The power(s) so far below are those that are attributed specifically to some Humans.

Superhuman Strength Edit

Superhuman strength, is a display of extreme strength shown by humans. It is superhuman because it is beyond what is believed to be normal and expected of the average human body. It usually occurs when people are subject to life and death situations however others such as Josh Frazer are fortunate enough to have the power at their own will all the time.

Many are believed to be descendants of Hercules but this has not been proved. Much of the extra strength is believed to come from adrenaline, however it could have also been brought about by a change in the DNA. Often when superhuman strength is used their are few witnesses as it is not viewed kindly by the rest of the human population. Research into this phenomenon is difficult, because of the lack of examples where it has been used.

This superhuman strength does not translate to being able to deflect supernatural spells. However you could say that humans with this power are certainly at the top of the human food chain.