Chester Joseph
Biographical information
  • Alive
  • Caucasian-American
  • Male
  • 33
Family information
Supernatural information
Physical Appearance
Hair color
  • Dirty Blonde
Eye color
  • Brown
Played by
  • Ryan Kwanten
First seen

Chester Joseph is an upcoming supporting character in Season 1 of Inferno and is also a character in the spin-off series Bloodlines. He made his debut in Bad Blood (Bloodlines) and will appear in Heart of Darkness (Inferno). He is also a member of O.R.B.S.


 Season1 Bloodlines 

Bad Blood

Chester is first seen holding a meeting to discuss the increase in hunter activity in Washington and Oregon, and the threat they may pose to others should the attacks head into California where Point Dume Academy is located. He advises everyone take extra precautions and then receives a phone call from Nathan Specter.

 Appearances (Bloodlines 

Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Bad Blood Appears
By The Light of The Moon Absent
I Never Could Love Like That Absent
Know Thy Enemy Absent
Pretty Much Dead Already Absent
Oh Brother, Where Are You? Absent
She's No Angel Absent
Seventeen Years Without Slumbering Absent
Bad Moon Rising Absent
Cat Fight Absent

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