Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 11
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Memoirs of an Invisible Girl is the eleventh episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales season 1.


Love is in the Air... or so it seems at least. As the Teens of Windsor Academy gear up to celebrate the day of love, their minds couldn't be further away.

Following the aftermath of Logan Kendrick death, Clara Stark must now do whatever it takes to ditch any evidence connecting her to the crime scene, whilst Cassandra Clooney and Tyler Stephensen must find evidence of their own.

 Iris Dormitories: Clara’s Room 

The five teenagers gathered in the small cramped room, the sun was just rising, peaking through Clara’s curtains, offering the students the glimmering prospect of a new day. But inside Cassandra sat on Clara’s bed next to Lavender, as David, Tyler and Clara herself stood in front of her. The soulless atmosphere was dense and serious, with all the teenagers exchanging concerned expressions. Over the past few days since Logan’s murder, everyone had shared what they knew with Cassandra, who reciprocated after some initial reluctance. Now they found themselves needing more answers, in the hopes that signs would finally point to Mendoza. “So here it is” Clara sighed, as she calmly handed over Cali’s mysterious box.

Clara caressed the box’s corners in her fingers, staring at it directly, as her hands trembled beneath its weight. “So this was among Olivia’s stuff that I dropped off?” she asked, shaking at the mere thought of Liv finding this box all by herself, and dying because of its content.

“Yes” Tyler answered. “We think that Liv somehow must have gotten a hold of a key, found the box and unlocked it. The killer must have been following her or something and…” the boy’s voice became short and fast, he didn’t even wish to finish that sentence.

“Cassandra now do you see why we need that key” Clara whispered, as her hand rested on Tyler’s shoulder not wanting to put him through the pain of Olivia’s murder any further. “I am so sorry about Dean and Mr Mendoza, I am so sorry that he’s using you. But you can’t let him get away with this, you can be the leader of this school that everyone knows you are, you can help save everyone_”

“Okay, I’ll do it. Don’t have to continue the speech Clara, I’ll do it” Casandra sighed.

She moved the box off her lap, as she desperately tried to fight back the tears. Ever since the revelation occurred on the roadside with Clara and Tyler and her interview with McKenna it caused her to revaluate everything Dean had ever did or said to her. It was as if she didn’t know him at all. “We need to tell Vev” Casandra said instantly, as she brushed off her skirt. “We need to tell her everything” she added.

“Why do we need to do that?” Tyler questioned. “The more people that know about this operation to take down Mendoza the more dangerous it becomes” he said bluntly. “Vev is dating Cohen, who is friends with Dean. If we tell Vev and then Vev tells Cohen, it could all get back to Dean and then all of this will be absolutely pointless. He’ll tell his Dad that we’re on to them and they’ll destroy the evidence” Tyler sighed as he took a seat on the other empty bed in Clara’s room.

“I agree with Tyler. I think we’re running the risk of too many chefs in the kitchen” David sighed, as Clara looked at him with desperation. “I just think every time we do something irrationally it backfires on us, so let’s just take this one step at a time.

Let’s get that key and then let’s tell Vev” he said, trying to appease Clara.

“That is so typical of men” Cassandra snorted.

“Agreed” Lavender sighed.

“What are you talking about?” Tyler hissed at the queenbee.

“Let’s look at the facts shall we?” Cassandra said sarcastically. “The death toll for female victims stands at seven. Whilst the death toll for men, not including Logan stands at three. Not to mention that every single member of The Hive has met their demise, apart from Vev and I. We need to protect her, she deserves to know!” Cassandra shouted, lashing out all of the rage she felt towards Dean at the two boys in front of her.

“Shout any louder and the whole school will know” David replied back.

“Enough!” Clara shouted. “From all three of you. Cassandra sit back down” she ordered, as the girl did as she is instructed. “Cassandra is right, right now not only are Hive members’ prime targets but women in general are prime targets. We need to do what we can to protect those we think could be at risk, and I agree. I think Vev could be at risk” she whispered. “However, we will do this via vote” Clara said.

“Not fair, Caleb isn’t here” Tyler moaned.

“All those in favour of telling Vev as soon as possible, say I” Clara announced. “I” Cassandra and Lavender said in unison.

“Sorry guy’s it’s for the best” Clara said firmly to the boy’s finally taking an authority over the group. “And Caleb will be with us this evening. He’s finally out of isolation today, so he said he wanted a real breakfast before class” she explained. “Speaking of which, all of us who have morning classes better skedaddle” she added, as she threw her bag around her shoulder.

David, Tyler and Lavender all collected their things, whilst Cassandra stood up empty handed, ready for her free period. She handed the box back over to Clara who gently pushed it back to her. “Maybe you should keep it” Clara whispered. “You above everyone else have a higher chance of finding a key, you may only get a short window of opportunity to use it, so best to have it in a place that you can access at all times” Clara explained, as the queenbee nodded and smiled. Cassandra walked out of the room with Lavender and Tyler, as they each realised that David and Clara needed some privacy.

As they were halfway down the hall Lavender turned to Cassandra and offered her a comforting smile. “If you need any help telling her, I’ll gladly help” she whispered, as Cassandra merely nodded her head in silence, with all her attention placed onto the box she quickly slipped into her bag.

Back in Clara’s room, both she and David took a seat on her bed, sitting in silence for but a moment as they stared out of the window. “We need to get rid of it, you know that right?” David sighed, as he leaned in closer to his girlfriend. “That gun is the only thing placing the three of you at the scene of Logan’s murder, we need to burn it or bury it, something” he whispered, quickly realising that her door was still open.

“What do you mean we?” Clara sighed. “Sweetie, you had nothing to do with that. Tyler and Cassandra had nothing to do with that. I was the one who shot Logan, and therefore I alone will get rid of that gun” she whispered, creasing his cheek as she did.

David shook his head and lowered the girl’s hand. “No, you’re not doing this alone, it’s too risky” he whispered. “I promised I wouldn’t let anything hurt you, and that includes the police. You did nothing wrong, you killed a bad person” he whispered.

“I know, but that hardly justifies murder” Clara replied. “I acted impulsively, irrationally and I did something stupid, and I have to live with that choice for the rest of my life” she added. “I know you want to help but_”

“So let me help you” David sighed. “In fact, I am no longer asking. I am telling you that I am going to help you” he added. “I wasn’t there for you in that moment, but I will be damned if I’m not with you every single step of the way, from this point onward” he added, as he grasped her hand into his. “Oh and by the way. Happy Valentine’s day” David whispered, as he leaned in and kissed his girlfriend’s cheek.

Clara let out a short giggle. “Most fucked up Valentine’s day ever” she replied, before kissing him on the lips. The open window blew a gust of wind, just powerful enough to push Clara’s door open, to reveal that Leo and Logan’s room had been sealed off by the police.

 Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

Elias sat on his regular barstool nursing a cup of coffee, whilst Detective McKenna scoped the place out. “How long have you owned this place?” the Detective asked, as he circled around the dance floor.

“Five years, needed a new business venture” Elias said nervously.

“And what does a family man like you, know about gay bars?” McKenna asked.

“That they’re just like regular bar Detectives” Elias responded instantly. “If not more colourful and fun” he added spitefully, before lifting the mug up to other man. “Oh I am sorry, I forgot my manners. Coffee?” he questioned.

“No thanks” McKenna replied instantly. “And I didn’t mean that question in a disrespectful way. Just seems like this entire scene isn’t really your type. How could a middle aged man with two children know the inner workings of the queer community? Must have been a pretty ballsy venture” he added, as he approached the bar owner.

“What can I say, there was a gap in the market. Considering the fact that this is the only gay bar within forty miles” Elias clapped back. “And to answer your second question, I met with a local LGBT charity, and asked for their assistance. If they gave me some advice on décor, music and expectations, then I would give several of them jobs. Most members were young people, some of whom are still staff members to this day, whilst others have gone on to do amazing things with their lives” he added, as McKenna sat in a booth facing his bar stool.

“It’s funny that you bring up the local youth, as that was going to be my follow up question” the Detective said, as he twiddled a pen in between his finger and thumb. “The LGBT community in this area is very small and very dedicated patrons of this bar, and some of the recent deaths have got them quite scared” he told the owner. “Most specifically the deaths of Logan Kendrick, Leo Barnaby and your Son” he said, watching as Elias’ face dropped at the mention of Oliver.

“Is that so?” Elias croaked.

“Yes, it is unfortunately” McKenna replied. “Rest assured, the police and I are doing our best to quell any fear, I am sure your bar won’t lose that much business” he added, looking around at the empty space. “But from these discussions something has been brought to my attention. Whilst you Son was never really seen in this bar, apart from one December night, Leo and Logan were quite the regulars where they not?” he questioned, tilting his head at the man. Elias merely shrugged as the Detective arose to his feet. “In fact my sources tell me, they practically worked here” he added, watching Elias gulp.

But the owner was not about to be intimidated in his own bar, he stuck out his chest and chin and smiled. “I think it’s time you left Detective. I was nice enough to let you in without a warrant, but it seems like you have no interest in searching for… Whatever you feel like you may find” he continued, standing up himself in order to not seems as small. “Instead you are here playing a game of twenty questions with me, when you should be out there looking for my Son’s murderer” he hissed, now inches away from McKenna’s face.

“I’m sorry that you feel that I’ve wasted your time Mr Olsson. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to bring your son’s killer to justice” McKenna replied, now attempting to ensure that his voice was friendly and welcoming. “Have a nice day, I’m sure if I need anything else, you’d be more than happy to help, correct?” he asked, as he headed towards the door.

“Of course Detective, I’m here all day sorting out my staff’s payday. Drop by for whatever you need, even if it’s just a cup of coffee” Elias said, in such a passive aggressive manner. As soon as the officer left his bar, Elias withdrew his phone and began to write a text to Simon Mendoza.

That Detective is Such a Dick! It read, as he aggressively hit send.

As the Detective left the bar, he too received a text, but his one was more urgent and acquired, he quickly ran down the road and towards his car, but before he could enter he heard a rough voice calling towards him. “Excuse me, Detective” a man shouted from a cab.

McKenna turned around and raised his eyebrow. “I’ve seen you on the telly and in the papers, you’re investigating those Windsor kids ain’t ya?” he asked, at which pointed the Detective approached the taxi’s window.

“I am” McKenna said bluntly. “And who pray tell, are you?” he asked.

“Just a taxi driver, which may not sound like much, but I’ll tell you what I haven’t been able to stop thinking about something all week!” the driver moaned, as McKenna drew out his notepad.

“What have you been thinking about?” he questioned.

“Well, the day that kid Logan died, three other kids were following him, jumped in the back of my cab and offered to pay me anything” he told the Detective, whose face quickly perked up. “At first I didn’t think anything of it, thought it might have just been kids playing pranks on one another, or maybe he was a cheating boyfriend or whatever. But now that he’s dead, I can’t help but think… Well maybe those kids were in on it” he told McKenna.

“And what did these teenagers look like, or did you get a name?” McKenna questioned. “No, but I can tell you there were two girls and one boy. The first girl was blonde, real loud mouth primadonna. The second girl had short brown hair and was quite reserved, and the lad was really tall, dark haired lad he was” he explained.

“And would you be willing to come to the station if needed to identify those students?” McKenna questioned.

“Yes, of course I would” the man explained.

“Great, write your phone number down and we’ll be in touch” McKenna replied, handing over his pen and paper. He smiled to himself, already having a pretty good idea of who he was looking for, now all he needed were names.

 Windsor Academy Hallway 

Cohen leaned up against the lockers, he looked pale and miserable. His hair was greasy and his clothes dirty, Jonathan peaked out of the side of his locker at his friend, who was momentarily distracted by his phone and snarled at the boy’s appearance. He slammed the locker shut and looked Cohen up and down. “Mate, please don’t take this the wrong way. But you look like microwaved shit” Jonathan said as bluntly as he could. “You need to snap the fuck out of this slump okay” he said, in a tone that suggested it was an order rather than a suggestion.

“I can’t dude, I can’t stop thinking about_” Cohen sighed, as he leaned his head against the locker.

“About the baby I know, we’ve had this conversation five times a day for three days straight. But newsflash, it wasn’t a baby, Cassandra just got rid of a bunch of cells that hadn’t even formed properly yet” Jonathan said, as Cohen sighed and rolled his eyes.

“But it could have been a baby” Cohen replied in a pathetic tone. “It could have been my baby” he added.

“Mate, you were sixteen. Cassandra clearly had no interest in it, even if she did keep it what would you have done, dropped out of school and raised it as a single Dad? You have your whole life ahead of you, and a baby would have ruined that completely” he added, as they both began to walk slowly down the hall.

“Just it feels like everything in my life is going to shit” Cohen moaned. “I’m barely passing my classes, haven’t heard back from any University, can’t play rugby as two of our teammates are dead, my ex-girlfriend aborted my child and my current girlfriend knew about it for so long and didn’t even tell me” Cohen moaned dramatically. “I just want to disappear. I want the world to swallow me whole” he added, as he slammed his books against his head.

“Stop being dramatic. It’s Valentine’s Day. Go stick it in Vev and make yourself feel better, even for just a couple of minutes” Jonathan laughed.

“Shut up. I’m being serious” Cohen moaned. “I don’t know who I can trust any more. If Vev hid that from me, who knows what else she could be hiding. Plus, if she knew then I bet you any money, that fucking Dean knew about it too” the boy hissed.

“Again, you’re just overthinking shit” Jonathan said measuredly. “But with that being said, Dean is Shady as fuck, and Cassandra is crazy as fuck, soooo I’m going to say he probably knew” he added sarcastically.

“What do you mean he’s shady?” Cohen questioned.

“Common, Dean’s always been that mysterious, aloof, brooding guy. Let’s be honest if he didn’t play rugby we wouldn’t know him that well” Jonatan said, as Cohen nodded in agreement. “Come to think it, I don’t know him that well at all really, couldn’t tell you one thing about the boy” Jonathan added.

“I know his favourite flavour of ice cream is Mint Choc Chip… Does that count?” Cohen asked.

“No it does not, my point is the boy is shifty. I wouldn’t be so surprised if he was the one gutting people around here” Jonathan added as they approached the history room.

“Anyway, this is me” he said. “Are you actually going to go to class today? Or are you going to be a little bitch and cry in your room?” Jonathan asked his friend.

“I’m gonna go to class, think it will be good for me” Cohen replied, with yet another sigh.

“Good, now go” Jonathan shouted as Cohen forced himself to laugh, as he continued down the hallway without his friend. But before Jonathan could turn around back into his class, a window slammed shut, causing him to jolt with such furious fright, breaking his macho façade for a brief second, before he quickly composed himself and strutted back into class, once again in character.


Vev sat alone at an empty table with nothing but her laptop and thermistor in front of her. She typed away at her essay, until she heard footsteps approaching and when she looked up, much to her surprise Lavender was approaching her, waving in such a friendly manner. “Lavender, I didn’t know you had a free period, care to join me?” she asked politely, beaming from ear to ear, as she offered the girl a seat.

“Why thank you” Lavender said, as she placed her bag down onto the table and joined Vev. “And I don’t usually, but my teacher is out sick today and they couldn’t find anyone to cover, so ta da, I’m here” she added, grinning back.

“Well if I’m honest I’m glad for the company” Vev replied. “Been a lonely couple of days to be honest” she whispered, as she took a sip of her drink. “Cohen won’t speak to me at all, and Cassandra is so distant. Both have reasonable rational to hate me, but I just want them to know how sorry I am you know. I just felt as if I was caught between a rock and a hard place” she explained, as Lavender nodded along sympathetically. “I’m just so stupid, for the first time in my life I got excited for Valentine’s Day, thinking that Cohen would make it special for me. But he hasn’t even sent me a card” she added, as she whipped away a tear from her cheek.

Lavender reached over and touched her hand. “Look, I’m right there with you. I too thought this Valentine’s Day would be more romantic than it actually was, but now that Daniel and I are no longer together, I am returning to viewing it as nothing more than a commercialised Holiday that seeks to drain us of our money” she joked, allowing Vev to crack a smile. “Besides, we are two strong, highly intelligent women. And whilst love is great and all, you don’t need a man to survive” she assured Vev.

“I know it’s not a necessity, but it was just nice you know” Vev replied, as she bashfully gazed down towards her work.

Lavender thought about the events that transpired an hour earlier, she knew that she had to tell Vev everything they all knew, for her own protection. She also knew that spending time would Vev would allow her to protect the girl, should she become a target, but she simply couldn’t blurt it out for the entire library to hear, she had to be clever and thus she began to formulate a plan in her mind. “Look, why don’t we celebrate today together. After dinner why don’t you come over to my room. We can hang out and watch chick-flicks and do face masks and stuff, what do you say?” Lavender asked, watching as the smile returned to Vev’s face.

“Really?” Vev asked through giggles. “Lavender you don’t have to do that” she added.

“I know, but I want to. Besides you could really do with a friend” Lavender replied.

“I just feel so bad, you’re being so nice to me, after everything we did to you at the start of the year” Vev was about to go off on a tangent, so Lavender held up her hand and stopped her from doing so.

“Don’t say anymore. That feels like another lifetime ago, I hold nothing against you” Lavender reassured her. “We were both different people back then, everything that has happened since has changed us, and I hope that moving forward we can build an actual friendship” she sighed, as Vev blushed with excitement.

“I hope so too” Vev sighed, as the two girls moved closer together, in order to plan tonight’s movie marathon.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office  

Simon sat behind his desk rubbing his temples, whilst Dean sat on a chair facing him with his feet up on the mahogany. A landline sat between the two men, the phone off the hook, and laying upwards, someone was on the other end. “What do you mean you’re not coming home?” Simon questioned.

“What more can I mean Simon, I am not coming back to Windsor Academy ever again, nor am I going back to our house for that matter” Maggie’s aggressive voice came from the other end.

“Mum, please just come home, we need to be a family again. And by again I mean for the first time ever!” Dean roared from the other side of the desk.

“Calm down Dean” Maggie replied from the other end. “I text you two days ago that I am not doing this to punish you. You are at no fault in any of this. This is between me and your father, and the lack of communication we’ve had for over ten years of marriage” his mother explained, calming herself down as she did so. “We will always be a family, and you will always have both of us in your life, if that is what you wish. But you will not have us together I’m afraid. I love you honey I really do, but I will no longer stay in a loveless marriage just for the sake of you, I am sorry if that upsets you, but it’s the truth” she said. Dean bit his lip as he watched his father’s solemn expression. “I am to blame for this, this should have happened last year when I found out about your father’s affair. But I stupidly stayed by his side, and look what it got me. Six weeks in prison. And your father getting off scot-free” she hissed, as Simon sighed with disappointment. “Now, I’d like to see you before your final exams start, so I’ll text you the details of where I am staying, and if you wish to see me then I’ll send your ticket up” she added, Dean watched his father’s face become even sadder, such a face he didn’t know was humanly possible to pull.

“And Simon, I know you may think the worst of me for doing this. And I want you to take this pain and times it by ten, because that is what you put me through this past year” Maggie continued. “You are the sole cause of all of this suffering, I hope you’re proud of yourself” she said, before finally hanging up.

The two men sat in silence, absorbing the women’s words. They both knew what the other was feeling, without even having to verbalise it. Maggie’s words rang true to both of them, Dean knew his Father was to blame for the downfall of their family, and yet he always hoped that his family would stay together for the greater good. Whereas Simon always thought his love would prevail, trumping his moment of weakness in order to preserve his family unit. But both were wrong, their family was now fractured and the strength that Simon so desperately attempted to maintain was seen as nothing more than the façade it truly was.

“Well, you fucked it Dad. Hope you’re proud of yourself” Dean said bluntly, using his mother’s words to beat down his father once more.

“Do not speak to me that way” Simon said calmly. “All is not lost, we just have to maintain some semblance of normality, we cannot let them see the cracks” he added, as he spun around in his chair.

“Why are you talking like a bond villain, for fuck sake” Dean sighed, kicking his feet off the desk. “Sooner or later the police are going to try to question us both, it’s inevitable at this point. Best we can hope for is finding Cali’s box before anyone else does” the young boy added, as his father continued to turn his back on him.

“I said all is not lost. The police will not come to us, first they will come for that Psychopath Caleb Barons. He is the one who deserves to be behind bars” Simon whispered calmly, as he withdrew turned back to his computer screen to observe the various security cameras. “There is more evidence against him than here is us. There is physical evidence against him, if that twitter account isn’t proof that he is psychologically unstable than I don’t know what is” he added, as Dean held his tongue.

For Dean had someone else on his mind, he had continued to wonder what Oscar Olsson was doing at his mother’s trial, and ever since he returned to school Dean noticed the growing distance between Oscar and his former friends. His suspicion was growing by the minute, it was all he was thinking about, every second of every day, the same question ringing throughout his head like a bell. Why was Oscar there? And What exactly is he hiding something?

“Dean!” Simon shouted, as the boy snapped his son out of his trance. “I said is there anything you can do about Caleb Barons, I want to know what that boy knows, I highly doubt he’s told us everything. And even if he has, I need to ensure he stays silent” he added, with a sinister grin forming on his face. Dean nodded his head in silence, and approached the door with slowly. “I love you Son” Simon added, but Dean did not turn back. “And everything I do, have ever done and will do, is all because I love you” Simon said, with somewhat of an emotionless voice.

Dean didn’t even flinch, nor did he smile. He simply opened the door and left his father’s office.

 Blossom Dormitories – Oscar and Caleb’s Room 

Caleb sat awake in his room, laying on his bed and staring up towards the ceiling. He didn’t have a class first period, and instead of getting dressed and prepared for his lesson he lay in his bed and feared of what was to come. What if all the students now hated him or worse, what if they believed he was the killer? These had been the thoughts that had been spiralling around his head for the past several days. When he was told he was being let out of isolation, his initial thoughts were that of excitement and joy, but the words of his younger brother began to nag at him. Did Mendoza release him from isolation as he awaited for the second shoe to drop, now that Maggie was free, had the police now focused their efforts on him, was he their new prime suspect?

He hated that twitter account, and everything he ever wrote on it. Each and every tweet could now bring about his demise. A sudden turn of his door caused him to jolt with fright, as a damp Oscar marched inside, whipping his hair towel. “Morning” Caleb whispered, as he laid his head back down onto the pillow. But Oscar did not respond, for much like he did with Clara and the others Oscar had grown to see Caleb as a cause and effect, he saw the boy as a reason for his brother’s death, unable to see the friend that he once knew and loved.

Caleb had quickly grown accustomed to this new version of Oscar, who seemingly wanted nothing to do with him. He knew it was best not to press the blond boy for a response, and thus he turned to face the wall as Oscar began to get changed into his jogging gear. He closed his eyes and pretended as if he had fallen asleep, it wasn’t long until he heard the door open and close once more, and with that he knew Oscar had left the room.

Caleb finally rolled himself out of bed, knowing that his punishment for skipping class would be far worse than anything the other students would do to him. He walked over to his wardrobe and put together some semblance of an outfit, before approaching his mirror.

The butterflies in his stomach were increasing, and his fear was ever looming. He gripped the side of his dresser and forced himself to practice smiling, normally he would condemn this need to fit in with others, but just for today, one day of his life Caleb didn’t want to come off as a total weirdo. But every time he smiled, all he could focus on were his flaws. Whether he be too scary or too happy, everything about his smile screamed superficiality.

All seemed loss, when his phone buzzed and offered him a light at the end of the tunnel. For he had received a message from Lavender wishing him luck on his return to class. He held the phone in his hand, unable to hide his happiness.

He stared at the text and all of the butterflies ceased, for a moment it was if he hadn’t a care in the world, all that mattered was Lavender. He blushed in the face, and smiled a genuine smile, one that would have fooled everyone into thinking everything was fine.

Suddenly, as he stared at his own reflection an idea struck him, and with that he hurried around his bedroom in preparation for what was to come.


Tyler sat alone on bench under the bare blossom tree. He watched as his fellow students walked in different directions to their classes, exchanging cards and flowers as they did so. The school bell reverberated throughout the yard, as everyone began to pick up their pace, but Tyler remained on his seat.

On this day in particular it was hard not to think of Olivia, ever since he opened his eyes this morning she was his mind, he wondered what he’d be doing if she was still here, would they be planning a romantic evening, skipping class to stay in his room all day or would they simply act as they did every other day, love each other unconditionally without the need to scream it from the heavens with cheap novelty gifts? He would never know what this day would entail, for Olivia was gone and he was left alone with nothing but her memory.

From the other side of the courtyard a hurried Cassandra spotted Tyler slumped into the bench, she stared down at her watch knowing that she was already running behind, the courtyard had already began to empty and she couldn’t afford to be late for class. But she could sense how much Tyler needed someone in that moment, so she walked over with a kind expression on her face.

“Hey” she sighed. Tyler watched the younger students disappear into the main body of the school, before he turned to Cassandra nodding his head as to greet her silently. “Mind if I take a seat?” Cassandra asked, as she pointed down towards the bench. Tyler remained silent, but simply moved along, to allow the girl to sit down. “Look, I know we don’t exactly get along, and that I haven’t always been the nicest person in the world. But I hope that we can start afresh, be it today or a week from now, or next year” Cassandra sighed. “I don’t want my best friend’s boyfriend to hate me” she said solemnly, in a tone which struck Tyler to the core.

“You still call her your best friend?” he questioned in a whisper.

“Of course I do” Cassandra replied. “I may have only been friends with Olivia for a year, but it was the best year of my entire life” she added. “She didn’t boss me around, or suck up to me or just hang out with me because she felt like she had to. She was a real friend, and it tortures me every single day, that I let our friendship end the way it did, the fact she went to her grave believing I hated her over that stupid Head Girl pin” she added, as she began to tear up. “I knew today would be rough for you, so I just wanted to make sure you were okay” she told Tyler, touching his shoulder with comfort.

Cassandra went to leave, but froze when Tyler began to speak. “You know, in the moments where you aren’t an evil bitch, you’re actually a nice person” Tyler said to her, finally smiling at her and acknowledging her presence. “You’re right, today hasn’t been easy. I used to love Valentine’s Day, would be the day it was easiest to pick up girls. But then Liv changed all of that, I was so looking forward to today, we only got to spend one Valentine’s Day together, and it was during the awkward early days, I never got the chance to do a big Valentine gesture” he sighed. “Everything in the past year has just turned to shit” he moaned.

“Agreed” Cassandra replied. “First Cali, then Olivia, then Chas and now Leo. Just feels like the universe is punishing me” Cassandra replied. “And then there is the whole Dean and Cohen thing which is a whole other can of worms. I just want some normalcy” she confessed.

“Sorry about the Vev thing this morning. I must have sounded a little paranoid. She has every right to know as, and this really pains me to say this. You’re probably right, she’s probably in danger.” Tyler sighed. “But if we want normalcy so bad, then why don’t we get it” Tyler replied. “Clara’s right, we need to act fast so no one else dies. We need to get that key, today if possible” Tyler said to her, his voice shifting from sorrow to determination in a millisecond. “You said we’re best going after Mendoza right? Well what time are you free today?” he questioned.

“Why?” Cassandra questioned.

“Maybe we can sneak into Dean’s room when he’s in class or something” Tyler said, but Cassandra shook her head at the prospect.

“Impossible, Dean carries that key around with him most days, on the off chance he finds the box. Speaking of which is well hidden in my room” she added. “We’ll have to go after Simon’s key” she explained. “Which involves breaking into his office, which is impossible with these security cameras” she said pointing up at them. She knew she was already really late so Cassandra stood up and gathered her bag.

Then an idea struck Tyler like lighting, he jumped to his feet and smiled. “I’ve got it!” he laughed. “We are breaking into that office” he said to her.

“Excuse me?” Cassandra questioned. “Where you not at the meeting this morning. We can’t act impulsively anymore. We have to plan this out” Cassandra gasped.

“I have it all worked out. Well, kind of. I just need one thing, well maybe two. Meet me by the lockers during fifth period, I know you’re free and I also know that Mendoza teaches during that time, see you there” Tyler shouted, as he ran off eager to put his plan into action, and not thinking of the possible ramifications, completely ignoring the need to plan cautiously. It was if he were a man possessed, for the conversation had reignited a fire under him, he was desperate to find the killer, now more than ever. He didn’t care what or who stood in his way, he was going to see this plan to fruition.

Cassandra watched in disbelief as Tyler ran off with this new sense of fire. “We’re so screwed” she whispered to herself, as she herself ran away to class.

 Iris Dormitories – Corridor 

Lavender ran down the hallway, with both hands in her bag. “Shit, shit, shit” she whispered to herself, as she struggled to locate her keys. It had occurred to her as she was halfway to Maths class that she had forgotten her calculator. She didn’t wish to seem unprepared for the class, and thus she thought it best to dash back to her room as quickly as possible, in order to retrieve it.

When she got to her door she looked up, and noticed a pink piece of paper stuck to her door with a heart shaped sticker. She dropped her keys back into her bag and untapped it, before reading it to herself, she took the time to look around, just on the off chance that her admirer was still around.

She unfolded the letter and smiled, as she softly whispered.

“Dearest Lavender, I have held my feelings for you in too long, and thus can no longer contain them. Your beauty to me is unmatched by any person that has ever crossed my path, for you are the true radiant light of Windsor Academy, brightening even our darkest of days. And on today’s love filled day I pose to you a challenge of sorts. Find my two other letters and I will bare my soul to you, and offer you a night of romance, should you accept it that is. The second letter is hidden in plain sight, in a place you visit several times a day, a place much like your bedroom is an area all of your own. Love Always - Your Secret Admirer

She clutched her chest and blushed. She couldn’t believe this was real, it was something straight out of a romantic comedy, she turned the paper over and looked around herself, this time to make sure it wasn’t some cruel prank. She remained sceptical, but curious. She had already worked out the location of the second letter in her mind, but she had no time to collect it just yet, for she had class. And with that she gently placed the letter in her bag and entered her room in search of her calculator.

 Hallway – Lockers 

The hallway was as deserted as the courtyard, with not a soul in sight. That was until, Caleb peaked his around the corner, checking to see if he was alone. Once he knew it was safe to come out, he crept around the side of the locker, until he came to one in centre of the hallway. It was here were he reached into his backpack and withdrew a pink piece of paper. He smiled to himself, unable to contain his excitement as he stuck the letter onto the locker, with another heart shaped sticker.

He was so proud of himself, that he was completely unaware that someone was standing directly behind him. He turned around and jumped with fright, as he his eye’s met Vev’s. He slammed his body against the locker and gasped with fright. “What are you doing?” Vev asked with a smile on her face.

“Oh, nothing” Caleb whispered, as he attempted to cover the letter with his body. Vev smiled at the boy, as she tilted her head in order to see the locker for herself.

“Really, because it looks like you’re leaving a love note” the girl sighed. “On Lavender’s locker” she added, with a short and breathy giggle. “It’s okay Caleb you don’t have to be embarrassed, it is Valentine’s Day after all” she said, tapping him on the shoulder playfully, as the boy blushed leaning uncomfortably against the locker. Vev could see how embarrassed the boy had become, so she stepped away, noticing very quickly how her actions could come across as abrasive. “I’m sorry” she whispered to the boy. “But you really shouldn’t be ashamed, Lavender is a great girl. Good luck” Vev added, before she attempted to walk away.

“Sorry if I came across as rude, I just didn’t want anybody to find out, especially not like this” Caleb confessed. “I don’t want people thinking I’m some sort of pervert or stalker or something, especially after that whole twitter thing” he confessed. Caleb noted Vev’s shift in facial expressions, and he remembered how she was the one who ‘won’ the poll, in which people voted for they believed would die next. “It wasn’t me” he whispered.

“I did make the twitter account but that is true, but I lost control of it and someone or someone’s posted that poll. It was never me” he told her, watching as she nodded sympathetically.

“When I heard you were getting the blame I didn’t believe it” Vev told the boy. “I know we don’t exactly know each other Caleb, heck I don’t even think we could call each other acquaintances, but I still have eyes and I do regard myself as a pretty good judge of character” Vev told him. “And I can tell you have a good heart and always have” she said, once again touching his shoulder. “You don’t have anything to apologise for, it is clear as the day is long that you’re innocent” she said softly. “Give Lavender a romantic day, she deserves it” Vev whispered, knowing that her girls night would now be cancelled.

“Wait Vev” Caleb whispered. “I don’t know if you’re busy, but I could do with some help with my final note, might be nice to get to know each other along the way. There may only be a few months of school left, but we can still make new friends” he said to her, as she beamed back at him.

“Okay” she sighed, “I’d love to help”. The pair slowly began to walk down the corridor. “So what’s our next stop then Romeo?” she giggled, as the pair rounded another corner.

 English Classroom 

Jonathan sat behind his desk staring blankly at the board, not bothering to absorb the important information his teacher was discussing. It wasn’t until his fellow student dropped their folder that he jumped with fright and was brought back to reality. His heart pounded against his chest, and he struggled for air. As the girl bent to retrieve her folder, she stared at Jonathan peculiarly, wondering what had frightened him so much.

He shook himself out of it and attempted to regain his focus on the lesson. “Now, as we’ve discussed previously in class, Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies is a microcosm for the real world, and more specifically the destruction man brings upon each other” the teacher explained, as he paced along the front of the classroom. “The boys on the island represent man and how violent man can truly be. They succumb to their primal instincts and murder each other, which poses the question, when faced with dire circumstances is our natural instinct to kill or be killed” the teacher explained. “Now if you’ll all turn to page seventy-five, we can begin reading to ourselves and discuss further themes and motifs later on” they concluded, as they sat behind their desk.

Jonathan stared down at his book and pretended to read. He hadn’t bothered to read a single page of the book, for he had Jules do all the reading and assignments for him. It was only when his teacher spoke the themes aloud did they all seem to click in his head, prompting him to question several things about his own life.

Was it my natural instinct to run when Joel was pleading for help?

Was it fight or flight?

Or was it something much darker within me, something that wanted Joel to die in order to preserve my own life.

These where some of the thoughts that were rattling around Jonathan’s head, as he desperately attempted to regain focus. A task which he was finding near impossible, as the carnage he witnessed on Halloween night would not escape his brain. The blood that splattered across the lockers, his friend’s desperate screams, for months he had tried to repress them, ignore them, but now these images were becoming too prevalent to ignore.

The guilt had been eating away at him, his very own tell-tale heart. “I’m sorry” he whispered to himself, hoping that through some cosmic or spiritual miracle that Joel would hear his words. He blinked and most of the class had their hands raised in the air, just how long had he been zoned out for?

The teacher pointed at the girl who had previously dropped her folder, who cleared her throat before she spoke. “I believe that had this book been about a group of girls or women who were stranded together that violence wouldn’t play as large of a role as it does” she said to the rest of the class. “Men are inherently more violent than women, just looking at the state of our school is enough evidence to support that claim” she added, as many of the students looked on uncomfortably. “Would it seriously surprise everyone if the killer was male, no it wouldn’t, because simply put men are the issue here, much like in Lord of the Flies, men are violent, dangerous beings, who will dismember each other before reaching any semblance of peace and prosperity. Men are only interested in self-preservation” she said.

As the class continued the discussion Jonathan was once again left with his own thoughts. Questioning whether the girl’s words had any weight. Her final words in particular had stuck with him, was his natural instinct self-preservation, and would he and the other boys sacrifice each other if it meant they’d get to live. He wondered if Cohen would save him if given the chance, and he hoped beyond hope, that if given the chance Cohen would be a better man than he ever was.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories – David’s Room  

David sat in the corner of his empty room at his desk, staring at the essay that remained untouched on his laptop. He turned his head ever so slightly to the opposing corner of the room, in which Oliver’s empty bed stood, with the sheets ripped bare it was nothing more than a mattress now.

As he turned back to face his computer, he noticed that his phone was now vibrating, alerting him to the fact that his mother was now calling him. He picked it up and smiled as he heard his mother’s gentle voice. “David my darling” Jenna Thomas said gleefully from the other end of the phone.

“Hi Mother” David said, smiling from cheek to cheek. “It’s really nice to hear your voice, I haven’t spoken to you in so long, how is filming going?” he asked, pushing his chair away from the desk.

“Oh darling I am so sorry, but you know how terrible the signal is in the Swish Alps. I would call you every day if I could. And filming is going rather well, we should only be here for another two months if all things go to plan, so I will be back in England by the time your exams start, how smashing is that?” she laughed with joy. “And of course there will be plenty of presents awaiting your return” she added. “Perhaps even a car” she said as her voice trailed upwards with anticipation.

“Amazing Mum, that’s great I can’t wait to see you. I miss you” David said, sighing at the thought of not seeing his mother since Christmas Day. “And you don’t need to send me any gifts, just being able to spend time as a family will be enough, maybe we could take a trip, with no technology, we haven’t done that in a while” he suggested.

“Perhaps darling, it all depends on my schedule” she told her son. “But that wasn’t the reason for my calling. So, you have to tell me all about your plans for this evening” Jenna said, as the sound of a clinking glass audible from the other end alerted David to the fact she was drinking, probably socialising with her co-stars or some wealthy businessman.

“This evening?” David questioned in curiosity.

“Valentine’s Day David!” Jenna shouted dramatically from the other end of the line.

“Please don’t tell me you forgot to give Claire a gift” the woman sighed.

“Her name is Clara mother. And I didn’t forget, just with the stress of everything at school, we thought it best to do a film night” David explained to his mother, as he wheeled himself back to his desk. “Besides even if we wanted to, we couldn’t leave. There is a strict curfew in place, we’re not allowed to leave school grounds” he added.

“Poppycock!” his mother shouted, her drunken words slurring. “My son will go out tonight, hold that thought David” Jenna said, and before David could answer she had him on hold. The muscular blond boy sighed dramatically and slumped down into his chair. He loved his mother with all his heart, but he loathed when she went Hollywood on him. All he wanted was a normal mother, who would accept his wishes for a quieter life. He wanted just Jenna Thomas, but that was pretty impossible when she was a beloved film star, who always ensured he was in the spotlight and spoilt.

“And it’s done, you’re welcome darling” his mother said theatrically.

“What is Mother?” he questioned, as he rubbed his temples.

“I have booked you and … erm… your girlfriend a table at Aroura” she exclaimed, once again forgetting Clara’s name in the process.

“Mother that is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city… It’s not even in the city, it’s an hour away” he moaned, as he stepped to his feet.

“Yes and I will send a car to the village centre to pick you both up, and they’ll take you there, Use the card I gave you for emergencies and have a well-earned romantic evening my boy, give the girl a night she’ll never forget” the woman giggled.

“But what about curfew?” David said in a last bid plea to get out of this public event, as he knew how much pressure Clara was under.

“Don’t be daft, your mother will sort everything. Simon McKenna owes me a favour or two with the amount of money I donate to that school. I’ll said favour in and I’, sure he’ll turn the other cheek darling” she explained. Before David could even reply she gasped dramatically. “Oh darling, I’m needed back on set. Take care love, take lots of pictures. Goodnight” the woman said, as she abruptly hung up the phone.

“Mum_” David sighed, as he turned his phone around to see the call had ended. In one quick motion, he dumped himself face first into a pillow and let out a large groan, knowing he’d know have to convince Clara to put aside her worries for the evening in order to have their first night of romance as a couple, another prospect which made him feel extremely nervous.

 Hallway – Lavender’s Locker  

Another school bell rang aggressively, doors flew open as the students poured into the corridor, some of whom passed Lavender’s locker and stared at it with curiosity. Lavender rounded the corner, and could see the bright pink piece of parchment from here. She worked the first clue so easily, a place much like her room where she visits every day, it was obviously her locker. Although she still had no idea who had sent this letter.

She approached the paper with a smile on her face, that she was unable to hide her excitement. She stopped in her tracks, in order to gently peel the heart shaped sticker off the locker, before looking at the note itself. She looked up to the other students discreetly, noticing that all eyes were now on her, and for once she didn’t mind the attention.

She didn’t wish to read aloud, in order to preserve some sense of privacy.

‘Dearest Lavender,

I commend you on finding my second letter, but there was never a doubt in my mind that you would find it. Now, I know you may not be reading this, you may crumple it up into a ball and throw it into the bin like it was nothing, and that is once again well within your right. But should you read this, I would like for you to know that should you find letter three, and come to meet me this evening, I would be devoted to you forever more. I’d wish for our love to eclipse all the literary greats. Speaking of which, your third and final letter can be found in the library, hidden within a book. You already possess your own copy of said book, and I have previously seen you read it several times, be it in the library or the dining hall. Which leads me to believe that it is one of, if not perhaps your favourite book. Find it my dear, and you will receive your final letter.

Yours Always. Your Secret Admirer

Lavender sighed wistfully, this was quickly becoming the most enjoyable part of her day, never had she thought she’d be spending a Valentine ’s Day in such Rom-Com like fashion. The bell rang yet again, signalling that she had only minutes to get to her next class. She placed the letter into her bag, and hurried along the hallway, already anxiously anticipating her lunch period, desperate to see what her final letter held.

 Iris Dormitories – Clara’s Room 

Clara lay in her bed, choosing to sleep through lunch time rather than actually eat anything, she tossed and she turned in her bed, unable to find a comfortable enough position. Her brow was sweaty and her hair wrapped up tightly in a bun, she grunted loudly before finally propping herself up on a pillow. She reached for her phone, but to her surprise it didn’t turn on when she touched it. She turned her attention to the dressing table and plugged it in to be charged, before returning to laying down. That was odd, Clara never let her phone die.

Her comfort didn’t change, in fact it only worsened. Her mattress was not as comfortable as it once was, it was almost as if there was something was digging into her spine through the bed itself. She gave up on the prospect of sleeping, and jumped out of bed with another great grunt, marching towards her desk, where to her surprise, much like her phone, her laptop wasn’t responding either. “What the fuck” Clara whispered to herself. She hit key after key, and yet the screen remained dark. “Ugh! Why today, of all days” Clara roared, she spun around and attempted to walk back to her phone, when suddenly she fell down onto the floor.

She gasped, as she hit the ground with a thunderous thud, her head landing on the soft carpet. She got to her knees, and looked behind her to once again be met with a surprise. Cali’s box tripped her up, but she couldn’t remember leaving it on the floor, come to think of it, she couldn’t even remember taking it out from underneath her bed.

She slowly leaned towards the box, and once it was in her hands, she could feel a faint beat, tapping against the boxes lid. The beating got more rapid and heavier as Clara’s eyes widened with fright. She threw it down to the floor, when suddenly the lid flipped open, revealing nothing but an empty dark void.

Clara slowly knelt down onto the floor, in order to see if anything was inside. But before she could even place her hands inside, an aggressive blast of blood shot out of the box and covered her entire face. She screamed with fright as she fell back onto the floor, watching as the thick red blood blasted up towards the clear white ceiling. Within a second the entirety of Clara’s room was covered in a thin layer of blood, as it trickled down the walls as she was left to watch on in horror.

She screamed loudly, as the blasting blood finally stopped, she stumbled to her feet and rushed towards the door. When she opened it to her horror a pale, decaying blood splatted Joel was standing before her. “Hey Clara, miss me?” Joel asked, before she coughed up a blood clot. “This is all your fault” the boy screamed. “I should never have agreed to help you” he hissed, before Clara pushed him away, and tried to exit the room.

However, just as she was halfway down the corridor, she was met by another familiar face, that of Raven’s. He opened his bloody, toothless mouth which was still littered with shards of glass. He could not speak, but merely made a faint wheezing sound, as he pointed at the girl. The blood soaked Clara shoved him against the wall, as she whimpered with fright, before three more figures materialised out of nowhere.

Out of a smog of smoke came a burnt Chastity, who could only be recognised by the bee broach stuck to her scorched flesh. She didn’t speak, but simply screamed, still in agony from the fire. Oliver and Leo also appeared, their torsos still open and devoid of any organs. They held hands and stared at Clara with utter hatred. “You should stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. The more you dig, the more everyone you dies” Oliver hissed at her, as Leo shed a single tear.

“You’re a terrible friend” Leo whispered. “You’re such a selfish bitch” he screamed, as Clara ran past them, desperate to get out of the dormitories. But her efforts were foiled yet again, when a final figure emerged from one of the bedroom doors, Clara froze in her tracks, as a pale and lifeless Olivia practically glided towards her.

“He’s right Clara, this is all your fault” Olivia whispered gracefully. “You’re hurting everyone, and now you’re going to hurt David by dragging him into your mess, why don’t you care about anyone but yourself?” Olivia spat, as she stared daggers into Clara’s soul. “I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen” Clara cried, as Olivia backed her into Oliver’s blood soaked chest, as she spun around she saw all the boys staring at her. Chastity’s screams halted, as Clara stared back at her lost friends. “I’m so sorry, to all you, I really am” she whimpered pathetically, before she felt a sharp pain in the side of her arm, as she turned to see Olivia slice a blade downwards.

Clara screamed with pain as she fell to her knees. “Sooner or later you’ll know how we feel” Olivia whispered, as she attempted to make a final killing stab. But Clara was too quick, she pushed her former friend to the floor, with an aggressive shove to the knee and continued to bolt down the never ending corridor.

She never looked back but knew they were chasing her, and that was when she finally saw the exit towards the stairs. But as she crashed through the doors, much to her surprise she ended up back in her bedroom. The door slammed shut and locked of its own accord, when another rumbling distracted her.

Her bed was shaking and aggressively bouncing up and down. She pinned herself against the door and slid down to the ground, unable to move, paralyzed with fear. That was when a hand emerged from her mattress holding a gun. Clara couldn’t even scream, when she saw Logan, still sporting his head wound emerge from the bed. Just as his torso was hallway out he turned to the girl and aimed the gun. “Murderer!” he screamed before finally firing.

All of a sudden Clara awoke in her bed screaming with fright. She clutched onto her chest and realised that it had all been a dream. Her breath was heavy, as she realised her phone was ringing. She reached over to her bedside table where it was charging to see it was David who was calling. “Hey, Sweetie” Clara replied. “Sorry for taking so long to answer, I just had the most awful dream ever” she sighed, as she leaned against her head board, still rocked from what she had just experienced.

 Outside The Locker Room 

Jonathan stared at the locker room with sweaty palms, he clenched his fists and bit his lips anxiously. He hadn’t been inside since that dreadful Halloween night, and as he stared at the door all he could hear was Joel’s screams and pleas for mercy rattling around his head. “Just walk in, just walk in” he whispered to himself, in a desperate bid of self-encouragement. But his attempts were for not, as his feet refused to co-operate with his brain, and he remained fixed to the ground.

Clenching his eyes tightly shut, Jonathan continued to whisper words of encouragement to himself, until he heard a group of voices approach him, and as he turned much to his pleasure he saw Jules at the end of the corridor flocked by a group of young boys approach him. “Jules my man, what’s up” Jonathan shouted, as he forced himself to smile, acting as if nothing was wrong.

He high-fived the young boy, as his clique formed a circle around them. “Haven’t heard from you in a while, you haven’t really been keeping up with your responsibilities… What am I paying you for?” Jonathan laughed, whilst Jules turned to his friend and smiled as artificially as humanly possible.

“Been busy, got to pay my actual friends some attention now. Plus our Rugby age division is thriving, whilst the majority of yours is in the ground. Sooo yeah pretty busy” Jules said, in a tone which indicated superiority. Jonathan scowled and pushed out his chin, doing whatever he could to intimidate the young boy, but in truth he was the one feeling weak for the first time.

“Well then, consider this another job you have to do for me” Jonathan hissed. “Go into that Locker Room and tell me if you see anything suspicious, or anyone” he said, moving out of the way, believing the boy would follow orders. But Jules stayed put and merely turned back to his friends and laughed in sync.

He looked Jonathan up and down, belittling him with his icy cold gaze. “Oh what’s wrong Jonny-boy, too scared to go inside on your own?” Jules said, as his friends busted out in laughter. “Still feel bad about letting Joel die, still having nightmares?” he added, trying to talk over the other boy’s laughter. Jonathan looked over his shoulder at the door and sighed loudly, swallowing his own his pride he took one step forward, before scrunching his face and turning back to the boy.

“If you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll destroy you. And your brother” Jonathan said, as he grabbed onto Jules’ blazer and pulled the boy towards him.

As Jules’ friends went to step towards Jonathan, Jules raised his hand and called them off. He leaned in close to Jonathan and smiled. “I dare you to try, if anything you’ve got more to lose now than me, I’ve gotten everything I wanted from you, and you have lost everything that matters… Including a grip on reality by the looks of you” he added, as Jonathan loosened his grip.

Jules smiled wickedly and began to walk away from the stunned Jonathan. “So nice to see you again J, please keep in touch” he added, as the group of boys left Jonathan alone. Once he was finally alone, Jonathan sucked in his gut and attempted to regain his pride, by marching into the locker room without looking back.


Okay, if we’re going to do this we need to be fast and we need to be as silent as possible” Cassandra whispered to Tyler as they rounded the corridor. But just as they did so, the girl walked face first into Oscar Olsson’s torso. She let out a short gasp of breath, before stumbling backwards into Tyler. “Shit, I am so sorry” Cassandra whispered, as her eyes met Oscars.

“Oscar, how are you?” Tyler asked him, as the tall blond boy avoided eye contact, not wanting to engage with his fellow students. “Haven’t really had the chance to speak to you, I am just so sorry about everything that’s happened. If you need anything really, I mean anything_” but before Tyler could speak, Oscar groaned loudly, and walked past the duo.

“I don’t need anything” the boy said dismissively. “Not from you” he looked at Tyler. “Or you” and then to Cassandra, “Or anyone for that matter. I am here to finish my exams and then I am going to leave this school and this town, and never ever, ever look back!” he said with so much grit in his voice, that Tyler immediately backed down, knowing that this battle was already lost.

But Cassandra was not so willing, she took a deep breath and turned on her heels and marched back down the corridor, after Oscar. “Wait, Oscar wait!” Cassandra shouted. When she eventually caught up with the boy, she grabbed onto his arm and pulled him back to face her. “I know we’ve all been pretty shitty people to each other, but now is our chance to change all of this” Cassandra said.

“God, they have you believing in this shit too?” Oscar laughed. “The great Cassandra Clooney, queen bee of the school, has succumb to this hive mind mentality of, ‘oh we can stop the killer by all working together’ newflash, it doesn’t work, its never worked and will never work. Nothing will stop this killer, the best we can hope for is the police getting a fucking clue and putting a stop to it themselves, because until that happens, we’re all just waiting to be killed” he told her, with zero emotion in his voice, and dead, cold eyes.

“This is different. Do you want to know why all the other plans have failed?” Cassandra asked. “Because you didn’t have me. And I know that may sound big headed and I am trying not to do that anymore, but listen. I know where the keys are, we can open Cali’s box and finally take a step in the right direction. We CAN end this. The fight is winnable” she attempted to reassure Oscar. “In fact, we are going to get the key right now, and it would mean a lot to us, if you helped. I’m sure it would mean a lot, to many people” she added, smiling at Oscar, with so much joy and hope, the likes of which he had ever seen.

But he was not buying it, and tugged his arm away yet again. “It will backfire, trust me. You’re best keeping your nose out of things” he added, as he walked away from Cassandra and towards the sports field.

“That was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen” Cassandra whispered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen another human being so broken before” she added.

“You’re right about the fight being winnable” Tyler whispered. “We just have to win for people like him now. We have to win for the entire school” he told her.

“Come on, let’s keep moving” Cassandra said to him, as they returned around the corner, heading for Mendoza’s office.


McKenna sat in the driver’s seat looking into his phone, as one of his colleagues spoke from the other end. “So the bullets used to kill Logan Kendrick belonged to who exactly?” the detective questioned inquisitively.

“Well there is no direct answer per say” his colleague replied. “But what we can tell you is that the exact bullets have been found, in several drug related gang crimes over recent years, seems as if these bullets were custom made, almost like a calling card” they added.

“So he died in the cross fire perhaps?” McKenna asked.

“Hard to say, maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe he was killed by this killer and they’re just trying to shift your focus, or maybe..” they trailed off.

“Or maybe what?” McKenna questioned, sensing doubt.

“Maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree with this one Ryan. Maybe the kid was just involved in some shady stuff and it’s sheer coincidence that he’s a Windsor student” they added, as McKenna drifted away out of anger. He knew his colleagues had begun losing faith in his abilities. All these months and the case was still open and the bodies were beginning to mount higher and higher.

“And what about the shoe prints, any leads on that?” McKenna snapped.

“All we can tell is that there was one size 10, one size 7 and one size 5. We’ve been focusing all our efforts on the bullets” the colleague replied, sensing the Detective’s bitterness through the phone. “Sorry Ryan” they added.

“It is what it is” McKenna replied in a straight monotone. “But I have to disagree, I think this has to do with the murders. This is a small town, there are no such things as coincidences. Who’s to say the drug crimes are connected to the killings, who knows. I’ll keep you updated, if I find anything out, I won’t be back at the office today, I’m still pursuing a lead” he said, as his voice trailed off, as he looked out of the window.

“Okay, well good luck. If you need anything from us, let us know” they said from the other side of the phone, before ending the facetime call. And yet McKenna remained unbothered, as he continued to look out of his window towards Gentleman’s Choice bar.

“That's the key” he whispered to himself. “Crack Elias Olsson and I can crack this case” he assured himself, as he stormed out of the car and towards the bar.

 Outside of the Library 

Lavender and Caleb exited the library with smiles on their faces, “Well I have to say Caleb, hiding a rose in her favourite book was certainly the most romantic thing I have ever seen, which is super depressing considering the fact I have boyfriend” Vev sighed.

“Although I am sad that you didn’t let me read the final letter. Nevertheless, I am sure that Lavender is going to love it. So you have to tell me, what tonight has in store” she giggled as they continued to walk down a hallway away from the library.

“Well, I do wanna keep some surprises to myself, so I will say this and this alone. A romantic candle lit picnic, just the two of us, where I hope we can talk about our feelings and I can just finally tell her how special she is to me” he sighed with bliss, practically swooning as he did so. But as he spoke, he couldn’t help but see the look of sadness on Vev’s face, and he was instantly struck with the sting of guilt. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to rub it in. I’m sure Cohen has something as equally nice planned, probably even nicer” he added.

“It’s sweet of you to think so, but I haven’t even received a text today, so I’m not holding my breath for some big dramatic love fest” Vev sighed. “Come to think of it, I don’t even know where Cohen is today” she added. “But don’t focus on me, go and get everything ready and make sure you give her the best night of her entire life” she said, smiling at the boy. “I have to go get ready for double English, but I just wanted you to know, that this has been a really fun day, I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you, and I’m glad that I can at least ensure one person is happy today” she added.

But before Caleb turned away he hugged her, and it took a while, but eventually Vev reciprocated. He backed away and smiled at her. “It’s nice to see the human side of you Bee’s every now and again” he said, as he touched her broach. “And if he doesn’t do some big grand gesture, I say, fuck him. You deserve better!” he said, with so much love and respect in his voice.

“Thank you” Vev replied. “Thank you so much” the school bell rang, signalling the ending of one period and the beginning of another. She turned away from the boy as the classrooms began to pile out. She clutched her chest and began to cry, garnering several strange looks from the rest of the students. She realised in that moment, that she wanted what Vev had. For the first time in her life, she felt like the outcast, jealous of someone’s social standing.

She wanted love so much, and the fact that Cohen was no longer willing to give it to her, upset her greatly. She had love and lost it, within the blink of an eye, all because of that terrible secret, that secret that ruined everything, the secret that cost her, her boyfriend. She clutched onto her books and ran for her next class, desperately hoping to escape the brutal, judgmental gaze of the students.

 Boy’s Locker Room 

Jonathan was damp with sweat as he tore the shirt from his body, and threw it towards one of the benches, where the rest of belongings rested. The room was completely empty, so silent that you could hear a pin drop, which simply added to his unease. He looked around in every nook and cranny, checking under each bench to ensure he was actually alone. He laughed to himself, at his own stupidity, Jonathan didn’t like acting this way, he missed the days were he didn’t fear for his life, when he didn’t jump out of his skin when a door blew shut, when he didn’t have nightmares in which his blood soaked friend chased him.

“Get a grip of yourself” he whispered into the palms of his hands, as he rubbed his temples, before kicking off his pants and shoes and heading to the showers. The lights above his head flickered, prompting him to stop in his tracks as he looked up towards the ceiling, before continuing on, ignoring the electronic buzz the lights were omitting.

Jonathan walked in and selected a middle cubicle without much thought, now simply focusing on getting himself in and out as quickly as possible. He placed his phone into one of the shelves and began to play music, before finally turning on the water. His hair dripped down into his face as he sighed with pleasure, after finally allowing himself to relax.

The soothing music came from his phone, and lulled him into a sense of safety, which is why he didn’t hear the doors to the locker room open.

For a brief second as he didn’t have a care in the world, it was as if all his worries and concerns drifted up and away from him, as the steam from the shower rose towards the ceiling. But that second was cut short, when the door slammed shut, snapping Jonathan back to reality and alerting him to the fact that he was no longer alone.

His eyes widened and his upper teeth bit down on his lower lip. “H-Hello, is someone there?” Jonathan shouted, as he peaked his head out of the stall, to see nothing but the flickering light. But in that instant, the lights above the main body of the changing room gave out, and was submerged into total darkness.

The showers remained lit however, which is why Jonathan put his head back into the stall and attempted to steady his breath. “This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening” he whispered to himself, as the rustling came from the dark end of the room. “Jules if this is your idea of a joke, I swear to god I’ll kick your arse so hard, my cleats will come out of your mouth” he roared, attempting to sound as threatening as possible. But there was no response, only more rustling and finally, footsteps.

He looked down the row of showers, at the end of which rested the fire escape. He knew that was his safest bet of escaping, even if that meant running into the main body of the school stark naked. He grabbed onto his phone and clutched it, the water droplets from the shower dripped across the screen.

He attempted to wipe the screen on his bare torso, and then hit emergency call. “Hello this is an operator” the woman on the other end said in a calm voice.

Jonathan cupped his hand over his mouth and whispered into the mic of his phone, as he finally plucked up the nerve to leave the stall, he hastily walked towards the fire exit door as he finally began to speak. “Hello, my name is Jonathan Byrns, I am student at Windsor Academy, and I think someone is trying to_” as soon as his palm pressed against the fire door, he felt a sharp stinging in his left shoulder blade.

He let out an barbaric scream as his whole body pressed against the door, still desperately trying to flee. His phone fell out of his hand as the operator on the other end continued to speak. “Sir, Sir what is happening” they shouted, as the screen shattered as it hit the floor.

A gloved hand pulled Jonathan’s hair and threw him down onto the damp floor, it was there where he finally got a look at his attacker. Dressed head to toe in black, they loomed over him, with a the same sickening masquerade mask that taunted him and the rest of the rugby, the night in Mr Mendoza’s office. He screamed with fright as he clawed his way into one of the stalls, “Please, please no!” he roared, as he pressed his back against a wall.

He shielded his face from harm, but just as the killer raised their blade, someone else tackled them to the ground. Jonathan watched with shock, as Oscar pounced on the masked being, and attempted to knock their mask off. The knife flew out of the killers hands and slid towards Jonathan, who quickly grabbed onto it for safety.

The struggle on the floor continued, as finally Oscar had his hands wrapped around the killers neck. “Who are you?” Oscar screamed, before the killer wiggled out from under him and kicked him square in the crotch. He grunted with pain, before being kicked in the face, by the killers boots, his nose instantly ran red with blood. He clutched onto it in pain, as he attempted to scramble to his feet, before sliding on the wet floor and tumbling to the ground.

Both boys watched as the killer escaped through the fire door, leaving them both bloody, scared and hopeless. All of the lights in the room returned to functioning, as they finally scared a look. “Thank you” Jonathan sighed, as he clutched onto the back of his shoulder. He gritted his teeth in pain, as Oscar rose to his feet and collected the boy’s shattered phone.

“Don’t mention it” Oscar said, as he pinched his nose. He was about to hand the phone over when he realised the operator was still on the other end. He held the phone close enough not to cut himself, and sighed “We’re going to need an ambulance to Windsor Academy. We’ve been attacked again, Jonathan Byrns has a stabbed once and they’ve busted my nose open” he told the operator, as Jonathan watched the fire door swing back and forth.

 Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

McKenna opened the door, just as Elias Olsson was pouring himself a drink. “Detective, two visits in one day, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Elias said, as he rose his glass. “Well, I have received some new information regarding the case, and thought it best to come and check in and ask a few follow up questions, that is if you’re not too busy” McKenna said, sitting on the barstool to join the owner. “May I?” he asked, as he grabbed one of the glasses off of the bar tender. As Elias poured the Detective a Whiskey, he couldn’t help but shake with fear. “Is this something I should be worrying about?” Elias questioned.

“Perhaps…” McKenna replied, as he downed his drink. “Tell me, Logan Kendrick was on your pay roll, correct? And please don’t lie, as we have the PayPal transactions to prove it” his eyes narrowed, as Elias placed down his drink without even taking a sip.

“Yes, he did a few promotional work for my bar, he also DJ’d” Elias lied.

“And Leo Barnaby… What did he do?” McKenna said, jumping over the man’s words.

“Is this relevant?” Elias asked, knowing that he had never paid Leo and thus there would have no evidenced to say he did so.

“Just answer the question please” McKenna barked.

“Bar work, he did some bar work. Not much, only on some nights when we were struggling for hands, I paid him cash in hand” Elias lied again, desperately trying to forget the horrific things Logan made Leo do, and how he just had to stand there and watch as he did so.

The Detective smiled. “And tell me, Elias. Did those boys seem to okay before their deaths? Did they mention anyone? A drug dealer perhaps?” McKenna asked, as the pressure in the room mounted.

“I… Honestly couldn’t say. Didn’t seem like the type of boys to be involved in that stuff” Elias replied.

“I only ask, because when we were going through Logan’s room, we found a suitcase, with a lot of money in, and I’m talking a lot here” McKenna said calmly. “Money that no average ‘dealer’ would have. Which leads me to believe, that maybe Logan and Leo, and maybe another party, where offered an exchange, that money for a venue, or location… turf” he added. “And say, if a bar owner got in over his head and started to deal drugs to his clientele, and maybe they all got in a little over their heads… and paid the ultimate price” he said.

Elias squirmed and forced himself to finally down his drink. “This is all highly speculative…I take it?” he questioned.

“Well, some parts are. We know for sure Logan was in over his head. As the bullets used to kill him are linked with a deadly drug gang. We no longer think he’s connected to the Windsor Murders at all really” McKenna said, as Elias’ heart raced at such a rapid speed.

“But we could be wrong, I still have another lead to follow” he sighed as he stood up from the bar. “Just a piece of advice, man to man. I’d say check in on your other son. You may not see him for a long, long time” he said, smiling as he exited the bar.

“Detective wait!” Elias shouted, as McKenna froze in his tracks. He knew he couldn’t reveal the whole truth, but knew he had to do something, had to tell him at least part of the truth. “The day he died, Logan came in here. Waving a gun about and threatening me” he said telling the truth. But then the lies started. “He started saying that he couldn’t live in this world without Leo. And that he hated my Oliver for taking him away from him. I told him to go back to school and to try and rest and allow time to heal his wound” he said, pretending to cry. “But I guess he didn’t make it, guess someone wanted him out the picture too” Elias conclude, desperately hoping that he would have thrown McKenna off of his scent.

But the Detective merely smiled and turned around and simply said. “Thank you Mr Olsson. I’m sure we’ll see each other sooner rather than later” he laughed. But just as the door closed behind him, Elias’ phone buzzed and the man immediately picked up and to his surprise he couldn’t believe what was coming from the other end…

 Iris Dormitories - Clara’s Room 

David knocked on Clara’s door, nervous to tell her that his mother was forcing them out on a date, he knew her mind was elsewhere with the gun and he didn’t wish to feel like a burden. He braced himself for rejection, he knew it would be best, but there was something in him that longed for her to say yes, longed for a night where the two could just be ordinary teenagers.

“Who is it?” Clara shouted from inside.

“It’s me” David replied. “David…” he added, feeling the need to add clarification.

“Come in, it’s open” Clara replied, as David sighed and opened up the door. He watched her and his mouth dropped open, as Clara stood before him in nothing but a towel. “Well close the door, I don’t want the whole school seeing me” she told him, but in actuality she couldn’t bare seeing the open door, because they only thing her eyes saw was Leo’s tapped off door.

“Well maybe you should just lock it, after-all there is a killer on the loose” David told her, as he sat down on her bed.

“Oh yeah, and I am so sure that the killer is going to politely knock before entering a room” she laughed. “So what brings you to my humble abode?” she questioned.

“Well, I actually have a surprise, an offer, or proposition? I’m honestly not even sure how to word it myself” David explained. “I know we had plans to get rid of the gun tonight, but how about we do something after that, or maybe before” David stuttered, as Clara approached him confused. “God, I don’t know why I am so nervous” he laughed anxiously, as he whipped his sweaty palms onto his jeans.

“But my mother has booked us a table at a restaurant in town and has arranged for a car to pick us up, maybe we can have a real Valentine’s day after all” he sighed, as he took her hands into his. “So, Clara Stark. Will you be my Valentine?” he questioned.

He watched her face light up with joy as she giggled vivaciously. But before she could answer, Clara was greeted with the all too familiar sound of police sirens. “What?” she whispered to herself, as both she and David ran to the window to see what was happening.

“What the hell?” David sighed, as he gripped onto her shoulder. They watched as two ambulances and several police cars pulled up into the school, as paramedics quickly emerged from both, carrying one gurney. “No way” he aloud.

Clara quickly threw on a pair of joggers and a hoodie and the pair along with several other students walked downstairs to investigate what was going on.

 Front of School 

Many students watched with bated breath, awaiting to see what awaited them, and more importantly who would emerge. The medical team headed towards the sports complex, and as Clara clutched onto her boyfriend she pleaded with all her might that someone she loved would not appear on said gurney.

McKenna’s car pulled up and he finally emerged on the scene, and was quickly greeted by a flustered Simon Mendoza. “I don’t know how this happened” Simon cried. “The security system can’t be in changing rooms, and I don’t_” but Simon’s ramblings where cut short, when McKenna simply raised his hand to the teachers face, halting him immediately.

“Save it. I told you that hiring a third party security team was a bad idea, and I meant what I said. This is on you and you alone” he added, as the medic team came rushing towards them.

“This school is a fucking joke” Jonathan shouted from the gurney, as the medics tended to his wounds. “I want justice, I want that psychopaths head on a spike!” he roared, as the students gasped with both surprise and relief, watching as Jonathan was wheeled into the back of the first ambulance.

“Well at least he’s alive” Mendoza said nervously to the Detective.

“Is that seriously considered a ‘win’ to you?” McKenna replied. “You know, you and your friend Elias have more in common than you both let on. You both just sit by and watch children get hurt in your establishments” he added, silencing Mendoza and forcing him to retreat into himself, like a small child.

“If the first one is for Jonathan, then who’s the second one for?” Clara asked David, as she strengthened her grasp. Instantly she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Oscar exit the complex with another set of Paramedics, who were immediately tending to his nose.

“Oh my god, Oscar” Clara sighed, as she attempted to run towards him. David quickly followed behind her, but the pair didn’t get very far, as the police quickly tapped off the pathway in front of them.

“Let us through that’s our friend” Clara shouted, as her damp hair fell down into her face, making her look slightly deranged.

One of the officers turned to Oscar and pointed at the couple. “Are these friends of yours Sir?” she asked Oscar.

“No, no they’re not” Oscar replied. “Can we just get to the hospital now, please” he pleaded, as he stepped into the ambulance unassisted. The doors where slammed shut and Clara’s face instantly sank, it was for but a moment, but she actually forgot how upset he was with her. And when she saw him in such a vulnerable state, all she wanted to do was hug her friend.

“He’ll come around, I promise” David assured her. “Let’s go back upstairs, we can talk about tonight in more detail” he told her. “Everyone is safe, that’s all that matters” he added.

“Oh god, I am so sorry, you were about to ask me on a _” Clara’s words trailed off, as she noticed that this whole time Detective McKenna was staring directly at them. She felt unnerved as he continued to stare, long after she realised he was doing so, almost as if they were competing in a staring competition.

“Is he staring at us?” David questioned, as he looked behind himself, just to make sure there wasn’t a more suspicious character standing directly behind them.

“Yes, he is” Clara replied, as McKenna continued to stare, even in the midst of lighting a cigarette. “Let’s get inside, quickly. We can talk about tonight once I’m sure we’re alone” she whispered, as she grabbed onto her boyfriend’s hand and pulled him away the Detective’s ice-cold glare.

 The Library  

Lavender walked around the library in search of the third and final clue. She came to her favourite book and smiled, in her head she was slightly concerned about the fact that someone had been watching her close enough to know what exactly her favourite book was, and still she couldn’t help but find the romance in it.

She collected Wuthering Heights off the shelf and gently caressed the sleeve, out from the top stuck another note. She put the book back and leaned against the shelf, wanting to ensure that she and she alone could read the note.

Dearest Lavender,

Congratulations on finding the third and final letter, not that I knew you wouldn’t I was more concerned about you actually wanting to find it. Now, it is time for treasure at the end of this hunt, tonight I ask you to join me for an evening of romance, as we picnic in our own private place, in which I can reveal my true self to you. I am sorry for not doing so previously, and believe me I have wanted to, but there was always a deep rooted fear of rejection, that someone as beautiful as you could never love somebody like me, Now, I must ask of you to be ready at 9pm, I know it breaks curfew, which is why I will meet you somewhere in your dormitory, I will text the location later tonight. I am so looking forward to seeing you - Yours Always

– Your Secret Admirer

Lavender placed the letter onto her chest and sighed with bliss. She looked around to see if anyone could see her, beaming like an idiot from a simple piece of paper, thankfully she was alone to look as silly as she wished.

She practically skipped out of the library, questioning who on earth this secret admirer could possibly be. She hadn’t even thought about romance since Daniel left for America, so perhaps the clues had been right in front of her, and she was so swept up within her own little world, that she just couldn’t see. Nevertheless, she looked onward and upward to tonight, which she hoped would be the beginning of something wonderful.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office  

Cassandra and Tyler looked around the corner at the receptionist, who was gathering her things to go to lunch. “Can the bitch move any slower” Cassandra moaned, as the receptionist slowly loaded up her bag.

“Did your parents ever teach that patience is a virtue?” Tyler questioned, as Cassandra smirked back sarcastically.

“Forget virtue, we’ll need a divine miracle if Mendoza catches us in the office, the longer she takes, the less time we have to search that place” she whispered, as the Receptionist finally stepped away from the desk and towards the doors on the opposing end of the corridor. “Time to take care of that camera footage” she whispered to Tyler, who took out a red ball from his hand and threw it far down the corridor as possible.

The second the ball hit the floor, a fog of red smoke emerged, shrouding the corridor in a thick dense cloud. “Let’s go” he whispered, as he took Cassandra’s hand and ran towards the door. They found their way to the office without too much hassle, opening the door with relative ease and closing it behind them before the red smog could seep through.

“Well, that was certainly creative” Cassandra laughed.

“What can I say, going to Science club from the ages of eleven to fourteen helped, I learnt how to make slime, bath bombs and more importantly smoke bombs” Tyler laughed back.

“Although, it is highly concerning that the fire alarms haven’t gone off… So much for a safe place” Cassandra sighed, as they stepped further into the office. “Anyway, let’s find this shit and get out of here before Mendoza get’s back” Cassandra moaned, as she marched towards the desk.

“I think we’ll have more time than we expected really, that Detective guy seemed pretty intent on talking to him following the Jonathan attack. Wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his job soon” Tyler replied.

“All the more reason to find the key now” Cassandra replied, as Tyler joined her at the opposite side of the desk. Tyler worked his way through the first draw, finding nothing but Film Studies essays, and thus he moved down to the second, in which he found a notebook. “What is that?” Cassandra questioned.

Tyler opened the thick dense book and randomly flicked through the pages. “This is so weird, listen to this. Today, I and Detective McKenna interviewed specific students regarding the murder of Chasity Fairize. Hearing them all confess their wrong doings and sins, made it all the more clear to me that as Head Master I need to right by this school and clean it up once and for all” he read aloud, watching Cassandra’s horrified face become even more scared. “Note in particular Leo Barnaby and Logan Kendrick, who are hiding their sexual misdeeds from me, if it wasn’t for Elias bringing this to my attention, they would have slipped under the radar… But thankfully now I know” he concluded.

“Holy shit, Mr Olsson knew about Leo and Logan” Cassandra gasped.

“And then he told Mendoza” Tyler replied.

“And then Leo died right after those interviews were conducted…” Cassandra replied. “It’s not the key, but we need to take that book too. Who knows what else could be in there” Cassandra added, as Tyler shoved it down his pants, garnering a weird look from the girl.

“What?” Tyler questioned. “I haven’t got a pocket big enough” he laughed, as they continued to search for the key, which didn’t take long, as when Cassandra reached the final desk on her side of the desk she saw it, sitting on a stack of photos.

“This is it” she whispered as she picked it up, she found that a key ring was attached to it, on which was a photo of Mendoza and Cali. “Ew seriously, how as this predator not been caught yet” she gasped in disgust. “But at least we have it. We can take him down” she said forcing herself to smile, but out of the corner of her eye, she couldn’t help but stare down at a photo of a much younger Simon and Maggie, gathered around a baby Dean, who’s entire face was covered in chocolate.

“You’re still worried about him, aren’t you?” Tyler asked softly.

“I just, really hope that we’re not right with this theory. I hope that he’s not a killer” Cassandra cried, but before Tyler could offer her any form of support they heard footsteps approaching the door. “Quick” she whispered as the pair quickly shut all the draws and hid behind the tall bookcase in the far corner of the room, which rested against a set of windows.

The door flew open two deep coughs came from within the smog. Both Tyler and Cassandra watched as Caleb was thrown to the ground, and rolled around in Mendoza’s carpet. “Please, I am sorry” Caleb pleaded, as Dean emerged from the fog and slammed the door behind him.

“You will be sorry” he grunted at Caleb, much to the shock of Cassandra. As the scrawny boy attempted to get to his feet, he was booted to the ground by Dean. “Stay down there, because right now, I am talking and you need to listen” he hissed. “The amount of times you have been seen conversing with the likes of Clara Stark, Tyler Stephensen and David Thomas have not gone unnoticed. My Dad and I are beginning to get worried about you Caleb… Not getting yourself into danger playing Detective are you?” Dean questioned in a mocking voice, that neither Tyler nor Cassandra had ever hear.

This was not the shy and retiring Dean that they had come to know, this was a completely different person. The rugby player grabbed onto the scruff of Caleb’s collar and lifted him from his feet and ran with him across the room until he slammed his body on the desk.

“I want reassurance, that you will keep your mouth shut. Because if you destroy our life, then I will destroy you. And all your friends will know what you really are. Your life will be well and truly fucked. Do I make myself clear?” Dean hissed into the boy’s face. Caleb simply nodded and stayed quiet, but Dean wasn’t finished. “If people find out about you, it will destroy any credibility you have left. And now that my Mum has proven to be innocent, the police will be looking for a new suspect. And who better to fit that, then someone who had a twitter account bashing the school and most of the victims and especially someone with your… History” Caleb froze and began to shake, just as Dean’s grip loosened. “You can go now, I trust you’ll be a good boy. Listen for more orders and obey” Dean laughed, as Caleb quickly scurried out of the office.

Cassandra and Tyler looked at each other. “What did he mean by history?” Cassandra mouthed to her friend, as they attempted to remain as quiet as possible.

“And why does Dean want to keep him quiet?” Tyler replied, he too mouthing his words. But as he did so, he backed up and the back of his heel hit the wooden bookcase, prompting the pair to freeze instantly. “Shit” he mouthed again.

Dean heard the noise before he could exit the room, and instead of heading towards the door, he turned on his heels and headed towards the bookcase. He had been so caught up in chasing down Caleb and getting him into the office, which he didn’t even question the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father’s office, such as the smoke bomb that had been set off. Was it just a practical joke, or was it something else entirely.

He reached the book case and peered around it, finding nothing but a set of open windows.

“Shit” Dean shouted, as he stormed back towards the desk. He crouched down towards the final draw and pulled it open, instantly realising that the key had been missing. “SHIT” he shouted loudly, as he withdrew his phone. “Dad we’re in trouble, big, big trouble” he panted. “We need to think of something, and fast” he shouted, as he ran out of the office.

Little did he know that Cassandra and Tyler heard his panicked state, as they were pressed against the brick wall underneath the window, desperately trying to catch their breath.

 Front of the School 

David paced the ground, he looked down at his watch for a brief second, only to continue pacing once again. He was nervous, more than he had ever been before, his palms were sweaty and a lump was quickly developing in his throat, he knew the risk that he and Clara were taking was a big one, but it had to be done, for the sake of everyone involved.

He heard the sound of high heels approaching and he spun around to see Clara looking a beautiful as ever. Wearing a tight blue dress, bright red lipstick and gorgeous heels, Clara strutted towards him like a supermodel fresh off the catwalk, but as ever she was distracted. “Cassandra that is great, okay once you’ve opened the box, please text me or David immediately to let us know what’s inside” she said. David couldn’t help but smile, because even though her appearance may have changed, she was still the same Clara at her core. “Yeah, me and David are about to leave now, so we’ll let you know how we get on too. Stay safe” she said, as the call ended.

“They found the key” Clara explained to her boyfriend.

“That’s great. I hope that whatever is in that box is put to good use” David replied.

“Hopefully this isn’t a Pandora’s Box type of deal, hopefully the world as we know it won’t begin to crumble before our very eyes” she said, forcing out a little giggle.

“You look beautiful” David sighed romantically, reminding Clara of where she was and what she was supposed to be doing.

“Thank you” she replied, beaming at the beautiful blond boy. “Not too bad yourself” she added, as she played with his suit’s collar. “Scrub up well” she laughed, as a fancy car pulled in front of the school. “How did your Mother manage to get our curfew lifted again?” she questioned, as they approached the car.

“Well she had a bottomless supply of money, and as we know Mendoza isn’t exactly the purest of men. Guess she made another generous donation to the school’s funds… Or perhaps his own personal funds” David explained as they approached the car. Upon the mention of the man’s name, David watched his girlfriend’s face appear frightened, he touched her shoulder and they both stopped in their tracks. “Listen, we’re going to stop him, we’re going to get justice for everything he’s done and everyone he’s hurt, Liv, Chas, Leo all of them. But just for tonight, we can be normal teenagers and go on a normal date” he whispered to her, before she kissed him on the cheek in thanks.

“I mean, we still have another pressing matter to deal with” Clara whispered back, as she tapped her clutch purse.

David looked down and wrapped his arms around her in reassurance. “Okay, one quick stop, and then we can normal teenagers” he said, as the pair smiled at each other and finally entered the car.


Cassandra and Tyler hurried down a corridor as the final school bell of the day rang, students poured out of their classrooms, and engulfed them in sea of bodies. “I think we’re safe” Tyler panted, desperately trying to catch his breath from running away from the scene. “I don’t think he saw us” he added, as they moved along with the crowd.

Cassandra looked behind her and saw no sign of Dean, but she remained shaken to her core and now more than ever, she was afraid of her boyfriend. “I still can’t believe what we just saw” she whispered, as they continued to move.

“Do you think Caleb is hiding something from us?” Tyler asked. “Maybe he knows more than he lets on, maybe he’s been working with them this entire time” he added.

“I don’t think so, I think they have something else on him. Probably using him as a puppet on a string” Cassandra said, in a cold emotionless state.

“Well they could still be using him to commit murders” Tyler whispered, not wanting to draw the attention of any passing students. “What if this whole time he’s been playing us, and telling us about the affair was part of their plan” he said, sounding more paranoid by the minute, a state which had not gone unnoticed by Cassandra.

“Calm down, please don’t make me be the sane one in this pair” she insisted. “Once we get back to my room. We can discuss any theories, or suspicions you may have. But for now we just need to get back to my room, and not draw any attention to ourselves” she whispered, before walking directly into Vev. Cassandra let out a quick gasp of shock, as did Vev.

“Sorry, did I scare you?” Vev said, as she touched her friend for reassurance.

“No it’s okay sorry, I walked into you” Cassandra replied. “Sorry I haven’t been very much myself lately. Sorry if I’ve been ignoring you” she added, as Vev let out a faint smile.

“There’s no need to apologise, I haven’t been a particularly good friend either” Vev confessed.

Cassandra turned around to Tyler and whispered, “Do you mind giving us a minute alone?” and after the question was asked, being the gentleman he naturally was, Tyler obliged and gave the girls some space. “Look, I really am sorry Vev” Cassandra said, as she grabbed onto her friend’s hand. “I have been such a bitch lately, well forever really but lately I have been a thoughtless bitch, and if I have done anything to ruin or effect your relationship, I will talk to Cohen and I promise you, I will make it right” she said, as she gently rubbed Vev’s soft knuckles.

“I’d very much appreciate that, maybe we could sit down and talk to him together” Vev replied. “But in all honestly, I haven’t even seen Cohen all day. But regardless of all that, I shouldn’t have told him. You’re my best friend, we’re supposed to keep each other’s secrets, and we’re supposed to keep each other safe, now more than ever. I don’t want us to end up like Cali and Chas… I don’t want to die” Vev cried, showing genuine fear in her eyes. “And I am so sorry, if I’ve hurt you and Dean, I’ll talk to him too, I’ll make things right” she added, as Cassandra now began to shed her own tears.

“Don’t talk to Dean” Cassandra implored her friend, as she squeezed onto her hand. “Come to my room tonight, I can’t explain it here, but there is something you need to know, for your own safety” she whispered, before finally letting go of her friend’s hands. “I have to go now, there’s something I need to do first. But remember, my room tonight. Text me when you’re on your way” she told her friend, before she began to walk towards Tyler.

As Vev watched the two disappear into the crowd of student’s she couldn’t possibly imagine what she was going to hear tonight. She looked around at her surroundings as a shiver went up his spine. She walked in the opposite direction, heading towards the dining hall, completely unaware that the trio were being watched from afar, by non-other than Dean Mendoza.

 Iris Dormitory – Lav's Room 

Lavender sat in a plain white dress staring blankly into a mirror as she slowly and methodically, brushed her hair. She steadied her breath and stared down at the three pink pieces of paper that rested on the table beneath her. She wondered who her secret admirer was, did she know them? Where they friends? Or perhaps someone she hadn’t even noticed before?

A million thoughts bounced around her head, seemingly all at once. She tried to steady herself, to think of what advice Raven would pass down to her. But he had been gone for so long now, his voice in her head was becoming quieter by the day, she feared that soon she’d forget it entirely.

Her heart beat to the ticking of her clock, she had yet to receive text, informing her of the location of her date, and she was beginning to fear that this was some horrid joke. This feeling of dread, was made worse when her phone buzzed, illuminating the screen with her ex-boyfriend Daniel’s face. Her heartbeat ceased, slowing immediately. She hadn’t heard a word from the boy since they called it quits, so why was he calling her now.

She reached over and picked it up, waiting with baited breath to see what he would say. But once the line was picked up, there words that were spoken, but instead all she heard were the unmistakable sound of kissing. She knew that this must have been a pocket dial, or at least she hoped that was the case, surely Daniel wasn’t a monster. But strangely she didn’t hang up right away, she stayed on listening intently. “You like that baby” Daniel whispered, as another soft voice moaned with pleasure.

Lavender remained emotionless, this was all she needed, she hung up and placed her phone down, unable to bring herself to look at it for even a second longer. “You deserve love” Lavender told herself, as she stared so intently at her own reflection, as the words of advice she knew Raven would have gave her, finally appeared in her mind. “I deserve to be loved, and I’m going to find love” she told herself.

She continued to do her makeup, filled with a new sense of confidence, for that one accidental phone call had lit a fire underneath her. If Daniel had moved on, then why couldn’t she? It simply wouldn’t work with him, but that does not mean that it would not work out with another man.

And then as she applied a light shade of lip-gloss, she was met by another text, this time from an unknown number.

“My Dearest Lavender – To our find our Picnic site, you need not look far, for your own Dorm Building will play host to our evening of romance. Tame the following steps and meet me in one hour- Yours Always”

The text read, before another quickly followed, detailing an exact route to the location of her date. She looked down at her phone and smiled, touching the letters, she could feel that was the start of something special.


Jonathan lay on his hospital bed, he was pale, practically devoid of any kind of complexion. He had his phone pressed against his ear, as he looked around and the other patients on the ward’s surrounding beds. Finally, someone on the other end picked up.

“Dad, Dad it’s me” Jonathan panted. “I’m in the Hospital!” he shouted, answering as if his Father asked him a stupid question.

“The police literally called you” Jonathan added, as a nursed walked past his bed, staring at him with some confusion as the teenager forced himself to smile, pretending to not be enraged by his Father’s seeming lack of empathy. “I was stabbed in the back, by the same person who has killed a bunch of my friends” he added, pausing for a brief second as his father spoke. “No I’m not dying, why would I be calling you so calmly if I was on my death bed?” he trailed off, as his Father continued to spout non-sense.

“My point is, are you coming to see me?” Jonathan questioned, “No, don’t put me on hold” he said with anger, as he slammed his phone down onto the bed, his father was gone and he was once again alone.

He sighed angrily, as he threw his head back into his pillow. His loneliness would soon cease however, as Oscar rounded the corner with a stuffed elephant and slowly approached his bed. “Hey” Oscar said, as he awkwardly raised his hand to wave.

“Hey” Jonathan replied solemnly, as he watched his phone screen darken, knowing that his Father had hung up on him. “You’re nose is looking better” he said, pointing towards the only slightly red nose of Oscar Olsson.

“They didn’t really have much in the shop downstairs, but thought you needed something at least” Oscar said, as he put the stuffed elephant down on the bedside table. Upon closer inspection, Jonathan could see the words Get Well Soon were written on the anima’s chest.

“Guessing they didn’t have a Sorry You Were Attacked By a Serial Killer teddy bare?” Jonathan laughed.

“No the guy in front of me actually got the last one” Oscar replied, as he sat down on the stool next to the bed. “How you feeling?” Oscar asked.

“Like I was stabbed, shockingly, it doesn’t feel good” Jonathan replied, with a small smirk on his face. “But in all seriousness, I feel like shit” he laughed, as Oscar joined in. “Thank you by the way” Jonathan said, in a more serious tone. “For saving my life” he added.

“I was just in the right place at the right time, I got lucky” Oscar replied solemnly. “Glad I could be of some use, save someone at least” he sighed, as his eyes began to water at the mere thought of his Brother.

“Listen, I’m really sorry about Oliver, he didn’t deserve to go out like that. He was a really great friend. I’m sure he was an even better brother” Jonathan sighed, as he reached out and touched Oscar’s knee. “But you can’t beat yourself up like that, there’s no way you could have known what was going to happen, we can’t predict what this psycho is going to do next” Jonathan added.

“The police think he and Leo were planning to run away together, he almost got this happy ending. Away from this shit hole” Oscar replied, something that Jonathan wasn’t even aware of.

“You can still get your happy ending, we all can. The police are gonna catch that guy behind this” Jonathan replied.

“Bullshit, they’re incompetent. They’re never going to catch the killer. No one is. We just gotta hope that we make it to the end of the school year, hope they don’t follow us to whatever University we land in” Oscar replied.

“You’re a good guy Oscar, you’re just like your Brother. I’m nothing like you and Oliver, still have a lot of growing to do. But I share your hope, hope that whoever is behind that mask doesn’t take another chunk out of me” Jonathan laughed, although his fear was evident. “You don’t mind staying with me for a bit do you? My Dad is far too distracted with work, to even bother coming to see me, work is too important” Jonathan sighed.

“Well that makes two of us with shitty Dad’s. Mine hasn’t even picked up his phone, clearly has more pressing things to attend to” Oscar replied.

“Dad’s suck. We’re better off fending for ourselves I guess. Although, if I have you to protect me Olsson, I think I’ll be okay. You ever considered a career as a bodyguard?” Jonathan giggled. The two boys smiled at each other, and for brief moment they had escaped Windsor Academy, completely unaware of the horrors that would occur in the school in ensuing hours.

 Yorkshire Moores 

The fancy car pulled to a gradual stop in the middle of a deserted road, David looked out at the vast open field that laid just outside of his window. He turned to Clara who simply smiled, nodding her head confidently to assure him that she was ready for the task they were about to perform.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off, closer to the restaurant Master Walker?” the decrypted driver murmured. His wrinkled eyes watched the couple out of the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, it’s a usually warm Valentines-Day, so my lovely Date and I would like the walk, it will do us some good” David said, lying to man’s face.

“Yeah, will help us build up an appetite” Clara added, attempting to sell the story.

“I trust that it’s okay with you, and that our leaving at this location, will be between us” David said, as he slipped the man a fifty pound note. The man smiled, ever so-slightly and nodded his head without saying an entire word. David opened his door, as did Clara and two walked towards the hills.

“Can he be trusted?” Clara asked, as she looked back to the car. “He won’t snitch on us, will he?” she asked again, as the car’s engine roared and disappeared into the winding roads. She was fearful, she thought that as soon as the driver took off, that he’d be heading straight for the police.

“Of course he can” David replied. “He’s worked for my family for decades, longer than I’ve been alive. He’s loyal.” David attempted to reassure his girlfriend. “And even if he wasn’t. People are loyal to one thing in this world and that’s money. If he wants to go to the police, then I’ll pay him every last penny I own, all to protect you” David said, as he stroked Clara’s cheek and brushed her hair.

“You really shouldn’t be doing all of this for me, it’s really too nice” Clara sighed, as she hiked up her dress. “I just don’t want to get you into trouble, killing Logan was_” “Was the right thing to do” David interrupted. “As bad as that sounds, it’s true. Who’s to say he wouldn’t do to another boy, what he did to Leo. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have took it one step further and killed somebody himself. He may not have been the killer, but he was a fucking horrible human being” David reassured her. “And I told you, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll help you hide this gun, because I love you Clara Stark. I love you so much, that I’d take a bullet for you. Everything I do from now on, is for you” he whispered, as they kissed, just as a soft breeze blew against them.

The young girl backed away and smiled, as she fixed the boy’s blue tie. “Okay, so let’s hike up this hill and do this, together” she whispered, her breath still skittish and shakey.

“Then we can go be normal teenagers. We can have a fancy sit down meal and I can tell you, over and over again how you’re the most beautiful girl in all the world” David replied, as Clara giggled softly.

“I like the sound of that, sounds… Relaxing” Clara giggled, as they approached the hill. “Although you may have to help me up this hill… And give me a piggy back into town, needless to say I instantly regret wearing heels” she laughed, now prompting David to fall into a fit of giggles. As their laughter filled the field, they marched on forward, trying to act like everything was normal, even though they knew it wasn’t. They were concealing and destroying evidence, evidence that would find Clara guilty of murder should it fall into the wrong hands, and so as they continued to laugh, it became more and more apparent to both of them, that their laughter was hallow.

 Teacher’s Dorm - Mr Mendoza’s Bedroom 

Simon Mendoza laid on his bed, still fully clothed from the day. He was rubbing his temples vigorously and simply staring up towards the ceiling, when a knock at the door startled him. He sighed loudly and aggressively, before getting onto his feet and stumbled towards the door. Once he opened it, his son Dean charged into the room, nearly knocking the Head Master off of his feet.

“We have a problem, a really big problem” Dean shouted, as Simon hastily shut the door, fearing that the other teachers would hear him.

“What are you talking about and why are you here?” Simon asked, as he watched his son walk around the room, in his own state of panic. “Calm down, and tell me what on earth you’re talking about” he asked again.

“Have you been to your office lately?” Dean asked aggressively. “Because I have, I pulled Caleb inside to make sure he stayed quiet and in place” Dean hissed, as his father stared at him aggressively.

“No I haven’t. I was dealing with that annoying Detective all afternoon, and then I was in several meetings around the school with the staff, teaching class and dealing with phone calls at Reception all from terrified parents who heard someone else had been attacked. So no I haven’t really had the chance to sit in my office today. Simon said quickly and aggressively. “And you did what to Caleb_” but before Simon could utter another word, his son interrupted him.

“Shut up and listen!” Dean shouted. “Your key is missing!” he hissed. “And clearly if someone has gone after it then they need it. Meaning that somebody on this campus knows where that box is” Dean stressed, as Simon’s face became devoid of any and all colour. The father slumped back down onto his bed, with an expression of fear, watching the world as it came crashing down around him. “Did anybody see you go into the office with Caleb?” Simon questioned, but Dean merely shook his head.

“Someone let a smoke bomb off, I didn’t think much of it at the time, thought it was just one of the younger kids playing a prank. But now I’m thinking it was for something else” Dean replied.

Simon angrily punched one of his pillows. “Are you sure you don’t know what’s in that box?” he asked his son.

“I’m sure. But whatever it is, it could pose a threat to our family” Dean said, finally caving into his Father, finally joining the hive mind set of protecting the Mendoza name at all cost.

“Did they take anything else?” Simon asked, at which Dean shrugged. His heart sank, as he thought of his journal, he gulped deeply and prayed that it would still be there. “Okay then, let’s go check it out” he whispered, as both his eyes and mouth narrowed.

 Aurora: Restaurant 

David and Clara handed the waiter their menus and smiled at the man, who looked down at this notepad. “So it’s the spicy vegetable stew for the lady and the steak for the gentleman?” the waiter asked, at which both teens nodded. “Oh and Mr Walker, your Mother ordered this for your table” the man snapped as another waiter brought over two bottles of wine, one red and one white and placed them in the middle of the table. “We here at Aurora are big fans of your Mother. So if you need anything from us, please let us know” they said politely, before walking towards the kitchen.

“Wow, that’s really nice of your Mother” Clara said, as she inspected the label. “I’m no expert, but this stuff looks really expensive” she laughed, as David took the red in his hands and poured himself a class.

“Well, she wants me to impress you. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s paid the waiters to write a song for you” David laughed, as he reached over the table and poured Clara a class of red. “But I want this night to be all about us, if I’m going to impress you, I want it to be through my actions, not my Mothers” David said, as he smiled at Clara.

“You don’t need to impress me, I already think highly of you” Clara said. “What you helped me do tonight, confirmed everything that I believed. You are one of the nicest human beings I know. Not only have you helped protect me, but you’ve helped protect Tyler and Cassandra too. You’re already a great guy, and no amount of fancy food or fancy wine will ever top that… Maybe the singing waiters will, let’s wait and see” Clara laughed, as she raised her glass and clinked it together with David’s.

“I’ll always protect you, no matter the cost. When we’re older, and we look back on tonight. We won’t think about what we buried on that field” David whispered, so no one could hear him. “All we’ll remember is this meal and all I’ll remember is this being the moment, I fell completely head over heels, totally smitten in love with you” he added, as Clara blushed.

The teens were so wrapped up in themselves that they didn’t notice that Detective McKenna had just entered the restaurant, and was watching them from afar. “Hello, welcome to Aurora, do you have a reservation Sir?” one of the waiters asked the Detective, who simply shook his head, and continued to look at the teens. “Then I’m sorry Sir, we’re completely full” the waiter added, before McKenna flashed his badge in their face.

“I’m not here for pleasure sadly, just business” he said, before storming past the waiter and over towards the giggling couple. “Miss Stark and Mr Walker, fancy seeing you two here” the man said, as he towered over their table.

“Hello Detective, I promise we’re not breaking curfew or sneaking out, my Mother spoke with Head Master Mendoza and_”

“I’m well aware of that Mr Walker. Mr Mendoza actually told me where I’d be able to find you, when I spoke with him earlier” the Detective added. “I actually wanted to talk to you earlier Miss Stark. But you ran away” he said, with a smile.

“Sorry, I had to get ready for this date. I would have happily spoke to you then?” Clara replied. “I hope Jonathan and Oscar are okay, I tried to message Oscar but he hasn’t responded” she told the Detective, whose eyes wondered down to the girls shoes.

“Yeah they’re both fine thankfully, not much damage done” the Detective said. “And not to worry, I understand how important it is for you young people to look good, I must say, your high heels are rather gorgeous, what size are they?” the Detective asked, wondering if this simple question would allow him to draw comparisons with the shoe prints found at the site of Logan’s murder.

But before Clara could even answer, the Detective’s phone rang. He turned away from the teens and answered, as Clara and David exchanged looks of confusion. “McKenna” he said, as he picked up the call. “No I’m at Aurora restaurant right now” he said, to some unknown officer on the other. “What?” he shouted with confusion, drawing the attention of all of the other diners.

He didn’t even bother to look behind him at Clara and David, but stormed out of the door and up to his car, immediately taking off down the street. “What the fuck was that all about?” David whispered to Clara, as the waiting staff attempted to calm down the other customers.

Clara’s eyes widened. “Our shoe prints, we must have left shoe prints in the mud, that’s why he asked me what size the shoes are” she gasped. “As for that outburst, I have no clue what that was about” she responded, as she anxiously squeezed the table cloth.

But once again David was there to relax her, he took her hand in his and smiled. “Whatever that outburst was about, whatever he tries to throw at you, he’s now throwing at BOTH of us remember. I am in your corner, now and forever” he said, as the teens smiled softly, still clinging to the hope and desire for a ‘normal’ evening.

 Police Station  

McKenna stormed into the station, he charged through the doors and looked around for the other officers. Just at the end of the corridor, two officers were escorting none other than Elias Olsson out of the back exit, the bar owner turned around to McKenna and smiled, sending the Detective into a rage.

He stormed up towards one of the officers just as the door closed behind Elias, allowing him to flee. “What was he doing here? He is one of my prime suspects, he_”

“He has just helped us nab not only one of the most dangerous gangs in the country, but also got us a confession for the murder of Logan Kendrick” the other officer said, as he spoke over McKenna, who’s face suddenly washed white.

“He what?” McKenna stuttered, as his colleague lead him through one of the other doors to a dark room, which faced the interrogation suite. On the other side of the glass, sat none other than the man with the ponytail, whom Logan worked for.

“His name is Aken Lansborg. Dutch. Been running a drug operation for years, we also think he’s been running sex trafficking ring, and that perhaps that Logan and Leo Barnaby were involved in. Every gang related crime they committed, can now be traced back to him and his crew, thanks to specially designed bullets they used. Crimes, including the murder of Logan Kendrick” the officer said to McKenna. “Once we caught him he confessed to it” they added.

“Unprompted?” McKenna asked, jumping on the officers words. “And what does Elias Olsson have to do with all of this?” he questioned. “And why all of a sudden did he just confess, none of this is adding up?” he added.

“Mr Olsson was a key character witness. They were using his bar as a base for their drug and sex trade. We offered him immunity if collaborated with us, he told us that the gang and Logan were threatening him and his sons which is why he co-operated in the first place. His testimony will lock that fucker up for good” the officer said, as he pointed towards the man once again.

McKenna felt so completely dumbfounded by all of this. “But, I was investigating the murder and this Taxi Driver said three Windsor kids paid him to follow Logan” McKenna stuttered. “And Olsson, he’s hiding something, something bad, I know it” he stated as the officer looed nervous.

“Yeah, I actually have something to tell you” the officer said, as he nervously backed against the wall. “The higher ups aren’t pleased with your progress regarding the Windsor case, they just don’t think it’s a one man operation and they’re taking you off the case” the officer said, at which point McKenna felt as if his heart fell out of his chest.

“But, I have been working non-stop on this fucking case. I’m at this station more times than I am at my own fucking house” McKenna moaned.

“I’m sorry Ryan, you know we all think highly of you. But they want us all on this case and more importantly, they want you to have a break. Take a week off and come back, and you can help the rest of us with the case okay?” the officer continued to speak, but McKenna tuned out his voice, it was as if his whole world came crashing down upon him, this case was his life and now he was being forced to step away.

After everything that had happened since the start of the case, he couldn’t remember what his life was before it and now he was uncertain of what it would be like without it.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Cassandra’s Room 

“This thing is so fucking creepy” Cassandra said, flicking through Simon’s notebook as she and Tyler entered her room. “I legit feel like I’m reading Tom Riddle’s Diary or something” she sighed.

“David just text, apparently McKenna confronted him and Clara at a restaurant, was asking about shoe sizes and stuff, Clara thinks the police know we were there when Logan was killed” Tyler said, as he looked up from his phone to see Cassandra’s worried face.

“What about the gun?” Cassandra whispered, as he fingers gripped the journal’s spine. “They’ve buried it, someone on the mores. Wouldn’t tell me where, but maybe its best we don’t know” Tyler replied, as they both sat down on the girls pink silk bed sheets.

“When they finally catch Mendoza, Logan’s murder will just be lumped in with the rest right?” Cassandra asked nervously.

God let’s hope so” Tyler replied. “Anywhere, where is that box? We’ve been waiting long enough, we may as well find out what’s inside already” he said, as he looked around the room. Cassandra remained silent, opening the journal once more and simply pointing towards the wardrobe. Tyler walked over as she continued to flick through the pages, looking for any possible source of evidence.

“Listen to this” Cassandra said softly, as Tyler opened the wardrobe. “Today, Cali and I were caught in class by another student. Caleb Barons, a quiet student walked in on us when we were kissing in my classroom. Cali later assured me that he’d stay quiet, and that she’d make sure that he did” Cassandra sighed nervously looking up to see Tyler frozen, listening with curiosity.

“Keep reading” Tyler said, as he grabbed onto the box and shut the door.

“Here” Cassandra said, as she flicked through the pages. “Sometimes, Cali scares me. She has inner darkness that frightens me to my very core. She’s got something on everyone and isn’t afraid to use it. What was once love has now turned to fear, she keeps talking about running away together and starting a life, just me and her, some days that’s what I want too, and other days, I can think of nothing worse” Cassandra continued to read, as David sat next to her once more.

“And there’s another passage her on the next page” Cassandra said. “This has gone too far, I must confront this demon tonight at the masquerade ball. I have to be a man” she said, as the passage concluded. “I can keep reading if you want” she said to Tyler, who had already inserted the key into the wooden box.

“No, I want us to do this together” Tyler said to her calmly. “I want us to both see what Olivia died for, I want us both to know together” he said, as he extended his hand.

Cassandra took it and upon feeling her skin, Tyler turned the key in the lock and opened the lid.

Both teens remained silent, with lumps in their throats as Tyler anxiously reached in and withdrew its content. He withdrew the infamous Hospital Band that got Olivia killed. “Is that a hospital band?” Tyler whispered, as it dangled from his finger.

“It says The Priory” Cassandra replied. “That’s that mental hospital a few miles from here” she sighed. “There’s no name, just a patient number” she said calmly, as everything began to turn in Tyler’s brain.

“That’s it!” he said, shooting off the bed. “This is surely the last piece of evidence we need. In the passage I read in his office Mendoza talked about cleaning up the school, and in that passage you just read he talked about slaying a monster at the ball” he said as he paced the floor. “The guy is clearly a fucking psychopath who is chopping down anyone who taints Windsor Academy’s name. What if he was in The Priory! What if this is his band! Or Deans?” Tyler said, as he waved the band about in the air.

The name of her boyfriend still stung Cassie in the chest, but she couldn’t think of that now, because what Tyler was saying was making a lot of sense. “If we can do that, not only will we have proof that he was a perv sleeping with Cali, then we’ll have proof he’s the killer too” he concluded.

Cassandra nodded her head. “We still need to tell Vev, tonight. Maybe she can help us with the investigation, I know her Dad’s a Doctor, maybe he has some connections over at the hospital, maybe we can get that Patients records” Cassandra said as she reached over to grab her phone.

“Good, that’s good. Call her” Tyler said, as he sat back, he watched Cassandra’s face become puzzled. “What is it?” he asked, as she handed the phone over to him, revealing a breaking news update. ‘Local Student Logan Kendrick (18) killed in Gang Related Crime’ it read.

“Looks like we’re in the all clear for Logan” she whispered.

“More of a reason to take this fucker down” Tyler said, with so much grit and determination in his voice. He looked down at the hospital band that rested in his hand, as Cassandra typed in Vev’s number. He clenched his fingers and stared out of the window and up towards the sky. He thought of Olivia and smiled, he couldn’t comprehend why this was so important to whoever killed Olivia, but he hoped that this small piece of plastic would finally help bring her justice.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office  

Dean stared at his phone as he leaned against the doorframe, he too was reading the news regarding Logan, but he didn’t alert it to his Father, who was combing his office to see if anything had indeed been stolen. He also saw a similar article regarding the attack on Oscar and Jonathan. He zoomed in on Oscar’s face as his eyes narrowed. The question regarding why Oscar was at the trial was still ringing in his head. He wondered if Oscar was suspicious of him and his family, Dean knew that Caleb and Oscar were roommates, so perhaps the boy spoke more than he should? No bother, for if that was the case then their interaction this morning should have silence Caleb for good.

Until his father let out a gut wrenching scream, that frightened Dean so much, that he nearly dropped his phone. “What is it! What” Dean shouted back, as he ran towards his Father.

“My Journal, they took my journal” Simon panted, red in the face with rage.

“So like I said, we’re completely fucked right?” Dean replied.

“No, we’re not. Because they really have no fucking idea who they’re messing with. If people want to dig up the past, then they better be prepared for hellish future” Simon said, aggressively bit his lip.

 Iris Dormitories  

Lavender exited her door with her phone wedged between her ear and shoulder. “I am so sorry, that I had to cancel our plans Vev” Lavender said, as she locked her bedroom door.

“Lavender, you really have to stop apologizing. I told you, it’s probably for the best anyway. Cassandra just called me, telling me I had to get over to her room ASAP. I don’t know what she wants to tell me, but when we spoke earlier she said it was important” Vev replied from the other end of the phone. Lavender knew instantly what she was referring to, she knew that tonight was the night when Cassandra told Vev.

“I’m sure it’s nothing serious” Lavender replied, as she began to walk down the corridor of Iris Dormitory, knowing that it was indeed very serious. “Can you stay on the line with me btw?” Lavender asked.

“Yeah of course I can, but why?” Vev asked in fake curiosity, now she was the one who knew what was coming.

“Well I’ve been meaning to tell you, but today I’ve received multiple love letters from some secret admirer. Basically they invited me to a picnic in Iris dormitories, I just need to follow their instructions and actually find out where exactly in the dormitory it is” Lavender explained. “I just don’t want it to be some cruel joke or something, so if it is at least I won’t be alone, I’ll be with you” Lavender explained her reasoning, as she slowly ascended the stairs.

“Shut up, Lavender that’s amazing! A secret admire! Like something out of a book or something” Vev said, desperately trying to hide her excitement.

“I think it’s down this corridor” Lavender said, as she walked down the hallways anxiously, her heart racing at a rapid pace.

“Just breath, and as soon as you’re there please please tell me who this mystery man… or woman is” Vev said, trying to not give away the surprise, she already knew was coming.

But when Lavender finished reading the instructions, she looked up and was shocked to learn the location of the picnic. Her lip quivered, as she was now face to face, with the abandoned room, of Leo and Logan. “Vev, it’s Leo and Logan’s room” Lavender gasped.

“Fuck off, what!” Vev gasped, in shock.

“I don’t know about this. This seems creepy” Lavender whimpered, as she backed away from the door.

“I mean, if it makes you feel better at least nobody died in that room” Vev said awkwardly.

“Weirdly that does ease the creepiness” Lavender said, as she took several deep breaths. She closed her eyes and her mind raced back to the phone call with Daniel, the mere memory of the sound of his voice practically pushed her forward towards the door knob. “I’m going in” she whispered, as she turned the cold chrome.

The bed’s in the room were stripped bare and any trace of life had been completely erased, all the horrors that occurred in the room had seemingly disappeared, it was as if Logan and Leo had never lived in the room at all. But several red candles were scattered across the floor, along with rose petals that lead up a picnic blanket and basket.

“Wow, this is beautiful” Vev sighed with joy, as she clutched her chest and the door shut gently behind her.

“Who__ tell__” Vev said from the other end of the line, the connection weakened as her voice began to break up.

Lavender looked down at her phone and the screen went dark, and the call had dropped. “Vev?” she asked, but it was already too late, the call was over. She looked around the room, but Vev could see no trace of her ‘secret’ admirer anywhere. She looked down at the bed and frowned, despite not knowing what truly occurred in the room, she felt a dark presence inside. She went into her phonebook and went to re-dial Vev’s number, but before she could, she heard a disturbing creek in the floor board.

Her head snapped towards the far corner of the room, before total silence befell the room completely. She brushed it off as nothing more than the old school creaking as it always did, and instead decided to sit down on the blanket. “Okay, let’s just breath” Lavender said, as she withdrew some lipstick from her bag and reapplied it. She attempted to call Vev once more but the connection was once again too bad and the call failed.

Lavender found her hands nervously tapping the soft carpet, her eyes darted back and forth between the door and the picnic basket. “Can’t hurt to have a sneak peak” Vev whispered to herself, as she opened the basket. But with the nothing but candle light, it was too hard to see what was inside. So instead, Lavender put her hands inside, her eye brows rose as she felt something, cold and wet, when suddenly her finger pricked something sharp. She gasped with pain, as she grabbed on to what was inside and pulled it. To her horror, Lavender’s hands were now covered with blood and in her hand, she held a knife. She let out a gun wrenching scream, throwing the knife across the room and attempted to stumble to her feet.

But when she finally did, the door to bathroom was flung open and on the other side stood the killer, still dressed in all black, still sporting that masquerade mask. Lavender screamed once more, as she tried to run towards the door to escape, but the killer was too quick, they tackled Lavender to the ground and stabbed her in the chest.

The young girl continued to scream like a banshee, as she desperately tried to fight off the killer, and for a brief second she actually did. Kneeing them in their guts, Lavender managed to wriggle out from underneath them. She tried to stand, but instantly collapsing from the pain. She knew she was too weak to stand, her eyes watered with tears, as she now feared the worst. She knew that wouldn’t be able to escape, instead she took a moment of weakness, as the killer still wriggled on the carpet in pain, to crawl towards the discarded knife from the picnic basket. Despite her pain, Lavender knew that she could put an end to this herself.

She crawled on the carpet, pulling herself forward with fist fulls of carpet. But just as she touched the blade, she touched the blade with the tip of her fingers, she felt another sharp pain in her back. She screamed yet again, as her fingernails dug into the carpet. The blade wriggled in her back, practically touching her spine, as her screams gradually grew quieter, as her breath became thinner.

Lavender’s face rested on the carpet, she had accepted her fate. The blade was pulled from her back, and the killer spun her around and laid her on her back. They traced the blade along her jawline and raised it high in the air. It looked like the end, so Lavender raised her hand up and yanked the mask off the killers face.

She saw the face staring down at her, her eyes widened and her mouth quivered, for the person attacking her was none other than Vev. “Why?” Lavender cried, as tears streamed down from her eyes, past her cheeks and into the carpet below.

“Surprise” Vev laughed wickedly, as she lunged the blade deep into weeping Lavender’s heart.


Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 11/15 (Mention Only)
  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 11/15 (Mentioned)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 11/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244)→ 11/15
  • Nina Dobrev as Chasity Fairize (Created by Queen Steph)→11/15 (mentioned Only)

Supporting Cast 

  • Jeremy Irvine as Leo Barnaby (Created by Mr. Clayton)→ 11/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Emma Roberts as Cassandra Clooney (Created byFreakySnixx)→ 11/15
  • Grant Gustin as Logan Kendrick (Created by Freakysnixx)→ 11/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 9/15 (Flashback)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Cohen Kingsley ( Created by Emily May)→ 11/15
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 11/15
  • Idina Menzel as Maggie Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 11/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 10/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 7/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 11/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 11/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 11/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 11/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 10/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 5/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 10/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 9/15 (Voice Only)

 Final Thoughts 

Hello There, and thank you for reading this episode! So the killer is finally revealed, what are your thoughts? Did you see it coming? Let me know any opinions you may have!? You guys know I love hearing your thoughts and feedback.

This project has been my baby for so long, and whilst I wanted to get to this episode YEARS ago I am so glad I finally have. Obviously if I never went to University or work or had a social life I am sure we would have gotten to this point way back when, but like I said I am just so happy and proud to finally get here, so thank you so much for those of you who are still reading!

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