Medean Wellness Center
Medean Wellness Center
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Unknown Patient + countless others

  • Former Military Hospital and current Mental Health Facility
  • Unknown


Military Hospital:


Mental Health Facility:


Supernatural Lockup:

Medean Wellness Center is currently being used to house and contain several dangerous supernatural creatures. They are individuals that endanger not only others, but also the entire supernatural community as a whole, and are kept here to protect that vital knowledge secret.

 Notable Patients: 

Unknown Patient

There was a patient that Maxim went to see at the end of Bad Blood, the premiere episode of Bloodlines. He required this patients assistance and doing so would secure this patient's release. The identity of the patient will be revealed in the second episode.


Gaya Whitaker

Gaya Whitaker is the head administrator of this facility, and is Maxim's younger brother.

Jacqueline Nikolas

Jacqueline is a human receptionist at the center.



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