The boy never cried again and he never forgot what he'd learned. That to love is to destroy and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones
Season 1, Episode 7
Eric Black and White
Air date June 7, 2016.
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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The Things You Can't Outrun
Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat


Reunited in New York, Eric finally gets the chance to tell Sophia everything, but will she forgive him for all the lies and everything he put her through, or will she leave him behind once and for all? Meanwhile back at PDA, old and new relationships take center stage. As characters true emotions and feelings are revealed, leading one couple to take their relationship to the next level.

 O.R.B.S Headquarters, New York City 

Eric and Sophia’s eyes met, his lips quivered, he had never felt this happy. “You’re really here” he whispered to her, his voice full of joy. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” Eric's eyes darted back and forth scanning Sophia intently, looking for any signs of injury. Confused, Sophia slowly nodded her head, puckering her lips together slightly. “You look a little beat up” she said softly. Eric did look a little worse for wear. His face was rather pale, his hair wasn’t as shiny as she remembered and his signature quiff was deflated, with hair covering the tops of his eyes. His hands were raw with dried blood underneath several of his nails.

“I've not been their most well-behaved 'guest',” Eric chuckled. However, Sophia remained silent and steady. She sat up in her chair trying to keep her decorum together. Seeing this, something changed within Eric, his facial expression shifted, Sophia had never see him do this before. Gone was the cocky bravado of Eric her once upon a time American boyfriend, and in his place sat the cold and stoic demeanor of a dangerous hunter. “I've been told you have something to tell me? Because these kind people” Sophia went to indicate to the mirror, but Eric was not willing to listen just yet.

“Kind people? You clearly don’t know ORBS yet” Eric sneered. “Would kind people threaten and beat their detainees? I don't know what sort of propaganda Specter has been spewing over at Point Dume about what ORBS really does, but take my word for it, they are anything but 'kind'. Kind people wouldn’t do the things they do, nor do they reserve this treatment to only hunters; ORBS treats their own kind with the same disregard. But I didn’t ask you here to talk about ORBS” Eric said calmly, in his usual laid back soft American voice. Now Sophia was intrigued, she was now hanging on to all of his words. She had so many questions in her head, she had only been inside the interview room a short time, but she was so thirsty for answers. She knew that ORBS was shrouded in mystery, but she also felt oddly defensive of them, for all they had done for her.

“These people took me in, gave me a home, they helped me. After your family tried to murder me, I might add!” Sophia retorted, which caused Eric to visibly blanch and adjust himself in his seat. It was cruel and Sophia instantly regretted saying it, but it was too late to take it back. She looked down at the tabletop unable to stare at the hurt and guilt-ridden expression on Eric's face. After a quiet moment Eric swallowed and started again, with far less zeal in his voice.

“I know you've got a million questions, Sophia. I promise to answer as many as I can. I know your biggest question might be why I came to you. I know it is a top priority of your new friends, and the answer is simple. First, I have been watching ORBS and Point Dume ever since I found out you were alive,” Eric confessed.

“Since you found out about me? What about you? How are you alive? Why did you let me believe I had killed you!?” Sophia went to speak but once again, emotion took over and the pain on Eric's face made her remain silent.

“It is a long story, Sophia,” Eric began slowly. “But time is of the essence and I had to warn you before you and those other students run off to go fight some big white eyed demon” he finished.

Behind the mirror, Violet gasped loudly, Olivia shot her a look of panic, both women began to frantically type on their computers. “How does he know about this?” Violet shouted in a panic. “He got onto the campus for Christ sake. If he can do that and more importantly if he knows about Agoroth, he could know so much more” Olivia replied in an equally shook tone of voice.

“We need to shut this interview down now, if Maxim finds out he knows… Then we’re trouble” Liv said pushing herself away from the desk. “Go in there, stop this farce. I’m going to call Specter and have a little chat with him about breeches” Liv finally stated before storming towards the phone. Violet’s fingers began to shake.

Her mind raced with so many thoughts, if this one hunter could break into the most guarded school in the world and discover the most classified information, who knew what else this boy could do. Violet stepped up off her chair and headed for the interview room.

Inside the air was thick, for a moment Sophia felt dazed. The all of a sudden without even thinking of a question simply flew out of Sophia’s mouth. “That’s classified how do you know that?” she shouted at him, she then covered her mouth, after the sudden slip of rage. “Classified, please. You do know who you’re talking to right?” Eric giggled, flashing his perfect teeth. Sophia smiled back, she always admired Eric’s self-confidence.

“Eric this isn’t funny, this isn’t a game. That man, thing, whatever he is, he is dangerous. Look I don’t know how you know him, whether you overheard it, whether you’ve bugged PDA or whether you were assigned to kill him. I don’t know, but the point is, you should stay far away from him” Sophia began to shout as anger filled her voice.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know you still cared” Eric laughed. “Don’t do that, don’t try and deflect from the issue. You can’t keep acting so irresponsibly thinking you’re a master of your craft, because end of the day you’re human and if you get involved with all of this you could die” Sophia raised her voice attempting to assert her point.

“I know you've probably been told you're going to be saving the world, but the thing is, there is always some big bad out there bent on world domination. Agoroth may be a pain, but he's nothing compared to what my mother is up to.” Eric told her in a somewhat smug voice.

As Violet heard this she froze in her tracks, even Liv stopped talking over the phone. The words that just left Eric’s lips struck fear in the hearts of the women. Olivia raised one finger to Violet indicating that she should wait a moment before entering the room, so that they could find out what exactly they were working on.

Sophia’s lip quivered, a moment ago she asked Eric not to change the subject, but now that he had, she was more intrigued than ever, Agoroth fell to the back of her mind for a split second. “What can be worse than Agoroth taking over the world?” Sophia questioned, slowly edging closer and closer to the boy and to the edge of her seat. “The end of it. The supernatural one anyway. I don’t know all the details, I couldn’t ever get close enough. All I know is that it holds Jacob’s personal sign of approval, that and…” Eric froze. “And, what?” Sophia asked him.

“My mother is apparently ready to use it at any given moment. So if they’re both happy, I knew it was bad” he told her, he too sat up and got closer and closer to the girl, with only a metallic table separating them. “I had to warn you, I had to warn everybody” he said in a somewhat bewildered voice.

“But you got caught” Sophia whispered trying to make sense of all of this. Eric simply chuckled again.

“Getting caught was a part of the plan. I could get in and out of Point Dume with my eyes closed. I’m not stupid enough to get caught. I needed my voice to be heard, I knew that you and THEY” Eric shouted at the window.

“-wouldn't listen to me unless I was here. If I wasn’t caught, none of you would listen until it was too late” he sighed. Sophia shook her head in disbelief, all of this drama, all of this worrying and Eric got caught on purpose. “Eric are you crazy. You think this is the only way” Sophia shouted back at him.

“Soph, I’m not the one who’s crazy. You’re the crazy one if you don’t listen” he replied in an equally loud tone.

“So much has changed. I was happy! I've made new friends, a place to call home and to learn about this world I'm suddenly a part of and help to figure out who and what I am.” Sophia had displayed a number of powerful and dangerous abilities not present in any known witch or warlock at the academy and while she was new to the supernatural community, even her friends were at a loss to aid Sophia. Perhaps Eric could finally shed some light onto all of this. Eric cocked his eyebrow for a second before the realization hit him. He couldn't help but smile.

“Things are changing, Soph. Not for the better. And I’m not talking about you getting a new boyfriend, going to a new school and a new life. Of course I'm happy for you, but bad things are happening out there, everywhere, so believe me when I say I am here to help. I know it seems like I'm not giving you a lot of information, but I'm not the only one holding out on you apparently,” Eric told her in a serious tone as he pointed to the mirror. Behind it Olivia once again joined Violet, both women were now fixated on the two teens. “He knows a lot” Violet whispered as she nervously began to bite her nail. “Too much if you ask me” Olivia replied.

“Okay, well if you think they are hiding more information, there is a simple solution. Tell me yourself,” Sophia whispered softly. Eric’s lips twitched, he knew exactly what he was going to tell her. He was going to tell her origins.

Suddenly Violet and Olivia burst through the door. “That’s enough. It's getting late. We can pick this up in the morning. Sophia you should retire to your room. Violet will show you the way” Olivia ordered.

“Why?” the young women questioned as she stood up out of her seat. “Because we would like to continue to talk Mr. Evergreen, on a number of sensitive issues,” the two women replied in sync. Sophia looked down at Eric and then back up at the two other witches. “We’ve arranged a room for you. We have a number of suites available for visiting dignitaries and full time employees. They are located on the fourth floor” Violet said to her, placing her hand on her shoulder.

“But what about Eric” Sophia whispered looking back at her ex-boyfriend.

“Go, you need a good night's sleep.” Eric reassured her. “I'm not going anywhere,” he said with a laugh, pulling his shackled wrists up from the table as far as the chains would allow, Sophia walked back to the boy, who too now stood up. The pair embraced for a moment, Eric resting his chin on her shoulder as he could not currently wrap is arms around her.

This felt so right, like she had finally found her missing piece once more, but at the same time, her body wanted to convulse, here was the man who had been lying to her this whole time. Part of her wanted to hug Eric, part of her wanted to kick him in the balls for lying to her. She had to remind herself how Josh made her feel. She needed to think of Josh for reassurance.

Violet lead her to the door where another member of ORBS escorted Sophia away. The door closed, Olivia and Violet’s face dropped. “How did you get all of this information Eric?” Olivia said rather abruptly. “What information?” Eric replied.

“About Agoroth, about your mother, all of it” Olivia said losing her cool. Violet touched the women’s shoulder calming her down. “No comment” Eric replied rather smugly. “Enough games, Eric. Agoroth is of high priority here at ORBS” Olivia continued to speak.

“And yet you’re having teenagers fight him” Eric stated rather sarcastically, interrupting the witch. “I'm not the one playing games. You're keeping the truth from Sophia.” “What truth?” Oliva asked through narrowed eyes.

“The truth about what she really is. And the prophecy. I know about the prophecy” he told the witches not missing a beat. Both of their eyes widened. “What did he just say?” Olivia asked. “I said I know about the prophecy. You know, the one about our favorite chrone” the hunter said with his tone taking a more serious tone. “And rest assured I will tell her” he told the Witches.

“If you really knew about it, then you know how dangerous telling her will be” Violet whispered trying to reason with the boy. “You're no better than Maxim, using people to get what you want. She has a right to know!” Eric screamed.

“You don't know what you're talking about,” Violet replied, less calm than before. “Don't you know who you’re dealing with? I’m Eric Evergreen. I know everything” Eric winked at the women. “I doubt that” Violet replied collecting herself.

Olivia stepped forward clenching her fist. “Leave him, he’s just a child, don’t be like Maxim” Violet stopped the women. “He knows too much” Olivia hissed at her fellow witch. “He knows two small things. He doesn’t know what his family is working on and he doesn’t know the full extent of Agoroth. Rest assured he doesn’t know ‘too much’ Violet stated calmly.

All three individuals didn’t speak for a moment.

“If you don’t mind, I’m rather tired, I want my bed” he whispered smiling at the witches.

“Not a chance in hell” Olivia began to talk but Violet cut her off.

“Take Mr Evergreen to his room. This isn’t over” the women said walking out of the room avoiding eye contact with the hunter. Olivia trailed after her. “Are you crazy, you’re letting him go to bed? When he knows so much and we don’t know, how he knows all of this stuff” the blonde witch panted.

“Don’t worry, he will be with Sophia all day tomorrow. He will give her answers, as for how he knows, I’ll ask our finest to run some test, look for any breaches in any files ect” Violet told her co-worker.

“What if he starts talking of the prophecy again?” Olivia asked Violet. “Simple, I’ll end the meeting there and then. And send her back to PDA” Violet answered. She picked up the office phone and pressed one button, making a call to the computer lab. Eric walked to the door which lead to the cells. A guard opened the door but remained silent as she escorted the hunter back to his cell. As they were walking Eric couldn’t help but think about everything which had just transpired. This was his life, as unfortunate as it may be. He wished he could be a normal nineteen year old, maybe he’d be in college or working. Instead he was trapped here. He cast his mind back to, his first hunting trip. The trip, where everything went wrong.


The arrow slung towards the bright red apple dissecting it into two pieces. The young boy with a crossbow in his hand aimed for another apple at a different angle. The arrow hits home once again, dissecting its victim effortlessly. The young boy put the bow down and looked at the man standing beside him. The man gave the boy a reassuring look and led him down the hilly roads.

“Once we get back to camp, I shall show you how to use different techniques to ensnare witches and warlocks,” the man said to the young boy. “Just like my father taught me, and his father taught him, dating all the way back to the days of Salem, of course they’ve been modernized with new technological advances” the man added with a weird chuckle.

“I’ll never be as good as Jacob” the lad added, diminishing his self-confidence.

The man smiles down at his son. “You’re Eric Evergreen, the son of Theron Evergreen,” Theron tells his son. “You and your brother, were bred for greatness, it is in both of your DNA. Don’t worry, you’ll get better once you’ve been trained”

Eric smiles at his dad. “But Dad, I still don’t get it, is it absolutely necessary to kill these People? Why can we not co-exist in harmony?” Eric asks. Theron sighs, looking down at the young boy who couldn’t have been more than Ten years of age. “We’ve been over this thousands of times Eric, I have already taught you about what happened in Salem” the older man paused and took a long breath. “I wish I could explain it to you in a way which you would be able to comprehend,” he adds. “But my son, as you grow, you will eventually realize that you have to be the fittest of them all if you are to survive amongst the monstrosities of this world”

Eric looks at his dad, trying to process his words. They kept walking down the steep road in the darkness, Theron flashing his flashlight to lighten up the darkness. Eric had always aspired deep down to be as intrepid and strong like his father, who is renowned in the hunters’ community as the best of the best, and his older brother Jacob, who despite being four years older than Eric, would constantly tease the boy, over how superior he was compared to him.

Young Eric sought that fame but he was afraid that like always, he was prone to let his feelings get in the way of ambitions. Eric saw life in different light, he believed that reasoning can triumph over violence if there was a voice strong enough. But he was too afraid and too young to propose his thoughts to his father.

Eric’s view shifted as they traveled through the dark forest. His young eyes took notice of the eyes of the owls perched on the trees, the glow of fire coming from the open ground where the clan of hunters have set their camp for the night.

Theron got ears on the fact that a deadly witch was making her way through the forest and it would be the perfect opportunity to ambush her and end her life for good. Eric was hesitant to come along, but seeing the look on his parents’ eyes, brimming full of hopes for the young lad, he knew they had already made his decision for him.

“Wait,” Theron stopped Eric in his tracks and turned around flashing his light in the direction from which they had started walking. Eric’s eyes followed the beam of the light as it slowly settled on an old woman in her late 70s staggering down the road in their direction.

Theron held out his sword towards the old woman, slowly walking towards her. Eric looked behind at the glow of fire coming from their camp far away before reluctantly following his father towards the woman.

“Per favore (Please),” the old woman croaks. “Voglio dire nulla di male(I mean no harm).”

“How do we know you are telling the truth?” Theron asked the woman, who looked perplexed by the question, as if English is but a foreign language to her. She did not reply, but pointed towards the glow of fire coming from the hunter’s camp. Theron follows the woman’s finger to realize that she is pointing towards the direction of their camp.

“Why..What do you want from there?” Theron asks, sticking out his right hand and sticking out the thumb and the small finger. Eric had been training with his father long enough to know that he wanted him to be alert and ready to use his weapons if necessary at any moment.

“Non capisco la tua lingua (I do not understand your language),” the woman weakly says. “Ho perso la mia strada(I lost my way).”

Theron looked at the old woman with an unflinching gaze. Her shawl was worn out and her dress which was perhaps fit for a princess was covered in dirt and has lost it’s sparkle. Hanging around her neck were a variety of necklaces, but there is one that catches Theron’s eye the most. It had three snakes wrapped around a gem made from the purest form of diamond the naked human eye can recognize. Theron had heard legends of this necklace holding special importance in the Witch community, especially among those who has been practicing the art of witchcraft for ages now. Someone like Isabel Romanoff.

“Did you now, Isabel?” Theron asks raising his sword closer to the women, his eyes now narrowed.

The old woman bursts into a laugh, her facial features slowly changing to those of a much younger person, someone in her early fifties. Theron charges forward with his sword but Isabel disappears into the thin air with a cackle. “Transmutation,” Theron whispered to himself. He looked back at young Eric, to whom all this was very new was too surprised to comprehend the danger both of them were in.

“Eric get behind me!” Theron ordered, snapping Eric back into the reality of the threat. “Get your bow ready. We’ll kill this monster together” “But Dad…,” Eric began to speak but suddenly Theron disappeared only to reappear with Isabel, a few feet away from the boy. The women held a knife at his throat, with the mighty hunter’s sword on the ground.

“Now, now Eric be a good boy and save daddy,” Isabel screeched. Theron looked breathless. He struggled to speak, to get free from the clutches of the witch but it was to no avail. The blood from Eric’s face drained away, his hands paralyzed, unable to pull his bowstring. “Now, Eric!” Theron weakly commands his son. “SHOOT HER” he screamed at his son. Eric’s hand was now shaking, however he still had not pulled the string.

“My dear boy,” Eric hears Isabel say, only not in her own voice. The voice he just heard had the sweetness of a mother’s affections, a voice that he found comfort it, the voice which altered itself at times of his needs to produce the sweetest tune in the world in form of a lullaby. In a cloud of smoke Isabel transformed into Fiona Evergreen. She was standing right across him, holding her own husband under a knife.

“You won’t harm your own mother, now would you?” Fiona asked in a sweet voice.

Eric was too baffled by the whole situation to comprehend what was actually going on. Eric looked into Theron’s eyes, he could feel his father’s disappointment at him radiating in the darkness of the forest.

“You’re a fool, young man,” Theron softly says, hoping insulting him would prompt him to prove himself to be better than just a coward. Eric looks at Isabel, hiding under his mother’s face, giving him the warmest of smiles, the smile she’d give him at dinner, and again before bed. He couldn’t pull the string, he couldn’t harm his own mother.

Fiona giggled and batted her eyes at little Eric.. Theron takes this opportunity to hit the witch with his elbow, throwing her off the course and shifting her focus back to him. By the time she had collected herself, Theron had already gotten hold of his sword which was lying on the ground. He charged at the old witch, with full force, but Isabel disappears into the thin air.

“I have heard legends of you,” the cackling of the old witch is heard. “The great Theron Evergreen. You fight like a fool for someone so great. But then again all men fight like fools” the old women hissed at him reappearing behind him. He swung with his sword but she had vanished yet again.

Suddenly the weight of the sword on Theron’s hand dropped and he noticed it slowly disintegrating into fine dust, and there is nothing he could possibly do to stop it. He looked at Eric, whose bow was also no longer in his hands either, it too had turned to dust before him. The father pointed towards the camp, directing his son where to run. “We need to burn her alive if we want her to die,” Theron whispered to Eric, so she wouldn’t be able to hear them he grabbed his son by the hands, tightly. “She’s too strong to be weakened by a silly thing like a blade or an arrow. I need you to run. Run to the camp and don’t look back. Send your Mother and some others to get me. I’ll hold her off as long as I can.” He promised.

Theron knew deep down that his Son may never make it in time, he knew very well that this indeed could be his final moments. Eric attempted to run, but suddenly a branch off a tree struck him in the stomach, it began to wrap around his body, squeezing all of the air out of his lungs.

“Let my son go you bitch!” Theron screamed.

“Let him go?” Isabel appeared out of thin air, near to Theron, the look of vengeance glimmering in her eyes. “But the show is just about to begin” she cackled.

“My family will hunt you down, wipe out generation after generation of the horrifying creatures you and your children have bred. They’re not supernatural, their nothing but mongrels” Theron spitefully said, his voice filled with venom. “You’ll scream in agony, watching your family burn” he added with a sadistic look on his face.

The old woman simply smiled to herself. “Too bad you won’t be alive to witness that,” the witch’s sinister smile widens. All the muscles in Eric’s body stopped working for a second. He stopped struggling as he knew he was never going to get out of the branch’s grasp by himself. He watched helplessly as Isabel slowly raised her free hand, the witch felt the air as it passed through her fingers.

“I’m so over this” Theron shouted. He charged at her screaming, he was ready to fight, resort to hand to hand combat. Isabel stood her ground, she raised her hand high into the air, Theron froze in his tracks, as storm clouds raised above his head. “This is for every person you have ever killed. All of the blood you have shed” she said in a sickly calm voice. “You think a little rain is gonna stop me, from ripping your heart out of your chest?” he screamed sadistically.

“Oh well before that happens, may I have a last word?” she asked him in a sarcastic voice. Theron raised his eyes, he had always let his victims get the last word, however that word was normally just ‘please’ or some variation of begging for their life at his feet. “Fine what’s your last word bitch?” he asked her.

The old women tapped her fingers on her lips, as if she was contemplating something deep to say. Eric was watching all of this from a far, his heart practically beating out of his chest. “Ah, I know” the women said to herself. “My final word is…. Ow” she said loudly.

“Ow?” Theron asked confused. The women closed her eyes, suddenly she threw her hand down from the air. A bolt of lightning hit Theron, he man let out a large scream. The women continuously slammed her hand up and down, another bold of lighting struck the man, yet another scream, she did it again, another scream. Eric watched on, his eyes filling with tears, listening to his father scream like a little child in agonizing pain.

The man was severely burnt, he couldn’t lift his head, it was burned in the mud. He raised a shaking hand, his skin was completely black, brunt and dripping with blood. “Please” he whimpered, his voice was ever so faint. The women stomped on his hand and listened to him whimper once more. She looked over to Eric and gave him a sadistic wink, before raising her hand once more. The final bolt of lightning stuck the man, finally killing him.

“Your father made a mistake mingling in my business,” Isabel coldly informs the young lad. “I had no intention of killing him, but his entire life, he has been hell-bent on wiping my entire family off the earth’s face, so what can you do?” she asked sarcastically. Eric had sealed his eyes, he couldn’t look at the horrific site. “Well to his testament he didn’t go down easy” she said creating one of those satirical fake applause.

Eric was still in a state of shock to say anything, all he could do was shake, still in the branches grasp. All he could think of was how his father pleaded to shoot an arrow at the witch, and if only he had done so, maybe they would’ve gained an upper hand. Maybe, just maybe his dad would be alive.

“Don’t worry, I won’t harm you,” Isabel continues. “I’m not a monster, I don’t hunt children. That’s more your families game my lad” she told him, snapping her fingers together. The branch broke and Eric fell down onto the floor. He slowly made his towards his father’s immobile body. “Daddy” he cried, kneeling down to him. He began to cry not wanting to touch his Father’s burnt body.

“Until our paths cross again, Baby Evergreen” the woman cackled disappearing into the night.

“Dad” Eric sobbed over his fathers body. “Daddy” he continued to cry. Suddenly he felt a cold shiver down his spine. A soft voice whispered in his ear. “So sad, so tragic” the voice said to him. “So young, so brave to have just died” Eric spun around to see Maxim standing behind him. Eric once again couldn’t move, it was like he was frozen. Maxim strutted around the body, gently kicking Theron’s head. “So pathetic, all I have to do to break you, is show you this. This one memory, that made you who you are” Eric began to cry seeing the vampire hovering over his father’s body.

“Get away from him!” Eric yelled. Maxim looked over and smiled, a bemused look on his face. He walked over to Eric.

“Tell me Eric. Do you think your father would be proud of the man you've become? The world's most dangerous hunter?” “I know it's what he would have wanted. But that's not who I am anymore,” Eric replied wiping the water away from his face.

“No, you've changed, you've grown,” Maxim said in a mocking voice. “You fell for the chrone, Ms Dimitrov and suddenly you forsake your hunter legacy and tried to run away from all that you were. I wonder how your father would feel about that?” Maxim mused aloud. “I'm sure he would have wanted me to be happy.” Eric replied.

“As any father should...unless of course, he was murdered horribly by a witch,” Maxim said looking down at the charred body of Theron. “Get out of my head!” Eric shouted.

“That Isobel really was something wasn't she?” Maxim asked still with the horrible smirk on his face.

“She was a monster!” Eric cried out. “Why, that's no way to speak about one's family. By family I mean Ms. Dimitrov's of course. Certainly you Eric Evergreen, who knows everything, was aware of that familial connection? Tell me, just what do you think your father would think of his son falling for the granddaughter of the woman who murdered him?” Maxim smiled malevolently. As the harsh realization came over him, Eric felt himself go numb. Over the top of Maxim's wicked laughter, Eric was dimly aware that he was screaming.

 Eric Evergreen’s Cell 

Eric shot up out of his bed, covered in sweat. He was panting rapidly, trying to catch his breath. His heart was pounding out of his chest. “Did you enjoy your little trip down memory lane” Maxim’s voice came from the door. “I should have let your memory stand alone, but I wanted to get involved” Maxim smiled.

“You weren’t there that day. When my Dad died, I stayed with him until help came. What did you do to me?” Eric asked, for the first time in a long time Eric was truly terrified. “Just a little power I possess. Creating visions, bringing memories, tampering with them if I please. And believe me, I took so much pleasure in tampering with your memory. And even more pleasure watching you squirm in your bed” the vampire whispered in his icy voice.

“You're lying about Sophia,” Eric declared as he glared at Maxim. “It's just another trick of yours to torture me. Sophia is an orphan.”

“Ms. Dimitrov is indeed an orphan, but one of design, not circumstance. I've no need to lie to you about this when the truth is just so deliciously cruel.” Eric tried to step out of his bed to stand up to Maxim, but instead he tripped and fell to the floor. He looked up to see that his ankle was chained to the bed post. “What the hell” Eric roared. He held the chain in his hand and looked up at Maxim who was now laughing to himself once more. “Sweet dreams, Mr. Evergreen, goodnight” he whispered softly. Eric tried to crawl over to the vampire reaching our his fists. Maxim smiled at his handy work and walked out of the door, leaving Eric on the cold ground.

 Todd’s Bedroom – The Following Day 

The sunlight peaked through the window, gentle and slow. The blond boy lay there motionless, his face resting on the soft white pillow. The birds where singing and another day at Point Dume Academy was beginning.

Todd Rolling’s rolled over to his side, he had a smile on his face. He sighed peacefully, looking out of the window at the dazzling sun. The perfect beginning for a new beginning, he thought to himself. He began to beam from ear to ear, after the events of last night everything was how it should be. Nothing else mattered but this moment, all of the drama he had overcame this past year, was gone in an instant. The second Jamie’s lips touched his in the laundry room, he felt a eutrophic sense of bliss overcome him.

Todd had many loves, many one night stands and many girlfriends and boyfriends, none of which could compare to this. In this modern day, where you can find someone from the swipe of a screen or the click of a button, he and Jamie managed to find each other the old fashioned way, by simple chance.

He began to reach out to the other side of the bed, hoping for a cuddle, hoping simply for skin to skin contact with the young warlock. But instead Todd found nothing but an empty pillow. He gripped it tightly and threw himself to his side, he stared at the pillow, a small dent where his head had been was still visible, but the warlock was nowhere to be seen.

“Jamie?” Todd shouted aloud looking around the room, he kicked off his sheets, revealing his half naked body to the world, Todd liked to sleep in his underwear and only his underwear. He approached the bathroom door with some hesitation. “Jamie, you in there?” he asked knocking on the door, by doing so the door opened, no one was inside.

He turned around to see a small sticky note on his mirror, how could he have missed that. He walked over to it, he pulled it from the mirror and held it in his hands. He looked at it and let out a large unsatisfied sigh. The small piece of yellow paper had three words inscribed on it.

“I’m Sorry” - Jamie

He clutched it in his hand, practically destroying the thing in the process. “What” he whispered under his breath. His attention again turning to the sunset, how prosperous it looked. It was a symbol of hope, hope that everything was changing, hope that things were finally getting better.

Everything in his life seemed to finally be on track last night, he and Jamie spent the night talking, kissing, eating pizza and simply being in each other’s presence in a way they hadn’t since Todd’s return. That coupled with the fact Todd hadn’t heard from Maxim in while, he had his own troubles dealing with The Evergreen’s and watching May and Russell. Todd slipped through the cracks, he was finally free to relax. All of that shattered in the space of five minutes, by three small words on a piece of paper. “Not again” Todd told himself, staring at his chiseled reflection in the mirror. His light blue eyes raged with intensity, he threw the paper in the trash and stormed to his closet, grabbing any clothes at random. He knew what needed to be done.

  The Boy’s Dorm 

Jamie entered the dark room, he was barefoot, clutching his shoes in his right hand. He touched the door, attempting to close it without making too much noise. He didn’t want to wake his roommates, he didn’t want the questions, he thought it was best to sneak inside when no one would noticed.

It closed with a slight thud, the young warlock breathed a sigh of relief, before he turned around to see Daimon standing right behind him. “Jesus” he shouted falling against the door.

“Where have you been?” Daimon asked his roommate with a smirk on his face. The hybrids eyes were locked onto him, his smirk increasing in length by the passing second. “Oh you know, around. Here and There” Jamie said in a passing comment, trying to avoid the gaze of Daimon. The hybrid stepped closer and closer, practically pinning the boy against the door. “Oh really” Daimon said in a long drawn out fashion.

“Yes really” the warlock replied pushing past his roommate in an attempt to get to his bed. Damion giggled before sitting on the edge of his bed. “Well, well, well. Jamie Moore’s is doing a walk of shame. Good job Josh isn’t here, he would never let you live this down, he’d probably want to photograph this moment” Damion laughed as he laid back on his bed.

Jamie pushed his hair out of his face and threw his shoes onto the floor. He was glad Josh wasn’t here, Daimon was right about that, he would never let him live it down. He looked over at Josh’s bed to see it empty, it didn’t look like he had slept there last night. “So where is he anyway?” he asked his roommate.

Daimon looked up from his phone, “Oh erm, well let’s just say, he’s needed again” he sighed, Jamie’s mouth dropped a little, understanding completely. “Again, Jesus. I hope he’s okay” he sighed taking his shirt off. He opened his closet in search of a new one, withdrawing dark blue sweatshirt.

“You know you don’t have to be ashamed Jamie. Not around me, I won’t say anything” Daimon whispered as he got off the bed. “I mean, no one would blame you. You had a rough year, if you wanted to let off some steam, I get it, heat of the moment” he trailed on before he was abruptly stopped.

“Nothing happened between me and Todd, we kissed a few times, but nothing too serious. And then I snuck out of his room, because I was afraid” he explained as he began to place the sweatshirt over his head.

The young warlock sat on his bed and stared at the sun, it was peeking through the blinders, creating vertical shadows across his face. “What where you scared of, Todd?” Daimon asked softly, he began to approach his friend.

Jamie sighed loudly, he threw his head down and lingered there. “Not of him, but what he brings with him. You were right, I had such a bad year, with my Mom and everything that happened here. When I woke up this morning, I just thought that it was like taking twenty steps backwards. Like it was last year all over again, and I was making the same stupid mistakes. Everything just came back to me and I- I- I just couldn’t” he began to breath heavier and heavier. Daimon rushed to his friend’s side and touched his shoulder with his firm hand.

“Listen, I am here for you. Just like you were there for me. I know you say you didn’t but, did anything else happen last night?” he asked politely tip toeing around the subject. “Because Jamie I swear to god if he hurt you in anyway, or pressured you” “We didn’t do it” Jamie interrupted him. “We’ve never done it. Or rather, I have never done it” he told his friend. The young warlocks face grew red, he felt so embarrassed. The people he surrounded himself all had their experiences, practically everyone had lost their virginity last year, freshmen year at PDA is practically mating season. But it never happened to Jamie, he wanted to wait, which Todd claimed to be okay with. But in the back of his young mind, he always thought, if he had, had sex with Todd, would he have turned to Bella. Would everything still be as it was?

Daimon’s touch turned into a hug, he held his friend in his arms. “Look Jamie, you’re only a kid. I know that may sound patronizing because I am only a year older than you. But it’s true, because I am just a kid too, as is Josh, Sienna, Tara, Sophia, you get the picture. I know it may seem important, but it isn’t. When the time comes, you’ll know, it will feel right. I promise” he explained in a fatherly voice. His hold tightened, he hugged his friend in a way he never had before.

Daimon liked having these talks with Jamie, the type of brotherly talks neither could have, and due to the fact they were both only children. He let go and smiled, Jamie reciprocated with one of his own. “You’re a great friend Daimon, I don’t know what I’d do without you” he smiled as the pair began to laugh slightly, Daimon stood up and shook his head.

“Well you’d be alone with Josh, so you’d have to look after him, which is a full time job” the hybrid joked. Jamie’s eyes again turned to the window and the rising sun, something overcame Jamie in that moment, Daimon was right, when the moment was right he would know, it wasn’t a race, it was something intimate. He thought of Todd lying in bed this morning, how handsome he looked, how peaceful the moment was.

There was a certain serenity of the moment, maybe he was wrong about the whole thing, he overreacted and hit the panic button. Maybe he should of stayed, all of these thoughts came across his mind as he stared out of the window. “I’m gonna go for a walk” Jamie whispered, grabbing his converse.

“Want me to come with you?” the hybrid asked, but the warlock shook his head. “No, I just need to be alone for a moment”

 ORBS Headquarters - New York  

Sophia couldn’t stop thinking about the previous night and everything that transpired. Was Eric telling the truth about the Hunters, about Agoroth, and did he really know about Josh? So many questions filled her head, but one more than ever. In the months since she last saw him, where had he been?

That was the question she wanted to ask him, she would push all things aside for a moment, regardless of what ORBS wanted, she needed to know what happened that night in the cabin. Thus she entered the monitoring room as a confident women, she wanted answers and she wanted them now. She knew one thing, that her powers were not similar to that of the other Witches and Warlocks, and perhaps Eric could shed some light onto all of this.

Sophia entered the room, she was clutching two large cups of coffee in her hand, Violet turned her chair and smiled. “Good morning Sophia” she proclaimed before returning her attention to her computer. “Morning” Sophia replied with a whisper. She looked out of the window, again staring at him. Eric looked somewhat better this morning, the markings Maxim left on his face were still visible, but healing.

“I brought him some coffee. Is that okay?” Sophia asked the woman, Violet looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Of course, we’re not monsters here. And I know teenagers today can’t live without their coffee” the older women said with a smile on her face. “About last night” Sophia said to Violet in a collected voice.

“You don’t have to say another word. Eric Evergreen knows a lot and I mean a lot. I would be lying if I told you this doesn’t worry us. We have our best and brightest on the case. Rest assured we will find out, how he obtained the information about Agoroth” Violet told her, her voice cracking a little.

“Rest assured, we take this situation very, very seriously” Violet told Sophia.

“I have a few questions for him myself. Would it be okay if I ask him, some personal things?” she asked Violet getting closer and closer to the door. “Of course, whatever makes you feel at ease” Violet reassured her. With that the older Witch took a deep breath and a sip of her mug of tea.

“Whenever you’re ready” she told Sophia, before pressing a large red button on her screen, the door to the other room opened automatically. Sophia took a heavy breath, there was no time to waste, no time to threat, she needed answers and Eric had them.

She stepped inside the room, her eyes locked with his, both smiled as the door closed behind her. The room was cleaner than last night, it had a disinfectant smell to it. “I got you a coffee. Americano, one sugar, I remember you saying it was your Favorite” she said placing the cup onto the metallic table.

“You remembered that?” Eric asked her in a shocked voice.

“Of course I do” Sophia replied, the pair smiled at each other. The young woman took her seat and the pair where once again face to face. “How did you sleep?” Eric asked her as he took a sip from his coffee cup.

“Good” Sophia whispered once again giving him an awkward smile. “And you?” she asked him, as she began to take a sip of her own coffee. Sophia desperately wanted to scream out several questions, but she had to hold this urge back, she had to be polite. “As well as one can sleep after being chained to a bed and tortured by a psychotic vampire, whose sole purpose is to psychologically break me. However that being said it isn’t the worst place I’ve slept” the hunter replied in somewhat of a joking manner, but there was the hint of darkness in his voice. A moments silence fell upon the room, it was deadly, and horrendously awkward, Sophia began to fidget in her seat, unsure of what to say next.

“They chained you to a bed? Wait Maxim was torturing you? Why would they allow him to do something like that?” Sophia gasped, clutching her cup a little tighter. “He’s the leader Soph, THEY, can’t do anything. Not like they would if they could. Like I said, these are not good people” Eric hissed, he turned his head to the mirror. Violet on the other side clutched her ring, she was unaware of the events of last night. Had she known she would have tried to intervene and stop the torture at once.

Sophia stared down at her cup and began to lightly tap her fingers against it. Eric moved his hand and made skin to skin contact with her, his hands were strong and rough, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Sophia raised her head and made eye contact with Eric, the two stared into each other’s souls, neither severing the contact.

“Look Soph, I really want to put last night behind us. Things got completely out of control. But for now I don’t want to talk about wars, demons or hunters. I want to talk about you… About us” Eric told his ex-girlfriend

Sophia pulled her hand away from Eric, she had to remain guarded. She didn’t know if she could trust Eric, part of her wanted to believe him. And the other was doubting every word he had said. “Eric, I can’t put our past behind me. It’s not that simple. Because of our past, I was burnt alive, I had people chasing after me. For days I slept in the woods” Sophia replied sounding frustrated as she pushed her hair out of her face. “I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a bitch. I came here for answers” she told her Ex.

Silence fell on the room again, the light above their heads buzzed faintly. Until finally Eric spoke out, “I am ready” he told in a soft whisper. Sophia blinked rapidly snapping out of her trance “Ready for what?” she questioned him still in this frustrated state of mind.

“I am ready to tell you… Some things, I don’t know what use they’ll be to these people, they probably already know some things and aren’t telling, but to you, they’ll mean something. So I guess I’ll start with the necklace I gave you” he said as he began to move his hand back to his lap.

“Eric, I said I didn’t want to talk about us” Sophia said rubbing her eyes, she wasn’t ready to play this game, she had to be professional, she had to keep reminding herself, Eric couldn’t distract her from her higher purpose here. “It relates to a lot of things. So if you would let me finish, instead of interrupting me” Eric fired back, sounding equally frustrated. “Do you remember this necklace, yes or no?”

“The snake, I think I lost it or it melted when I was” Sophia went to finish her sentence but found it too hard to talk about her ordeal, instead she breathed heavily and looked to the side. “What once was lost, now is found” Eric whispered, he reached into his pocket and took out the necklace and placed it on the metal table.

“How did you? Where did you?” Sophia gasped staring at the jewel, her eyes grew wide as she saw the snake staring back at her, she was so sure it was gone forever, but much like Eric, it had turned up just as she was adjusting to life without it. The girl was speechless, she remained still, simply looking at the jewel.

“I went to pyre, after you… You know, ‘got’ out and I kept it on my person the whole time. When I was caught they took it off me, but I asked Violet this morning if I could give it to you” he told her as he pushed it to the part of the table where she was sitting. The blue jewel shun brightly, Sophia’s eyes were filling with tears, she stroked it, but returned her attention back to Eric. “Why did you want to start off with this, why is this so important?” she questioned, brushing away the tears, desperate to regain her strength.

“Because my dear, this tiny necklace kept you alive” Eric told her, Sophia sat back in her chair as Eric continued his revelation. ”I didn’t just buy it to you because I know you’d like it. I bound myself to it, with blood magic” Eric told her his voice started to shake. “What does that mean?” Sophia asked fearfully.

“It was the price I paid. I had to do it, to keep you safe. This necklace would stop you from losing control. As long as you were wearing that necklace, you would be okay and it gave me time to think of an exit strategy. But that night in the cabin, you lost it. I barely made it out alive” he panted as he recalled himself escaping the flames, before the small shack combusted in a fiery explosion.

“How did you make it out exactly?” she asked him leaning forward now more intrigued than ever. “The magic of the necklace clearly wasn’t strong enough to stop you. But it was enough to slow you down and that is all I needed. I escaped and took cover in the bushes. I looked back and saw you were passed out in the ashes. I was going to go over and check on you, but the two hunters came over. They thought I was dead, which was perfect. If everybody thought I was dead, then I could just kill them and we could escape and disappear forever” he explained, Eric’s voice filled with so much optimism, he thought he’d finally be free of Fiona and the clan, but he was wrong.

“I had a knife in my bag, I could have handled those two idiots. But then that demon showed up and all hell broke loose. I don’t know who that kid was, but he was the one thing that stopped us from getting our happily ever after, if it wasn’t for him, we could have disappeared and you would never have been burnt and you wouldn’t be at THAT school” Eric hissed hitting his fist on the table.

“Calm down okay” Sophia pleaded. “Look I don’t know who he was either. But he saved me and Point Dume isn’t bad, it’s the best thing to ever happen to me” Sophia told Eric in a defiant manner. “If you cared so much why you didn’t save me in the following days huh?” she asked him, her frustration was now beginning to turn to anger. “I was on my own for so long. Why did you never help me?” she asked again.

“Because you had hunters blood on your hands, my mother had an army demanding your head. That, and… You were still wearing the necklace” he told her. “If I got close to you, the blood magic would make you weak, it would have left you venerable. I was trying to think of a plan, but the next thing I know, I hear you’d been caught. With yet more blood on your hands. So I had to watch on from the crowd as my girlfriend got burnt alive. Then I traveled all the way back to America, find out you’re actually alive, AND to top it all off, some blond haired demon has stolen my girlfriend. So Sophia, how is that for your first answer?” the hunter asked her followed by a devious smile.

  Point Dume Gym 

Tara slowly approached the padded training mats in the corner of the school's massive gymnasium, sporting a black dojo uniform with a lilac sash and matching lilac ribbons around her wrists and in her hair, which was pulled back into a simple pony tail to keep it from her face. Her katana was tight against her side, her left hand tightly clutching the scabbard.  She exhaled slowly, closed her eyes to center herself as her right hand crossed over to grip the pommel. 

In the same instant she planted her right foot forward, she unleashed the blade from the scabbard as she extended her right arm fully, the blade singing as it sliced through the air.  She brought the blade back in front of her and gripped the lower base of the hilt with her left hand, with her right up near the guard.  She pulled the katana back up behind her head and brought it back down in an overhead strike, followed quickly by another overhead strike in the opposite direction.  She advanced and brought the katana down quickly in a frontal attack directly ahead with a heavier swing right behind it that brought the blade near to the ground as she crouched.

Rising up, she flips the katana over and holds it out in front of her, its tip pointed at her invisible opponent.  She pulls it back and holds it low, gripping with both hands again in a defensive guard as she rocks back on her left foot. Tara then uses her left foot to spin herself around, making the sword sing and she slices through the air in front of her, followed quickly by an overhead downward strike leading into a series of upward strikes from the left then right then left again and capped with another downward strike from above. 

With her imaginary opponent in front of her, Tara takes the katana and makes 3 successive forward lunges in swift stabbing attack, pulling back the blade close to her abdomen on the final stab in order to perform an rising blade block that transitions into another downward counter strike.  Tara spins to the left to deliver another cutting blow, then spins in the opposite direction and caps off the attack with another set of  upper and lower cuts.  She turns and raises the weapon high above her head.  Her forehead is glistened with sweat. She runs across the mat with the blade in front of her before leaping in the air and swinging the katana behind her in a powerful over head strike as she lands.

Tara rises from her crouch with the blade pointed low to the ground. She slowly adjusts her grip with her right hand directly beneath the guard.  She lifts the blade up and around herself using her other hand to guide its motion until it is before her once again, her left hand pushing up against the mune, or back side of the blade. Rocking back on her heels, she executed another set of overhead strikes, first from the right, then the left, followed by an upward strike and quick overhead before finally plunging her katana forward in a deadly stab attack.  Tara extracted her sword from her imaginary enemy's entrails and knelt to pick up her scabbard.  She twirled the blade above her one final time before ceremoniously sheathing the katana.

“Nice one” a voice came from behind her, Tara had been so focused on training that she had shut off the outside world. The voice snapped her out of the trance like fashion that she had fallen into. She turned around to see Phillip was watching her from the other side of the gym, two heavy dumbbells where in his arms.

“Oh, thanks” Tara replied as she began to untie her hair from the pony tail, as Phillip lifted the dumbbells and grunted loudly, before placing them down. "It looked almost like you were dancing." Philip commented with a smile.  Tara looked back at training mat, and replayed the training session in her head.  There were certainly several acrobatic moves, but she'd never thought about what it might look like to an onlooker.

"I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're kinda right, in a way," Tara said, smiling back at Philip.

"You are quite the dancer," he replied before grunting as he lifted the dumbbells again. Tara felt her cheeks redden at the complement. She'd not trained in a while, and never in front of an audience, but she'd also never felt so powerful.  The katana had become an extension of her own arm. She walked over towards Philip and sat at the edge of the bench he was on.  His shirt clung to his abs, which made Tara blush slightly as the boy continued to work out.

“You know you should consider a leg day” he told the kitsune.

“A what?” Tara replied unsure of what Phillip actually meant. “A leg day, you know, work out specifically focusing on your legs. The more you train them, the faster you’ll be able to move and the more agile you’ll be” Phillip said, offering her advice.

Tara went quiet, she wasn’t sure how to talk to Phillip, after everything that Sienna had said about her boyfriend and given the fact that both girls had kissed at Fox Fire last night. “So, are you hung over?” Phillip asked her with a smile on his face. “Sienna called me last night when she got home, I went over to her room and she mentioned that you two went out drinking” he laughed. Tara smiled too, when she first woke up she felt disgusting, but the kitsune powered through, she wanted to put her gift to good use and begin her training, she wasn’t going to let a little headache get in her way.

“Oh no, I am fine. Not so much last night, everything seems like one big blur” Tara laughed aloud. But once she stopped laughing an awkward silence fell upon the two teens. “Sorry, that we didn’t invite you by the way, it was a girls night I guess” Tara explained trying to justify her and Sienna’s actions.

“No it’s fine. I actually had plans with Jamie, but he didn’t show” Phillip explained to Tara who nodded her head. The teens again fell silent, the gym was now coming alive, teenagers where grunting, the sound of treadmills and machines could be heard from where the pair where standing.

“You are good, with the sword you know” he told her as he walked back to the weights. “Well that’s a first” Tara replied to him in a gentle voice, Phillip knelt down and began to lift the weights over and over again. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Phillip questioned.

“You’re a total bad ass, why would being good at something be a first” the boy began to grunt as he lifted the heavy metal weights to his chest, his biceps tightening in the process. “Me on the other hand. Look at me, my girlfriend hates me, I don’t have any powers and I don’t even know what species I am” Phillip said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

He placed the metal weights down as Tara began to approach him. “You’re a total bad ass too. I mean you’re Phillip Jones” Tara exclaimed, flashing a smile at him when doing so.

“Yeah, I am the third most popular boy in school. One place above Daimon, one below Josh and two below Point Dume’s hailed prince  Elliot Caldwell” Phillip sighed. At the mention of this name something in Tara shifted, something about Elliot seemed to be coming to her memory, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. “Popularity, that’s all I have. Whereas you, you have an army of friends by your side, you have a legacy to uphold, you can wield a Katana. I can’t even get someone to hang out with me… So much for popularity” he sighed shaking his head.

“I guess we both just like putting ourselves down” Tara replied. Both teenagers looked deep into each other’s eyes, there was a mutual understanding among the two, Phillip pushed his shaggy hair out of his face and smiled. “Oh well, another day begins. I’m gonna head to the showers. Remember work on those legs” he shouted as he began to walk away.

Tara thought about the conversation that had just transpired, both she and Phillip where very similar individuals. Both had many self-confidence issues and doubted their own skills. But that’s not what she wanted to be anymore, Tara was over doubting herself. She was a kitsune, a fighter. She raised the blade once more and let out a loud scream, before charging straight towards the dummy.

 O.R.B.S Headquarters 

“You were there… When I was burnt?” Sophia whispered in utter shock. She pushed her hair out of her face and began to breathe deeply.

“I’m sorry I didn’t save you. I didn’t have a weapon, I didn’t have anything. If my Mother saw me there, she would have made me kill you myself” Eric explained, trying to defend his actions back in Bulgaria. “Is that why you’re back in my life…. Your Mother?” Sophia asked him taking another sip of her coffee.

“I haven’t seen my Mother since Bulgaria. I keep telling them I’m not working with the Clan. But technically I have seen her, but she hasn’t seen me” Eric replied before he finished his coffee, he planted the empty cup on the table and looked into Sophia’s dark mysterious eyes. “How is that possible?” she questioned him.

“When I got to America, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know you were alive yet. So I decided to just walk” he said bluntly. “Walk?” Sophia questioned yet again.

“Yes, I just wanted to see everything. I remember how you said, that you always dreamed about coming to America, to see all the sights. So I wanted to do that, for you, for your memory. One day, I was travelling through Idaho, and it was so weird. I kept seeing bodies everywhere I turned” Eric told her.

“Bodies?” Sophia asked. “Like dead bodies” she stated. “Yeah dead bodies” Eric replied.

"Do you know who was behind it?" Sophia asked.

"Yes, it was my brother, Jacob," Eric said, looking down at the table, ashamed at the atrocities committed by his family. "Your brother?" Sophia replied. Eric had never mentioned his brother before, but then again, there was a lot Eric didn’t mention when they were together.

"Yes, apparently he went on bit of a rampage when he learned of my "death".   I set off to confront him, but instead of finding him, I ended up almost running into the entire Clan.  My mother was there too.  She reminded him of tactics over brutality.  I observed them for several weeks. She had hunters in every corner of the state, searching for something...or someone as it turned out.  I tracked their targets to a small town in Idaho.  Found myself at a little diner owned by a pack of werewolves..."

"Werewolves own diners?" Sophia asked, incredulous.

"Did you think they just run around in the woods all day? They are human most of the time you know." Eric said, flashing a weak grin.  

"Anyway the targets were being sheltered by this pack of werewolves.  A pair of Maxim's offspring." Sophia was drinking her coffee at this point and spat a tiny bit out of her mouth. 

“What! He has more than just Todd!” she shouted.

“Oh yeah..." Eric smirked, staring at the mirrored glass behind Sophia towards the vampire he knows is listening on the other side.  "He likes to present Todd to the world, Todd, his crowning jewel, the epitome of the Maxim bloodline, prodigal son and all that jazz. But he has more.  Underestimates them too. I mean they would be no match for me, but they seem like downright decent people. Almost a shame they are his children," he said jokingly. Sophia smiled at this but quickly whipped it off her face, reminding herself not to get drawn off track.  Eric seemed to sense this, so he continued.

“Anyway a few days into my stay and I decide to see why my Mother was so eager to get her hands on Maxim's Bloodline, so I visited the wolves' restaurant, in disguise obviously. I was tailing one of her cronies, a ginger-haired girl with a seemingly habitual texting problem. 

And there it was, just hanging on the wall. A photo of you, alive and well sitting next to someone wearing a Point Dume Academy T-shirt.   I could scarcely believe it.  It was impossible...but I had a gut feeling it was you.  I stole the photo and destroyed it lest one of her henchmen, or worse, my brother saw it and recognized you.  I ran out and made my way shortly afterward” he told her.

Sophia’s heart warmed at this story. Yet she too was rather puzzled how her photo ended up all the way over in Idaho, why as it there and more importantly who sent it there. As she was mulling Eric’s story over in her head, yet another question arose.

“How could you have been in Idaho all of that time That’s impossible I saw you. When I first arrived, I saw you outside the diner when I was with Josh” Sophia refuted, she was baffled about Eric’s story, it made no sense, she was so sure she saw him that day. “I don’t know what you saw, but it wasn’t me. First time I saw you, yes you were in that diner with Josh” Eric said with some hesitation in his voice. “But I bumped into Sienna outside, I got angry and I ran away before she could see my face” he explained.

“Wait, WHAT! How do you know Sienna?” Sophia shouted.

“I know all of your friends. Quick background check, hack a few cameras, some computes, do some digging through social media. Child’s play really” Eric laughed arrogantly. “Again with the hacking and the secret keeping. Okay you might think you know everything, but you don’t know them like I do” Sophia hissed at him.

“I don’t? Okay I know Daimon’s girlfriend died, I know he had a messy breakup with the kitsune Tara. I know Sienna and Tara are now friends and I know Josh is the biggest man slut of the century” he continued to list everything. “Stop it!” she screamed slapping the table.

“Don’t talk about him like that, you don’t know him” Sophia roared back. “Do you even know him?” Eric replied back with a smirk on his face. “Of course I know him, I love him” she told Eric, not realizing how much her words could hurt the hunter.

“Funny, you used to say you knew and loved me too” Eric fired back at the girl. This effectively shut Sophia down as she couldn’t respond to this. “You don’t know everything, I can guarantee that” Eric replied leaning back in his chair. “He’s going to hurt you. And it’s going to hurt more than what I did” Eric replied.

Sophia’s eyes filled with tears. She knocked her head back and bit her lips. “Yes I get it Eric. You’re very good at what you do. Congratulations, you’re still Eric Evergreen” she screeched now standing up. “Why are you stalking my friends?” Sophia sighed in annoyance.

“Because you guys are too busy training for that demon you’re ignoring the hunters. Bad move, DO NOT underestimate them, they’re not background players” he explained beginning to sound frustrated.

“I can’t do this. I need a break. Violet let me out I need some air” Sophia shouted and headed towards the door. This time it opened by itself. She was halfway out the door when she heard his voice call her back. “When you come, you need to give me an answer of my own” he told her, once again slouching in his chair. “What’s that?” Sophia asked him.

“What happened at that train station?” he asked her. In that moment a cold shiver went up Sophia’s spine.

 Sienna’s Bedroom 

Sienna sat at her mirror applying lip gloss, the deep shade of red complimented her porcelain skin effortlessly. She then turned her attention to her long brown her, she held the brush firmly in the palm of her hand and began to brush downwards, removing every trace of knot or bedhead. Along the side of her mirror where a variety of photos. Several of her and Phillip, a few of herself and Todd and the others from the days where she was friends with Bella. She liked to look at these photos in the morning, they were the perfect reminder to Sienna of her present life and the life she used to lead. She had taken all of the photos of herself and Josh down and replaced them with ones of Phillip.

As she was brushing her phone began to buzz, a faint smile came to her face as she pressed the loud speaker. “Hey Sienna” Tara’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Hey T, how are you feeling this morning, after last night I am surprised you’re not hunched over a toilet right now” Sienna giggled, placing the brush down. “I am fine thank you, I got it all out of my system last night. Anyway that’s not why I am calling” Tara replied.

Sienna stood up and began to walk to her closet, “Well what is it?” asked as she began walking to her closet. “Well me and Bella are going to the mall, we were wondering if you want to join us?” Tara asked her, with some hesitation in her voice. Sienna opened her closet and looked back over at the phone nervously. “Do both of you want to invite me or just you?” she asked walking back over to the mirror.

“Both of us, Bella is looking forward to seeing you” Tara explained. Sienna rolled her eyes at the obvious lie, nevertheless she did want to do something today, she stared at herself in the mirror and gave herself a small nod, she was going to do this, not for Bella, but for Tara and herself. “Sure, I will get dressed and be over at your room in an hour” Sienna explained with an excited giggle. “Cool, see you then bye” Tara bid her farewell and hung up the phone.

Sienna stood still, she looked at all of the photos that inhabited her mirror, she thought about the last time she hung out with Bella and how they’d always seem to talk about boys. That is when he came to her mind, Josh.

There was no way of getting around it, Josh was her first love and seeing him happy with Sophia hurt like a bitch. “I have Philip now” Sienna would often tell herself, as she would gaze at all of the photos of herself with her current boyfriend. “Phillip” Sienna whispered to herself, she knew she wasn’t truly happy with the boy, yet she couldn’t let him go. Sure he was a status symbol, but he was also company when she literally had no one else. Once her old friends ditched her she had no real friends, only fake ones, Phillip was a shoulder to cry on and a hug when she most needed it. But now she didn’t need a shoulder or a hug, she needed someone she could connect with. But every time she’d think about leaving him, the thought of being alone would make her go back on the decision.

She slowly turned around and looked at a set of draws that sat next to her bed. She sat herself on her bed and opened the final draw in which sat a small wooden box. Sienna smiled to herself yet again, she shut the draw shut and placed the box on her bed, as she began to get comfortable.

She opened it, revealing several memorabilia, there was an old photograph of herself and Josh at a Summer cocktail party her father threw. They were both sat on a white leather couch, toasting two glasses of champagne, his strong arms were wrapped around her as the pair smiled happily at the camera. She could remember that day fondly, they weren’t really together at the time, but that is when Sienna knew that she was beginning to fall for the boy. Underneath that was another photo, it was of a family vacation, she and her sister Erin where either side of Todd, they were all standing in the sea, all smiling giving cheesy thumbs up to the camera. The two girls were young, Sienna was ten when the photo was taken and Erin nine. Sienna stroked her sisters’ face, her lips quivered, so she quickly turned her attention to Todd. She had known the boy her entire life and during this time he had remained this handsome teenager. Sometimes Sienna would often have to remind herself that Todd never ages, and that he will remain this way forever.

Several other memorabilia included a ticket stub from the first movie Josh ever took her to, old friendship bracelets she made with Bella, and finally a small note Josh had passed to her in the corridor once. It said

“I love you. To the Moon and back xxx”

She looked at all of these things and noticed a lot of them had a common denominator… Josh. She held the photo, the ticket and the note in her hand, a small tear began to run down her face. She knew that she would never again hold Josh’s hand, never again would she kiss his lips. They were over and it had taken her this long to finally let go. She knew what she had to do. She gathered up all of things Josh had given her and walked to the elegant fire place at the end of the room. She knelt down on the floor and placed the mementos on her floor.

She slowly lit the fire, she watched the flame dance before her very eyes. This was her method of letting go, the first step to a new Sienna. She started with the ticket, she was quick about this one, it had nothing that she could associate with Josh physically. It burnt easily and turned to ash before her very eyes. Then the note, this one was hard, it was a declaration of his love for her. She held it to her chest, she could even smell a faint smell of Josh’s aftershave on the sheet of paper.

She shut her eyes and began to move it away from her chest. She let the paper go, it drifted into the air and landed directly into the flames. It burnt up fast than the ticket, the paper was devoured by the flames, leaving no physical trace of their love left. The photo was last, she looked down at the photo, down at herself and the demon. She was so carefree back then, nothing seemed to matter but this boy, he was her whole world.

But she was different now, or at least she liked to believe she was. She now had Tara as a friend, who was slowly teaching her that she didn’t need to be an evil bitch to avoid getting hurt. She ripped the photo in half and threw it onto the fire. The photo was ripped in half so both she and Josh began to burn, the photos crinkled and turned black. Soon it devoured them too, that Josh and Sienna were gone, Josh was no longer a playboy and Sienna was fixing herself bit by bit.

Sienna sat down and warmed her hands by the fire, she nodded her head, the dazzling fire lighting up her face. She sighed with relief as she finally let go of Josh.


Jamie had been running on the treadmill for thirty minutes, his morning walk did nothing to clear his head, so he came down to the gym. He was just finishing up on the machine, his was sweating and out of breath. He poured some of his water over his long thick hair to attempt to cool off. That is when he got the feeling he was being watched. He turned around, water flew in the air off his head and he locked eyes with Elliot Caldwell.

“Can I help you?” he asked sound confused, Elliot shook his head and smiled before walking away confidently checking out a group of girls as he left. Jamie turned around to get back on the machine but instead he saw Todd standing in front of him. The young warlock jumped out of his skin, “Jesus Christ why do people keep doing that” he shouted at the boy pushing past the tall blonde vampire.

“Where did you go this morning?” Todd asked.

“Back to my room, why?” Jamie replied as he continued walking, he didn’t even bother to look back at Todd. He approached the punching bag and began to put on gloves, but Todd grabbed his hand and threw the gloves across the room. “You left without saying goodbye” Todd sighed loudly. “I didn’t want to wake you” Jamie explained.

“Stop this. Stop ignoring me and stop running away. Why did you leave this morning?” Todd asked demanding an answer. “I don’t have to tell you” Jamie replied, he went to walk away but Todd grabbed his writs again and picked the boy up, throwing him over his shoulder. “Todd put me down!” the warlock shouted as Todd walked to the sparing mats.

Todd placed the boy on his feet and locked eyes yet again. “If you’re not gonna tell me. Fight me, whatever aggression you have, whatever pent up anger you have built up inside of you. Let it go” Todd shouted standing tall. “I’m not going to fight you, okay. So just leave me alone for one day and I promise I will talk to you tomorrow” Jamie replied, Todd rolled his eyes and swiped the boy’s legs causing him to fall flat on the ground.

Jamie spun around to see Todd standing over him, “Jamie fight me, this is what we need to do. Okay I am a horrible person, I get it, so hit me!” Todd shouted loudly. Jamie got up and pushed his hair out of his eyes, he cast his mind back to the sparing lessons he and Todd had last year. He tried to land several punches in but Todd dodged every single one. “You’re not trying” the vampire shouted at him, he was now jumping on the spot.

Jamie tried again to land a punch but Todd batted it away with his elbow. “Are you still mad about the Bella thing, is that it?” Todd asked him. “No, no I am so over that” Jamie shouted angrily, he kicked Todd’s side with his right leg, now effectively landing a hit. Todd grunted but brushed it right off.

“See that is what you need to do. You need to get angry, keep going” he shouted. Todd now upped his offence too, he tried to land several punches but Jamie was now gaining speed and dodging them. Todd then tried to kick Jamie, but he grabbed the vampire’s strong leg and took down his other. Todd fell to the mat, he let out another small grunt. Jamie now sat over Todd, pinning him down on the mat.

“Are you happy now?” he asked Todd, Todd rolled his eyes and quickly wriggled his legs out from underneath Jamie. He used his own legs to push the boy on his back, and then began to pin him to the floor.

“JESUS JUST TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG?!” Todd shouted, he began to show his fangs, his eyes turned bright red. Jamie had never seen Todd like this, he closed his eyes tightly and bit his lips. Todd then realized what he was doing, he blinked reverting back to his bright blue eyes.  He began to whimper to himself, he avoid looking the warlock in the eye.

“I didn’t mean to scare you” Todd apologised. “Jamie please, I am so, so sorry” he whispered getting off of Jamie. “Just tell me what I did wrong. We were finally making progress” he continued.

Both boys sat up and looked at each other. “It wasn’t you. It was me” Jamie told Todd, brushing a tear off his cheek in the process. “I was scared. I am scared, of everything. Loosing you again is just one thing, I’m scared of failing my classes, I’m scared I’ll never live up to my family name, I’m scared of this crazy guy we have fight and that I won’t be strong like all of you. Just these past few weeks, I can’t put my finger on it, but something bad is in the air and I don’t like it.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Why is it only me that seems to be thinking about the fact we all could die? We don’t know what this guy has in store, our fate could already be sealed” he explained, his breaths became heavier by the passing second.

Todd sat next to the boy and put his arm around his shoulder. “It’s okay to be scared. This guy, he sounds like a crazy bastard yes. But we won’t die, I promise you, I will not let anything happen to you. And you never have to be scared to loose me again. You’re stuck with me Jamie, forever” he sighed loudly, he rubbed his lips knowing what he wanted to tell Jamie. “Since you were just honest with me, I have something to tell you” he whispered to the warlock.

“I kissed Bella that night. She had nothing to do with it, Maxim threatened to hurt you and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I love you and I will do anything for you. Including telling you the truth” he whispered in his boyfriend’s ear. Jamie turned his head and kissed his boyfriend. Their soft lips touched each other, their tongues met. Jamie backed away first and smiled. “You’re right we will get through this together. And thank you for telling me the truth, I admire that and I will apologies to Bella for everything I did and said to her. I blamed her for something so trivial, she’s was a great friend and I pushed her away” Jamie smiled bowing his head. Everything seemed to be falling back into place, everything was as it should be.

“I admire the truth so much so, that I need to tell you my truth. Another thing I was scared of, was having sex” he told the vampire who raised his brows. “I am sorry if I gave the impression of rushing you” Todd whispered sounding a little disappointed with himself.

“No you didn’t do that believe me. I just was just scared of giving you everything and then loosing. But that’s the thing, I’m not scared anymore. In fact… I’m ready” he confessed as he smiled.

Todd’s face looked confused but his lips then formed a smile, he grabbed Jamie’s hand and kissed him yet again. “If you’re ready, I’m ready” the vampire said in a soft gentle


 Flashback, Bulgaria, Market Place 

The sun was high in the sky, shining brightly over the market place. Eric Evergreen swaggered through the place, staring at the market stores through his dark sunglasses. He was his arrogant self, this was before Sophia’s influence kicked in. He had been studying her for the past few days, every Friday she and her blonde friend would cut through the market place, today was the day he was finally going to make his move. He wasn’t sure how he would do it just yet, he had to wait for an opening.

He leaned against a post casually, waiting for her to come into his web. He pulled out his phone and began to record his own voice. “Eric Evergreen status report, day sixteen, after two weeks of studying the girl, I have deduced that she cuts through this market on a Friday afternoon, with her friend. Miss Piper Ross, species human” he said to himself.

“Now onto phase two, attraction. I plan to ensnare this girl, having her fall madly in love with me, which shouldn’t be too hard, I mean” Eric paused, he looked down at his body and smiled to himself, “Look at me, I’m perfect” he laughed.

“If all goes to plan she will lower her guard around me, thus when I attack her she will be unable to harm, her one true love” Eric laughed.  He pulled the mic away from his mouth when he saw Sophia and Piper approach. He pushed himself off of the post and walked to the side of the market place ensuring he was in the shadows.

“Chrone is in sight, phase two is ago” he said before finally putting his phone away. Whilst the girls approached he could hear that they were bickering about something, but he could hear what, until they got closer to him. Sophia was in tears, Eric listened very closely to what was upsetting the girl, hoping that it may come in useful in the future.

“You're only 15, Sophie, you have plenty of time left to fall madly in love with some dashing young man.” Piper said as she cradled Sophia's head with her hands. In this moment Eric produced a wicked smile across his face. This was going to be easier than he thought, the chrone wanted a boyfriend and Eric was going to make sure she got one.

Eric remained in the shadows watching Sophia, she was just as cute as her pictures showed her to be. But that wasn’t really important to him. Eric convinced himself long ago that he could and often did get any girl he wanted, but he would never be seen dead with a supernatural creature, even one as pretty as Sophia. Every time he thought about their kind in a somewhat positive light or anytime he questioned his own actions, he would take himself back to his father’s death, to remind himself what the creatures could do.

Eric followed Sophia deep into the market, now that her friend had left her Eric could make a move. He followed her to a store which sold the most peculiar necklaces, the young women had been looking at one in particular, a small snake which was wrapped around a blue jewel. Eric knew from past experience that anything his enemy does could come in useful down the line. So he decided to take a photo of the girl holding the necklace. Turns out he would eventually give Sophia, that very necklace a few months down the line.

The girl approached a simple apple vender, however Eric couldn’t get a good enough view of her from behind the wall. Suddenly he felt a tug on his coat. He didn’t flinch he merely turned his head slowly and stared down to see a young boy, holding a large white ball smiling back at him.

“Hey” the little boy said gleefully. “Wanna play with us?” he asked Eric, holding the ball out to the hunter. Eric laughed and removed his glasses. “Yeah sure, pass me the ball” he said to the small child extending his arms. The child did as Eric commanded. With malice intent in his eyes, Eric threw the ball on the ground and stomped on it, causing it to deflate before the boys eyes.

“Aww no. Oh I guess the games over” Eric sighed arrogantly as he handed the boy the deflated ball. All of the children watched him, unsure of what to do next. “Get out of here!” Eric roared at them, to which they scattered. “You’re a mean bully” shouted another little boy from afar.

“Aww cute” Eric said to himself sarcastically. He turned his attention back to Sophia and noticed that she was now talking to a snake, TALKING TO A SNAKE. Eric once again withdrew his phone to speak into it. “Target is now talking to snake, I think her powers are finally beginning to develop. From what I gather from the notes, she is not aware she possesses any real power nor has she displayed any. But I’m going to make sure she never does”

Then all of a sudden she started to stare at the apples in front of her. “Is she going to steal one?” Eric whispered to himself, this could be the opening he was looking for, this could finally be his way in. He shoved his phone away and slowly jogged over to the girl, as he got closer she knocked an apple off of the pile. Eric quickly kicked it into the air and caught it in his hands.

“Pretty impressive ey,” Eric laughed as he caught the piece of fruit. He watched Sophia’s face light up, that is when he knew,

from that second on, he had her firmly in his grasp.

 O.R.B.S Headquarters 

Sophia was alone, she was in an empty conference room sitting on a table. She looked out of the window at the wide open city, she was in New York City. A place she always dreamed of visiting, she’d seen so many glamorous photos and watched so many shows set in this magical city. But she couldn’t enjoy any of it, instead she was stuck inside headquarters talking to Eric, who had just gotten on her last nerve.

How could he know this much? Sophia asked herself. She was so infuriated by what he said about Josh she couldn’t think straight. But then she thought about the station and the horror which occurred there. The door behind her opened, Violet entered with a brief case in her hand and a small yellow mug.

“Hi, sorry I didn’t mean to intrude. But you looked like you could do with some hot chocolate” she smiled at Sophia in a gentle way. She placed the cup down next to her and smiled once more. “I hope you like marshmallows” she said to the young chrone. “Oh yes I do thank you” Sophia replied.

“I am so sorry I put you through all of that. We don’t know how Eric knows all those things but we will get to the bottom of all of this. As soon as you finish your drink, I can arrange for you to be sent home” Violet told her in a very motherly fashion, as she rubbed the girls shoulder.

“That won’t be necessary, I will go back to talk to him in a few minutes. I just needed a breather” she replied, before returning her attention back to the window. “Violet you’re a witch, do you ever see things, that aren’t there. Or is there some kind of power that makes you see things?” Sophia asked her. It was bad enough when she saw Fiona during the battle between Jamie and Bella, but now Eric had told her that day she saw him was also a vision. Violet’s smile dropped and filtered into a concerned expression.

“Well I only know the power of premonition that allows you to see things. But from what I gathered about you seeing Eric, it didn’t sound like that” she told the girl as she began to join her, sitting on the desk. “There is also fear manipulation and illusion casting. But someone would have to use them against you, for visions to appear” Violet explained.

“Like what Maxim did to Eric” Sophia whispered. Violet tensed up once again at the mention of this. “Yes, like that, believe me, if I had known Maxim did that, I would have stopped it immediately” Violet insisted.

“I believe you” Sophia whispered. “I’ll talk to Maxim about his actions later on. Was that the reason you were asking me about seeing things?” Violet aske with some hesitation  in her voice.

“No it wasn’t. You see I keep seeing things, things that aren’t there. First I thought I saw Eric at the diner when I first got to Malibu, but I didn’t. Then I thought I saw Fiona in Jamie and Bella’s duel, and again she wasn’t there. Is all of this normal?” Sophia shouted, she was begriming to get panicked.

“Look you just need to distress” Violet reassured her. “You are a young witch, you haven’t controlled your powers just yet, and it’s only natural for you to be worried. Plus you went through a traumatic experience, being burned alive. I can’t even imagine how that must have felt. But don’t worry, I’m sure in time, these visions will stop” Violet told her. Sophia smiled weakly, she looked defeated from this whole experience.

However Violet had yet another surprise for Sophia. She reached over and opened her brief case. “Now this may be against the rules but I thought you could do with some friends” Violet said pulling out a laptop from the case. “You just hit that button and you will be on facetime with your friend Arabella” she told Sophia. She pushed herself off of the table and began to slowly make her way out of the room. Sophia stared and the screen and pressed call.

Meanwhile Violet shut the door behind her and was left in the corridor, however she was not alone. “You are just a young witch, who is unable to control her powers” Maxim mimicked Violet’s speech in a patronizing manner. “You do realize that sooner or later the truth will come out” Maxim said in his usual eerily calm demeanor.

“Of course, but for now she should be treated as normally as possible” Violet rebuked as she walked away from the vampire. However Maxim was not willing to let this go so easily. “When Agoroth makes his move she will turn on those kids. They need a leader, if she turns on them then they will not win” Maxim hissed at the witch. “Which is why we must ensure her relationship with her friends remain intact. If her bond with them is strong, then she will resist the urge to turn to darkness. Unlike you who seems to revel in it. I mean really, making the boy relive his father’s death. That’s dark even for you” Violet moaned.

“What I do is none of your concern. May I remind you who is in charge here” Maxim stated as he stared at the witch with his cold blue eyes.

“Oh believe me, I know exactly who’s in charge. Now if you will excuse me Maxim, I am on my lunch break” she replied back with a snarky smile of her own. She strutted off down the corridor leaving Maxim sneering.

“Let’s see how all of this unfolds”

Maxim whispered to himself.

  The Mall 

“Wait so he knows who we are, like all of us?”  Bella asked, she was holding her phone up to her face speaking to Sophia. “Yep every single one of you. He said he bumped into Sienna outside Grimm’s” Sophia said.

“Ew I remember that guy. That was THE Eric Evergreen, I thought he was a homeless man” Sienna laughed peaking her head over Bella’s shoulder. “Where are you guys?” Sophia questioned, she could hear a lot of chatter coming from the other end of the line.

“Oh we’re at the mall. Tara has decided to revamp her wardrobe and it’s taking FOREVER” Bella complained. “We’re at the food court now” she told Sophia. The young chrone felt somewhat disheartened, in all her time in America she had never been to a real Mall and now all her friends were there without her. However she knew that she had to do this for the greater good. “That’s great, well I hope Tara picks out something nice and hey that means more hand me downs for me” Sophia smiled, she didn’t mind wearing Tara’s clothes, in fact Tara’s wardrobe was better than the one she had at the orphanage, however there were some things Sophia found not to her liking, but she couldn’t really complain. After all if it wasn’t for Tara’s generosity she’d have literally nothing to wear.

“You want us to pick up some stuff for you?” Tara asked peaking her head inside the camera shot. “No, no you guys don’t spend a single penny on me” Sophia told her friends. “I want to find a job and I’ll buy my own clothes” she reassured them.

A small pause fell, nothing but silence on the both sides of the phone. “Okay let’s not dance around the topic, what exactly does Eric want?” Sienna asked sounding rather bored and irritated. “He hasn’t gotten to that yet” Sophia told the group who all sighed.

“Oh no, we didn’t mean that sigh in a like, prying way. We were just scared for you” Bella tried to explain, Sophia completely understood, she nodded her head and simply smiled. “It’s cool, look I better get going, I should probably talk to Eric again I have something to tell him” Sophia thought about the station and everything that occurred there.

“Oh… Okay well how about we all go to Grimm’s tonight, it can be a group outing” Tara cheered. “You will be done by tonight right?” she asked.

“I don’t care if I’m not. I just want to get back to school, so I’m going to ask them when everything’s done today to send me home” Sophia smiled at the other girls. “Aww you’re calling it home. You’re officially a Point Dume Girl” Bella sighed with joy. “Okay well we’ll see you soon. Byeee kisses” Bella shouted. “Bye Sophia” Tara screamed, “Don’t be too hard on hunter boy” Sienna giggled. Sophia waved and then her friends were gone, she sighed and once again looked out of the window at the big apple.

“Aww she’s so cute” Bella sighed. “Okay are we all done here ladies? Everyone ate?” Tara asked looking at the table. Both Sienna and Bella nodded, “Well I guess it’s back to shopping” Sienna laughed.

The girls trailed up the escalator, they already had a monumental amount of bags, yet the ascended into yet another store. They walked straight through the door and began to search for more new clothing items. Tara walked away from the pair shortly after she spotted a pretty pair of black jeans. Sienna and Bella hovered towards the dresses, “Oh god, this would be perfect for summer, I heard it’s supposed to be really hot this year” Sienna said holding up a maxi dress. “Wow that’s so cute” Bella replied.

Sienna continued shifting through the rack whilst Bella just stared at her. “You were nice to Sophia and you’re being nice to me, what are you up to?” Bella asked in a sarcastic voice, yet she was somewhat hesitant of Sienna’s true intentions. Sienna paused and pushed all of the dresses to one side of the rack.

“Okay, look I’m trying to be a better person, becoming friends with Tara has made me realizes that I was kind of being a bitch and seeing as how we have to defeat a crazy guy bent on world domination, all of us need to get along” Sienna smiled.

“Well that’s very noble of you Sienna” Bella smiled.

“It is, trouble is, it’s so hard being nice all the time!” Sienna moaned loudly.

“Well you don’t have to be nice to everyone. Just people who deserve kindness. Who knows maybe it can be just like old times” Sienna giggled. “Oh my god, I remembered that trip to the beach” Bella started laughing hysterically. “Oh my god yes! When we buried Josh in the sand” Sienna laughed aloud. “And when the seagull stole Todd’s ice cream and he screamed so loud” Bella giggled. Several people in the store started to look back at the girls, so they tried to hide it, but their faces were already red. “I really have missed you” Sienna told her former best friend. “I’ve missed you too” Bella replied flashing yet another smile.

“Look try this on, it’s white and it would look great on you” Sienna said to Bella pulling a dress from the rack next to her. It was a long flowing summer dress, that was low cut, and very glamorous. Bella rolled her eyes and took it off the demon. “Fine” she said, walking away from Sienna, towards the dressing rooms. “Hurry back, we’ll look for a cute pair of shoes!” Sienna shouted. She heard her phone buzz and reached inside her jacket pocket.

She pulled it out and saw that it was a text from Phillip.

“Just finished my jog. Wanna do something?”

Sienna looked over at the changing room and back at the phone. She did feel bad continuing to string Phillip along, but he was too much of a comfort to let go of. He was like a drug as much as she wanted to quit him she couldn’t. She knew sooner or later she’d have to tell him, she didn’t want to be with him anymore, but again today wasn’t that day.

“Out with girls. We’ll join rest of guys for Dinner at Grimm’s later on tonight, when Sophia gets back from NYC Xxx”

“Is that Phillip” Tara’s voice came from behind her. Sienna didn’t react she turned around and nodded her head. “You know you’ll have to tell him sooner or later” Tara said to her newly found friend. “I know, I know. I choose later” Sienna said to Tara walking away from the dresses towards the shoes. Tara smiled, rolling her eyes at Sienna dodging the question.

“I spoke to him this morning” Tara told Sienna who was now holding a pair of black boots on her hand. “Oh really?” Sienna said pretending to be uninterested in the conversation. “Yes, he said that you went up to his room last night, wink, wink” Tara giggled picking up a pair of completely glitter covered heels.

“Okay two things. Firstly put those things down now, you have better taste. And secondly yes I did see him last night, Phillip has a habit of bragging about sex” Sienna told the teenage Kistune. Tara again laughed at the thought of Phillip bragging to everyone. “Is that all you talked about?” Sienna asked her.

“No actually he was telling me how he originally had plans with Jamie but they fell through” Tara explained moving onto a pair of slick, shiny black heels. Sienna was so happy for a moment, she thought Phillip may have listened to her and avoided Jamie last night. “I’m sure Phillip too was busy with his other friends” Sienna told Tara, Sienna too now began looking at heels.

“Oh no he said he waited for Jamie most of the night. Jamie was the one who bailed on the plan” she told Sienna, unknowingly Tara had just revealed a secret. “Oh really?” Sienna replied, Tara went to continue talking when Bella trotted out of the dressing room looking incredible.

The long flowing dress fluttered in air giving the impression she was walking on air. She strutted over to the two girls and twirled around. “Sienna thank you, this looks great! Three guys did a double take!” Bella screamed as she playfully posed in the middle of the shop. The blonde witch turned around and winked at herself in the mirror.

“Wow Bell, you look amazing” Tara added. “Yeah I’m sure Adam will love it” Sienna smiled at her old friend. “Now ladies let’s capture this moment and snapchat this sisterly shopping spree” Sienna declared, she withdrew her phone once more and all three girls squeezed together. “Say cheese” Bella said sarcastically as the flash went off, all of the girls were smiling happily, that moment was caught on Sienna’s camera and a

moment each of them would cherish forever.

  Todd’s Bedroom  

Jamie was inside Todd’s bathroom, he was looking deep into the mirror staring back at his reflection. He was wearing a red hoodie which was zipped down to reveal his tight chiselled stomach along with dark jeans. His breath was becoming deeper and deeper, this was the moment. The moment he would probably remember for the rest of his life, he wasn’t exactly scared, simply nervous.

“Come on, it’s just sex, everybody does it” Jamie whispered to himself as reassurance. He took one final look in the mirror, making sure his hair was okay, he checked his breath and everything seemed to be perfect. He headed towards the door and with some trepidation, opened it. To his surprise the room now had several candles burning, with rose petals scattered along the bed. Todd stood on the other side of the bed in nothing but his jeans. “I know it looks cheesy, but I just wanted everything to be special for you” he told Jamie.

“No, it’s fine, perfect even” Jamie replied staring at the white and red petals that lay on Todd’s bed. “When did you do all of this? I was only in the bathroom for like five minutes” Jamie smiled and he began to slowly walk towards Todd.

“Superhuman speed comes in useful. I’m very fast” Todd said moving towards the warlock, They both came face to face, Todd soon realized what he just uttered, “I didn’t mean fast like, I’m fast in bed. I’m regular I guess, unless you want it to be over fast then I can go fast” Todd began to say in a panicked expression.

“Honestly I just want to take it slow I guess” Jamie told Todd, the warlock smiled, he playfully pushed Todd. Todd shook his head and bit his lips. “Okay, let’s take this slow” Todd replied as he began to lay kisses on Jamie’s neck, Jamie soon followed, his soft lips pressing against Todd’s cold neck. Todd grabbed the back of Jamie’s hoodie and began to slowly remove it off the warlock’s body. They both exchanged another kiss this time on the lips, their mouths and tongues touching each other.

“Well, how about we get in the bed” Todd whispered to in Jamie’s ear. He took his boyfriend by his hand and led him to the side of the bed. He pulled the blanket off, several flower petals flew high in the air before lightly falling down to the floor. Jamie sat on the bed and began to take his pants off. Todd leaned in and continued to kiss him. “Allow me” the vampire whispered pulling the boys jeans off, leaving Jamie in nothing but his white underwear.

“My turn” Jamie whispered back, he unbuttoned Todd’s pants and slowly lowered them to the floor. Todd had tight black underwear on, he stared down at the warlock and smiled, giddy in the thought that this was actually happening. 

Jamie and Todd both lay their heads flat on the pillow and stared longingly at each other. Todd pushed himself up on one elbow so he was looking down at Jamie. With his other hand he began to run his hands through the warlock’s thick brown hair. “God you’re so beautiful” Todd whispered. “Look who’s talking” Jamie giggled.

“Are you sure you wanna do this, we can stop now. I would completely understand” Todd whispered as he stopped rubbing the boy’s hair.

“I have never been surer about anything else in my entire life” he replied. “So, do you prefer to be on top or bottom?” the young warlock asked nervously. “Well I don’t mind, either works for me. Whatever makes you feel most at ease” he said kissing Jamie’s neck once more, he sighed with pleasure before looking the blonde vampire in the eye. “Could you be on top?” he asked Todd with a nervous tone.

Todd flashed one of his famous smiles, “Of course” he replied. The vampire then leaned over to the cabinet next to his bed and pulled out a condom. ”Safety first” Todd whispered. He opened the packaging and slowly placed it on. “Where were we?” Jamie sighed blissfully. Todd winked before slowly moving towards Jamie. He kissed his lips once more, now lightly biting the bottom of the warlock’s lips. Jamie now ran his fingers through the back of Todd’s smooth blonde hair, as Todd began to slowly position himself on top of Jamie.

“Todd” Jamie sighed kissing the vampires neck. “God you make me so happy. I’ve never loved anyone more in my entire life, than I love you Jamie Moores” Todd whispered softly now planting kisses on Jamie’s torso. “Wow the word love. So we’re having sex and saying the word love, all in one day” Jamie giggle, He propped himself up on his elbows and again came face to face with Todd. “Well I love you Todd Rollings. I love you more than anybody else on this planet” Jamie whispered back with a smile arising on his face.

Todd smiled, his lip raising higher ever so slightly on his right side. “Well my dear, let me show you how much I love you” Todd whispered seductively. In that instant his black underwear was flung out of the bed as was Jamie’s white pair. He playfully pushed Jamie’s head down onto the pillow.

In that moment Jamie sighed with pleasure yet again as did Todd, as the vampire slowly began to rock his hips back and forth. The warlocks hands were on the side of the pillow, he was gripping it tightly. Todd began to move a little faster as Jamie bit his own lips sighing even louder. Jamie’s hair was completely pushed out of his face, he looked up and Todd and smiled, his lip quivered as he did so. They were together now, Todd and Jamie just how it should have been a year ago. Jamie looked towards the ceiling and smiled yet again, whereas Todd looked down on


 New York City, ORBS Headquarters 

Eric sat at the table, alone and solemn, he finally had Sophia in front of him and he messed everything up yet again. She hadn’t been in the room for an hour, he was so sure that she had already left, returned to Point Dume and her new life with Josh. However that was not the case, in the moment he was willing to give up all hope, the door opened and there she was.

Sophia stood in the doorway simply staring at Eric, she had composed herself now, she was willing to listen to more of what Eric had to say, more importantly she was ready to talk about the train station. “Hi” she whispered softly. “Hi” Eric replied in a similar tone.

“I’m really sorry about that, I shouldn’t have stalked your friends. And I shouldn’t have called Josh a man slut” Eric apologized, Sophia could tell it hurt Eric to say this, but she knew he was being honest and that was all that mattered.

“Apology accepted. I’m sorry too, for storming off and not giving you a chance to talk. You’re right we’re not taking the hunters seriously, but I promise we’ll stop them. And I believe you” she told him. Eric raised his head unsure of what that last sentiment meant.

“Believe what?” he asked her, somewhat confused.

“I believe you, when you said you’re not in contact with The Clan, I really think you actually want to do some good Eric” she replied as she began to form a smile. She began to walk to her seat, Eric smiled to himself, it seemed like everything was turning around, she was finally trusting him again. “I do, I do want to help. You, your friends, ORBS… Even Josh. None of you deserve to be killed by my family” he told her.

Sophia slowly sat down, her smile had filtered into a worried expression. “What is it?” Eric asked her. “None of this would have happened if I just listened to you, if I didn’t freak out, that night in the cabin” Sophia cried. In her mind she thought, if she didn’t lose her cool, the Eric would never have faked his death, the train station would never have happened. She would have left Bulgaria with Eric and they would have got their happy ending.

“Don’t say that, it’s just as much my fault as it is yours” Eric insisted. “I pushed you, I told you too much, it’s all on me, not you” he told her trying to take all of the blame. Sophia sighed pushing her flowing hair out of her face. “Except what happened at the train station, that wasn’t your fault” she told Eric with a whimper.

“That’s why you got caught isn’t it. Whatever happened at the station, that’s when you got caught” Eric whispered as he reached for Sophia’s hand. They held each other, and for a brief moment, Sophia felt like everything was back to normal. It was just her and Eric, without magic, without hunters, without all of the drama, just her and her All American Prince. She sighed once more, she knew she had to tell him, even if it meant that he’d look at her differently.

“I was on the run for a while, the Hunters were watching the city, I couldn’t go back. I laid low in the forests. But I realised that I couldn’t live like this” she told him. Eric was now hanging off of her every word. “So I wrote to Piper and Jensen” she told him, Eric turned his head at the pairs names. He hadn’t even thought about those two since Bulgaria.

“How did you get the messages to them? The Clan would have been watching the postage like hawks” Eric asked her.

“Simple, I contacted Sister Dominque, I asked her to pass the messages on. She wanted to take me back, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t go back to that orphanage. She thought I was just in trouble with someone, but I didn’t tell her who. I just said that it was urgent. She believed me and she passed them on” Sophia told Eric.

“Then what happened?” Eric asked her curiously, still keeping tight hold of her hands. Sophia closed

her eyes and thought back to that dreadful day, where her life changed forever.

 Bulgaria, Train Station, Several Months Ago. 

Sophia looked rough, her hair was crazy, her skin was dirty and she hadn’t eaten properly in days. However she was finally going to be reunited with her friends, she was finally going to escape those cursed Hunters. She understood why they were chasing her, after all she believed in her heart of hearts that she killed Eric. But even still, she had to get away from them, even if that meant leaving the city behind and going on the run for the rest of her life.

She sat at the train station, in an old pair of sunglasses she managed to find in a dumpster, she was still wearing the necklace, unaware of the fact it was grounding her powers. That is when she saw her, walking onto the platform, carrying a duffle bag and train tickets. “Piper” she screamed with relief. She ran to the girl and they embraced, letting out several shrieks and cries.

Piper touched her friends face, the blonde girl was in a state of shock, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Oh my god, Soph” she screeched. “When I didn’t hear from you, I thought that Evergreen might have killed you” she cried. At the mere mention of his name Sophia began to break down, oh how wrong Piper was. The Chrone whimpered, it took Piper by surprise. The blonde girl lead a now hysterical Sophia to a nearby bench.

“Calm down okay, calm down and tell me everything that’s happened” Piper said in a very calm voice, getting Sophia worked up was clearly not going to help the situation. “Piper… Eric’s dead and I think I might have killed him” she whispered confessing her darkest fear.

Piper’s jaw dropped at this news, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her best friend was confessing to a murder, she shook her head in disbelief and continued talking. “No, no you didn’t kill him, that’s impossible you’d never hurt a fly” she said to Sophia with a faint smile on her face. Sophia threw her sunglasses onto the floor and began to wipe away the tears.

“Is that why you’re leaving. Are you scared of being arrested or something?” Piper asked her friend who was still not replying. “Because I will defend you. I will tell the police how you couldn’t have done it, how Eric was crazy, he kidnapped you from the orphanage” Piper began to rant, however Sophia began to talk.

“I went with him, with my own free will, he didn’t kidnap me” Sophia cried. “But that’s what we’ll tell people, okay the police will believe you, they’ll believe us. You don’t have to run” she explained placing her hand on Sophia’s knee.

“It’s not the police I’m worried about” Sophia whispered. Her mind wondered back to those two men in the woods, that boy with dark hair who saved her, the arrow that flew at both of their heads. What did all of this mean?

“If you got my letter, you know that I have to leave the country” she told her friend.

“How are you going to do that? You don’t have a passport” Piper asked her.

“I am going to get the train to the sea and stowaway on a ship. If fate is kind maybe I’ll end up somewhere nice, like America or England” Sophia sighed. Piper looked at the duffle bag and the train ticket in her hand. “Here, just like you wanted, you’ve got clothes and some food and your ticket” Piper said handing them to the chrone. “You really don’t have to do this” Piper reminded Sophia.

“I really have to” Sophia replied softly, now clutching her bag.

Piper looked up at the clock, the next train would be in ten minutes. She looked at the platform and up to her town. She knew what needed to be done. “I’m coming with you” Piper declared. Sophia’s head shot up. “What? NO” Sophia shouted at her friend. She not only feared what the hunters would do to Piper, she feared what SHE would do to Piper.

“Pipes no please, go back home to Jensen I’ll be fine” Sophia pleaded. “No! Jensen can come with us. I have a friend Constanta, he does some… Illegal work. We’ll get him to get us some fake passports and we’ll be out of the country within a week” she told Sophia, who’s face began to lighten. “I lost you before Sophie… I’m never going to lose you again” Piper smiled.

Sophia was brought to tears by Piper’s actions, she felt truly blessed by all of this love. She and Piper hugged once more as tears filled both of their eyes. “Okay, I will go buy a ticket and I will be right back okay” Piper told her. Sophia nodded as she watched her friend stand up. “Watch out world, here we come” Piper shrieked with joy walking away from her.

Sophia breathed in, she was over the moon. She had her best friend to help her, it felt like everything was looking up.

“Don’t move” a deep voice came from her side. She slowly turned her head to see a man with a loaded gun standing to her right side, where Piper was just sitting. “I SAID DON’T MOVE” the man shouted. He was dressed in dark clothing and had a scruffy beard. A sick smile came onto his face, he pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it. “Yeah, we got her. She’s at the train station. Waiting by for further instructions” the main said before there was the sound of white noise.

Sophia had to warn Piper, she had to keep her friend safe. She acted instinctively and threw the bag straight into the man’s face. He was caught off guard long enough for her to make a break for it. Sophia stood up and attempted to run, but a strong female in dark clothing dropped from atop of the roof and kicked her square in the stomach, sending her into the male hunter.

The women had dark hair which was braided to one side. She wasn’t carrying a gun. Instead she was carrying a hunting knife. “So this is the bitch who took out Eric. Funny, I imagined her to be taller and prettier” she chuckled.

The male hunter now had Sophia firmly in his grip, he was incredibly strong and held her in place with just his left arm. “Oh come on sis, she’s pretty” the male hunter said pulling Sophia’s hair back tightly. He began to whisper into her ear, “See Eric was very popular among the women of the clan. However he looked at them like they were nothing but dirt beneath him. That boy thought he was the greatest thing to walk this green earth” the man chuckled manically into Sophia’s ear.

“What was so special about you huh? Was it your hair?” the female hunter asked Sophia running her blade through Sophia’s thick mane. “That soft, soft skim?” she said tracing along Sophia’s cheek, making a faint cut. “Who knows? But when the Clan is finished with you… You won’t have a single pretty thing going for you” the women laughed.

All of this talk about Eric, all of the talk about herself, Sophia couldn’t take it anymore. She felt a sudden rush of power surge within her, the lights that were scattered all along the platform began to flicker, the huntress looked over at them, still clutching her knife.

“Aww, you think a little bit of energy manipulation is going to scare me, you pathetic Bitc___” with that all the lights smashed, the electricity was drawn from them and send straight into the young women. She screamed with agony as the volts passed through her body, she began squirming on the floor, until eventually she stopped moving completely.

The male hunter dumped Sophia onto the ground and ran over to his sister. He tried to touch her but got a slight shock. He looked up at the young crone angrily, Sophia had never seen another human look this angry. “You BITCH, you killed her!” he screamed.

This couldn’t be happening, what was happening! Sophia thought to herself in this moment. The man pulled out his gun yet again and pointed at Sophia. “Have fun in hell bitch” he shouted.

“NO!” Sophia screamed covering her face. Suddenly fire shot out of her hands and directly at the male hunter. She opened her eyes astonished, fearful and confused as to what she had just done. The flames abruptly stopped, but its job had been done. The man was alight rolling on the floor, screaming in agony begging for death… Soon he too stopped moving, but he still kept burning.

Sophia looked at the palms of her hands, she was trembling, what had she just done. She looked up to see Piper standing not too far away, the young blonde was shaking, she looked scared out of her wits. “Piper?” Sophia whispered trying to stand up. Piper let out a ear piercing scream.

“What are you?!” Piper shouted at her friend backing away, Sophia was now stood up trying to get close to her friend. “Piper please, let me explain, please” Sophia pleaded but to no avail.

“Get away! Don’t come near me” Piper screamed heading towards the town. Sophia attempted to run after her, but Piper soon ran into a large group of men in women all in dark clothes lead by Fiona. Fiona touched the girls face, the pair were talking but Sophia couldn’t make out what she was saying. Piper ran off abruptly, the hunters began marching towards her, she had to get out and fast.

Sophia then blacked out, she couldn’t recall what happened next, but she woke up in the

forest alone.


“She betrayed you?” Eric whispered. Sophia’s emotions had gotten the better of her during the story. She had begun to cry. “Evil bitch, god I hate her” he shouted whacking his fist down. “God I always hated her” Eric told Sophia.

“They found me three days later and then they burnt me” Sophia said bluntly. The pair were still holding hands still reconciling their differences. “I’m still so sorry about all of this” Eric told her. There was a moments silence, until Eric began talking once more.

“I’m sorry, about everything I’ve put you through. I should have just taken you to America and then explained about magic. I should have took you to Point Dume myself” Eric said slumping back in the chair. “It’s clearly the best thing that’s happened to you. You can learn to safely use your powers and learn to kick some ass. What more could you want” the pair laughed. “And if Josh makes you happy, the I guess I’m kinda happy” he joked once more.

“I never forgot about you” Sophia told him, as she said this she gently rubbed his knuckles. “I thought about you every day, regardless of who I was with” she told him. They both smiled at each other.

As the pair were having this tender moment, Maxim, Olivia and Violet watched on from behind the glass. “Ugh give me a break” Maxim scoffed rolling his eyes at the two teenagers. “Oh come on Maxi, you must remember your first love” Olivia commented with a smirk on her face.

“I don’t have time for love, it’s something fools chase” he commented not taking his eyes off the two teenagers. “Fools like your children?” Liv replied the smirk still ever present. “I mean they are perpetually stuck in teenagers bodies, forever in that hormonal cycle. I’m sure they yearn for love” she commented. Maxim breathed deeply almost as if he were growling.

“I still say we torture him” Maxim commented returning his gaze to Eric.

“I will repeat myself again shall I? If we harm a hair on that boys head, it will be an act of war. And if Eric is correct, if the hunters do have a new dangerous weapon. Then we have to tread carefully” Violet reminded Maxim.

“The boy claims he wants to do some good” Liv said to Violet. “Well let’s use him as good. We’ll use him as a bargaining device. We’ll give them back Eric, if and/or when they destroy that weapon of theirs” Liv commented as she stared at her fellow members.

“How do we know they’ll go for the bargain?” Violet asked her co-worker. “Simple. Fiona is a mother, she’ll do anything to protect her young. Excellent plan Valentine. I approve ” Maxim spoke, he received a nod of approval from the women. “Thank you, I will pitch it to the other members and run it through the correct channels, I will get back to you two ASAP” Olivia shouted as she began to make her way through the doors.

“I don’t think it will work” Violet said to Maxim once Liv was out of the room. “I mean Eric doesn’t even want to go back to his family. After everything he’s told us, that much is clear” she said to the vampire who simply sighed with disapproval. “You don’t believe him, do you?” she asked him.

“I believe that boy is very good at what he does. Hunters are not only master’s fighters, but they’re master manipulators. I don’t buy his story one minute, if it were up to me, that boy would be executed at dawn” he hissed with hatred. “Well I do believe him. He seems to really care about that girl, he seems like he wants change” she said, her voice filling with hope. “Yes he has committed monstrosities, but so has she” Violet add, as she turned her head to stare at the vampire.

“Fine, burn the both of them, drown them together… It will be poetic. Like a trashier, millennial Romeo and Juliet” the vampire laughed to himself. “We need her alive, thus we need him alive. Let Olivia plan her bargain, it won’t work. But I can guarantee you, Eric Evergreen will walk out of here a free man” the witch continued.

“And how exactly do you plan on getting him off the hook, witch?” Maxim asked her, as he folded his arms. “I don’t know yet” Violet replied bluntly pushing her head into her hands. “Well good luck with that. A reminder you will need your bosses approval before you do that and who is your boss… Oh yeah it’s ME” Maxim reminded her. He began to approach the witch slowly Violet wanted to act brave, but in this moment she found the vampire rather intimidating. “I told you the other day, don’t test my power. For now we will go ahead with Olivia’s plan. Eric Evergreen will not just walk out these doors… I can guarantee you that” he said kneeling down so he was face to face with her. In that moment he vanished leaving Violet on her own, confused and scared.

“God I wish Frank was still in charge”

she said to herself, before returning her attention to the two teens.


Daimon sat on a bench outside the café, he was reading a novel called The Master and The Margarita. The sun was just about to set, he had been alone all day, with hardly anyone to talk to,  with Josh gone Sophia in New York and Jamie was no longer answering his phone. The only person he’d spoken to all day was Bella, who text him to inform her of the group hangout later tonight. Daimon thought he’d get out of the school grounds for a walk, he eventually had a few coffees at the Grimm’s and now found himself sitting on the benches, soaking in the sun and reading his book.

“Daimon!” Bella’s voice came from the distance as she, Sienna and Tara all stepped out of an Uber that was parked further up the road. All three girls looked incredible, all of them now had their hair and nails done at the mall and left looking like changed women.

Tara in particular looked radiant, a new tight black dress clung to her body, highlighting her figure perfectly. She was elevated above the ground in tight black heels and of course she had matching black nails. All of the girls were carrying several shopping bags, however Tara had the most, after all this was her ‘new look’.

“Hey” Daimon said awkwardly, before taking a deep breath in, practically gulping at the sight of Tara. All three girls approached him with smiles on their faces, Sienna sporting a new floral dress, with Bella wearing the white dress she tried on in stores. “Did you guys have fun at the mall?” he asked the group not wanting to take his eyes off Tara.

“Of course we did. We got suited and booted up, we got Tara some fierce new outfits, she is going to be the envy of every girl on campus” Sienna laughed hugging her friend. “We also started looking for our Ball gowns” the demon added as she pulled out her compact mirror she pouted her lips fixing her lip gloss in the process. “How could I forget its Monster’s Ball season” Daimon said jokingly as he pretended to be excited.

“It’s the best way to celebrate Halloween. This year’s theme is Saint and Sinners, any ideas of which one you’re going to be ladies?” Bella asked her two friends. “Sinner obviously” Sienna stated proudly. “After all sinners have more fun. And believe me, Phillip and I will be sinning excessively hard that night” Sienna winked. “Ew” Bella laughed. “I’m undecided, pastels are my colour so I guess I could be a saint, but then again I want to wear something incredibly sexy and sin with Adam… Decisions, decisions”

Bella and Sienna let out a small giggle, Tara and Daimon were still awkwardly staring at each other in silence. “So what about you T?” Bella asked. Tara turned her head slowly and shrugged, “I don’t know either. Guess I’ll have to hurry up and pick one” Tara sighed. Daimon smiled to himself, he knew Tara was too pure to be a sinner, she was the most saintly and pure person he knew.

“So what are you going to be Daimon a saint or a sinner?” Sienna asked in a playful tone.

“Why don’t you ask me closer to the actual dance? See with guys, we don’t plan our outfits weeks in advance, I’ll probably buy a suit a few days before” he told the girls.

“Well I don’t know about you ladies. But I for one need caffeine in my body STAT” Sienna announced walking closer to the café door.

“You guys coming?” she asked her girlfriends. Tara nodded her head and walked after her friend whereas Bella stood still. “I think I’m going to head back to school. You wanna walk with me?” she asked Daimon who simply nodded his head. He stood up, taking his book in his left hand and nodded at the girls. “Sienna, it was surprisingly nice talking to you” Daimon said raising his eyes. “Likewise” Sienna replied with a smile on her face.

“Tara…. You’re new look really suits you. See you tonight” Daimon said smiling at the kitsune who reciprocated with a “Thanks” and smile of her own. The pair entered the café, leaving Daimon and Bella to walk back to school by themselves.

“So what are you reading?” Bella asked the hybrid as they began their walk. “Oh The Master and Margarita. By a Russian writer Bulgakov. It tells the story of the devil, and how he rises from hell to take over Moscow. It’s brilliant” Daimon said showing the girl the cover. “Wow sounds…. Really heavy” Bella replied awkwardly.

“So” the witch said.                                                                     

“So” the hybrid replied.

They didn’t speak for several seconds following this, Daimon turned back around to look at the café, he was secretly hoping that Tara and Sienna would be following, but they were nowhere in sight. “You still have a chance” Bella said bluntly snapping the boy back to reality. “You can still be with her” Bella told the boy.

“I saw the way you both looked at each other. Your chemistry is undeniable” she added with a smirk on her face. “Yeah I know, it’s just Kiera” Daimon whispered to himself. Bella spun around her blonde hair flying behind her. “Kiera would want you to be happy. I know it hurts like bitch, but you shouldn’t be alone Daimon. Nobody should” Bella added with a sympathetic touch to his shoulder.

“I need to get my head in place, before I’m ready to love anyone” Daimon told the young witch as the continued their

journey back to Point Dume


“Did you see that he couldn’t take his eyes off you” Sienna shouted with excitement as she playfully pushed the kitsune. “He so wants you back” Sienna laughed, Tara remained silent, still thinking about Daimon. This was after all where they first met, where their story all started.

“Yeah, maybe” she sighed walking towards the counter. But her attempt was cut short as she ran into the torso of another. Thankfully nothing spilled on her new dress. “Woah, sorry about that” a soft voice said. Tara looked up, her eyes met the boys, and it was Elliot Caldwell.

“Elliot Hey!” Sienna laughed giving the boy a hug. “So did you have fun last night?” she asked the boy, then it all clicked into place for Tara, she had met this boy yesterday during her drunken night out with Sienna. She instantly felt a wave of embarrassment come over her. “Of course, I mean Cain and I had to carry Fern home, but all in all a good night out” he laughed. “Tara” he greeted the girl with a smile and a nod of the head.

“Oh… Hey Elliot” she whispered as she began to blush. “I’m taking it you remember last night?” Elliot asked the kitsune. “Well you’re a very hard man to forget” Sienna answered for her friend. “I wrote my number on your arm. Guess you didn’t want it” Elliot sighed pointing at Tara’s arm which was now clear and showed no trace of the number.

“Oh that was your number! I’m so sorry I completely forgot it was even there and then when I got in the shower it was washing away” Tara rambled on and on. “Okay sweetie he gets it” Sienna made the save. “I’m sure you can give it Tara again. Oh that reminds me, now that you’re sober Tara you know Elliot’s family right, and what a RICH line of witches and warlocks he comes from” Sienna said pushing her friend closer and closer to the boy.

“Yeah, we’re rich historically and finically” he laughed. Sienna laughed aloud. “And he’s funny too! AND he’s British” she added. “I’ll just leave you guys to get acquainted whilst I go get us drinks T” Sienna announced. “Vanilla late please” Tara said to her friend.

“So, you’re a warlock” Tara said, as she did she instantly felt stupid. “Yeah and you’re a kitsune” the handsome man added. The boy moved in closer to Tara, she looked over to Sienna who was gesturing her to get closer to him.

“So, I don’t know if you’re doing anything later, but I was just wondering if you’d like do something” he asked her with his soft voice, his accent was like a siren song lulling Tara in to a sense of ease. She thought about Daimon, she loved him and was left devastated by what happened. However she had to think about herself, she had to move on eventually, it may have seen rushed but how often does a girl get asked out by a hot British warlock.

“Erm, well I have this thing tonight” Tara said remembering that she had plans with her friends, but as she looked over to Sienna the demon was mouthing with over the top gestures. “GO WITH HIM” as she pointed at Elliot who remained oblivious. “But I’m sure I can find a way out of it” she said smiling at the boy.

“Well, dress fancy, because Elliot Caldwell doesn’t do second rate dates” he said to her giving her a wink. Tara blushed once more, “Eight O’clock, meet me by the gates of the school” he said to her as he began walking out of the café. “Ahhhhh, oh my god that did not just happen!” Sienna squealed holding two cups of coffee. “Tara Caldwell, when you guys live in a castle together please let me visit” Sienna said already planning Tara’s future.

“Stop it’s only a date” Tara giggled taking her coffee from her friend. “With a really really hot boy” she added before screaming with Tara.

“Ladies I have other costumers please don’t kill them by screaming” Connor Nordell said from behind the counter. “Sorry Clark” Sienna replied. “My name’s Connor” the barista replied correcting her mistake. “But what are we going to tell the others. What about Sophia’s meal?” Tara asked her friend.

“Let me worry about the others. And please she had a beach party thrown for her, I’m sure she won’t mind if you miss a little meal” Sienna said touching her friends shoulders.

“Now what you’re wearing is amazing, but it’s too party girl sexy. We need you to look Duchess of Cambridge sexy” Sienna said gesturing to the sky theatrically. “Two makeover montages in one day, you’re spoiling me” Tara laughed as she and her friend ran out of the café.

In the far corner of the room Alietta and Cynthia watched the two girls leave. “Ugh, they make me wanna barf” Alietta gagged. “What do you think the chicken soup will be like?” Cynthia asked reading her menu.

“Will you put that down” the blonde commanded. “No way bitch, I skipped breakfast so momma’s gonna eat” Cynthia replied to which Alietta rolled her eyes at. Connor eventually came over to the girls. He stared at them as if he knew them, however they had never met the boy. “So what can I do for you ladies?” he asked the pair.

“Chicken soup please” Cynthia told the boy handing him the menu. “I’ll have an Earl Grey tea with a cinnamon roll” Aietta told the boy. “Don’t burn the roll, coffee boy” she ordered throwing the menu at him. “My name is Connor, and here at Grimm’s we actually treat people with respect” Connor said back to Alietta.

“Okay respect me by getting me what I ordered. One Earl Grey tea with extra hot water, two, I repeat TWO tea bags, not one, TWO. A half cup of honey, no milk and a cinnamon roll, which I want heated at two hundred degrees, baked till it’s crispy and golden with extra cinnamon sprinkled over it” she shouted before clapping on his face.

The boy bit his lip so he wouldn’t say anything he’d regret and marched back to the kitchen. “Anyway, let’s get down to business” Alietta declared. Thankfully the café was practically empty, the only other people were sitting on the other side of the room. “The apple. Please say we’re gonna use it on those bitches tonight” Cynthia laughed.

“Yes, we are soooo using it tonight” Alietta replied smiling wickedly. “Well I should say you’re going to use it tonight. I still have my eyes set on something else” Alietta said bitting her lips, she was longing to be fed, she needed sexual energy to stay powerful, her devious mind was already concocting a plan, however she wouldn’t be able to tell Cynthia about it.

“So yeah, you’re using the apple tonight, and I know just who you’re going to use it on” she told her friend. “Who?” Cynthia asked sounding confused. Alietta leaned over the table and

whispered into Cynthia’s ear. “Ohhh, you my friend are wicked”


“So, I guess I’ll have to get going soon” Sophia whispered to her former love. “I wish you could stay here, forever. It has been really wonderful seeing you again Sophia” Eric confessed as a smile appeared on his face. “But I understand how these things work. You have Josh now, you can walk out those doors and forget all about me” he told her.

“Why would I do that?” Sophia asked him. “Because it’s what’s best for you. I’m letting you go, I can’t keep clinging on to the past now can I” he said lowering his head. “Eric” Sophia said. “I am never going to let go. Now you’re back in my life I don’t want you to leave. We may not be together anymore, but we can still be friends” she told him as she held his hand once more.

“I promise, I will never let go, I won’t stop fighting until you’re out of this place” Sophia told him with confidence. Eric raised his head and forced a smile. “In case I don’t come out beforehand. Good Luck. With that White Eyed Demon, and Good Luck with my Mother” Eric said to Sophia. “Soph, I need to tell you something, something they’re not telling you. There’s this ancient prophecy, it involves you and they’re not telling you about it” Eric told her rather quickly.

They gazed into each other’s eyes yet again. Sophia was now hanging on his every word, desperate to know more. Suddenly Maxim burst into the room. “Such a tender moment, but Miss Dimitrov it’s time for you to leave. And it’s time for you Mr Evergeen to return to your room, I believe you’re having Mac and Cheese tonight and if you’re a good boy we’ll give you a cookie” Maxim laughed in a very demeaning way. “I need to tell her” Eric hissed at Maxim. “She has the right to know” he shouted.

“Right? That’s a funny word. In this building neither of you have rights, this is MY building, here I am God, and in my building I decided what happens. And what I want is for you to return to your room and for Ms Dimitorv to return to school” Maxim said in his sickly soft voice. Eric clenched his fist ready to strike.

“Eric don’t, I’ll leave” she told both of the men. “The prophecy can wait. Don’t let him get under your skin” Sophia whispered to Eric. She went to stand up but Eric held her hand tight halting her exit. “Wait, before you go. Take this” Eric said placing the necklace in her hand. “Eric I_” she was going to say that she couldn’t, she wanted him to keep it.

“Don’t worry, it won’t do anything to your powers, it's been drained,” Eric said. Sophia closed the palm of her hand and held her head high. “I will treasure it always” she told the hunter. She stepped away from her chair and towards Maxim. “I’m ready, I’m ready to go home” she told the vampire. Maxim snapped his fingers and Sophia vanished into a bright light and just like that she was gone.

“Well, this was a waste of time and money,” Maxim said sarcastically.

“You’re going to try and trade me aren’t you?” Eric asked bluntly. “That’s none of your business. Neither is a human attempting to use magic.  I'd tell you to not quit your dayjob, if you still had one”, Maxim quipped.  Did you really think to contain a chrone with something as commonplace as Blood Magic?” he scoffed. 

“I thought it might slow everything down, it might give her more time until I came up with a better solution,” Eric hissed at the man. “She’s a chrone, she could turn on all of them in a heartbeat and burn that school to the ground. And they don’t even know, do they? You should've let me tell her” Eric asked the vampire. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” Maxim laughed to himself.

“She’s seeing things, things that aren’t there, she’s losing control” Eric said referring to what Sophia told him.

“The chrone is an incredibly powerful creature, you’re right about that.  For what it's worth, I can assure you Mr Evergreen, her friends will find out by themselves soon enough. As her power grows it will soon be impossible to conceal the truth” Maxim informed the boy as he lent on the table.

“Then I guess I’m gonna have to stop it” Eric whispered in defiance.

"Don't be a fool.  You know the prophecy. It talks about a demon and chrone bringing about the downfall of Agoroth, not some lovelorn hunter with a deathwish. I have no doubt you have a key role to play in all this, Mr. Evergreen, but what worries me most is precisely what side of the board will end up benefiting the most from your involvement," Maxim replied, surprisingly forthcoming for once.

"We have a plan in place to ensure prophecy is fulfilled. Your interference may well doom her and us all," Maxim concluded, making a small hand gesture to bring the guards over.  They took custody of Eric and escorted him back to a small room instead of his cell.  It was a simple room, blank walls with a single bed, a table and small partition containing a shower and toilet.  The guards closed the door and left Eric alone, who proceeded to kick off his shoes and fall back onto the bed. 

His mind with swirling with thoughts of Sophia, now that he'd finally seen and talked to her. Maxim's words were foremost on his mind.  Is she really doomed? Eric thought to himself. He'd failed to save her once, he couldn't allow that to happen again. But could he somehow be responsible for her downfall?  And beyond Agoroth, there was still his mother, who wanted Sophia dead even more than the creepy guy bent on world domination. As he lay there, he thought about all his failures, one in

particular stood out.  The day they burnt Sophia.

 FLASHBACK- Bulgaria  

Eric had heard the news, it had spread quickly, she had been caught, Sophia had been caught. He raced through the streets, panicked and unsure what to do next. If he revealed himself to be alive, his mother would still burn her and he’d have a lot to answer for. He pulled up his hood to hide his face and continued running, he was going to need a plan and fast.

The village was practically empty almost everyone had gone to watch, well almost everybody. He came to the market, it was eerily deserted until he heard two voice arguing.

“She was our friend!” Jensen shouted at Piper. Eric recognised the voice and hid from their sight to listen to their conversation, maybe he could pick up where it was happening.

“Friend? You’re hearing what everyone’s saying she was a witch Jensen. And hello, she wasn’t a friend anyway, she didn’t listen to me, she ran away with that crazy bastard and look where it landed both of them” Piper fired back at the boy pushing him.

“You’re an evil heartless BITCH” Jensen screamed at her. “I was going to ask you to marry me you know, I was going to make sure me, you AND Sophia got away from this hell hole. But now” he hesitated.

“What?” Piper gasped. “Jensen please don’t end this, don’t end what we have over some dreadful bitch” Piper said her eyes filling with tears. “Too late, I’m done with you. You’re the reason our friend is going to be burnt alive! People are actually gathering up on that mountain to watch” he said. Eric turned his head, he had the information he wanted. He snuck off down an ally way which stood in the middle of two market stalls and headed for the mountains.

“I hope you burn in hell Piper Ross. Have a nice life” Jensen sighed before he walked away. The girl fell to her knees dramatically and tried to grab onto the boys legs but he powered through and continued walking. “Jensen please don’t leave me. Please!” she roared. Jensen was gone, Piper was left crying in the streets with no one but herself for company.

Eric finally found the place they were talking about a large crowd had gathered. The village people were all screaming and chanting, they were practically begging for Sophia to be killed. Eric hadn’t heard what happened, only that it involved ‘witchcraft at a local train station’.

Eric tried to fight through the crowd, all the time concealing his face. He didn’t have a plan, he thought about fending off his mother and rescuing his love, but how the villages would just kill them. Eric thought and thought through the crowd, but to little success. He still couldn’t think of a plan.

He saw his mother edge closer and closer with the lighter, he stopped fighting, he knew he couldn’t get to her in time and even if he did, he couldn’t save her. He closed his eyes not wanting to look at the sight.

“To hell with you, to hell with all of you” he heard Sophia scream at the top of her voice.

“BURN IN HELL BITCH” he could hear his mother shout, this was followed by Sophia’s ear piercing scream. Eric’s heart sunk, he felt like his soul was being ripped out of his chest. Sophia was dead. The crowd began to cheer he couldn’t be around them. So he ran back into the woods and waited for nightfall.

Eric hadn’t stopped crying, he had several panic attacks, and he had lost Sophia forever. He knew he couldn’t stay in Bulgaria, not any more. He had to get back to America, he had to clear his head. But for now all he wanted to do was say goodbye.

The crowd eventually left, soon after the burning, but Eric didn’t want to chance it. He wanted to ensure that he was completely alone. Finally the time came, he approached the pyre with trepidation, but knew what needed to be done.

He touched the wood, a tear forming already. He punched it with his fist and let out a scream. “WHY” he shouted, “WHY” he began to kick the beam. “WHY, WHY, WHY” he attempted to kick it again but fell to his knees.

He wept helplessly on the floor. “Sophie come back, come back” he cried. As he looked down he noticed something in the ashes, it was her necklace, she had been wearing it. Eric grabbed it and held it in his hand. He stared at it, longing for the girl who wore it to appear.

“You didn’t deserve to go out like this” he said to the necklace. “But rest assured, I will show you America Sophie, I will show you the world’s wonders. But most importantly I will avenge you” he said, his voice taking a rather dark turn. His eyes lowered, he placed the necklace into his pocket and stood up straight. He looked at the pyre, then to the moon that was just rising.

“Goodnight Sophia” he whispered staring up at the stars. He put his hood up and headed

into the forest.

 Back At PDA  

Sophia opened her eyes, she was back home, safe at Point Dume. “I trust everything is in order” the voice of Headmaster Specter came from behind her. Sophia slowly turned around, she hadn’t even had the chance to go back to her room before she was bombarded by questions.

“Oh, Principle Specter, you scared me” she whispered. A cool breeze swept through her hair, she was finally back in Malibu and all she wanted to do was meet up with her friends and be a normal teenager for the night.

“Everything is kinda okay” she explained, kinda was the best word to use, because in reality Sophia had no idea how things were going, she had no idea what ORBS had planned or what would happen. All she knew is that Eric deserved to be freed.

“Well I’m sure ORBS will tell me all about it tomorrow morning. As for you, I will let you move on, it is Friday after all, start of the weekend” the grown man said happily. He went to walk past the girl however Sophia stopped him, she brushed his hand making him freeze in his tacks.

“He’s innocent” she explained, the headmaster stopped and looked at the girl, Sophia couldn’t tell what exactly he was feeling, his facial expression didn’t give anything away. “Eric. He’s innocent and I_”

“Miss Dimitrov” Specter cut her off without a second thought. “That boy is far from innocent” he explained getting closer and closer to the girl. “He broke into our school, hallowed grounds, he has murdered countless numbers of our own kind, our brothers and sisters blood is on his hands” Specter shouted at his student.

“But that was the old Eric. He’s changed, he doesn’t want to be a hunter anymore, he wants to help us” Sophia tried to explain, but the man wasn’t buying it.

“Miss Dimitrov, a leopard doesn’t change his spots and neither do Evergreen’s. You’ve been swayed by a pretty face” he said in a rather petulant tone, it was the type of voice a lot of teachers use when they’re trying to be patronising.

Sophia diverted her gaze, she couldn’t even look at the man, she was furious. “Now, once again, I bid you goodnight” the man finished, before he began walking away.

Sophia couldn’t believe what she’d just heard, she always thought Specter was nice, considerate. But he was just like the others, not willing to listen, not willing to acknowledge that Eric had indeed changed. She knew in her heart of heart he had. She just had to convince everyone else. And with that she stormed up to her room hoping to be comforted

by Bella and Tara.


Sophia ran up the stairs eager to be reunited with her two friends. Finally she came to her door, she couldn’t get her key out fast enough. Finally she entered the room, all of the lights were off, but she didn’t seem to notice. “You guys I’ve missed you so… You’re not here” Sophia announced trailing off once she realised the room was empty.

“Great, a lonely night for one” Sophia sighed as she slammed the door. It was then her mind turned to Josh for the first time today. She had been so wrapped up with Eric drama, she forgot about all of the drama that involved Josh the following day. Maybe she could go over to his room and see if he was still upset over the whole Eric situation. She hoped that wouldn’t be the case, she wanted to be friends with Eric and wanted him to remain in her life, but none of that changed how she felt about Josh. That is when she saw it out of the corner of her eye. A sticky note attached to the mirror.

Grimm’s Eight o’clock


Sophia held the note in her hand, she looked at the clock, it read Seven, giving her exactly one hour to get ready. Considering she’d been in the same clothes for two days straight she was dying put on a new outfit. She was going too look her best tonight, she was going to remind Josh that she still loved him. Sophia went to turn away when she noticed an envelope on her pillow. She placed Bella’s sticky note back onto the mirror and walked over to her bed.

“What on earth?” she asked herself as she picked the envelope up. She sat on the edge of her bed and slowly. Once opened she pulled out a card. The card itself was somewhat large, on the front was what looked like a hand painting of a cottage, with the words ‘Welcome Home’ above it. Sophia smiled as she opened it, she read the message aloud to herself.

“Darling, welcome home. I know you’ve had a few stressful months, I don’t think I could even comprehend what you’ve been through. So we wanted to something special, something to show how much we all love you. Go to your closet dear, no more second hand clothes for you” Sophia read to herself, she glanced up at her closet, before looking back down at the card.

“We’ll be seeing you very soon, all our love. P.S We’ve left some shoes under the bed too xx”

Sophia’s smile grew even bigger. What had her friends planned, had they bought her a new outfit for tonight?

She raced up to her closet, closing her eyes as she gripped the handles, she pulled it open and swiftly opened her eyes, she gasped in amazement. The closet was filled with the most beautiful clothes she’d ever seen. She ran over to her bed and looked underneath, just like the card said, shoes, all different types, sneakers, boots and heels. Sophia screamed with excitement, she ran back to her closet in search of an outfit. She pulled out a short purple dress. “Shut up it’s Chanel” Sophia said to herself.

Sophia did feel guilty about how much money her friends had spent. She wanted them to return all of this as soon as possible. However she was willing to keep the purple dress. “For fashion darling” she said to herself in the mirror. Tonight she was going to dress up,

treat herself for once and no one was going to stop her.


“Okay, we’re nearly done” Sienna told Tara. The two girls had spent the past hour and half getting Tara ready for her date. Tara opened her eyes and gasped, she looked at her own reflection and she looked stunning. Her lips were bright red, her hair was flowing, her eyelashes were perfect. And her dress, the girl was wearing a tight red dress that had a mermaid bottom. Sienna had gave her it to impress Elliot.

“You look so amazing. Not that you didn’t look amazing before, but you know” the demon smiled. Tara’s lip quivered, she stood up out of the chair and simply hugged Sienna. “Thank you, thank you for being a great friend” she whispered into Sienna’s ear.

The demon was taken aback by this, but nevertheless she hugged her friend back in return. The two girls squeezed each other tightly before finally letting go. “So, are you nervous?” Sienna asked her, she began holding Tara’s hand.

“A little bit, I mean he seems so confident” Tara told her friend. “Nothing like Daimon” she added pushing her hair out of her face. “That is not a bad thing” Sienna told her. “Sure Daimon is great, but so is Elliot. He’s kind, charming, rich and British” Sienna reminded Tara.

“Okay, have you go a thing for British people?” Tara asked her jokingly. Sienna nodded her head, “I mean they’re just so classy, to the point where it’s hot” the demon laughed, Tara soon joined. She sat on the edge of Sienna’s bed, her mind now turned to all her friends, what would they think of her for ditching them.

“What are you going to tell the guys?” she asked Sienna who was now checking her own makeup in the mirror. Tara was anxious, she just made these friends, she didn’t want to lose them already.

“Don’t worry I’ll just tell them you were sick and I put you in my bed” Sienna said calmly. “But what if they don’t believe you? Or what if they phone me? I mean, Daimon and I have literally just ended, I don’t want people to think I’m a slut or something” Tara said nervously. Sienna sighed and sat next to her friend, placing her arm around her.

“Okay firstly, you and Daimon technically never even started, he wasn’t ready to commit” Sienna shrugged. “Secondly, I promise they won’t call, you can enjoy Prince Charming all to yourself. And thirdly if anyone called you a slut, I’d make sure they’d be walking around with a black eye” Sienna laughed as she punched the air.

“Okay I better be going, gotta welcome Sophia home after all” Sienna sighed.

“Be nice” Tara added, Sienna smiled back at the kitsune before picking her bag up. “Oh, come back to my room once the date is over, we can talk about EVERYTHING…. Well that is if you don’t go back to his room” Sienna winked. Tara playfully threw a pillow at her friend, but Sienna batted it out of the air. “See you later” Sienna shouted strutting away. Tara sighed, she turned to look at herself in the mirror.

This was not the same old Tara, this was a new Tara. “Mission complete” Tara said to herself. The shy girl was gone and her stood a confident, empowered women. Tara beamed from ear to ear, she had a new wardrobe, a new attitude and a date with the most eligible bachelor, not only in Point Dume, but the entire supernatural world. Sienna had left Tara a long matching red scarf to go with her new outfit. She threw it over her shoulder dramatically, she looked at herself in the mirror and uttered the

words, “Hello Gorgeous”


Todd was stretched across a couch in the far corner of the room. He was still grinning for ear to ear, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, he could hardly contain his excitement. Everything finally seemed right, he could finally relax once again. “Here’s your drink” he heard Jamie’s voice came from behind him. The vampire sat up and took the glass out of his boyfriends hands, “Aww aren’t you the sweetest” he whispered, pulling Jamie towards him. The young warlock laughed as his own drink nearly spilt over his hands. He then placed it onto the wooden table in front of him and turned his attention back to Todd.

“Okay, now you can continue” he laughed. Todd pulled him in by his jumper and began to kiss him. “So how about after we finish up here tonight, you come up to my room for another round” Todd whispered seductively. “Definitely” Jamie whispered back as he smiled. The two boys resumed kissing as Todd began to play with Jamie’s thick hair once more. 

“PG please boys” Bella shouted walking towards them. She was accompanied by a tall well-built boy. “Guys this is Adam” she introduced the pair to her boyfriend. The two young men both stood up to shake Adam’s hand. “Adam this is Todd Rollings and Jamie Moores, they’re friends from school” Bella explained.

“Pleasure is all mine” Adam said as he produced a fake smile. “Do you want a drink?” he asked Bella. “Yeah pink lemonade please” she smiled at her boyfriend. “Right away ma lady” Adam replied as he strutted towards the counter.

“So, he seems nice” Todd said as both he and Jamie sat down. Bella smiled looking over her shoulder, she took a seat on the couch that faced the boys. “Oh he is, he really, really is” she sighed blissfully. Bella paused for a passing second, she then truly paid attention to the two boys.

“Oh my god, you guys are holding hands” Bella gasped pointing at the pair.

“Oh my god, you had sex” she continued to shout, several other customers turned their attention towards the group on teenagers. “Sorry” Bella stated lowering her voice.

Todd flinched as Jamie’s head turned to him. “How did you?” the warlock asked.

“You know just because you have mind reading powers, doesn’t mean you have to use them” Todd said to Bella, his voice seemed a little cold. An awkward silence fell among the group

"I didn’t use them, I don't have to be able to read peoples mind when it's written all over your two faces..."  the witch giggled. The two boys looked at each other and smiled. “I promise I would never read your minds when you were thinking about sex because that’s really gross” she laughed, which in turn made Jamie laugh too however Todd remainedF straight faced.

“Look Bell, I know that you and I have had our fair share of issues. But I understand now, Todd told me what happened that night. He told me he was the one who kissed you and that you had nothing to do with it. I’m sorry I judged you and I’m sorry that I’ve been kinda a dick” Jamie apologised, he walked over to the girl and hugged her tightly. Bella’s breath was taken away by this act, she was caught completely off guard by this.

The young warlock sat next to his friend and continued talking “These past two days have been the happiest I’ve ever been for a whole year. Because not only did I get my boyfriend back, but I also got my best friend. It would mean a lot to me, if you two could get along” Jamie said to the pair. Todd rolled his eyes, Bella’s face went a little pale.

“Fine, for you Jamie, I will be willing to tolerate Todd” Bella said as she sat up properly, she outstretched her hand, Todd stared at it, her perfectly manicured fingers with their red nail polish seemed to be insulting him. He knew that this meant a lot to Jamie so he shook Bella’s hand, but remained silent.

“Yay, I’m so happy we’re all friend again” Jamie cheered. “Bella, now that we’re friend again we will have to restart our favourite tradition” Jamie laughed. “Sushi Saturdays, you know it Moores” the girl screamed hugging her friend. Todd remained silent, watching on from the other couch, simply sitting his Bloody Mary. Adam then returned with Bella’s drink and placed it on the table, however he did not sit down. “Erm, where is the bathroom in this place?” he asked the group.

“Oh it’s just through that set of doors over there” Jamie pointed. Adam nodded his head and walked off towards them, “Okay I’m going to go check on our table” Jamie said the group as he too stood up and walked over to the counter, leaving the two blondes together.

Todd kept staring at the witch, not saying anything just drinking. Bella felt incredibly awkward as she began to tap her knees. Todd took the glass away from his lips, he was finally ready to speak. “So I told him” he whispered looking over at Jamie who was conversing with Connor Nordell.

Bella too looked over her shoulder, she looked at Jamie and thought about their friendship and how tough it was too loose him the first time, she didn’t want to go through that again. “Why did you lie?” she asked Todd, she too lowering her voice. “You didn’t kiss me, it was a mutual thing, I kissed you too” she confessed.

“Look Bella, I don’t know the full story, I only know my side. Maxim threatened Jamie, so I did what I had to do. I’m not sure why you kissed me” he said very calmly, beginning to sound more and more like his father. Bella leaned forward but Todd wouldn’t let her speak, not just yet. “But I will find out. I will find out every little detail, I’ll be the one to finish this puzzle” Todd said to her. Bella pushed her hair behind her ear as she began to get flustered.

“There’s nothing to figure out. I kissed you because I liked you” she told him.

“Bull shit, I know there’s more to the story and you know what they say about secrets in Point Dume, they have a nasty habit of coming out” Todd said as he finished with a smile. Bella’s hand began to tremble, but all of a sudden the two men were back, both Adam and Jamie. “Hey guys, everything all good?” Adam said, noticing the silence.

“Peachy keen, jelly bean” Todd whispered to the boy. Jamie sat next to his boyfriend as Todd wrapped his arm around the boys shoulder, Adam did the same to Bella, both couples stared at each other. “Well I think this should be an interesting night” Todd said into the warlock’s


  ORBS Headquarters – HOLDING CELL  

Eric lay on his bed, he was daydreaming, dreaming that he was far away from here, with Sophia. Eric thought about all of the things he wanted to do with the girl in America. He wasn’t smiling, he couldn’t, when Sophia was here he tried to put on a brave face, he tried to act strong. But deep down he was dying inside.

His mind soon turned to Maxim, the bloodsucking evil tyrant. The mere thought of that monster made his blood boil. Now he could see why all of his children disliked the man, he had heard rumours about him, but meeting him in the flesh was a far worse experience then he could have possibly imagined. Then he thought of his brother Jacob. When they were younger Jacob would tease Eric for being a wimp and would constantly remind Eric that he was better than him, simply because he was his big brother. But as they grew older and as Eric’s skills surpassed that of his brother’s, Jacob grew to resent the boy even more. He could imagine his brother now, smugly grinning as he read the treaty sent by ORBS. If it were up to Jacob, Eric would rot in this prison forever, he would be considered an abomination for his relationship with Sophia. But it wasn’t up to Jacob, it was up to Fiona.

Fiona always had her children’s best interest at heart, Eric knew this, but it was the way she went about everything that made him resent her so. She killed Sophia, Eric’s one and only love. How would he ever be able to forgive her. As he laid there he thought about his mother, and how she’d react to the news of him being alive. Will she react at all?  Eric thought.

It had never occurred to him until now that The Clan may have known this information all along, perhaps being left alone was his punishment. Eric couldn’t be sure, but he knew that in a few hours his mother would know the truth and a treaty would begin.

“I brought you some water” Violet’s voice came from inside the room, Eric jumped up, he was caught off guard by the witches presence in his cell. Violet placed it on the table and went to walk away without saying another word. “Wait” Eric shouted after her, she stopped walking and turned her attention to the hunter. “Have they sorted it yet, the treaty?” he asked her.

Violet shook her head slowly, “They haven’t sorted out the final details just yet. Your family will be made aware of your presence in due time however. You should be home in twenty four hours” she smiled. Eric shook his head and sat at the edge of his bed, he placed his head into his hands. All of the emotions he’d bottled up over the past few days were finally spilling out, the boy began to weep. Violet rushed to him, she knelt down to his level trying to comfort him.

“Why are you crying, you’ll be with your family soon and the weapon they’re making can be destroyed” she said touching his knee. “I know I’m supposed to be happy and I know if they destroy the weapon it will help a lot of people. But if I go back to them…” Eric cried. “Then I’ll never see her again” he continued to cry.

Violet was shocked by all of this, this wasn’t the Eric she’d been seeing over the past few days. This was a completely different man. “And now, she has that other guy and just left me all alone. And that stupid vampire, who is supposed to be in charge is not telling her friends the entire story” Eric shouted in one continuous rant, which was followed by a large inhale. “Eric calm down, okay sweetie” Violet said to the boy stroking his back.

“I know it’s tough, but if you really do want to help our community, you will have to let Sophia go. As for her friends, I’m sure they’ll find out eventually. You shouldn’t of mentioned the prophecy to her, if she finds out who knows what could happen” Violet said in a panicked breath.

“She could kill them, all of them that is what could happen. And it would be all Maxim and this shit hole organisations fault” Eric hissed at her. Violet bowed her head and stood up, she began to walk towards the door. “Eventually all of this will be history” she whispered to him. “You’re finally on the right side of history Eric. I believe you when you say you want to help and I want to help you. But I don’t think there is any other way. You will have to go back to your family, I’m sorry” she apologised as tears began to fill her eyes too. The automatic doors shut, concealing Eric inside once more.

Eric whipped away the tears from his face, he couldn’t let this break him, he had to be strong, he curled into a ball on his bed, he was dreading tomorrow already, he closed his eyes and hoped

that sleep would come.


Tara finally arrived at the gates, she was holding her clutch in one hand, and her dress in the other, making sure the bottom of it didn’t trail in any dirt. She got to the bottom of the stone steps and she saw him there, just as he said he’d be. Tara thought Elliot was the type of guy that was ‘too coo’ to show up on time, the type of guy that would purposely do that to a girl. So this was a very pleasant surprise. She smiled at the boy as she got closer and closer to him.

Good posture, smile, greet him, asking him how he is, Tara was saying to herself she wanted to be polite, she wanted Elliot to like her. “My lady” Elliot greeted her. Tara curtsied, Did I just curtsy? She asked herself. The boy laughed, but he then did a gentlemen’s bow to make her feel less awkward. Tara giggled as did Elliot.

“Wow, Tara you look, radiant tonight” the British boy smiled at the girl complimenting her. Tara blushed, she looked at him fully, his blonde hair was slicked back and he was wearing a well fitted dark blue suit, with a white shirt and tan shoes. “And you look very handsome tonight” she replied back.

Elliot held out his arm for Tara to link, which she did without any fuss. The two walked out of the gate and into the night. They started to walk down the street Point Dume was on, towards the town. “So where are we going?” Tara asked the boy. It had only just struck her that Elliot didn’t mention what they were going to be doing on this date.

“Oh just to Moonshadows” Elliot said casually, referring to a five star restaurant in Malibu. “What that place is always, busy. I heard you had to book three months in advance, how did you get a table?” Tara asked her date.

“Being a Caldwell has a lot of perks” Elliot laughed. “But I also have another surprise” he told Tara. Tara turned her head to look at him. “What is it?” she asked curiously, her excitement was getting the better of her now. Elliot stopped and smiled at her, he walked behind her and covered her eyes with his hands. “Okay it’s just around this corner so no peaking” he ordered playfully. Tara giggled as the pair attempted to walk around the corner.

Tara soon got the hang of walking directly in front of Elliot, however it wasn’t long before he whispered “Stop” into her ears. The kitsune did as the boy commanded. Elliot’s hands remained over her face. “Okay on the count of three” Elliot said in his soft British accent.

“One, two, three” he whispered into her ear. He removed his hands from Tara’s face. Tara opened her eyes, parked in front of her was a gleaming white limousine. “I told you I didn’t do second rate dates” Elliot whispered into her ear. A older chauffer appeared from behind the vehicle, he stood still, his posture immaculate.

With one quick motion he placed his right hand behind his back and with his left hand, he opened the doors. “After you” Elliott said softly, he began to guide Tara towards the limo, she had never ridden one before, she held her breath to stop herself from shrieking with excitement. She maintained her composure and sat down inside.

The interior was big, practically enough to be a child’s bedroom. Elliot smoothly slid next to her. The door slammed behind him as the chauffeur began to make his way to the driver’s seat. “Champagne?” Elliot asked as he pulled out a bottle from the ice bucked to his right. Tara giggled, the handsome young man popped the cork as the liquid began to shoot out of the bottle. He picked up a glass from besides the ice bucket and began to pour Tara a drink.

“You’re doing all of this for me?” she asked him breathlessly. “Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Elliot replied. “You’re beautiful, so may I propose a toast. To us and to this wonderful night” Elliot declared handing Tara her glass. “To us” she replied back nervously. The glasses tapped each other, Tara took a sip of her drink the bubbles tickled her

nose making her giggle. Elliot snapped his fingers, and the car began to move.

  GRIMM’S CAFÉ – The Couches 

In the past thirty minutes both Sienna and Daimon had arrived, however there was still no sign of Phillip, Tara or the guest of honor Sophia. Nevertheless everyone was still at the couches chatting away. “I’m gonna head to the bar” Sienna announced standing up. “I’ll come too, I need another drink. Anybody else need anything?” Jamie asked as he stood up, Sienna smiled, she’d been wanting to talk to Jamie all night after what Tara told her at the mall and now was her chance. There was an assortment of no’s. So Jamie and Sienna walked to the bar together.

Bella and Adam were too busying kissing they barely even knew Daimon and Todd were still sitting there. “Ew get a room” Daimon laughed loudly. “Or at least take it outside” he continued. Bella and Adam looked at each other and shrugged “Eh why not” the girl sighed standing up, she began to pull her man towards the entrance door. “Make smart choices, remember public sector guys” Daimon shouted from the couches, giving the couple a thumbs up. Bella turned around and gave him the finger before she exited.

Todd shook his head and laughed, then the two boys eyes met. Neither of them spoke, they just continued to stare.

“You don’t like me, do you Daimon?” Todd asked the hybrid bluntly.

“What makes you say that Todd?” Daimon asked the vampire as he drank his beer. “Well if looks could kill, I’d have been dead about twenty minutes ago” Todd said pointing to the clock. “You’ve been snarling me from the moment you arrived” the vampire hissed at the boy. Daimon was sat on a plus arm chair that was placed next to Todd’s couch. Jamie created a wall between the two, however he was at the bar now leaving a gap in between the two boys.

“You’re still not over the whole Bella thing are you? I mean you were the one to call Jamie that night, right?” Todd said raising his bloody Mary to his lips. “Yes, I called Jamie, because I’m his friend and I wanted to protect him, just like I’ll always protect him” Daimon explained leaning closer and closer to the vampire.

“You see unlike Josh, me and Jamie don’t have a brother, so we look out for each other. Jamie is like the little brother I always wanted, Jamie basically is my little brother” the hybrid said staring at the warlock who was deep in conversation with Sienna. “But fact of the matter is, he isn’t your little brother and you’re not his big brother. He doesn’t need defending, he’s not a child” Todd rebuked.

“Correct, he’s not a child, but he’s not like us Todd. When it comes to his powers, Jamie is a total bad ass, I wouldn’t want to fight him. But when it comes to his emotions, and his head… That’s a different story” Daimon told the vampire before pausing. “He went through the ringer last year, you did what you did, then he lost his Mom, then he had to come out to everyone, his dad, his entire family. God do you know how many panic attacks he had, he kept on saying what YOUR Dad said to him, that his families legacy would die with him” Daimon shouted at Todd.

“I didn’t know Maxim said that, if I did I would have confronted him about it. But it won’t die I mean he can just use IVF or something” Todd replied. “As for his mother I know. Let’s just say when I found out about Laura, all I wanted to do was hug him, hold him and tell him that it would be okay” Todd sighed.

“Well you weren’t here. Because you relapsed because you don’t have any impulse control” Daimon fired back. “Bitch please, if you were in my position, you would have done the same thing” Todd replied back showing his fangs.

“Once again you’re wrong there Todd. When Kira died I could off done things, terrible things. Hello I am a demon, I could do things you could only think of in your wildest nightmares. But I didn’t hurt anybody” Daimon explained trying to stop himself from getting angry. “Except yourself, you’ve not been yourself since she died, have you Daimon?” Todd replied sounding very much like Maxim in that moment.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, you coldblooded asshole” Daimon shouted. “Since you’ve been back all you’ve done is whine and bitch how you lost Jamie. Well you have him, you get to see him every day. You don’t know what it’s like to lose somebody” Daimon hissed at the vampire.

Todd sat up right in his chair, he pushed back his thick blonde hair and stared deep into Daimon. “Daimon, I am a hundred and eighteen years old, I have lived through two world wars, I have lost so many loved ones along the way. You think Jamie is my first love? No he isn’t. I’ve had to watch people I care about die, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends… I can’t even remember what my real parents look like. That is why I don’t want to lose Jamie. I love him more than I’ve ever loved another person” Todd cried. For the first time ever, Daimon actually felt sorry for the boy, he had never thought about Todd’s life too much. He didn’t even know why Maxim changed Todd in the first place.

The pair went quiet, before Todd raised his voice slightly. “I know we’re not going to be friends any time soon, but it would be good if we could at least sit in the same room, without wanting to kill one another” he told the demon. Daimon looked over at Jamie and then returned his gaze to Todd. “You’re right, so let’s just agree to TRY and like one another” he reached over and shook the vampires hand, he then quickly pulled Todd over. “But if you ever hurt him again, in any way, shape or form… I’ll make your life a living hell” Daimon hissed his eyes turned yellow for a second before returning to normal. “Understood” Todd whispered back.


Meanwhile at the bar Sienna and Jamie were also having a somewhat heated conversation. When they first approached the bar Sienna smiled at the bar tender. “One martini for me and Jamie let me guess” Sienna said, she placed her finger on her chin and looked up at the menu. “Oh cosmopolitan, gay guys love those right?” she asked him with a very fake smile on her face.

“I don’t know” the boy laughed. “I guess I’ll just have a vodka soda” he continued. “Original” the girl replied flicking her hair. She clicked her fingers and the bar tender got to work. Sienna leaned on the bar and looked away from the boy. “Erm, have I done something?” Jamie asked confused as to why Sienna was giving him the cold shoulder.

“Yes you have” Sienna said as she turned to look at him in the face, in her heels she towered over the boy, making her look even more intimidating. “Jamie, you and Todd are back together right?” she asked him. The boy looked across the room to Todd who was conversing with Daimon. “Yeah we got back together today, I guess” he explained.

“Ahh good, sooo happy for you both. Just a few quick questions. Firstly, are you trying to ruin Todd’s life?” Sienna asked rather quickly catching Jamie off guard. “What?” he asked her confused.

“See Jamie, ever since that night at the party, everyone goes on about how you’re the victim, how he wronged you and he broke you’re little heart wa, wa, blah, blah” Sienna mocked the boy. “But are you forgetting what Todd did, Jamie he relapsed because of YOU” she shouted at the boy, poking his shoulder with her finger. “If you would have just taken him back that night, he would never have gone crazy” she shouted. “That wasn’t my fault” Jamie tried to defend himself. “Anyway we’ve moved past all of this, so can you, please?” he asked the tall girl, who towered over him in her heels.

“Yeah, it’s not that easy sweetie. See you and Todd are like dynamite and a stick of matches. We all know you two will mess it up eventually, one of you will do something stupid, the other will be broken hearted and it will cause the two of you to blow up. And just like that, you’ll ruin his life once again” Sienna snapped her fingers in his face. “So I can’t let that happen. Todd is practically my brother, I want to make sure he’s safe and doesn’t do anything stupid. So I can trust you with him right?” Sienna asks.

“Sienna I promise you, me and Todd are not going to do that to each other EVER again” Jamie emphasized his words. This made Sienna smile, she threw her long hair over her shoulders.

“Okay, so second question, if you’re not going to do anything like that ‘EVER again’ then why are you spending so much time with my boyfriend?” she asked him titling her head.

“Oh this whole thing is about Phillip, and you not wanting us to hang out, isn’t it?” Jamie replied, he smiled at how trivial Sienna was acting. “Yes it is actually. Tara told me that you two were playing video games last night” she said getting into Jamie’s face, the boy attempted to speak but Sienna continued. “Look I get it. My man is really hot and I’m sure you really want to play with his joy stick. But newsflash sweetie he’s straight, believe me Phillip is as straight as they come” she shouted.

“Okay one, ew at that joystick thing. Two, did Tara also inform you how I text Phillip saying I couldn’t go as I was spending the night with Todd and three, now this is the one you should really listen to girl” Jamie said as he tapped his ear sarcastically. “I know Phillip is straight. Because Me and Phillip are just FRIENDS” he told Sienna getting into her face, emphasising the word friends.

“So you keep saying” Sienna smiled arrogantly. She turned away from the boy once again leaning on the bar. “Why are you doing this, why are you so controlling over him?” Jamie asked her. “Everyone knows you don’t love him the way he loves you. Why do you keep him dangling like this, is it because that what Josh did to you. God why are you still obsessing over him move on!” Jamie shouted at her.

Sienna looked at the warlock as a tear ran down her cheek. “Shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of said that” Jamie said sympathetically. “Look if it makes you uncomfortable to the point of crying, if you really don’t want me hanging around Phillip, I’ll stop” he said with a small smile on his face, it wasn’t what he wanted to do, but for the sake of peace, it may have been necessary. Sienna shook her head and dapped her tear with a napkin.

“I know I may seem like a bitch. But Phillip is the only safe thing I have in my life right now. I can’t lose him” she whispered. “You guys can still hang out, I was just being a bitch as usual. But believe me… I do love him” Sienna told Jamie, she had to force herself to say these words, she wasn’t entirely sure if she believed them, but she didn’t like Jamie’s critique of her relationship, so found it necessary to say.

The bar tender placed their drinks down onto the bar. “On me” Sienna told the warlock who was ready to remove his wallet. “We’ve already paid” Sienna said as she compelled the bar tender, he nodded his head and walked away. Jamie shook his head and smirked.

The demon downed her drink in one go, much the amazement of Jamie. “Okay, after that crying session I’m gonna go reapply make up. Be right back” Sienna whispered walking away. “Sienna” Jamie shouted. The girl turned round, “You’re not a bitch. You’re just a teenager” Jamie told her toasting his glass. She smiled and then resumed walking.

As soon as she left Phillip entered, Jamie was going to join Daimon and Todd at the couches but now he had a reason to stay at the bar. “Moores, Hey” Phillip shouted as he entered, the pair did one of those ‘man’ hugs were they interlock hands and bump shoulders. “Phillip you’re finally here” Jamie said sarcastically.

“I know I couldn’t think of what to wear” Phillip explained. “So where, where you last night?” Phillip asked rather quickly. “What are you talking about I text you” Jamie said awkwardly. “No, you didn’t” Phillip replied strongly. Jamie pulled out his phone and looked on his most recent texts. “Shit it didn’t send” he whispered.

“I am so, so sorry. You didn’t stay up waiting for me did you?” he asked Phillip. “Eh, I stayed up a little late, but I ended up going to Sienna’s room later that night for a little something” he laughed nudging Jamie. “So are you gonna tell me what was sooo important that you blew me off for?” Phillip asked Jamie. The young warlock turned his head towards Todd.

“I spent the night with Todd” he told Phillip, whose smile now disappeared. “And earlier today let’s just I got a little something” Jamie repeated Phillip’s words back to him. “Oh, oh great, that’s great, brilliant even. You’re back with Todd… Great” Phillip said as he produced an awkward laugh.

Jamie sipped on his vodka soda as they continued their conversation. “So I was just speaking to Sienna and she said we can hang out again. Isn’t that great?” Jamie proclaimed, he chose to leave out the part were Sienna accused him of trying to steal Phillip. Phillip’s smile returned once more. “Yes, that’s amazing we should go for Pizza to celebrate!” Phillip shouted. Jamie now smiled too.

“Yeah! And since Todd and Sienna are practically family why not make it a double date!” Jamie added with excitement. Phillip pushed his hand through his own hair as he looked over at the vampire who was now staring at the pair. “Oh… yeah… a double date. That would really fun” Phillip told the warlock. “I mean if we went together we might give people the wrong idea” Phillip laughed again.

“Oh god I forgot how sensitive you straight boys were” Jamie replied pushing the boy playfully.

“Anyway I’ll make it happen” Jamie told the boy grabbing his vodka soda, he placed the straw in his mouth and began to walk over to Todd. Phillip went to follow, that is when he noticed Sienna coming out of the bathroom, look revamped in her makeup. He looked at the three boys who were now on the couch and chairs and back at Sienna. He charged over to his girlfriend with determination.

“Hey baby” Sienna smiled. Phillip then passionately threw her against the wall and began kissing her. The girl kissed back running her hands through the back of his hair. Phillip eventually stopped for air giving Sienna the chance to speak. “What was that for?” she asked him with a smile across her face.

“Because I love you and I wanted to show it” he explained. Sienna touched his nose with one finger and then gradually slid it down to his lips.

“Well I’m a little busy tonight” she told him, thinking of Tara and how she was going to come back to her room following the date. “But if you’re a good boy, tomorrow I’ll show you exactly why I love you” Sienna said with her other hand she stroked the crotch of his pants.

“In fact, I’ll let you love me in any way or style you want” Sienna whispered to him seductively, Phillip’s mouth quivered. Sienna smiled seductively before she took him by the hand and dragged him off to their friends.

As they got to the couches the door flung open, Bella came running in, her lipstick was smeared, Adam trailed behind her with a big smile, scruffy hair and lipstick on his collar. “She’s coming, Sophia’s here” Bella shouted the group. The door opened and Sophia stepped in. Her hair was pushed straight back into a tight pony, she was wearing the purple Chanel dress and dark black heels, her makeup was oh so beautiful, her eyes where shadowy and her lips a dark shade of brown. She stood there smiling at her friends. “I’m back bitches” she laughed waving her hands in the air.

“And on that note, your table is ready guys” Connor announced.

 Grimm’s Café – The Table 

Everyone had taken their seats, Sienna, Phillip, Sophia and Daimon all sat on one row, whilst Todd, Jamie, Bella and Adam sat facing them. Sophia was beaming, she didn’t even bother looking at her menu she was just so happy to be back. “I missed you guys, it was only a day and I missed you all so much!” she sighed. Everyone smiled at this statement. “Well I would like to raise a toast” Daimon announced as he stood up out of his chair. “You are officially one of us, you’re stuck with us for life kid” he smiled at the girl. “To Sophia” he shouted raising his glass.

“To Sophia!” everyone replied.

“Aww Daimon, that’s so sweet, but you should have waited for Josh and Tara to get here” Sophia pointed at the two empty seats on either side of the table. Daimon and Jamie exchanged a look, but blended it so no one else would be able to see. “Josh has gone home for the weekend” Daimon said quickly, wanting to move away from the subject.

“And Tara isn’t feeling well, poor thing. I tucked her into my bed” Sienna sighed dramatically, as she placed her hand over her chest. “Really? But Tara is never sick” Bella questioned. “Maybe I should call her” she pondered to herself.

“She’s in bed dear, let her rest” Sienna replied smiling at Bella. Bella was confused by this, she looked at Adam who merely shrugged.

“Wait, Tara aside just for one second. Josh has gone home?” Sophia asked. “Yeah for the weekend” Daimon and Jamie said in unison. “Doesn’t sound like Josh to drop off the map” Sophia whispered.

“Oh Sophia, you don’t know Josh the way we do” Sienna commented as she sipped her drink.

“Yes Josh did drop off the map. But never again will he do that, with something we have for you” Daimon announced. Sophia looked rather confused. He reached under table and pulled out a large gift bag.

“Was that there the whole time?” Adam questioned looking under the table. “Yep” Bella quickly replied. “Open it Sophia” she giggled. Sophia smiled and did as instructed, she ripped the tape of the top of the bag and picked up what was inside.

She withdrew an Iphone wrapped in a red ribbon. “Surprise” Daimon shouted. Sophia was at a loss for words. “We all chipped in to get you it. Even Sienna” Bella told her friend. “Yes because this Is America and having a phone is a basic human right for all teenagers” Sienna commented as she leaned into Phillip, to get a better look of the phone.

“It was all Josh’s idea” Phillip told her, Sophia was still in shock. Her friends back home never did these things for her. “I set it up. Your background is you and Josh, he provided the photo and if you open it, you will see I’ve put all our numbers in” Jamie told Sophia. “I also added an emoji next to everyone’s name. Next to mine you’ll find a crown” the warlock continued flashing Sophia a cheesy smile.

“I don’t know what emoji’s are. But this is super cute, thank you guys so much” Sophia sighed. “Yeah Adam you’re in the group to now I guess. Give us your half” Todd joked outstretching his hand, the human boy pretended to laugh, but he kept his eyes locked onto Sophia.

“It is so sweet, but you guys this is too much, A phone and a new wardrobe, you have to take all that stuff back” Sophia sighed as she gave an apologetic look to the group. Everyone went quiet and simply looked at each other, with confused expression on their faces. “What new wardrobe?” Bella asked her roommate.

“You guys got me some seriously gorgeous designer clothes. I mean I’ll keep this dress, but I’ll pay you back for it. But seriously guys all of that stuff was designer, I can’t keep it even if I wanted to” Sophia insisted.

“Sophia, we didn’t get you any clothes. Well I didn’t anyway” Bella replied. Everyone at the table then glanced at Jamie.

“Are you guys suggesting I gave Sophia’s wardrobe a makeover simply because I’m gay” the warlock said in an offended voice.

“Nope, we were looking at you, because you’re richer than all of us” Phillip replied. “Yeah, you jumped to the gay thing all on your own” Sienna laughed.

“Well if none of you guys did it. Then who did?” Sophia asked her friends, once again everyone went quiet. They all exchanged looks, none of them were too sure what to say next. “You guys ready to order?” Connor came in breaking the silence. A sigh of relief was released,

the night was moving on as planned.


Eric couldn’t sleep, how could he after the events of today? He laid awake, his mind still racing with thoughts, what would he do when he was reunited with his family. Then all of a sudden crackling could be heard, the door opened smoothly as Maxim entered the room.

“Well, well good evening Mr Evergreen“a cold voice came from the end of his bed. Eric sat up quickly to see Maxim staring back at him, with his cold blue eyes.

“Why are you here, shouldn’t you be in your coffin?” Eric asked sarcastically. “Or have you come to inform me about that dumb ass treaty” Eric said as yawned. Maxim twitched his head at the boy’s defiance. He bit his tongue and approached the boy.

“I didn’t come to do the latter. But I also came to see you cry” Maxim whispered to the boy as he knelt down to look the boy in the face. “One you’re a sadistic little bitch. And two, I’m not gonna cry” Eric replied as he backed into the corner, placing the back of his against the wall.

Maxim walked towards Eric, he raised his hand close to Eric’s face and touched his chin, the vampires skin was ice cold and made Eric shiver. Maxim tilted Eric’s head up so he could get a better look at his neck.

“I could turn you right here right now. If you really want to be with your darling Sophia, I’d bite you and send you to Point Dume” Maxim told the boy. “Or I could drain the life out of you and let them find your rotting corpse tomorrow morning” the man giggled to himself.

“Go to hell, you sick twisted freak. You are not going to break me” Eric shouted at Maxim’s face. “Mr Evergreen you need to learn, the more you hate me… The happier it makes me” the vampire stood up. “And I am the sick freak? Aren’t you the same Eric Evergreen who’d hunt innocent people, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, aren’t you the Eric,who used to kill for the sake of killing? You’re hands have far more blood on them than mine do, good sir” the vampire continued his attack on Eric.

“I can’t wait to see Fiona’s reaction. Mommy isn’t going to be happy you’ve been hiding from her” the man continued.

“At least she cares about me. I may not like what my mother did, but we’re family” Eric whispered quietly. “Unlike you, because all of your children hate you, they all wish you were dead” Eric hissed at the man. Maxim stroked his beard, he looked at the ceiling as if he was thinking of something profound. He walked back over to the boy and looked down at him. “There’s just one problem with my children’s wish. If I die” Maxim said as he got closer and closer to Eric. “They die” he whispered into the Hunters ear.

Eric was about to start talking when Maxim raised his hand to silence him. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted I cannot wait to see what your family says. In fact, why don’t I give you a free preview” Maxim giggled. Eric knew another one of Maxim’s illusions was coming. But this time he wasn’t asleep, this time it would feel all the more real.

“Look at you, just lying there” a deep voice came from the shadows. Jacob emerged in a earth colored jacked and black jeans. “Sleeping bed like a little baby, whilst the rest of us are fighting, fighting a war you practically caused” he shouted at Eric, who began to stand up. Eric hadn’t even noticed Maxim was no longer in the room.

“You’re just a vision, you’re not real” Eric whispered to Jacob. The ‘vision’ proceeded to punch Eric square in the face. He fell back onto his bed, his nose now bloody. “Did that feel real?” Jacob snickered. Eric pushed himself up, vision or not, he was and still is a better fighter than Jacob. He got ready to spar with his older brother, when another voice came from the other side of the room.

“Boys, boys no roughhousing” Fiona shouted emerging in a dazzling red cocktail dress. “Mom?” Eric whispered.

“Eric” she whispered back. “I have never been so ashamed of you” she shouted her face now turning red with anger. “What?” Eric gasped he tried to back away, but he only bumped into Jacob, who grabbed him by his collar and threw him towards Fiona.

“Because of you, this flimsy treaty will be in place, because of you we are aligned with those monstrosities. You have singly handily destroyed our families’ lineage. I don’t think I have ever been more ashamed in my entire life, your father will be turning in his grave” she cried as she bowed her head. “No Mom, no he wouldn’t. Look some good can come out of this, we can work with these people not against them” Eric pleaded, he was so caught up in the façade of seeing his family, he completely forgot it was all a vision.

Until another figure emerged from the shadows, Theron’s walked towards his son, his skin still dark and burnt. The man didn’t speak, he had rage in his eye as he charged for Eric. Fiona kneeled down in her late husband’s presence as did Jacob. “It is an honor to see you father. I’m sorry Eric has brought our family so much shame” the oldest brother stated calmly. Theron’s nodded his head, maintaining his silence. He turned to Eric and stared at his youngest son for a moment.

Then in one swift movement, he grabbed Eric’s neck with his burnt arm and began to apply pressure. He picked the boy up and choke slammed him into the ground. Eric struggled, his legs began to kick out quickly. His face was turning red, as Theron now used two arms to choke out his son.

Both Fiona and Jacob now appeared over Eric. “You failed our family, the second you laid eyes on that whore Sophia” his mother hissed, as she drove her high heeled shoe into Eric’s open palm. The boy tried to scream in pain but no air could escape Theron’s grip.

“You’re not the best” Jacob laughed. “I am, THE BEST” Jacob declared as he viscously stomped on Eric’s face. The boys nose began to run into his mouth and his vision began to blur due to lack of oxygen. Theron released his grip and Eric gasped for air loudly. The burnt corpse that was Theron Evergreen lowered his face to his sons. “You’re no son of mine” he whispered in a sickly cool voice

Theron raised his hand and a bolt of lightning came crashing down on Eric.

Eric screamed loudly, he screamed louder than he ever screamed before. He opened his eyes and he was in the bed. Sweat was pouring off his brow, Maxim’s psychological warfare was working, Eric had completely forgot it was a vision and he feared for his own life.

The young hunter touched his neck and panted loudly, he looked around his room, but the vampire was nowhere to be seen. “I really fucking hate vampires” Eric sighed to himself as he threw his head down onto the pillow.

“They won’t react like that. They can’t” Eric reassured himself. “They’re family” he finally said as he closed his eyes.


A drunken Phillip and Daimon were outside together. Both of the boys were leaning up against the wall smoking. “I didn’t know you smoked?” a drunken Phillip said his words slurred together. Daimon laughed his head hit the brick wall, which in turn made him laugh even more. He slid down the wall so he was sat on the ground.

“I don’t, well I used to, I used to smoke a lot actually, right after Kiera died. But then I just stopped one day, it was like I didn’t want to do it anymore” Daimon said to himself as he stared at the cigarette burning in his hand. “What about you?” he said to Phillip.

Phillip joined the hybrid on the floor as he continued to inhale. “Well I’m just a social smoker and occasionally after sex” he laughed. “Ew don’t make me think about Sienna and sex” Daimon laughed as he pulled a disgusted face. Both boys looked up at the night’s sky, stars sparkled, they looked up and remained silent for a passing moment.

“You’re alright Phillip, I always used to think you were kinda a douche and then when you got with Sienna, I thought you were just a lap dog” the hybrid told the boy leaning close into him. “Is there a but coming in?” Phillip laughed.

“BUT” Daimon emphasised, “You’re a really nice guy, I can see why you and Jamie are friends” Daimon said as he smiled at Phillip. “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself” Phillip replied as the two boys exhaled together. “So I spoke to Tara this morning” Phillip whispered his voice got a little more serious.

“Oh yeah? What did she say?” Daimon asked him. “Not much, she was training with some kinda sword” Phillip said. “Then we kinda talked about how we’re the type of people who put ourselves down. We feel like we have to subordinate to other people, just to appease them” Phillip whispered. Daimon turned his head away from the boy, he thought about Tara and how she must of felt when he called things off. Did she feel like she was living in Kiera’s shadow, did she feel like she was a second fiddle?

“You’re not weak Phillip, just because you don’t know what you are, doesn’t mean you’re not strong” Daimon told the boy to reassure him. “I mean you’re on like every sports team, you can out run practically every man, women and teenager in this school. AND a lot of girls like you” Daimon laughed pushing him with jest. Phillip thought about all those comments, he forced himself to smile, to try and make Daimon feel like his words had some impact.

The hybrid jumped up to his feet, he put the cigarette out on the wall and threw it into the trash can. Phillip did the same, the pair returned to silence as the walked towards the café. “So who would have thought we’d be friends” Phillip commented which made Daimon laugh again. The boys paused next to the window, they looked inside and stared at all their friends who were all having one last drink. “Who would have thought, we all would end up being friends” Daimon commented.

“We are so drinking with each other again, you Phillip Jones are a fun drinking buddy” Daimon laughed as he entered the café. “Tell me something I don’t know” Phillip commented as the two boys

went inside.


“So he didn’t really want to tell you anything?” Bella asked Sophia. The Chrone had pulled both Bella and Jamie aside to tell them about Eric, she pulled them to the corner booth and told them his story. “Wait so he’s innocent?” Jamie asked Sophia. She nodded her head “Pretty much yeah” she whispered to the pair.

“Except the guy has been spying on us!” Bella replied. “Who knows what he knows” the witch continued to panic. “I wouldn’t worry Bell, he only seemed to know gossip related things, I’m sure he doesn’t know any more than what he told me” Sophia reassured her.

“Damn, this is some confusing shit” the warlock sighed as he finished his drink. “So we not only have to worry about that crazy demon who wants to take over the world. But we also have to worry about The Evergreen’s weapon… Great I love being a teenager with no responsibilities” Bella sighed.

“Wait a minute, that necklace you’re wearing, it’s the one he gave you, the one you just told us about” Jamie shouted. And there it was hanging from her neck, hiding in plain sight this whole time, Sophia was wearing the snake necklace. “Yes okay I’m wearing it. I don’t know if I should, it could have some chip in it for all I know. It’s just I’m so scared for him” Sophia cried as she continuously spat out her words so quickly, that they overlapped each other.

“Look ORBS said they’ll sort this. Maybe it would be best if Eric goes back home” Bella comforted Sophia taking her hand into her own. “I’m sure it will all work out” she told Sophia who was now beginning to cry. “From what you told us and from what we already know. Eric is strong Soph, I’m sure he can survive Maxim” Jamie told Sophia, he tried to remain composed but thinking about Todd’s father made his blood run cold.

“But if he goes home, I’ll never see him again” Sophia cried. Bella looked at her, since she was sitting next to Sophia she wrapped her arm around her. “Hey, hey don’t worry. He came into your life again, if they take him away, I’m sure he’ll come back. And if he doesn’t you have Josh now anyway” Bella said softly trying to comfort her friend.

“Oh god, I haven’t even called Josh to thank him for the phone” Sophia panted as she reached for her bag. “Ah, no phone calls, not when you’ve been crying” Bella told her firmly, as she pulled the bag away from the girl.

“Maybe we should postpone her training too” Jamie said to Bella. Sophia glared at him, this ontop of everything else, nothing seemed to be going her way today. “No, no you can’t do that” she shouted. “I need to know how to fight, I need to be ready” Sophia insisted.

“But you’re not in control of your emotions, it could have a very dangerous outcome” Bella explained to her calmly. “She’s right Sophia, when our emotions are heightened we are at our weakest” Jamie explained, both Jamie and Bella smiled at each other working together. “But if I sort myself out quickly, then can we begin?” she asked them. “I want to start, as soon as possible” Sophia sighed loudly.

Bella and Jamie exchanged a look before they both eventually caved in. “Fine, if you’re feeling more like yourself on Monday. Then we’ll start training, but as for this weekend I recommend chick flicks and ice cream” Bella said, flashing a smile at Sophia. Sophia smiled at her and gave her a hug, she reached over and grabbed Jamie’s hand. “I’m really lucky to have you guys” she said.

Sophia then turned to stand up out of the booth, “Well since this place is closing soon, I’m going to get a glass of water. I’ll meet you over there with the others yeah?” she asked the pair. “Sure” the witch and warlock said in harmony. Sophia leaned in and took her bag off Bella and made her way to the bar.

As soon as Sophia left Bella turned to Jamie. “She killed a person, she killed two people” Bella shouted at Jamie’s face. “They were going to kill her. I’m more intrigued by what happened the night Eric went missing” Jamie said to Bella. From everything Sophia told her a red eyed demon saved her that night. His face twitched at the thought but he couldn’t let it show.

“Anyway, why don’t we go join the others” Bella said to the boy. Jamie nodded his head, but suddenly a text came through on his phone from ‘Dad’. Jamie looked at the screen and then back at Bella. “Frank?” she asked him, Jamie nodded his head as his reply. “Tell him I say hey, see you over there” she told the boy as she walked over to the rest of the group.

Jamie looked down at his screen he sighed and sent his reply quickly. “Oooo what’s Frank want?” Daimon asked as he looked over his friend’s shoulders. The hybrid walked across to the other side of the booth and laid down in it. “Nothing he wants to see me soon says he has something to tell me, that’s all” Jamie said quickly.

“So, what were you all talking about? I saw you when I came in” Daimon asked his friend.  The warlock looked over at Sophia, he knew she wouldn’t be able to hear him from over there. “A lot of things, I’ll tell you about the tonight when we get back to the room” Jamie told his roommate. “You’re not going to Todd’s?” Daimon asked the warlock.” Not any more, we need to talk about major things. The night Eric Evergreen went missing, Sophia said she was saved by a_”

The warlock was cut off by Daimon “Red eyed demon” Daimon finished his sentence. “You don’t think” Jamie said to his friend. “God I hope I not” Daimon replied as both boys stared at each other, both of them looked nervous.

Meanwhile Bella walked straight into the arms of Adam, the pair kissed and giggled. “I wish I could walk you back to school, but I have to get home” he whispered into her ear. “Tonight was so fun, I’m glad you got to meet everyone” Bella said stroking the boys strong shoulder.

“It was… Why exactly did you have a meal for this girl again?” Adam asked Bella. “Oh well, I don’t want to gossip” Bella told her boyfriend. The toned man leaned in, “I have ways to make you talk” he whispered kissing her neck. She laughed pushing him away. “Okay, okay, promise you won’t tell anyone I told you” she whispered. “Pinkie promise” Adam replied, raising his little finger.

Bella locked her pinkie with his, and began to speak. “ Well, Sophia’s ex, well he basically showed up out of the blue and turned her world upside down” she told the boy. Instantly Adam’s face shifted, his mouth fell open. Had he heard the witch right. He knew who Sophia was and he obviously knew about Eric.

His bottom lip quivered, was Eric alive? Where they onto him and feeding him fake bait? He wasn’t sure, but he knew he had to tell Fiona. He smiled at Bella and kissed her on the lips passionately. He backed away and began to stroke her blonde hair. “I love you, but I really have to go now” he told her. Bella nodded her head in understanding.

“I get it, go home get to bed you old man” she giggled. “This is what I get for dating a teenager” he laughed back at her. “Goodnight” he whispered as he began to walk away. Bella waved at him and giggled to herself.

The man waved from the door and exited quickly. “Okay, he is SO HOT” Sienna said appearing behind Bella. “You pulled a good one” she commented. “Well I try” Bella laughed.

Outside of the café Adam began to breath loudly, he had just struck gold. Was this Eric? Was this all a lie? He wasn’t sure, but he knew one thing, he had to inform Fiona immediately, being unaware of the treaty that would be in place, within a few hours, Adam raced to his

car, dying to tell Fiona the good news.                                                              


Connor placed the glass of water down in front of her and smiled. “Your water” he said in a posh accent. He pretended to bow which made Sophia giggle. “Well I’m sure it’s the finest water in all of America” Sophia replied in a fake posh accent.

“So you had a fun night” Connor asked her as he leaned against the counter. “The best” Sophia replied as she sat on one of the stools. “Well I’m glad you did, I heard your friends giving you your surprise” he told her. “Gotta love have rich friends” Connor laughed. Sophia smiled she pulled her phone out of her bag and gave it to Connor. “Put your number in” she told him giving him a smile.

Connor turned his head “Don’t you have a boyfriend, a very tall, muscular boyfriend, who could kick my ass?” Connor asked Sophia, this also made the girl smile. “Yes, Josh is my boyfriend. But I meant put it in as a friend” she told him. Connor nodded his head sarcastically. “Ah silly me, forever friendzoned” Connor chanted as he put the number into her phone.

Sophia thought about her phone, her friends might not have bought her the clothes, but they did buy her the phone. She wanted to pay them back, but she needed money, which means she needed a job. Then she remembered Grimm’s café was hiring. “Connor” Sophia shouted making the boy jump. “Has anyone taken the job yet?” Sophia asked him quickly.

“Nope, not even one applicant” Connor commented look up from Sophia’s phone. “Could I apply please” Sophia asked him batting her eye lids jokingly. Connor smiled looking up at the beautiful laughed. “You don’t need to apply. We’re really short staffed so we need all the help you can get. You start Monday, I’ll text you your schedule” Connor said pointing Sophia’s phone at her. Sophia let out a squeal and pulled the boy over the counter for a hug. Sophia was so busy cheering she completely forgot about training on Monday.

“Thank you” Sophie smiled, “Thank you so much” she shouted.

“Now why don’t you call, your big strong blonde boyfriend, tell him the good news” the boy behind the counter said to Sophia, as he began walking away, back to the kitchen.

“Will do” she whispered to herself. She looked at her background, for the first time, it a photo of her and Josh. She pressed contact softly and hit Josh, next to his name were a set of different coloured hearts. Sophia placed the phone to her ear, listening to the dial tone, eagerly awaiting his voice.

“Hey, this is Josh” she heard his voice from the other end, she opened her mouth, but her hopes were dashed instantly. “I can’t come to the phone right now, which means I’m either in class, working out or… I don’t know, leave a message” he said as a long beep rang out. Sophia breathed loudly, throwing her head back ever so slightly.

“Hey, Josh it’s me, Sophia… I don’t know why I just said that, you obviously knew it was me. So yeah” she rambled. “I got your gift, well everyone’s gift, I wish you were here with me, would of made this crazy day a lot easier. I can’t wait to see you” she sighed putting her back to the counter looking over at her friends.

“I’m sorry about the other day in the library, it’s just all this Eric drama. I can’t wait for you to come home. Call me back whenever, I guess we can have our first phone call… Goodnight Josh” she whispered carefully, as she hung up. She found herself looking down at the photo once more.

The photo was cute, it was just the two of them sitting on grass outside school. But nevertheless Sophia loved it. But then she remembered what she was wearing, the necklace, with one hand she grasped her phone and with the other she stroked her necklace. Josh and Eric, Eric and Josh… She couldn’t stop thinking about either boys, if she wasn’t thinking about one, she was think about the other. Sophia sat there, alone contemplating everything.

She placed the phone on the counter and then reached behind her neck, she unhooked the necklace and placed it into her right hand. She looked at the snake and the blue stone, how everything had changed since she last wore that necklace. With one slow move she placed the necklace on top of her phone. She sighed loudly, for one minute she didn’t want to think about either boy, in fact she didn’t want to think about anyone or anything, but herself. She took one long breath in, gently shut her eyes, and

exhaled releasing all of her stress.

 PDA Kitchen, later that night. 

Daimon and Jamie had been up all night talking about everything. Was this demon Sophia described, who they thought it was, if how could that be possible? All of this on top of talking about Eric, the boys were talking well into the night. Eventually Jamie fell asleep, however Daimon was wide awake, thinking about all of this and thinking about Tara, he wondered what she was doing right now, Sienna had told the group she wasn’t well. As he laid there in his bed, an idea struck him. He’d make her some of his mother’s chicken soup, that always made him feel better. This called for a trip to the kitchen.

He got out of bed, put on some joggers, a pair of socks and a hoodie and began to walk towards the door. He looked at Jamie who was laying sound asleep. As he was walking to the door he saw that Jami was shivering so he walked towards the warlock’s bed and slowly pulled the blanket over to cover his friend’s body. Daimon smiled yet again staring down at his roommate.

Daimon meant every word he said to Todd, Josh and Daimon may have been closer friends than him and Jamie, however he felt like he needed to watch out for the young warlock more. He smiled and slowly exited heading for the kitchen. The conversation with Jamie seemed to sober the young demon up, he didn’t feel like he was drunk anymore, in fact he felt better than ever

As he stepped down the corridor, he could hear the clanging of pots and pans, they were unusually loud for this time of morning, he thought it might be Sophia trying to cook again, a smile arose on his face, some company would be great right now. “Soph, is that you?” he asked quietly as he entered the kitchen.

“Nope, sorry to disappoint. Just little Ol’ me” Cynthia replied. The girl was all wrapped up in joggers and a hoodie too, with flower on her face. “Oh sorry, I thought you were my friend” Daimon apologised. “It’s cool, no worries. You’re Daimon right?” she asked him, he nodded his head. “Yeah and you’re Cynthia. You’re friends with Todd right?” he asked the girl. To which she rolled her eyes.

“My roommate is friends with Todd, me… Let’s just say I couldn’t care less” she hissed. “Join the club” he laughed back at her. He went into the fridge and withdrew some chicken, then to the cupboard and took out some noodles, the whole time the girl stood next to the oven on her phone.

“I’ll be out of your way soon, just waiting for this to finish” she told him. He smiled at the girl, “Oh no rush, believe me, it’s nice to see someone else awake at this hour” he laughed, in turn she laughed too. “Nightmares?” he asked her. “Yep, I called out for my Mom, keep forgetting I’m at this school” she sighed leaning against the oven.

“It get’s easier I promise. I remember my first semester, I cried like a baby every night. Until I met my girlfriend, kinda forced me to man up you know” he told her flexing his muscles in jest. “Oh, that Tara girl? She’s your girlfriend right?” Cynthia replied, knowing full well that wasn’t the case.

“Oh, no. Me and Tara, were something, but I was talking about my first girlfriend. Her name was Kiera” he replied back, his voice going a little quieter. “Oh, bad break up?” she asked him sighing loudly. “No, she…She’s dead” Daimon told her. Cynthia faked a gasp and covered her mouth. “Oh my god. I’m such an idiot. I shouldn’t have pried” she cried.

“No, no. Don’t feel bad you didn’t know, its okay” the demon reassured her. He looked down at his ingredients, ready to get to work, but the girl yet again stopped him.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you making?” Cynthia said in a very fake childlike voice. “Chicken noodle soup” he told her. “Yummy!” she replied. “And you, what’s in the oven?” he asked her, as he uttered the words, the oven began to ring, it was ready.

“Well I could show you, or you could taste it” Cynthia laughed. “It’s the least I could do to apologise” Cynthia told him. “Sure… Okay” Daimon said awkwardly as he sat on the table. “Are you sure, I mean it looks like a great pie” Daimon told the girl as she finally placed it in front of him revealing it to the boy. “I’d hate to ruin it” he told the girl. “Nonsense, I bake for fun not craft” she replied passing him a fork, whilst grabbing herself one.

“Tuck in” she said to the boy. His fork broke the crisp outer layer of the crust, it delved deep into the hot apples that lay underneath until he finally got a piece big enough to eat. Cynthia did the same raising her fork to him. Daimon ate it, his face lit up, this was the best thing he’d ever tasted. “Oh my god, this is amazing. You should sell these or something” he told her.

“Yeah” the girl whispered back placing her fork down. “What did you put in this?” he asked her. “Like I need the recipe, my Mom would love this” he continued to hype the pie.

“Oh the usual, apples, cinnamon” she replied. “But I kept one ingredient out. I didn’t know if you’d actually show, so I couldn’t put it in, after all if you didn’t show, it would be a waste” Cynthia’s voice changed, sounding darker.

“Wait, you were waiting for me? What are you some kind of stalker” Daimon shouted. Cynthia slowly reached under the table, pulling the apple of discord out. “Not a stalker, I’m just a crazy bitch” Cynthia replied quickly.

She rolled the apple across the table lightly, it stopped abruptly in front of Daimon, who noticed it was no ordinary apple, and this was what looked like solid gold. It began to shine in his eyes brightly, he tried to cover them, but it was too late, Cynthia’s mission was complete, Daimon slowly lowered his hand, the apple continued to shine, his eyes even turned a shade of gold, he stared at her, expressionless, under the apples trance.

The girl stood up and walked towards him, she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to rub them, the apple stopped shinning, and a  wicked smile came across her face. Daimon’s eyes were still glowing at this point. “We need you to cause a bit of chaos Daimon. Now I know you must be thinking, why me? Why put a trance on me?” she whispered.

“Simple, you’re the glue, you’re connected to everyone in your friendship group in some way” she told him. “So I want you to start breaking them apart, I want you to turn them against each other, in any way you can, pay particular attention to Josh and Sophia, cause a couple of lovers arguments you know, bros before hoes and all that jazz. Do you understand?” she asked him.

“Yes” he replied back in a monotone voice. “Ali was right to pick you” the girl giggled, as she dunked the boys head into the apple pie covering his whole face with it. “Now we have our own little doll” she laughed manically. “Oh and I also, want you to cause Todd a little chaos. That bitch is the reason I am in this hell hole. He comes back and gets his Prince and his happily ever after, that’s not fair! He should suffer, he should know what it feels like to lose everything” she shouted. “So, remember cause chaos, Sophia, Josh and Todd in particular… Destroy their lives Daimon” she stroked the boys head.

“Now get back to your room and get to bed. When you wake up tomorrow, you won’t remember being in the kitchen, you won’t remember the apple. It will be instilled upon you to cause chaos, etched into your mind, but whenever I need you, you will go back into this trance and do whatever I say… Now go” she shouted pointing at the door, Daimon stood up slowly and began to walk away. “And for god sake man wipe your face, you have

pie all over it” she shouted.


Agoroth sat in a dark room staring into a computer screen, he was talking directly to Cynthia. “So have you two used the apple yet?” he asked the girl. “Yes, I just met up with the Abigor boy an hour ago, he’s now under the apples power. He is the core of the group, he’ll turn them all against each other” she laughed.

“Congratulations Cynthia, I always knew saving you would work in my favour” he sighed with bliss. ”Actually it was Ali’s plan I just helped” she explained. “I gave you credit, stop being so ungrateful and take the compliment” Agoroth hissed. “Thank you sir” Cynthia replied quickly.

“I don’t have time to listen to your entire plan, but I accept a full update as soon as possible. Understood?” Agoroth asked Cynthia as he snapped his fingers. The girl nodded her head, “Good at least someone knows their place. You can tell Alietta I will be calling her tomorrow. Tell her she better be ready to apologise” he shouted at Cynthia who continued to nod her head in silence. “Oh and Cynthia dear. Tell Alietta I want her in lace tomorrow” he whispered seductively. Then in an instant Cynthia vanished and the screen went dark.

There was knock at he door, Agoroth spun around in his chair and stared at it. “Enter” he bellowed loudly. Matheus Kronin entered the room trailed by two hooded figures. “Master, may I present The Fates” Sienna’s father announced, one by one The Fates all lowered the hoods.

“Leave us” Agoroth shouted to the man, who exited the room without saying another word. “Ladies, it’s lovely to see you once again” Agoroth smiled at the women. “How do you keep finding us?” the one with the ginger hair asked. “We are never found more than once, so how in the hell are you doing it?” the one with caramel coloured skin hissed at the man. She continued talking why all her sisters remained silent.

“We told you, you have to separate the demon and chrone if you want to succeed. So why did you have your minions bring us here?” she shouted in his face. “We told you of the prophecy on December 31st too, yet you still require more help” the red haired one said in a frail voice. “I don’t think you have it in you to go through with your plan, I think those children are more of a threat than they look” the red haired cackled. Agoroth stood up furiously his eyes turned completely white as he charged at the women.

“That’s not necessary or a smart idea” the blonde one finally spoke, Agoroth stopped inches away from the red haired fate and locked eyes with the blonde. “Tell me what you know… NOW” he screamed at the women. She smiled her lips bright red, she walked over to the man and began to stroke his chest.

“Your little girlfriend has chosen wisely” she said to him. Agoroth pushed her away aggressively causing her to stumble back. “What does that mean?” the white eyed demon barked.

“It means, that the two girls who work for you have chosen a victim, They have chosen wisely” the one with caramel coloured skin told him. Agoroth smiled, maybe Alietta wasn’t completely helpless, he was now looking forward to seeing what she did with the apple.

“I also see one more thing. About the Chrone and Demon” the blonde one whispered to the man. “Tell me, tell me NOW” he shouted getting closer and closer to the women. “I will tell you this. There is another boy, one boy who could do what you wish, he could drive the chrone and demon apart” she whispered softly. “Who, who is this boy?” Agoroth asked dying to know the answer.

“Eric Evergreen” all three Fate’s said in unison, and once again in an instant, they all disappeared. A wicked smile arose on Agoroth’s face. “Eric Evergreen” he laughed to himself.

 Title and Background: 

  • The title refers to the book of the same name by Carson McCullers.
  • It's also a reference to Eric's role of being a hunter of the supernatural variety and how that can be a lonely job. 


  Body Count: 

 Episode's Cast: 


Guest Starring:

  • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (created by: Jay) → 6/30
  • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone (created by Alietta) → 6/30
  • Dillon Casey as Jensen Markie (created by: Raven) → 2/30 
  • Rumer Willis as Piper Ross (created by: Raven) → 2/30 
  • Nico Tortorella as Daryl Frazer(created by: Raven) → 2/30 
  • Glen Close as Isabel Romanoff '''''(Created by: Selena) → 1/30 (first appearance)
  • Tom Hardy as Theron Evergreen(Created by: Selena)  → 1/30 (first appearance)
  •  Demi Lovato as Cynthia Fordman (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 4/30
  • Keenan Tracey as Phillip Jones (created by: Jay) → 6/30
  • Angela Basset, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy as The Fates (Created by: Selena) →2/30 
  • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 7/30
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Selena) →6/30 
  • Daniel Sharman as Elliot Caldwell (created by: Jay) → 2/30'
  • Will Weatheritt as Connor Nordell (created by: Taylor Manton) →3/30 
  • Matt Lanter as Adam McClain (Created by: Gayaneh) → 5/30
  • Lincoln Younes as Jacob Evergreen (Created by: TVFanatic101) → 1/30 (First Appearance)
  • Logan Williams as young Eric Evergreen (created by: Selena) → 1/30 (First Appearance)

Special Guest Stars:

 Final Thoughts: 

So... Whoa! Were any of you guys expecting Daimon to be the first to fall under the spell of the golden apple of discord? Speaking of which, we would love for you guys to comment below and let us know if you liked the way it was incorporated into the Inferno Universe! This is only the beginning! What kind of trouble can we expect Daimon to get into since he's under the influence of this malicious object? And what does this mean for Taimon and his friendships with Sophia, Jamie and Josh? Speaking of which, there was no Josh in this episode and it was on purpose. We felt that the episode worked better without him and we could dedicate our hearts and souls to further develop Seric. Did you guys feel like the episode worked best without Josh in it? What do you guys think he is up to? That Eric though! Is he playing Sophia? Hm.... Thoughts??? Sorry, it took so long to publish but hope the wait was worth it! Life can get pretty hectic and with two of us (Jay and I) attending universities and heavy course load, there was not a lot of free time and Erik works full time. Anyway, not making excuses though! Hopefully with summer upon us, we will be able to have more time crank out these episodes!


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