I see you everywhere,

in the stars, in the river,

To me you're everything that exists; the reality of everything.

Virginia Woolf
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 8
Logan Wink
Air date 18th August 2018
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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A Wilted Flower
The Worse Day Since Yesterday
Dangerous Liaisons is the eighth episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales first season.


Simon Mendoza has been named the new Head-Master of Windsor Academy. With this new position of power he firmly believes he (and his new security team) can protect the students from the nightmares that plagued the Winter Term.

Elsewhere the students are forced to readapt to Academy life. Confronting old enemies and rebuilding alliances is one thing, but meeting a complete stranger will be an entirely different experience...

 DreamBoy App - Unknown Location  

Dear Leo,

Happy New Year, I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family, despite everything you’ve told me about them I truly believe someone as positive as you sees the light in everybody’s soul. Whilst we’re on the topic, I can’t let you know how much your story touched me. I so relate to your situation, if my family even knew I was talking to you they’d never be able to look at me the same way.

So on a lighter topic, are you looking forward to school?

Dear WindsorKid,

Happy New Year! Surprisingly I did have a good Christmas and I hope you did too. My Sister and I sang ran into the streets the second it hit midnight to sing Fairy Tale of New York, and dance with each other… Again how my parents didn’t see my homosexuality coming is a shocking to say the least. After that we woke up early to open presents, I got her lots of tack London tourist shit and a Spice Girls Vinyl.. All of which she ate up! And after that my parents were actually nice to me, I expected them to get my conversion camp tickets for Christmas but no they got me video games and cologne instead. But have no fear they were right back on the judgmental train the second it turned 26th. What was on your agenda? I am so sorry to hear about your family. I guess we truly are birds of a feather. It’s so heart breaking to feel as if your family hate you. But as always I am doing my best to ignore them and I am currently at the airport, planning to head back to Casandra’s for a new term in HELL. So guess that shows how I feel about that place. But are you excited?

Dear Leo,

Christmas was the same old same old, trying to remain jolly and merry despite the immense feeling of crippling fear that your entire family would reject you if they know the real you. I guess my home is the equivalent of your Windsor. I feel like I can’t even breath in this hell hole without getting glared at, just feels like I am the runt of the litter you know? I hope you find solace in this, I really want to meet you, as soon as possible. You are literally the only thing that makes me smile right now. If you want to I mean…

Dear WindsorKid,

I know exactly what you mean, kind of I guess. I used to believe that I was my parents favourite child. Arrogant and terrible to say I know, but I was their crowning jewel. The one they’d show off and brag about, but now that title belongs to my sister, and I am relegated to an ‘our son Leo who is studying abroad’ However! I’d love to meet you, as soon as possible would be great. And the same thing applies to you, if Windsor is Hell then you are Heaven in Hell… That sounded way cheesier that I intended it. You going to tell me who you are before we meet?

p.s I told you to stop messaging me on here. You don’t have to pay to talk to me.

Dear Leo,

I want to talk to you on here, it’s where we met and thus it reminds me of you. As for my identity if you don’t mind I would prefer to keep that a secret until the actual meeting. I’m afraid if you knew the real me you’d run far away, or it would be like a scene from Catfish or something. Just know my heart is filled with so much love for you, and we will meet on the first day of school. Which can’t come soon enough x

  Windsor Academy – 7th January 2017  

It was a crisp January morning, when students, parents and teachers alike piled into the academy’s hallowed grounds. Winter had stripped all the leaves off the trees, and the harsh frost had turned the luscious green grass into a frozen wasteland. No one seemed to address the tension surrounding all of the students, or they merely pretended to ignore it. For the sense of inescapable fear still lingered in the air, and it was never more noticeable than in that moment when everyone was saying their goodbyes.

All seeing security camera’s now inhabited seemingly every wall in the entire school, whilst men in dark clothing were stationed in various points throughout the green, each one eyeing the visitors with an intensely intimidating gaze, as equally cold and mechanical as the cameras. Simon Mendoza stood atop a balcony overlooking the goodbyes, ensuring that both the students and their parents seemed at ease with the new protocols.

“Headmaster” a receptionist whispered into his ear, prompting Simon to slowly turn his head. “Your son has arrived safely into Wolfsbane Dormitory” the woman continued, offering the stone-faced man a warming smile.

Naturally Simon did not reciprocate, and returned his attention to the grounds. “Thank you” he stated rather dismissively. His secretary returned into the warm embrace of the school without another word, whilst Simon’s eyes wondered until they caught those of Elias Olsson. The two men exchanged a smile and slightly nodded their heads, before their connection was severed by Oscar who stood in the way of his father’s view.

“Okay, I better get inside now” Oscar said to his father, drawing the man’s attention away from the balcony. “Oliver’s already gone inside, so I guess this is it” he added uncomfortably as he picked up his suitcase.

“Seems like only yesterday we were doing this” Elias said, in a tone which suggested he was about to keep his son from moving. “And here we are all over again. I don’t think I’ve walked you boys into the gates following Christmas since… First year” he said, as a smile formed on his face.

“Yeah, Dad probably first year” Oscar sighed, as he looked outwards to see all of the other nervous students, lining up to enter the building. Even from a passing glance one could tell that none of the students wished to be there, however upon a second inspection you’d find parents who were eagerly shipping their children away to the luxurious hell. Elias snapped his finger in Oscar’s face ensuring he had his son’s undivided attention.

“Did you hear what I just said?” he asked his son, who merely stared at him with a vacant expression on his face. “Okay then, this time I would appreciate it if you listened” he said in a stern tone. “I said this to you in September and now I am going to say it again” he added, as Oscar forced himself to listen. “Look after your Brother, he’s going through one of his weird episodes. Is he always so moody or just when he’s at home?” Elias asked.

“Just when he’s home” Oscar replied instantly. “Guess it puts him on edge” he added, before shooting a demented look at his father. The twins had spent the better half of the Christmas Holiday attempting to find out how Logan was connected to their father to little avail, not a single trace of evidence other than the paypal transactions linked the two.

However, the revamped Windsor Academy told a different story. Oscar knew this was his father’s handy-work the moment he saw the security companies name plastered on the guard’s vests. “SecureEye” Oscar muttered to his father. “Why does that sound so familiar?” he asked, before slowly turning his head to Elias.

“They’ve aided in security for the club many times Son” Elias said in a rather confident tone, although his face appeared rather jarred from the sudden change in conversation. “So am I right in thinking that all of this was your idea?” Oscar asked his father inquisitively.

“Why would you think this was all down to me son?” Elias replied, cocking his head to one side.

Oscar knew he couldn’t answer in the manner he wished without incriminating Oliver and Chasity, he couldn’t confront his father without confessing to breaking into his office. So he did what he was used to, he swallowed his pride and forced out a smile. “It was just a thought” he replied quietly. “I better get going, for real this time. Bye Dad” Oscar said once again, as he waved at his father before he began to wheel his case towards the line of students.

“Bye Son, stay safe” Elias whispered to himself, as a proud grin appeared on his face as he inspected the school’s grounds. Just as the older man turned to walk away, he walked directly into the face of Leo Barnaby, an action which caused both the American boy and Casandra to jump with fright.

“Oh sorry” Leo stuttered, not yet looking up at the man.

“Oh no, no my fault. Better look where I am going” Elias said, just as he caught a glimpse of Leo’s face. In that exact moment the bar owner tensed up, as all his limbs became stiff. “Sorry once again” the man said, knowing full well who Leo was and what he had endured, Elias couldn’t bring himself to look at the boy, so without another word he stepped to one side and slowly began to walk away.

“Fuck me, Oliver and Oscar have such a DILF of a Dad” Casandra sighed, as Leo stared at the man curiously.

“He looked familiar” he whispered softly, his gaze still fixated on the older man who dared not to look back. “But I don’t know where from” he added, still in a hush tone. He finally looked back at Casandra who was now assessing her newly refurbished kingdom. The queen bee squinted her eyes, as they rapidly darted from wall to wall, inspecting the camera with little trepidation.

“They make the place look so modern and tacky” Casandra moaned with disgust, before turning to Leo, whose posture had stiffened following his interaction with Elias. “Would you relax, this is like your official coming out party” she laughed as she placed either hand on Leo’s shoulders. “Well not in that sense, but in the sense that this is the first time everyone is going to see that gorgeous blonde hair, and that perfectly gold broach” she said, practically glowing from the excitement.

“I know, I know. But I still don’t feel very confident. Besides, people will still treat me the same way they always have. The rugby boys are still going to call me faggot, even the brightest broach won’t stop hatred” he declared.

“Well that may be the case, however if anything does happen with those boy’s you come straight to me. Now that I am no longer attached to Cohen I can’t force him to behave with sex, but I guess I can hold all of his ‘perversions’ against him” she laughed, just as she caught a figure out of the corner of her eye.

Chasity threw a black handbag over her shoulder as she lumbered a heavy trunk around the gravel. Her dark flowing her was pushed straight back, as she marched into the school a changed woman.

“Hold that thought would you” Casandra said to Leo as she skipped towards the former Hive member. Leo smirked and shook his head and quickly used the opportunity to open his text messages, finally he and WindsorKid were communicating like regular people. But the question remained who was this young man, and as Leo looked around the green he wondered if WindsorKid was looking back at him.

“Chas!” Casandra shouted, finally making it to the girl who seemed less than pleased to see her former best friend.

“Casandra…” Chasity moaned, asserting her posture to allow herself to loom over the girl. “What do you want, I’ve got to get my stuff in” she grunted with disgust.

“Look, I have had a lot of time to reflect over the holidays, and I have come to the conclusion that I didn’t treat you and Vev with the respect you both deserve. So I just want to apologise for that” Casandra said in a calm and polite tone of voice.

“Great, is that all?” Chasity snapped back. Without saying another word, she began to walk away, before quickly being stopped by Casandra who stood in her path. “I said is that all?” Chasity repeated herself, her voice becoming deeper and more aggressive.

“No, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come back with us. I wanted to know if you wanted to be with your friends.” Casandra said calmly.

“What friends?” Chasity scoffed. “We weren’t real friends. We were friends by circumstance. You were friends with Cali, who chose me to be a part of her clique. Then when you took over I stayed because I was comfortable, or maybe all that peroxide infected my brain” Chasity said, as she flicked a lock of Casandra’s platinum hair. “Besides, looks like I’ve already been replaced” she said, as she cast a look over to Leo.

“He joined by of his own accord. Because people like your boyfriend and Cohen make him feel unsafe in this school” Casandra hissed back.

“Well more fool him. And leave Oliver out of this, he’s a good guy. And one of the only reasons I came back to this hell hole” Chasity said, with a most disgusted smile.

“Then more fool you” Casandra whispered, an act which sent Chasity into a rage.

The brunette shook her head in disbelief as she bit her lip. “Get out of my way, I’m done with you. And your fucking nice girl act, that bullshit doesn’t fly with me” Chasity said, as she barged past her former leader, leaving Casandra alone to stare at her old friend with sense of unease.

Her attempts to win Chasity over had failed, and now as Casandra entered the New Year she remained unsure if they would ever reconnect. And thus she wondered back to Leo, feeling more powerless than ever before.

 Windsor Academy, Hallways 

As Oscar finally entered the school he was met with a sense of unease. Despite spending seven years of his life attending the Academy, it now bore a strange quality about it, one which made everything seem new. This was largely due to the new security, but the emotions of the other students also contributed this inescapable feeling of dread. He questioned why he agreed to re-enter the school in the first place, but then she answered that question for him.

For off in the distance he caught a slight glimpse of her flawless skin. “Clara” he shouted, gaining the girl’s undivided attention from across the hall. As Clara’s eyes met Oscar’s she was met overwhelming joy. She jumped her bags onto the floor and ran towards her friend, and once they were just close enough she threw her arms around him and squeezed tightly.

“Oscar!” she laughed with happiness. “I have missed you so much!” she added, flashing a smile which instantly reminded the boy why he returned.

“Likewise” Oscar replied, unable to hide his delight. “How was your Christmas?” Oscar asked, as Clara released him from her grip and slowly walked back to her bag.

“Good, once I allowed myself to enjoy it that is” she added. “I am sorry again” she said in a rather solemn tone. “For not talking to you for so long. I just wasn’t ready to face anyone, let alone my best friend” she said, before offering a sympathetic smile.

“It’s cool, honestly there is no need to apologise. We all went through a lot last term, but thankfully now we can put it all behind us” he said in a calm tone, as the duo passed two security guards in the halls.

“I don’t think this over, I mean… You heard about Akiyama right? They found her dead in her apartment, on Christmas day no less” Clara whispered, looking back at the guards just quick enough to find them staring at herself and Oscar.

“I also heard that the police suspected suicide, and alcohol poisoning” Oscar repeated, as they marched down a set of stairs, heading towards the dormitories. “Guess the guilt really got to her” he added, no longer wanting to speak on the matter.

“You didn’t answer the question” Clara said, halting as they approached two diverging paths. “Do you think this is all over?” she asked yet again, determined to get an answer from the boy.

Oscar looked up towards the sky before looking down at his friend. His face went pale and lifeless, as he uttered the terrifying words. “No, I don’t” he replied.

“Neither do I. Which is why you have to come to my room before dinner time. I have something big to show you all, it could change everything” she said quickly before gathering her things together and heading towards Iris Dormitories.

“Wait what, why?” Oscar gasped in shock, unable to believe he was already falling back down the rabbit hole.

“Not explaining where people can hear us. Just come when I text you” Clara shouted from a far, before disappearing into the dormitories. As she vanished behind a set of doors, Oscar once again found himself smiling uncontrollably. Everything she did or said, made him fall for her even more.

And so as he stood there, in the biting January wind all he could think of his one thing. “I love you” he whispered passionately, finally saying the words aloud…

 The Courtyard  

Lavender sat on her usual bench and stared outwardly, with her earphones in the harsh noise of scurrying students failed to reach her. It was as if everything was at peace, which was the whole purpose of music. She had found herself using her headphones more so now than she ever did before, there were even times when she didn’t even listen to anything, but merely used them to be alone with her own thoughts.

That was until she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder. She quickly turned her head, and to her surprise Caleb loomed over her with a grin on his face. His muffled voice said something, but it was inaudible and thus Lavender quickly withdrew her earphones to ensure she could hear him. “I’m sorry what was that?” Lavender asked in a polite, shy tone.

“I said welcome back” Caleb replied, as both of the teenagers exchanged a grin. “Good holiday?” he asked quietly, whilst Lavender indicated for him to join her on the bench.

“I guess” Lavender said, unsure of how to best answer that question.

“I saw on Daniel’s instagram that he was signed to a modelling agency. That must be nice, I am sure you two celebrated over the break?” Caleb asked, desperately attempting to keep the conversation flowing.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you were the type of person to follow everyone on social media. You strike me as someone who’s above that?” Lavender said, as they stared out at the other students who mindlessly tapped away at their phones, or were taking pictures of their reunions.

“I do” Caleb said rather honestly. “I think the invention of social media has fucked our generation up terribly, and has probably caused more panic attacks and eating disorders than we can even imagine” he continued, before pausing to reflect. “But, most of the friends I have are people online, whilst in reality… I am not exactly Mr Popular” he confessed, in a bashful manner that instantly broke Lavender’s heart.

“Don’t be silly, I am sure you have plenty of friends” Lavender said, attempting to draw the boy out of his dark headspace.

“I have Oscar, and he’s only friends with me because we’re roommates” Oscar confessed, forcing himself to laugh. “Other than the time spent in our room, we never see each other” he said, as his eyes slowly lowered to the floor.

“You have me too” Lavender said quickly. “Aren’t we friends?” she asked in a bubbly tone, drawing a smile from the boy. “And if you want I can introduce you to Clara and the others. It’s your last few months of school, the last thing you should be worrying about is being alone” Lavender said.

“That would be amazing, Lavender” Caleb sighed with relief. “Really, thank you so much” he added as the two exchanged a hug. “Whilst I probably should be focusing on revising for all the A-Levels coming up, being around other people is such a welcomed change” he said, beaming with delight.

“Revising will come naturally for you, you get As all the time, don’t worry” Lavender reassured him. “But now Mr Social Media, I ask you this. What do you think of the twitter account that has been smearing Windsor?” she asked, showing desperation on her part to not talk about Daniel any further.

“I think that person is speaking what people like us, have been thinking since the moment we stepped foot in this school” Caleb confessed.

“People like us?” Lavender questioned, as she leaned back into the bench.

“Nerds, losers, geeks. Whatever lame ass teen movie clique name you wanna use. People like us were born to be on the bottom of the food chain, whilst people like Casandra, Cohen and Jonathan, were born to be on top. And they use that birth right to make our ever-waking lives a living hell” he said with venom in his voice, whilst attempting to ensure he kept his composure.

“Is that strictly true?” Lavender said, as the boy began to peak her interest. “Didn’t ‘The Hive’ lead you on and then pelted you with water balloons?” he said, as he raised his eyebrows.

Touché” Lavender laughed, “I meant to ask, how is everything with Jules, is he still…” “Jonathan’s bitch?” Caleb asked, interjecting himself before Lavender could even finish her sentence. “Yes he is, and I am afraid he is truly becoming the next dick of the school, he could give Casandra, Callista, heck even Daniel a run for their money when he’s fully grown” he said, once again prompting Lavender to giggle.

Before the conversation could continue, her phone began to buzz frantically. Lavender zoned the boy out, as she locked onto her screen with Clara requesting her presence in her room. “Hey look Caleb, I have to go meet Clara” she said standing up, much to the boys chagrin.

“Oh, should I join you guys?” Caleb asked awkwardly. “You know, for you to introduce me” he added, looking like a lost puppy in the process.

“Not yet, this is something personal. I don’t wanna drag you into… Whatever this is” Lavender said as she frantically pointed at her phone.

“What exactly would you be dragging me into?” Caleb asked, as he began to chase Lavender across the square. “And what if I want to be dragged into something?” he added.

Lavender turned back and leaned against the stone pillar, merely offering the boy a smile. “Trust me, you don’t want to get involved. Besides you’re far too busy with that twitter account of yours” she giggled, before skipping away from the boy and towards the dormitories.

“How did you know?” Caleb said, in a state of joyful disbelief.

“I’m not an idiot” Lavender shouted back, as she continued to giggle to herself. “Meet you at dinner and you’ll get to meet the rest of the Scooby gang” she shouted, before returning on her march to Clara’s room.

Caleb smiled at himself, unable to hide his love for his friendship with Lavender. “I am so getting involved” he whispered to himself, before too heading towards the dormitories. Little did he know that someone had been watching him and Lavender from afar. For a scruffier, pale Jonathan emerged from behind the blossom tree.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories – Dean’s Room  

Dean lay on his bed stark naked, his eyes were a bloodshot shade of red as he drew a cigarette close to his lips. He inhaled for an exceedingly long amount of time, before finally exhaling the huge cloud of smoke, into the atmosphere.

As he closed his eyes, he heard his father’s voice ringing throughout his head. ‘Your mother’s gone son. The police came for her last night’ the voice of Simon reminded him, as Dean’s expression became more distressed. His eyes shot open, and he drew the cigarette to his lips yet again.

“Fuck you” Dean whispered to himself, as he jumped off the bed and headed towards the window. He stood proudly spread his legs and displayed himself for the new security cameras to see. “You getting a good view of this Dad?” he shouted loudly, directly towards a camera that face his room.

Dean turned to his dresser and stared at his ashtray with utter loathing and disgust. For beneath all of the cigarette buds and ash, lay a photograph of Callista. With another foul snarl, he aggressively stumped out his lit cigarette onto the girls face, without even so much as batting an eyelid.

He lowered himself down onto his knees, and stared at the picture with a deranged expression on his face. “This is all your fault. Everything that happens in this school is your fault” he whispered spitefully. “It wasn’t enough that you were fucking my Dad behind my back, but now my mother is in prison, and for what… Stalking you, what kind of fucking charges are those” he continued as smoke rose from the picture.

“I really hope you’re rotting in hell for all the pain you’ve caused everyone” he continued, finally raising up to his feet. Hiding his lower body behind the desk, he looked out of his window yet again, now seeing something he didn’t expect to see.

Cohen and pinned Vev up against a wall, just beneath the cameras. And the two were engaging in a passionate kissing. He stared at the two, with both anger and strange arousal. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, and he also knew how much this new pairing would hurt Cassandra.

But following weeks of hating himself, and not allowing his mind or body to feel an ounce of pleasure, he continued to watch. Lighting another cigarette in the process, he turned to the edge of his bed and slowly began to type away at the keypad, whilst his eyes remained on Cohen and Vev.

 The Police Station 

DI Ryan McKenna stared at his computer screen blankly, staring at the face of Maggie Mendoza on the night of her arrest. A series of notes beneath attempted to link the mother to the present day murders at Windsor Academy, however all of which she had a solid alibi for.

However, there was a separate section entirely, linking her to the murder of Callista Ranza. “None of this makes any sense” McKenna groaned, as he continued to scroll through the cases’ contents.

It has been noted that Mrs Mendoza began to develop an unhealthy oppression with the victim, upon believing that her husband had been engaging in sexual activity with the aforementioned party. Due to insufficient evidence against Mr Simon Mendoza, we are unable to charge him under the crimes of statutory rape. However, with evidence such as mounting CCTV footage and a confession from Mrs Mendoza herself, we believe that the charged party was indeed stalking the victim in the weeks leading up to her death.

Whilst not yet confirmed, police will continue to interview Mrs Mendoza and attempt to discover whether she was involved with the murder itself.

Ryan rubbed his temples and scrunched up his face. “We always thought it was the same person. But maybe this sicko just came out of the woodworks when the teacher offed that poor girl” a younger officer said, as she looked over the detectives shoulder.

“Maybe, I still think the husband is involved somehow” he said with disgust, at the mere recollection of the video obtained from Joel’s phone. “I mean he was fucking a sixteen year old after all” he added.

“Allegedly” the girl corrected him, knowing full-well that the detective was right.

“Better question, what do you think about that school reopening” she asked, before leaving the desk to go across the room, just as another office joined them.

“I think it’s the worst fucking idea in the world” McKenna stated, as he kicked his feet up onto the desk. “It’s like that fucking school is asking for trouble, like those parents want their children to be murdered” he added, as he crumpled up a piece of paper with his clenched fist.

“At least the school is somewhat secure. Hopefully those security offers will teach those brats a lesson or two” the second police officer added, as he sipped from his mug.

“They’re just kids, they shouldn’t be dealing with this in the first place” McKenna roared in a fit of rage. “I mean seriously! It has been five months since this shit show started.

Ten people are dead, we’ve done interview after interview and not found a single shred of evidence that could lead us to the culprit!” he screamed, throwing himself forward to slam his fists down onto his desk. “This is the worst national case since Jack the fucking Riper!” he moaned, before slamming his head down onto the desk.

“Nine” the female police officer attempted to correct him, but merely received a deranged look from the detective, whose head shot up within the instant the number passed the young girls lips.

“Are you all still under the delusional impression that Sue Akiyama died of alcohol poisoning?” he screamed at the two younger officers, who both nodded simultaneously.

“You’ve read the coroner’s report. That moonshine she drank burned right through her, and that white chemical powder blocking her nose, bitch was probably addicted to that stuff too” the young man scoffed.

“Oh please that was a set up, any expert could tell you that. Her death is just another reason to suspect Simon Mendoza” he added, narrowing his eyes. “Now we know for a fact the women was being blackmailed by the killer during the actual murders. So is it really hard to believe she herself would be killed? With Akiyama out of the picture he is named Head Master and has ultimate power in that school. Power and that man are not a good mix… And when I interview his wife, I am going to make sure she tells me every little dirty secret of his” McKenna added, as his voice became deep and dark.

“What can she tell you that can help? We can’t charge him based on her word alone. We couldn’t even charge him for statutory” the female officer said.

“Correct, but we could find out what kind of fucked up person he is. May put inside the head of our killer” McKenna said, as he leaned back into his chair, with the cogs in his head fully turning.

“You think he’s the killer?” both of the officers said together in harmony.

“Who knows, but it’s the first bright idea I’ve had in a while” he murmured, as a smile slowly rose across his face.

 Iris Dormitories – Leo and Logan’s Room 

Leo hung around outside his door, staring at the wood with utter fear in the pit of his stomach as if he were staring at the gates of hell. He heard the door creek behind him, at saw Clara peak out from the corner of her door. “I’m not stalking you I promise” the girl whispered. “I thought you might have been Tyler or Lavender or someone else” she added, slowly opening the door to reveal more of her face.

“Sorry to disappoint. Not one of the Scooby gang, just someone who isn’t what was your exact wording… Oh now I remember ‘too fragile’” Leo said, pulling a bitch face that would rival Casandra’s.

“Leo, I understand why you’re upset” Clara said, in a rather hushed tone as she attempted to approach the boy, who backed away to ensure his back was pressed against his own door. “Believe me when I say, you have no idea why I am upset. Now if you’d excuse me” Leo said, but before he could enter the room, Clara reached out and touched his hand.

“You… You look really good as a blond Leo. I hope that you’re at least happy with Casandra, Logan and your new life” she said, before she flashed a bashful smile at the boy.

“Thank you, have fun with your Scooby meeting Buffy” Leo said spitefully, before he entered his bedroom and slammed the door behind him, without so much as even looking back at his former friend.

As soon as he realised where he was, his stomach sank the bottom of his feet. For he saw Logan in tight black underwear and matching socks sprawled across the two beds, which had been pushed together, scrolling through his phone.

“Oh hello my Love, I pushed our beds together. So we can be even closer” Logan sighed with a romantic infliction in his voice, as he patted the pillow next to him. In an instant he noticed Leo’s awkward body language, and his facial expression altered to one of anger.

“Leo you haven’t seen me since Casandra’s Christmas party, can you please act happy” he demanded.

Leo forced himself to smile, he walked over to Logan silently and gently kissed his ‘boyfriend’ on the lips. “I’ve missed you too sweetie” Leo said, as he joined Logan on the bed and rested his head onto the pillow.

“Now, tell me all about your Christmas. I don’t want to miss a single detail” Logan said, as he gently turned Leo over to his side so he could spoon him. “And I mean everything… How are the parents?” Logan asked whispering directly into Leo’s ear.

“They’re good” Leo responded in an emotionless tone.

“No, no… I want more information. Did you tell them about, us?” Logan asked in a sickening tone, which forced Leo’s whole body to tense up. “Did you tell that you had the perfect most amazing boyfriend back home? Oh wait I forgot you can’t tell them” Logan sighed, pretending like he cared.

“But then again I could always tell them” Logan continued, as Leo clenched his eyes tightly. “I could always tell them how their son is a filthy fucking homo who has sex with other men for money” he continued as he took a firm hold of a lock of Leo’s hair. As the American boy began to cry.

“I mean sure they’d reject you, probably disown you. And yes I am sure fucking Casandra would swoop in and save you by ushering you away into a life of luxury. But it would never be the same as parental love now would it?” he asked, pulling back Leo’s head. “And what about that sweet little sister of yours. She’ll know what a fucked up big brother she has, and I guess that will fuck her up bad too. Maybe she wouldn’t want to speak to you… Ever again” Logan grunted aggressively into Leo’s ear, who was now cowering with fear. “Why are you saying all of this” Leo asked through his whimpers.

“Why?” Logan repeated. “WHY!” He proceeded to scream down Leo’s ear. “Since you’ve got that app you’ve had a steady stream of money. But this week it’s a hell of a lot less, you’re not hiding any money from me are you Leo?” he asked, pushing all of his weight down onto Leo’s head.

“No, no I’m not I promise” Leo cried hysterically. “I understand our arrangement. I get whatever money you decide to give me. I’m sorry I’ll talk to more guys I promise” Leo cried, as Logan finally released his grip. The aggressor leaned in and gently kissed Leo on the cheek.

“That’s my boy” Logan whispered, indicating that he was proud of his boyfriend. “Now go into the bathroom and get ready, I wanna fuck before dinner” he demanded, leaning back comfortably and allowing Leo to quickly dash towards the bathroom.

Once inside, Leo lowered his head down onto the sink and began to cry. Knowing he couldn’t be too loud, he instantly composed himself and withdrew his phone in order to send a text message. “WindsorKid… We need to meet tonight. Love Leo” he said. Before looking at his own reflection, utterly disgusted in himself.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories – Oliver’s Room. 

Chasity and Oliver lay close to each other, merely staring up towards the ceiling. She ran her hands through her boyfriend’s hair, whilst Oliver gently played with the necklace he gifted her for Christmas. “I want to stay in this moment, forever and ever” Oliver said, as he whispered into the girls ear. “You’ve been even more beautiful since you dyed your hair, and I’m the luckiest guy in school. You know that right?” he asked her playfully as he nuzzled into her neck.

“Stop it, I’m the lucky one” Chasity corrected him. “Most of the rugby boys are total douches. Heck most guys in this school are total douches… But not you, you’ve really grown up these past few months. I have never been more in love with you than I am now” she whispered, before kissing him on the lips. “It’s just…” she sighed, backing away slowly into the pillow.

“What?” Oliver asked curiously, as he too now stroked his girlfriend’s hair. “Is everything okay?” he asked her.

“I don’t like being back here. And I don’t like feeling powerless” she told him. “On Halloween when I stopped… The killer from attacking David and Clara, I felt fear like I’ve never felt in my entire life. But at the same time I felt so empowered, like I was doing good yanno” she confessed, as Oliver nodded listening intently and hanging off her every word.

“I want to always feel that powerful, especially now that we’re back in this hell hole” Chasity whispered, remaining calm and collected. “So I am going to do something, which you may not like. But I need you to respect my wishes and more importantly I need you to stay out of it” she explained to Oliver, who sat up as his concern for his girlfriend grew.

“Please don’t worry” Chasity explained, as she too sat up and leaned against the bed post. “But I am going to help Clara Stark and he friends catch the killer” she finally confessed, an action which prompted Oliver to jump off the bed with shock.

“I am sorry, you’re doing what now!” he screamed in disbelief. “Baby, why would you willingly put yourself in that kind of danger for people you aren’t even friends with” he asked, now kneeling on the bed.

“Who is my friend at this point, the only friend I have in this school is you. But if doing this means I can keep you, and everyone else safe, then so be it” she explained to him, mimicking his kneeling stance and allowing their eyes to meet. “You’re the best thing in my life, and I want to protect you. Just like I protected them at the pool” she explained, gently caressing Oliver’s cheek.

“Then I am going to help too. Whatever it takes I’ll protect you too” he replied desperately.

“No, you really can’t” Chasity explained. “If you come then they’ll know I told you. I didn’t expect to get a call from Clara before Christmas, but hearing her story and what she went through… It spoke to me because that’s exactly how I was feeling internally” Chasity explained as her eyes filled with tears.

“She wanted me to keep this a secret. So you need to stay out of this, otherwise they won’t trust me and I won’t be able to feel empowered, but most importantly I won’t be able to help anyone” she added. Her thumb stroked the stubble on his chin, before she gently leaned in and softly kissed his lips.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to keep secrets” Oliver said dumfounded.

“You still haven’t told me why you and Oscar are acting weird around your Dad” Chasity stated, “Or why your Dad keeps saying you’re acting so strange” she added. But before she could further her question, Oliver quickly changed the subject.

“Please, promise me you won’t put yourself in danger for these strangers” Oliver begged, as his bottom lip began to quiver uncontrollably.

“I promise, as long as you promise to stay safe handsome. You’re the only reason I am here in the first place, if it wasn’t for you I probably would have just became home schooled” she sighed, prompting the couple to giggle in unison.

“Well does safe equate to being naughty?” he asked her by once again whispering into her ear. “Because the guys were thinking of testing out these new security cameras and having a little drinking sesh in Cohen’s room” he explained, much to the distain of Chasity who pushed him away,

“No way, no fucking way. Every time there is a party at this school somebody dies” Chasity said, furious at the very prospect.

“Not every time” Oliver said, trying to laugh it off.

“Cali was killed at the ball, Cameron was killed at the start of year party, Dolly outside the slumber party, Raven’s body turned up on Halloween not to mention Joel being beaten to death” Chasity corrected with one long drawn out breath, forcing her boyfriend into silence. “Please, don’t go. Just stay in your room or go visit Oscar, but don’t and I mean don’t go drinking please” she said, taking her turn at begging.

Oliver merely nodded and uttered a breathy “Okay” before he took Chasity into his arms and the two teenagers embraced.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories – David and Jonathan’s Room. 

David stared at himself in the mirror. His pale blue eyes were locked firmly onto the reflection, unmoving and tragic. He slowly hoisted his shirt off of his body and began to play particularly close attention to the stab wound on his shoulder. The skin was pale, a completely different shade to the rest of his body, and David often found himself, looking at the wound and thinking of the incident at the pool.

He slowly raised his hand up and touched the scar, whimpering as he recalled the blades sharp sting and the terrified expression on Clara’s face when they both believed that all hope had been lost. Just then the bedroom door was flung open, and Jules entered dragging two large suitcase and carrying a heavy backpack. David instantly grabbed his shirt and attempted to cover up, when a pale Jonathan entered the room and saw him trying to conceal his modesty.

“Oh don’t be silly mate, we’re all men here” Jonathan laughed, looking up from his phone for but a second. Jules dropped the backpack onto the bed and struggled to catch his breath, before Jonathan threw a fifty pound note into the young boy’s face. “That is going to be the last time I pay you, we’re back in school now so your popularity is your payment” Jonathan told Jules, who proceeded to pull a devious smile reminiscent of the rugby boys. “And remember rugby tryouts are tomorrow for your age division. Show no mercy and show them why you should be captain” Jonathan said, as the flung himself down onto the bed.

“Thanks Boss, will do. And you’ll be proud to know, my roommate thought he could take the bed by the window, without so much as asking me” Jules said, as Jonathan listened on from a more comfortable position, whilst David dropped his shirt as he stared on in horror and Jonathan’s creation. “So I quickly amended that right away, and I also have that first year organising my wardrobe as we speak” Jules laughed, as Jonathan stared at him like a proud father.

“Very good, you may depart” Jonathan said, shooing the boy away before returning his attention back to his phone, more specifically Caleb’s Facebook profile. “And say hello to your brother if you see him yeah!” Jonathan laughed, as Jules quickly scurried away.

“I’ll see you later Boss, nice to see you David” Jules said before exiting the room, and slamming the door behind him. David was left dumfounded, with his mouth agape. “Is that shit still going on?” David gasped in disbelief.

“Obviously, you think I would give up power like that so easily?” Jonathan asked, in a manner which made it seem like a rhetorical question.

“I just thought you may have changed, considering everything that happened with Joel” David said, finally placing his shirt back on his body. “You don’t look the same Jonathan, you look tired” he added, as Jonathan fell into a deep silence, before he slammed his phone down onto the bed.

“Well you thought wrong, what you thought seeing someone bludgeoned to death would all of sudden make me a saint. Well you thought wrong” he said, standing up to allow full eye contact with David. “However I am human, and those sights have unfortunately left some nasty mental scars” Jonathan added, in a tone which David had yet to recognise in the boy’s voice, for it was a tone of sympathy and remorse.

“I wish I could say the same thing for you, but you look better than ever. See that scar healed up nicely, guess you won’t be missing any games in the future” Jonathan whispered. “Just lucky I guess, my mother wanted me to get plastic surgery. I assured her it wasn’t needed” David confessed, as Jonathan trailed off back to his bed. “But I am sorry you’re going through all of this” David apologised.

“Yeah I bet you are, St David feels everybody’s pain, but as soon as he needs to feel his own his Mother Dearest steps in” Jonathan scoffed.

“I do care, I really do” David added, as he slowly made his way over to his roommates bed. “And I am slowly realising how annoying this St David act is” he confessed. “So I am will ease up on that self-righteous shit and actually force myself to be a teenager” he added, much to the surprise of Jonathan.

“Okay then, join us tonight. We’re gonna have a few beers and test out this new security system… Should be fun, unless the angel on your shoulder thinks otherwise” Jonathan smirked smugly as he once again returned to stalking Caleb.

Just before David could give an answer he too looked down at his phone. His face lit up with excitement, as he hastily made his way towards the door. “Where are you going?” Jonathan asked somewhat engaged by not receiving an answer to his invitation.

“Will tell you later. Make sure the beer is extra cold yeah” David laughed, as he shut the door behind him.

“Whatever” Jonathan moaned, as he narrowed in on Caleb’s twitter account before opening the AntiWindsor account. He leaned back into the pillow, before aggressively kicking the backpack down onto the floor.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Cassandra’s Room. 

Casandra placed many beautiful garments into her wardrobe, she ran her fingers down the line, gently touching the soft fabrics with ease. Jumpers, skirts and dresses all hung perfectly together, with just enough distance apart to avoid creases.

She stared at the clothes contently and decided to shut the doors. However, someone was hiding behind it and once revealed caused Casandra to jump with fright. “Jesus fucking Christ” Casandra screamed, slamming the back of her head against the built in mirror. “Vev you scared me” she said, upon seeing her friend smiling back at her nervously.

Casandra smiled in return, however this was not brought upon by nerves, but rather excitement. Casandra threw her arms around Vev and squeezed tightly, long before Vev reciprocated the hug. “I am still so sorry about your break in at Christmas. How are you feeling?” she asked, pulling away ever so slowly.

“Not bad, still get scared of loud noises and stuff. I’m just lucky Cohen was there to protect me” Vev replied, her voice breaking ever so slightly at the mere mention of the boy’s name.

“You’re more than lucky, but I know in my heart of hearts that you wouldn’t need him to protect you. You’re braver and stronger than you know” Casandra said, in a showing of genuine respect that had Vev taken aback.

“Thank you” Vev suttered. “You’re bracelet s really nice. Christmas present?” Vev asked, watching as Casandra sat on the edge of her bed.

“Yeah, Leo got it for me. As a Christmas and a Thank You gift” Casandra said dangling the charm from her wrist, as Vev slowly approached her. “What’s wrong you look a little sad” she asked, extending her arm to the jittery Vev. “Are you upset that Leo is in the Hive now?” Casandra asked.

“No, no it’s nothing to do with Leo. It’s just something else that has been weighing on my mind” Vev confessed, knowing that she had to tell Casandra about her current relationship with Cohen. But as she stared into her best friends eyes she couldn’t do, and instead quickly thought of a lie. “Oh, just I forgot to pack my vintage Chanel sweater. And I am kinda frustrated in myself” Vev whispered, now avoiding eye contact with Casandra.

“I totally understand, that sweater always looks so good on you” Casandra replied, offering Vev yet another compliment. “I am trying to be nicer, last thing people need is an angry bitch breathing down their neck” Casandra explained. “And with that, I also believe I owe you an apology” she stated, ensuring that she made genuine eye contact with her friend.

This apology was yet another shock to Vev’s system, she couldn’t believe that the once universally reviled Casandra Clooney was uttering these words. “I have been the biggest bitch in the world since Cali died, especially to you and Chas” Casandra explained. “And whilst she didn’t want to listen I hope you do. Vev, I am so sorry for any mean comment I’ve ever said. And for any pain be it psychological or physical I have caused you. You’re such a good friend, and I haven’t always treated you like one” Casandra continued, bringing a tear to Vev’s eye. “So please know, I love you so much” she concluded by hugging Vev tightly yet again.

The Cohen guilt was gnawing at Vev, causing her to remain stiff as a board. Once Casandra released her, she smiled ever so slightly before stuttering “Apology accepted”. In that instant, Vev arose from the bed and slowly headed towards the door, still unable to tell the truth.

“Are you going, I thought we could talk about Christmas gifts?” Casandra asked, she too now standing up.

“I have a lot of unpacking to do. But I do really appreciate everything you’ve just said Casandra, I really do” Vev explained, wiping a tear from her eye. “I’ll see you at dinner, and we can continue this lovely conversation” Vev stuttered, before turning to leave. However, someone was now blocking her path, for a now fully clothed Dean stood in the door.

“Oh hello Dean. See at Dinner” Vev said hastily before escaping Casandra’s frilly room. Dean remained silent, watching Vev with curiosity as she fled down the hallway. His eyes narrowed as he recalled the events from the previous hour.

“She’s acting so strange, anyway how are you Deany?” Casandra asked, skipping towards the boy flirtatiously.

“Good, and yeah she did seem strange didn’t she?” Dean repeated the words back to her. “Well what brings you to my humble abode?” Casandra asked pleasantly.

The young man pushed his thick hair out of his head and sighed loudly. “I really need to talk to someone, and I trust you more than anyone else” he muttered, as Casandra looked on curiously. “I need to talk about my Mum” he sighed, before tightly shutting his eyes.

 Iris Dormitories - Clara's Room 

Clara stood on her bed, ensuring that her Buffy The Vampire Slayer poster was stuck firmly to her wall. She took a step back, and smiled before her head slowly cast towards the back of her room, in which Dolly’s empty bed sat. “You always told me to get out of the 90’s” Clara whispered to herself, before a knocking at the door prompted her to step down from the bed.

She opened the door and was met by a smiling Tyler. “Hey” the boy greeted nervously. “Hope I’m not too early” he stuttered, whilst looking around the empty room. “I could always come back later” he added, before Clara dove on him giving him the biggest hug imaginable.

“Don’t be silly, I’d never turn you away” she giggle, finally releasing Tyler from her grip. She stepped out of the door way and beckoned her friend into her room. Tyler entered the girl’s bedroom, with his hands awkwardly shoved into his pockets.

“So today is the day huh? We’re going to tell them about the box?” Tyler asked, as he looked around the room the room in search of the wooden box.

“It’s under the bed” Clara said, already one step ahead of the boy. “And yes, today is the day” she replied. “Hopefully they won’t be too mad at me for keeping it from them” she sighed as she walked over to the bed, and produced the box.

“They won’t be. I mean by the time you found it, we all thought we’d never see each other again” Tyler sighed, as he sat on Dolly’s empty bed. “I didn’t get mad, so they won’t either” Tyler explained, causing Clara to smile proudly as she sat next to him, placing the box on her lap. “You look good by the way” Tyler said, smiling at her.

“By comparison” Clara corrected him. “Last time you saw me I looked like the living dead. But a dose of self-confidence, a few trips to the gym and three self-defence classes later, and ta-da. I am a changed woman” Clara said sarcastically. “But thank you, I feel so much better in myself” she explained to her friend.

“Oh yeah?” Tyler asked, as he playfully nudged her.

“Yes, I feel like I can take on the world… Or yanno at least a serial killer” she joked, as they shared a brief moment of laughter. The relaxing moment was cut short, by a knocking at the door. “And so the troops have rallied” she joked, standing up to approach the door. “You ready to plan?” she asked.

“As I’ll ever be” he laughed, as he too jumped to his feet. Clara opened the door, as Lavender, Oscar and David all piled into her room, giddy with excitement and ready to go. Lavender jumped into the air with excitement, as she hugged Clara tightly.

Meanwhile both Oscar and David walked over to Tyler, whilst the boys exchanged their hello’s Lavender backed away from her friend long enough to ensure that they both shared a smile. “Nice to see you too Lav” she giggled.

“Well, we’re all here” Oscar announced. “What is this big secret that you wanted to tell us?” he asked Clara, staring at her longingly as he so desperately wanted to know. “We’re actually not all here” Clara explained, as everyone in the room shared a look of confusion.

“What?” David asked.

“Yeah I second that what” Tyler added, in a similarly baffled tone.

But just as the words left his lips, there was another knocking at the door. Everyone’s heads turned at once to see Chasity standing in the doorway. “Hey Clara, am I late or something?” she asked, daring not to enter the room.

“Guy’s I believe you all know Chasity” Clara said awkwardly, whilst everyone stared at the former Bitchette with confusion. All except Lavender who stared at her with utter hatred.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Cassandra’s Room  

Dean and Cassandra lay across the bed, his head resting on her shoulder as she gently stroked his hair.“I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her” Dean sighed. “My Dad is trying to keep me from seeing her” he explained, as his eyes became red and puffy. “I had to wish her Merry Christmas from over the phone” he said with such rage.

“Why is that?” Casandra asked. “Why is he keeping you from seeing her, surely he can’t do that” Casandra said in a comforting tone.

“Because he is a total fucking arsehole that’s why” Dean scoffed. “That’s why he’s keeping me away from her, he has no other reason to do so” he added. Casandra could feel the muscles on his neck tighten, and he began to clench his fist at the mere thought of his father. “He keeps telling me the same thing. Over and over again” he said, as his voice became much lower.

Casandra quickly realised that the boy was crying, so she stopped rubbing his head and gave the boy some breathing room. “He keeps telling me that she’s a threat to our safety. But she didn’t do anything wrong, just admitted to stalking Callista, that’s all!” he screamed, prompting Casandra to jump with fright before leaping off the bed.

“I mean seriously, my Dad is such a fucking hypocrite. He fucks an underage girl, and gets away with it. And my Mother tries to save her family and gets put in jail” he screamed, as Casandra now remained still as a statue. “You don’t believe she’s the one behind it, do you?” he asked Cassandra, his voice altered as he spoke, he was no longer enraged but instead sounded like a lost little boy.

“No, I really don’t” Cassandra said bluntly.

“You’re not just saying that shut me up right, I am not crazy, she isn’t a bad person” he explained, as Casandra kneeled up and took his hand.

“I believe Maggie is innocent” Casandra repeated. “Your father on the other hand…” she said awkwardly, as her lower lip lowered. “I’d hate to think someone so evil could create a soul as good as yours, but after everything he’s done I can see Cali being a lot more scared of him than your Mother” she explained.

“What are we going to do?” he asked her. “Because I am tired of feeling powerless, like I can’t do anything” Dean whimpered. “I am tired of my family being wrongly punished all because of that bitch Callista Ranza!” he roared. “I know you’re trying to put your devious bitch day’s behind you. But I’d really appreciate it if you consider this your final hurrah” Dean said, as he looked deep into her eye.

Casandra looked down at her bracelet and then back up to the boy. She smiled, but this wasn’t an innocent smile this was her Cassandra Clooney smile. “Well if we want to get anywhere, we have to find Cali’s box. If we find that then we have our killer” she whispered. “After all we already have one of the keys” she added. “So the jobs already half done”

“There’s the Casandra I knew and loathed” Dean laughed, as Casandra leaned over her bed to retrieve a notebook from her side table. She withdrew a fluffy pink pen and crossed her legs, ready to jot down their ideas and thoughts. “What are you doing?” Dean asked, as he knelt down onto the floor.

“I am going to take down any ideas that could be useful in finding that box. So you first” Casandra said, in a controlling manner as she pointed the pen into the boy’s face. “You were dating Cali, is there anywhere special that you two went?” she asked, as Dean rubbed his forehead.

“Erm” he stuttered trying to force his brain into action, but upon seeing a photograph on the back of Casandra’s notebook it all came flooding back to him. The photograph was of Casandra, Olivia, Vev and Chasity lounging in the courtyard and eating ice cream. He jumped, as a repressed memory came flooding back to him. “Olivia” he screamed, as Casandra turned her head.

“What about Liv?” she asked, quickly shutting the notebook to look at the photograph for herself.

“The day she died, she came up to me and was asking questions about Cali” he sighed. “And I told her to go sit by the blossom tree” he murmured, as Casandra joined him. “So hypothetically speaking, Olivia could have found the box and that’s why she was killed” Casandra gasped in horror.

“That would explain why the killer lured me to the dorm that night. I wasn’t as close to her as you or Clara, so that makes sense” Dean said, as the two seemingly solved their dilemma. “But did the killer take the box back, because if so then we are so fucked” he moaned, before sitting back down onto the bed.

“I think we’re already fucked” Casandra sighed, as she joined the boy back on the bed, this time resting her head on his shoulders, unaware that the security camera outside was looking directly into the window, looking directly at them…

 Iris Dormitory – Clara’s Room 

Clara stood at the front of the room, with the box strategically placed behind her back. She took several deep breaths, as Tyler smiled at her for reassurance.

Chasity sat on Clara’s bed with her shoulders raised high, desperately trying to avoid the group’s vicious gaze. “I can’t believe you would invite someone in without telling us” Lavender moaned, from the opposite side of the room. “Especially, one of those” she hissed at the former Hive member.

“And what is that supposed to mean” Chasity asked, finally turning around to look at Lavender.

“Fine let me finish my sentence” Lavender replied. “Especially one of those bitches… There you happy?” she smiled, as David awkwardly looked in the opposite direction, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

“Lavender” Clara sighed, in disappointment.

“No, as much as I hate to admit it, Lavender is right” Chasity admitted. “I am a bitch, and probably always will be” Chasity said, as she turned all the way around. “I am sorry, to all of you, but more specifically to Lavender” she said in a seriously. “I know that I was a real bitch to you at the start of the year” Chasity sighed.

“And you know, every other year” Lavender added, in a monotone voice.

“Right, I get it” Chasity sighed. “But I am sorry, and I really hope that I can prove to you all that I am a different person now” Chasity explained.

“I can vouch for that, normally when you came over to our house, you were just a rude bitch to me. But we’ve actually had some decent conversations now” Oscar explained, as he leaned comfortably against the wall.

“And you did save us all the night at the pool” David added, much to Lavender’s dismay. “So as far as I’m concerned, you deserve to be here just as much as we do” David said. “Deserve, we don’t deserve this. I mean seriously what other teenagers do you know that deserve to hunt a serial killer” Oscar said, as he slowly slid down the wall until he was sat down.

“Chasity has told me in confidence that she wants to put a stop to this just as much as we do” Clara told the group. “So as far as I’m concerned regardless of how we feel about people, if they want to help then we’ll let them help” Clara announced, as she clutched onto the box firmly. “Besides, we have more pressing matters to attend to” she added, slowly revealing the box to the group. Every eye was now on her, as the room fell into a deep silence. Chasity swallowed her chewing gum, whilst Oscar’s mouth hung open. Everybody was scared to speak, or rather nobody knew the proper words to say. “Holy shit” Chasity blurted aloud.

“That’s the real box huh” Oscar gasped, as he stumbled up to his feet.

“Callista’s box” David whispered, as he and Lavender stared at each other in shock.

“Where did you find this?” Chasity asked, as joined Oscar in inspecting the box. “She found it with Olivia’s belongings” Tyler answered for her, much to the surprise of the rest of the room, who’s heads all shot back of the room.

“How do you know that?” Lavender asked in a state of shock.

“Have you two already discussed this without the rest of us?” Oscar asked Clara, with much sadness in his voice. He looked at Clara who handed the box over to Chasity, in order to push her hands through her hair.

“Look, guys I know it may seem like we had some unwritten code where we tell each other everything, but by the time I found that box, I thought we’d never see each other again, that we’d never be back at Windsor” Clara said in a bid to defend her actions.

“That doesn’t excuse this” Lavender moaned, as she folded her arms like a bratty child. “First her and now that box” Lavender said, once again snipping at the group.

Clara looked to David, hoping that he would reassure her of her own actions. However, he remained silent, shaking his head in disappointment. “Clara told me because she found it in my girlfriends things, if anybody has a problem with that please address it to me and not Clara” Tyler said defensively, finally allowing Clara to smile.

Chasity shook the box and placed it close to her ear, trying to see if she could hear the contents. “So what’s in here?” the brunette girl asked.

“Please tell me you guys also found a key with Liv’s stuff” Oscar added, as Chasity handed over the box. Before Clara shook her head and remained quiet.

“So this is our new mission” Tyler announced to the group. “We need to find at least one of those keys” he explained, as he slowly paced across the room. “And we need to find them fast, because we think that box is what got Olivia killed” Tyler said, as his voice began to crack.

The moment that sentence passed Tyler’s lips, Oscar looked down at the box with fear, as he slowly handed it to Tyler. “Isn’t all of this easier said than done?” Lavender asked. “I mean how are we going to find those keys, or rather key” she said allowed, leaning back onto the wall behind the bed.

“Well” David said, finally speaking up. “We have Chasity now, is there anything you know about Cali that could help us find those keys?” David asked.

“Took the words right out of my mouth” Tyler replied, as the whole room turned to Chasity, who stood there with her mouth open.

“Well, we mostly hung out in her room so I don’t know if that would help” Chasity said honestly, as the group sighed with disappointment. Her eyes trailed down onto the floor, feeling as if she couldn’t contribute anything to the team. “She kept everything to herself, which is what got her killed and landed us in this hot water” she sighed, slumping back down onto the bed. “The only thing I could possibly think of is looking through my old diaries. Maybe she said something that could help” Chasity sighed, as Lavender rolled her eyes.

“Well great we’re back to square one for now” Tyler moaned, as the dinner bell rang loudly. “And now back to the delicious food of Windsor Academy” he laughed as the group all stood up.

“Maybe we’re not back to square one” Clara whispered to herself, as her eyes shifted from side to side.

Lavender stormed out of the room, as soon as the others began to gather their belongings. Chasity reached out for her, but was too slow and the girl left without saying another word. “I wouldn’t worry. She’s probably just still pissy about the whole Daniel thing” Tyler said to her, attempting to put her at ease.

Oscar approached Clara who walked straight past him and towards David, pulling Tyler behind her as she walked. Oscar stared at her with disappointment as Chasity wrapped her arms around his shoulder. “Hey, don’t beat yourself up about it. She’ll see you for how great you are. Just give her time” she smiled, as did he. “Now come on, I can’t wait for you and Oliver to passive aggressively talk about your Dad” the pair laughed as the exited the dorm room.

As soon as they left, they bumped directly into a scurffy Logan and Leo. The American boy walked ahead and towards the set of doors, whilst Logan lingered to lock up and tuck in his shirt. “Evening” he said to Oscar who’s eyes narrowed, as Chasity pulled him along, away from Clara’s room.

However, back inside the three lingered behind. “Hi” Clara said flirtatiously to David who flashed her a winning smile.

“Hey” the handsome blond replied in an equally flirty tone.

“Hate to bust up the hey fest, but dinner is a-calling” Tyler added, in perfect comedic timing, as he snapped his fingers towards Clara’s door.

“I just have been thinking, thinking of something that was right in front of us this whole time” Clara explained to the two boys. “The fire at the mores, the police report released in the paper clearly stated a shack was burnt down in the process, and that they believed that it was the origin of the blaze” Clara told the group.

“Yeah, the police thought kids were using it to smoke. Said everything was burnt to a crisp” Tyler said unsure of where Clara was going.

“I don’t think that is the case, I think something is there. And even if it isn’t we have to check right, we can’t be passive and wait until the killer tells us to move. We have to move ourselves” she said, sounding more determined than ever. “So the four of us will, go tonight” Clara stated, as the boy’s shared a look of confusion.

“Four of us, is there another member of this team we should know about?” Tyler asked. “No the four of us, me, you guys” she said, as she turned around to see an empty room “And Oscar” she stuttered, as her face lowered with disappointment.

“He left about fifth-teen seconds ago with Chasity” Tyler said, as Clara returned to looking at the pair. “You’ll have to tell him over dinner” he added, before David chimed in. “I’m in, the security system is still new so may have some flays, we could easily sneak out, better to do it now, than wait till they’ve perfected it” he said, as the others nodded in agreement. “The boys were planning on drinking tonight, so either way I am breaking the rules, at least in this case breaking the rules may result in some good” David announced proudly, as Clara and Tyler both giggled to themselves.

“Well, I guess St David has finally came out of his cocoon this winter” Tyler giggled.

“And not a second too soon” Clara added, as the trio once again shared a laugh.

 The Dining Hall – 1 Hour Later. 

The hall was filled to the rim with pupils of all ages, sat according to the age groups. Naturally the final years had the table at the back of the room. As acting Head Boy and Girl, David and Casandra sat at opposing ends, with Leo to Cassandra’s right and Clara to David’s. The group remained together, with the exception of Lavender, who took to sitting with Caleb, in the centre and away from the opposing cliques.

“I wonder where Vev is, it’s not like her to miss a meal” Cassandra said, as she searched the crowded hall. “I didn’t mean that as a fat joke, I just mean it’s out of character” Casandra said, in a bid to correct herself.

“God Casandra, you’ve become so boring since you’ve become nice” Jonathan sighed, as he and Logan snickered to themselves as the queen bee quickly became embarrassed.

“Yeah, keep this up and you will be just like David. A perfect little saint” Logan interjected, placing his hand under his chin to mimic an innocent cherub.

“Don’t listen to them, I think this new change in attitude is great” Leo assured her, receiving side-eye from Logan as he did so.

“Likewise” Dean added, as he shared a smile with her. “Anyway, you seen Cohen yet?” he asked Jonathan, who was eating the final mouthful of his dinner. “I am conspicuous by his absence too” he added, before raising his water glass to his lips.

“That’s a very big word for you” Jonathan said spitefully, as Leo jumped in and desperately tried to shift the conversation along to something else.

On the other end of the table, Oliver sat next to Chasity, but he seemed more engaged with what was going on with his friends. “Baby eat your carrots” Chasity insisted, tapping his plate with her fork.

“Yeah Oli, eat youw carrowts” Oscar said in a tone which one would use to speak to a baby. “Shut up, why are we down here. We should be at the top of the table, with our friends” Oliver moaned, unable to pry his eyes away.

“They are your friends, besides change is good” Chasity said, as she pushed her empty plate away from her. “And I want you boys to finally come clean about Christmas” she added, leaning on the table with intrigue. Oliver opened his mouth but was quickly silence when Oscar kicked his knee under the table.

“We just found out about the security company, that’s all” Oscar explained, hiding the full story as Oliver nodded along in passive agreement. “Turns out our Dad is now the head of the parents board, so he was the one pushing the idea” he continued.

“Well how thrilling, and totally annoying” Chasity sighed. “Thanks Elias, now we can’t get drunk in our final months of school” she moaned. “Not to mention ruining school for the younger years entirely” she said, staring off blankly.

“Well that’s Dad for you, will you excuse me for a moment. I’m going to relieve myself” Oliver sighed, as he jumped up and headed out the main doors towards the bathrooms.

As soon as he moved, Clara scooted down the bench to ensure she was facing Oscar, who’s face lowered upon seeing hers. “So what are we gossiping about?” Clara said with a beaming smile on her face.

“Just Christmas, stuff” Oscar replied dismissively. Sipping on his water, to avoid conversation.

“Ah cool” Clara said back, as Chasity began to step on Oscar’s toes under the table. “Well, Oscar sorry I missed you leaving before. You left just before I could tell you my plan. We’re going to check out that fire on the mores, see if there is any connection between that and the murders” she said confidently.

“We?” Oscar asked, lowering his glass. “Whose we?” he repeated.

“Me, You, Tyler and David” she explained, waving at the two boys who nodded back as a sign of acknowledgement.

“Well as much as I would to help, I’ve just promised Chasity I would help her with the diaries. Better that we split the work load, right?” he asked his crush.

“Yeah, sure” Clara replied in a stutter. “That makes total sense, stay with Chas. We need to work on more than one thing at a time” she added disappointedly. “Just keep me updated” she told Chasity who nodded in response.

Before anyone could make more awkward conversation, Oliver returned and sat in between Clara and his girlfriend. A disappointed Clara looked back to Tyler and David, unable to look at Oscar without feeling somewhat guilty, for a reason she couldn’t quite complain. Empty plates sat in front of practically everyone, just as the new headmaster took the podium. “Students, teachers and friends” Simon said calmly. “Welcome back to these hallowed halls. I commend you all on your bravery, for returning to Windsor Academy.I hope you understand why some of your fellow students have chosen not to return, and do not look down upon them for doing so” he continued, as all eyes were on him.

“Now, there are a few alterations to our school, courtesy of our friends at Secure-Eye” the man said, indicating towards the camera’s along the walls and the security officers who appeared from behind the doors. “These are meant to scare you, but to keep you safe. As such I will be enforcing a school-wide curfew. No one is to leave their dormitories past Nine O’clock. Years Seven to Eleven, this will mean you are to be in bed with the lights of. But years twelve and thirteen, you may leave your rooms but not your dormitories” he insisted, as David, Clara and Tyler stared at each other.

“Finally, some action being done” Casandra whispered to Leo.

“We have suffered, not just as a school, but as human beings” he said, as Dean rolled his eyes to the back of his skull. “But have endured and we are still alive” he announced, as the most of the younger students became teary eyed. “Tonight, we honour those who are no longer with us. Whilst also celebrating all of you who thankfully still are” Simon said, snapping his fingers, as the kitchen staff rushed every table with trays of cakes and tea pots.

“As a back to school treat, I have arranged a night of high tea” he told his students. “I ask you all to enjoy these cakes, discuss your loved ones and honour their life. Never forget them, and cherish your life” he said, tearing up himself as he caught the eyes of Dean. “To Windsor Academy, and all whom have ever walked these Halls” he said, as he raised his cup.

“To Windsor” Casandra repeated, standing up from her seat and raising her cup.

“To Windsor” David said, following the others, and toasting in the direction of Casandra.

“To Windsor” the whole school said in unison, before a thunderous applause arose.

 Iris Dormitories: Leo and Logan’s Room – 1 Hour Later 

Logan laid back on his bed, once again wearing nothing but underwear as he stroked himself through the clothing, with his hand stretched out holding his phone. “You wanna make me happy don’t you?” he whispered, in a sultry voice.

“More than anything” an older man replied through face time, practically kissing the screen. “I bought you all those gifts at Chrismas, the Italian Shoes, the Rolex, the designer clothes and colognes. What more do you want from me” he the old man asked, through a muttered breath, clearly pleasuring himself, to Logan’s body.

“I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want more from you, I want to see how much I am worth to you” Logan replied back, batting his long eyelashes.

“My wife is getting suspicious” the older man whispered, looking behind him. “Asking where all the money is going” he added.

“Fuck her, you clearly love me more than her anyway. What did you get HER for Christmas again, oh that’s right…A jumper and a coat” the young man laughed to himself. “Look Stan, you’re one of my regulars, you’ve spent so much money, and so many wonderful gifts. Not to mention you’ve purchased a LOT of my used clothing to sniff and jerk off to. But it’s still not enough for me” Logan whispered.

“What do you want, anything you want Logan” the man pleaded.

“I want a credit card in your name, I want you to pay rent on an upscale London apartment and most importantly, I want you to leave EVERYTHING in your will to me. Fuck your wife, fuck your kids and fuck your grandchildren. I deserve it more than them” Logan hissed, as he stopped pleasuring himself, however Frank continued.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I mean I haven’t even gotten the chance to meet you yet” the older man muttered.

“If you lived in England it would be so easy to meet you and let you see and taste a real man, but you’re all the way in Canada so my hands are tied. But if I had my own flat, you could fly over whenever you want, and treat me like a prince” Logan smiled and made the old man blush.

Logan was unaware, but Leo was listening from the bathroom. Watching through the crack in the door, with fear struck in his heart.

“I think the credit card and rent will be possible. I’m not sure about the will thing thought Logan” the older man continued.

“Well once you meet me in person, your mind will change” Logan laughed. “You’ll want to leave everything to me” he added, as Leo finally emerged from the bathroom in a dark hoody and black jeans. “Right, your times up” Logan said passively his eyes no longer focused on the old man.

“But I thought we were talking till I was finished” the naked man said from the other end of the line.

“You have plenty of my underwear and socks there to keep you entertained. You want more time with Logan you have to pay, and I’m not feeling generous tonight Stan” Logan said passively as Leo stood in the centre of the room, afraid to move without permission.

“But Logan_” the man said before he was cut off, when Logan hung up his phone and threw it down onto the bed.

“Where are you going, don’t look like you’re ready for bed” Logan said to Leo, as he crossed his legs and placed his arms behind his head.

“I’ve started to have really bad migraines over Christmas. So thought I’d go for a walk, before curfew” Leo explained to the boy, perfectly crafting his lie. But Logan stood up from the double bed and walked towards Leo, backing him against the door.

“Aww baby” Logan whispered, before he kissed Leo’s forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me, a walk will do you good, fresh air will do you well” he said smiling at Leo, in a manner which appeared friendly and warm. “I suppose you heard the good news?” he said, walking away from Leo to sit on the end of the bed.

“Good news?” Leo repeated, unsure of what Logan was referring to.

“That was a wealthy client. He’s going to be purchasing us a flat to live in, you know when we leave this shit hole come summer” Logan said. “I mean it’s perfect. I want to go to University in London and you said you don’t know what you wanna do. You can take a year off, find a hobby and more importantly find yourself” he explained to his American boyfriend, who watched on with trepidation.

“But what if he doesn’t want to pay. Or what if… I don’t” Leo’s brain stopped him before he could finish.

“Don’t be silly Leo, where would you go otherwise? You are my boyfriend and I want to take the next step with you, I want you to live with me” Logan said, extending his arm and taking Leo’s hand. “And besides he’ll pay up. He’s addicted to me, and wants nothing more than to make me happy. And if not, then there are other ways to get a guy to pay. And you’re familiar with the tactics I deploy in those circumstances” he said with a wicked smile, indirectly reminding Leo of the blackmail that hung over his head.

“You’re right, as always” Leo whispered. “I’d love to live with you” he added, before leaning in and kissing Logan on the cheek. “I really have to get going. Cerfew is in twenty minutes and I want to get plenty of walking done. So see you later” he said, quickly walking out of the door without even looking back.

The second it was shut, he withdrew his phone and texted WindsorKid

“On my way”

 Police Station – Integration Room 

A scruffy, tatty haired Maggie Mendoza sat across from Detective McKenna, who looked rather collected. “You can relax Maggie. I’d just like to talk about your Husband and more specifically his affair” McKenna said, as Maggie finally raised her head, as her curly messy hair drifted from her face.

“Notice that you didn’t say alleged affair, like all the others” Maggie whispered to herself, as she rubbed her arms for warmth. “So you believe me detective?” she asked him, with so much hope in her voice.

“I do, so I ask you this. When exactly did your husband and Callista Ranza begin their affair?” he asked. “Don’t worry, you’re being recorded for my personal investigation, the police won’t have access to my files or notes, the Windsor Murders are still under my jurisdiction. And I still need to catch my killer” he told Maggie, who was still shaking. “I believe you when you said you didn’t kill the girl, but I need to know more about her and more about why you felt the need to stalk her” the detective added, pushing the recording device closer to Maggie.

“It began when she was sixteen” Maggie said without hesitation, talking as if she had been dying to share her story. “I quickly learnt she was sleeping with my son. My mother’s intuition kicked in and whilst I was happy for him, I could never expect the nightmare that the bitch would cause my family” she said, monotone and emotionless.

“Something told me that… That something was amiss” she continued, leaning on the desk for support. “Dean was so tense and angry, well more so than usual. He’s always had somewhat of a rebellious nature, and I thought it was just the last bit of teen angst working its way out” she confessed, much to the surprise of the detective.

“But it turns out he figured it out before me, and that anger steamed from a broken heart” she whimpered. “It wasn’t long until I caught them in the act, I walked into the teachers dorm of all places, found her laying on the coffee table with her legs spread” she said, as tears now poured from her eyes. “I hid, made sure she couldn’t see me. And that’s when I saw my husband approach her, naked as the day he was born” she muttered with disgust.

“Something in me broke that day, I found myself following her every movement. I just wanted to know, how this child could steal my husband” she said, as her eyes suddenly snapped up, revealing how cold and unwelcoming they were. “I never ever harmed her, I just had a strange desire to follow her, watch her and see what was so appealing” the woman said in a manner that made the hairs on the back of McKenna’s neck stand up.

“When I confronted my husband about it, he denied it of course. But my son backed my accusations, the night of the mascaraed ball” she whispered, trailing off. “Simon was so upset, saying that it wasn’t true, saying that he couldn’t believe what we were accusing him of. He was so furious, I had never seen him so angry. He then went to the dance without me, he said it was to chaperone… But who knows” the woman added, concluding her story.

“Had your husband showed any previous signs of rage?” the detective asked.

“Non-more than a regular man. Like I said, in our fifth-teen years of marriage, I had never seen him so upset” she stated bluntly.

“I am going to ask you a very difficult question. Please, be honest as possible” McKenna replied. “Do you think your husband is capable of murder? Do you think he called Callista Ranza?” the detective asked.

“Yes” Maggie replied instantly. “I hate to even admit it, but yes I believe that is in the realm of possibility” she added. “I have had to pay for my sins, I think it’s time that my husband pays for his” she hissed with such intensity, that she could feel her blood practically boil at the mere thought of Simon.

 Blossom Dormitories – Oscar and Caleb’s Room 

Oscar and Chasity sat on the floor, leaning against the boys bed with several diaries spread out across the floor. “This is hopeless” Oscar sighed, as he rubbed his tired eyes. “We haven’t found anything but mindless gossip from years ago… No offence” he moaned, as Chasity continued to scan through the pages.

“To you it is mindless gossip, but to someone like Cali gossip and secrets were her life. Thankfully I was a nosey little bitch and wrote down every secret everyone has ever taught me” she explained to Oscar.

“Yes I know, I read the passage about how Oliver told you about my blankey” Oscar sighed. “And how you thought it was really really funny” he said, in a bid to mimic Chasity’s voice.

“Hey, that was a very different girl. The new Chasity thinks its sweet that you still sleep with a childhood blanket” Chasity giggled. As the two locked eyes for an extended period of time, in which silence enveloped the enclosed room.

“I’m really sorry about that, and every other time I’ve ever been a bitch to you or compared you to Oliver. I know how much you both hate that” she whispered, unable to pry her eyes away from the boy’s deep blue eyes.

“I prefer the new Chasity” Oscar replied, as they continued to stare into each other’s eyes. In one brief action, Oscar leaned forward and kissed Chasity, who reciprocated for a passing second.

Before too long she battered her eyes open, and pulled away from Oscar. “No, no we can’t do this” she panted. “I’m with Oliver and I love him” she added. “I shouldn’t have kissed you back that was stupid” she said, before quickly scrambling to her feet.

“No, please Chasity don’t feel bad that was my fault. That was also my first kiss, but that’s beside the point” Oscar replied standing up, to meet Chasity’s gaze. “I acted stupidly and I misread the moment. I am so sorry” he repeated.

“I am to blame too, it is not solely your fault. I have a nasty habit of kissing other people. A habit which I hope you will keep from your brother” she said, basically pleading with the boy.

“I would very much appreciate that too” Oscar replied, as the pair both smiled at each other. “Until your Wedding at which I think it will make a funny speech” he laughed, as Chasity’s face dropped in surprise. “Kidding” he laughed.

“Anyway, I have ten minutes to get back to Periwinkle. I’ll leave my diaries here, keep an eye on them and read them. And remember think like a teenage girl, mindless gossip is important” she told him, as she made her way towards the door.

“Can you answer a question before you leave?” he asked, at which Chasity nodded her head. “What do you see in Oliver? I mean he isn’t exactly the nicest guy on earth” Oscar asked.

“Honestly you’d be surprised. I know he has been a dick in the past, but who hasn’t” Chasity told Oscar. “I haven’t always appreciated him, but now I do. I know he may be secretive with you and your Dad, and he is most certainly prone to mood swings. But he is truly a lovely human being” she sighed wistfully.

“And here’s me thinking I was the good twin” Oscar joked as Chasity opened the door. He sat back down on the floor and sighed, just as his brother’s girlfriend lingered in the doorway.

“Can I ask you a question” Chasity asked, leaning against the frame. “What was all that drama with your Dad?” she asked, at which Oscar bit his lips and awkwardly looked away. “Well at least you two are good at keeping secrets” she giggled, turning away from the room. “And Oscar, before I do leave, I just wanted to tell you that was a great kiss considering it was your first time out. But maybe save your second one for Clara” she giggled, before closing the door behind her.

Oscar moaned loudly and rested his head against the bed, as the bathroom door opened. “Well that sounded like a fun conversation” a damp haired Caleb said, as he exited the steam filled bathroom with a towel in his hand.

“Oh it was” Oscar replied. “I would say that sounded like a fun shower, but I was a bit distracted” he told his roommate, as he began to pick up his dairies in a non-discreet way.

“Yeah, what was she doing over here?” he questioned, nodding towards the doorway.

“It’s a secret. Sorry” Oscar sighed, as he put the diaries away in his trunk.

“Not you too” Caleb moaned, as he leaned back on his desk chair. “Lavender said the same thing” he explained. “She also promised to let me sit with you guys. But I guess fate intervened” he told Oscar, who sat on the edge of his bed.

“You can sit with us at breakfast if you really want” Oscar said in a bid to reassure the boy. “But, I can’t tell you about why Chasity was here or why we were reading her diaries. It’s just best to keep you safe” Oscar replied.

“Lavender said a similar thing too. But I want you guys to know I can help you, I’m not an idiot and I can work out you’re trying to find the killer. I just want to help” Caleb said, desperately trying to get on board.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Oscar said standing up and throwing his shirt off. “Like I said, you’re more than welcome to sit with us all at breakfast. But for now, the shower is calling” he said, before quickly escaping into the bathroom.

When Caleb heard the water running, he quickly propped his laptop open and cracked his fingers. Just before he could get to work, his watch beeped and he instinctively turned to the desk’s draw. With one pull he opened it, revealing the same bottle of pills he had began to take during Christmas.

 Back of the School 

Tyler stood on branch after branch, after all his attempts to be discrete failed. Bringing up the rear David crouched behind him, flinching every time another branch snapped. “Seriously you have to be quiet, we are going to get caught” David whispered, as the two boys ducked under a branch.

“I know, I know” Tyler stuttered, as they snuck in between too bushes. “Needless to say I don’t do well with tight dark spaces” Tyler added, as they peaked over the bush. From afar they could see a stack of desk and chairs cluttering an open space in the field.

“What’s up with that?” David questioned, as they ducked down and faced each other, their hands and knees caked in mud.

“Dean told me that his Dad is redecorating the film classroom. Yanno, after Blair Robinson’s head was passed round like a volleyball” he explained to his friend. “Guess they’re dumping it in the woods until they can figure out a proper way to dispose of them” Tyler explained as the boys continued to crawl on the ground. “Life was so much easier when our school didn’t care about our healthy and safety” he added comedic ally, as they headed further into the woods.

“Well we’ve made it this far, just a little more and then we can wait for Clara on the other end of the hole” David said, as the boys approached the clearing. “At least we made it past the cameras with ease” he added, as the school’s fence was finally insight.

“Yeah, leaning against a wall and slowly shuffling to one side was a real challenge, god we are so talented” Tyler said, as both boys laughed in sync.

As they finally approached the fence the boys stood up and approached school’s back wall. “Hey, how are you by the way?” David questioned. “That comment you made back there, about being scared of dark spaces, everything good?” he questioned his fellow teammate.

“Yeah, as well as everything can be” Tyler replied. “I am learning to master the art of self-deprecation and I’ve got lots of new material for a very, very, very dark stand-up comedy routine” Tyler said, as he David grow more concerned. “Honestly I’m fine” he said forcing himself to laugh for his friend’s peace of mind.

“Besides I think the real question is, are you okay. Not like you to be_” but before Tyler could finish his sentence he was interrupted, when a light was shined into the boy’s faces.

“Breaking school rules” Simon Mendoza, as he pushed himself away from the wall. As he was accompanied by one of the new security guards. “Where are you going boys?” Simon questioned, as he stepped closer to the boys.

“Oh, Head Master we were just” David stuttered in a blind panic.

“Trying to leave school?” Simon asked. “Well I’m afraid that will no longer be possible see” he said, as he wacked his torch against the new school wall, which consisted of a metal plate that covered up the former hole. “Did you boys really think I didn’t count on someone trying to sneak out on the first night?” the headmaster asked.

“Erm” Tyler said quickly.

“That was a rhetorical question Mr Stephensen” Simon stated bluntly. “I knew one of you would try to do it, I’m just surprised at one of the culprits. I am very disappointed in you Mr Thomas, this isn’t very becoming of the Head Boy” the man hissed, as the security guard sipped his tea.

“Now, you both have detention, every evening for the rest of the week” Simon roared fearlessly.

“Evening? As in when the sun is down?” Tyler questioned. “Isn’t detention usually in the afternoon?” he said, asking yet another question.

“Well this ship has a new captain, and I have new plans to take this into the future” the man sighed. “Now, I am going to escort you boys back to Wolfsbane Dormitory, and I’m sure I can expect you both in my office tomorrow to collect your detention slips. “Now go” the man spat, as he pointed away from the fence.

As they turned to walk away, a panic stricken David turned to his friend and panted, “What about Clara?” he questioned.

“She’s a big girl, I’m sure she’ll be able to figure something out. And who knows now that she works out, maybe she could kick the guards arse” he joked, as the marched back towards the school.

“What’s Detention like, I’ve never been?” David questioned, through his fear provoked laughter.

Tyler laughed and pushed his arm slightly. “Trust me David, you are going to hate it” he assured him. The boys were forced to take the stone path, and as they passed the bushes they had previously been crouched in, both saw a pair of boots quickly tuck themselves out of sight.

“Come on boy’s curfew has come and I’d like to get you back before the sun rises” the teacher shouted, as the delinquents shared a devious smile.

Clara rose her knees to her chin and held her breath. She watched the three men disappear into the night, before leaning back and resting her head on the tree trunk. “Guess my night is over” she sighed. “Back the way I came” she added, before crawling back through the bushes and towards the school.

 Outside Wolfsbane Dormitories 

Leo pressed his back firmly against the wall and slowly crept alongside it, ducking his head at the camera above him turned from side to side. He opened his and re-read the message that had been sent, just to make sure he hadn’t misread anything. ‘Meet me behind Wolfsbane Dormitories, see you there in ten’ the message from WindsorKid read.

He finally moved forward when he reached the back of the building, taking shelter in the shadows cast by the large trees. “Okay, relax it’s going to be okay” he whispered to himself for reassurance. “Everything will be fine, after all what is the worst that could happen” he continued, whilst listening out for any sign of life. “He’s probably just running late” Leo told himself, before sitting on the ground, and leaning against a tree. That is when a horrible, dark thought washed over him.

What if this has all been a setup, to test my loyalty, What if WindsorKid is really Logan The very thought made him feel sick to the pit of his stomach. He didn’t know who this boy was, but he felt more comfortable meeting a total stranger than spending a single night alone with Logan. And just like that, the sound of a snapping twig from the side of the building alerted him, that someone was on their way.

Leo pushed himself to his feet, and patted down his pants to rid himself of any dirt. The found of footsteps seemed to be in sync with the beating of his heart, the closer they got the louder it beat. He struggled to catch his breath, as a lump formed in his throat. He shut his eyes tightly and forced his body to accept the oxygen by inhaling as deeply as possible. Exhaling through his nose, his eyes slowly opened, but they were not ready for the surprise that awaited them.

Oliver Olsson now stood before him, a shaking nervous mess. His hair was combed to near perfection and he was as handsome as ever, and yet he didn’t have his usual flair about him. He lacked the confidence that made him Oliver, for as he stood in front of Leo he appeared to be a different person all together.

The American boy took a step back with surprise, as Oliver raised out his hand. “It’s me, you don’t have to be scared Leo” he assured him. “It’s me WindsorKid” Oliver confessed, as a cold breeze blew against them.

 Wolfsbane Dormitory – Jonathan and David’s Room 

Rugby players young and old gathered in the small room, with beer cans placed throughout the cramped space. Jonathan, spoke amongst themselves in the corner of room. “Where is everyone, I swear we’re partying with kids here. Where is our team, where are David and the others” Cohen moaned.

“Probably slumming with Clara Stark” Jonathan smirked. “As for Oliver who knows, he’s probably balls deep in Chasity as we speak” he added, giggling to himself. “Speaking of which, how is your new bee?” he asked his friend.

Cohen raised his eye brows and took another sip of his beer, before he finally decided to speak. “Different, a heck of a lot better than Casandra at least” he confessed. “With her it was like we were constantly battling for control. But with Vev, I can finally take the lead and be the man of the relationship. Even better still it’s like she gets off on it, like me being in charge turns on her” Cohen continued, keeping Jonathan’s attention.

“No need to go into detail man” Jonathan smirked, as he continued to sip on his beer. In that moment Jules rushed over carrying three more beers in his hand, delivering them over to the boys without saying another word.

“The third one is for you, you’ve earned it kid” Jonathan told the young man, as Jules smiled at his mentor. “Now go mingle with your age division, and remind them that you’re in charge from now on” he ordered, sending the boy on his merry way.

“Well I can see the moulding is still in process” Cohen laughed, as Jonathan happily nodded his head with a mouthful of beer. “Anyway, how are you feeling? You look a little bad dude, kinda like microwaved shit if I’m being honest” Cohen told the pale boy, who stared a hole right through him. “Sorry it’s the truth” he confessed.

“Just go make a fucking speech” Jonathan said aggressively, pushing a giggling Cohen forward, allowing him to jump on David’s bed.

The whole room fell into a silence, as Cohen raised his beer bottle high into the air.

“Gentleman, Gentleman” he shouted. “I want to thank you all for coming tonight, and testing these new little rules that the school believe they can enforce” he said, as the packed room watched on in awe. “But remember, we run this place, we don’t take orders from anybody” he shouted, as the room erupted with cheers.

“I want to take this moment, to follow in our new head masters words. Recently we lost one of our own. Joel Wheeler was killed on Halloween night, and we haven’t had a proper chance to mourn his death as team, or as a family” Cohen said artificially. Seemingly forgetting that he had kicked Joel off the team in the first place, for calling him a sociopath.

As Jonathan heard the boy’s name, his eyes widened and he went into a trance like state. He could hear the sound of the boy screaming, mixed with the croquet mallet hitting his skull.

“To Joel!” Cohen shouted, just as Jonathan regained himself.

“To Joel” the rest of the room shouted back, as Jonathan now joined his friend on David’s bed.

“We’d like to thank you for coming tonight. And I’d like to say a bigger thank you to Jules Barnos” he said, actually showing some compassion for the boy. “I know I am a lot to deal with as a mentor. But you have been do dedicated to us and to our team, that I am officially making tonight for you. You are now one of us, we will ensure you make it onto the team. And to all of you little brats in his age group, you better show him the respect he deserves. Otherwise you’ll have us to answer to” he roared, as the room erupted once more, as all the boys began to slap Jules on the back and mess up his hair.

“Am I interrupting anything?” The sound of Simon Mendoza’s voice echoed throughout the room, prompting Jonathan and Cohen to cringe simultaneously. The crowd parted like the red sea, revealing the Head Master, Tyler and David standing on the other side of the room. “Well isn’t this a busy night. I catch two students trying to escape and now I see the prestigious rugby team has snuck in alcohol” he hissed.

“I will say thank you boys for making that little speech. Now I know who to blame for all of this” the man continued, as David and Tyler hung their heads in shame. “Cohen, Jonathan and Jules. Detention tomorrow evening. Everybody else get to bed now, unless you wish to join them” the man roared, as the room emptied in an instant.

Jules and the two older boys lingered a little longer, as Simon paced the room. David entered, and sat on his bed whilst Tyler lingered outside. “You boys need to realise, you’re not untouchable. You also need to realise that, the alcoholic bitch is no longer in charge. As such I won’t accept this type of behaviour” he said calmly dropping a beer can onto the carpet. “If I catch you drinking again. You’ll be expelled” he said aloud.

“Now, I have to ask did my Son come tonight?” Simon asked as he was half way out of the door.

“No Sir, I believe he’s in bed” Jonathan stuttered.

Simon didn’t say another word. He merely beckoned Jules and Cohen out before turning off the light switch and slamming the door behind him.

Outside Wolfsbane Dormitories

Oliver took one step forward, which forced Leo to take one step back. “Please don’t be scared, it’s me. It’s always been me” Oliver tried to explain to the baffled Leo, who slowly shook his head.

“No, no it can’t be you. Because you have a girlfriend, you_” the American boy stuttered, before Oliver interjected.

“Have been very confused for a very long time” Oliver explained, as he finally managed to get closer to Leo. “Well, I am still confused. About all of this really” he confessed. “I am sorry if I disappointed you, but don’t you have a boyfriend too?” Oliver asked, as the American’s eyes widened.

“Yes… Yes I do” he whispered nervously. “And you didn’t disappoint me. I’m just surprised is all, you didn’t strike me as the gay type. In fact you and your friends made my first weeks at this school hell” Leo replied, in a biting tone.

“And I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. It was just my own insecurities” Oliver explained to him. “I was so nervous and so anxious, I thought I was gay and that I wasn’t in love with my girlfriend. So I thought if I spoke to someone on the App that it would make it different. If I had to pay the person, there wouldn’t be any emotion on my side, and I’d be free to explore these confused feelings guilt free” he further explained.

“Oh, that’s all this was” Leo sighed, fearing that Oliver was about to make an advance. “It started off that way, but when I saw your face, something inside me compelled me to talk to you. And ever since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you” Oliver confessed as he stroked the American’s soft cheek. As he did so Leo flinched and tried to play it off, but it had already been noted and Oliver removed his hand.

“So what now, you paid all that money. I guess you’re expecting something” Leo said uncomfortably, as he looked into Oliver’s cold blue eyes.

“I’m not expecting anything from you” Oliver replied, not wanting to make the boy anymore nervous than he already appeared to be. “Well that’s a lie, I am expecting you to keep my identity a secret. Because I’m too scared to find out what will happen if all of this comes out” he said, whilst Leo nodded obediently.

“And, I am expecting you to meet me tomorrow” the boy said, in a kind and welcoming tone. “Because I want to know everything about you. Because I really really like you Leo” he confessed, with a huge grin. “And I want to know everything there is to know about you” he added, as the two boys foreheads touched, with their upper lips merely inches apart.

“We can’t risk getting caught by these new cams. I’ll text you a location and we can meet before curfew, and you know discuss everything” Oliver concluded with a whisper.

“Okay, I’d like that” Leo replied, with a faint trace of a smile. The boys stood in silence for a moment under the stars, merely staring at each other’s faces. It was a strange feeling, as if they were meeting for the first time, like all of their history had been erased in one strange, fleeting moment.

Iris Dormitories – Lavender’s Room

Lavender sat on her bed with her legs crossed, in front of her rested her laptop. As the call loading screen loaded, she began to anxiously tap her knee. It wasn’t long before Daniel appeared on the laptops screen, which caused Lavender to smile bashfully. “Hello beautiful” he said from the other end of the call.

“Hello Handsome” she replied. “I miss you at school, need you more than ever” she explained to him. “You’ll never believe who Clara replaced you with in the gang, fucking Chasity fucking Fairize” she complained.

Daniel shrugged and sighed, “Look Lav, you all have the same goal here. Sure from what you’ve told me Chasity is a fucking bitch. But clearly she wants to help” Daniel replied in a clam and mature tone. “You only have five more months left at school. Five months until you’re here in New York with me” he said trying to ease her hurt.

“I know, I know. Just that is the future, and this is the present. And right now the present is more hard to live in” she told him. “Like it’s not just Chasity, it’s everything. The school is like a fucking prison now. And even that doesn’t make me feel safe” she continued, as he listened on intently. “I feel like the killer is still out there, waiting for us__”

Just as she was in the middle of explaining a booming voice came from Daniel’s end of the line. “Daniel, you better get your skinny blonde ass over here”. The blonde boy turned around and quickly panted to his girlfriend. “I am so sorry, I know you were in the middle of it sweetie. But I really gotta go” he told her, as her face dropped with sadness. “It’s okay” she whispered. “Love you” she said.

“Love you too” he replied before he quickly turned the screen off.

The young girl sighed and slammed her laptop down. Holding back her tears Lavender turned off her lamp, and proceeded to curl up in a ball.

 The Following Morning – The Dining Hall 

Casandra and Leo sat in their usual spot, the girl nursed a bowl of porridge whilst Leo stared blankly at two eggs. “Leo, did you hear me?” she questioned, snapping the red eyed boy back to reality. He hadn’t slept all night, the Oliver revelation had left him reeling, so much so that every time he closed his eyes he thought of more questions to ask him.

“I’m sorry no I wasn’t” he replied during a yawn. “What were you saying?” he asked, as he scratched his head.

“I was saying do you want to the Library or hang in my room. Film Studies has been cancelled, because we don’t have a class room” she explained to him, in the middle of mouthfuls. “Word on the corridor is that they’re burning all the desks and shit in the middle of the woods. Yanno considering they found Blair Robinson’s head in that vent” she said.

“Yeah, I remember, I was there” Leo yawned. “And whatever you want to do. I’m easy” Leo said, as his voice slowly trailed off as he saw Oliver pass him, with Chasity wrapped around his arms.

Once again the Queen Bee brought him out of his gaze, by snapping her fingers in his face. “You okay this morning? Because you have not been acting like your usual self” she asked, whilst sipping at her tea.

“Yeah, just Logan kept me up all night” Leo lied. “Wanting to cuddle” he continued his extension, as Vev finally joined them. However she was not alone, for Cohen appeared behind her, joining the duo at the head of the table.

“Morning you two” Vev said nervously, as the other members of the Hive smiled to acknowledge her presence. Casandra could instantly tell that something was amiss, Vev was acting strange and Cohen even more so as he was quiet, and he was never quiet. “So isn’t this a beautiful morning. I can’t wait to start classes again and just learn yanno. School!” Vev giggled.

“Yeah, biggest thrill ride of my life” Leo said, as he stood up and left for the bathroom. “Gotta agree with him there. First day back and I already have detention” Cohen moaned into his coffee mug.

“Well no matter how advanced this school gets, some things never change” Casandra sighed, toasting her mug to the boy.

In turn he stared at Vev, whose leg had been shaking violently since the moment she took a seat. He reached under the table and clenched onto her hand, before staring back up into the eyes of Casandra. “You don’t need to be afraid of her” he whispered into Vev’s ear, who attempted to put on a stiff upper lip.

“Scared, why would she be scared of me? Vev is one of my best friends” Cassandra asked.

Slowly but surely, Cohen and Vev began to raised their hands out from underneath the table and into the viewpoint of Cassandra. “I’ve not been entirely honest with you” Vev whispered. “You see after that night when the burglar broke into my house, we’ve just felt such a strong bond with each other. If it wasn’t for Cohen then I wouldn’t be alive” Vev explained, in a sympathetic tone. “We both wanted to tell you, but I was scared how you’d take it. You’re my best friend Cassie. And I don’t ever want to lose you” she said, was a wounded Casandra tried to conceal her quivering lower lip.

“Please don’t be mad with her. If you’re going to be angry with anyone. Be angry with me” Cohen said to her. But before Vev could utter another word, Casandra shot up and ran out of the hall, concealing her face within her hands. Just as she made it to the door, she pulled Leo along with her, and they both made their escape.

Vev shot up out of her seat and stared at the exit, before she could move however, she was halted by Cohen’s touch. “She’ll be okay, just give her time” he explained. But even that didn’t bring Vev much comfort, so she merely stood there staring out towards her friend.

 Windsor Academy Gym 

Clara kicked looked into the mirror in the midst of her sit ups. Her brow was wet with sweat, as was her torso. She continued to do so over and over again, never letting go of her fixation on the reflection.

A sweaty David joined her, taking a seat on the floor much to Clara’s surprise. “Oh sorry did I scare you?” he asked her, apologetically.

“No not at all actually. I’m getting better at people sneaking up out of nowhere” Clara laughed, as she continued to do sit-ups. “So sorry about last night. Sorry you got in trouble for my idea” she panted.

“Nah it happens, was bound to happen sooner or later. And if I didn’t get in trouble with you guys I would have gotten in trouble with the boys” he explained, as he too now began to do sit-ups. “Turns out Tyler and I will have company in detention” David said.

“Even still, it was my idea” Clara told him. “I can’t help but feel bad that I ruined your perfect disciplinary record” she laughed, as did the Head Boy. “But I guess it’s not meant to be. Maybe we can check out the rubble another time, or if we’re given free time at the weekend” she said to him.

“Well I for one am shocked!” he panted.

“Shocked?” Clara asked.

“Just seems that we’ve switched bodies. Since when were you such a goodie goodie Stark” the blonde boy laughed. “The Clara I know would break every rule until she got her way” he laughed.

The girls eyes narrowed and she quickly jumped to her feet. “Come on, get up” she panted, whipping sweat of her brow as she did so.

“What are we doing?” the boy asked.

“You’re going to try to attack me and I am going to defend you off. Show you that the Clara you know is long gone. The new one now stands before you” she said, as she readied her stance and crouched low.

“Clara, I am not going to attack you. You weigh like a hundred pounds max! I’ll just hurt you” David said, until Clara playfully stood up right and pushed him.

“What, you scared to get beaten by a girl?” she laughed, as she continued to push him. “Fine!” David shouted loudly, as he too readied his stance. “Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll give it my all” he laughed. Without even batting an eyelid, Clara nodded her head and got low, back into her readied stance.

David ran towards the girl, but Clara thought and acted quickly, she ducked low and pushed David’s legs over her head. He flew over her head and landed squarely on his back, with a grunt. Clara then back flipped and used her knees to pin David’s knees down onto the ground. And just before it had even began Clara had pinned the rugby player down onto the floor. But neither of them dared to move, Clara just knelt over the boy gazing into his deep blue eyes. Meanwhile David looked up at the girl, impressed and filled with an unmoving sense of pride.

“Hey, you two off each other now!” one of the guards shouted as Clara quickly scrambled to her feet and aided the boy to his. “This is a school not a brothel young lady” the man shouted before returning to his post.

“That was_” David stuttered. “You fight good” he said, instantly regretting the cringeworthy words that left his mouth.

“Likewise” Clara joked.

“Well I better get to the showers. I have Biology in like half an hour” he panted. “What about you, you got class?” he asked her.

“Nope, a free. But maybe I’ll see you at dinner” she said to him in a flirtatious manner. “Yeah, maybe” David replied. “See you around Stark” he blushed, returning to the boy’s changing rooms.

Clara spun around and stared at herself in the mirror. Unable to control her beaming smile or her rosy cheeks. But as the boy left his words lingered in her head, and she was left with thought, should she try to escape again tonight?

 Windsor Academy – Hallway  

Chasity and Oliver strutted down the hallway hand and hand, the young man kept looking over his shoulder skittishly, as if he were on the lookout. She too was looking around, for Oscar and the diaries. Their chemistry was not as sexual as it usually was, given the night they both had, the couples heads were in two different spaces.

Just as she turned her head behind her, she saw the other Olsson twin coming up from behind her. Thinking on her feet she turned to her boyfriend, “Hey sweetheart, can you run to my locker. I’ve forgot my red pen and need to tie my shoes” she hastily panted, not wanting the two brothers to be around each other.

“Sure” Oliver whispered, taking off without so much as even a question. As he walked off Chasity thought about how easy that was, if she hadn’t been so set on speaking to Oscar she would have noticed that it was too easy, and that her boyfriend was not in his usual frame of mind.

“Hey” Chasity whispered, running up to Oscar. “You find anything interesting?” she asked as she took the diaries off of him.

“Nothing, I honestly can’t make heads or tails of your gossip” Oscar sighed. “Nothing seems important but then you told me to think like a teenage girl and suddenly I was questioning if everything was important” he sighed. “I got round to reading most of them, except for the last one” he told her, as she hastily shoved them into her bag.

“I’ll scan through tonight after dinner. There has got to be something, even if its something she told me in passing. It wouldn’t have been important then but could be useful now” Chasity told him. “Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Now I better get to class” she said.

“Wait” Oscar shouted. “Speakibg of stuff that didn’t make sense in the moment. I still wanna apologise for last night. I didn’t act appropriately at all, you’re my brother’s girlfriend, you’re basically the best thing that’s ever happened to him. And I’d hate to think I was the one to destroy that” Oscar sighed.

“Sweetheart, its fine honestly. It was a stupid kiss” she whispered, to avoid detection from the other students. “We can move on with our lives now, and let it all be a distant memory” she told him. “Now I really do have to get going” she confessed, hastily running down the corridor, leaving Oscar to walk away awkwardly in the opposite direction. Just as the two left, the door to the computer room opened, a headphone wearing Caleb emerged holding a thin brown envelope, in which he dropped a flash drive, before walking in the direction of Oscar.

 Periwinkle Dormitory – Cassandra’s Room 

Casandra rested her head in Leo’s lap as she curled herself into a ball, atop of her luxurious bed. “I can’t believe they’d do this” Casandra sobbed. “Girlfriend aren’t supposed to go for Ex’s” she added, as she buried her face into the boy.

“I know, like Mean Girls said, it is the rules of feminism” Leo said, in a superficial tone very much reminiscent of the Hive. Nevertheless he had become so accustomed to being attached to Casandra, that he hardly noticed his apparent change of lexicon. “It’s okay, just tell yourself it’s only a boy, and you should never cry over a boy” Leo told her reassuringly, as he stroked her long blonde hair, all whilst wondering how many tears he had shed in over Logan.

“But he’s not just a boy, and she’s not just a girl” Casandra whimpered. “My best friend is currently dating the first and only boy I have ever loved. Even though I know that me and Cohen would have never lasted in the real world, it still hurts so much… Considering everything I went through” she whispered, capturing the attention of a confused Leo.

“Everything you went through, what do you mean?” Leo asked, like any concerned friend would. Casandra slowly pushed herself up and whipped away tears from her cheek. “Did he hurt you?” Leo asked, yet another question.

“No it’s nothing like that” Casandra whimpered, as she desperately clutched onto Leo’s hand. “I am about to share with you the darkest secret of my entire life, I need you to promise me you won’t tell a soul. Not even Logan” she whispered, as the bee charm rested against the back of his hand. Leo nodded his head softly, prompting Casandra to take a deep inhale of breath.

“Last year, Cohen got me pregnant” she confessed. “Not that he knows it, but he did” she continued. “It the second time we had sex, the second time I ever had sex” she whimpered.

“I didn’t know what to do I was so scared, so terrified. I knew that we were both too young to be parents. If I told him he would never want anything to do with me again and I knew that my parents would ship me off somewhere if they found out” she sobbed.

“What did you do?” Leo asked, his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

“I went and spoke with Cali, she was my best friend and I had nowhere else to turn” Casandra sighed. “And what did she do?” Leo asked her, as Casandra’s grip on his hand tightened.

“She berated me like she had never done before” the queen bee whimpered. “She called me every name under the sun, but what she was done she promised that she’d help me take care of it if I did her favour when the time came” Casandra continued. “Well what the favour?” Leo asked with horror.

“It really wasn’t that bad. The night of the mascaraed ball, she asked Vev, Chasity and I to run back to the room to fetch that stupid key she wore in the video the night Cameron died. She dismissed them when we returned and gave me the number of a doctor who was willing to give me an abortion” she explained. “That half-term I told my parents I was spending the break at Chasity’s house, when really I was up in Scotland dealing with the issue... Alone” she confessed. “That’s why all of this is so fucking shit, that’s why no matter how much of a douche he was, or no matter how appealing other boys are. I think a part of me will always be attached to Cohen. Because a part of him was attached to me” she whispered, before leaning her head onto Leo’s shoulder.

“Does Vev know about this?” Leo asked.

“No, you’re the only person alive that knows about this. Which is why you have to keep it a secret. You have to promise me Leo” she begged.

At that moment Leo took her hand into his and held it close to reassure the girl. “I promise you, with all my heart. I will never share this with another soul” he said, just as she leapt into him for a hug. Once again Leo thought about telling the girl everything about Logan, but he physically couldn’t. The mere thought of confessing sent his heart racing, so he did what he felt compelled to do, he held his friend close in her hour of need, and hoped beyond hope that when the time came, she would do the same for him.

 Iris Dormitories - Lavender’s Room 

Lavender never skipped class, but there was something about today that compelled her to do so. She found it impossible to settle into this new Windsor Academy, a world in which her friends accepted the people who once made their lives a living hell, a world where the love of her life was thousands miles away.

Her ‘conversation’ with Daniel last night was very much the straw that broke the camel’s back, she couldn’t take it anymore. So she took the day off, and hid in her room, with no intention of leaving but for Dinner. Her laptop rested open, as she lounged on her bed looking at photos of Daniel, from his latest shoot. She stroked the screen with her nail, and sighed loudly. She longed for his touch, for the warmth of his body, for his strawberry scented hair products, for every aspect of his being. Wrapped in nothing but one of his jumpers, she felt close to him, but it was not enough.

As the song played in the background, she found herself lost in her own little world, until a brown envelope slipped under her door and forced her to look towards the door. She immediately rose to her feet, and tip toed towards the envelope with trepidation.

Collecting it from the floor she opened it to find nothing but a flash drive.

Acting quickly she walked towards her door and threw it open, but found nothing but a deserted hallway. Scared of what was happening, she slammed the door shut and ran towards the laptop, jumping halfway across her bed just to insert the drive.

Before she could even search it, her screen went black and green letters appeared on the screen.

‘Hello Lavender’ it read. ‘Remain calm, I am here to help. I am here to shed light, to help you” it continued before the screen went dark again.

Lavender brought her knees to her chest, and nervously bit on the sleeve of her jumper, as a familiar voice echoed throughout her room.

“Are you sure you know how to work that thing?” Callista Ranza asked. “I just need total reassurance okay, I need this shit to work perfectly” she added in a fiery tone, as the screen finally stopped being black, showing the girl in all her beauty as the camera lens came off. Lavender was in awe as to what she was seeing. Her eyes honed in on the key around the girls neck.

“I promise, I got this all sorted” a familiar voice replied, shaking Lavender to her core. For it was the voice of Raven. The boy emerged from behind the camera, looking as he did before his healthy kick, larger and sweatier. “It’s recording now, but I can edit it all together and we can make it exactly how you envisioned” he said in a polite tone. “Ready?” he asked, walking back behind the camera.

“As I’ll ever be” the girl whispered as she closed her eyes. It looked as if she were whispering something to herself, or maybe she was rehearsing what she was going to say, either way, Lavender had never seen Cali look weaker than she did in that moment.

She took a deep breath, and stared down the camera lens before finally speaking. “Hello” she said calmly. “My name is Callista Ranza, and if you’re watching this, I’m already dead.” she told the camera in a cold tone of voice. “In hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised. I have made a lot of enemies in my lifetime, but apparently I wronged someone enough to want to kill me.” she whispered. Callista began to cry as she wiped away a tear and sighed, “I have trusted one person with this video, and I’ve told them if I am dead and they haven’t caught the person in one year, then this video needs to be played.” she told the camera. Lavender held her breath, knowing now that it had been Raven this whole time and he hadn’t even told her.

“I must sound crazy, but none of you know the true meaning of the word. If any of you think this psychopath will stop at me you’re wrong. He or she is out of control and they’ll come after you next”. The dead girl’s words hit Lavender right in the chest.

Little did Cali know how true her words would become.

“This key, unlocks all my secrets. I know something bad, something that I shouldn’t and it’s enough to get me killed. This person will try and take this off me, but what they don’t know is that there are four copies of the key hidden, four keys open this box. I will keep a fake one on my person at all times, so whoever this psychopath is… They’re not going to win.” she whispered.

“I may not know who’s doing this to me, but I’ve arranged to meet them tonight at the masquerade ball” she said whilst tying her hair back. “This person probably still walks among you, acting all innocent and going under the radar. Stay on your guard and stay safe. I can’t take back my actions but I can apologise for them. I am truly sorry to all those I wronged in the past. I was a stupid girl who loved playing games and got caught in one I couldn't win.” she cried. Lavender was torn, she wanted to feel sorry for Cali but she something deep within her couldn’t help but hate her still.

“If it wasn’t for you, then they’d all still be alive” Lavender whispered.

“Everyone has secrets, everyone tells lies. My killer could be the person sitting next to you, the quiet kid you never paid attention to, a popular jock or a friend turned enemy.

The point is everyone is fair game. Be prepared, cause the person who killed me will stop at nothing to get to what I'm hiding.”Callista concluded.

But unlike the video that first aired on the first day of school, it didn’t cut to black. Instead it lingered on Cali a little longer, she brushed away the dried mascara from her cheek. Raven emerged once again from behind the camera and offered her a tissue.

A distraught Cali snatched it off the boy and began to wipe down her cheek. “You have to promise me that you won’t say a word of this to anybody” she demanded. “I can’t stress how important it is” she said, gripping onto the boy’s hand.

Lavender couldn’t help but feel sick, seeing this side of her best friend that he kept hidden for so long. It made her wonder how much he knew, or how much he was hiding.

“I promise, but shouldn’t you tell somebody, like your parents or a teacher or something” Raven stuttered.

“Don’t worry. I am telling a special somebody today. And they’ll help me, well at least I think they will” Cali whispered. “But like I said, should I die. Then you need to make sure the rest of the students know” she said as she sat Raven down on the bed to look him in the eyes. “Because I am being serious. This person seems pretty fucked up. And they won’t stop until they have what is they believe is rightfully theirs” she told him. “And don’t worry about the box or the keys. They are all somewhere safe. Just focus on yourself tonight” Cali, said as she touched his cheek.

“This is all scaring me” Raven stuttered, as he looked in the direction of the camera. “Me too” Cali whimpered, just as the boy sprung to his feet.

“Shit it’s still recording” he shouted, dashing towards the camera. Before Lavender could view anymore, the screen went black, and the green writing appeared once more.

‘Now you see what I see… Show your friends. Make sure they know’

The entire computer returned back to the photo shoot of Daniel. Lavender was left disorientated, but she knew she had to stroke whilst the iron was hot, she shut the laptop and took out the flash-drive. She quickly grabbed a pair of black jeans and hopped around the floor until she finally pulled them up to her waist. She quickly threw on a pair of boots and darted for the door.

But when she opened it, Caleb was waiting for her on the other side. She let out a sharp and fast scream. Before silencing herself entirely. “So you see what I see” Caleb whispered.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Vev and Chasity’s Room 

Vev and Cohen laid in each other’s arms staring up towards the ceiling. It was evident that Vev had been crying, however Cohen remained stiff and stone-faced. “Do you think she’s ever going to talk to me again?” Vev panted, as her boyfriend stroked her blonde hair.

“I am sure she will” Cohen said, in a tone which suggested he was unphased. “I know Casandra, and she is just throwing her toys out of the pram. It will take time but I am sure she will get used to the idea of us being together. In fact, I know she will” he told her, as he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“I just, I don’t like upsetting people you know that. I just have this pathological need to be liked by everyone I come into contact with” Vev told him, as she began to trace circles on his chest.

“Well you’re more than liked, you are loved darling” he whispered into her ear, as he snuggled into her closer. “Ugh, I just wanna lay here all day and just be with you” he told her in a soft and gentle voice, one of which was not often used.

“And you don’t miss her at all?” Vev asked nervously. “Because I’m just scared that I won’t be able to compete with her you know” she panted, turning around to look the boy in the eye. “I’ve inserted myself into this love triangle that I have no business being apart of” she whimpered.

Cohen raised her head, and smiled at her warmly. “You haven’t done anything wrong, and I will not stand to see you beating yourself up over Casandra’s tantrum” he said reassuringly. “You know why I ended it, she was definitely sleeping with Dean Mendoza behind my back. And she didn’t even have the balls to tell me” he snarled. “So my love for her died. And from that our love was born” he whispered into her ear, pulling her closer once more.

“We went through a scary experience. But we came out stronger” he told her.

“You were so brave that night. That burglar didn’t even know what hit him” she giggled, forcing herself to laugh. “But even still, I can’t shake this feeling of guilt. I should just apologise, I will apologise!” she roared determinedly.

“Vev Sweetheart, listen to yourself!” Cohen moaned, pushing her hair out of her face.

“You don’t have to apologise for putting yourself first. Your entire life you have always put others first. So please, please for once in your life just put yourself first” he said, as he caressed her cheek.

“I will try, it’s just difficult for me to see my best friend get that upset you know” she whimpered.

Vev placed her forehead down onto his chin. “Can we just cuddle, would that be okay with you?” she whispered. Cohen nodded and the two smiled at each other. She turned around, hiding her face with her long mane of hair. Then Cohen wrapped his arms around her tightly, unaware that she was crying to herself.

And so they merely laid there as one, resting in silence.

 Simon Mendoza’s Office  

Simon paced the officer floor with so much anger, in his walk. His laptop was open was on the anti-Windsor Twitter page, which had been causing quite the commotion with the parents board. Which is why it came with no surprise, when his secretary called to inform him that Elias Olsson was here for a meeting.

Simon rounded the desk and took a seat, attempting to look as confident as possible as to not worry the chairman. The large mahogany door opened smoothly, allowing the well-built blonde man to enter. “Simon” Elias shouted, clapping his hands together as he confidently strode towards the Head Master.

“Elias, welcome, I assume this meeting is for business rather than pleasure” Simon sighed, as he stood up to shake the man’s hand.

“Naturally, you know me. Always the worrier” Elias sighed, as he too took his seat. “I see you have seen that obscenity” Elias scoffed as he the Head Master’s laptop. “The fact that someone is spouting that putrid vile about one of my son’s and his friends, makes me red with rage” he said.

“So I assume that you saw the tweet about our Rugby team?” Simon asked.

“I’ve seen them all” Elias replied with disgust. “Which is exactly why I am here” he said, informing the Head Master. “The other members of the parent’s board feel that this twitter is causing unnecessary psychological damage. And we want it to be nipped in the bud, as soon as possible” he said in a polite tone.

“Well, I do appreciate the growing concern, and whilst no student has directly complained I agree, something must be done” Simon sighed. “This school is on the prosperous of glory, with the revamped reopening and the new security system, we are close to ensuring the nightmares of last term are put to bed once and for all” Simon explained. “But this twitter profile, is quickly becoming a throne in my side” the teacher explained. “We are trying to rebrand ourselves, and I will not stand to see my hard work be tarnished by one little brat, who is dead set on tarnishing my school” he roared.

“Won’t the security system be able to track which student is doing it?” Elias asked. “I mean for fucks sake they’re still tweeting, just this morning they were complaining about the new security system” he moaned.

“We tried, but apparently this person is quite smart. They’ve made it impossible to trace them” Simon moaned, as he rubbed his temples.

“So it’s a computer geek” Elias laughed, at which Simon opened out his arms in a confused manner. “Fine, leave it with me. I am sure I’ll be able to pull some strings and find out what’s what” he told Simon, who grinned in return.

“You were always a shady one Elias, even during the school days” Simon laughed.

“And you were always a perfectionist” the twins father rebuked. The room fell into silence when the bar owner slowly raised his head to notice a photo of a younger Simon cradling baby Dean, with no trace of Maggie on his desk. “Sorry to hear about Maggie” he sighed.

“Why?” Simon asked. “I am not sorry, I am just glad that she’s somewhere where she can’t hurt or scare another student again” Simon replied, in a gruff and emotionless voice. “After all, isn’t protecting children, the most important thing in the world” he asked, with a slight smile on his face.

“Indeed it is” Elias replied, he too producing a sinister smile. “Anyway, I better be on my way. I will keep you up to date with this twitter drama, you just keep doing you and protecting my sons” he said, with a strange amount of passion in his tone. “I don’t know where I’d be without those kids” he added.

“I know, what you mean” Simon replied. “Even though he wouldn’t appreciate it in the slightest. I’d do just about anything for my Dean” he whispered, as he looked away from his old friend and merely stared at the baby photo. Simon watched Elias out of the corner of his eye, how he had quietly slithered towards the door. “I wasn’t finished talking yet, old friend” Simon said, in his usual sickeningly calm voice. “I want you to stop serving Windsor students at your bar… Even if those people are your children” the man hissed. “Or close friends” he quickly added.

Elias smiled, and defensively clutched his chest. “I am sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. But consider it done… Head Master” Elias whispered, before opening the door behind him. “I’ll be seeing you around” he shouted from the other side.

“Hopefully with good news only” Simon whispered to himself, as he once again stared at Baby Dean.

 Several Hours Later- Iris Dormitories - Clara’s Room 

Clara sat on her desk with Callista’s video playing in front of her. Both Lavender and Caleb stood behind her, observing as she watched the former queen bee like a hawk. “This is unbelievable” she whispered, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. “Like fucking unbelievable” she shouted. “How on earth did you get this?” she asked, turning around to the others.

Caleb stood there silently, shuffling from foot to foot. “Go on, you can tell her. She won’t judge you” Lavender said, as she placed a hand on the nervous boy’s shoulder. “I didn’t” she added quickly, as Caleb turned to Clara’s direction.

“I may have hacked Raven’s laptop” he whispered, in a barely audible voice.

“What, how, what?” Clara stuttered. “I thought the police have all of Raven’s possessions?” she said, now looking at Lavender.

“Oh they do, but it wasn’t that hard to get in. He had no fire wall, like at all” Caleb explained. “There was more stuff on there, mostly porn and assignments. But this was the only thing that really appeared to be useful” he explained, as Clara turned back to watch the end of the video.

“Do you think anything can come of this, anything that may give us a clue to where the keys are?” Lavender said, as she lowered herself down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Shouldn’t we focus on finding the box before we find the keys?” Caleb asked. Both Clara and Lavender fell into silence, they stared at each other before looking back up towards the boy. “You guy’s already have the box don’t you?” he said aloud, as Clara nodded her head in silence. “Well I could always look on the laptop further. See if I can find any locations” he stuttered, as he nervously began to make notes on his phone.

“Well from that video it sounds like he didn’t know either. As she had to reassure him that they were hidden” Clara said, as she jumped off her seat and reached down under her bed to pull out a large black sketchbook. The words ‘Case File’ was plastered across the front, with the inside containing several photos of the victims along with everything she knew so far. “My therapist told me to get a hobby, this is my version of scrapbooking” Clara said in a dry tone.

She took a seat next to Lavender and turned to the page that was marked with Raven’s photo in the corner. “So Caleb, was there anything else on the laptop that connected the two?” Clara asked. “From what I remember Cali wasn’t particularly fond of Raven, so what changed, what made her ask for his help” Clara questioned as she began to bite a pen.

“And more importantly why did he agree” Lavender added, overlapping the girl’s sentence. “I would love to answer that question, but there was nothing. The only people Raven spoke to on his laptop were Lavender and teachers” he said in a solemn tone that made Clara put down her pen.

“He spoke to no one else?” Lavender asked in an equally sad tone. “Not one person?” she asked, with tears in her eyes.

“But that was just his laptop. There may be more stuff on his phone. I’d need a little more time for that, as it’s a longer process as one wrong move could alert the phone company” Caleb explained.

“If you think you could do it that would be great” Clara said, as she wrote Cali’s name down onto Raven’s page which was followed by a series of question marks. “I am also interested in finding out who this ‘special someone’ is. Maybe Chasity and Oscar found something in those diaries” she said, as she flipped backwards to the Cali’s personal page.

“That’s what they were doing last night. I wondered why he had her over!” Caleb laughed, as Clara’s eyes slowly trailed up. “I knew you guys were hiding something from me. I am just glad I found out what” he confessed, as he shared a smile with the two girls.

“Well we’re glad to have you on board” Clara smiled, as the lighting above their heads flickered, with a faint buzzing sound echoing throughout the entire dormitory.

“Ugh the new system sucks balls, all those camera’s must be draining so much power” Lavender sighed, as she stared up towards the ceiling.

Just then it hit Clara like a ton of bricks and a plan was beginning to form in her mind. “Caleb!” she shouted, throwing the book to one side and striding towards the boy. “Can you hack the new system?” Clara asked.

“I mean… Yeah easily” he laughed.

“Good, I am going to need you guys to do that… Like now if possible” Clara said confidently.

“Well what do you want access to?” Caleb asked curiously.

“Nothing, I want you to crash the system” Clara explained.

“Hate to sound like I’m not paying attention. But why do you want that?” Lavender questioned.

“Because if all the power is down, then so are the cameras, and no cameras means that I can sneak out and go on my little field trip” Clara said, as her eyes slowly narrowed in on the security cam that rested just outside her bedroom window.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories – Oliver’s Room  

Oliver lay on his bed completely shirtless, his body remained stiff and still, as he rested in total silence. His head was pounding, and his brow was covered in sweat. A million thoughts were passing through his head with every passing second, questioning who really loved, whether he loved either party, and perhaps most of all what that made him.

“Straight, Bi, Gay, Straight, Bi, Gay” Oliver whispered to himself, over and over again in rapid succession. Eventually the words stopped flowing out of his mouth long enough for him to release a loud painful groan.

He rolled over ensuring that his face was buried deep into the pillow, as he attempted to drown out the sound of his own thoughts. He raised his head up and looked down at his phone, the smiling face of Chasity as his background made his heart warm. But he also knew that the texts to Leo were just as special to him. What had first started as a curious experiment had grown completely out of hand. He had been lost in the moment, got caught up with the American boy, and he couldn’t be happier that he had.

He let out another loud groan, before returning to laying on his back. He grabbed his phone and swiped it open, heading directly for the text messages to Leo. “I have to see you, as soon as possible. Please, meet me behind Wolfsbane. Love Windsor….” Oliver’s voice trailed off, as he remember Leo now knew who he really was. He took a deep breath and erased the final part of the message, choosing to instead sign of with “Love Oliver”.

Just as he hit send, the lights above his head flickered violently before returning back to normal…

 Iris Dormitories – Leo and Logan’s Room 

Logan stared into the mirror, shirtless as usual he flexed his muscles. “Hello beautiful” he said to himself, as the door slowly opened behind him. Leo walked in, with his phone in his hands and a huge smile on his face. When his head rose up, he met Logan’s eyes and froze instantly. “What you so smiley about?” Logan asked.

“Oh nothing” Leo lied, as he quickly hid his phone in his pocket. “Just a text from my sister” he said, lying yet again.

“How was classes today?” Logan questioned, as he continued to flex.

“I didn’t end up going” Leo confessed, as he dumped his backpack on one side of the bed. “Casandra had a pretty rough day so I had to comfort her” he elaborated. As he turned around he jumped with fright as Logan was now standing directly behind him.

“So what, you just ditched class?” Logan questioned, as he leaned in closer to Leo.

“That’s not gonna look good with teachers. You really should be making more of an effort Leo” the boy said disappointedly.

“She needed my help, I couldn’t leave her like that” Leo replied. “I had to wait for Dean to get there” he said, but before Leo could continue his sentence Logan aggressively shoved his head. Leo quickly lost control of his footing, and face planted the mattress before tumbling down onto the ground.

As the American boy writhed around on the floor, moaning with pain Logan proceeded to kneel over his body, ensuring that Leo was unable to move. “Why do you always have to back talk, always have to question everything I do or say” Logan moaned. “Because everything I do is for the benefit of you” he said, as he smashed Leo’s cheeks together. “Because I love you, so much” he whispered, as he leaned in and bit Leo’s lower lip. All the while, Leo laid helplessly silent, allowing Logan to do whatever he wanted out of sheer fear.

“You’ve been miss behaving recently, and I don’t like it” Logan whispered into Leo’s ear. “Missing classes, not spending enough quality time with me… Or on the App” he added, as Leo forced himself to stare at the light on the ceiling. “I just want my old Leo back, my good Leo. Not prissy, bee hive Leo” the boy whispered sadistically, as he pulled out a strand of Leo’s blonde hair.

After yelping with pain, Logan decided to stand up and assisted his boyfriend to his feet. “You really need to bring the old Leo back. Or that little punishment will have to become a regular occurrence, and I don’t mean that in a kinky way” Logan whispered, as Leo cowered with fear.

“Now, I need you to go for a walk. Maybe head to dinner early tonight. I got a client calling me on skype. So I don’t want you in the room. You shouldn’t have to see that smut” Logan said, as he threw himself down onto the bed and rolled onto his stomach. “Why do you do this?” a teary Leo whispered. “Why do you make me do this? What do you get out of it” the boy blurted out defiantly. “Is it just about the money?” he asked, as Logan sighed and shuffled onto his knees.

Before Leo could say another word, Logan had shuffled across the mattress and had placed one hand over the American’s lips. “Money is but a metaphor. Money equates to power, so when grown men give their money to me they are giving me their power” Logan whispered. “And when it comes to power, my hunger is insatiable” he explained as he stroked Leo’s cheek.

“That’s why I do what I do. Because I don’t like it when other people have power over me, I like to be pulling the strings at all times” he said, looking dead into Leo’s eyes. “But you, you aren’t like my clients” he whispered, as he began to stroke Leo’s cheek. “Because you fill me with a greater sense of power, something that is unmatched and you don’t even have to spend a single penny. And the great thing is you willingly surrender everything over to me, you don’t even fight” Logan laughed.

“Hard to fight when you’re being blackmailed” Leo replied, much to Logan’s surprise.

The boy on the bed let out a sickening giggle. “Leo get real, if you wanted to stop what was happening you could. You could go to the police, your old friends or that whiney bitch Casandra” he said, as the stroking ceased. “But you don’t, because you know deep down that you still love me. And no matter what I do to you, or make you do you will always love me” he whispered. “If I had to guess why it would be that because you were denied of love from your parents you will take it any way you can get it. Even if it does hurt like a bitch” Logan whispered, as he ran his top lip across Leo’s bottom.

“So I hope that answers your question. I do what I do, because you allow it to happen. And I am so glad that you do” Logan concluded, as he lightly tapped Leo’s cheek. “Now I do have to get to work, save me a seat at dinner yeah” Logan said, as Leo obediently nodded his head, as he attempted to hold back the tears.

Leo turned his back on the boy and quickly made his escape without saying another word. As the door slammed behind him Logan smiled, taking solace in the boy’s misery, taking pleasure in the fact that he had just won…

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Vev and Chasity’s Room  

“I am gonna miss you so much” Vev whispered to Cohen, who was already on the other side of the door.

“I already miss you” Cohen replied in an equally sappy tone of voice, all whilst Chasity sat on the floor, of their room judging the couple from a far. “The only thing that’s gonna get me through detention. Is the thought of you baby” Cohen whispered into her ear, as they once again pulled each other in for a kiss.

“I’ll try and sneak some food into your room for when you get out” Vev told him as he pulled away. “Being forced to skip dinner is pretty much the most barbaric thing Menodza has done” she joked.

“Well, haven’t I got a keeper” Cohen laughed. “Anyway, I better get going before I am late. Until morning my love” he said, as he slowly backed away and walked down the corridor.

Vev slowly closed the door and let out a gentle sigh of bliss, as she leaned against it. “Oh girl, you have got it bad!” Chasity sighed as she continued to flick through her old diaries. “Wish I could see the look on Casandra’s face, when she saw you two together” she giggled, as Vev took a seat opposite of her on the bed.

“Please don’t bring it up. I still feel so awful about the whole situation” Vev moaned. “Why do you feel bad? So you’re with her ex. So fucking what. She needs to woman up and get over it” Chasity said, unable to hide the pleasure on her face.

“Please don’t be a bitch” Vev moaned at the girl. “I just want us all to get along” she added.

“Girl, don’t be a bitch? I am pretty sure bitchines has been our brand for the past five plus years” Chasity replied. “Besides, we lost all chances of getting along, after the way she treated me, treated us for years. And the second I leave she replaces me… No way I am done getting along with Cassandra” she moaned. “Sooner that I can get away from her and this shit hole the better” she added, finally looking up at a disappointed Vev.

“Doesn’t change the fact that I still view you as one of my best friends” she added, finally offering Vev a reassuring smile.

“Why are you looking in those old things anyway?” Vev asked, as she laid back onto her bed. “Long story” Chasity said, just as her phone began to ring. She quickly saw it was Clara and placed it to her ear, shooting to her feet and walking towards the far corner of the room in order to conceal the conversation from Vev. “Hey, what’s up?” she whispered.

“Hey, we may have a lead. I’m about to head towards the burnt mores now, but I need you to do something for me” Clara said from the other end of the line.

Vev stood up and quickly mouthed ‘Everything okay?’ before Chasity offered her reassurance with a simple thumbs up. “Yeah sure I’ll do anything” Chasity whispered, as she turned away from her roommate. “But sneaking out now are you crazy. I know it’s already dark, but didn’t we learn that there’s no way out without getting busted?” Chasity asked, as she covered the side of her mouth with her right hand.

“Don’t worry about that. Just have a torch or something light on hand, you’re gonna need it” Clara explained, foreshadowing the works of Caleb, that was soon to come. “Anyway, I need you to look for anything to with a boy or a special someone, which Cali trusted. If you find literally anything let me know” Clara said confidently.

“Sure, but how do you know a special someone could be of importance?” Chasity asked. “Will explain all soon, I promise. Just please do what you can now, I have to get ready” Clara replied, clearly in a hurry. “Talk soon” she added, before putting the phone down on a confused Chastity.

“What are you up to then? Planning a liaison with Oliver” Vev asked in a sultry voice as she glided towards the bathroom door.

“Yeah, you caught me” Chasity lied, as her friend let out a small giggle. “That’s exactly what I was doing” as the lights above their heads flickered violently.

“Anyway, I’ll be heading off to dinner soon. You coming?” Vev asked, as both of the girls stared up towards the lights.

“No… I’ve got way too much work to do” Chasity whispered, as she stared down at the pile of diaries.

 Police Station 

McKenna sat at his desk, re-watching the footage of Maggie Mendoza on a constant loop. Her words played over and over again. ““I have had to pay for my sins, I think it’s time that my husband pays for his” the woman said, as McKenna stared at the screen, hitting rewind instantly.

“I have had to pay for my sins, I think it’s time that my husband pays for his”

“I have had to pay for my sins, I think it’s time that my husband pays for his”

“I have had to pay for my sins, I think it’s time that my husband pays for his”

“Pays for his”

“Pays for his”

And just like that McKenna shot up out of his chair, threw his coat over his shoulders and charged out of the station, knowing now what had to be done.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office - Detention 

Simon Mendoza sat on his desk and looked at the group of boys that sat before him. David, Tyler, Jonathan, Cohen and Jules all looked blankly towards their head master, pretending as if their punishment was about to have some profound effect on them. “Boys, you are all here because you seek to dismantle the new establishment of our school” Mendoza said calmly. “You are here for different reasons, but still are all the same” he continued.

“Over the past few months, the school has faced an irreparable damage in its pristine image. And now that Miss Akiyama is no longer with us, it is up to me to ensure that our school once again reaches the pinnacle of greatness” he said, looking directly towards David.

“So all of these parties will come to an end. You will obey the rules that have been set out before you or face the risk of expulsion. Do I make myself clear?” the man asked the room.

“Yes Sir” the boys said in one monotone.

“Good, now if only you could have all learnt this sooner. And we wouldn’t be here in the first place” the man hissed. “I hope missing dinner is a harsh lesson to you all to never do this again. Now you are to copy from the textbook laid out in front of you. A history of Windsor Academy. You are to use black pen and black pen only” the man decreed as he stood up. “Now I have a lot of business to attend to. So if you’d excuse me gentleman” the man said as he approached the door.

“You’re not staying?” Jules asked, as he looked up from his desk.

“No, because unlike you boys I have done nothing wrong and therefore won’t waste my night. Now Christmas is over gentleman… Get to work” the man decreed before he quickly escape through the door.

In the instant that the door shut, Jonathan turned to Tyler and David and laughed aloud. “So what did you two get in trouble for. What was so important that you missed the drinks?” he asked tilting his head to one side as both Cohen and Jules also stared at the pair. But before the two boys could offer an answer, the lights were turned off and the boys were plunged into darkness.

“What’s just happened?” Cohen shouted, as the alarm above Mendoza’s door flashed bright red, and made an aggressive click.

“What was that noise?” Jules gasped as David ran towards the door and pulled at the handle. “We’re locked in” David said, as he aggressively pulled at the door.

“And we’re in a blackout, how can this get any better” Tyler sighed, as he slumped his head down onto the desk.

 Meanwhile: In Clara's Room 

Both Lavender and Caleb sat at Clara’s desk staring at the security cameras located around the school. “There, there she is!” Lavender shouted, as she tapped on the on the screen which showed Clara squatting in the bushes. “Are you sure they can’t see her?” she asked in a panic.

“They can see her, but it’s not recording. So there will be no evidence of her even being there” Caleb explained. “Which will all be put down to the blackout” he said, at which Lavender raised her eye brows.

“Blackout? What blackout?” she asked. Just as the words passed her lips Caleb gleefully hit another button and the whole room was submerged into darkness. “Oh that blackout, wow Caleb you are amazing!” she giggled.

“Now look the security officers are confused, which means” Caleb said, pointing at Clara’s screen, just as the men wandered off in the direction towards the school. “They’ll come back to school to investigate” he said, smiling at the girl.

But Lavender did not reciprocate, for her phone began to ring. She looked down at the screen, and to her joy she saw the face of Daniel. But she knew that she could not answer at this time, so she forced herself to ignore the call. “You okay?” Caleb asked, at which the girl silently nodded her head. “You could have taken that you know, I wouldn’t have minded” he explained to her.

“No it wouldn’t be right. I would have told him what we were up to. And he doesn’t need that right now” she explained. “Look, she’s climbing the fence” Lavender screeched once again pointing towards the computer screen. Both of them watched with anticipation as Clara made it to the top of the wire fence. She quickly swung her legs around the top and jumped down towards the pavement, as the room erupted into cheers.

“She did it! She’s out!” Caleb screamed, as he and Lavender threw their arms around each other. But the laughter very quickly died out, as the realisation dawned upon him. “Now the hard part” he sighed.

“Hard part?” the girl questioned.

“Yeah, now we just have to keep the system down long enough for Clara to get back to school. And believe me they’re going to try their darndest to ensure that the system is up and running” he explained to Lavender, whose smile also disappeared.

“Oh… Great” Lavender sighed.

 Behind Wolfsbane Dormitories 

Oliver and Leo leaned against the back wall of Wolfsbane dormitories. Standing in complete and total silence, merely staring at each other’s face. “So” Oliver sighed loudly. “Looks like there’s a blackout” he added awkwardly, in a bid to make small talk.

“Yeah, looks like it” Leo replied, in an equally awkward tone. The wind blew around them, as silence fell once again, unable to take the crippling awkward tension, Leo finally spoke up, dying for some form of answers from the boy. “Why?” Leo whispered, capturing the attention of the rugby boy. “Why did you message me on the app?” he asked.

“I told you, I saw you and something just compelled me to message you” Oliver explained. “I wish I could give you a better explanation Leo, I really do wish I could. But I can’t, because I don’t know who I am or what these feelings mean. I am sorry” Oliver whispered.

Leo only had to look in his eyes to figure out that the boy was indeed being sincere. “I understand the feeling” Leo explained.

“You do?” Oliver replied instantly, as the starry nights sky twinkled overhead.

“Yeah, when I saw it was you last night. At first I was quite upset, disappointed” Leo explained as she stared blankly at the sky. At this point, Oliver’s face dropped with disappointment, believing that he was about to be rejected. “But then as I was lying in bed, it kinda all clicked together. And I realised that I am really happy it’s you” Leo confessed. “For you are not a foe pretending to be a friend. You were the opposite, and for once that was such a pleasant surprise” he said, finally offering Oliver a smile.

“You’re not this douche that I thought you were. You are a kind soul, who actually cares about me and my wellbeing” he whispered, as he rested his head on Oliver’s shoulder, as the rugby player stood and listened, his heart practically beating out of his chest.

“These past few months have been pretty dark for me, heck the past couple of years have been pretty dark. I have been rejected by the ones I love the most, forced half way across the world, and in my darkest hour… I found you” Leo whispered, as he looked into Oliver’s gorgeous blue eyes. “You were my white knight, m guiding light” he whispered, as his head continued to rest on Oliver’s shoulders, he too could feel the beat of the rugby player’s heart.

Just when there was another moment of silence, Oliver cleared his throat, knowing that he too must share his heartache and struggle. “I always tried to not think about… Boys until the day I downloaded the app, every time I had even the tiniest thought, I would go and just beat myself up psychologically for hours upon hours” he confessed. “Last summer it was all I could think about, so I would just act out and not talk to my Dad or Osc… Which was made all the worse by the fact they were picking up on my change in personality” he continued.

“I just want to be loved for who I am, just … I don’t know who that person is?” Oliver sighed.

“Oscar would accept you, he accepts me” Leo replied, as the words passed his lips he thought of how much he really missed Oscar’s kind nature, and the friendship that they shared together.

“But Oscar is the perfect child, me being with a guy would just give my Dad another excuse to love him more” Oliver sighed loudly. “And before you say anything, yes I know my Dad owns a gay bar, but it doesn’t mean anything. He would treat me differently and I know he would”

“Your Dad owns Gentleman’s Choice right?” Leo asked, with the mere mention of the bar’s name causing his lip to quiver.

“Yeah, and every time I even go in there I just panic. I’m not scared of gay people, I’m just scared of being seen there yanno” Oliver sighed, as he hit his head against the wall. “I don’t know what I’d do if Chasity found out” he added. “And I’m sure you feel the same way about Logan right?” he asked, turning his head towards Leo.

“Yes” Leo confessed. “I don’t know what he’d do if he found out we were talking together like this” he added.

“I think I could take him” Oliver joked.

“And I could take Chas” Leo replied, as they both giggled at each other, their breaths visible with the cold nights air. In that moment silence fell once more, but this time the two boys locked eyes.

Without even missing a beat, the two leaned into each other and passionately kissed as they both grasped onto the back of each other’s heads.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Casandra’s Room 

Casandra lay on her bed in total darkness, wrapped tightly under the pink silk.

Unbeknownst to her the door to her bedroom had been opened, and she was no longer alone. A hand reached out for the bed, and grabbed onto her shoulder. The girl let out an ear piercing scream, as she quickly grabbed her phone and shinned the torch directly into Dean’s face. “Fuck Casandra, turn it off” he moaned, as his eyes squinted.

“Sorry about that, I thought you were the killer” Casandra panted, as the boy took at the end of her bed. The queen bee remained clutching at her chest, staring at the boy who held a cup in his right hand and something concealed under a napkin.

“I got you a gift, I know you said you weren’t hungry. But the dessert tonight was lemon drizzle cake, and I remember that Cohen always used to give you his. So I assumed you love it, and thus I saved you mine” he said, as he handed over the napkin to reveal the most perfect piece of cake. “And I also got you a cup of tea, not too milky with one sugar, because even after the worst day in the world, a cup of tea can solve everything” Dean said.

“Aw Dean that is so sweet of you!” Casandra sighed, as she took the tea, and placed it on her bed stand. “If only you could fix this blackout, then you would be a hero to all of those who inhabit this school” Cassie joked, as Dean smiled. “Wanna share?” she asked, as placed the cake inbetween them.

“Sure” Dean said, as he rested back on his elbows. The two teens then began to pick at the cake. “Vev told me to say hello, she was eating alone” he said, but received no reaction whatsoever from the girl.“Anyway, you’ve been so secretive today, you wanna tell me why you locked yourself in your room on the first day of school?” he asked her.

“I can’t, I really can’t” Casandra moaned. “But please don’t take it personally, it’s seeing Cohen with Vev, it… It upset me you know” she sighed. Hearing this upset Dean deeply, hearing her talk so candidly about Cohen made the boy practically green with envy. “Oh, so you still have feelings for him huh” Dean sighed, as he turned to Casandra giving her a look that quickly filled the room with sexual tension.

“No, it’s just hard to let go of the past you know” she explained. “Besides, I believe that we need to talk about the Christmas party, and that kiss” Casandra said, which caused Dean to freeze, with the slice of cake in his hand.

“Right, I thought that would come up eventually” he moaned. “Do you regret the kiss?” Dean questioned. “No, not at all” Casandra replied, as they merely stared at each other blankly.

“Neither do I” Dean replied, as he slowly leaned in and kissed Casandra on the lips. The queen bee initially showed some trepidation, but slowly started to kiss Dean back. As their lips entwined Dean placed his hand on Casandra’s leg, and slowly began to work his way upwards.

Casandra mummed and quickly pushed herself away from the boy. “We can’t do this” she panted. “We’re both in a really fucked up place right now. I don’t want to do this when we’re both like this” she added. “I wanna do this when we’re both happy, and when we’re back to our regular selves” she explained.

Dean let out a loud sigh, before dropping his head down onto the pillow. “You’re right” he said, as she leaned in and placed her head on his chest. “We’re both pretty fucked up” he added, with a slight giggle.

“At least we’re fucked up together” Casandra replied, with a giggle of her own.

“And there is no one I’d rather be fucked up with” Dean replied as he ran his hands through her hair.

“Me either” Casandra whispered, as she leaned over and fed the boy some of the lemon cake. “We really need to find that box” she whispered. “I’m sick of feeling like victim, it sucks balls” Casandra said bluntly, which sent Dean into a fit off laughter, as for one moment the teens troubles disappeared and they were happy in the moment.

 Periwimkle Dormitories – Chasity and Vev’s Room 

Chasity sat on her bed with one mint green diary laid out in front of her. She had a fluffy pen in her hand. “Oh come on!” she moaned, as she turned to the final page. “Oh my god this is it!” she screamed, as she circled the page aggressively.

“Cali talking about an older boy! Yes, yes, yes!” Chasity shouted. “Said she trusts him more than anyone on the planet, what a fake bitch” Chasity said, reading her own words aloud. “Yeah Chas, she was the bitch” she said to herself, before taking the diary and her phone into her hands and headed for the door.

She quickly dialled up Clara’s number, but was sent straight to voicemail. “Clara hey, I did find something. Apparently Cali was talking about an older boy, who understood her better than anyone on the planet. Anyway, I will bring it over to your room right away” she explained before hanging up.

But just before Chasity could reach for the handle, she received a phone call herself from her boyfriend. “Hey Oliver, not a good time right now, could I call you back?” she asked, but received no answer, as there was nothing but a muffled noise from the other end of the line.

“Oliver?” she asked once more, holding the phone away from her face. “Hellooo” she said aloud, but once again received no reply whatsoever. As the noise continued, Chasity began to panic, she knew it could have easily been a pocket dial, but she also knew that something could have happened. But Chasity didn’t want to risk anything, having no other choice, she hung up the phone and headed out of the door, knowing that she would have to make a stop before heading for Clara’s room.

 Iris Dormitories – Leo and Logan’s Room 

Oscar stood facing the door with his heart in his throat. He had an unswerving sense of guilt crushing down upon on his shoulders ever since he and Leo stopped talking. So he knew what must be done, if Leo wasn’t going to talk to Clara perhaps he would speak to him, and with that he knocked on the door.

But to his surprise he wasn’t greeted by Leo, but rather a scantily clad Logan. The boy leaned against the door frame and stared Oscar up and down. “Yeah?” Logan hissed.

“Is Leo here? I just wanna talk to him about that stupid falling out” Oscar said, as he stared at the boy who connection to his father remained a mystery.

“No he’s not, and even if he was I don’t think he’d wanna talk to you” Logan whispered sadistically, as he opened the door wider as if to try and intimidate Oscar with his physique.

“Well that is an awfully big assumption for you to make” Oscar replied. “So maybe I’ll just catch him in film class” he added, as the passive aggressive back and forth continued.

“What part of he doesn’t want to see you don’t you understand” Logan said aloud. “You and Clara really upset him. He has been through so much in his life, and when you said that it felt as if he was rejected yet again” the boy added, trying to make Oscar feel as bad as humanly possible. “So take this as a message from him to you, fuck off Oscar” he hissed, attempting to slam the door on the blond boy.

But Oscar intervened and quickly pried the door open with his foot. “No I don’t except that. All of what was said was a misunderstanding, I wanted Oscar there and I want to be his friend. So I am going to make sure I personally apologise for what was said that night” Oscar hissed, as he stared into Logan’s eyes. But before the boy could answer Oscar’s eyes trailed off into the room, as he saw the laptop screen open onto skype and Logan’s clothes scattered across the floor.

It didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on. And when Oscar returned his gaze to Logan, he saw the boy’s face was quickly becoming red with rage. The blond boy took his foot off the door, and backed away. “I’ll let you get back to…Whatever you were doing alone” he whispered, attempting to walk across the hall towards Clara’s room.

“Oh and by the way, I know what you were doing during Christmas. My friends at the bar told me you and your brother were looking for me?” Logan said, freezing Oscar in his tracks. “So consider this a warning shot” Logan continued, as Oscar spun around to look at the boy.

“You and your brother will stop asking questions. Otherwise I will dismantle your family” he hissed.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Oscar asked.

“Why don’t you ask your father? I’m sure he’ll tell you” Logan whispered. “Actually who are we kidding? He won’t” he concluded before slamming the door shut. Oscar’s lip quivered and his forehead wrinkled as his mind raced with thoughts, trying to piece what he had just been told. Oscar stared at Clara’s door coldly, before he turning away completely and running down the corridor, knowing that he must tell Oliver what had just come to light.

 Wolfsbane Dormitory 

Chasity banged on the Oliver’s door again and again, with her free hand, as the other still clutched onto the diary. But she received no reply whatsoever. “Oliver!” Chasity screamed, but once again received no reply from the boy. She saw no other conceivable option, she took several steps back, and leaned against the door which directly faced Oliver’s and launched herself foot first at towards her boyfriend’s room.

The door flew off its hinges as Chasity fell down onto the floor, finally entering the room. She quickly looked around the room to inspect it, and upon seeing no signs of a struggle, she screamed his name yet again “Oliver!”

Her mind was filled with such horrible thoughts of her missing boyfriend, she knew she had to find him, her heart was beating at such a rapid pace, that it quickly began to affect her breathing. Taking short and fast breaths, she ran out of the room without fixing the door and charged down the stairs, stumbling down the final few as she did so.

She ran out of the door and stared up at the sky, looking into its vastness in a moment of weak helplessness. As mascara began to run down her face, she quickly grabbed delved through her pockets until she found her phone. Attempting to dial her boyfriend’s number with a shaking hand.

As Chasity held the phone up to her ear, she thought she could hear the faint sound of a phone ringing in the air. She spun around in a circle, just before the noise disappeared altogether. “Is that you?” she whispered to herself, as she called the number once again. The same thing happened, a ringing echoed throughout the air, reverberating off the dormitories walls, before disappearing again.

The sound appeared to be coming from behind the dormitory, so the panicked girl hastily made her way from the safety of the well-lit path, and down towards the shady sides of the bricked building. A muffled sound became audible, accompanied by heavy breathes. Hearing the sound startled the girl, forcing her to tip-toe towards it.

Her breathing steadied, and as she exhaled condensation escaped her lips. Her knees began to shake, unsure of what she was about to see. But as she rounded the corner she was met by a different surprise. For Chasity saw Oliver and Leo holding onto each other in an embrace, before they returned to locking lips.

Seeing her boyfriend’s infidelity prompted the girl to open her mouth, ready to gasp or scream, she didn’t know, for she didn’t get the chance to do either. Before anything could be done, a white cloth was wrapped around her nose and mouth, as a gloved figure stood behind her and pressed down as hard as possible.

The green diary fell out of her hands, as the figure dragged Chasity away, her heels digging deep into the mud as she did so, as she remained struggling to fight them off. And for a brief second she did, a quick elbow to the stomach, forced the figure to grunt with pain, as Chasity was dumped unceremoniously to the floor.

Chasity’s ears began to ring, as she quickly stumbled to her feet. Her vision blurred, and a sickness in her stomach, forced her to stumble about from tree to tree, unable to make a quick escape. As she leaned against the bark, her vision returned to normal for just passing second, just long enough to see her boyfriend, stroking Leo’s cheek.

She reached out longing for the boy, before the figure quickly hit her in head with a large branch. Chasity’s head bounced off the bark and her body went limp, before she tumbled down towards the figures feet, laying perfectly still, next to her diary. Her vision, was now worse than ever, with the only visible thing being a mascaraed mask staring down upon her.

“Did you hear something?” Leo gasped, as he turned around and gazed into the darkness of the woods.

“Yeah, I did actually” Oliver whispered, as he reached into his pocket and used his phone to shine a light in the direction of the noise. But the boys saw nothing and no one, but trees. “Guess it was just a bird or something” Oliver whispered, unable to shake the feeling that something was amiss.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office – Detention 

Jonathan and Cohen stared at the door, their foreheads pressed against the glass window as they stared into the dark corridor, unable to see a single thing. “What the fuck is wrong with this door!” Cohen roared, as he slammed his fists against it.

“Calm down, it’s probably just an automatic lock triggered by the black ou, sit down and do your work, before Mendoza comes back and gives you another detention” David moaned at the boys, whilst he, Tyler and Jules sat at their desks and copied from the textbook.

“Shush David, just be a good little boy and return to your work. Jules is doing mine for me anyway” Jonathan said, pointing at the younger boy.

“I am?” Jules questioned.

“Yeah, so just keep your head down bud” Jonathan laughed.

Seeing this yet again, prompted Tyler to lean over and personally speak to the younger boy. “Just focus on yourself kid, for night just be you. You don’t need him anymore, just look at him, he’s not who he used to be” he added, staring at Jonathan’s paler, scruffy complexion.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Jonathan questioned, as he took a step away from the door and towards Tyler.

“It means you haven’t been all there, ever since Joel died. Or rather since you lead him to his death” Tyler replied, standing up to ensure that he would not be intimidated. “And you haven’t been the same ever since you were buried alive, so why don’t you save this martyr act Tyler, it’s getting real old real fast” Jonathan hissed. “At least with David the goody-goody thing is consistent, you were dick before and now you’re trying to be everybody’s friend, which ultimately equates to you being a fake bitch” Jonathan roared in his face.

“I have turned over a new leaf. Better late than never” Tyler replied, as the other boys watched in silence, as the tension gradually built.

“A new leaf?” Jonathan laughed. “Bullshit, you changed because Liv died. And you knew nobody would liked you, so you felt the need to create a new persona, one that the freaks of this school would like” Jonathan explained, as Tyler slowly began to simmer. “Or maybe you just created this fake-nice act to get girls, because Liv was the only person desperate enough to fuck you when you were the real you” he added, before Tyler launched himself over the desk, and slammed Jonathan against the door by the scruff of his shirt.

“Say that again, I fucking dare you!” Tyler roared in the aggressors face, as both Cohen and David pried the boys off each other.

“Stop it” David roared. “The both of you stop! We are supposed to be mates, stop acting like dicks and just be nice to each other. Haven’t we all been through enough? Do we really need this added bullshit” he roared, as each one of the boys looked at each other.

“He’s right guys” Cohen said. “Last term was horrific, we all just need to grow up and start making good memories of school, whilst we’re still here” he said, as a pale Jules pointed a shaking finger towards the window. “You okay mate?” Cohen asked him, as the four rugby players turned around to see the masquerade figure standing on the other side of the door.

 The Mores 

Clara stared blankly at the burnt ruins of the shack, police tape still floated about in the air, getting carried high by the updraft. Her knees were black with shut and ash, as where her hands. She had dung and sifted through the rubble but found nothing. “This is so stupid, so pointless” Clara sighed, as she kicked a thick pile. “We’re no closer to finding anything, this was so stupid” she moaned, as she sat on the side of the road.

She whipped her hands on the gravel, getting rid of some of the blackness, whilst also caking it with dirt. “What now Stark, time to think. Can’t go back with nothing” she whispered, to herself as she took out her phone.

Clara began to scroll through messages, which she had received since she left school. Most were pointless instagtam notifications, others from Lavender ensuring her that the power was still down. But then she noticed, that she had a voicemail from Chasity. She held the device to her ear, and listened intently.

Little did she know the danger that the girl was in, but as heard of this older gentleman her mind raced with thoughts, of who it could be? “Well at least one of us isn’t a bust” Clara sighed to herself. She so desperately wanted to help, to be the person that her friends needed, but no matter how hard she tried, she always seemed to fail. “I’m not very good at this” Clara told herself, as all of the confidence she had built over the holidays seemed to vanish in an instant.

She sighed loudly once more, knowing that she had to return back to school, and that she would have to inform her friends of the disappointing news that she had found nothing. And so with that, she arose and made her way to the tall-grass knowing that she could no longer use the town’s taxis without the school being informed. “Life was so much easier when this town was corrupt” she told herself.

But as she entered the grass, she could hear the sound of a car’s engine. Concealed under in the shadows she watched the headlights emerge from over a hill, and drove towards the ruins. The car pulled to a gradual stop, directly in front of the ash. Clara watched with anticipation unsure of what she was about to see, but filled with an immense sense of fear.

From the car emerged Simon Mendoza, carrying a something concealed under brown paper. The man looked around in a shifty manner, before approaching the rubble. “What the?” Clara whispered to herself, as she watched her new headmaster, kneel down to the ground.

“I am so sorry my love” Simon whispered down to the package of brown paper. “We’ll always have our special place” he added, as he kissed the parcel and took a deep inhale. “I’m going to miss your smell, but I can’t have you around, so this is the best place for you to rest. Our place” he said, as he dug a small hole in the ground and placed the parcel within it.

“Good bye, forever” Simon whispered, blow a kiss to the air as he rose to his feet. He stood in silence and looked at the burnt earth once more, before making his way back to his car.

Clara watched on in confusion, stumbling backwards and breaking a branch beneath her as she did so. Simon froze when he heard the noise. He approached the tall grass looking for the source with an expression as cold as ice on his face.

“Shit, Shit, Shit” Clara whispered to herself as she continued to walk back, far into the shadows. Just as Simon had one foot in the tall grass, he froze yet again when he heard the sound of another car’s engine.

The Head Master quickly scurried away, with his tail tucked between his legs and hurried back into his car. With a screech of his tires he left, and the second car made its way across the horizon.

Clara approached her old viewing point and stared at the second car. But this was no regular car, it was a police car. The young girl watched as McKenna’s car followed Mendoza’s with just enough distance to avoid detection. The Detective did not pull to a stop however, he merely slowed down and looked at the rubble before continuing to follow the teacher.

“What the fuck is going on” Clara said aloud, as the second car disappeared into the night. The confusion was met with relief, for the detective hadn’t seen the man burry the package, which meant that Clara could be the one to dig it up

 Mr Medoza’s Office – Detention  

Every boy screamed, when the figure stared back at them. “Please tell me that’s just Dean or Oliver pulling a prank on us” Tyler whimpered.

“Well if it is them, they didn’t tell us they were doing it!” Cohen panted as the boys backed into a corner.

Seeing the killer, caused Jonathan to freeze with fear, his complexion as pale as the white mask itself. “Jules get behind us all” he stuttered, attempting to save face, and remain brave in front of the other boys.

“It might not be them, but it is probably just a prank. Nothing to be scared of” David attempted to reassure the boys, even though he was just as scared as Jonathan, upon remembering the pain of the piercing blade, as it dug into shoulder blade.

But he was cut short, when the masked figure produced a knife and waved it at the fearful boys. “You had to say it didn’t you” Cohen moaned. Just as the blade was rammed into the window, shattering the glass.

“Well at least they can’t through that door” a terrified Jules whimpered, as the killer continued to smash the glass window. “No but they can climb through that window” Tyler said hastily, as he charged forward and pushed a table up against the door.

“Common, we can block them out, just stack the tables on top of each other quick” he shouted as the boys sprung into action and began to create barricade.

As the tables began to stack up, the figure attempted to push them over from the opposite side of the door. But thinking on his feet Jules reached up and on the tables, ensuring that there was a counter weight. But his attempts came at a grave risk, for the figure reached their hands through the broken window and under the table’s legs and grabbed onto Jules’ hair.

“Guy’s help!” the young boy screamed, as Jonathan dropped a chair and rushed the boy’s aid. The figure acted quickly, and as Jules tried to wriggle, they sliced his arm ever so-slightly with the blade. As Jules yelped with pain, Jonathan scooped Jules up without a second thought, and pulled him away from the figure with all his might. Once the kid was out of the clutches of danger, the other boys continued to stack chairs against the door, before finally pushing Simon’s desk in front of the pile.

“Think that will hold them?” Cohen asked the others, as the figure disappeared into the darkness.

“You okay?” Jonathan asked, the younger boy, who’s lower arm was now covered in blood. “I will be” Jules whimpered, as he cradled his arm whilst the blood dripped onto the carpet.

A pale looking Tyler turned to a fearful David, communicating with but a look. “This isn’t over is it?” David whimpered.

“No, no it’s not” Tyler replied, as he stared at the pile of desk, trying with all his might to fight back an onslaught of tears.

 Wolfsbane Dormitories  

Leo and Oliver emerged from behind the dormitory, allowing themselves to be seen in the light. “So that happened” Oliver sighed, as he flattened down Leo’s scruffy hair. “Does it make us bad people, considering that we both have partners” he whispered, gazing upon the American boy’s pale face.

“No, I don’t think it’s possible for you to be a bad person. You’re too sweet” Leo whispered, as he moved Oliver’s hand off of his hair and held it on his cheek. “I better get going, curfew is in exactly” he said as she looked down at this watch, “Two minutes”.

Oliver laughed as he held the boy’s face in his hands. “I don’t want you to go, I wanna just spend the rest of eternity sitting with you and talk… about everything” he whispered into Leo’s ear. “But, that is a fools fantasy” he added, he leaned into Leo to kiss him, but before he could do so, the two boys heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps.

They instantly snapped out of their love induced trace and stepped away from each other, as Oscar appeared from around a corner and approached the two boys. “Oliver!” he shouted from the other end of the path, before he ran forward. “And Leo, two people I was actually looking for” he said, as the two boys attempted to step as far apart as possible to conceal what they had been up to.

“I didn’t know you two were friends” Oscar said with some confusion, as the both Oliver and Leo stared at each other blankly, with their mouths open.

“Oh we’re not, just you know talking about English, we do English together” Oliver explained, quickly lying on his feet.

“Oh, didn’t know” Oscar replied, falling for the ruse. “Anyway, Leo I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am about last term, we were really really rude to you, and we should have just asked for your help and let you join in” Oscar stuttered, desperately hoping the boy would accept his apology.

“Oscar thank you, you really don’t have to do that. As it wasn’t you who said it” Leo replied. “We’re cool, I don’t have any ill feelings towards you, just Clara” he further explained. “Anytime you wanna hang out, you know where my room is” Leo said, with sincerity in his voice. “Anyway, hope you boys have a nice night” Leo whispered, as he began to walk away.

“We have to talk about, you know who and Dad’s bar” Oscar whispered to his brother, which was loud enough to capture the attention of Leo. But before Oliver could reply, all three boy’s phones went off in unison.

As each one of them drew out their devices, they all had received the same message, but it was Oliver who read it aloud. “You’ve all been very bad. And actions have consequences at Windsor Academy” he said, as a further text was sent with a map attachment.

“That’s the woods behind school” Leo whispered, as he zoomed in on his screen.

“This can’t be good” Oscar murmured

 Iris Dormitories – Leo and Logan’s Room 

Logan stormed around his room, pacing it with such ferocity. From the other end of the line, an automated voice decreed. “You have reached the office of Elias Olsson, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible”.

This forced Logan to bite his lips with anger. “Listen Olsson you pathetic worm, and listen good” he said intently. “Your sons are being a pain in my fucking backside, there on to us and if you don’t do your fatherly duty and throw them off the scent, I will sell you down the river so fast you won’t even know what hit you” he threatened. “I own you and I own your bar. Remember that…” he hissed before hanging up.

 The Mores 

Clara kneeled down onto the rubble once more, she looked up and down both sides of the road, ensuring that she was alone with no signs of life. When there was complete and utter silence, she slowly brushed away the ash and unearthed what Simon had buried.

The brown paper, was slowly unwrapped, but she was not ready to see what was on the other side. A plain white jumper was perfectly folded, ensuring that just the front was covered. But what really turned her stomach was what rested in the corner of her the garment. Not only was there an embroided red C, but intact remained the golden bee broach, of Callista Ranza.

“Oh my god, it was him” Clara whispered to herself. “He was the older guy” she said once more, as he hands rubbed against the soft cashmere.

 The Woods 

Oscar, Oliver and Leo all shined their phone’s torchers in order to see a clear path. “This is so fucking scary, what do you think that text meant and who do you think sent it?” Oliver panted, as they trio made their way through the mud.

“God knows, but I guess we’re about to be punished” Leo whispered, as they each ducked under a branch.

“What exactly are we being punished for though?” Oliver asked.

“It said our actions, so I guess we’ve each done something naughty” Oscar replied, as they bare trees loomed over them. “Wait, can you hear that?” he asked them, as the sound of breaking twigs echoed throughout the woods. “Get ready, something’s coming” he told his brother and friend.

As the trio readied themselves, what they were met with wasn’t an attacker, but rather Casandra and Dean who had approached them from the opposite side of the clearing. Everyone let out a large scream, not expecting to see the other there. “What are you all doing here?” Casandra yelped, as she clutched onto her chest.

“We could say the same for you!” Oscar shouted, as he struggled to regain his breath. “We got a text from an unknown number. Telling us that we must pay for our actions” Dean said rather dismissively. “I think it’s just a prank, but worrier over here thinks we should investigate just to be safe” he said, shining the light on Cassandra’s face.

“Well for once I think Cassandra’s right. Something doesn’t feel right, something feels bad” Oscar said, confessing his feelings.

“Thank you Oscar… I think” Casandra whispered.

“So is this the location, or is it somewhere else?” Dean asked looking down at his phone. “Nope, it’s just ahead…” Oliver said, as he began to sniff around the air. “Just ahead over there” he continued, once again inhaling deeply through his nose. “Can someone smell, burning?” he asked the group, as everyone now began to mimic the boy, inhaling through their noses. “Oh my god” Leo shouted, as he pointed up towards the bare tree tops. The nights sky was quickly vanishing behind a cloud of smoke, which appeared to be coming from the clearing ahead. “Fire, something’s on fire!” he roared, as everyone in the group exchanged looks.

“Common!” Oliver shouted at both Dean and his brother who ran ahead, leaving Leo to link Casandra and guide her towards the smoke himself.

As the three boys entered the clearing they immediately halted, when they saw what looked like a witches stake, erupting in flames. The old film class room’s desk and chairs were piled together, and tied down in the centre, was a barely conscious Chasity. “Holy shit!” Oliver roared, attempting to get closer to the blaze, before he was quickly pulled back by his brother. “Chasity!” he screamed, as the flames began to envelope her body, as she screamed like banshee.

Oliver fell to his knees, tears falling down his cheek as he sobbed like a baby, whilst crying out her name “Chasity, no please” he whimpered, as he was joined by his brother on the ground. They watched as he skin darkened and hair disintegrated, unable to move or save her from the ferocious flames.

“Oh my god!” Casandra cried out, as she and Leo finally saw what was happening.

Dean quickly turned her away from the fire as she buried her face into his chest. “Don’t look, don’t look” he whispered to her, as Chasity’s screams slowly began to cease.

Leo held his palms over his eyes, unable to stare any longer. The thought crossed his mind, was this his and Oliver’s punishment, was this all of their punishments? And as the smoke rose high into the air, the teens were all left without a shadow of a doubt, that the murderer was still at large…

 Cast List 

Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Mention Only)

Supporting Cast 

  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 7/15 (Video Flashback)
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 8/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 7/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 8/15
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 8/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 8/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 8/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 8/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 5/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 7/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 7/15 (Screen only)



Hey guys, so another new means another new death. Hope this one didn't upset you as much as it did me. But as we round towards the end of the season the deaths will start becoming bigger and a whole lot more sadder. Now that every character is so established it is always sad to see them go, but sadly one must die everyone episode.

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