Tara and Daimon
General Information
  • Taimon
Intimacy Levels
  • Good friends, Ex-girlfriend/Ex-boyfriend
First Met
Started Dating

Born Under A Bad Sign (technically)



Highway to HellEdit

They didn't interact very much, but they bumped into each other when Daimon just finished his session with Alazne. Ironically the session was about Kiera, Daimon's ex-girlfriend. Signs of Tara being attracted to Daimon are very clear, she can't stop thinking about the encounter. And she was even humming a Cinderella song. Physically Tara is attracted to him as well, she did mention his strong hands and hard chest. It is not sure if Daimon feels the same way about her. Since he is still coping with Kiera's death.

Born Under A Bad Sign Edit

It's been two weeks since their first encounter. Tara and Daimon grew closer to each other since then. Daimon likes to be around Tara and it's presumed that she feels the same way. At this point the relationship between Tara and Daimon isn't official yet, so they are not dating.

The Three Faces of SophiaEdit

The two kissed for the first time and continued growing closer; going as far as ending up on a  double date alongside Josh and Sophia.  When they were in the simulation room, Daimon was very protective over her and showed he cared for her well-being.

Dream A Little Dream of MeEdit

Things are going quite well for the two and it becomes apparent that Daimon does care deeply for Tara. However, being happy for once and as a result, forgetting all about the anniversary of Kiera's death puts a damper on things. Daimon once again blames himself and feels guilty. Thus, despite what Sophia and Alazne say, he chooses to continue pining over a ghost and for Tara's sake, ends whatever they had going for the past month or so.