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Inferno is an American mystery-thriller teen fiction television series created by Selena. Based on the auditions from the Pretty Little Liars wiki, the show premiered on September 24, 2014. The series follows the lives of the students at Point Dume Academy, some of which have magical powers. As if the rigors of normal adolescence wasn't enough, these teenagers must learn to exercise and control their powerful abilities, while maintaining the secrecy of their clandestine world. The first episode  focuses on Sophia Dimitrov as she discovers in a most unusual way that she has magical powers, and ending up at Point Dume Academy where Headmaster Nathan Specter informs her that the instructors there will help her learn more about herself and this mysterious hidden world.

As of September  12, 2014, 6 episodes of Inferno have aired, with episodes 7 and 8  currently in production.

Image Season Original Airdate
Season 1 September 24, 2014 - TBD
Point Dume Academy is a fictional private academy in Malibu, California where several students reside. Point Dume is unknowingly home to various supernatural species. Each student has a secret of their own; some have a past that they don't want to be discovered. In season one, we meet Sophia Dimitrov, a powerful witch (or chrone) and learn about her adventures at the academy as she meets her two roommates (who soon become her best friends): Tara Linn and Arabella “Bella” Martin, and a possible love interest: playboy Josh Frazer. Upon her arrival at Point Dume Academy, she makes an enemy in Sienna Kronin. Does she have what it takes to survive? At night, even the innocent look guilty.

Handsome Little Liars

Handsome Little Liars American mystery-thriller teen fiction television series created by Jay. It's based off the TV Series Pretty Little Liars. Bradley Wilson was once the center of a group of popular group of boys that attend Rosewood High. One night, he goes missing and two years later a body is discovered. Shortly afterwards the group starts receiving mysterious texts from an unknown person "B". As of August 22, 2014, 12 episodes of Handsome Little Liars have aired. 

Image Season Original Airdate
Season 1 May 4, 2014-September 30, 2014
Handsome Little Liars follows the lives of 4 high school boys as they deal with the loss of the their best friend and leader Bradley Wilson. Based off the popular Pretty Little Liars TV series, but featuring boys, this murder mystery series proves that cliques aren't just for chicks, and girls aren't the only ones who have keep secrets or tell lies.


Bloodlines is an upcoming American genre fiction television series created by Stefan. It is a spin-off of Selena's popular Inferno series, which focuses on the lives of supernatural families in the small town of Hailey Idaho. The werewolves and vampires who make Hailey their home strive to live their lives while under the constant pressure of human hunters and other supernatural beings who endanger their peaceful coexistence with the town. The story follows Russell Nguyen and his twin sister May Nguyen as they seek to discover secrets from their past and confront new dangers that could jeopardize the entire supernatural world.

The first episode of Bloodlines was published on Friday, October 30th, 2015. While the second episode is currently in production.

Image Season Original Airdate
Bloodlines 1A Poster
Season 1 October 30th, 2015-Present
Bloodlines follows the lives of various vampire and werewolf families that live in Hailey, Idaho. Russell and May Nguyen are twin siblings who were turned into vampires when they were 17 by Maxim Whitaker. They currently live under the protection of Mario Rossini the head of the strongest werewolf pack in Hailey, who also owns and operates the Moon Lite Grill restaurant. While trying to exist unseen in a world that knows nothing of them, the twins are unknowingly pivotal players in a dangerous scheme by dark forces that seek to forever alter the balance of power in the endless war between humanity and the creatures of the night.

Horrifically Wicked Tales

Horrifically Wicked Tales is a slasher anthology series similar to Scream, American Horror Story and Heathers. It's written by Jay and Selena. On the night of the Sinners and Saints Masquerade Ball at Windsor Academy, one Queen Bee is killed in a rather mysterious way. Who could have done it? Everyone is a suspect from her best friends The Bitchettes, to people like Raven Castillo, who was bullied frequently by her. Appearences can be deceiving. On the outside, they're striken by grief over their dead friend... But deep inside, they are secretly glad she's no longer making their lives miserable. They thought it would end with Callista, but they were wrong. On the one year anniversary of her death, things take a violent turn for the worse when students begin dropping like flies.

The first episode of Horrifically Wicked Tales aired on Friday, October 23rd, 2015 and the second episode is currently in production. 

Image Season Original Airdate
Season 1 October 23, 2015-TBD
Horrifically Wicked Tales follows the all too brief lives of the students at Windsor Academy, as one by one, they are stalked and killed by one of their own, one year after the mysterious death of Queen Bee Callista Ranza. With more enemies and frenemies than actual friends, no-one is sad to see her gone, but the mystery surrounding her life and death will lead to a trail of bodies as dark secrets come to light and where making the grade takes a back seat to just making it out alive.

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 Former Programming 

The Devil Within

The Devil Within was another PLL- based mystery series, created by ConspiracyKiller825. The series originally premiered on June 5th, 2015. But due to low viewership and creative differences, the program was not picked up for a full season order. It was effectively canceled on Monday, December 28th 2015.

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