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At night, even the innocent look guilty...
Season 1 Slogan
Season 1

15 (7 written, 1 in production)
September 24th, 2014-present
At night, even the innocent look guilty...

Lily Collins as Sophia Dimitrov
Jeremy Irvine as Daimon Abigor
Chloe Grace Moretz as Arabella “Bella” Martin
Grant Gustin as Eric Evergreen
Aya Ueto as Tara Linn
Lucas Till as Todd Rollings
Leighton Meester as Sienna Kronin

Point Dume Academy is a fictional private academy in Malibu, California that is unknowingly home to various supernatural species. Each student has a secret of their own; some have a past that they don't want to be discovered. In this season, we meet Sophia Dimitrov, a powerful witch (or chrone) and learn about her adventures at the academy as she meets her two roommates (who soon become her best friends): Tara Linn and Arabella “Bella” Martin, and a possible love interest: playboy Josh Frazer. Upon her arrival at Point Dume Academy, she makes an enemy in Sienna Kronin. Does she have what it takes to survive? Maybe, maybe not. Just remember that: at night, even the innocent look guilty.


The idea came about after seeing the success of Queen Alietta's original series had, which was when Selena got the idea to borrow the auditions process from Alietta. This proved a successful format as the blog post where the auditions are has garnered 800+ comments filled with auditions from several users. It has since been advertised throughout many wikias, including Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars, Stitchers and Bookshub. It has also had the honor of being spotlighted by wikia itself.


Each episode averages (roughly) thirty to thirty-five minutes of music. The soundtrack for each episode is carefully picked so that it reflects on the mood or amplifies the scene the song is being used in. For an easy listen the song (in its respective link) is placed before a scene and then again at the bottom of an episode's page in the Episode Soundtrack section.


Initially starting out as a solo project by Selena , it quickly became more of a team. For the first three episodes of season 1, Sim and Amanda served as creative consultants. However from the 4th episode-present: Erik , Jay and Umayer serve as not only creative consultants but also as writers for the series. Selena has written the first 4 episodes (with creative input from the other writers), but the 5th episode of season 1 was written by: Umayer and the 6th/7th episodes by Jay respectively. The outline for season 1 (with its character arcs and major plot points to hit) has already been done. Season 2 has been roughly planned out as well as the third season. However, neither of these have an official outline written as of yet. Although, Selena does know (roughly) where each major character will be at in each subsequent season and how she plans to end the series.




Inferno includes a number of mysterious fictional elements that have been ascribed to science fiction or supernatural phenomena. It also borrows elements from the likes of Greek, Roman, Native American mythology, etc. Although the series does manage to put its own spit on some of these facets and end up with it's own unique mythology as a result.



Casting Update: The following list of actors/actresses have been cast in the upcoming episodes of season 1 of Inferno:


Main Cast : (Series Regulars)

Supporting Cast : (Recurring Guest Stars)

  • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (created by Spirit Freak) → 7/15
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Selena) → 6/15
  • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer(created by: Raven) → 6/15
  • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone (created by: Alietta)→ 6/15
  • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (created by: Jay)→6/15
  • Keenan Tracey as Phillip Jones (created by: Jay) → 6/15

Guest Cast: ( 5 episodes or less):

Special Guest Stars: ( From Bloodlines )


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Falling down the rabbit hole by sufferingstrawberry-d4nopiz.jpg Down the Rabbit Hole September 24, 2014 01 1.01

The episode was written  by Selena  and directed by: Sim and Amanda

STRANGERS AMONG US:  Sophia Dimitrov has always been out of the ordinary. On the run from the townspeople in Bulgaria, Sophia finds herself in an unexpected position that will change her life for good.Meanwhile, Agoroth, the only white-eyed demon in existence, forms his army for a battle against the hunters and Alazne, a seer, finds herself rushing to Point Dune Academy after an appalling vision, that, if  it comes true, will change the world as we know it.

Highway To Hell Wallpaper vxbgu.jpg Highway to Hell November 27th, 2014 02 1.02

The episode was written and directed by Selena .

THIS IS HOW WE ROLL: Sophia begins to settle herself in the new normal, forming new friendships, romance and enemies along the way. Daimon Abigor, a troubled hybrid, finds himself seeking remedy for his frequent nightmares by talking to Alazne.  

On the other side of the world, Agoroth learns something in Paris that could change the whole game and Headmaster Nathan Specter seems to be worried by the arrival of a certain father and son in town.

Tumblr m24kehyn7e1qcjsty.gif Born Under A Bad Sign March 3rd,  2015 03 1.03

The episode was written by Selena and directed by Jay.

I'M HOME NOW :Todd Rollings has been in detox for months and has finally came home to Point Dune Academy. Upon his return he must face the consequences of the actions.

Meanwhile As Josh and Tara begin to plan a beach party for Sophia the question on everyone's mind is 'What could possibly go wrong?'

Sophiaspell.png The Three Faces of Sophia September 12, 2015 04 1.04

The episode was written by Selena and directed by Erik.

WHO IS SOPHIA DIMITROV?: Sophia goes in search of answers within Point Dume Academy about her past that inadvertently lead her to some revelations about her future, with the help ofJamie  and Tara. Meanwhile, Todd  adjusts to being back in school as the outsider of the group.

Taimon2.gif Dream A Little Dream of Me October 16th, 2015 05 1.05

The episode is written by Umayer and directed by Selena.

NEVER  LET ME GO: As Daimon’s nightmares intensify, he seeks for a remedy from Alazne, afraid that his actions might affect his developing relationship with Tara. Todd is looking to repair his relationship with the group without gaining much success; Arabella questions Sophia about things that are bothering her. Whereas, Daimon makes a decision about himself and the gang is summoned by Headmaster Specter to a community meeting. 

Eric Cry.gif The Things You Can't Outrun December 24, 2015 06 1.06

The episode is written by Jay  and directed by Selena.

THE SINS OF THE PAST: Sophia is still reeling from the shocking sight of seeing her first love, Eric Evergreen, alive after she and everyone else thought him dead. His return will force Sophia to confront her past while internal forces threaten her future and the lives of her friends because no matter how far you go, there are some things you just can't outrun. Meanwhile Tara has difficulty adapting to her breakup with Daimon, but receives support from an unlikely source, while a new friendship threatens a couple.

Eric Black and White.gif The Heart is A Lonely Hunter June 7, 2016 07 1.07
A BITTERSWEET REUNION: Reunited in New York, Eric finally gets the chance to tellSophia everything, but will she forgive him for all the lies and everything he put her through, or will she leave him behind once and for all? Meanwhile back at PDA, old and new relationships take center stage. As characters true emotions and feelings are revealed, leading one couple to take their relationship to the next level.The episode will be written by Jay and directed by Erik.
Todd sunglasses.gif Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Unknown 08 1.08

When out of the blue Frank Moores invites Jamie and his friends to the family yacht for dinner, the young warlock is somewhat apprehensive. Whilst there, an old face and startling revelation leaves Jamie feeling bewildered and lost.  This episode will center around TaraDaimon and Jamie, whilst offering some major insight to Jamie's backstory.The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Jay and  Erik.

Jamie smile.gif Monster's Ball Unknown 09 1.09

The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.

A Halloween themed episode that brings about some rather shocking truths to the surface concerning the Moores family and Sophia's parents. Meanwhile, Agoroth and The Evergreen Hunters Clan are getting ready to launch their attacks aimed at Point Dume Academy. Can the they survive a war on two fronts?

Witching-hour.jpg The Witching Hour Unknown 10 1.10

The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.

The Monster's Ball continues despite some initial setbacks.

Agoroth.gif Heart of Darkness Unknown 11 1.11

The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.

It is centered on this arc's big bad: Agoroth, as he finally makes his presence known at Point Dume Academy.

Tumblr mpzsm1iTRB1qg8ggio2 500.gif There Goes The Neighborhood Unknown 12 1.12
The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.
Murder.jpg There Will Be Blood Unknown 13 1.13
The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.
Thefox.gif What Does The Fox Say? Unknown 14 1.14

The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.

Tara centric

Reaper.gif (Don't) Fear the Reaper Unknown 15 1.15

The episode will be written by Selena and directed by Erik.

It is the Season 1 Finale and the end of the Agoroth arc. One of the Point Dume Academy kids will die.


The first season of Inferno has proven to be quite successful; with each episode page receiving around 100+ reviews in the comments section. Not to mention quite an active fan-base that helps keep the character(and other pages) up to date! The series has already been renewed by Fearless Diva Productions Wikia for a second season after 6 episodes of Inferno have been published. Moreover, the Inferno Universe just got bigger with Bloodlines, the spinoff debuting to quite the success as well on Halloween 2015.




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