Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 2
Liv long blonde
Air date August 30,2016
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!
A Hollowed Crown

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is the second episode of Horrifically Wicked Tales's first season.


In the wake of Cameron's (Peyton List) death, things at Windsor Academy take a turn for the worse when Raven (Ryan Guzman) is questioned as a possible suspect. Meanwhile, Headmistress Akiyama (Maggie Q.) decides to allow the girls to have a sleepover with her supervision to take their minds of the situation and up moral. But amidst some fun and  silly games, another secret is revealed about Callista (Maira Walsh). In the end, the extra supervision is for naught when another student is killed.

 Outside Periwinkle Dormitory: 

There was cold blanket of air surrounding Periwinkle Dormitories, flashing blue lights where lit up the dark nights sky. Students were on the grounds watching the chaos unfold. Finally, the paramedics came out of the dorm. They were pushing a body bag out on a stretcher, trying to divert the gaze of the other students who inhabited the green. Many of the students gasped or cried, all where at a loss for words.

News of Cameron’s death had spread like wild fire, the teachers were trying to contain the incident but even they were hurt by this tragic event. “Go back to your rooms, all of you back to your rooms” Maggie Mendoza shouted at her pupils, some began to shuffle away, but several stayed to watch the chaos.

The attendees of the party were corned off to one side of the green, kept under the watch full eye of Head Mistress Akiyama. Her face was strong, but she was hurt inside, that poor girl died on her watch and she would never forgive herself for this tragic incident.

A rather tall handsome man emerged from a group of police officers, he was in a long black over coat and his hair was perfectly quaffed. He approached the head mistress full steam. “Good evening I am DI Alex McKenna” the man stated reaching out his hand. “Good evening, I am Sue Akiyama, Head Mistress” she stated back to him. All of the party’s attendees were shaken and seeing such an intimidating man wasn’t helping.

“We need you to sign some papers, which will allow us to take a Mr Raven Castillo into custody” he told the women. “Okay I’ll do those right away” she replied. The man turned away and looked at The Bitchette’s, he slowly turned his attention to the rugby boys and then to Clara, Oscar and Leo.

“Whoever it was that threw that party, I hope you’re very proud of yourself, in fact I hope you’re all proud of yourselves for attending tonight and doing nothing to help that girl. We have no further questions for any of you at this time, but believe me that will change. Now it’s late and I believe you all have class tomorrow” the man shouted at the students before walking away.

Sue stared at the four blonde girls and narrowed her eyes. “Casandra, Olivia, Vevina and Chasity my office now, I’ll be over shortly. The rest of you go to bed NOW” everyone moaned as they all began to walk away. “That goes for all of you bed now!” she screamed at the other students on the green. Everyone began to walk away.

“Jesus that was dark” Oscar whispered to Clara and Leo. “I haven’t even been in this country for twenty four hours” Leo replied. Clara was shaking remaining silent. Oscar wrapped his arm around her shoulder as did Leo. “Come on. Let’ try and get some sleep before we actually have to work” Oscar replied leading the two away.

Meanwhile the Bitchette’s were making their way to the office. Casandra was storming ahead leading the pack. “Why are we in trouble, the ex-fat boy clearly did it. Probably went all Of Mice and Men on her skinny ass” she said angrily.

“We threw the party” Liv whispered. “Yeah and he killed her” Casandra replied brushing her off. “And he did it in our room… Now we have to relocate to a room with a bad view” she angrily stomped her feet. Liv shook her head as the girls continued walking. The press had already descended on the school. A women stood directly in front of the building and began to speak. The ambulance doors finally shut and began driving away with all that was left of Cameron.

“Tragedy and controversy strikes again at Windsor Academy as yet another young student is found dead in a dormitory during a party” she began with a stern voice, her dark eyes looking straight into the camera.

“The student has been identified as Cameron Johansson, a seventeen year old student here at Windsor Academy. Her death comes just four months after another student, Callista Ranza fell to her death from a balcony during an end of term masquerade ball. Ranza had been drinking and had presumably fallen after slipping on the wet concourse” the women began to pace ever so slightly.

“But in a shocking turn of events, before the body of Miss Johansson was discovered, reportedly a video of Callista was played during said party. In which the deceased claimed that she was in fact murdered and the killer has remained uncaught” the women said her voice finally showing some kind of expression. Her face dropped and her eyes narrowed. She paused and took a deep breath, “Sources tell us, Police are verifying the authenticity of the tape and have no comment at this time. A person of interest was taken into custody by the police at this time, however given his age, his name was not released. So now the question remains, were these incidents linked and is there a killer stalking the halls at Windsor Academy? Reporting live from Yorkshire, I am Blair Robinson for BBC news” the women nodded to camera, as it returned to the studio.

 Head Mistress Akiyama's office: 

Headmistress Akiyama turned off the television and spins around in her chair to glare at the 4 girls sitting before her. Olivia, Casandra, Vev and Chasity all sat on uncomfortable chairs staring into the headmistress aggressive eyes. There was an awkward silence in the room no one wanted to speak. Olivia could feel her heart beat getting faster and faster. Her mind was reeling, what she just witnessed, the video of Callista was all she could think about, and Callista’s voice was stuck in her head “This person probably still walks among you”.

What could this all mean, was Callista really murdered or was it all just an accident, Olivia didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t anymore. Then there was everything with Cameron, just thinking about it made her stomach turn. Had she not seen both Cameron and Raven a mere hour or so before her death? It didn’t bare thinking about.

Finally Mrs. Akiyama spoke breaking the awkward tension. “So ladies let me get this straight, not only did you throw a party that went against school regulations, but you also played a video that now has to be investigated by the local authorities and finally to top that off a student was brutally murdered” Akiyama screamed at the girls, slamming a police report onto the table.

“Helloooo, for the last time we did not play that video” Casandra refuted sitting up straight in her chair. “As for the murder thing, I am not shocked she died. That bitch had a serious attitude problem and the former fat boy clearly was into some messed up stuff. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was into necrophilia or something crazy like that” Casandra moaned, rolling her eyes.

“Firstly do not speak ill of the dead, Ms Clooney and for you to sit here and make those allegations against Mr Castillo is a very serious matter. Second if you ladies didn’t play the video. Then who did?” Mrs. Akiyama asked aggressively.

“I don’t know the Easter Bunny, Satan, Hilary Duff? Your guess is as good as ours” Casandra brushed off crossing her legs. “And I will make those allegations because clearly the police think it too or did you miss the part where they carted his fat ass to the station?” Casandra refuted.

“This is not a joking matter Miss. Clooney, I would expect a head girl candidate to behave better than this” the teacher stood up and walked slowly towards her window. Akiyama rubbed her forehead and sighed loudly. “That poor girl is dead and another one of our students is spending the night in jail. This couldn’t possibly get any worse girls” the headmistress whispered before returning to her chair.

“So if that video was true, then does that mean Callista was murdered too?” Vev asked in a panicked voice. “And I am not being disrespectful when I say, Raven clearly committed both murders Head Mistress” Chasity added sounding stressed.

Sue raised her eyebrow, “Why do you girls believe this so much? Do you believe in your heart of hearts that he is responsible for both murders?” she asked her students. Casandra let out another loud sigh.

“Yes that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you. Because, Callista tortured the guy, when he was the size of a whale, and now that he’s all muscular he thinks he can kill again willingly. Who’s to say he didn’t get in shape specifically to kill” Casandra ranted at her friends and the head mistress.

The elder women let out another sigh after the teenage girl’s pathetic rant. “Ladies, I am going to give you all the benefit of the doubt. It has been a tough night for all of you. But before I dismiss you, I would like to make a suggestion” the head mistress smiled at the girls, only Liv reciprocated with a smile back.

“Three of you are head girl candidates, the girls of Periwinkle dorm and girls across the campus look up to you. That is why, I am giving you permission to have a sleepover with a few friends tomorrow night. I am going to encourage girls all across the camps to sleep in large groups should they feel unsafe. However, since you girls… Unfortunately have a position of power amongst the school, I would like you to enforce the idea, as a kind of take back the night scheme” the women finished flashing them another smile. “Goodnight ladies” she whispered as she returned her attention back to her computer. “A sleep over what are we eleven” Casandra complained.

“I said goodnight” Akiyama hissed at the four pointing at her door. The four bitchette’s stood up anxiously, with Casandra snarling her elder. The girls had never been this scared of her before, she didn’t even need to shout, her voice had a natural intensity that made it impossible to not fear her.

As they approached the door Akiyama snapped her fingers loudly. “Oh ladies one last thing, after the unfortunate passing of Ms. Johansson, in your room. The four of you will be staying in Ms. Fairize and Ferozco’s rooms. Olivia and Casandra we’ll arrange another room for you at Periwinkle Dormitories tomorrow” this announcement was met by another large groan by Cassie, Vev and Chas, whereas Olivia remained silent yet again, the mere mention of Cameron’s name sent her mind spinning.

 Periwinkle Dormitory - Vev and Chas's room: 

Casandra and Chasity were sat on her bed, Cassie was brushing her friend’s long blonde hair, whilst Vev sat on her own bed mindless searching for mind numbing celebrity news on her laptop. Olivia emerged from the bathroom, steam covered the room as Vev began to bat it away from her face. “Thanks for letting me use your shower guys” Liv whispered quietly sitting on the end of Vev’s bed.

“You’re welcome sweetie” Chas replied not making eye contact with Liv, instead she was more preoccupied with her phone. “Oh is that Oliver?” Casandra giggled. Chas looked over her should and playfully pushed her friend onto her bed.

“Yes, it is for your information. He was texting me to see if I was okay after tonight” Chas said in a fake sad voice as she began to mime wiping a tear away from her face. Casandra looked over her friend’s shoulder, to get a better look at the phone.

“Sweetie please, you’re sexting him… Whilst we’re in the room” Casandra laughed loudly. Vev joined in running over to look at the texts, as Chasity began to show a smile. Liv couldn’t look at her friends at the moment, how could they be acting like this, after all that had happened tonight. She couldn’t hold it in anymore, she was about to explode.

“What is wrong with you!” she screamed abruptly silencing the three girl’s laughter. “A girl was murdered in our room, at a party WE were throwing and you’re all making out like nothing happened Looking at gossip, talking to a boy, making a bigger deal over said boy rather than the literal murder of a girl” she screamed. Silence fell on the room as Cassie snorted loudly.

“Oh please Liv, I said it before and I will say it again. Is it sad that she is dead? Yes one hundred percent! But that bitch got what was coming to her and now Raven will get what’s coming to him” the leader of the bitchette’s explained with a wicked smile emerging on her face. She stood up and slowly approached Liv and Vev’s bed.

“She’s right Liv, Cameron was a stuck up cow who probably lead him on or something, and Raven was clearly a fucked up serial killer. They both got what they rightfully deserve” Vev said to Liv in a voice that sounded so sincere, coupled with the dark things that Vev was saying, the words just sounded so wrong to Liv.

“Wow is there an echo in here? Thank You for needlessly repeating me Vev” Casandra shouted at the other Bitchette.

The queen bee approached the mirror and began to play with her thick luscious locks. Liv looked at Vev, who seemed deflated after Casandra’s insult. The girls face looked weak and sad, but Vev hid behind her computer screen once more. She then turned her attention to Chas, who was presumably sending a selfie to Oliver. She was wearing a black slick nightdress and was showing a slight of cleavage.

How can these bitches act like nothing had ever happened? Liv thought to herself. Was she the only one who grasped the seriousness of the situation?

“So this sleepover, we’re having one. Except with a signature Bitchette twist” Casandra smiled at her own reflection. “Oh so that means booze” Liv said sarcastically as she walked over to the hairdryer next to Chas on the other side of the room. “Of course that means booze” Casandra snapped.

“So who’s coming?” Vev asked quietly not wanting to enrage her leader even more. “Our usual girls, we’ll keep the list exclusive. So that means no Clara’s allowed” the queen bee continued to rant as she scrolled through her phone. “If she wants one then she can have one with Oscar the grouch and her GBF” she stated.

“I don’t know why she wants us to be in groups” Liv shouted over the loud noise of the hairdryer. “I mean it didn’t do any good last time” Liv complained. “We were in a group and someone still died. If we are having a sleepover with Booze no one leaves the room. I won’t drink to stay alert and I will make sure everyone stays where they’re supposed to” she cried.

“Whatever, what’s the worst that can happen Liv?” Chas asked in an annoyed tone as she returned to texting Oliver. Olivia looked at her own reflection in the mirror she was using. She looked deep at herself and sighed. What’s the worst that can happen? We said the exact same thing last night too.

 Police Station: 

Raven was sitting at the interrogation table, a harsh light was shining in his face and his hands were bound. He had spent the entire night in the holding cell, he couldn’t sleep at all, he was pale, red circles covered his eyes and his hair was a mess.

He had taken a shower, but he could still feel Cameron’s blood his hands, he was left shaken and frightened, by the whole experience. He couldn’t remember much, only Casandra screaming at the sight, of him standing over Cameron’s dead body. He tried to stand up but he slipped in the blood covering his t-shirt.

The police took his clothes off him for evidence and gave him items from the lost and found box to wear.

The door flung open as a strapping man in a police uniform entered. He was handsome, his features striking and his hair luscious. He sat down and leaned far back into his chair, “Hello Mr. Castillo, my name is DI Ryan Mckenna and I am the Detective Investigator that was assigned to the case of Callista Ranza and now Cameron Johansson” the officer told the teen boy.

“I just wanted to ask you a few questions. This will be recorded and anything you say can be used against you, should this be taken to court. Do you understand?” he asked the young boy. Raven nodded, he was trying his best to not burst into tears. He had to be brave, for once. “Now I am aware that you have chosen not to have an attorney present, I want to confirm with you that is still your wish” he asked the teenager.

Raven nodded his head “I have nothing to hide, I don’t need one” he told the Detective. “Okay” the older man sighed. “Question one, what were you doing in the room of Miss Casandra Clooney and Miss Olivia Wright. The room in which the body of the deceased was found?” he asked Raven as he opened his note book.

“I had a headache, so I just went in there to get some rest” Raven whimpered, telling nothing but the truth.

“Did anyone see you in the room?” Officer Mckenna asked, yet another question not even making eye contact with the young boy.

“Yes, Olivia Wright. She saw me in there, she actually gave me permission to stay in said room. She will testify to that I am sure” Raven said with much confidence in his voice. Mckenna nodded his head and took a note of her name. “So just to clarify, you didn’t leave the room together?” the officer looked up at him.

Raven shook his head, his quiff was deflating slightly as began to talk, “No, she left, and I took a sleep” he told the officer. Ryan stopped writing and bit his pen.

“Interesting. Now when I came onto the site a Miss Casandra Clooney stormed up to me and she was very insistent that you were behind the murder. She said that Callista wasn’t exactly nice to you. She said and I quote -

‘That bitch branded Raven a pig and tortured him. He was a freak and she basically banished him to his room the night of the mascaraed ball after royally humiliating him. I am telling you he killed her, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he killed Cameron too” end quote” Ryan finished pushing his notebook away from him.

“Seems like this girl was pretty mean to you” he leaned in to get into Raven’s face. “In fact it seems like a lot of the girls were mean to you. I wouldn’t exactly use Miss Clooney’s words when talking about another person, so I am guessing her words cut pretty deep. I was only exposed to her for a brief encounter and I felt bad, I couldn’t imagine what she says to you on a daily” he finished.

“Callista was a bitch and Casandra is a bitch, but if you asked half the student body, they’d tell you the same thing” Raven replied trying to act tough.

“As for Cameron” he began to tear up. “She was a sweet girl, I would never kill her, I wouldn’t hurt her in the slightest. She saw me as a good person, she liked me when I didn’t even like myself, when I weighed the size of a whale, had acne and was hated by everyone she still liked me. I would never hurt her why don’t you believe me!” Raven shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

“Look Raven, you seem like you’ve had a rough time at school, I get it, girls can be vicious. But it looks like you’ve turned your life around, got yourself into shape, and it also looks like you don’t let what these mean girls say effect you. And I am going to be honest with you, we can’t hold you here, since we have no evidence except your clothing. But… There will be an ongoing investigation, if we do find anything, be it on the victim’s body or on your clothing we will not hesitate to haul your ass back into this station” Mckenna finished, his voice sound more aggressive than it had previously.

His face now tensed up, it was like his personality had completely switched. “Understood” Raven replied his voice a little shaky as the officer walked out of the room.

Don’t take it personal he had to remind himself he does think you’re a serial killer after all.

 Mr Mendoza: Film Class 

Casandra sat on Cohen’s desk ignoring her boyfriend completely as he conversed with Jonathan  and Tyler. “So are you really saying you and Olivia haven’t done it yet?” Jonathan  laughed at Tyler.

“Shut up” Tyler sighed verbally pushing away his friend.

“Yes Jonathan  shut up, don’t insult my dear friend Liv, when she’s not here to defend herself. Only I can do that” Casandra laughed taking a sip of Coffee from her thermistor. A group of girls walked into the class room all of them where giggling and unusually perky despite the circumstances which surrounded the day.

Casandra waved her hands in the air commanding the girls attention, “Girls sleepover, Periwinkle dormitory tonight… Attendance is mandatory. We’re under strict rules from the Head Mistress herself” Casandra told the girls who all simply looked at each other and nodded back at Casandra.

“So you’re having a sleepover?” Cohen asked his girlfriend kissing her on the neck.  “Yes all the girls have been advised to have one tonight. To reclaim the night in the memory of Cameron or something. And naturally all the prettiest, richest and smartest girls will be at our sleepover” she laughed flicking her hair. “Despite the fact that there was you know a brutal murder in your room and stuff, the fact you’re all having a sleepover to comfort each other is… So hot” Jonathan  whispered giving Tyler a high five. “You’re revolting” Casandra hissed at the boy.

“Do you ladies need some big strong rugby players to protect you when you’re sleeping? You know man the doors, enforce pat downs if needs be?” Cohen asked Casandra nuzzling further and further into her neck. Casandra let out a loud giggle before playfully pushing her boyfriend away.

“Hmmm I don’t know, I mean Cameron had a big strong boy with her last night and look what happened to her” Casandra stated rather sarcastically pretending to be deep in thought. “Plus if you tried to another girl down, both she and you would be thrown down a flight of stairs” Casandra joked, to which all the boys even Cohen shared a laugh.

Casandra was looking at her nails as the boys continued to laugh at Cohen. “But in all seriousness if I see any of you horny perverted idiots outside the doors I’ll kill you myself” Casandra giggled as the other boys gasped, but soon broke out into laughs again. “Do you guys really think the pig did it?” Jonathan  asked his friends.

“I don’t know, maybe. He was so shifty the night Callie died. She banished him to his room… Guess he didn’t stay there. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was a killer, I mean when you look at the news all serial killers have serious mental issues. They were either bullied or abused as children, so the likelihood of him becoming Jeffrey Deharmer is probably very high” the girl said in a monotone voice as she began to inspect her nails yet again.

Just as she was doing so, she noticed that David was entering the room accompanied by Leo, followed by Oscar behind the pair who had his head in his phone.

“So if you ever need a guide or need help with homework or you just wanna hang out, just give me a call and I will be happy to help anyway way I can. Oh and hey vote for me for Head Boy” David a laughed tapping Leo on the shoulder, after giving him, his phone number. Oscar and Leo took seats in front of Cohen and Jonathan , whereas David sat in front of Casandra

“My, my, are we… Slumming David?” Casandra asked now turning her attention to the blonde haired rugby player.

“My, my, are we … Bitching Casandra?” David replied in a sarcastic tone, attempting to imitate Casandra’s mouth adding a cheese smile to match. Casandra pouted and turned her attention to the other two boys who had just entered the room.

Casandra jumped off Cohen’s desk and slowly approached the boys. She stood directly in between Leo and Oscar amd she began to run her fingers through Oscar’s thick blonde hair as a rather sinister looking smile came across her face.

“You know Oscar I ask myself this question a lot and I just don’t understand how you and Oliver are twins. I mean Oliver is so masculine, handsome, brave, good with girls, athletic, funny and you’re so… You” she laughed slowly moving her fingers down to Oscars cheek. He batted her away and bit his lip.

Ever since they were young Oliver and Oscar couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Oscar always succeeded in school and academics, he was reserved and kept to himself most of the time. Whereas Oliver adored attention, the more the better, he succeeded in sports, girls and used his irresistible charm and charisma to pull him through life. By this point in his life Oscar had heard it all, he knew in the eyes of his peers his brother was the far more superior twin, however he had learned to ignore their small minded beliefs. He could have easily thought back against Casandra and replied with something witty and just as hurtful, but it wasn’t worth wasting his breath. So instead he sat there in silence absorbing all her hurtful words.

“And you, new boy” Casandra said, as she turned her attention to Leo who was avoiding Cohen’s eyes after their last confrontation in the courtyard. “Last time we saw each other my boyfriend may have said some ‘Homophobic’ things to you” she whispered using air quotes in an attempt to make the sentence a lot more hurtful. However Leo simply found it rather patronizing rather than endearing.

“But I just wanted you to know, that we can just put it all behind us. He’s sorry, I’m sorry, we’re all sorry” she smiled now sitting herself on Leo’s desk. “Coffee?” she asked offering Leo her thermistor. Leo shook his head remaining silent.

“You know I’ve always wanted a GBF” Casandra told the young American boy. “Someone who will paint my nails, go shopping with me and tell me how much of a fierce bitch I am” Casandra laughed shaking her flowing blonde locks in the air dramatically.

“And who knows, if you play your cards right you could be the first boy ever to join my HIVE” she told Leo as she began pointing to her broach. Leo remained silent, Oscars head turned as his eyes widened at the mere thought of Leo becoming one of them. He and Clara had already lost Olivia to the dark side, he didn’t want another one of his friends to fall prey to Casandra’s wicked and deceitful ways.

Leo on the other hand was taken completely off guard, he hadn’t even told anyone at Windsor he was gay, they all merely guessed by the own accord. Whilst they weren’t incorrect by thinking this it made Leo somewhat apprehensive, he was bullied so baldy back home for who he was, now he had a fresh start all he wanted was to blend into the crowd and not draw attention to himself. That would be impossible if he was labelled the GBF by Casandra and her minions.

“Of course we would have to bleach and style your hair, I mean you can’t be one of us with that monstrosity of a haircut. Oh and god we’d also have to burn your entire wardrobe. Yesterday you looked like a rejected member of One Direction. So we would have to get you something more… Formal and British to wear. But I think when it’s all said and done, it would all be worth it” Casandra giggled smiling at the American boy.

Leo didn’t know what to say about the whole situation he remained silent looking deep into Casandra’s shinning green eyes. There was something different about Casandra’s eyes, it was like they were hypnotising Leo, he couldn’t look away once laid his own eyes on them.

Then the door flung open and Mr. Mendoza entered the class room with authority.

“Everyone take your seats” he shouted walking in with shaggy hair and a scruffy bearded, his tie was loose and his shirt was untucked at the side. “That was directed at you Casandra, seat now” the man announced not making eye contact with the girl. Despite the fact he looked a little rough today he was by far the best looking teacher in school, every girl who has ever graced the halls of the hallowed school has had a crush on Mr Mendoza at some point in her life.

“We’ll pick this up later, I won’t be old fashioned like David and give you my number, I’ll add you on facebook” Casandra whispered into Leo’s ear before giving him a wink.

Casandra took her seat next to Choen and allowed the class to finally begin. Mr. Mendoza began by turning the projector on. The projector flashed an image onto the board, it read “Horror Films throughout the years”

The class opened their note books and withdrew their pens, suddenly the door to the classroom flung open yet again, this time Dean Mendoza entered the room. He entered slowly making immediate eye contact with his father. Dean said nothing, he kept a firm tight lip, but he slammed the door shut behind him and began his stride to his seat next to Casandra. “Care to explain to the rest of the class why you’re late Dean?” Mr Mendoza asked crossing his arms.

“Sorry Dad, I overslept. After all that drama last night. Needless to say it was hard to sleep” Dean whispered leaning into his seat. Mr Mendoza always asked for his son to call him Sir, or Mr. Mendoza in the classroom just like any other student, so this lack of respect, angered him greatly.

“We’ll talk after class” Mr. Mendoza hissed at his son. He turned his attention back to the other student’s not wanting to make a scene. “Now class as you can see for the first few weeks we’re going to be analysing horror and slasher films” Mr Mendoza told the class leaning onto his desk.

“Isn’t that a bit of a taboo subject, considering what happened last night?” Tyler asked his teacher. “Whilst the unfortunate passing of Cameron Johansson is sad we can’t allow external circumstances effect our lesson plan. I planned this entire module over summer and we are sticking to it” Mr Mendoza replied rather sternly.

“I don’t think it’s an external incident when she was murdered on campus” Tyler replied, refuting his teacher’s explanation.

“Well Tyler if you believe you are better suited to teach the class by all means. But until that day comes, we shall go ahead with my lesson plan” Mr Mendoza replied once more, this time his tone was very aggressive. Tyler slouched back in his chair wanting to avoid all further confrontation with the man.

“Now if you’re all finished criticising the way I run my class. Who can tell me the difference between a slasher and horror film?” Mr. Mendoza asked the class.

“A slasher film is more of a killer stalking girls at night, calling them, killing off their friends, all culminating in a battle between the Final Girl and the killer. Whereas horror films focus on things like monsters, supernatural forces or little dead ghost girls who possess people” Cohen answered Mr Mendoza’s question.

“Great explanation Cohen, now can someone tell me some stereotypical things we see in a slasher film?”

“A party” Leo whispered, Mr. Mendoza looked at Leo pushing him to continue his answer. “Usually at the end, all the characters will be at a party and the killer will show up, it will deliver the third act main cast blood bath that everyone comes to see” he answered.

Mr Mendoza smiled at the American student.

“Fantastic answer, I don’t believe we’ve met. You must be Leo Barnaby. Welcome to Windsor Academy and welcome to Film Studies” Mr. Mendoza smiled as he returned to the class as another teen on the other side of the room had their hand raised in the air.

Oscar leaned closer to Leo and began to whisper, “Why does Casandra want you in The Bitchette’s so badly?” he asked his newly acquired friend.  Leo shrugged he wanted to pay attention to what Mr Mendoza was saying, they didn’t have teachers as good looking as him in his old school and he wanted to remain on his good side.

“I don’t know” Leo replied in a whisper to the side, as the teacher carried on talking. “Anyway there’s not a chance in hell I am joining, I’d rather go back home than bleach my hair and become Windsor Academy’s Ken doll. So that is a no, before you or Clara ask me to be your Cady Heron or something” Leo laughed which in turn made Oscar giggle.

“Mr Olsson, since you like talking so much, we come to you next. Give us a typical convention of a Slasher film” the teacher demanded after singling Oscar out.

“Well the obvious one” Oscar stuttered as he began racking his brain for an answer that wouldn’t make him look like a total idiot. “Female victims, it’s been a trope forever. Pretty girls are always the first to go” he answered looking unsure of himself.

“Wow, what a way to relate to a real life situation arse hole” Jonathan hissed at the boy, referencing Callista and Cameron.

“I was doing what he asked. I was giving an example not comparing it to last night. Besides Cohen literally just said the same thing, Slasher movies never have a final boy, the killer is always obsessed over a girl, the body count is always mostly made up of females. The only time boys die is if they’re the boyfriend, the best friend or the killer themselves” Oscar fired back.

“Can we all stop this, last night was nothing, there is no killer, Callista fell and Cameron was killed by Raven who is probably in jail by now. This is not a slasher movie” Casandra shouted at the class.

“But if was? What if this was all a plot made by one twisted individual, then what would happen?” Mendoza asked the class leaning onto the nearby wall.

Oscar started to tap his pen on his paper “Well that’s easy, some of the main cast would be sitting in a film room talking about the rules of slasher films… Oh look we’re here, I guess we are in one” the blonde boy laughed as too did the some of the class.

“You’d have your jocks” Oscar stated indicating towards the rugby boys, “Your bitchy queen bee” he continued as Casandra produced a fake smile on her face, “The coolest boy in school” Oscar indicated towards David who nodded his head. “And the you’d have the outcasts, they’d all be together in a room, none of them truly trusting each other, because they know that one of them is a blood thirsty killer, picking off their friends. And that eventually, unless you’re the final girl, you’re not gonna stand a chance of living” Oscar finished his speech, the whole class went quiet after the dark twisted monologue.

“You’re such a freak” Cohen stated point blank, causing the other boys to laugh. Casandra narrowed her eyes and focused on the back of Oscar’s head.

“That’s enough boys. Oscars answer was brilliant, I wish you could all show his passion. Now Oscar, since you’re on a roll enlighten us on the rules of slasher films” Mr Mendoza laughed welcoming the teenage boy up to the front of the class. Oscar smiled and made his way to the front of the class.

“This is so messed up” Jonathan whispered to his friends. “He’s so messed up, maybe Oliver got all the nutrients in the womb and it fucked Oscar up really badly” Tyler laughed. “What I think is messed up is that Mendoza seems to like this” David added as the muscular boy lent over his desk. “Like why is he making Oscar do all this after last night? Why are we doing this topic at all?” David finished.

“Well some rules I’m sure we’ll all know from classic 90’s slasher that if you lose your virginity you’re dead, except now virgins can die” Oscar smiled writing it on the white board behind him. “Well looks like you’re are gonna die with us” Cohen laughed kicking the back of Leo’s chair. The American boy went forward slightly, the side of his ribs hitting the cold table, he grunted but chose to ignore Cohen yet again.

“Secondly, expect the unexpected, we live in a world were horror and violence is everywhere, Films, Television, Netflix, YouTube the list goes on and on. We as a generation are becoming desensitised to gore and violence. So these directors need to step up and change the game, do something that will make the viewer crap their pants” he continued to write. The whole class was slightly creped  out  by Oscar, yet they were still hanging on his every word.

“And finally, obviously be smart” he walked away from the board and he revealed three of the most important rules of the slasher genre.

1.       Never say ‘I will be right back’ because you won’t be.

2.       Never say ‘Hello’ or ‘Who’s there?’ when you hear something and you’re alone.

3.        And NEVER EVER go and investigate a strange nosie

Mr Mendoza looked at the board up and down before Oscar returned the pen back to him.  The teacher nodded his head and clapped slowly. “Excellent start” he told the boy.

“Now your homework, pick one Slasher or Horror film and review it talking about how it sticks to and defies the conventions of the genre” Mr Mendoza sat back into his chair.

“You can either work in groups or on your own, but I will expect an essay from each of you next Friday. Now organise yourselves whilst I get the DVD ready” he told the class.

David, Dean and Casandra walked over to Tyler, Cohen and Jonathan  forming a group of six, whereas Leo and Oscar smiled at each other knowing that they were going to be partners. “So what film do you wanna do?” Leo asked Oscar.

Oscar raised his eyebrows and pouted his lips, “I say let’s not hold back and go for the goriest horror franchise ever… Let’s do SAW” he said to Leo. “Because I wanna play a game” Oscar continued to joke Jigsaw’s voice. Leo laughed loudly and nodded his head in approval.

Mr Mendoza soon put on the original ‘Friday The 13th’ and time flew by, soon it was the end of the class and time for Dean to confront his father after spending the entire lesson seething in silence.

The second the bell rang there was only one thing on Leo’s mind, Logan. Leo had never been so obsessed with another boy before. This felt like something more than a crush, so as Leo strutted out of the room, pretending to listen to Oscar’s long drawn out speech how he felt Paranormal Activity was the death of horror. He knew all he wanted to do was go back to his room for his free period and hopefully catch his roommate in his underwear again.

“Dean, remember I need to talk to you” Mr. Mendoza shouted beckoning his Son back into class. Dean rolled his eyes, he groaned loudly and turned back into classroom. “See you in History Deanie boy” Cohen shouted at his friend. Once everyone had filtered out the father and son were left alone. “What’s with the attitude this morning?” he asked his son leaning back into the chair.

“I think you know ‘what’s with the attitude” Dean whispered as he imitated his father. Simon Mendoza pushed himself forward, his lip was quivering, but he had to keep it together, he wanted to remain strong, to not allow his Son to walk all over him.

“You know what happened last year was a horrible mistake” Mr Mendoza told his son, he tried to come across as firm, but his voice cracked a little, showing signs of weakness. Dean laughed sarcastically and leaned against the wall.

“A mistake, that’s one way of putting it” he barked at his father, turning his head so that he could see out of the window and not have to make eye contact with his disgrace of a father. “Dean I love you and your mother, you both know this, everything I’ve done is because I love you both” Mendoza insisted.

“That’s Bull and you know it!” Dean replied kicking a desk, rage filled his eyes and his heart began to pound, Simon stood up and looked just as shocked as he did angry. “It’s not ‘Bull’ I love you and your mother” he shouted back at his son.

“Then start acting like you do!” Dean shouted back. The father and son stared at each other directly in the eyes. Dean’s eyes were cold, Simon had never seen his son this upset with him ever.

“You have spent practically all of summer away from us, I think saw you twice!” Dean shouted getting louder and louder.

“Dean please, I am in my work place” Mr Mendoza said in a calm demeanour, remembering where he was. Dean sighed and looked back at his father. “You are a freak, an embarrassment and you are lucky mum is staying with you. Because if it were up to me, you’d be in jail right now” Dean hissed shooting daggers at his father. Mendoza hung his head and looked down at his desk, “I know, I am so lucky” he said to himself.

A class of first years walked in stopping the father and son’s conversation there and then. “I’m done” Dean barked before pushing past a few of the younger children to get out. Mr. Mendoza shook his head and sighed and then he beckoned the children in as he started to teach repressing his feelings once more.


Lavender sat on the bench, she was staring up at the old oak tree which sat in the middle of the courtyard. She was watching a mother bird feed her young in their nest. She smiled slightly, wishing she too was a bird, so that she could fly far away from Windsor Academy and never return.

It may have been slowly turning to Autumn, but the tree still looked full of life and was still flaunting it’s luscious green leaves. The girl’s eyes were puffy and red, whilst her hair remained un-brushed.

Not Raven she reassured herself. He’s not a killer, he’s my friend she told herself.

She was in a state of shock, she returned to her room after her conversation with Liv, only to be dragged back to Periwinkle dorm by the mass screaming and hysteria. Cameron was dead and Raven was literally caught red handed. Had Lavender not just left the party when it was calm? What could have transpired in that short space of time, that it took her to walk across the campus?

She turned her attention away from the mighty tree and the birds which inhabited it. She instead chose to stare at the floor, her once spotless white converse had seen better days. They were now a slightly grey colour and were caked in mud.

That’s when she noticed a tear hitting the notebook in her lap. “Stop crying, he’s innocent, he didn’t do” she whispered to herself, trying to reassure herself of Raven’s innocence. “Just stop crying” she repeated it again, now firmly closing her eyes.

“Wow, isn’t talking to yourself indicators of a psychopath V?” the voice of Chasity came from in front of her. Lavender looked up, there she saw Vev and Chas standing before her, both looking as fabulous as ever. Chasity sporting a knee length black dress,  which covered her shoulders, accompanied by white knee length socks. Whereas Vev sported a plane white lace shirt, along with a powder blue pencil skirt.

“You know Chas, I think you’re right. Oh and look who mysteriously vanished last night… Lavender. Tell us Lav, did you help Raven slice and dice Cameron?” Vev asked Lavender in a demeaning voice as she looked down on her. Lavender remained silent, not knowing what to say as the two statuesque blonde vixens stood over her. “That was a question” Chas shouted at Lavender.

However Lavender remained silent avoiding the gaze of her tormentors. “Answer us!” Vev screamed at the top of her voice, making Lavender jump with fright. She dropped her notebook on the floor and soon thereafter Chas kicked it away without any hesitation.

Lavender could feel their ice cold gaze penetrate her skin. She knew she couldn’t remain silent forever. She took a deep shaky breath. “No, I just went back to bed. I came back when I heard all the noise, I’m sorry” Lavender stuttered, standing up brushing her dark skirt as she did so. She walked over towards her notebook with the intent of picking it up

The two Bitchette’s smiled at each other and then looked at Lavender, the smile was sickly, and evil. Lavender turned around quickly, returning to her normal posture, her notebook now in hand. She knew that this smile well and she knew it wasn’t good.

Be strong, just tell them you don’t want to be a Bitchette her mind told her.

“Oh by the way, we’re having a sleepover tonight. So you will be there doing nail art for everyone. You’re under strict instructions from Casandra herself. Attendance is mandatory or no bee broach for you” Chasity giggled as she began flaunting her broach in front of Lavender’s face.

“Aww that would be a crying shame considering how hard she’s worked” Vev joined in with laughter, she pretended to shine her own broach, as they continued to mock the girl.

“No” Lavender whispered, but it was loud enough to get a reaction from the two girls. The two girl’s abruptly stopped their laughter, their smiles fell and a more serious look rose.

“I’m sorry, did you just say… No?” Chas asked Lavender in disbelief.

“I don’t want to be a Bitchette anymore. It’s not worth it” Lavender told them quoting Liv.

“You do realise that if you don’t turn up tonight, we will destroy bitch! And I don’t just mean we will spread silly rumours about you” Chas stated in a normal tone of voice, but it was filled with hate and darkness. “I mean we will literally destroy, we will make your every waking moment a living hell” she continued, getting closer and closer to Lavender.

“You will be nothing, and you will have nothing” she whispered in the dark haired girls face.

“Wow, I believe that was a threat” a deep voice came from behind them.

The two blonde she-devils spun around in disbelief. Someone was challenging their law and they wanted to get a proper look at the perpetrator.

There stood the most handsome man any of the girls had ever seen. He was tall, blonde and had a razor sharp jawline. His eyes were shielded by dark sunglasses and he wore a leather black jacket, with dark jeans to match. “I’m sorry, who are you?” Vev asked in a rather aggressive voice.

The boy laughed sarcastically as he slowly began to remove his sun glasses. Lavender was struck just by how gorgeous his eyes were. They were a dazzling shade of blue, they truly complimented the boys bright hair. “Me?” the boy asked, again in a sarcastic tone. “My name’s Daniel Johansson. Maybe you’ve heard of me?” the boy barked back at the two girls, who both exchanged a look of panic.

“Of course we’ve heard of you, your reputation precedes you. You may have left the school when we were young, but you became somewhat of a legend. My deepest sympathies of course, we were so sad to hear about Cameron’s death, it happened at our party and I just… Can’t imagine what you’re going through right” Chasity replied to Daniel in a somewhat apologetic voice, however Lavender saw straight through the girls act, she wasn’t sorry at all, she hated Cameron, she was just taken in by this boys pretty face. “If there’s anything you need, we would be happy to oblige” Chasity commented, flashing the boy a smile.

“Well it’s good to know I made an impact at this school” Daniel laughed looking over his shoulder at a group of first years, who were all walking single file across the courtyard. “So you girls are the ones who threw the party, the party where my little sister was brutally murdered whilst you all got drunk off your ass” Daniel stated, his voice remained steady and calm, unlike the girls he didn’t need to shout and scream to command authority, his cold tone of voice alone was enough to strike fear into their hearts.

Both of the girls went pale, neither of them knew what to say or do, meanwhile Lavender remained silent, observing the situation from afar desperately hoping she wouldn’t be dragged into it. “Believe me I will want to speak to you and anyone else in due time, but for now I have to go speak to the Head Mistress” Daniel added placing his sunglasses back on his face.

“Oh, and yes, there is something you can do for me. You can walk away and leave this poor girl alone” Daniel stated looking directly at Lavender. He then signalled to the other side of the courtyard, directing the girls where to go.

Both girls looked at each other, initially showing some hesitation, never had anyone but Callista and Casandra spoke to the girls in that way. They were cut down in a mere seconds by the legendary Daniel Johansson. Finally they caved to the pressure, Chas let out a large sigh. “Fine, come on Vev. We’ll deal with this bitch later” Chas commented, as she side eyed Lavender who backed up, away from the pair. “I look forward to our next meeting, I’ll tell Casandra you were in the neighbourhood” Vev added smiling at the boy. Daniel’s face cracked ever so slightly at the mention of Casandra’s name, he let out a breathy laugh before rubbing his temples “So she’s on top now” he said to himself.

“What was that?” Chas asked the boy seconds after the words passed his lips. “I said you can go now” Daniel replied in even faster time, shutting the girls down yet again. Both of them bit their lips once more before finally walking away.

“Thank you” Lavender stuttered at the handsome stranger. “I don’t need to be thanked just being a decent human being and teaching those girls a valuable lesson” Daniel told Lavender flashing her a dazzling white smile.

“No one talks to those girls like that, ever!” Lavender told the boy. “Of course they don’t, let me guess, because they run this place?” he laughed to himself once more. “Basically” Lavender replied to him, she was somewhat bewildered by the boy. He wasn’t even twenty-four hours removed from losing his little sister and here he was, insulting teenagers and laughing. She didn’t know what to make of the boy, however she was so captivated by everything about him, that she desperately wanted to spend more time around him.

“If there’s anything I can help you with. I will gladly help” Lavender said calmly as she too now smiled at the boy.

“Yes, it’s been a while since I have been here, and things have certainly changed. You can show me to the front desk” Daniel said bluntly, sounding almost like a demand. This seemed like a complete one eighty in character, however Lavender understood he must be upset, and she was used to people talking to her in this fashion. She nodded her head as she slowly began to lead the boy away from the courtyard.

 Boy's changing room 

Oliver and Joel were the first two boys to enter the changing room. They strutted in confidently, throwing their bags onto the benches, they began to undress, and slowly hung their clothes up as they changed into their rugby kits. “So you and Chastity?” Joel pulling his socks up to his knees. “Yeah me and Chastity, what about it?” Oliver asked a little disconnected from his friend, he avoided looking at Joel all together, Oliver removed his shirt, revealing his chiselled abs.

He quickly threw his jersey on, concealing his body. He took a seat and began to pull his socks up too.

Joel didn’t know how to respond to his friend’s cold response. Oliver seemed rather distant today, especially since they entered the changing rooms. Joel shrugged and pouted ever so slightly. “Just that you never really seem that interested in all of the girls you date” he said point blank. He stood up and walked towards the mirror. He began looking at himself, arrogantly fixing his hair and eyebrows, making sure he looked primed. Oliver watched from his seat, after another long pause in conversation he finally responded. “Well Chastity is different, those girls were nothing to me… Just sex” Oliver explained to his friend. “They were just sex and when I got bored I threw them away, plain and simple” Oliver added as he began to put on his cleats.

Joel smirked, Oliver could see the boy’s expression change in the mirror but chose to ignore it. Joel turned towards his friend and the smirk raised into a full smile. “And you know if you get bored with Chas, Casandra will end your life” Joel laughed at his friend. “Which means Cohen will end your life, which means he’ll probably kick you off the team” Joel continued this rant, all the while Oliver was tying his laces. Finally he broke his silence “Okay I know!” he shouted at his friend. “I know all these consequences if Chas and I break up, or get bored of each other. But for now I really like her so please stop talking Joel” Oliver shouted once more.

Joel went quiet yet again, he turned away, and he now began to flex in the mirror. Both boys were now ignoring each other’s presence in the room. Suddenly the door opened quickly, it hit the wall with a loud thud as Cohen, Jonathan  and Tyler entered the room. “Good afternoon Gentlemen, how are we today?” Cohen shouted strutting in with his kit bag on his shoulders. He threw it on the bench facing Oliver and immediately threw his shirt off.  The boy remained shirtless as he walked towards the mirror.

“Move” he whispered to Joel pushing him out of the way, Joel returned to his bench next to Tyler as Cohen now flexed in the mirror.

“So have we got any plans for tonight or do we have to ask St. David?” Tyler asked the group. The boys would often refer to David as such behind his back. Unlike the vast majority of the team David respected other members of the school, whenever the boys wanted to do something wicked or dangerous, David would always find a way to talk them out of it.

“Screw him, I want to have some fun tonight” Jonathan  chipped in putting on his jersey. “After all I think we’ve earned it after last night… And that creepy ass film class” Jonathan  laughed, as did Tyler and Cohen who were all present in said class room. “Why what happened?” Joel asked as he took sip of water out of his bottle.

“Well Mr Mendoza made us talk about slasher movies” Tyler explained to the group of boys. “What, seriously after last night?” Joel asked in a shocked tone of voice. “Yeah and then OSCAR, goes all Wes Craven and begins to get seriously creepy” Cohen added as he looked at Oliver out of the corner of his eye.

“Can we not mention my troll of a brother please, I want to stay focused for practice. Last thing I need right now is him creeping out the whole school” Oliver replied, his voice filled with hate at the mere thought of his ‘perfect’ twin brother. “That’s not even the weird part, it seemed like Mendoza was liking all the blood and guts talk, how sick is that right. And then Dean walked in all red eyed and stuff, saying he couldn’t sleep” Cohen told the group finally putting a shirt on.

“Maybe they did it together, maybe they both killed Cameron as a father-son bonding experience” Jonathan  joked, all of the boys with the exception of Joel laughed. “Anyway, back to my original point, we need to have some fun tonight” Cohen announced.

“Well we could sneak out after curfew, go the pub in town” Jonathan  suggested to the group.  “Yes, we haven’t done that since Easter” Tyler agreed with his friend, smiles began to appear on the boys faces.

Cohen smirked too, however he gently shook his head and jumped on the bench before hushing the boys to complete silence. “Gentlemen, Gentlemen, whist that is an amazing idea, I have a better one for tonight” he shouted addressing the boys. “We are going to infiltrate the girl’s sleepover. Yes gentlemen if you thought a regular party with those girls were fun… I bet a Pyjama party will be even better” he shouted as the other boys cheered.

“Okay that’s a much better idea, you win Cohen” Jonathan  shouted high fiving Joel. “So do we tell St David, or do we leave him in his room all alone?” Tyler asked Cohen.

“Tell David what?” David’s voice came from the doorway, the boys stopped cheering and talking and all turned around to loo. There he stood, accompanied by Dean, the pair slowly entered the room, Dean walked quickly to an empty part of the bench in the corner of the room. He didn’t even speak to his team mates, he was still a little hot headed after the confrontation with father, and as he angrily threw his bag down, he couldn’t wait to get out onto the field to let off some aggression.

“You boys want to go to the sleepover. Don’t you?” David asked  his team mates as he began leaning against a wall. Cohen stepped down off the bench and walked towards his friend.  Despite the fact David was significantly taller than Cohen, he didn’t let that stop him. He puffed out his chest and continued to approach the blonde boy. Yes, and if you have a problem with” Cohen was about to continue but David cut him off. “Of course I have a problem with that” David shouted back.

Cohen laughed sarcastically as he pushed David gently. “Of course you have a problem! Why doesn’t that surprise me?” he asked the rest of the boys as he began to walk away.

“Because maybe I respect those girls. Are you all forgetting that Cameron died last night. Don’t any of you have any morals” David shouted. “I mean seriously have a little respect for the girls, they’re probably terrified enough. They might not look or act scared, but the last thing they need, is a group of creepy boys watching them from the bushes” David shouted at the entire team.

“Yeah guys, maybe David’s got a point. Maybe we just do it another time, when everything’s calmed down” Joel whispered. Cohen shot him a look of pure aggression, abruptly silencing his fellow team mate, Joel lowered his head and avoided Cohen’s gaze.

“Who said anything about the bushes, Casandra loves me, she’ll invite us inside” Cohen laughed believing he got the better of David. “You clearly don’t know your girlfriend very well” David replied rather wittily.

“So does this new SUPER good boy imagine have anything to do with Clara Stark?” Oliver asked David as the boy began getting changed himself “What, do you want to impress her with your own brand of feminism?” Oliver asked yet another question.

David smirked as he unfolded his jersey out of his bag, “I think I will leave Clara to your brother, he seems to really like her, I wouldn’t want to interfere with that” David told Oliver. Oliver shook his head and turned around to the rest of the team.

“Please my brother could never EVER, get a girl, let alone Clara Stark. Bitch might be dark and moody but she still a solid ten” he told David.

“Who cares about Oliver’s social awkward brother? David are you in or out?” Cohen shouted, demanding an answer. David shook his head, “I’m out” he replied as he turned his attention back to changing into his kit.

“Joel, you don’t get the option. You’re coming end of story” Cohen ordered snapping his fingers at the boy, as if he were a dog. “Fine, now that’s out of the way, a change of subject is required” Cohen announced to the rest of the room.

“Well what about you Ty, how is Miss. Olivia. Have you guys done it yet or is she still Snow White?” Oliver asked as he began stretching his legs out for practice. Tyler pulled up his socks to his knees before shaking his head. “We’ve done a lot of stuff but not that” he told the rest of the team, who all began to either whisper or laugh.

“I just want to do something special for her tonight. We were originally going to go back to my room last night, the boom Callista cock block us from the grave and Raven went all Michael Myers on Cameron. So needless to say, it didn’t happen” he complained.  

“I mean last night really freaked me out. I mean poor Cameron and that whole video with Callista. Do you think it was real?” Joel asked the other boys who all just shrugged in return. “Are you guys serious a girl we all thought died accidentally comes up on a screen telling us she was murdered and a killer is at large and all you guys can do is sit there and not discuss the possibility of said murderer” Joel stated rather quickly before taking a deep breath of air.

“Joel, you’ve got to stop watching those crime documentaries on youtube” Tyler replied to the boys rant instantly. “Callista is dead okay, we’ve all mourned her, last night was weird yes, maybe there is a killer, but we have to trust if that is the case the police__” but before Tyler could finish he was cut off.

“Enough! Enough about Callista and her death, it’s probably some dumb joke she was planning” Jonathan  said aloud. “She fell, her death was an accident, she wasn’t murdered case closed” Cohen roared at the rest of the group.

Yet another sickly silence fell upon the room, after last night a lot of the boys had been walking on egg shells, trying to talk about the subject in case it made people feel uncomfortable. But Cohen’s outburst left the boys feeling more awkward than the topic at hand. David was desperate to save the situation so he quickly began conversation back up again.

“Now you said you wanted something special?” he asked Tyler. Tyler looked at the blonde boy, he could tell what David was doing, he wanted to chip in and keep conversation flowing, however Jonathan  answered for him. “Well how about a candle lit picnic in your room” Jonathan  smiled pulling his phone out.

“What are you doing?” Tyler asked his friend, he began walking over to read the texts. “Well, over summer my neighbour Jules Barons came to me, saying how he hated being invisible, he wanted to be something more in this school, blah, blah, blah. So I agreed to mould him in my own image” Jonathan  laughed sadistically, biting his tongue in the process.

“Let me guess you’re using this poor kid as your personal slave” David said in a sarcastic tone of voice. Jonathan  looked up from his phone and smiled, “Slave is such a nasty word, I prefer, runner, gofer, butler or if you wanna get all American, pledge” he laughed sadistically once more.

“I am sculpting this kid in my image. I mean look at the facts he’s already the most popular kid in his year, simply because everyone sees him hanging around with me.  Point is lessons don’t come free, I give him popularity and life lessons and he does whatever I want, when I want. So I’ve told him to set the picnic up for you. So you and Olivia can picnic to your heart’s desire. And if you’re going to do it… Just stay away from my bed” he winked at his friend.

“Dude you’re the best, tell Jules he better make it classy” Tyler laughed as he walked back over to his bench.

“Barons? Where do I know that name?” Cohen asked the rest of the group. “His older brother sits behind us in Chemistry. Caleb, I think that’s his name” Dean replied finally speaking, Dean had been listening into all the conversations which transpired. He recognised the name instantly, so thought he would chip in, as providing a quick answer wouldn’t involve getting into a deep conversation.

“Ugh, he’s the freak who hums television theme songs” Cohen shouted in utter disgust. “He’s the worst and seems super creepy” Cohen whispered cringing at the thought of Caleb. All of the boys were changed and ready to go, Cohen walked towards the door.

“Well, enough of this pillow talk. We have training, let’s go gentlemen. Five laps of the track before we start, let’s go” Cohen shouted to the rest of team. One by one every boy ran out of the room, once Cohen passed David the two Co-Captains locked eyes, staring in a face off. Cohen snarled the tall boy before running out of the room, leaving David to turn the lights off.


Daniel followed Lavender to the front desk, the pair wondered around the halls of the Academy, neither knowing what to say, to the other. Lavender’s best friend had been arrested for the murder of Daniel’s sister, what can you say? She wasn’t sure whether Daniel knew her standing relationship with Raven, but she didn’t want to bring it up. She turned around to face the tall handsome stranger, she pushed her long hair out of his eyes and batted them gently. “I am really sorry. About Cameron, I don’t know how you’re feeling or how you’re even coping right now. If I was in your shoes I think I’d be a wreck” she whispered to Daniel.

“There’s no need for you to be sorry. To be honest I’m not even sure how I am coping, I feel like this is all some horrible dream” Daniel told Lavender, he looked down at his feet, and for the first time Lavender saw some vulnerability from the boy. “I feel like I’m going to wake up at any moment” he whispered.

Daniel then realized he was showing too much emotion, he reverted his posture and stiffened up his face.  “Why do you let those girls bully you?” he asked changing the subject rather abruptly. Lavender was caught off guard by this sudden change in Daniel’s domineer, she looked nervously at the boy and then at the top of the corridor. Perhaps he doesn’t want to talk about Cameron, perhaps the wound is still too fresh Lavender told herself. “They don’t bully me” Lavender refuted Daniel’s question, however she did it in such a polite way as to not upset the boy any further.

“I have eyes, I saw what went on before. Those girls are mean, plain and simple” Daniel laughed sarcastically yet again, the pair now began walking forward, as they continued walking to the front desk.

“Trust me when I say, those two are not the mean one’s” Lavender whispered her reply, as her mind drifted to Casandra and Callista, both of the girls had been Queen Bee’s and neither Vev of Chasity could hold a candle to either of those girls. “Oh I know, their just the minions right? I’m sure there’s an even nastier bitch controlling them and ruling the school with an iron fist” Daniel replied as he walked closer to Lavender’s side.

“Yes, her name is Casandra Clooney, she’s new to the throne I guess. Callista used to be one in control and Casandra was just a minion, but now Call is gone, Casandra took the baton and ran with it” Lavender told the visitor. “So those girls made it to the top after all” Daniel said to himself.

“What you knew those girls?” Lavender asked turning her head.

“Yes I know those girls very well. I guess you could say I am Victor Frankenstein and they were my creature. Look when you guys were in your third year. I was in my last, and this school was my kingdom” Daniel told her.

 Flashback- Windsor Academy – 5 Years Ago 

It was a cold winter’s day at Windsor Academy, rain battered the outside of the windows and storm clouds were gathering high in the sky.

Daniel Johansson strutted down the corridor with his signature pair of sunglasses on and two dark haired boys following at his side. Naturally Daniel walked ahead of them and they walked several steps behind.

As the trio strutted down the corridor Daniel noticed something, an arrogant grin appeared on his face as the trio approached an elderly cleaner who was scrubbing the floors of the hallway. Daniel blew a large pink bubble, with his bubble gum and walked quickly towards the bucket in front of the women. He had locked eyes on his prey, and being the predator he truly was he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. In one fail swoop he kicked the bucket. The large plastic container flew high into the sky, as soapy water came crashing down to the floor, with some even landing on the innocent cleaner.

“So sorry, just have slipped. You should really consider investing in a wet floor sign. Better pick your pace” Daniel said to the women as he bent down to her level. He blew another bubble in the women’s face and began to walk away. “Genius, you’re a genius Daniel” one of his minions panted, trying to keep up with the blonde haired boy.

“Thanks for the needless compliment idiot. I already know I am a genius, you’re telling me something I don’t need to know. Carry my bag, it’s disgustingly heavy” Daniel snarled at one of his minions. He held his satchel out, and dropped it in mid-air. The minion scrambled to catch it, nearly falling over in the process.

The boys now walked down a flight of stairs, as they approached the bottom Daniel saw Cameron stapling a poster to the third year notice board. “I’m telling you Caleb, I truly believe a lot of people are age are interested in politics. They will all come to debate club” she told her tall dark haired friend.

Caleb was tall dark haired boy, he was very pale and had the most piercing blue eyes ever. “But what if they don’t come, what if it’s just us?” Caleb sighed as he handed his friend another poster. “Then we will debate by ourselves” she giggled.

“Well, well isn’t this cute” Callista laughed as she and Casandra approached the pair. “What’s this? Debate club, tomorrow at four. Wow you know what Cassie, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, what about you?”Callista asked her friend sarcastically. “You know what I think I’m washing my hair tomorrow” Casandra replied.

Daniel had stopped on the steps to observe the interaction his little sister was having. “And besides I think this poster is taking up too much room. After all we need room for the poster for the bake sale, it’s for charity, so you know, it’s a little more important” Casandra told the pair as she ripped Cameron’s poster down.

“What are you doing, we worked really hard on that, plus we got permission to put it there” Caleb shouted at the girls. “Oh that’s quite the temper you’ve got on yourself” Callista replied back to the boy. She looked at him up and down and snarled viciously. “You do realises you look like something out of a Tim Burton movie right?” Callista insulted the boy.

“I mean you’re pale, you got dark hair, red bags under your eyes, if you start killing people and cooking them into pies, give me heads up” she continued to insult the gothic boy. Caleb began to draw back into himself more and more, he stood back as the two girls continued to rip into him.

“Aww, look Call, he’s scared of us, isn’t that cute. Wow Cameron, your boyfriend is such a man, look at how hurt he is by two girls” Casandra said sarcastically to the girl. “Leave him alone, Caleb is not my boyfriend, but he is still my friend, so leave him alone. We can both put our posters up and leave it at that” Cameron told the girls as she bit her lip.

“My, my, my, little sister aren’t we the little diplomat” Daniel stated as he began his decent of the stairs. “That doesn’t even make sense, do you even know what a diplomat is?” Cameron asked her brother. “I don’t need to, I’m the Head Boy and these are my halls” Daniel said to his sister.

“Do you seriously hear yourself?” Cameron asked sarcastically. “You, leave, NOW!” Daniel shouted at Caleb’s face. The pale boy looked at Cameron, he didn’t want to leave, but as the two brown haired minions approached, Caleb soon backed away to the door. “I’ll see you in Geography” Caleb told his friend.

“You need to get away from him” Daniel whispered to Cameron. “What? He’s my friend” Cameron explained. “Look it might not be bad now, but in a few years that boy is going to be social death. Being around him will kill your social life” he told Cameron. “You don’t know that” Cameron replied quickly. “Yes, yes I do. He will be social death and if you ever wanna be ANYTHING in this school you’ll distance yourself from him” he continued to whisper to his little sister. He looked over to the side, Casandra and Callista where still standing there in silence watching the pair.

“You have high political ambition, at your age that is seriously commendable. But all politicians know, that image comes before anything else. Remember, people will judge you based off first glance. Think about that” Daniel ended, Cameron looked away, she remained silent as she walked away from her brother.

“And you two” Daniel stated aloud as he turned his attention to the two soon-to-be bitchettes. “You two are the future. The way you just cut down that boy, you’ll both go far” he stated. Both of the girls smiled at each other and giggled. “Thank you so much” Casandra laughed, she had always secretly had a crush on the boy, as did Callista, but that wasn’t knew, a lot of people had a crush on Daniel.

“Can I talk to you in private?” he asked Callista. She quickly turned to Casandra who pushed her forward. “Go, go” Casandra whispered to her friend. Callista tried to play it cool as she approached the hailed king of the school.

Callista and Daniel walked several steps away, leaving the minions with Casandra. “Look, like I said you’re the future, but the thing is, there can’t be two monarchs” Daniel told the girl calmly as he looked over at Casandra.

“There can only be one true ruler and their followers” Daniel continued indicating towards the boys. “But Casandra is my best friend” Callista cried, her smile faded as she too now looked back at her friend. “If you really want to be queen one day, stop looking at her as a best friend, start looking at her as a minion” he told her. Callista’s facial expression changed once more. “And then get more minions, when you start asserting your dominance they should follow instinctively. Treat everyone else like they are dirt on the ground and believe that you are better than everyone else” he told her getting closer and closer to the girl.

“Is that how you see the rest of us?” Callista asked Daniel in a bitter tone of voice. “Yes, that is how I see you, that is how I see your friend over there, that is how I see my friends, my sister, that is how I see everyone I come into contact with” Daniel told her. “If you start doing the same, you’ll have everything I have, maybe even more” he whispered into her ear.

“Also be unique you can’t just be a knock off version of me, have your own style, your own signature, something that makes people will associate with you and your minions” Daniel continued. “Why me, why not Casandra?” Callista asked.

“I don’t know, I picked one of you randomly. Which will make you want the crown even more” he explained to her. “How so?” she quickly answered back. “Because you will leave this conversation knowing, there is nothing special about you” he stated in a sinister tone of voice. “I could have chosen your friend, but I picked you, it could have easily been the other way around” he continued. Callista looked over at Casandra who was conversing with the older two boys.

“Now you know, what you have to do… To become special” Daniel stated ending their conversation. He backed away from the girl and snapped his fingers. “Gentlemen, let’s go” he shouted walking through a set of doors. The boys ran after their leader leaving the two girls alone. “Oh my god what did he say” Casandra asked running over to her friend. The corridor door slammed and Daniel never heard the end of that conversation.

As the three boys approached their classroom another boy with his face in a textbook accidentally walked in front of Daniel, brushing against him accidentally. The boy was short and didn’t even realise what he had done, he continued walking obliviously. That was until Daniel grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him back. The boy let out a small whelp after being choked by the action, he was caught off guard by this assault.

“I’m sorry hobbit, did I give you permission to walk in front of me?” Daniel hissed, slowly removing his sun glasses. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was in a rush” the small boy stuttered, avoiding eye contact at all times. Daniel let go of the boy’s collars, whilst his minions stood behind the boy, blocking his exit.

Daniel cleared his throat and looked down at the boy in a patronizing manner. “Can you tell me what this badge says?” Daniel asked indicating to the gold badge on the lapel of his navy blue blazer. “Erm it says Head Boy” the boy replied getting more and more nervous by the passing second.

“Oh good you can read, I am HEAD BOY” Daniel roared in the boy’s face. Everyone else in the corridor was walking past Daniel, not wanting to make eye contact, or wanting to assist the boy, out of fear they would be next.

“My father pays so much money into this school, I practically own it. So if I ever catch you brushing past me, walking in front of me, or even looking at me, every again, I will have you kicked out of this school. Do I make myself clear, you vile troll” Daniel hissed at the boy.

The small boy nodded nervously, he was now wishing he was paying more attention to where he was walking, as he was both terrified and humiliated all at once. “Now kiss my ring” Daniel ordered in a calm voice. The small boy was shaking he raised his head so that he could look Daniel in the eyes. The boys gorgeous blue eyes were like tropical lagoons, however this boy felt neither relaxed or calm in Daniel’s presence. The young man then lowered his gaze to Daniel’s hand, Daniel rose his hand to reveal a solid gold ring his father had given him for Christmas.

The boy knew Daniel wasn’t joking and he knew that he would have to do it, just to appease the king of Windsor, to ensure his escape. He puckered his lips together, bent his head slowly and pathetically kissed the ring. Daniel laughed loudly at the boy. “Jesus Christ, you actually did it. God how pathetic can you get” he howled, as he ripped his hand away from the boys lips. Daniel and his minions laughed maniacally, as the goy lifted his head, defeated and humiliated. A few other students scattered along the corridor were laughing at the boy too, his face turned bright red and he wanted nothing more than to leave and never lay eyes upon Daniel ever again. “Now, I can’t let you go, without a memento of your encounter with the head boy. I’m like a celebrity at this school, you’ll want to cherish this moment for your life” Daniel announced to the entire corridor and to the boy. He slowly withdrew the piece of pink chewing gum from his mouth. He twirled it in his fingers, before shoving it in the boy’s thick black hair.

The boy let out a short gasp as he tensed up. He could feel it stick to his hair, Daniel struggled to let go of the gum as some was stuck to his fingers, he finally released it and whipped his sticky fingers on the boy’s shirt.

“Well that was a lotta fun. You may leave” Daniel laughed moving out of the way, clearing a path for his victim to final escape. The small boy began to slowly walk away, the big piece of gum vibrantly sticking out in his dark mane. Before the boy left however Daniel stopped him, he looked down at the pathetic defeated boy. “What do you have to say?” Daniel asked the boy in a more serious tone.

The boy gulped as he brushed away a tear from his face, “Thank you” he said to Daniel. Daniel smirked as did his minions, he playfully slapped the boy in the face disrespectfully before dismissing him again. He turned around to his lackeys and winked. “Well, I think we’ve all learnt something today” he commented.

  Present Day- Corridor 

After hearing Daniel’s story Lavender was in a state of shock, the man standing in front of her was clearly not the same boy that terrorized the halls of the Academy. “What happened?” Lavender asked her new friend. “I mean, why the change of heart?” she rephrased her question realising what she said could have come across as mean.

“What happened?” Daniel repeated Lavenders question. “I left Windsor, I traveled the world, I went to university. The past five years have been crazy, but being away from this place made me realise what it does to you. It turns you into something you’re not” Daniel told Lavender, as the pair approached the front desk. “When you’re at Windsor you think stupid things matter, but once you get into the real world, you see how stupid things where” Daniel continued explaining to Lavender.

“I hated how I treated everyone when I was here, how I treated my friends, most of all I regret how much I hurt my sister. I was such a horrible brother, I was never there for, we only really grew close this past year and now… She’ll never know how much she meant to me” Daniel started to tear up, Lavender threw her bag off her shoulder.

She dug through her bag, and found a pack of tissues. She quickly withdrew one and handed it to the boy. “Thank you” Daniel whimpered taking the tissue. For once in his life, Daniel didn’t care who was watching, he didn’t care how weak he looked, he was crying because he missed his little sister.

“I can’t wait to find out who did this to her” he told Lavender through the tears.

“We’re here” Lavender replied to the ex-king of the academy, her voice was filled with sympathy as she touched the boys shoulder. “Thank you for your time, I hope I haven’t made you late for class” he told her. Lavender shook her head and smiled “I have a free period don’t worry, it was really nice getting to know you, I am so sorry for your loss” she told the boy.

The young girl was about to walk away but she was gently touched by the boy, he pulled on her arm gently and pulled her back. “Wait” he whispered. “Where you at that party last night?” he asked her. Lavender nodded her head, “Can you tell me anything about my sister, who she interacted with, if she was acting weirdly, anything” he pleaded with her.

Lavender breathed heavily, she knew if she told the man this it would come back to bite her, but seeing how sad Daniel looked, she had to tell him. “Well, she got into a fight with Casandra at the party, but soon after the fight I left, so I don’t know if anything else happened” Lavender told him. Daniel’s face dropped, his lip quivered, practically vibrating.

“This is all my fault, I put those two girls on top and like a horrid chain of events, it ended in my sisters death… This is all my fault” Daniel whimpered to himself. Lavender had yet to acknowledge the part of Daniel’s story where he revealed he gave Callista her crown. Lavender now understood what he meant by The Bitchette’s where The Creature to his Victor Frankenstein.

“You didn’t do this. Casandra might not have done it, we still don’t know the whole story, please don’t beat yourself up Daniel” Lavender pleaded. “Cameron wouldn’t want that, she’d want you to be happy and she’d want to be at peace” Lavender touched the boy’s shoulder to comfort him.

“Thank you so much, for everything, you’re really amazing” Daniel cried whipping away tears from his eyes. “Now I must get to my meeting with the Head Mistress, can’t keep her waiting” Daniel said, his voice still sounded shaky. “I understand go” Lavender replied removing her arm. The pair exchanged a smile and Lavender slowly turned to walk away. “Wait!” Daniel shouted after her. “I’m sorry I never asked your name” Daniel apologised. Lavender giggled, it was only then that she too came to that realisation.

“Jensen, Lavender Jensen” she told the boy. His smile intensified as he nodded his head, “Well Miss Jensen. I owe you a favour, you were an amazing tour guide and an even better comforter” he said rather politely. “Wait are you sticking around?” Lavender asked the boy, sounding rather confused.

“Indeed I am, I have to find out the full story. I want to know what happened last night, I want to know what happened to my sister, and I am not leaving until I find out” he declared, staring at Lavender. “I now have one piece of the puzzle I know my sister had a fight with Casandra Clooney, so I have somewhere to start” he told her. “But who knows where my investigation might lead me, like you said, it could literally be anyone” Lavender now worried more than ever for Raven. After hearing how Daniel acted back in his heyday at school she feared what he would do to Raven, if he came under suspicion once again.

 Periwinkle Dormitory 

Casandra, Vev, Chastity and Olivia all sat in Vev and Chasity’s room, Casandra lay on a bed alongside Chas, who was typing on her laptop.

Vev painted her nails, she sat on a chair in the corner of the room, directly in front of the mirror.

Meanwhile Olivia lay on Vev’s bed staring up at the ceiling, she couldn’t get Callista and Cameron out of her head. Her earphones were placed firmly in her ears, she was in a trance like state, her vision was focused solely on the ceiling and her headphones cut off all noise from the outside world. For the first time since she returned to the school, she felt truly alone.

What was Callista hiding? Why did someone want to kill both of them? Olivia thought to herself. Olivia had a restless night, whilst the three other girls slept like babies, her mind was still racked with her own thoughts and questions. Why does no one care, two girls are dead and everyone is acting like it’s normal! Olivia’s brain screamed to her. Her breathing got heavier and heavier by the passing minutes, for a brief second she thought she was really alone.

However she was pulled back to reality by a tap on her shoulder. Vev gestured her to take out her earphones, with some reluctance Olivia did as instructed. “Hellooo, I said what colour?” Casandra asked, she was staring directly at Olivia as she roared in an irritated tone of voice. “Sorry, I wasn’t really here for a moment. What colour what?” Olivia asked confused.

“What colour Pyjama’s should we all wear? I want us all to match” Casandra told her fellow Bitchette’s.

“I don’t know” Olivia told the leader of the pack. “White?” Olivia replied with hesitation in her voice. She didn’t really care about trivial things such as the colour of her pyjamas, however she knew it would mean a lot to the other three girls.

“See told you, white it is. Thanks for agreeing Liv” Casandra boasted to Vev and Chasity. “I still say black” Chastity commented, “It’s sexier, and suits everyone” she smiled seductively. “Why do you want to be sexier? I already told you, no boys!” Casandra shouted at her friend. “So that means, no Oliver” she repeated pushing her friend slightly.

Chasity let out a small giggle, “Come on Casandra give me this, I know you’ve all heard the rumours about Oliver, and what he can do in a bed. I want to see what all the fuss is about” she laughed biting her lip as she looked at Casandra jokingly.

“Well do it in his room, on another night. The last thing we need is to be in more trouble” Casandra told the group as she pushed herself off the bed. “Yeah, that’s the last thing” Olivia whispered quietly to herself, still bewildered that this sleepover was even happening in the fist place.

“I agree with Cassie, just wait Chas, plus you guys haven’t even had a date yet?” Vev replied blowing on her painted nails. “You’re one to talk” Chas laughed at Vev. “You were making heart eyes at Raven in the courtyard yesterday and now he is a suspect in a murder case” Chas winked at her friend.

“Enough, we do not talk of last night, not for a while” Casandra shouted at her friends. “We are role models at this school, we can’t show any fear ladies, we are taking back the night and tonight is the first step” Casandra announced, talking like she was a politician. As she finished her phone buzzed, she picked it up and read the text. “Yay, Liv they’ve moved all our things into room 25 and said we can pick up our keys at the front desk” she clapped her hands. “Great” Liv replied not paying attention to Casandra. “Can you imagine if they made you stay in your old room after… You know” Chasity spoke awkwardly, avoiding the topic of last night. “Well they got us a new room, now can we please, please move on” Casandra insisted sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Well I still say powder blue” Vev went to Casandra shushed her, considering she wanted a change in subject, Casandra wasn’t really letting her friends talk. “Well we aren’t no powder blue, no black, this is a democracy, two against one, against one. So we’re wearing white” Casandra told her followers checking her make up in her compact mirror. “Speaking of democracy, Vev, Liv I need you guys to drop out of the race for Head Girl” she announce pushing her two pink lips together.

Olivia shrugged somewhat defeated “Whatever it doesn’t mean that much to me, sure it would look good on Uni applications, but my grades will get there, plus we’re all already prefects” she yawned before lying back down.

Vev however just stared at the floor. Casandra looked down at the little girl who stared up at her like a lost puppy.

“Well” Vev stuttered not making eye contact with Casandra who was shooting daggers at her. “Well, WHAT?” Casandra asked aggressively. “Well my mother was head girl, and my older sister. So I just thought” she whispered in a squeaky voice.

“You just thought what? That you stand a chance against me?” Casandra cackled sitting on the edge of Chasity’s bed. “Fine, stay in the race I think some healthy competition will be fun” Casandra smirked.

“Let’s not let it get in the way of our friendship” Chastity moaned looking up from the laptop. Casandra looked over her shoulder and let out another devilish smile. “I can assure you… It won’t” she said before taking another look down at Vev.

“So Lavender is coming to do nail art right?” Casandra asked her two friends without even looking at them. Chas and Vev gave each other a nervous look. They had yet to tell Casandra about their encounter with Daniel and Lavender earlier on.

“Erm no, she said she didn’t want come” Vev announced to the group, hearing the word of Lavender’s act of bravery, Liv pushed herself up to hear more. “She then said she didn’t want to be one us. That the broach wasn’t worth it” Chasity then added. “And you’ll never guess what happened next. Cameron’s brother came out of left field, insulted us and whisked her away” Chas told Liv and Casandra. Liv smirked to herself, she was so proud of Lavender, if she could go back in time, she would, she would have never taken the broach, she would have walked away.

“What!” Casandra shouted jumping up off the bed, causing Chasity to wobble. “THE Daniel Johansson is back at Windsor Academy. Interesting… Very interesting” she commented with a devious smile on her face. She walked slowly towards Vev and the mirror.

“You know him?” Vev asked staring at her leader over her shoulder. Olivia still remained silent throughout all of this, wanting to hear how the story went. “Of course I know him. When we were in year Nine I had the biggest crush on him. He was hot and evil, like seriously he was goals in every sense of the word. He talked to me and Callista once, at that moment I thought that was the man I was going to marry” Casandra stated dramatically touching Lavender’s shoulder.

“Ew” Liv stated bluntly.

“As for Lavender… Well for disobedience, her punishment will only worsen. That girl’s dug her own grave” Casandra smirked.

Olivia’s phone buzzed, she picked it up instantly. She looked down at it, and her slight smirk, turned into a huge grin.

“What?” Vev asked as Liv began to stand up off her bed.

“I’ve got to go. Tyler has a surprise for me” she told the other girls. As she headed out of the door Casandra shouted “Be back before eight, and make smart choices” as the door closed behind Olivia, she breathed a sigh of relief, for now she was free, free to run to her boyfriend, free from The Bitchette’s.


Olivia walked into the dormitory that was reserved specifically for those on sports teams. The corridors were packed with male and female athletes, rugby, football, hockey, track they were all packed into this one enclosed spaced. They all looked like they could snap Olivia in half by just breathing on her. A few people glanced her way, to which she replied with an awkward looking smile and small nod. Her broach shined brightly, she was out of her comfort zone and something told her the athletes didn’t care for the way her friends ran the school.

Olivia only liked visiting Tyler when his roommate Cohen wasn’t there, he may have been Cassie’s boyfriend, but she couldn’t stand his presence. The boys on the rugby team were jerks, there was no avoiding that. But something about Cohen rubbed her the wrong way, he was different from the others, like he had a dark sole and truly enjoyed hurting others. But she would never mention any of this to Tyler, how could she? Cohen was his best friend, Olivia didn’t want to put Tyler in the position where he had to choose between her and his friends. Whenever she thought negative things about Cohen she reminded herself, it wasn’t like her best friends were any better.

She climbed a flight of stairs, before finally reaching the right floor, suddenly her phone went off again. She opened her phone to read the message, Follow the Petals it read. Olivia turned the corner and as expected white rose petals were scattered on the floor leading to Tyler’s door.

Olivia walked slowly to the door admiring her boyfriend’s handy work, little did she know her boyfriend had nothing to do with this, it was the work of Jonathan’s young lacky. As she approached his door she let her hair out of her messy bun and quickly checked her breath, before the door was pulled open. Tyler stood in the door way. “Hey Sweetie” he said kissing her softly on the lips. “Hey” Olivia replied quietly before stepping inside the dark room. Once inside her breath was taken away by the sheer beauty of it all. White candles covered the room, petals were scattered on top of the bed and in the middle of the room lay a red checked blanket with a basket on top of it. “How about we have dinner here tonight” he smiled at her.

Olivia was speechless, she covered her mouth and just nodded, planting another kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek before sitting down on the blanket.

 Iris Dormitory 

Leo and Oscar sat on the floor, they were leaning against Leo’s bed staring at the television, they’d been watching films from the Saw franchise, for practically the whole afternoon. Logan was lying on his bed, since the pair had company Logan wasn’t in underwear he was fully clothed, he had returned from a hard day at class and was now forced to watch the films with the two boys. “You guys do realizes that this shouldn’t be classed as horror right?” Logan cringed as more screaming from the television ensured.

“Shhh, this is the best part” Oscar said as another character bit the dust, blood squirted everywhere in typical Saw like fashion. “And to answer your question, it’s not just a horror film, it is the best horror film. Jigsaw kills people creatively, he gets right to it, he doesn’t call teenage girls like ghost face or stalk babysitters like Michael Myers” Oscar laughed taking a handful of skittles out of the bag. “Plus, the original film was so low budget, two fresh filmmakers straight out of college, had a simple idea which launched one of the most recognizable names in the horror genre” Oscar continued to plead his case. “Please tell me you’re not into this? You see that Saw is a load of crap right?” Logan asked Leo in a desperate voice. Leo turned around and stared at Logan’s beautiful green eyes, Leo never knew what people meant when they said, eyes are the windows to the soul, but now he understood. Logan’s eyes were so beautiful, a bright shade of emerald green, Leo looked into his beautiful eyes and saw a beautiful sole.

Logan sat up awaiting an answer, and it was at that point Leo knew he had waited too long to speak and it would indeed be awkward if he suddenly answered now. “Plus don’t you think it’s in poor taste. I mean Mendoza setting a horror assignment the night after a girl was murdered?” Logan asked the two other boys. Oscar and Leo exchanged a look, “A lot of the class had the same thought. I mean it is weird, but he said he didn’t want to diverge from the lesson plan” Leo said, in an attempt to explain the situation to Logan.

“Whatever, I still think it’s super weird” Logan reaffirmed, as he lay back once more, he stretched his legs and crossed his feet, making sure he was comfortable, another character screamed in the film, “Oh blondies dead” Logan announced as the character met her demise. As the screams of terror ended I the film, screaming could be haired from the other side of the door, all three boys stopped what they were doing, Leo paused the film as they listened in closely. “For the last time, do not touch my lip gloss, you bitch!” Clara shouted. “I don’t want to catch whatever diseases are festering in that hole you call a mouth” the girl continued.

“Guess we’re needed” Oscar said to Leo as he pushed himself up, Leo quickly followed to the door.

Dolly was on the other side, as the door to Leo and Logan’s room opened, she stopped in her tracks and approached the boys. “Hello Mr USA” she whispered seductively to Leo. “Oh… Hello…. Oliver’s Twin” she added not knowing Oscars name. “We’re so lucky to have such hot neighbours, aren’t we C?” Dolly shouted stumbling over her high heels, Leo caught her and ensured she had balance once more.

It looked like Dolly was only wearing a long black trench coat. Logan didn’t bother leaving his bed, he remained where he was and content with watching the drama unfold from the comfort of his own bed.

“Is she naked under there?” Leo asked Clara, but Dolly let out a drunken laugh. “No silly, I’m not naked under here” Dolly replied, her words slurred together as she spoke. “Don’t believe me? Look” Dolly laughed unzipping her coat to reveal that she was wearing a silk skimpy night gown, the garment left little to the imagination, Dolly may has well be naked under there. She winked at Leo before covering herself up with her coat.

“Can you please stop, you’re embarrassing yourself” Clara hissed at Dolly. Dolly turned around and snarled her roommate. “Ugh how did I get stuck with you, you’re such a prude, how where you and Liv ever friends” Dolly murmured to Clara, as she leaned against the wall for support. “You don’t even let me borrow your make-up” she continued, her words slurring more than ever.

Clara sighed pushing her roommate slightly, Dolly stumbled backwards, but once again Leo caught her. Clara slammed her door and stormed into Leo and Logan’s room, uninvited. “Oh please come in, make yourself at home” Logan shouted sarcastically as Clara was already in the room. She didn’t take too much notice of Logan’s comment and instead sat on the edge of Leo’s bed.

Dolly waved at her roommate from the hallway, she gave her a fake smile and a very over the top, royal wave. “I’m going to the sleepover. So I will see you all tomorrow, maybe you’ll be in a better mood” Dolly shouted stumbling down the hallway. “See you later handsome” she winked at Leo, she brushed her fingers through Leo’s hair, the boy could feel Dolly’s false nails glide across his scalp, which caused him to shudder. She blew Oscar a kiss, before disappearing down the stairs, gripping the railing tightly.

“Even gay guys get more attention than me” Oscar laughed. Leo smirked before pushing his new friend playfully, “What are you talking about Oliver’s Brother?” Leo laughed mimicking Dolly’s nickname. Oscar pushed him back and laughed as the pair re-entered Leo’s room closing the door behind them. “So what are we doing tonight?” Clara asked the two boys sitting on the edge of Leo’s bed.

“Well I think we’ve watched enough of Saw for one essay” Leo continued to. “So how about we just watch something a little more light hearted, like… ‘Back to the Future” Leo laughed pulling it out of his DVD pile.

“Now we’re talking” Logan smiled jumping off his bed. He and Clara began approaching the couch that sat directly in front of the television.

“I haven’t seen this film in years” Oscar laughed sitting on the couch next to Clara. Leo put it in the DVD player and hit play, during this time Logan moved next to Clara, so Leo had no choice, he had to sit next to Logan and only Logan. He sat down and smile at his roommate, to which Logan reciprocated with a smile of his own, as the iconic film began playing.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory 

Olivia and Tyler lay on the blanket staring up at the celling, Jules had taken the time to attach fairy lights, they draped across all four corners of the room, lighting it up like the nights sky. Olivia lay in her boyfriend’s arms, her resting on his chest, neither of them wanted to talk, they wanted to soak in the moment, because for once they were alone. “This was nice” she whispered softly into him. “Was?” Tyler asked confused, as he began to push himself up onto his elbows.

“Yes, was I have to be back by eight and it is now 7:45” Olivia explained looking at her watch, she too sat up right. Tyler moaned loudly, and threw his head onto his girlfriend’s shoulders. “Please stay, just for me” he whispered into her ear, before kissing her on the neck. “I wish I could stay here, in this single moment forever” she whispered back, lowering her head so she could kiss him on the lips.

The pair kissed as the candles started to get dimmer and dimmer. “I wish it could always be like this” Olivia sighed lifting her head up, she looked around the room, admiring it’s beauty, still believing that this was all her boyfriend’s doing. Tyler raised his brow and asked “Like what?”

Olivia shrugged and sighed again, “Just me and you, no Bitchetts or The Rugby Team. Just Tyler and Olivia, alone, together, forever” she smiled at the thought.

“That would be nice” Tyler laughed, he too loved the idea, he wanted nothing more than to be with Liv, without any interruption from the outside world. Olivia’s mind again turned to last night but this time her mind wandered to what Raven said, about being a Chameleon and blending in to survive. “Tyler, do you think we’re fake people?” she asked in a delicate voice.

“What do you mean?” Tyler replied with another question. Olivia pushed herself up to her feet. “Like are we fake, we act completely different when we’re around our friends. And when we’re alone… We act… Like actual human beings” she cried, she had this complex ever since she joined her friendship group last year.

Tyler stood up, he touched his girlfriend’s face softly, took a hold of her chin and smiled, “You’re not fake. You’re perfect, and if people don’t like us, screw em” he laughed before kissing her again. “We may seem horrible, but it’s just the pecking order, we’re students… not monsters. In a few months all of this will be gone, we’ll be in the real world and we won’t have to worry about being anybody but ourselves” he whispered to her.

“And were does one line start and the other finish?” she whisper to him. Tyler remained silent before Olivia backed away from his grip, “Where does old brown haired Olivia, who’s best friends with Clara end and where does new shiny blonde, plastic fantastic start?” she asked him yet another question. Tyler didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t offer his girlfriend an answer because he didn’t have on . “I better get going” she told her boyfriend as she slowly headed towards the door. “What come on, please stay” he begged like puppy as he playfully tugged her arm back.

Olivia smirked and pulled him in for a kiss, her lip gloss was slightly smudged but she didn’t seem to mind. “I promise, it will happen soon. I’m not stupid, I know why you went through all of this trouble. I just need time, I’m nearly there Tyler.” she whispered to him once more.

Tyler looked deep into her eyes before caving in. “its okay, I just wanted everything to be special” he replied, before hugging her, tightly. “Everything will work out in the end” she promised her boyfriend, before kissing him once more.

“As for now… Well time to be a girly bitch, with other girly bitches” she laughed opening the door. “Good Night, text you later” she said before shutting the door. Tyler let out a large sigh before falling back on to his bed.

  Iris Dormitory: 

Logan, Leo, Clara and Oscar were coming towards the end of the film, Marty had got back in the Delorean and was about to head back to the future. “The special effects in this film were before it’s time” Oscar commented, in between mouthfuls of pringles.

“Oh totally” Leo whispered back. “Like between this franchise and Star Wars, the eighties were the best time to be a sci-fi fan” the American added as he leaned over to talk to Oscar on the other end of the couch. Clara shook her head, she was helping herself to MnM’s when the two boys carried on talking. “Can you and Leo shut up and watch the film, we get it you guys are film students” she laughed, playfully throwing one of the chocolate sweets at Leo, who quickly batted it away and laughed along.

As the film was nearing an end, Logan was now looking at Leo out of the corner of his eye. He was studying the boy’s face, inspecting it craft and its beauty.

He smiled at his roommate, Leo loved it when Logan smiled at him, he had only been living with the boy for twenty-four hours, but he adored everything about him. He wanted nothing more than for Logan to kiss him then and there. Logan slowly let his smile filter out, as he turned his attention to the film once again, knowing me had Leo eating out of the palm of his hand.

As the final scene of the film was happening, Leo began tapping his knee with his open palm. When all of a sudden, he felt another hand on top of his own.

Logan’s fingers wrapped around Leo’s, Leo felt the skin to skin contact, Logan’s skin was warm and soft, his hand was strong and comforting. This made his desire to kiss Logan even stronger, but Clara and Oscar were in the room, he couldn’t do anything with his newly found friends sitting inches away. Then in one swift action Logan took a hold of Leo’s whole hand and gripped it tightly. Leo took a deep breath and stared at the screen.

This was his first experience ever with a boy… and it was with Logan the object of his affection, the boy he’d been fantasising about ever since he laid eyes on him. Leo was in a state of bliss he didn’t even notice that film had ended and the credits were rolling. Oscar soon turned the television off and jumped up off the couch.

Logan then quickly removed his hand, from Leo’s as he too stood up to stretch his legs as did Clara, leaving Leo sitting down, wishing that moment had last just a little bit longer, wishing for Logan.

 Periwinkle Dorm- 1 Hour Later  

The sleepover was in full effect, teenage girls were all scattered all across the common room in sleeping bags, giggling and talking to each other to their hearts content. Casandra sat on the large white Chaise Lounge doing Olivia’s hair, Olivia wore a long baggy white t-shirt, that was covered in cartoon drawings of doughnuts and matching white shorts. Whereas Casandra dressed up for the occasion, she was in a short white, silk night dress that cut off way before the knee, the two girls were talking about Olivia’s date.

“So wait like candle light, fairy lights, flower petals and a picnic. God Olivia, stop teasing the poor boy. Either give it to him, or put him out of his misery” Casandra laughed, as she continued to braid her friend’s hair.

Olivia’s smile soon filtered as she looked around at all the girls who would kill to be in her position right now. Some girls would love to be a part of her friendship group, some girls would love her athletic boyfriend, and point blank some girls would love to be her.

Maybe Raven was right, maybe blending in was best, maybe she was always meant to adapt to The Bichettes, and maybe Tyler was right maybe it’s just the life of a teenager.

She had still been thinking about her time being friends with Clara, once Liv joined her new friends, Clara branded her fake and unauthentic. She claimed Liv was lying to herself, making herself miserable to appease someone else. But is anyone one hundred percent authentic? She thought.

“Look sweetie if you like this guy then go for it. You don’t want to be like me and regret your first time” Casandra commented, as she finished up on her friend’s hair. “Tyler is a good guy, he’s an athlete, and he’s handsome, he’s smart. You could do a lot worse trust me” she said leaning back on the lounge. Olivia smiled she rarely sees this side of Casandra, the nice kind, human side, which drew her into the group in the first place, but when she does see her it’s a welcomed treat.

  Meanwhile Outside  

Tyler, Jonathan, Joel and Cohen all hid behind a tree outside Periwinkle dormitory, hoping to get a sneak peak of the ladies in their night time attire. The weather was changing, it was becoming a lot colder, the boys were packed close together in their coats, and conversation soon turned to Tyler’s failed attempt to seduce Olivia.

“It didn’t happen… Really?” Jonathan asked in a shocked tone of voice. The boys had congregated behind a tree not wanting to be seen, as several of them continued to look up at the window, to the girl’s sleepover. “Look she just wants to wait” Tyler sighed, kicking a stone hardly.

“Or she could be a lesbian” Joel commented, as he leaned against the tree, still not one hundred percent comfortable being here. His comment made Jonathan laugh loudly, he was quickly hushed by Cohen who was the one focused most on the sleepover itself.

“Hey, who knows Ty, I mean, her and Clara could have been together” Jonathan laughed, pushing his friend. “Yeah maybe she dumped her for you” Joel added, making sure he got a playful jab at Tyler’s expense.

“She is not a lesbian and she didn’t go out with Clara, shut up” Tyler hissed, pushing Joel aggressively against the tree.

“Jesus Christ where are the others? We can’t go in without them” Cohen asked getting impatient as he leaned against a tree, pushing Joel away from it in the process.

“We’re right here” Oliver smirked entering from out of the darkness, with Dean at his side. Both of the boys were dressed in black overcoats as the joined there fellow team mates. “Good, now gentlemen now that we’re alone” Cohen went to talk but was cut off by another deeper voice.

“Not quite alone” David laughed entering the circle of friends, appearing too out of the nights dark shadows. “David, you’re joining us. I thought this was morally wrong and an invasion of privacy” Cohen laughed mocking David’s honor and well-mannered domineer. “Well yes, it is all of those things. I just came to implore all of you boys, go home, seriously, you think this is a good look. A girl died last night and now all the strongest boys on campus are gathered around watching girls in their pajamas” the blonde rugby player declared, pointing out the stupidity of all the boys.

“Well it only looks bad, if we get caught” Jonathan pointed out in an attempt to refute David’s argument. “Look, we’re all here now, can we just do this or not. It’s freezing out here” Dean yelled snapping at his fellow team mates.

“Calm down Deanie” Cohen mocked the boys rage, “Look David, either stay or go to bed, wouldn’t want to ruin Mummy’s name and image now would we” Cohen stated in a high pitched squeaky voice, now insulting David’s famous mother. “Fine, I am staying, but I’m not going inside. I’ll make sure you boys get inside safely and then I’ll go to bed, I do not want to be inside there when you all eventually get caught. But I’d rather you get caught inside, than out here. Seriously all in dark coats, hiding under a tree, you all look shifty AF” David announced his plan, his face was strong, he was angry but it was a compromise.

“Ugh, whatever David. So what’s the plan Cohen?” Oliver asked his fellow teammate, all of the boys were annoyed by David’s decision and the way he spoke to them like they were toddlers. Cohen rubbed his hands together to keep warm as he announced his plan. “Simple we just got to scare them a little. Then we call them up to ‘check on them" Cohen laughed using air quotes, to which David rolled his eyes. “They will beso scared they’ll ask us to come over, then we strut in there, confident as ever, to protect them. I mean look at us, we’re the kings of this school, we got this” Cohen laughed pulling up his shirt to reveal his abs.

“Wow this is plan of the decade. Someone call Tom Cruise I believe he could make another mission impossible off this” David said in a sarcastic tone of voice that even managed to make Dean crack a smile, for the first time today. “And once again a day after someone is murdered, you’re gonna scare a group of girls… Well can’t wait to see how this one turns out for you guys” David giggle to himself.

“Okay you guys wait here, Joel, Oliver come with me, lets commence phase one, scaring these ladies. I got some pebbles lets go hit some windows” he told his friends, handing them some before they walked out from behind the tree.

“You’re right” Tyler whispered walking over to David. “This is going to go horribly” The two boys exchanged a smile, David felt good about himself at least he had gotten through to someone. “Agreed” Dean added in a cold emotionless tone of voice.

 Back Upstairs 

“Dare” Dolly declared, the girls were now fully immersed in a game of truth or dare, several had already underwent cruel dares and confessed their deepest secrets. A smile came onto Chasity’s face, as the drunken, slurred words left Dolly’s lips. It was Chasity’s turn to pick, she grabbed one of the bottles of wine from the cooler and slid it over to Dolly. “Down it all” Chas smiled leaning back into the white fluffy bean bag.

Dolly raised one of her perfectly shaped eye brows and pouted her lips. “Oh wow, what a hard dare, you sure got me Chas” the girl smirked sarcastically. She grabbed the bottle firmly and began to chug it, however half way through a noise came from the window. It was like a light tapping against the window in the far corner, Dolly put down the wine bottle, several drops of red wine ran down her chin, as all the girls listened to the noise intently.

“Can you hear something?” Chastity asked from a bean bag, she leaned forward and went quiet once more. Again, the tap could be heard, this time all of the girls fell silent, again and again the tap kept hitting the window, now getting more frequently.

Casandra stood up, her steps were small and slow, but she approached the window bravely. In an instant she knew what was happening, she saw a flash of short brown hair, duck behind the bush and instantly knew it was the boys, trying to find a way inside. Casandra was having so much fun with all her friends that she had completely forgotten about the boys wishes to invade the sleepover.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me” she sighed, as she stared out of the window, into the dark night.

“What?” Olivia asked turning her head to the leader of the bitchettes.

“Ladies, the boys are downstairs. Throwing pebbles at the window is their attempt to scare us, and I believe they want to come inside for a little fun. So let’s give them some fun” she smiled deviously withdrawing her phone.

She quickly dialled a number, she took a deep breath, before pretending to breathe heavily. All of the girls exchanged a looks of confusion, unsure of what Casandra was planning. “Oh my god Cohen thank god” she screamed, pretending to be relieved. “I think someone is outside of our dorm” she said in her fake voice.

Downstairs Cohen was high fiving the other boys, laughing to themselves believing they had won. “Want me and the boys to come over babe?” he asked smiling arrogantly. He looked over to David who was over by the tree, he raised his middle finger to the blonde rugby player, believing he was right and David was wrong.

Casandra laid down on the chaise once more, she began looking at her perfect nails, she wasn’t putting that much effort into this plan, it was simple, but it would most certainly work. “I mean if you want. We’ve just called campus security. They said they can see suspicious figures, outside on CCTV” she cried to the boys down the phone, before smiling to the girls. Chas and Vev were giggling to themselves.

“Shit” Cohen whispered. As Vev approached the window, she quietly hid behind the curtains, avoiding the boys gaze. She peered around carefully, she could see the boys had already started running away. The girls began to laugh as Casandra remained on the phone to her boyfriend.

“I’m sure they can handle it then” an out of breath Cohen panted to his girlfriend. “Yeah I will be brave for us baby. I will text you when the security get here” she said before hanging up and smirking to the girls.

“Remember ladies two things scare men, commitment and authority” she laughed before placing her phone on the floor. The rest of the girls broke out into laughter, except Olivia, who quietly stood up. “I’m just going to the room. I want to get my hoodie, I’m a little cold” Olivia told the group. She left the room swiftly heading for her bedroom.

“Okay ladies time for another round” Casandra announced with a devilish smile on her face. Chasity your turn dear, truth or dare” Casandra asked her friend.

“Dare obvi” Chas replied. “I dare you to prank call Lavender and scare that bitch” Casandra laughed dangling her phone in front of her friend. Chastity raised her eye brows in a sassy like manor “Too easy” she whispered pulling the phone from Cassie’s hand. The phone began to ring, several of the girls were already giggling among themselves. “Hello?” the innocent girl said at the other end of the phone.

Chastity did nothing but breath heavily on the other end of the phone. “Hello?” Lavender asked again, her voice sounding more annoyed.

“Hello” Chasity replied in a gruff voice. “Scary night isn’t it?” she continued, Casandra was laughing into Vev’s shoulder, already unable to hide her giggles. “With the recent murder, should you really be sleeping alone?” she asked Lavender, Casandra and Vev were struggling to contain themselves. Other girls were giggling into their pillows, their faces beaming with excitement.

“Who says I’m alone?” Lavender asked from the other end, in a bid to not sound scared. However Chasity could hear the unmistakable sound of a door locking. She knew that she was doing something right, Lavender was indeed scared.

“Are you scared… Lavender?” Chasity continued using her deep voice. She heard a small gasp from the other end of the phone. “How do you know my name?” she asked in a panicked voice. A smile came across Chasity’s perfect, lip gloss coated lips.

“Because I can see you” she whispered to Lavender. Chasity could now hear heavy breathing and scrambling from the opposite end. Lavender was opening her wardrobe, her curtains, making sure she checked everywhere.

“Oh I am sorry Lavender, I must have dialled you by mistake” Chasity giggled wickedly. She could hear another large breath, followed by a loud “What?” from Lavender’s end. “Yeah, guess you should have come to the sleepover. Love you bitch” Chasity shouted to the other end, before hanging up. She smiled at Casandra and threw the phone back into her lap.

“Well that became boring quickly” Casandra yawned. “I guess some people, can’t even do the simplest of pranks right” she yawned, once again criticised Chas.

Suddenly Dolly shot up off the couch, the wine bottle was now empty, “I think I’m going to be sick” she shouted before running out, of the dorm room. “Vev, you’re on hair duty, go after that bitch” Casandra shouted snapping her fingers. “What no, I don’t want to hold her hair back” Vev gasped with disgust.

Casandra snapped her head back to Vev, sending the other bitchettes daggers. “That wasn’t a suggestion. It was an order. GO” Casandra demanded, Vev didn’t put up much of a fight. She knew it wasn’t worth it, so she stood up slowly and hurried after Dolly.

 Wolfsbane Dorm 

The boys finally stopped running, they had made it back to home base safely, and they all stopped to regain their breath. “Well that couldn’t have gone any more horribly” Joel cried out, hunched over recovering his breath. “I hate to say I told you so… Oh no wait, I don’t hate to say that” David said, as always he was right.

“Shut up David, God forbid we have some fun in this boring hole of a school” Cohen hissed at the boy, the aggressive Jock was pissed, he was so sure his plan would work, that Casandra would welcome him and his friends inside with open arms. David and Cohen were set to clash heads yet again, when they were interrupted by a rather angry Dean Mendoza. “Screw this, I’ve had a long day, I’ll happily go to bed” Dean grunted turning away from his team mates. He ran up the steps and didn’t look back, “Come on tall, dark and brooding. We need you” Jonathan shouted after him, but the door to Wolfsbane dormitory slammed shut.

“That boy has issues” Cohen laughed, as did Jonathan and Tyler. “Yeah, anger issues, one minute he’s calm and the next… HULK SMASH” Tyler laughed getting in a jab. “Mate, he had a rough summer, leave him alone” Joel refuted the boys’ comments. “I’m sorry I didn’t realises we were hurting your boyfriends feelings” Cohen laughed at Joel.

“Wow, another gay joke, keep it up Cohen. You’re giving us all reason to make us think you’re hiding something” David shot back, silencing the boy once more. The two co-captains of the team were at a stalemate, they were staring each other down, waiting for a sign of the weakness.

“Wow, guys thanks for waiting for me” Oliver’s panted breath came from outside the small circle the group had made.

“Where have you been?” Cohen asked suspiciously, he tilted his head, he was almost certain that Oliver had been with them. “That’s none of your businesses” Oliver replied smiling at the boy, “Look it’s late, all of you bed NOW” David shouted at the top of his voice, this scared the boys, it broke David’s usually calm demeanor.

“Okay, okay” Cohen sighed sarcastically. “Relax mother, come on gentlemen, let’s all retire for the night” Cohen announced, trying to outdo David. The rugby boys began walking up the steps to their dormitory when they heard footsteps. They all turned around instantly, believing they’d face an angry teacher or campus security, however they saw something different.

Daniel Johansson, was on the opposite side of the quad, walking towards Periwinkle dormitory. “Is that Daniel Johansson?” Oliver asked the rest of the group. “And what is he doing here?” Joel asked aloud. All the boys watched as Daniel vanished out of sight.

“He’s probably just here for the memorial tomorrow” David tried to add, but another question soon arose. “But why would he be here now?” Tyler asked. “And why would he be heading in that direction?” Jonathan added. All the boys were left to wonder about what they had just seen.

“Cohen text Casandra, Tyler text Liv and Oliver text Chasity” David announced to the rest of the group. “Tell them what we’ve just saw, tell them it is for real this time, and if they need us, then they have to call us” David finished, trying to peer around the corner. The three boys were already texting away, “And you said it was a stupid plan” Cohen laughed sarcastically as the boys entered the dorm.

  Iris Dorm 

The door had just shut and Clara and Oscar had left, finally leaving the two boys alone. Logan was spread across the couch, lounging comfortably, as he scrolled through his phone. Leo noticed how Logan had a habit of making himself comfortable and a habit of always being on some form of technology.

“I’m going to get a shower” Leo told his roommate, but then he was stopped, Logan grabbed his hand.

“Wait” Logan said in a soft voice as he stood up. He drew Leo in closer and closer, and kissed him gently. Leo’s mind melted, he couldn’t think of a single thing but Logan, his lips tasted like cherry and were beautifully soft. In that moment all that mattered in Leo’s life was Logan.

This was it Leo’s first kiss, and it was everything like the movies made it out to be, it was as if time had stopped and it was just him and Logan, he could see fireworks and everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. Everything was perfect. Logan backed away shortly after and stared into Leo’s eyes. “I wanted to do that last night. But then you left for that stupid party” he confessed to Leo.

“Really?” Leo whispered. Logan smiled “Really, and then you came back so late and I couldn’t exactly kiss you, after a girl had just been murdered… Could I?” he replied to the boy. The pair kissed again, Logan attempted to walk backwards, he grabbed Leo’s shirt and pulled him along towards his bed. But this attempt was halted, as he stood on the DVD case for SAW. “Shit” he laughed.

“Talk about a mood killer” Logan sighed happily, kicking the box slightly. “Hey, don’t disrespect horror, you’re just winning me over, don’t lose me all together” Leo laughed, as he crouched down to pick up the box up, he placed it on his stack of DVD’s and returned his attention to his roommate.

“How can you like that crap, it’s just a bunch of stupid bitches who are self-aware of other horror franchises and still make the same dumbass mistakes. Like saying Hellooooo, or asking ‘Who’s there?, when you’re alone in an empty dark space” Logan laughed, the boy strutted over to Leo’s bed and threw himself onto it, once again getting comfortable, moving and acting like he owned the room.

“Or worse yet having a big ass party when a killer is on the loose. If these characters claim to know so much, why they make stupid mistakes?” he asked Leo.

Leo shrugged, he watched as Logan rested his head on his pillow, the thought of Logan in his bed was enough to drive Leo mad, but seeing it in the flesh, made him eager to see the boys next move. “I guess they’re just stupid” he told Logan getting closer and closer to him.

Logan smirked, he noticed how fast Leo was approaching, a smirk appeared on his face.

“Enough of this crap. Get on the bed now” Logan ordered playfully, as Leo planted himself on the end of the bed. Logan kneeled up, and pulled Leo to his knees too, “All this talk of horror, murder… is putting me off. Like I said mood killer” he whispered into Leo’s ear. “Then we can talk about something else” Leo stated somewhat nervous.

“Tell me are you a virgin Leo?” he whispered the question to the American. Leo was a little embarrassed to admit it, but at the speed Logan was taking their relationship, and considering how welcoming he had been, he felt completely safe around the boy. “To be honest I’d never even kissed a boy till about fifty seconds ago” he smiled bashfully. Logan smirked and nodded his head. He bit his lips, and looked Leo up and down “Well, well. I think I am going to like this new found friendship” he said to the American boy.

 Periwinkle Dorm: 

Olivia was in her new room, the movers had placed all her belongings into closets and draws, so she spent a good fifth teen minutes looking for her hoodie. As she looked through her final draw, she sighed with relief and pulled out a grey hoodie. She wrapped it around her shoulders and cuddled it for warmth. Suddenly Olivia’s phone rang, she looked down at it and saw the person calling her was Clara. She wasn’t expecting this call, however it was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

“Hello” Olivia answered in her usually perky voice.

“Please tell me you haven’t dropped out” Clara said in a desperate voice, avoiding small talk. Olivia was confused by this, she didn’t have the faintest idea what Clara was talking about, so she remained silent, in hopes that her question would soon be answered. “Of the head girl race! I heard it on the grape vine. Please tell me it’s not true and you’re not going to let one of those vapid bitches win” Clara shouted. Olivia sighed, she knew that news would spread fast, but she didn’t expect it to happen this fast. She sat on the edge of her bed, listening to every word.

“Look Clara, it’s just not me. I don’t want it, I don’t need to be head girl. I don’t need that for University, I want to rely on my grades to get me there” she told her former friend, trying to explain her reasoning. “Believe me, Cassie and Vev really want it, a lot more than I do. I’m going to Akiyama first thing tomorrow and dropping out” she continued. “Please Olivia! you may not want it, but you deserve it. Casandra or Vev won’t do anything for this school or for the students. But you can be something special, you can be different, you can be the role model younger girls in this school need” Clara pleaded desperately.

Olivia looked at the ground and at then up to the ceiling. “But what if I mess up. What if they hate me, what if Casandra and the rest of the girls hate me, what if the whole school hates me” she cried with a little tear in her eyes.

“Then you’re human. You will make mistakes, just don’t let this be one of them, and get back in the race. As for Casandra fuck her and all of her minions. It will be great to see her loose something, for once” Clara laughed. “And you’ll always have me, just because you’ve became royal Barbie, doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends, I miss you” Clara confessed her voice sounding shaky. “I really miss you too” Olivia sighed.

Olivia turned to look at her reflection yet again, she stared at it for so long this time. CHAMELEON she thought over and over. Blending in to survive, maybe it is time to stop blending in. Finally start acting like myself again she continued to think.

She was through playing safe, through blending in to survive it was about time she stepped out of darkness, and embraced the true Olivia, she had abandoned Clara and for what? She didn’t even know herself, she didn’t even recognize herself, and she was going to revert back to herself, her true self. “Fine, I’ll do it” she said determined. “Fantastic, well you have my vote” Clara laughed down the phone.

“I really have missed you, well I still miss this you. The real Olivia. You should let her out sometime” Clara said to her former friend, Liv smiled, she agreed with what Clara was saying. She was going to let the real Liv out, she was no longer a chameleon.

Olivia nodded and smiled, she pushed her long hair, out of her face and finally replied. “Look maybe we could get coffee sometime this week. I know I’ve been a bitch this past year, but after last night, I really just want to get my life back on track. This is not me, you’re right. And I have felt so awful about everything that happened to us, I am so sorry for the way I treated you Clara. But maybe we can get back on track? That is if you want to?” she said standing up, she paced her room nervous to hear Clara’s answer. “Of course I want to Liv, you’re my best friend. I mean I love Oscar to death, but he doesn’t want to go shopping with me or have sleepovers and watch bad movies” Clara laughed, as did Liv. She realised then just how much she had missed Clara’s company.

“As for Coffee, that sounds great, I’ll text you in the morning to arrange a time, look I’ve got to get going. I’m writing an essay for English and its 12:45 and I have only wrote half of it. So good night” Clara said softly. Olivia smiled before replying “Goodnight Clara and good luck with that essay” she smiled, as she hung up. She took the hoodie off her shoulders and began to place it on properly. But as she was putting her right arm through one of the sleeve, she wacked her hand on one of her bed post. “Ahhh” she let out a yelp of pain, before looking at the post. She rubbed her red knuckles, they hurt, but strangely not enough as it should. The bed was solid wood, it should have caused some serious damage, but it didn’t. She touched the post again… This post felt different. She tapped it with one of her fingers, the noise it made could only mean one thing.

“It’s hallow” Olivia whispered to herself. She quickly walked over, to the post on the opposite side of the bed, this one was solid, as were the two at the top of the bed. She walked back to the post, on which she banged her knuckles, she took the post with both of her hands and pulled, with minimal effort the post came lose, to reveal a secret compartment. “What the” Olivia whispered pushing her hair out of her face, she placed the post carefully on her bed, inspecting it in the process, nothing special, just an ordinary bed post. However she then turned her attention towards the mysterious compartment.

She slowly placed her fingers inside, she felt only one thing in there, she slowly began to withdraw her arm, and in the process, she withdrew a piece of red string, the string was threaded through a key, Liv gasped to herself, Surly not. This can’t be. Liv thought to herself, she stared at the key and cast her mind back to last night. Could this be one of the keys, which Callista had mentioned in her video, one of the keys which opened all of her secrets?

Liv dangled the piece of metal in front of her face, her mouth dropped open, her hands began to tremble, was she holding the key to Callista’s life, was this the answer she had been looking for?


The night was fully upon them, it was freezing cold outside, it was truly British weather. The air was ice cold and a gentle fog was beginning to creep in, the first sign that summer was long over and Autumn was approaching. Vev was standing at the entrance to the dorm, she was agitated and excited to get back inside, to re-join the rest of the girls and escape the cold night’s air, and every time Vev breathed she could see her own breath. Dolly had been throwing up into a bush, for ten minutes straight. She had since stopped, and was now singing at the top of her voice, dancing around the yard as she did so. “I LOVE YOU BABY AND IF IT’S QUITE ALRIGHT” she screamed at the top of her voice. Vev stood there watching Dolly sing… Well if you could call it singing, Vev had now began shivering aggressively.

“Dolly get inside now! It’s freezing and I want to get drunk” Vev shouted from the doorway.

“It’s not that cold, what are you talking about? The weather is so lovely” Dolly replied, now twirling around and around, the wind blew around her, causing her hair to fly into her face. It’s a miracle Dolly didn’t have hypothermia, she was still wearing her skimpy black lingerie, she laughed loudly as she stared up at the night’s sky.

“When you sober up come inside, if not go back to your room and stay there” Vev hissed before escaping the cold night air, the door slammed shut, the sound echoing around the empty space of land. Dolly continued dancing in the dark, not even realising she was alone, her only source of light was a motion censored street lamp.

“Vev, Vev sweetie where are you?” the drunken girl murmured looking around her surroundings. She laughed to herself, she continued looking around, still completely unaware that Vev had long since returned to the sleepover. “Have you gone back inside, without ME! You cheeky little devil” she giggled as she stumped her way to the stone steps that lead to the door.

Dolly got half way up when she heard a noise come from behind her. She turned around, falling down in the process. The girl scrapped her knees on the hard steps, she let out a screech of pain. She was now on the floor at the bottom of the steps. She pushed her hair out of her face, and began to inspect her wound. Her knee was now bleeding slightly, she sighed as she rubbed some of the blood off with her hands.

She had now realised just how cold it was, her skin was freezing, Goosebumps began to rise on her arm and she shivered profusely. She attempted to stand up, but stumbled and fell down again in the process, she let out another drunken laugh, as she finally pulled herself to her feet.

She turned away, to attempt a second go at the stairs, but now she could hear the sound of footsteps coming from the darkness. “Helloooo, who’s there?” she screamed, grabbing the hand rail tightly.

The motion sensor lamp turned itself off, as Dolly was out of its censor’s range. “Oh come on! Stupid lamp” she cried in her drunken induced state.

Dolly stumped off the first step and slowly made her way towards the lamp, she took a few steps before her first attempt. She began to wave her arms frantically, hoping the light would turn on. It didn’t. However, she could barely make out the outline of a figure that stood just beyond the boundaries of the light, directly facing her.

“I said, who’s there?” she stated more aggressively this time, hurling her words in the direction of the figure. Alcohol always made Dolly act both crazy and aggressive, and with the amount she drank tonight, she felt like she could take on the world.

“Look whoever you are, shows over! You’ve had your laugh at drunk Dolly” she shouted, she awaited a response, a laugh, anything, but the figure remained silent. “Ugh just tell me who you are!” Dolly stormed over to the figure, stumbling in her heels, as she took every other step. As she began walking, the light turned on, finally she could see more clearly. When she finally got close enough she smirked, “Oh it’s only you” she laughed.

“You sacred me” she laughed, getting closer and closer to the mysterious figure. However they remained silent, annoying Dolly even more.

“What are you doing out here weirdo?” she asked yet another question, and still got no reply. She became more aggressive, she stormed right over to the figure and pushed them. “What are you even doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be __” before Dolly could get any further words out, a knife was plunged into her shoulder. She let out a large scream of pain before trying to push her attacker away. Her attempts failed, the figure was strong and stayed steady despite the push. The attacker removed the knife, it was now covered in blood, however they weren’t done yet, the attacker grabbed a handful of Dolly’s fine blonde hair and threw her to the ground.

“Someone help me please” she screamed at the top of her voice, she looked up to the window, the alcohol impaired her vision, that coupled with her blood loss, her vision became blurred. Yet she could hear music, music was now blasting from the open window in the common room… Coming directly from the sleepover. That is when it struck her, no matter how loud she would scream, no one would hear. No one was coming for her.

Then she felt another sharp sting in her back, as the knife too was plunged deep into there too. “Please, please” Dolly cried, her mascara was now streaming down her face. The figure withdrew their knife and flipped her over, so she was lying on her back. They jumped on top of her and raised the knife high in the air.

Dolly let out another ear piercing scream, before the knife was plunged deep into her chest. Blood began to flow quickly, she coughed, and nothing more could come out of her mouth, no more screams, no more pleading, just a tiny bit of blood. One final tear streamed down her face, as she stared up at her killer. The figure stood back up and dragged Dolly’s dead body, deep into the shadows.

 Raven’s Room 

Raven got home in the early hours of the morning, he locked himself in his room and refused leave all day, he didn’t want to come out, he was too afraid, afraid of all the looks he’d get, afraid of the harassment. Even here, safely stowed away in the comfort of his room, he wasn’t safe. People had been messaging him insulting messages on every social media plat form, some took it upon themselves to egg Raven’s door. He was hated by the school, for a crime he didn’t commit.

He was wrapped in his blanket, tucked deep underneath the covers, he tried watching things on Netflix to take his mind off things, but it was hopeless. Every time he shut his eyes, all he could see was Cameron, her pale corpse staring up at him, the pool of blood that soaked the floor. He hadn’t slept either, every time he found himself drifting off, the images would plague him, cause him to jump up in horror.

He knew one person who would always be there for him, through thick and thin, Lavender. His best friend, practically his only friend in the entire school. She stood by him when he was fat, during his weight loss process, and more importantly, she stood by him when he was Callista’s personal punching bag. He took his phone and decided to give his friend a call. The second the dial tone began he couldn’t explain it, but tears began to stream down his face.

“Hey Lav… Yes it’s me. I really need you” he blubbered.

  Blossom Dormitory  

Lavender had rushed straight over from, her residence at Iris dormitories, she had been waiting for Raven’s call all day, and she couldn’t muster the courage to talk to him, herself. So she was happy when he reached out to her. She knew it wasn’t Raven, she knew him like the back of her hand, he wasn’t behind this killing. As she approached the dormitories hugging herself, she hadn’t even thought about the cold weather, the second her friend called her, she dashed out, in nothing but a jumper, a pair of joggers and a pair of running shoes.

She began to walk, but she froze, she could hear footsteps coming from behind her, not only did the dark night scare her following the events of last night, it was eleven at night, she was breaking curfew, she couldn’t be seen. The steps got closer and closer, she began to dash up the stairs, that’s when she heard the soft voice of a women.

“Hello dear” the women said, Lavender didn’t recognise this as the voice of any teacher, she turned around slowly, there her eyes met a very glamorous women. “Hi, I’m Blair Robinson for BBC” the women said smiling down at Lavender. “I know” Lavender replied anxiously, “I mean, I watch you, on the news and stuff” she replied, her breath was visible in the cold nights air.

“Erm, I’m sorry, but should you even be here?” Lavender asked the women, Blair laughed, she was wrapped warmly in her long red winter coat. “Well not really, but aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” Blair fired back with another question of her own. Lavender knew she had been matched by the reporter, Blair smiled at the school student. “If you answer some of my questions, I will pretend like I didn’t see you, you pretend like you didn’t see me and we can both walk away… Deal?” Blair asked Lavender.

The young girl was anxious, Lavender was only breaking school rules, this women was breaking the law. “No, no deal” Lavender replied, she turned away to enter the building, but Blair was hot on her trail, she ran up the steps in her kitten heels to get closer to the student. “Look, if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to scream for help” Lavender shouted at the women. “And if you don’t cooperate, I am going to mention to the police how I saw you, Lavender Jensen, lurking around at night, entering the building in which your best friend and prime suspect Raven Castillo lives” the reported smirked arrogantly.

“How do you know my name and how do you know all of this?” Lavender questioned, she was becoming increasingly scared of the women by the passing seconds. “I am a reporter, it’s my job to know these things” she replied instantly.

“Why are you following ME, it’s been a rough day, why are you doing this?” Lavender pleaded with the reporter. “Because right now the whole worlds eyes are on Windsor Academy and I am at the heart of it. I want to know as much as I can” Blair whispered to Lavender, lowering her voice so students wouldn’t be awoke. “I need to know more about the students, about the cliques, what is everyone really like” Blair pointed her phone at Lavender’s mouth.

“Well if you’re so insistent on finding out, the first thing you need to know, Raven is innocent” Lavender told the women, her voice became strong, she was sure of herself and sure of her answer. “Are you sure?” Blair asked back inquisitively. “I’d bet my life on it” Lavender replied, her voice remaining strong, she saw how the students had been talking about Raven, she was not going to let the press, brainwash the rest of the world. “Raven, he is the nicest boy in this school, he is one of the nicest people full stop” Lavender stated proudly, she and Raven had always stuck together, the two biggest outcasts of the school took comfort in each other’s company in the early years, but over time the pair became thick as thieves. “Are you saying… The rest of the students aren’t nice?” Blair asked insistently. Lavender went to speak, but she paused, was Blair hoping she’d slip up? Was she going to twist Lavender’s words?

”Look, the thing about this school, it’s filled with evil” Lavender whispered, she wasn’t going to hide in the shadows, if everyone was slandering Raven’s character, maybe it was time she hit back. “And I don’t mean teenage evil, some of these kids are really evil” Lavender continued. “What would you know about real evil, you’re only a child” Blair laughed at the girl.

“Believe me, if you get to know the real students, you’ll see what true evil looks like” Lavender opened the door and looked back at the reporter. “In this school evil has a name, Casandra Clooney, if you want answers, I suggest you talk to her” Lavender stated calmly before slamming the door shut behind her.

Blair bit her lip and walked down the steps of Blossom Dorm. “Interesting” she whispered into her phone, “Yet another student mentions Casandra Clooney, perhaps the police are looking at the wrong person after all” she continues. She turns around and looks at the building, she breaths in deeply, before walking into the night and into the darkness.

  Olivia’s Room 

Olivia sat on her bed just staring at the key, if this really did open all Callista’s secrets then what exactly did it open, what would Olivia find, did she even want to find them, these were all the thoughts that raced through Olivia’s head she wondered.

If this was one of four, where were the other three keys? Who else could find them? Or had they already been found and was Olivia simply late to the party? She was staring deeply at the key, to the outside world she would have looked like a crazy person, her vision became blurred, she had been staring at it for too long. She placed the key down next to her and breathed heavily into her own hands. “What was she hiding?” Olivia sighed to herself.

“Someone was scared of her, and for whatever reason, this key got her killed” Olivia whispered to herself. She may have sounded crazy, but she had to make sense of this whole situation. Two girls had died and Callista had sent a message from beyond the grave, this key could solve everything, but it could also place Liv in danger. Her mind felt like it was being ripped apart, with the newly found key and her Head Girl drama, Liv had become a little light headed, she stood up and walked slowly towards her window for some fresh air. With a firm push, it opened, she knelt on the nook, below her. The cold night’s air blew her hair slightly, she breathed heavily and watched as her breath danced through the cold night air.

Her phone buzzed only once, she withdrew it from her hoodie pocket and stared at it, “ONE NEW MESSAGE – FROM TYLER” it read. She smiled, she had such a lovely time with Tyler tonight, she hopped that he wasn’t upset about her leaving, however this was not the message she was expecting.

“Daniel Johansson wondering around campus at night, headed towards Periwinkle, stay inside! If you need us, call me and I’ll be there ASAP”.

The message read, Liv looked out of her window, to see if she could spot the hailed prince of Windsor Academy, but she saw nothing, only a squirrel running up the old tree, which sat outside her new room. Liv pulled herself back inside, away from the window, she sat down in the nook and began to write her reply. However her attempt was quickly foiled. Her phone began to ring…

Olivia didn’t even look at who was calling, she instinctively thought it would have been Tyler, considering his last text, so without hesitation she just picked it up and began to talk. “Hello?” she said in her usual perky voice. “Hello” a deep voice came from the other end, this voice, was not Tyler’s voice.

Olivia looked at her phone as it read Unknown Caller.

She was left staring at the phone, refusing to reply for a brief second. “You still there pretty eyes?” the voice came from the other end, the voice was deep, too deep to be human, Liv quickly assumed it must have been a voice changer app. “Yes?” Olivia replied hesitant. “Who is this?” Olivia asked confused, she stood up off the nook, closing her window as she did so, she began to walk over towards her bed. The voice began to breathe heavily, not answering, not responding to the question. “Cohen, if this is one of your stupid pranks, I swear to god” Olivia shouted, but she was quickly silenced. “This isn’t Cohen!” the voice shouted back at the blonde girl. Olivia now became nervous, “Then who is this?” she asked yet again.

“Let’s just say, I’m the rightful owner of that key. You have my property and now I want it back” the voice replied.

Olivia began to walk back to her window, for the caller to know about the key, they would have had to be looking through the window, she stared out of the now closed window, looking to see if she could spot anything or anyone. But once again she saw nothing but darkness.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she replied putting one hand on her hip, she tried to bluff the caller out, but her attempt failed. “Don’t play dumb bitch! I can see you” the voice began to shout, getting increasingly more aggressive, Olivia closed her curtains quickly in a hope that would stop the caller’s harassment.

“Stop it, game over, who is this?” Olivia shouted, her voice sounding both desperate and scared.

“Game over? Bitch the game hasn’t even begun!” the voice laughed sinisterly, taunting her. “I told you, that key is mine. That bitch stole my secret once, and I am not going to let another one do the same and by the way closing the curtains isn’t going to help you” the person continued, their verbal harassment of the girl.

“So she was right, in the video, you killed Callista?” Olivia asked moving away from the window.

“Wow, you’re a clever girl, now unless you want to be next, surrender the key” the voice said more aggressively. Olivia’s hands were shaking, but there was something inside of her that changed, she bit down on her pink lips and narrowed her eyes, the eyes became locked and determined, she grabbed the key off her bed and ran straight for the window. She opened her curtains widely as too did she open the window.

“You want it? I dare you to come and get” Olivia whispered to the caller. She dangled the key out of the window, her fingers gripped the red string tightly, to keeping it from falling the ground.

“And loose the voice changer, it’s way to 90’s horror” she barked, not willing to be scared so easily, she pulled the key back, however remained looking out of the window, hoping to catch a glimpse at who was doing this to her.

“Big words from a little girl. Callista and Cameron used big words and look what happened to them” the voice said adding a dastardly laugh at the end.

“You killed Cameron too… Look you don’t scare me. I don’t know what Callista had over you, but clearly it was bad enough for you to kill her” Olivia hissed moving away from the window again. “As for Cameron, god knows what she did. She was an innocent girl and you killed her. Why?” Olivia was now screaming. Once again there was no reply from the callers end.

“I will find out what this key opens, and I will find who you are. And then you’ll rot in jail forever, you killed two students and I am not going to allow you to kill a third” she cried.

“Ha sure, I’ll have that key one way or another, this isn’t a prank and this isn’t a game to me” the caller laughed, “And just to show you how serious I am. Go to the common room and look out the window. I have a surprise for you Olivia” the voice replied before hanging up.

Olivia threw her phone on her be and ran to the common room. She dashed inside, nearly bumping into Casandra in the process, “Where have you been? We just got weird texts from the boys, something about Daniel and lurking, it’s such a load of shit, they really are desperate to get inside” Casandra laughed. “Yeah I got one from Tyler, but I didn’t reply?” Olivia panted, her eyes were fixated on the window.

Olivia pushed Casandra out of her way, as she continued her rub towards the window, she fiddled with the latch, before opening it, pushing either side tightly so they both flew open. Casandra had stood there watching her friend’s strange behaviour, she began to walk over towards Olivia, who now searched the outside world, searched through the shadows for any sign of life.

“What are you looking at?” Casandra asked her friend quietly, tapping her friend on the shoulder. Olivia began to shake, she couldn’t see anything, but she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach, something wasn’t right, something was really, really wrong. “Liv talk!” Casandra shouted, becoming nervous of her friends behaviour. The sleepover’s vibes had decreased, girls in their sleeping bags and on couches were now quiet, no one talked, but observed Olivia’s obscure behavior, all the while Cydni Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun blasted through the girls Apple docs.

Vev and Chastity walked towards their two friends, in the hopes that they could get Liv to snap out of this behavior.

“Is she Okay?” Chastity asked, she wrapped her arms around Liv’s shoulder, but was pushed away by the girl, who was still intent on finding out, what exactly this ‘surprise’ was. “Liv, talk please, you’re scaring us” Vev whispered, touching her friends long blonde hair, and that’s when it happened, suddenly all became bright.

The censor lamp turned on, all by itself and what the girls saw made them all scream with terror. In a pool of her own blood, there lay Dolly, her body was resting at the bottom of the lamp, her torso and several stab wounds, her once beautiful face was slashed several times and her hair, her beautiful hair and been hacked several times, leaving it a tangled mess. She laid there, her bright blue eyes wide open, she was dead…

The girls continued to scream, all of them, not just the four queen bees, they all screamed, pleading for someone to help, but the music, the happy go-lucky music, drowned out all of their terror, leaving them screaming into the empty void of the night.


Guest Starring:

  • Jeremy Irvine as Leo Barnaby (Created by Mr. Clayton)→ 2/15
  • Emma Roberts as Cassandra Clooney (Created by FreakySnixx)→ 2/15
  • Grant Gustin as Logan Kendrick (Created by Freakysnixx)→ 2/15
  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 2/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Cara Delevingne as Dolly Memphis (Created by AngelHolocaust)→ 2/15
  • Josh Hutcherson as Cohen Kingsley ( Created by Emily May)→ 2/15
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 2/15
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 2/15
  • Idina Menzel as Maggie Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 2/15
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 2/15
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 2/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 2/15
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 2/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 2/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 2/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 2/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 1/15 (First Appearance)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 1/15 (First Appearance)
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 1/15 (First Appearance)

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