Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Friday October 23rd, 2015
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun
These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume...
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

 1 Year Ago – Yorkshire, Windsor Academy 

Song: Frank Sinatra- The Lady is a Tramp

The ballroom was bustling with teenagers and adults in period costumes and stylized masks, and the air filled with the din of 1000 laughing voices, general gossiping and inane small talk. Loud music boomed all around the ballroom, drowning out the sound of the rain that attacked the glass ceiling. There, on the balcony, holding a glass of pilfered champagne stood Callista Ranza, in an elegant red ball gown, her piercing blue eyes hidden beneath an extravagant matching red mask, embroidered with fine black velvet details. She stood there, watching over the rest of the school, presiding over the rabble as if this was her kingdom and these were her subjects.

"There you are,” a familiar voice came from the side of her. She didn’t bother turning around, as she knew exactly who it was. It was her best friend, Casandra Clooney, who was her right-hand girl, along with Chasity Fairize, the group's resident fashion expert, and Vevina Ferozco, who knew everything about everyone; if there was even the smallest piece of gossip going around the school, odds are Vevina either heard it or spread it herself. She was vicious like that; but then again, so was everyone else in her group of friends.

There was one thing unique about these girls, they were the crème of the crop, they were physically on top of the food chain at the academy, and they shared a bond of sisterhood that was represented from the broaches they wore that were shaped like a bee, with Callista as their queen. The school collectively knew them as the Bitchettes, a name they seemed to wear like a badge of honour.

“Yes, here I am,” Callista replied, rolling her eyes.

Did you get it?” Callista asked Casandra, who remained silent and extended her arm. Callista did the same as Casandra deposited a key with a long piece of black string into her friend’s hand. Callista then proceeded to wrap the string around her neck.

Can you give us a moment?” Casandra asked the other two members of the Bitchettes who nodded in agreement as they all began to descend the spiral staircase that took them to the dance floor. Chasity and Vevina spread out into the crowd upon their descent, looking like a front-line advance regiment heralding Callista's arrival to the party, shooing aside the chattel, and briefly greeting those with higher social standing, performing all the duties Callista didn't have time for. Hanging back at the base of the stairs, Callista inspected her friend's dress. Casandra wore a pastel pink low-cut dress and had a matching velvet shawl around her arms; her mask was white and had diamonds on it.

So what is that? More blackmail? As if you didn't have enough dirt on everyone already.” Casandra asked her friend, moving closer to her.

None of your business, but as promised, call this number by tomorrow and they will help you with your 'little issue',” Callista refuted while brushing her friend off as she handed Cassie a business card face down.

You wouldn’t understand. This is much bigger than you and I. Now leave, Casandra, get drunk, dance with your boyfriend. Just don’t stick around here okay. It might get ugly,” she demanded, beginning to turn around when suddenly a slightly husky boy in a black mask bumped into her. He spilt both his and her own drink all down her dress.

I am so sorry!” the boy pleaded, removing his mask to reveal his identity — he was Raven Castillo.

What the actual hell!” Callista hissed, shooting daggers at the boy.

I’m so sorry, it was an accident,” the boy stated, clearly embarrassed by his reddened cheeks.

Oh believe me you fat ugly pig, you will be sorry after this. Now do me and everyone else here a favour go back to bed. Your presence alone is repulsing, and maybe without you here there will actually be food left in the buffet.” she insulted the boy. Casandra giggled, flicking her long blonde hair. Raven who was humiliated ran away covering his face.

Who even was that guy?” Casandra asked.

His name is Raven. He's the mouth breather that sits behind me in our history class” Callista told her friend, looking at the boy exit the ballroom.

He is? Well shows how much of an impression he’s made on me” Casandra laughed, pulling out a hand mirror and began to apply a bright pink lipstick.

That shade is trashy,” Callista said. Casandra stopped in her tracks and put away the lipstick.

And besides, no one except Cohen has made an impression on you” she laughed, pushing Casandra slightly.

But all jokes aside, you do have to leave. I’m meeting a boy here and the last thing I need is him getting distracted by your boobs. I mean really, Cass, you are at a masquerade ball, not moonlighting as a stripper,” she once again insulted her friend. Cassandra flicked her hair and slowly turned away, biting her lip to help compose herself.

So I will see you around then, we still need to talk about you-know-what,” Casandra said but heading away from the stairs.

Yeah, you will see me later tonight… Now go!” Callista replied, miming a 'shoo' action. Once her friend was gone, Callista, looked around briefly, hiked up the side of her dress and walked back up the stairs and headed out to the balcony. The rain had eased up and it was only the odd drop here and there. She got out her phone and immediately began searching for the guy she was going to be talking to.

Out on balcony come find me xoxo” the message read as she hit send, but soon a red exclamation point appeared next to the text. ''“Failed to send” '', the phone read. The girl let out a large groan and moved towards the edge. She heard the door open and there stood a figure in a tux, white gloves and a full faced white mask with red and gold sprinkled throughout, leaving eye slots as the only openings.

There you are! Finally! You almost gave me a heart attack though. Maybe I should put a bell on you to alert me of your presence.” Callista shouted playfully, as she began to drag the boy in question towards the edge of the balcony.

Come here, I missed you” she whispered passionately to the figure, pulling them in by his blazer and slightly lifting the guy's mask. The two shared a kiss before the figure slowly drew back. There was a loud clap of thunder. Callista jumped out of her skin but the mysterious figure stood still.

We better get inside. It looks like it’s about to rain yet again.” she laughed, looking up at the sky. She grabbed their hands and headed back for the door but the figure was still and forced Callista back.

What is it?” she asked. The figure slowly raised their hand and touched the key that was wrapped around her neck. She batted their hands away

Oh that, that’s nothing. Now come on!” she once again tried to walk back, but the figure now aggressively pulled her back.

What is the meaning of this!?” she shouted.

The figure grabbed her neck and the girl now began to scream in fear. The figure quickly covered Callista’s voice with their gloved hand. The other hand began to wrap itself firmly around the key that hung on her neck. Callista stomped on the figures foot with her six inch heels and managed to break free. Suddenly the heavens opened and rain began to fall from the sky.

Help me!” she began to scream towards the door, but the music was too loud she knew the only way to get away from this freak was to get back inside. She made a last ditch attempt: she once again kicked the figure this time aiming for the stomach and turned her attention to the door.

But the figured was too fast, they grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled it back, dragging her towards the edge of the balcony.

Help, somebody help me please!!” she began to scream louder and louder, tears now streaming down her face, her whole body was soaked with rain as she got unceremoniously dumped onto the hard floor. She attempted to stand up but the masked figure stomped on her back, she let out a squeal of pain, before she was turned around by her tormentor. That is when she saw it, hanging above her head, a knife. The blade shined brightly and deep down Callista knew this was it, she let out a large scream, but the knife did not hurt her, it merely cut the string around her neck. The tormentor now possessed the key, dangling it above the girl like a toy, and slapped her when she tried to reach for it. However, in the process she removed the guy's mask and was shocked at who it was.

I had a feeling it would be you, I should have seen it coming earlier. You won't get away with this! Sooner or later the truth will come out! Mark my words, it won't end with me” Callista screamed out but was grabbed roughly by the neck, choking her by impeding oxygen from coming to her lungs. The mysterious person then pushed the brunette girl as hard as he could, sending her over the balcony and landing with a loud thud on the ground. Her head hurt so much but the last thing she saw was a second figure had joined the person who threw her and stolen the key that was previously around her neck.

Then it all went black.

 Present Day – Yorkshire, Windsor Academy 

Olivia Wright was asleep in her parents' car as it drove up to the Academy, her head resting on the window and her blonde hair tied up into a bun, keeping it out of her face. Finally, the day was here. School was back, knocking at her front door bringing news with it — she was officially in her last year of school, year 13, the year she'd been preparing for all summer. The University of Liverpool was calling her, and she couldn’t wait to leave quiet Yorkshire for a city with more fun things to do. All that she had to do was survive a year of bitchy girls, hard work, and pressure from her family and, of course, A-Levels.

Olivia woke up from her nap, looking out of the window. Tall trees lined the pavement on both sides of the narrow road leading toward large gates at the very end of the road. The place seemed to be secluded from the rest of the town, making it radiate exclusivity and created the perfect image of a posh private school.

“Are you excited, princess?” her father asked her. Olivia slowly raised her head up and yawned. “Of course, one more year in this hellhole and I can be free,” she laughed, looking her father in the eyes through the rearview mirror.

Her father laughed, but her mother remained straight-faced as they began their journey into the gates of Windsor Academy.

“I want to come here when I am older,” said Olivia’s little sister, Dorothea.

“Believe me, sweetie, you don’t,” Olivia replied, rooting for her bag. Picking her handbag up off the floor, she began to rummage through it.

“What are you looking for, dear?” her mother asked.

“Ah, here it is” Olivia exclaimed, holding up a golden bee broach. “It’s just a broach my new friends got me. We all wear them,” she told her parents. fixing the badge onto her perfect white blazer.

“Oh, is this the latest fad?” her father asked.

“I guess you could say. It’s kind of a uniform thing, something that only me and my friends wear,” she replied, looking out the window at the large trees.

“Well, does Clara wear one?” her mother asked, referring to her old friend Clara Stark.

“No," Olivia replied, not wanting to reveal the truth about her and Clara.

When they finally approached the huge gates leading to the Academy, Olivia angled her body towards the open window and breathed in the summer breeze.

“We’re here and look Mummy! Those girls are getting out of a pink car! Can I have a pink car?” Dorothea screamed, pointing to the large building that lay at the end of the tunnel of trees and upon further inspection, Olivia realised the girls in question were Cassandra followed by Chastity and Vev.

The Wrights approached the school. Cars surrounded the place, as kids from all ages were ushered out of their cars, with their parents hugging them. Sixth formers didn’t have to wear a uniform like the younger years, so the whole front of the school was covered in young children in uniforms and their parents making sure they looked immaculate.

Olivia stepped from the black car, setting her gaze at the large building that set beyond the sidewalk, towering over her as if attempting to intimidate her. One more year in this shithole and I'm gone, she thought. The thought of never coming back just excited her and boosted her motivation.

“Okay, we’ve done this thousands of times. So be good, don’t get drunk, work hard, and have the best last year of school ever.” Her father told her giving her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“And remember, Universities will be watching your grades, if you have your heart set on Liverpool, and becoming a doctor… make sure you work hard. I know you’ll make us proud.” Her mother cried, kissing her on the lips.

“And you try not to drive them up the wall,” Olivia said, kneeling down to her little sister.

“I’m gonna miss you!” Dorothea cried hugging her.

“I’m going to miss you too, munchkin. But Christmas is only four months away. I will be home before you know it," Olivia told her little sister kissing her forehead. Before she knew it, Olivia was waving off her family car, before she heard a loud pitch scream.

 Goodbyes and Hellos 

“Liv!” Casandra screamed, running in for a hug. The two girls screamed some more, attracting attention from bystanders.

“Cassie! How was your summer?” she asked.

“Oh fabulous, I will tell you all about it as soon as we get to the room. You're my roommate BTW, so let’s get a move on, my stuff's already there so I will help you and then we’re meeting Vev and Chastity for a big reunion.” Casandra said in a very theatrical-like manner.

“Fabulous," Olivia replied. Casandra stroked Olivia’s new bee broach, “I always knew you were one of us. Gold is most definitely your colour.” she replied, before linking hands with her friend and taking one of the suitcases as they skipped off to their room.

Not that far away from her, other goodbyes were being exchanged. The Olsson brothers were also saying goodbye to their father. Oscar, who was the shy one of the two, was indeed nervous, to say the least about starting his final year, whereas his brother Oliver was ready to thrive and be the man he always wanted to be. Oscar was casually dressed in a thick blue sweater and black jeans, whereas his brother was in a rugby jersey and joggings. Their father was giving them a speech about how they should respect girls, and how they should be proud of how hard they’ve worked.

“Can I go now, Pops?” Oliver asked his father, interrupting him. Mr Olsson was used to this, his oldest son always seemed so disconnected, whilst the other longed for approval wherever he turned.

“Fine, Oliver, you may go," he told him. Oliver grabbed his suitcase and a large Nike sports bag and ran towards the door, where he was greeted by fellow members of the rugby team, Cohen, Dean, Joel, Jonathan, Tyler and David. They all exchanged handshakes and aggressively loud welcomes before they disappeared inside the building.

“I know your brother can be a little," Mr Olsson whispered, “Shallow, Vapid, self-absorbed, arrogant, distant, and cold,” Oscar attempted to finish his father’s sentence.

“Yes, all of those things. But just look out for him, I don’t know what it is exactly but he’s been acting so differently this past year,” his father told Oscar.

“Okay, I better get going and please try to keep your brother out of trouble,” Mr Olsson told his son looking at his watch.

"It's not like he listens to me, but will do, Captain!" Oscar said with a mock salute that got his father to laugh.

“I will call you tonight from the bar. Now come give your Dad a hug," he laughed extending his arms. Oscar hugged his father tightly,

“I know you’re going to make me so proud this year," he whispered into his son's ear. There it was, the pressure, the pressure to be the good twin, the perfect twin. Oscar had felt this pressure all of his life, whereas Oliver got to do anything he wanted, whenever he wanted. This pressure lay over Oscar's head as he watched his father’s car drive away.

 Iris Dormitory 

All of the dorms in Windsor academy were named after flowers. This made it particularly easy for the new kid Leo Barnaby to find his dorm. He was assigned to room sixteen and as he walked down the long corridor, he noticed he was dressed differently to all of the other teenagers. Everyone else was in thick jumpers or sports shirts, and here he was in a leather jacket, black t-shirt and trousers. He thought coming here would be easier than going back to his old school. For his own sanity he hoped he was right.

As he came up to his door, he heard a warm voice coming from behind him.

“You’re new,” the girl stated, not even phrasing it as a question. Leo spun around to see a very beautiful girl, with long brown hair and flawless skin.

“My name is Clara, Clara Stark. And you are?” the girl asked, politely extending her hand.

“Leo Barnaby.” he replied, his Boston accent accidentally coming out.

“Oh, you’re American!” Clara exclaimed as she put her hair in a messy bun and closed the door to her dorm.

“Well Mr. Barnaby…. Welcome to hell.” she laughed extending out both of her arms.

“Are girls and boys even allowed to be in the same dorm?” he asked her a little confused looking around.

“Yes, the governors feel it will normalise sixth formers, but all that it leads to are parties, drugs, and lots of sex.” she said honestly, this made Leo laugh a little.

“Well, American, if you need anything I will be right across the hall." Clara smiled.

We will be right across the hall” her roommate, Dolly Memphis, stated ejecting herself into the conversation. “Oooo he’s cute,” she whispered to Clara . “Dibs,” she whispered, pushing her out of the way. She moved closer and closer to Leo, so that he was backed up against the door.

“I’m Theodora, but everyone calls me Dolly here. And if you need anything, and I mean anything, just knock,” she whispered, tapping Leo’s nose.

“Thanks for the heads up, girls. I will see you around Miss Stark, lovely to meet you, Dolly.” He nodded as the three exchanged smiles. “I will come knock for you at Tea Time or as you Americans call it... dinner. I will take you to the canteen since I have a feeling you don't know your way around just yet.” Clara told Leo politely.

“Thank you,” Leo kindly said before penning his door, and stepping inside. He closed it with a tremendous thud.

“Wow C how desperate can you get?” Dolly snarled. Clara flicked her hair as she walked past the girl.

Leo walked into his room coughing. It was filled with smoke. In one of the beds laid who he assumed was his room-mate in nothing but a pair of red boxer-briefs, Leo wondered how the boy wasn’t cold. He was holding a cigarette and was on his phone when he looked up at Leo and smiled. “Hi, I’m your roommate, Logan Kendrick,” the handsome guy said. Leo smiled back as he felt a sudden rush of happiness.

 Periwinkle Dorm – Home of the Bitchettes 

Casandra sat on a glamorous white chair that was placed next to her desk. She was looking at her nails as Chasity Fairize and Vev Ferozco were helping Olivia pack her clothes away. Vev held a gorgeous cashmere jumper in her hands.

“Wow Liv this is so cute,” she told her friend.

“Thanks Vev, you can borrow it anytime you want." She smiled at Vev. Casandra began to apply her usual shade of pink lipstick, looking into her pink mirror.

“Love the colour Cas!” Chasity said, shooting her friend a smile. Casandra puckered her lips and pouted.

“Thanks, I was once told this shade was trashy. Clearly that person didn’t have any taste," Cassandra said in a very snobbish tone.

Casandra stood up and walked over to her dresser and began to grab some pink bed sheets.

“God, where is Lavender when you need her,” Casandra hissed, pushing her blonde hair into a pony tail.

“Are we seriously letting her join us?” Chasity asked in a very confused tone.

“Maybe, if she can pass our tests,” Casandra laughed.

“Oh please! Girl will crack, I give her two weeks as your bitch Cas. You’re ruthless,” Vev laughed, closing Olivia’s wardrobe.

“Oh well, I already have her first task in mind. I sentence that bitch to a trial by water,” Casandra laughed, withdrawing water balloons from her dresser.

“Now Chasi, come help me put these on," she demanded, indicating to the sheets. Olivia couldn’t help but think how easy she had it, Casandra never made her go through this hazing, so why is she making Lavender? Olivia remembers the day well. It was towards the end of the year. The Bitchettes had approached her, and her now-former friend Clara Stark with two bee broaches, but Clara didn’t accept the broach. Olivia, however, did, and the two have been on poor terms ever since.

“Maybe I should fill these with something else. Like custard or jam,” Casandra laughed. The rest of the girls giggled, putting as they began to put sheets onto the bed.

“Oh my god Cas, only you could have Louis Vuitton bed sheets” Chastity commented.

“Well what can I say. I point, Father buys” Casandra giggled. Vev and Olivia were setting up all of Olivia’s makeup onto her desk.

“This colour would look so good on you,” Olivia told Vev, handing her a bright red lipstick. “Yeah, but I have nowhere to wear it. After all, this year’s masquerade ball is cancelled after-”

“Shush, Vev! We do not speak of it” Casandra cut her off.

“I’m sorry I was just-” Vev tried to apologise.

“No Vev, we all can’t have a little fun because Cali fell off the balcony. Jesus Christ, like it’s our fault she was drunk as hell. Seriously, who goes onto the balcony in the rain anyway,” Cassandra commented, laying down on her bed.

“The whole school has to suffer because she was a lightweight,” she again remarked, shooting Chasity a look as she tried to sit on the bed with her.

“Well, maybe we should have our own party,” Casandra suggested.

“And how on earth will we get away with that?” Olivia said in a very sarcastic tone.

“We have no drinks, no food,” she attempted to list the flaws in Casandra's plan but once again was cut off.

“Please, like I go anywhere without bringing a trustworthy stash,” Casandra laughed standing up, she knelt down and pulled a large pink cooler out from under her bed. She put her high heeled shoe on top of it. “Drinks sorted, and please Olivia, no one eats at parties and if anyone’s hungry, they can leave,” Casandra laughed.

“Oh my god, are we actually doing this?” Chasity asked.

“You bet your skinny ass we’re doing this,” Casandra told her.

“Now, all we need is guests,” Vev said.

“Oh, I’ve got that covered, come on ladies, let’s go for a walk,” Casandra commented, kicking her cooler under her bed. She and Chasity left hand in hand, leaving Olivia and Vev falling behind.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Olivia whispered into Vev’s ear.

“I’m sure it will be fine, and let’s be honest, after last year’s ball, we won’t have the worst party in Academy History,” Vev commented, in her usual ditzy tone. Olivia smirked and pushed her friend out of the door, locking it behind her.

 Iris Dorm: 

Leo finally finished packing his clothes back into his wardrobe. Leo was fascinated by Logan. He was putting on a shirt getting ready for dinner. The pair had exchanged pleasantries, but conversation had been running very dry.

“So are you new here?” Leo asked Logan who was looking into the mirror. Logan turned around and leaned back onto his desk.

“Kinda. I started last year. Once I finished year eleven I felt like a change of scene. So I demanded that my auntie send me here if she wanted me to continue in school. What’s your story? What dragged you away from America?” Logan smiled at Leo. This smile was like a bullet, it hit Leo hard. He was only just realising how shiny Logan’s teeth were.

“Well let’s just say a situation I was placed in was very awkward. I needed to get away from Boston. Far away” he whispered to himself.

“So why Yorkshire?” Logan asked but they were interrupted by the sound of a door. Leo being closest to it opened the door, he saw two boys standing in front of him. One was tall, well-built and blonde and the other was shorter he too was well-built and had brown hair.

“You coming out? We wanna have a quick game before dinner” David asked Logan who smiled at Leo and back at David,

“Sure. I may not be on the team but won’t stop me from whipping you asses into shape” Logan replied walking quickly to the door.

“To be continued” he whispered to Leo, Logan walked away with Cohen.

“Welcome to Windsor Academy. You should join us one of these days.” David said to the boy giving him a nod. He walked away following the other two boys. Leo was about to shut the door when he noticed the door facing his open.

“Don’t touch my lip gloss you bitch! Sometimes I wish the earth would swallow you up whole. Maybe then you'd learn about personal boundaries.” Clara shouted after Dolly who was strutting out of the room, she quickly turned around and gave Clara the middle finger and then proceeded to blow Leo a kiss.

“She seems nice” Leo laughed,

“You have no idea” Clara laughed.

“So how about I show you the campus before dinner” Clara said to the boy.

“That sounds great. Let me just put my shoes on” he indicated to his room. Clara shut her door and locked it and waited for her new friend. Once he was done he made his way out excited to explore his new home.


Leo and Clara had been walking around the school for a while just enjoying the sunny weather with a slight breeze. The sun was finally setting and it made the school somewhat beautiful. It was an unusually warm day considering it was September in the north of England. A lot of students were taking the chance to soak up the sun. Laying on the lawn, playing with a football, in one of the far corners, all of the rugby boys were playing a game of shirts V.S. skins, and in the distant corner lay a memorial for Callista.

Callista Ranza


Still With us in Spirit

“This is the courtyard. This is where everyone socializes and hangs out basically.” Clara indicated outwards. The afternoon sun shone in Leo’s eyes. Once his eyes were used to the brightness, he saw the memorial.

“What’s that?” he asked curiously pointing towards it.

“That is a memorial for a girl. Callista Ranza,  the original mean girl, all around nasty bitch and turns out a human being. She got drunk around this time last year, we used to have a masquerade ball to commemorate the start of school, and she got drunk and went onto the balcony in the rain. I assume you can make a logical assumption of what happened” she said in a somewhat sympathetic voice.

“Jesus. Regardless of who she was... No one deserves to die that way.” Leo whispered. Clara was about to speak when she heard a loud shout.

“Hey Clara” the voice came from the pairs left.

Clara smiled and waved at Oscar Olsson who was running towards her.

“Oscar watch out” Clara screamed pointing at moving boxes that were in his way. The boy went crashing to the ground, a lot of people let out a laugh, and even the rugby boys stopped their game to share a laugh. Oliver sighed looking embarrassed about the scene his brother was making. Oscar jumped up and quickly jogged over to his friend. They shared a hug.

“How are you? How was your summer?” he asked her in a very polite tone.

“It was good. I would ask you but you updated your Instagram every other minute practically. For a moment I thought I was with you in Paris” the pair laughed.

“Also I would like to introduce you to Leo Barnaby” Clara smiled looking at her new friend, who had now gotten distracted seeing Logan with his shirt off. Leo looked at him just for a moment he forgot where he was. It was the second they made eye contact that Leo broke away and raised his hand to Oscar.

“Very nice to meet you, Leo Barnaby” he smiled. Oscar pretended not to notice the fact Leo was looking at shirtless boys and offered him a firm handshake. “Oscar Olsson” he smiled.

A click clack of heels hitting the pavement could be heard and causing the the trio to looked over. “Something wicked this way comes” Oscar whispered to the pair.

“Who are they? Everyone's acting like those girls are some sort of celebrities” Leo asked raising his eyebrows and he saw everyone watching the group of four girls, all in pastel colours walking in synch.

Clara raised one eyebrow and exchanged a look with Oscar. “That one in the blue is Chasity she’s bitchy and rich, that one in the yellow dress is Vev she’s a bitch and stupid” Oscar told Leo. “That short one next to her in the pink leather jacket and white skirt is Casandra she’s the leader and ultimate bitch” Oscar continued before Clara introduced Olivia. “That one in the white blazer and dress is my ex-best friend Olivia Wright. She is a fake, back stabbing, shallow BITCH with a capital B.” Clara shouted. The two boys looked a little shocked, there was a moment of awkward silence until finally Oscar talked.

“Okay… Everyone calls them The Bitchettes, they all wear those hideous bee broaches as they believe that this school is a hive. We’re the workers, they’re the queen bees. You can only be one of them if you’re blonde, and you can only be friends with them if you are an utter cow or if you have a six pack and play a full contact sport” Oscar explained the rules of the hierarchy. Leo nodded his head to symbolise that he understood.

“And here I thought the British would be different from the American school system” Leo stated.

“Believe me mate, its way worse.”

 On the other side of the courtyard: 

The Bitchettes were approaching the rugby boys, Chastity carried a bag filled with water balloons, the boys all froze and looked up. Cohen ran to Cassandra and kissed her,

“Hey Sweetie” she whispered into his ear. Tyler Stephens approached Olivia, the pair smiled, he went in for a kiss but Olivia pushed him away playfully.

“So what brings you ladies all the way down here?” Tyler asked The Bitchettes.

“Well how would you boys like to go to the hottest party in Academy history tonight?” Casandra asked smiling pulling away from Cohen’s thick muscular arms.

“Tonight, really, after Callista?” David Thomas asked. David had gorgeous blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His chin was defined and he was the most eligible bachelor in the whole Academy. Olivia looked at him and remembered about the time Casandra tried to set Olivia and David up, but it didn’t work out, David was nice guy they just didn’t click. However when she was around Tyler, Olivia felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She may have not wanted to display their relationship publicly but she loved him deeply.

“Jesus Christ why does everyone keep mentioning this bitch. She’s dead, we can’t keep living our lives thinking ‘Oh Callista isn’t here we can’t do that’ “Casandra hissed in a very undermining tone,

“You guys either come, or you spend your first day of school alone in your rooms getting reacquainted with your hands…. Any takers?” she asked sarcastically.

“You know I'm always game for whatever crazy scheme you have cooked up love.” Cohen whispered into her ear playfully biting her neck. She giggled and pushed him away,

“I will come too. I have a few bottles of Jack Daniels in my trunk that I was waiting to use for a rainy day.” Tyler told the girls who had perked up.

“I have three bottle of Vodka in my room that I stole from my father's cabinet as I was packing last night” Jonathan Byrns added.

“Well perfect, everyone bring whatever they want and spread the word. But only invite people we actually like none of well, the riff-raff” Casandra used air quotes indicating with her eyes to Clara, Oscar and Leo who were now sitting in the grass.

Vev gasped and grabbed Casandra and Chastity “Hottie alert!” she screamed.

“Can you not do this with your boyfriend here?” Cohen asked Casandra who shushed him. The girls began to stare at a boy who had the most gorgeous brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

“Wow, who is that?” Vev asked her mouth remaining open.

“I don’t know maybe he’s new?” Olivia replied as Tyler wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“He’s not new that’s Raven Castillo. I saw him working out at the same gym Tyler and I go to over the summer” Joel Wheelers told the group. Casandra gasped and spun around

“What! That’s Raven!? Who knew he'd look that good when he shed the extra… hundred pounds” she shouted as she turned back around. A devilish grin came on her face.

“What are you thinking C?” Olivia asked. Casandra winked at her and grabbed Vev’s hand, she began to strut towards Raven, her high heels struggling in the deep grass, she began to wave and shout.

“Raven sweetie yohoo” she laughed. Raven froze and removed his head phones he looked a little confused as the two blonde girls approached him.

“How are you angel? Did you have a fabulous summer?” she asked in a very fake voice. Raven didn’t reply but merely stood in silence.

“Well, we are here to invite you to a party tonight in Periwinkle dorm. The incredibly single and beautiful Vevina will be there.” Casandra said showing her friend off like a piece of meat.

“Casandra the last time I saw you was when I was jogging and you laughed and shouted a pig is on the loose… Why would I go to your party?” Raven said in a very cold tone. Casandra did a fake laugh, playfully attempting to push Raven but he stiffened up so she ultimately failed.

“Okay look I was a mean person, but you should come and as a newly reformed man you should make new friends to match your new body. I’m sure the rugby boys could use another skin. Face it, play nice with us and you're popularity will sky-rocket.” Casandra said seductively in an attempt to flirt. Raven looked up at the boys, he gulped and thought about it.

“Fine” he stated quickly, “I will be there” he told them putting his ear phones back in and proceeded to walk away. “Bye Raven!” Vev shouted waving.

“Your desperation is showing sweetie” Casandra commented cutting her friend down.

“Cas, Vev, she’s coming!, she’s coming!” Chasity shouted, the two girls looked at each other and smiled, held hands and quickly ran over to join the others. They all took a handful of pink water balloons. At first Olivia showed some trepidation before Chastity held one out to her. She smiled and took it in her hand.

“Okay gentlemen you are all in for a treat” Casandra cackled, all of the rugby boys exchanged eager looks except for David who looked a little worried. Out from the shadows Lavender Jensen a quirky shy girl emerged holding a box.

“Casandra, hey I’ve got your cake.” the girl eagerly shouted indicating to the box, she began to run as Casandra began to count down in a low voice, before shouting “NOW”. Cassie, Vev and Chasity all began to throw the water balloons at Lavender, the box fell to the ground and the Bitchettes continued to pelt her with balloons. Olivia still held her balloon in her hands, before she looked up and lobbed it at Lavender's head. She felt guilty the second it hit the girl, but she couldn’t show the slightest sign of weakness.

“Let me try” Oliver Olsson said, he took two balloons out of the bag, he threw one right at Lavender's face, she let out a little whelp which made Chasity laugh and with the other he took aim for his brother. He threw the balloon and it landed on Oscars shoes. Clara who had been watching all of this in disbelief finally stood up and marched over. Oscar tried to pull her back.

“Clara don’t” he whispered but it was too late Clara had charged fully and slapped Oliver in the face. The rest of the crowd gasped and laughed as Oscar tried in vain to pull Clara back as his brother looked like he was about to explode. Casandra pushed Oliver out of the way and smiled at her polar opposite.

“Cara lovely to see you, Oscar always a pleasure oh and you have a new friend! I’m Casandra Clooney” the blonde girl extended her arm to Leo before Clara batted it away.

“Rude” Chastity whispered. Lavender who was dripping wet still stood there watching the confrontation, Vev shot her a dirty look before clapping and shouting “You may go” she shooed the girl away. Lavender ran covering her face, as Casandra giggled to herself.

“I expect this type of behaviour from the three bimbos who share a brain but you Olivia, seriously?” she asked loudly.

“Olivia knows what she is doing” Tyler said, injecting himself into the fight.

“She can speak for herself.” Clara fired back. Tyler snarled at Clara.

“Clara, walk away please” Olivia sighed not making eye contact with her former friend.

“What are you looking at faggot?” Cohen shouted to Leo getting in his face, he noticed how Leo was staring at Logan and Jonathan’s shirtless bodies.

“Logan, Jonny, I believe this fag was looking at you” Cohen said getting closer and closer to Leo. Casandra was standing there giggling as she crossed her arms. Olivia took a deep breath she prayed deep down that someone would stop this, she didn’t know this boy but she felt sorry for him.

“Leave him alone” Oscar shouted pushing Cohen back slightly. But he only got a push from his brother who had an arrogant smile on his face, Oscar knew his brother was more powerful than him so he chose to back away. Cohen got in Leo’s face. Clara tried to pull him away but he ripped away from her grip. This whole time Leo remained silent out of fear.

“I could tell you were a faggot” Cohen shouted, “From that girly jacket to those pants, Jesus Christ! I would say they were ball crushers but I don’t think you have any” he hissed.

“Okay that is enough of that.” David shouted throwing Cohen back. “Calm the fuck down before I break your pretty little face Cohen. The kid did nothing to you. Jonny, Logan are you bothered that this kid was looking at you?” he asked the pair. Logan shook his head and Jonny flexed “Kind of flattered, even though I don't swing that way” he laughed.

“God David, you're such a kill joy.” Tyler shouted as the other boys began to jokingly boo him.

“Yeah Cohen was only playing with the little guy.” Olivia added. It was like word vomit- these bitchy comments would just slip out.

“Wow never thought I’d see the day Olivia Wright became a true Bitch, I’ve seen enough of this for one day… Come on guys. Thank you David for being the only decent human being in that cesspool of a group” Clara said to the boys indicating to leave. She walked away and Leo followed, Oscar snarled at his brother and then looked at Casandra.

“Your broach is crooked and that outfit gives you back fat. I'd suggest you lay off the carbs before that boy of yours dumps you like yesterday's trash.” he pointed out before walking away.

“Yeah walk away, keep your bitch on a shorter leash next time brother dearest” Oliver said in a very sarcastic tone to Oscar, who gave him a fake smile for his troubles.

“Oh she will regret that” Vev hissed. Olivia was so disappointed in herself, she had lost her best friend, and the only thing she was telling herself was that Clara could have been one of them but she chose not to.

“Come on guys I’m hungry let’s get some food” Casandra shouted to the rest of her clique. She gave Cohen a kiss on the lips, as Tyler and Olivia exchanged goodbyes with a gentle hug and a slight peck on the lips.

“See you tonight gentlemen!” Casandra waved, leading her friends. But before they could get any further Oliver pulled Chasity back by the hand.

“Oh Chasi I wanted to ask you this all summer but, would you like to maybe go on a date when we get free time?” he asked her. Chasity smiled and looked back the girls who were all giggling and smiling to one another. She smiled and looked down at the grassy floor, “I would love to go on a date with you Oliver” she laughed before running back to her friends to talk about it, she spun around her blonde hair flowing In the wind.

“I’ll text you!” she told the boy before winking.

Oliver went back to the boys to a herd of pushes and slaps on the back. “Yes, my lad, go you” David shouted pushing his friend, Oliver looked back as the Bitchettes walked forward to the dining hall.

 Dinner Time- Later that evening: 

Everyone was sitting with their friends, the hall was filled with abuzz, the atmosphere was lively and everyone was enjoying the first meal together as a school, all except Olivia who sat there with a saddened look on her face. She had tuned out the chatter of the rest of the Bitchettes and was thinking about the past year.

Life at this school is truly melancholy.” she thought to herself looking around, Windsor Academy seemed washed out, faded, lifeless. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but something was amiss.

There was a clanging of a wine glass as Head Mistress Akiyama stood up, the teachers all ate on a raised platform on a long table. Everyone went silent knowing that this noise meant that there would be an announcement.

“Students and Teachers, I would first like to welcome the first years. Welcome to your home and truly welcome to the Windsor Family” she smiled at the younger students before taking a very deep breath, the smile faded and a look of sadness came on the head mistress’s face.

“We gather here today in this hallowed hall together as a community. Tonight marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Callista Ranza. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family in this difficult time” Akiyama said in a very saddened voice. The Bitchettes all looked at each other but remained silent.

“I’m sure like many of our year thirteens' Miss Ranza would be looking forward to her final year with us at Windsor Academy” she proclaimed looking around at the year thirteen’s. “You have all come so far, you are truly adults now. I always welcome the year thirteen’s the same way every year by using this quote from the bible, I will quote loosely so that it applies to both men and women. “When I was a child I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I understood like a child. But when I became old I put away childish things.” She looked up at the older students and took another long pause. “I understand what teenagers are like believe it or not. You're catty, mean, and you only care about yourselves. But if sooner or later, you all have to grow up and leave these childish endeavours behind. You are leaving us soon, and will go into the real world. I wish you the best of luck with your last year as this truly marks the beginning of the end… Your journey into adulthood starts now” she proclaimed. Everyone began looking at one another, Clara made brief eye contact with Olivia before Olivia broke away.

“With that being said” Akiyama continued. “It is time to announce the nominations for Head Boy and Girl” she proclaimed with a smile finally coming across her face.

“Ladies first, the nominations are, Casandra Clooney” she announced Casandra stood up and waved to the clapping crowd, “Vevina Ferozco” she continued, Cassandra face dropped as Vev stood up and too waved. “And finally Olivia Wright” she finished. Olivia was shocked, she froze, she was in disbelief she never wanted to be head girl. She stood up a little nervously to the loudest applause of the three. Casandra looked around a little annoyed before crossing her arms.

“And now for the boys” Akiyama then announced that the nominations were David Thomas, Cohen Kingsley and Tyler Stephens. All boys received an equally loud clap, “Remember we will all vote on Friday evening so every get ready and enjoy the rest of the night” Akiyama finished everyone clapped, soon after dinner was over and the Bitchettes returned to their room to get ready for their party.

 Periwinkle Dorm: 

The Bitchettes were getting into dresses and applying layers of make-up. Casandra hadn’t shut up about the head girl nomination all night. “Can you believe it” she exclaimed in excitement, “I know I am so excited” Vev replied. “We’re talking about me Vev” Casandra hissed knocking her friend down yet again. “I could be the next head girl” she squealed curling the tips of her hair. Vev looked down in sadness.

As the rest of the girls continued this talk Olivia was staring deep into the mirror at her own reflection. With her pale skin, gorgeous blonde hair and white dress she truly looked like porcelain doll. Was it all worth it?She thought to herself. Losing Clara, bleaching her hair, acting like a bitch, soaking Lavender… Was it all worth being popular?She didn’t recognise the reflection that she saw. She remembered watching Mulan as a child, and lyrics resonated with her to this day as she stared into the mirror she wondered when would her reflection show who she truly was. Or had that moment come and she had always been ugly on the inside; her outer beauty nothing but a mask.

“Olivia?” Chastity shouted breaking her out of the trace like state, she turned around quickly, “Yes?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“I asked if you could pass me the blush, are you okay? You seem completely out of it” Vev asked in a sympathetic tone.

“Maybe she’s just nervous to see Tyler. Is tonight going to be the night?” Casandra asked leaning back on her chair.

“What?” Olivia asked a little confused as to what Casandra was insinuating.

“Are you going to have sex with Tyler?” Casandra asked bluntly.

“After all, you guys are all alone at school, no parents or family getting in the way. Tyler is room-mates with Cohen, he could stay here and you could go to their room, it’s a win, win situation for both of us” Casandra smiled.

“Oh, I don’t know if I’m ready” Olivia sighed. Vev and Chasity smile at her whilst Casandra gagged.

Olivia looked out of the window and sighed, staring at the lamps that lit up the courtyard, IT will happen when I’m ready and not a second before she told herself not wanting to argue with Casandra.

“Speaking of gag worthy moments, what about that mention of Callista” Casandra groaned rolling her eyes, “I mean seriously she’s dead let’s all just move on with our lives. She was a cow, she deserved what she got in the end. I'm almost pissed someone beat me to it.” Casandra commented, the other Bitchettes looked at each other.

“Come on, don't look at me like that! We all hated Callista; she treated her friends even worse than her enemies, which she had plenty of. Everyone can say that they're sad but Callista dying was the best thing to happen to this school.” Casandra told them in an assertive voice as she reapplied her lipstick and fixed her hair.

The girls remained quiet for a couple of seconds till Cassandra's phone ringing snapped them out of it. She picked it up with her pink bedazzled case shining brightly.

“Hello?” she answered as she placed it on it speaker...

Evil abound, evil absurd, fear annotated, fear renowned,

Sooner or later,

We all fall down.

Came the raspy voice of someone on the other side of the phone. Casandra hang up,

“Very funny! I bet it was someone trying to play a trick on us. ” she told the rest of the girls, Olivia briefly looked over her shoulder before picking her mascara up. There was another moment of silence before Cassandra's phone beeped. She had a snapchat, she opened it curiously and what Olivia heard confused her the snapchat was of a blank screen but the sound was Casandra and the Bitchettes in their room ten seconds prior.

Casandra stood up “What the hell!?” she whispered. Vev hearing this grew a little scared and began to look around, Chasity walked towards the window to see if anyone was on their fire escape.

“Where did that come from?” she asked. Casandra shrugged

“The screen was black but it was our voices” she told the rest of the girls.

Olivia stood up and took Cassandra's phone off her, “Let me see who sent it” she told the girl, Olivia saw the screen name was just a question mark. The phone then began to ring, Olivia picked up and put speaker phone on. The Bitchettes gathered in a circle as they listened to the heavy breathing once more. “Who is this?” Olivia asked aggressively. “Look we’re going to call campus security if you don’t fess up buddy!” she went to finish her sentence but was interrupted by a deep voice on the other end of the phone.

“The world is made up of two classes; the hunters and the prey... Which ones are you?” the distorted voice stated before hanging up. Vev was shaking.

“Who the fuck was that?” she asked the rest of the group, Olivia went to reassure her friend that it was probably nothing when there was a loud noise. Someone in a plain white mask and black clothing burst out of Casandra’ wardrobe with a knife covered in blood. All of the girls screamed, Chastity fell to the floor covering her face, the figure grabbed Casandra who was screaming, so loud her voice broke and crackled.

“Please no stop, please” the queen bee screamed before the figure raised the knife but stopped. Casandra began to laugh as she stood up properly, the figure too laughed. They took off their mask to reveal it was only Cohen.

“We got you good ladies!” he laughed before kissing Casandra.

“Did you have fun?” she asked the girls who were all breathing heavily, Chasity still remained on the floor. “You’re fucking twisted C, you know that” Olivia told her.

“All the best people are” Cohen laughed as he returned to kissing Casandra. Olivia was so annoyed she and Vev helped Chasity to her feet as the other three members of The Bitchettes stared on as their leader and her boyfriend continued to kiss after their so called prank.

 Mrs. Mendoza’s Room 

Maggie Mendoza was packing things into her suitcase when she heard a knock on her door. She slowly turned around to notice her son Dean standing in the doorway. Dean was tall and lean, he too was on the rugby team but had spent the whole of his first day asleep in his room, due to jet-lag.

“Hey Sweetheart” she whispered. Dean remained silent and leaned against the door, “How are you feeling? Jet-lag still got you? I remember when I first came to England, god I couldn’t sleep properly for two weeks straight” she told her son, a smile came across her face. “But it was a lovely break, and so lovely to see your grandparents again.” she continued.

“Where’s Dad?” Dean asked referring to his father Simon. “He has business down in London, someone will be covering his class” she told her son. Dean shook his head knowing his mother was lying to him.

“I gave you that chance to be honest, and you lied AGAIN” he shouted. He turned around and stormed away, Maggie who was in the middle of folding clothes threw them down and ran out of the door, “Dean! Dean get back here please” she pleaded, but it was too late Dean had stormed a way out of the dormitory and into the night. Maggie quickly hurried back to her room and grabbed her phone, she called her husband and anxiously awaited a reply.

“Hello?” Simon answered, “He knows” Maggie whispered shutting her door. “Dean knows everything. You have to find a way keep your skeletons buried deep in your closet dear. Don't make me do it for you cause you won't like the results.” she told him before she hung up.

 Iris Dormitory: 

Leo lay on his bed scrolling through pictures of his family, “Miss you guys” he whispered to himself. He turned his head and Logan was on his bed with headphones over his hears as he was playing on his laptop. There was a knock at the door, Leo slowly got up as Logan was clearly too comfortable to move. He opened the door to see Clara in a black dress and leather jacket, and Oscar who was wearing a dark green t-shirt and jeans. “Oh, you're home, now go put on something fancy” Clara told Leo stepping into the room uninvited.

“Why?” Leo asked in a very confused manner. “We’re crashing a party” Oscar told him. “The Bitchettes party to be precise” Clara stated opening Leo’s wardrobe she threw him a blue short sleeved shirt and black jeans and then told him to get changed. Leo walked into the bathroom and left Logan with the pair. There was an awkward silence, as Oscar nodded at Logan who ignored him and placed his headphones back on.

Leo finally re-entered the room changed into his party attire, “I don't get why you're so self-conscious! You look great.” Clara said hastily standing up as she walked out of the door. Oscar too escaped the room.

“Come on Leo” he beckoned exiting. Leo sighed as he put on his shoes. “You don’t want to go do you?” Logan asked him in a very calm voice.

“Parties aren’t really my thing” Leo told him as he began to stand up. “Well if it helps, you look adorable, and those jeans,” Logan said biting his lip. This confused Leo, was Logan flirting with him?

“You coming?” Oscar asked returning to the door. “Yeah coming. You coming Logan?” he turned around to his room-mate.

Logan shook his head, “Busy. Enjoy your party. See you tonight,” he whispered, winking at Leo. Leo again was baffled, he turned around and exited the room. Logan put his earphones back on and opened up a hidden tab on his laptop, It was his bank account stating that someone had deposited £300.00 into his bank account, A smile came across his face he leaned back onto his bed and put his hands behind his head. He let out a large sigh as he stated “Life is sweet”.

 Periwinkle Dormitory 

Chasity and Vevina worked they're way through the crowd of the people to get over to Cassandra, who surveying the party from the edge, a drink in hand.

“God, I think everyone in our class is here tonight, I don't even know half these people,” Chasity says.

“That's the mark of a good party, when everyone who's anyone has to be here to be seen and anyone whose no-one has to come to see what they'll never be.” Cassandra replied.

“Uh, does that include people trying to copy your look?” Vevina asked, pointing out a young blonde girl wearing a very similar dress to Cassandra's, her attention glued to the phone in her hands.

“What? That bitch.” Cassandra walked over to the girl, Chasity and Vevina following right behind.

“Just what do you think you are doing?” Cassandra shouted at the girl. The girl looked up from her phone and saw the three Bitchettes standing there with their hands on their hips.

"Checking my email? Why, is it against some law?" the girl asked.

"I'm not talking about this," Cassandra said, snatching the phone out of her hand. "I'm talking about all this." Cassie continued, gesturing up and down in front of the girl. "Just what do you think you are wearing?"

"A dress?" the girl asked, shaking her head in confusion.

"Your outfit is a blatant rip-off of my style. I won't stand for it. Just who do you think you are?"

"I am myself. I have a name. It's Cameron. Cameron Johannson. And despite what you might think or have convinced your automatons standing behind you, you are not the self elected ruler of this school. And in case you needed a reminder, the Queen is just a figurehead, the real power lies with the people, with Parliament. You only have as much power as the rest of us cede to you and I pray for the day when you realize just how powerless you really are!" Cassandra stares wonder struck at Cameron's words. Cameron snatches her phone back and while turning aside adds, "Oh, and BTdubs, this dress looks so much better on me." Cameron disappears among the crowd leaving a fuming Cassandra behind.

"I want to know everything about that girl, her friends, her enemies, her secrets, everything. You hear me? That girl is dead." Cassandra said staring daggers at the back of the retreating blonde's head.

The party was in full effect, the whole dormitory was filled with practically the whole sixth form give or take, room doors were open and everyone was drinking and socializing with the main brunt of the party happening in the common room. Olivia sat alone in her room as she couldn’t take another person coming up to her and telling her how they're voting for her, it was driving her crazy. Why was everyone pretending to be friends?She thought. I know they all think I am a complete bitch so why be so nice to my face?She thought to herself. Just then she heard footsteps by her door. She looked up to see Raven Castillo.

“Oh sorry didn’t mean to bother you, I just have a migraine and I was looking for an empty room to just sit in” he told Olivia who shook her head.

“It’s fine” Olivia reassured the boy. “Come in” she beckoned. Raven entered anxiously looking around at the extremely girly room.

“What? Not what you expected The Bitchette Club House to look like?”  Olivia asked him. Raven shook his head.

“No I expected to see the souls of your victims mounted on every wall” Raven jokingly told Olivia who laughed.

“Sorry, that was such a bitchy thing to say. I get it, we’re monsters” she said bluntly.

“No, they're monsters, you’re different.” he told her.

“Different? How? I still bully people, I still dye my hair blonde and if you hadn’t noticed I’m still wearing this hideous bee broach” she said with self-hatred in her voice.

“We’re more alike than you think” Raven told Olivia. “We’re chameleons, we’ve adapted to secure ourselves” he whispered. “I lost weight, started going to the gym and you dye your hair and pretend to be a bitch” he enlightened her. “And look where we are now, we’ve moved up in the world” he laughed slightly.

“At what price though?” Olivia asked.

“Well I guess that is where we differ, I had nothing when Callista dubbed me a pig. I had nothing to lose.” he told her.

“And now?” she asked raising her brows. “I have one thing to lose. But it’s a secret” he told her tapping his nose.

“Okay well, I’ll respect that, after all, this school is built on secrets,” she said standing up.

“Very true” he whispered.

“I’ll let you get back to your party now. Better hurry though, Casandra might gouge your eyes out if you’re still missing.” he told her. Olivia stood up and fixed her hair before walking closer to the door. She stopped and touched Raven’s shoulder.

“I’m really happy for you Raven, you look so much more comfortable in your own skin” she told the boy before going in for a hug. The pair tightly squeezed each other before Olivia backed away. She went to walk out before Raven touched her hand.

“Just be careful, don’t mix up your frenemies with true friends” he told Olivia. “I’ll keep that in mind next time I see the girls” she replied. She was let out of his grasp and she began walking to the common room.

 Common Room 

Clara, Oscar and Leo had been sitting on a couch talking all night. Clara was in the middle of the two boys, Oscar couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Clara looked tonight, if only he could get a moment alone with her. “Hey Clara” he said in a very loud awkward tone of voice.

“Yes?” Clara replied a little confused. Oscar began to panic Just say ‘You look really nice tonight’he thought. Say it! SAY IT NOW!He continued to think before blurting out, “Do you want another drink?” Clara nodded her head “Oh yes please, dear” she told her friend before smiling and returning to her conversation with Leo.

Oscar wondered over to the drinks table where he bumped into his twin brother.

“Hello Brother of mine” Oliver said in a very fake tone of voice.

“Please tell me you still aren't hung up on Clara Stark. She may not be part of the in crowd, but she's still way out of your league.” he laughed. Oscar started to go red he never had success with girls like his brother did.

“You continue to strike out whilst I have a date with Chasity” he smiled looking over at the tall blonde girl. “Give it time, I will ask her out” Oscar shouted in a whisper to his brother.

“Awww better act fast because David just stole your spot on the couch” he took a sip of his drink and pointed to the white couch where David sat with Clara and Leo. Oscar quickly grabbed two beers and ran over towards the couch.

“Thank you so much for standing up for me today.” Leo said to David with a huge smile across his face. “No problem man, none of my business whether you’re into boys or girls and it shouldn't be anyone else’s. Love is love and if anybody thinks differently, than you can send them my way alright?” David replied with a huge smile across his face. He turned his head to the left to see Oscar standing over him with two beers in his hand.

“Oh I am so sorry, Oscar did I take your seat” David said apologetically standing up. Clara pulled him back down, “Don’t be silly we’ll all sit together. Leo, budge up.”

“Budge what?” Leo asked, confused.

“Sorry, welcome to England. It means to move over, ”she laughed while playfully pushing her new friend. Now Oscar had to sit next to David instead of Clara, he handed over the beer and Clara took a quick sip.

“David, I was just about to tell Leo your mother is The Jenna Thomas” she smiled. Leo spat out a little bit of his drink in shock. “The Jenna Thomas, I’ve seen like all her films, she was robbed at the Oscars. Meryl Streep did not need another award.” he stated.  David laughed “Well I will tell her that when I see her over Christmas break.” Oscar looked away to his brother who was smiling at him, he raised his drink and mouthed “Good Luck” to him.

That is when Olivia walked in, she noticed the fact Clara and her friends were here, she just stared, she was about to go over when she bumped into Lavender, who spilt a little bit of her drink on Olivia. “Oh my gosh Liv I am so so sorry” she cried rubbing Olivia’s dress.

“It’s fine Lavender, it was an accident” she reassured the girl. Lavender backed away and smiled. “You look really pretty tonight Lavender” she told the girl staring at her purple dress. Lavender pushed her hair behind her ear and smiled, blushing slightly.

“Thanks Liv” she said. Olivia took a deep breath, “I am really sorry about what happened this afternoon” she told Lavender.

Lavender shrugged, “It is just initiation, I get it” Lavender replied bashfully.

“No Lavender it’s not” Olivia said bluntly, “Don’t you see Casandra and the others, they're never going to let you in. They're torturing you for the sake of it!” she shouted. Lavender looked a little confused.

“What?” she asked Olivia took another deep breath, “Don’t keep coming back for more. Because believe me the broach… It’s not worth it. You still have a soul, mine was taken the minute I accepted their offer.” she told the girl in a serious tone of voice. Lavender looked back at the Bitchettes who were all sitting on a large couch.

“Thanks for the heads up” she whispered before quickly hurrying out of the room.

Olivia went to walk towards the Bitchettes before hands covered her eyes.

“Surprise” Tyler whispered into her ear.

“I haven’t seen you all night” he said kissing her on the lips.

“Tyler people are watching” she told her boyfriend. “You know how much I hate public displays of affection”. Tyler just laughed.

“But it’s so hard, you’re just so beautiful” he whispered going in for another kiss, Olivia placed her finger on his lips.

“I promise we’ll go into my room later and we’ll make out” she told him.

“Deal” he laughed tickling her. “Olivia!” Casandra shouted storming over towards her followed by Chasity and Vev.

“Why is that bitch who used to be your friend and her lap dogs at our party?” she asked aggressively, looking at Clara, Leo and Oscar.

“And why is David talking to them?” Chasity asked.

“She’s not doing any harm.” Olivia told the girls. Cassandra's mouth dropped open and her eyebrows lowered.

“Have you lost your mind after what the dreadful bitch did this afternoon” she barked.

“What exactly did she do this afternoon?” Vev asked.

“She challenged us Vev. And no one challenges us” she told her friend.

“Don’t I know it” Olivia sighed. Casandra went to reply before all the lights were cut. A lot of people began to scream.

“What’s going on?” David shouted. Everyone began to murmur and bump into one another, “I swear to god if anyone steps on my shoes again I will cut you” Casandra shouted.

“No fucking way! What the hell is she doing on the screen!?” Vev screamed pointing in the direction of the television. It was filled with static that crackled, all the teenagers were drawn to the TV like a moth drawn to a flame. The screen turned red, but this red was a very familiar type of red. The screen then revealed the colour came from a dress, a girl backed away and revealed that it was Callista, in her ball gown she wore the night she died. Everyone gasped and looked at one another. The girl sat down on her bed and looked straight ahead.

Hello” she said calmly. “My name is Callista Ranza, and if you’re watching this, I’m already dead.” she told the camera in a cold tone of voice. “In hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised. I have made a lot of enemies in my lifetime, but apparently I wronged someone enough to want to kill me.” she whispered. The whole common room remained silent. Callista began to cry as she wiped away a tear and sighed, “I have trusted one person with this video, and I’ve told them if I am dead and they haven’t caught the person in one year, then this video needs to be played.” she told the camera.

I must sound crazy, but none of you know the true meaning of the word. If any of you think this psychopath will stop at me you’re wrong. He or she is out of control and they’ll come after you next”.

This made everyone look at each other as murmurs began once more, Clara grasped Leo’s hand, and Olivia grabbed Tyler’s. “This key” Callista told them holding up the key she wore around her neck the night she died, “Unlocks all my secrets. I know something I should not and it’s enough to get me killed. This person will try and take this off me, but what they don’t know is that there are four copies of the key hidden, four keys open this box. I will keep a fake one on my person at all times, so whoever this psychopath is… They’re not going to win.” she whispered.

“I may not know who’s doing this to me, but I’ve arranged to meet them tonight at the masquerade ball” she said whilst tying her hair back. She took a hold of the camera and looked directly into it.

“This person probably still walks among you, acting all innocent and going under the radar. Stay on your guard and stay safe. I can’t take back my actions but I can apologise for them. I am truly sorry to all those I wronged in the past. I was a stupid girl who loved playing games and got caught in one I couldn't win.” she cried.

“Everyone has secrets, everyone tells lies. My killer could be the person sitting next to you, the quiet kid you never paid attention to, a popular jock or a friend turned enemy. The point is everyone is fair game. Be prepared, cause the person who killed me will stop at nothing to get to what I'm hiding.”Callista says as she blows a kiss to the camera before it went black.

All of the lights turned on and everyone looked around at each other. All of the Bitchettes remained silent. No one wanted to speak, out of sheer fear. Everyone bowed their heads, Olivia stared at the television's black screen, took a deep breath and exhaled. She didn’t know why but she had a sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach, something indeed had changed in Windsor academy, and not for the better.

 End Scene: 

Raven woke up in the darkness. His head still throbbed, but thankfully the migraine had passed. This dull pain he felt now was merely the hangover headache, a result of all the booze he'd drunk at the party earlier that evening. After Olivia had returned to the party, Raven had discovered Cassandra's prescription pain meds stash and helped himself to a couple.

“Finder's keepers, bitch,” Raven had said, and popped the powerful narcotics, which combined with alcohol, had served to knock him out and enabled him to not have to wait around for the migraine to pass. It took a moment for him to remember where he was. The pillows felt too frilly, the bedspread to satiny, and the room smelled too much like scented candles, and perfume to be his own. He then dimly remembered turning off all the lights, and closing the curtains before crashing onto Olivia's bed.

While struggling to pull his phone out of his pocket, Raven noticed that the party had quieted down. There was no longer any music playing, but there were a lot of people talking, some quite loudly, but it sounded a bit off. They sounded apprehensive, even fearful. Raven freed his phone out of his back pocket and pressed the power button. A flashing battery icon appeared and the dimly lit screen faded to black again, plunging the room into blackness again.

“Of all the rotten luck.” Raven muttered to himself, rubbing the side of his head with his palm and sitting up, sliding the dead phone back into his pants, and crawling out of the bed. He slowly made his way in the dark, heading for the door, when he tripped over something large on the floor, sending him tumbling down. He instinctively threw his hands out in front of him but as they made contact with the ground, they slid out from under him as the carpet was soaking wet and very slick, making him land unceremoniously one the large object in his way. As he tried to prop himself back up, he could hear Cassandra's voice from just outside the door.

“I don't care, Vev, I'm not going to go talk to the headmistress smelling like a margarita, I'll just be a minute.”Cassandra opened the door and turned on the light. There, in the centre of the room was Raven Castillo, hunched over the body of Cameron Johansson, his hands and arms covered in blood from the large pool that had poured out of her stomach.

 Title and Background 

  • The title of the episode is a reference to The Wizard of Oz and alludes to Callista wicked personality being such that she is the kind of person whose death is more celebrated than mourned.
  • The quote from Shakespeare refers to Callista's game of learning and exploiting everyone's secrets. She delighted in the game but eventually discovered a secret so powerful she was killed to protect it.


  • TBA

  Body Count: 

Body: Count: 2

  • Callista Ranza : 1st   victim of the Windsor Academy Killer and was (presumably) thrown off the balcony to her death.
  • Cameron Johansson : 2nd victim of the Windsor Academy Killer and (presumably) bled to death.

 Episode Cast 


Guest Starring:

 Final Thoughts: 

So the premiere of our anthology series has just started! I am so excited to take you guys on this journey alongside Jay and Erik! You are all in for quite the roller coaster ride. Anywho, please  take a moment of silence for our fallen friends Callista and Cameron. 

  • Any predictions as to who might die next?
  • Guesses on who the killer is?
  • What their motive might be?
  • Who (if any) will survive past this season?
  • As far as first impressions go, which are your favorite characters v.s. least favorite ones?
  • Do you have a favorite quote

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