specter? No outdoor activities today. Guess they're all on edge about Eric getting onto school grounds so easily,” Daimon told Josh. The demon looked crestfallen for a moment. “I'll just run around in the gymnasium then, or maybe do a few laps in the pool. I need to do something that keeps me from over thinking things out,”Josh said.

“Be safe,” Daimon shouted as Josh was already out of the door.

Daimon walked over to his closet and was looking for his outfit of the day. As he was shifting through the rack, he notice that Jamie was already dressed ready to start his day. He looked at the warlock out of the corner of his eye as he was putting on is shoes.

“So are you going to tell me what happened last night?,” Jamie said making eye contact with the hybrid. Daimon was taken off guard by this, was Jamie referring to what happened with Eric, or was he referring to what happened with Tara.

“What with Eric?” Daimon asked in a rather nervous voice. Jamie stopped tying his laces and stared at his friend with a serious look on his face.

“Your aura gave you away, you’ve been sadder than you usually are,” Jamie whispered standing up. Daimon began to rub his face and sat back down on his bed.

“Me and Tara, aren’t really a thing anymore,” he explained his voice cracking. Jamie walked over to the hybrid’s bed and knelt down, to look his friend in the eye.

“You saw her, Kiera,” he whispered. Daimon began to cry silently,as he didn’t want to show himself acting weak and too vulnerable in this particular moment.

“How did you know?,” he asked the warlock. Jamie slowly stood up and walked over to his dresser and picked up his sketch book. He slowly turned the pages and found what he was looking for. He took it over to his friend and placed it in his lap. Daimon looked down at the drawing, it was of him and Kiera, the drawing was of the lake last night. Daimon looked back up at Jamie who was smiling. “Guess this seer thing will come in useful once I actually have control over it,” Jamie smiled.

“She told me that Tara deserves to be loved and that’s something I can’t give her, not now,” he cried again. “I really thought I was moving on,” he whispered his voice broke yet again. Jamie put his hand on his friends knee and gave him a reassuring look. “Dude you were here for me when the Todd drama happened, I promise I will be here for you,” Jamie replied.

Daimon smiled as he touched the drawing once more, “Can I have this?,” he whispered. Jamie nodded as he slowly got back to his feet again. Daimon ripped the picture from the book. He held it in hands and just smiled, he looked back over at his room mate who was brushing his hair. “Thank you Jamie. Thank you so much,” Daimon whispered as he placed the sketch onto his pillow.

“Hey Jamie, could we keep this between us? The whole Tara thing I mean, since I rather not burden Josh with my own troubles.” he asked his friend.

“Of course,” the warlock replied as he jokingly mimed zipping his lips and throwing away the key.. Daimon flashed him a smile and looked at the picture once more, he sighed and threw himself onto his back.

 Flashback: Melnik, Bulgaria - Orphanage 

(Song: One Republic - Love Runs Out)

Sophia was looking at herself in the mirror as she began to tie her boots. Piper and her boyfriend Jensen were sitting on Piper’s bed reading a comic book. “It’s just a hike, calm down Pipes,” Sophia told her best friend as she stood up correctly fixing her purple vest top. Piper was sat on her bed with her arms folded frowning.

“I just think you’re moving too fast,” Piper told Sophia bluntly, but Sophia wasn’t paying attention she was to doped up on love to let Piper’s words get to her. “You met this guy a few weeks ago at the market and suddenly you’re acting like he’s your soulmate,” Piper moaned. Sophia shook her head and sighed taking her long dark hair and putting it up into a pony tail. “What was that for?,” Piper asked annoyed referring to Sophia’s sigh. Seeing that the two girls were beginning to argue Jensen hid behind his comic book and pretended not to hear them.

“Again it’s just a hike,” Sophia told her friend as she began to get annoyed. “And really, you're the last person that should be reprimanding me about moving fast. Haven’t you and Jensen only been going out for five months? Kinda a case of the pot calling the kettle black huh,” Sophia said to her friend as her pony tail swayed to the side. Piper was quite offended by Sophia’s new attitude over these past few weeks. Ever since Sophia and this Eric guy became a thing she had been spending less and less time with Piper. But more than that... she was turning into a Sophia that she didn't really recognized.

Oh you say just a hike. But when you’re up there and the view is amazing and ever so romantic. Then suddenly he moves in and BAM,” she shouted slapping her two hands together, and her voice was so loud it made both Sophia and Jensen jump.

He kisses you and one kiss leads to another kiss which leads to sex which leads to pregnancy and before you know it, you’ll be married with no job in a tiny apartment looking after Baby Evergreen whilst Eric is in some sleazy bar picking up teenagers,” Piper moaned. The whole scenario Piper had invented made Sophia roll her eyes.

“I know you have my best interest at heart. But I don’t think anything like that will happen, he's very respectful and quite the gentleman.” Sophia reassured Piper who now had a disappointed look on her face. Piper remained quiet and once again folded her arms, in that stance she looked like a petulant child who was demanding her own way. Sophia was getting bored of the back and forth arguing. She chanced a look at Jensen who, when he made eye contact with Sophia just shrugged his shoulders.

Pipes, listen can you please do this tomorrow, you’re making me late and you’re making your boyfriend incredibly uncomfortable,” Sophia hissed at her. Sophia walked towards the door having enough of Pipers childish attitude. Piper however was not going down without a fight. She grabbed Sophia’s hand and pulled her back.

Sophia please don’t go! He's seventeen for crying out loud, what business does he have romancing 15 year olds? I just think you haven’t known the boy for long, so please maybe stay away from dangerous peaks,” Piper told her friend earnestly. Sophia finally broke free from Piper’s grasp as the light in the room shattered loudly.

Shit,” Jensen shouted jumping with fright and dropping The Dark Knight Returns comic book on the floor. Piper turned round to the light and then back to Sophia who looked a lot sadder.

“Look I have never complained about you ditching me for Jensen. I may not have known Eric for long but when I’m with him, I’m the happiest I have ever been. Can you try to be happy for me too?” she asked her friend with a quivering smile coming across her face. Piper too flashed Sophia a smile and nodded her head quickly.

Sure, I will try,” she whispered to her friend. The two hugged as Sophia felt her usual warmth, Piper truly gave the best hugs ever.

The two backed away from each other giggling once more.

Okay go,” Piper shouted as she pushed her friend playfully.

Go meet your guy,” Piper laughed, sounding much like the Sophia of three weeks ago. Sophia began to skip away. Piper returned to her room to find Jensen standing up, as he was staring at the shattered light bulb. Piper joined him and stared up with him.

What do you think happened?,” Jensen asked her. Piper shrugged and flicked her hair, “What do you mean what happened it was just a light bulb shattering. Probably something do with the power. Nothing to worry about,” she reassured her boyfriend and returned up to her bed. Jensen however was still staring at the ceiling.

 Point Dume Academy: Alietta and Cynthia's Room – Morning 

(Song: Wicked Ones - DOROTHY)

Alietta laid on her bed, still in a skimpy black night dress as she initiated face timing with Agoroth. She made sure Agoroth's view of her would be ideal. The white eyed demon finally responded to the call and appeared on the screen. He gave her only a cursory glance.

“It's not your usual check in time. What is it?” Agoroth said brusquely.

“Specter just showed up in my room as a damn hologram to talk about a security incident this morning.”

“What of it?” Agoroth said looking away from the screen at something unseen impatiently.

“A hunter managed to make it on campus and into the school. Cynthia's digging up more information right now, but scuttlebutt going around is, it was Eric Evergreen. But that's not the best part. Seems that the hunter is the chrone's old boyfriend. He was seen talking to her before O.R.B.S hauled him off. I can't imagine Josh is taking it too well.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Let me use this. Let me have a go at Frazer. While he's distracted and jealous. I can tear him away from the chrone and halt the prophecy in it's tracks.” Agoroth considered her words for only a moment before shaking his head.

“No, you aren't to intervene so directly, it is too risky. I need you focused on Rollings,” Agoroth answered her. Alietta wasn't happy to be turned down. “Why won't you let a girl have a little fun?” the succubus pouted.

“Once I arrive, I assure, you there will be plenty of 'fun' to have.” Agoroth grinned.

“Where are you anyway, it looks dark where you are?” Alietta asked.

“I'm back in Greece. I am working to secure something to aid you and Cynthia in your efforts. In the meantime, learn more about the hunter if you can. I must go. The sun is about to set. What I seek can only be found at a time of transition.” With that Agoroth ended the call without so much as a goodbye. Alietta looked down at her skimpy attire and sighed in frustration.

 Flashback: Mountain Peak, Bulgaria 

(Song: Budapest - George Ezra)

Eric was already at the peak as he sat down on a large boulder. “Come on slow poke, faster,” he shouted at Sophia who finally made it to the top red faced and out of breath. Eric threw her his canteen at her to which she caught quickly. Sophia proceeded to rip the top off and guzzle the water.

“How are you not out of breath?,” she panted at the boy who hadn’t even broke a sweat. Eric shrugged and smiled

I work out a lot,” he laughed flexing his muscles. Sophia let out a laugh too and sat next to him on the rock. She squeezed down on his biceps and smiled nodding her head. “It shows,” she laughed shoving Eric. “Maybe you could take me on one of your workouts,” she whispered leaning into the muscular boy. Eric shook his head.

“You couldn’t keep up,” he laughed, Sophia faked a gasp before pushing the boy once again. “Hey if you push me again I will chase you down this mountain,” Eric laughed. Sophia giggled as she felt the hunter's arm come round her shoulder. She didn’t mind, as it didn’t feel awkward or scary, it felt right. Kinda warm and cosy. She leaned in more so her head was gently resting on Eric’s head. She heard the click of a camera going off. She looked to see Eric holding out his phone, he'd just taken a picture of the two of them.

What are you doing?” Sophia asked.

Capturing perfection, Eric replied with a grin as he tucked his phone away.

You had it the wrong way, the town was in the other direction.” Sophia elbowed his middle playfully.

The two looked over the beauty of Melnik, the sun was just setting and everything looked so picturesque. “It’s so pretty,” Eric sighed staring out his bright green eyes twinkling. Sophia was used to this, looking at Melnik was nothing new to her, but she could understand why Eric would find it pretty. “Bet America is prettier,” she sighed to Eric who had broken away from staring at the sunset to look at Sophia.

Yeah if you like skyscrapers and street art,” Eric replied, “This is real beauty, wild and untamed. I never liked cities, they make me feel so claustrophobic. I’d choose a woods over a mall any day,” Eric smiled, Sophia looked up and saw Eric’s beautiful teeth. “So where do you live then?” he asked her. Sophia removed her head from Eric’s chest and looked out at the horizon.

Right over there,” Sophia pointed to the orphanage seen in the distance on a hill far above the town as she proceeded to take another sip of water. “That’s the Rozhen Monastery,” she sighed staring at it. Eric stood up and looked far out so he could get a better look. “Huh, looks nice,” Eric said. Sophia let out a singular loud fake laugh. “HA, it’s the bane of my existence,” she told Eric as she stood up to join him. He once again put his arm around her’s.

“Sometimes I wish I could fly like a bird,” she told Eric in a whimsical voice. “I would fly far away from here. Never come back,” she said returning to her normal tone. There was a brief moment of silence. But a gust of wind ruined it by blowing Sophia’s pony straight into Eric’s face.

The pair laughed again Sophia sighed and just stared at his face. “What?,” he asked her looking baffled?

You still haven’t told me why you came here. Why did an all American boy… come all the way here,” she smiled staring at him, not breaking eye contact.

Eric smiled and put his hands on his hips. He thought about it, he obviously couldn’t tell her the truth. “My mother got really sad after my father died. So we travelled the world for a bit, she liked Bulgaria the best, so we stayed,” Eric lied to her. “Simple,” he said as a finish.

Sophia’s eyes narrowed, getting the feeling there was more to the story as she took her hair out the pony tail and let her hair cascade naturally. “Sure Eric,” she said with a playful jest in her voice. Eric faked acting shocked dramatically putting his hands on his chest. “My dear, would I lie to you?,” he asked her in a very theatrical way. Sophia laughed as her hair blew in the wind.

She looks so beautiful.

I didn’t realize we were in a fifties drama darlin',” she laughed.

Eric pulled her in playfully, he stared at her longingly in the eyes and proclaimed “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” the teens both laughed but the laughter soon turned into silence.

The two teenagers were both looking at each other longingly not even blinking. Eric took his right hand and pushed Sophia’s hair out of her face.

Thanks,” Sophia whispered so quietly Eric could barely hear her. They returned to silence as he slowly pulled her in.

Their foreheads went together softly, soon their lips were touching. They were kissing, Sophia was a little nervous after all this was her first kiss. But as usual Eric made her feel completely safe. The kiss felt like every movie makes it out to be, like it was only her and Eric in the whole world. Like that mountain top was their own little Xanadu. Sophia thought 'If my life was a movie, this is where we’d pan out and the credits would roll.

Soon the pair backed away from each other, it wasn’t long before Sophia realized that Piper was right. Maybe that’s all Eric bought her up here for.

Um Eric,” she stuttered scratching her head.

Oh god, I made it awkward didn’t I,” Eric shouted backing away. “I just thought I really like this girl and I have never kissed anyone so I was like maybe, I should take a chance? I’m sorry,” he said in a very clunky un-Eric like fashion that made Sophia’s heart melt.

She grabbed his hand and smiled, “No, it was wonderful,” she reassured him. “Guess we both had a great first kiss,” she laughed making Eric blush. “A+ for environment and extra credit for being an amazing kisser,” she told him kissing him again but this one didn’t linger, it was quick.

Oh good, I am a little nervous because I don’t know if you’re expecting you know… Sex. Because I don’t know if I’m ready,” Eric told her remaining very sheepish. Sophia hugged him and rested her forehead on his chest. Eric on the other hand rested his chin in Sophia’s dark hair. “I’m not ready either,” she whispered. As she looked up to make eye contact with Eric he was smiling back at her.

“We are perfect for each other,” he laughed backing away from the hug quickly.

Now, I will escort my lady down the mountain to get smoothies,” Eric said bowing and talking in a very formal accent. Sophia smiled and thought she’d humour Eric just this once.

Oh my, it would be an honour, my prince,” she said in a fake British accent. Eric shrugged his shoulders.

We’ll work on it,” he laughed before Sophia began to chase him.

 Point Dume Academy: Cafeteria – Brunch 

(Song: Flashlight - Jessie J)

The cancellation of many of the morning classes had the students of Point Dume in a tizzy. Gossip and rumours floated everywhere. With nothing to do, and no place to go, many ended up in the cafeteria, and the staff acquiesced into serving brunch for any who arrived. Tara and Daimon were in line for food discussing the events that transpired last night. “So,” Daimon whispered looking around him to check if any of their friends were around. “So,” Tara repeated.

“Look, I just wanted to say, that I am sorry again,” he hybrid apologized. Tara shook her head as the line moved along, the two teens grabbed trays. “Honestly, Daimon you don’t have to apologize. What happened to you was tragic, I was in the wrong. I rushed you,” she explained.

“So how about we just stay friends for now,” she smiled at the boy. He laughed and looked at the floor, Kiera was still on his mind, but that was nothing new to him. “So Sophia, ey,” Daimon, whispered as a means of mutual distraction, as they finally got their food. She looked over her shoulder and could see the group at a table. Sophia had her head in her hands and was still looking rather out of sorts.

“I can’t believe it, she dated an Evergreen, as in THE EVERGREENS,” Tara whispered in a loud tone before she was hushed by Daimon who was nervous about the people around her hearing the conversation the two were having, given the wildest rumours of Eric being the vanguard of an imminent hunter attack. The name inspired fear in many and was not to be bandied about in conversation lightly.

She grabbed a salmon and cream cheese bagel and continued talking as Daimon grabbed a sweeter option of a peanut butter and banana bagel. “She doesn’t want anyone to know so keep it on the down low,” Tara whispered as she picked up a small bowl of mixed fruits. Daimon however just grabbed a large red apple.

“I already knew about Eric, actually,” Daimon said a little sheepishly. Tara did a double-take, looking up at the hybrid.

“WHAT?” Tara screamed in barely contained whisper.

“She told me about her old boyfriend. She didn't mention he was a hunter, but I know part of her story anyway.” Daimon said, looking at Tara sympathetically.

“She told you before me and Bella?” Tara asked, biting her lip, a little bit of hurt in her eyes, and envy in her voice.

“It wasn't my secret to tell. It came about...She could relate to me...about lost love...and how it can be hard to escape from the ghosts of your past.” Daimon finally answered. Tara swallowed reflexively and nodded, trying to maintain her emotions.

“Well, we'll just make sure nobody else finds out who Eric really was for the time being,” Tara said, trying to change the tone the conversation was heading.

“Are you kidding, you know what this school’s like for gossip. Take when Josh and Sienna hooked up for example; next Monday, BAM, all everyone was talking about. When Todd and Jamie broke up, literally, the next day people were coming up to him asking if he was okay. You can’t keep a secret at Point Dume,” Daimon told her as they began to walk away from the food.

“Do you think people will gossip about us then?” she asked in a very nervous tone looking around her. Tara always felt somewhat self-conscious but she felt like everyone was looking at her, as they began weaving their way through the cafeteria. “Not really, only Jamie knows,” he told Tara who stopped walking.

“You told somebody?” she asked panicking yet again. The hybrid turned around too and lowered his voice. “He already knew, remember he has that new power that makes him go all That’s So Raven, ‘It’s the future he can see’. Don’t worry he’s a good guy. Like I said, he knows what it’s like, being talked about. He won’t tell a soul.” Daimon reassured his friend, he rubbed her arm and smiled. “I’m not stopping till I see you smile,” he told her. She giggled and flashed a smile to the hybrid. “Let’s go eat,” he exclaimed marching forward dramatically.

Deep down Tara knew he had a point and she felt her stomach fill with butterflies as she approached the table with Josh, Jamie, Bella and Sophia already sitting down. Todd was off at a far table sitting with Alietta, who were talking animatedly. But Philip and Sienna were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, it was weird seeing everyone being in close proximity to each other. If it this was one month ago, neither Todd, Bella nor Jamie would be anywhere near each other.

Sophia, though, looked worse for wear and was using her hand to rest her head. Bella was on her phone texting away giggling every now and again, whereas Jamie was drinking a cup of coffee whilst reading and finally, Josh was doing nothing but staring at Sophia in between mouthfuls of cereal, his hair still looking wet from swimming.

Huh. Josh and Sophia not sitting anywhere near each other? That is rather odd. I wonder...

“Hey Breakfast Club,” Daimon shouted as he approached the group. Everyone looked up except for Sophia and acknowledged the pair.

“So how are we all on this fine morning?,” Tara asked the group in a fake peppy voice.

“Amazing,” Bella replied.

“Stressed,” Jamie added.

“Numb,” Sophia stated. Then everything went silent as everyone waited for an answer from Josh, who soon realized that the rest of the group were waiting. He rolled his eyes and continued to eat his cereal before sighing


The atmosphere was horrid and felt grim, Daimon and Tara didn’t know what to do, and they stared at each other. Daimon took a bite of his bagel and indicated for Tara to start talking to Bella. She shook her head thinking that no one wanted to speak so Daimon abruptly did it for her. “So Bella, why are you ‘Amazing’ today,” he laughed attempting to mimic the young witches voice.

The blonde girl smiled and placed her phone on her heart and sighed dramatically. “Me and Adam have been texting all morning,” she told the group to which Daimon raised an eyebrow before looking over at the massive clock that hung just above them. “All morning? It’s 10:30,” the hybrid laughed, believing Bella was only being dramatic.

“I know, he sent me a photo from The Simpsons at six in the morning and it was the whole ‘I cho-cho choose you’ train picture and we’ve been talking ever since,” Bella smiled as her phone beeped again. She picked it up and let out a large laugh.

“Didn't you shut your phone off a little while ago?” Tara asked.

“I did, and missed 3 messages! He was worried. It's so cute!” Bella said, beaming at her room-mate.

“God, if I wasn’t busy I’d vomit all over you and your hideous skirt,” Jamie whispered not looking up from his book. Bella smirked and flicked her long blonde hair before looking at the top of Jamie’s head. “Awww, am I making you jealous? Sorry, should I stop?And pluh-ease, this skirt is Channel sweetie,” Bella said defending herself.

“Well I think Channel ripped you off, because that is awful. And to answer your question I am much happier being single, you know, since you ended my first and only relationship,” the boy fired back at Bella who now narrowed her eyes and was staring at the warlock with rage. Josh, for his part, looked like he hadn't even heard the heated conversation, lost in his own thoughts. That or he was wisely choosing to stay stay out of that long standing feud.

Smart guy.” Daimon thought.

Again it seemed like it was up to Daimon to stop the awkward atmosphere. “Well hey, at least you two are sitting at the same table, that’s progress right?,” he asked the group. Sophia didn’t reply, neither did Josh… or Tara who mouthed ‘Sorry’ to her friend, and looking down sullenly. “Well, Jamie, why don’t you share next? Why are you stressed and does it have something to do with that book you’re holding?” Daimon asked his friend talking like a game show host.

Jamie picked up a sausage from his plate and began to talk into it like it was a microphone. “Why yes, Daimon, it does, thank you for asking. I am, in fact, studying for the Species Identification test we have this afternoon,” the dark haired warlock replied in an equally exaggerated voice.

Sophia’s head shot up quickly “THE TEST IS TODAY?,” she shouted. “Oh god, I totally forgot,” she moaned as she slowly lowered her head to the table. “What am I gonna do, Sherman is gonna kill me and I’ll fail my first test at this dam school,” The witch said frantically.

“Well I’m sure it won’t be that bad,” Tara reassured her grabbing her hand.

“Yeah it can’t be THAT hard, it’s just about magical creatures and we are magical creatures. Go on, Jamie hit her with a question, she’ll get it no problem,” Daimon said confidently looking at Sophia.

Jamie nodded and scanned the book looking for one. “Ah here we go, what are the differences between Sirens and Mermaids? List at least five known differences not including the voices used to entrap men,” he asked Sophia looking up at her. But she just stared at him with the bags under her eyes making her tiered by the minute. She couldn’t even think straight so she yawned then proceeded to yell “Pass,”

He scanned the book for another question, “What is a Chimera?,” he asked Sophia. She looked back at him again struggling, all she could hear was other students talking, and the sound of Bella and Josh loudly eating cereal she couldn’t think! All she could manage to say was “A Chi-what,” before tilting her head.

The table went silent once more as Tara took another bite of her bagel. Sophia moaned before yelling “I’m so screwed,” as she again lowered her head to the table.

“Or you could take the day off and sleep, because you look like something out of the thriller music video,” Jamie told Sophia. “Don’t worry I will cover for you,” he continued to tell Sophia who smiled back at the boy.

“Do you guys think I should take the day off?,” Sophia asked the rest of the table who all replied ‘YES’ except for Josh who continued to eat his cereal in silence.

Sophia looked at her boyfriend “Josh?” she asked a little unsure but before he could answer Headmaster Specter approached the breakfast table and stood at the end, his presence alone demanded attention. “Good morning all,” he said in a very formal voice.

“Good morning Sir,” the teenagers replied, Arabella did not stop texting and Josh did not stop eating however.

“How are you Miss. Dimitrov after the events of this morning?,” he asked Sophia in a very calm collected tone. Sophia smiled back at the teacher before pushing her hair behind her. “Overwhelmed honestly. I can't think straight. It's not everyday somebody I presumed dead comes back to life” she told him.

“Understandable. I assure you we will get to the bottom of this. For you, I would recommend a day of bed rest, I will tell your professors that you’re resting,” he told Sophia who was quite happy that she didn’t have to cut class and that her friends didn’t have to lie for her.

“Isn’t it funny when Sophia’s ex comes back in her life she gets a day off school, but when yours does, you get nothing,” Daimon said sarcastically to Jamie.

Jamie laughed in his usual sarcastic tone before it was broken off. “Something we’d like to share gentlemen?,” Specter asked the two laughing boys.

Thankfully Daimon made the save “We said hasn’t Principle Specter got more handsome today or is it just us,” the hybrid laughed pointing at the man. Specter let out a slight smirk before winking.

“Good save boys, good save,” he joked.

Sophia coughed to get his attention, as he stared down at her she knew what she wanted to ask.

“How is Eric? Is he safe?,” she asked hoping for an honest answer. Josh had picked up on her mention him and discreetly raise his head, this was the first time that he heard her mention his name. Specter looked around and then knelt down so he was at eye level with Sophia.

“Now Miss. Dimitrov even if I had that information I couldn’t divulge it. The members of O.R.B.S are not monsters. I’m sure they’ll treat Mr. Evergreen with respect. But enough about that, that’s not what I came here to talk about,” he told the group who were hanging on his every word. Jamie had closed his book, Bella had put her phone down and Josh finally stopped eating.

“It’s not?” Sophia questioned.

“No I came here to talk to Mr. Moores and Miss. Martin,” Specter said,

“You see, it has come to my attention that there is still a certain animosity between the two of you. I feel that you two could benefit from venting a little frustration. So I propose you two have a contest,” he said to the group. Daimon now looked very excited, Sophia, Jamie and Bella on the other hand did not.

“A battle, is that wise?,” Bella asked the principal.

“I said, 'contest,' not battle,” Specter replied, patting her on the shoulder.

“For you, training session meant all out combat. How else am I supposed to interpret your definition of contest?” Bella snarled right back.

“Will it be safe?,” Tara asked.

“Of course it will be, Ms. Linn. I will be there watching, keeping all of you safe,” Specter reassured the group.

“Wait, Now I’m confused,” Jamie told the man, “First you tell me that I need to forgive Bella if I want to forgive myself or some crap along those line, but now you’re telling me I should use my powers to hurt her?” he said quizzically. It seems that not matter what, Specter continued talking to them in a very strange way; it was like he was getting paid to speak in riddles or divulge as little information as possible.

“Oh James, so tenacious, just like your mother. We are preparing you for what's to come. Who knows what is on his army. You need to know how to fight your own kind, that is the point of this training,” he told the young warlock. Jamie shrugged and smiled.

“Great, I have a lot of frustration that needs to come out. Hope you’re ready, Martin” he smiled at the blonde.

Bella flicked her hair and stared back at him “Bring it Moores,” she whispered.

“Hey, who knew a dangerous battle would bring you two so close?” Daimon laughed pointing at the two. Specter turned to look at Sophia as she was rubbing her eyes.

“Ms. Dimitrov, while I do want you to get some rest, I hope to have you attend this contest between Ms. Martin and Mr. Moores. Perhaps seeing various powers in action will help you to determine where your own talents may lie and what areas of magic you are more suited to pursuing as a course of study.”

Josh, for his part couldn’t do this, he had to put his jealousy aside for one moment and step in.

“Are you crazy, a duel or whatever you’re calling it? She is in no fit state to practice magic,” Josh shouted pointing at a half dead-looking Sophia. “Plus, both of them have a lot more experience than her, they’ve developed their powers for years. She doesn’t stand a chance at replicating them, it would be like asking a caveman to start a fire with a can of gasoline and nothing else.” he finished his rant. Specter merely sighed and looked very disappointed at Josh.

“Mr. Frazer, so glad that you chipped in. Do you think that when the time comes whoever your enemy is will sit around and wait for you all to master your abilities? Or decide not to attack because one of you is having a bad day? With all due respect to Miss Dimitrov, she can’t let shocking turn of events get in the way of her training,” Specter told the yellow eyed demon bluntly.

“As for the experience, We do not have time to instil years worth of instruction into Ms. Dimitrov, but what I've seen so far, she demonstrates remarkable natural talent, and it is only a matter of her learning to control and focus her skills so that she'll get better. Her best chance to help all of us is for her to know the full range of her abilities, ” he finished, cutting Josh down and stepping away.

“Mr. Frazer, if you ever question me again, you’ll have detention for a month. That goes for all of you,” Specter told Josh in an authoritative voice.

“The field five o'clock, be there, all three of you. Anyone else is welcome to watch… Adds to the pressure,” Specter finished as he smiled at the teens. “Have a pleasant day, students,” he said before walking away.

“Well, so much for private training,” Bella chipped in as their principle left the scene.

“Regardless I can’t wait to beat you and prove once and for all who the queen witch of Point Dume really is… ME,” Bella smiled pointing at herself, Tara also smiled at her best friends supreme confidence.

“Please,” Jamie laughed loudly. “I am a Moores, I was literally bred for this. I am genetically superior,” he continued in a somewhat joking manner.

Daimon leaned into Tara and whispered “I feel like I’m watching a press conference for a title fight, the trash talk is sooo good,”. This made the Kitsune laugh, before she told him “You have peanut butter on your lips,”. She took her finger and rubbed it slowly down Daimon’s mouth. “All gone,” she whispered as he smiled back at her. The two then realized that they were breaking their just friends situation already, so they quickly pulled apart, and went back to focus on the conversation at hand.

The school bell then rang shortly after which told the teens that brunch was over and certain classes would soon resume. “Well come on y'all off to class,” Bella smiled standing up first, followed by the rest the teens, except for Sophia, who reached out and touched Josh’s hand. Josh, however was still deep in thought about the whole Eric situation, Sophia knew it was troubling him deeply. But nevertheless instinctively entwined his hand with hers despite not making eye contact.

“Do you wanna talk?” she whispered to her boyfriend. Josh looked at her in the eyes for the first time today and let out a large poof of air, he looked down at his empty bowl letting another sigh out. He didn’t want to get into this conversation, he had a bad feeling it would end in an argument...something he didn’t want.

“Can we talk tonight after the contest? I’m going to be late,” he whispered back making sure none of their friends could hear them.

“Sure,” Sophia replied back with a smile. Josh kissed her on the cheek and let go of her hand as he quickly ran to catch up with the others, while Sophia was left sitting alone. She didn’t have a class to go to since Specter had let her have the day off. so it seemed she was going to be alone. She saw Todd at the far end of the cafeteria wave goodbye to a blond girl whose name escaped her. Before she knew it, she had closed the distance and caught up with him as he walked along the hallway on the way to his next class.

“Umm, excuse me? Todd?” Sophia asked hesitantly. The blonde vampire stopped and turned around.

“Yes?” Todd replied, offering Sophia a dashing smile that lit up his face. But Sophia was too concerned with framing her question to even notice.

“I um...had a question...about your dad- I mean your maker, I suppose. Maxim...” Sophia trailed off, suddenly unsure how to broach the subject.

“What about him?” Todd asked, him, his smile fading, but he kept any sign of displeasure at hearing the name register on his face.

“He's the head of O.R.B.S, right?” Sophia began.

“Yes, ever since Frank Moores, Jamie's father, stepped down.”

“The boy they caught here this morning. The hunter...”

“You mean your old boyfriend?” Todd's remark made Sophia do a double-take. “Don't be so surprised, Sophia. Most supernatural creatures have some form of enhanced senses, which includes hearing. Daimon's voice wasn't exactly quiet either when he made the joke about your “ex”. Half the room probably heard what he said, and combined with the ruckus that happened this morning, it's not hard to put 2 and 2 together.” Todd said with a grin.

Sophia frowned in consternation at the thought of being the subject of rumours and gossip at the school, but another thought quickly came to her.

“I suppose that makes sense. I mean, it's not like you were sitting around and eavesdropping on everything that came out of Jamie's mouth.” This time it was Todd's turn to double-take. He shifted in his stance, and more carefully appraised the girl standing before him.

“Don't be so surprised, I was deeply in love once too. I know sometimes you end up doing things you never imagined you could do before.” Sophia said, looking into Todd's eyes without derision, without anything but empathy. Todd let out an embarrassed chuckle.

“Thanks for understanding. I wasn't trying to horn in on your private life, though. I'm sorry for that. How can I help you?”

“I want to know what's going on with Eric. He may have lied to me but I'm worried about what Maxim or the rest of ORBS may do to him.” Sophia said, fear gripping her voice once again.

“Hmm, I don't think a single captured hunter warrants the attention of the head of O.R.B.S itself, so I can tell you that I don't think you have much to worry about. He travels in his own little world. I rarely know where Maxim is most of the time, and while you wouldn't want to get on his bad side, it also takes a lot to pique his interest.”

“So you're saying I shouldn't worry then?” Sophia asked.

“If it will help, I could try and find out where Eric is being held. Being the son of the head of O.R.B.S. does have some perks.” Todd offered with a smirk.

“ I know we're not friend but thanks Todd,” Sophia said, flashing him a bright smile.

“Anything for a friend of Jamie's, now since it's clear we both have no classes together... Do you want to hang out?” Todd said with a supportive hand squeezing her shoulder briefly, before stepping aside to allow Sophia to walk alongside him back to his room. Neither saw Josh around the corner, who'd returned to apologize to Sophia, only to find her with a huge smile on her face while Todd had his hand on her shoulder before seeing Todd clearly leading them both toward the vampire's dorm room. Josh turned away, his mind awash in a thousand swirling thoughts.

 Point Dume Academy: Sienna’s Room 

(Song: One More Night - Maroon 5)

Sienna stared up at the ceiling, her hair in disarray, with a sour look on her face. A shirtless Philip lay next to her, with a pillow propped up behind his head as he messed with his phone.

“I mean, can she be more of a cliché,” Sienna moaned, continuing the rant she'd been on most of the morning, about Sophia. By this point Phillip had tuned her out and stopped paying attention to his girlfriend.

“Dating a hunter! Two individuals torn apart because they come from two different worlds. Ugh, how sappy can you get? I told you she was a train wreck, didn't I?” Sienna continued. Even before Specter's morning announcement, neither Sienna nor Phillip had classes till later in the day, so they had spent the entire morning in her enormous room. What had been slated to be a three person suite, upon Sienna's insistence on not wanting to deal with obnoxious and annoying room-mates, and after a significant monetary donation from her father, Matheus, had been turned into a massive room that Sienna occupied alone, giving her more privacy than most students. Sienna reached over to Philip, running her hand down his chest and onto his abs slowly before moving closer to him, pressing her naked body against his, nuzzling up next to her boyfriend, who proceeded to put his arm around her instinctively while texting one handed with the other.

“I’m so happy we have each other, baby,” Sienna sighed, running her hand along his chest. There was something artificial about the whole scene, like it seemed too sugar coated. This wasn’t the real Sienna and Phillip, but rather what Sienna wished they were.

Sienna soon noticed that Phillip was still on his phone, she let out a large sigh and elbowed him in the side. He let out a small grunt before looking down at the girl.

“What the hell S?” he shouted at her. Sienna just rolled her eyes at the boy as she propped herself up on the bed, the sheets falling away from her chest.

“You know, you could pay some attention to me. You know, when we’re not under the sheets, it's like I don't even exist to you.” she moaned flicking her hair, before deciding to just put it up. She reached over to find a rubber band for her hair. Phillip rolled his eyes and sighed, put his phone down, sat himself up on the bed. He pushed his shaggy hair out of his eyes before wrapping his arms around her shoulders and hugging her from behind. He nibbled her neck, and proceeded to kiss her right shoulder. She closed her eyes at his touch, but soon brushed him away, rebuking his affections.

“I’m sorry okay, just you’re moaning about Sophia every day. I get it, you don’t like her. So what, she dated a hunter...you’re dating me and I don’t even know what I am,” he said to his girlfriend. Sienna sighed, pulling herself off the bed, donned only in a black baby doll set.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Sienna huffed. She always felt a little annoyed by the fact Phillip didn’t know what he was, she wanted a strong and powerful man, something akin to what she had with Josh. But with Phillip, it was like she was stronger than him, something she didn’t like. She often asked herself why she tolerated Phillip, but then she had only to remind herself that he was one of the most popular boys in school and that girls often tell her how jealous they are that she scooped him up. In retrospect, Sienna realized it was a superficial reason to stay with someone but she didn’t care. It was this or nothing and this beat being alone with her thoughts.

“You know, you can be a real bitch sometimes,” Phillip moaned, kicking the covers off himself and getting out of Sienna’s bed. Then bending over to pick up his pants. She spun around dramatically, putting her hands on her hips.

“I can be a bitch? You’re the one that’s always on your phone and never giving me the attention that I deserve as your girlfriend,” she screamed back at him.

“Why do you think that is, all we ever do together is have sex. You know, I would like to go on a date sometime or even just be alone were you don’t talk about Sophia or Josh,” he grunted as he fished his arms into his shirt and pulled it down over his chest. He slid into his shoes and was heading to the door when she glared at him in a worse mood than before. “So you’re just leaving in the middle of a fight; some man you are! Where are you even going?,” she screamed. Phillip gave her the finger on his way out and proceeded to shout, “Species Identification, I have a test to flunk,”. The door slammed abruptly, Sienna ran to her bed and threw a pillow at the door and let out a large scream of frustration.

 Flashback: Rohzen Orphanage 

(Song: Not About Angels - Birdie)

Can I open my eyes yet?,” Sophia asked Eric who had blindfolded her was leading her to a surprise he had set up. At this point in time Eric and Sophia had been going steady for six months now. Eric had promised a special surprise for their six month anniversary and he wasn’t going to disappoint. He didn't lead her very far before stopping.

Okay now,” Eric whispered into her ear untying the blindfold, once Sophia could see Eric’s surprise took her breath away. Eric has set up multi-coloured lanterns, they hung from the central tree in Rhozen's garden and were suspended from branch to branch on a pieces of string. They had transformed the otherwise Spartan garden into a wonderland of colour. Below a large tree lay a tartan picnic blanket with a basket resting on top of it. “Happy six months skŭpa,” Eric smiled.

Sophia’s eyes began to fill with tears, never had anyone took so much care into trying to accomplish something for her. Sure, she had Jensen and Piper but no one had gone out of their way like Eric to make her so damn happy. She was in awe at the sheer beauty of Eric’s gift.

You did all this for me?” Sophia asked when she managed to find her voice.

I had some help from your friend Jensen, and a rather spunky nun,” Eric grinned.

That would be Sister Dominique.” Sophia laughed. “Other than Jensen and Piper, she's the only other person that really cares about me.”

I like her. She's um...Very blunt.” Eric quipped, scratching the back of his head, sheepishly.

Sophia spun around and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

Thank you so much,” she said to him, fighting the return of her tears. Eric began to well up ever so slightly too. He soon brushed the tears away and let out another dazzling smile.

Shall we sit?,” he asked her in a soft voice. She nodded her head and he took her by the hand as they both started to lower themselves onto the blanket.

So for you I have prepared a starter of a light Greek salad, a main course of seasoned salmon on a bed of noodles and for desert chocolate covered strawberries,” Eric opened the picnic basket with another smile on his face. Sophia put her hand on her chest, how could someone get something this perfect. She had never felt so nervous in her life, her stomach was filled with butterflies and strangely she had never been happier.

Once the two teenagers had finished their meals Eric had yet another surprise for his girlfriend. “Now I know you’re not much of a drinker, but I robbed a bottle of wine from the cellar of the abbey,” Eric told her popping the cork of the red wine.

You stole the wine they use for church services? You are so going to hell,” Sophia hit his arm, half in jest and half shocked. He pulled out two small plastic wine glasses and began to pour the drink while grinning.

Relax. Actually, I swiped this from my Mother's cabinet. You've probably never tasted anything grown outside of Bulgaria.” He gave Sophia her cup and took his own in his hand.

A toast,” Eric proclaimed raising his glass high. “To an amazing six months with an amazing girl and here is to another,” he finished raising his glass.

Here, here,” Sophia laughed back as they both clinked their faux glasses together. Sophia tested the bitter wine as it went down her throat, noting its difference from the wines made in this region.

It's not as strong,” Sophia says at first, “and the flavour is different.” “I didn't take you for a wine connoisseur,” Eric replied with an awestruck grin. “Do you have much opportunity to drink wine in the orphanage?”

“Did you forget we are in the middle of wine country? Nearly every house in Melnik has a wine cellar in their basement. During harvest season, the entire town needs help bringing in the grapes. They even enlisted us kids in the orphanage. It gave us something to do, made us feel like we're actually a part of the town and not just a burden. And it meant full bellies for us, sneaking some grapes whenever the vintner's backs were turned.” Sophia sighed, ending her reverie staring straight ahead, lost in thought.

I had no idea, I'm sorry if the wine makes you think of things you'd rather not.” Eric apologized.

Its, fine. It was sweet of you really, and I love the effort you put into everything,” Sophia replied, taking another sip of wine.

But you're right, I've not had much experience drinking for pleasure. Hey, did you know that Winston Churchill was a fan of wine made right here in Melnik?” Sophia asked, looking over at Eric, changing the subject.

Did he really? That's interesting, tell me more,” Eric said, taking a sip from his own glass as the conversation between the two flowed easily and unforced.

It's told to every child in school every year during harvest season. Melnik's own claim to fame. Trying to make us seem important, to make it be known as something other than the smallest city in the world.”

Well, I think the old guy was onto something. There's definitely something precious here in Melnik, if one knows where to look,” Eric said, looking at Sophia intently. She blushed as they clinked their cups again in celebration.

To soon Eric was putting everything away into the basket, he threw it to one side and then began to slowly lay down on his back. “God, I am so stuffed,” Eric moaned grabbing his stomach. Sophia laid down too and rested her head on his chest. The two teenagers both stared up at an endless field of stars.

It’s so beautiful,” she smiled gazing up and the wonders of space.

Just looking up, it makes you realize how small you are. I wonder if there’s anyone else in the world who’s looking up at these same stars with the person they love right now,” Sophia sighed. She very quickly realized what she had said. She had just admitted to loving Eric. She had to quickly correct herself, she didn’t want to make Eric feel awkward. They had been taking things very slow, Eric wasn’t like other boys, he was kind and respectful. She was afraid this one slip up would cost her everything. Sophia began to frantically apologize and stutter.

“Sophia, Sophia… Why are you apologizing for,” Eric laughed at his girlfriend.

I love you too,” Eric replied pushing himself up. Sophia was just so happy to hear him say that, never had she ever heard someone so special say that to her. He leaned in and kissed her. She put her arms around him again as this was one of their more passionate kisses. It lingered, the whole atmosphere was electric. The lanterns illuminating the dark garden, the natural beauty of the surrounding sandstone cliffs and the awe-inspiring view of the stars. Sophia could see why Eric loves nature, from her standpoint this was the best place in the entire universe.

Eric backed away, he smiled yet again. “Shall we do presents?,” he asked her. Sophia nodded and went looking into her bag, Eric on the other hand reached into his coat pocket to withdraw a small powder blue box. “You didn’t have to get me anything since you already did all of this,” Sophia sighed looking at Eric grasp the box tightly in his hand.

“I do have to get you a present because I'm the best boyfriend in the world,” Eric said to her, jokingly, before handing it over.

Open it,” Eric told her. Sophia happily complied. What she saw made her weep even more. Buried under white tissue paper was a necklace unlike any she had seen before. Attached to a silver chain was a coiled snake, a string of clear and blue jewels running down its S-shaped back. In its mouth was a silver apple pendant adorned with a large zircon stone; it was breath taking. She looked up at him, her eyes were streaming but she was smiling from ear to ear.

“I remember seeing you at the jewelry stand the day we met. You went over to the fruit cart and came across the scariest looking snake I ever saw. You were so enchanting. Fearless and beautiful. I had to meet you. I had the jeweller make this for you as a reminder of that day. I had it made months ago, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to make it even more special for you,” he told her in a faint voice. Sophia gently put the box down and she once again kissed her boyfriend passionately. Eric ran his fingers through her long brown hair. Sophia backed away slowly ending the kiss even though she didn’t want to.

Time for your present. So I know you may not agree with what I did, but I stole it,” she laughed rather comically.

What!?” Eric shouted in a rather shocked manner that Sophia actually did that, but she just laughed and pushed him playfully.

It's called joking. No stealing involved, I just saved up.” she told him passing him a paper bag.

I didn’t have enough for a fancy box though, sorry,” she told Eric handing over the paper bag. Once he looked in he was surprised at what he saw. Sophia had bought him a small handmade necklace, it was metal and had two crescent shapes on either side. The center design seemed to convey a female form with her arms raised above her head forming a circle.

It's beautiful Soph, but do you know what this is?” Eric asked her. Sophia took the small necklace in his hand.

It was the same jeweller you went to. When I told him I wanted something, but didn't have very much money, he asked me about you. He was really odd about it, asking if I was okay, if I was happy. He seemed very concerned about me. I told him I'd never been happier in my life and I wanted to get something special for you. He suggested this and gave me a real good deal on it. He said you would understand its meaning.” Eric sighed looking at his own reflection in the metallic object. Several thoughts were going through his head, but he knew he had to push them to the side to enjoy this moment he had with his girlfriend.

I do actually...and its wonderful. But you really didn't have to,” Eric said.

Well, what are you waiting for? Put it on Evergreen,” Sophia barked taking it off the boy. He reached behind his neck but the coat he was wearing stopped him from attaching the back on. “Take your coat off,” she told Eric. The boy looked a little nervous now, he slowly took his coat off to reveal that he was wearing a short sleeved black shirt.

Holy shit did you get a tattoo?,” Sophia shouted as she grabbed Eric’s wrist to reveal the tattoo of the snake on his wrist.

Eric pulled away with trepidation, “It’s kinda tradition in my family. My mother made me get it, but right now, I can’t stand it,” Eric grunted staring down at it. Sophia looked worried, she touched him gently and was as soft spoken as possible.

“It doesn’t look that bad,” she told him trying to reassure him. Eric looked like he was about to break down in tears, he was hiding something and Sophia wanted to find out what. She went to speak, but suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and rain began to pour down on both of the teenagers.

Какво по дяволите, it was supposed to be sunny all day today! ” Sophia shouted trying to stand up. Eric took her hand and stood up too, she went to pick up the picnic blanket up, but Eric merely shouted “Leave it,”. He grabbed the the necklaces and put them in his jean pocket.

He opened his coat and shouted over the loud sound of the rain “Over here,”, Sophia did as she was told and Eric tucked her head in close to his side, using the jacket to shelter them both. The teens then began to run through the garden attempting to get back under the shelter of the monastery’s roof, initially they were scared when the storm all but intensified but soon they were laughing and the timing of it all.

After climbing the stairs of the monastery, they made their way underneath the overhanging terrace, which provided relief from the storm. Sophia’s hair was dripping water into her face, and she saw when she looked up, that Eric's soaked shirt clung to his torso. She smiled and he smiled back, “Well that was memorable,” she laughed. “You can say that again,” Eric replied, as he reached into his pocket.

He pulled out the necklace and looked at his girlfriend deep in her eyes. “Would you do me the honour of letting me put this on you?,” Eric asked her. Of course she wasn’t going to say no, she nodded her head and pushed her mane of wet dark hair to the right side. Eric slowly put it around the girl's neck, the pale snake resting on Sophia’s chest. She looked down at the charm and fell in love with it. She heard a click and she knew that it was in place now, so she slowly turned around to him. She looked down at Eric’s new tattoo. Something was telling her it wasn’t right, something about Eric’s behaviour before it rained was also a clear indication of that. But, it seemed like whatever it was, her boyfriend wasn't ready to talk about it.

And can I put yours on?,” she asked him softly, Eric nodded and turned around, the back of his hair dripped on Sophia’s fingers but she didn’t mind. She clicked the back into place as Eric turned round, it looked really great on him.

Looks like we match now,” Eric said quietly as he raised his wrist to Sophia’s charm, the snakes were both next to each other. The second he said that it was as if Sophia’s troubles lifted, there was no doubt in her mind that Eric was her true love, perhaps this was the sign she needed to prove that.

 O.R.B.S Headquarters: Interrogation Room 

(Song: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons)

Eric sat in the interrogation room once again, chained hand and feet to the table and the floor this time. waiting for Violet to come in and ask the same inane questions for the hundredth time. However, when the door opened, he saw that Violet was not visiting him this time. Maxim strutted in and closed the door swiftly and locked it theatrically. Eric did not not even move a muscle as the intimidating vampire sat down facing the boy.

“Good Afternoon,” Maxim smiled in his formal voice. Eric however made no comment, he remained silent as usual.

“You and I, we’re a lot alike Eric,” Maxim whispered in a very cold voice.

“We both are widely respected, and have, through our various actions developed a certain reputation. One such commonality is that we both don't believe in pretence. People learn very quickly not to try and underestimate us. Would you agree?” Maxim stared into the eyes of the hunter. Eric said nothing, but much as he didn't want to, he did acknowledge Maxim with a small nod.

“Excellent, so then, there is no need on your part to continue with this deception. I know you stole a paper clip from Violet during our earlier....discussion,” Maxim began, with a small grin forming when he alluded to their battle as such, “so I'm well aware those bonds do not confine you,” Maxim nodded to the shackles. With a sigh, Eric moved his wrists and the shackles fell away, followed soon after with the leg restraints.

“Nothing gets by you,” Eric said with a snort, acknowledging Maxim with another nod.

“Very little, I assure you. Which is why I know that you wouldn’t have gone to Point Dume without a plan. Forgetting the how for the moment. That will be something for Specter and the rest of O.R.B.S. to quibble about… What I need to know is why?” he asked the teenager.

Eric looked down. He was not willing to talk to Maxim any more than he was Violet. He knew Maxim wasn't what you'd call a patient man, his frustration for Eric was growing more and more by the second. The vampire slowly began to tap his fingers on the metallic table, the faint noise grew louder and louder, perhaps it was a way for Maxim to let off steam without trying to physically hurt Eric.

“Enough of this silence, I will not play the same game with you as you did with Violet. You will tell me why you were at Point Dume Academy, right now!” Maxim screamed at Eric’s face. Again Eric didn’t seem the least bit threatened by the vampire. He simply slumped back in his chair. Maxim snickered quietly and began to rub his eye brows.

“Pity; if it was up to me I’d change you here and now. I think you’d make a fine addition to my bloodline. Too bad when it comes to hunters I only bite to kill,” the original vampire replied folding his arms. Eric narrowed his eyes at Maxim's veiled threat, and he decided to finally speak up against Maxim.

“I wouldn’t want to join you weak ass bloodline anyway,” Eric hissed at the man unperturbed.

“I have travelled a lot of late. I have seen a lot of things. Why, most recently I was in Idaho,” At the mention of Idaho, Maxim's eyes widened, then narrowed down to slits.

“Yeah, I know all about your progeny there. I've seen your bloodline from a distance, I wasn’t all that impressed. And Todd, well it's practically common knowledge, he’s the strongest one of your bloodline, yet he was the first to break,” Eric whispered giving Maxim a devilish smile. Maxim bit his lip hard, it was by the look on his face Eric knew he was winning, all he needed to do was provoke a response and that is exactly what he was doing. He leaned down and placed his elbows on the table and continued his verbal assault.

“You think your name is synonymous with greatness, in reality it’s not. You are weak Maxim, and your bloodline is weak. In fact I’m pretty sure if I ever picked up the cross bow again, I’d be able to kill all three of your ‘children’ in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat,” he finished pushing himself off the table and slumping down into the chair.

Maxim hissed, but then leaned back and began to chuckle.

“You'll have to do better than that to goad me into another attack. But speaking of Idaho, your mother caused quite the commotion up there didn’t she” he asked Eric fixing his long jacket.

“I wouldn't know, I haven’t communicated with The Clan since Bulgaria, I have been in hiding,” Eric told the vampire with a hint of rage in his voice.

“If I was in the clan, if I had access to all of the weapons they have, I wouldn’t be sitting here,” Eric refuted.

“Come now Mr. Evergreen, if you were in Idaho, then surely you were keeping tabs on your mother too, not just my children. So I'm quite certain you are well aware of how my daughter May was treated to Fiona's...hospitality. How fortunate that providence has granted me the opportunity to reciprocate that same hospitality two-fold with Fiona Evergreen's offspring.”

“I don't know what you mean.” Eric retorted with an edge to his voice, but Maxim leaned forward, pressing his case.

“Of course you do, you just told me, in your pathetic attempt to anger me, you revealed more than you intended. You said you were in hiding. Hiding from whom pray-tell? Who else but your mother? But why? After faking your death, you followed her here to America and kept her under surveillance. And when she came down to Malibu, you swiftly followed and were apprehended at Point Dume—where you were trying to meet with Ms. Dimitrov... Ah, It all makes sense now,” Maxim exclaimed, standing up slowly, before smiling down derisively at Eric. Eric was stunned at Maxim's rather accurate deduction. “The great Eric Evergreen, future patriarch of The Evergreen Hunter Clan, the most dangerous assassin of his generation…fell in love with a girl. A tale as old as time. I wonder what your father would think of this,” This was a low blow even for Maxim, his father's death still struck a nerve with Eric, so this made him squirm a little and itching to fight.

“Not just any girl, a chrone no less! I've had my own difficulties when it comes to handling a child's inappropriate infatuations, but I'm quite certain if your father were alive today, he'd disown you on the spot,” Maxim laughed aloud. Eric began to get angrier, he was grabbing the table and squeezing as hard as he could, resisting the urge to punch the vampire square in the face.

“You are an embarrassment to the whole Evergreen dynasty,” Maxim barked as he slowly circled Eric. “Perhaps it is not O.R.B.S who should be concerned about what Fiona would do to us, but rather you who should be worried about what she will do to you herself when she learns you are still alive,” Maxim snickered. He walked over to Eric and stared down at the hunter.

“It's a pity really. I would have loved to inflict upon you even just a fraction of the suffering Fiona wrought on May. Yes, I see in your eyes now, that steely resolve. I'm sure you, the world's most fearless hunter, would relish such a challenge to withstand the rigours of simple torture. I'm quite positive you'd endure anything I could think to dish out and still never reveal to me what I wish to know. Fortunately, the chrone does not posses the fortitude of a hunter, and will be much more responsive to such techniques. Since you don't intend to be cooperative, I'll just get my answers from her.” Maxim smiles sinisterly as he makes to leave the room.

“What?! What are you talking about!” Eric shouted, fear and panic unmistakable in his raised voice.

“Did I not mention? I have Ms. Dimitrov in custody. In the cell next to yours no less, in fact. I'm hoping she'll be more cooperative. If not, then I have my ways; good day Mr. Evergreen.”

“She doesn't know anything! Stay away from her! I swear if you even so much as touch a strand of hair I'll-” Eric says, his eyes wide with shock and fear. In a flash, he gets up from the table and runs to the door, but is unable to reach it before it locks behind Maxim's departing form. He slams his fists against the door in blinding rage. He hits the door again and again, while screaming Maxim's name. His knuckles soon become bloody, but the door remains firmly locked.

“Your interrogator will be in shortly,” Maxim's voice filters in over the intercom from the other side of the door. Before it cuts off, Eric hears soft chuckling. Eric realizes that this was not an official interrogation after all, but rather Maxim acting on his own. Something that doesn't surprise him in the slightest.

“I hate vampires,” Eric shouts through the door, giving it one final slam. Maxim had well and truly gotten into his head, and pushed all the right buttons, causing Eric to reveal more than he'd intended.

Maybe he’s right, maybe I am an embarrassment” Eric thought. He sat back down, ignoring the pain from his battered and bleeding knuckles. Instead his mind wandered to thoughts of his mother, to one of the last times he had seen her. It seemed so very long ago…in Bulgaria.

 Flashback: Bulgaria - Evergreen Residence 

(Song: Until We Go Down - Ruelle)

Eric entered his house after another date with Sophia, he was grinning ear to ear as he entered the house. The boy threw his keys onto the nearby coffee table as he entered the living room.

Why didn’t you text me back?,” a voice came from behind him. Eric turned around to see his mother Fiona standing and giving him quite a fright.

Were you having too much fun?” Fiona asked in a very dark voice, Fiona didn’t need to shout, even her calm voice had an essence of wickedness behind it.

Mother, I-” Eric began to stutter, but he couldn’t get his words out. Eric was usually a confident smooth talker, but his mother’s presence made him a cowering child. He struggled to get words out as his mother’s cold sharp eyes were watching him.

Eric, please tell me today was the day,” she said very slowly opening a bottle of wine as she poured the scarlet red liquid into her glass. Eric remained silent staring at his feet like a toddler who was getting scolded by their parents.

We have wasted eight months in this hell hole. I finished everything I need to do here. Why haven't you? You were supposed to kill that bitch two months ago,” she barked knocking back the glass in one large gulp.

She soon began to pour another, before continuing her rant. “The plan was simple, you needed her to fall in love. So she would lower her guard when you began your hunt, when she was at her most vulnerable,” she shouted.

These things take time mother-” Eric begins to say but is interrupted mid-way by Fiona.

She is a monster Eric, I do not need to remind you of that do I?” Fiona sat down on a red leather arm chair.

No mother,” Eric replied in a very sheepish voice, he avoided eye contact at all cost.

She is not just a witch, she’s a chrone,” Fiona explained to her son, pouring herself another glass of wine. “She will cause great chaos if she isn’t stopped. She is a monster, she may not realize it yet, but it will take one action to turn that lovely brown hair white. You need to kill her before she kills you,” Fiona finished off her second glass before standing up once more.

She walked over to her son and caressed his cheek, she slowly touched his chin and lifted his head to make him look at her in the eye.

You are an Evergreen, the finest hunter the clan has ever trained,” she told her son in a very motherly voice. The words coming out of Fiona’s voice were monstrous, yet she always spoke to Eric in a caring and mothering tone of voice.

She’s two years younger than me mother, she hasn’t even begun her life yet; who are we to decide her fate?” Eric cried as he began to tear up.

Fiona’s hands were still resting on Eric’s face, when she quickly raised one hand and slapped her son across the face. Eric grabbed his cheek, he clenched it in horror, his mother had never laid a finger on him before.

Never EVER, defy me Eric. It doesn’t matter how young they are, they are all capable of unspeakable horrors,” she screamed at the top of her voice.

Eric say it, she is a monster, SAY IT,” Fiona screamed before Eric finally cut her off, he closed his eyes and just screaming louder than her.

“I CAN'T DO IT, BECAUSE I LOVE HER!” once he had finished he opened his eyes to see Fiona balling with tears, she stormed over to the wine bottle and poured out one final glass. Finishing the entire bottle of 1982 Château Lafite Rothschild red wine in less than an hour. She knocked it back and quickly grabbed the now empty wine bottle and threw it towards Eric. The hunter was able to quickly dodge it with little effort.

Everything I have done for you and you have the nerve to say that to me of all things,” she roared slamming the glass on the coffee table. “After one of those THINGS, killed your father… How can you love one,” she cried wiping away tears. Eric tried to approach his mother but she pushed him away.

Mother, Sophia isn’t evil, she’s kind, she’s sweet and she’s my first love,” he cried out now beginning to cry himself. Fiona then took one of her shoes off and threw it at Eric. It hit his chest and bounced straight back off.

We came to this, godforsaken place to kill her. It has taken eight months, the plan was to destroy her mentally and then physically and you failed on both accounts,” she squeaked, struggling to talk. Fiona began to approach the door when she turned to her son.

You think you’re the only hunter that can do this. Guess we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. The hunt will begin tomorrow, I’ve call the rest of the clan out here and come sunrise tomorrow, that bitch will be dead. We’ll go back home and be with your older brother and we’ll all be a family again,” she whispered as she opened the door she looked up to the clear sky.

And we’ll never have to deal with that wretched thing ever again,” Fiona said, her voice taking a rather dark serious turn.

She slammed the door leaving Eric standing in the living room, it didn’t take him long to hatch a plan. He knew what he had to do, he headed straight for the stairs and charged up to his room.

 Point Dume Academy: Outside Sherman’s Class 

(Song: Fools - Troye Sivan)

Students began to abruptly leave the classroom some had smiles on their faces whilst others had looks of utter disappointment, All were carrying their test papers, “Next time I’d suggest a few of you actually study for the test,” Sherman shouted out at the teenagers. Jamie and Phillip were the last ones to leave the room. The boys were engaged in a deep conversation until Sherman tapped Jamie on the shoulder.

“Jamie, I just wanted to wish you luck for later today, I wish I could come watch but unfortunately, I am on detention duty,” the teacher explained to the warlock before nodding his head.

“Thanks for the good wishes teach,” Jamie replied back awkwardly, the two boys were just staring back at the teacher who was not saying a world. The silence was horrifically awkward and made both of the teenager’s uncomfortable.

“Well we’re gonna get going now,” Jamie told the teacher as he was not willing to take another moment of silence. Sherman smiled at him before opening the classroom door again, “Al right, I won’t keep you. Once again, good luck Jamie… Philip,” Sherman went to say something to Phillip but couldn’t think of anything so he just smiled and re-entered the room.

“He’s a nice teacher,” Phillip laughed sarcastically as the boys began to walk down the corridor, Jamie pulled his backpack off his shoulders and placed his test paper into it.

“What did you get anyway? I got a C+ baby, pretty good considering I didn’t pick up one book,” Phillip giggled as he watched a passing girl walk past him. He gave the girl a wink, she then turned to her friend and laughed loudly. Upon seeing this the warlock rolled his eyes.

“You know if you focused on your studies as much as you did the pretty girls walking down the hallway, that grade would be a lot higher. I know you have it in you to do really well if you just stopped pretending you weren't smart.”

Phillip looked over at Jamie in bewilderment. “You think I'm smart?”

“I know you are. You couldn't have gotten that grade without knowing the material.” Jamie said while patting Phillip on the back.

“What did you get?” Phillip asked, looking back down at his test paper now with more shame and less pride.

“A+… Pretty good for someone who actually did study. You could do just as well as me, I know it” Jamie replied with a smile as they stopped by their lockers. Jamie and Phillip's lockers were quite close to each other, with only two lockers separating them.

“I'll even help you study for the next one if you want,” Jamie offered.

“I dunno, I'm no nerd...” Phillip said brushing the hair out of his eyes.

“Hey, do I look like a nerd?” Jamie asked, sticking his head up in profile. Phillip huffed out a little chuckle, “Not unless they've seriously changed the definition and nobody thought to tell me,” he said while looking Jamie up and down.

“Then you can become even smarter and still be able to wink at all the pretty girls. It's high time you stop playing the role you think everyone expects you to play and do what is good for you in the long run.”

“So you scared for later on?,” Phillip asked Jamie in a quiet voice trying to change the topic, Jamie couldn’t hear the boy so he went to close his locker and ask what Phillip said, but Jamie’s locker was shut by someone else.

Jamie looked up to see Todd staring down at him.

“Hi,” Todd whispered to the warlock.

“Hi,” Jamie replied trying to school his features.

“Hi,” Phillip repeated to Todd, who proceeded to glare at the boy.

“I felt left out,” Phillip laughed comically. A silence then fell on the trio as Phillip slowly backed away. “I’ll give you guys some space,” he whispered, walking over to where Sophia stood awkwardly. Philip leaned up against the wall next to her, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Look, I don’t think I’ve said this to you yet. But thank you… For the water thing,” Jamie said to Todd with a smile on his face, obviously since they were in public they couldn’t mention the word training directly so they had to be careful with what they said.

“Well I couldn’t just let you drown, could I?” he asked laughing. Jamie smiled but that soon turned into just a straight face.

“But I didn’t come here to talk about our ‘exercise program’, I came to talk about your fight,” Todd told his ex-boyfriend his voice taking a more serious tone.

“Todd, you really don’t have to worry about me. I’m Jamie Moores I am just as powerful as Arabella, if not more so. I have mastered most of my powers by now,” the boy whispered to Todd in an attempt to reassure the vampire. Todd let out a large sigh, Jamie stared blankly at his ex-boyfriend “Todd, whilst I appreciate your concern, what is this? Look, yes we are training together to fight some crazy guy bent on world domination and yes, I am so thankful that you saved my life. But I'm not looking to get back with you,” Jamie told Todd with sympathy.

Todd looked away he shook his head and began to speak. “I understand. I just l want to tell you what really happened that night. To clear the air,” Todd said while attempting to grab Jamie’s hand, but the warlock slowly edged away. “Fine, I’m free tonight. Maybe we can do the adult thing and talk. We could go to our Laundry room. When everyone’s asleep,” Jamie said to the vampire slowly. Todd began to breathe heavily as both boys smiled. “I’d like to give you a chance to explain, Todd,” the warlock whispered, gazing into the gorgeous blue eyes of his ex-boyfriend.

“Great. Perfect! I'll be there.” Todd said, happy to have won this small victory. He looked over at Phillip who seemed to be watching them but then quickly gazed down at his feet when Todd looked over.

“So what's up with you and Phillip? I didn’t know you two were friends,” Todd whispered to Jamie, Jamie looked at the vampire and then over at Phillip, and gave him a slight nod.

“It’s kinda new, but I have to admit, he's been a pretty great person to have around to talk to about stuff. I think it's because his own love life is just as awful, we can relate to one another.” “I see. Well, I won't keep you from him. I've got to help Sophia out with something. Good luck in the duel. I know you'll win,” Todd said staring back into Jamie's eyes.

“Yeah, why is that?” Jamie asked him, the hint of a smile forming on his face.

“Because, you're a mother fucking Moores,” Todd said, unleashing his heart stopping smile in Jamie's direction.

And for a second, Jamie let himself enjoy the moment they just had.

 Point Dume Academy: Courtyard - Afternoon 

(Song: Focus - Ariana Grande)

Bella and Tara were sitting on a bench outside in the courtyard. Bella had been practising her Hydrokinesis all afternoon in preparation for her duel with Jamie and Sophia. Tara was just watching her in fascination. Still while it had been fun spending time with her friend and watching her do all of these amazing tricks with water, Daimon still lingered in her thoughts.

“Okay ready? Watch,” Bella whispered as she raised her hands at Tara’s bottle of water. The young blonde witch focused on the bottle, soon all of the water began to lift out of the bottle, a small smile came across Bella’s face, she formed a ball with the water which she soon sent hurtling to a wall. The ball of water hit the wall with a mighty thud. Tara smiled at her friends ability, she did somewhat envy Bella, she could do anything with the wave of her hand. Yet other than her foxfire, Tara was confined to her kitsune powers which were more internal; all she could do was watch both Bella and even Sophia do all sorts of amazing things.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked her friend, after noticing that Tara was looking a little distracted. Tara had to think on the spot, she didn’t want to tell Bella about the whole Daimon dilemma, she had to come up with something on the fly.

“I’m just worried about you. I mean Jamie is pretty powerful, he is a Moores after all. You could be in trouble. And pulling water out of a bottle is all well and good, but what about when you’re not near water?” Tara said in a very fast voice trying to mask her actual troubles. Bella rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Okay,” the young witch whispered flicking her long blonde hair. “Look T, you’re my best friend I get it. But seriously, it’s not like I am helpless. I can fight just as good as any boy,” she insisted. The witch began to get frustrated, “I am just so sick of everyone making Jamie out to be some master warlock just because of his name. I know I am better than him, if I go into that duel thinking otherwise I’m going to lose. As for the water thing well, there’s water everywhere,” Bella replied to Tara, her voice rising. The kitsune was shocked, she had never seen this side of Bella before.

“Look, I’m sorry if I sound like a bitch. But I don’t want people thinking I’m the weak one. I am just as strong as him and I’m going to win,” Bella whispered.

“Now, you know I can read your mind… So why did you lie to me?,” Bella asked her best friend.

Shit” Tara thought to herself, she had forgot that Bella could do that. One small mistake and she now knew she had to come clean to her about Daimon. Otherwise, the witch would go on forever about it. Or worse read her thoughts when she is talking to Daimon himself.

“Well,” Tara groaned as she began to tear up. “It's about Daimon, he's still not over Kiera,” she told her friend. Bella immediately wasted no time in putting her arm around her best friend. Tara cried into her shoulder, “I’m so stupid,” she shouted through her tears. Bella reassured her that “You’re not stupid, not in the slightest. You just fell too hard, too fast,” she explained to the kitsune.

“No, I was stupid to think he could get over her so soon. If it was an ordinary break up, yeah I’m sure he probably would be over her. But she died, that poor girl died and here I am expecting him to love me. God, I’m the worst,” Tara sighed wiping away her tears. Bella had begun to cry too, she pushed Tara’s short hair out of her face and smiled at her.

“Look he just needs more time. Maybe you moved too fast or maybe you didn't, I’m sure one day, hopefully soon, you two can be together. And love each other unconditionally,” Bella whispered flashing another smiled at her. Tara smiled ever so slightly.

Bella jumped off the bench and turned to face her friend. “I’m sorry if I’ve been distracted, talking to Adam a lot. Guess that is the last thing you need at a time like this. Me talking about him non stop. I’m really sorry,” the witch apologized yet again. Tara just shook her head gently. She looked at her friend with a warm smile.

“It’s not your fault, you really like this guy. So you should talk about him,” she told Bella.

“Ah good, god this guy makes me so happy. Happier than I’ve ever been. Todd was just a crush, but I think my feelings for Adam are so much stronger,” she proclaimed loudly throwing her arms in the air. The result of doing so caused Tara to start to slowly floating about the ground. She'd been levitated many times by Bella before, but this was unexpected, and she wasn't hovering over a soft bed, but a rather a very hard and unforgiving park bench and concrete pavement.

“Okay I get you're happy, now put me down,” Tara screamed. She truly was happy for Bella, at least one of them was lucky in love. Deep down Tara knew this pain of hers wouldn’t last forever, she just had kept telling herself I’m just a teenager and there may be other boys out there, but no boy or man could ever change who she was inside. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she floated on the eddies of Bella's air cushion. Tara turned her head and looked at the clock tower.

“Crap, Bella you have to be on the field in ten minutes,” Tara shouted as Bella dropped her gracefully from the air, landing Tara on her feet. Tara stood up and search for her back-pack frantically. Bella tied her long blonde hair into a pony and narrowed her eyes yet again. “Game time,” she whispered staring at the field.

 Flashback: Rozhen Orphanage 

(Song: Anything Can Happen - Ellie Goulding)

Eric quickly charged into Sophia’s and Piper’s room armed with a very large ruck sack. Sophia was just lying on her bed reading the latest edition of American Vogue ad thus was taken completely off guard by her boyfriend’s sudden appearance. Piper too jumped up and stared at the muscular boy.

Eric what are you doing here, it’s after curfew and if anyone sees you here we’ll both get into so much trouble,” Sophia whispered as she shut her door. Eric threw the bag onto Sophia’s bed and remained silent.

Erm thank you, I preferred the necklace but the bag is… cute,” Sophia said awkwardly staring at the ugly rucksack and playing with her necklace as she did so.

“Do you want to come to America with me?” he asked her quickly and bit out of breath. This took Sophia completely off guard she had to back up slightly due to the proposition. Piper had now jumped off her bed and was giving Eric a major bitch face.

“Now?” Sophia asked in a very confused voice, Eric nodded his head, as he began to rummage his own bag looking for something. He soon retrieved what looked like a passport as well as two plane tickets. “I’ve got you a passport and the tickets, so I have everything sorted, please… You have to trust me when I say we have to leave, tonight,” Eric insisted extending his hand. Sophia looked nervous but she slowly leaned in to grab the hunter’s hand, until Piper batted it away.

The spunky blonde slapped Eric’s hand out of the way and pulled Sophia in, “No, she’s not going with you, she barely knows you. She’s staying right here were she’s safe!” Piper shouted at Eric. Eric was getting anxious, this was the last place Sophia should be. All he wanted to do was disappear away from his mother and away from all hunters, and here was Piper stopping him from protecting her. If this naïve girl only knew...

Look, I know you don’t like me. But I swear to you Sophia needs to come with me, right now as some bad people are after her,” Eric shouted stating his case. Piper was having none of it, she put her hands on her hips and looked at Eric as if he was stupid. All the while Sophia was caught in the middle of the arguing teenagers torn at what to do.

Really? How stupid do you think I am? You just want to hurt her!” Piper screamed, Sophia put her hand over her friends mouth and shushed her.

“If anyone hears you, we’ll all be in trouble,” she whispered to Piper, looking very annoyed. She slowly turned around to Eric who was now sweating, he was looking out the small window that lay just between the two girls beds.

Eric what’s really going on?” she asked her boyfriend taking her hand. Her necklace dangled as he slowly pulled her in. She looked deep into the boys gorgeous eyes, deep down, just from looking at him that he was worried, that whatever was scaring him was serious.

She remained silent, never breaking eye contact, meanwhile Piper was rolling her eyes at the touching moment. “Get away from her now and leave,” she insisted, biting her lip. Eric looked at her as if he was ready to kill. There was a time and a place for everything, Piper being a bitch right now was not the right time and the fact anyone could walk in at any moment and see Eric made it not the right place. He had to get Sophia out of Bulgaria far away from his mother's grasp.

Sophia slowly nodded her head making up her mind, “Okay, I trust you,” she told Eric as she headed over to the dresser where she kept the few clothes she owned. She slowly started packing things into the bag Eric had laid on her bed. As the young woman continued this, Piper and Eric were in the midst of an intense stare off. Piper walked towards Eric slowly with an aggressive look on her face.

“I don’t know what it is about you, but I don’t trust you, I get this feeling that somehow you'll be her undoing” she whispered to him so Sophia couldn’t hear her.

Eric smiled at the other girl, “Yeah I don’t really care what you think of me, all I care about is her. If keeping her safe meant the whole world would hate me… I wouldn’t care,” he told her. “And guess what princess… I’m not too fond of you either,” he told Piper as a smile appeared on Eric’s face.

Piper went to slap the boy but he caught her hand very quickly and just kept a hold of her wrist. Eric looked deep into Piper’s eyes, she looked shocked.

How could he be so quick?” She thought, “how?”

“What are you guys doing!” Sophia shouted in a whisper as she watched the two most important people in her life fight.

Let her go Eric,” she demanded as he threw Piper’s arm down. “Didn’t know you had a guard dog?,” Piper hissed at Eric.

Sophia threw her last item of clothing into the bag and zipped it up. “Ready,” she whispered, Eric turned around and picked up the bag. He walked towards the door before he noticed his girlfriend wasn’t following. “I need a minute… To say goodbye,” she told Eric looking at Piper.

Eric nodded his head he remained completely silent as he left the room quietly. Sophia looked at her best friend who was now on the verge of tears. She simply ran to her and gave her a hug, the two girls hugged each other. Each of them began to cry. They were each other’s best and only friends, they were each other’s everything for so long. Perhaps that was the reason Piper didn’t like Eric, because he stole Sophia away from her.

Don’t cry, please,” Sophia whimpered into her mouth, “This isn’t goodbye, I promise. You and Jensen could come visit. Maybe live with us… How fun would that be, the two of us… In America,” Sophia backed away, she was smiling but her eyes were filled with tears. Piper however had no emotion her face, she remained still. She shook her head and pushed her blonde hair out of her face.

No this is goodbye. He’s never going to let me see you again, of that I'm sure.” Piper told Sophia as she sat down on her bed.

Don’t be stupid! Eric is not like that. He’s so sweet I don’t know why you don’t like him. I don’t have a problem with you and Jensen!” Sophia whisper-shouted getting slightly annoyed. Piper too grew angry with Sophia she shot up like a bullet and looked at her straight in the eyes.

What's that supposed to mean?” Piper shouted, her hands on her hips.

When Jensen first joined us, it was clear even when we were kids, how he felt about you. But even when you weren't around, he kept the older kids from picking on me. He made it clear that he wasn't trying to steal my friend away from me. He was my friend too. That's why I'm so happy you have each other. I trust him to take care of you even if I'm not around. Just as I need you to trust that Eric will take care of me.”

You may not have a problem with Jensen, but we’ve been together twice as long as you and Eric and you don’t see us jetting away from this shit hole. Why do you have to leave? Why are you not safe? I don’t like it, I don’t trust him, I think he’s arrogant and he's hiding something, and the moment he gets you all to himself he'll break your heart and and you’ll have nobody if your still alive that is,” Piper said in a rather bitter tone of voice.

Sophia remained silent, she was done. She couldn’t believe what had just came out of Piper’s mouth. “I can’t believe you just said that,” Sophia whispered walking away. It was in that moment Piper regretted what she said, she regretted everything. She just wanted Sophia to stay put, but it was all happening too fast. Sophia opened the door and was met by Eric on the other side.

Let’s go,” she told him very quietly as the two began to walk away. Piper jumped off her bed and ran to the door. She looked down on the corridor as her friend was getting further and further away.

Sophia wait!” she pleaded. “I’m sorry, please don’t go,” she cried her eyes now streaming with tears.

Sophia turned around, she too was crying now, Eric looked back at the girl and did somewhat feel sorry for her.

I’m sorry, I have to do this. Goodbye Piper, you’ve been the best friend I could ever ask for. The second we get to America, I will find some way to contact you,” she told her slowly walking away giving her best friend in the entire world a wave.

Piper now panicked, knew she had to stop them, she closed her eyes and clenched her fist. She let out a loud scream, and another after that and another one soon followed. Sophia and Eric abruptly stopped and turned back around to her.

HELP, SOMEONE HELP, HE’S TAKING HER, HE’S TAKING SOPHIA,” she screamed. Eric and Sophia now realized what she was doing. She was ‘raising the alarm’ she wanted to stop them and this was her only way. Sophia shook her head, she was furious. Lights above Pipers heads began to shatter as the sound of footsteps grew ever closer to Eric and Sophia.

Doors began to open, they couldn’t risk being seen, Sophia went to run at Piper put Eric stopped her, grabbed her hand and raced with her down a hall into an empty room and ran quickly to a window. He opened it and jumped up onto the ledge. He looked down and saw the window let out on the far side of the orphanage, which sat atop one of the numerous mountains of sandstone. The ground from this height was a good distance away, sloping downward into a valley leading to the next hilly peak.

Perfect,” he muttered, looking over to Sophia, then back down to the ground. “Do you trust me?” Eric asked, staring straight into her eyes. She could see the love in his eyes, coupled with his concern over just how she might respond. She put her hand to his cheek in reassurance and said,

Of course.” Eric smile grew wide and without another word, he leapt off the ledge. Sophia inhaled quickly in shock, and peered out the window. She saw as Eric managed to land nimbly on his feet despite the long distance and downward sloping ground. Eric looked up to Sophia and said,

Jump!” With only a moment's hesitation to climb up onto the ledge the night breeze, blowing on her skin, Sophia didn't look back as she jumped out of the window. She sailed through the air and landed right in Eric's sure arms. He stared at her in wonder for a brief moment, still in awe of how brave she could be when needed. It was one of the many things he loved about her. He kissed her forehead before setting her down on her feet. He readjusted his pack and secured her own rucksack before gripping her hand and leading her down the side of the hilly terrain.

We aren't heading for the road?” Sophia asked, seeing how it looked that Eric intended to cross through the countryside.

I promise I'll explain everything later, but trust me when I say, we can't be on the road.” Eric replied.

I trust you,” Sophia replied, squeezing Eric's hand in affirmation as the two set off on their journey. She never turned back to see Piper looking out the window, tears streaming down her face and Jensen putting an arm to comfort her as she wept for best friend.

Where are we going to exactly?,” Sophia asked.

Eric looked at her and then straight ahead, “Anywhere but here,” he said as the couple ran off into the night.

 Point Dume Academy: Field 

(Song: Dark Horse - Katy Perry)

Sophia was numb, in every sense of the world. After sitting with Todd as he'd made the rounds calling everyone he knew at O.R.B.S about information regarding Eric or Maxim's whereabouts, and getting nowhere in the process, she'd returned to her room. She'd tried to rest, but didn’t sleep at all, her mind was simply too filled with worrisome thoughts and fears in order to relax. When her small night stand clock read 4:30PM, she dragged herself out of bed and made her way to the field for the training. She couldn’t really concentrate, she wasn't sure how she supposed to learn how to do any of the things she'd seen Jamie and Bella do before. Her powers seem to come about of their own accord. At least she wasn't being asked to participate, she was in no state to battle. As she approached the field she noticed a large crowd had gathered. It seemed like the majority of the school had gathered on the bleachers around the field usually held for football or other sports. She noticed Josh, Daimon, and Tara, walking to their seats in the front row. Just before they sat, Tara awkwardly switched places with Josh, so she wouldn't sit next to Daimon. Next to Tara, but not part of the group sat Sienna and Phillip neither of who looked like they paying were much attention to the field. Beyond them, Todd sat on Phillip's other side, followed by Alietta who seemed to be sitting awfully close to the vampire. Beside her with her striking black hair and purple highlights sat Cynthia, who had her head buried in her phone and wasn't even watching the field. Sophia walked over to where Bella and Jamie were standing and greeted them both.

Specter marched into the middle of the field and smiled at his students. “Boys and Girls, Teachers and friends alike. Welcome to the first ever Point Dume Academy Duel Club Practice,” he announced. Bella placed her hands on her hips as she looked at the headmaster currently masquerading the truth with this lie so effortlessly.

“Duelling club, is that what he’s telling people,” she moaned. Jamie laughed slightly and looked at the blonde witch intently.

“Can’t really tell them the truth about the secret underground simulation room being blown up now, can he?” the young warlock whispered to his former friend. Sophia blushed at the remark, and even Bella cracked at smile for a moment.

“In the light of this morning's incident I feel it is important for us all to be vigilant and prepared should something else ever happen. So, now whilst the participants in this first duel are warlocks and witches, please note that all are welcome to join, to better hone their skills,” Specter announced.

“Maybe it is a real club, maybe he’s starting one up,” Jamie whispered as Specter beckoned the three closer to him. Meanwhile, at the bleacher seating, having Josh sit in the middle of both Tara and Daimon made them feel even more awkward then if they had just sat next to each other. The demon seemed to be lost in his own world. Daimon had attempted to make small talk but the yellow-eyed demon had remained silent and wasn’t budging.

“So who you betting on?,” Daimon leaned over to talk to her, Tara looked over at the contestants and just shrugged.

“I don’t know, I guess I have to root for Bella. She’s my best friend, she’s pretty strong and people underestimate her,” Tara said.

Daimon was about to chip about his thoughts on Jamie when he got distracted by what was going on next to Tara, Sienna was practically all over Phillip. She was sitting on his lap and passionately kissing him.

“See, I can take you places. How do you like your date so far, babe?” Sienna asked in between kisses.

“It's real good babe,” Phillip mumbled, his mouth otherwise preoccupied with her neck.

“Keep it PG guys,” Daimon shouted at them in a joking manner. Phillip gave the hybrid a thumbs up, but didn't break away from his kissing.

“So who you guy’s betting on?,” Daimon continued on, prompting Sienna to give Daimon a dirty look, a look that could definitely kill.

“Okay not to be rude, but we’re kinda in the middle of making up after a fight… And you’re kinda watching us, like a creepy little perv,” she hissed at the hybrid. “And why are you sitting so far away from your girl? I didn't think that kitsunes were known for being into a ménage à trois,” Sienna quipped. The hybrid narrowed his eyes and bit down on his lip, while Tara looked down at her hands in her lap, clearly embarrassed at having been called out. Sienna's sneer faltered a little when she realized what was being unsaid. Phillip sat up straight, causing his girlfriend to wobble slightly, as he tried to fill the awkward silence.

“Moores obvi, my boy's gonna beat them, you'll see.” Phillip smiled while waving at Jamie, Sienna knocked his hand down and snarled at him.

“Give me and my boyfriend just one moment,” she whispered to Daimon before standing up and pulling Phillip to the nearest set of side stairs.

“What the actual hell!,” she shouted at him. “Since when have you been all bro-ey with Jamie Moores?,” she asked looking over her shoulder at the young warlock, who stood next to Specter as he explained the rules to the rest of the audience.

“We’re just friends relax,” Phillip tried to defend himself, creating a little distance between himself and his girlfriend.

“I don’t care, I don’t want you to be friends with him. Because if you get close to him, people will assume you’re gay and that I’m your beard or something. And if that happens then you’ll lose everything at this school,” she barked poking him in the chest.

“Now grab my hand, kiss me and we’ll go back to our seats and be the schools IT couple once more,” she whispered into her boyfriend’s ear. Phillip looked over at Jamie once again. He stared at Jamie for a long period of time, soon the young warlock noticed him and gave him a small nod of recognition.

Phillip looked away, severing the eye contact, he knew Sienna was right. He worked too hard to get where he is today. He can’t let one little friendship ruin it. He decided to do as he was told. He held Sienna’s hand, kissed her on the cheek and then escorted her back to their seats.

Back at the field itself Specter was continuing his rules and regulations for the duel.

“No hair pulling, no eye poking, no dark spells of any kind. Don’t do anything that will seriously endanger your fellow students, this is a friendly competition to demonstrate your magical abilities. Finally, I encourage you both to make use of your elemental powers,” Specter ordered, Sophia’s head shot up, for she knew for sure she didn’t have or had yet to master any elemental power.

“Now if you would all shake hands before the duel,” Specter explained as he backed away, taking Sophia with him under wing.

“Best of luck,” Jamie whispered as he shook Bella's hand.

“Luck has nothing to do with it,” Bella replied in an attempt to reassure herself once more.

“Begin,” Specter shouted, the second the headmaster uttered these words Jamie vanished into thin air. Seeing this Sophia backed up, this had just gotten very real. Bella levitated high above the ground, she clenched her fists as water started to rise from the grass, in seconds Bella had a great deal of water floating above her head, and the grass beneath her lay dark and dead. Tara knew now this is what Bella meant by there’s water everywhere.

“Come out, come out wherever you are Jamie dear,” she shouted in a high pitched voice.

Sophia had no idea how to siphon water away from plants, but she was fascinated at how Bella managed to arm herself. She tried to walk onto the now dead field to examine the grass until she felt like she hit a large wall, and was launched a few feet back.

“I put a shield up, to protect the crowd from any errant attack, Miss. Dimitrov,” Specter called out to her. Jamie appeared, seemingly out of nowhere in the center of the dead field. “Sorry about your field, Specter” Jamie shouted over to the headmaster before placing his hands on the ground. The dead field turned a verdant green again spreading out from the center of Jamie's touch. The grass filled back out and grew lush and thick.

“Bomb's away” Bella shouted from above. Jamie looked up to see a large water ball come crashing down on him. The water hit him like a ton of bricks, stinging like a bitch and drenched him head to toe. He shook his head vigorously to wipe the water out of his mop of hair, before disappearing again.

Sophia again was in shock, how was she suppose to keep up?

“I don’t get it, where did Jamie go?,” Tara asked.

“Transmutation,” Cynthia replied, looking up from her phone. Tara turned to her right to see the girl next to Alietta.

“Makes those pesky witches so hard to catch,” she whispered.

“Warlock,” Daimon corrected her, “Jamie’s a warlock, he’s a boy,” he insisted, snapping back at the girl.

Above the field Bella scanned for any sign of where Jamie might be hiding and soon felt a presence behind her.

“Turn around bright eyes,” Jamie sung in a very theatrical way. Bella turned around hovering a little lower, only to be hit by a hard gush of wind that kept intensifying. She got knocked out of the air and was sent hurtling towards the edge of the field, where she bounced onto the outer shield. The crowd let out a large gasp as Bella grunted in pain as she fell to the ground in a heap. Jaime ran over to finish the job while she was sill stunned.

“Come on Jamie, give her a chance to get up,” Tara shouted from the crowd, this distracted Jamie for a brief moment, he turned his attention back to the Bella, only to be hit in the face by a smaller ball of ice Bella had created out of water. It hit Jamie square in the nose, he fell to his knees shielding his face.

“Nice distraction,” Todd grumbled to Tara, upset that Jamie appeared to be hurt. Tara looked abashed, she didn’t want that to happen obviously, but she just wanted Bella to have a chance to defend herself.

“Wow, a sneak attack from both Moores and Martin, huh maybe this battle is worth tuning in for,” Sienna commented to Phillip.

“Bitch,” Jamie whispered, grasping his nose, blood still dripping down the front of his face. He slammed his hand down on the ground and the grass grew to a massive height, soon growing so tall it obscured everything on the field.

Sophia stuck her hand out and tried to feel the ground beneath her feet. She got no sensation, no tingle of power. She simply didn't know how to harness her untapped power.

Bella used her powers to create several large thin blades of ice. She had them spinning above her, rapidly gaining speed. When the the ice was but a blur of motion, she willed them forward in front of her. The sharp rotating sheets of ice tore through the tall blades of grass large paths through the impromptu maze. Just before one of the blades would have sliced through where he was hiding, Jamie leaped up out of the grass.

Bella shot a lot of ice balls at Jamie, who proceeded to use a force shield of his own to protect himself. They bounced off the shield and fragments started heading off in every direction. Jamie reached with his other hand to the sky. The sky roiled with suddenly formed clouds. Lightning cascaded down and struck all around Bella, who recoiled at the powerful bursts of energy all around her. The deafening sound of the accompanying thunder made everyone's ears ring. The look fear on Bella's face was unmistakable.

“Mr Moores!” Nathan shouted in protest.

“Bella!” Sophia cried, reaching out with her hand. Her hand started glowing white. The lightning striking down around Bella suddenly became attracted to Sophia's hand. Bolt after bolt struck her palm, which acted like a grounding rod, defusing their violent energies. The crowd was stunned to see Sophia absorbing Jamie's assault.

After the lightning abated, the sudden silence seemed even more pronounced. But before Sophia could even grasp what she had done she was horror-struck by what she saw on the field. Fiona Evergreen herself walked brazenly onto the destroyed field behind Jamie and Bella, a wicked looking crossbow in her hands. A cadre of hunters fanned out behind her, all heavily armed. With a malicious smirk she raised the weapon up at the young witch on the field who was still facing Sophia.

“Did you think I wouldn't find you dear?” she heard Fiona say. “Now all your monstrous friends will die too. Not even you can stop a force this size.”

“NO!!” Sophia cried out. “What is she looking at? Nothing is there,” Bella asked Jamie, who looked behind them at the empty field, looking just as confused as she was.

“I won't let you hurt them!” Sophia shouted at the top of her lungs. She stormed out onto the field. As she walked, her long brown locks became a fierce red. When she reached the shield surrounding the field, one strike with her hand shattered the barrier enough to for her to walk through. She summoned forth a ball of fire in her hands, that continued to grow ever larger. She raised her hands and fired at the vision of the snarling Fiona, but it was also in the same direction as her friends on the field.

“Holy,” Bella screamed before Jamie came and pushed her out of the way and onto the ground. The ball of fire missed the two teens by an inch and exploded when it hit the enchantment on the other side of the field. It just managed to contain the blast and save the students in the stands.

“Sophia what the hell,” Jamie shouted. But it was useless. Sophia's eyes were tinged red as she fired another blast at the teens who were still on the ground, whom she saw as hunters trying to escape. Jamie blocked the attack with a force shield saving himself and Bella from the inferno. The witch grabbed onto the warlock for dear life.

“Hold on,” Bella said as she gathered her strength and levitated just above the ground, holding onto Jamie and launching herself toward the hole in the shield. She passed through and came to the ground sliding across the ground in a rather unceremonious landing, but at least the two of them were out of range from Sophia's attack.

“Enough!,” Specter shouted lowering the enchantment, he walked onto the field and stood face to face with Sophia. The chrone failed to see the headmaster in front of her, instead it was an enemy in need of destruction. She fired a ball of white hot energy at the headmaster. The missile travelled halfway to its target before Nathan raised his hand and imploded the magic in on itself. The destroyed energy ball unleashed a powerful shock wave that knocked Sophia to the ground. When she sat up, her eyes had returned to normal, and for the moment, it looked like Sophia had snapped out of it. She was looking all around herself while trembling. Her hands weren't glowing, but they were still shaking so bad, she couldn’t control it. Then she looked over in horror to see where Jamie and Bella had been on the field, which was now a black spot surrounded by burnt grass. She got to her feet, her knees shaky. She looked down and picked up a strand of her hair, watching as the colour faded slowly back to brown before her eyes.

“What the hell am I!?” she cried out to Nathan.

“I need you to remain calm,” Nathan said slowly walking toward her, his hands in front of him.

She didn’t know what to say, she just shook her head. It was just too much. She needed to get away. “Sophia wait,” Bella shouted, hearing the girl's thoughts, but Sophia surprised everyone when she suddenly vanished into thin air.

“Some duelling club,” Bella hissed at Specter, who let out a soft sigh. “All students to the dormitories. Now,” Specter shouted before himself teleporting off the field.

Jamie and Bella were still sprawled on the ground as the crowd began to leave the bleachers. Jamie stood up first and offered his hand to Bella.

“Thanks,” she whispered gladly taking the help to her feet.

“For everything in there, you not only pushed me to my limits, but you saved me from being burnt alive. Twice,” she laughed.

“I may not like you as much as I once did. But I wouldn’t let you die,” Jamie whispered before giving Bella a smile. Then before they knew it Daimon and Tara ran over and hugged both of them. Josh however walked straight past them and walked in the direction of the field where Sophia had been.

“Oh my god, you guys. That was so sick,” Daimon screamed at the top of his voice, the hybrid was on a high he was so pumped from watching the fight.

“Well done both of you,” Tara said in a much more calm voice.

“We need to find her.” Josh said from the middle of the field, ending the celebratory talk. Everyone looked down at their feet. Daimon was the first to speak.

“Joshie is right. We should split up. Sophia is probably very scared and I know she's very confused.” As Jamie looked over to the bleachers he saw Phillip waving him to come over to him.

Jamie smiled “Guys I will be right back to help look, but would you excuse me for a moment,” Jamie said before walking away towards his new found friend. As he walked over to the boy, Todd walked past him. The smile Jamie directed at Phillip was like a shot to the gut to Todd. Cynthia sauntered past Todd who'd stop to stare, and without looking up from her phone whispered. “Better do something quick before you lose your guy. Looks to me like your no longer the only one who fancies him”

“Any suggestions? If I recall you'd promised you'd help me with that, or did you forget what you whispered in my ear that day?”

“That feeling you have seeing them. That gnawing jealousy? That desire to rip the other guy's eyes out? It works both ways.”

“So I should make Jamie jealous? With who? You?” Todd asked in disbelief. At this Cynthia actually lowered her phone in order to roll her eyes at the vampire.

“Please, like I'd ever hook up with the guy that technically killed me. I do have some self-respect you know.” She started walking away, tapping away on her phone again. Before she got very far away she lifted her head enough to say, “But my room-mate won't shut up about you.” She continued on until she fell behind Alietta who had waited for her at the door.

Todd pondered Cynthia's words as he walked over to Daimon, Tara and Bella.

“Hey, If you're looking for Sophia, I'd like to help.”

“What is she to you?” Bella asked, dusting herself off.

“He's probably just using this as an excuse to spend time with Jamie,” Daimon accused the vampire.

“If Jamie is really over me then so be it. All I want to do is explain what happened that night. To finally clarify I’m not the ass hole you all think I am,” Todd said. “The truth may not sit so well with some people, though,” Todd said, looking in Bella's direction. “But I really do want to find Sophia. May I remind you all, we’re supposed to be working in harmony. Might as well start with this.” He said, walking towards the main building of the school.

Meanwhile Jamie continued to walk over to Phillip.

“Hey Moores,” he shouted. “When did you become such a bad ass?,” he asked the warlock who just laughed.

“No seriously, that was amazing and if Sophia didn’t go all pyromaniac on you, I’m sure you would have won,” he smiled.

“Thanks Phillip. So is that all you wanted to say, because I think I should probably go looking for Sophia now, let her know that it’s okay,” he looked over his shoulder at Daimon, Tara and Bella who all of a sudden pretended that they weren’t watching the two boys.

“Where'd your other half go, by the way?” Jamie inquired of Sienna.

“She teleported off to Specter's office, to tell him off for endangering all of us by allowing Sophia to try and blow us all to hell.”

“Sounds like Sienna, all right. Ever so lovely.” Jamie shook his head. “Is that all?”

“No actually, I wanted to tell you this. Sienna doesn’t want us to be friends anymore. She’s worried being around you makes me gay,” he told the warlock, whose smile now dropped. He found this rather sad, for he had started to really to enjoy his company, when he wasn't acting like an annoying ass hole.

“Which is why we will just hang out more quietly. She needs to learn she can't control everything about me; including who I'm friends with. Say video games, my room tonight?,” he asked Jamie who nodded.

“Of course Sienna thinks that, but I think I could handle a discreet friendship, plus the last thing I need is a straight boy scaring off possible boyfriends, I already get that enough with Josh and Daimon” Jamie smirked playfully pushing him.

“So I will see you tonight. Text me later,” Jamie shouted before walking away. Phillip waved his hands slightly before sighing. “See you later Moores,”

 Flashback: Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria 

(Song: Fire Meets Gasoline - Sia)

Eric and Sophia charged through the countryside, rain was crashing down from the sky and soaking the two teens from head to toe. “Keep running,” Eric shouted, it was twilight and everything was calm, it seemed like the calm nature of the woods was disturbed by the boys booming voice. Sophia still didn’t know why she was running, but she trusted Eric with her life. However Eric knew very well, The hunters would soon be on their way to the orphanage to chase Sophia out of town, and eventually kill her. But he was not going to let that happen, and now because of that bitch Piper, they would know that Eric had fled with her.

Fortunately, Eric knew how hunters thought and how they tracked. He'd done his research on the best possible path to avoid running into hunters on the highway. His plan involved heading due west over the sparse Pirin mountains until they came upon another highway running south. Then he'd steal a car and drive down as far as possible until they reached the port city of Kavala in Greece. From there they could hop ship on a freighter and make their way to Malta, and fly out there. The rain helped to conceal any tracks they might have left behind, but it was also slowing their progress more than he liked.

Eric, please I can’t run anymore,” Sophia panted, her face was red and her hair was dripping rain water onto her forehead.

Can’t we just slow down?” she pleaded as she began to walk slower and slower.

No, to stop now is to embrace death!” Eric shouted back through the storm. Eric was still walking ahead when he noticed his girlfriend lagging behind. The young man swiftly turned and went to pull his girlfriend along. She let out a small moan, she may have trusted Eric, but she was exhausted from all the running.

“Fine,” Eric moaned, as he pulled Sophia close to him, he proceeded to lift the girl off the ground and put her over his shoulders. She let out a gasp, she was surprised Eric was doing this, in all their hiking trips, he had always made Sophia do things herself, he didn’t want her to rely on him for everything, he wanted her to be strong. So this unusual act, truly baffled Sophia, and as she stayed motionless on her boyfriend’s shoulder she wondered why they were here in the first place. She was excited at the idea of going to America, but the prospect of being carried there on the back of her boyfriend did not appeal to her at all.

With Sophia still on his back, along with her backpack and his, Eric trudged through journey, keeping a steady pace without a complaint when facing particularly steep inclines. The more distance covered made Sophia that much safer. The physical weight of the burden resting on his shoulders was nothing compared to the emotional boulders he was hauling along with him.

What a cruel irony. God, you’re a cliché’ Eric told himself.

Falling for a chrone.

What is wrong with you Evergreen?

I didn't mean for this to happen.

Now I can't imagine life without her.

Even if it means I never see mother again, if I have her… I will be truly happy’” he convinced himself.

Finally, their meandering route took them close to an old farmhouse. It was a solitary building off a small dirt road that Eric suspected led to the nearby little village of Kashina. He'd not planned to stop in the village, as he felt it was still too close to the orphanage, but the house was reasonably concealed from the main road and sat on the edge of a thick forest. The young girl on his back moaned softly when he'd paused, so he gently lowered her to the ground as they approached it.

Eric why are we here?,” Sophia whispered looking at her boyfriend, who’s hair was falling into his face, just missing his gorgeous green eyes.

This is just where we’re staying tonight, I promise. Tomorrow morning we’ll begin our journey to America,” he reassured his girlfriend. But Sophia was slowly getting impatient, she wanted a clear answer from Eric. She was going to ask him one more time and if he didn’t answer her truthfully… Then, she didn’t know what would happen.

Why are we going to America Eric, is it to see your family?,” she asked him pushing her wet brown locks out of her face.

No, no we won’t be seeing them, in a few hours we'll be free of all this.” Eric told her avoiding eye contact. “I’ll tell you why we’re going there… When we get there,” Eric told her. He didn’t know what to say usually he could lie on the spot. But now it was different he couldn’t bare the thought of lying to her anymore than he already had.

“Eric answer the question, ANY question for all I care,” Sophia screamed as the rain intensified. Eric looked up to the sky and let out a large breath.

This is a mistake” he told himself.

But she has to know the truth” his thoughts continued to plague him.

He was going to do it, he had never been so scared in all of his life. His heart was racing and he felt incredibly warm in the freezing cold weather.

Okay… lets head inside. I’m going to tell you everything,” Eric sighed, looking at his beautiful, innocent girlfriend.

 Point Dume Academy: Library - Evening 

(Song: The Losing Side of History - Outlander, Vol. 1 OST)

Sophia sat on the edge of the large chair in the dimly lit library, her hands were still trembling and sweat was dripping from her brow. The sounds of Jamie and Bella screaming were etched into her mind, it was like their screams were playing on loop inside her head. She couldn’t believe it, she never meant to hurt them, something came over her, it was like she wasn’t herself, for that split moment she was someone other than Sophia. The vision of Fiona that had appeared before her had been another hallucination, like the ones she'd seen of Eric. It was more than just a simple hallucination, she knew that now. It was the monster within herself, struggling to break free.

That was when she heard it, the sound of footsteps coming from behind her, she turned her head around quickly to see Daimon standing there.

“Hey,” he whispered, but Sophia didn’t reply, instead she turned her attention to the setting sun.

“Mind if I join you?,” he asked her. But she remained silent once more, not wanting the company.

Daimon walked closer to the edge and sat in the chair next to the girl, he didn’t care if she didn’t want the company, Sophia was a friend in need.

“So you want to talk about it?” Daimon asked her squinting as he watched the sun set, the sky was a light pink in colour with not a single cloud in sight.

“I could've seriously hurt them,” Sophia whispered as she pushed her hair out of her face, revealing that her eyes were red and puffy from crying non-stop since the battle.

“But you didn’t,” Daimon told her touching her shoulder gently.

“They’re safe, don’t worry Sophia, you didn't hurt them,” he reassured her once again, he was trying to get her to look at him.

“I nearly killed Bella and Jamie, and burn all of you to a crisp in the process. I'm just a monster aren't I?” Sophia shrieked, throwing her face in her hands.

“You are a young witch, just coming into her powers. You channelled away Jamie's lightning. That means you have elemental powers. And just now you teleported off the field. Transmutation is a pretty rare ability among witches and warlocks. I'm not too sure about the hair thing, but I'm sure there's books in here we could read to figure out exactly what that was and what went wrong,” Daimon said, putting a consoling arm around her shoulder.

“That’s the thing, I don’t think I did anything wrong,” Sophia whispered softly. Daimon raised his eyebrow not sure were Sophia was going with this.

“The moment I made that fire, it was like… I wasn’t myself, like someone else had taken control of my body and I was powerless to stop it,” she cried finally making eye contact with the hybrid. Only then was it that Daimon noticed Sophia’s eyes, they were streaming with tears and were still puffy. He thought for a brief moment he saw her eyes physically turn red, but he blinked and they were back to their usual shade of brown.

“Like someone else was controlling you?” Daimon repeated, as the chrone nodded in confirmation. Another sickly cool breeze blew over the teens and sent Sophia’s hair flying into the air.

“Has this ever happened before?,” he asked sounding more and more concerned as time passed.

Sophia stiffened up, she had tried so hard to forget, this had happened once before, so long ago. When she came to Point Dume, she tried to convince herself that it was just her powers that were responsible for the first time. But now she wasn’t so sure, she knew sooner or later the truth would come out. She needed to tell someone now, before things got worse. She nodded her head slowly and took one deep breath.

“Yes, it happened a while ago. The last time…,” she froze finding it hard to breath. A single tear ran down the right side of her face, she had to do this, she had to tell him. “The last time I saw Eric,” she told the hybrid in a faint whisper.

 Flashback: Farmhouse Outside Kashina, Bulgaria 

(Song: Silence - Beethoven)

What do you mean, tell me everything?” Sophia questioned her boyfriend, she was shivering after all the time the pair spent in the rain. Eric whipped his face, the young man looked like he was on the verge of tears, Sophia was confused, her heart was racing and so was her mind. Racing with a thousand questions, right now she was truly questioning whether or not she knew who her boyfriend really was.

“First lets get you warm,” Eric said, looking around the dark cold room they had entered. A fireplace sat in one corner, a half used log already in place. Eric grabbed the timber from a small basket to the side and sprinkled some over the log. He pulled out a wicked looking hunting knife that Sophia had never seen before and he scraped it against a small metal crossbar hovering over the fireplace, creating a shower of sparks that quickly set the timber aflame. Before long, he had created a cosy fire that Sophia ran towards, sticking her hands out to capture its warmth.

Sophia, I’m not who you think I am,” he confessed to her point blank. The girl’s face grew whiter, now she was scared. Too late, she realized that perhaps Piper had been right all along.

I’ve been lying to you, for so long. But not anymore, it stops today.” he whispered. As he continued talking Sophia hugged her hands up close around her chest.

My name is Eric Evergreen, I never lied about that. But I have lied to you about why I am in Bulgaria. I want to tell you everything, but before I do, you need to promise me you won’t freak out and you have to promise even more, that you won’t run away,” he begged. His girlfriend nodded, Sophia wanted to speak but she physically couldn’t.

I am a hunter of sorts,” he confessed to her. Sophia didn’t understand, Eric had said this like it was a big dark secret, she didn’t know what a hunter was but if Eric had to hide it from her, then she knew it wasn’t good.

I’m a hunter, so is my entire family. I was tasked with killing supernatural creatures. It’s something I was raised to do. It's the only way of life I knew.” he explained. Now Sophia was even more confused than ever, what was he talking about supernatural creatures, she was seriously questioning her boyfriend’s sanity at this moment.

Eric there’s no such thing,” Sophia tried to say before she was cut off by Eric shouting. “No!” he screamed at the top of his voice as a loud clap of thunder echoed through the sky.

Listen, please,” Eric begged once more, as Sophia returned to her silent position, staring up at her boyfriend like a confused little puppy.

My father was the best of the best,” Eric began to explain. “He was ruthless, cold blooded and an all round nasty bastard. One day he took me and my older brother Jacob on the hunt with him. But this witch… She was too powerful. My father got over confident and he ended up paying dearly for it,” Eric explained as he pulled out the same knife again from his pocket. A cold shiver ran up Sophia’s spine, Eric hadn’t mentioned his father or his older brother before. Only his over bearing mother, this was all so confusing the young girl couldn’t make out if he was telling the truth or if it was just some fabrication he came up with.

Eric threw the blade in the air and caught it without any effort. “I was trained as I grew older, I surpassed my brother, my mother, my father, EVERYONE. I was the single greatest thing to happen to the clan in ages. I could kill anything. From Witches, to Werewolves, to Vampires. You get the picture,” Eric listed all of these things Sophia thought were all but myths.

And then I was given my hardest assignment… You,” he told her. Sophia’s stomach flipped. Her mouth hung open ever so slightly after this revelation.

What?,” she whispered. Eric knelt down beside her and attempted to hold her hand but she pushed him away.

She was terrified and had to get out of the cabin, she tried to stand up Eric quickly grabbed her and pulled her back to the bed. “Somebody help me,” Sophia screamed at the top of her voice. She knew it was useless as the woods were practically deserted.

Look Sophia, I know this all sounds crazy, but I’m not going to hurt you,” he shouted. The girl was quivering once more, but now it wasn’t because of the weather, it was from utter fear. This was the first time Sophia had ever been scared of Eric.

You said once to me that if I thought I might be a different man if I'd met you sooner. Well, I am and believe me when I say that I’ll keep you safe.” he tried to explain.

“From what Eric!?” she screamed back in an aggressive manner. The log in the fire popped loudly as the fire reached the core. She didn’t want to see him, she felt like this was all some creepy game, she felt stupid, she should of listened to Piper and stayed far away from Eric. But most of all she felt scared, that this was truly the end.

Is that why he brought her out here to kill me?”maybe she was over thinking this, but she really didn’t know what to say or do next. All she could do was look at him and wonder what would he do next.

From my mother and the other hunters! Because I love you more than life itself, but to them, you’re just another target. They’ll kill you with no remorse and that’s that. They’ll move on and I will be forced to as well. But guess what, I’m not ready to move on. How could I live with myself if I knew I hurt the single most precious thing in my entire life,” Eric explained.

Now let me finish,” he shouted as Sophia once again obeyed without question and returned to silence.

I was assigned to get you to lower you guard, to fall for me. But I never thought I’d fall for you in return. Now Sophia, I know I’ve lied to you so many times. But my feelings for you are real and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart… I love you,” he whispered. Sophia’s vision blurred, she felt a ringing in her ear.

Eric was trying to talk to her but she couldn’t hear him, she could hear nothing but static. Eric placed his hands on Sophia’s face and removed them quickly with blood on his hands. Sophia now realized that her nose was bleeding, but she didn’t feel it. She felt nothing, like her entire body was numb… And then everything went white.

In an instant her eyes flung open, she could see the trees and the moon, the storm was gone.

Where am I?”''She thought unsure of what had happened, her vision was blurry again but only for a split second. She was very dizzy and her head throbbed. She clenched her hands and it felt like sand was beneath her, her other senses soon became active and Sophia smelt smoke.

She slowly lifted her head, she gasped loudly when she realized where she was. She was lying in a smouldering ruin where the farmhouse once stood.

How? What? What’s happening?”'' She thought once more to herself now taking shorter and faster breaths. The last thing she could remember was Eric standing over her, trying to help her after her nose bleed. But then… Nothing, she recalled nothing else.

“Eric,” she whispered, looking around as an owl hooted.

Eric!” she now screamed more worried and frantic. Her hand slid in the ash as she tried to step up and she fell harshly on the floor once again. That is when she saw it, lying among the burnt timbers and piles of ash… Eric’s necklace.

No, no, ERIC!” she screamed again now standing up. She backed away from the pile of ash in horror.

What happened? Where is he?”'' She thought to himself as her eyes began filling with tears,'' ''

How did all this happen!?” She recalled everything he told her in the cabin, all of that didn’t matter now. She put it to one side, she just wanted to be back in Eric’s arms once more.

Eric where are you!?” she shouted spinning around, as she was doing so she noticed that there was a small piece of a shattered mirror in the ash. She could make herself out among the shatter mirror, but she didn't recognize the girl staring back at her, for one, it almost looked like her hair was white as snow and the mirage smirk at her and her eyes glowed red. She blinked and once she opened her eyes again she could see perfectly and her hair was once again brown. She took a small step back but was soon knocked off her feet. Her head hit the ground hard and when she opened her eyes two burly men were standing over her.

Well look what we have here. Looks like we’ve found our girl,” the one with no hair laughed as he towered over her.

Fiona was right about how Eric thinks all-right. She's right where she expected he'd take her. Over the damn mountains.” The younger one called out into the night.

Games up, Eric, come on out now! You've been a real bad boy!” The two hunters looked around their surroundings but saw no trace of Eric anywhere. The bald one put his hand on a burnt timber and quickly pulled it back. “Hey, it's still hot. This damage is recent.” The two hunters quickly surveyed their surroundings before their eyes converged on the young girl on the ground.

“Jesus, what did you do girl?” The younger one laughed as he turned around looking at the destruction.

Did things get a little HOT,” he shouted before stomping on her stomach. Sophia let out a large squeal of pain, before the bald man too kicked her in the side, abruptly silencing her.

Where’s do you think Eric is?,” the young one asked. But Sophia couldn’t answer she was still on the ground crying in pain. The young one snapped his fingers as the bald man grabbed a lock of Sophia’s hair and dragged her to her feet.

He took a tight grip of her neck and the interrogation continued, “WHERE IS HE,” the younger one screamed at her face.

I don’t know, I can’t remember. Please don’t hurt me,” she begged now crying heavily. The pair of hunters looked at each other and back at the pile of ash. The necklace, the necklace shined as the moonlight hit it, the sharp reflective shine caught the eye of the young hunter. He slowly approached the necklace and pulled it out of the ash. He stared at it and began to reach into his pocket, Sophia watched on still trapped in the arms of the bald man.

He pulled out a photo, the most recent photo of Eric to be precise. It was a photo Eric’s mother took of him and Sophia without them realising. There hanging from his neck, was the damn necklace. He looked back at the bald man and shook his head. That was when the bald man’s face grew redder as he once again slammed Sophia to the ground.

“Man, you sure did it now; Fiona’s wrath will be unleashed upon you!” the young one laughed kicking Sophia’s shoulder.

This little bitch killed Eric. Can you believe that, how did a little untrained bitch like you do that? He was the best of the best, I mean if you weren’t a filthy creature I’d applaud you. But you don’t deserve it,” he continued once again kicking Sophia.

“Oh, Eric, no… That can't be.” Sophia thought desperately.

I’m sorry,” she whispered to herself as she buried her face in the ground.

What do we do?” the bald man asked the younger hunter, who was pacing around the ash. He paused for a moment, before pulling out his phone.

I’m sending Fiona our location now. She’ll want this bitch to suffer and more importantly she’ll want to reward us,” he smiled after hitting send.

The bald man forced Sophia into the ground and she felt handcuffs go around her wrists. She was crying, she couldn’t think of anything but Eric.

Had she truly killed him? he was right about the hunters… clearly. So was he also telling her the truth about her being supernatural? What the hell does that even mean???”

The younger man laughed once more kicking the ash, he knelt down and picked up a handful of it. The small grains ran through his fingers as he smiled again.

See Eric, this is how you catch her. But don’t worry, she won’t suffer… Who am I kidding, your mom is going to torture the poor girl. Shame, she is rather pretty,” Hearing his talk to the ash made Sophia realise that Eric could be in those ashes.

What did I do?”'' She thought now quivering.

The younger of the two returned once again to the bald one and Sophia. He looked down at her on the floor and gave her a wicked wink.

Give me a smile sweetheart, it isn’t that bad,” he smiled. The pair began to laugh, Sophia closed her eyes and clenched them tightly. Suddenly she felt a wind rush above her head followed by loud screaming. Sophia’s eyes flung open and that is when she saw him.

A young boy with brown hair had the young hunter pinned to the floor and was punching him rapidly. “Get him off me! Get this freak off me!” the hunter screamed. Sophia turned her head to her right, and lying there next to her was the bald hunter. His throat was slashed and it looked like he had bite marks all over his face.

Sophia let out a scream of terror, birds flew out of the trees as she was left to watch the boy murder the other hunter in abject horror. The boy who was on top of the hunter turned around, his eyes were glowing red. The brown haired boy then leaned into the hunter and began biting at the young hunters neck, Sophia was repulsed and terrified.

Was she next?”'' She closed her eyes and whimpered.

I deserve all of this, I deserve all of this. I must have done it, I must have killed Eric ...”''she kept telling herself on repeat; like a broken record.

Then everything went silent once more, she opened her eyes slowly, but once she did, she was eye level with a pair of black Nike sneakers. She looked up to see the boy, he was tall and well built with blood dripping from his chin. She let out another large scream as he raised his hand. She flinched until she suddenly felt the chains around her wrist loosen. She opened her eyes yet again and noticed that she was free, the handcuffs were broken. She looked at the boy who was now extending his arm.

Sophia was nervous, but the boy did save her life after all. She took his hand and slowly stood up. The boy then broke the remaining pieces of the handcuffs that remained around her wrists and looked deep into Sophia’s eyes. She rubbed her wrists slowly and smiled at the boy, he didn’t smile back. His face remained emotionless still covered in the hunter’s blood.

Thank you,” Sophia whispered. Acknowledging her, the boy nodded his head slowly.

“Who are you?” Sophia asked in a whisper.

Have you seen Eric? Do you know who he is?” she asked him another question. The boy went to speak, his mouth opened and Sophia hoped in her heart of hearts that she would get an answer. But then a sudden gush of wind came in-between the two, an arrow hit the half standing wall behind them. “RUN,” the boy screamed at her as his eyes returned to their bright shade of red. The boy pushed Sophia away to the right of him, as he ran in the opposite direction. Sophia now more scared than ever knew she had no choice, she had to leave. She took one final look at the pile of ash were the hut once stood and ran deep into the forest.

Run, rabbit run, but sooner or later this predator will catch her prey.” Fiona whispered as she emerged out of the shadows clenching a bow and arrow in her hand.

 Point Dume Academy: Library 

(Song: Love Her Madly - The Doors)

“Jesus,” Daimon whispered as Sophia finished her story, he couldn’t believe everything she had been through in one night. He knew first-hand just how scary an encounter with hunters can be; he admired her bravery and as the sun began to set he saw the young witch in a new light.

“I don’t even know, who or what that boy was… The one who saved me,” Sophia explained to Damion as her eyes twinkled brightly. “Sounds like a red eyed demon to me,” Daimon told her. “Their kinda like me, Josh and Sienna. Only extremely rare, more aggressive and kinda unstable,” he explained to her. “More aggressive and unstable than me… Wow,” Sophia laughed slightly. “Do you know any red eyed demons?” she asked him out of curiosity.

“Only one,” Daimon froze, he knew it was none of his business to discuss such matters though, so he shook his head and told her “But it doesn’t matter,” before sighing loudly. The pair stared at the sun set and were just at one with the school and the entire grounds for a brief moment.

“I just can’t help but think, I could of killed them. I can’t let that happen again,” She told Daimon who gave her a sympathetic look. The hybrid grabbed her and squeezed it reassuringly. “But you didn’t and you didn’t kill Eric either,” Daimon.

“I can’t take the risk. I need to learn to control my powers,” Sophia told Daimon sounding more determined than ever.

“I’m not going to let anyone get hurt,” she continued.

“Then you’ll need a teacher,” Jamie’s voice came from behind them.

“Or teachers,” Bella added emerging from behind Jamie.

“How long have you two been there?,” Daimon asked.

“Only a few seconds,” Jamie told his room-mate and best friend.

“But long enough to hear that you want to control your powers,” the warlock added.

“And we’re gonna teach you,” Bella said to Sophia as she too approached the ledge.

“You two?,” Sophia asked a bit sceptically but with a smile coming across her face.

“Yes, both of us. We both know the only way to get through all this is together. That, and well, we’re not sure what powers you have. I couldn’t instruct you on transmutation any better than Jamie could teach you how to fly,” Bella told her.

“So you get two for the price of one,” Jamie chipped in smiling at her fellow friend. Sophia’s eyes filled with tears of joy, she got off the ledge and hugged the pair, creating a group hug.

“What the heck,” Daimon sighed before rushing to join them. The four were all together, closer than they had ever been. That was until they heard a fake cough from behind them.

They broke the hug and Sophia made eye to eye contact with Josh.

“Josh,” she whispered, staring at her boyfriend; his face expressionless and giving nothing away.

“Can I have a word with my girlfriend… Alone,” Josh asked, but it felt more like a command to the other three. Bella and Jamie nodded their head and Daimon too reluctantly left, “We’ll just be out there,” Bella told Sophia as the trio approached the library door.

“Why haven’t you been honest with me?” the demon asked her.

“First you don’t tell me you have a killer for an ex, then you run away from me when I was trying to help you,” Josh shouted as Sophia rolled her eyes.

“Look, I don’t want to fight. I just want to know why? Why did you feel the need to lie?,” the demon sighed deeply as he asked.

“You want to talk about lying? How do you think I feel, I’ve heard all the stories about you Josh. About all the girls from your past, yet you feel the need to call me out on one ex. I didn’t tell you about Eric because the wound still is so fresh. So please save me from your lecture, if you don’t want to fight, then drop this for now. And stop acting like an entitled little rich boy, I'm not your property and right now I'm not ready to tell you everything” Sophia roared at her boyfriend trying to walk past him. He pulled her back and stared her with intensity when he pushed her into his chest.

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry, I guess I just got a little jealous. You’re sharing things with a lot of people, the girls, heck even Daimon. I just, felt like I was losing you, amidst it all.” he whispered into her eyes as he slowly kissed her on cheek, before he placed another on her other cheek and finally a slight peck on the lips.

“You haven’t lost me,” Sophia explained gently pushing Josh away.

“I am sorry though for not telling you. But at the same time, we’ve only just started seeing each other. I am entitled to some secrets of my own… And so are you,” she kissed him softly on the lips; this time the kiss actually getting deeper. Josh surveyed the room they were in.

“Did you know, that this room is the first place you'd ever been to in Point Dume? When I found you by the gates, I picked you up and carried you. We came in from that window over there,” Josh indicated with a nod of his head. Sophia smiled and planted a small peck on his cheek and hugged him.

“I really am sorry though for being such a jerk today. At the risk of it sounding corny, this is the first time I've been truly happy. You're like my sun babe, and I'm afraid I could lose you.” Josh said wholeheartedly.

“ Not if I can help it! Remember when we were in that simulation room? And the white room afterwards? You and I against the world. Don't you forget it! But for now, I just want a hot bath and I want to go to bed; it's been one long torturous day.” Sophia explained as she caressed his cheek. Josh remained silent as Sophia headed for the door, walking away from him.

“Rejected,” an unfamiliar voice came from behind him, he spun around to see Alietta was leaning against the wall. He jumped out of shock.

“Damn, just how many people are in this fucking library?” Josh questioned the blonde girl.

“Well I was technically here first, before the episode of Dawson's Creek started playing out before my eyes. I enjoy the quiet,” Alietta said, turning her head to look out the window at the setting sun and at the darkness that followed with it.

“What do you want... Alietta is it?”

“Poor Joshie, guess you now know how it feels,” Alietta said coyly as she slowly crept towards Josh.

“What are you talking about?,” he rebuked with confusion in his voice.

“I'd heard so many stories about the great Josh Frazer, a true ladies man. You hurt girls, nice girls, innocent girls and you didn’t care, because you got what you wanted. I understood that. I respected that. And yet when I come here, what do I find? The shoe is on the other foot and Josh Frazer is a whimpering jealous shell of a man. No backbone. You can't even keep your girl interested in you for more than five minutes. Love has made you weak Joshie-Poo. If you're not careful, your girl might just run right back into those loving arms of her hunter boy. How does it feel to have your heart ripped out of your chest? I'm sure Sienna felt something similar. It sucks right?” Alietta laughed quietly, standing right before Josh now. Josh's face grew red at Alietta's words.

“That's why I never fall in love,” Alietta continued, moving into Josh's personal space to gently pat his nose with her finger.

“But that doesn't mean I don't still have fun.”

“What are you saying?” Josh asked, but he had a pretty clear guess. Alietta just stood there smiling.

“I'm a gorgeous young succubus in the modern world, Joshie. I've long since known the difference between sex and love, and how to thoroughly enjoy one without becoming ensnared of the other. You used to know it too, before that Dimitrov girl showed up. Perhaps you just need a reminder of the life you once had.” Alietta moved in for a kiss, but Josh pushed her away immediately.

“You're beautiful Alietta, truly you are. But just because something is beautiful doesn´t mean it´s good. Those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy. ” Josh looking at Alietta intently said with conviction. Alietta's eyes widened a little but quickly she flashed a smiled and rolled her eyes.

“So what do you say? If Sophia won't give you the time of day, it's not the end of the world.” Alietta said flipping her hair off her shoulder.

“Poor young thing is probably still a virgin. But you wouldn't have to worry about that with me. Can you imagine being with someone who's just as passionate and dedicated as you? I might even teach you a trick or two about yourself you never knew.”

In the past, Josh might have been tempted by such an offer. Alietta definitely had a certain appeal, with a pretty face and smoking hot body and clearly wasn't going to be clingy or bothered if Josh neglected to call the next day. But despite everything, from Sophia's mysterious and frightening powers, to her complicated history with the captured hunter, Sophia had fundamentally changed Josh in a way he never truly realized until this moment. He loved every part of her, her smile, her laugh, her strength, everything about her down to the hair on her head, no matter what colour it happened to be. He disentangled himself from Alietta's oppressive closeness and got up to leave.

“I'll pass. That's not who I am anymore,” Josh said turning to leave.

“Come find me if you ever change your mind or Sophia ever returns your manhood to you,” Alietta said derisively.

“You’re demented,” Josh shouted back at her, his voice filled with distaste for the girl.

“If you ever and I mean ever try and interfere in my relationship…I will end you. I don’t care if you’re a girl.”

“I promise I’ll be good... unless being naughty gets me better results.” she whispered in a seductive tone before blowing Josh a kiss, she let out a small giggle and as she watched him depart.

 Point Dume Academy: Hallway 

(Song: Lose My Mind - Brett Eldrege)

Tara who was unaware that Sophia had been located, was searching the halls with Todd. There pair had went from classroom to classroom with no luck, there was no sign of Sophia anywhere.

“Sophia!,” she shouted.

“Sophia come out, come out wherever you are,” Todd continued in a rather joking manner. The vampire turned to her and smiled.

“So I believe this is the first time we’ve actually been alone together,” he said to the kitsune.

“Yeah, I mean I guess,” Tara replied awkwardly.

“You were friends with the guys before me, and I became friends with them after you left so,” before Tara could finish she was stopped dead in her tracks. She was face to face with her own mother.

“Mom?” Tara whispered. Kimiko Linn stood about five feet in front of the pair. A smile came across Tara’s face as she ran to her and gave her a hug. The past few weeks had been intense and Tara wasted no time embracing her mother and drawing strength from a comforting and supportive presence. Tara's eagerness soon had them both grinning from ear to ear.

Todd slowly walked up behind the pair and smiled, Kimiko smiled back and slowly let go of her daughter.

“Are you the famous Daimon, the one that’s swept my little girl off her feet? She’s told me so much about you,” Kimiko said in a typical motherly fashion. Tara went bright red with embarrassment as Todd let out a small laugh and shook his head.

“Oh no, I’m Todd. Todd Rollings,” the young vampire introduced himself, shaking Kimiko’s hand.

“Ah,you’re Maxim’s boy,” she whispered her eyes narrowing.

“You know my father?,” Todd asked her. He had never met Tara’s family so he was very surprised to hear that she knew Maxim, then again Todd didn’t really know Maxim.

“Of course, everyone knows you’re father. His reputation...precedes him,” Kimiko smiled tightly.

Todd sensing that he wasn't wanted, let go of the women’s hand and the pair just stared at each other. “I will leave you two alone then. Tara, I'll keep looking to find our friend,” Todd whispered to the kitsune before walking away. Tara wasn’t sure what was happening but she got the sense her mother didn’t like Todd. Regardless it was great to see her once again.

“So Mom, why are you here?,” she asked. Then her mother’s face lit up, she took her daughter’s hands and lead her a nearby bench along the wall.

“Well baby, you’re becoming a young woman now. And I won’t always be here to protect you and Principle Specter informed me that you’ve started training. So I thought it was time to give you what every Kitsune needs,” Kimiko preached as she reached behind her and retrieved a long, black wooden box Tara hadn't even noticed her mother had been carrying in a satchel.

“Is this what I think it is?,” Tara beamed with excitement, he mother nodded her head joyfully as Tara slowly opened the box. She let out a large squeal of joy. In the box lay a long sword, Tara took it in her right hand and looked at the reflection of her own eyes.

“My first katana,” she said in a very humbled voice.

“Mom, thank you so much,” she cried her eyes welling up with tears. She placed the sword on the desk and gave her mother another hug.

“There she is,” Bella laughed, Tara let go of her mother and saw her friends Sophia, Bella, Jamie and Daimon walk towards her. She got very nervous, she hadn't told her mother about her recent break up, which was unusual. She told her mother everything, they were very close, so if her mother found out about it this way, needless to say it would be super awkward.

“And who is this, Tara, you didn’t tell us you had an older sister?” Daimon said flattering Tara’s mother.

“Oh stop,” her mother laughed. “I am Kimiko Linn, Tara’s mother,” the woman introduced herself to the group.

“Bella, lovely to see again,” the woman nodded at the girl. She turned her attention to Jamie and smiled, “I don’t need to know you’re name. You’re obviously James, you have your mothers eyes and your father's jawline,” she told the young warlock.

“Now I don’t believe I know you two. Who are you dear?,” she asked Sophia who was now forcing herself to smile. Sophia wasn't exactly up for a meeting her room-mate's parent.

“I’m Sophia, Sophia Dimitrov,” she smiled extending her hand. Kimiko’s mouth dropped open.

“Oh my,” Kimiko whispered staring at the young chrone, her hand going to cover her mouth

“I see it now. You look exactly like Lizzie,” she told the girl, still shocked.

“I'm sorry, your mother, Elizabeth.” Kimiko clarified as she pulled the girl into a hug.

“I do?” Sophia replied a little in shock. She had never met her mother, but hearing Kimiko say her name was extraordinary and gave her a warm feeling.

“Yes dear, and there's a bit of your father there too, Nicholas was his name” Kimiko said as the hug ended and she looked upon Sophia once more.

“I knew both of your parents very well when we were young. I didn't know they had a daughter; if I did I would have reached out after-” Kimiko said, caressing Sophia's cheek. The sadness in Kimiko's eyes betrayed her emotions as she became a bit melancholic, clearly remembering sad thoughts about her dear friends. The whole group had experienced Nicholas’ diary and had seen Kimiko as a young woman. There was clearly more to the story though. Before Sophia could inquire more, Kimiko turned her attention to Daimon.

The young hybrid smiled and laughed “Daimon Abigor, at your service.” he introduced himself. Kimiko looked at Tara who now was red in the face.

“Mom please,” but Kimiko couldn’t hear her.

“Oh so you’re Mr. Abigor, the man of the hour” the mother laughed embarrassing her daughter even more.

But before Kimiko could say another word another voice interrupted her. The voice belonged to Nicholas Specter.

“Ms Dimitrov, I'm glad your friends have found you,” his normally soothing voice was rather loud and made a few of the teens jump. Upon seeing Kimiko among them, he froze and his eyes widened.

“Kimiko, what-uh, a pleasant surprise!” the name slipped out of his voice as he was gawking at Tara's mother.

Now it was not her daughter but rather Kimiko herself going red.

“Hello Nathan,” she replied. Nathan began to stutter as sweat began to drip from his brow.

“I’m sorry, I forgot I approved your visiting request, so I knew you were here, obviously, and look you’re here, in Point Dume, here,” Nathan began to talk quickly as the teens watched on awkwardly.

“It's good to see you again, Nathan,” Kimiko said, smiling at the rambling headmaster.

“I was just dropping off something for my daughter,” she continued, putting an arm around Tara's side which lead to a groan of embarrassment from the younger kitsune.

“Yes, yes, I remember. Very good. Anyway,” he snapped out of it shaking his head.

“Ms Dimitrov, as I was saying I'm glad you've been located and you are feeling better. I would have preferred to talk with you in private, but your presence has been requested by a member of O.R.B.S in regard to Mr. Evergreen,” Nathan said in a now very formal voice. Sophia suspected she knew exactly which member of the organization that was, but she held her tongue.

“Okay, yes, take me to see Eric then,” Sophia said, squaring her shoulders. Nathan’s smiled and gripped her arm in support.

“We will talk later, I promise.” he said before raising his hand and sent Sophia vanishing into thin air.

“I will see you all in the morning,” Nathan announced to the rest of the group.

“Kimiko, always a pleasure,” he smiled turning a little red. Before walking away, “Did he just blush?,” Jamie asked the group.

“Yep,” everyone else replied in synch. Tara turned back to her mother who was now clutching the katana. She placed it in her daughter’s hands and smiled.

“I have to go, we'll meet up for coffee over the weekend.” her mother told her daughter.

She looked over at Daimon and then back at Tara. She said nothing about the awkward glances and Tara's beet red face, but pulled the hybrid close to her and whispered. “Protect her.” Daimon swallowed and replied earnestly. “With my life.” As her mother departed, Tara’s eyes filled with sorrow.

 Point Dume Academy: Laundry Room – Evening 

(Song: Loose My Breath - Destiny's Child)

Todd walked into the laundry room. Someone had a load going in the dryer, but nobody was currently around. He turned around to leave and just about ran into Jamie who was coming in.

“Oh hi,” Todd stammered, not expecting to see Todd here so early. “Sophia's not in here either, looks like.”

“Oh, we found her already in the upper library.” Jamie said making a hand gesture pointing behind himself.

“That's good. Is she alright?”

“She's fine! O.R.B.S. wanted her to help out with interrogating Eric.” Jamie said.

“I see. I'm sure she will. I know she was worried about him.” Todd replied. He scratched the back of his neck. He'd never felt so awkward before.

“Well, I know it's still early, but if you'd like to talk now,” Todd began.

“No I don't want to talk,” Jamie interrupted.

“Oh,” Todd said looking downcast.

“I don't want to talk at all,” Jamie continued in a rush as he closed the distance between the two and gripped the back of Todd's head with both hands as he brought Todd in for a powerful kiss. The kiss was intense, full of pent up longing. Jamie had been so forceful, he'd knocked the both of them back to one of the washing machines. Todd's initial surprise and shock turned into delight as he returned the kiss with fervour, and brought his own hands up to Jamie's head, running his hands through the back of his hair. The two continued on that way for some time. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of clothes tumbling around in the dryer.

 Point Dume Academy: Tara's Room 

(Song: Americano - Lady Gaga)

After Sophia's abrupt departure the rest of the group had decided to go to dinner. Tara had opted to drop off her katana before joining them. She came up to her door to find it open. She walked in and found a bunch of her clothes strewn about the floor. As she watched, one of her shirts flew through the air and joined the others littered on the ground. “No... No...NO...My god, is this polyester?” came a familiar voice from her closet. Tara set down the box with her katana on her desk and walked over to confront the intruder.

“Um, can I help you Sienna?” Tara asked, watching as the brunette was rifling through the remainder of her clothes still hanging up.

“Honey, I doubt even an appearance on a certain reality show would be able to help this closet out. I'm seriously considering calling FEMA here to declare a state of emergency in here. This closet is a disaster,” Sienna said.

“It wasn't a disaster until you started throwing all my stuff on the ground.” Tara lamented bending down to pick up a pinstripe collared shirt.

“Oh no, that's for mine and everyone else's safety. Those are all in the to burn pile, for all being an eye sore and a danger to public health.”

“Why are you tearing through my closet in the first place? And more importantly, how did you even get in?” Tara asked, picking up more of her clothes from the floor.

“Because I thought you might at least have something halfway suitable, but I can see now that was an unrealistic fantasy.” With a groan of frustration and dismay, Sienna walked out of Tara's closet and over to Arabella's side of the room and opened her closet doors. It took only a moment or two for the demon to shout “Yes,” and come away from Bella's closet with something. The shirt was effortlessly stunning, it was simple, silk and loosely fitting. The front of the shirt was sparkly, a solid gold bird donned the front, majestically spreading its wings for all to see, in the form of golden tassels that would sway about when walking. In all, the shirt was sexy, it would show off the kitsune’s body, while still retaining her modesty.

“Here, this will do nicely. Put this on, do something with your hair, something that's not this, then meet me downstairs in 5.” Sienna said, offering the top to Tara who had her hands full.

“Sienna, please just tell me what you're doing here.” Tara begged, unable to remain calm any longer. It had been a very long day after all. Sienna appraised the kitsune, and then softened her expression.

“I know you and Abigor are over. I've been there and I know how much it truly sucks. I'm sorry.” Tara could hardly believe her ears.

“Um, thanks, I guess.” Tara mumbled. “But what does that have to do with what you're doing here?”

“Because I'm sure that with all the drama that Dimitrov bitch brings, nobody has probably bothered to even ask how you are doing.” “It's fine really. I'm fine. There are more pressing matters”

“Don't lie to me. I know you're hurting. Look, nobody was there for me when I was dumped by Josh. I'm not going to let the swirling storm of the latest crisis with your roommate blow your own troubles to the far corners. I'm taking you out for a girl's night out.” Tara was shocked to say the least. Despite disparaging her wardrobe and destroying her room, it sounded like Sienna was being genuine, and it was all for Tara's benefit. She had to admit the thought of having to go have dinner with the gang and see Daimon across the table and having another awkward encounter was not very appealing. But a night out with Sienna? Could she really? She never would have considered that possibility happening in a million years.

And yet here Sienna was, in in her room, clearly dressed to party. Sienna’s outfit was surprisingly simple… for her that is. The loosely fit black shirt hung off her body, showing off all the right places. Her arms were on display as was some of her bra, the front of her shirt was ever so sheer, revealing the slightest bit of cleavage that was guaranteed to drive boys at the club insane. Her pants clung to her skin, they were leather and extremely beautiful. She wore similarly dark heels that elevated her height by several inches. She currently had her hands crossed in front of her, waiting for the kitsune to decide. She searched Sienna's face for any hint that this was all some elaborate ploy to embarrass her, but she saw nothing. If anything she saw that past the hard exterior, there was a trace of something more behind those brown eyes. She'd seen it before...in the simulator room. Sienna was afraid.

Afraid of me?


Afraid I might say no?

Could Sienna need this night out as much as me?

She'd never come out and say it, that's not who she is. Tara looked down at the top again. It was something Tara wouldn't normally wear, it showed too much and cried for attention. But in this shirt she'd also feel strong and majestic, and she wanted to feel that way again. She dropped her other clothes back on the floor, holding only onto Bella's stolen shirt, which she hugged close to herself and offered Sienna a large smile.

“Alright, lets do it!” Tara said. Sienna uncrossed her arms and and pushed her hair back over her shoulders.

“Fine, just don't dawdle. Five minutes T, or I leave without you,” she said walking away out of the room, but the relief in her voice couldn't be hidden behind her snarky remark.

Four and a half minutes later, Tara emerged from the room wearing Bella's top, a pair of comfortable black jeans, her hair teased out, make-up on including a bright red lipstick. Sienna was leaning against the wall outside her dorm when Tara approached.

“So we headed to the Café?” Tara asked.

“And run the risk of running into your tool of an ex? Not likely. I have somewhere else in mind.” Sienna grabbed onto Tara's shoulder and together the girls vanished as the demon teleported them both away.

 Foxfire Bar 

(Song: Hot N Cold - Katy Perry)

The two girls materialized in a parking lot. Tara looked around and read the glowing orange sign above them.

“Foxfire?” Tara asked excitedly. She wondered if Sienna had chosen this place because of its name. Above the sign was a large cauldron with a real fire blazing away.

“Yes, yes, don't get your panties in a bunch, the owner of this place is another kitsune, but of course, the humans don't know that, so try to contain yourself.” Sienna said as she led Tara into the bar. It was pretty dark inside, but the brightest area was around the long curving S shaped bar along one wall. Sienna took a seat at the bar, but Tara remained standing, holding onto her own arm nervously, feeling both vulnerable and exposed. Sienna flagged down the bartender. Her eyes flashed yellow and the bartender stood transfixed for a moment, his eyes also flashing yellow briefly.

“A round of shots, and keep them coming.” The bartender blinked and went about his business of getting the drinks without putting up an argument.

“Aren't we going to be carded?” Tara asked leaning over to whisper, looking around and seeing many older faces, but there were also some young people sitting around in booths.

“Sienna Kronin doesn't get carded.” Sienna said haughtily. Sienna noticed Tara still acting fidgety, so she told the bartender, “We'll take 'em over there,” pointing to a far corner of the bar. The bartender nodded absent-mindedly while Sienna got up and walked over to the corner booth which ran along the back wall, underneath a set of wall lanterns casting the booth in a warm yellow light. She slid into the black leather and brass buttoned booth to where it curved around a small table, and Tara followed suit, clearly happier being out of the open area of the bar. The shots arrived on a tray delivered by a young woman with brown hair bright blue eyes.

“Here you are, though y'all don't seem nearly old enough to drink these,” the waitress said setting the tray down on the table.

“Pardon me, but you don't seem nearly old enough to serve them either,” Tara said looking up at the pretty waitress.

“True enough, I'm only 16, but it helps that my mom owns the place. Tara perked up at that bit of news. “Your mom owns this place? And she's a kitsune? Are you one too?” Tara excitedly rambled out questions. The waitress' eyes went wide, while Sienna rolled hers at Tara's behaviour. Tara realized it was probably impolite if not dangerous to ask someone such a personal question, but before she could say anything the waitress looked over both girls with her hand on her chin and then pointed to each of them.

“Is one of y'all a vampire?” Tara relaxed and Sienna cracked a small smile.

“Demon.” Sienna said.

“That would explain the bartender and these shots, though. Never met a demon before, but I'm just glad yer not a vampire, they're always trying to compel me for free drinks, and when its time for the bill, they all run out of here in super-speed without paying, claiming they have to get home before the sun comes and burns em up!” Tara laughed at the waitress' joke.

“I'm a kitsune too,” she said.

“Pleased to meet you. My name's Fern. If y'all need anything else, just let me know!” Fern smiled brightly before walking away. Sienna slid a couple of the shots over in her direction, but when Tara made no move to pick hers up, Sienna pushed them closer to the kitsune.

“Hey, come on. This night is about you. A time to let loose and forget about that ass-hat of a hybrid of yours.” Sienna said, picking up one of her shots.

“To ass-hat boyfriends,” Tara said, picking up the tiny glass and downing its contents quickly, and setting it back down on the table. Sienna was impressed at Tara's single guzzle.

“Not bad, fox-girl. There may be hope for you yet,” she said before downing her own shot. She picked up a second one, prompting Tara do do the same.

“Here's to Frazer, whose afraid of nothing other than a serious relationship!” Both girls swallowed their shots.

“At least you have Phillip. I'm losing out to a fucking' ghost.” Tara replied before downing another shot quickly.

“Yeah, right, Phillip,” Sienna replied, looking at her shot before downing it just as quickly.

“Is something wrong between you two? Because at the match you two were pretty...” Tara indicates by mashing her hands together to imply two colliding bodies.

“Don't get me wrong, the sex is great...but Phillip is just so...”

“So what?”

“So not Josh.” Sienna lowered her head.

 Foxfire Bar: An Hour Later 

(Song: Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera)

An hour later there are numerous empty shot glasses in front of the girls. Sienna has switched to a cocktail, while Tara is attempting to stack her pile of cups into a pyramid. Her tongue is hanging out of her mouth in deep concentration as she carefully balances another glass on top of her little mountain.

“I don't get what the big deal is anyway.”

“The big deal about what?” Sienna asks.

“So she's the first great love of his life. Okay. I get that. I'm not trying to replace her. But she's dead. Why can't he get over her already? Why do people cling to the things they've already lost?” Sienna looks down into her drink, stirring it slowly.

“Sometimes, it's all you have. When you're with someone for a long time, they become a part of you. So when you lose them you lose a part of yourself too in the process. Holding on to who you were is less scary than having to be who you are without them.” Sienna replied. Tara placed a glass on top of the pile but her hand slipped, causing the stack to fall and clatter back onto the table.

“It's hopeless. He'll never let go of her. And I'll never find anyone like him,” Tara lamented.

“You can do a hell of a lot better than Abigor,” Sienna retorted.

“Maybe you can. Lots of boys want to date you.” Tara replied.

“Not the right ones,” Sienna interrupted.

“But I'm not beautiful like you or Arabella, or alluring like Sophia. I don't turn heads like you all seem to do so effortlessly. Just one day on campus and she caught Josh's eye.” Sienna grumbles at Tara's words, but Tara didn't notice.

“Don't worry about those witch bitch friends of yours. It's more about attitude anyway. You make yourself be noticed and boys will turn their heads.”

“That just doesn't sound like me.” Tara said.

“Maybe it's time for a change.” Sienna said looking over toward the stage where people were performing karaoke.

“Hey how bout it Tara? Nothing like eviscerating your ex than singing about him in a song.” Tara instantly smiled.

“Let's go for it!” Tara and Sienna went over to the staged and looked through the catalogue of songs they could play.

“This one so describes Daimon, its not even funny,” the kitsune said, selecting Katy Perry's Hot N Cold.

“I like this one, since that's what this night is all about,” Sienna said, selecting another song. Tara looked at it and smiled, nodding fiercely in agreement. The girls took up their microphones and the initial bars of the song started to play, and the words came on the screen. Tara nodded her head along to the beat before beginning to sing the first verse of the song. Her voice was breathy and high, sounding quite good actually, Tara had a voice for singing, and it was especially impressive for someone who'd consumed so much alcohol earlier. Sienna came in at the chorus singing along with Tara. Her voice was lower, but provided a great accompaniment to Tara's. The peppy nature of the song helped Tara get into it, rocking back and forth as she sang the next verse. By the end of the song, both girls had danced around on stage and the crowd showed their appreciation with much applause and some whistles.

As the second song started to play, Tara hooked the microphone back onto the stand, gave a devilish smile and began singing.

“You know, tonight I'm feeling a little,” she paused to brush her hair back over one ear, “out of control. Is this me?” She turned to look over at Sienna instead of the crowd.

“You wanna get crazy, because I don't give a,” she ripped the mic off again and sauntered over to Sienna who was swaying to the beat already. Tara started singing the first verse.

“I'm out of character. I'm in rare form. And if you really knew me, you'd know its not the norm.” Tara continued singing and dancing very close to Sienna. Sienna joined in for the chorus, becoming just as active as Tara, getting into the song, moving her hips around and dancing very sexy on stage. The crowd was also into the song and the two girls dancing, encouraging them on.

Tara was very close to Sienna when the next verse began and after singing, “I'm kissing all the boys and the girls,” Tara closed the distance to briefly lock lips with Sienna, resulting in cheers from the crowd, before she broke away and turned around, belting out the rest of the song raising her hands in the air. When the song finally ended, the applause was raucous. Sienna and Tara laughed their way off the stage and had just sat back down in their seats when a couple of boys came up out of the crowd.

“That was a pretty great set, you two. So Tara, you kissed a girl, but did you like it?” the boy said jokingly. Sienna narrowed her eyes at the boy who spoke while Tara spit out a mouthful of beer from a half drunk glass.

“What are you doing here Cain?” she asked, looking up around to see who else might be here from the school. Cain Oleski gave her a big grin.

“Catching a pretty good show, apparently. So, is this why Abigor dumped you or did you drop him for something better?” he asked, looking in Tara's direction. Tara looked ready to either run away, or light the place on fire, but Sienna stepped up in her defence.

“Back off, Cain, we're just blowing off some steam, go find someone else to spy on.” Sienna said.

“Relax, I'm not even here for you,” Cain said, turning around them as Fern came over.

“Hey baby, sorry I'm running late, my relief didn't show up until ten minutes ago.” Fern reached up to give Cain a kiss. She turned back to see Sienna and Tara.

“Oh hey there! I see you met my boyfriend,” she said with a smile.

“We know who he is, we go to school with him,” Sienna said dismissively. Fern did a double take.

“You guys go to Point Dume?”

“Yep, sure do,” Tara said, returning to her drink again.

“I was all set to attend before my dad got hurt. I had to drop out before school started. I'm going to public school this term.” Fern explained. Tara's eyes shot up, and she slammed the glass back down on the table.

“Wait I remember! You're Fern!” she said pointing a finger emphatically.

“Um yeah, I told you my name earlier, hun” Fern said, a little confused.

“No, I mean Fern Fern. My Fern! I was supposed to have a roommate named Fern, but she dropped out before school started. And then a couple weeks later Sophia moved into our dorm.” Tara told her story excitedly.

“That was me! What a small world,” Fern said, with a warm laugh while hooking her arm around Cain's.

“My roommate was going to be a plant. I remember,” Tara continued on. The blond boy next to Cain chuckled.

“Sounds like somebody loses their filter when they drink too much,” the boy remarked. Sienna nodded her head in agreement. “I didn't know Tara could be so much fun either.”

“Well, Tara, I'm not sure if you'll remember me afterwards, but it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Elliot. You really did sing quite well,” Elliot said, offering his hand for Tara who shook it.

“Thanks, you should hear me in the shower, I'm sooo good there too,” Tara said without thinking.

“Well if that's an invitation, I gladly accept when your much sober,” Elliot said with a wink, grabbing Tara's arm and writing his number on her hand and the last functional part of Tara's brain registered exactly what she'd said and what Elliot had just implied, causing her to blush furiously, which prompted a chuckle from Elliot.

“Come on, Caldwell, you can hit on all the drunk chicks you want over at The Crypt,” Cain said, slapping a hand to his shoulder.

“The Crypt,- what is that, some kind of sex club or something?” Tara asked unabashedly while holding her beer mug up in the air to stare down into the bottom, investigating the mystery of it being empty again already.

“The Crypt is a club we all go to. Strictly supernaturals, no humans allowed like this one. Think less karaoke, more mosh pit. Would you girls care to join us?” Elliot offered to both, but was still looking solely at Tara.

“I would but I think I need to take Tara back to school before her blood turns completely into alcohol.” Sienna said, showing a hint of her concern with her joke.

“Maybe next time. Good night then,” Elliot said leaning back. Tara waved dreamily before giggling into Sienna's shoulder as Elliot, Cain and Fern left to go to the nightclub.

“All right fox-girl, let's get you home.” Sienna said smiling despite herself.

  Arabella/Sophia/ Tara's Dorm Room 

Arabella awakens to the sound of metal scraping on metal. The sound is coming from outside the room. The door handle jiggles slightly, but does not open. Then there is a loud thump on the door like something fell onto it. The lock rattles again but doesn't move. Bella, clad in pyjama bottoms and an oversize T-shirt, gets out of bed and heads over to unlock the door and opens it to find Tara sitting on the floor with floor with a set of her keys in her hand. The very drunk Tara looks up at Bella and smiles widely.

“Bella-bo-Bella! My key wouldn't work,” she says, lifting her arm to show Bella.

“That's because that's a key to your house,” Bella replies.

“Oh,” Tara says before lowering her arm and staring intently at her key-ring again.

“Are you alright, Tara?" Bella asks, wrinkling her nose at the smell of alcohol coming from Tara. Then she sees what Tara is wearing.

“Is that my shirt!?”

“Mmmm m'Fine,” Tara says. Bella rolls her eyes and helps pick Tara off the floor.

“Come on, party girl, lets get you to bed,” Bella pulls her up and turns Tara around. Before she can walk her inside, Tara sticks her room key into the lock of the open door and is happy to see it go all the way in.

“Aha!” she cries with success.

“The door is already open, Tara,” Bella points out.

“Oh,” Tara says, then stands up straight, walking into the room, leaving her key in the door, already forgotten. Bella shakes her head, pulls the key out and closes the door, sending the room into darkness. Tara runs into the end of her own bed, and curses loudly.

“Who moved my bed into the middle of the room?” she asks in a loud voice.

“That's where your bed's always been,” Bella says, placing Tara's keys on top of her dresser, and walking over and guiding Tara to the side of her bed. Bella turns on a small lamp on Tara's night stand, bathing the room in warm yellow light. After helping Tara get settled into the bed Bella joined her lying down next to her.

“Tara, honey?” Bella began.

“Yes?” Tara said with her eyes closed curling up on a pillow.

“I'm sorry about you and Daimon, but I wish you'd told me how much you were hurting. You shouldn't have gone out and gotten wasted all by yourself.” Bella said, stroking Tara's hair. Tara flipped over and opened her eyes staring up into Bella's concerned face.

“I wasn't alone.” Tara replied.

“You weren't?”

“Nope, I was with S-ss Sienna.” Tara mumbled closing her eyes again.

“You were with Sienna? Sienna Kronin? Now I know you're drunk, but you can't be that drunk can you?” Bella asked, incredulous. The thought of Sienna doing anything nice for anybody just seemed to be beyond belief.

“Yep, she's my friend. We got a lot in common.” Tara said while sinking down into her pillow again.

“What could you possibly have in common with Sienna?” Bella asked still not ready to believe what she's hearing.

“Ghosts...and Bulgarian bitches...” Tara muttered softly. Then her eyes shot open and she put her finger to her mouth.

“Shhhh, don't tell Sophie I called her a bitch. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” Tara exclaimed loudly.

“It's alright, Tara, your secret is safe with me. Sophia isn't even here right now. Calm down.” Bella said stroking the kitsune's hair again, and got her to relax once more.

“That's better. We'll talk tomorrow morning, T, when maybe you can make more sense.” Bella bent down and kissed Tara's forehead, then got up off the bed. She pulled the trash can out from under Tara's desk and placed it by the side of the bed, just in case. With a flick of her hand she turned off Tara's lamp and walked back over to her own bed.

 Point Dume Academy: Alietta and Cynthia’s Room 

(Song: You Work For Me - Laura Mvula)

Alietta was once again on face-time, but on her laptop this time, and she made no attempt to dress inappropriately. She was delivering her report about what had transpired today.

“So that chrone bitch nearly burnt the random blonde chick Bella and the little gay Moores during their duel,” she told him pushing her hair out of her face.

“Pity she didn't destroy them, but they’ll start to lose trust in her, sooner or later she’ll actually hurt them and then they’ll turn on her just like I want,” he smirked arrogantly.

“But I am not pleased to hear the chrone is growing in strength. And what of the others, did the witch and the warlock's animosity grow?”

“It started to. They really went at each other, it was amazing to watch,” Alietta bit her lip and frowned. “But after Sophia tried to barbecue them, Moores protected the witch. Saved her life most likely. I watched them all talking to each other afterwards. They seemed decidedly more civil with each other.” Alietta concluded.

“That is most unfortunate,” Agoroth replied, expressing his displeasure with narrowed eyes. “Any other bad news?”

“I attempted drive the Frazer boy away from the chrone. I know you didn't want me too, but she was in the right state with this hunter boyfriend of hers and she'd just nearly incinerated her friends. The tension between them had been growing all day, it was palpable. I thought I could catch him in a moment of weakness.”

“And?” Agoroth said his eyes narrowing.

“He said no. And...he threatened me.”

“So you failed...” Agoroth said expressing his displeasure in a way that made Alietta's skin crawl.

“But my cover is still intact. I can still complete our larger mission” Alietta said apologetically.

“Oh, you failed, Alietta. You failed me. You defied my decree to stay away from the Frazer boy. It was not your job to drive them apart so directly and so crudely. You forgot your place. You are but one component in a complex machine that only works if every part does exactly what it's supposed to do in sync with the whole. Now, if you decide, without knowing what the other components are doing, to simply follow your libido and go your own way, eventually that machine is going to break down. Your spurned advances probably only brought the Frazer boy closer to the chrone. Don't ever disobey a direct order from me again, Alietta.”

“Yes, Agoroth,” Alietta said quietly, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“Fortunately your failure is mitigated by my success here. I have secured the object that will hasten the destruction of every one of Specter's team relationships with one other.”

A small cloud of dark smoke appeared between the girls on the bed. The smoke vanished, leaving a small wooden box behind. Cynthia opens it and pulls out a golden apple. She hands it to Alietta who is just as confused.

“An apple from the Tree of Discord.” Agoroth states.

An ancient and powerful relic. The last one started the Trojan War, if you aren't up on your history. It should be more than enough to fracture their bonds and sew strife amongst the group. Do not fail me again.”

 O.R.B.S Headquarters 

(Song: Melanie Martinez - Sippy Cup)

Sophia could finally see after being consumed by the bright light she was facing a woman with short black hair who was smiling back at her.

“Ms Dimitrov welcome,” the woman smiled. “My name is Violet DeVoss, it is a pleasure to meet you,” the woman said gently nodding her head.

“Pleasure is all mine I’m sure. But how do you know me?,” she asked the women.

“We’re O.R.B.S. we know everybody,” the woman replied.

“Now I suppose you know why you’re here,” Violet said her voice now taking a very serious tone. Sophia nodded her head, Violet touched the wall that was to their right. The wall raised up to reveal it was in fact a window. Sophia assumed it was one of those one sided windows she saw in all the American police shows. There he was, sitting at the table with a harsh light above his head. Her first love, Eric Evergreen.

She touched the glass, she was so close to him and only one wall separated them. He looked rough, his hair didn’t have it’s usual quiff. Instead it was rather limp and flat.

“I’m afraid he got into a little fight with Maxim. It seems he thinks we have you held prisoner. He's been screaming your name for hours. He was hurting himself trying to break out of the cell. We had to sedate him. But that’s not the point,” Violet whispered into Sophia’s ear.

“Then what is the point,” Sophia replied sounding annoyed.

“We fear Fiona has something wicked planned. We don’t know if Eric knows anything about these plans but we need to find out. He won’t talk to us and usually we wouldn’t negotiate with hunters...but this is an unusual circumstance. Sophia, please, we need your help.” Violet begged.

“It would mean the world to all of us,” she explained.

“Okay,” Sophia replied rather quickly.

“I’ll do it, I’ll talk to him,” she continued. This took Violet by surprise, she thought that Sophia would take more convincing.

“Look after the day I’ve had… The sooner I get this done, the sooner I get my bath,” Sophia said to Violet.

“Very well,” Violet replied to the girl.

“If things will take some time I can see to some accommodations for you.” She raised her arm and a door appeared in the wall. This was still very surreal to Sophia, the whole magic thing.

She took a deep breath and approached the door, she touched the knob and shuddered. This was it, she slowly opened the door and entered the room shutting it behind her. She couldn’t make eye contact…Not just yet, she bowed her head and approached the empty chair facing Eric’s. She slowly pulled it out and sat down, she finally looked up. She saw his face, the face she fell for. He was sporting a bit of unkempt stubble and his hair was dishevelled, and thinner perhaps. The dark circles under his eyes indicated he's not been getting very much sleep. But underneath it was the same boy she fell in love with so many months ago… He was still Eric, that cute American boy. Not this horrid monster others saw him as. His eyes filled with tears and he formed a quivering smile.

“Finally,” he sighed blissfully.


 Title and Background 

  • The term is a reference to the fact that it doesn't matter if you're the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive, every one of us is running. Being alive means running; running from something; running to something or someone. Noo matter how fast you are, there are some things you can't outrun; cause some things always manage to catch up to you.


  • This is the first of two Eric-centric episodes this season.
  • Jensen and Piper appear in this episode through flashbacks and are revealed to have been living in the same orphanage as Sophia Dimitrov and are her only friends from her time there .
  • The characters of Sister Dominique Katerina Petrova and Adam McClain  are mentioned only but don't physically appear.
  • Maxim references Fiona's treatment of his daughter May Nguyen when speaking to Eric about Idaho. May was last seen being kidnapped by Fiona's hunters towards the end of Bad Blood.
  • Arabella had previously used levitation and ice balls when fighting with Jamie on the beach in Born Under A Bad Sign.
  • Sophia teleported away from the field and ended up in the upper library of Point Dume, the same room Jiosh took her through when she first arrived in Down the Rabbit Hole.
  • This is the first present day appearance of Kimiko Linn, who was first seen in a flashback in The Three Faces of Sophia.
  • At one point Eric shouts to Sophia while they are fleeing the orphanage that “to stop now is to embrace death.” This is what Sophia said to herself in the pilot episode, Down the Rabbit Hole, thus revealing where the sentiment originally came from.
  • Eric mentions his father and older brother when trying to explain to Sophia about being a hunter, but she had never heard him speak about them before. Maxim, however, did seem to know all about Eric's father during his interrogation of Eric.
  • Sienna observes Tara and Daimon sitting awkwardly apart during the training exercise and realizes they've broken up. She later seeks to console Tara, continuing to build on the relationship we saw forming in Dream A Little Dream of Me.
  • Fern McInnes was revealed to be the original intended 3rd roommate for Tara and Arabella but circumstances prevented her from staying enrolled at Point Dume.
  • Elliot Caldwell makes his first appearance in this episode and is revealed to be friends with Cain Oleski.
  • It is revealed that Sophia Dimitrov actually met Daryl Frazer before meeting and falling in love with his older brother, Josh Frazer.
  • Tamie share their first present day kiss in this episode.
  •  Fiona Evergreen is the more recent "ghost" from Sophia's past that she hallucinates as of this episode. Previously, it was Eric throughout Dream A Little Dream of Me and for the first time  in Down the Rabbit Hole.

  Body Count: 

Body Count: 2

 Episode's Cast: 


Guest Starring:

  • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer (created by Raven) → 6/30
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Selena) → 5/30
  • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (created by: Jay) →5/30
  • Demi Lovato as Cynthia Fordman (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 3/30
  • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (created by: Spirit Freak) →6/30
  • Alexander Skarsgard as Nathan Specter (Created by: Umayer) → 5/30
  • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone(created by Alietta) →5/30
  • Keenan Tracey as Phillip Jones (created by: Jay-Jay-A) → 5/30
  • Ming-Na Wen as Kimiko Linn (created by: Selena)→ 2/30
  • Ryan Paevey as Ian Sherman (created by: Amanda) → 4/30
  • Alexandra Daddario as Fern McInnes (created by: Andrea) →1/30 (first appearance)
  • Dillon Casey as Jensen Markie (created by: Raven) → 1/30 (first appearance)
  • Rumer Willis as Piper Ross (created by: Raven) → 1/30 (first appearance)
  • Nico Tortorella as Daryl Fraser (created by Raven) → 1/30 (first appearance)
  • Alexander Ludwig as Cain Oleski (created by: Stefan) →1/30 (first appearance)
  • Daniel Sharman as Elliot Caldwell (created by: Jay-Jay-A) →1/30 (first appearance)

Special Guest Stars: ( From Bloodlines )

  Episode's Soundtrack: 


 Final Thoughts: 

T'is the season to be jolly! (Fa, la, la,la, la, la, la) So, that's another episode of Inferno finished. And just in time for the holidays! :) Wow, I cannot believe that we're already on the 6thepisode! It's so surreal! Kudos goes to Jay who wrote the episode and Erik who added his flair that made the episode even better! Some news for ya guys is that the 7thepisode: The Heart is A Lonely Hunter, which is the second part of the two Eric-centric episodes this season is currently being written by my good friend and fellow writer, Umayer. This is due to me having most of my free time being consumed with writing episodes 2 and 3 of Horrifically Wicked Tales: HIVE Academy, so expect to see an update on that in 2016! Jay is also hard at work writing(I believe he's near done) the latest episode of Handsome Little Liars after a bit of a hiatus. So lot's to look forward to no? Now, like with previous episodes... below we will have a few questions for you guys to ponder over. As always, thank you for reading and please DON'T forget to review and tell me anything about the episode, this series or any of the others under the Fearless Diva Productions umbrella. I'm always happy to respond and continue the conversation.

  • So the Golden Apple of Discord has just been introduced; any idea on how that particular Greek object will be used in the series?
  • After seeing Sophia's and Eric's love story(pun intended) unfold, how do you feel about it now? Are you Team Jophia? Team Seric? Or are there still some of you that are Team Daphia?
  • We also quite a few characters debuting this episode... What are everyone's thoughts on Cain, Elliot Piper, Jensen and the room-mate that could have been(AKA Fern)?
  • Hmmm, Daryl also was Sophia's knight in shining armour (if a bit unhinged himself)...Fate works in mysterious way doesn't it? Thoughts on how this will affect the story moving forward?
  • Did anything surprise you that took place in the episode?
  • Is there a favourite scene? A character you particularly liked in this episode?
  • As you can see some new interactions are also taking place this episode (i.e. Todd/Sophia, Josh/Alietta, Todd/Tara, Sophia/ Daryl, Sienna/Tara, Phillip/Jamie, etc.) … Were there any that surprise you? Do they have chemistry? Lol do you ship any of them? ;)