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Kiera Veron
Kiera Veron
Biographical information
  • Deceased
  • Human(formerly)
  • Unknown (currently)
  • American
  • Female
  • 16 (at time of death)
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Healing (as a human)
Cause of death
  • Car explosion
Killed by
Physical Appearance
  • 5ft.5in
Hair color
  • Blonde
Eye color
  • Green
Played by
  • Dianna Agron
Episode Count
  • 2
First seen
Last seen

Kiera was a human with healing abilities. Her only confirmed relationship in the series thus far was with Daimon Abigor.

 Early Life: 

Not much is known about her past prior to her death, only that she was a human capable of healing.


Highway to Hell

Kiera is first seen in this episode in a flashback, where Daimon runs into her after drinking several beers and trying to find Josh at a beach party. They both tumble down onto the sand, Kiera on top of Daimon. She apologizes and asks if he needs anything, to which he says he doesn't and introduces himself. Embarrassed, she says she should probably get off of him and tells him who she is. In another flashback, six months later, Daimon assures her that they're in this for the long run and she tells him she loves him. The two of them are sitting in Daimon's car, waiting for Sienna and Josh to show up for their double date. After the date, Daimon gives her a necklace and she is touched.

While he is driving back, a man appears out of nowhere in the middle of the road and acts as if there is something wrong with him. Daimon gets out of the car and asks if he is okay, to which the man replies that Daimon fell into his trap. The man disappears, then suddenly reappears next to Kiera who is still in the car. He traps her in the car by locking the doors and setting the car on fire, resulting in Kiera's death. Her death leaves Daimon, not only devastated, but also feeling guilty.

Born Under A Bad Sign

She is mentioned by Daimon when he tells Josh and Jaime that he is still not over her, and that he is enjoying Tara's company. However, she does not make a physical appearance.

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Kiera appears in this episode several times via photographs, dreams and as a figment of Daimon's imagination. It is in this episode that it is revealed that it was the anniversary of her death, which Daimon forgot all about. In the final hallucination he has of her, she asks Daimon to let her go and be happy with Tara, but he chooses not to.

 Appearances (2/30) 

Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Down the Rabbit Hole Absent
Highway to Hell Appears
Born Under A Bad Sign Mentioned
The Three Faces of Sophia Absent
Dream A Little Dream of Me Appears
The Things You Can't Outrun Absent
The Heart is A Lonely Hunter Mentioned
Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Absent
Monster's Ball Appears
The Witching Hour Appears
Heart of Darkness Absent
There Goes The Neighborhood Absent
There Will Be Blood Absent
What Does The Fox Say? Absent
(Don't) Fear The Reaper Appears


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