False hopes are more dangerous than fears
J. R. R. Tolklen
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 6
Cassie Blue
Air date 7th March 2018
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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A Gentleman's Choice
A Wilted Flower

Spilled Tea is the sixth episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales season 1.


Part Two of the Horrifically Wicked Tales: Halloween Special.

It's Halloween Night and Cassandra's party is upon us. But as the reigning queen bee plans to treat the school, Clara, David and Oscar face the greatest trick of all.

Elsewhere, Leo faces the harsh reality of his new life with Logan and seeks comfort from an unlikely ally.

  Windsor Academy, Halloween Night 

A heard of students stormed out of the gates, as screams reverberated from every direction. Donned in their finest Halloween costumes the children ran off in different directions attempting to get as far away from the school as possible, when suddenly sirens blasted through the air.

Police cars emerged from the horizon, swerving to dodge the incoming barrage of students that were now clustering the road. After slamming on his breaks, Detective McKenna emerged from a car and gestured for his fellow officers to do the same. “Everyone remain calm!” McKenna roared at the students, who refused to listen to his words. “Stay with them, corral them, just do something!” the detective continued to scream at his fellow officers. Attempting to fight his way through the crowd, McKenna approached the school his mind racing and his heart rapidly beating out of his chest. His eyes darted around the entrance, as the final students made their way through the gates. McKenna stared back at the clustered street behind him, as slowly attempted to round the corner. But in that moment, another student knocked into him. “I’m sorry Miss, is everything okay?” he asked the student half-heartedly, not paying full attention to her.

“No, no I don’t think so” the young girl whispered, as her voice began to crack. McKenna looked down at her to see Clara Stark standing before him, drenched head to toe in blood. She turned to look at the detective, with dead eyes and an emotionless face. “You’re too late” she whispered, as her eyes began to tear up. He watched the girl in horror as she began to cry in front of him. “He’s dead” she moaned, “He’s dead!” she screamed at the topic of her voice.

  20 Hours Earlier – Blossom Dormitory  

With one faint push on the door, Lavender entered Raven’s room without fear. But on the other side, lay nothing but an empty blood soaked room. She let out a loud piercing screech, as the group remained in the doorway, staring on in horror unsure of their next move. “Jesus fucking christ!” Daniel shouted over Lavender’s screams. She was unable to turn her eyes away from the brutality, she searched every corner of the room hoping to find Raven, hoping that this was all some sick misunderstanding.

“Where is he!” she screamed at the rest of the group, who all remained in a state of shock. Clara took one step forward, but was abruptly halted by Daniel.

“Don’t go in there, this is a crime scene” he whispered to her, just as a dishevelled Lavender fell apart in his arms. Her sobbing was getting louder, matching the volume of the infuriating fire alarm that still raged in the background.

“Calm down, okay. It’s going to be okay” Daniel stuttered, attempting to calm Lavender down. But the girls crying only intensified.

“Take her outside and call the police” Oscar stated, his voice cracking with fear. Daniel nodded understandingly, as he ushered the hysterical girl away from the blood soaked room. “We need to leave” he told Clara, who still remained silent. Her eyes began to glaze over, whilst her grip on her phone tightened.

Before she could speak, her phone rang out. Drawing her back to reality, Clara’s gaze broke away from the room and turned to the phone. Her face flushed and became devoid of colour. Her mouth quivered, as she slowly looked up to Oscar. “It’s the killer” she whispered in disbelief.

At the mention of the murderer, Oscar’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Don’t answer it” he whispered aggressively. But she ignored her friend and hastily placed the phone against her ear. “Or you know, just ignore me” he said, as he rubbed his forehead.

“Are you calling to gloat?” she asked, her voice remained emotionless, as she slowly paced along the hallway.

“Maybe” the killer laughed sinisterly, in their deep husky tone. “How did you feel seeing all that blood and knowing you’re responsible” they continued.

“Where are Tyler and Raven?” Clara interrupted, not allowing the killer to continue. “What have you done with them?” she asked, now demanding an answer.

Yet more laughing came from the other end of the line. “Well, one of them is fine… for now. The other one wasn’t so lucky” they told her, as she quickly turned to Oscar who was gesturing her to leave the building. “You wanna know which one made the cut?” they asked her, in a sinister tone of voice.

“Shut up and tell me” Clara said, as she slowly approached Oscar.

“Look under Raven’s pillow, afraid it won’t be that easy. Games begin tomorrow sweetheart, and if you tell the police about this conversation, then you’ll have both of their blood on your hands” they said, before abruptly hanging up.

“What did they say?” Oscar asked, but Clara stormed past him and into the room. “Are you fucking crazy? That is a crime scene!” he roared. She ignored her friend’s pleas, and headed towards Raven’s bed.

The pillow case had splatters of blood sprawled across it. She pulled her jumper down, in order to cover her hands. “I’m being careful, I promise” she whispered to Oscar, who was infuriatingly tapping his watch. She raised the pillow off the mattress, to find a burner phone resting beneath.

“Clara we need to leave, now!” Oscar screamed over the fire alarm. The girl grabbed the phone and gently placed the pillow down. She flipped the phone over in her hands, inspecting it diligently. “Clara!” Oscar screamed as she stared at the blank screen.

  Outside Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

A dishevelled, pale Leo stood on the street corner wrapped tightly in his coat, concealing his frail body from the cruel night’s air. “Taxi!” Logan shouted at the street, as a car zoomed past him. “Jesus, can’t seem to get a taxi tonight. We might have to walk back” Logan laughed playfully, as he approached a skittish Leo.

“I’m kidding, we’ll get one eventually” Logan said reassuringly, as he joined Leo in leaning against the wall. Leo remained silent, unable to even look at the boy. Instead he stared at floor, unable to conjure a single a thought. “Leo. Hello! Earth to Leo” Logan laughed, as he playfully shoved Leo. “Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment?” he asked Leo, with a slight giggle. “Fine, come on, we better start walking. Hopefully we can find a taxi along the way” he said, as he pushed off the wall.

He offered Leo his hand, an action which caused the boy to jump with fear. “Oh come on Leo, don’t be like that” Logan said, in an artificial tone. “I’m sorry, I lost my temper back there. I cannot apologise enough for pulling you hair. You just have to understand this” he leaned towards Leo, pinning him against the brick wall. “That I am used to getting my way. And when I don’t get it. I kinda see red” he whispered into the boy’s cheek. “So now you know what you have to do, in order to keep me happy” he said, as he softly kissed Leo’s cheek.

“And you want me to be happy, don’t you?” he asked. Leo nodded his head, still remaining in his emotionless trance. “Good” Logan smiled, as he backed away from the boy. “Now come on, you want any chips, pizza or something?” he asked, to which once again Leo shook his head.

“You know, you can speak” Logan said, as the two boys began to walk the streets. “I’m still your boyfriend after all” he whispered. “Look, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. I know you’re not used to my lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the amazing night we had” he said, beaming with joy.

“I had fun” Leo whispered emotionlessly, as the pair of boys passed a large crowd of drunken adults, who all dressed in Halloween costumes. When passing the group, Logan remained his usually cocky self, whereas Leo retreated back into his shell. Attempting to conceal his face inside of his coat.

The sound of joyful laughter and music penetrated Leo’s ears and churned his stomach. He couldn’t think of happiness, not a singular thought came to mind. He kept replaying the events of the night, over and over in his head. The fear that washed over him, when Logan took a hold of his hair, and the sicking acts that transpired in the bathroom. He whimpering pathetically, unable to contain his true emotions.

Hearing the sound, Logan tightened his grip on Leo’s hand, now squeezing it aggressively. “We’re in public sweetheart” Logan whispered, through gritted teeth.

“Sorry, I am just crying with happiness sweetheart” Leo said, raising his head to produce a false smile. Logan reciprocate, smiling in approval of Leo’s obedient behaviour.

The boys approached a street corner, just as a black taxi slowly peered around a corner. “Here we go” Logan shouted, as he stuck his hand out. “Taxi” the boy shouted, in synchronisation with another voice. “Hey, this is ours” Logan said aggressively, in a bid to claim the taxi first. He turned to see Oliver and Chasity standing behind him.

“Oh my god, hey guys!” he shouted, as the two boys gleefully greeted one another. An agitated Chasity waved half-heartedly, whilst Leo attempted remain hidden. The blonde girl caught a glimpse of Leo, and attempted to approach him. When suddenly the taxi driver stuck his head out of the window.

“Are you gonna get in, or what?” the balding man shouted aggressively.

“Yeah mate, we’re coming” Oliver declared in his drunken state, halting his conversation with Logan for a brief second to open the door for his date. “My lady” he said, burping as he did so.

Chasity let out a fast grunt of disgust, as she entered the cab without saying another word. Leo lowered his hood and followed suit, remaining in his silent state. “Why are you in town with_”, before Oliver could ask his question, an assertive Logan began to push him towards the taxi.

“I’ll explain inside” he laughed, pushing his friend inside, as he muttered “fuck” under his breath.

  Undisclosed Location 

Tyler lay in the wooden box, stiff and motionless. “Help” he whimpered, as he feebly knocked on the box’s lid. Raising his hand he rubbed his bloody forehead, pathetically coughing as he began to shift with discomfort.

“Is anybody there!” he screamed loudly. Using his strength he began to slam against the boxes lid, his eyes streaming with tears as he did so. “Helooo” he cried, before he finally gave up on his knocking. When suddenly he heard a knock back. “Hello?” he shouted, “I’m trapped in here!” he roared.

The knocking continue to get louder and louder. “Yes, yes I’m in here. Get me out please” Tyler cried as he leaned forward, allowing his forehead to touch the box’s lid. Through the lid’s cracks, Tyler saw a shadow looming over the box. “Please, please” he whimpered as he lowered is head slightly. Suddenly, a knife plunged through the box’s cracks.

Tyler’s head slammed against the wood, as he screamed hysterically with fear. However, he remained unharmed by the knife, left screaming in fear as the shadow continued to loom over him.

  Behind Windsor Academy 

Chasity, Logan, Leo and Oliver all sat together in the taxi which slowly rounded the corner of Windsor Academy. “So you’ve turned your hand to Philanthropy” Oliver laughed, as he addressed Logan. “Helping an American sneak out of school for his first taste of alcohol. What a fine upstanding gentleman you are Logan” he continued, as he words began to drunkenly slur together.

“Took you long enough to figure it out” Logan laughed, as he playfully pushed Oliver back into his seat. As the two boys joked, Leo’s head rested against the window as he remained silent desperate to get back to the comfort of his own room.

Chasity also attempted to drown out the boy’s mindless chitchat. Her mind was elsewhere, she couldn’t stop thinking about the gentleman who she kissed at the pub. His strong hands on her back, as the lips touched she couldn’t help but smile at the mere thought. In that one crazed moment, she received more pleasure than she ever had from Oliver. Now to be stuck in an enclosed space with her boyfriend, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe like the world was trying to suffocate her.

“So Leo, did you enjoy your first night out in England?” she asked, an action which relieved her tension, but sent the rest of the car into silence. All eyes were on the young American. They watched him as he raised his head off the window, to face them all. “I… I, erm” he stuttered, unable to find the right words. As he continued to stutter, he felt Logan’s foot aggressively push down on his own. Attempting to avoid detection, Leo forced himself to smile.

“I had the best night ever, I just have the best roommate ever” he laughed artificially, as Logan arrogantly waved like a royal.

“Well you‘ve got this one well trained” Oliver laughed. As Leo’s smile soon faded and he returned to resting his head on the window.

“You have no idea” Logan laughed, as he playfully slapped Leo’s knee, just as the taxi began to slow down. “Here” Logan said passively, throwing money carelessly at the driver. “Keep the change” he said as he pushed Leo towards the door. “Come on dude” he said, prompting the boy to open the door.

As the group slid through the broken fence and through the backwoods of Windsor, they huddled together and slowly began to tip-toe towards the building. “So, I guess it’s time to go our separate ways” Chasity announced, desperate to put some distance between her and the boys. “Time for you guys to head to Iris, Oliver to Wolfsbane and me to Periwinkle” she said somewhat gleefully, at the thought of her own bed.

“Hey, babe can I stay with you tonight. I don’t want to be alone. Besides, maybe we can have some fun” Oliver murmured into Chasity’s neck, who shrugged the boy off. “It would be easier to go in pairs, that way we’re less likely to be caught sneaking in” he continued, breathing heavily in the girls face.

“Ew, you smell like beer” she moaned. “Just go to bed Oliver, I’ll call you in the morning” she moaned, as the boy continued to nuzzle into her neck.

As the couple began their quarrel, Logan now pretended to be drunk and leaned on Leo for his support. “So, do you want to have fun when we get back?” he whispered into the American boy’s ear. However, Leo remained silent, his face still devoid off all colour. “I thought I told you to keep me happy” he whispered sinisterly into Leo’s ear. “That means in more ways than one” Logan laughed, as he squeezed Leo’s bum.

The boy remained silent, allowing Logan to do whatever he pleased.

“Come on guys, we need to sneak back to school!” Oliver sang theatrically. However, as the group got closer to the school, flashing blue lights became visible.

“I don’t think sneaking in will be an issue” Chasity gasped, as she continued to hold up her boyfriend. “Guess, we’ll just join the regular crowd” she added, just as Oliver vomited into the dirt.

  Outside of Blossom Dormitory 

Clara and McKenna stood at the front of the dorm, sectioned away from the rest of the students who watched on from behind police tape. “And what happened after you got the phone call” the detective questioned the schoolgirl.

“I ran to check my friend Leo’s room, when I realised he wasn’t there, I began to fear for his life” Clara replied as her eyes turned to the sidewalk, to see what seemed like the entire school watching her. “Tyler then ran to Raven’s room and told me to stay with Lavender and Daniel. That’s the last time I saw him” she concluded, turning away from the crowd.

“Has the individual who called you, attempted to call you again?” McKenna asked. Refusing to answer Clara merely nodded her head. The detective nodded his head as he diligently began to take notes. “We’ll be investigating your phone records, and take your actual mobile in for evidence” he said, whipping out a plastic bag from his pocket.

Avoiding the detective’s gaze, she placed the phone within the bag and watched as it was sealed off. “We’ll have it back to you as soon as possible” he informed the girl, as he continued to take notes. “What did they say?” he asked her, finally looking into her eyes. “You said they called you again. What did they say?” he asked yet again, anxiously awaiting an answer.

The question took her aback, she wasn’t prepared to lie to an officer of the law, but Clara knew it was a necessity if she were to save her friend. “They called to gloat” she whispered, pretending to act distressed. “Before I could ask where their bodies where, they hung up” she continued, as McKenna nodded his head buying the lie.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this Miss Stark” the detective said to her, as he touched her shoulder in a bid to comfort her. “You’ve been through a lot. If you ever need anything, please feel free to come down to the station and we’ll do whatever we can” he said, smiling warmly at her.

“Thank you” Clara replied nervously. “May I leave now?” she asked, ensuring her head remained as low as possible. The detective nodded his head in approval and graciously welcomed the girl to join her friends.

“By all means” he replied, as she scurried off towards Oscar. As the girl clutched onto her friend McKenna retrieved the notebook from his pocket. He watched fall into Oscar’s arms as he began to write: ‘Stark is lying’

As Clara embraces her friend she feels a tap on her shoulder, spinning around she sees David and Joel, both looking half asleep and confused. “What the hell is going on?” Joel asked, taking a quick glance towards the dorm.

“Well apparently the killer called, offered her three options of who she wanted to save” Oscar explained. Whilst Joel listened intently David couldn’t help but touch Clara’s shoulder in a bid to calm the girl down.

“And then what happened?” Joel asked, but before Clara could answer him she was called away by booming voice.

“Clara Stark, please come with me young lady?” Simon Mendoza demand, as he marched passed the group of teenagers.

Wanting to avoid making a scene, Clara released her grip of Oscar, whose face dropped at the action. Mindlessly she followed the teacher to a quieter part of the lawn. The older man paced the green in a circle, rubbing his raspy beard with one hand as the other twitched at his side. “You know, I have been thinking a lot these past few days” he said, his voice fast and skittish.

“About what sir?” Clara whispered, as the cold nights air continued to blow against her. “Why is that you are always the first on the scene” he asked, as his bloodshot eyes quickly darted up towards her. “When Cameron Johansson died you were there, Olivia Wright’s body was literally found at your feet, and now here you are again”. Mendoza’s voice began to grow louder, garnering the attention of several of the students.

“But one thing doesn’t make sense. Where were you the night Theodora Memphis was killed?” he asked her, lowering himself to her level so he could look at her in the eyes.

Disturbed by his erratic behaviour, Clara took several steps back. Fumbling her words, unsure of what to respond with. “I was in my friend Leo’s room. With Oscar and Logan” she stuttered, as her teacher got closer to her face. At this point many of the students were also pointing in their direction, gawking and whispering about the teacher’s behaviour.

“I saw you talking to that police officer and I want to know everything you told him” he demanded, returning his posture to its usual stance.

“I told them that I got a call” Clara explained, her voice steadying as she recalled the event. “The killer asked me to pick one victim. Leo, Raven or Tyler. Since Tyler was with me, we both checked Leo’s room. When we found it empty I merely asked them to leave Leo alone. Tyler ran to check on Raven, and like you said here I am again” she responded in a sarcastic bitter tone.

“I am not the police and I don’t buy your story” Mendoza said. “Because I know all of my students. If Mr Barnaby’s room was empty. Why is he over there with the other students?” Simon pointed across the green to where Leo was standing, shoulder to shoulder with Logan. A baffled Clara stared at the pair unsure of how to answer. “Have you caught you in a lie Miss Stark?” he asked her raising his eye brows. But before he could speak any further, Dean approached his father, flocked by Casandra.

“That’s enough Dad, leave her alone” he roared, with the entire school now focusing on them. “Go” Dean shouted at Clara, who quickly ran towards her friends, narrowing her eyes as she passed Casandra.

“What is wrong with you?” Dean asked his father aggressively. “You can’t just treat students that way” he roared approach his father. “Besides, isn’t she a little old for you?” he whispered, prompting his father to storm off in an enraged frenzy.

Running past her friends Clara headed straight for Leo. The others soon followed suit, chasing after the girl as she practically leapt into the American’s arms.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Clara buried her face into his shoulder. All whilst Leo remained stiff, unwilling to reciprocate the hug. “Oh my god, Leo I was so scared. Where were you” she cried, as her eyes filled with tears.

“Mate, you had us all seriously worried” Oscar added, in a breathy voice.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think you really care about this weak link” he whispered spitefully into her ear, still not forgiving her actions from earlier. “You didn’t invite me, so you don’t deserve to know where I was” he added, before pushing her away.

“Come on Leo, let’s get you to bed. Before Clara makes you cry again” Logan added wickedly, as he ushered the boy away from the group. Standing baffled and abandoned Clara watched helplessly as the pair vanished into the night.

“Wow, who could have thought a gay guy would be so spiteful” Daniel added, receiving many a side eye for his comment.

  Head Mistress Akiyama’s Office 

The grown woman lay face down on her wooden desk. Next to her rested a half empty bottle of bourbon. She raised her thumping head, when the sound of banging forced her to awaken. “Come in” she whispered, unable to keep her head up.

McKenna charged forward towards the desk, and slammed a stack of files next to her head. “Wake up Sue, wake up now” he demanded, as the woman slowly raised up. “Are you kidding me right now?” the man asked angrily, as he picked up the bottle and proceeded to lob it across the room. “You’re drinking at a time like this?” the man asked a further question, pretending that he wasn’t just drinking mere hours ago.

“Hey, I am having a really hard time right now. And what are you talking about” she asked in her drunken state. “At a time like what?” she asked, rubbing her both sides of her forehead.

“Tyler Stephensen and Raven Castillo are missing and presumed dead” he roared in her face, forcing the woman to open her eyes.

“They’re what?” she replied as she stumbled towards her feet, clutching onto her desk for support.

“This keeps happening on your watch Sue” he roared. “I have got citizens in town complaining, parents from children in surrounding public schools in a state of fear” he said, circling the table. “And you are doing nothing to protect these kids” he hissed in her drunken face.

“Who cares about public school kids, besides in protecting MY students YOUR job. After all you are a police officer” she said, as she slumped back into her chair.

“Yes, but with an ongoing arson case, three open murder investigations, which could potentially turn into five AND an investigation into the disappearance of Blair Robinson needless the to say we are pretty busy down in the station and can’t afford to protect the entirety of Windsor academy” he rambled, looking out of the curtains and towards the school.

“Well something must be done. I am getting phone calls every hour” she replied, as her words slurred together. “Some parents want me to up the security, others want to take their children home and the ones that have are demanding we return the money they paid for the year” she said, as her eyes struggled to remain open.

“This party you’re having tomorrow is a bad idea” he informed her, backing away from the window.

“It needs to be done. We’ve already promised the victims’ families donations and the kids are looking forward to it” she murmured.

“Well if you’re so adamant on putting your kids in danger, know this” he whispered, leaning over the desk to look at her in the eye. “If there is one more death on the campus, I am closing Windsor Academy” he said, forcing Akiyama to retreat into her chair.

“Do I make myself clear?” he asked her, to which she anxiously nodded her head.

“Good” he responded. As he slowly began to approach the door he spun on his heels to take one final look at the woman. “I don’t usually say this to people. But under the circumstance I hope we don’t meet again” he said before making his exit.

The slamming door echoed throughout the room, as Akiyama’s head dropped back down onto the desk.

  Iris Dormitory: Clara’s Room 

“Just try to relax” David whispered, as both he and Oscar stood over Clara’s bed. The girl’s eyes remained transfixed on the burner phone which rested on her nightstand. She didn’t know what she was hoping for, but she wished it would hurry up and happen.

“That thing isn’t going to blow up or release some toxic gas, is it?” Oscar asked, causing David to elbow him in the rib with an annoyed look. “What, there is a high probability that the killer would pull some shit like that” Oscar replied, defending his theory.

“I doubt they would do something as stupid as blowing up a dorm room” David refuted, as he lowered himself to sit on the edge of Clara’s bed.

“Oh really, do you doubt that. Because as we learnt tonight all bets are off” Oscar fired back, a sentence which caught Clara’s attention, distracting her from the phones captivating pull. “We all thought this sicko was just targeting woman. Tonight has changed our whole theory, we’re going into our ‘social experiment’ blind. The killer could literally be anybody now” he roared, beginning to get red in the face.

“They could have been anybody to begin with” David replied, cocking his head to one side. “Oh please, we all know that when women die it’s always a white heterosexual guy. But when a killer targets both genders, then who the hell knows” Oscar said, continuing to work himself up.

“You just need to take a chill pill mate, you’re majorly over reacting. We have a solid plan and as long as nothing gets in our way we’ll find the killer. And whoever it is that’s alive, Raven or Tyler” David said, as he slowly turned to Clara who had returned to drowning the boys out.

“Do you guys think Leo hates me?” she asked the duo, as the room quickly fell silent. “Because I already lost one best friend, I don’t think I could handle loosing another” she added, her voice still remaining emotionless.

The two blonde boys exchange a look of unease, both shrugging at each other, urging the other to talk. Finally Oscar decided to step up and answer his friends question. “Look, Leo is probably just a bit upset right now. We all hurt his feelings and we have to take responsibility for that” Oscar told her, moving towards the bed as he did so. “He has every right to be angry, so we have to let him be angry. But I am sure it will blow over sooner rather than later. When we catch this son of a bitch” he added, slowly lowering himself to his knees in order to meet Clara’s eyes.

“As much as I hate to say this, because I really don’t want to be a dick. We have to forget about Leo for one moment” David added, pulling the pair down into reality. “What we really need to do is come up with a plan for tomorrow” he said, as he placed his hand on the back of Clara’s legs.

“What are we going to say to the groups we’re supposed to infiltrate. How exactly are we going to catch this bastard?” he asked, but before Clara could give him an answer Oscar jumped in, and the boys resumed to butt heads.

“Just ask your neanderthal friends questions, find out if any of them are psychopaths” Oscar decreed. “In fact, it would probably be quicker and easier to work out which ones aren’t” he added smiling spitefully at the boy.

“You do realise that includes your brother right?” David asked, attempting to outsmart Oscar.

“Oh don’t worry, I am fully aware” he added. “I have thought about the possibility of Oliver being the killer, and whilst the thought terrifies me I have accepted the fact that, the notion could be possible” he said as his voice began to crack. “My brother has done some terrible things, I’m pretty sure he actually enjoyed my misery as a child. He could be the one behind this, but then again it could be anyone” he said looking down at Clara. “It could be me, it could be your David, or you Clara. I am putting my trust in both of you, as are you me. I don’t want to believe that either of you are the killer, but at this point we have to look at the entire school as suspects” he concluded. Before either Clara or David could respond, the phone buzzed violently.

Scrambling under her sheets, Clara grabbed the phone and quickly flipped it open. Both boys shot to their feet and stood at either side of her bed. “What does it say?” David asked curiously, as he attempted to look over the girls shoulder.

“Put the plan on hold and cancel any plans you have for tomorrow” Clara announced to her friends. “Because according to this text, the three of us will be very busy tomorrow” she added, flipping the phone closed not allowing either boy to read the message. “Doing what?” Oscar asked curiously.

“Our first task sounds simple enough” she said turning to her friend. “We have to sneak into town and collect our Halloween costumes” she stated in her cool, blunt tone.

  Dream Sequence 

Leo was back in A Gentleman’s Choice, lost among the dance floor he was surrounded at every turn. The music penetrated his ears as the men and woman around stared at him with utter disgust. Every attempt at moving was met with vicious shoving, forcing him back into the centre of the circle the club-goers were now forming.

His heart began to race, as the circle continued to get tighter and tighter. With the clubbers remaining silent merely casting their judgemental looks at the boy. In an instant he saw him, the man with the ponytail from the cubicle. He was far in the distance, sitting at table and casually sipping on his drink.

Leo’s eyes filled with tears, he just wished for the horror to end. He sat on the floor helplessly and curled into a ball, whilst the clubbers engulfed him into darkness. But suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Looking up, his eyes met Logan’s as the boy radiated in a heavenly glow. The club was empty now, and Leo quickly scurried to his knees and hugged the boy’s legs. Sobbing erratically, Logan stroked his hair, offering the American some form of comfort.

“It’s okay my love, I’m here now” he said in a dark sinister voice. Reaching behind his back he reached out and plunged a knife into Leo’s back.

  Iris Dormitory: Leo and Logan’s Room 

Jolting with fear, Leo’s eyes flicked open. His body and forehead sweated profusely as the boy struggled to regain his breath. He sighed loudly, realising it was all a dream and that he was safe in his own room.

He rolled over onto his back, and stared at the light. Contemplating the events of last night Leo wished away the entire day, pleading with God to make it all a mere nightmare. But his pleas were unheard, for last night did happen and he was now waking up in what felt like an entirely new room, next to a complete stranger.

“Good morning” Logan smiled, staring directly into Leo’s eyes.

“Morning” Leo replied, reverting back into his usual monotone state. He lowered his gaze, unable to look at Logan in the eyes. His body tensed up completely when he realised the boy was in his bed.

Leaning on the bed frame, Logan began to run his fingers through Leo’s thick, dark hair. “I’m sorry if I hurt you last night” Logan whispered. “I didn’t want to pull you hair, but you didn’t listen and we’re behaving inappropriately” he said, whilst Leo’s eyes remained transfixed on the bottom of the bed. “But I think you’ve learnt a lesson now” he whispered, lowering his mouth to Leo’s ear.

“And like I said at the bar, now I know just how much you love me. And you have no idea how happy that makes me” he said, as his fingers wandered down from Leo’s hair to his soft, rosy cheek. “You do love me, don’t you?” Logan asked, as his fingers rested on Leo’s jaw.

Raising his head gently, he forced Leo to look at him, smiling like a prince as he did so. “Of course I do my love” Leo whispered obediently, as he forced himself to kiss Logan’s cheek. With his complexion changing Logan darted out of Leo’s bed and wandered the room in his underwear.

Leo watched like a hawk, unsure of what the boy was doing. Casually Logan opened his wardrobe and produced two small gifts. One was a small white box, wrapped with frilly pink bow. And the other was a large pumpkin shaped basket, filled to the brim with sweets and chocolate. “These are for you darling. Because now I know, how special you truly are” Logan said, as he crawled onto of the bed, placing the gifts into Leo’s lap. “Go on, open the box” he whispered, as he nodded his head down towards the pink bow.

With shaking hands Leo tugged on the ribbon, unravelling it entirely with just one pull. He watched Logan’s grin go wider, as the box’s lid slowly opened. Peering inside Logan found an old Ipod Touch, with lock screen which featured him and Logan cuddling in bed. He stared up at the boy with confusion, unsure how to respond to the gift. “I don’t” he attempted to speak but was halted, when Logan reached down into the box and withdrew the ipod.

“This is a very special gift” the boy announced, as he loomed over Leo forcing the boy to sink into his pillow. “It has but one app and will only have but one app” he said as he unlocked the screen. “This is DreamBoy” he announced as he tapped the small icon. “On this app, clients will pay to talk to you, they’ll pay to see pictures and videos of your amazing sexy body” he whispered, attempting to be seductive. “They’ll pay for practically anything” he said, lowering his lips to Leo’s biting them as he did so.

The boy winced with pain, as Logan broke his skin drawing several drops of blood. He laughed to himself as he once again pushed himself away from Leo. “You’re going to be such a hit, top model…. Well after me” he laughed, throwing himself onto his side.

Leo followed the screen, watching his new life flash before him. “And all that money you make, will go directly to me. Because you now how happy money makes me” he whispered, as he stroked Leo’s chest.

“I know” Leo replied, his voice so quiet it was barely audible.

“Now what do you say?” Logan asked, as his eyebrows raised. “What do you to me, because I have given you some pretty nice gifts here Leo. I know how much you American’s love your candy” he laughed, rustling the basked and picking out a lollypop. “Thank you” Leo replied, his voice still silent.

“A little louder” Logan joked, as he smiled down at the boy.

“Thank you Logan, I really love these gifts” Leo replied in a normal tone, watching as Logan jumped off the bed and began to get dressed for the day.

“I have one more request” Logan said spinning around to look Leo, as he put on a jumper. The American boy lay in silence, terrified at the prospect of another one of Logan’s demands. “I don’t want you to be friends with Clara and Oscar anymore” he said, in his usual demanding tone.

Leo felt no emotion towards this demand. or the two individuals he once considered to be friends. “Consider it done” he replied instantly, taking Logan aback by his quickness.

“Well” he said, smiling for an altogether different reason. “Very good, now common. Classes are awaiting” Logan said casually, as he tapped Leo’s leg. But the American retreated back into his sheets.

“I’m taking the day off… Hangover” Leo whispered, which prompted Logan to smile. He once again leaned over the boy and kissed his cheek.

“Aww poor baby” he cried, pretending to feel Leo’s temperature. “Well, get plenty of rest and don’t eat all that candy at once. Don’t want you getting fat now” he said. “Talk to some clients if you’re feeling up to it too” he added as he quickly did his tie. “And I will see you at Casandra’s Halloween party” he announced, which sounded more like an order. As he opened the door, he froze in the doorway and stared back towards Leo.

“I have more present, a costume. It’s in my wardrobe, you’re welcome” he concluded, flashing Leo his usual ‘perfect’ smile, before gracefully closing the door. Finally alone, away from his presence, Leo released a pitiful sigh.

 Iris Dormitory – Lavender’s Room 

Lavender kneels in front of her bed and listened to the sweet sound of bird song. Her eyes were red and puffy, whilst her hair was a tattered dry mess. She slowly clasped both of her hands together and lowered her head.

“Dear God, I don’t know if you exist, but right now I am really hoping you do” she whispered into her hands. “Please bring Raven back to me, please bring him home” she cried. “Because I really don’t know what I’m going to do if he’s really gone” her voice quickly became muffled under the horse sound of her whimpers.

“What are you doing” Daniel’s voice came from behind her. She slowly raised her head to see the boy standing in her doorway with two cups of coffee.

“Praying” she whispered, returning her head to a lower position. The man rolled his eyes as he leaned against the doorframe. “Why aren’t you coming inside?” she asked curiously. “Whilst I have been given free range of the campus, that does not apply to students rooms, for obvious reasons” he informed her. “Now stand up, praying for Raven is going to do nothing, we need to actually go out and find him, moreover we need to put Clara’s plan into action” he told her, his voice filling with determination.

“Clara told me she, David and Oscar have to do something today, therefore we and Joel are manning the fort” he added. When he revealed this, Lavender’s head shot up dramatically, she spun around revealing her distressed appearance to the boy.

“Where can they possibly be, what is more important than finding Raven!” she screamed. “I don’t know, she told me that she couldn’t tell me” he replied, which just seemed to bother Lavender even more. “But we also can’t forget that Tyler is missing too. We need to find both of them” he told her, in a calm and collected voice.

“Don’t try to make me sound like a bitch” Lavender sighed, as she slumped herself onto the bed.

“Not my intention, but you realise how important this mission is right?” he asked her.

“Because, if we don’t get our buts into shape right now, then we’re not going to see Tyler, or Raven ever again” he moaned, but Lavender didn’t respond. She lay there in silence, whimpering to herself.

“Not as important as whatever Clara is doing” she added in a bitter tone. “Stop, because now you are sounding like a bitch” he replied quickly. “Now, I hate to be firm with you, but get up and stop being a victim” he ordered. “Because if you don’t stop your weeping then we’re never going to make progress”. But his words had no impact, as Lavender remained sprawled across her bed.

She inhaled deeply, before releasing a long drawn out side. Raising her head slowly, she saw that Daniel was no longer standing in the doorway. Instead a cup of coffee rested in her door way, with a large red heart scribbled next to her name.

  Iris Dormitory: Clara’s Room 

Clara circled her room nervously, holding the burner phone against her lips she watched as David and Oscar readied their backpacks. “I have everything in here that may come in useful” Oscar told them. “I have a pocket knife, a sharp bottle opener, a flair gun, multiple bottles of water, pack of peanuts and some dried apricots in case we get hungry” as he was running through the list David smiled at Clara, playfully rolling his eyes. “And finally a potato peeler… Just in case” he said, looking up at the others for approval.

“Great Osc, it’s all great” she whispered. As she came close to her bed she kicked Olivia’s cardboard box, knocking it further away. “When can we leave?” she asked aloud, desperate to get their ‘missions’ over with.

“We have to leave when everyone is in class. If we time it right, we should be able to escape out of the fence in the back of the woods, just before the second years begin their PE lesson” David replied. “But if you want, we can leave now” he said, looking to Oscar for support.

“Yes, I can’t wait any longer. We’ll just circle the hallway to kill time. I just can’t be in this room” she said as she tied her hair into a pony.

“Guys” Oscar whispered. “What do you think they’re going to make us wear?” he asked them. “Like what kinda costumes do you think we’ll be picking up?” he said, asking yet another question.

“Who knows” David replied as he tapped the boy on his shoulder.

“Who cares, we won’t find out just standing here” Clara said, as she threw her bag over her shoulder. “Let’s go find out what this bastard has in store for us, shall we” she said, indicating towards the door.

Remaining in silence the boys followed suit and proceeded to march out of the door, not wanting to contradict or fight Clara on the matter . Yet, as she began to lock her door Clara couldn’t help but look behind her. She stared at Leo’s room with a heavy heart, desperately wanting to talk to the boy but knowing what little effect it would truly have. She pressed her fingers against the doors handle, desperately wanting to enter and offer him an apologetic hug. But she didn’t and merely sighed, before re-joining David and Oscar, as they began their journey to the costume store.


Casandra and Dean walked down the corridor still reeling from the revelations of the night before. Dean was nervous about telling Casandra about his father and Callista, but now he had no regrets. He felt as if now he had someone to fight alongside him, for now he wasn’t alone. “I don’t know why I was so surprised, I always knew she was a skank, I just never thought she would sleep with a married men… Well not until she was twenty at least” she said nonchalantly, as if they were completely alone.

“Can you keep it down, anybody be listening to our conversation” he whispered, glancing around at pacing students as the pair stopped at Casandra’s locker. “We just need to work together, we need that box” he whispered to her, as she retrieved her books.

“I know, but right now all I am focused on is the charity event today” she replied, smiling at a group of first years who happened to wander past. “After that we can strip this school top to bottom until we find it” she added, as determination flooded her voice.

Suddenly her locker slammed shut, skimming the tip of her nose as it zoomed past her face. Jumping with fright the pair quickly turned their attention to Cohen, who now stood before them flocked by Jonathan and a rather hung-over Oliver.

“Good morning” the rugby captain said in a merry tone, as both Casandra and Dean regained their breath. Either side of him the two other boys nodded in acknowledgement. Dean’s stomach churned, something didn’t feel quite right about the way his teammates were looking at him.

“Hey sweetheart, did you boys have fun last night?” she asked Cohen and Jonathan, the latter of whom remained silent, merely smiling to himself.

“Yeah, we scared a lot of kids” Cohen whispered sinisterly. “Scared them real good” he laughed, as he and Jonathan high fived each other. “So, what’s going on here? I didn’t know you two were friends” Cohen asked, indicating towards the duo as he chewed on a piece of red liquorish. The group fell into an uncomfortable silence, when neither Casandra nor Dean dared to speak out against the boy. His piercing eye penetrated their skin, as both stuttered over each other. Before either one could attempt to answer, Oliver fell against the lockers for support. Breaking his train of thought Cohen laughed and turned back to his friends, “Forgive Oli, he had date night last night” Cohen said informatively, as he slapped his friend in the stomach.

“Oh, that’s where Chasity went” Casandra said, pretending that she cared as she attempted to recompose herself.

“Yeah, that’s where I went” the girl’s voice came from behind. Rounding the leader of the clique, Chasity joined the boys, in staring down Casandra and Dean. Her arrival brought upon a silence, forcing the boys to helplessly watch as neither girl spoke.

“We had fun” Oliver mumbled, resting his chin on Chasity’s shoulder. She rolled her eyes but allowed the boy to remain where he was. “Well one of us did” Chasity said, putting on her most upbeat and friendly voice.

“What are you wearing?” Casandra asked, cutting her off entirely. “That broach is for my friends only. And as we established yesterday, we’re not friends anymore. So take it off” Casandra roared, forcing the entire hallway into a standstill.

“Are you being serious right now?” Chasity asked her, her voice cracking with giggles as she stared at her former friend in disbelief.

“Very, friends don’t call each other bitches” Casandra said, as she getting closer into Chasity’s face as she did so.

“People literally call us the bitchette’s you do know that right?” Chas retorted quickly, as the boys gleefully watched the girls confront each other.

“Aware, but I don’t care what any of these inbred Neanderthals call me” Casandra replied. “What I do care about however, is how I am treated by those closest to me” she added. “So you can either hand me your badge and walk away without making a scene, or I could rip it off and show the whole school what nice work the doctors did injecting god knows what into those breast of yours” Casandra said, as she slapped Chasity’s chest.

“Option two sounds nice” Jonathan whispered into Cohen’s ear, prompting yet another high-five.

“You want it so bad” Chasity whispered softly into Casandra’s ear, as she hastily began to unpin the broach from her cardigan. “Go fetch bitch” she added, before lobbing the jewellery down the corridor. As Casandra’s mouth gawked open, Chasity turned flicking her former friend in the face with her long luscious hair as she did so. As she began to strut down the corridor, Oscar proceeded to trail behind. Following his girlfriend like a little puppy dog.

Insulted by the mere action, Chasity attempted to charge after the girl but was interrupted by both the school bell and Cohen who pushed his girlfriend back. “As much as I would love to see you two fight, it’s not worth it” he said, offering his best attempt at comfort.

“Now, we all have to get to class, but I am looking forward to your charity event baby” he said as he kissed Casandra’s nose. Dean breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his two friends slowly retreat. “Oh and at this event, I want to know all about the formation of this little friendship, k?” he said pointing towards the duo. As they disappeared into the crowd Casandra looked down the hallway but there was no sign of the broach.

Thumping her head against the locker she let out a large aggressive grunt. “We’re so screwed” she whispered to Dean. All of sudden Vev bounced up behind the pair, in her usual peppy state.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” she asked the duo, radiating happiness.

“Let’s just get to class Vev” Casandra replied, storming away from Dean without another and dragging her friend away as she did so.

“So fucked” Dean whispered to himself.

  Undisclosed Location 

Tyler now lay still, his entire face was coated in a dense layer of sweat as his dry mouth gapped open. “Help” he whispered pathetically, lightly slapping the roof of the box. “Ugh, I’m going to die in here” Tyler moaned, knocking his head against the hard wood. He closed his eyes and sighed loudly, desperately wishing he could be anywhere else.

No more knives had penetrated the wood, but his mouth was quickly becoming dry and his stomach empty, he was now fearing the worst. Death was looming over him and the only solace he could find was in rest. As his eyes gently shut he took another breath, and then he heard her.

“Hey” Olivia’s voice whispered into his ear.

  Costume Store 

The trio entered the costume store with some trepidation. None of them knew what to expect, they were merely told to arrive, not being given any further instruction. They loitered in the doorway, scanning the store’s various masks and costumes, each one wondering what they would be wearing.

“Can you see anyone?” David asked the two, who shook their heads and remained silent. The trio began to creep around the store, now touching and handling the masks they were just inspecting. Handling a swap creature mask David shuddered, “Ugh, as if these masks weren’t bad enough, latex just gives me the creeps” he shuddered.

Oscar laughed to himself as he handled a generic ‘Hippy Guy’ costume. “May I help you?” a short old man asked, appearing behind Oscar from seemingly out of nowhere. The boy jumped with fear, dropping the costume as he did so as Clara and David slowly turned their attention to the man.

The old man stared at the group with his cold, misty blue eyes. “Yes, yes you can” Clara said politely, as she slowly approached the man. “We’re here to pick up some costumes” she announced, as the older man stared at Oscar intently. “We just don’t know what those costumes are per say” she said coming face to face with the store worker.

“Oh you’re the Windsor trio” the older man said quietly, as he turned away from the group and headed towards the counter.

The group exchanged a look as the man turned away and vanished behind a curtain. “The Windsor trio?” Oscar asked curiously as they stood by the counter.

“Yes, someone called ahead of you a few days ago. And may I say, they are some of the finest costumes I have ever made” the man said, as his voice echoed from behind the curtain.

“You made them? I thought this costume was all…” David began his question, before looking around at the bagged costumes. “Pre-packed” he said, showing his snobby snide as he did so.

Clara shot him a look, at which he merely shrugged. “Well that is what the average customer thinks. However, some of my wealthier clients may make personal request” the man said reappearing from behind the curtain. “I have made several costumes for some Windsor kids this year. I designed a Glinda costume for a particularly sour blonde which was originally my favourite, but these by far exceed that” he announced, as the curtain began to rustle. “Casandra?” Oscar asked his friends.

“One hundred percent” Clara replied instantly in a monotone, sending the two boys into a fit of giggles.

The man remerged from behind the curtain carrying three costume bags. He shuffled around the counter, the trios eyes watched him as he took every step. He came to them with his arms outstretched. “Follow me” he announced dramatically, sending Clara into a fit of shivers when she finally looked into his eyes.

The group slowly walked behind the short man, exchanging nervous looks. “What exactly are our costumes?” David asked the man, hoping to end their collective anticipation.

“Old glamour” the man whispered, spinning around dramatically as he did so. “Old, Hollywood glamour!” he shouted dramatically. He opened three more curtains in synchronisation and offered the teenagers a devious smile. “You” he pointed at Oscar, who’s eyes widened at the man’s aggressive voice. “You, stiff and somewhat quirky” as he continues to speak he held out one of the costume bags, prompting Oscar approach him. “Shall be Cinderella for the night, we are transforming you to your complete opposite” he said handing the boy the bag.

“This isn’t a Cinderella dress is it?” Oscar asked nervously as he unzipped the bag.

“No, the complete opposite of you” he said calmly, as Oscar’s eyes widened. “You shall be the rebel without a cause, the original bad boy, James Dean” he said dramatically, as Oscar held out a red bomber jacket.

“You, smart and popular” the man turned to David who watched in fascination, as Oscar held the jacked against his chest. “You need to embrace your confidence, thus you shall be the greatest actor of our time. James Stewart” he said, handing the bag over to David. “This is just a tweed suit” David said curiously, rubbing his fingers against the tough material.

“Hand stitched tweed” the man hissed at him. David’s eyes widened and he slowly moved towards Oscar, joining the boy as they stared at each other confused by their costumes. “And you my dear” the man said, finally turning towards Clara. “You shall be a forgotten starlet, from one of the most iconic films ever made” he said. But this time he didn’t hand the girl bag, he unzipped it himself.

“You shall be Kim Novak, from the hit film Vertigo” he announced, revealing a glamorous green gown

“Well, thank you” she whispered, taking the bag with a shaking hand.

“But, you are not yet done” he said, before slinking off towards a rack. Clara shot a look at the boys who shrugged and returned their attention to the man, who appeared with a mannequin head. “This is for you” he said, handing Clara a blonde wig.

  Mr Mendoza’s Classroom 

Simon leaned back in his chair as the school bell rang obnoxiously loud. “Remember to watch Modern Times for tomorrow, just because there is a party tonight that is not an excuse” he announced loudly. “That was aimed at you Miss Clooney” he shouted towards Casandra who rolled her eyes, as the class marched away.

Dean didn’t look at his father throughout the entirety of class, he slouched in his chair and remained in his brooding state. Even Casandra found it hard to look at Mr Mendoza following last night’s revelation.

Lowering his gaze to his desk draw, Simon steadied a shaking hand and slowly pulled away. Sitting alone in the empty desk was the key, the same key that Dean had thrown at him. His mind raced with thoughts of Callista, he sighed loudly as his eyes shut tightly. Suddenly, a knocking forced him to snap out of his gaze.

“We need to talk, now” Maggie roared, slamming the door behind her as Simon slammed the desk draw simultaneously.

“About what?” Simon said stiffly, as he forced his chest out in an attempt to assert dominance.

“Last night, you made a horrific scene” she said prudishly, slapping her hands against the hard wooden desk. “You shouted at Clara Stark for an uncomfortably long time” she hissed, glaring at her husband.

“I was asking her questions” Simon replied, in an equally sour tone. “Questions that could be vital to ending this killing spree” he added, ensuring his tone was as pointed as possible.

“Well the police already asked her questions, so you just made everything even more awkward” she hissed, lowering herself so that their eyes had met. Simon’s eyes wondered, he could no longer look at his wife in the eye as her eyes locked onto him, practically begging for some attention. “You can’t even look me in the eyes” she whispered in disbelief, raising her body back up into a standing position. “Figures, you couldn’t look me in the eye for the entirety of last year. I shouldn’t have expected anything else” she continued, looming over him as she did so.

“And I actually believed you when you said changed” she began to pace around the desk, as Simon remained stubbornly stiff. “I thought we were attempting to save our family, for our son” she cried, as she stared longingly out of the window. “Is she another one?” she asked her husband, who spun around in his chair.

“Another what?” Simon whispered, in a husky tone.

“Is she like Callista, is Clara your new play thing?” she asked leaning against the window. Simon’s hands remained firmly on the desk draw, catching the attention of his wife as he mumbled his way through an answer.

“Of course not, that is all ancient history” he replied, as he watched his wife’s eyes now stare intently at the draw. “I really wouldn’t do that” he said, already pre-empting his wife’s move.

“What’s in there?” she asked, her eyes laser focused on the draw.

“If you truly love me, you won’t ask that” he added, at which Maggie forced herself to stand up correctly. She silenced herself and stomped her feet several times, returning her gaze to the outside world. In the quad she saw Dean walk towards his next class, she stared at her son’s face and faintly smiled.

“I am doing this for our son” she whispered, turning back to her husband as her eyes filled with tears. “Not for you, never for you” she added, before she dramatically stormed out of the classroom, no longer wanting to be in her husband’s presence. As the door slammed behind her, Simon breathed a sigh of relief, sinking back into his seat with a loud exhale. Once again opening the desk’s draw, Simon grabbed the key and turned it in his hand.

“Even when you’re dead, you still manage to ruin my life” Simon whispered, spinning his chair to stare out of the window. He too saw Dean, however he was no longer alone. Instead he was walking with Casandra, an action which prompted Simon to squint his eyes, questioning when she and his son became friends and why.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory: Joel and Oliver’s Room 

“Hey David, it’s me again. I really need to know what do today. I know you guys are busy, but Lavender and Daniel responding to any of my calls. So I am kinda hopeless at this point” the boy said, forcing his phone against his ear with his shoulder as he struggled to open the door.

“Just call me back and offer any advice, literally any” he sighed, as the door finally opened. As he opened the door, he grunted in disgust as he saw Jules down on all fours doing push-ups, whilst a giddy Jonathan and a hung-over Oliver rested their feet on his back as they smoked a joint.

“Jesus Christ” he grunted as he slammed the door behind him.

“And Good-Afternoon to you too” Jonathan replied, as he inhaled a deep drag. “Say Oliver, have you ever thought about kicking this Judas out of your room, just like we kicked him out off of the team” Jonathan said, smiling wickedly at his former teammate.

“I think about it every day” Oliver said, as his words slurred together the boy pushed the sunglasses up his nose to conceal his eyes.

“Whatever, I don’t have time for this” Joel said rolling his eyes. “And I especially don’t have time for this” he added, gesturing down to a battered and trembling Jules who continued to push himself up and down. “I just came to grab my books for class, and then head back out” he said as he grabbed a textbook and shoved it into his backpack.

“Open a window at least, I am not having my room smelling of this shit” he added, at which the two rugby players laughed.

“Wow, you have become such a bore Joely Poely” Oliver giggled hysterically.

“Totally such a bore” Jonathan added. “But then again you have received your just desserts. I’ve heard that you’ve been slumming with the likes of Clara Stark” Jonathan said, as he leaned back onto his chair, applying further pressure to Jules back.

“And my wet blanket Brother” Oliver added, before he took to a drag of the joint.

“How the mighty have fallen” Jonathan laughed. “A mere month ago, jus you were considered a God on this campus, and now look at you” he said, pointing at the boy in a belittling manner. “We remain God’s with loyal followers literally at our feet” he said pointing down towards the younger boy. “Whilst you have joined the suicidal breakfast club” he laughed. “And to think, all of this could have been avoided if you just kept your mouth shut” he continued, as Joel listened on in silence.

“See you’re doing it now, that’s all you needed to do” he said, once again pointing at the boy. “But no, you had to be different and go against us. Because for some reason, you think you’re better than us” he continued his rant, whilst Oliver slowly passed out on the chair next to him. “I know that I am better than most of the sewer rats which infest this school. But I think I am better than my rugby brother’s. We are equal, we are a family” he said, whilst Joel remained silent and turned his back on the boy.

“So keep taking your ‘high ground’ Joley” Jonathan hissed. “Because I see your actions as a sign of weakness, of pitiful weakness” he spat.

Joel opened the door, and without turning back around to look at his former friend he began to speak. “If caring about the lives of others makes me weak, then so be it. I want to put an end to this, unlike you boys I don’t thrive in chaos and hell. So call me weak, because quite frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck” he said before slamming the door behind him.

“Fucking, little shit” Jonathan shouted through gritted teeth, flicking the reminisce of the joint onto Joel’s pillow. He dug his heels into Jules back and screamed once more, forcing Oliver to slot up with surprise. “Just stop push ups and stay still. I need to be comfy at a stressful time like this” Jonathan roared at the boy, who immediately stopped, like a well trained dog.

  Costume Store 

“I don’t see why we’re doing this” Oscar shouted from his dressing room, as he donned his red jacket. “What does this person have to gain from making us dress up like 1950s film stars?” he questioned as he began to gel is hair back.

“They’re a sociopath Osc, they’re just trying to flex their muscles” Clara explained, as she stepped into her long gown. “We’ll get into these costumes and then we’ll head back to school” she said, attempting to zip herself up.

“Is tweed supposed to be this itchy?” David asked, as the brown suit clung to his muscled body. “Because this itches like a bitch” he shouted, scratching himself frantically.

“Mate, who cares about your suit” Oscar refuted, as he posed into the mirror. “This is not normal. What happens if this weirdo doesn’t want us to just go back to school?” Oscar questioned, as he leaned against the wall.

“Then we’ll do whatever needs to be done” Clara said, as she smoothed her dress down. “One of them is alive, and whether it be Tyler or Raven we need to do whatever it is in order to save them” she said, as she twirled ever so slightly.

“How do we know this isn’t all one big elaborate set up?” David questioned the group, finally emerging from his dressing room. “This could all be a trap” he said dramatically, watching as Oscar exited the dressing room fully donned in his James Dean attire.

“That’s a very valid point” Oscar agreed reluctantly. “I mean they could be causing chaos as we speak and have just dragged us away from campus, in order to make us look guilty by not having a feasible alibi” Oscar said in one long drawn out breath.

“Well, I never thought about it to that extent… But sure” David sighed. The curtains behind them slowly pulled open revealing Clara, now fully donned in her green dress and blonde wig. The boys stared at her in awe, having never seen Clara look so glamorous. She stared at the boys in disbelief, unaware of her own beauty as she scratched under the wig. “What are you guys looking at?” Clara asked naively, as the two continued to gawk at her. “You just look” Oscar stuttered, allowing David to interject.

“Beautiful” he whispered softly. “You look really beautiful Clara” he continued offering her a dazzling smile.

Clara blushed, whilst Oscar stared at the boy with utter hatred. “Look, regardless of why they asked us here, we need to keep Tyler and Raven in mind” Clara explained, finally adjusting her wig. “Plus we have an alibi, we have… You know that costume guy” Clara said pointing towards the counter which was now empty. “Erm” she murmured, perplexed at the man’s seeming disappearance.

“Hello” Clara shouted aloud, a greeting which received no reply. “Mr nice costume man. Are you still here?” she questioned, which again prompted no reply, just complete silence. “Okay, I think that is our creepy cue to leave” Oscar said, in a bid to lighten the dark mood.

The curtains behind the counter began to rustle, catching the girl’s attention. Without another word, Clara picked up her dress and slowly began to approach the sound. “Seriously?” Oscar whispered, standing his ground whilst David mindlessly followed Clara.

As she rounded the counter, Clara’s hand slowly reached out for the rustling curtain, but before she could grasp onto it her phone beeped, prompting the trio to jolt with fright. Slowly raising her dress, Clara reached down into her boot and retrieved her phone. “Hey, this thing hasn’t got pockets” she whispered.

“We need to go, now” Clara replied stepping away from the counter. “Why?” David asked, following her instinctively.

“We have our next task. We need to get to the police station, NOW” Clara shouted, running back to the dressing room to retrieve her belongings.

“Why?” Oscar asked curiously. A question which prompted Clara to throw her phone at his face. Catching it, he squinted to read the message. “Holy cow” the boy gasped, as David re-joined them.

“What does it say?” the rugby player asked desperately.

“He has about five hours of oxygen left. Better run” he whispered. “And then there’s a map to the station” he said nervously passing the phone onto David.

“Grab you things, now!” Clara shouted, as she stumbled her way towards the door.

“Leaving so soon” the older man asked, appearing from seemingly nowhere once again standing behind the boys.

“Jesus fucking Christ” David gasped, jumping and clutching onto his chest.

“Yes, we need to just pay and leave” Clara said, with one foot already out of the door. “Pay?” the old man asked. “But these costumes have already been paid for darling. Seems like the three of you have quite the benefactor” he said, smiling at the trio. “They also told me to pass on this” he whispered, revealing a pristinely wrapped package from behind his back. Without another word, he handed it to a disgruntled Oscar, who beckoned Clara to approach him.

The girl charged towards him, as the man returned to his counter whistling all the way. As Oscar pulled the box open, his mouth gapped open in horror. “What is it?” David asked, as Clara peered over his shoulder. Pulling the box towards her, Clara let out a sharp gasp, as inside the box rested a shattered, blood soaked phone…

  Iris Dormitory: Leo and Logan’s Room 

(Landslide Fleetwood Mac) Leo lay on his bed and mindlessly stared at the ceiling. Next to him rested Logan’s gift, with app already open the iPod buzzed frantically, as many men rushed to message the handsome American.

His eyes were blank and dead, he couldn’t even fathom a singular thought. Every action he made was a reaction, a mere response to the fear he now felt towards Logan. The phone continued to buzz, as his mind finally wondered to thoughts of Clara and the others.

He stared at his door, with the tempting thought of knocking at her door and telling her everything. But he couldn’t, no matter how much his brain compelled him to do the logical thing, he remained frozen on the bed.

When the insistent buzzing finally became too much, Leo picked up his phone and stared at the screen. The messages already showed men had deposited money into Logan’s account, all in the hopes of capturing Leo’s attention.

Whilst many of them failed, one in particular caught his attention. An account with the screen name ‘Windsor Kid’ appeared on screen, tipping the American boy twenty British pounds in the process. Leo pushed himself off the bed and pressed on the mystery man’s profile, which confirmed that the user was mere feet away from Leo.

Startled the boy jumped up from his bed and inspected the profiles picture, which merely showed a shirtless torso. Looking out of his window, Leo saw a vast amount of young men who glued to their phones. He simply replied a simple ‘Hi’ and returned his attention to the bed.

But as he turned towards his nightstand, he was offered a harsh reminder. The pumpkin basket, which contained all of the sweets and candy reminded him that Logan had left one final present. He slowly moved towards his roommate’s wardrobe and opened it slowly. Inside was a costume bag on which was pinned a piece of card. Pulling it off Leo read the message which was written in gold. “For my prince charming – I will see you tonight my love” he said to himself.

The card offered yet another reminder, that Casandra’s party was imminent. He turned away from the wardrobe, as a thought finally emerged in his head.

  Sports Hall 

Vev smiled to herself as she adjusted a few purple flowers, turning around to admire her work she soaked in the fully decorated hall. Simple and tasteful the room gleefully celebrated Halloween in a somewhat childlike way, avoiding horror and gore at all cost.

Stepping away from the table and vase, Vev smiled proudly before collecting her things. Turning around Vev jumped with fright, dropping all of her belongings as Logan stood behind her. “Hey V” the boy smiled at her, as she panted loudly. Composing herself, she kneeled down and collected her things before returning her attention to Logan. “Logan, you startled me” she panted, attempting to adjust her hair. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” Vev asked politely, bashfully smiling at the handsome boy who scanned the entire room.

“Nothing in particular, just wanted to scope the room before all the riffraff enter” the boy said snobbishly, as he rubbed the table cloth with his hands. “Should be an exciting night, I for one am looking forward to the croquet match. How about you?” he asked in a smooth tone, dazzling Vev with his stunning smile.

“Me too” Vev nervously stuttered as she watched the boy weave his way through the tables, inspecting each one. “So, what are you dressing as? Remember costume is mandatory mister” Vev laughed awkwardly, in her best attempt at flirting. Seeing the girl’s body language Logan quickly caught onto her act, as a smile came across his face he decided that he wanted to have a little fun.

He turned around and tapped his nose, “Keeping that one under my hat for now. Guess you’ll just have to see later on” he whispered, slithering his way towards the girl. “And you, what are you going to be dressed as?” he asked her, in a seductive tone which sent the girl into a fit of blushes.

“Well, likewise in that sense” Vev replied. “I guess I am going to keep that one under my hat too” she added, unable to stop herself from smiling.

“You’d think Windsor Academy would have learnt by now” Logan said, flashing his pearly whites back to her. “Masquerade balls, costume parties, they’re all a recipe for disaster. You never know who’s really there” he whispered, as he pushed a lock of the girls blonde hair out of her face. As the duo stared into each other’s eyes they remained unaware that they were being watched by a disgruntled Chasity, who rolled her eyes in disbelief before storming away from the hall.

“Speaking of which, are you coming to the dance with anybody special?” Logan asked, as he leaned closer to the girl.

Vev shook her head playfully, allowing her hand to touch the boy’s chest. “Nope” she stated. “Why?” she added the question onto her drawn out breath, sighing wistfully as she batted her long eyelids.

“No reason” Logan said, snapping out of the romantic tone and returning to his regular arrogant self. “Leo and I are coming together, gonna scout the perimeter you know. See what I can find” he added twirling his way towards the door, as a baffled Vev was left shaken by the jarring persona change.

“Oh, right” Vev whispered to herself, watching as the boy made his way to the door.

“So, I’ll see you later yeah?” Logan laughed, winking at the girl as he did so. As the door closed behind him, Vev was left completely dumfounded by what had just happened.

Before she could even attempt to piece things together the final school bell of the day rang.

Snapping out of her dazed state, Vev once again took her belongings into her arms and headed for the door. She hastily charged though, wishing to leave the whole confusing experience behind her. With a frazzled brain, she left the hall and hastily headed for her room to get changed, leaving the door unlocked behind her.

  School Gym 

The rugby boys sat on a row of benches, all of their eyes were locked on Daniel who stood before them, cool, confident and collected. He paced the floor, as the room was fell into total silence, quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Each player looked at him with utter devotion, following him with awestruck looks. “Well gentleman, I’d like to thank you all for coming in today. I’d also like to thank Head Mistress Akiyama who allowed me to speak to you today” he announced, commanding attention with a deep and powerful diction. “We are going to do some fun exercise to boost morale in this dark time” he continued offering the boys a welcoming smile.

“I have been watching all of you lately, and I have to say gentleman your attitude… sucks” as the words left his lips, the boy’s faces dropped, with both Cohen and Jonathan looking particularly sour. “Women have been getting butchered on this campus for weeks and yet you continue to run ramped, bullying and harassing other students” he hissed, slowly approach the boys.

“You mean like what you did for years” Cohen said, interrupting the older boy. “Because we are not going to fall this nice guy act. We remember what a monster you were” he continued offering Daniel a wicked smile. “We’re just following in the path you paved” he continued.

Daniel looked around awkwardly, as the boys stares now turned into cold icy glares. “That is a very fair statement” he said in a lower tone, scared of showing any signs of weakness. “I was a monster when I was your age. Which is why I am encouraging you all to not be like me” he added, attempting to convey the seriousness of the situation. “This school is shit enough, the least you guys could do is go easy on the other students” he pleaded with the boys, who all remained stone faced.

“Look, us being ‘nice and friendly’ isn’t going to bring those girls back” Jonathan added, once again interrupting the boy. “Besides there’s nothing better to do in this shithole. So why don’t you just let us be” he continued to verbally harass the boy.

Daniel ran his hands through his thick blonde hair before throwing them up into the air. “I was brought here under unfortunate circumstances” he whispered lowering his head at the thought of Cameron. “And staying here has served as a reminder of what a toxic place this is” he told the boys, acting and behaving like their wiser and older.

“When you boys leave this environment, you’ll see if for what it really is” he continued, his eyes wondered down the bench, past Oliver who was now asleep and resting on Cohen’s shoulder down to Dean, who was inverted into himself. “But I’m pretty sure some have you, have already worked that out. And you’re working out what monsters inhabit this space” he whispered, prompting Dean to look up ever so slightly.

“Enough” Cohen laughed loudly. “Enough of this self-righteous bullshit. Whilst it’s sad what you’re going through, we are not going to change who we are just to appease you and Akiyama” he hissed standing up.

“We like who we are, and we like the power we have in this school” Jonathan chimed in, pulling Oliver to his feet as he did so. “Like I said, it’s not going to bring those girls back” he whispered sadistically.

“You three boys are acting unusually calm all things considering” Daniel said calmly, which prompted Cohen and Jonathan to exchange a disgruntled look.

“We’re very sad about the loss of Tyler. Just because we’re not weepy messes doesn’t mean we don’t feel emotion” he whispered, leaning into Daniel’s face attempting to intimidate Daniel.

“I am afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave now” Daniel said, in a tone which offered hints of his king bee past, a tone which suggested that it was an order rather than a suggestion.

“Gladly, we have to leave anyway. Gotta get ready for the party” Cohen continued to whisper in his sinister tone. “I’m sure I’ll see you there. Considering that you’re still lurking around the school when a serial killer is on the loose, despite being an older creepy guy” he laughed, whilst as Daniel stuck out his lower jaw. “But that doesn’t seem to bother Lavender now, does it” he giggled, before finally turning away from Daniel. “Out, now!” Daniel shouted at the back of the boy’s head.

“What part of we’re leaving don’t you understand” Jonathan replied, slapping Oliver awake as the group strutted towards the door.

“Where are we going?” Oliver sighed in confusion as his friends pulled him away.

As the door slammed behind them, an enraged Daniel clenched his fist. Clicking his neck he bit his lower lip, staring at the door with rage filled eyes. But then he realised where he was, his fists unclenched and he turned to the other players and forced himself to smile.

“Well, now that they’ve gone. Let’s get back to business” he whispered, with a cracking voice.

  Undisclosed Location 

Tyler lay on a bed of grass, surrounded by a bed of flowers as a flock of birds sang angelically. He breathed a sigh of relief, allowing the lilac infused air to course through his nose. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to relax, being lulled into a sense of ease by the touch of a gentle message on his head.

Slowly he opened his eyes to see Olivia staring down at him. “Hey” she whispered, as sunlight radiated around her face Tyler’s breathe was truly taken away by her beauty.

“Olivia” Tyler whispered in disbelief, reaching out to touch her silky smooth skin.

“You’re here, you’re here with me” he cried, as his eyes slowly began to well with tears.

“I miss you so much” he told her, as she too rubbed his cheek.

“And I you my love” she replied softly.

“Am I dead?” he asked her in a soft carless whisper.

The girl shook her head, causing her long blonde locks to cascade down onto his face. Dangling in front of his nose Tyler took his moment to smell Olivia’s hair, which remained just as he remembered.

“If I’m not dead, then where am I?” he asked her, pushing himself up so he could look his beloved in the eye.

“I don’t know darling. You’re just not here yet” she told him, as she slowly reached out to caress his hand. “And believe me, you don’t want to be” she told him, attempting to reassure the boy.

“Of course I do, I want to be wherever you are” he told her, refuting her claim. “Me and you, forever and ever. The way it should be” he added. The sentiment now caused her to well up, she wiped a tear from her rosy cheek and smiled.

“Sounds perfect” she told him, rubbing her thumb across the back of his hand. “But, I don’t want you to give up on life so easily. You need to fight for it. You can’t let this person win” she told him. It was in that moment her voice changed, it stopped being soft and angelic and sounded more human, more like Olivia.

“Do you know who killed you?” he asked her nervously, at which the girl nodded. “Who is it?” he asked her yet another question. But the girl remained silent, wistfully turning away to gaze upon a sparkling lake which materialised out of thin air. “Olivia…” Tyler sighed attempting to attract the girl’s attention.

The reality of the situation was far worse. Tyler remained imprisoned in the small container and whilst his hallucination transpired, the box was slowly lifted from the earth and was slowly being moved. It swayed from side to side, as the boy’s sweaty, unconscious body continued to mutter one word and one word alone. “Olivia”

  Police Station Car Park 

The trio arrived on the scene, with equal nerve and trepidation as the costume store. They looked around at the deserted car park, with the odd vehicle scattered about. “Why do you they want us here?” Oscar asked the pair, whilst still holding the ‘present’ they had received from the costume store.

“I don’t know, maybe they’re gonna mow us down or something” David said, as a sharp wind blew against them. “Looks like rain” he noted, as gathering dark clouds formed above them. Suddenly, Clara’s phone buzzed and as usual she answered it immediately.

“One of these cars is not like the other” Clara announced reading the message to the boys. “Underneath one lies another present, find it and then get back to school. Times running out” she said. Without even turning to the boys, Clara picked up her gown and marched towards the first car.

“Erm, hello cameras” Oscar whispered nodding upwards towards the security camera. But as the sentence passed his lips, yet another text came through to Clara’s phone.

“Well apparently they don’t work. And if we find our present we’ll know why” she said somewhat puzzled staring out towards the vehicles.

  Police Station: Private Room 

A dishevelled, hung-over McKenna stared at his investigation board contently. With ease, he pinned two more photos next to Olivia, one of Raven and the other of Tyler. He slowly pulled the Dictaphone towards his lips and began to speak. “The victim pattern seems to be broken” he whispered solemnly. “With the death of Raven Castillio and Tyler Stephensen this mystery has become harder to decipher” he continued, as his bloodshot eyes roamed the board.

“We initially thought this killer was specifically targeting young women. But now, with these recent deaths we have to broaden our investigation” he continued. “We have but one connection between the boys and the previous victims. Mr Stephensen was the boyfriend of victim #3 Olivia Wright” he said, as he slowly connected a piece of thin red string to the two pictures.

“Further information has been provided by Clara Stark, best friends to Olivia Wright and the last person to see Tyler Stephensen alive” he said, backing away from the board. “Apparently this killer is very interested in playing with their victims. It also appears that Miss Stark is concealing information from us” he continued, as his eyes wondered down to a stack of files. “I just don’t know what yet” he added.

He sighed loudly before releasing his grip of the Dictaphone to sigh loudly. Rubbing his throbbing forehead, he sank back into his seat and pushed himself far away from the board. Unable to even stare at the baffling case for a moment longer.

“I don’t know a lot about this case” he cried, thumping his head down onto the desk hopelessly, as Clara’s phone remained in an evidence bag…

  Police Station Car Park 

Each teen took a separate car and began to search it top to bottom. “What are we even looking for?” Oscar whispered, as a harsh wind battered them. “Did they mention anything else?” he asked again.

Clara ignored the boy’s question and continued searching yet another car. Oscar turned to David for backup, but he too ignored the boy in favour of searching the car. “Okay, guess I’ll continue looking then” Oscar whispered to himself, before a loud scream caused him to jolt with shock.

Slipping on the rubble Oscar plummeted to the floor, as David dashed to Clara’s aid. “What is it?” he asked her panting manically, before turning his attention down towards the cars tries. “Oh my god” he whimpered to himself, backing away from the girl as he began to gag uncontrollably.

Pushing himself up Oscar charged towards the pair, “What’s wrong?” Oscar asked them both in a blind panic. Clara remained silent attempting to steady a quivering lip, she exhaled deeply, with her breath now becoming visible with the dropping temperature. Following her eye-line Oscar too looked down towards the ground.

Seeing it in on the floor prompted him to scream loudly. Wedged underneath a tire was a blood soaked wrench, with fragments of brain still welded to into its crevices. “Jesus” Oscar panted, as he slowly looked down to Clara’s blood soaked hand.

“I touched it” she whimpered, as a loud clap of thunder echoed above them. “That’s why the cameras are out. They must have killed somebody here too” she cried, as the thunder raged above her.

  Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra’s Room 

Casandra stared at her reflection, puckering her perfectly pink lips as she inspected her perfected makeup. “I can’t wait for you to see my outfit sweetie” she said aloud, skipping away from her makeup table and towards her wardrobe.

“Yeah, I can’t wait either” Cohen’s voice came from her phone, with a tone which suggested that he didn’t really care. “Anyway, have you and Chas made up yet?” he asked her. “Or can I expect another cat fight, but this time with sexy costumes” he laughed arrogantly.

“No on both fronts. As far as I am concerned that bitch is dead to me” she insisted, unzipping her costume bag to reveal a decadent glittered covered blue ball gown, an exact replica of Glinda’s dress from Wicked to be exact. Giddily smiling as she caressed the soft fabric with her hands. “Besides I told you, no sexy costumes under any circumstances” she said. “I am already getting shit for this party, everything has to be perfect and tasteful” she added, ensuring that she stressed the point.

“So, if you, Jonathan or whoever are planning to do something stupid, please don’t” Casandra pleaded, as she skipped back towards the makeup table.

“Hey, I can’t promise anything babe, it’s Halloween after all” Cohen laughed, seemingly ignoring his girlfriend’s pleas. “Anything can happen and a good scare may do the younger kids some good” he said, once again laughing arrogantly.

“No, I am not telling you again” Casandra roared talking over the boy. “No pranks, no scares and none of Jonathan’s weird little gofer kid. I heard what went on today with Daniel Johansson” she said but before she could continue, Cohen spoke over her.

“The guy was being a dick” he moaned loudly.

“I don’t care this is a charity gala, croquet, sweets, soft drinks and nice music. It’s all for a good cause. A cause which he happens to play a very vital role in” she said dramatically, as she slowly began to paint her nails in a similar shade of blue.

“We’re doing this for our friends’ sweetheart. For Dolly, for Olivia and for Tyler” she said, as lump formed in her throat at the mere mention of Olivia’s name. “How are you and the boys feeling by the way?” she asked sympathetically. “I know I haven’t spoken much in the past twenty-four hours. But I really do want to know” she sighed, picking her phone up to draw it closer to her mouth.

“We’re all fine. Yes its shit but, you know that’s life” Cohen said nonchalantly.

“No” Cohen replied instantly. “Because if any killer wanted to mess with me, or you. Then he would be the one to end up in a grave” he laughed confidently. “We have nothing to worry about, just focus on your party and what a good time we’re going to have with Dean tonight” he added. The way in which he spoke made Casandra shiver, there was something about the way he said Dean’s name that was cold and unwelcoming.

“Dean, what’s he got to do with us having a good night?” Casandra asked, moving swiftly towards her bed.

“Well like I said, I want to know all about how the two of you became friends” he said, in the same cold tone. “I am really looking forward to hearing this friendship origin story” he added, as Casandra gently lay her head on the pillow.

“I’m looking forward to sharing it with you” Casandra said nervously, attempting to already fabricate a lie in her head.

“Anyway, I’ll leave you alone. I am sure you want to get your glamour on. So have fun and I’ll see you in a bit. Bye sweetie” he said before hanging up instantly.

“Bye” Casandra said hastily, unable to catch him before the call screen vanished. Slamming her head onto the pillow she moaned loudly. “Fuck” she screamed. “Oh well the show must go on” she sighed, forcing herself out of the bed she once again headed for the dress, but was this time interrupted by a knock at her door. “One second” she shouted. She quickly grabbed her glamorous silk night gown and draped it over her shoulders before answering the door, to find Leo standing on the other side, dressed in what appeared to be a baby-blue victorian inspired, princes costume.

“Leo, to what do I owe this pleasure” Casandra said with joy, as she opened the door wider. “You look amazing by the way. What are you?” she asked curiously, rubbing the boys lapel as she did so.

“Prince Charming” Leo replied skittishly. “And, I was just you know in the neighbourhood. And I couldn’t stop thinking about your offer” he sighed. “My offer?” Casandra replied, unsure of what the boy was referring to.

“To join your hive” Leo reminded her. “And I wanted to know, if that offer still stands?” he asked, finally raising his eyes to meet hers. He watched as her face lit up and let out a loud girlish scream. She pulled the boy into her arms and squeezed him tightly.

“Of course it still stands” she screetched down his ear. “But wait” she said hastily, pushing the dazed boy a few inches away from her. “What about Clara?” she asked curiously, raising her perfectly groomed eye brows.

“Fuck Clara” he replied, in his monotone voice. Once again Casandra smiled and pulled him into another long hug.

“Oh god it’s so good to hear you say that” she squeeled. “You came just in time girl” she said, snapping her fingers together in a cringe-worthy bid to be ‘sassy’. “I was just about to get into my costume. Come help me, you will just die when you see who I am going to be” she screamed, and before the boy could answer she playfully pulled him into her room and closed the door behind her. “Oh this night is going to be so fun” she said, as her mood did a complete one 180, Casandra forgot all about lies and boy drama and was merely enjoy a happy moment.


Lavender watched the boy from a far. Concealing her face underneath her purple witches’ hat, she stood underneath the oak tree and inspected his behaviour. On the opposite side of the yard, the costume-less Caleb watched on with sorrow, as the other students laughed and enjoyed themselves, none of them even bothering to look his way.

Although her eyes were red and puffy, Lavender could see the boy well enough to know he was lonely. Lift up her hat she rounded the tree and approached the boy, knowing what needed to be done. Catching his eye, she flicked her hair attempting to emulate the likes of Casandra and the other Bitchettes.

“Hey” she whispered, awkwardly waving as she did so.

“Hey” the boy replied in an equally quiet tone. He gestured down towards the empty spot on the bench beside him and without another word Lavender took a seat. “I’m sorry to hear about your friend” he whispered to her, offering her a comforting smile.

“Thank you” she replied her usual quiet tone. “You’re actually the first person to say that to me” she continued. “Well that’s kinda to be expected. Everyone in this schools an arsehole” he said, looking around at his fellow students. “Even today, people going around in horror costume when other students have literally been killed. And then there’s Casandra Clooney attempting to act like a saint, with this charity party” he said, as his eyes wandered down towards the girls costumes.

“Which it looks like you’re on your way to” he said in a judgemental tone. “Not my idea, I swear” she said defending her actions. “Let’s just say I am being forced into a compromising position” she told him. “You never know, it could be fun” she said attempting to make light of this situation.

“Anything involving those bitches is never fun” Caleb moaned. “I can guarantee you, that party is going to be a living hell” he continued stepping away from the bench. “But I do wish you the best of luck, I am sure that tonight will go… Swimmingly” he said. “Looks like rain try not to melt?” he said awkwardly.

“What?” she asked, shaking her head in confusion.

“Because you’re a witch. You know melt, it was a poor joke” he said attempting to laugh it off, as he pointed towards the dark sky. Before he could walk away, Lavender stood up and approached him with a smile.

“So what are you doing tonight, if the party isn’t really your scene?” she questioned. He looked up towards the sky as rain drops now began to fall from the heavens. “Just going to watch some scary movies” he whispered, smiling at her once more. “I really am sorry about Raven, if you need anything you know where to find me” he continued, as she smiled back at him. “Literally, you’re everywhere I turn Jensen” he said narrowing her eyes as he slowly turned to walk away.

However, this time she let him leave, now fearing that he was on to her and the operation. As another clap of thunder echoed above the school, Lavender quickly ran towards the main body of the school, as heavy rain now began to fall.

  Town Square Bus Station 

The trio hastily walked back to the towns square, avoiding the gaze of the citizens and public school students, who all giggled at their outfits. “Well this is humiliating” David sighed, which prompted Clara to sigh loudly.

“Please, you guys can at least pass for hipsters. I am in a ball gown and cheap wig” she sighed, scratching at the synthetic blonde headpiece. “Anyway, since we have to get back to school to await further instruction, I propose we get a taxi. My treat” she said sarcastically withdrawing a ten pound note from her shoe.

“Sounds good to me” David sighed, as the trio ran out from the shelter to simultaneously wave at a taxi. As the black cab stopped in front of them the teens rushed to get out of the rain. “Windsor Academy please, as fast as possible” David whispered to the driver, before the vehicle zoomed off.

“You still got everything?” Clara whispered to Oscar, who merely pattered his backpack. “Everything’s going to be okay, we’re going to win” she whispered, smiling at the two boys as she rubbing the back of Oscar’s hand with her own blood stained one.

As the taxi approached a red light, Oscar turned to look out of his window. “Shit” he shouted loudly, concealing his face underneath his red jacket. “That’s my dad” he told the others, who’s eye immediately shot towards Elias Olsson, who stood outside his bar holding an umbrella. “Who’s he talking too?” Oscar whispered, as he watched his father and the mysterious man with the pony tail exchange words.

“Maybe it’s just a friend, or business partner” David said, attempting to ease the boy’s curiosity. “My Dad works alone” Oscar replied instantly, as he slowly began to lean closer towards the window. As he did so, he got the perfect view of his father receiving a brown envelope from the man, who began to nod like a bobble head.

“I’m sure it’s noting” Clara whispered trying to comfort the man. But her words fell on deaf ears when Elias laughed at the man’s feeble nature and slapped him with the envelope, before strutting back inside, leaving him to get soaked in the rain. The car fell into an awkward silence, as the traffic lights changed from red to green. The group turned away from the window and sat in silence.

“I always thought, Oliver got his bitchiness from my mum” he whispered. “She was always the bitch in my eyes for leaving my Dad. But now, I don’t what to think. Is he just as bad?” he asked himself, still unable to process what he had just seen. “Listen, I am sure your Dad’s a good guy. We don’t know the fully story” Clara said, attempting to be the voice of reason. “And I promise you, we will get to the bottom of whatever that was, but we need to focus on the task at hand” she said, dismissing all of the boy’s concerns.

Annoyed, Oscar put on a firm pout and returned his attention to the window, no longer wishing to speak. Seeing how she upset her friend, Clara turned to David for support who in turn offered her an understanding smile and a soft, gentle hand touch.


Head Mistress Akiyama stood at the sports hall doors, dressed in her usual attire she accompanied the look with cat ears, and whiskers in an attempt to join the festivities. Students began to gather outside the hall all waiting for the arrival of Casandra. “Welcome, welcome” Akiyama said nervously, as her eyes quickly scanned the crowd. “Happy Halloween everyone” she laughed warmly, as the many of the crowd began to cheer.

“Now, when you are inside please remember the ground rules” she said, affirming her voice. “No masks of any kind, no alcohol, no pranks or antics, no inappropriate behaviour of any kind” she insisted. “Less I remind you all, whilst this event remains a party, it is also a memorial for your fellow students. So please behave” she said, as the students looked at each other with fear. “And without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, our head girl Casandra Clooney” Akiyama said theatrically gesturing to her side.

Dressed in a queen of hearts costume, Chasity rolled her eyes, as her former friend strutted in wand in hand now flocked by Vev and Leo. The new addition caused Chasity’s eyes to widen in shock and her mouth to gawk open. Had she truly been replaced in a matter of hours?

“Fellow Ozians” Casandra said in a high pitched voice, as she waved her wand in the air. “I’m just kidding” she said, forcing laughter from herself and Akiyama. “Seriously, everyone welcome to the first annual, Windsor Academy Halloween fun night” she said, as she started her own round of applause.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning up tonight” she said dramatically as she placed her hand on her glitter covered chest. “We as a community haven’t had the easiest start to the school year. Heck we haven’t even had the easiest twenty-four hours” she said in an honest tone, managing to catch the eyes of Dean as the words passed her lips. “But this night is a direct response to everything that has happened. A direct response that fear will not silence us, that Windsor Academy will always prevail” she shouted, which finally won the crowd over to her side.

As the applause and cheers flooded over her, both Casandra and Akyima smiled proudly. “Now, whilst it is super sad the croquet match was cancelled due to the weather, I have been informed that it will happen at a later date. So I hope all you aspiring players keep your swinging arms… Swinging” she said unsure of how to finish her own analogy.

“However, there is plenty fun to be had inside, so without further ado… Welcome” Casandra giggled, as she tugged on the pink ribbon that wrapped itself around the door. Pushing it open Casandra’s eyes widened in horror.

Her ‘tasteful’ decorations were now replaced with nightmare inducing ones. She screamed loudly, as the carless students pilled in un-phased by the graveyard themed party. Akyima shot Casandra furious look, as she clocked tombstones which read.

‘Here lies Queen Callista Ranza’ 1997-2015 ‘Rot in Hell’

‘Here Lies Cameron Johansson’ 1998- 2016 ‘Irrelevant’

‘Here lies Theodora ‘Dolly’ Memphis 1997-2016 ‘She died as she lived, on here back’

‘Here lies Olivia Wright’ 1997-2016 ‘Queens Bees Don’t Fly’

  25 Minutes Later: Sports Hall 

(Bump in the Night – Scooby Doo) Akiyama had Casandra backed into a corner, as the girl remained at a loss for words. “I have no idea how this happened Head Mistress, I swear” Casandra cried. As the students wondered around the building with fascination.

“This is a disaster” Akiyama cried out. “A total disaster. If any parents see this then it will be my head they come for, and believe me Miss Clooney I will take yours before they can take mine” she hissed at the girls face. “Now if you’d excuse me, I have to do some damage control, before any of these little shits post pictures online” she hissed, storming away dramatically.

Casandra flopped herself down on a seat, gazing around the room in abject horror as her perfectly crafted party fell into disarray. Music slowly started to arise from the DJ booth, as the younger students flocked towards the dance floor. Running over in her black cat suit and kitty ears, Vev hopped on the seat to Casandra’s right, with Leo soon taking the seat to her left. “This is all ruined, who would do something like this” she cried dramatically, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

“Don’t cry” Leo whispered, as he patted her shoulder slowly. “It will ruin your gorgeous makeup” Leo said, dramatizing his voice to appease Casandra’s need for GBF. Handing her a tissue, the boy’s action gave Casandra a brief moment of happiness.

“So is he an official member now?” Vev asked curiously, at which point Casandra’s head snapped straight to her.

“Of course he is, besides we have more important things to worry about. Like who the fuck ruined my party!” Casandra screamed, gesturing widely to the entire hall. “What, the hell happened. I gave you strict instructions to lock this place, to avoid any pranks such as this!” Casandra screamed into Vev’s face.

“Well, Logan came in and started to flirt with me, at least that’s what I think he was doing” Vev explained. “And then he became all smouldering and mysterious” she said, slowly trailing off into a day dream. “And, um…” she sighed, thinking about the boy’s eyes.

“Erm, hello! I thought we moved passed this repressed horny Vev phase” Casandra screeched as Leo remained awkwardly uncomfortable, with the constant mention of Logan’s name. “Put aside the fact that you were over boy’s mere hours ago. What does Logan Kendrick have to do with you not locking the doors?” Casandra roared at such a pitch, that her voice cracked and seemingly faded into a whistle.

“Well, he then turned really weird. I thought he was going to ask me to the party. But then he did a complete one eighty and said he was going to scout for other girls, and that he was going to come with Leo” she said pointing towards the boy.

He leaned forward to speak, but Casandra merely placed her hand in front of the boy’s face, acting like a barrier. “Stop dragging Leo into this, answer my question!” she roared.

“Then I got frustrated and upset. I just ran out in a confused mess and must have just forgot. Casandra I am so sorry” she cried with sorrow, gabbing onto her friends arm in desperation.

“Look, you two have some things to resolve, so how about I get us some drinks. And we can just, all relax and sort everything out from there” Leo said politely.

“See, this is why you’re such a gem Leo” Casandra sighed, before wrapping her arms around the boy’s neck. Squeezing him tightly, as Vev slowly leaned back into her chair, looking and feeling defeated.

  Behind Windsor Academy 

The group ran through the woods and headed towards the school. Still wearing their costumes, the group were a mess as rain continued to soak them. In one dramatic action, Clara grabbed the soggy wig and threw it off of her head and onto the ground, releasing her gorgeous flowing brown locks once more. “Thank fuck for that” Clara laughed, as the rain began to drench her regular hair.

“We need to get back to school, with Casandra’s party we will just blend right in” Oscar shouted over the thunder and lightning that continued to rage above them.

“What are we even supposed to be looking for at this point?” David questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious” Clara stated with the school now firmly in sight. “The killer is making us collect items they’ve used to kill other victims. I don’t know who was killed with that phone or that wrench. But I think we’ll soon find out” she sighed, as they grew ever closer to reaching the grounds.

“Like they said on the phone, they’re leading us to whomever is alive. And the other, safe to say one of, if not both of these weapons were used to kill them” she said, as her mind raced with thoughts of both Tyler and Raven. She couldn’t bare herself to say it out loud, but Clara wished for Tyler to be alive. For he was the last trace of Olivia she had, the last lingering thread of her best friend, they needed each other to get through this, and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him.

The same familiar sound rang through their ears as the burner phone, beeped.

“Right on cue” Oscar sighed, as the group stopped and gathered around the phone. Clara stared at the raindrop covered screen, and slowly turned up to the boys. “What now?” they both asked in perfect synchronisation.

“You’ve played the game and found the clues that the police could not” she read aloud. “To reward you and all your little friends, I have arranged a special present for Casandra’s fright night” she continued staring up at the boys who exchanged a look of fear.

“One more present lies ahead, and if you think this rain is bad, you see the deep trouble he’s in” she sighed, her voice cracking as she read the sickening message. “Oh my god, the pool! They’re going to dump him in the pool!” Clara screamed, as the boy’s eyes lit upon hearing the revelation for themselves.

Not willing to waste another second, Clara ran, leaving the boy’s in her wake, as the struggled to keep up with her, sliding about in the mud as they all headed towards the school.

  Sports Hall: Casandra’s Table 

(Riverdale Cast – Let’s Go Out Tonight) As a broken down Casandra sat slouched over a table, with Vev rubbing her back she was soon joined by a familiar face. “Oh my god Dean” she whispered, leaning into the boy before he could even take a seat. Seeing the two interact took Vev by surprised, likewise was Chasity who watched from the other-side of the room, before slowly slinking her way towards the drinks table.

“Well this is” Dean squinted looking around at the party’s décor.

“Not my idea, someone broke in and changed it all” she sighed, dramatically rubbing her temples as she did so. “Anyway, take my mind off it. What have you come as?” she questioned staring down at the boy’s costume.

“Dead rugby player” Dean sighed tugging against the jersey. “Cohen’s idea. Be prepared to see lot more of these bad boy’s tonight. The whole rugby team will be wearing the same” he said attempting to make the girl laugh.

“Ground-breaking” Casandra sighed in disappointment.

“Look, I know it all seems bad but it can’t get any worse. Just try to think positively” he said in an unusually upbeat tone, in a bid to cheer the girl up.

An attempt which ultimately failed, as Casandra remained stone-faced and slowly turned her attention to the shadow looming over her shoulder. “Well Dean I am afraid it has just gotten worse” Maggie Mendoza said, staring down at the pair. “Miss Clooney the buffet table is completely empty and students are coming to me complaining” she said, sounding incredibly annoyed. “So I am here to pass the complaints on. Feed them now!” the teacher hissed, before storming away.

“Lovely conversation Mother” Dean sighed as Casandra shot up in another blind panic.

“Oh god, Chasity was supposed to move the food out. Great, just great can this day get any greater… I think not” She said dramatically, moving away from her chair.

“Again, calm down and breathe. I’ll help you carry it, just show me where you’re keeping it all” he said, now too leaving his seat.

“Most of it is in the kitchen’s fridges and freezers. So we’ll start with those, give them a chance to defrost before all the savages swamp the buffet table” she said, slowly moving towards the exit.

“Well, after you my lady. I follow thee” Dean said theatrically as the pair headed for the kitchen, leaving Vev alone at the table.

“What the fuck” Vev shouted, confused by the pairing and strange exchange that the pair just had. Out of the corner of her eye she then saw him, Cohen and his usual minions, all of whom scanned the room unaware of Casandra’s disappearance. “Well, this is going to be a bumpy night” she said, hopping off her chair and storming towards the boys.

  Sports Hall: Drinks Table 

As Leo slowly began to pour the drinks he looked around at the students, who grouped together in their individual cliques, dancing and laughing as they enjoyed the party, unaware it had already been sabotaged.

He stared blankly at the soft drinks, regrouping his thoughts. He knew he may regret becoming Casandra’s purse puppy, but he knew the alliance was a vital to his survival. He needed someone, to share moments of joy that would cancel out the inevitable darkness, someone to care about and someone to love.

He felt a slight breath on his neck, slowly turning around to see Chasity standing behind him. “Hey” she whispered, tugging on heart embroiled tutu. “How are you Leo?” she asked politely.

“Fine” Leo said solemnly, avoiding eye contact with the girls as a wave of embarrassment came over him. He suddenly remembered the feeling of being trapped inside the taxi with both Chasity and Oliver. He didn’t wish to continue this conversation, he not only feared the girl’s wrath from replacing her, but he feared the questioning that would soon follow. “It was nice seeing you the other night” she said, smiling softly at the boy. “You too” he replied, taking the drinks into his hand and attempting to walk away from the girl.

“Please wait” she said, halting the boy in his tracks. “You’re doing a very silly thing Leo” she confessed. “I don’t know why you stopped speaking to Clara and the others, but Casandra is not a good replacement” she said, looking at the boy with meaningful attention. “She will destroy you, like she destroys everyone else” she explained, as Leo diverted his gaze feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“I don’t want to talk about this” he whispered, once again attempting to walk away. However, she grabbed one of the cans in his hand and pulled him back, forcing him to face her.

“You’re surrounding yourself with toxic people” she said, sounding genuinely concerned for the boy. “I may not know what you’re standing relationship is with Logan and I don’t wish to pry” she added, as Goosebumps slowly rose across the back of Leo’s neck. He clenched his eyes and braced himself for the questioning.

“But I am not blind, I can tell that he did something to you. Please don’t do this to yourself” she cried, attempting to comfort the boy by rubbing his shoulder.

Leo opened his mouth, but Logan’s voice echoed from behind them. Standing before them dressed as Superman, Logan radiated arrogance. “There you are roomie” he shouted, throwing his arms around the boy in an overtly friendly manner. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you” Logan said, squeezing the boy with his padded arms.

“Hey Chas, how are you?” Logan asked, tilting his head as he stared into the girls soul. Feeling the animosity Chasity slowly began to back away. “If you need anything Leo, please just come find me. And remember, watch your back with that one” she whispered. As she turned away from the boy, she scanned the room for a friendly face. But she found nothing, no welcoming gaze or greeting, she was alone in a sea of monsters and ghouls. Suddenly, chanting came from the doors and in stormed the rugby boys. Donning torn up rugby kits and fake blood, they stormed in before quickly hitting the breaks to soak in the horror of the room’s decor.

“Wow sick” Oliver shouted, in amazement. And it was in that exact moment, that she realised the only friendly face she had, was her boyfriend.

Logan turned to Leo, as his false smile slowly faded into a scowl. “What the actual fuck, I heard you’re now BFFS with Casandra now” he hissed, whispering into the boy’s ear. “I thought I made it clear, I don’t want you to be friends with_”

“You said I couldn’t be friends with Clara and the others, and I’m not” Leo responded, cutting the boy off. “I am friends with Casandra, and with amount of money I made you today, I don’t think you’re in any place to deny me the right to have friends” he responded.

His defiance prompted Logan to lean in closer and slowly tug on the back of the boy’s hair. “Fine I’ll let you be friends with her, but if you keep this attitude up, I’ll lock you in the room and make sure the only face you see is mine” he continued, slowly backing away from Leo, who rubbed the back of his throbbing head.

“Do I make myself clear?” he asked the American boy, snatching one of the cans out of his hands.

“Crystal” Leo replied. The boys were once again interrupted, but this time by an out of breath Vev, who too clutched onto one of the cans in Leo’s hand. Her appearance made the boy more relaxed, he no longer feared Logan as someone was with him.

“Leo darling have you seen Casandra?” she asked curiously. “She went to get the food fifteen minutes ago” she explained. “Speaking of which, why have you taken so long with these drinks” she panted gulping down the fizzy content.

“I’ve been busy” Leo whispered, staring Logan from the corner of his eye.

“Anyway, I am going to find Cassie, be right back” she added, quickly strutting away from the two boys.

“Enjoy being around that energy. Because you’re officially a bitchette” Logan whispered into his ear, once again brining Leo’s mood crashing down to earth.

  Meanwhile in the Kitchens  

“Come on, we’re already late” Casandra shouted, as Dean carried several boxes of snacks before dumping them onto a trolley. He looked up at her breathing heavily, as the trolley moved along, “What, I can’t do any heavy lifting in this thing” she said as she ruffled her long dress.

“Could you at least help with the last box? It is too heavy to lift on my own” Dean asked, extending his arm in prince-like fashion.

“Fine” she sighed loudly, jump off the table she had previously been lounging on to take Dean’s hand. With one stiff push, Dean opened the school’s freezer only to be met with a thick layer of icy fog. “Jesus, it’s freezing in here” Casandra shouted as she rubbed her bare shoulders.

“Well it is a freezer after-all” Dean replied jokingly, as the two approached the final box which was labelled ‘Ice Cream Cake’. The boy smiles at the shivering girl, whilst he grabs one side of the box.

“What?” she asked curiously, catching the boy staring at her.

“Nothing” he sighed, as Casandra slowly began to lift the box with as little effort as possible.

“Anyway, why are you so happy today?” she asked him, as she slowly backed away towards the door. “Yesterday you were usual brooding angry Dean. What changed?” she asked.

“Well, this may sound corny and embarrassing. But you did” he confessed as the pair exited the large freezer, to dump the box onto the trolley with the other boxes. “I woke up this morning with such a weight lifted off my chest” he confessed, standing as close to Casandra as she would allow him.

“Telling you everything, made me feel so much better. I kept these secrets hidden for a whole year and just to finally tell someone made me feel so at ease” he said, as Casandra hung off his every word.

She leaned into him, gazing longingly into his eyes unable to tear herself away from him. Likewise, Dean slowly moved closer to the girl, continuing his confession in a soft airy breath. “I have been so angry for so long” he whispered. “And I am tired of being angry” he told her.

“I understand” she finally replied. “Recently, I feel like the entire world hates me. I lost Cali, then I lost Liv, I feel like my own boyfriend doesn’t want to spend time with me. And then today I lost Chas who now thinks I’m a bitch” she confessed in an equally breathy voice. “Everything I do, and everything I am is a direct response to how I am viewed by those people” she told him, running her finger down the boy’s chin. “Perhaps I one day, I too feel that weight lifted off my chest” she whispered, looking up at the boy’s gorgeous green eyes.

“The world doesn’t hate you” he told her, now stroking her chin in return. “And if Cohen doesn’t want to spend time with you, then more fool him” he whispered into her ear. “Because I think you’re amazing” he confessed to her. The two trailed off as their lips slowly grew closer together, but just before their lips could touch Casandra backed away in a hurry, flattening her hair before fanning her blushing face.

“We need to get this food to the party, before Akiyama kills me herself” Casandra said, in an awkward laugh. Dean smiled at their interaction, slowly turning back around to close the freezer door. As he reached out for the handle he felt an intense weight on his shoulders as Casandra jumped onto him. Spinning her around, their eye’s met and lips softly touched together.

As they kissed, a loud clang came from the opposite end of the kitchen. Breaking the tender moment to towards the noise the pair soon turned to each other with fearful expressions. “What was that?” Dean asked, as his raced.

“Fuck it” she replied, pulling on jersey to draw his lips to her. As the pair passionately kissed, they both returned to shutting their eyes. Leaning onto the door’s handle door for support, Dean soon lost his balance when a mysterious figure booted Casandra in the back toppling them and forcing them to the floor.

Both screamed, as Dean attempted to catch Casandra. Turning around they were met by a slamming door as the freezer closed on them.

  Sports Hall 

“Move your arses now!” Clara roared as the trio bolted down the corridor. The duo weaved their way through numerous students, pushing and shoving as they did so. “Cut through the sports hall, its much faster” she shouted as they ran into the room. Suddenly Clara and the others froze, gazing around at the horror filled room. “What the fuck was she thinking” Clara blurted out, believing this to be the work of Casandra. “This was not how it was” David whispered in disbelief turning around to soak in the décor.

“Clara, guys” Joel shouted from across the room. But the group didn’t have time to stop, Clara continued to walk away speeding towards the other set of doors.

“Sorry Joel, we’ll catch up later. I promise!” Oscar roared securing his bag under a table as the group headed for the exit, forcing the rugby player to freeze in his tacks. “Watch my bag” he added, before following Clara and David.

But just as the group got to the doors they were forced open by group of horrifying individuals in gruesome prosthetics, who all wielded various weapons. Leading the charge was blood covered zombie, who started up a chainsaw.

The room was sent into mass hysteria, forcing the students to run for their lives as the monsters ran amok in the room. “Keep going. They need us” Clara screamed, pushing a Vampire Bat out of her way and charging through the door.

Likewise David soon followed suit, forcing the Bat to the floor as he made it through the door. Oscar lingered, attempting to find Joel with little avail. He followed his friends hopping over the body of the vampire as he headed towards the pool.

On the other side of the hall Joel face first into Lavender who was finally arriving, uncharacteristically late. “What the hell is going on here?” she screamed, as the rugby players knocked into them, upon fleeing the room.

“I don’t know but we need to get out of here” Joel screamed, as the zombie with the chainsaw charged towards them.

“But what about Daniel, I can’t find him anywhere?” she panted, as Joel forcibly backed her away.

“We’ll find him! But for now we have to get the fuck out of here” he roared. The pair ran off down a corridor followed by several of the weapon carrying monsters.

  Mystical Lake 

Tyler sat with Olivia their bodies floating above the dense body of water. “I keep telling you, I can’t tell you” she sighed, running her hands through the water. But no matter how hard Tyler tried he couldn’t touch the water.

“Please, I need to know. Who killed you” he begged, forcing his girlfriend to look at him. “Please Olivia” he continued as a gentle smile appeared on Olivia’s face.

“Sweetheart, you really need to wake up. I promise if you do, then you can find out yourself” she told him attempting to coax the boy out of his dazed state. “Wake up Ty” she begged him, as her entire body began to drop into the water.

“Liv, where are you going?” he asked his voice straining as tears formed in his eyes. “Liv” he screamed as the girl’s entire body became submerged.

“Wake up, stop them. Do it for me” she pleaded, as he entire faced was covered. He desperately reached out for her attempting to save her from the engrossing water that now ravenously consumed her face.

“Liv, please stay with me” he cried. “Please, I can’t do this on my own. I will never be as smart as you” he cried. “I will never be able to find out who’s behind this” he said, his eyes now streaming with tears, as he watched Olivia slowly drift to the bottom of the lake.

“Please don’t leave me alone” he cried, as he heard Olivia’s voice whispering into her ear.

“I love you” she cried. “Do it for me” she sighed, as his eyes flickered shut.

  School Pool 

Clara leapt over the doors ledge, freezing to scope the blue tinted room. The body of water bobbed up and down as the bleachers seats remained eerily empty. The sound of a gentle squeak, echoed throughout the room as her stomach sank with the sickening feeling that she was being watched.

Finally turning her attention down towards the pool Clara gasped, as she saw a body bag dangling from the diving board, their head skimming the top of the water as a chain gradually lowered the body into the pool. “Holy shit” Clara screamed, as she was finally joined by the two boys who looked on in horror as they too saw the body.

“Who do you think that is?” Oscar asked, in a breathy panic stricken voice.

“Let’s find out, shall we” Clara said determinedly, charging towards the body tip-toeing around the wet pool in her heels. Neither boy followed her, and merely gawked at something that lay just beyond Clara. Spinning around, Clara shouted “Come on, what are you guys waiting for?” and when she turned to face the body, she too was stricken with fear.

Standing before them was the masked figure, who stared right back at them, unarmed but ever so dangerous. “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, please don’t. Because there is three of us and only one of you” Clara roared, as the room was plunged into darkness. “Clara” David screamed.

“Where are you?” Oscar shouted, as the pair slowly began to make their way towards the girl, holding on to each other to as to not fall into pool.

When the lights finally turned back on the three individuals were alone, and the body bag was now completely submerged in the water, as the chain rocked side to side. “Oh my god!” Clara screamed, bracing herself to take off her heels. But before she could, she felt a sharp pain in the side of her arm, as the killer scrapped her arm with the blade.

The girl screamed with fear as she the pain forced her to lose balance. “Clara!” Oscar screamed tackling the figure across the slippery floor, briefly knocking the knife out of their hands. “David grab the knife” Oscar screamed, as he used his knees to pin the masked the figure into the floor.

But with brief moment of distraction, the masked figure threw Oscar into the pool. David grabbed the knife, but was quickly booted in face by masked figure. “Mother fucker” he grunted, as his body was knocked into Clara’s.

Oscar emerged from the water with the body bag in hand, but was once again booted into the water by the masked figure. David wrapped his thick muscles around the killer’s neck, but was also attacked when the struggling killer plunged the knife into his shoulder.

The boy yelped with pain, as he was once again forced onto the floor. Backing into the corner with Clara, who was panting and frantically clutching at her wound. They looked at each other in the eyes, as the killer loomed over them with their blood soaked knife. “Guess this it” Clara whimpered, clutching onto the boy’s hand.

“Guess so” he replied, allowing her to bury her face into his chest as the killer raised their blade.

Oscar once again emerged from the water with a deep bloody gash in his head, struggling to keep the body bag out of the water. “Clara” he screamed in fear, reaching out for his friend who concealed herself with David’s protection.

But before the killer could finish the job, they were hit over the head with a life preserver and knocked to the floor. “Oh my god, are you guys okay?” Chasity asked, stepping over the masked figures body to inspect the duo.

“Oh my god, Chas I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see you in my entire life” David panted, as Clara slowly removed her face from his chest.

“What happened here?” Chasity asked. Crouching to meet their eye level, she reached out touched Clara’s wound forcing the girl to jolt with fright. “The whole school is in chaos, I thought this was going to be another one of those freaks in makeup” she sighed, whipping the blood from her hand onto her skirt.

“They’re getting away” Oscar screamed, forcing the girl to turn behind her just in time to see the figure running out of the door. “Oscar, what are you doing in there?” she shouted, standing up properly to offer her hand to the boy. “And you’re bleeding” she said, in an informative tone.

“Thanks, hadn’t notice. Now, a little help would be great” he panted, lifting the bag over his shoulder and onto the side of the pool. Doing as instructed, Chasity dragged the bag further back allowing Oscar room to finally escape it’s watery depths. “Is this a real body?” Chasity said, once she finally realised what she pulling.

“Yes” Clara sighed, forcing herself to her feet. But before David could do the same, she patted his head. “Rest, you’re bleeding too heavily conserve your energy” she panted, smiling at the boy as she did so.

“So whose body is it?” Chasity asked, gazing down towards it.

The tension was palpable, Clara did not answer her question and instead lowered herself onto her knees to toggle with the zip. “Only one way to find out” she said, repeating her sentiment from before. Slowly she began to unzip the bag, everyone’s eyes twitched and their stomach’s turned as the bloody bloated body of Raven was finally revealed. “Oh my god” Chasity screamed backing away from the body.

Unable to hold in his disgust, Oscar turned around and vomited into the pool. Unable to look at the site, Clara stood up once again, turning to David who was unable to see the toothless, mess of a face. “It’s Raven” she cried. “We need to find Tyler, and fast” she added, turning around to look at the body.

“What do you mean find Tyler?” Chasity asked in horror, returning her attention to the girl.

“It’s a long story” she said dismissively, now more than ever wanting to end the sickening mission. “One of us needs call the police and to stay with him. I don’t want Raven to be alone anymore” she said with no emotion, as she continued to stare down at the body. “I’ll do it” Chasity replied instantly. “You guys do what you need to do?” she said somehow addressing all three members at once, as David rose to his feet. “Just make sure you find Tyler safe and well, and end this shit okay?” she said, attempting to fill the group with determination, as she finally withdrew her phone.


Meanwhile, Casandra and Dean remained trapped in the freezer, unaware of who exactly placed them there. “Help us” Casandra screamed, as she viscously banged against the door. As Dean sat on the floor, leaning against the shelves for support.

“No one’s coming Cas” he whispered with a defeatist attitude. Her perfectly manicured hand slid down the window, leaving a mark of where it once rested. “We just have to wait this out” he sighed, bumping his head against the unit. “This is probably what we deserve anyway” he continued.

“What do you mean, this is what we deserve?” Casandra cried, kicking her heels off as she approached the boy. “How do we deserve this, we’re going to die in here” she roared. “What we both said before was stupid” he confessed in a solemn voice. “We both do horrible things, and yet we attempted to justify our misdeeds with positive feelings” he said, profoundly reflecting upon his previous statements. “We kinda had this coming. Karma literally beat us down” he said, forcing himself to laugh.

“Fuck Karma, I stand by my statement. I do what I need to do to survive” she said, as she joined him on the floor. “And if this is seriously how I die, then I am going to have some choice words for Mr Christ when we get up there” Casandra said, making light of the situation and joining in with the laughter.

She slowly withdrew her phone and began to click on the video section. “What are you doing?” Dean asked her, as he watched on in fascination.

“I am making a video will, because if we do die in here then I at least want my last wishes to be fulfilled” she told him, as she pressed play. “Hello, if you’re watching this then both Dean and I are dead” she said to the camera, snapping into a serious tone. “What if one of us survives?” Dean asked.

“Please, if I die then I am going to make damn sure you die too” Casandra giggled, but her face soon turned from joy-filled to serious. “Fine, if you’re watching this then I am dead. I am making this video to ensure my final wishes are fulfilled” she repeated. “To my dearest parents, please be respectful with your loss and wear black for an entire year Queen Victoria style” she said, which made the boy smile yet again.

“Donate my clothes to a woman’s shelter or something, I won’t have much use for them were I am going” she said forcing herself to laugh, as her eyes briefly glazed over. “As for the crown… Leo you’re in charge now. I know we’ve only been friends for a short time, but I know you’ve got what it takes bitch. As for you Vev, thank you for your years of friendship, but do what Leo wants you’re his right hand now” she said, blowing a kiss to the camera.

“Cohen, I may not have been happy with the last few weeks of our relationship. But thank you for being my first love, thank you for giving me so many special memories. I hope our time together lives with you for the rest of your life” she told him as her she began to well up. “I love you sweetheart” she confessed, before finally hitting the record button again shutting off the video.

“You okay?” Dean asked her, before wrapping his arms around her.

“Fine, just I really hope nobody gets to see this” she said holding her phone up into the air.

“I was just taking the piss, we’re not going to die in here. Don’t worry, I am sure someone will find us” Dean said in a bid to comfort the girl.

“Well there is a possibility that we will die. But I hope nobody sees this because I lied” she confessed. “I don’t love Cohen, not anymore at least” she whispered, attempting to make sense of her own words. She too leaned against the shelves and the two merely stared at the door. “Do you regret the other thing?” she asked him, her vision fixed on the door. “What we did?” she asked him yet another question.

“No” Dean confessed instantly. “That is perhaps the least regrettable action I have ever made in my entire life” he sighed, grinning as he ran his fingers through the girls hair.

“I’m sorry that you’re unhappy, and I stand by what I said. If he doesn’t see how great you are… More fool him” he said, repeating his own words.

“And you can take anything you want up with Jesus, because if I am going to die with someone, I am glad it’s you” he said. Grasping onto the girls hand, he drew it to his lips and kissed it softly.

“I guess there could be worse people to die with” Casandra said, now kissing the boy’s hand in return.

“We got this” Dean whispered confidently, as the girl nuzzled into his shoulder for warmth. “We’re going to be fine” he said nervously, almost as if he was attempting to convince himself.

  Film Classroom 

As the bolted down a corridor, Joel and Lavender believed they had finally lost the zombie. However, as they rounded the corner they were met with him once again. Firing up his chainsaw, the figure continued to chase the duo. “Jesus Christ, does this guy know when to drop it” Joel screamed as they rounded yet another corner.

“Oh my god!” another voice boomed from the opposite end of the corridor. The duo briefly slowed down to see Vev, still clutching onto her drink being chased by the bat. “Guys what the fuck is this thing?” she screamed running into Joel’s arms.

With two monsters approaching them from each end of the corridor, it seemed as if they would soon be caught. But suddenly Lavender finally perked up, “There, we can hide in there” Lavender whispered, pointing towards an open classroom door. The group acted quickly, running in the direction of the bat, quickly swerving him to slide into the room.

Upon entering they locked it from the inside and regrouped to catch their breaths. “Who is that anyway, the killer?” Lavender asked through her panted breaths as the creatures kicked at the door.

“We don’t think so” Oliver’s voice came from the opposite end of the classroom, the duo jumped turning to see Logan, Leo, Oliver and Jonathan sitting at desks. “If they were the killer, something tells me that we wouldn’t be standing here” he added.

Joel stared at his former friends as the room filled with awkwardness. “How do you know that?” Joel asked, jumping down the boy’s throats. “Well we know that because we’re all still here” Jonathan added, as he stretched out his legs onto the desk in front of him. “For now at least” he added, looking in the direction of Leo.

“Speaking of us all still being here” Vev interrupted in order to address the room. “Has anybody seen Casandra or Dean? I went to check the kitchen for them but the door was locked, I couldn’t get in” she said nervously.

“Well wherever they are, let’s just hope that Cohen doesn’t find them first. Because then they’d be wishing the killer got them first” Jonathan said, sending himself and Logan into a fit of giggles.

“Daniel is missing too, guess this a recurring theme” Lavender said, attempting to fit in with the group. Her eyes slowly moved towards Leo, she fixated on the boy wanting desperately to confront him. If it wasn’t for you being missing then Raven would still be with us, she thought to herself. It’s all his fault, all his fault… However, she refused to verbalise these feelings, refused to confront the boy. Had Leo truly been in his room then Tyler they could have easily warned Raven ahead of time, or so she thought.

“Anyway, who said you guys could crash?” Jonathan asked, flicking a pencil towards Joel. “We were kinda using this room” he said harshly, as Oliver sat in the middle of Logan and Leo wrapping his arms around the them, wanting to get a comfortable view of this confrontation.

“Why don’t you both do us a favour and leave, and when the real killer is slicing you up with a machete then all of us will take your screams as a warning sign” he laughed. Finally having enough Joel charged at the boy.

Punching him square in the nose Jonathan fell to the floor, as the group excitedly jumped out of their seats to watch on in excitement. “You fucking arsehole, what is wrong with you” Joel screamed as he continued to punch the boy. However, in an instant Jonathan forced the boy off him by digging his heels into Joel’s ribs.

Quickly scrambling towards them Lavender and Vev held the boy back, likewise Jonathan was held by Logan and Oliver. “Enough” Lavender screamed, “What are you guys five” she continued. “Can you really not settle this like adults?” she asked annoyingly.

“You know what, great idea” Jonathan insisted. Clutching at his red nose the boy stormed towards the door and threw it open. “Follow me, we can walk and talk” he said in a rather sinister tone. “And we’ll settle this… Like adults” he said storming out the door, expecting Joel to follow his path.

As he began to walk Joel was pulled back by Lavender. “You don’t have to go just because he said so” she insisted.

“Look Lavender, just because you’ve known me for all of five minutes does not give you the right to tell me what I can and can’t do” he replied, tugging his arm away from her as he followed after his friend, slamming the door behind him.

“Well, that was rather dramatic” Oliver scoffed, he began to approach the two girls but slid ever so slightly across the floor. Looking down at this shoe he quickly realised that he had stepped in blood. “Jesus did he crack Johnny’s head open or something” he asked the group who slowly began to gather around a pool of blood, which gathered on the floor.

With Logan’s arm wrapped around his shoulder, Leo jumped with fright as a small drop of blood dripped down his cheek. “Jesus” he shouted quickly patting down his head in search of wound. “I think I’m bleeding” he panted, as Vev’s eyes slowly wondered up towards the ceiling.

“No you’re not sweetie” she sighed gazing up towards the ventilation create, which was dripping in blood.

  Sports Hall 

The trio stumbled into the now deserted sports hall clutching at their battle wounds. “Well what now. Where is Tyler?” David asked as he lowered himself into a seat, blood still oozing from his back.

“I don’t know” Clara panted as she quickly began to scan the room. “They haven’t gave us another clue” she cried, as her heart pounded against her chest. “We just need to think like the killer, where would they put someone to psychologically fuck with their loved ones” she asked aloud. She turned around and suddenly it hit her like a ton of bricks. In the corner of the room rested the graveyard, in which all the victims’ names were written on the tombstones, surrounded by mud and dirt. “He’s buried with Olivia” she whispered to herself.

“What?” Oscar asked in disbelief.

“Not literally. He’s buried in the grave!” she roared, charging towards the props without a second thought. Oscar followed her as a pale David rested his head against the backing of a chair.

As the duo reached the grave site they were met with yet another scare. The monstrous bat popped up from behind Dolly’s grave and screamed into their face. Falling to the floor with fright one of Oscar’s feet slipped through the mud and into Olivia’s grave. The bat was not done yet however, flapping it’s wings it loomed over Clara who refused to back down.

“Leave me alone” she screamed kicking the monster in the crotch. As she did so she too lost her balance and fell to the floor, whilst Oscar struggled to get his foot out of the grave. His struggling was in vain, as he only seemed to sink deeper and deeper into the mud, when suddenly he felt something beneath him.

“There is something down here” he screamed, towards Clara who was slowly backing away from the bat. Oscar quickly began to throw mud into the air desperately glimmering to find what lay beneath the earth.

The bat screeched once again but was suddenly rugby tacked to the floor by David. The boy kneeled on the monster’s chest and delivered several powerful punches to their head. More noise came from the bat, but this time they sounded human. “Enough!!” the bat roared in a human voice, forcing David off his chest and down onto the floor with Clara. “Enough” they repeated in a thick German accent, ripping their mask off to reveal a regular balding man inside the costume. “Jesus what is wrong with you?” the man asked. “We’re hired to perform a horror maze for you brats and this is how you react?” he screamed, clutching onto his nose.

“Horror maze?” Clara said attempting to catch her breath upon the horror she just witnessed.

“Yes, horror maze. The greatest horror maze in the entire world” he explained attempting to adjust his latex costume. “I told them it was a bad idea. Private school kids are nothing but a bunch of brats and it’s stupid trying to treat them to anything” he explained pacing the floor, as Clara and David stared at each other in confusion.

“I’m sorry but I have no idea what’s happen” Clara explained, but before the man could elaborate any further Oscar’s voice boomed across the entire hall.

“Guys, come quick I need your help!” he roared, drawing the attention away from the man and back towards him. Clara and David quickly barged past the man and towards Oscar, whose James Dean jacket was now coated in a dense layer of grime and dirt. Clara gasped as she saw a coffin beneath the ground, buried below Olivia’s grave.

“We need something to open this with, NOW” he screamed looking down at the box. Frozen with fear Clara merely stared at the box, unable to function her only thought was hope. Hope for that of Tyler, and that he would be found alive.

“Here” David shouted scrambling towards a table’s centrepiece which contained plastic weapons. Picking up the bloody sword he tossed it to Oscar who in turn wedged it under the gap of the lid.

The man in the bat suit watched on in confusion, whilst Clara watched on in horror still unable to move she was comforted by David’s warm arm that wrapped around her shoulder. In part attempting to comfort the girl and in part needing her support as much as she needed his, for the wound in his shoulder was starting to have its desired effect.

With several stiff pushes the coffin’s lid came undone. Quickly grabbing into this hand Oscar tossed it across the faux grave yard, and finally let out a gasp of his own.

Resting inside lay a pale Tyler, whose forehead was coated in dry blood. “We’re too late” he cried, as Clara turned away from the body her eyes welling up with tears. But just as she let out a short quick whimper, Tyler’s eyes sprung open as the boy let out a large gasp of air.


Casandra and Dean were now turning a pale and lifeless colour, and their lips were becoming a bright shade of white. She clutched on to the boy’s collar shaking, as he rubbed her shoulder attempting to offer her some warmth.

“Guess this is really it” the girl cried, using all her strength to look up at the boy. “Guess so” he replied, as he slowly began to become teary. “Sorry, guess I was wrong” he sighed.

But Cassandra was no longer interested in talking, she slowly pulled him to her lips and allowed their eyes to meet. “If I am to die, I wish to die with a kiss. Can you help with that?” she asked him nervously.

“Yes, I think I can” he said through a breathy laugh. But just before their lips could touch the door flew open, as Cohen stood on the opposite side. “Oh my god” Casandra screamed, stumbling to her feet in her now tattered gown to charge towards her boyfriend’s arms.

Dean followed suit, quickly making his escape as he slammed the door behind him. “How long have you guys been in there?” Cohen asked, as the two teens attempted to regain their body temperature. “I had to break down the door, looks like someone blocked it from the inside” he explained, as he rubbed Casandra’s back. “I’m just so glad I found you guys when I did” he added, kissing his girlfriend’s cheek passionately.

As their bodies attempted to readjust to the warmth both Casandra and Dean remained in silence, left physically shaken after their traumatic experience.

She pulled away and looked her boyfriend in the eye, “I am so happy you found us” she cried before leaning back into his chest.


Joel knew where he was being lead, the same place his decent from popularity all started the boy’s locker room. Already far ahead of him he could predict Jonathan’s moves before he even made them, and yet he followed his former friend anyway, eager to get all of the aggression off of his chest.

Just as Jonathan rounded the corner ahead of him, Joel heard a barely audible whisper, a whisper which beaconed him towards the door of the teacher’s office.

Leaning into a small crack in the door he saw Mr Mendoza sprawled across the couch with young girls jumper across her face. “Cali, Cali, Clai” he sighed to himself, blissfully unaware that he was being watched by the teenage boy. It was in that moment that Joel realised the teach her was pleasuring himself.

“What the fuck” he whispered, withdrawing his phone to quickly record a video. “Joel!” Jonathan roared from the opposite end of the corridor, forcing the teacher to arise.

The boy quickly stumbled away from the door and placed his phone back into his pocket. Before the teacher could see him, he ran in the direction of his former, still in disgust at what he had just witnessed.

Peering around the door Simon saw nothing but an empty corridor with the echoing sound of running footsteps. With a loud grunt he slammed the door and returned to his previous business.

  Film Classroom 

The group stared in silence, unable to pry their eyes away from the horrific site of the blood. “What do you think is up there?” Vev asked the group nervously.

“Well, only one way to find out, isn’t there” Oliver decreed, pushing a desk out of the way to manoeuvre a chair directly below the create. He patted the metal with his shaking fingers, attempting to convince the others he wasn’t as she scared as he actually was.

“Be careful mate” Logan said from beneath him, looking up anxiously as he quickly dodged yet another drop of blood.

“Careful?” Oliver scoffed falsely. “What like I’m gonna fall or something” he laughed, as Vev and Lavender exchanged a brief look which indicated they weren’t buying the tough-guy act. “Besides, there is nothing to be scared of. Probably just a prank, in fact I bet you Cohen is the one behind this” he laughed. No longer paying attention he pushed against the create, laughing carelessly as he did so.

Suddenly a decapitated head fell from the ceiling and into Leo’s arms, the American let out an ear piercing scream as he instinctively threw the head towards Vev, blood splattering across the group and room in the process.

In turn the bitchette let out another scream, hurling the head back towards Oliver who booted it across the room and towards the teacher’s desk. By doing so he lost his footing on the chair and crashed down onto the floor.

“What the fuck is that?” Logan screamed, as the head slowly rolled around, revealing it to be the based in face of Blair Robison. The kids all screamed in unison and charged for the door, with Vev and Oliver pushing the others out of their way in the process. Logan wrapped his arms around Leo and cut Lavender off, but as the door finally opened they once again screamed with fright.

Standing on the opposite side was Daniel, who in turn screamed at all of the commotion.

“What is wrong with you guys?” he asked, pushing his thick blond hair out of his face.

“Oh my Daniel, where have you been” Lavender asked, shoving her way to the front in order to leap into the boy’s arms.

“Lavender” the boy shouted, as he tightly wrapped his arms around her back. “What’s going on, the school has lost it?” he asked the kids in a panic stricken voice. “I was trying to ask some first years what happened, then I heard screaming coming from this class. Are you guys all okay?” he asked clocking the blood.

“Erm we will be, we just need to get the fuck out of here now” Vev screamed, indicating towards the severed head on the floor.

Before the boy could give them any advice a large group of students walked past them lead by Mrs Mendoza. “All students are to report back to the hall immediately” she roared finally passing the classroom.

“What are you lot doing in there? You know classrooms are out of bounds unless given strict permission” she asked, approaching the kids in her loud heels. “I thought you of all people would remind them of that Mr Johansson” she said disappointedly.

“I’ve just got here Maggie, and I wouldn’t look in there if I were you” he insisted, attempting to block the door.

As he did suddenly Vev’s phone rang aloud. “Hey Cas what’s up?” she asked as Daniel and Maggie’s conversation continued.

“What have they egged my husband’s desk. Because if so, I’d like to thank them” she said in an attempt to make a joke.

“Oh my god a freezer, I’m on my way” Vev roared, charging past the group and the teacher without another word. Leo attempted to follow her, believing it would be best to not upset Casandra already, but he was held back by Logan who merely shook his head at the boy.

Maggie finally saw the room and backed away in disgust. She turned to Daniel and looked at him in disgust losing all colour in her cheeks. “Call the police, now” she insisted unable to pry her eyes away from the blood splattered teens or the classroom.

  Police Station 

McKenna lay asleep at his desk unaware of the chaos that was ensuing, that was until another officer burst into his investigation room, red cheeked, sweaty and out of breath. “What is it?” McKenna shouted, jumping off his chair with fright.

“Sir, we need to get to Windsor Academy, NOW” the younger officer screamed, as McKenna forced himself out of the seat and out of the door. Unaware that Clara's phone was illuminating the evidence bag, with 'Reboot in progress' written across the screen.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra’s Room 

“And you’re sure I can’t get you anything?” Vev asked from the doorway, as Casandra remained on her bed and Cohen at the door.

“I think she’ll be fine” Cohen said smiling at the other Bitchette, as she began to wave at her leader. “Well enjoy your private time guys, I know when I’m not needed. Don’t wanna block anything” she said as Cohen slowly shut the door on her face.

“Please, tell me why you put up with her?” he asked his girlfriend, joining her on the bed. “Because she is my best friend” Cassie said sincerely. “And because she makes me look prettier” she added returning to her usual self.

As Casandra lay sprawled across the couch in her night gown, Cohen rubbed her legs for warmth. “I know I keep saying it, but thank you so much for saving me” she whispered, through sips of hot chocolate.

“Don’t you mean saving us” Cohen asked, as he avoided his girlfriend’s gaze. “Well I’m sure Dean will be able to tell you that himself. He’s a big boy, I’m not going to speak for him” she added, which seemed to amplify Cohen’s intensity, as his grip on her leg tightened.

“I am giving you this chance to be honest now” he whispered to her. “Are you cheating on me with Dean Mendoza?” he asked, sending the girl into a blind panic of fast paced breaths and incoherent stutters. “That’s just what I thought” he moaned, getting off the bed to collect his coat from her desk.

“Where are you going?” Cassandra asked in disbelief. “Let me explain” she added, quickly following suit as her dressing gown trailed behind her dramatically.

“Explain what, you have been around him all day, and to top things off I basically caught you guys kissing in the freezer” he screamed at her.

“We were trapped in there for hours, and thought we were going to die” she refuted, too raising her voice, as the entire room suddenly snapped into darkness with the failing lights.

“And what difference does that make?” Cohen replied obnoxiously. “I thought you loved me” he sighed, showing genuine emotion towards the girl.

“I do sweetie, I do” she insisted trying to touch him, but the boy quickly batted her hands away and stomped forward towards the door.

“God you even smell like him” he screamed, storming out of the room.

Cassandra followed him in pursuit catching him on the stairs. “Cohen please don’t go, please don’t leave me” she begged, slowly becoming hysterical.

“I won’t leave you, on one condition” he announced, as she quickly nodded willing to do anything to save her relationship. “Tell me why you have been spending so much time with Dean?” he asked. “If you tell me that I’ll stay” he confessed, awaiting at the bottom of the stairs for her response.

Cassie knew she couldn’t tell the truth, as it would have devastating consequences for Dean and his entire family. Instead she shook her head and allowed the tears to fall down her cheek. “Just as I thought” Cohen scoffed as he walked down the second set stairs, exiting periwinkle dormitories and leaving Casandra a crumbling mess on the staircase.

  Sports Hall 

With the exception of the bitchette’s the entire student body slowly began to congregate inside the hall. At one end of the room Dean was being wrapped in a blanket by his mother and showered with kisses, whilst Tyler was being examined by the school nurse, breathing in oxygen from a mask.

Chasity finally entered accompanied by Mr Mendoza, she turned away from the man and walked straight towards Clara, Oscar and David who all sat on the sage, all clutching at their wounds and observing the chaos from afar.

“And who exactly hired you?” Akiyama asked the group of costumed actors.

“We don’t know, we were just deposited a large sum of money and asked to be here tonight” the man bat said. “Had we known what was going on in this school, we would never have accepted the job. I’m afraid your case hasn’t got much coverage over in Germany” the man explained to a pissed of Akiyama.

“He called the police, they’re on their way” Chasity explained to the trio, who smiled at her in admiration.

“Thanks Chas, you really saved our lives back there” Clara sighed, jumping off the stage to offer the girl a hug. As they embraced Chasity ensured she wasn’t putting too much pressure on Clara’s wound, keeping her distance whilst still offering the girl some much needed love.

“Don’t be silly, any one of you guys would have done the same for me” she explained backing away from the girl. “Just sad I didn’t get there sooner, those cuts look pretty deep” she sighed as she examined their wounds.

“Ambulance is on their way too” Oscar explained, as his eyes widened finally catching his blood splattered brother in the crowd, as too did Chasity.

“What the hell” they both said in synchronisation, charging towards the boy.

Clara turned back to David and smiled once more, as she slowly raised herself back onto the stage. “Thanks for everything back there” she sighed. “You were really, really amazing” she added.

“As were you” David laughed, slowly pushing his hand towards hers the two nervously welcomed each other’s touch and took a hold of the other’s hand. As they stared off into the mass crowd.

Far in the other corner of the room, Leo rested his head against Logan’s shoulder as the boys too watched the gathering crowd. “We’ve had a tough day, but now it’s back to business as usual” he explained to the emotionally drained Leo. “You’re still my special guy after all” he explained to the American, regurgitating his dazzling smile. “I know” Leo whispered obediently, remaining in his emotionless state.

“But now I need to mark my territory” Logan whispered into the boy’s ear. “In case anybody else gets any ideas of flirting or forming a friendship with you” he added. Leo quivered in pain as the boy began biting on his ear, before slowly leading a path of kisses to his lips, decreeing their artificial love for all to see.

“Now everybody knows you’re mine” he whispered to Leo, as the crowd began to look at the boys, who in turn whispered about their display.

From across the room Clara and David couldn’t help but smile, believing that Leo had truly found happiness and love. Unaware that he had joined the bitchette’s and unaware of Logan’s true colours.

“Well, at least he’s happy” Clara smiled, as her eyes slowly wondered the room once more finally catching Tyler who offered her a thumbs up, beckoning her to come closer, when suddenly the power was cut…

  Boy’s Locker Room 

The two boys stormed into the room, with Jonathan remaining in the lead he quickly checked each bench section of the room in order to determine if they were alone. Strutting past the rain covered croquet mallets, Jonathan spun on his heels to face Joel once more. “Well looks like we’re alone, ready to handle this like adults?” he asked lowering himself onto one of the benches.

“As always” Joel replied. “I just want to know why you’ve been such a dick recently” he said rather bluntly, as the lights above them began to flicker. “This year you have did a complete one-eighty. You’re more than just a bully, you’re a complete and utter sociopath” he roared at the boy’s face, whilst Jonathan pulled faces mocking the boy.

“Wow, you’re really throwing the word sociopath around a lot this year huh?” Jonathan laughed, as he stretched himself across the bench. “Look here’s my take on this whole situation, you are jealous of me. Always have been and always will be” he said mockingly. “And it has only taken you until this year to fully realise and express that jealousy” he continued his arrogant tirade. “That is why you lash out, because you’re so insecure. Or maybe you just have a dark kinky side and secretly wish you were Jules” he laughed aloud, as Leo rolled his eyes in disbelief.

“You are so full of yourself it is unbelievable. You honestly feel like you’re gods gift to the world or something” he scoffed. “I’ll tell you the real reason why I have been so snappy this year, because you’re right about one thing and one thing only” Joel quickly replied.

“That you’re jealous of Jules and wanna be my bitch?” Jonathan asked sarcastically. “No, that I have realised something” Joel said correcting the annoying remarks. “I have realised that I spent seven years of my life being friends with complete dicks, and it literally took people being murdered for me to see that” he shouted towards his former friend. “You guys are so sick and crazy, that you don’t even care that some of our closest friends are dead” he continued, spitting with rage.

“Please, we totally care” Jonathan said dismissively.

“You only care because it has quickly become apparent that boys are a target now. That is the only reason you care. Don’t even try to lie” he said, staring Jonathan down as the lights above their head finally gave way and turned off completely plunging the two boys into total darkness.

“Jesus this school fucking sucks, you’d think with all the money our parents pay they’d at least be able to afford the electric bill” Jonathan scoffed as he stood up from the bench. As the gentle sound of a door shutting caught the attention of Joel. “Whatever, I’m off you’re boring me now. Turns out I don’t like settling things like adults after all” Jonathan laughed, pushing his forehead against Joel’s as he attempted to walk away.

But he was stopped, as Joel pulled him back away from the shadowy entrance. “Don’t go that way” Joel insisted, having an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Ugh you’re being ridiculous, and don’t fucking touch me” Jonathan shouted as Joel pulled him across the room in pursuit of the fire exit. “Now you’re being fucking ridiculous, what the hell is wrong with y___” as Jonathan opened his mouth the masked figure emerged from the darkness swinging their knife.

Pushing his former friend in one direction and diving in the other, Joel managed to escape their blade, as the killer fumbled over their own feet and crashed into a wall. Crawling around on the floor, Jonathan and Joel snuck into the shower cubicles, desperately hoping that they wouldn’t be seen.

“What do we do” Jonathan whispered, giving away their location. The door flung open, but Joel was too fast and instinctively kicked the killer square in the chest, once again sending them crashing down to the floor.

Joel then quickly sprung to his feet and helped Jonathan onto his. Kicking the killer once more for good measure. A determined Joel now guided a panic stricken Jonathan towards the fire exit. But as the boys pressed their weight against the door their stomachs sank, as a chain locked them inside.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck what do we do?” Jonathan screamed loudly, as the killer was once again getting to their feet. Thinking instinctively, Joel quickly opened one of the boy’s lockers and placed his phone inside. “What are you doing?” Jonathan asked aggressively.

“Creating insurance, just in case” Joel replied nervously. “Regular exit common” he added in an equally loud tone. The boys ran around the room, hoping to throw the killer off in a chase, and as they finally approached the door they believed they had done just that, as there was no one in sight.

“Come on we got this” Joel decaled, but as his arm touched the door Jonathan let out a loud scream, as the killer plunged their knife deep into Joel’s back. Throwing the boy’s body down onto the floor, the killer turned their blade to Jonathan who backed into a corner, cowering with fear. “Jonathan, help” Joel whimpered as he spat out a load of blood.

But his former friend merely clenched his eyes shut as the killer quickly backed away. They slithered towards the croquet mallets and picked up the biggest and heaviest one they could find. Dragging it across the floor, Jonathan shot to his feet wanting to avoid a similarly gruesome fate.

Seeing nothing but Joel’s moving hands gave him hope that he was alone, so Jonathan charged forwards to the door, successfully managing to make his way through it. However, as he turned around to aid Joel, he saw the killer standing over Joel’s body, legs either side of the boy’s hips.

Reaching out for his friend with a bloody hand, Joel desperately pleaded with the boy once more. “Jonathan help me, please” he cried, as tears streamed down his face. The killer remained fixated on the horrified Jonathan, as they slowly raised the mallet into the air.

“Please” Joel cried, crawling forward ever so slightly, as the mallet was quickly swung at the side of his head, splattering blood across the room.

Clutching at his mouth a gagging Jonathan fled the scene, leaving the door to gradually shut on its own accord. “Jonata__” Joel whimpered as the killer delivered another devastating blow to the head.

 15 Minutes Later - Sport’s Hall 

Clara sat next the filthy, bloody boy with a smile on her face. Inhale a deep intake of oxygen Tyler turned to the girl and offered her a smile of his own. “Have I said thank you by the way?” he asked her politely.

“Yes, about nighty times” Clara laughed a loud.

“Well here is thank you, number nighty-one… Thank you” he said before raising the mask to his face once more. “I honestly can’t thank the three of you enough, you truly saved my fucking life” he whimpered, with a quivering lip. “As they say in Toy Story, I am eternally grateful” he sighed.

“Well couldn’t give up on you now could I?” Clara asked sarcastically, as the two turned to the now full room they couldn’t help but wonder if the killer was among them. “Raven is dead” she whispered to him, as her eyes captured a devastated Lavender being comforted by Daniel.

“I know” Tyler replied instantly. “His body was the last thing I saw before, well you know” he said, pointing towards the dug up mound of mud. “I’m sorry you had to play that game, what did they make you do anyway?” he asked the girl curiously. Reaching down underneath the table Clara dragged out Oscar’s backpack and placed it onto the desk. “Weapons, from some of the murders. I don’t know what they were planning, but thank god we won” she decreed, as the boy remained mesmerised by the bag.

“But seriously, you shouldn’t be thanking me” Clara insisted. “Both times when I came face to face with danger today, I froze up and was hopeless. Oliver and David did most of the work” she said feebly. “I thought I was strong, but I’m not. I’m just…. Not” she sighed, no longer being able to look at the boy without feeling overcome with an immese feeling of guilt. “And to top that off you wouldn’t have even been in that stupid box if it wasn’t for me” she moaned, but was quickly silenced by the boy who shushed her.

“Stop” Tyler insisted. “You aren’t weak, you’re just human. Nobody thinks less of you for freezing with fear. It can happen and probably would happen to a majority of people in this room” he said correcting her. Before he could add anymore, he was interrupted by a booming voice that echoed throughout the hall.

“Good evening everyone” Akiyama decreed, silencing the shaken hall in an instant. “I know this has been a long, confusing and scary night” she said in a serious tone of voice. “She can say that again” Tyler joked as he breathed in his air.

“We apologise for the terə ist Leban companies arrival, it turns out someone at this school thought it would be funny to play a prank on the student body and hire foregin horror maze actors to scare you all. But rest assured, we will find the culprit behind this” she said, raising a finger into the air as he did so.

“Yeah, because finding the killer is going so well” Tyler mocked, forcing himself to smile and act as if everything was alright. Clara too smiled, knowing that she shouldn’t.

“But, I would like to take this moment to thank three special people. Clara Stark, Oscar Olsson and our Head Boy David Thomas, for finding the missing body of beloved student Raven Castillo and aiding police in their investigation” she announced as the whole room turned to Clara. “And for finding another beloved student Tyler Stephenson, who has survived a horrific audial and is thankfully here to tell the tale” she said raising her arm out towards Tyler, as the school erupted into applause.

“I now invite the three heroes of Windsor Academy on stage, so we can properly show our appreciation for their courageous bravery” Akiyama declared, as the clapping continued. Merely taking a few steps both Oscar and David stood tall and proud on stage, but Clara remained behind awkwardly.

“Go” Tyler insisted, forcing the girl onto her feet as the students cleared a path for the girl, as they slowly began to chant her name, with Chasity leading the charged. “Clara, Clara, Clara” they shouted in unison, as the girl took to the stage with her head bowed in guilt.

As he watched her from afar Tyler couldn’t help but think of Olivia and everything he saw today. Clara was her best friend, and it was in that exact moment that he realised he needed her more than ever, as she too was his only connection to his lost love.

Standing in the middle of the boys the schools lights turned on at once, quickly railing up the students even more as the cheers began to get louder. But with the room now being illuminated once more, the school gasped as blood dripped down Clara’s cheek.

Other students began to scream in horror, pointing above their heads towards the sun-roof. Following their lead, Clara raised her head upwards only to be met with a barrage of blood and guts, that crashed down onto her.

“Jesus__” David roared, as the body of Joel shattered the glass and came flying down to the floor. Seeing the boy’s mutilated lifeless body sent the room into mass hysteria once more, as everyone scrambled for the fire exit, leaving a baffled Tyler in their wake who stood was aided out of the room by the school nurse.

Looking down at Joel’s sliced open body caused Oscar to faint on the spot, as Akiyama clutched onto the stage’s podium for support. Now covered in the boy’s guts and blood, Clara let out an ear piercing scream of terror, as David turned away to vomit off the side of the stage.

  Outside Windsor Academy 

Sam Tinnesz - Hold On A heard of students stormed out of the gates, as screams reverberated from every direction. Donned in their finest Halloween costumes the children ran off in different directions attempting to get as far away from the school as possible, when suddenly sirens blasted through the air.

Police cars emerged from the horizon, swerving to dodge the incoming barrage of students that were now clustering the road. After slamming on his breaks, Detective McKenna emerged from a car and gestured for his fellow officers to do the same. “Everyone remain calm!” McKenna roared at the students, who refused to listen to his words. “Stay with them, corral them, just do something!” the detective continued to scream at his fellow officers.

Attempting to fight his way through the crowd, McKenna approached the school his mind racing and his heart rapidly beating out of his chest. His eyes darted around the entrance, as the final students made their way through the gates. McKenna stared back at the clustered street behind him, as slowly attempted to round the corner. But in that moment, another student knocked into him. “I’m sorry Miss, is everything okay?” he asked the student half-heartedly, not paying full attention to her.

“No, no I don’t think so” the young girl whispered, as her voice began to crack. McKenna looked down at her to see Clara Stark standing before him, drenched head to toe in blood. She turned to look at the detective, with dead eyes and an emotionless face. “You’re too late” she whispered, as her eyes began to tear up. He watched the girl in horror as she began to cry in front of him. “He’s dead” she moaned, “He’s dead!” she screamed at the topic of her voice.

As she collapsed into the officer’s arms he did his best not to touch her. As a group of students ran past him, he did a double take as he saw Chasity fleeing the scene arm in arm with Oliver, Logan, Leo and Vev.

He turned towards the main body of the school, to see Akiyama standing in the doorway sobbing her eyes out. Locking eyes with the woman he shook his head, signifying that this was the end.


Adore Delano Witch Hunt “Authorities have confirmed that the body of missing teenager Raven Castillo was found at a poolside. Whereas the mutilated had of Blair Robinson was discovered in air vent of a classroom” a reporter on television stated, as they stood in front of the police tapped school. “All culminating a bloody display of horror right out of a scary movie, as the body of local student Joel Wheeler came crashing down from the ceiling soaking another student in blood” they continued.

“The court has ruled in favour of Detective McKenna’s decision to close the school for an indefinite period until the culprit is caught” they stated before concluding their broadcast.

They mysterious figure chuckled to themselves, as they continued to replay the report over and over again.

Slowly turning away from the television they unhinged a suitcase, and placed TWO identical masquerade masks inside, before slamming it shut.


Main Cast

  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 6/15 (Body Only)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 6/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created byPLLLOVER2244)→ 6/15

Supporting Cast

  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 6/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 6/15
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 6/15
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 6/15
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 6/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 6/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 6/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 6/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 4/15 (Head Only)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 5/15


 Final Thoughts  

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