The powers so far below are those that are attributed specifically to Wendigos.


Wendigos are cannibalistic shapeshifters, who crave human flesh and blood. Human in appearance, wendigos grow large pointed teeth and possess glowing white eyes when they shift. Their lust for human flesh is notorious and apparently difficult to control. Few wendigos remain in the world and supernatural meltingpots but had not seen any in a long time.Wendigos are considered dangerous enough to be imprisoned so in many cases, they must hide themselves even from other supernatural creatures.The Wendigos find their origin in a myth about Native Americans who developped an insatiable desire for human flesh if they started eating it. This turned them into wendigos, beings the Native Americans considered to be cursed.


It is humanoid,tall and pale with elongated limbs. Their general form tends towards emaciated gauntness, looking and smelling as if recently disinterred from the grave, size ranges from human to gigantic.


Many users have cannibalistic urges, especially if they gained this power by traditional means, ie. ritualistic cannibalism. In other words, it is an insatiable hunger: Wendigos are unable to prevent themselves from craving human flesh. They also appear to be afraid of fire.

 Powers and Abilities: 


The power to influence animal behavior.

Characters that currently posses this power: Cain Oleski

Enhanced Bite

The power to have an incredibly powerful bite. Their multiple razor sharp teeth that can easily pierce through human skin.

Characters that currently posses this power: Cain Oleski


The power to inhabit the body of an individual.

Characters that currently posses this power: Cain Oleski

Enhanced Reflexes

The powers to have drastically enhanced reaction speed.

Characters that currently posses this power: Cain Oleski

Voice Mimicry:

It can imitate human voices to lure in its victims, which it traps and keeps alive for long periods so that it can feed from them.

Characters that currently posses this power: Cain Oleski

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