Everyone has secrets, everyone tells lies.
Callista Ranza
Callista Ranza
Biographical information
  • Deceased
Killed by
  • Unknown Killer
  • Calli (by everyone)
  • Spanish/British
  • Female
  • 17
Personal Information
  • Bitchettes
Hair color
  • Dirty Blonde
Eye color
  • Blue
Played by
  • Maiara Walsh
Episode Count
  • 1
First seen

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

Callista "Calli" Ranza is a major  recurring character in Horrifically Wicked Tales: HIVE Academy. Her death in Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! is what starts the chain of events of season 1.


Callista Ranza was the original mean girl of Windsor Academy and former leader of The Bitchettes. A cold blooded leader, Callista ran the school with her fear tactics and manipulation. However, her deeds caught up to her as she became the first victim of the Windsor Academy massacre, when she was killed at the Masquerade Ball.

 Season 1 

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

Callista is the first character we see, upon the beginning of the episode she is looking down at the rest of the school dancing at the ball. Her minions the arrive on scene and Cassandra Clooney hands her a mysterious key. When they have dismissed the other members Chasity Fairize and Vevina Ferozco Callista tells Casandra the key is a secret and that she needs to get far away. Then suddenly Raven Castillo bumps into the queen bee, knocking a drink on her gown. Callista then proceeds to humiliate her victim causing the boy to run away. Once Casandra has left, Callista begins texting an unknown person as she makes her way to the balcony. A mysterious figure then interacts with her, at first it seems flirty almost but things soon turn dark. A fight breaks out, Callista is physically attacked several times and has they key stolen from her. She is then unceremoniously thrown from the balcony down onto the floor.

A year later Windsor Academy is still reeling. The anual mascaraed ball has been canceled , much to the dismay of Casandra. During The Bitchette's party a video of Callista begins to play. She warns the rest of the student body that their not safe, her killer is still out there. She then reveals that she has made four keys and hid them around school. These keys open a box that contain the vital pieces nessicary to unlock her killer's secret.



Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! Appears
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Absent
A Hollowed Crown Absent
A Promise To The Dead Absent
A Gentleman's Choice Absent
Spilled Tea Absent
A Wilted Flower Absent
Dangerous Liaisons Absent
The Worse Day Since Yesterday Absent
Disturbing Behavior Absent
Memoirs of an Invisible Girl Absent
Bitch, Interrupted Absent
The Origins of Monstrosity Absent
Bloody Hell Absent
Murder She Wrote Absent

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