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Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.
Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire'
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date March 3rd, 2015
Written by Selena
Directed by Jay
Episode Guide Transcript
Highway to Hell
The Three Faces of Sophia

 ATHENS, GREECE: PRESENT DAY (September 16th, 2014) 

It certainly took a bit of time to find out the whereabouts of the Fates, who Agoroth found out possessed many talents. To be perfectly honest, they had long faded into being thought of as fictional characters from Greek Mythology, that the white-eyed demon was surprised to find out they were indeed real. The trick was finding their hide-out and getting them to work with him instead of against him.

“We expected your visit sooner rather than later, Agoroth.” one of the fates, a blonde-haired one, states as Agoroth makes his way into the cave they use as a shelter.

“Yes, your mind is clouded with worry and full of questions but no answers. We can provide those, at a price of course.” another woman says, coming out of the shadows, her skin a caramel color.

“I've recently come across some sort of prophecy about me and I want to know if there's any way I can prevent it from occurring.” Agoroth asks as he hands over a pouch.

“There are people who believe everyone's destiny is set in stone and nothing you can do about it will change that. However, that's not entirely true. There are things we absolutely cannot tamper with, but certain things can be changed; thus, the ability to swing the scale is in your favor. However, the price one pays to do so is almost unthinkable. Are you willing to do anything to assure your victory?” The third woman with fiery red hair asks.

“Yes, O.R.B.S. as a whole is corrupt and deserves to be destroyed. I will not let some pesky kids get in the way of making them pay for what happened to me and my family.” Agoroth says, eyes blazing with anger.

The three women gathered around their crystal ball which went from clear to cloudy. They formed a circle as they began to hold hands. Shortly after, a fire that was blue in color surrounded them and they began to answer his question. Understanding dawned on Agoroth that this was the method The Fates used to see into the future. “On December 31st, 2014, precisely, the planets will align ever so nicely. The time has come to be at hand. Unleash your army, your monstrous band. Then the one called Sophia will finally fall, and you, Agoroth, will rule all! O.R.B.S. will crumble shortly after. But a word of caution to this tale: Shall the chrone's union with the demon remain bright, you will fail and die.”

“So how do I get rid of those two once all is said and done?” Agoroth asks, his attention fully on the three women.

“Chrones are special type of witch. Generally, in times of war or great peril, they will either remain neutral or be easily swayed by the dark side. It's too tempting for them. So when the time comes you must make her realize that everyone around her isn't who they say they are. Doubt is a powerful weapon, one you must plunge into her heart.  Doubt is the hooked blade; once it enters, it does not leave easily.

"Doubt?” Agoroth repeated, still incredulous.  

"More toxic than love, more effective than fear, Doubt is the key to to bring victory near.  Between Darkness and Light, a Chrone will walk the middle ground. If swayed Dark, a strong ally you'll have found.  Beware the Red to win this fight, to join your service, turn the Chrone's hair white,"  The red-haired woman says and, in the blink of an eye, the cave is surrounded in purple smoke. Agoroth coughs and can't keep his eyes open. When it all clears and he is able to see again, the three women are gone.

 One Year Earlier... ( Freshmen Year) 

Jaime Moores had never been particularly social, which isn't his fault per se. He's more a wallflower than a social butterfly. Easily fading into the background by being overlooked. He doesn't really have the drive to try and stand out. Jaime really is okay with that; really. The less people try to get to know him, the less likely they will leave him behind. He happens to be really good at laying low.

That's why when he can't avoid doing his laundry anymore, he decides to go in the wee hours of the morning. Knowing that around this time everyone is too busy cramming for some overlooked test or drooling into their textbooks to join him. Jaime might go out on a limb and say he finds the laundry room a lot more inviting at night. Quiet aside from the continual rumbling from the dryer and washer machines. It's a constant, soothing buzz that drones on and on. Frankly, he'd rather have that over listening to the moans and groans coming from the room next door. If only he could get away with using a bit of magic to teach them a lesson...

It's almost 2 A.M. When Jaime turns the dial on his first set of clothes in the washer and climbs on top of the nearest machine to work on one of his sketches to kill time. The latest being tied to a premonition he had while asleep. Since it's a fairly new power, he has no control of it, Ava tells him that the weird drawings he's made recently might be his brain's way of “letting it out”; whatever that means. He rubs his fingers over the charcoal dust in a makeshift attempt to shade the picture but it ends up covering his fingers and knuckles a dull gray. The color mixes awkwardly with his pale skin, but he's used the contrast of the two colors at this point. Jaime continues to drag his pencil over the paper, tongue pressed to his cheek in concentration as he works diligently. Drawing always tends to put him in a sort of daze; drowning out most things around him so effortlessly. So, he almost misses it when the door is thrown open. However, the slam against the back wall that follows is enough to make his focus snap back to reality and sit up straight as a result.

“Shit.” he hears the stranger say, words tilted with what Jaime recognizes as a Brooklyn accent. From the corner of his eye, he can also see a mop of messy blond hair and broad shoulders facing away from him.

“That was fucking loud.” the guy says, spoken in a soft mumble to himself, still not seeing he's not alone and noticing Jaime yet. The stranger backs away from the door slowly, while balancing a laundry basket on his hip and looking down. It's totally impulsive when Jaime clears his throat, and sees the blonde-haired guy jump in surprise. The laundry basket almost falling as a result. Instinctively, it makes Jaime flinch in return.

The two make eye contact and it is then that Jaime gets his first real good look at the guy's face. In the past he always made fun of the movies where the characters have a love at first sight moment. Now, he may not be feeling like he marrying the guy anytime soon, but damn... It's like his brain short circuits and any thought process is halted. Although as a few seconds pass, the first coherent thought he can process is that the guy's eyes are so blue. Which is quickly followed by a constriction in his throat as his gaze follows the slope of the guy's nose, and down the angular lines of his cheekbones. Handsome is the next things that comes to mind.

“Hey.” Jaime finally says when he's caught his breath, going for nonchalance but the singular word comes out a little more strangled than intended. His finger combs through his fringe a little, doing more harm to his hair than good (a bad habit of his when he's nervous that he really needs to kick to the curve), as gauges the guy's reaction while awaiting for a response.

The boy across from him raises an eyebrow and releases a breath of laughter that makes Jaime's toes curl. “ And here I thought I'd be all alone.” the handsome blonde guy states, a smile tilting at the sides of his mouth charmingly. Jaime is so entranced he almost forgets how to breath. “'Pose I'm not the only night owl on campus.”

Jaime offers him a weak excuse of a smile, one that falls from his lips too quickly. “Guess not.” he agrees in a more serious tone. He's thankful he sounds more stable this time around as opposed to earlier.

“I really don't mind if you join me though. Could use the company.” he adds, words coming slowly and more of an afterthought. The tips of his ears turning a deep read and how the words came out. Not at all how they sounded in his head. However, Jaime is rewarded with another award winning smile that makes his stomach do a back flip.

“It's ridiculous! I just met the guy and I don't even know if he's even into a guy. Looks straight to me.” Jaime thinks a bit dejected.

“I'll take you up on that offer.” the guy says as he walks to the nearest available machine (which just so happen to be next to Jaime's) and shoves his clothes into it haphazardly.

Then he drops at the foot of the machine Jaime is perched on and raises a hand up with his fingers outstretched as he asks “ Got a name night owl?”

“Only if you do.” Jaime replies in a pathetic attempt at flirting while staring at the guy's hands a little longer than he should. They're nice hands, even if they looked a bit calloused. Jaime reaches down the rest of the way and squeezes his hand in greeting. “Jaime Moores.”

“Todd Rollings” the guy- Todd echoes, followed by another smile. Jaime thinks he might be getting used to them, but that doesn't change the way it seems to brighten the room with every flash of his teeth.

“ Your dad Frank Moores?” Todd asks; his tone incredulous while his mouth is trembling with a smile.

Suddenly, Jaime feels like the spell is broken and realizes the hot guy in front of him is just like the rest. Probably out to use him to get closer to his dad. Same old fucking story.

“Of course! One could say I'm an expert at living in his shadow.” Jaime says pissed off but trying to mask it with saccharine smile.

“Hey, I know a thing or two about that. The closest thing to a dad that I have is also a member of O.R.B.S. like yours. Maybe you've heard of him? Maxim Whitaker ring any bells?” Todd says, voice serious , but looking into those eyes as blue as the ocean, there's still an unmistakable twinkle of amusement within them. Which baffles Jaime cause for the first time in forever, he's come across someone who he can relate to.

“ I'm extremely glad to have come across some like you tonight Jaime. To be honest, I was beginning to wonder how I'd go about making friends as a damn freshman.” Todd continues while scooting closer to the shorter brunette.

“Somehow you don't strike me as a lone wolf; more along the lines of someone with a big ego. You'll fit right in with the rest of us.” Jaime retorts and try as he must, he can't help the curious lift of his brows.

“Ouch! You wound me so. It's hard to explain but I want people to befriend for me and not because they think they can get something out of me or get closer to my dad.” Todd states as he leans back and puts his weight on his hands. Which makes the shirt he's currently wearing seem too tight for him. His biceps much more noticeable.

Jaime isn't sure what to say after that besides nod his head in agreement, which brings about an awkward silence spreading between them until Todd breaks it by saying “ So who is Jaime Moores? Tell me more about him.”

His name sounds so much much nice coming from those lips. But the other words are unfamiliar to Jaime's ears. In his fifteen years on Earth, no one had really bothered to get to know him.

“Why?” he asks perplexed.

Todd pouts a little at that, but the shadow of a smile is still there. Which makes Jaime wonder if he ever not smiling. “C'mon Moores, help a guy out won't ya? If we're going to be friends, we're going to make awkward small talk first.”

“Friends?” Jaime asks and ponders the thought for a bit before he's breaking out into a smile.

“What's with the one word answers? You can do better than that! But yeah, don't sound so surprised. I'm a delight to be around, I swear!” Todd insists with a reassuring wink that makes the back of his neck turn a shade of red from the gesture alone.

“Tell me about yourself. Please?” Todd asks again and this Jaime decides to give in. Even though there's still a brief moment's hesitation where Jaime has to think about what to say or where to start.

“ I was born and raised in Brooklyn” he begins, and Todd interjects with an excited “ Me too!”

“We've never stayed in one place for too long. Always moving around from what little I can remember but our time in Brooklyn was the longest we stayed in one place. We were also the happiest there but that's a story for another day.” Jaime continues and spends the better part of the night reciting his life story and Todd, it seems does not miss a word of it. He sits alongside him listening attentively and the two talk long after their respective cycles have finished and past the sun rise breaching the dark.

It's not till much later that while Jaime is in the shower a gust of wind open his sketchbook sitting on his bed to the latest drawing. It's of a girl with fiery red hair in white dress and surrounded by a pool of blood. But the girl isn't alone in the picture, a blonde boy is kneeling beside her, mouth covered in blood, his eyes looking soulless and not unlike the boy from earlier.

 PRESENT TIME: Daimon , Jamie and Josh's Dorm Room 

Don't forget to bring Sophia around 7PM by the beach. We're almost finished over here! -Tara

Is the latest message Josh has received since yesterday. With it being two weeks since Sophia's first day of class, Tara and Bella had cornered him in one of the hallways to rope him into helping them plan a surprise party for her. The only reason he agreed was that it might help Sophia even more with getting to know everyone. That, and well he was curious as to how she would look like all dressed up.

Have more faith in me T! I'm sure Sophia will be happy that you guys did all this for her. But you should probably text your beau, he's looking a little lonely. :P - J He texted back as he took a bite of his bread after dipping it into the fondue.

“Oh, ew. Talking to that witch I see.” Jamie wrinkled his nose as his friend, Josh Frazer, dipped a piece of bread into a ceramic cauldron of molten Swiss cheese. He swirled the bread around the bowl, pulled it out, and licked up a long, gooey string of cheese that hung off the fork he had the bread on.

“I honestly don't understand why you both can't get past this whole drama. It's been almost a year. You'd probably feel better if you let it go and made amends with her.”Daimon says offhandedly but quiets down at Jamie's glare.

“It's easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend. Arabella destroyed my relationship sure, but even more than that, she was also my friend. I never expected her to betray me like that.” Jamie confessed.

“Sometimes, I really do wonder why I'm still friends with you after all these years Josh.” Jaime asks rhetorically as Josh's upper lip had a bit of fondue stuck to it. But rather than clean it up with a towel, the blonde was attempting to lick it off but was having a bit of difficulty.

“It's the eyes dude, you can't help but be drawn into my web and becoming my prey. I'm like a black widow... I'd be careful if I were you James Quincy Moores.” Josh manages to say with a straight face but ends up laughing at his friend's horrified look that changes into a glare at hearing his full name being said out loud..

“Seriously though, why do you have to turn everything into a sexual act?” Jaime asks as the two are also joined by Daimon on the floor of their dorm, the X-Box 360 all set up and ready to start their Call of Duty Marathon they have every Friday.

Meanwhile, Josh smirked at Jaime and now was deliberately “making out” with the bread, knowing it would annoy the hell out of Jaime who, to Josh's amusement shuddered.

“You're such a prude. Are you even normal? Cause I find it very hard to believe you're so angelic that you don't watch any porn, even if its between two dudes.” Josh states as he sees Jaime standing up to look through his closet and emerging with two bottles of Heineken beer and handed one to Daimon and kept the other for himself. To which Josh scoffed and both Daimon and Jaime burst in a fit of laughter, with Daimon accidentally knocking the bowl of popcorn and making a bit of a mess. Nevertheless, the three guys played a couple of rounds till they took a break to finish their fondue and beer(in Daimon and Jaime's case)

“What's with the 20 questions about my sex life Joshie? Jealous cause you got a case of blue balls?” Jamie asks to which the back of Josh's neck gets visibly red as well as his ears.

Josh eyed Jaime's beer who only grinned as he took a sip from his beer.

“So no bottle for Josh? Got that loud and clear guys, but are you sure I can't have a little sip?” Josh questions now trying to deflect and change the subject. “No.” Jaime answered immediately, obviously unaffected by the puppy dog eyes Josh was trying to showcase.

“Don't even think about it.” Daimon says next, before Josh even gets a word out.

Josh frowned. “ I've had beer before you know. It ain't some fucking secret.”

“Not in my dorm room you don't bro. You have the worst poker face and would get us all caught.” Jaime tells him as he swats his friend's hands away from his bottle.

“Why do you want beer so badly anyway?” Daimon asks curiously and notices his dirty blonde friend freeze up.

“ You know what? You both can keep it. I don't want it anymore. How are you guy's classes going?” Josh asks, obviously trying to deflect yet again.

“Aww! Is Joshie a bit nervous about seeing a certain brunette at her surprise party you helped out with? So much so that he needs some liquid courage to woo her? Where did all your moves go man!?” Daimon questions, albeit a bit too loudly.

“It's not like that with her. At least... I don't think it is. There's just something about Sophia that makes me want to want to be around her as much as possible. We haven't kissed and I find myself coming up with excuses to be around her as much as possible.” Josh admits while pulling his Burton snowboard beanie lower down. Managing to cover his quickly reddening ears

“ So let me get this straight, are you falling for her and actually developing feelings for her or more along the lines of you being horny and trying to get it on?” Jaime asks, loving how flustered and unlike himself Josh is getting.

“It's not like that all. Yeah, she is attractive and smart but so out of my league. I don't want to do anything to hurt her you know? ” Josh says quietly.

“Well you've woken up early everyday for the past two weeks to walk her to class, and now you've been helping out her friends in organizing a party in her honor. From where I am standing, it looks like the beginnings of a guy falling in love.” Daimon states as the grin he has on his face grows bigger.

“And to think that just one year earlier I had to put up with Josh having a different girl around every other week. I think Sienna was the worst since she was just so clingy. They grow up so fast D!” Jaime says excitedly at Josh's expense and wipes a non-existent tear from one of his eyes .

To which Josh finally speaks up by saying “ Like Daimon has any room to talk Jaime! He hasn't shut up about that Tara chick who is Sophia's roommate. I'm pretty sure he has heart eyes every time she sends him funny animal videos on facebook.”

“Oh? This I did not know! Tell me more, tell me more Daimon!” Jaime asks excitedly and makes a show of getting closer to him to listen in.

Daimon just shrugs and with a more somber expression says “ I'm still not over Kiera or what happened but these last few weeks have been easier for sure. She's a cool girl, kind of a dork but in a good way. She's so smart too and she speaks three languages! So I'm not ashamed to say I enjoy her company or getting to know her.”

Jaime and Josh share a look at their friend's honest confession since the accident that took Kiera's life; this the first time s Daimon has been so open.

“Way to put on the pressure guys! Now I feel like I need to find myself a man to compete with Tara and Sophia. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and finally make an account on Tinder. Or Grindr.” Jaime jokingly says to lighten up the mood after Daimon and loves the horrified looks on his two friends' faces.

“What? You're not serious are you? Most of the guys on there will be sleazebags or closeted murderers.” Daimon says and has Jaime in a fit of laughter.

“Of course I'm not. I have some self-respect left after the whole Todd debacle. I have faith that someday my prince will come. But anyways, I think its about damn time we get back to me kicking your asses.” Jaime says as he presses play in the game and the three guys resume their video game marathon till they pass out.


“You need to keep your elbows close to your sides to protect your ribs from attack.” Todd instructed as he brought Jamie's arms to the correct position.

“What am I doing wrong this time?” Asked an exasperated Jamie,

“You're writing hand fist should come close to your jaw, while your other hand should be slightly in front of that one...right there.” Todd continued, making sure Jamie's eyes were on him the entire time and watching over Jamie mirroring his moves.

“Now your legs should be a little further apart and be mimicking your hands; right leg further back than your left.” Jamie took Todd's instructions, his brown eyes masked with pure determination.

Ever since they had met three months prior, Jamie and Todd had pretty much been attached at the hip. All week they had been out and about, doing things Jamie enjoyed. Today Todd had planned on working out in the school's gym (which would be something Jamie wouldn't mind watching one bit), so the brunette guy thought “what the heck? Why not learn a few self defense moves in the process of ogling Todd in all his shirtless glory ” Needless to say, Jamie had been pestered plenty by his friends Josh and Daimon as to whether or not he was dating Todd. To which he remained quiet and walked away to meet up with the blonde.

Moving to the brunette's left side and satisfied at his stance, Todd fell in the same pose, “ Now this,” the blonde release a quick extension of the arm that looked pretty fierce, “is called a jab; a left jab to be precise.”

Jamie tried doing the same, but to no avail. It just came out as weak and uncoordinated. To which he let out a frustrated sigh. “According to which side you normally write with, the strength in the jab will depend on it” Todd explained while motioning for Jamie to relax.

“My left jab is the most powerful because that's the one I use to write with. You're right handed, so throwing a right jab would better suited for you. Try it.” Todd continued as he got ready for Jamie to throw the jab.

Once again getting in the right position, Jamie threw the right jab as instructed. Which as predicted, turned out to be stronger since Todd actually grunted this time.

“At least this time it wasn't half-assed.” Todd teased, but smiling at Jamie's accomplishment today nonetheless.

Sending him a mock glare, the brunette responded with a “ Whatever Rollings. Maybe you're not as invincible as you thought.”

Todd just rolled his eyes, but one look into Jamie's blue eyes, and he could see that shorter guy was impressed at landing the shot.

In another quick move, Todd spoke, this time much closer to Jamie “Here you crossover, rather than strike straight, which is called a hook. Another thing about both of these moves is that the fist closest to your chin will be the most effective for a jab, while the fist furthest from your chin is best used for a hook. You get it so far?”

“ I think so. So basically, I keep my elbows close to my sides to protect my ribs when under attack. Then my jabbing hand should close to my chin and the fist I use to throw a hook should be further from it.” Jamie recited as he demonstrated the moves accordingly.

“Excellent,” Todd says but gets even closer to Jamie, their bodies pressed together as Todd parts Jamie's legs more while he explains “ legs should be parted slightly more than what you had originally. Do you remember what a jab is?”

“Yeah, its a quick extension of the arm going straight forward.” Jamie states albeit a bit hoarsely due their proximity.

Meanwhile, Todd can't help but ask himself if it is wrong to find Jamie throwing punches hot.

Cause dear god, he makes working out with a partner look really good.


“Thank you for flying Delta Airlines and we hope you enjoy your stay in sunny Los Angeles, California. We hope on your next trip you continue to use Delta!” the flight attendant said as the passengers were finally able to stand up and gather their carry-on.

“Ugh, finally we're on solid ground. This 11 hour flight was the longest I've ever been on.” Alietta says to Cynthia as she hands the girl her carry on after grabbing hers.

“You know what I don't get? Agoroth is so fucking rich so why couldn't he let us fly first class instead of coach. Although he looks like the kind of guy who would own a private jet. Wow, I forgot how beautiful California used to be.” Cynthia says as the two girls walk out of the plane and into the airport. The sun shining brightly.

“It sure is but don't let that cloud your mind and away from the plan. Stay focused.” Alietta says as they hail a taxi.

While getting inside the cab, her cell phone beeps and she takes out and sees a text from Agoroth.

It's been handled. All the paperwork is ready. Don't fail me Ali. To which she replies with a “No worries, we arrived without any trouble. Step 1 is complete.” She checks her email next and sure enough all the paperwork is there.

“Hi, my name is Alietta Stone and I'd like to confirm my appointment for tomorrow morning.” She says as she smirks at Cynthia while waiting for the person on the other side of the phone to answer.

“This Gia at Point Dume Academy and Ah, yes I have you scheduled to see Headmaster Specter.” Gia answers.

“Thank you, look forward to it.” Alietta replies before she hangs up.

Things were definitely going according to the plan indeed.


“What time is it? Jamie asked quietly when he saw Todd stirring and his eyes blinking a couple of times.

“It's a little after eight in the morning. I hope you don't have any classes right about now.” Todd says mid yawn as he stands up and stretches.

“Nope, I've got my study of Ancient Runes with Professor Goldstein but that's not till 11AM.” Jamie responds and stands up to lay beside Todd in the twin sized bed.

“Perfect, cause that means you can stay a little bit longer.” The blonde teen states, his mouth turning up into a small lopsided smile.

“Yeah, I can stay. No place I'd rather be.” Jamie says a bit softly, swallowing abruptly when Todd gets even closer and brushes the hair out Jamie's eyes, his hand trailing down his face while not breaking eye contact. Suddenly he's very much aware of the proximity of the two and the heat coming off Todd in waves. “So um, there's been something I've been meaning to ask.” Todd starts out, his voice lacking the usual bravado. Which he then proceeds to turning over in the bed and effectively caging in Jamie. Brown meeting blue irises and looking like they are searching for something.

“Yeah? Well, on with it then man and just spit it out.” Jamie tells Todd, going for a teasing tone but sobering up after seeing Todd, unlike himself struggling to get the words out.

“I'm going to be asking you out on a date tomorrow night. Hair slicked back,formal clothing; the whole shebang. But to be honest, I'm pretty nervous about it actually.” Todd confesses and isn't able to lock eyes for too long before he bashfully looks down.

“Well, if it helps I am going to say yes.”Jamie says with a smile that get even wider at how fast Todd looks back up.

“Huh. That was easier than I thought. Excuse me if I'm being a bit presumptuous but if I kiss you right now, do you promise to not run out on me?”Todd asks, this time feeling bolder and with more confidence than earlier.

“If you must, then who am I to stop you?” Jamie rhetorically asks as Todd leans in and wraps his arms around Jamie's leaner frame. Pulling them closer together and unconsciously licking his lips in anticipation. His fingers running deftly up and down Jamie's spine and making him shiver at the contact.

“You really have no idea how beautiful you are Jamie. Fuck, this is hard to admit but I'm so glad we met that day four months ago because I don't know what I'd do without you. Sure, I getting to kiss you now is a huge bonus but I'm so happy you allowed me to also be your friend.” Todd whispers as he finally dips his head down and connecting his lips with Jamie's.

The kiss starts out as exploratory but also sweet and gentle as the two boys get familiar with this sort of intimacy they did not have before. Todd's hands automatically clench Jamie's tank top as the aforementioned brunette melts into him. After a few seconds Jamie deepens the kiss as he switches to kissing Todd with a ferocious intensity.. The brunette's hands continue to roam freely over Todd's rather muscular back and managing to skim against the soft strands of blonde hair that lay against his neck . Jamie's lips continue moving at their own accord, his tongue finally begging for access against Todd's lower lip. To which Todd responds eagerly as he opens his mouth to grant Jamie access. This close to him, Jamie realizes that he can smell the smoke from what must been the blonde's last cigarette before they crashed last night. Rather than feeling disgusted, it has the opposite effect on him, it makes Jamie feel a little dangerous and enjoying the bad boy image Todd emulates so effortlessly..

“Is that just how you kiss or will that be how all kisses feel like? I'm asking because wow, just wow.” Jamie rambles in between catching his breath and continuing to kiss Todd.

Todd can't help but laugh into Jamie's mouth at how adorable he's being right now and eases away slowly by pressing a soft, small kiss to Jamie's lips before pulling back completely. “Jamie, you're...this is okay with you right? Definitely something that you want cause if not, don't hesitate to say so and we can stop and watch a movie or something.” Todd says and somehow manages to sound nervous, breathless and hopeful all at once.

“If I wasn't a willing participant you would have already known by now.” Jamie responds while threading his fingers through Todd's tangled hair and once again the two continue to kiss without a care in the world.

Jamie makes sure to tip his head just enough to gain more access into Todd's mouth, and the two meet in a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss that was a clash of teeth and tongues. Todd pulls back slightly, a laugh once again escaping his lips. Jamie ends up narrowing his eyes to glare at the blonde but already it seems dam near impossible. Since he met him, Jamie had quickly realized that Todd has one of those laughs that as soon as you hear it, you are laughing right along with him.

“Don't laugh dammit! You weren't complaining of about my kisses a minute ago. Pretty into it from what I can recall.” Jamie manages to say, his voice even as Todd continues to smile now that his laughter has subsided.

“ We've been together less than a day and you already think you're a better kisser than me? Why don't you come over here and prove it, punk.” Todd says as he smirks up at Jamie, unable to resist riling the brunette up.

 El Matador State Beach: Malibu, CA 

“Okay, I bite, where are you taking me?” Sophia asked, the blindfold still in place. They had been on Josh's car for about half an hour and she was getting antsy.

“I told you. It's a surprise. I'm sure you will like it.” He said and then a few minutes later, the engine of the car stopped. From what she could hear, Josh opened his door and got out and then opened up hers shortly afterward.

“Can I take off the blindfold now? For your sake, I hope you're not leading to my death, cause you will be sorry, Josh.” She said as she felt him guiding her and as soon as her sandals got some sand she knew where she was.

“Did you bring me to a beach?” She asked even though she already knew the answer.

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” Josh whispered and then finally removed the blindfold.

“Surprise!” Everyone yelled out as they all came out of their hiding spots.

“I'm flattered guys, really I am but what's the occasion?” She asked knowing it wasn't her birthday.

“Well, it's now been two weeks since you showed up at school and we're all just celebrating the fact that you have survived.” Tara says, a red solo cup in her hand. "Come, check it out," she adds, hooking her arm around Sophia's and half dragging her away from Josh's side.  They walked, arm in arm, further down the beach toward the central area of the party, past a table with a sound system and speakers so large, Sophia figured it must have taken 3 cars to haul all the equipment.  Arabella and Philip were underneath the table tangled up in all the wires trying to plug them all into their appropriate sockets.  "This one goes here, and that one goes there," Philip exclaimed. "Who's doing this, me or you," Bella replied. "Oh, Sophia you're already here, I missed saying surprise!"

"It's fine, thank you so much for doing this." Sophia and Tara continued on as Arabella went back to her work, pulling out all the cables that Philip had just inserted.

Tara led Sophia further on until they reached at a large woodpile that had been assembled by the rest of the group, many of whom had gathered around. Bella's squeal from behind them caused them to look back in her direction.

"Let's get this party started!"  she shouted, rising up from under the table while waving her hand at the front of the sound system and causing all the dials and buttons to activate.  Soon the huge speakers began belting out music, raising a cheer from the crowd. Tara unhooked herself from Sophia's arm and gave her a mischievous smirk. "Hey Sophie, check it out!" Tara's eyes took on that distinctive glow that indicated she was harnessing her powers.  She raised up a hand at the log pile and summoned a small bolt of lightning that struck the wood and set it ablaze.  Within moments there was a roaring bonfire and the crowed whooped in exclamation again.

The heat from the bonfire and cries from the crowd caused Sophia to be pulled back to that hilltop in Melnik, where the townspeople had gathered together to burn her to death.  Her fists clenched involuntarily as she became trapped in the memory of feeling her skin blister and burn before falling away.  This bonfire was too reminiscent of the time those people had come to watch her torturous demise.  But these people here now were not trying to harm her.  They had welcomed her into their world, her world really, because she was also a member of this supernatural order. So she opened her eyes and tried to relax, but watching the fire as it danced along the wood and feeling its heat on her arms still caused her to shudder. Tara looked back at Sophia's expression and brought her hands up to cover her horror-struck face.

"Oh Sophia, I'm so sorry! I just wanted to show off my new Foxfire. I didn't even think about-" She trailed off, unable to say the horrible words.
"It's fine, Tara. I guess you could say I'm just not really a fan of fire anymore," Sophia said, trying to lighten the mood.

"I so get that!  I know, let me show you the ocean!" Tara takes Sophia's arms again, tentatively at first, but Sophia's consent restore's Tara's good mood as she leads Sophia down to just before the tide's reach.  The sight of the ocean took Sophia's breath away.  The blue-green water stretched out to the far horizon where it met the light blue skyline. It seemed to go on forever in every direction, endlessly flat except for the incoming waves that crashed onto the shore in thunderous roars that even the music couldn't drown out.  It was mesmerizing, listening to the sound of the surf.  Having been raised in a landlocked country surrounded by hills and mountains, it was the utter flatness of everything that made the greatest impression.  Sophia suddenly felt very small and the world impossibly large.  Tara bumping her shoulders with Sophia's reminded her that while she might be small, she was not alone.

"Pretty amazing, isn't it?" Tara asked with a huge smile.

"It's spectacular. I love it," was all she could think to say.

"It gets even better. Take off your shoes," she said, before proceeding to do the same.

"My shoes?" Sophia didn't like where this was heading.

"Come-on, humor me. You'll love it." She said before walking off to the shoreline. Sophia reluctantly kicked off her sandals and followed Tara to the water's edge.  The sand was damp and cool on her feet.

"Okay here's good.  Now dig into the sand.  Really get in there," Tara prompted, before burying her own feet in the sand.  The sand was gritty but not coarse, and yielded to Sophia's efforts to dig down.  Within moments after working down a few inches, water bubbled up from underground and tickled her toes.  She looked up in wonder at Tara, who just smiled and threw her hands back in the air before locking them behind her head.  Curling her toes deeper into the sand and enjoying the sensation, Sophia closed her eyes and tried to soak in everything from the warmth of the sun on her skin, the breeze blowing through her hair, the smell of the salt in the air, to the feel of the sand between her toes.

"Get ready for it," She heard Tara mumble.  Sophia opened her eyes and was about to ask "Get ready for what," when she saw a large wave bearing down on them.  The shock of the cold water on her ankles was soon replaced with exhilaration with the sensation of the wave rushing past her as she struggled to remain upright.  The waters eventual retreat back towards the ocean took with it most of the sand that had covered her feet.  The laughter of the two girls continued on for several minutes as they went on to greet other waves.

"There you are," shouted Arabella, coming over to the girls, who were now in the surf up to their shins.  "You're missing your own party, Sophia!" Bella lamented, stopping well short of the water's edge.  "Tara was showing me the ocean.  It's beautiful!  Won't you join us?"Sophia asked while another wave came splashing in.  "And ruin this new pedicure? I don't think so!  Come on, everyone's dying to talk to you." Bella was insistent and Sophia knew this was one argument she wasn't going to win, so she exchanged a pained "shoot me now" look with Tara who giggled. 

"Come," said Sophia holding out her hand to Tara. "Let's go mingle." The two girls walked out of the surf and Bella fell in along side them already going into discussion of the names and life stories of everyone at the party. As they walked back up the beach towards the party, Sophia spotted Josh sitting on the sand next to Daimon seemingly engrossed in conversation, although she swore she felt his eyes on her.  She hoped her path would take her close enough to overhear what Josh was talking about, but Arabella was leading them past the bonfire towards the main crowd.  On her approach, her other classmates began welcoming her and closing in around her, making retreat impossible. 

Hours later, although Sophia had tried to be social and mingle with her classmates and friends, she honestly felt like she stuck out like sore thumb. Deep down, she was amazed that girls like Arabella and Tara had befriended her and that guys like Jamie and Josh were being very welcoming. The truth is that she didn't have much in common with these people. Most of them had known each other for years and come from a life of glitz and glamor. She'd been lucky to count on Bella and Tara to give her their hand-me downs until she sorted out her financial situation. But she honestly didn't know how much longer she could put up with that before she started feeling like she was their charity case. Then there's a certain boy by the name of Josh Frazer who had been so nice to her since her arrival at Point Dume Academy. If she's being honest with herself, she knows there's something there since the moment they first laid eyes on each other. Some sort of spark that has allowed a friendship to bloom. Sophia is also not blind either and knows that there's more than just platonic feelings between the two of them.

But is right now the time to be thinking about boys? Especially after how her last relationship ended so badly! The only thing she has is tainted memories of Eric after causing his death and having his mother hunt her down. Would this time around be any different? But nevertheless, its hard to bottle up these feelings especially when she feels Josh's absence acutely after he drifted into the fringes of the party a couple of minutes ago. Still, she's in a new country and has the opportunity to start fresh. Make new friends, hone her powers and get away from all the drama from Bulgaria. So with a new resolve and a big gulp of the beer in her red solo cup Sophia found herself slowly managing to work her way through the crowd until she was able to spot the familiar set of dirty blonde hair. Josh is sitting in the sand near the bonfire but his attention is on the ocean, the waves coming to and fro and the last rays of the sun disappearing below the horizon. She's about to go join him when she's grabbed rather forcefully. Sophia is so angry she can already feel her hands getting warm and the energy coursing through her veins to attack. It's not until she sees it's a very drunk Phillip that she somewhat calms down.

“Sophia, hey!” a very happy Phillip exclaims, unlike how she usually sees him. “Whoa,” Phillip says voice a bit slurred and Sophia notices he's looking in Jamie's direction. “Are the jeans Jamie's wearing like painted on him or something? Cause I swear it's the most beautiful fucking thing I've ever seen.”

“Okay then, I think you've had enough alcohol for the night.” Sophia states after what she just heard. So she takes away the red solo cup Phillip is holding and pours the remaining vodka from it and instead hands him two bottles of water. Which he gulps down rapidly; like he had not drank any water in so long.

“Noooooo! You don't believe me.” Phillip whined in the most undignified way possible. “ I really do mean it! He looks like an angel fallen from Heaven. Which I suppose makes him Lucifer by that definition. Guess that's why Hell is so hot.”

“Can you walk okay? You look like your ready to fall at any moment.” Sophia asks, trying very hard to not pay too much attention to what her classmate is saying. She looses her grip on him briefly and Phillip almost falls face first into the ground. So holds him tighter and helps him keep his balance.

Phillip leans over to her and whispers in a voice louder than he intended, “Sophia, you've seen Jamie around right?”

“Yes Phillip, I have. He's around here somewhere.” answered Sophia as she hopelessly tried to hide her laughter at Phillip's antics while drunk.

“But look at his face Sophia! It's just so... so...” He says but trails off and then, in a mood swing that can probably be attributed to the amount of alcohol he consumed, Phillip began weeping over the perfection that was apparently Jamie Moores.

“Didn't know you swung that way Phillip.” Sophia observed curiously.

“ Um... I don't... I think... He's just so pretty!” Phillip answers, lips pursing in seriousness, face still wet from the tears he let out earlier.

“You know, when you're not around Sienna you are much more likable.” Sophia says as she places the teen in an empty chair and shortly after Phillip is snore lightly and sleeping.

After what feels an eternity she spots Josh still sitting where he last saw him and she can't help but say “You're such a brat; I bet you didn't even spend five minutes saying hi.” when she drops beside him in the sand.

“Whatever.” Josh scoffed and while it could be due to some liquid courage, his hand ends up traveling up her thigh and curling possessively around her hip.

“Says the girl who was talking to people she doesn't even know all too well.” he continues, his breath fanning over her skin and making her shiver.

“I happen to be a very friendly person.” She replied haughtily, reaching over him and plucking the beer bottle from his other hand.

He watched her carefully, one eyebrow raised as she took a sip. “What happened to you playing sober cab?”

“It's insurance,” She answers, narrowing her eyes and biting back a smirk. “ Misery loves company; so if I have to suffer through polite conversations, so should you.”

“Is that so? Think you have me wrapped around your finger that much?” He asks full on smirking now and subtly getting closer to her .

“Yeah, so guess we'll just have have to stay for a few more hours now to make sure the alcohol from that one sip is out of my system for good.”

Josh laughed and took the bottle back. “ How you've managed to convince people you're such a good girl is beyond me.”

“Oh yeah,”Sophia states, bracing her hands on her knees and leaning forward until their noses touched. The delicious thrill of anticipation washing over her gaze as his eyes automatically dropped to her lips. “ I am a total bad-ass.”

Josh eyes darkened and he didn't waste any time with words as his hand move from her hip to wrap around her neck and biting her lower lip gently to allow him to connect their mouths. With a sigh, Sophia eagerly returned the kiss and swore off any further efforts at being sociable. After all this back and forth, this was where she wanted to be; wrapped up in Josh's warmth. The way he was making her feel was as if she was the only person in the world.

 Point Dume Academy: Maxim and Jamie meet 

Friday seemed like it was never going to end. Usually they went by really fast, but since Jamie actually had something to look forward to this weekend, it appeared to drag on forever. But for the first time in forever, he's excited about spending time with his parents. They've always been so busy with their crazy work schedules that they haven't had a family vacation since he was around eight years old. Thus, he was pleased to hear from his dad that he was taking time off from work to spend with him and his mom. When the bell finally rang, Jamie was the first out of his seat and was ready to rush to his dorm room to grab his duffel bag and meet his dad's chauffeur outside.

“Mr. Moores,” Jamie turned around at mention of his last name and came face to face with Maxim Whitaker, a co-worker of his dad's at O.R.B.S., but most importantly he was also Todd's adoptive father. While he'd heard of him, this was the first time he saw the man, let alone have what he assumes will be a conversation with him.

“Yes sir?” Jamie replied as he made his way over to him. Never let it be said that Maxim Whitaker wasn't an intimidating man.

“Take a walk with me please.”Although phrased as a request, it was rather clear that Jamie had no choice in the matter and that this was an order.

Jamie continues following the older man until they have reached an empty area out in the quad. Maxim motions for the teen to sit before he too sits down but right across from him.

“Jamie Moores, I've heard a lot about you. You're part of the royal Moores bloodline and powerful warlock in his own right. I'm afraid I haven't gotten the chance to meet you yet until now.” Jamie let out an uneasy breath at that.

“Coming from such an influential family like yours, I doubt they'd appreciate the scandal it would cause if the world came to find out that the bloodline would stop with you since gay men can't procreate.” Maxim continued, tone calm and collected while Jamie bit his lip, feeling the bitter taste of copper in his mouth.

Suddenly, it all clicked for Jamie and he knew what this was all about. It was to threaten him and push Jamie out of Todd's life.

“You know Mr. Whitaker, if there's one thing I hate, it's bullies. I don't care how high and mighty they are, where they are from or what connections they may have. A bully is a bully; and know one should treat someone else the way you're trying to with me either. I'm not some puppet that can be controlled.” Maxim smiled at him, but it was a rather creepy smile and while deep down Jamie was fearful, he didn't let it show.

“You have quite the fire kid and the potential to succeed at this school and later in life. But this experimental phase you're going through will only bring you down. Mark my words, it will only end in heart-ache. But not only are you hurting yourself, you are also bringing down my own son with you.” Maxim stated, which made Jamie straighten up even more at that comment.

“Don't act so surprised Mr. Moores, of course I knew about your secret rendezvous with Todd. He's just bored and you're the shiny new toy he can't put down. But the day will come when grows tired of you and tosses you to the side. Let him go now because even if the two of you were crazy enough to want to be together, there' will never be a time when the two of you walking down the street, hand in hand ever be normal. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

That son of a bitch! He actually had the nerve to sink this low?

“With all due respect sir, you shouldn't Todd have a say in all this? I'm not stupid. I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work. If the time ever comes when Todd wants to call it quits, he will need to have the balls to say to my face. But until then, you are just wasting your time.” Jamie responded and stood up to begin walking away from this vile man.

“Do you really think if Todd actually loved you he'd still be attracted to women? How's you being gay and him being attracted to both sexes going to work? I doubt you'll be enough for him. Besides, he should be with someone like Arabella Martin. She's a nice girl who knows her place and comes from a well respected family.” Maxim stated as he stood up as well and even though Jamie couldn't see him, he felt that smirk he was throwing at him. Like he had won whatever argument had taken place between the two.

“Oh, and Jamie,” Jamie turned around to see Maxim looking at a pair of geese not too far away fighting over a piece of bread. “I have eyes and ears everywhere in the school. Hope you take my advice since I will be keeping a close watch on you.”


Hours later Jamie managed to finally arrived at his house, albeit tired and worn out. He would have arrived earlier but shortly after his talk with Maxim, Todd had ran into him and insisted to go out on one last date as a “proper send off.”. The blonde had comically acted like Jamie was leaving for war instead of taking a one week vacation with his parents. But nevertheless, Jamie humored his boyfriend. If that's what Todd wanted, then Jamie didn't have the heart to deny him that. Specially after the whole spat he had with his father earlier. Which he just didn't know how to bring up. Besides, he 'd be lying to himself if he said that he didn't enjoy the extra time he had spent with Todd.

But now he was finally home and even though his dad wouldn't be getting home until tomorrow, his mother should already be here.

“Mom?” He called out expecting an immediate answer but frowning at not hearing it.

“Mom?” Jamie tried again, this time setting his bag down onto the couch and walking into the kitchen to check if she was submersed in her cooking. But she wasn't there either since the kitchen was spotless.

“Mom!” Jamie yelled out, now starting to get a little bit more worried. He made his way upstairs and let out a sigh of relief when he heard a cough coming from his parents room.

“Jamie.” She said, voice hoarse and skin blotchy from what he assumed was the coughing he had heard. He saw his mom lying in her bed and she looked awful. It was weird since from as far back as he could remember his mom had never been sick. Ever.

“Oh Jamie, my beautiful son, before you say anything, there's no need to worry. It's just a simple cough really.” he smiled at her, but it soon dropped when he touched her forehead.

“Mom, you're burning up. Be honest and tell me what is else is wrong or I will call dad this instant.” Jamie said, his frown deepening.

“Nothing; just a fever and a cough I swear.”

“Have you eaten anything yet mom?”

“ Not really hungry at the moment.” Jamie let out a small sigh as he ran a hand over his face in exasperation.

“Mom... You need to eat eat something so that you get better.”

“I'm not hungry. I already told you that. Please don't waste your time on me. I will just sleep this off and feel better in the morning.” Jamie just shook his head at that. His mom could be so stubborn and she wondered where he got his from.

“That doesn't fly with me Laura Moores. You are going to eat a nice bowl of chicken soup with some bread and water to wash it all down. Even if I have to force feed you all of it. You won't be getting any sicker on my watch!”

“ Don't trouble yourself dear, you really don't need to. I don't want you to catch it.” She confessed, to which Jamie couldn't help but laugh at.

“Yeah? And how many times did you listen to me when I said the same thing when I was sick? Mom, come on, you have taken care of me all my life. It's the least I can do now.” he explained and Laura gave him a smile before reaching up and running his fingers over Jamie's face.

“My wonderful son, I am so proud of you. Jamie, you've really grown up so much since the last time I saw you.” She said before her eyes closed and she fell asleep. Jamie himself smiled and leaned forward to press a small kiss on her forehead.

“Love you mom.” the brunette said as he let her sleep for a bit while he went downstairs to get something together for him mom to eat. While they were indeed rich, his parents had always preferred to cook themselves instead of hiring a professional. They believed it would just take away from spending quality family time and later on, when he was older, they taught him how to cook as well.

It was kind of therapeutic since he often lost himself in his thoughts while cooking every now and then. As he was waiting for the soup to warm up, something caught his eye that hadn't went he walked into the kitchen earlier. It was a carefully hidden manilla folder, which now stuck out like sore thumb. He froze when he saw it was addressed to his parents but had no sender's address.

Did someone come and drop it? But who and why? Then it hit him.... Whitaker... That bastard!

Quite rapidly, it seemed that Todd's adoptive father was becoming quite the problem in Jamie's life.

What exactly was his deal? He had naively thought Maxim's threat was an empty one; a scare tactic to get him to break up with Todd.

Finally the soup was ready, which cut his thought process short as he scooped out some into a bowl, grabbed some bread and poured a glass of water for his mother. His mom was still asleep when he walked into her room but the smell coming from the soup must have woken her up cause she stirred and opened up her eyes. She smiled once more as she sat up while he set the bowl of soup and bread in front of her and the glass of water on the nightstand.

“Thank you sweetie.” Laura managed to say, her voice still not up to par but frowned when Jamie crawled in next to her.

“Honey...”She began but was cut by Jamie rather quickly.

“Mom, I'm sitting here with you, so don't even try to argue.” to which she answered with a nod as she began to sip her soup. Jamie on the other hand grabbed the remote to flip through the channels and she if anything interesting was on. Seeing that an old episode of Pinky and the Brain was on, he left on that and tried to drown out his thought. But after a couple of minutes into the episode, he found out that he just couldn't to focus. His mind still replaying the conversation he had with Maxim earlier and then seeing that stupid envelope addressed to his parents. It was opened; so obviously his mom had seen it and read through it. He was itching to just come out and asked her what was in it. However, deep down, he knew that wasn't going to happen tonight. She was too sick. It was just going to have to be put on the back-burner and wait for another time.

When that would be, he honestly had no clue.

 Present Day: Josh, Sophia, Tara and Daimon Hanging Out 

“Ugh, will you two get a room?” Tara tsked in mock disgust as she plunked down in the sand next to them. Daimon immediately grabbed her and made the Asian girl sit on his lap instead.

Sophia pulls away from the kiss in surprise, a grin already curving the corner of her swollen lips. Despite the slight blush creeping up on her cheeks at so quickly being joined by the rest of her friends. Josh, for his part shoots Tara a look that would have probably killed if she wasn't so caught up in whatever it was Daimon was saying. Probably going on about the latest book he just read.

How dull.

“The rest of us thank you for bringing Mr. anti-social to the party Sophia. But would it kill him to smile and mingle more?” Daimon tells Sophia wryly.

“He's such a joy; the life of the party really.” Sophia replies and the two erupt in giggles at Josh's expense.

“Oh, I like her Joshie! You should definitely keep her around.” Daimon tells Josh, smirk in full effect.

“There's an entire beach you could harass Daimon. Why don't you go and bother someone else?” Josh shot back, situating himself so that two of them could fit better.

“You two fight like brothers.” Sophia observes with laugh after hearing their banter.

“Yeah, you're not the first person to say that. Josh is like the annoying little brother I never wanted.” Daimon drawled out as Tara took out the head phone she had put in to drown the two guys out.

“What did I miss?” She asked nonchalantly while pulling the sand to cover her now bare feet. “I was just about to drown your boyfriend. Want to join?” Jodh replies, flashing a broad grin in response to the glare Daimon is throwing his way.

“Maybe they are are related after all.” Tara tease thereby revealing she had in fact been listening to the conversation this whole time.

Suddenly the four teens heard a bit of yelling from a distance. From where they were they couldn't really see anything. They were about to disregard it when they saw a flash of lightning land where said commotion was taking place. Right away, Josh and Daimon sprinted out of their seats with Sophia and Tara trailing behind.

“For Fuck's sake I just want to come in and say hi! Don't you know who I am?” The teens finally heard someone yelling out.

“It can't be. What's he doing back in town anyway?” Daimon asked Josh to which the other boy just shrugged.

“Last I heard he still had three more months left of treatment from his relapse last year.” Josh said.

“Stay here.” both boys said to the girls before they went to confront the blonde boy that was now yelling a bunch of obscenities.

“What do you think is going on?” Tara asked Sophia just as Jamie popped out of nowhere and walked right past them.

“Leave it to Todd Rollings to ruin a good party.” Arabella told them as she too went to where the guys were at.

“Well, well, the whole cavalry is here and... are those those new additions to our own rag-tag band of misfit toys?” Todd asked sarcastically as he looked beyond the five of them to see Tara and Sophia carefully observing everything.

“Heard this party was thrown in your honor new girl. It really was not my intention to crash it. All I need is to talk to Jamie. You seen him around?” The blonde boy said in Sophia's direction.

“Please leave Todd, you're causing a scene.” Jamie whisper-yelled before Sophia could answer Todd herself.

“Not until you finally hear me out babe. I've waited almost seven months for the day I'd get to talk to you again.” Todd threw back, to which Jamie rolled his eyes.

“Now is not the best time man.” Daimon said calmly.

“Yeah, there's a time and place for everything and this isn't it T.” Josh continued shortly before Jamie began to walk out of the party.

“Unbelievable.” Arabella says and suddenly Todd's eyes are now on her.

“You! Some nerve you have even speaking up. I liked you Bella, just not in the way you wanted me to. But that wasn't enough was it? You had to ruin the only good thing I had in my life.” Todd spits out and before anyone can stop him he runs out the same way he came from.

“Never let it be said that something interested doesn't always happen here at Point Dume Academy.” a now awake and less drunk Phillip said to the two girls.


“Is Todd with You?” Daimon texts Jaime.

“Nope. He told me he was sick and had to bail on our date. Why?” Jamie texted back. The truth was that ever since he had come back from his family vacation almost two months ago things had been... well, weird. Part of it probably had to with all that Maxim said still swimming in his head, but Todd was spending less time with him than he used to.

“Shit.” was all Daimon replied almost 15 minutes later. Which frankly scared Jamie. He wanted to call the hybrid right this minute and demand answers. But knew that he, along with Josh were at Arabella's birthday bash. There was no way he would be able to hear him with all the music on full blast. Ironically, he had opted not to go because he planned on staying in and make it a date with Todd.

He was going to wait but after the radio silence Jamie just endured from Daimon, he caved. He had to know what the hell was going on. So he looked up Daimon number on his iPhone and it started ringing within two seconds. The hybrid picked up his phone on the first ring.

“Daimon, cut to the chase and tell me what's wrong?”Jamie felt like he was going to have a heart attack. His mind was providing him with images that he did not need to have of the worst case scenario. Whatever it was it involved Todd; that was a given.

“Look man, I just... Fuck... I REALLY hate that this is happening but just, watch the video I'm about to send you. I'm here if you need me.” Daimon said through his phone and shortly after that he received a text with an attachment from the hybrid.

Oh god, he was going to be sick! He really didn't want to watch it. Deep down, he knew he shouldn't cause whatever it contain was no good. He wanted to beg his friend to just come out and say it. But nevertheless, Jamie took a deep breath and pressed play after hanging up on Daimon. Everything was blurry but the warlock could still spot Todd a mile away. Jamie's heart fell in his chest as he saw Todd with Arabella of all people! They were sitting real close and smiling. It wasn't just any smile that Todd was giving her though, it was his flirting smile. To his horror, he watched as Arabella whispered something in Todd's ear that got him laughing and then he lean down to kiss her. Jamie on the other hand, couldn't explain the noise that left his mouth. He shut the video off right as his phone rang once more.

It was Daimon.

“Daimon...” Jamie choked out. He was spilling tears over that cheating boyfriend of his who didn't deserve them. His breathing was becoming erratic and he needed to calm down before he got a panic attack. And wouldn't that be pathetic?

“ Jamie, I need you to take some deep breaths for me OK? I.. Josh he...” Jamie tried very hard to get his breathing under control. When he was finally breathing normally again, Daimon explained that it was Josh who found Todd and Arabella. He was just about to ask where Josh was when heard the demon yell.

“TODD ROLLINGS! You son of a bitch!”

“Oh shit.” Daimon muttered. Jamie then heard a lot of things. He could that the hybrid was running, probably trying to stop Josh from killing someone. Most likely Todd.

“How could you huh? You stupid asshole! You blow off Jamie to come here, but as if that isn't enough you decide making out with Arabella is a good idea?

“And you Arabella, what the actual fuck is wrong with you? Jamie was your best friend and you betray him so easily?” Josh yelled once more.

“Calm down Joshie.” Todd muttered and even through a phone, Jamie could hear the slur in his voice. He even heard Todd laugh, which made things a thousand times worse.

“You're telling me to calm down? That's rich coming from you! You fucked up Todd. God, you're such an imbecile! Jamie was going to tell you he loved you tonight and this what you do? Blow him off for a quickie with her? Were you really that desperate to get laid?” Jamie for his part let out a sob; the reality of what was going on hitting him like a pile of bricks.

Was that what this was all about?

Was their entire relationship falling apart because he had yet to put out?

Todd had never pressured him and Jamie thought his boyfriend was understanding of wanting to wait. But perhaps he was wrong. He honestly didn't know what to think anymore? What sense to make out of any of this.

In his distress, Jamie hadn't even realized that he had gotten off his bed and had been pacing until he hit the wall. He slid down the wall and the tears began to run freely down his face.

“Is Jamie on the phone?” Todd's voice bringing him back to Earth. Oddly enough, Todd's voice didn't slur that time. In fact he sounded stone cold sober.


No man, you aren't going to talk to him. Not after all of this. You lost that right buddy.” Daimon replied.

“GIVE ME THE FUCKING PHONE DAIMON OR I SWEAR I'LL...” Todd hissed out and Jamie, for his part just couldn't handle it anymore. He hung up the phone and pulled his knees into his chest.

He desperately needed to calm down. Minutes later Jamie look down at his phone wen he heard it ring again.

It was Todd.

There was no way in hell he was going to answer it. So he did the next best thing and pressed ignore and then pulled himself off the floor. Carelessly tossing his phone on his nightstand after removing his shoes, he collapsed face down on his bed.

Silently praying sleep would come come so he could ignore the world.

It didn't.

 El Matador State Beach: 7:00PM PRESENT DAY 

“I seriously can't do this right now.” Bella said to herself after running into Todd of all people. Everything was going so well. Sophia was enjoying herself and she and Jamie had managed to keep their distance. She may not be the perfect good girl like Tara or the exotic new girl like Sophia, heck she knows she doesn't command attention like Sienna. But deep down Arabella knows she isn't a bad person. She's just had done questionable things in the past. So seeing someone whose life she pretty much ruined was like being drenched in ice cold water.

“Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock” She hears someone say from behind. Dammit she should have known Jamie of all people would follow her. Probably using his invisibility to creep up on her. Talk about being thrown reminder after reminder of all the mistakes she's made. Once upon a time they were as thick and thieves and now all he could see was pure hatred coming off Jamie when they saw each other in the hallways.

“I'm really not in the mood to deal with you at the moment James.” Arabella says as she sits on a rock overlooking the ocean.

“Why do you always think the worst of me?” He asks with a mock pout and with one look at sky she sees the clouds gathering quickly.

Not this. The last thing she wants is a stupid fight. Especially if it's over something so trivial as a boy.

Which is is why she ends up blurting out “Maybe because you and I don't have the best track record. You think I'm the one solely responsible for breaking up you and Todd. Newsflash, it takes two to tango and Todd was just as much into it as I was.”

“Oh Bella, you forget that I know you better than anyone else.” Jamie states calmly before his eyes turn a complete white and he shoots a lighting bolt that lands not too far from where she is sitting at.

“I'm not looking for any trouble. I never wanted Todd. There are things you don't know. If you still love him so much man up and tell him that. Stop fucking using me as your scapegoat for your failed relationship and your mother's death!” Arabella yelled, making herself levitate well above him and using the wind currents around her to throw Jamie several feet away and into a rapidly growing crowd.

Jamie, for his part picked himself from the ground, cracked his knuckles and gave the blonde girl a smirk unlike any other she had seen on him. It look almost unnatural.

“Leave my mother out of this and that's rich coming from you Arabella. You stopped knowing me the minute you screwed my boyfriend and betrayed our friendship! Don't think I haven't caught onto you and what you're trying to do with Tara and Sophia now?” Jamie screamed out now gathering the water from the waves and turning it into ice crystals; aiming them straight for Arabella.

“Oh really? Please enlighten me then. What, oh wise one am I doing to them?” She rhetorically asked and closing her eyes to focus enough to astral project on Jamie's other side.

“You play nice with Sophia when I know for a fact you're jealous of what she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. She's become quite the popular girl hasn't she? Let's not forget that she also has Josh fawning over her. Then there's your best friend Tara. She used to be the shy girl right? The wallflower no one paid attention to. But now look at her! She too is aiming for the sky with Daimon. Where does that leave poor Bella then? You act like a good girl, but you're not. Far from it actually.” Jaime says, finally letting the ice crystals go but not noticing Arabella's projection on his other side.

Which Arabella was lucky enough to deflect with her telekinesis. What wasn't so lucky was the palm trees nearby that suffered some damage due to the ice shards hitting them at full force.

“Is that your aura reading telling you that?” She called out using her astral projection self to catch him off guard and hitting with a surprise jab on his left side.

“ Has it ever occurred to you that maybe this isn't an act at all. That maybe I really am a nice person who made some mistakes in the past?” She continued, now no longer levitating and and saw that now amongst the people in the crowd were Josh, Sophia, Daimon and Tara. How much of what Jamie was spewing they heard, she had no clue. But she didn't want to stick around to find out.

“Not really; what you really are is a volcano. You're dormant now, but there's stuff percolating. You have frustration, despair, rage and jealousy all building up inside you. This whole good girl routine, that smile you paste on your face... its just a mask. We have yet to see the real Arabella Martin and what she's truly capable of. When you finally can't take it anymore and this all crumbles you will explode. Oh it's going to be fantastic when that happens! Cause, who doesn't want to watch a volcano erupt?” He yells out to her retreating form.

 One year earlier @ Jamie's Dorm Room: Hours Later... 

Jamie wasn't sure how long he laid there. All catatonic. Try as he might though, he didn't fall asleep. It evaded him and honestly, he didn't think he'd be able to sleep anytime soon. Even if he wanted to, it didn't look likely as of yet. His mind was plagued with thoughts and images of Todd and Arabella. Together and laughing at his expense. He thought he knew her though! Not only was he betrayed by his boyfriend but by his best friend too.

And that made Jamie cry again, a vicious cycle really. He decides that he needs to get up an take a shower. Maybe that will make him feel the slightest bit better. Unable to hide his curiosity, he reaches for his phone and turns it back on.

Todd called him a total of 50 times, one after the other by the looks of it and 20 voice-mails. Upon further investigation and he sees the 30 unread text messages. Jamie, for his part didn't bother looking at them.

He didn't care.

He did not know what to do about any of this. Much less, how to feel about it. He was angry, upset, and shocked too. To be perfectly honest, Jamie was all over the place and couldn't wrap his mind around any of this. Or how to handle this fucked up situation he was in.

It must be true what they say then that the loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their world fall apart. And all they can do is stare blankly.

Deep down, he knew he would have to confront Todd sometime. But Jamie was so out of it that he didn't even hear someone crawling through his window.

“Jamie?” The aforementioned boy jumped up and look over to where the voice was coming from.

Todd stood there next to his window and making his way to Jamie's bed. One closer look at the blonde vampire and the warlock could see that he looked awful. His face was all blotchy and his eyes were red. He looked like had been crying nonstop for a while now. But what did he have to be upset about? Shouldn't he still be at the party fucking Arabella's brains out instead of here?

If Todd looked like that, Jamie wondered how he must looked like at the moment.

“I don't want you here.” Jamie stated plainly, burying his face in his pillow to avoid looking at the vampire.

But Todd was adamant as he tried to get a hold of the warlock to keep him in place. A little hard to do when Jamie kept pulling himself away.

“Jamie, I NEED to explain myself to you...”

“You don't need to explain anything. I understand perfectly actually.” Jamie answered, desperately trying to keep his voice down. The last thing he wanted was to attract more attention to himself and cause a scene.

“Yes, I do babe.” Todd walked around the bed and grabbed Jamie by his hands as he kneel down. “Baby, please let me do this.”

Jamie didn't respond, but that didn't detract Todd, who kept on talking. “ Look , you have no idea how excited I was initially to spend some time with you. But Maxim,he got into my head and it resulted in me taking Arabella to that stupid party. He said that I needed to keep up appearances because sooner or later people would start talking. Especially, if they only saw me around you.”

“Is that really your excuse? Stop wasting my time Todd.”

“I couldn't say no to him Jamie! If you only knew the things he has over me... Sometimes I wish he hadn't saved me from certain death all those years ago.”

“That's bullshit and you know it. If you really wanted to get laid...” Deep down, Jamie knew Todd wasn't lying. He knew from experience just how threatening Maxim was. But that didn't stop him from lashing out and feeling heart broken.

“Dammit Jamie, I wasn't going to fuck her!” Todd yelled, running a hand through his blonde hair and messing it up even more in the process. “We're only kids Todd, maybe we're in over our heads. Do we really know what love is at this age?” Jamie whispered dejectedly. Just as Todd let out a sob and started crying.

“You don't mean that. This is not how things were supposed to go. Josh and Daimon weren't supposed to be there.”

“And what Todd?” Jamie asked, going from sad to angry in an instant and ripping himself free of the vampire's grasp. “Were you going to call me tomorrow and act like nothing is wrong and everything is perfect? Come here and kiss me and tell me how happy you are to see me when you were with Arabella the night before?”

“No Jamie...”

“No! You listen here Todd; you need to learn to stand up for yourself for fuck's sake. This hold your adoptive dad has over you needs to end. Sooner or later, if you do nothing to stop it, it will consume you and leave an empty shell behind. I don't know what the hell has been up with with you these past few weeks, but clearly you didn't trust me enough to come to me.

“If I could, don't you think I would have done it by now. You're not a vampire, so you don't know being sired works! A sire bond is unbreakable last I heard.”

“ You're right, I don't. But whose fault is that huh? How am I suppose to know what you're going through if you don't talk to me!?” Jamie yelled, at this point not caring who heard him.

“I'm sorry OK? Look, can we just forget...”

“Forget about it?”Fuck you Todd! I wanted tonight to be special. So that I could tell you how much I loved you. Even after all this crap you've put me through, I still am, but I can't let that cloud my judgment any longer.” Jamie began but Todd just shook his head, looking distraught.

“You don't what your saying...”

“You're dad was right you know? He came to me and told me that all I was a distraction to you, a shiny new toy for you to play with. But its obvious now that Arabella is that new toy for you and as result you Todd, have grown bored of me.” Jamie continued, voice breaking towards the end of his rant.

“Jamie, I love you too dammit!” Todd declared and if he had said that a few weeks earlier, the boy in question would be jumping in joy. But that wasn't the case anymore. When Todd took a step forward, Jamie took a step back, flinching when Todd trying to touch him.

“No, you really don't. Otherwise tonight wouldn't have happened. Todd, I can't do this anymore...” Jamie quietly said, letting out a humorless laugh escape as he looked down at the floor. Unable to continue looking at Todd any longer.

“What? Jamie , come on...”

“ No.” Jamie pushed the blonde away. “You have hurt me too much lately. I can't deal with it anymore. We're only hurting each other in the long run, and that, is not good for either of us.”

“Please don't! Jamie, I can't loose you too. I can't...”

“You need to focus on yourself first Todd. Right now, you don't know what you want, and until you do, this can't happen.”

“I want to be with you.”

“Do you really Todd?”

“Jamie, you know I do.”

“No, I actually don't.” Jamie took a step forward, putting himself in Todd's personal space once again.

“Daddy dearest just has too big of a hold on you Todd. Until you start making decisions on your own, I want nothing to do with. Please let me go.”

“Jamie...” Todd pleaded again.

“Please get out.” Jamie ordered and at seeing Todd not budging he yelled out once more “ I said get out!” and turned around to crawl back into bed. He didn't hear Todd leave nor did he care. After all that he was just numb.

He didn't want to feel anything. So he pulled the blanket around himself like a cocoon. Trying in vain to stay warm, but try as he might, he couldn't.

 El Matador State Beach: Adam and Arabella Meet 

Rough patches were part of any relationship, friendships included. She can't help but remember that growing up, Jamie had been the only friend she had. If only she could tell him the whole truth and make this diluted version he's come to know disappear. No one has a clue at all. But doing that would be suicide on her part. There are more powerful people at play, pulling the strings and moving the pieces. Unfortunately, all she really is a pawn in their game. Back at the party, she had to use all her willpower to remain strong and not show any signs of weakness. It's what she's been taught her whole life. But now, in her solitude, the tears she had been holding back came out in full force.

So many emotions were coursing through her veins that it was hard to keep track of them. ANGER, SADNESS, EMBARRASSMENT, but the strongest of all: GUILT.

“Penny for your thoughts?” So caught up in her own brain that she had not notice someone approaching her. What a sight she must be with her hair all messed up from the fight earlier and mascara most likely smudging her face and leaving her with raccoon eyes.

“Hi, I swear I don't always look like this. Normally I am better put together.” Arabella answered offering a half-hearted smile and trying to be nice. But not being able to think that perhaps in the future she should invest in waterproof mascara. Less likely to feel embarrassed in front of cute strangers.

“I'm Adam by the way; So what's got you looking like you have the whole world on your shoulders?” the stranger-Adam asked, his eye blue, almost gray eyes sparking with interest and unhidden curiosity.

If this was Tara, she probably would have opened up and spill enough to feel better. But this wasn't Tara. Instead, it was some guy, albeit hot that she had just met. Although, at first glance he seemed nice, Arabella wasn't naive enough to let him into her life. Well that, and her problems with Jamie and Todd were rather private. It's why Tara and Sophia didn't know the whole truth. Enough people had found out at the party, she didn't need any more knowing thank you very much. “Nothing I can't handle.”

“In other words, none of my business? Don't worry, I got it loud and clear,” Adam said as he raised his hands in surrender. “how about we talk about something else over a cup of coffee? My treat.”

“I know just the place!” She answered, making her way to Grimm's cafe and while initially Arabella had wanted solitude, maybe this was some sort of cosmic sign. So she decided to take Adam, the handsome stranger up on his offer for coffee. But just to be safe, it wouldn't hurt to have other people watching over her in case he tried something funny.

Once they arrived, as always Bethany was the one to take their order after they sat down.

“Enjoy your date Bella” the waitress says with a smirk on her face as she goes to make their orders.

“So you've asked me what I was doing on the beach, but what were you doing there?” Arabella asked, trying to change the topic from what Bethany had left behind.

“I guess you could say I'm new to the area. Back in New York, I used to jog around Central Park to clear my head and exercise at the same time. So I found that beautiful beach you were on and thought it be worth a try using it as my new jogging place.” he answered easily.

“Well it definitely shows that you're no slouch when it comes to fitness.” Arabella blurted out after taking a sip from her cup of coffee.

“ I know you won't tell me what's going on in that pretty head of yours, which is cool. But you should know it doesn't hurt to talk your problems out. Hey, you never know, maybe I'll understand and be able to relate.”

“ Adam you seemed nice but I honestly don't want to talk about it. Rather put it out of my mind. So could we....?”

“Gotcha. Hopefully non-awkward silence it is.” were Adam's last word as they fell into silence while sipping their coffees in the process. While it wasn't exactly the comfortable silence she had around the girls, it wasn't uncomfortable either.

Mostly, it was just a presence to rid her temporarily of the growing loneliness in her heart.

 One Year Earlier... OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN: 3:00AM 

It's night time now in Malibu, CA and the road is all but empty, with the exception of a blue camaro. The person is blasting the latest top 40 song and singing along to it when she abruptly stops her car at seeing someone laying in the middle of the road. Immediately, she gets out of her car and goes over to check up on the person. Thinking that perhaps there was a hit and run and they left the poor person there.

“Hey, are you okay? What happened?” the girl asks upon seeing the guy unharmed.

“I'm lost.” The blonde guy answers her.

“So that gives you a reason to lay in the middle of the road? You could have gotten seriously hurt.” the girl with fiery red hair says.

“ Not that kind of lost. Metaphorically, existentially.” The guy replies but has yet to make eye contact with her.

“Do you need help? Want me to call someone?” She asked, trying to be helpful.

“ Yes, I do. Can you help me?” he asks, finally looking at her directly and then proceeding to take a flask from the inside of his leather jacket.

“You're drunk. I think it's best if I call 911 and have them deal with this.” The girl says, phone now in hand and ready to call.

“ No... Yes.. Okay, I might be a little drunk but if you knew the shit I just went through, you'd understand perfectly.” He says now slurring some of his words and she wonders just how much alcohol he's had. The guy doesn't look much older than her. She decides to cut her losses and walk back to her car and call the police from their.

“Please don't leave. Everyone leaves me. I really do need help.” Todd says and in a flash he has caught up to her.

“How did you do that?” She asks now completely creeped out by this stranger. Figures that the one time she decides to be a good Samaritan, it ends up taking a turn for the worst.

“Don't move.” He orders her and is surprised when the compulsion works on the girl and freezes her in place. His powers must be getting stronger he thinks.

“I don't want any trouble.” She whispers.

“ Neither do I, but all I got is trouble.” The guy answers solemnly.

“Why can't I move?”She asks, her voice betraying just how scared she's feeling at the moment. Who the hell is this guy?

“What's your name sweetheart?” The blonde guy asks instead of answering her question.

“Cynthia.” She responds, desperately hoping that by cooperating this lunatic will let her go.

“Oh Cynthia, I have a secret, a big one. But I've never said it out loud. What's the point? It's not gonna change anything. It won't make me want to adopt a puppy. All my life I've set out to be everyone's friend, the perfect son, heck, even the perfect boyfriend. But today I realized I can't be what other people want me to be. What he wants me to be. This person standing in front of you, the one who's making you so afraid? It's who I am Cynthia.” He says as he takes the bangs out of her face.

“Are you going to hurt me?” She asks hoping whoever this guy is will have mercy on her.

“I'm not sure because you are my existential crisis. Do I kill you or do I not kill you? That is the question.” he replies honestly, circling around her like a predator would do to his prey.

“Please don't. I've done nothing wrong.” Cynthia pleads, tears openly running down her face.

“But I have to Cynthia! Because I'm not human and can't be with the guy I love! I miss him more than anything in the world. I lost him because of a stupid mistake you see. Oh Cynthia, I hate what I've become. I'm a monster who only ends up pushing people away. There's only so much hurt a man can take before he snaps.” Todd yells out, now openly crying as well.

“Just let me go, I swear I won't tell a soul about this.” Cynthia pleads once again.

Todd ponders it for a moment.

“ Go now, you're free to go.” He tells her, releasing her from his compulsion. She makes a run for her car a couple of feet ahead, but before she can get inside Todd cages her in. His eye turn as black as the night sky.

He lunges for her neck to drink her blood.

Cynthia screams.

Her screams are useless. There's no one coming to save her.

 GIRL'S DORM ROOMS : 11:00PM (Present Day) 

“Listen, I'm sorry you had to witness all that. Did you have fun despite all the drama that took place tonight?” Josh asked her hours later when the party had died down.

Despite Sophia's best efforts, he was adamant about taking her back to her dorm.

“Yeah, but to be quite honest, I had no idea there was such bad blood between Jamie and Bella. Granted, normally I hang out with them separately but I could not have imagined any of what transpired to be the case for the hatred.” Sophia told Josh as he locked his car and the two began walking to the gates of Point Dume Academy.

“So this is my stop.” Sophia said quietly once they reached her dorm room. Not knowing what she should do next, the two teens just stood there awkwardly. Neither one wanting to part ways just yet.

“Hey so um... I know you kissed me back at the party and I was wondering if that was just an impulse on your part or do you actually like me?” Josh asked, seemingly nervous as he awaited her response.

“ I guess it was a bit impulsive of me to do that. I'm sorry. The thing is Josh, there's so much you don't know about me.”

“I didn't hear a no.. So I'll tell you this then. Let me get to know you, because from the moment I met you, there's been this sort of pull towards you.” Josh replied, starting out jokingly but growing serious by the end.

“ Do you even know how I ended up here? I was blamed for my ex-boyfriend's death and sentenced to being burned at the stake... Yeah, they still do that in Bulgaria. But somehow after all the immense pain I went through I ended up here all safe and sound.” Sophia confessed as she was still confused at how she was able to cheat death.

“There must have been a reason for you to do that. I refuse to believe otherwise. I'm not perfect either you know. I've made mistakes too. So maybe we just judge people too much by their looks because its easier than seeing what is really important.” Josh told her, grabbing onto her hands tightly as they remained outsider Sophia's dorm while having this conversation.

“Really? And what's important then, according to you?” Sophia asked finally looking him straight in the eyes.

“That we are more than our species; just because I'm a demon doesn't automatically make me evil. The choices we make lead us down that path. So if you ended up killing someone in self-defense, that act does not single-handedly make you a bad person.”

“ So are you going to stand here and preach to me that evil isn't born? That it's made? What if I'm already on my way to that? It's like with a black widow spider, or any other venomous creature for that matter, you can't plead with it to be good and stop killing.” Sophia says to the demon.

“I know that, but I doubt you're anywhere near that. Ultimately, what I'm trying to say here is that the choice is up to you. I like you a lot Sophia, despite knowing you for less than month. So I would like to see where this goes and take you out on dates, make you my girlfriend and prove to you that you're more than what you think of yourself.” The yellow-eyed demon confessed to the chrone.

“I'm scared. People around me, people that I care about or get close to me always end up hurt or dead. I push them away sooner or later.” The chrone admits, unable to keep the tears at bay this time and accepting Josh's welcoming arms.

“That won't happen to me, I promise. I will always be there for your Sophia. Whether it is as a friend or as boyfriend. I'll be whatever you want me to be. Whatever you need. Rest assured, it will be you and I against the world OK?” Without waiting for an answer, Josh closed the remaining distance between.

Capturing Sophia's lips in a warm peck at first, that quickly escalated into something more. Thus, becoming a kiss full of passion and yearning. Sophia for her part responded eagerly by trying to deepen it. Managing to gain entrance into Josh's mouth. Meanwhile, Josh placed both of hands on Sophia's hips to hold her firmly in place. While she moved hers to his neck; running her fingers through his dirty blonde hair.

“Wow..” Sophia was able to say after the lack of oxygen in their lungs made them stop their make out session and finally breathe.

“Intense? Yeah, I know. That was one hell of a kiss. But I think I need to leave now or else we'll be here all night.” Josh replied, this time kissing her on the cheek before he started waking away and to his dorm room.

When Sophia got inside, she realized that to her relief, she was alone. Arabella and Tara had yet to return. She took off her shoes and was just about to undress when she saw something odd sticking out by the door she had just opened. Upon closer inspection, the chrone realized it was a red envelope addressed to her but it lacked a return address. Curiosity getting the better of her, she ripped the envelope enough to take out the carefully folded letter.

Which read:



“E? As in Eric? That's impossible though. She saw him dying with her own eyes. How can he be alive? Was he the one who sent this?” She thought, clutching the letter and envelope tightly wrinkling them in the process.


“I made contact with that blonde witch, ma'am. She was at the party like you said. It's only a matter of time now before I get close enough to the chrone.” Adam said out loud, once he was inside the hotel room.

A light went on, and the entire room went from being shrouded in darkness to full of light. In the corner of the room, a woman with perfectly styled blonde haired sat reading an old and worn out copy of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

“Purrfect. This just puts us closer to ridding ourselves of that Dimitrov tramp. Like mother like daughter, I suppose.” the blonde woman replied; her fingers unconsciously played with the Artemis necklace her son once wore.

“You have my word Fiona; we will avenge Eric's death! And while we're at it, we will rid this place of their supernatural infestation.” Adam responded, a smile breaking out when his tattoo began to glow.


The snake eating itself began to move and stopped after a few seconds.

Which could mean only one thing.

After all this time, the hunter's mark had been activated.

 Title and Background 

  • "Born Under a Bad Sign" is the name of Albert King's second album from 1967.
  • Many people believe that their fate is determined by the astrological 'star sign' associated with their birth. Of course, in astrology there are no 'bad' star signs. But if someone seems to be unusually 'unlucky' somehow, then people sometimes say that they must have been born under a bad (star) sign.
  • Born Under a Bad Sign  was also the 14th episode on the show Supernatural's  second season. 
  • The episode introduces the character of Todd Rollings whose relationship with Jamie Moores deteriorates and causes the vampire to go on a relapse with his addiction to human blood.


  • Cynthia Fordman  was previously a human but now is part of the supernatural community.
  • This was the 1st episode that the character of Todd Rollings appeared since he was just credited in Down the Rabbit Hole and only appeared in picture form (and was mentioned by other characters) in Highway to Hell.
  • Eric Evergreen did not physically appear in this episode but made his presence known when  he sends a note to  Sophia Dimitrov  warning her of what is to come.

 Body Count: 

  • Body Count → 1 '''''Cynthia Fordman  was killed in this episode by Todd Rollings  by being drained of blood.
  •  Episode's Cast: 


  • Lily Collins as Sophia Dimitrov (Created by: Sim) → 3/15
  • Jeremy Irvine as Daimon Abigor (Created by Stefann15) → 3/15
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Bella Martin (Created by:Iamalittleliar) → 3/15
  • Grant Gustin as Eric Evergreen (Created by: Jay) → 1/15 (Credited only)
  • Aya Ueto as Tara Linn (Created by: Stefann15) → 3/15
  • Lucas Till as Todd Rollings (Created by: Jay) → 1/15 (First Appearance)
  • Leighton Meester as Sienna Kronin (Created by: Sim) → 2/15 (credited only)
  • Guest Starring:

  • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer (Created by: Handsome Liar) → 3/15
  • Danneel Harris as Gia Freeman (created by Amanda)→ 1/15 ( First Appearance/Voice only)
  • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (Created by :Jay) → 2/15
  • Demi Lovato as Cynthia Fordman (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 1/15 (First Appearance)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Fearless Diva) → 2/15
  • Matt Lanter as Adam McClain (Created by Gayaneh) → 1/15 ( First Appearance)
  • Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy & Angela Basset as The Fates (Created by: Fearless Diva) → 1/15 ( First Appearance)
  • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 3/15
  • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone (Created by Alietta) → 2/15
  • Keenan Tracey as Phillip Jones (Created by Jay) → 3/15
  • Isla Fisher as Laura Moores (Created by Jay) → 1/15 ( First Appearance)
  • Megan Fox as Bethany O'Hara (created by Amanda) → 3/15
  •  Special Guest Star(s) From Bloodlines

  • Jonathan Rhys Myers as Maxim Whitaker (Created by Sim) → 1/15 ( First Appearance)
  •  Episode Soundtrack: 

     THE. WAIT.IS. OVER!: 

    Thank you to all who have waited patiently for this episode. So now that it has aired, I have some follow up questions. Feedback and Reviews are very much appreciated! - Todd made his debut in this episode, what are your thoughts on it? Yay? Nay? - With three episodes in, how do you all feel about the couples? (ie. Jophia, Tamie, Taimon, etc) Is there a pairing you'd like to see more off? Have any characters you think would work well as a couple? - Do you guys like the progression of the plot? The flashbacks? - Any guesses as to who will die in the mid-season finale? -Did anything that took place in this episode surprise you? Honestly, did you all thought I delivered and that it was worth the wait? - Do any of you have a favorite quote from an Inferno character? Speaking of which, like on the PLL Wiki, feel free to edit the pages and even add a memorable quotes for the character. - Lastly, what are everyone's overall thoughts in the episode.? -P.S.: Would really appreciate if you all spread the word to not only the Inferno Wiki but the series as whole. Positive word of mouth can do wonders! :) - And on that note I'd like to let you all know that this is probably the biggest chapter I've EVER written. It's finished product being 32 pages on my word doc and a total of 16,852 words

     Episode's Gallery: 

    • Jonathan Rhys Myers as Maxim Whitaker (Created by Sim) → 1/15 ( First Appearance)
        • Lily Collins as Sophia Dimitrov (Created by: Sim) → 3/30
        • Jeremy Irvine as Daimon Abigor (Created by Stefann15) → 3/30
        • Chloe Grace Moretz as Bella Martin (Created by:Iamalittleliar) → 3/30
        • Grant Gustin as Eric Evergreen (Created by: Jay) → 1/30 (Credited only)
        • Aya Ueto as Tara Linn (Created by: Stefann15) → 3/30
        • Lucas Till as Todd Rollings (Created by: Jay) → 1/30 (First Appearance)
        • Leighton Meester as Sienna Kronin (Created by: Sim) → 2/30 (credited only)
        • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer (Created by: Handsome Liar) → 3/30
        • Danneel Harris asGia Freeman (created by Amanda)→ 1/30 ( First Appearance/Voice only)
        • Andy Mientus as Jamie Moores (Created by :Jay) → 2/30
        • Demi Lovato as Cynthia Fordman (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 1/30 (First Appearance)
        • Michelle Pfeiffer as Fiona Evergreen (Created by: Fearless Diva) → 2/30 
        • Matt Lanter asAdam McClain (Created by Gayaneh) → 1/30 ( First Appearance)
        • Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy and Angela Basset as The Fates (Created by: Fearless Diva) → 1/30  ( First Appearance)
        • Tom Cruise as Agoroth (Created by: Spirit Freak) → 3/30
        • Candice Accola as Alietta Stone (Created by Alietta) → 2/30
        • Keenan Tracey as Phillip Jones (Created by Jay) → 3/30
        • Isla Fisher asLaura Moores (Created by Jay) → 1/30 ( First Appearance)
        • Megan Fox as Bethany O'Hara (created by Amanda) → 3/30
        • Jonathan Rhys Myers as Maxim Whitaker (Created by Sim) → 1/30 ( First Appearance)