I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.
Cynthia to Todd
Cynthia Fordman
Biographical information
  • Alive
  • Human (Originally)
  • Chimera (Currently)
  • American
  • Female
  • 17
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Telepathy
  • Dragon Shaped Flares
Cause of death
  • Drained of blood
Killed by
Physical Appearance


Hair color
  • Dark Brown (originally)
  • Blonde (dyed)
  • Red(dyed;formally)
  • Black with purple highlights and a shaved on the side (currently)
Eye color
  • Brown
Played by
  • Demi Lovato
Episode Count
  • 5
First seen

Cynthia Fordman is a  recurring Antagonistic character on Inferno.

 Season 1: 

Born Under A Bad Sign

Cynthia is first seen in this episode at LAX Airport, stepping off of the plane with Alietta Stone. She asks why Agoroth couldn't have them fly first class, then says she forgot how beautiful California was.

In a flashback one year earlier, she saw someone lying in the middle of the road. Wanting to make sure they were okay, she immediately gets out of her car and tries talking to him. The man says he is lost and she asks if she can help him; he says he's metaphorically lost. The man, revealed to be Todd, compels her and she is unable to move. After she pleads with him not to kill her, he lets her go to her car. Before she is able to get inside, however, Todd flashes over to her and drains her of blood resulting in her death.

The Three Faces of Sophia

Cynthia is seen at the pool, she reunites with Todd Rollings and playfully begins to tease him. She then reveals after their encounter one year ago, a mysterious man found her on the side of the road and offered her life. She then recalls waking up feeling more alive than ever. Cynthia then reveals she is in fact now a student at Point Dume Academy.

Cynthia then surprises the young vampire by thanking him for the bite. The pair then strike up a deal through a whisper.

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Cynthia is briefly mentioned by Agoroth. He asks Alietta to let Cynthia handle Jamie Moores.

The Things You Can't Outrun

Cynthia tells Todd the way to get Jamie back is to make him jealous.  When Todd asks if that means flirting with her she quickly rejects him, but is quick to suggest that her roommate, Alietta, is infatuated with the vampire.

The Heart is A Lonely Hunter

Cynthia is dining in the cafe with Alietta while spying on the group.  Alietta decides who shall be first afflicted with the Golden Apple of Discord and leaves the task to Cynthia.  Later on she is seen in the kitchen baking an apple pie.  Her intended victim appears as she hoped and after sharing an innocuous piece of pie she brandishes the weapon and infects her target, directing them to cause chaos amongst the students at Point Dume.

Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat



  • Alietta Stone: The pair are not only henchwomen for Agoroth, but they seem to share a close bond. It could be said that the pair are best friends.
  • Todd Rollings: Savagely attacked Cynthia following his break up with Jamie Moores. She later goes on to thank him for the bite.
  • Mysterious man: In The Three Faces of Sophia it is revealed a mysterious man saved Cynthia from death. She is yet to reveal his identity.

 Powers and Abilities  

  • As a chimera, she can generate dragon-shaped flares of greenish-transparent ectoplasmic energy to strike her enemies on various planes of being (i.e. physical, astral, etc.).

  • Cynthia is also able to use that energy to move objects like telekinesis and also has some low-level telepathic abilities that allow her to sense astral projections and if she is being watched from behind.

  • When her hidden form is activated, she looks much like how Chimeras are depicted in Greek Mythology: It is depicted as a fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, the front legs of a lion, the wings of a dragon, the hindquarters of a goat, and a snake-headed tail, while also still possessing the power of speech. 

 Appearances: 5/15 

Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Down the Rabbit Hole Absent
Highway to Hell Absent
Born Under A Bad Sign Appears
The Three Faces of Sophia Appears
Dream A Little Dream of Me Mentioned
The Things You Can't Outrun Appears
The Heart is A Lonely Hunter Appears
Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Appears
Monster's Ball Absent
The Witching Hour Absent
Heart of Darkness Absent
There Goes The Neighborhood Absent
There Will Be Blood Absent
What Does The Fox Say? Absent
(Don't) Fear The Reaper Absent


  • Cynthia's 1st look
  • Cynthia as blonde
  • Cynthia's Look in Born Under A Bad Sign flashback
  • Cynthia as red-head 2nd look
  • Cynthia's current look

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