Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 10
Clara Dark
Air date March 1st 2019
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The Worse Day Since Yesterday
Memoirs of an Invisible Girl
Disturbing Behaviour is the tenth episode of Horrifically Wicked Tales season 1.


On a frosty January Weekend, the Sixth Form Students of Windsor Academy all descend into the local town. But there will be no relaxation here, for once they leave the school one student will commit the most shocking act EVER!

Elsewhere, the trial of Maggie Mendoza finally begins.

 Muker, Yorkshire – Church 

The priest approached the podium as the entire church fell into silence. Two coffins were stationed facing the large crowd, in front of one rested a picture of Oliver Olsson and on the other a picture of Chasity. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to mourn the loss of two young lives” the elderly man announced.

The sound of crying and weeping reverberated off of the walls, echoing throughout the vast ceiling. Students of Windsor Academy and the departed family members gathered together to mourn the loss of the two former lovers. “Oliver Olsson and Chasity Frazier, were tragically taken from us at a young age, but their spirits and love will live with their nearest and dearest, for all eternity” he continued.

Clara, Tyler, David and Lavender all sat in the back row, observing the funeral from afar. They felt uneasy being there, despite the fact that all of the student body had been invited, the group felt somewhat responsible for the death of the pair, as well as Leo. Clara looked as if she hadn’t slept in several days, although she did her best to conceal her dishevelled appearance with makeup. “I can’t believe this” Clara whispered. “We’ve lost so many people. Liv, Joel, Leo… But this is the first funeral we’ve been invited to, so it just…” she trailed off, unsure of how to even finish the sentence.

“It puts things into perspective” David said. “Guess we’ve had the luxury of not being able to see what these murders do to the families. We’ve just had to deal with it alone, but being here and seeing how devastated everyone is, shaken me too” he whispered, as Clara took his hand into her own, and smiled weakly at the boy.

Cassandra and Vev sat next to one another, donning their best black dresses, and proudly displaying their bee broaches for the whole world to see. Much like Clara, Cassandra also didn’t look quite like herself. Her usual glow of perfection had died down, and she hid behind a large pair of sunglasses, out of fear of being judged for her appearance. Vev whimpered loudly, unable to control her emotions, she turned to her friend and leader, who was desperately trying to remain strong for her. Cassandra allowed Vev to rest her head on the her shoulder, and rubbed her thick blonde hair. “It’s okay. She’s with Cali now, probably bitching about how bad we look” Cassandra whispered, using comedy to deflect from her sadness.

“And now Oliver’s twin brother Oscar will say a few words” the elderly priest said, as he slowly limped off of the steps and towards his bench.

Oscar looked even worse, compared to him everyone looked like supermodels. His hair was limp and hung down in his face, his skin was pale and his eyes were red. His suit was considerably scruffy, he attempted to straighten his tie with his shaking hand, as he approached the podium.

He let out a short but rough cough, in order to clear his throat and to help buy himself sometime to think. Oscar had been dreading his moment ever since his father asked him to speak at the funeral. He didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t even fathom the words. He’d spent the better half of the past week lying in bed, not even bothering to open his curtains. As he stared out at the vast sea of people, he saw some familiar faces and some of which he did not recognise. “I’d like to thank everyone for coming today” he said, knowing that was customary. “I’m sure my brother and Chasity would appreciate this turnout” he added. Which was another reason he was so anxious to speak. He didn’t feel comfortable to speak for Chasity, he didn’t even like the idea of a double funeral considering the fact that Oliver confessed he loved Leo.

It didn’t take long for the entire school to know about the affair, but Chasity’s parents denied all claims that their daughter would date such a boy, and insisted upon the joint funeral, claiming that the pair could rest together forever. “They shared a bond that was so special, something that was a beauty to behold” Oliver said, as he stared off at the photos. “And when I think about how their lives ended, I feel physically ill. Because I just can’t comprehend what kind of monster would do this to innocent people” he said as he began to well up.

“Sure, they were both was quite mean to a lot of people during their time at school, they may have even bullied some of you in this very room” Oscar said, as Chasity’s parents shifted uncomfortably in their seats. “But this final year, they made themselves better people. Before their deaths Chasity was a friend to all, everyone loved her for her, not as just some popularity symbol” Oscar decreed. “And my brother… Oliver” he cried, unable to hold back the tears.

“When we kids, he’d always joke that he was the dominant twin, and would outlive me. He was always saying stupid-mean shit like that” he let out a small laugh, before his head shot to the priest. “Oh forgive my language Father” he said apologetically. “But in the last weeks of his life, I felt closer to Oliver than have ever before” he confessed. He so desperately wanted to mention Leo and the affair, but he knew now was not the time. He had to be respectful. “I don’t know if any of you are twins yourself, so I don’t know if you’ve ever felt what I felt, the moment I was told Oliver was dead” he said, as his voice crackled.

“But felt like one side of my body went numb. Like my entire left side just shut down” he explained. “Because when you’re a twin, you’ve been with that person longer than anyone on the planet, so to lose them is like losing a limb. And I don’t know if I will ever truly get over this loss, because it feels like a part of me has died too” he whimpered.

As those words passed Oscar’s lips Cassandra got a chill throughout her body, as she turned back to stare at Clara, who was now visibly crying.

 Outside The Church 

Clara and the others waited for Oscar at the bottom of the church steps. Looking at each and every face of those who were leaving the church, Clara was once again struck by another sting of guilt. Her attention was broke, when she was tapped on the shoulder. “Clara, how are you?” Casandra’s soft voice asked. Clara smiled at the girl and pried her eyes away from the door, in order to give the girl her undivided attention. “I just wanted you to know, that I’m holding a candlelit vigil for Leo tomorrow night, I’m sure it would have meant a lot to him if you were there” she said humbly.

As Cassandra looked around at the group of students, she smiled. “If you were all there” she said, smiling at Lavender in particular.

“That, actually sounds lovely Cassandra thank you” Clara said, speaking on behalf of the entire group.

“Well it will start at seven, after dinner in the courtyard. I know how close you two were, so if you wanna say a few words, then you’d be more than welcomed too” Cassandra said, just as she saw Logan leaving the church. “Oh which reminds me, I need to ask Logan. So I look forward to seeing you all there, and if I don’t see you before, have a safe journey back to school” she said to the group, before she followed the boy. “Well, she’s certainly acting differently” Tyler moaned.

“Be nice, she was Leo’s friend. She’s just trying to do something good” Clara whispered, as she turned and awaited Oscar.

“Logan” Cassandra shouted, as she ran across the green grass in her tall black heels. “I keep meaning to speak to you, but I had to get everything in place” she panted. Unlike the others, Logan did not look nearly as distressed. In fact, he looked rather well rested and as handsome as ever. “I’m holding a candlelit vigil for Leo tomorrow night, I was wondering if you’d like to come, maybe say a few words, I know how much he meant to you” she sighed, as touched the boy’s shoulder for support. “I know his parents have taken his body back to America so I think it would be a good way for us all to say goodbye” she explained.

Logan’s offered an artificial smile, as he sighed dramatically. “Cassandra that is so beautiful he would have loved it. Of course I will say a few words” he said, desperately trying to portray the perfect grieving boyfriend. “And you’re right he did mean the world to me. And in many ways he still does” he lied. “Even when I found out about his affair with Oliver, I still loved him. And I was happy knowing that he spent his final moments with someone he loved” he lied again, when in reality Logan had put very little thought into Leo’s passing. In fact, he was only upset about the loss of money he was now facing, now that he was no longer receiving income from Leo.

“At least he’s finally at peace” Cassandra sighed, falling for the boy’s act as she embraced him warmly. As his face was over her shoulder, Logan rolled his eyes, before immediately snapping back into character as the hug broke. “Do you want some company on the way back to school?” Cassandra asked the boy politely.

“I would very much appreciate that” Logan sighed, as he linked up with Cassandra and left the church.

“Look Clara are you sure this is the best idea?” Lavender asked, as the others continued to wait for Oscar. “He hasn’t spoken to any of us for the past two weeks, and you heard what he said in there, he’s lost a part of himself. Maybe Oscar just needs some time alone” she added.

Clara tuned them out, it was like she was possessed and oblivious to the world around her, even the touch of David’s hand. When finally she saw him, standing the doorway with his father. “Oscar” Clara shouted, as she let go of the boy’s hand and tried to approach her friend. But as soon as he heard the voice, Oscar ran down the stairs and headed straight to the black car. “Hey wait” Clara shouted as she ran after him, lunging to grab his hand in order to get his attention.

“What do you want Clara” Oscar sighed, unable to even look at her. His heart was not only broken from losing Oliver, but from seeing Clara and David kiss. Her voice alone was enough to cause him great heart-ache, as it casted his mind back to the very moment he saw her locking lips with someone else.

“I just wanted to check on you, and see if you needed anything… You haven’t returned any of my calls, messages or even emails. I was just scared” Clara whimpered pathetically. “I’m not in the mood to do this” Oscar moaned, as he closed his red puffy eyes. “I don’t want to do this anymore?” he continued. “I’m coming back to school next week, but I don’t want anything to do with anyone. I’m just gonna finish this year and then go, far away from this shit hole of a town and far away from that school” he moaned. “Find this killer without me, because the consequences are outweighing the results at this point” he whispered, before turning back to look at her beautiful face. “You’ll have to do this without me. I’m not losing another loved one, I don’t deserve this punishment” he added, before he yanked his hand away from Clara and walking towards the car, just as dark storm clouds began to gather above the church.

 Isolation Room – Later That Day 

Caleb sat behind a desk in a completely bare room, with nothing but a notepad in front of him, his head was down as he was diligently taking notes from a text book. His fingertips were red, for he had spent the better half of the day doing nothing but taking notes, in fact that’s how he had spent every day since his and Tyler’s arrest. He tried not to dwell on the loneliness of his situation, when he arrived back at school he was placed into this room, and forbidden from taking to any other student. He has his phone and laptop confiscated by the police, he ate every meal in the bare room and left ten minutes before curfew. He had hoped he would at least get to see Oscar throughout all of this, but he hadn’t seen or heard from Oscar since that eventful night.

Suddenly the door creaked open, and he expected to see the school secretary carrying a lunch tray with his evening meal. But much to Caleb’s chagrin this wasn’t the case, for his guest was none other than the Headmaster himself, Simon Mendoza. “Mr Mendoza, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Caleb asked sarcastically.

“It’s customary for students to stand when a teacher enters the room, out of respect” Simon said spitefully. He said nothing more, but folded his arms arrogantly and leaned against the door, looking down at the boy as he awaited his next action. Caleb sighed before he pushed himself to his feet. A grin appeared on Simon’s face as he moved closer to the boy. “You can take your seat Mr Barons” he laughed.

Caleb sat down as his teacher towered above him, he held his breath and pushed out his chest, desperately trying to not let his teacher intimidate him. “As for why I came here, I just thought I would pop my head in, and see how you were handling your punishment. I hope these past weeks haven’t been too… boring for you” Simon laughed.

“This isn’t fair” Caleb said bluntly. “Why are you punishing me and not Tyler” he moaned. “After everything I have done for you and Dean” he shouted, as the boy’s voice rose Simon came in and bent down to his level.

“I dropped charges against Tyler, after all he was visiting MY wife, claiming to be MY son. The power was in my hands, besides I would never punish one of Dean’s friends, just had to let the police think they were doing some good work, before I decided to dismiss the case” Mendoza said coldly. “You on the other hand, have dragged our school’s name through the mud via that filthy twitter account of yours, and with that latest tweet you became the prime suspect in a nation-wide murder case” he continued. “So you can see how Tyler’s case varies from yours” he stated, with a sadistic grin on his face.

“Like you said, I WAS the prime suspect for all of two days, until they realised they had nothing against me, other than that stupid twitter account. Which again was hacked, and the police have proof it was hacked” Caleb refuted. “And I believe you are insinuating that just because I have a MEDICALLY PROVEN anger issue, that I am somehow the killer. I do believe that is a form of profiling Sir” Caleb scoffed, trying to remain confident in the face of intimidation.

“I am not saying that at all, as for all you’ve done for my family, I have to laugh. Remember what I told you the night you had detention, if I go down, you go down with me” Mendoza said, calling the boy’s bluff.

“Is that so? Because now, all evidence pretty much points away from me. What Cali had over me would fail in comparison to what would happen to you” Caleb replied instantly. “With my word and everything I know, coupled with that video Joel took before he died, I think the police would have more than enough evidence to start investigating you, regardless of what Cali’s parents want. By the way, how did you convince them to drop the charges?” he asked curiously.

“This is a private school, so I convinced them the old fashioned way. With money” Mendoza laughed, as he slowly made his way towards the door. “Besides, who are they going to believe, a respectable Head Master of one of the country’s finest schools or some medicated freak” Simon scoffed, trying to tear down the boy.

“You’re a fucking paedophile, I don’t think anyone would want to believe you” Caleb said bluntly, as Simon became red with rage.

The teacher bit his lip, and pressed his open palm against the door frame. “Your armour may be stronger than ever, the police may not be looking at you, but I know the real you. So think about this, if you go to the police, then I will personally ensure that you and your little brother will be removed from this school, and I will ruin your family… Do I make myself clear” Simon hissed at the boy, who merely nodded. “Good…. Now get back to work” he said, and just as he left something caught Caleb’s eye, one of the key’s hung around Simon’s neck.

He felt like an idiot, how he could forget that the Head Master possessed one of the key’s he and his friends so desperately needed. Caleb knew he had to say something, he knew he couldn’t let Simon get the last word in, he had to somehow prove he was still smarter.

“Tell your wife I said good luck” he uttered, as Simon spun around on his heels, his mouth agape.

“Your wife, after all isn’t her trial tomorrow?” Caleb asked, tilting his head to the side. By the look on Simon’s face Caleb knew he had caused some kind disturbance, he knew now that his teacher would be questioning how Caleb got that information, considering the fact that he has been in isolation.

Mendoza didn’t say another word, and as the door closed, he couldn’t help but reflect on how he ended up in this awful situation he called a life.

 Flashback – Windsor Academy 2015 – Mr Mendoza’s Classroo 

The class stared at the board with vacant expressions on their faces, all except Callista who was hanging off of the teachers every word. “Now, we’re going to explore Hitchcock’s motifs and recurring images” Mr Mendoza said to the class, as he pressed on his PowerPoint. Cali battered her eye lashes, focusing on Simon’s thick muscles and gorgeous hair, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dean slowly start to turn around to face her, and she knew instantly that she’d have to go into character. She batted her eye lashes and waved at the boy who blushed, remaining unaware that she was previously looking at his father with those same lust filled eyes.

Meanwhile in the front row, a shy Caleb kept his head down, whilst a much bigger Raven threw his hand up to answer a question. “Voyeurism, many of Hitchcock’s films involved the art of watching, he wanted his to place the audience into the character’s POV, almost as if they were watching the other characters themselves” Raven answered.

Mr Mendoza continued his lesson, as he turned his back to face the board, two paper balls flew from the back of the class and hit both of Raven and Caleb squarely on the head. A ruthless Cohen and Jonathan giggled as did Casandra, all whilst Cali rolled her eyes at their childish antics. Simon heard the noise, and as he spun around to see the class he saw the paper balls at his feet. He knew exactly what had happened. But instead of shouting at the boys or doling out any kind of punishment, he remained silent until the bell rang.

“Class dismissed” Simon said as everyone began to pile out of the room. Caleb left the room in such a rush to avoid the bullies, he completely forgot his backpack. “Miss Ranza can you stay behind to discuss your coursework?” the teacher asked, as the group of popular students piled into the corridor to wait for her.

“Go to lunch guys, I’ll catch up” she said to everyone, as they slowly started to leave. “Oh wait” she shouted. “Cassandra carry my bag to the hall will you” she said, handing over her red handbag with ease. “Such a princess, love you” she said, as Cohen shuffled Cassandra out of sight. The queen bee shut the door, and locked it before turning to face her teacher, who had now taken his seat.

“I’ve missed you” Cali moaned as she charged over to the man and dived on his lap. She instantly began to kiss, shoving her tongue as far down his throat. “God I wish we could just be together twenty-four-seven” she moaned.

“Believe me, if it wasn’t for Dean I would have left a fucking long time ago. But I promise we’ll get away for a holiday as soon as school breaks” the grown man moaned with pleasure, as the teenage girl pulled on his tie. But just as he leaned back and began to enjoy himself, he remembered that the lock on his door no longer worked, so as he placed his hand on her shoulder to stop her for a brief moment, both of their hearts stopped, when the door opened and on the other side stood a shocked Caleb…

 The Following Morning – Dining Hall 

Jonathan and Cohen sat stuffing their face with porridge, whilst Vev stared into the newspaper with a vexed expression on her face. “Jesus, just when you think things can’t get any worse” she sighed, as she continued to read the story in front of her.

“What?” Jonathan said, through his full mouth, practically spitting food at Vev in the process. The HIVE member frowned in disgust as she shook her head, attempting to do her best to distance herself from the boy. But just as she began to speak, Jonathan noticed a small group of younger boys heading down the isle of tables, led by non-other than Jules.

Like a proud father Jonathan raised his cup of tea to the boy, who smiled and nodded back to his mentor. “Such a proud moment” Jonathan sighed before dabbing his lips.

“Shh” Vev insisted, as she began to read the story to the two boys. “Listen to what they’re saying” she announced, as Cohen leaned in to her, in order to read over her shoulder. “The spree of murders continue at Windsor Academy, with no end in sight. Having been two weeks since the murder of students Leo Barnaby and Oliver Olsson, no arrests have been made and it appears that the upper class parent’s board of Windsor Academy are still forcing their children to remain in class, where a killer lurks” she said. “An online petition has been made in order to close down the school, once and for all and has currently received over twenty-thousand signatures” she told the boys, who looked unbothered before they went back to their porridge. “Well doesn’t this bother either of you?” she shouted.

“No” the boys said in unison. Cohen took his napkin and once again whipped his lips. “Look babe, maybe the school closing down is for the best. It’s only been reopen for like three weeks and three people are dead, not to mention everything that happened in the winter term” he explained, touching her shoulder for reassurance. “Let’s be honest, we were all much safer going to schools back home, and whilst its nice to all be together at Windsor… I wouldn’t chose to be here if my parents didn’t make me comeback” he said bluntly, as Jonathan nodded in agreement.

“But… Windsor is our home, we only have a few months left of final year, they won’t seriously close down the school again will they?” she asked, as the boys once again shrugged in unison.

“The sooner we get out of this place the better. I can’t wait to leave this cesspool of filth and deprived characters who are desperately clinging to relevance in these troubled times” Jonathan scoffed, before he pretended to cough loudly “Cassandra and Dean” he said, as Cohen laughed.

“Stop it, Cassandra is nothing like that. She’s a sweetie” Vev explained. “She’s just been through a lot” she added, remembering the dark secret Cassandra shared with her.

“No she’s not, she’s a user and she has used every situation to her advantage” Jonathan rebuked. “And she cheated on my man here” Jonathan said, as he pointed at Cohen, who smiled as he leaned into Vev.

“Yeah, but luckily for me I landed an even better catch” he said, as he kissed Vev on the cheek.

“Look Vev, I know you two are bee sisters or whatever, but here are the facts” Jonathan said, as he took sips of his morning cup of tea. “Cali died, Cassandra took over as Head Bee or whatever you guys are… where. Then Liv came along and outshined her, she became Head Girl something Cassandra has wanted since she was eleven… Liv then dies” as Joanthan was explaining all of this Vev closed her eyes tightly and attempted to ignore what he was saying about her best friend. “Cassandra then becomes Head Girl. Then Leo comes along, and from the first day of school Cassandra wanted him, she wanted a ‘GBF’ and now that he’s gone she is once again milking the loss for all the sympathy its worth” Jonathan concluded.

“What are you saying?” Vev asked.

“We’re not saying Cassandra is the killer… Or you know she very well may be. But regardless of what she is or isn’t, she certainly does use these deaths to her advantage. I don’t buy this mournful side of Cassandra one bit, it’s too … fake” Cohen said, as Vev was dealt another blow. She shut her eyes and again attempted to drown out the negativity, trying to drown out these negative thoughts of her best friend.

 Iris Dormitories – Clara’s Room 

Clara stood in the centre of her room, with a white board behind her. “Come on guys, we need a plan. We need to get into Mendoza’s office. Caleb told me, he has a key, we need to do this soon” she said, as she took a marker pen in hand. “I know we’ve been trying to lay low, but I think now will be the perfect time, Mendoza will be at Maggie’s trial today, and everyone else will be in town for their free time, so we need to strike whilst the iron is hot” she says.

“He also told me that Dean has a key, maybe if we can convince Cassandra that he’s the one behind all of this then she’ll help us” Clara said, as she wrote the girls name on the board. “Plus she and Vev may be targets, the killer has already killed, Cali, Liv, Chas and Leo. He could be targeting members of the HIVE, one or both of them could be next! We have to help them” she shouted.

Tyler, Lavender and David all looked at each other before returning to look at Clara, who had turned her back on them and was now facing the board. “Babe, look we all want to get that key off of Mendoza. But we’ve been thinking” he said, as he stood up to approach her. “We?” Clara asked in a state of confusion. “Have you guys been talking behind my back or something” she asked nervously, as both Tyler and Lavender stood up too.

“Not in a bad way or anything” Tyler explained.

“We just think it’s best if we take some free time. Go into town, get some coffee and you know behave like actual teenagers, not serial killer hunters” Lavender added. “It will be good to just have some time to distress and what not” she added, before flashing her friend a reassured smile.

“We can take today off, then when we can regroup and find out a way to get that key” Tyler added.

“And we can also talk to Cassandra and Vev alone, if they’re willing to listen that is. We will just reassure them that they’re safe with us and then we’ll tell them our theory” David explained. Clara looked at the board nervously and then back towards the others. “I know loosing Leo was hard for you. But you can’t obsess with this thing, it’s not healthy. You shouldn’t let this psycho ruin your final year of school. You should be having fun” he said.

Clara let out the faint resembles of a smile as she slowly nods her head. “It’s not just Leo” she explains. “Ever since that night, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The message on the computer said I’d be punished for hacking Mendoza’s laptop… And I am still waiting to be punished guys” she shouted.

“We’re not going to let that happen okay. We’re going to face this shit as a team. We let Leo slip through the cracks, but we’re not going to let it happen to you” Tyler insisted. “Please, just try to relax Clara. This isn’t good for you, for any of us” he added.

“He’s right Clara. We just need to stick together, but we also need some down time. To relax, I mean seriously guys when was the last time any of us actually laughed?” she asked, with a smirk on her face. “We need this break… desperately” she added.

Clara sighed yet again, she turned around. “Maybe we could invite Oscar too” she added, finally smiling at the group.

“I’ll send him a text right away” Tyler said, with giddy excitement as David rushed over to kiss Clara. The two kissed whilst Lavender and Tyler awkwardly stared at them, “Well think I’m gonna take this text in the hallway… Wanna join?” he asked awkwardly. “Please” Lavender said rapidly as they both rushed out of the door.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Casandra’s Room 

Dean was the first to enter the room, donned in a fancy suit and hulking behind him several large suitcases. As the case wheeled behind him, it hit the note that still remained on the floor from the night Leo and Oliver died, and pushed it further into the corner of the room. “Welcome home” Dean said, as he spun around to welcome Cassandra into the room. “Well as homely as this can be” he added. Cassandra entered the room nervously, tip toeing in and looking around at her surroundings. “Thanks for letting me stay in your room last night” she whispered. “Just, I really don’t like being alone anymore” she explained.

“I get it completely, it was my pleasure to have you. And you know that you’re welcome any time, right?” he asked, as she leaned in and hugged him tightly. “Did you enjoy your little break?” he asked Casandra, as she nuzzled herself into his chest. “Your Mum and Dad weren’t mad at you coming home during school, where they?” he asked her, but she shook her head.

“They understood, they were both so upset when they heard about Leo. Mother was especially fond of him” Cassandra explained, alluding to the winter Holidays in which Leo lived with her and her family. Finally, as if something had snapped her out of trance, Cassandra backed away from Dean and patted down his shirt. “I’m sorry, I’m messing up your fancy suit, right before the big day” she said, watching as the boy squirmed uncomfortably. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that. Making it sound like a wedding or some shit” Cassandra mumbled quickly.

“Its fine” Dean replied instantly, watching as she backed away from his arms. “It sorta is the big day, bigger than their wedding day at least” Dean said nervously.

“It’s fine, I’m sure they’ll go easy on her. She didn’t do anything wrong, it was your Dad who was in the wrong, He was the one in an inappropriate relationship, your Mother was just the one trying to get the facts, she wasn’t stalking Cali” Cassandra insisted, as she caressed his cheek.

“I know that, and you know that. Yet my Mum is the one in jail and Cali’s parents are the ones who dropped the charges against my disgusting father. Such utter bullshit” he roared. “We just need to hurry up and find that fucking box. So the real killer can be convicted, then whatever flimsy evidence they have against my Mum can vanish” he moaned.

“And we will find it, and hopefully it won’t even matter. Because all of the charges will be dropped and she’ll be able to come home” Cassandra said, as she lowered her hand away from him.

“I should really get going” Dean whispered. “Are you heading into town with the others?” he asked her, but Cassandra merely shook her head.

“No, I think I’m going to take it easy. Have a bath, listen to some music and do some much needed revision” she said to him, as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Sorry I can’t come with you” she said, as he turned around in the doorway.

“Not like my Dad would let you come anyway” he told her. “Just… Keep in touch please. I really don’t like the idea of you being alone. Just stay safe, keep this door locked” he warned her, in an overprotective manner. Cassandra smiled and blew him a kiss as he walked down the large hallway. Just as he vanished from sight, she shut the door ensuring she did as she was told and locked the door.

 Olsson House 

Oscar laid in his bed, still looking as he did the previous day at the funeral. His hair was tangled, his face unshaven and his room looked as if he hadn’t left it for several days. He turned over to his bedside table, in which a photo of a younger Oliver and himself rested, playing football in the garden. He stared at the picture with hallow eyes, emotionless, he had shed so many tears over his brother’s death, that his body had simply stopped producing tears, regardless of how upset he was.

He listened intently to the hall outside his room, he listened as his father rummaged around in Oliver’s Room, not even wanting to join him. Whilst his father wanted to be surrounded by his dead’s son’s belongings Oscar found himself repelled from the room, unable to even stare at the door without feeling ill.

Suddenly, the sound of a ringing phone made him jump with fright. He knew it couldn’t have been his, considering he turned his phone off to drown out the mindless messages and phone calls he got from everyone at school, telling him how much they cared and how they were praying for him and his family. Oscar was under the belief that no one really cared, but rather they wanted his attention, they wanted to look like good people.

Following their death’s Chasity, Leo and Oliver’s social media pages were flooded with lovely messages, from people who didn’t even speak or know them, it made Oscar red with rage to think of everyone doing this in order to feel that they’ve done something unique and special.

And with that he listened as his father picked up his phone. “Yes?” Elias said, his voice reverberating throughout the house. “Now?” the man asked, as Oscar remained unbothered and disinterested. “Yes, okay fine I’ll meet you at the bar in an hour” he said, as he quickly hung up.

The old Oscar would have been curious, wanting to know who his father was meeting and why. But nothing mattered now, he didn’t care about anything or anybody. Elias knocked at the door, but already had his head sticking inside, as if that somehow made the invasion of privacy better. “Another bed day huh?” his father asked.

“Yeah” Oscar said, killing off the conversation instantly.

“I have to go to the bar in a while, but I’ll be home for dinner” he told his son, who continued to lay motionless. “I was thinking maybe I could make Sheppard’s Pie, I know it’s your favourite, haven’t made it in a while” he added, hoping his son would show any signs of interaction.

“Yeah, cool” Oscar replied.

“Well, have you took any thought in school I don’t want you going back to Windsor Academy, you’ll either go back to the comprehensive that you attended when the Academy was closed, or I’ll find a tutor to sort your last few months out and we can home school you” the man said, as Oscar sighed loudly and aggressively.

“Not now Dad, please I don’t even want to think about school” Oscar moaned, as loud as he could.

“Fine, just open a window in here Oscar. Place is starting to smell” Elias said, before he stormed out of the door and into the hallway. It was then something in Oscar’s head snapped, he was going to open a window, he needed air, he needed to be far away from this house and the memory of Oliver that was plastered on every wall. With that he stood up and threw on a hoodie, approaching his window he slipped on some red trainers that rested underneath the ledge.

He smiled to himself, he climbed up onto the ledge and slowly lowered himself onto his back hands, jumping down to the front garden. He needed a walk, but he didn’t want to deal with a game of twenty questions. So he snuck out.

 Iris Dormitories – Clara’s Room 

Clara put on her leather coat, just as there was a knock at the door. She opened it and was greeted by a beaming Lavender, “So are you ready for some coffee, I heard that The Other Place has an open mic this afternoon, could be fun to listen to some good readings, and yanno cringe at some bad ones” she said nervously, as she entered the room. “Yeah, that sounds like fun. Did anyone try to call Oscar?” Clara replied, desperately hoping for a positive answer.

“We tried, but it just went straight to voicemail” Lavender explained, still looking as nervous as she did when she entered the room.

“Shit” Clara moaned. “I really wanna see him, I need to see him, to apologise for everything” she said. “It’s just this case, I feel like we could be on the cusp of solving it once and for all, but everything gets in our way and someone else ends up being punished yanno” she said, finally noticing the distress on Lavender’s face. “Sweetie, are you okay?” she asked, approaching her friend nervously.

“It’s just I can’t stop thinking about Caleb, and Raven and Daniel?” Lavender moaned, as she sat down on Clara’s bed. “Why does every man in this school have secrets” she moaned. “Girl, EVERYONE in this school has secrets, it ain’t just the boys” Clara said, as she sat down beside her friend. “Is there something in particular that’s bothering you?” Clara asked.

“Okay, it’s one thing to lie to us about knowing about the affair Cali had with Mendoza. But the twitter account and you read the police reports, he has black out anger issues, he has to take tablets for them. I hate to say this, but Caleb is just hording secrets, who knows what else he’s keeping from us” Lavender pouted. Clara looked concerned for a moment, thinking to herself in order to find a way to approach the topic.

“Look Lav, Caleb isn’t some sick psychopath and we can’t use him having a mental condition as evidence” Clara explained. “Yes he’s kept things from us in the past, but he’s also given us more evidence than we ever would have received without him” she added. “The video of Cali he got us, by hacking into Raven’s laptop. He shut down the security system to help me get out of here and onto the Mores. And he hacked Mendoza’s computer for us even when he said he felt uncomfortable doing it” Clara elaborated.

“I’m telling you, he’s not a bad guy” Clara said, as she wrapped her arms around her friend. “He’s our friend, sure the making the twitter account wasn’t the right thing to do, but he felt so alone when he made it, plus he didn’t post that poll” she added. “Just try to put all the negative feelings you have to one side for a moment and focus on all the good he’s done for us” she said, smiling at her friend.

Lavender leaned in and hugged Clara, who was at first taken aback by it, but finally reciprocated with a hug of her own.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories 

Tyler and David walked down the hallway side by side, both bundled into thick winter coats. “Mate, maybe Clara was right. Maybe we should try and get the key when Mendoza is at the court” David said nervously. “Maybe this will be our only chance” he added.

“Look, I stand by what I said in there. We need to have a normal teenager day out. To not think about the killer for one fucking second” Tyler moaned. “It will be good for all of us in the long run” he added. “Besides it won’t be our only chance, let’s start thinking a little more optimistically. We can talk to Cassandra and Vev, tell them what we know and they’ll help us, Cassandra is close to Dean so rest assured we’ll find a key, whether she delivers us Deans or Simon’s we’ll have one and then we’ll open the box” he added, as they began their descent down the stairs.

“You really think they’ll help us?” David questioned.

“Me and Vev are cool, she’s my neighbour and whilst we haven’t spoken much since coming back to school, we still had a pretty solid relationship during that break. She’s a nice girl, she’ll wanna do what’s right” Tyler explained.

“Cassandra is a different story” David added. “She won’t be as easily swayed, which is annoying considering we need her help. Couple that with the fact that she and Clara have a pretty rocky relationship” he said, as the boys turned down another hall.

“Yeah, she will be a tough one. But she’ll help, I know she will” Tyler explained. “She was Olivia’s friend and Liv wouldn’t hang around a total monster, Cassandra is just human remember” he told David. “How are you and Clara by the way?” he asked, as they stood still for a moment.

“Everything seems to be going fine, haven’t had a first proper date yet. But it’s just nice that we’re finally together I guess” David explained, as he blushed like a little boy. “Feels weird saying that she’s officially my girlfriend you know” he laughed, as Tyler patted him on the shoulder and joined in.

But as they turned around they fell silent, instantly remembering were they were standing. Police tape still covered Oliver’s door, the school had to put up a plastic sheet over the wood, as the inside was still stained from all of the blood. Students and teachers alike had been leaving flowers, candles and memorial cards for the Oliver and Leo, and as Tyler and David stood over the memorial they were moved by the outpouring of love. In the centre resting against the door, was a big bouquet of dyed rainbow coloured roses weaved into the shape of a heart, purchased by Casandra.

The rugby players stared on, their hearts in their stomachs.

“I don’t like any of this” Tyler whispered. “When I was being tortured it was horrible, but seeing your friend die is way worse, it’s made me feel so powerless” he added, as David wrapped his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

“We’re not powerless, we’re actively trying to stop this fucker. And we will” David reassured his friend.

“I know we will” Tyler replied, as the two marched onwards towards the doors marked exit.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Casandra’s Room 

Cassandra sat on her desk typing away at her computer, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. She turned around to the door, her previous self would have just shouted for the person to come in, but things had changed, she longer felt safe merely welcoming a stranger into her room.

So she got up from her chair and opened the door slowly, finally seeing Vev standing on the other side who ran in and threw her arms around her friend. “Oh my god Casandra” Vev sighed as both girls held onto each other tightly. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in a year” she cried.

“I’m sorry, I just had to leave. I had to clear my head, get as far away from this place as possible” Cassandra moaned, as gently stroked Vev’s soft blonde hair. The two girls slowly backed away from each other, unable to control their smiles.

“I can’t believe Leo’s gone and Oliver too. I was so scared” Vev confessed. “I’ve been so paranoid, I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks” Vev sighed as the duo walked over and sat on Casandra’s bed.

I know how you feel, honestly I’m beginning to question why I even came back” Cassandra sighed as she looked around the room. “There’s nothing really here for me anymore. Didn’t get into my dream university, I am barely scraping C’s and a serial killer is still at large. I honestly feel like an idiot” she said, forcing herself to laugh or at least pretend to.

“Well I for one am glad that you’re back. It’s nice to see my sister” she said, as she touched Casandra’s hand. Suddenly, Vev’s expression changed, she felt something come over her and she knew she had to speak on it. “So the last time we saw each other, you told me about you and Cohen, and the…”

“The abortion” Cassandra said, as she noticed Vev was struggling to even say the word. “I was just wondering, if were okay. You’re not upset with me for being with him. Because like I told you, if it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll just call things off because no man is worth losing our friendship” Vev told Casandra.

But Cassandra once again smiled, stroking her friend’s shoulder. “And what kind of friend would I be, if I made you give up on love” Cassandra told her. “After what happened to Chas and to Leo. I think we both need as much love as we can get” she said, as they once again hugged tightly.

“Listen” Vev said, as she slowly moved away from her friend. “I know Dean will be and Mrs Mendoza’s trial today. And the thought of you being alone is too much. Do you want to come to town with me, Cohen and Jonathan? Or I could stay here with you, we could watch chick flicks and catch up” Vev said, as a tear trickled down her cheek.

“Really Vev, you’re sweet” Cassandra sighed. “But I have so much work to catch up with. I really could do with the alone time. Gonna take a shower and then finish my Film Homework” Cassandra explained.

“Another time” Vev replied as she got up from the bed and marched towards the door. And still neither girl had noticed the letter that sat on Casandra’s floor. “Remember doors locked at all times Missy” Vev shouted as she opened it.

“And remember to be careful in town, don’t let those boy’s boss you around now” Cassandra laughed as she gently began to close the door on her friend. “Bye sweetie have fun” she sighed. “And don’t forget to be here for the vigil later, I want us all to be together to say goodbye” Cassandra said, just as the door finally shut.

 School Gates 

Clara, Lavender, David and Tyler all stood underneath the gates, watching as the other sixth form students gathered around and waited for further instruction. A short and fat teacher waddled up towards the centre of the gate, coughing loudly as he threw his arm into the air. “Okay everyone the rules of today’s free time are quite simple. Everyone must travel in groups of at least THREE people. No exceptions, I will not tolerate anyone wondering off” the man shouted, but Clara was too distracted by Logan who was standing under the bare blossom tree, completely solemn and bare faced.

Without a word of warning to her friends, Clara slowly snuck off in order to approach the boy. “Logan, how are you?” Clara asked, her breath visible in the cold morning air. “Ah, the question on everybody’s lips. I’m fine, thank you for asking Clara. It means a lot” Logan smiled artificially, still playing the role of the grieving boyfriend. “You were one of the first friends Leo made here. You were so special to him” he sighed, as he pretended to tear up.

“I can’t believe he’s gone. And Oliver too, I just can’t imagine what you must be going through right now” Clara sighed, as she looked back at her friends who stared at her inquisitively.

“Not the most ideal way to find out your boyfriend is cheating on, I must admit” Logan sighed. “But, I’m just glad he found someone that made him really happy. I just wish he would have told me, because clearly he wasn’t satisfied and maybe I would have been able to save our relationship and maybe I would have been able to save” Logan once again pretended to cry.

Clara fell for this, hook line and sinker. She wrapped her arms around the boy and hugged him tightly.

“I just wish I could have saved him you know, he didn’t deserve that” Logan cried. “You couldn’t have done anything, don’t beat yourself up sweetheart” Clara sighed. “We’re dealing with a sicko, you could’ve gotten hurt too” she cried. “Just try not to beat yourself up, just focus on the good times you had together” Clara said, as Logan smiled back at her.

“You’re right. At least he’s not in pain anymore. At least he’s at peace” he sighed.

“Have you spoken to his family? I know Leo’s parents weren’t the biggest fans of his sexuality. But maybe if they heard from you, it would show them how normal it was and how much you meant to each other” Clara said softly, with so much love in her voice.

Logan had no intention of calling Leo’s family. In his own self-centred universe, he didn’t care what they or Oliver’s family were going through. But he once again lied to Clara.

“I don’t want to impose, nor do I wish to cause trouble. As hard as it is to let him go, I think that’s what I need to do. Who knows what will happen if I poke the bear and upset his parents” Leo said, as Clara looked back towards her friends as the students began to move.

“Listen, I don’t know if you had plans, but we’re going to some open mic. Not that any of us will perform, but it might be fun to actually chill and get some coffee. Do you want to join us?” Clara asked in a friendly manner.

Logan smiled at her, nodding his head towards her friendship group. “Any friend of Leo is a friend of mine. I’d love to come with you” he said, before flashing her his showy, artificial smile.

 Police Station 

McKenna stared at his investigation board. Everything from photos of crime scenes to documents all seemed to be connected to one thing The Mendozas. “How?” McKenna asked himself, he had a million questions regarding every member of the Mendoza family, but so far zero answers.

He pulled is Dictaphone up to his mouth and began to speak. “Day of the trial and many questions still remain. Why did Maggie Mendoza ‘stalk’ Calista Ranaza? Why did the Ranza parents drop the sexual assault charges against Simon? But most importantly why does Dean Mendoza keep turning up at the crime scenes?” he pulled it away and squinted his eyes, as he stared at a photo of Maggie.

“Today is the day” he told himself. “Today I find out why you are all connected” he added, as he threw on his coat and headed towards the door. As he got there, he took one final look back at the board, he was so sure of himself this time, like he never had been before.

He smiled ever so slightly, believing that this could finally be the beginning of the end.

 Muker, Yorkshire 

As the students walked the cold rain covered streets into town, everyone couldn’t help but feel at ease. Being away from the cold academy, constantly surrounded by death was having an immediate positive effect. Everyone was smiling and laughing, as the town finally came into sight.

“So what exactly is the plan?” Tyler asked Lavender, who along with Logan walked slightly ahead of Clara and David.

“Coffee, cake and relaxation” Lavender replied. “It is very much needed. I think I am going for the chocolateiest one they have” she added with a small giggle. “What about you Logan?” she asked, as the other boy seemed to be glued to his phone. Lavender took this as nerves or still being in mourning for Leo. But the fact of the matter was that Logan simply did not wish to participate in the conversation.

“Oh I don’t know. Guess I’ll have to see what they have. Unpredictable like that” Logan replied before flashing one of his dazzling smiles.

Meanwhile behind them, Clara and David walked hand in hand. The girl exhaled deeply, watching as her breath became visible in the cold air she smiled before placing her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder.

 Flashback: One Week Ago – Clara’s Room 

Clara and David lay on Clara’s bed. Wrapped tightly in each other’s arms. “Are you okay?” David whispered into Clara’s ear. She sighed loudly, turning around to face him.

“You can stop asking me that” Clara replied softly. “I’m fine. Well as fine as one can be” she added, as she hugged him even tighter. “I just don’t know how to take all of this.

It’s just, these past three have been really hard you know. It just seems like for whatever reason, the killer is becoming more aggressive and violent” she said, her voice skittish and shaky. “I’m scared now more than ever, that something bad will happen to any one of us. My brain is particularly wrapped up with Oscar not answering any of my messages, like it’s freaking me out” she whispered.

“Oscar is a grown man. He can look after himself, it’s just gonna take some time for him to come back. Remember, he lost his twin brother, that shit must be harder to process than we could possibly even imagine” he whispered into her ear.

“I know, but I still worry about him, I worry about all of you” she added, as she got up out of bed and walked towards the open window. “I’m trying not to think about this. Trying to act like a normal teenager” she confessed. “I often find myself thinking about the start of the year. How none of us saw this coming. We were all normal for the most part, and that’s been taken away from us” she said, staring intently towards the moon.

“Do you think we’ll ever be normal again?” she asked David who came up behind her, to give her another hug and kiss on the cheek.

“We’ve never stopped being normal” David replied. “It’s just our circumstances that have changed, not us” he added. “Just look to our star, and remember that soon all of this will be over. Sooner or later they’re gonna catch that Bastard” he whispered into Clara’s ear once more.

“I always look for our Star” she replied, with a small giggle. “It does help I must admit, it lets me think of a positive memory, rather than ALL of the other dark ones that are rattling in my brain” she said, with a small smile. “You are my guiding light David Thomas” she whispered, as he leaned in and kissed her.

“Well do you want to add another good memory?” David asked her, watching as her eye brows raised with curiosity. “I can think of no better place to ask you this, than in front of our star” he giggled. “Clara Stark, will you please be my girlfriend” he said, as she squealed with joy and began to plant several kisses on his cheek.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Clara shouted as she pounced on him, prompting them both to fall down onto the floor, into a fit of giggles and laughter.

 Present Day 

David and Clara kissed each other on the cheek. “No flirtatious behaviour, you two separate” an old female teacher shouted at them, as they turned red and giggled.

“Sorry Miss, she’s a bad influence” David joked, as Clara batted his hand away. “I am very excited. “I can’t wait to spend my entire day with you” David whispered, as they continued to hold hands once the teachers back was turned.

“Same here, just a nice normal day. Reclaiming our youth and normalcy” Clara replied. “Just another ordinary day… And I am thrilled at that prospect” she said, smiling giddily as they students approached town, unaware of the trauma that lay just an hour ahead of them.

 Periwinkle Dormitory – Casandra’s Room 

Cassandra entered the room wrapped in a towel, with soaking wet hair dripping on her perfect white carpet. She shut her door tightly, ensuring she locked the door as she did so. She turned around and sighed loudly as she took a seat on her bed, which was currently cluttered with papers and text books.

She grabbed her phone and smiled at the screen, on which was a photo of Dean, Leo and herself during her Families’ Christmas party. She placed it down onto her bed and looked out of her window. She tried not to think of being alone, the thought scared her very much. Everyone would be back before she knew it, she just had to knuckle down and distract herself with work.

But first she needed to dry her hair, she marched over to the corner of her room, towards a moving box that contained her hair dryer. But just as she approached the corner, she finally noticed the letter. Her foot came down on the envelope, which caused her to jump with fright.

She stared down at the envelope with curiosity, slowly picking it up and inspecting the cover. She saw her name written in beautiful handwriting. She wondered to herself how long it had been sitting there, so she took to her bed and opened it as she sat.

Inside was a letter, and as she read it her eyes instantly darted to the bottom of the page, where the sender’s name was sighed. It was from Leo.

“Oh my God” Cassandra whispered to herself, as she looked back up towards the top in order to read the whole thing.

Dear Casandra,

cannot thank you enough for the kindness you have shown me these past few months. You have been a constant ray of light, admits a sea of utter darkness. But I am afraid this letter does not bare good news. For I am leaving Windsor Academy tonight, if this letter reaches you before then, please don’t stop me. I wish so much that I could complete my year here, but life here has become too unbearable to stand. I tell you all of this with the deepest confidence, that you will do what’s right and fight for justice.

What I am about to say may shock you, but please you have to believe me. Logan cannot be trusted, he is not the sweet prince charming I fell for, he is not what he appears. He is a pathological liar, an abusive rapist and an all-around dark human being. He has forced me into prostitution, using blackmail as a threat. He has both physically and psychologically tortured me for the past few months. And I am sorry it has gotten to this point, I should have told you or a teacher, or anybody the instant that it happened. But I was foolish enough to believe I was in love.

All of this started at a Bar named Gentleman’s Choice. Which just so happens to be owned by Oliver and Oscar’s Father. Please, don’t provoke Logan in any way, if he asks where I’ve gone or who I’ve gone with just ignore him or call the police. I have learnt how violent he can be, and whilst I am unsure if he is or isn’t the killer, I am afraid to say that it wouldn’t even surprise me at this point.

Which brings me onto where I am going and who with. Well following Logan revealing his true colours he set me up with this app called DreamBoy, where I met an anonymous profile who I began to have an emotional affair with. When it came time to reveal himself, it turned out mystery boy was none other than Oliver Olsson. I trust you to keep his secret safe, but hope that you can forgive the both of us for doing this behind Chasity’s back. We are leaving the Academy tonight, for I am afraid that if I stay I will not live to see the end of the year. I refuse to die at the hands of this killer or at the hands of Logan, I wish to live my life to the fullest.

Please pass on my thanks to both Vev, Clara, Oscar and David. For being the first friends I made here. All of you welcomed me and showed me unconditional love. I hope to see you soon, when all of this is said and done. I will be in touch as soon as I can and hopefully we can plan a meeting location.

All my Love


Cassandra dropped the letter as a lump formed in her throat, she was unable to control herself, she fell from her bed and down onto her knees, as she began scream hysterically.

 The Courts 

Dean stood on the steps of the court, staring upward to the dreary sky. With a solemn expression on his face, he watched as the clouds swarmed together, looming over the courtroom with such fearful intimidation. He felt it was somewhat poetic, that today of all days the weather decided to become dark and gloomy, he felt it best reflected his family’s situation put prayed that it wouldn’t reflect his mother’s fate.

He felt a presence looming over his shoulder quickly turning around he was met by his father’s stern face. “It’s about to begin. We should go in together, show a united front” Simon told his son. Even now on all days his father was still acting as artificial as humanely possible. Dean rolled his eyes and simply nodded his head, with no verbal confirmation. “Don’t be bratty teenager today of all day’s” his father aggressively whispered into his ear. “This is the home stretch, we can get your mother out and this will all be over. Once and for all” he said.

Simon turned his back on his son and began his ascent up the stairs, but a now irate Dean was hot on his trail. He caught up with his father and leaned into him, not wanting to draw any attention to himself by acting in a violent manner. “Over, are you actually that foolish to think that this all over after today” Dean whispered. “Because let me remind you, whilst we still have two of the keys, another two are still out there. Along with the fucking box. That could sink you and incriminate me depending on its contents” Dean whispered.

"Do not ever talk to me like that again” his father replied, as he looked out at the citizens around him.

“Or what Dad? You can’t verbally bully and berate me like you do with Caleb, I’m not scared of you, if anything you should be scared of me. Because I am the one of the only people on earth who knows the truth and if you continue to treat people like this, whether its Mum or a student. I will intervene” Dean said, as his father shot him a look of utter disgust and disappointment.

“You are only embarrassing yourself. I am just trying to keep my family together” Simon replied. “You are the one that is trying to turn this into a conspiracy video, that is on you and you alone” he added. “You just love to paint me as the bad guy as it makes you feel like a man. Well let me tell you something Son. You will never be a man in my eyes.

You will always be that lost little boy who was so desperate for love, to the extent of letting his own girlfriend have an affair with his father, because he was too scared to lose her” Simon hissed.

“You are just a boy, and I will not have my name dragged through the mud by you now or in the future. We are going to get your mother out and like it or not we will be a family again. So time to put your conspiracy theories to bed, and get inside” Simon concluded as he stormed away from his Son.

Dean was let silenced by his father’s harsh words. He looked up towards the sky as a loud crack of thunder confirmed his worst fears, today was not going to be a good day.

 Muker, Yorkshire – Town Centre 

The teenagers were approaching The Other Place, bundled together as small rain droplets of rain had now began to fall from the sky. The thunder still echoed loudly throughout the vast landscape and everyone looked as if they had seen better days. With each clap of thunder Lavender jumped with fright, as Clara and David grasped onto each other even more tightly. Tyler however remained unphased by the weather and just sought shelter away from the miserable weather.

“Come on it’s just ahead” Lavender said as she pointed down one of the squares many side streets. “Let’s hurry to get out of this” she added, as the group began to pick up their pace.

“So much for relaxation” Clara whispered to David, who gave her an apologetic look, as lightning now lit up the sky. “Then again, a little bit of rain beats hunting a psychopath” she laughed. “Did you manage to get ahold of Oscar?” Clara asked him, but her boyfriend shook his head and sighed.

“No, me and Tyler both tried before we left the dorm and no answer. We’ll all text him once we’re inside let him know we’re in town if he wants to hang” he reassured her.

As they marched down the cobbled street, something finally dawned upon Clara. She spun around and went into high alert. “Where is Logan?” she said in a panicked voice, just as Tyler had one foot in the door. The tall boy allowed Lavender to squeeze in, as the remaining three teens watched as Clara marched down into the main square in search of the boy. She spun around and threw her hands in the air. “Where is he, how could he just vanish like that?” she questioned, as she returned to her friends.

“I guess we were just distracted by the rain. Don’t think too much of it my love” David said, as he gave her a big hug.

“David is right, he’s not really our friend, maybe he didn’t wanna hang out with us. Or maybe he just wants some time alone to mourn” Lavender said from the doorway.

Clara looked back with a concerned expression. “He’ll be fine” Tyler reassured her, as he touched her hand. “Come inside we’re all gonna catch our death of cold if we stay out here another second longer” he said, as he ran inside. Clara sighed in defeat and slowly made her way towards the door.

“We’ll text him too” David whispered as she kissed her on the forehead.

Just as they entered, they were met by a loud gasp. Vev shot up from a set of couches across the room and waved her hands in the air. “Oh my god! Clara, Tyler, David, Lavender. Over here come join us!” she shouted.

The teens watched as Jonathan and Cohen’s face’s dropped. Welcoming them to the café.

 Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

Elias paced the floor nervously, his palms were sweaty and his throat was dry. He knew what was coming, and yet he still felt unprepared. He looked down at his phone, and the picture of Oscar and Oliver that inhabited his home screen. He stared at his children with watery eyes, he was struck with a cold sting of guilt, as he felt Oliver’s blue eyes pierce his soul.

He took a seat on the bar and poured himself a single shot of whiskey, he twisted the glass in his hands and sighed before he knocked the drink back. The entrance door slammed shut, signalling to Elias that he was no longer alone. “Couldn’t this have waited for another day?” Elias asked, not even needing to look back at who was there.

“No it really couldn’t. I needed this done today” Logan’s smooth voice came from the door way, as he stomped towards the bar owner. “And what I say goes” he added, taking a seat next to Elias.

“Glad to see you’re in mourning, playing the part with such expertise. You almost had me fooled at the funeral into thinking you cared about that poor boy” Elias said, as he poured himself another drink.

“I did care about Leo. And for your information I do miss him” Logan replied instantly. “I miss his arse, I miss his mouth and I miss the enormous amount of money he made me” he hissed, sending a shiver down Elias’ spine. “I was going to take care of him for the rest of his life. And all he had to do in return was keep me happy. But then your Son had to go sticking his nose were it didn’t belong” he added, as Elias’ head snapped towards the boy.

“Do not even mention my son. He was more of a man than you’ll ever be” Elias barked back.

“You’re a fucking monster” he added, downing yet another shot of whiskey.

“Maybe, but I’m the one still standing here” Logan said, as Elias’ grip on the glass tightened. “You have to be a monster in this world to survive. And even if I have to dance with the devil in order to survive, then so be it. I will not end up like all the others, pathetic, weak and dead at the hands of someone else” he said, before Elias smashed the glass against the bar.

He took a shared of glass and held it at Logan’s throat, but the boy didn’t even flinch an inch. “I told you, don’t speak about my son” Elias cried, as he pressed the glass against Logan’s skin. But yet again Logan merely smiled as he reached down into his coat pocked and pulled out a gun, aiming it directly at Elias’ forehead. The father instantly dropped the glass out of fear and shock and stumbled backwards from his bar stool down onto the floor.

“Well, you’ve certainly changed your tone” Logan laughed to himself, as he still aimed the gun at the man who was now struggling to get to his feet. “Stay on your knees. I prefer my men in that position” Logan said, as he lightly kicked the man’s chest.

“I no longer wish to be a part of this” Elias cried.

“Too fucking bad, by next week this bar is going to become the base of operation. And every single fucking homo in the country is going to be cuing out the door to get their fix” Logan laughed as he poured himself a drink. “Besides, you’ve already accepted the payment. Or had you forgotten” he hissed.

“I put this bar on the sex map” Logan said, as he swallowed his drink. “And now it’s going to be drug map too. You should be very thankful that I’m drumming up your business” he added. “Maybe you could use the money to send Oscar off to University somewhere far, far away from this shit hole of a town” he laughed, as he poured yet another drink.

Elias remained silent and simply bowed his head in shame. “This is for the best, trust me” he added. “I’m going to the meeting on my own. Since you are clearly not in the right frame of mind. I’ll be in touch to tell you how it goes down, but for now why don’t you just sit here and drown your sorrows” he said as he stood up from his chair. “In fact have one for Leo and Oliver… On me” he said as he poured the full glass of whiskey over Elias’ head.

 The Other Place Café 

All of the teens gathered around the couches, sitting in silence with the odd slurp of coffee breaking the silence. Clara smiled at Vev who reciprocated. She leaned over to David and whispered into his ear. “Any word for Oscar or Logan?” she questioned but he just shook his head. They noticed that everyone was now staring at them, so David thought it best to break the tension in the room.

“So guys. What’s new with you all?” David asked the Trio of Vev, Cohen and Jonathan. “Oh you know, nothing new. Just sitting here dying of awkwardness” Jonathan said sarcastically, as he was kicked in the side of the leg by Vev.

“Pardon Jonathan, he’s just not used to company. You know considering half of our friends are dead” Cohen said bluntly, but in a tone that suggested genuine sympathy. The group fell into silence once more, as Cohen’s words lingered with them. Until finally Tyler’s head raised, as he placed his mug down onto the table.

“Cohen actually has a point” Tyler added, surprising his friends. “I mean don’t you guys find it strange that OUR friends are dying. There’s what? Like seventy other people in our year group alone, never mind the entire school. Why these two groups, what’s so special about us” Tyler questioned.

“Well this about to be a morbid conversation” Jonathan added yet again.

“Maybe we all just pissed off the wrong person” Lavender chipped in, as everyone’s head shot towards her. “I mean, I find it hard to believe that we are worse people than others in our year.” She added as everyone sat there, still in silence but nodding in agreement.

“I don’t know about that” Vev finally pitched in. “I mean Lavender you’re like the sweetest person ever, who have you ever pissed off?” she questioned. “I highly doubt anymore is holding a grudge against you. I think there is a much deeper reason behind all the killings” she said in such a solemn tone.

"Yep, super fun” Jonathan continued.

But just as the words passed his lips, the doors to the coffee shop were flung open and a soaked Cassandra entered in a hurry, clutching onto her pink umbrella for dear life. “Oh my god you’re here!” she shouted as she stormed towards the table. “I checked Snapmaps and it said you were here. Thank god!” she panted as she stood over the couch.

“Of course I’m here. Cassandra what’s wrong you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Vev said as she touched Casandra’s soaking wet coat.

“Vev I am so sorry sweetie, I appreciate the empathy and worry but I was actually talking to Clara” she said, looking over towards the brunette girl who practically jumped with surprise when her name left Casandra’s mouth.

“Me?” Clara questioned, pointing at herself.

“I have something you need to see right now” Cassandra told her. “But not in front of everyone, I think you need to read it first in private” she said as she walked over towards a deserted spot near the toilets. Clara looked back at her friends and then towards Cassandra who hadn’t even looked back to see if she was following.

She got off the couch without saying another word to her friends, who all exchanged a look of confusion and walked towards the girl, who was now practically shivering with fear.

“Okay, I don’t know long this was in my room for, but you really need to read this” she said, as she unzipped her coat and pulled out Leo’s letter, which happened to be the only thing that remained dry.

Clara stared at the paper with much confusion, before she finally took it off the girl. She once again looked back towards, David, Tyler and Lavender who were all staring at her with such intrigue. David’s warmth radiated off him, she so desperately wanted to run back to him, to all of them and show them what she held in her hands. But she felt compelled to stay with Cassandra and read the letter with her.

As soon as the paper unfolded she gasped with shock, as she saw the name transcribed at the bottom of the paper. “Is this real?” Clara questioned, with much surprise.

“Read it, because I think it’s going to pose a lot more questions” Cassandra replied.

Clara’s eyes quickly scanned the paper, as her eyes quickly filled with tears. She clutched onto the paper and sighed loudly. She read it so quickly, she found herself reading it multiple times just to ensure that she wasn’t going crazy. Cassandra reached over and hugged Clara, once again surprising the girl. “Still have questions?” Cassandra questioned.

“More than ever” Clara whimpered. “Is this true, about Logan?” she cried. “Did that fucking arsehole really do those things?” she asked. “He always said he loved Leo” she added.

“I say we go find out. Let’s ask Logan himself” Cassandra said, with utter hatred in her voice. “And lets be real, Leo was the most loyal person we both knew. He wouldn’t cheat on Logan unless he literally hated him and saw no other option” she added.

“We don’t know where Logan is. He walked here with us but he disappeared when no one was looking” Clara revealed, as the queen bee put on her best bitch face.

“Well, grab your coat. Because we’re about to go find that little bitch. And don’t tell your friends. If he sees more of us coming he’s just going to get freaked out. Best to catch him off guard” Cassandra replied, as she stormed towards leaving Clara in her wake. She clutched the letter to her chest, as she let out another sigh, trying to remain strong for her lost friend.

 The Courtroom 

As the crowd’s whisperings gradually faded away, Dean took his seat next to his father on the front row. Both men were so nervous that they sat in silence, merely keeping their eyes forward, towards the judge’s podium. They didn’t even notice that one final member of the public slipped in and took the last available seat on the back row. That person happened to be non-other than Oscar Olsson, who kept his head down and attempted desperately to blend into the other citizens.

In the instant it took him to sit down, another door opened and Maggie Mendoza was accompanied by her attorney towards her bench, dressed in a beautiful power suit. Her face lit up when she saw her son, but as soon as Simon raised his hand to wave, her smile faded and she turned her head.

One of the bailiffs stepped forward. “Please stand for the honourable Judge Collins” the man’s voice boomed, as the entire room stood in synchronisation. As the elderly woman took her place at the podium, everyone began to take their seats.

“Welcome, today we are here to assess the case against Mrs Maggie Mendoza, as posed by the parents of the deceased Callista Ranza. Both parents believe that Mrs Mendoza was both stalking and harassing their child, when acting in the role of a teacher at Windsor Academy” the women said, with Maggie’s blood practically boiling at the mere mention of the teenage girl’s name. “If she is found guilty today, then the investigation into her involvement with the other murders will begin” the woman said, as she folded several pieces of paper together.

“We will hear from both the defence and the prosecution, including character testimonies. There will be short breaks when needed, if both parties are ready than we can begin” the woman said, as Dean’s heart raced at what felt like million beats per second.

Simon stared at the back of his wife’s head as calm and collected as ever. He turned his head towards Cali’s parents. Her much younger mother sat with her elderly father, the pair offered a sympathetic warm smile to the man, before returning to snarling the women who they believed hurt their daughter. “Well then let’s begin” Judge Collins stated, as Maggie and her representative already began to whisper among themselves.

At the back of the courtroom Oscar stared all of the Mendoza’s inspecting their every move. He remembered the growing suspicions of his friends, and his tired red eyes narrowed. He puckered his lips and leaned back into his chair, getting comfortable for what was going to be a long day.

 Gentleman’s Choice Bar 

Elias stared up at Logan, both his face and hair dripping wet with the shot Logan just poured all over him. “You can’t treat people like this!” Elias roared at the teenager, who continued to wave a gun in the man’s face. “I have a family, I have a business. You can’t just treat me like a piece of dog shit in my own bar” the older man roared.

“Had a family, you HAD a family” Logan giggled to himself. “As for your business, even a fucking monkey could run this bar” he laughed. “You’re a pathetic excuse for a man Elias. You’re a coward, you made this bed, you were the one who hired me to bring in your business any means necessary, and now you don’t even have the decency to stand by the shit you’ve done” he added, as Elias’ face grew red with rage.

“I will stand by my shit, I’ll go the police and tell them everything that has gone on and everything you’re planning to do” Elias hissed. “Including what you did to Leo. Will look pretty damaging all things considered” he said bluntly, as Logan pointed the gun closer to his head.

“And why would you want to do something like that?” Logan questioned.

“Because it’s what’s right” Elias replied instantly. “I’m not going to sit by and let you ruin my life and my business all for your own financial gain. You’re a sick twisted psychopath, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you were the one behind the killings” Elias spat, his veins practically bursting out if his neck.

“You think I’m the killer?” Logan laughed arrogantly. “Okay, lets speak hypothetically for one moment. What would happen if I just shot you, right here and right now?” Logan questioned.

“You’d go to jail, the police would check the security footage which only I have access to” Elias replied instantly.

“Good point, besides I wouldn’t want to get blood on my new shoes. They’re Italian leather” Logan said. “So another hypothetical situation. You go to the police, tell them everything that you and I have done here, including what WE did to Leo” he added, emphasising the participation.

“I did nothing to that boy?” Elias refuted.

“No? Well you saw him the first night I made him fuck someone, you knew exactly what was going on, for several months and didn’t intervene. So you’re right, you really did NOTHING” Logan hissed. “As I was saying, you tell the police everything and we both go to jail. Then Oscar inherits the bar and our little drug lord friend’s pay him a visit, to scope him out and see if he’s a snitch like his father… What do you think they’ll do to him when they find out the answer?” Logan asked, as all the colour faded from Elias’ cheeks.

“That’s right. They’ll kill him” Logan said, ensuring that the man got the message. “You wouldn’t want to lose Oscar now would you? And put him through the hurt of seeing you go to jail, after everything that’s happened to your family… Wow Elias, I really thought you were a better parent than that” Logan snickered.

Elias reluctantly nodded his head, before bowing it all together. “Fine Logan, you win” he said. “I’ll stay quiet” he added, as Logan smiled in victory.

“Good boy” Logan laughed as he patted the man’s damp hair treating him like a dog. “And now that we’re expanding our business we’ll be getting more money, just think about it that way. Although you’ll be managing the practical side of things alone” he said, instantly provoking a response from Elias. “What?” he questioned.

“Oh I didn’t tell you?” Logan said, in a manner which suggested that he was ready to gloat. “One of my many, many admires has bought me a home in LA. Gonna fly me out on his private jet, and come be my little bitch when his wife is out of town” Logan laughed evilly. “I mean sure he’s fat and gross, but he won’t even get to touch me without forking over serious cash. We’re talking five digits just for a phone call” Logan said. “I’m leaving tomorrow, it’s kind of a secret so I expect you to handle all the practical side of things from tomorrow onwards. Obviously I will have constant connections to our friends, who will keep me updated if you’re not co-operating” he added, as a faint smile formed on Elias’ face at the mere thought of no longer seeing Logan in person.

“Today will be my last in-person meeting with them” Logan added, as he looked down at his watch. “Speaking of which. I better get to that, I’d really hate to keep them waiting” he added. “Why don’t you get yourself cleaned up, you look a right state” he said as he headed towards the door.

As Elias got to his feet he stared at the back of the boy with utter hatred. “So is this the last time I’m going to see you?” he asked Logan, who turned around when he was at the door.

“If it makes you feel better no, I’ll stop by tonight. I enjoy the Saturday crowd. I’ll come up to the office to say my goodbyes and give you an update on the plans. See you then Olsson” he said, as the door closed behind, leaving Elias to smile to himself, finding some sort of solace in this dire situation.

 Outside the Bar 

Clara and Cassandra were walking down the street facing the bar. They were hidden from plain sight behind a row of taxis. “This is hopeless, we’re never going to find him” Cassandra moaned, as the two girls huddled underneath the same umbrella.

“Never gonna find who?” a voice came from behind them that made them both jolt with fright. They turned around to see Tyler standing before them. His coat drenched with rain, as his hood protected his perfectly coiffed hair. “What are you two up to?” he questioned the two girls.

“Us? We’re not up to anything are we Clara” Cassandra said, as she nudged her frenemy. “Nope, nothing at all” Clara added.

“Stop lying, the both of you never speak or never hang out. And we’re supposed to believe that you two leaving the coffee shop together after concealing something from us all isn’t suspicious” Tyler questioned.

“Yeah, in hindsight that does make us look very shifty” Cassandra said comically. “But we promise, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself over” Cassandra added.

“Oh really?” Tyler replied. “Well the last time you two went off together alone, Olivia was thrown from a roof. So please forgive me if I’m anxious” Tyler replied.

“Fine” Clara said. “We’re looking for Logan. Leo gave Cassandra a letter before he died, in which he says Logan forced him to prostitution and abused him for months. It’s shocking allegations we know. And we don’t even know if Leo wrote the letter. We just want to ask Logan if these allegations are true” Clara explained simply. “If he’s innocent then he has nothing to hide” she added.

“And how exactly do you pose to get the truth out of this boy. He could just lie to you and _” but before Tyler could finish his sentence, Cassandra gasped loudly.

After staring through one of the Taxi’s windows to the opposite side of the street. She could see that Logan was just emerging from the bar. “Oh my god. It’s Logan. He’s coming out of Mr Olsson’s bar” Cassandra whispered.

“What is he doing in there?” Clara questioned, as the trio ducked out of sight, as the boy approached.

“Yeah, I’m on my way now. Olsson is staying in the bar like the coward he is” Logan’s said, his attitude and cockiness catching everyone off guard. “You have nothing to worry about, it’s all gonna go according to plan” he said, before he stepped into one of the taxi’s.

“Plan?” Tyler questioned. “What plan?” he added.

“God, if you’re going to sleuth with us don’t just repeat sentences or talk over the prime suspect” Cassandra whispered, as Logan’s taxi began to pull away.

“We need to follow him” Clara questioned.

“How?” Tyler replied, as he threw his hands up towards the rainy sky.

“Seriously, for private school kids you two really don’t with your purses” Cassandra joked as she jumped into another taxi. “I don’t care how expensive it is. Get in this taxi we’re following that mother fucker” she added, as both Tyler and Clara exchanged a brief look of excitement and confusion. “Follow that other taxi please, if you stay discreet I’ll give you a twenty for a tip” Cassandra said to the driver as they quickly zoomed away, hot on Logan’s tail.

 Flashback – Mr Mendoza’s Classroom 

Caleb stared at Mr Mendoza and Cali, his heart fell down to his stomach and he ran towards his bag and grabbed it, before running out of the room and down the corridor without uttering a single sentence. Mr Mendoza exchanged a panicked look with Cali, who jumped off his knee in an instant. “Let me handle this” the teenage girl said, as she stormed out of the room, and after the scared boy.

Caleb ran down the corridor dodging students left, right and centre. But every time he watched over his shoulder, she was still hot in tail, stalking him like a lioness stalks her pray. As he came to the end of the corridor finally, a beacon of hope. He ran into the boy’s toilets hoping that Cali wouldn’t have the nerve to step inside, oh how he was wrong.

The girl kicked the door open, before slamming it shut behind her, leaving the boy to cower next to the sink. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see anything” Caleb muttered, as he grabbed onto the cold white marble for support. “I swear” he added.

But when Cali finally approached him she didn’t hurt him, instead she straightened his tie and smiled. “Oh Caleb, why are you so scared of me. What’s a girl to think” she sighed. “Am I some sort of Monster?” she asked in a darkly sarcastic tone. “What you saw in there, well yes it’s quite incriminating. But I know you’re not going to tell anybody” she added.

Whilst Cali was acting calm externally, her mind was reeling, she didn’t know the boy all that well, and thus didn’t have any dirt to incriminate him, nor did she have her usual muscle to back her up with threats.

“Look, you’re a smart boy. You know what would happen to Mr Mendoza should people find out about this” Cali said, as she stepped away from the boy. “So I am pleading with you, to use your better judgment. Don’t destroy a man’s life over one little kiss, he deserves better than that” she added, flicking her hair as she did.

“But, isn’t it illegal. Like really illegal?” Caleb stuttered.

“Well, yes technically” Cali laughed. “But I wanted it to, in fact I started it. But the police will never believe that” she explained to the boy, desperately trying to manipulate him.

“I just think it’s better if I talk to somebody. Or maybe we can both talk to someone together, and get help for you” Caleb whispered.

“I don’t need help sweetie, I am more than okay” she lied. “I just need you to know that you cannot under any circumstances tell anybody” she continued. “I mean, you know what they do to snitches. And that is just for school yard chatter, can you imagine what they’d do to you if it was a serious crime and Mr Mendoza actually got arrested” she sighed. “Who’s they?” Caleb asked.

“Why Dean of course. Not to mention all of his friends, I know they give you a hard time in class, so I would hate to think what they’d do to you to provoke them in any way. Not to mention your sweet little brother” Cali sighed watching as Caleb’s face light up with fright, knowing that she had her way in. “They’d torture that poor kid. Ugh it does not bare thinking about it, really doesn’t” she cried.

She knew it wasn’t the strongest of manipulations, but it would have to do until she could get more solid dirt on the boy. “Not to mention what it would do to my reputation. People would think that I’m a home wrecking slut. And poor Mrs Mendoza would lose her husband, and have her heart broken all at once” she said, as she faked more tears, pulling at the boy’s heart.

“So please, please. For everyone’s sake. Just stay quiet, until I can end things myself” she said, touching Caleb’s hand.

Caleb sighed loudly, before reluctantly nodding his head in agreement. “Okay, fine. I’ll stay quiet. For everyone” he said, and with that Cali took her hands away from the boy and began to dab at her eye lids.

“Thank you, anyway I have to dash off to class. But once again thank you so much Caleb” she said, blowing the boy a kiss from the door way. The second she re-entered the corridor a wicked smile emerged on her face, as she flicked her long dark hair out of the way. She was proud of her manipulation and glad that it worked, and with that she strutted down the corridor.

Caleb turned to his reflection nervously, he smiled at himself looking for reassurance that he was doing the right thing, before he scurried out. Little did both of them realise that Dean Mendoza was in one of the stalls, smoking next to an open window and heard … EVERYTHING.

 Isolation Room 

Caleb sat at his desk, bored and alone. He twirled a pen between his fingers and sighed loudly, as he looked out towards the window in the far side of the room. He couldn’t stop thinking about the outside world, and what must have been happening. He had no way of knowing what was going on, with both his friends and the Mendoza’s. For the first time in his life, he felt truly and utterly alone. That was until the door to the room slowly creaked open.

His head shot towards the door, as he pretended he was still writing, believing it to be a teacher or the school sectary come to check in on him. But it was no one of the sort, and instead his younger Brother Jules now stood before him. “Surprise” Jules said, as he waved his hands in a theatrical-like manner.

“Well this is perhaps the worst surprise in all of human history” Caleb snapped back, as he returned his head down to his book, knowing he would rather face the harsh reality of hand cramps than speak to his younger brother. “How did you even get in here?” he questioned.

“Well the majority of teachers are with the sixth formers in town, and the receptionist went to get a quick bite to eat, so I took a chance, thought I’d pay the best big brother in the world, a little visit” Jules answered.

"Okay, well now we’ve seen each other. You can leave” Caleb replied instantly. “You know, for someone in your position you’re unusually calm, Brother” Jules replied, as he leaned against the now closed door. “If I were you I’d want people to come across, as a very calm, stable and kind person” Jules said, in a tone which better suited Jonathan rather than himself.

“What are you blathering about?” Caleb sighed with annoyance. “And by the way, lose the tone. I’m not one of your minions and you’re not a character on a teen drama show. Talk like a regular human being, or fuck off” he hissed, as his younger brother began to giggle to himself.

“Again, that temper you really have to get it in hand… Looks rather incriminating” Jules laughed.

“Shut up!” Caleb snapped. “You don’t know the first thing about the anger I feel. You are a child, a child who’s pretending to be a grown up, for selfish materialistic reasons. To be blunt, you’re a stupid little bitch, who thinks he’s cool but you’re not. At least people like Jonathan, Cohen and Cassandra were born popular, and born with their attitudes” he continued his rant, as Jules stood in silence. “They’re not some little boy pretending to be sassy, desperately hoping to be popular because he has no other defining trait. You’re pathetic Jules. You’re a disgrace” he hissed, as his younger brother folded his arms.

“Ooo good burn” Jules said sarcastically. “And for your information, what I was ‘blathering’ about was your future” he said, as Caleb stared at him in confusion. “Because with your connections to the twitter account, your ‘anger issues’ and all of the baggage that comes along with that, I’d be pretty worried if I were you” he told his older brother as he leaned over his desk.

“And why is that?” Caleb asked simply.

“Because if they don’t find Mrs Mendoza guilty today, then they’re going to want a new suspect. And who do you think they’ll turn to?” Jules questioned, as Caleb sunk back into his chair. “Just something to think about, whilst you’re sitting in here” Jules said, as a wicked smile appeared on his face. He then turned away from his brother and began to walk towards the exit. “Don’t have too much fun” Jules laughed, as he slammed the door behind him.

Caleb was left stunned into silence, had this been Mendoza’s plan all along? Was the Head Master wanting to frame him for murder? These are the things that raced through Caleb’s mind as he sat alone in the room, now with more questions than he ever had before.

 The Other Place Café 

Vev, Jonathan, Lavender, Cohen and David still remained on the couches. They exchanged a few smiles here and there, but nothing else. Sips of coffee and the hustle and bustle of the café drowned out the awkward silence for the time-being, but the lingering atmosphere remained.

“So I’m going to take a wild-stab in the dark and say Tyler isn’t just in the bathroom” Jonathan sighed, as he sipped on his tea.

“Probably bailed to go find the others” Cohen replied, as David began to text Clara from his phone, exchanging a concerned look with Lavender as he did so. “Oh well, guess the three of them can’t get into too much trouble, despite being the odd pairing of the day” the boy continued as he leaned back into his seat, as one of the barista’s took to the slightly elevated stage, were a microphone was waiting for him.

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to other place” the barista said, in a bored, monotone voice. “Today we are thrilled to bring you our bi-weekly open mic session” he continued, staring blankly at the crowd who all watched, with awkward, half-hearted smiles on their faces. Just as the man continued to speak, Lavender received a message on her phone, but she merely turned it upside down without another thought. But David saw this, and saw the growing concern on Lavender’s face. “Is that Daniel?” he questioned.

“Yeah” Lavender whispered, not wanting the other three students to hear her talk of such a private matter. “Just, things are really stressful right now” she explained. “With him being away, I just feel like there is such a rift between us. We don’t connect, we don’t get the chance to talk much due to time zones. In fact, the most contact we’ve had today is playing Words with Friends” she explained, with a sigh.

“I get it” David replied instantly. “I know it’s not a similar situation. But I always get those feelings about my mother too” he explained to the shy girl. “There will be days were we just don’t speak, and I’ll just desperately hope for even a text. But the industry she and Daniel work in, it may seem all glitz and glamour. But it’s soul destroying, there is never a peaceful moment, never a time to relax. So every time I feel disheartened or abandoned, I think to myself ‘this is just her job’ and that man kids would love her to be their mother” he added, with a joyful smile. “It may seem hard right now, but you guys can weather this storm. I know you can” he told Lavender with such reassurance in his voice.

She smiled back at David, knowing that it would appease him. But she didn’t want to tell him that these feelings wouldn’t be fixed by mere happy thoughts, nor did she wish to further elaborate in front of people she wasn’t particularly fond of. But suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted, when much to hers and everyone else’s surprise, Vev shot to her feet, just as the barista muttered “Would anyone like to be the first to share something?” “Yes, I would” Vev stated eagerly, as she marched directly onto the stage, standing tall and proud in front of her audience.

“I didn’t know Vev was a writer” Jonathan whispered into Cohen’s ear.

“Neither did I” he replied, as his new girlfriend began to clear her throat.

“So, I’ve never done anything like this before guys, so please go easy on me” she laughed. “This is a little something, I’ve been working on for a while now. It was initially a diary entry, but I just kept adding to it and editing it, until I got what you’re about to hear” she said, as the crowd sat in silence, with all the Windsor student’s sitting on the edge of their seat’s waiting to hear what Vev was about to deliver.

“Is it me that he truly wants? Is it me that he truly seeks? I lay awake at night and stare at the ceiling wondering these things. He says he loves me, and I believe it to be true, with all my heart I really, really do. But the thought lingers at the back of my head, would he rather be laying with her instead. She is everything I am not. Skinny, Confident, Brave and Flawless in every sense of the word. Am I just a reminder of what he lost? He couldn’t control the stallion so seeks to be with the runt? And is she truly over the loss of her beloved king, shifting from one crown to another. Am I the brunt of some horrible joke? The answer is simply no. I am not a joke. And whilst I may not be perfect like her, I know what I certainly am… In love” Vev said, delivering her monologue.

Cohen stared at her, nearly tearing up… nearly. He shook his head, and finally allowed himself to inhale air. Everyone around him knew what the piece was about, but no one dared to speak it into existence. He too couldn’t help but think of Cassandra and the comparisons that had plagued him and Vev since they got together.

“That faithful night that sealed my love, when I realised you were my sworn protector, my knight in shining armour that had been standing with me this entire time. Perhaps I think these things about myself to hide my guilt, the feeling of doing this to a friend’s former boyfriend is killing me. But I can’t shake these feelings, for cupid himself has struck me with his cartoonish arrow, I love him, I know that, I know that. And perhaps for now, it is best that I remain a love stricken fool, for it beats being anything else” Vev concluded, as the room began to softly applaud her efforts.

“Thank you everyone” the Hive Member laughed, as she waved at the applauding crowd, whilst Cohen sat there, overthinking every action he had ever made, and questioning what he had just listened to.

 Deserted Roadside 

Clara, Cassandra and Tyler practically bobbed upside down, as their taxi continued to follow Logan down a muddy field, that was until the driver stopped abruptly, splattering the windows with mud. “Right that’s it. I’m not ruining my taxi just to appease a bunch of spoilt brats” the older man scoffed. “If you want to follow him anymore, you can do it yourselves” he roared, as the teenagers exchanged a look of worry amongst each other.

“Listen mate, I will pay you one week’s salary to follow that fucking cab” Cassandra shouted back at him, as Clara and Tyler awkwardly sat beside her. As this exchange was building, lighting cracked in the sky, lighting it up whimsically as rain continued to batter the vehicle.

“It’s not worth it, now like I said. You can either pay me now, get out and follow him yourself. Or I can take you back into town and you can pay me there” the driver spat, as the teenagers looked at him with utter hatred.

“Fine, come on we can’t lose him” Clara stated, as she kicked down the door and stood on the sloppy mud that awaited her on the ground. “Come on!” she shouted over the loud rain, and bellowing thunder.

Tyler exchanged a brief look with Casandra, before he threw his hoodie up and ran out of the taxi too. “Last chance princess” the old driver said to Casandra, who threw money at him before jumping out and down into the mud.

She slammed the door behind her, and ran from the vehicle so it wouldn’t splash her with more sloppy mud. “This is the grossest thing ever” Cassandra moaned. “Oh my god, my umbrella!” she shouted, as she reached out to the driving taxi.

“Leave it, I’ll buy you a new one” Clara shouted, as she began to march ahead in the direction that Logan’s taxi had driven. The pathway was not only incredibly narrow, but was also extremely narrow, with short electric fences lining the pathway either side. “If we follow this path it should take us to that son of a bitch” Clara said to them, as she and Cassandra continued to plod on through.

“And what happens if we come to an intersection or something” Tyler questioned, as more thunder ripped through the air.

“Then we flip a coin” Cassandra shouted sarcastically.

“Couldn’t you guys have waited to do this at school? If Logan is dangerous, then why on earth are we following him to the literal middle of nowhere? He could seriously hurt us” Tyler said to the girls. “And I would hate to think that the two of you are purposely putting yourselves into danger” he panted as the rain battered his face.

“Again it’s sweet of you to worry about us TyTy. But we’re strong, grown women. We can handle some trouble” Cassandra replied in jokey fashion.

“Besides if we did it at school then the little fucker could find a way out” Clara explained. “He’s probably working with Mendoza too” Clara replied, forgetting who she was with for a moment.

“What did you just say?” Cassandra questioned, her whole body instantly turning around to look at her.

“Oh nothing, just got caught up in the moment” Clara replied, trying to brush off the awkward situation. She went to continue her walking, but Cassandra pulled her backwards. “What do you mean by working with Mendoza?” Cassandra questioned. Clara went silent, as another crack of lightning lit up the sky. “Do you think that Logan and Mr Mendoza are the killers?” Cassandra questioned. Clara’s face diverted from the girl and up towards Tyler, who sighed loudly.

“Look Cassandra this really isn’t the time or the place to elaborate. But think we that both Mr Mendoza and Dean could be involved somehow” Tyler replied, as Casandra’s face dropped open in shock.

“Wha, what are you talking about” Cassandra stuttered, as lights became visible in through the fog.

Tyler quickly grabbed the girls and dragged them to one side, screaming “Look out!” as he did so. A taxi zoomed past them, splattering their lower bodies with the murky mud. “What the hell dickhead” Tyler shouted at the driver, who continued on down the road.

As the fog cleared, Clara stared down at the road that lay ahead, whilst Cassandra attempted to flick the mud off of her knees. “Well, I guess we know where Logan is” Clara said to the others, as she pointed towards and abandoned barn, which rested in the field just ahead. And as the teens saw a light illuminate from a window, they forgot all about the Mendoza’s and slowly began to walk towards the beaconing beam


Maggie sat on the stand, he her was straightened and she had just the right amount of make-up on to conceal her sleep deprived eyes, the elderly prosecutor approached her, he was stout and red of face, looking like a charicture of villain. “Miss Mendoza” he said, with a heavy lisp that made Maggie want to giggle like a schoolgirl. “I have been working closely with Callista Ranza’s parents and they both agree that you were a danger to their daughter. As a teacher, you are supposed to protect and guide the minds of tomorrow, and not inappropriately harass, bully and threaten them” the man said, as Maggie retained her composure, clutching her fist as he spouted the false accusations.

“And yet here you stand accused of doing all of the aforementioned things. So I just wanted to ask you why, why were you following Callista in such an inappropriate manner?” he questioned, tilting his gigantic round head to one side.

“I did nothing of the sort” Maggie replied, as Dean watched his mother with nervous eyes. “I have pleaded my innocence, and I stand by it. I will however shed some light into what really transpired those faithful weeks last year, in order to absolve myself of any negative feelings towards the deceased and to prove that I am not the violent person you believe me to be” Maggie continued, as she stared at Cali’s parents.

“I had my issues with Miss Ranza I will not deny that, she was my Son’s girlfriend and I believed her to be acting…” she paused for a moment, as her eyes caught her husband’s terrified face. “Inappropriately towards him” she added, before returning her gaze towards the prosecutor.

“How so?” the large man questioned.

“Well, if the rumours of teenagers are to be believed. She was cheating on my son. A student brought this to my attention, not wanting my son to get hurt. So I thought it best to pull Callista to one side in order ask her to either let my son go or stay loyal to him” Maggie said with the passion and love that only a mother could have. “She refused, so that is when I began to keep a closer eye on her at school. These lies that have been fabricated against me are nothing more than smear. I was doing my job as a teacher and paying attention to a student I deemed a risk to others around her” Maggie concluded.

“Oh, so now Miss Ranza is the villain and not the victim. You believe her to be a bad person, and a risk to others?” the Prosecutor replied.

“Well she was sent to detention multiple times a week for harassing other students. She had quite the reputation at the school, and I am sure if you asked people outside her social circle they would label her as nothing more than a playground bully” Maggie replied instantly, covering her tracks and stopping the prosecutor in his. “If I am guilty of following Miss Ranza, I repeat it is only because I believed her to be both a psychological and perhaps a physical threat to others. And as both a mother and a teacher, I would not sit by and let anyone do what she did to some of the kids at school. All of which I am sure you could read at your own time” she said as she tilted her head up to the judge.

“All the evidence presented against me is indeed evidence, it is evidence of the lengths I went to, in order to stop a bully from harassing other students. And in turn I am sorry if I ever scared Callista. However, I will repeat that I did not physically harm her, in any way, shape or form” she added.

The prosecutor bit his lip with frustration. “No more questions your honour” the man muttered, as he waddled back to his seat, just as Maggie was able to sit back in her own chair and breathe a sigh of ease.

From the back of the room Oscar watched with so much curiosity. He had noted how Maggie had danced around the subject of the affair, all of which he noted in his head. When suddenly the doors opened slightly, allowing Detective McKenna to sneak in. As soon as Oscar saw the man, he turned his head in the opposite direction, hoping he wouldn’t get noticed. But the officer was so busy walking down the isle that he failed to notice the blond boy.

The man took a seat at the end of the front row, receiving glaring looks from both Dean and Mr Mendoza as he did. Maggie was removed from the stand she found herself staring at the detective’s cold hypnotic eyes, which entranced her for a fleeting moment, before she was forced to turn her back on him and return to her seat.

 Abandoned Barn 

The three teenagers circled the barn’s exterior, looking for a window or something that would allow them to sneak inside. “God, I literally couldn’t have worn worse shoes” Cassandra sighed, as she squeezed her through the mud, holding onto the inside of her shoes for dear life.

“Why come here, what’s he doing?” Tyler questioned, as the teenagers heard the sound of a revving car engine. “Someone’s coming” Tyler told the girls, who all backed further into the side of the building, as they watched a fancy black car approach the front of the building.

“Looks like someone is meeting friends” Clara replied, as she peaked her head around the corner, in order to see several men stepping out of the car, including the man with pony tail that had so his first encounter with Leo, on the night it all began.

“This is so fucking weird” Tyler whispered, as all of the men entered the barn, whilst Cassandra walked around the second corner, still in search for the window, when finally she saw one.

“Guys this way” Cassandra whispered, as the two other teenagers followed her lead. By now the trio was well and truly soaked to the bone, not even allowing their wet clothes to phase them. They all gathered around the window and crouched low to avoid detection from anyone.

“Gentleman, it’s so good to see you” Logan’s voice said, as he shook hands with all the well-dressed gentleman, ensuring he shook hands with the pony-tailed man in particular. “Now let’s not waste time on this nonsense, we’re all busy men and we all have places to be” the arrogant boy continued.

“We are aware” one of the men said. “So much so that we are aware that you are leaving for California, should we be concerned about your interest in this business venture, or are you fleeing the country for other reasons?” they continued, as Logan let out an arrogant laugh.

Cassandra and Clara exchanged a look of confusion when the mention of Logan fleeing the country arose. “You have nothing to worry about rest assured” Logan said to the men, a similar look of worry. “I am committed to this role one hundred percent. And should any variables arise I will happily fly back here, and sort them out myself” Logan replied calmly.

“And what about Olsson. Is he still acting like a little bitch?” the man with the pony tail questioned.

“Little? Try the biggest bitch of all time” Logan replied. “But he’s more than flexible, however if I were you I’d keep any eye on him and if things get difficult, maybe keep an eye for his son” Logan said, as the girls exchanged another look of panic before the grown men laughed among themselves.

“You have grown so much over the past few years, I am very proud of you” the Man With The Ponytail said, as he patted Logan’s shoulder. “The shipment will arrive on Monday, and we will be open for business by the weekend. We’re gonna get these fuckers so wired that they’ll be lining around the corner, just to get some of our shit” he laughed, as Logan shook his hand. “And we have you to thank for it” he said.

“Well turning the only gay bar in town to a brothel/drug den was hard work. But someone had to do it” Logan snickered as the men joined. “But anyway, I’ll take some of my cut now, if you don’t mind” Logan said, as he extended his hand.

Ponytail nodded his head and smiled, before turning to one of his associates and handing over a large briefcase to the teenager. “You are one expensive little fucker. But you’re worth every penny” the man said to Logan, who eagerly snatched it out of his hand. “Greedy little fucker, didn’t I just give you and Olsson payment the other week?” the man questioned.

“You did, but unfortunately that bratty American of mine tried to steal it. Luckily he didn’t get far and my guardian angel brought it back to me. Keep it under my bed at all times now, but sadly can’t get out the bloodstains. Anyway the entire experience was just so horrific so I think I deserved a treat. Don’t you?” he questioned, as Ponytail nodded with excitement.

“Wicked little fucker” the man laughed, as he hugged Logan. “Safe flight mate, text me as soon as you land. We will keep you posted with everything, as and when it happens” the man told Logan as they all filed out of the barn. “And just between the two of us, I’m glad you ditched that bag of bones, he was holding you back” he laughed as Logan watched him leave.

Clara felt her blood boil with rage, how could Logan have fooled her so completely. How could he speak about Leo in such a manner, it made her physically sick. “This is some scary shit guys, should we be getting involved?” Cassandra questioned, skittishly before she was hushed by Clara, who had began to sneak around to the front of the barn.

“Stay there” Clara whispered to Cassandra and Tyler, over the muffled sound of the car engine.

The pair did as instructed and continued to watch Logan from the window, as he pulled his phone. He smiled to himself as an answering machine greeted him from the other end. “Hey, so I will be arriving at LA at 6am tomorrow morning, I want your chauffer to pick me up and I want you to throw me a full house warming party, you’re going to be my butler and really welcome me to the stateside” Logan said arrogantly, as Clara entered the bar, with the cars already driving into the distance. “LA is going to be my new kingdom and you’re the first person I’m going to concur” Logan laughed, before Clara knocked him out with a shovel. The phone fell to the floor, before she stomped on it with her heel and as the boy’s unconscious body tumbled to the ground, she heard the scream of Cassandra coming from the window.

“Clara, what the fuck! Have you lost it!” Cassandra shouted, as she and Tyler climbed through the window.

“No, I haven’t. I am just so sick and tired of observing. I am done playing defence. It’s time to go on the attack” Clara replied. “You heard him, Logan tried to steal his money and someone gave it back to him, the briefcase was covered in blood. Maybe he is the killer or maybe he’s not. But clearly the killer has a vested interest in him, he knows more than us, and we need to catch up” Clara added, as Cassandra looked down at the body nervously. “Grab that rope behind you, help me tie him up” she told Cassandra who was silenced when she turned around and saw Tyler holding Logan’s gun.

“This was in his pocket. He definitely knows something” Tyler said, as the girls gasped, with another loud clap of thunder echoing above them


Dean sat nervously on the stand, avoiding the gaze of the crowd and instead focusing on the wooden features in front of him. “Mr Mendoza, you are the son of the accused and also the ex-boyfriend of the victim, perhaps no other person could shed better light into this situation than you” Maggie’s representative said, as Dean nervously cocked his head upwards. “So why don’t we start with a simple question. Do you think your mother is or ever has been a threat, to any pupil at Windsor Academy?” they questioned.

“Absolutely not” Dean replied instantly.

“So you are saying that you believe, that your mother was not harassing Miss Ranaza?” the representative questioned, as Dean nodded his head.

“I believe that someone was harassing Callista before her death, however I do not for one second believe that my mother was involved” Dean continued. “As she said in her testimony, she was merely trying to stick up for me when I was in a vulnerable position” he explained to the court.

“And why were you in such a vulnerable position?” they questioned.

Dean instantly knew what they were trying to do, they were trying to defame Cali’s character by making her out to be the villain of the story. He murmured for a moment before catching the eye of his father, and instantly he knew what he needed to say.

“Because Cali put me in that position” he confessed. “She had that effect on most men, but I guess I in particular were weak to her charms. She was everything to me and she used that to her advantage. I knew she was cheating on me and I continued to let her walk all over me, and with each step she ruined my life. Like I said, my mother was only doing what I didn’t have the courage to do, she wanted to stop the monster Cali was turning into” Dean replied.

“And what other monstrous acts did she commit, as we have already heared from your mother that she was somewhat of a bully” the representative replied, as Dean nodded. “Yes, well there was this one boy. Raven, who has recently passed away in the killings at school. Well last year, he was overweight and Cali would bully him relentlessly for it, she would do all kinds, like pour food into his backpack, call him a pig, make some of the rugby boys physically harass him. And that is only one example” Dean explained, as the representative sighed loudly.

“You see your honour, my client was just doing the work FOR the students. And the Ranza family wishes to paint her out to be nothing more than a petty criminal, all because she had the conviction to stand up to their daughter. Whom at that point had gotten out of control and had become a power obsessed school-yard tyrant. I rest my case” they said, as they walked back to their seat.

“We will take a short break, during which I will take a moment to myself to reflect on what has been said today, after that I will decide if we should move on with this trial and the further criminal charges that may face Mrs Mendoza” the judge said. “At which point she will be returned into the custody of the law, and will remain there pending further investigation. However, should she be found innocent I will weaver all charges against the accused. You are all dismissed” the judge said.

Dean looked out at the mass of people exiting the room, at which point his eyes finally met with Oscars. And so many questions raced through his head, why on earth was he here. As Oscar realised his cover was blown he quickly made his escape out of the door, with no intention of returning. Dean jumped to his feet and rushed away from the stand, hoping to catch up with the boy, but his efforts were foiled by his mother who pulled him into a hug. “Deany I am so proud of you, for speaking from your heart” Maggie said, as she squeezed her son tightly. The boy looked out to the crowd, just long enough to the see the hate filled eyes of Cali’s parents.

“But what about Dad, isn’t he going to give a character testimony?” Dean questioned. “We thought it best to not put your father up there, who knows what questions they would have asked him” Maggie explained, and with that Dean was dealt another cruel reminder of the type of people his parents where. They horded secrets, they knew how to play the game, and now he was very much a part of it, in fact he was the most vital piece.

 The Other Place 

As things were quieting down, Vev and Cohen were spending some alone time on a separate couch in the far corner of the room, away from Jonathan, David and Lavender. He ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, as his face remained barren and emotionless. “Can you please talk to me” Vev begged. “Are you mad at me for the reading?” she questioned, as Cohen let out a large sigh.

“No, I am not mad. I’m just really, really confused” he explained to her. “Do you honestly think that I am still in love with Casandra?” he asked baffled by what he was hearing. “No… Of course not” Vev replied. “Well not of course not in a bad way. It’s just, everyone loves Cassandra and what you two had was special, I just don’t know if we can compete with that, and I’m just scared that I’m going to lose you” Vev cried, as she gripped onto the boy’s shoulder.

“You have got to stop comparing yourself to her, stop comparing us to my relationship with her” Cohen said to his girlfriend, in an encouraging tone. “You deserve to be loved, and I love you. Just stop with this insecurities” he said, as Vev began to shake her head. “No, it’s not my fault it’s just so hard everything is becoming too much. And I just can’t get you two out of my head, ever since she told me about the baby” the words left her lips and she instantly fell silent, as her heart pounded against her chest.

“What baby?” Cohen questioned. “Has Dean got her pregnant?” he questioned, but from Vev’s silence and facial expressions it was enough for him to put the pieces together. “Oh my god, oh my god” he panted frantically. “Is it mine? How long has she known!” he shouted, in a horrid state of worry.

“She’s not pregnant” Vev whispered. “Not anymore” she added, as tears now streamed down her face. “Please don’t tell her I told you” she whimpered, as Cohen shot to his feet, and stormed out of the door. “No Cohen, please stay please” she shouted, as she watched the man she loves disappear into the rainy town.

Lavender came running over from the other side of the room, “What’s going on, is everything okay?” she questioned, as she sat next to Vev and placed her hand on her knee. “Vev, talk to me” Lavender said, as she was embraced by the Hive member, who wrapped her hands around Lavender’s shoulders and continued to cry hysterically.

 Abandoned Barn 

“Wake up” Clara shouted, as she threw water on to Logan’s face. The boy jumped with fright, he was sat on the floor, leaned against what looked like a piece of broken fence, with his hands tied behind his back, “So Logan, nice of you to join us” Clara added, as Logan looked around in confusion.

“What are you doing?” Logan questioned, as he squinted his eyes due to his throbbing head. “We just want to ask you a few questions” Cassandra said calmly, as she held the shovel in her best effort to look intimidating. “And we think you can help” she added, as Tyler aimed the gun at Logan.

“Are you all fucking insane. I can have you arrested” Logan roared at them, as he began to kick hay with his struggling legs.

“Can you? Because as far as I am aware the only criminal in this room is you” Tyler hissed, as Clara reached into her pocket and threw Leo’s letter down onto Logan’s lap. “Start talking, now!” Tyler roared at the boy, who stared at the piece of paper, with a wicked smile on his face.

“Well, I got to give the kid credit. He almost got away” Logan laughed. “But obviously something got in his way” Logan laughed, as Clara kicked the side of his leg. The arrogant boy grunted with pain, as he stared up at his captors.

“So, it’s true?” Cassandra questioned, and with another smirk Logan was prepared to lie his way out of this situation. “And don’t even think about lying, because we’ve just heard your conversation with those lovely gentleman. We know you didn’t care about him, so here is your last chance to confess and tell us what we want to know” Cassandra added, as the smile faded off of Logan’s face.

“Fine” the bound boy said. “It’s true, I was pimping out Leo to the entirety of gay Yorkshire, there happy. Now let me go” he said bluntly.

“No” Clara replied instantly. “Why, why did you do this to him? What did he ever do to you to warrant the kind of torture you put him through? He worshiped the ground you walked on and that is how you repaid him” Clara said, confidently holding back the tears as her entire body was filled with hate.

“Look Clara, don’t paint me out to be the bad guy here” Logan replied. “If you really wanted to save Leo, you could have. You were the ones who turned you back on him. Broke his heart, really fucked up his already damaged trust issues, so you’re really half to blame here. If you were still his friend, he probably would have told you” Logan said angrily.

“Don’t listen to him Clara” Cassandra said. “Leo was my best friend when he died, and he never told me. Because that’s the thing with creeps like you Logan, it doesn’t matter how much love someone is surrounded by, people like you find a way to make them feel completely alone” Cassandra added, as Logan rolled his eyes.

“Then maybe you could blame another one of your friends. Well two of them in fact, because Oscar and Oliver’s Dad knew about all of this and he didn’t intervene once. He knew Leo was a school student and he continued to let me do things I did to him” Logan explained to the group who looked on horrified by this revelation. “Because that is the type of man he is, just like me, greedy and hungry for money. The only difference is that Olsson has a conscience. And now that he’s going through ‘family issues’ he wants out” Logan explained.

“But he didn’t want out last year, when I first started working the floor at Gentleman’s Choice, he didn’t want out when I was giving him a cut of the profit, he didn’t want out when a few small dealers were supplying at the bar… why? Because he got money!” Logan said aloud. “But now he’s weakened, and he is trying to back out of the business venture you guys ease dropped on” Logan added.

“You’re turning the bar into a drug den” Clara said bluntly, as her eyes narrowed.

“Perceptive, god I am surprised Oscar hasn’t pieced it all together by now. At Christmas he and Oliver were hot on my trail, but they weren’t smart enough” Logan said bluntly.

“They’re both twice the men you’ll ever be” Tyler hissed at the boy, who once again rolled his eyes.

“Look, just let me go. I will return all the money Leo made me to one of you guys, or I’ll donate it to a gay charity or whatever. I’ll leave the country and never bother you guys ever again” Logan shouted. “Just fucking untie me!” he roared.

“No, we’re not done” Clara replied coldly. “Besides I have one more vital question to ask” she said calmly as she kneeled down to Logan’s level.

“Who’s the killer?” she questioned, as the expression on Logan’s face changed dramatically, as he now began to laugh aloud. “Or should I say, who’s your guardian angel?” she said, with a smug smile of her own.

“Oh so you heard that, so now you know” Logan giggled.

“Wait, so you actually know who’s behind all of this? What the fuck us wrong with you!” Cassandra roared. “Here was me thinking you were just a drug addicted, nymphomaniac Harvey Weinstein in training. But you are literally a full blown psychopath” Cassandra roared. “How do you know I’m not the killer?” Logan laughed.

“Because you’re not smart enough” Clara replied instantly. “But you clearly know who it is, and you just as sick and twisted as them for hiding their identity. So if you tell us who it is, we’ll let you go” Clara replied, as she stood up and away from Logan. “Nope” Logan replied smugly.

“Tell us!” Clara roared.

“No, because if I do then that person will make my life a whole lot worse, and even if I escaped to the moon they’d still find a way to torture me” Logan explained calmly.

“Why are you hiding them?” Tyler questioned.

“Mutual benefits. I scratch their back and they scratch mine. And I do not one become one of those victims like those other weak fuckers at school” he laughed. Clara had heard enough, she grabbed the gun of Tyler and loaded it, pointing it squarely at Logan’s head.

“Tell us now! We can end this, no one else has to die!” Clara roared, tears of rage now filling her eyes.

“You’re still under the impression that I care if people die” Logan laughed. “I don’t the entire school could be mascaraed and I wouldn’t even bat an eye lid. Because they are the big dog, the monster that lurks in the shadows and the monster is on my team” he added. “I could give two shits about other people, I don’t care Liv’s dead, I don’t care Chasity’s dead and I sure as hell don’t care that Leo is dead” he said, causing a reaction from all three members of the group.

“In fact, I am happy that they killed Leo. I am happy that they killed that little fucking slut. Because he got what he deserved for trying to rebel against his owner. The Killer got him, it wasn’t the plan but it worked out” he explained. “What do you mean?” Tyler gasped.

“I only wanted Oliver dead, so I called in favour. Leo was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but now he’s dead. And I couldn’t be happier, knowing that his body was gutted and now he’s rotting in hell, where he belongs… Brings me so much happiness_” Logan roared, when a loud BANG echoed throughout the bar.

Cassandra screamed loudly, and Tyler jumped with fright, as they realised that Clara had just shot Logan squarely in the head. “Bastard” Clara whispered, as she watched the blood trickle from his lifeless body.


Maggie stared at the judge with her heart in her chest, Simon clutched onto Dean who attempted to remain as emotionless as possible. But that was a hard feat considering his mind was on Oscar and why he was at the courtroom in the first place. Meanwhile at the end of the row, Detective McKenna eagerly awaited the news from the judge. He too was facing a mental dilemma. He was so sure that the Mendoza’s were the ones behind all of this, but something in his gut told him that Maggie was innocent, but should she be found innocent that would bring up even more questions and he would once again be faced with a barrage of angry parents demanding someone to be imprisoned.

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back” the judge said calmly, as everyone returned to sitting down. “In light of what was shared today and the evidence previously handed to me, by Yorkshire police and the private investigators, I have come to a conclusion” she said, as Maggie squeezed on the hand of her representative from underneath the table. “I have decided that Maggie Mendoza should be released immediately and face no further charges” the judge continued, as all of the Mendoza’s breathed a collective sigh of relief. Whilst Cali’s parents grunted in frustration.

“The evidence presented here does not prove in any way shape or form, that Mrs Mendoza caused any physical harm to Callista Ranza and will therefore not face any further charges, in the ongoing murder investigations of Windsor Academy” the judge continued as Dean’s father wrapped his arm around his shoulder and hugged him tightly. “Furthermore, with the character testimonies presented today, it is my belief that Mrs Mendoza merely had the best interest of the students of Windsor Academy at heart, I will however be setting a restraining order forbidding Mrs Mendoza from entering within one hundred feet of the Ranza family” she said, but Maggie was too happy to even care, she was finally a free woman. “Mrs Mendoza, you are free to leave. Court dismissed” the judge said as everyone rose to their feet and rushed towards her.

Maggie instantly threw her arms around Dean, completely disregarding her husband, something which McKenna took particular note of. “Mum, you get to come home” Dean cried, as tears of joy filled his eyes.

McKenna continued to stare, now wondering where that left him and the ongoing investigation. He was about to turn around to leave, when suddenly Simon turned away from Maggie to face the Detective. It was quick, but it did indeed happen, as a devilish smile formed on Simon Mendoza’s face, almost mocking the detective, taunting him from afar.

“I have to go get changed and get my stuff back from the police, but I’ll meet you at school okay” Maggie told Dean, as she cradled her face. She then turned to Simon, who leaned in for a kiss, but all he got was a hug. “I’ll see you later sweetheart” Maggie sighed, before pushing the man away entirely. On her way out of the court, her mind raced with thoughts of Callista, the devilish temptress who landed her in this mess. And for the first time ever, Maggie thought about the teenage girl, falling to death, and she smiled.


“Clara, what the fuck where you thinking!” Cassandra screamed, as she paced back and forth along the muddy terrain, whilst Tyler checked for a pulse.

“He’s dead” Tyler whispered to the girls, as he backed away from Logan’s body.

“Of course he’s dead, she just shot him in the fucking head!” Cassandra roared back, as she cried to herself. “He got what was coming to him” Clara replied in a solemn voice.

"Yeah he did, but at the end of the day we’re still gonna go to jail, because you had to go all Kill Bill on his arse” Cassandra screamed, as Tyler exchanged a look with Clara.

“What?” Cassandra questioned, finally standing still.

“We’re not going to jail, because when the police find him, they’re going to lump him in with other murders” Clara replied, in an calm tone. “All we have to do, is get David, Lavender, Cohen, Vev and Jonathan to give us some form of an alibi and we’ll be good, no one will even know we were here” Clara explained to Casandra.

“This is crazy, this is fucking crazy” Cassandra sighed. “Tyler please tell her this is crazy” she pleaded with the boy, who merely shrugged his shoulders. “Oh god, you too?” the queen bee questioned.

“I mean he did have it coming, he was just as dangerous as the killer, if not more so” Tyler explained, as he looked down at Logan’s lifeless body. “He’s the reason Leo and Oliver are dead, he knew who the killer was and did nothing to stop them. He really did have it coming” Tyler sighed, agreeing with Clara.

“Except, now because of Annie Oakley here, we don’t know who the killer is” Cassandra shouted, as Tyler and Clara once again exchanged a look of concern. “What now?” Cassandra sighed loudly.

“We already have a working theory. It may not be right, but it’s all we got” Tyler replied, as Cassandra watched on with a concerned look.

“Cassandra sweetie, I am sorry that you had to see that” Clara apologised as she took the girls hand. “And I am sorry for what we’re about to tell you” she added, as Casandra’s eyes darted back and forth between her and Tyler. “We think that Dean and Mr Mendoza are the killers” she explained, as Cassandra instantly pulled away from her.

“What!” Cassandra shouted. “Dean would never do anything like that, he’s been trying to find the killer this entire time” she explained to the pair.

“Look, Mr Mendoza and Cali were having an affair, and we think that whatever is in Cali’s box may be able to help us, and we know that both Dean and his father have a key” Tyler explained, before he was cut off.

“Wait, you’ve had the box this entire time!” Cassandra shouted. “That’s what Dean’s been looking for, he believes that his father could be the killer too, but he just needs that box to prove it” Cassandra shouted in disbelief.

“Well technically Liv had the box for a while, and when you gave me her stuff it was in it” Clara explained. “And does he need the box to prove his father’s guilt or does he need it to hide his guilt?” Clara questioned, as Cassandra returned to pacing the floor.

“We know this is a lot to take in, but please just hear us out” Tyler begged.

“Think about it, why was he at Olivia’s death, why did he show up unannounced. And why was he so adamant to come along with you the night Chasity died. He appears in these random places every time he needs an alibi. Cassandra please don’t you get it” Clara cried, as she reached out for the girls hand, but was swatted away.

Cassandra turned to the window, watching as the setting sun peaked through the storm clouds. “The Detective said the same thing” Cassandra whispered. “He thinks they’re guilty too” she confessed. “Dean also started the fire on the mores. And at first I thought he was doing it to protect his father” she explained. “Because he was just trying to burn down the love-nest Cali and Simon had together, but now I am second guessing everything he does” she roared, breaking down into a fit of sobbing.

“I thought he was the one” she said to Clara, who reached over and hugged the girl. “But everything points towards him, even if I don’t want it too” she cried, resting her forehead on Clara’s shoulder.

“Cassandra listen to me, this is not the end” Tyler whispered to her. “You could get any guy in the school, this one really isn’t worth your time of day. We just need your help” he begged.

“We need you to get one of those keys” Clara told her. “And then once and for all we can find out whether Dean and his Father are innocent” Clara said, with so much grit and determination.

 Gentleman’s Choice 

Elias sat on his bar stool, still slightly damp from the drink Logan poured all over him, completely unaware of the events that had just transpired at the bar. When the door opened behind him, he didn’t bother to even look up from his drink. “We’re closed!” he mumbled, but the person continued to approach. “I said we’re fucking closed!” he roared, before spinning around to see Oscar standing behind him.

“Is that how you talk to your customers?” Oscar questioned, as he sat beside his father at the bar. “Or am I a special case?” he asked, as he too grabbed himself a drink. “You don’t mind do you?” he asked his father, who handed him the bottle of whiskey. “So how did your meeting go?” Oscar questioned, as he poured himself a glass.

“As bad as it possibly could have” Elias sighed, as he too poured another one out for himself. “But as is my entire life right now” he sighed, as he pressed his forehead against the glass.

“It’s not your fault” Oscar replied, as he instantly downed the drink. “None of it was, you can’t blame yourself. Oliver wouldn’t want you too” he sighed. “I promised I’d look after him, and I failed you” he said to his father, tearing up at the revelation. “But he was happy with Leo, at least we can take some solace and comfort in that. He was happy” he cried, as his father patted his shoulder.

“He was such a great kid. You both are” Elias sighed, as he leaned in and hugged his son. “I am so sorry Oscar, I should have protected him. What kind of father am I?” he questioned. “I run a gay bar and my own Son didn’t want to tell me he was gay” he sighed.

“A good one, you just couldn’t save him” Oscar sighed. “No one could” he added, as he finished his drink. “And Oscar didn’t even tell me until the morning before, it wasn’t anything to do with you, it was his secret and he wanted to keep it. He wouldn’t want you getting bogged down in all the details, he wouldn’t want you sat at a bar torturing yourself Dad” he shouted. “He’d want you to rest and find peace” Oscar sighed, as he stood up from the bar.

“Where are you going?” Elias questioned, as tears fell from his cheeks.

“Back to school, Cassandra is hosting a vigil for Leo since his parents have taken his body back to America. So I’m going to pay my respects, but I’ll be home for dinner” Oscar told his father as he got up and walked towards the door. “Dad, relax. Everything will work out. Eventually” he said, as he exited the bar, leaving his father to drown his sorrows.

 Iris Dormitories 

Lavender sat on her bed, watching as the skype screen loaded before her, when finally Daniel appeared on the screen in front of her. He was sat in front of a massive pool, shirtless, with shiny pink swimming trunks on. “Hello my Love” Daniels laughed from the other end of the call. “I’ve missed you so much. It’s been far too long” he sighed, as Lavender simply nodded his head. “I am sorry that I haven’t texted as much lately, just shoots have been crazy, time differences. I just feel like everything is pulling us apart right now you know” he said to her, as he ate some pineapple.

Lavender remained silent and simply nodded her head as her boyfriend spoke, she was trying to think of how best to word this. “And damn I heard about Leo, that shit is so awful, poor boy. And Oscar’s brother too, seriously is everyone okay?” he questioned. “Yeah, shaken but everyone is as well as one could be” Lavender sighed, as she clutched onto her shaking hand.

“See this is why I would just feel so much better if you came over here with me” Daniel replied. “That school is getting far too dangerous, and the fucking parent’s board aren’t doing shit because they don’t want to lose money. Please reconsider coming out here” he begged. “We’ll talk to your parents, convince them that it’s the best possible option and_” before he could say another word, Lavender finally spoke up.

“I want to break up” she said over him, immediately silencing the boy. “What?” Daniel questioned, in a state of shock.

“I just think it’s for the best. We never get the chance to speak to each other, and” she stuttered, as she reached under her pillow to pull out a letter. “I got into Oxford, so I don’t think me coming out to America would be best, I just need to stay here, finish my education and leave this hell hole behind” she told the still stunned Daniel.

“But… all of our plans” he sighed.

“I know, and I would love nothing more than for those plans to come true, it’s just” Lavender sighed. “I just need to do this, I can’t give up on my dream school. I’m not some American Valley-Girl supermodel” she sighed.

“I don’t want that type of girl, I want you” Daniel explained.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry it turned out this way” Lavender cried, as she saw Daniel’s eyes fill with tears, he hung up the call and disappeared off the screen. “Daniel wait!” she shouted. But it was too late, he was gone. She sat in silence, before lay her head down onto her pillow and covering her entire body with the blanket, and then when she was fully concealed from the world, she began to sob silently to herself.

 Outside of Prison 

Maggie clutched her bag tightly to her chest, as she exited the gates. Finally dressed in her own clothing once more, she took a deep breath of fresh air and sighed loudly, before she stared up at the setting sun. But much to her dismay she was greeted by another police car, and Detective McKenna who leaned against its door. “Welcome home” the man greeted, as Maggie approached him with caution. “Not the welcoming comity you were hoping for?” the detective questioned.

“Not that I was expecting one, more that I didn’t request one in the first place” Maggie explained, as the man pushed himself off of the door. “I don’t want my son to know, but I’m leaving tonight” Maggie confessed. “Or is that against the law?” she questioned sarcastically.

“No, you’re completely in your right as a citizen to leave” McKenna explained. “Where are you going?” he questioned.

“Scotland. I have some family up there, when I get settled I’ll send for Dean. He’s eighteen now, so it’s his choice whether or not he wants to join me. But let’s face it, anywhere is better than the murder capital of England” she sighed. “Why are you really here?” Maggie asked, knowing the Detective had ulterior motives.

“It’s about your husband” McKenna confessed.

“Of course, it always is” Maggie replied solemnly.

“Do you think he’s a murderer?” McKenna asked.

“Do you?” Maggie replied instantly.

“What about your son?” McKenna questioned once more.

“Dean is not a killer” Maggie replied aggressively. “As for Simon I think you already have your own theories. And you are the expert here” she said with a sigh, “Now if you’d excuse me Detective, I have a train to catch” she said, attempting to walk before being halted by McKenna.

“But what do you think” he questioned her, in a voice that begged her to continue. “You already know what a monster he really is. Just because her parents dropped the charges, doesn’t automatically erase them” Maggie said coldly. “If he’s already a sex offender, would you really put it past him to be a murderer?” she asked, as McKenna’s grip loosened. “Like I said, you have your own theories… Act on them.” she shouted into the Detective’s face. “Before more of those kids die. If you really need fucking help, I heard they had a love nest somewhere, I don’t know where, but I’m sure you could find out” she walked away from the man, before once again turning around to him. “Do your fucking job detective” she roared, before she disappeared into the fog, leaving the detective alone with his thoughts desperately wondering if his theories were correct.

When all of a sudden his radio buzzed. “Go for McKenna” the man sighed, as he rubbed his temples.

“Yeah Sir, we got a distress call from a couple of concerned citizens. Say they were taking a walk across the woodlands when they heard a gun fire. We’ve tracked the location of the blast to an abandoned barn, just east of Bronte Road, you’re going to want to see this Sir” another voice on the end of the line said, as McKenna acted quickly and dove into his vehicle.

He pressed his foot down and started his siren, lighting up the dark night with the blue neon light as he raced into action.


The sky was finally clear and courtyard was packed with students, all gathered in mass to mourn the loss of one of their own. A drenched, mud covered, Clara, Cassandra and Tyler finally emerged on the scene, garnering the attention from everybody within looking distance. “Everybody is staring” Tyler whispered to the two girls, as they stood in the archway unable to even move.

But just as quick they were yesterday’s news and the students continued their conversations. Clara’s eyes met that of David’s who looked at her with confusion. “Excuse me guys, think I better go over there and start apologising and explaining” she whispered to the group. “Good luck with your speech. I’ll be right at the front” she told Casandra, reassuring her with a gentle rub on her shoulder.

Cassandra and Tyler watched as the Clara approached her boyfriend, they smiled at each other before Cassandra looked towards the bare blossom tree. “Well, I better get over there and get this thing started. Thanks for being so calm today, I don’t think I would have gotten through this if it wasn’t for you” she said calmly to Tyler.

“You don’t have to thank me” Tyler replied. “Besides, any normal person would have broken down after what we’ve just seen, so I wouldn’t worry too much” he added. “What are we going to do?” Cassandra questioned.

“We’ll just have to go with the motion and pray for the best” Tyler said, as he looked towards Clara. “She’s not a bad guy, she was just sticking up for Leo, getting justice” he explained, trying to rationalise Clara’s actions himself.

“There is no justice in this world” Cassandra replied, as she once again turned around, only to be met by the angry face of Cohen. “Oh, Cohen you startled me” she gasped, clutching onto her chest.

“We need to have a conversation. Right now!” the rugby player roared, as he stormed towards a bench in the far corner of the courtyard.

“What’s all that about?” Tyler questioned, as a shrugging Cassandra followed Cohen and joined him on the bench for a private moment.

“Is everything okay_” but before she could reply he jumped down her throat.

“Did you get rid of our baby?” Cohen asked directly, not wishing to beat around the bush. A baffled Cassandra sat there with her mouth wide open, unsure of whether or not to speak. “Answer me!” Cohen hissed through gritted teeth. “Did you get an abortion?” he asked, as Casandra’s eyes filled with tears. She nodded her head, and the jock’s eyes immediately shut, his whole body clenching with disgust. “How could you not tell me this? Don’t I get a say as the baby’s father whether or not we keep it?” he asked aggressively.

“We weren’t ready, and I didn’t want you to have that burden” Cassandra cried. “I know I should have told you, but I didn’t want to lose you” she cried, attempting to touch the boy’s hand in order to offer him some reassurance.

“Don’t ever touch me again” Cohen roared, as a few of the students looked on at the two. “You know you’ve done some pretty bitchy things in your time” he sighed, as his eyes now too began to water. “But keep this from me is by far the worst thing you’ve ever done” he added. “I never want to speak to you ever again” he whispered, as he rose to his feet. “You’re practically dead to me” he added, with so much ferocity in his voice.

He stormed away leaving Cassandra a wreck yet again, unable to even form a sentence.

Meanwhile, Clara anxiously approached David already nervous of what she had to tell him.

“Where the hell have you been? You look like you just spent a weekend in Glastonbury” David laughed as he pulled in Clara for a hug. She clung onto the back of his shirt for dear life and finally exhaled.

“I’m so happy to see you” she told him.

“What was all that about back at the café and where have you been all day?” he questioned. “Long story short, we found out Logan was abusing Leo. And we just wanted to confront him to find out whether or not this was true” Clara explained.

“And what does that have to do with you being covered in mud?” David asked.

“I think I’ve just done something really stupid” Clara said, as she clutched onto her bag, unzipping it just enough to reveal the gun to David, who practically jumped out of his skin with fright.

Tyler watched the two girls from a far whilst leaning on one of the pillars. Until someone bumped into his shoulder. “Sorry mate, was I in your way?” Tyler apologised to the figure, before he finally realised that it was Oscar. “Oscar, holy shit! Where have you been, we’ve been trying to contact you for weeks” he Tyler sighed, as he leaned into hug the boy before being quickly pushed away.

“Save it” Oscar sighed. “I am going to tell you the same thing I told Clara at the funeral” he added. “I’m done with all of this shit. I am here to get my education and that is all. I’m coming back to school on Monday, and I want nothing to do with any messes you lot get yourself into” he roared.

“Oscar” Tyler sighed, before Oscar spoke over him.

“No, don’t try that shit” the blond boy replied. “I’ve already lost too much. I’m not going to risk my life chasing this dangerous person, be smart for once in your fucking life and leave it to the professionals” he hissed at Tyler, who was stunned into silence. “Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to say goodbye to Leo, alone” he whispered, before disappearing into the crowd of students.

Back at the bench Cassandra attempted to compose herself, she rose to her feet and was just about to approach the podium, when suddenly Dean stepped out of nowhere and hugged her. “Attack hug” he shouted, before bursting into laughter. “Did you hear the good news?” shaking Casandra’s stiff body. “My Mum got released, she’s coming home” he laughed, unaware that his mother was on her way to Scotland.

“Oh wow that’s great” Cassandra said robotically, failing to reciprocate the hug. “Is everything okay?” her boyfriend questioned, as she avoided all eye contact with him, with the doubts Clara and Tyler planted, still weighing heavily on her mind.

“Yeah, fine” she lied. “I just have to start the speech now, so if you don’t mind” Cassandra whispered, as she pointed at the podium. Without another word, Dean moved out of her way, allowing her to storm ahead away from him, instantly alerting him to the fact that something was indeed very wrong, and as he squinted his eyes and watched as his girlfriend took to the podium all he could think about was her strange behaviour.

“My fellow students” Cassandra decreed instantly silencing the crowd, as she stood in front of a large photo of Leo. “Welcome, on this hallowed evening we are gathered to celebrate the life of Leo Barnaby, who was taken from us, far too soon” she said, as she looked out to the sea of familiar faces.

“Whilst this event is tragic, it is important that we remember the lighter side of things” she told the rest of the students. “Because death is not the end, and whilst it may seem like that for us, I am sure that Leo is somewhere far more beautiful, with the painful memories of this world nothing but that, memories. He is free, and looking over us. Ensuring that we feel protected and loved” she went on, as her hands began to shake. She looked out to see a distressed Vev, who mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to Casandra, who quickly diverted her attention.

“When I first met him, I saw Leo for nothing but his sexuality. An object, an accessory, a GBF. But once I got to know him, I was lucky enough to learn what an amazingly, beautiful human being he was” she cried. “And I know he is up there, with Oliver happier than ever. Because that’s what he deserved most in this world, happiness. His story is a lesson to us all, that all you need to defeat the darkness, is friendship, conviction and love” she said, as she looked over towards, Tyler and Clara who were hanging on her every word. But as they listened to her speech they remained unaware of what was happening on the other side of town.

 Abandoned Barn 

McKenna’s body pulled up outside the barn, as multiple police were already at the scene. “Over here” a police officer with a torch beckoned from the doorway. The detective followed suit and entered the barn. “I’m afraid there’s been another one” he told McKenna as he shined his torch over towards Logan’s deceased body.

“Sir, there’s something else” the police officer said, as they beckoned McKenna to the briefcase of money. McKenna looked down at the money and at the muddy floor, noticing several of the footprints that had been indented onto the scene. “Well, something tells me there was more than one person behind this” McKenna sighed, as he stared at the foot prints, before returning his gaze up towards Logan’s blood soaked face.


Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 10/15 (Mention Only)
  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 10/15 (Mentioned)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 10/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244)→ 10/15
  • Nina Dobrev as Chasity Fairize (Created by Queen Steph)→10/15 (mentioned Only)

Supporting Cast 

  • Jeremy Irvine as Leo Barnaby (Created by Mr. Clayton)→ 10/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Emma Roberts as Cassandra Clooney (Created byFreakySnixx)→ 10/15
  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 8/15 (Flashback)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Cohen Kingsley ( Created by Emily May)→ 10/15
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 10/15
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 9/15 (Not Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 7/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 10/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 10/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 10/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 10/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 10/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 5/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 9/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 8/15 (Video Only)

 Final Thoughts  



Welcome back to HWT. It's been like 2 months and I know, I know, it's late. But as usual life catches up with me and stops me from writing. But I am back and so pleased with how this episode turned out. Whilst it may not be the most action packed episode it delivered a lot of revelations and a lot of clues... That's all I'll say.

As usual guys I love hearing your thoughts and theories, so leave them below. Love you all


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