Kiera and Daimon
General Information
  • Kiermon
First Met
Started Dating
  • Broken up (due to Kiera's death)

 Relationship History: 

Before Down the Rabbit Hole

Daimon and Kiera are very happy together; they believe their each other's soulmate. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived after Kiera is murdered by an unknown supernatural being, leaving Daimon alone racked with guilt over her death.

Highway to Hell

It's revealed its been allmost a year since the accident that took Kiera's life. Daimon talks to Alazne about his relationship with Kiera, he still isn't over her death. Alazne is trying to make Daimon see that Kiera's death wasn't his fault and it couldn't have been prevented.

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Throughout much of the episode, Daimon sees Kiera in his dreams and as a hallucination. It is also revealed that it's the anniversary of her death and because Daimon was so caught up with Tara, he completely forgot about it. Despite what everyone else says, by the end he still refuses to let her go.

Monster's Ball


The Witching Hour


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