Arabella and Todd
General Information
  • Mallings
Intimacy Levels
  • Former friends/ One Night Stand
First Met
  • Not togheter

Mallings, is the former friendship pairing and current antagonistic pairing between the main characters: Arabella “Bella” Martin  and Todd Rollings.

 Relationship History: 

Before Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

Arabella and Todd started dating sometime before the events of Down the Rabbit Hole.

Highway to HellEdit

Arabella mentions that the relationship between her and Todd ended because he had feelings for Jamie Moores. She is still hurt about it.

Born Under A Bad Sign Edit

In this episode it is revealed that Bella and Todd never actually dated, but rather just kissed once(and possibly more) at a party. It is also revealed that said kiss caused Jamie and Todd to break up and the friendship between Arabella and Jamie to cease to exist.

The Three Faces of SophiaEdit


Dream A Little Dream of MeEdit


The Things You Can't OutrunEdit