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Sienna and Phillip
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Relationship HistoryEdit

Before Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

Sienna and Phillip started dating sometime before Down the Rabbit Hole. A lot of people think that Sienna is just trying to win Josh over by making him jealous. We do not know for sure that that's the reason why she is dating Phillip.

Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

Sienna and Phillip join Josh and Sophia at the Grimm's café. It is very clear that the pair aren't really invested in each other, with Phillip being more concerned over his food and Sienna over Josh

Born Under A Bad Sign Edit

Phillip meets Sophia at the party to celebrate induction into Point Dume Academy. He is very drunk and confesses that he thinks Jamie Moores is hot. Sophia tells Phillip he's a lot nicer to be around when Sienna is not there.

The Things You Can't Outrun Edit

Sienna and Phillip are seen in bed, Sienna soon gets out and complains about how Sophia dated Eric Evergreen. Phillip then argues back that Sienna always talks about Sophia and Josh and that she can be a bitch sometimes, whilst he is voicing his concerns he tells her how he wants to do more than just have sex, he'd like to go on dates too. Whereas Sienna complains about Phillip not giving her enough attention. Phillip storms out in the midst of the fight with Sienna stating that he's not a real man. Later in the episode they make up and are having a kissing session during Jamie and Arabella duel. The kiss is interrupted by Daimon Abigor who asks who they are rooting for. With their growing friendship Phillip backs Jamie, Sienna then pulls her boyfriend to one side and says she doesn't want him being friends with Jamie as everyone will think their gay together and it could hurt her reputation. However after the fight Phillip tells Jamie of Sienna's wishes and vows to keep being friends with the warlock in secret.