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  • The Jacked Maverick

    I’ve been working on a story called "Freight." (I’ve tried not to spoil anything)

    Genre: Thriller, Drama.

    Synopsis: The story is set in modern day Idaho, and modern day Russia. (St. Petersburg, Russia) It is about a boy who fell for a blind Russian girl with a unique family history. He is being tortured by Russians in a dark cell and remembers the good times he spent with the girl and fights hard to not give in and tell his captors what he knows. He remembers his high school experience and whether or not he has lived a good life, not just with the girl, but overall. The tone is dark and gritty, with some light humor to not be a bog. (Don't worry, I won't be too graphic. Only imply;) This will be told in two ways, present day Russia in his cel…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    I’ve been working on a story called "Freight." (I’ve tried not to spoil anything)

    Freight (Season 1) Rural country boy, Moriarty, was abducted outside a clinic in Mother Russia after waking up from a coma. Everyone he knows has been turned into a liability as he spends an excessive amount of time in a dark room with his captors. He has to maintain his sanity and will as the people torture him for information on a family he has gotten close to.

    Theme: How far people are willing to go to protect their loved ones.


    -Moriarty Croix- (Finn Roberts) A great MMA fighter who is being held captive and faced a cybernetic hand.

    -Moira Freight- (Caitlin Blackwood)- Russian blind girl. She has strong will power and tries to prove to the world that…

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  • Man Mountain

    An Upcoming Book

    May 21, 2018 by Man Mountain

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Man Mountain but you can call me David. I've been writing for about 2/3 years now and after completing a storyline I felt was good, I spoke to Selena about it.

    The story is called The Art of Greed & Misfortune. This is the synposis (it's a work in a progress so bear with me please): The story is set in modern day New York City, New York. The members of the FBI team work in a Transnational Organised Crime Unit or a TOCU. The tone is quite dark and serious as you see not jist the investigation unravel but how the characters think, what makes them tick and why. The story is supposed to show you two things: The sacrifice that law enforcement makes and that greed is an easy thing to fall into.

    As I'm sure you can tell, this is a cr…

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  • RedCoatKatrina

    Disclaimer: Spoilers!! Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Galore! You have been warned!

    Okay so, I've been listening to the song "Que Sera Sera" which was the song that was playing during Blaire's death. Now at first, I thought it was referring to Blaire and her life, but then I got thinking. What if the song wasn't in reference to Blaire, but to the Killer? 

    Let's break the song down, shall we? Now even though the song has the lyric, "When I was just a little girl" in it, that doesn't mean anything. It can work with both genders, male and female. There are three different people in which the narrator confides in. Their mother, their teacher and their sweetheart. First, she asks her mother if she'll either be pretty or rich. This possibly indicates …

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  • RedCoatKatrina


    What you are about to read will contain SPOILERS on the Fanfiction/Virtual Series HIVE aka Horrifically Wicked Tales! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! SERIOUSLY... SPOILERS WILL BE IN HERE. SPOILERS GALORE.... K, moving on.

    So, as we begin, I would like to name off all the victims the killer has offed so far in this series. 

    Callista Ranza

    Cameron Johansson

    Olivia Wright

    Theodora Dolly Memphis

    Blaire Robinson

    Now here's the question for you... What do all these females have in common? Well let me tell you...

    Callista found out someones secret and used it against them, Olivia went digging and found one of Callista's keys which opened up a box with a bracelet in it. This bracelet contained information about The Priory. Now what exactly is The Priory…

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  • RedCoatKatrina

    HIVE - 1x01 - Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

    1 Year Ago - Yorkshire, Windsor Academy

    Who's ready for a party? Oh yeah, I am!! It's a masque. ball, and honestly, who doesn't love those? A girl in a red ball gown and a red  mask is seen standing on the balcony with a glass of champagne. She's watching the entire school "as if this was her kingdo, and these were her subjects", so this chick, Callista Ranza, must be the Queen Bee if Windsor Academy. 

    Her posse decides to join her on the balcony, and there are three in all. Cassandra Clooney, the right hand girl, Chasity Fairize, the fashion expert, and finally Vevina Ferozco, the groups Gossip Girl. These were the girls who apparently ruled the school, and you'd be fucking dumb to get on their ba…

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  • RedCoatKatrina

    Horrifically Wicked Tales - 1X04 - A Promise To The Dead

    DISCLAIMER: I swear in my reviews.  Like, a lot. A whole lot. I'm warning you, there are a lot of swears!! You've been warned! 

    Alright, so, we found out that Olivia is dead. Awesome. This means that anyone -- ANYONE -- can die. This is basically a big "Fuck you!" to the potential surviving Girl/Boy. Clara is obviously in some state of shock because of said death. Ahh, I see, they're watching Olivia's body be taken away. That makes sense! 

    There has been three deaths in just three nights. I remember last year Selena told me there would be a ton of deaths, well here you go people, we're getting our deaths! Then when Cohen starts smacking faces with Cass, Clara is just NOT HAVING IT! "OUR…

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  • Princess Diva
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  • PLLGuy333

    Recent Activity

    February 19, 2016 by PLLGuy333

    The Recent Activity page is currently bugged.  Replies are not appearing despite posts seemingly going through as evidenced by email notification.  Other people on wikia central are reporting the same thing.  I reported the bug to Wikia Central.  Just waiting for their response.

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  • JayJay-A


    February 4, 2016 by JayJay-A

    Hey Guys!

    So I am currently working on The Heart is A Lonely Hunter, whilst doing so I have been listening to a lot of music. Basically ever since Grease Live I have been in a very musical mood ALL WEEK, I have been singing everything guys.

    A few weeks back Mermaidheart created a froum about Inferno being recast and it was quite a fun little 'game'. So I thought I would try and do something fun too. Okay so hypathetically speaking, I wondered if the cast of Inferno broke out into songs from musicals, what would they sing. I compiled my own list and would love to see what you guys think, or you can do your own. (It doesn't have to be Inferno it could be Bloodlines, HLL, HWT ECT. It doesn't have to be musical numbers either I just chose that b…

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  • Riley Mason

    Welcome dear reader, to my personal review of Selena and Jay's latest production, Horrifically Wicked Tales! aka. Our new fanfic obsession!

    What can I say? Hands down to this great story.

    I'm gonna be honest, I always knew that Callista was going to die during the first scene, after all, she's the "Flashback Girl" ;) but it was really original the sexy/violent way she and her killer interacted. I was a little confused at first, why was she acting like an innocent horny girl? Then I realized she knew, and damn God she did! a lot of things.

    Then we jump into who I think will be the Final Girl: Olivia Wright. I just LOVE Olivia so freaking bad. Why? Two simple reasons: I love Lily James since "Cinderella", and second, I relate a LOOOOT with her. …

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  • Riley Mason

    Riley's Little Corner

    September 11, 2015 by Riley Mason

    The Riley Diaries

    Hello sweeties! This is my first entry to my new blog... The Riley Diaries! Basically, this posts will have random content on it, always with some Wikia's features, interviews, games, and more! But firstly, here's some info about me!

    • Name: Riley Estelle Mason
    • Birthday: August 1st, 1999
    • Currently Lives In: Harrisonburg, Virginia
    • Goals: Post at least 50 entries of this "diary" series, write a fanfiction (A GOOD ONE.), read all the stories posted here, and have fun!


    So yeas... The first thing I'll be talking about is... BURRITOS.

    just kidding.

    I'll talk about friendships.

    A friend is someone who'll not always make you laugh, but will try to. A friend is someone who supports and loves you with his/her all. A friend is s…

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  • Queen Alietta

    Hello everyone. I have decided to start reviewing all of the fanfictions, with my opinions, on this wiki. First, I will start with Handsome Little Liars (Season 1) since I have told Jay that I will start reading them for forever. I will review each episode after I have read it and post it on this blog post. Let the fun begin!

    NOTE: Please take notice that I do not know anything that happens and I would NOT like it being spoiled for me. Thank you.

    • Started reading: 31/08/15
    • Finished reading: 31/08/15

    I started reading the character descriptions. The two characters that stand out to me are Hanson and Bradley. Since I don't know anything about the series yet, I would say these two are my pre-series favourites. Firstly, Hanson is different from the rest…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    This is a review of Inferno's first episode, also the first I've watched/read. It, to me, at first glance is amazing and mysterious and all in one. As for comedy, I actually don't know because as I'm typing this I only read the mini-prolouge.

    December 31st, 2014.

    Pure evil. I think it's awesome that way, as Agoroth isn't afraid of anyone disobeying him or not following his orders, as he knows he's powerful enough to seize them instantly, and fearlessly too. He's also made of stone, as we can see in this little paragraph-prequel. 

    Rating: 10/10

    Present day

    This is the Rick-Alazne fatherly interaction/ship, which was sincere and simple. No extra add ons just for fun, just a step-father surely and caringly wanted to protect his step-daughter. And …

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  • JayJay-A

    Hey guys James here.

    I just wanted to let you all know that Handsome Little Liars will also be here on Fearless Diva Productions. If any of you know about the fic then you know I posted it on PLL wiki and am halfway through season 2. So with it being on here too it will give new readers the chance to BINGE READ. 

    This will show you the whole HLL universe. I am working on adding episodes, and it won't be long until all the episodes are on the wiki. For now here is the prelude to Season 1

    Thanks for reading hope you all enjoy

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  • TaylorManton1

    I want the badge

    April 23, 2015 by TaylorManton1

    Hey guys. There aren't many blog posts here, and I want the badge for commenting so...

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  • TaylorManton1

    Hey guys, me again! Anyway, I hope no one minds, but I thought that maybe I could advertise my own fiction series on here. I have a wiki set up for it here, and the first two episodes, Pilot and The First Casualty have already been written.

    Each episode takes up 27-28 pages on Microsoft Word at size 12 on Times New Roman. That means that I put a lot of work into each episode, and I'm hoping that maybe you guys might want to read along to Wicca as well. I mean, if you're on here, then you must be a fan of the supernatural, right?

    There are seven Main Characters on Wicca, with many Reccurring Characters as well. I am not taking character submissions at the moment, but that may change. I'm basing the series in my hometown, so I'll be able to get …

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  • TaylorManton1

    Hey guys, I'm TaylorManton1 and I've gotta say I'm super excited for Season 1 Episode 15 (Don't) Fear The Reaper! I'm quite new here, but I've already, after three episodes, grown quite attached to the Point Dume Gang. Anyway, Fearless Diva has already announced that there will be a major death in 01x15.

    I honestly think there will be two. Josh is supposedly prophecised to die by Alazne. I can accept that. However, it has been stated by Fearless Diva that Chrone's can ressurrect the dead. It is my belief that Sophia will ressurrect Josh either that episode or soon thereafter. Therefore I believe it will be another character that meets their final end in 01x15.

    Personally I hate to think this, but I am leaning towards Tara. The previous episo…

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  • Stefann15

    PLL Series auditions!

    December 23, 2014 by Stefann15

    So since I'm having a hard time writing my current series, I decided to cancel it and focus on another kind of show. Which is ofcourse: Pretty Little Liars! I apologize to everyone who has auditioned for the other series, know that it is really appreciated. Now as for the new series based around PLL...

    "I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly and it always hurts. I'll be watching..."


    - A

    The story will be taking place in Rosewood! I…

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  • DocTheRoc

    Idea's for season 2

    September 29, 2014 by DocTheRoc

    I just thought of an idea for the next season. There should be a biker gang the next season who makes trouble to the main characters of this season. Let me know if this idea is good or bad.

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