There are no secrets, that time does not reveal
Blair Robinson
Blair Robinson
Biographical information
  • Deceased
Killed by
  • Had her face bashed in with a wrench
  • Journalist
  • Female
  • 23
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Personal Information
Hair color
  • Brown
Eye color
  • Brown
Played by
  • Italia Ricci
Episode Count
  • 3
First seen
Last seen


Blair is a cut throat, investigating journalist working for the BBC. She has been assigned to cover the events of Windsor Academy and hopes that it will launch her career into a new stratosphere. But how far will she go, to get the story and the fame she so desperately craves.

 Season 1 

Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

Blair did not appear in this episode

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Blair will make her first appearance in this episode.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! Absent
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Appears
A Hollowed Crown Appears
A Promise To The Dead Appears
A Gentleman's Choice Mentioned
Spilled Tea Appears
A Wilted Flower Absent
Dangerous Liaisons Absent
The Worse Day Since Yesterday Absent
Disturbing Behavior Absent
Memoirs of an Invisible Girl Absent
Bitch, Interrupted Absent
The Origins of Monstrosity Absent
Bloody Hell Absent
Murder She Wrote Absent


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