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The sins of our past have a way of catching up to us.
Season 1 Slogan
Season 1

Friday October 23th, 2015
The sins of our past have a way of catching up to us.

Lily James as Olivia Wright
Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo
Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco
Hunter Parrish as David Thomas
Nina Dobrev as Chasity Fairize
Daren Kagasoff as Tyler Stephensen
Jamie Chung as Lavender Jensen
Ben Hardy as Oscar Olsson
Emilia Clarke as Clara Stark

Season 1

Horrifically Wicked Tales is a slasher anthology series similar to Scream, American Horror Story, and Heathers. It's written by Jay and Selena.


On the night of the Sinners and Saints Masquerade Ball at Windsor Academy, one Queen Bee is killed in a rather mysterious way. Who could have done it? Everyone is a suspect from her best friends, The Bitchettes, to people like Raven Castillo, who was bullied frequently by her. Appearences can be deceiving. On the outside, they're striken by grief over their dead friend.... But deep inside, they are secretly glad she's no longer making their lives miserable. They thought it would end with Callista, but they were wrong. On the one-year anniversary of her death, things take a violent turn for the worse when students begin dropping like flies. 


Olivia Wright

Liv has a big heart. elegant, refined, selfless. Taught from the beginning to not be materialistic or arrogant, yet luxury surrounds her. She has seen countless people struggle to get through the day during her volunteer work, but has never had worries of her own. In a nutshell, she feels compelled to do her duty as a fortunate girl by giving money and food to the less fortunate, but at the end of the day, she gets to go back to her perfect life.

Vevina Ferozco

Charming, manipulative, loyal, honest/blunt, very flirtatious, sincere — these are the attributes you'll find in Vevina. Her and Callista are best friends/rivals so at times they fight but care for each other and protective. They are almost always in competition or trying to outdo each other which leads to most of their fights.

Lavender Jensen

Lavender was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and an English father. When she was born, her mother didn't want to take care of her so her dad took her back to England months later. Lavender is the kind of nerd queen bees fear, she won't let them walk over her like trash but hit them twice as hard. Lav also has a great bullshit detector.

Clara Stark

Clara can be easily described as a genius. She is an outgoing person and very sociable, even though she was hurt many times by people she loved. In 2013, her father made them move to France. Almost a year later, he died in strange circumstances. They moved back to London, because Corina thought a fresh start would help Clara and Cyrus get over the loss. Since then, she hasn't let anyone to discover her true feelings and she barely interacts socially. She's also witty and hates people's stupidity. Clara's ambitious and wants to become a surgeon one day.



Horifically Wicked Tales Intro-1


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
610-psycho-killer.jpg Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! October 23rd, 2015 01 1.01

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Premiere Episode: After disaster strikes at school dance, the lives of a group of students is turned upside down, with the emerging threat of a serial killer.

Liv long blonde.gif Girls Just Want to Have Fun August 30th,


02 1.02
The episode was written by Jay and Selena and directed by Erik.

In the wake of Cameron's death, things at Windsor Academy take a turn for the worse when Raven is questioned as a possible suspect. Meanwhile, Headmistress Akiyama decides to allow the girls to have a sleepover with her supervision to take their minds of the situation and up moral. But amidst some fun and  silly games, another secret is revealed about Callista. In the end, the extra supervision is for naught when another student is killed.

Knife.gif A Hollowed Crown June 17th,


03 1.03

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Following another murder at Windsor Academy Olivia refuses to be a victim, she intends to find out who's behind this murderous rampage, but can she stop the killer before they strike again.

Elsewhere Leo and Logan grow closer than ever and Head Boy and Girl are announced.

Clara Crying.gif A Promise To The Dead August 10th,


04 1.04
The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Following a shocking death, the students of Windsor Academy are in a mass state of mourning. DI Ryan McKenna and Blair Robinson work together in a bid to put an end to the murderous rampage.

Leo Smile.gif A Gentleman's Choice November 2nd,


05 1.05
Part One of the HWT Halloween Special: The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

It's mischief night at Windsor Academy and two of the schools hottest couples are planning date nights. But on a night were parks and chaos lurk around every corner, will it be the romantic evening everyone is

hoping for?

Elsewhere Clara assembles a team of students, with the shared goal of stopping the killer before they strike again.

Cassie Blue.gif Spilled Tea 7th March,


06 1.06
Part Two of the HWT: Halloween Special: This Episode was written by Jay and Directed by Selena.

It's Halloween Night and Cassandra's party is upon us. But as the reigning queen bee plans to treat the school, ClaraDavid and Oscar face the greatest trick of all.

Elsewhere, Leo faces the harsh reality of his new life with Logan and seeks comfort from an unlikely ally.

Daniel christmas.gif A Wilted Flower 5th June,


07 1.07
The HWT Holiday Special: This Episode was written by Jay and Directed by Selena.

Deck the halls, for the Holiday season is upon us. It has been two months since the murder of Joel Wheeler, Windsor Academy is officially closed and the students scattered across the country.

But someone is STILL watching whilst they're all sleeping and they know when they're awake. Will it be A Wonderful Life or will there be a Nightmare Before Christmas?

Logan Wink.gif Dangerous Liaisons 18th August,


08 1.08
This Episode was written by Jay and Directed by Selena.

Simon Mendoza has been named the new Headmaster of Windsor Academy. With this new position of power he firmly believes he (and his new security team) can protect the students from the nightmares that plagued the Winter Term.

Elsewhere the students are forced to readapt to Academy life. Confronting old enemies and rebuilding alliances is one thing, but meeting a complete stranger will be an entirely different experience...

Tumblrnaz601ndDZ1qc7skwo3500.gif The Worst Day Since Yesterday November 29,


09 1.09
This Episode was Written By Jay, and Directed by Selena

The brutal death of Chasity Fairize sends the entire school into a mass frenzy. Everyone holds a vital piece of this puzzle, just one problem... No one is willing to co-operate and piece them together.

Elsewhere, DI Ryan McKenna has forced his way into the school, and is conducting interviews, in a desperate bid to find out why the teens were invited to the site of Chasity's murder.

Clara Dark.gif Disturbing Behavior 10 1.10
This Episode was Written by Jay and Directed by Selena

On a frosty January Weekend, the Sixth Form Students of Windsor Academy all descend into the local town. But there will be no relaxation here, for once they leave the school one student will commit the most shocking act EVER!

Elsewhere, the trial of Maggie Mendoza finally begins.

VEV Pink.gif Memoirs of an Invisible Girl June 6th, 2019 11 1.11
The HWT Valentine's Day Special Love is in the Air... or so it seems at least. As the Teens of Windsor Academy gear up to celebrate the day of love, their minds couldn't be further away.

Following the aftermath of Logan Kendrick death, Clara Stark must now do whatever it takes to ditch any evidence connecting her to the crime scene, whilst Cassandra Clooney and Tyler Stephensen must find evidence of their own.

Bitch Interuppted.gif Bitch, Interrupted August 16th, 2019 12 1.12
With the killer revealed the fate of every Windsor Academy student hangs in the balance. But with revelations comes danger, and this killer won't go down without a fight.
Bloody Hell.gif Bloody Hell Unknown 13 1.14
Noimage.png Murder, She Wrote Unknown 14 1.15