Boys are always better liars.
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Season 1

May 4, 2014
Boys are always better liars.

Chace Crawford as Samuel Kendrick
Alexander Ludwig as Randy Walker
Dylan Sprayberry as Hanson Jones
Logan Lerman as Charlie Crew
Nicholas Hoult as Bradley Wilson
Handsome Little Liars is a fanfiction written by Jay. It's based of the TV Series Pretty Little Liars.


Samuel Kendrick

Sam is a mature young man with his sights locked firmly on his future. Sam's father is mayor of Rosewood, thus he has lived in the lap of luxury all of his life. Sam was one of the only boys who questioned Bradley's reign of terror, always being somewhat hesitant to follow the 'IT' boy. Now two years after Bradley's disappearance, Sam has became a more confident and head strong leader.

Randy Walker

On the surface Randy is just the stereotypical jock, caring for no one but himself. However if you scratch beneath the surface Randy is just very apprehensive teenager. Once Bradley left the picture, Randy assumed the role of the schools IT boy, now that he has the crown he doesn't want to let it go, appearance is everything in Rosewood and Randy wants to make sure his appearance stays immaculate.

Hanson Jones

Hanson is the most carefree of the boys. Whilst Sam was the one who challenged Bradley's reign, Hanson was the one who Bradley didn't want to enforce the reign on, letting Hanson roam more freely than the other boys. In present day, Hanson has become more focused on the environment.... And his girlfriend Brie. But once a secret is revealed, Hanson's whole world is turned completely upside down.

Charlie Crew

Charlie was Bradley's favorite toy, when the leader was around he was a shy and retiring the boy, who was not willing to challenge his leader or come out of the closet. Two tears on he has gained some confidence, he has came out to everyone and has found new love. But he'll have to learn the path to true love isn't the always easiest.

Bradley Wilson

The former leader of the liars, Bradley was so obsessed with being in control. He longed to control everything around him, including his friends, treating them more like his staff than companions. This young man was pumped full of secrets, on top of secrets, on top of secrets. Afterb a night at Sam's house, Bradley mysteriously vanishes without a trace. Two years on the liars must piece together what exactly happened to Bradley that night, who did he hurt so badly that they'd want to start attacking them as the mysterious B finally emerges from the shadows.


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Bradley Smirk The Night In Question May 4th 2014 00 1.00

Five friends, Bradley, Sam, Hanson, Charlie and Randy all gather at Sam's house, for a night of socializing and under aged drinking, to celebrate the Summer coming to a gradual end. However the night is dark and full of terrors, things go bump and someone will go missing.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Roseswood High They Found A Body May 19th 2014 01 1.01

It has been two years since Bradley Wilson completely vanished. The Liars have separated and hardly speak to each other. However something is brewing in Rosewood. Something that will force all the lairs to unite once more.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Sam mirror Wear Something Black May 29th 2014 02 1.02

The boys all reunite, strung together by the unfortunate passing of their late friend. However one lair isn't so ready to make nice. But when a single text changes the boys lives forever, the liars will realizes they need each other more than ever.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Brie and Hanson Always Let Your Conscience B Your Guide June 13th 2014 03 1.03

The Liars try to readjust to being friends once more over coffee. As they mull over their lives dark secrets from their passed lives with Bradley emerge, reminding each one of them, their not as innocent as they'd want to be. Elsewhere Brie drops the biggest bomb shell EVER.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Drunk Randy Lonely Hearts CluB October 21st, 2014 04 1.04

Randy is throwing a house party and much to the dismay of his new popular friends he invites the liars. At the party both Randy and Charlie begin to struggle, Charlie is now realizing that a secret relationship might not be the best idea, whereas Randy is now seeing his group for what they truly are. Elsewhere Sam spends some time with his childhood crush the very beautiful Lucy Heart, will Sam be able to finally get his dream girl?

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Couples Homecoming 3rd July, 2014 05 1.05

Homecoming is upon us and of course a high school dance is nothing without a little bit of drama. The pressure is eating away at Brie, everything seems like too much for her, she needs to get her secret off her chest. However with B now fully on the attack, something will happen that will land the liars in hot water.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Present from B Bang Goes The Theory July 11th, 2014 06 1.06

Suffering the aftershock of the dance, the liars are set incredibly hard and dangerous tasks by B. In their most daring move yet, B makes a statement that all of Rosewood will hear.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Stefan.

Chess Bow Your Head July 19th, 2014 07 1.07

The boys are in more trouble than ever before. With a new deputy Copper breathing down their necks and B proving their not messing around, the boys couldn't be more nervous. Following the events of following night, Sam makes a connection and a startling new theory that he shares with Hanson, who is finally rapping his head around Brie's revelation.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Bradley The King B July 29th, 2014 08 1.08

In an all flashback episode the reader gets an exclusive look into Bradley's life. The up's the down's, the kingdom he ruled, his loyal subjects and of course the enemies he has made.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Colton bite In Your Element August 4th, 2014 09 1.09

It's Halloween, ghouls and goblins are the least of the lairs worries. At Clara's annual Halloween party, the secrets begin to pour out and friendships are tested. With Sam now fully believing Will is the monster pulling the strings, he makes an attempt to get Randy on the bandwagon, but this jock isn't going down so easily.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Sim.

Turner smile- My Faire Charlie August 13th 2014 10 1.10

Whilst Charlie lives in a blissful state of unawareness, walking around the school as one member of the new IT couple, the liars are now searching for concrete evidence to prove that Will is B. However another foe emerges from out of the shadows.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Cup Picture This August 16th, 2014 11 1.11

After another tragedy has struck Rosewood, school is canceled. Sam and Charlie do some investigative team work and stumble upon something incredibly shocking. Elswhere Randy is going on a date with a new mysterious girl from Ravenswood. Brie begins to wonder what her boyfriend is hiding, but once the truth is revealed B make another surprising move.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Brie and Charlie Kisses Boys August 22nd, 2014 12 1.12

The Liars believe they finally have evidence to prove that Will is their tormentor. However it's time for the difficult part, telling Charlie. How will the young boy react to hearing this accusation about his first real love.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

Hanson wink A Shower of Judgement August 29th, 2014 13 1.13

The boys have to deal with more backlash. B is now stronger than ever and the Liars are now clueless over their next move. However Brie's baby shower is approaching, but will the party be crashed by an unwanted visitor.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Coundown The More You Know September 11th, 2014 14 1.14

Will returns to school, which adds an extra helping of guilt on Charlie. Hanson is now realizing that no matter how hard he tries, he can not run away from his problems. Things look promising when the Founders day BBQ is in full swing. But another video emerges that lands Mike into even more trouble.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Dane-The Arms of A Familar In The Arms of a Familiar September 20th, 2014 15 1.15

The Liars once again have a plan, talk to Luke and find out everything he knows. But when more plans go astray one liar will have to face the tech genius alone. Then B make's their deadliest attack yet, as one of the Liars lives hangs in the balance.

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Jay.

Diner The Bro Code September 30th, 2014 16 1.16

Mike reveals all to the liars! Secrets begin to pour out, true colours are shown and someone get's arrested!

The episode was written by Jay and directed by Selena.

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