Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 12
Bitch Interuppted
Air date 16th August 2019
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The Origins of Monstrosity
Bitch Interrupted is the twelfth episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales season 1.


With the killer revealed the fate of every Windsor Academy student hangs in the balance. But with revelations comes danger, and this killer won't go down without a fight.

 Leo & Logan's Abandoned Room 

“We are taught to fear Death” said aloud, clenching her mask, as he face remained splattered with blood. “From such a young age, we are told it is something that no one can escape. When you fear needles, heights or water, you can realistically avoid all of those things, if you try hard enough. But death is inescapable, perhaps that’s what makes it so scary, no matter how big, rich, or pretty you are, death will always come for you” Vev continued. “But unlike others, that’s not what made me fear it, but rather what drew me to it” she added.

“One of my earliest memories is attending my grandfather’s funeral. I remember staring at his open casket with so much fascination. I remember not even wanting to leave the church, I wanted to stay with him, and just stare at his body, watching it decay… I knew those thoughts were weird, which is why I always kept it to myself” she explained.

“That was until I was old enough to figure out how the internet worked. And how to get on the dark web. Which is exactly where I met my partner” she said, leaning over to stare at Lavender’s lifeless blood soaked face. “They do send their regards by the way, they were always quite found of you, said you had Final Girl potential… I personally didn’t see it. Found you weak, desperate for love and affection, I guess I could see myself in you, maybe that’s why I loathed you so much” she whispered.

As the words passed her lips, Vev stared blankly down at Lavender’s corpse, knowing that was exactly why she hated her. Even in the company of the dead, she feared looking weak, looking as lowly and pathetic as one of her victims. Her phone rang out loud, severing the moment, and prompting Vev to answer it quickly.

“Hello” she said quietly, as she hopped over the body to ensure that the door was locked.

“I’m guessing you got my message” she said, as she slumped against the wooden frame. “I know it wasn’t an approved upon kill, but the opportunity presented itself, and I wanted to prove to you that I can do this, I don’t always need your support” she panted, as the voice on the other end frantically responded. “Of course I was careful, of course I know how to get out of it!” she responded. “Trust me when I say, someone is going to take the fall tonight” she said, hanging up the phone as the voice shouted from the other end, clearly not wanting the conversation to end.

As the call ended, Vev breathed a sigh of relief, unable to hide the proud smirk from her face. But her moment of pleasure was once again cut short, by the ringing of her phone. Rolling her eyes at the thought of dealing with a lecture, she braced her body and mind for a stern slap on the wrist from her partner. But instead, to her surprise it was Cassandra calling. “Hey Cassandra, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Vev said calmly.

“Hey, so you know this afternoon when I told you that we needed to talk about something?” Cassandra said frantically, her breaths quick and thin. Vev let out a small ‘uh-huh- noise to confirm she knew what her friend was speaking about. “Well, could you maybe come upstairs to my room? I think I… We are ready to tell you everything” Cassandra whispered, clearly indicating that she was not alone.

Vev knew she had to think fast, Cassandra was literally one floor above her usual bedroom, but she was not in her bedroom, she wasn’t even in her dorm. And thus she had to think of a lie, and fast. “Yeah sure, I was actually just about to jump in the shower, but I can come up after that. I know that I’ll be breaking curfew, but I’m sure whatever you have to tell me will make up for it. Gotta wash my hair though, so say forty-five minutes to an hour?” she said, with a wicked smirk on her face.

“Okay sure, no rush see you then” Cassandra replied.

“See you then” Vev repeated the words back to her, hanging up her phone to return to staring at Lavender’s body. “So what do you think they wanna tell me?” Vev giggled to herself, as Lavender’s cold dead eyes stared back at her, with one single tear drop, still clinging to her cheek.

 Rugby Pitch  

Caleb donned in a tux, with his hair slicked all the way back paced around a soft picnic blanket of his own. “You look beautiful tonight” he whispered to himself, practicing his small-talk to ensure perfection. “Lavender, you look stunning tonight” he said, to himself, as he clasped his clammy hands open and close. “God calm down, it’s just one picnic” he whispered to himself, as he looked down at his watch. “A picnic that I thought would have started by now” he said, as the wind around him whistled through the trees.

He knew it was a risk coming out here alone, but it was the only place he could think of where the pair of them could be completely alone. If he chose to have it in his room, then Oscar could come in at any point, and ruin the mood completely.

He thought of the letters, and how much bravery it took for him to send the letters in the first place. He wondered if she was even coming, wondered if she would have just rejected his love out-right, in favour of Daniel Johnasson and the imprint he made on her heart. And so, as he laid down on the blanket and stared up towards the stars he wondered what the future had in store for him, hoping beyond hope that Lavender would be a part of it.

The wind whistled once more, as Caleb anxiously clutched onto the blanket for support and comfort, completely unaware that he was waiting for a girl that would never show.7

 Iris Dormitories – Outside Clara’s Room 

Clara and David began walking to her room, climbing the stairs in total silence at first. Until Clara spun around to look at her boyfriend, her face filled with worry and fear. “You still thinking about what McKenna said to us at the restaurant?” David questioned.

“Of course I am, how could I not be, he asked me what size my heels were, he obviously suspects we were the ones to kill Logan” Clara said, unable to calm herself down. “We’re done for, we’re fucked” she whispered.

“No we’re not. The only physical evidence attaching you to that crime scene was the gun, and that’s buried in the middle of a field, somewhere even we wouldn’t be able to remember” he said, desperately trying to reassure her.

When something suddenly crept up upon Clara, the feeling of uncontrollable dread. “Shit” she whispered to herself. “The taxi driver” she told him. “Cassandra, Tyler and I got into a taxi to follow Logan” she explained. “He didn’t take us all the way, but he can’t be an idiot, he must know we were following him, his death was all over the papers and twitter, he will have eventually put two and two together” Clara said, her voice rapid-fire, spitting out the words.

“Calm down, for all we know that Taxi Driver is an idiot. And even still, you just said he didn’t take you all the way to wherever Logan was meeting right? So he or the police can’t prove you were in the barn, all the evidence they have against the three of you is circumstantial, without that gun they have nothing” David said, as he gently stroked his girlfriend’s cheek. “I promise you, no matter what comes after you, I will always be there” he added, as her hand gently stroked his cheek in response.

“And I you” Clara replied. “Besides, thinking about it more, do your really think Cassandra would allow herself and by association Tyler and I to go to jail” she laughed, as David smirked in response. “But I do admire your chivalry. And if it comes down to it, I know it can be just us against the world” she said, as she leaned in to kiss him. As their lips touched and their eyes closed, both teenagers were filled with a euphoric sense of bliss. Clara was the first to break away, but her hands were still drawn to his cheeks, as she traced the outline of his jaw.

“We really have to thank your Mother, she gave us a night of being somewhat like normal teenagers. Teenagers who still have to worry about whether or not they’re about to be incarcerated” she laughed again, with David leaning against the wall, as he too giggled. “Well I set out to give you a normal night, sorry I couldn’t deliver in it fully” David replied, as the two tens hands intertwined.

“Maybe, I could help” Clara replied in a soft, gentle tone. “After all, there is one more normal teenage thing we could do” Clara whispered seductively, as she pressed her body against David’s, her sweet breath breezing into his face. “Perhaps that will heighten the mood, and take our mind elsewhere” she whispered, as their lips gently touched.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to rush you” David replied, as they kissed passionately.

Clara backed away and sighed seductively, as she pulled on his shirt. “I’m positive, are you?” she asked, her face unable to hide her excitement.

“Yeah” David giggled. “I think so” he added, as they resumed kissing. Their bodies pushed against each other, with David using the bannister for support, as Clara practically scaled his body. David pushed her up and supported her weight, taking her into his arms, carrying her like a newlywed bride.

“Well then, let’s end the night, like regular teenagers” Clara giggled, as David carried her up the stairs. However, all traces of joy and happiness quickly evaporated from them, as they rounded the corner towards Clara’s room. David’s mouth dropped open, and Clara’s grip on him loosened, jumping from his arms and down to the floor. “No way” she whispered, as the pair of teenagers stared at the blood soaked carpet, that was seemingly seeping from underneath the door, of Leo and Logan’s abandoned room.

“Stay here!” David said to Clara, in a tone which indicated it was a demand rather than a simple suggestion. The rugby player ran towards the room, as Clara stayed behind, he jiggled the handle but to no avail. He banged his fist on the cold, hard wood “Hello, what’s going on in there?” David screamed, but received no answer. “What do I do?” David asked Clara, who was still standing at the end of the corridor.

“Break down the door, even if it’s just a prank at least we’ll know” Clara screamed. So David turned and did just that. He turned to face the door once more, and backed several paces away, his body now pressed against Clara’s door. Taking a small run he extended his foot, and kicked down the door to the abandoned room. Blocking the door was the boy’s old chest of draws, which tumbled down to the ground upon the impact of David’s boot. He pushed on the door and forced it out of the way, until he finally saw the room in it’s bloody entirety. “Holy Fuck” David screamed, as he backed away and slammed against Clara’s door once more, in a state of complete shock.

Clara could no longer sit idly by, her curiosity had got the better of her, she stormed towards the room, her eyes gaping wide. “No sweetheart don’t look” David panted, as he rushed towards his girlfriend, in a bid to stop her. She pushed his arms away and quickly scurried towards the open door.

Her hands grasped onto the side of the wall, as she peered through the open door. The room was a bloody mess, the picnic basket and it’s content had been tipped over the entire room, the beds flipped and splattered with Lavender’s blood.

Lavender’s corpse had been rag dolled across various points of the room, the walls and floors were covered with her blood. Her face was slashed, her body had been ripped open and left in the centre of the room. Clara looked down at her lost friend in such a state, her heart raced as she felt David’s hands on her shoulders. “Come let’s get away, don’t look anymore, just come with me and we’ll call the police” David said, fighting back tears as he desperately tried to pull Clara away from the horror.

The young woman fell to her knees and clutched onto her boyfriend for dear life, she pushed her face into his chest and let out a gut wrenching scream, unable to phantom the loss of yet another one of her friends.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Cassandra’s Room  

Cassandra sat on her bed, staring at the open box with the wristband still inside. Tyler however, was more uncomfortable, he paced the room anxiously and kept staring at the large clock on the wall. “She’s been a while now, maybe I should go down to check on her” Tyler sighed, as his pacing only seemed to intensify.

“She said she’d be up to an hour, and the call ended fifth-teen minutes ago. I know you want answers, but we just have to be patient with these things” Cassandra replied, as she stood up to approach the young man. “We’re going to take the Mendoza’s down. Whether that be tonight, tomorrow or a week from now, we’re going to end it. We’re going to get justice. I wish more than anything we could speed along the process, but we just need to be patient” she said, touching his shoulder for comfort.

“And you’re sure Vev will help us? Sure her Dad has connections at The Priory?” Tyler asked.

“I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but I know Vev. And I know that once we tell her about everything, she’ll want to help. And if her Dad doesn’t have the connections, then we still have the journal, and now we have the hospital band. If all else fails we can hand both over to the police and tell them everything we know” Cassandra said, still trying to reassure her friend, that everything would work out.

Tyler’s phone came alive alerting him to call. Instinctively he answered it on the first ring, without even checking who was even calling him. “Hello?” he said, unsure of what voice would come from the end. Much to his delight it was Clara.

“Tyler, oh my god, Tyler are you still with Cassandra?” Clara panted, her voice filled with fear.

“Yeah, I’m still in her room, we’re waiting for Vev to tell her everything, where are you? Are you guy’s still on your date?” he questioned, putting her on speaker to allow Cassandra to listen in.

“No, we’re back at the dorm. We’ve found Lavender’s body in Leo’s old room” Clara cried hysterically. “She’s Dead” she whispered, as her voice cracked in barraged of tears. Cassandra and Tyler exchanged a look of utter panic, the boy frantically ran to his bed and grabbed his jacket. “Okay, don’t worry I’ll be on my way over to see you both now” he told Clara. He then turned his attention towards the queen bee. “Cassandra you stay here. Lock all your doors and windows. Don’t answer to anyone except Vev and keep your phone on you at all times” he shouted, as he dashed towards her door. But before he could leave, he turned around and stared at his newly found friend. “Please stay safe, I don’t want to lose anyone else” he whispered, his own voice beginning to crack, under the pressure of this life or death situation.

“You too” Cassandra replied anxiously fiddling with her bracelet. “Please call me when you’re with them. It’s important that we all stay in touch” she panted, rushing over towards the door.

“Yeah will do. Text Vev now, tell her not to go outside when she hears the police sirens. Tell her to come straight here, regardless of whatever everyone else in the school is doing” Tyler warned, as he exited the room and walked down the corridor. But before he could leave, Cassandra followed him, and without even finding the need to call out his name, Tyler froze and turned back to stare at her.

“I just wanted to tell you something, I’ve actually wanted to tell you this all night, but couldn’t quite figure out how to word it” Cassandra whispered. “If Dean really is one of the killers, then that means he was responsible for Liv’s death. He may not have thrown her off this building, but he may have been the mastermind behind it. And for that I just want to say, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart” Cassandra cried.

But Tyler remained level-headed. He nodded his head in silence and brushed away a tear from her cheek. “You shouldn’t have to apologise for the actions of your boyfriend, it’s not your fault” he told her. “It’s good that you’ve seen the light. Before he could do anything worse” he added, as Cassandra nervously began to clutch herself. “Go inside, and lock the doors. And remember don’t answer to anyone but Vev” he shouted, before running down the rest of the corridor and disappearing entirely.

Cassandra looked around at all the closed doors around her, she imagined how all of them would open upon hearing the sirens, whilst hers would remain closed. As she entered the room, the death of Lavender finally dawned upon her. She was struck with thoughts of the first day of school, how she and the others threw water balloons at Lavender, how even when her face was soaked with water, she could still see the tears. Cassandra slammed the door behind her, and dropped to the floor, unable to control herself from weeping hysterically.

 Front of the School  

The police cars raced towards the school, grinding to an abrupt and aggressive halt, many officers piled out, all except Detective McKenna who was nowhere to be seen. The front doors to the school were flung open as the receptionist came racing out. “What’s going on, what’s happened this time!” the woman screeched at the top of her voice.

“We’d like you to remain calm madam, but we’ve been informed that there has been another murder, located in Iris Dormitories” one of the officers replied back to the distressed woman. “Now, I’m sure you must have a million question, because we have a million of our own. But I first must inform you, that Detective McKenna will be taking a short leave of absence from this case, however you can still divulge any information you may deem important to myself or my fellow officers” they added, as the distressed receptionists, watched a gaggle of officers run towards the direction of Iris Dormitory. “Now, I must ask to speak to Head Master Mendoza” the officer ordered, as the receptionist, retreated back towards her post.

“He’ll probably be in bed by now, I’ll give him a call and he’ll be down with you, before you even know it” they hapless receptionist added, as she ran back into the confines of the school.

The lone officer looked around at the dark night, watching as the distant dorm buildings began to light up, each room turning their lights on in unison. Surely by now each and every remaining student knew what these sirens meant, knew that it simply wouldn’t be a cautionary check-up. The officer knew that soon they’d be hounded with a crowd of terrified young people, and that the stations phones would once again be ringing off the hook, with worried parents and disgruntled locals. All of this loomed in the back of their minds, but what they were unaware of, was that one student in particular was already at the front of the school, watching them, however this student wasn’t worried one bit. Vev, emerged from the shadows, her face completely clean of blood, and her perfect blonde hair slightly damp. She smiled at the appearance of the officer ready to put her plan into action, when suddenly her phone buzzed. A quick check of the screen, revealed Cassandra’s warning not to stay outside and that she needed to get to the room as soon as possible. “Guess I better make this quick then” Vev whispered to herself, as she slowly crept towards the officer. As she got closer, every part of her changed, from her demeanour to her facial expressions, she wanted to paint herself as a helpless victim. “Excuse me officer” she said, faking a pathetic whimper.

Their head spun around until they saw the girl, standing there before them in a thick warm Windsor Academy hoodie. “Is everything okay?” Vev asked.

“I’m afraid not, but I’m going to need you to remain calm for me okay. We can’t reveal or share anything at this moment in time, but we need the full co-operation of the entire school” the officer said. They were so frightened and out of their depth, that they didn’t even seem to question how exactly she got to the front of the school so fast.

“Oh okay” Vev whispered, as she pretended to shake, clutching onto her shoulders and she forced herself to cry. “It’s just, I know what those sirens mean and I could probably guess why you’re here, I just don’t want to believe it” she added. “My friend Lavender Jensen isn’t answering her phone. She had arranged a date with some secret admirer of hers and I haven’t heard from her all night, it’s so not like her to just ghost me” Vev said, pretending as if she and Lavender where closer than they actually where.

The officer’s face went pale and their jaw dropped a little, they turned to the deceitful Vev and sighed apologetically. “You say your friends name was Lavender Jensen?” the officer whispered, as Vev nodded, pushing him to reveal what she already knew. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but your friend is dead. I am so sorry for your loss” the officer said skittishly, as Vev let out an artificial wale of pain, before flinging herself to the ground.

“No, you’re lying! I just saw her this morning, she can’t be, she can’t be” Vev cried. The officer knelt to this knees and joined her on the floor, he wrapped his arms around her shoulder and tried to consolidate her.

“I know this is a really traumatic time for you, but do you have any idea who this supposed secret admirer could be? Anything you could tell us, which you deem useful could benefit our case. Whilst you may not be able to bring your friend back, you can certainly help us fight to gain justice for her” the officer said, unknowingly trying to console the killer.

Vev ceased her teary performance and sniffled several times, before whipping her face clean of tears. She steadied her breath and looked at the officer in the eye. “Well, there is one boy that has always been a little bit of an issue, always been somewhat infatuated with her” Vev added. “His name is Caleb Barons” she declared, dropping the boy cared so much for Lavender in hot water.

The officer looked around for support, but all his backup were already on their way to the scene of the crime. “I really don’t want to be seen talking to you, I’m so sorry. I’m just so scared that people will think I’m a snitch and that the killer will come after me” Vev said, returning to her seemingly rehearsed performance. The Officer looked around once more and helped Vev to her feet.

“That’s okay, you’ve helped us a lot, and there is no need to be afraid anyone” they replied. “If you don’t wish to speak further on the matter tonight, would you be willing to come to the station in order to do so more privately? And if you’re still feeling unsafe we can arrange a discreet pick up and drop off so no one knows where you’re going or what you’re doing” they added, as Vev seemingly nodded in agreement.

“I just really need to get going, I’ll happily comply with all of those things, just… not now” she said, taking dramatic pauses for effect. “If you need to contact me, my name is Vevina Ferozco” she declared, in a moment where all the acting seemed to cease, as if she ensuring the officer would remember her name. “And I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help” she added, before disappearing into the night, towards the dormitories, with a sickening smile on her face.

Once she left his company, The Officer quickly jotted down her name before pulling his radio towards his lips. “Attention all officers on sight of Windsor Academy and the surrounding areas. We are looking for a student by the name of Caleb Barons. We wish to speak to him in regards to the murder or Lavender Jensen” he added, before ending the communication. The murmurs of tired students grew louder as their feet marched in synchronisation towards the front of the school. The Officer fixed his shirt and braced himself for the ensuing crowd.

 Back of the School 

Meanwhile, despite the distance between him and the front of the school, Caleb saw the flashes of blue light illuminating the dark night’s sky. He jumped to this feet and ran in the direction of the police cars, as he got closer the sirens became audible, pounding against his ears. His heart raced, and his breaths became short and quick, increasing with speed as weaved his way closer to the school’s main building. In that moment, he wasn’t thinking of who or what it could possibly be this time, all he was thinking about was getting there and finding out for himself.

As he reached the first set of doors, he went to press against them, but before he knew it, they were flung open and a pair of hands reached out and dragged him inside. The hands grasped around his the scruff of his shirt and aggressively slammed him against a wall. Grunting with pain and somewhat dazed, Caleb opened his eyes to find that his attacker was non other than Headmaster Simon Mendoza. “Where is it?” Simon hissed at the boy, practically spitting at his face.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Caleb screamed, trying to wriggle out of his teachers grasp. But as he struggled, his teacher forced arm across Caleb’s throat, practically strangling him in the process.

“I said where is it you piss worm!” Mr Mendoza screamed, as he applied pressure on to his student’s throat. “In a couple of seconds I am going to release my grip and let you breathe, and then you’re going to tell me exactly where that diary is… Got it?” Mendoza whispered into Caleb’s read, bloodshot face.

As he finally let go, Caleb fell to the floor gasping for air. He clutched onto his teacher’s legs for support, but Simon simply brushed the boy off, forcing him to find his own way to his feet. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, you fucking psychopath” Caleb gasped, in between several deep rough coughs. With those words, Simon aggressively shoved the boy against the wall, forcing Caleb’s head against the hard plaster. “What the fuck, you can’t treat me like this” Caleb cried. “There’s cameras recording everything you’re doing” he moaned, before returning to a vicious bout of coughing.

“This is my school, I can do whatever the fuck I want” Mendoza whispered, as he aggressively pressed his forehead against Caleb’s. “And as for the cameras, who do you think controls and monitors them. And I think, I’m just gonna ignore this section of the footage, nothing to see after all” he said as he squeezed Caleb’s cheeks together with a heavy hand.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Caleb cried. “What did I ever do to you” he whimpered, as his eyes began to well with tears.

“Nothing, but if you don’t tell me where that diary is, I will do something terrible to you. And it will make Cali’s plan for you, look like child’s play” the teacher laughed wickedly. That was until, out of his pocket, Caleb withdrew a knife and pointed it directly at his teacher’s face. “Holy fuck” Mendoza shouted, as he quickly stumbled away from the boy. “Why do you have that!” he screamed.

“I had it with me incase someone tried to attack me on the rugby pitch tonight. Better to be safe than sorry. But I guess it came in useful after all” Caleb said, as he walked towards his Headmaster, forcing the cowering man into a corner. “Not so big now are you Sir” he added, his voice deadpan and emotionless. “You’re such a hypocrite, as a teacher you always preach about how we shouldn’t bully and how we all must treat each other with loyalty and respect, to uphold the proud Windsor Academy name” he said, still pointing the knife at Simon. “When you are out here, bullying students who you’re supposed to be protecting, not to mention FUCKING ONE OF THEM! You paedophile!” Caleb screamed.

“She was Seventeen! She was of age you idiot. I did nothing wrong!” Simon screamed back at him.

“Oh really, well I’m sure the parents board and all the higher governors would agree that you’re totally innocent. You’re going down Mr Mendoza, you’re going to rot in prison for the rest of your life. We’re onto you” Caleb replied, as he calmly placed the blade at the tip of Simon’s chin, not pressing hard enough to do any real damage.

“And I’m onto you, whatever you think you’ve found in the diary proves nothing! But when all your little friends find out about what a psychopath you really are, who do you think they’re going to believe?” Mendoza said, continuing to taunt the boy, despite having a knife in his face.

“I keep telling you, I have no idea what you’re talking about” Caleb insisted. “Whatever this Diary is or was, I have never seen it. As for my friends, they won’t judge me, nor will they label me such a horrid word, as the one you just used. They see right through you and your son” as Caleb mentioned Dean, something within Simon snapped.

“I’ve told you before, my Son is twice the man you’ll ever be” Simon laughed. “He’s probably slept with more girls now, than you ever will” he added, resorting to petty insults.

"Are you counting Cali in that, you know the one you and your son shared” Caleb refuted instantly, dampening the smile on Mendoza’s face once more. “Besides, I don’t care how many girls you or your son want to sleep with, stuff like that doesn’t even phase me” Caleb added.

“Oh?” Mendoza said, with a smile on his face. “Is that because you’re so wrapped up in Miss Jensen?” he asked. “Shame that you won’t be able to see that relationship come to fruition, you know after what’s just happened” at the mention of Lavender’s name and that sickening sentence that followed, Caleb’s touch on reality loosened for a split second.

But after the moment past, a fire was ignited underneath him, he aggressively shoved his teacher against the wall, and held the knife to his throat.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Caleb roared.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this Caleb. But I just got off the phone with my receptionist. The reason why the police are at Windsor Academy tonight, is because the body of Lavender Jensen was found… She’s Dead, Caleb” Mendoza said in a calm voice, which practically oozed with spite.

“No, you’re lying” Caleb refuted. “Lavender isn’t dead, she can’t be dead” he cried, tears streaming down his bright red face. “You’re a fucking liar” he screamed.

“PUT DOWN THE KNIFE NOW!” a voice boomed from the end of the corridor, Caleb turned to see two police officers, but before his brain could register the order, the officers collided with him and threw him to the ground, knocking the knife out of his hand and allowing Mendoza to walk away freely.

“Please be careful with him officers, he’s had a rough night” Simon said, pretending as if he cared about the boy’s wellbeing.

“Caleb Barons, you are under arrested, for aggravated assault on Simon Mendoza, and the suspicion of murder of Lavender Jensen” the officer shouted, over Caleb’s loud beastly cries.

“I didn’t do anything, I didn’t hurt Lavender, I swear!” Caleb cried. “I promise I didn’t hurt her” he continued to scream, tears continuing to stream down his face, which was growing redder by the moment.

“Caleb, please relax and co-operate with the police. They have yours and the schools best intentions at heart” Simon said, in his fake caring voice yet again, as he reached and patted the boy’s shoulders. As the officers placed the handcuffs on the boy, they couldn’t see Simon’s face, and with that he gave the boy a wicked grin, a grin of victor, a grin of the devil. Caleb’s eyes narrowed, and his face tensed with disgust. He stared at the man one more time, before spitting squarely in his face.

“Okay, that’s enough come on sunshine” the officer said, as she shoved a still protesting Caleb down the corridor away from Simon.

“Are you okay Headmaster?” another officer asked. “Do you wish to be examined by our medical staff?” she asked again.

“No thank you, I’m fine, he just got a little emotional. Please do take care of him” Simon said to the officer, who simply nodded her head accordingly. “Come now, let me escort you to the front of the school. I’ll try to do some crowd control, and send the students back to their dormitories” Mendoza said, as he escorted the officer down the corridor.

His mind was now racing, part of wished to be happy as Caleb was seemingly conquered. He wasn’t sure why the police wished to arrest him, but he was happy that they were doing so. But part of him believed what the boy was saying, if Caleb didn’t have Simon’s diary, then who did?

 Front of the School 

The entire school was now gathered on the front lawn, murmuring to each other as they stood safely behind a strip of police tape. Clara, David and Tyler however, stood on the opposing side of the tape, as they spoke to the police, they felt the cruel and judgemental sting of each and every set of eyes.

“So, you discovered the body as you entered Iris Dormitories?” a bulky police officer asked Clara.

“Yes, we walked up the stairs and the entire carpet was soaked with blood. My boyfriend David, told me to stay back, whilst he broke down the door, and that’s where we found the body” Clara sighed, as she leaned against the police car for support.

“And where were you before that?” the police officer questioned.

“My boyfriend’s Mother, Jenna Thomas booked us a table at Aurora Restaurant. She got it approved by the Headmaster beforehand. So we were there, Detective McKenna can confirm that” Clara replied.

“Why could Detective McKenna confirm that?” the officer asked.

“He saw us there, I don’t know what he was doing, but he was there” Clara said nervously, knowing exactly why he was there.

“Well, I’ll be sure to confirm that with him, when he returns from his break” the officer said, much to Clara’s surprise.

“His break?” she whispered, as the officer walked away from her without another word. She watched the officer approach his co-workers, she couldn’t hear what they were saying exactly but she saw them pointing at her. She turned around and saw that both Tyler and David were still talking to the police officers, she wondered what they were asking and whether or not the boys would be able to answer their questions. What if they asked them about Logan? She thought to herself, in a fleeting moment that evaporated from her mind when she saw Caleb being dragged towards the police car, in handcuffs.

The crowd erupted into a series of gasps, which quickly and violently turned to boos and jeers. “Caleb, what’s going on?” Clara shouted as she ran towards the boy, before quickly being dragged away by an officer who refused to answer her question. “Let go of me, I just want to know what’s going on!” she shouted.

“Miss Stark, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down, and to comply with the officers” Mr Menodza said, appearing from out of the shadows, escorted with more police officers.

Clara squinted and gasped in shock as she watched Caleb being carted over to the police cars. “Caleb!” another voice shouted, as his younger brother Jules. “What’s going on?” Jules questioned, as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“Your Brother is being arrested under suspicion of murder Mr Barons. Your parents will be informed, but I’m afraid I must see you in my office immediately” Simon added, as he stared down the younger brother who couldn’t pry his eyes off of Caleb.

“Can’t I go with them, if my parents are going to be there, then I should get to go there too” Jules insisted, but Mr Menodza merely snapped in his face, and pointed towards the school door without saying another word. Jules stared at Clara defeated, before he skulked into the school.

“For future reference Miss Stark, I would choose your confidantes more wisely. You never know who someone really is, almost like he was wearing a mask this entire time, isn’t it?” Mendoza said, as Clara scowled him, before he smugly turned away and strutted towards the school.

Clara ran towards the police car, just as the door slammed shut on Caleb. “Don’t worry Caleb! We’re going to get you out of there, I promise” she shouted.

“Watch him Clara” Caleb screamed, desperately trying to be heard over the siren. “He’s not going to stop, he killed Lavender!” he roared, as another officer came and once again dragged Clara back, as the police car carrying Caleb zoomed away, off into the dead of night. “He’s gone okay, you can let go now!” Clara screamed, as she struggled against the officer, who refused to let go. It wasn’t until David rushed over and pulled his girlfriend into his arms that the officer finally released her.

“She said let go what’s wrong with you people!” David screamed, as the officer once again walked always calmly without saying another word. “What the fuck is wrong with you!” David screamed, as Clara stroked his cheek in a bid to calm him down.

“Leave it, we have bigger problems. We need a group meeting, right now. We need to stop Mendoza today, we can’t lose someone else, I am not going to bury another friend, nor am I going to see Caleb go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit!” Clara cried, as more and more officers piled into their cars, with the loud roaring sirens echoing throughout the night.

 Periwinkle Dormitories – Cassandra’s Room 

Cassandra laid on her bed with wooden box resting on her stomach, she had whipped all of the makeup off her face, and was silently sobbing to herself, as the barely audible sirens slowly became mute. It wasn’t the night fell into complete silence, that she finally heard a knock on her door. She jolted, racing to her feet without a second thought and charged towards her door. “Vev sweetie, is that you?” she asked aloud.

“Yeah, sorry I’m so late” Vev said from behind the door, which was quickly opened, as Cassandra charged out and hugged her friend. “Is everything okay? What was with all those sirens?” Vev whimpered as she entered the room, pretending to the victim yet again.

Cassandra shut the door gingerly, with a concerned expression on her face. “I don’t really know how to word this” Cassandra whispered. “Vev… Lavender is dead” she sighed, as Vev gasped artificially, pretending to be shocked by this supposed revelation.

“But that’s impossible” Vev cried aloud, as she lowered herself onto Cassandra’s bed. “I was just with her this morning, she can’t be dead, she can’t be!” Vev screamed, as Cassandra rushed over to comfort her.

“I know this is rough” Cassandra sighed, as she wrapped her arms around her companion and drew her in for a hug. “But we have to be brave, we have to put an end to all of this. Get justice for Lavender, Liv, Chas… everyone who this fucker has killed, we can get justice for them all” Cassandra said, as she stroked Vev’s cheek.

“What are you talking about?” Vev cried. “We can’t do anything, we can’t stop this rampage” she added. “This killer is everywhere and unstoppable” she sighed, as a sense of pride filled her body, as she continued to discreetly brag about her own brutal crimes.

“No one is unstoppable, this killer is human. And humans can be very easily stopped” Cassandra sighed. “In fact, we think we may know who’s been behind all of this” Cassandra said, as Vev’s heart began to race. Her eyes narrowed in on Cassandra who had begun to rub her temples together, she was willing to get violent if needed. And thus, as Vev awaited the accusation fly out of Cassandra’s mouth, she was shocked to her core when the queen bee broke down and began to cry.

“What are you talking about, I’m so confused?” Vev cried, trying to keep up with Cassandra’s emotions.

Attempting to compose herself, Cassandra slowly rose to her feet and whipped away the tears from her cheeks. “I initially didn’t tell you because I was scared to drag you into all of this. I wanted to keep you safe” Cassandra explained. “But now, it’s gotten so out of hand that I fear you’re in more danger not knowing what I know” Cassandra added, as she began to mimic Tyler’s anxious pacing from earlier. “I have been working alongside Clara Stark and her friends, in order to find out who’s behind all of these killings” Cassandra explained.

“What!” Vev exclaimed. “But I thought you hated Clara Stark?” she questioned, she too now rising to her feet.

“I did, but this stuff is bigger than some petty rivalry. This is bigger than all of us” Cassandra sighed. “I was initially helping Dean” she explained. “He was looking for that box Cali had during that video, the one that played at the start of the year” Cassandra told her friend. “But I’m not helping him anymore” she sighed, turning away from her friend to stare out of the window.

“Why?” Vev questioned. “Are you keeping him at bay to protect him?” Vev asked, approaching her friend in order to wrap her around Cassandra’s shoulders, this time offering her some comfort.

Cassandra remained silent, merely biting her lips and shaking her head. She inhaled deeply, before exhaling for quite sometime. She needed a total peace a mind, before she delivered this shocking ‘revelation’ to Vev. Little did she know, that what she was about to tell Vev wouldn’t phase her even in the slightest. “Vev, you have to promise me, swear on your life that you won’t repeat what I’ve just told you” she sighed.

“You’re my best friend, you can tell me anything” Vev said, as she gently caressed Cassandra’s shoulders, once again deceiving the queen bee without her even knowing it.

“Vev, we think that there is more than one killer” Cassandra explained.

“What?” Vev gasped aloud.

“We have pretty good hunch who they are too” Cassandra replied, as the tension in Vev’s shoulders began to rise, ready to pounce on her fake friend, should she be incriminated in any way, shape or form. “Dean and Mr Mendoza are the killers” Cassandra said bluntly, finally spitting it out.

“Excuse me” Vev whispered, backing away from her friend, as she pretended to be shocked by yet another revelation. “But_” Vev stuttered, trying to sell her act. “But Dean is our friend. And Mr Mendoza_”

“Had an affair with Cali, and is a psychopath, who probably got rid of her” Cassandra corrected, jumping on the end of Vev’s words. Cassandra walked over to her set of draws and withdrew Mr Mendoza’s diary. “Tyler and I broke into his office this afternoon, we found this. Details of his affair, with extracts saying how he was angry that he could no longer control Cali. And that he was going to confront her at the ball” she said, as she handed the diary over to Vev.

“You’re kidding” Vev gasped, flicking through the pages rapidly, she couldn’t believe her luck, that Cassandra had unwillingly handed her something of incredible value. “But even if your Mr Mendoza theory is correct, then why on earth do you think Dean is the other killer” Vev sighed, wanting to extract as much information from the girl as possible.

“The night Olivia died, when she was thrown off the roof. Clara and I were approaching the building and he was lurking in the shadows. And that Chas was killed, he insisted on coming with me when I got my text. When we found Leo and Oliver’s bodies, I was walking to rugby practice with him. Every single time I’ve lost someone close to me, he’s been with me when I’ve found their body, almost as if he wants to see my reaction or something” Cassandra winced. “And then when we were in Mr Mendoza’s office, we saw him physically threaten Caleb, telling him to be obedient and do whatever he and his father said.

Otherwise they’d expose him for who he really was, whatever that is” Cassandra sighed.

“Well, maybe Caleb is the killer” Vev said, trying to divert attention to the young man who was already in police custody, but naturally having not left her room, Cassandra was unaware of this.

“No, no he’s too innocent. All our signs are pointing towards the Mendoza family. Not to mention Dean was the one who started the fire on the Moors that night.” Cassandra declared, as she once again began to pace the room, as Vev watched her nervous tendencies with so much glee.

“That was Dean!” Vev exclaimed, in genuine shock.

“He told me he was burning down his Dad’s and Cali’s love nest” Cassandra explained. “But who knows if that’s even true” she sighed.

“But what about Mrs Mendoza, she was found innocent in court” Vev refuted.

“Maggie was found innocent of not killing Cali, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know who actually did. You know how fiercely protective mothers are, if she knew Dean had something to do with any of this, she’d do whatever she could to throw the police off their scent. Even lie under oath” Cassandra replied. “Why do you think she left town, probably crippled by the guilt” she added, before sitting on the edge of her makeup table.

“Why are you telling me all of this now?” Vev sighed. “No offence, but you seem to have all your bases covered. Can’t you just give this to the police?” she asked, as she handed over the diary to Cassandra.

“No, we needed one more piece of hard evidence to put them away for good” Cassandra replied softly. “And you are the only one that can help us get it” she added, as she opened a secret compartment in her makeup case. “Remember how I said Dean was looking for Cali’s box…Well” she sighed, before finally revealing the box to Vev, whose eyes lit up instantly upon seeing the dainty wooden thing.

“Shut up, how long have you had this? Do you have the key’s Cali talked about? Where did you find it? What’s in it?” Vev panted, asking question after question, her curiosity getting the better of her and prompting her to drop her fake act, just for a passing moment.

“Just take a look for yourself” Cassandra sighed, opening the box to reveal the hospital band. Vev’s face dropped, and her eyes squinted.

“That’s it?” Vev asked. “That’s Cali’s big secret, this is the thing that gave her leverage?” Vev questioned. “A hospital band?” she snorted. “That’s what Olivia died for?” she hissed.

“Not just a hospital band, but a hospital band belonging to The Priory. If we can prove that Dean or Mr Mendoza were a patient there, then we may finally be able to have evidence against them. Maybe they have explosive rage or something” she added. “But we need your help to know for sure” Cassandra said, as Vev took the band out of the box and began to fiddle with it. “Your Dad’s still a doctor right? Is there any chance he can use his connections, to cross reference this patient’s number. Maybe then we’ll be able to find out who it is” Cassandra said, with fire and determination.

“Okay, okay I’ll ask him” Vev sighed, before looking up to Cassandra and smiling artificially. “Let’s catch this fucker” she added, before bursting out into a fit of laughter, as Cassandra squealed with joy, and pulled her in for another hug. But Vev had no intention on asking her father, and instead she had to find a way to get this band to her partner and fast. And as her friend hugged her tightly, Vev couldn’t help but scowl and roll her eye’s behind the queen bee’s back.

“I’ll go tell the others” Cassandra said, as she walked over to her phone, leaving Vev in her wake. But as she got over to her bed, something suddenly dawned upon Cassandra, and to accompany this singular thought, her stomach dropped and she was struck with a sickening feeling, which shook the blonde girl to her very core. “Vev” Cassandra whispered. “I never mentioned that Olivia had this box. So how did you know she died because of its content?” Cassandra said, her voice cracking.

She slowly turned around to face her friend, but before she could catch another glance of her friend, she was struck over the side of the head with the box itself. Her body hit the bed, before bouncing down to the floor. “Caught onto that slip up pretty fast. Colour me surprised you dumb bitch” Vev hissed, as she scowled at her former friend’s unconscious body. She stared back at the two piece of evidence that rested on Cassandra’s makeup table, then back down towards her friend. “Don’t be afraid, you’re among friends” she whispered, before manically giggling to herself”

 Front of the School 

A small ambulance pulled up at the front of the school, but there was no longer a crowd, no longer a gaggle of students, to gossip and gasp, just the brutal night’s darkness. “Are you going to be okay, to find your own way to your dorm?” the driver asked, turning around from their driver’s seat to address Oscar Olsson.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay” Oscar said, as he squinted whilst looking out towards the illuminated school. “I’ve never been afraid of the dark” he added, as he opened the door and exited the vehicle. His nose was still red from the attack the previous afternoon, but it was already starting to heal.

He slammed the door and the car slowly pulled away from the school. Oscar breathed in the fresh air, as his eyes shut by themselves he imagined himself being anywhere but Windsor Academy. But sadly, no matter how hard he wished, his location would remain the same. As he was waiting to be taken back to school, he saw the news update regarding another murder taking place at the school, and that an arrest had been made. None of the media outlets had the rights to say who the deceased nor the suspect where, but Oscar knew all it would take was a simple text to any other student to find out both of these things. And yet, he didn’t message anyone. He simply couldn’t find the willpower to do so.

He stood still, and soaked in the atmosphere, he listened to the whistle of the wind, and felt its cooling touch on his face, before finally deciding it was time to move on and head to bed. As he walked towards the dormitories, he felt the unmistakable sound of footsteps, coming from behind him.

He spun around, but it was too dark to see who, if anyone was following him. “Pull yourself together” Oscar whispered to himself. “You’re not in a horror movie” he added, before turning back around to come face to face with Dean Mendoza.

Oscar jolted with fright, and clutched at his beating heart. “Guess that would be considered a jump scare, huh?” Dean asked, as he cocked his eyebrows, as he arrogantly looked Oscar up and down. “So Olsson, you’re looking well, all things considering” Dean smirked, his eyes now honing in on Oscar’s injured nose. “How’s Jonathan?” he asked.

“Good” Oscar answered immediately, not wanting to show weakness around the rugby player.

“No major injuries. The killer just pierced his skin and with any luck he should be out tomorrow” he added, before walking around Dean and in the opposing direction.

“Well, he certainly was lucky that you were there to save him. Why were you there again?” Dean asked, attempting to force conversation out of the boy.

“I was on a jog, wanted to take a shower before class and when I walked in I heard Jonathan screaming” Oscar said bluntly. “Now, if you’d excuse me, I would like to go to bed. I’m rather tired” he added, as he once again attempted to walk around Dean. But the rugby player wasn’t quite finished with Oscar, and reached out to pull him back by his shoulder.

“Oh, before you go to bed, you’re probably going to be alone tonight” Dean explained, with a wicked grin on his face. Prompting Oscar to freeze in his tracks. “Haven’t you heard, your little roommate Caleb has been arrested. They think he killed Lavender Jensen tonight” Dean said, trying to get under Oscar’s skin.

“What is your problem?” Oscar hissed. “You and your whole family have been getting on my last nerve this year. Why are you all such spiteful little bitches?” Oscar added, as he aggressively shoved Dean.

“What the fuck is your problem!” Dean spat, as he aggressively shoved Oscar back. “My problem is with you, walking around like you own this place and talking to people like they’re beneath you”.

“And my problem is you” Dean replied, his eyes as wild as tiger. “I saw you at my Mother’s trail, I don’t know why you were there, but I have my theories” Dean whispered, as his forehead shoved into Oscar’s.

“Are you trying to intimidate me Dean?” Oscar asked, not backing down from the boy’s intimidation.

“No, of course not that would be mean” Dean whispered softly. “But I will say this, now that the little freak is in police custody, I’m sure it won’t be long before they crack him, then we’ll know the truth” Dean said, as he once again looked the Olsson boy up and down.

“Yeah, guess we’ll also know the truth about your Dad and a certain deceased student” Oscar replied, as the smile on Dean’s face vanished before his eyes and his aggression ceased. “Have nice night Dean” Oscar said, as he shoulder barged the boy whilst walking past him.

Dean was left powerless by this response, he couldn’t think or move. His fists clenched, and he aggressively bit his lips, because now he knew that his family’s secret was a secret no longer. That’s when he spun around and took a stab at Oscar.

The secret affair, was public knowledge.

 Unknown Location 

The room was small and dark. Small water droplets fell from the ceiling and down to the fall with quiet splash, that echoed off the walls.

Cassandra’s head throbbed violently, she could hear her breaths echoing in her ear as her vision slowly regained its clarity. She grunted with pain, before attempting to rise to her feet, only to find that it was impossible as she was bound to a chair, with a thick and tight rope. As her wrists and ankles struggled against the ropes, she forced her body into greater pain, as the rope burn singed off a thin layer of her skin. “Don’t struggle, she’ll be able to tell” a familiar voice came from besides her.

Cassandra’s head shot to her left, and to her horror she saw Cohen, he too beaten and bound to a chair. A small blood trail stained his face, and his left eye was already bruised heavily. “Guessing you found out too huh?” Cohen whispered, looking at his former girlfriend with fear in his eyes.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about right now, my head hurts too badly” Cassandra sighed, as she tilted her head back, resting her neck on the back of the chair.

“How did you find out?” Cohen asked, as the dazed Cassandra once again shook her head, unsure of to even respond to what was being said. “I cut class and went into her room to borrow her laptop to write my essay, when I logged on I saw all these pictures of the crime scenes, of everyone really. She walked in on me and just charged at me” he sighed, before trailing off. “How long have I been here, what day is?” he questioned yet again.

“Well the last thing I can remember, is it turning midnight and Vev coming to my room. So I guess it’s the fifth-tenth” Cassandra sighed, as she groaned with pain. “God I think I’m gonna vomit I’m so dizzy” she cried.

“So I’ve only been here for twelve hours, great” Cohen moaned. “Feels like eternity already, time moves so fucking slow when you literally can’t do anything but bleed out of the side of your head” he continued, as Cassandra looked up and around, trying her best to absorb her surroundings.

“Where are we?” Cassandra asked, with the weight of the situation now dawning upon her. “I don’t know. I woke up here just like you. I’m assuming we can’t be far. Considering the fact, that she wouldn’t be able to drag my body that far in broad daylight” he explained.

“So, tell me now, Cassandra how did you find out about Vev” Cohen said, in a demanding tone.

“The box” Cassandra replied automatically, without even having to think too hard. “The box!” she screamed aloud, repeating the word as it dawned upon her that their only piece of evidence was now in the hands of her former friend. “Oh my god, she’s got to have it, she’s got to have it” Cassandra replied, as she began tugging at the ropes that bound her wrists.

“What box?” Cohen questioned.

“Cali’s box” Cassandra replied, in her usual aggressive tone, becoming more like her usual self as her head slowly steadied itself back to normal. “Clara Stark found Cali’s box among some of Olivia’s old things. She then gave it to Tyler and I, we found one of the key’s in Mr Mendoza’s office, along with this journal that incriminated him and Dean. We then found out the boxes content was a hospital band from the priory. We planned to show it to Vev and ask her Father to do a background check on the patient number, but she slipped up and said Olivia died for this? How would she know that Olivia died for the hospital band when I never mentioned how the box came to us in the first place? Next thing you thing she hit’s me over the head and I’m here” she said, gasping for air after rambling on.

“Well, that was a lot of information to get in thirty seconds” Cohen sighed, as his face scrunched together as he tried to piece together Cassandra’s verbal puzzle.

“Yes, it was a lot of information wasn’t it?” Vev’s soft voice came from the shadows, before the girl emerged holding the box in hand. “Guess I should have hit you both harder, might have knocked some of the memories out of your thick skulls. After all, that ‘mistake’ Cassandra told you about was nothing more than a simple slip of the tongue. But I’ve learnt my lesson now, to stay quiet like I have done all this past year” she giggled. “The quiet girls go unnoticed, which is probably why I’ve gotten away with everything for so long. You all really underestimated me” she giggled.

“I never underestimated you, I trusted you, and how could you do this to me. To Cali, Liv, Leo and Chas. I thought we were best friends!” Cassandra roared aggressively, as she tried to leap from her chair, but naturally remained firmly in it.

“Exactly, you thought. But you thought wrong” Vev replied with a devious smile. “Why are you doing this, what could you possibly have to gain from doing these unspeakable things” Cohen croaked.

“Pleasure of course, be it the sensual pleasure of watching the life slowly fade from people’s eyes. The breaking of their voice as they scream, pleading for their lives, begging for me to stop or begging to see their parent. Or maybe it’s more of karma related sense of pleasure, that I am eradicating these terrible people off this earth. The hypocrites, the snobs, the bitches…. All of them have to go sooner or later, so why not make it sooner and ensure the world doesn’t have to suffer from their terrible personalities and character traits” Vev declared. “Is that enough of a motive? Because lets be honest this isn’t a horror movie, did Jeffrey Dahamer or Ted Bundy have motives…No they didn’t. Motives are nothing more than a plot device, I’m simply a psychotic bitch who loves death” Vev laughed aloud.

“You crazy fucking bitch!” Cassandra screamed. “Do you think for one second that people are going to believe you? Sooner or later Clara and the others will notice I’m missing, they’ll notice Cohen is missing. They’ll see straight through for who you really are” she added, with so much hatred in her voice.

“Oh they will they now?” Vev gasped. “Because, Cohen has been gone for just over twelve hours and not a single person has even questioned where he is. Even when I’ve prompted them with a golly I don’t know where Cohen is. Face it Cassandra, you’ve lost” Vev laughed, “Eventually, you will all lose” Vev giggled.

“So what happens now, now that we know, what are you going to do?” Cassandra questioned, as Vev manically giggled to herself yet again.

“Well I am very glad you asked. I’m going to ensure that somebody else takes the fall. The police were already stupid enough to believe my stories about Caleb, but with Mendoza’s diary you so kindly provided Cassandra, I can frame yet another person perfectly. And you two are going to play a big role in my plan” Vev smirked, as she opened her handbag just enough for the pair to see the diary poking out. “Oh and don’t worry about the hospital band” she insisted. “Because it’s already been destroyed!” she laughed opening the box to reveal it completely empty. Cassandra’s face dropped with disappointment, believing that all hope was now lost, believing that Vev had already won.

“Now, try and get some rest guys. You both have a very long day ahead of you tomorrow, make sure you live every second of it to its fullest, because it’s going to be your last day” she added, as she dropped the box down to the floor, and slowly started making her way out of the dark room.

“I’m going to kill you” Cassandra screamed to the villainess. “I’m going to fucking kill you bitch” she screamed, as Vev slammed the door behind them, locking the pair away in total darkness with a set of thick, old keys.

As she stood just beyond the door, she withdrew her phone and took a deep inhale of air, before her performance resumed. She placed the phone to her ear, stomping down a dimly lit corridor as she did so. Somebody finally picked up on the other end. “Oh my god” she panted aggressively. “Tyler, Cassandra is missing! Her door was open and her rooms been trashed! I need your help” she pretended to cry through a sickening smirk, as chaos emerged from the other end of the phone.

 Iris Dormitories – Clara’s Room 

Tyler, Clara and David were all gathered around the phone placed directly in the centre of Clara’s bed. “What do you mean she’s missing Vev?” Tyler asked in a blind state of panic.

“I’ve tried to call her, she’s not picking up. It’s going straight to voicemail” Vev roared from the other end. “Should I stay and wait to see if she returns?” Vev asked, already forming a plan in her mind. “She said she had something important to tell me!” Vev said, as she fought off her fake tears.

“Vev, do as we say and meet us in my dorm room. You can stay the night, you just have to get out of that place now! Text one of us when you’re halfway and we’ll all come and meet you okay” Clara shouted, she too now beginning to sound breathless.

“Should I inform the police?” Vev asked.

“Ye_” but before David could utter his reply, Tyler jumped over his words.

“Wait” he shouted. “Something about this seems fishy” Tyler sighed, as he stood up from the bed.

“Tyler what are you talking about, my best friend is fucking missing” Vev screamed from the other end of the line.

“Exactly, she’s missing. When the killer kidnapped me, he took my body for a reason. They wanted you guys to find me, if Cassandra was dead, then they would have left the body” Tyler stated.

“But they also took Raven’s body. And he was certainly dead” Clara corrected him. “Still, if they already killed Lavender tonight, then I just don’t think they’d kill Cassandra without rubbing it in our face. They want to play another game, they want us to find her nay, we will find her” Tyler roared, attempting to fill the defeated mind-set of the room with some type of positivity.

“But again, how do we know that she’s even alive. Wouldn’t it be better to call the police just in case?” David asked, as he withdrew his phone.

“No” Clara said, agreeing with her friend. “He’s right” she added quickly, before she too stood up from the bed. “Remember when Tyler was kidnapped, we were told if we go to the police that he’d die. What if this is the same situation?” Clara asked.

“Exactly, I don’t want to take that risk” Tyler stated.

“Are guy’s serious, last time the killer sent you a text to not involve the police. We haven’t received any threat so why don’t we just call the police” David said, as he began to dial the emergency number. But before he could hit call, Tyler snatched the phone out of his hands and threw it across the room. “Tyler!” David screamed.

“Like I said we can’t take that chance” Tyler said, through gritted teeth. “Vev get over here now” Tyler roared.

“On my way. Will call when I’m halfway” Vev replied before abruptly hanging up.

“What are we going to do!?” David roared. “We should have just called the police, Cassandra’s life could be at stake” he added, throwing his head back down onto Clara’s pillow.

“You yourself said the police weren’t doing any good for us or the case, and that we should distance ourselves and figure things out for ourselves” Clara said, in a somewhat stern tone, slightly annoyed by her boyfriend’s behaviour. “And I actually agreed with you, because look what happened tonight, they arrested the wrong person for Lavender’s murder and now Cassandra is missing. What good are the police going to do?” Clara asked sarcastically. “Plus they’re already on our arses, you saw the way McKenna looked at us during dinner” Clara screeched, now fully enraged by her boyfriend.

“McKenna saw you guys at dinner?” Tyler questioned.

“Yep, asked Clara what shoe size she wore. And now Clara remembered that you guys and Cassandra took a taxi to follow Logan, so she’s worried where the police are aiming their investigation” David said, in a calm manner doing whatever he could, to not anger his girlfriend any further.

“I have every right to be scared darling” Clara replied. “If the police figure out what we did to Logan, then they’ll try to set us up for everything else, and this psycho could walk free” she said.

“Well, I don’t think you have to worry about that. Haven’t you seen the news?” Tyler asked, whilst David retrieved his phone from the other side of the room. “The police arrested a drug dealer and charged him with Logan’s death” Tyler explained. “I don’t know how or why, but I’m just glad we’re out of the firing line” Tyler explained, as both Clara and David breathed a sigh of relief, before the two young lovebirds exchanged a small smile, as to apologise to each other for their rash behaviour.

“Maybe that’s why the killer’s taken Cassandra. Maybe they’re pissed you guys got away with it, so they’re taking her to lure you guys into the open” David hypothesised, as he sat back down on the edge of the bed.

“Oh my god!” Tyler grunted, as something suddenly dawned upon him. “In Mendoza’s office we found the journal, and in the journal he talked about purifying Windsor Academy, cleansing it in order to restore its prestigious name” he explained.

“And where is this diary now?” David asked, as Tyler suddenly grunted with anger upon realising something else.

“Fuck me, they have the diary and the wrist band!” Tyler moaned.

“Wristband? What wristband?” Clara questioned.

“That’s what was in the Cali’s box! A wristband from The Priory” Tyler explained. “They must have trashed the room, taken the diary and wristband” he moaned, before sitting next to David on the bed. As the boy was talking Clara walked over to her window, and stared up at the dark night’s sky, fearing for her new friend’s life.

“So if Cassandra knew what was in the box, then why didn’t they just kill her? Cali said that whatever was in there was the ultimate weapon, her golden bullet, unlimited ammunition” David asked.

“Because he doesn’t want to hurt her” Clara said, snapping her head around to the boys. “You said you had Mendoza’s diary right? What if he sent Dean to retrieve all the evidence that could incriminate them, and kill Cassandra for knowing! But suddenly Deans grown too attached to her and doesn’t want to hurt her, so has kidnapped her instead” Clara said, stating her theory to the boys.

“But if that’s true, what can we do about it, it’s not like we can torture Dean and demand him to tell us where she is” David said.

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do” Clara said bluntly, as both boy’s stared at each other nervously, with Tyler recognising the same darkness in her stare as the day she shot Logan. “I’m done playing defence and trying to gather evidence that always slips out of our grasp. Tomorrow, we’re taking the fight” she stated aggressively, just as the ringing of her phone interrupted her. “But first we need to complete what Cassandra was supposed to. We need to tell Vev, the more people we have on our side the better, once she hears our plan, I know in my heart that she’ll want to help” Clara said, as the darkness once again consumed her eyes, as the boys anxiously awaited the blonde girls arrival.

 The Police Station 

Caleb looked broken and dishevelled as he sat in the cordoned off part of the police station, he had yet to be interviewed, but hoped it would be coming soon, as all of the officers and workers that passed him, stared at him with such hatred that their looks penetrated his skin. He wanted all of this to be over, to be nothing more than a nightmare, to wake up in his bed ready for his date with Lavender. This night that was supposed to be perfect, but in reality it was the complete opposite.

He tugged at the handcuffs that chained him to his chair, and longed to be anywhere but there. When all of a sudden, a commotion at the front of the station, seemed to divert all the attention from him.

But this was no common commotion, instead it was Detective Mendoza storming in through the door, headed directly towards where Caleb was sitting. “I just want to talk to him! This is my investigation, I deserve to know what is going on!” Caleb could hear the man roar from where he was sitting. The Detective sounded angry, the boy feared what might happen should he be the one to interview him.

“Ryan, I respect that you want to be a part of this investigation. But the decision was final, you are on leave for two weeks, you can come back when the leave is over, but until then you can have absolutely no involvement with this case” one of the other officers said to Mendoza, blocking his path to Caleb.

“If this is the kid behind all of this, then I want in that investigation room. I can’t sit at home whilst potentially the biggest lead has landed in our lap. By the time those two weeks are up, the investigation could be over, then all my hard work would have been for nothing” McKenna said, in such a deranged fashion.

“Our decision is final. This obsession needs to stop Ryan. This case is consuming you. I said it earlier tonight and I’ll say it again. Go home, before you’re the one to end up in a cell” the other office said, as McKenna locked eyes with an eavesdropping Caleb from across the room.

“Fine, I’ll go home. But I want updates, I am owed that for all the work and time I’ve put into this case” McKenna said, as the other detective nodded their head and remained silent. McKenna then slowly began to back his way out of the building, but just as reached the door, he turned around and locked eyes with Caleb from afar. His eyes narrowed, and Caleb shuffled in his seat.

In the same moment, that the door shut behind the Detective, Caleb’s wrist suddenly became loose and free, he turned his head to see an officer unchaining his handcuffs. “Your parents are unable to make it until the morning, and without them here we can’t conduct the interview” the officer said to Caleb.

“What does that mean for me?” Caleb asked, as he rubbed his wrists.

“Follow” the officer said, as the walked across the room, leading Caleb towards a hallway. As he walked, he once again felt the eyes of each and every officer, judging him already, without even hearing his side of the story. He could have easily stared back, but he didn’t see the use, so his eyes lowered the floor and he obediently followed in silence. Eventually, Caleb and the officer came to a halt in front of a door. “You can sleep here tonight, we’ll wake you when your parents are here” the officer said, opening the door to reveal a small cell, with nothing but a mattress and toilet to fill the space.

“In here?” Caleb stuttered nervously, as the Officer stared at him with a look of annoyance.

“In here” the Officer repeated, tapping their foot in annoyance as they awaited Caleb’s entrance. The boy looked at each corner of the room with trepidation, he once again knew that this wasn’t worth a fight, if we wanted to plead his case, then he needed to obey their orders long enough for them to at least hear him out.

And so with a heavy heart and a deep breath, he entered the cell, his heart practically beating out of his chest. As he walked in, he closed his eyes and softly began to cry, as cold metallic door slammed behind him. His whimpers barely audible over the locks.

 The Following Day – Dining Hall: Breakfast 

Rain fell from the heavens, the sky was engulfed in dark clouds as a storm loomed over the prestigious school. As the students gathered for breakfast the following morning the windows were being pelted with water, with the whole atmosphere of the surrounding area being affected by the poor weather.

“This all feels like some weird type of nightmare, like I’m going to wake up any second in my bed” Vev whispered, sitting at a table with Clara, David and Tyler, barely touching her breakfast.

“We know it’s a lot of information to take in, especially on three hours of sleep. But I promise it’s all going to be okay Vev” Clara said, as she softly wrapped her arm around her and unknowingly hugged the murderer herself.

“I just can’t even phantom this, Dean and Mr Mendoza are the killers. I…” Vev whimpered, as she whipped away a tear from underneath her eye.

“Like Clara said, it’s a lot to take in. But we are going to end this today, we will save Cassandra and the rest of the school” Tyler insisted, attempting to offer yet more support to the dishevelled girl.

Suddenly, Vev’s face dropped and her fingers raised to her lips and she nervously bit her nail. “There’s something that’s been worrying me, something I didn’t tell you guys last night” Vev whispered. “I think Cohen’s missing too” she cried, lying to the trio who sat before her, knowing full well where Cohen really was.

“What?” David questioned suspiciously. “Why didn’t you tell us this, this changes everything” David said, once again starting to panic at the situation that lay before them.

“I’m so sorry” Vev cried. “I just thought he was ignoring me because we got into a fight. But now with all this Cassandra drama, I fear he too has been taken. I haven’t heard from him for nearly two days now” Vev said, before she burst out into a fit of crying. “I have no idea why I didn’t tell you guy’s sooner. It was so stupid of me not to, and I feel so terribly guilty” she added, leaning into Clara’s shoulder for comfort.

“Vev it’s okay. It doesn’t change anything. If Dean or Mendoza hurt or killed Cohen, then believe me, his body would have turned up by now. This killer isn’t one to horde bodies” Clara said, in a bid to comfort the girl.

The group went into silence, as Vev continued to whine. David looked and felt somewhat guilty for causing her so much distress, but he couldn’t help but voice his fears, at the ever mounting pressure. As they continued to sit in silence, Oscar walked past their table whilst carrying his breakfast. He turned his head to stare at the group, and being the gentleman as ever, David rose his hand and waved at the boy, beckoning him over to join them. But Oscar didn’t bite, and merely kept walking.

David lowered his hand awkwardly after the snub, as a group of younger students giggled behind him. “What happened, why hasn’t Oscar even acknowledge you guys?” Vev whimpered. “I thought you guys were all friends?” she questioned.

“It’s complicated” Clara whispered in response, watching as her former friend sat at a table alone.

“Oscar will come around, he just doesn’t want to be associated with this investigation after the whole Oliver thing” Tyler explained. “We need to use this as more incentive to catch this fucker” Tyler added. “We can save Cassandra and we can now save Cohen. But we’ll need to act fast” he explained.

“Dean goes on a run every morning at nine, he’ll then be in the boy’s changing room getting showered and ready for class. And that’s where we’re gonna strike” David stuttered nervously. “All sports activities will be cancelled today because of the weather conditions, so we should have the changing rooms all to ourselves” he added, being sure of only this section of the plan.

“Vev, we understand you’re in a very vulnerable place right now. If you don’t want to do this, then you don’t have to” Clara explained, as she gently stroked the girl’s hair.

“I want to” Vev replied softly, her voice filled with confidence and fire. “I want to do anything it takes to find my best friend and boyfriend. Let’s go get that son of a bitch” Vev added, smiling at the team, having them completely hoodwinked by her act.

“You heard the lady” Clara said, as she turned to face the two boy’s. “Let’s go get him” she said bluntly, as a loud clap of thunder bellowed from above the school.

 Muker, Yorkshire: Town Centre 

McKenna sat in his car, aggressively nursing a cup of coffee, as he watched the taxi with beady, bloodshot eyes. The rain covered his windscreen, but he lowered his window just enough to see the taxi drivers engaging with each other before their morning rounds. He hadn’t slept all night, he couldn’t stop but thinking of Caleb in the police station, wondering if he was indeed the one behind all of this. But his mind was filled with more questions, such as why were Clara Stark, Cassandra Clooney and Tyler Stephensen following Logan before his death?

These are the questions that brought him here today, he wanted to know if his suspicions were correct, he wanted to feel as if he were still in control of this case. It had become all consuming, all he thought of and all lived for. He wanted to be the one to solve this case, and his gut told him that all his fellow officers were barking up the wrong trees.

That is when he finally saw him, the man he had been looking for. He placed his coffee down into the cup holder and shot out of his car, instantly becoming drenched by the rain.

The taxi saw him coming immediately and attempted to escape by driving away. But McKenna was too quick for him, he ran straight in front of the moving vehicle forcing the driver to slam on his breaks.

“Would you step out of the vehicle please Sir” the Detective asked in a polite manner, as he strolled over towards the driver’s side window. The driver refused, he clutched onto the stirring wheel and looked straight ahead, remaining in total silence, pretending that McKenna wasn’t even there. “Sir I said exit your car” McKenna said, as the other drivers watched on, their conversations drawing to a finish as they watched the encounter. With their eyes on him, McKenna felt the need to act tougher, he needed to let everyone know this type of behaviour would not be tolerated, but more importantly he needed his answers.

He acted instinctively, if they were not going to let him be a part of the case then he would need to take matters into his own hands. He threw open the door and dragged the now shivering man out of the car by the collar of his coat. “I’m so sorry, please don’t hurt me” the Taxi driver whimpered, as the rain ran down his cheeks.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just want answers” McKenna whispered as he shoved the driver away, his back hitting the hood of the taxi as he did so. “Why did you tell me that three Windsor Students followed Logan Kendrick on the day of his death?” McKenna questioned, as the man looked around nervously, stuttering like a small child who was unable to form a full sentence. “WHY!” McKenna roared, as the man flinched with fright.

“I don’t know. I must have mixed it up with another day” the driver said in a blind panic. “Saw in the papers this morning that you lot caught the actual killer, that drug dealer. Guess just my memory playing up, old age and whatnot” the man said nervously. It was very easy to tell that he was lying, he was avoiding all eye contact and clutching onto himself, as if he were hugging his own body.

“I don’t believe you” McKenna said bluntly. “I think you were telling me the truth about those three students, all I’m wondering is why you’re covering for them, and more importantly why someone went down for a crime he obviously didn’t commit” McKenna hissed.

“Tell me the truth now, if you don’t a lot of other students may get hurt. In fact, one of them already has, last night for that matter? So do you still believe they’ve caught the right person?” McKenna asked as he stared the driver down, in a bid to intimidate the man.

“Erm I_” the man muttered, before McKenna grabbed onto his neck and slammed him down onto the hood of the car. The driver cried out from a combination of pain and fright as the other taxi drivers on the rank rushed to his aid. “I’m sorry, I was told not to speak anymore, I was told to drop it” the man cried out.

“By who?” McKenna asked, as a flash of lightning lit up the sky.

But before he could get an answer, the other drivers pulled the two men apart, with the other drivers forming a shield around their friend. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate way for a Detective to act” one of them said, as the all stared at McKenna in his dishevelled state with so much judgement in their eyes. “I know you’re just doing your job, but that is bang out of order, I don’t want to have to call your superior and report this. Just move on!” another shouted as McKenna backed away to his car defeated by the growing mob of passing civilians who had all gathered to support the driver.

He knew he couldn’t risk drawing attention to himself, so he took himself back to his car and drove away, soaking wet and his pride deflated McKenna took off, knowing that he needed to head to Windsor Academy, knowing that he needed to get to the bottom of this himself, once and for all.

 Blossom Dormitories – Oscar and Caleb’s Room 

Oscar ascended the stairs with his head down listening to his music, attempting to block and drown out the world around him. As he approached his room, his face was stern and his hair was ever so damp, he looked up for just a passing second, long enough to see that his door had been opened.

His heart skipped a beat, but he knew he needed to remain calm. “It’s probably just the police” he whispered, attempting to reassure himself, bracing his body to see the men and women in blue uniforms, collecting all of Caleb’s belongings for evidence. But instead, as he rounded the corner of his doorway, he saw his father sat on his bed with all of his belongings before him in boxes and suitcases. His walls were now bare, his draws empty, every sign or trace of Oscar had been completely irradiated from the room and stuffed away, before being place at his father’s feet. “What are you doing here?” Oscar questioned aggressively.

“Well, that’s a fine hello” Elias moaned, as he rose from the bed and threw out his arms. “Aren’t you at least going to give your old Dad a hug?” he asked, before Oscar walked past and towards his dresser.

“Where are my school books?” Oscar asked, as he looked around the bare room. “I can’t be late for History and need my stuff” he said, turning to his father.

“I put them all in this box here, I labelled it School stuff see” Elias said, as he lifted up the box, which was immediately snatched away by Oscar. “I also have one for personal items such as photos and another for little knickknacks like posters or those little cactus’ all teenagers seem to obsessed with for some reason” Elias said, desperately trying to get a conversation out of his son.

But Oscar merely threw the box down onto the bed and stared blankly at his father. “I’m fine by the way, thanks for asking. I was attacked by a serial killer, who ruptured my nose as I attempted to save another student’s life. But my father didn’t come to the hospital, guess he had better things to be doing” Oscar hissed, as the yanked his History book from the box.

“And why do you think I’m here?” Elias questioned. “I’m not letting you stay in the room with a possible serial killer. So I called Simon this morning and requested you be moved to a private room” he explained. “And I’m so sorry. I was at the police station” Elias whispered, as he gently closed his son’s door, unwilling to air their family’s dirty laundry in front of the rest of the students.

“Dad, I’m going to tell you this once and only once. But Caleb is not the killer believe me. The boy’s too innocent to even cut himself with a bread knife let alone butcher people” Oscar moaned. “And I know where you where, I read an article about the case on fucking Twitter this morning” Oscar barked, as he walked towards his anxious father. “I had to read about how there was an entire drug operation within my Father’s bar. Not only that, I had to learn that you and said dealers were pimping out young boys at the bar” Oscar hissed, looking his pathetic excuse for a father up and down. “You pimped out Leo, you’re the reason Logan is dead. But you get off with everything, all because you’re ‘co-operating’ with the police. You’re a disgrace” Oscar said, before he attempted to walk away.

But Elias was unwilling to let it go that easily. He grabbed hold of Oscar’s wrist and pulled him back. “You don’t understand” Elias whispered. “Logan Kendrick was not a good person” he added.

“So he deserved to be fucking murdered?” Oscar questioned in shock.

“Of course not” Elias sighed. “He was the one to pimp out Leo initially. I know I was complicit in letting it happen, but I had to. He had such a tight grasp over me, it was Logan all along, when he first started coming to the bar two years ago, we weren’t doing so well financially. I quickly noticed he was renting his ‘services’ out and one night I politely asked him to stop. That’ when he got into my head, you have no idea how much of a manipulator that boy was, he convinced me to let the drug operation run from within the club, but overtime whenever I became uncomfortable he threatened to tell the police, or worse to tell you or Oliver” he cried, his eyes welling up. “The day he died, he came into the bar waving a gun about, saying he was going to secure an even bigger operation that would bring even more drugs into the bar. The only thing I wanted to do with my cut of the money is pay for you and Oli’s university fees. But that day he died. I told the police everything I knew, in exchange they offered me immunity” he said, as Oscar rolled his eyes disinterested.

“You knew that Logan was forcing Leo to do all of that stuff?” Oscar questioned, practically spitting at his father through his gritted teeth. “Oliver loved Leo, he told me so in this very room” he whispered. “And now they’re both gone, and it hurts me so much to stand here and listen to my father, say that he knew what a monster Logan Kendrick was, but he never did anything about it!” Oscar roared. “I used to think that we had a good relationship Dad. I used to think that it was me and Oliver who were never close. But now I see I was wrong, because I don’t even know who you are” he barked.

“Yes you do Son” Elias cried.

“NO, I don’t” Oscar screamed at the top of his voice. “You may not have killed Logan, Leo or Oli. But you played a fundamental part in each one of their deaths. All of that destruction could have been avoided, if you grew a pair of balls” Oscar hissed, his father now shivering with fear. “It’s funny, me and Oli were nearly onto your little game. This Christmas we found you were transferring money to Logan. At first I just thought maybe you were having some creepy relationship with someone the same age as your Sons. I would never in my wildest, darkest nightmares have imagined what you’ve just told me” he added, as Elias crumbled and sat on the edge of Oscar’s bed.

“Everything I’ve done, is to protect you” Elias whimpered.

“You really should have tried harder…” Oscar whispered, as he turned around to face his door. “I never want to see you ever again” Oscar added, without emotion and without even turning to look at his father.

“What?” Elias cried, as he looked up from the palms of his hands that had been cupping his face.

“I said, I never want to see you ever again. I don’t care what you do, where you go, or who you’re with. Because all I know is I don’t want to be associated with you, ever again.

You’re pathetic, disgraceful” Oscar continued his rant, as he turned around and slowly crept towards his Father with tears now filling his own eyes. “A weak, pitiful excuse for a Father. I don’t need you polluting my life, I’d be much better off on my own. I’d rather starve and work my way through University and live in the crappiest accommodation available, then take a single penny of your tainted money” he whispered, as Elias looked up at him like a lost little puppy.

“Oscar please, you’re all I have” Elias cried, as he reached out to his son, his only living relative.

“The only thing I had was Oliver, I’ve been all on my own for a while now. I guess it just took some time for me to see that” Oscar replied, as he turned away allowing his Father’s hand to fall into the air. “I want all my stuff unpacked, and put back where you found it. If you’re still here by the time I get back, I’ll call the police and let them deal with you” Oscar added, once again ignoring his father’s presence entirely. “Goodbye Dad” Oscar added, returning to his emotionless tone.

He exhaled, and breathed a sigh of relief, before exiting the room completely. Leaving his sobbing father behind. As he got further and further away, the sobs Elias grew quieter and quieter, until eventually he couldn’t hear anything at all. As he approached the staircase he held onto the bannister tightly, and quietly reflected to himself.

Had this been the right decision? He thought to himself, with his feet just inches away from the edge. But he knew he couldn’t turn back, and without wanting to dwell on the situation for much longer, he walked down the stairs, away from his old life, away from his family.

 Police Station – Holding Cell 

Caleb lay on the cold, hard mattress, unable to sleep, unable to think without stress and fear crushing his brain. He knew the upcoming day would be a hard one, but he was ready, he knew his innocence, and he was intent on making sure the police knew it too.

He rolled over to his side, just as he heard keys enter the cell door. He braced himself for what was about to happen, watching as the door slowly creaked open. “Brought you some breakfast” an officer said, walking in with a trey, on which rested a cool bowl of porridge and a small glass of water. “Your parents were travelling all throughout the night, they arrived twenty minutes ago” the officer told Caleb.

“When can I see them?” Caleb questioned.

“Soon, give us some time to get everything set up for the interview, the more you co-operate the faster we’ll move. Just eat your breakfast and we’ll come back for you when you’re needed” the officer said, as she began to walk towards the door.

“Can I have a phone call” Caleb questioned, as he rose up to his feet from the mattress. The Officer froze, she spun around on her heels and stared at the boy, with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Why would you need a phone call?” the Officer questioned. “Your parents are already here, like I just said” she said, as Caleb slowly approached her.

“I’m entitled to have a phone call aren’t I?” Caleb questioned. “I know my parents are here, but I just want to call my little brother, and let him know that everything’s going to be alright” Caleb pleaded.

“I’ll get your parents to call your Brother for you” the Officer said dismissively. “Then let me call my friends, please. I just want to talk to someone, please. I loved Lavender so much, I just want to let my friends know that I didn’t hurt her” Caleb cried, as he slumped back down onto the mattress and practically begged the officer for the call.

She sighed, and turned around. “Fine, I’ll see what I can do” the woman said, before she finally exited the cell, no longer willing to listen to Caleb.

“Thank you, thank you so much” Caleb shouted over the heavy locking of the door. He looked down at the breakfast trey and sighed with disgust, lifting the spoon to see the mush slop down into the bowl like thick cement. “Mmm yummy” he whispered sarcastically, as he leaned back into the pillow, in order to stare up towards the cracked ceiling. He thought of his friends at school, wondered what they were doing and whether they were thinking of him.

Little did Caleb know, that his friends were in the midst of executing their plan, but unfortunately for him, Vev was in the midst of executing her own.

 Boy’s Changing Room 

A sweaty rain soaked Dean clad in skin tight jogging gear entered the changing room, and yanked his earphones out of his years with an aggressive sigh. He kicked off his trainers and threw them towards his locker, before ripping his shirt off to reveal his perfect abs.

He sighed once again and strutted towards the sinks, he very quickly splashed some water on face, before looking to his reflection.

It then, as he was staring at himself did he realise he wasn’t alone, for lingering in the backdrop, were David and Tyler. “Guys, you scared me” Dean panted, as he leaned against the sink. The other two boys remained quiet, but stalked their target, slowly approaching him with great caution. “What’s up with you two?” Dean questioned suspiciously, raising one of his brows. But, the two rugby players still remained quiet. “Okay, weirdooooss” Dean whispered to himself, before attempting to barge past them in order to get to the showers.

But as his shoulder knocked into Tyler’s the boy suddenly snapped. Tyler grabbed Dean’s shoulder and threw him against the wall, using his forearm to pin the boy against it.

“What the fuck are you doing” Dean roared.

“Shut up!” Tyler rebutted. “You’re going to start talking and you’re going to start talking now Dean” Tyler hissed, trying to intimidate the boy.

“We know about your Dad and Cali, we know about the Diary and all signs are pointing towards you being the killer” David added, with a stern face, knowing that whilst he didn’t like doing this, it needed to be done for the better of the school.

“What are you both talking about? I’m not the killer, that’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard” Dean hissed back in response, as he desperately tried to wriggle out of the boy’s hold, but to ensure he stayed put David also added the pressure of his arm too. Suddenly, one of the bathroom stalls opened, with Clara and Vev emerging from inside.

“Is it ludicrous?” Clara questioned. “Because you were the first person on the scene when Olivia died with me and Cassandra, you were also insistent on coming with Cassandra to the murder of Chas” Clara said, stone-faced with her voice emotionless and stern.

“Cassandra and I also saw you rough up Caleb yesterday in your Father’s office” Tyler added, as Dean’s face dropped and washed white with fear. “Now all of a sudden, Caleb is in jail for a crime he clearly didn’t commit, and Cassandra is missing” Tyler added, with Dean’s face now looking up in shock.

“Cassandra is missing?” Dean questioned in shock.

“And Cohen too” Vev whimpered. “So please, Dean just tell us where they are. Please” Vev pleaded, but Dean was no longer paying attention, his face went blank and he shut off all audible sound around him.

“We can do this easily and you can turn yourself along with your sick paedophile of a father in. OR we can do it the hard way, and we can get our answers out of you another way” Tyler whispered, adding pressure onto Dean’s shoulder.

But Dean had no intention of co-operating with the team, he turned to Tyler and smiled, before kicking the boy in the groin. Tyler yelped in surprise, before Dean kicked him yet again in the chest, sending his body hurdling into Vev’s. The two teens crashed down to the floor, as David and Clara were sent into a blind panic. David launched himself at Dean and attempted to tackle him to the floor, but Dean escaped his grasp and quickly threw the boy into the wall. But Clara was unwilling to go down so easily, she grabbed onto Dean’s wrist and yanked the boy closer. “I kicked your arse in that self-defence class, and I can kick it again now” Clara whispered, as she attempted to kick Dean in the ribcage.

But Dean was too fast for her, he grabbed onto her leg and picked her up off the ground before launching her at David’s body. The rugby jock was stumbling to his feet, when he needed to catch her body. He grunted as she landed in his opens arms, her weight once again forcing him to the floor, as to shield her from the impact. “Tyler stop him!” Clara grunted, as she attempted to help David to his feet.

But Dean was too quick and he bolted towards the door, before Tyler or Vev could even act, but just as his fingertips reached out and touched the shiny silver handle, Dean was hit over the head and knocked out, his tumbling down to the floor.

The four teens gasped in shock, as Tyler ran over and pinned him down to the floor, in order to ensure he couldn’t escape again. It was only when he looked up, and the others approached Dean’s attacked did they see it was Jules Barons, carrying a hockey stick. “Bastard” Jules whispered as he looked down at Dean. “So, this piece of shit is the killer huh?” Jules questioned, as his red baggy eyes looked towards the others. Clara nodded in silence, as the young boy threw the hockey stick down onto the floor. “Well then, let’s get a confession and then let’s get my brother out of jail” he said solemnly, his eyes deadpan and locked on to Dean, this was not the same young boy, this was a person hell-bent on revenge.

 Front of the School 

Elias Olsson and Simon Mendoza slowly exited the school building, creeping towards Elias’ car that was parked by the main gates of the building. “Thanks for letting me visit him Simon” Elias whispered, it was very evident he had been crying, but Simon did not wish to impose on his friend, nor did he wish to see the grown man cry.

“Look, I don’t know what Oscar said to you, but don’t let it get to you. Kids say mean shit, believe me I’m an educator I should know. The trick is never let them see you sweat” Simon said, as he tapped Elias on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. With any luck that Barons boy will be incarcerated sooner rather than later, Oscar will have the room to himself and the whole school will be safe and sound” Mendoza said, in a bid to comfort the moping father.

“Yeah, with any luck” Elias whispered, as he edged his way closer to the divers door. “I read about your bar in the paper mate” Simon sighed, as he rubbed his temples. “Try and stay out of trouble, yeah?” Simon asked, in a tone which suggested it was more of a demand rather than a friendly suggestion. Elias nodded obediently, but did not say another word.

He simply bowed his head and entered his car. As the engine started, Simon quietly adjusted his tie and turned away, both men were completely unaware that they were in fact being watched, by non-other than Detective McKenna, who was lurking in the bushes snapping photographs of the two men.

 Boy’s Changing Room 

The newly formed team had tied Dean to one of the benches, his head was reeling, but all five of them focused on him, remaining in silence, waiting for him to come through in order to begin their questioning. Finally, his eyelids flickered open and Dean stared at the group, attempting to stand before realising he was bound to his seat. “What are you crazy bitches doing?” Dean muttered.

“Interrogating you” Tyler hissed, jumping on Dean’s words.

“Start talking, or we’ll hit you again” Jules said, as he tapped the hockey stick into his open palm.

“This is illegal, this could get you all sent to jail” Dean barked, ensuring he looked each and every one of his attackers in the eye. The only one who showed some trepidation, was Vev, but she merely pretending to be anxious, putting on her usual naive face, a great performance if she did say so herself. Even David looked furious at the boy sitting before him, who continued to struggle against the ropes. “Fine, I’ll have to resort to plan B” Dean whispered. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME” Dean roared, as the group quickly scrambled to gag him before he could say another word.

Clara yanked the hockey stick off the younger boy and held it against the right side of Dean’s skull. “I swear to God. I will take a swing at you if you scream again” Clara whispered, in a bid to calm the boy down.

“We just want answers Dean, we don’t want to hurt you” David said calmly, as he slowly leaned in and removed the gag from his former friends mouth. “All we want to do is to save Cassandra and Cohen” he added, as he backed away with his hands in the air, in order to show the boy that he was no threat to him.

“I should be the one out there saving Cassandra” Dean said through gritted teeth. “But instead, I’m being tied up by the cast of Scooby Doo” he added, before turning away to sulk in his seat.

“Stop acting like a little brat and start talking” an enraged Tyler snapped. The jock had becoming to grow impatient with Dean, the death of Lavender last night had sent him over the edge, he was now more than ever determined to get answers, and with Dean sitting in front of him, he couldn’t help but think of Olivia and whether or not Dean was the one to kill her. All these thoughts were scrambling around his head, as he stared into Dean’s soul. “Just admit that you’re the killer and we can send you’re murderous arse to jail” he added, before Vev pulled him away in a bid to calm him down.

Dean remained as calm ever, he raised his brow and looked at enraged Tyler. “I’m not the killer, and I can explain all that evidence you just ‘thew’ at me” Dean whispered through a sigh.

“Then start explaining” Clara said immediately after the boy finished speaking.

“I was at outside Periwinkle Dormitory the night Olivia died by coincidence and coincidence only” Dean began to explain. “I was going for a nightly walk, when I merely stumbled into you and Cassandra” he stated looking at Clara. “Next thing I know Olivia’s body is getting thrown off the roof, and you guys think that’s evidence. As for the night Chas died, that’s fairly obvious. I didn’t want my girlfriend to go alone to the middle of the woods whilst there was a killer on the loose. I mean seriously, would any of you guys let anyone you care about do that” Dean explained. Tyler and David exchanged a look, as did Vev and Jules, but Clara remained unwavering and kept her focus on Dean.

“Okay, explain the diary” Tyler said bluntly. “Your Dad is a real fucking sick twisted piece of work” he added, his face becoming redder by the passing second. “Cassandra and I read all about the affair with Cali, all about how he needed to regain control of her. Or that too just a coincidence that all of a sudden she dies the exact same night he wishes to regain control?” he questioned.

“I didn’t know about the diary until last night, when my father noticed it was missing” Dean said, being as honest as he could. “I know that my father’s relationship with Cali was inappropriate, even more so considering the fact that she was my girlfriend at the time of the affair. But I shouldn’t be judged by the actions of my father” he said, pleading with the group.

“So what, you’re just excusing his actions?” Jules questioned.

“He could have killed one of my best friends Dean!” Vev added, finally going on the verbal offence.

“I’m not excusing his actions, because I don’t believe he’s the killer either!” Dean blurted aloud. “I know my Father, I’ve done stupid shit for my father, like burning half the Yorkshire Mores. I would do anything for him because I know at the end of the day, no matter how much of dick he may have appeared to be, he would always have the best intentions of the school at heart” Dean cried.

“Having the best intentions of the school is exactly why we think he’s the killer” Tyler said, speaking up once again. “In the Diary he spoke about Leo and Logan being sex-workers and how he wished to purify the school in order to uphold its prestigious name. How do we know that’s what he’s done with all of the other students that have died?” he questioned. “And if you’re not the killer then who is?” Clara questioned firmly.

“Again how could I know what my father’s diary says, I told you I didn’t read it!” Dean roared with frustration. “He may be a dick but he’s not a killer!” he repeated.

“Then who is!” Clara asked yet again, this time her voice was more aggressive, this time she was attempting to assert her power.

“Well, since I’m clearly not going anywhere. I will share with you my theories. Since you’ve all shared yours with me” Dean said in a snobbish voice. “I think it’s Caleb” he said, staring at Jules, who was clenching and unclenching his fists. “And Oscar” he added quickly, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

“Why on earth would you think it’s those two? Both have lost loved ones to the killings” David spoke up. “Besides, they’re both nice guys who haven’t done a thing wrong. Sure Caleb made that twitter account to slander the school, but even he admitted that it was hacked out of his control” David added.

“Are you going to tell them, or shall I?” Dean questioned, staring directly at Jules. “Tell us what?” Clara asked, as she turned to the young boy.

“You see Caleb isn’t exactly the sweet innocent boy he claims to be. He spent a while The Priory” Dean said, with a smile on his face, a revelation that rocked Clara, David and Tyler, who had all been made aware of the missing Hospital Band. “You only have yourself to blame for me knowing that Jules. You told Jonathan, whose quiet the gossip” Dean added, ensuring to get the slight dig in towards the boy.

Jules quickly turned around to the group, he became breathy and panicked. “My Brothers not crazy okay. He just had some anger issues, and my parents thought it best to send him to The Priory in order for them to see what kind of therapy he responded best to. But he takes his medicine everyday and I know I may rag on him, and think he’s a nerd and yeah maybe I haven’t exactly been super friendly or nice to him this past year, but he’s not the killer. He’s lying!” Jules said, his sentences rolling into one slurred emotional speech, as he excused Dean. This emotion seemed genuine, but the seeds of doubt were already planted in the minds of the older students.

“And as for Oscar, well that one is way more obvious” Dean laughed. “Isn’t funny that how he’s encountered the killer on more than one occasion, and each and every time he ends up with a simple cut or scratch on him, whilst everyone else ends up worse?” Dean questioned.

“Like Halloween. Clara and David you guys were stabbed, Tyler you were buried alive, but Oscar he was just kicked in the face and thrown in a pool. And then yesterday, Jonathan was stabbed, and again Oscar was there to miraculously save the day and only end up with a busted nose” he added. “If you wanan accuse me of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, how about you accuse your friend of the same thing Clara” he spitted with spite.

“Because he was certainly at the wrong place when he showed up to my Mother’s trial, for absolutely no reason. Other than to presumably want to watch her go down for his own crimes” he said, kicking his feet as he ended his rant. “So is that enough good theories for ya?” Dean questioned sarcastically, as Clara folded her arms and watched on like a disapproving parent.

“Guys we need to talk” Clara whispered to her group of friends. “Jules watch him, don’t let him move” she whispered, as she returned the hockey stick to the young boy. She led her group of Tyler, David and Vev towards the showers for an impromptu meeting. “Why are we coming over here?” Vev questioned curiously.

“As much as I hate to say this, but he’s right” Clara said solemnly.

“What?” Tyler barked in shock.

“We need to investigate all our options and all possible theories” Clara responded. “If we want any chance of defeating this killer whilst also finding Cassandra and Cohen TODAY, then we need to strike when the iron is hot. Dean’s explained his side of the story, so let’s go get Oscar and we can let him do the same” Clara sighed, knowing how little Oscar wished to be involved with her investigation, and what an effort it would be to get him to even look at her.

“So you’re saying we tie Oscar up and say hey this dude that we think is the killer, thinks you’re the killer, tell us your story?” David said sarcastically.

“No, we can take a different approach with Oscar, a sweeter approach. He’s our friend and he’s certainly not a killer” Clara sighed.

“So what’s the plan?” David asked his girlfriend.

“We’ll let the police deal Caleb” she whispered, looking back to Jules who had his back to them, still focusing on Dean. “We can’t ignore a clue like that. The hospital band could have belonged to him for all we know” she added. “But we’ll go find Oscar and we’ll ask him questions in a manner in which he won’t be intimidated or be able to think he’s being asked questions” she explained.

“And what do we just leave a possible serial killer with a four-teen year old with a hockey stick?” Tyler asked sarcastically.

“No, you and David will stay here and watch over him too” Clara whispered. “He can try to explain it all he wants, but I still don’t trust him, or his father for that matter” Clara explained. “Vev, you and I will split up and go on the hunt for Oscar, if either one of us find we’ll text the other immediately” Clara explained to the girl who was once again pretending to be nervous.

“But, what if Dean’s right. What if Oscar is dangerous?” Vev stuttered, as she latched onto Clara’s hand for emotional support.

“If it’s any consolation, if Oscar is the killer then I highly doubt he’s gonna stab you in a busy hallway” Tyler said, in a bid to break up the tension.

“Look, if you want to Cassandra and Cohen then this must be done. Much like Dean, Oscar needs to be questioned. And if all else fails we’ll tie Mr Mendoza up and do the exact same thing to his creepy arse” Clara said, squeezing Vev’s hand to comfort her. “Now come on, let’s go looking for him” she whispered.

“Good luck love” David said, as he reached over and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek.

“Good luck to you too” Clara repeated, as she mimicked his affections. She looked over to Dean, who was staring at her from across the changing room. “Looks like you’re gonna need it” she whispered before both she and Vev gradually began to walk out, leaving the boy’s to babysit their suspect. As she left, she hated to admit it to herself, but she too was now question Oscar’s actions and motivations, and how he seemingly never got hurt. Had this all been a ruse, was her former best friend indeed the killer, or had Dean merely got inside her head?

 Unknown Location. 

Cassandra blinked, her eyes flickering open before her whole body immediately tensed, when she realised she was still trapped, still confined to the hard wooden chair. “How long was I asleep for?” Cassandra questioned through a long drawn yawn.

“Couldn’t say” Cohen responded. “Probably sometime between an hour or two. Hard to tell what time it is in this place” the boy added, as he looked up and around at his dark, dank surroundings. “Do you feel any better?” he asked.

“About one of my best friends being a serial killer?” Cassandra said sarcastically, before yawning to herself yet again. “No, I don’t” she added, her eyes fixated on the door. She needed to escape, in order to tell the others of the killer’s true identity, she knew it now rested on her shoulders to stop Vev. And thus, with more effort than ever before she began to tug on the ropes that bound her hands.

“Cassandra there’s no use, they won’t budge” Cohen moaned.

“Well what other option do we have?” Cassandra said in annoyance. “This is why we never worked out, you just let things happen to you without trying to fight against it” Cassandra snapped, allowing her rage at the situation to be aimed at Cohen.

“No, we didn’t work because you got rid of our baby without telling me” Cohen replied, raising his voice with an aggressive infliction.

“I didn’t want to have to put you through that, it wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right decision” Cassandra sighed, as she paused her tugging. “But like I said, you would have just wanted to keep it, move to the country side and be the perfect family at aged eight-teen. And that’s not what, I want more from my life” Cassandra sighed, ensuring she was looking into Cohen’s eyes for what she had to say next. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you Cohen, you had every right to know. I shouldn’t have just done it without even telling you, that was a bitch move” she cried.

“Yeah, it kinda was” Cohen replied awkwardly, not wanting to make her feel guiltier than she already did. “But maybe you’re right. Maybe that wasn’t the life we were supposed to live, maybe we were destined to go our separate ways eventually” he sighed. “Not that I did much better after we broke up, you know considering my girlfriend ended up being a serial killer” he said, in the same awkward tone of voice.

“I didn’t do that much better either” Cassandra responded, much to the surprise of Dean. “Clara and I, along with several of her friends thought Dean was the killer. I guess we were wrong, you know considering your girlfriend is a serial killer” Cassandra added, using Cohen’s own words, in order to ease the darkness of the situation. “But whilst he may not be the killer, he was certainly no Prince Charming. I’ve learnt that much at least” she sighed.

“I guess we both just have bad taste” Cohen replied, smiling at his Ex, an action which was happily reciprocated by Cassandra. The Queen Bee hastily resumed to pulling at the ropes, and now feeling inspired by their chat, Cohen proceeded to follow suit. But their attempts were cut short when they heard the lock of the door turn. “Shh” Cohen hushed, as Cassandra immediately stopped what she was doing and faced front.

Vev kicked the door open, and following a quick gentle swoop, she found herself leaning against the doorframe, inspecting her painted fingernails. “Hi guys, did you sleep well?” she asked, before bursting out into a fit of giggles as she slammed the door behind her.

“Ohhh I sure hope you did” she squealed, as she clapped her hands together.

“What are you doing here Vev?” Cassandra moaned, ensuring she used the same bitchy tone of voice she always used when she needed to cut someone down to size. “Are you here to gloat?” Cassandra questioned, as her face lowered into a resting bitch expression.

“You really aren’t trying to use that voice on me are you?” Vev laughed. “That has never worked, like ever” she added, as she slowly began to circle her former friend. “You’re Cali Cassandra, and you never will be. That was one intimidating bitch_”

"Is that why you killed her?” Cohen said, as he desperately butted into the girls verbal sparring.

“Sort of. It’s complicated” Vev replied dismissively.

“Then tell us, we have nothing but time down here” Cassandra said bluntly. “Tell us everything” Cassandra hissed, as the two girls stared each other down.

“That is, if you are the figurehead of this operation?” Cohen added. “Because if I’m being honest, I don’t think you’re in this alone Vev. I don’t think someone like you is smart enough to pull all of this off on your own” he said, ensuring his spiteful would rock her murderous pride.

She smirked to herself, and caressed the boy’s chin with her long pink fingernail. “You don’t think I’m smart enough Cohen?” she questioned sarcastically. “Well, clearly I am because how else would I have been able to do things such as burning Chasity alive?” she questioned in an emotionless state, before lowering herself down to sit on Cohen’s bound lap.

“That was you?” Cassandra gasped with disgust. “You killed our best friend!” she said, her teeth bared and eyes shooting daggers.

“I also killed your walking purse dog Leo. Which was actually an accident as I was just supposed to kill Oliver that night. See I owned Logan a favour and he wanted Oliver out of the picture, so his wish was about to be granted_” Vev’s casual explanation, was abruptly cut off when Cassandra jumped on her words.

“Wait a minute. Logan Kendrick knew you were the killer, and he did nothing to stop you?” Cohen gasped with surprise, as she desperately attempted to avoid crying over the deaths of her deceased friends.

Vev smiled, refusing to break eye contact with Cassandra as she gently stroked Cohen’s cheek. “He knew alright, but you already knew he knew, didn’t you Cassandra?” Vev giggled.

“Well as I was saying. He caught me in my killing outfit, shortly after I murdered that nosy bitch Blair Robison. First he wanted money to stay quiet, then he wanted immunity for himself Leo, which I happily granted” Vev explained.

“But you killed Leo, and Logan died too” Cohen questioned.

“Like I said Leo’s death was a happy accident. Kicked a closet door open thinking Oliver was going to be on the other side, and boom he’s a goner. And once he was gone I thought may as well make a statement with the death, which is why we made such a grand spectacle with their organs. But as for Logan, I think you better ask Cassandra about that one” Vev declared, as her eyes narrowed in on her former leader. “See, how mad she is Cohen?” Vev questioned, as she pushed the boys cheeks together. “Told you I could do those types of things. But would you be at all surprised if Cassandra could do those things too?” she whispered into his ear, in a strangely sexual tone.

“You fucking bitch!” Cassandra screamed at the top her voice.

Vev giggled softly, and attempted to nuzzle herself into Cohen’s neck, but the young rugby player flinched, and then pushed the girl away using nothing but his head. “Are you gonna kill us too?” the nervous boy questioned.

Vev sighed with annoyance, before quickly pushing herself off the boy’s lap. “Well, let’s just say you’re about to see how truly wicked I am” she sighed blissfully, as she once again returned to pacing around the chairs. “For you see, your boyfriend is going to take the fall for everything Cassandra” she declared, as the queen bee desperately tried to fight back the tears.

“Right now, as we speak, Tyler and David are currently holding Dean hostage because they believe him to be the mastermind behind all of this. And those stupid dipshits actually believe if they put enough pressure on him, that he’ll hand himself in and that he’ll tell them where he’s hiding you both” she explained, practically nauseated by the thought of the idiotic teenagers. “But let’s be real, those two couldn’t watch a puppy, Dean is eventually going to break out and he’s going to come looking for you both. That’s when all the fun will begin” Vev declared, as she reached down into her satchel and pulled out Mr Mendoza’s diary.

Cassandra gritted her teeth under her tightly confined lips, at the mere sight of the book. “You see Cassandra, in this little diary Mr Mendoza reveals that Dean was the one who burnt down the mores that night. Even I didn’t know that” Vev declared as she flicked through the pages. “Should the police find this diary, they may make connections to Dean’s pyromaniac nature. From the mores fire to the death of Chas, they’ll finally be able to see a pattern in the killer’s behaviour” she explained, with her plan now making total sense. “And who’s to say that evil Dean won’t strike again. And maybe, oh I don’t know, burn you both alive too, whilst burning this entire building to ground?” Vev asked as she held her hands up to the ceiling, after ever-so-casually threatening the lives of two other people. “Three fire related crimes, bingo the police will have their man” she declared, smiling proudly to herself. “And who will everyone have to thank, for stealing Mr Mendoza’s diary, for saving the school and stopping the rampage? Oh they’ll have me to thank!” Vev roared with delight.

“You’ll never get away with this, the police will never believe you!” Cassandra said defensively.

“Oh but they already have believed me. You guys may be out of the loop but Caleb Barons was arrested last night under the suspicion of murdering Lavender” Vev said calmly. “Now guess, who was the one who suggested police investigate him? Oh again that was me, well after I switched his little love notes around and lured poor Lavender away from him” she smiled sadistically. “After the today, the police will have their killer and his accomplice. And there isn’t a thing either of you can do to stop this from happening” Vev declared.

“But before it does, I just want you both to know something, something from the bottom of my heart” Vev sighed wistfully, as she placed her hands on both of her prisoners cheeks. “Cassandra you were a shitty friend and Cohen, you were really fucking terrible in bed” she said, before she quickly slapped Cassandra with the back of her hand, and scratched the side of Cohen’s face with her long nails.

Both teens gasped with pain, as she once again giggled wickedly to herself. “Now, I’m going to give you some time to yourselves, but when I get back. I’m afraid it’s your curtain call guys. Better get everything out of your system now, pray to God or whoever you believe in. Because you’re both going to need all the help you can get, because if Chas’s screams are anything to go by, burning to death is going to be super painful” she explained, with one hand on the door handle. “Toodles” she laughed, before slamming the door shut again.

“What the fuck are we going to do now” I now panicked Cohen questioned, as a small trail of blood ran down his face.

Cassandra had remained stone faced, still holding her powerful stern look. She simply turned to him, narrowed her eyes and uttered the following words. “We’re going to fucking kill that bitch”

 Police Station 

Caleb sat on the edge of the mattress, his leg bopping up and down with anticipation as his bowl of porridge was left on the floor barely touched. His fingertips tapped the top of his kneecaps, as the keys to the door once again turned. His shoulders tensed, and his lips tightened, as the same Police Officer from earlier entered his holding cell. “So I spoke with my supervisor, and they have agreed to allow you one phone call” the officer said, as Caleb shot up to his feet. “On the condition that as soon as said phone call is over, you will follow me to the interrogation suit where your parents are waiting for you, at which time your interview will begin” the officer said.

“Deal, that seems more than fair” Caleb said, as he eagerly bounced from foot to foot.

“Are we going now?” he asked, desperate for some communication with the outside world. The officer didn’t respond verbally, but simply nodded her head, before guiding him out of the cell.

As they walked down the corridor, Caleb was met by the same judgemental eyes of the police officers, and this time he couldn’t help but wonder if he’d be met by the same gaze from his parents. It wasn’t long before they reached the second a hallway containing the phones, the hall was cramped and tucked away behind the officer’s coffee station, the artificial light above it was dull, and left an almost yellow tinge on the white brick walls. “Through there” the officer pointed. “You have five minutes” she informed him bluntly.

As he approached the phone, he wasn’t too sure who he’d want to call. He initially thought of Clara, he needed to completely reassure her that he wasn’t the killer, but by her actions and tears last night, he already knew she believed in his innocence. He also thought of calling Oscar, whilst he and his roommate may not have been the closest of friends, the thought of Oscar believing he was the one responsible for his twin brother’s death was weighing heavily on Caleb’s mind. But he knew that it had to be Jules, he had to communicate with his brother, despite their disagreements over the year he needed to tell him of his innocence. And as he typed in his brothers phone number, he remained completely unaware that he did in fact already believe in Caleb’s innocence, and was doing everything in his power to help clear his name.

But the line went dead, as the cold mechanical voice on the other side informed him that there was no signal. Caleb put the phone down and attempted to dial the number once again, but just as he did so the most peculiar thin happened, the phone he was using started to ring. He looked down the corridor and the officer was too busy making herself a coffee to notice this strange occurrence. In all his life and in all the films he ever saw, he never once heard of a police phone receiving a call, he only thought it possible to use said phones for outcalls.

But instead of hesitating and letting the potential connection to Jules disappear, he picked it up. “Hello” the boy muttered, as he turned his back to the officers.

“Hello Caleb” a deep distorted voice answered.

“Who is this?” the young boy asked nervously, now knowing that it wasn’t his little brother.

“Consider me a friend, I’m about to help you bust out of jail” the voice replied.

“Why… Why would I want to do that?” Caleb stuttered. “If I bust out or run away, then I’m just gonna look guilty, I’d much rather stay and defend my innocence” he declared, looking down the hallways to see if this was some tactical ruse the police were using against him. But it was of no use, as he could barely see half the office from his current position. “Oh is that so?” the voice answered calmly.

“How do you know my name?” Caleb questioned, as he leaned against the wall to support himself. “And more importantly, how did you know I was using the phone at this exact moment?” he questioned.

“Sssss” the voice mocked. “Spoilers” they added. “And by the way you don’t really have a choice in the matter, when I said I’m busting you out, what I meant to say was, I’m gonna send a diversion and you’re gonna bust yourself out” they said, now becoming more aggressive with the boy.

“And once again, why on earth would I do that?” he questioned. “You can’t threaten me, I’m in the middle of a police station. You can’t touch me and even if you try you’ll get caught” Caleb mocked.

“Didn’t say anything about threatening you, did I?” the voice asked sadistically. “Your brother on the other hand…” they trailed off, as Caleb once again looked towards the officers, pursing his lips to call for help, just before the killer started to speak yet again. “Call for help and I’ll kill him on the spot do you hear me!” they roared, as Caleb ceased all of his actions.

“Why are you doing this?” the boy stuttered.

“Because I like it” the killer laughed. “Now brace yourself, for I am about to send a diversion that should keep those police officers distracted for a little while. And whilst all the commotion is going on, you’re going to find a way to sneak out of there and back to school” they added, announcing their plan. “Get ready…” they whispered, as Caleb looked down at the phone in confusion.

But before the boy could speak again, a loud roar of an engine came from the front of the office. Before another breath passed his lips, a taxi crashed through the front of the station, shattering the glass doors, knocking into passers-by and destroying everything in its path. Caleb clung to the wall and shouted with fright, as the screams of the officers filled the entire space. He knew he had to act fast and dropped the phone to the ground and bolted it down the corridor.

He watched on in disbelief, as all of the officers rushed forward to help their friends and co-workers. The chief quickly threw his office door open and ran in the same direction. “Blood Hell” he screamed at the top of his voice, his pitch matching that of a small child.

Caleb couldn’t stare for too long, the sight of all the blood and carnage was quickly churning his stomach. Now that he knew how serious the killer was he knew he had to get back to school to save Jules, regardless of how much trouble it landed him in. He snuck his way around the corner and into the police chief’s office, his eyes narrowed in on an open window, that’s curtains billowed in the wind. That was his escape that was his only way to save his brother.

Back at the front of the station, one of officer’s had finally dragged the driver out of his seat and pinned him down to the floor, the same driver who had interacted with McKenna earlier that day!


Clara wondered the empty hallway, the odd older student walked past her, giving her looks of judgements, looks to say that all of this was down to her, all of her friends are dying and yet here she remains without seemingly a care in the world. Clara had never felt this insecure before, she just wanted to wake up from this nightmare, and if interviewing Oscar brought her one step closer to this, then so be it.

As she passed each classroom, she would peak into the window and see if she could see her friend, and as soon as she realised that Oscar was not in said classroom she would wonder away, on to the next class. This continued, until she covered at least half of the East Wing of the school.

Before she approached the final classroom on the corridor, Clara was momentarily distracted, by the quiet chirps of a small robin who had mounted itself on the windowsill.

She kneeled down in order to stare the red breasted bird. “You don’t belong here little guy” Clara whispered, as it jumped on its small feet to get a better look at her. “Fly away from this horrible place, you have that option” she whispered. She felt somewhat stupid in that moment, as she was literally on her knees and talking to a bird. But there was something so tranquil about the creature, it softened her in a way, relaxed her soul and acted as a reminder that today didn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

As the aggressive school bell rang, the little robin took flight and flew away struggling against the rain and wind that had once again began to fall from the sky. Clara watched it with fascination, so wrapped up in its perfect existence that she didn’t even realise that Oscar was now standing before her.

“Clara, what are you doing?” the boy questioned, as it now simply looked like Clara was on her knees staring out of a window. She shot up to her feet and dusted off her skirt, trying to awkwardly laugh off the embarrassment.

“Oh, well I was actually looking for you” Clara declared.

“For me?” Oscar questioned. “Why are you looking for me?” he said, walking away down the corridor, forcing her to follow suit if she wished to continue this conversation.

“I just wanted to ask you a few questions” Clara said, as she struggled to keep up with the boy. “Would you just wait and actually talk to me” she panted, before pulling at his arm, pleading with him to stop.

Oscar groaned with annoyance as he spun around to stare at her. “What do you want Clara, what more questions could you possibly have, I’ve told you, Cassandra and Tyler on multiple occasions I no longer wish to help you. The more involved we got investigating this stuff, the worse things became. I just want to go to my classes, do all my tests and then leave this shit hole town” Oscar moaned.

“I know, I know” Clara sighed. “And I respect your wishes not help us, I just wanted to know how you were feeling after the attack yesterday” she said, as her eyes finally acknowledged his slightly swollen nose.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking. If there’s anyone to worry about it was Jonathan” Oscar said dismissively. “But he’s fine too thankfully” he added, in a tone which instantly filled Clara guilt for not acknowledging him. “So now that you know that, I’m gonna head to my next class” Oscar said, as he tried to turn away, but the grip of Clara’s hands tightened.

A few weeks or even days prior to losing his brother, Oscar wanted nothing more than to hold Clara’s hand, but now that it was happening he wanted nothing more than to break free and walk away from the girl. “Oscar” Clara whispered nervously. “Cassandra and Cohen are missing” she confessed.

“Missing?” the blond boy questioned. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, Vev was supposed to meet up with Cassandra last night, to tell her everything we knew about the killer. But when she turned up to her room, it was trashed apparently. And she hasn’t even heard from Cohen since yesterday morning” she explained, but even when she was talking about this, she could see in his eyes alone how disinterested Oscar had become, she needed to find a way to bring him back onto their side.

“All of this could end today” she declared, as she moved closer to the puzzled boy. “We have Dean Mendoza tied up in the boy’s changing rooms, we’re trying to get a confession out of him, whilst trying to work out if there was anyone else helping him or even if he’s innocent” Clara whispered. She didn’t want to hurt, upset or even accuse her friend, so she knew she needed to choose her next words carefully. “Do you think that Dean was the one to attack you that day in the showers, and why do you think the killer didn’t hurt you more than Jonathan?” Clara questioned, at which point Oscar shook his head, and bit his lower lip.

He yanked his hand away and grunted. “Clara, if you’re going to interrogate me, please at least have the decency to ask me straight up if I’m a maniac” Oscar scoffed, as Clara pretended to be unaware of what he was even talking about. “Let me guess, you guy’s captured Dean and all of a sudden he tried to pin things on me?” Oscar questioned. “And even worse, you fell for his bait. You believed a possible sociopath who’s literal primary skill is to lie and manipulate others around him” he said, as his volume gradually increased.

“Oscar, I didn’t mean to accuse you. I just wanted to know why_”

But Oscar refused to let her speak. “You wanted to know why I wasn’t hurt more than Jonathan? Maybe because I saved Jonathan, not my fault I was stronger than the killer” he laughed. “You know, I thought nothing would hurt more than losing Oliver, but this, this hurts like a bitch. Because for so long I looked to you as everything I wanted, everything I dreamed of having in the future. I’ve had a crush on you since the first day I walked into those gates at eleven years old, and to hear you think I’m capable of doing all of this, of killing my own brother” his words trickled off, as he resisted the strong urge to unleash all the emotion that had built up today. “Fuck you Clara, fuck you” he repeated as he walked away.

She stood there in total shock, unable to process what she had just heard. How could she have been so blind for all these years to never notice her best friend’s crush? Then came yet another wave of guilt, how on earth could she have fallen for Dean’s bait, how on earth could she have possibly believed Oscar was involved in any of this?

She slumped her numb body against a wall and slowly lowered herself down to the floor once again, she stared up towards the window, and once again longed to be that little robin.


A furious Oscar stormed down the corridor, his breaths becoming short and fast and he so desperately held in the tears. He felt as if his heart was breaking, whilst the rest of his body felt numb and unable to even care that he had just announced his love for the girl he’s pined after for years.

He leaned against the pillar, and looked out towards the bare trees that sat in the middle of the open roof section of the courtyard. He stopped for a moment and adjusted his breathing, allowing the sound of the rain hitting stone floor to sooth him into a relaxed state.

But it wasn’t long before something clicked in his head, some little question that began nagging at him. He looked up towards the main body of the school and pondered if this nagging feel was worth acting upon, and whether it was worth skipping class for. And it was within even shorter time that he had decided on his course of action.

Instead of marching to class, Oscar instead marched towards the dormitories.

 Boy’s Changing Room 

Meanwhile in the boy’s changing rooms Tyler, David and Jules stared at Dean who remained bound and angry, each boy in total silence, the only sound that became audible, was the distant muffled lashing of rain on the schools roof. As the time went by, each boy took a seat, as they awaited any update on the two girls search for Oscar.

After nearly an hour of waiting, they finally received their phone call. David grabbed his phone firmly and put it in on speaker for everyone to hear, as her breathy voice wheezed and sighed, it was abundantly clear that Clara had been crying. “Hey guys it’s me” she croaked, as the three boy’s exchanged looks of worry.

“Are you okay, have you found Oscar?” David questioned, as he looked back at Dean who cockily smiled back at him.

“Yeah I did, and I really don’t think he’s apart of this. I know Oscar and I already knew he was innocent, I don’t know why I let Dean get into my head like that” she moaned, unaware that she was on speaker, and thus unknowingly received a smile from Dean. “I just texted Vev to let her know to stop looking, and she said she’s going to start looking for Cassandra and Cohen by herself. I think I should start doing the same since clearly Dean isn’t gonna get us anywhere but I really don’t think I can be by myself right now, not after what I’ve just heard” she whimpered, thinking back to how the revelation of Oscar’s crush had both hurt and dumbfounded her.

“Okay, where are you?” David questioned, as his level of fear now exceeded that of both Tyler and Jules.

“By all the History Class Rooms, but I don’t want you to see me like this sweetie. It’s too complicated to explain to you, so could you please send Tyler” Clara pleaded, as David looked up to his friend who had yet to speak. David gave him a reassuring nod as to say ‘go to her please’ which was reciprocated by a confirmation nod from Tyler.

“Clara you’re on speaker, of course I’ll come and meet you” Tyler informed her. “I’ll be right there okay don’t move!” Tyler shouted as he hastily walked towards the door.

“I’ll speak to you soon my love, stay safe” David whispered to his phone.

“Love you, you too” Clara replied, before the line was cut off.

“Wait!” Jules shouted towards Tyler. “I want to help you, I want to find Cassandra and Cohen too” he stated, as the two older boys exchanged a look, the kind two adults give each other when a child says something preposterously dangerous.

“No, you have to stay here where its safe” David ordered.

“Safe? In a confined space, in which someone has already been stabbed, with a possible serial killer? That’s safe?” the young boy said sarcastically.

“Fair point” both Tyler and David agreed together.

“Look I want to help find them, either one of them could know something crucial if they’re being kept alive. They have the power to clear my brother’s name” Jules said, with so much fire and determination in his voice.

“Fine come on, let’s go” Tyler said opening the door wide enough for the boy to scurry out. “You gonna be okay with that one?” Tyler asked, nodding his head towards the bound Dean.

David shook his head in agreement and picked up the hockey stick, raising it in comedic fashion, in a bid to ease his own tension. “Yep, well as okay as one can be” David muttered before his eyes looked towards the possible killer. “Look after her okay, just do whatever you can to keep her safe” David pleaded.

“I promise” Tyler responded, before disappearing behind the closed door.

“They won’t find them” Dean shouted from the other side of the room, as David slowly turned around to view him. “They were lucky to find Tyler on Halloween, but this time they won’t be so lucky” Dean whispered.

“And what makes you so sure about that?” David questioned, as he stuck his chest.

“Because then what would their end goal be?” Dean questioned, as another clap of thunder echoed throughout the building.

 Mr Mendoza’s Office 

Jonathan sat in the large red leather chair, his arm bound in a sling, facing the Headmaster, the young man was furious, which was easy to tell from his expression alone.

“Now Jonathan, I just wish to welcome you back home to the academy, what you went through is_” Simon was cut off, as Jonathan raised his free hand.

“Save the speech Mendoza, you’re lucky that my parents are heartless bastards. Because if they had any regard for my life then I would have been suing this school into the dark ages. This place is not fit to be open for Christ sake, how many people have to die before you finally get your act together” he moaned, channelling all of his rage towards the teacher.

“And again, I am so sorry that this happened on the school grounds” Mendoza whispered sincerely. “But I can promise you we are doing our utmost to keep you and the rest of the students safe” he promised, with a nervous inflection that caused his voice to crack.#

“Are you really though?” Jonathan mocked. “Because you’ve said this since the school was reopened last month, and nothing has changed. Even with the added security we are still dying, we are still dropping like flies” he refuted.

“The security system is a work in progress” the Headmaster attempted to reassure but Jonathan was not fully convinced. “Look Jonathan, I know you’re scared but you don’t have to be. Now that the useless Detective McKenna has been taken off the investigation, I believe that the police will be closer than ever to solving this case” he added, as if that were at all true.

“If you believe that, then you’re an idiot. The security system was a waste of money, it hasn’t stopped the killer, and it hasn’t even slowed them down. All it’s done is force the killer to attack out of sight of the cameras” Jonathan roared. “And the worst part about is, it’s all your fault. Even as stupid as Akiyama was, at least she was attempting to come up with solutions. You just probably installed the cameras to spy on young girls or something” Jonathan ranted, but as he looked up to Mr Mendoza’s face, his words quietly trailed off, for the teacher was practically glowing red with rage.

“I am going to pretend like I didn’t hear that” Mendoza said. “Because, whilst I do like you Jonathan and have apathy for what happened to you, the last thing I will do is sit here and take shit from you brats” he continued. “I got given the hardest job in England, to become the Headmaster of the Murder Academy, who on earth could have done a good job huh? Because I think anyone would come under scrutiny when in my position. So I am going to have to ask you to leave, before you say something you’ll really regret” the man commanded, as he pointed towards the doorway.

Jonathan awkwardly stood up from his seat and marched towards the door without even looking behind him once. As the door open, Jonathan simply scoffed “Thanks for the chat Sir” before slamming it behind him.

Simon slumped back into his seat, before he pounded the top of his desk with an open fist. “Fucking brat” he roared, still red with rage. Suddenly his office phone beeped and he was forced back into reality, forced to remember his place as Head Master. “Hello?” he questioned, upon picking up his phone. The rage was quickly getting to him, and he was forced to fan himself cool with an envelope, in between taking sips of lukewarm water.

“Yes we have a student here to see you Headmaster” the receptionist said.

“Said them in” Mendoza said in a flat monotone, as the door slowly creaked open to reveal Vev. “Oh, hello Vev what can I do for you?” the headmaster questioned, looking up from his desk to see the blonde hive member standing before him.

“Oh, it’s actually what I can do for you Sir” Vev whispered softly as she shut the door behind her. “Well, rather what I can do for this entire school” she laughed, as she skipped towards the red chair. Simon took another large gulp of water, with the girl’s artificial pep already being too much for him to handle.

“Please, take a seat and tell me exactly what you’re talking about” the teacher groaned, as he slumped back into his seat.

“Well I just want to give back to the school community, make the students of Windsor Academy feel safe again, you know” Vev sighed, as she placed her pink handbag onto her lap.

“With all due respect Vev, the last time you and your friends tried to make the school feel safer was Halloween night, and that ended in Clara Stark getting Joel Wheeler’s blood and guts dumped on her. I don’t think any more parties would be a wise thing” he sighed.

“Oh but this isn’t a party, see I am going to make the students of Windsor Academy feel safe, by eliminating its greatest threat” Vev said, this was in her usual peppy voice, and thus it took Simon a little while to fully process what she had just said.

“What are you talking about Vev?” Simon questioned.

“I believe I have found evidence that can lead me directly to the killer” Vev stated, with a huge grin on her face.

“Well if that is the case, then you need to hand it over to the police and let them do their job. You can’t put yourself at risk combating this lunatic, you’ve lost too many friends to do something so stupid Vev” Simon sighed. “But just out of curiosity, what exactly did you find?” he asked curiously, as Vev had already rooting through her bag.

“Why this of course” Vev said, her voice dropping an octave as all traces of happiness and joy vanished from her face, for what she held to her Headmasters face, was his very own diary.

Simon became stifled, he pushed his chair far back into the wall and jumped to his feet. “Where on earth did you find that? Do you think this is all some game young lady?” he roared, attempting to snatch it from her hands by leaning over the table. But Vev was too quick for him, she too pushed her chair away and smiled wickedly. “Whatever you think you’ve read, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken Vev. I have been cleared of all charges. The police know I’m not the killer” Simon said, in a bid to combat the girl’s threat.

He wasn’t expecting her next move, which was to withdraw a knife from her bag. The man jolted with fear and backed into the wall, practically mounting his window’s ledge as he gasped deeply. “This Diary may not directly say you’re the killer, but it’s about to play a very important role in my plan” Vev sighed.

“Your plan?” Mr Mendoza questioned nervously.

“You see Sir, I know you’re the killer. Because I am” she whispered, as Simon let out another terrified gasp, as cold shiver rushed up his spine. Vev leaned into the desk, and aimed her knife at him. “Now, call your secretary and dismiss her for an early lunch. I don’t want any interruptions” she whispered, as another wicked grin formed on her perfect red lips.


Cassandra remained tugging at the ropes that bound her wrists. “We need to get out of here now Cohen” the queen bee roared at her ex-boyfriend, who sat in his seat still shaken by all the information that Vev had just dumped on him. “Cohen!” she shouted. “Come on. Start resisting, don’t just sit there please” she pleaded, as the boy’s face went pale.

“What’s the use?” Cohen sighed with defeat. “She’s just gonna burn us alive, all we can do now is hope that Clara and the others are smart enough to piece it all together” he sighed yet again.

“No, don’t you see is so much more we can do. We can break out of this, we can fight back, all you have to do is try” Cassandra grunted as she tugged at the rope so hard, it slide a layer of skin off her wrist. She cried with pain, but quickly bit her lips to ease it.

“See like I said there is no use” he replied. Cohen had already accepted his death, and although it was a tough pill to swallow, he felt it was an unavoidable event that he now had to face, and all that he could do in this situation was to keep his chin up and not give Vev the satisfaction of fear.

“Before I die” Cohen whispered.

“Oh my god shut up, we are not about to die” Cassandra screamed.

“Can I just ask you a few questions, if these are my last few hours I would like to ask you a few questions, and I would appreciate it if you would answer them honestly” Cohen replied, still remaining cool and collected.

“Fine, go ahead Cohen” Cassandra sighed.

“Did you ever love me?” Cohen asked quietly, as tender and shy as a lamb.

Cassandra snapped her head towards him, her eyes practically jumping out of their sockets in disbelief. “What?” she laughed nervously. “Of course I did, just because it didn’t work out between us doesn’t mean I never loved you” Cassandra sighed.

“You mean just because you shagged Dean” Cohen snapped back.

“I never slept with Dean when I was with you. The first and only time we did anything, when we were still together was in the freezer on Halloween. And that was all a mistake, and I realise that now. I loved you Cohen, but we would never work out, we were just two completely different people that dated for the sake of dating” she stated, doing her best to explain her feelings regarding the situation.

“If you loved me why didn’t you tell me about the baby? And why did you get rid of it, if you loved me so much?” Cohen asked, this question appeared to be particularly tough for the boy, as he couldn’t even bring himself to look at his ex.

Cassandra exhaled rapidly, her eyes darted towards the ceiling as she thought of how she could best word her emotions regarding the matter. It wasn’t easy, and she couldn’t exactly script was going on within her heart at in that moment, thus she let her heart speak for itself. “Would you have actually wanted to raise a baby?” she asked. “Seriously, the both of us have grown so much in recent months, and it wasn’t by our own choice sadly, we became better people because a serial killer made us better people. Before that we were both horrible, mean, selfish people who would have completely fucked up that kids psyche.

Not to mention we would have either had to drop out of school to care for it or send it to live with one of our parents, in which case they’d grow an entire year without ever seeing its mother and father” Cassandra said, as tears now streamed down her cheeks. Hearing the emotion in her voice, allowed Cohen to finally look over to Cassandra.

“No baby deserves either of those lives, either way they’d have parents who were unable to support them or they’d never see us to begin with. But I’ll admit it wasn’t an easy decision to make, part of me wanted to back out even on the day because I was so scared of the process. But all I could think was that I was doing the right thing, sparing the baby from a lifetime of misery” she wept.

“I’m sorry” Cohen cried, he too now visibly crying. “I should have been a better boyfriend, even a better person. Because if I was, then maybe you’d have felt comfortable enough to tell me sooner. And if I was a better boyfriend, it wouldn’t have forced to get closer to Dean” he added. “But can I ask you one more question?” he asked, at which time she nodded. “What did Vev mean before, when she told me to ask you about Logan’s death?” Cohen questioned.

Cassandra didn’t even try to fight or hide, she was already opening up and thus she saw no further harm in letting Cohen know the truth. “Clara shot Logan, whilst Tyler and I watched” Cassandra sighed, as her voice lost all emotion. “We learnt that he was basically raping and forcing Leo into sex work, so we wanted to confront him, we wanted to just treat him badly, to scare him to get answers, I don’t know what I wanted, but I never thought that was going to happen” Cassandra cried.

“Then he had it coming?” Cohen sighed.

“Yes he did. And I know that’s an awful thing to say about someone but it’s true” Cassandra cried. “Even now the memory of just makes me so angry” she screamed, as the pent up rage began to build. “Why are these arseholes getting away with killing us, I just want to scream, I want to choke them!” Cassandra’s right arm jolted and suddenly it was free.

Her wrist was dripping with blood, as she stared at it in shock. As she was opening up, Cassandra had instinctively been rubbing her arms against the rope, the blood created a lubricant and allowed her arm to become free.

She wriggled her fingers, before snapping towards Cohen with relieved smile on her face. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to do when I get my hands on her” she said bluntly, as Cohen laughed, before cheering with excitement as Cassandra freed herself with her one good hand.

“The doors locked” Cohen reminded her. “Even if we are free, it’s not like we can escape” he reminded her.

“Yeah” Cassandra replied dismissively, as she untied her ex-boyfriend from his chair. She then calmly strolled over towards the chair she was bound to, and picked it up with ease before lashing it at the wall. Cohen jumped with fright a s Cassandra marched over and picked up a piece of sharp wood from the chairs wreckage. “And we’ll be ready to beat the bitch when she does return” Cassandra said as she held her makeshift weapon proudly, ready to defend herself from Vev’s oncoming threat.

 Boy’s Changing Room 

David anxiously stared at his phone, hoping for some further update from either Clara or Vev, but his notifications remained empty. “You can’t seriously believe I’m the killer David, come on we’ve known each other since we were little kids. Do you really think I’m capable of these things?” Dean questioned, as he grew bored of his imprisonment.

“I would never have thought your Dad was capable of those things he did with Cali, so I guess I have to unfortunately expect the unexpected at his point” David sighed, not even bothering to look up from his phone.

“Again, why am I being judged for everything my father has done? Oscar’s Dad’s done some shady shit, and yet he just gets let loose after a talk with Clara. Whilst I literally remain in here held against my will” Dean complained. “Don’t you think if I was the killer I would have just given up by now, and would have told you everything?” Dean suggested.

David shrugged, finally looking his friend in the eyes. “I don’t know” he muttered.

“And for the record, I would never hurt Cassandra. I love her, and I want to be out looking for her just as much as Clara does” Dean said, his voice cracking with emotion upon uttering the Queen Bee’s name.

“And what about Cohen, don’t you want us to find him too?” David questioned, almost as if he caught Dean in a lie.

“Look David, I know how that sounded and I do wish Cohen is found alive and well too. But at the end of the day, Cohen isn’t my girlfriend. But I’m going to whatever I have to do, to ensure that I find Cassandra, with or without you” Dean whispered, as he too managed to wriggle out of the binding rope, just like Cassandra had done earlier.

David remained unaware of this incoming threat and raised his brow at Dean’s sinister gaze.

Meanwhile, on the corridor just outside the changing rooms, the dishevelled Detective had somehow found his way onto the school grounds and was stalking his way through the halls in search for any possible clues. As he stumbled past the changing rooms, he heard the verbally dulling boys and had been listening from the doorway, so intrigued by what he was hearing, he refused to enter and instead opted to remain back and continue to absorb their discourse.

“Is that a threat Dean?” he heard the voice of David question. There was sudden commotion, he could hear several grunts and the sound of stomping feet. He backed away with shock, before finally hearing David’s deep voice grunt with pain. McKenna could no longer stay hidden, for he feared that there was about to be another murder.

As he barged through the door, he saw Dean standing over David’s body clutching the hockey stick. David was winching with pain and fear, shielding his face from another attack. “Stop right there young man” McKenna shouted, as Dean jolted with hear. “Put down your weapon right now” the man ordered, as Dean’s eyes narrowed.

“Detective McKenna” Dean muttered. “My Father told me this morning you were taken off this case, so why are you here?” Dean questioned, as McKenna slowly shuffled his way towards him. “Don’t move another step close” Dean said, now pointing the hockey stick towards the Detective.

McKenna backed away and put his hands in the air. “I may be off the case, but I know where I’m needed and I refuse to sit on the side-lines when people need my help” the man explained. “So, just put the weapon down and we call all talk about this calmly” McKenna stated, as David had managed to crawl towards him without any detection from Dean.

“I don’t think so” Dean said calmly. “See, I think that you’ll get into more trouble than me, for being in this school when you’re not supposed to, and in a teenage boy’s changing room no less. I’m just doing whatever it takes to get back to my girlfriend. When you’re literally breaking a ton of laws right now” Dean said, his words practically spitting with venom.

“You’ve just attacked one of your fellow students with a hockey stick” McKenna roared, as he assisted David to his feet.

“Yeah, after he and his friends imprisoned me for an entire day. Not to mention they threatened me with said hockey stick multiple times” Dean shouted, as he rose the stick into the air. “I refuse to be the villain in this story” Dean whispered to himself as he looked up towards the ceiling. “I’m sorry I had to do that David. And this too” he whispered, before he took a swing at one of the water pipes on the ceiling.

The built up pressure was immediately shattered, the water shot out of the pipe and went directly into the faces of David and Detective McKenna. The two men backed into the door, as they shook their heads and shielded their faces, as their vision was temporarily impaired. By the time they stepped away and out of the water’s path Dean was escaping through the fire exit door. “Stop right there” McKenna screamed, as he began to chase Dean.

David followed the Detective, as they began their chase. “Don’t follow me!” the man roared.

“No” David refuted as they continued to run. Mate it looks like you’ll need as much help as you can get. And I’m not letting that crazy fucker get away with what he’s done” David panted.

“Fine, but just leave the capture to me. And if he shows any further signs of becoming aggravated you’ll leave him to me and go get help!” McKenna roared, as they got outside and became even wetter in the rain.

“Deal” David panted as they continued to run after Dean, who remained a comfortable enough distance away, desperately trying to escape from the clutches of the law.

 Periwinkle Dormitories 

Meanwhile on the other side of campus, Oscar had entered the dormitory ready to investigate his suspicions. It was like an inch he couldn’t help but scratch, and as soon as he entered the building he instantly regretted his choice. Nevertheless he continued to let his curiosity to get the better of him and slowly began to ascend the staircase.

The entire dorm was quiet, perhaps that had something to do with it being the middle of the school day and classes where in session, but there was something sinister in the atmosphere that made the air seemingly thick and unnervingly tense. He knew what he was coming to investigate, but hoped his hunch was nothing more than just that, a hunch, a passing thought that would be disproven within seconds of a simple explanation.

He rounded the corner and approached the long strip of rooms, each door was closed and the scent of rose was wafting in the air. Oscar turned to face the door located directly in the centre of the corridor, Vev’s Room.

He knocked twice before finally mustering up the courage to speak. “Vev, it’s me Oscar. Are you in there?” he questioned. After speaking with Clara he couldn’t get the girl out of his mind, he thought of how odd it was that Vev who was meant to talk to Cassandra that night, but the Queen Bee seemingly went missing before they could. If he had been interrogated for his somewhat odd behaviour, then why shouldn’t she? Perhaps Clara was right, everyone needed to be treated like a suspect, and Oscar was about to play Detective.

When there was no response, part of him wanted to just give up and question the girl when he saw her tonight at dinner. But another part of him, the part that brought him to the room in the first place, willed this type of inquisitive behaviour on. He shook his head in disbelief, flabbergasted at what he was about to perpetrate.

From one of his pockets Oscar withdrew a small paper clip, he pulled at it until it had completely unravelled into one long, pointy shard. “Let’s hope you work in actual life, and not just the movies” Oscar said, talking to the clip. He knelt down onto the beige carpet and looked through the keyhole. Without dwelling on his actions or overthinking, Oscar rammed the clip into the keyhole and began to jiggle it around. “Come on” he whispered to himself, with his gaze laser focused on the lock.

He thought he heard footsteps coming from the staircase, and froze, releasing his grip from the clip. He was ready to run or apologise at any moment. But perhaps his mind was simply playing tricks on him, or perhaps the stress of the task at hand was getting the better of him, for no one came up the stairs.

He returned to the lock, jiggling the makeshift key once before the door finally clicked open. He jumped up and yanked the clip out of the lock, before pushing the door open and entering the room. Once inside, Oscar noted that there was nothing remarkable about the room itself, whilst Chasity’s side was obviously now stripped bare, Vev’s side of the room was dull and plain leaving no impression of her character. Other students would stick photos and posters on their wall, litter their desk with useless knick-knacks and novelties, and proudly display houseplants or flowers that were barely clinging to life.

But not Vev’s, it remained exactly how she got at the start of the year. There nothing noteworthy, apart from the smell. The same smell that seemingly engulfed the entire corridor. “Roses” Oscar whispered to himself, as he inhaled the air deeply, now realising that the scent was more powerful in here than anywhere else.

He looked around, unsure of where he should start. There were no books, or clothing he could rummage through, and thus he initially turned his attention to the girl’s computer. His heart began to race, simply because he knew how this would look should anyone walk in and find him. He would be branded a pervert and possibly even kicked out of school, but what was done was done.

Much to his surprise, the computer was unlocked without even a password to protect its content. As Oscar began to comb through files upon files of homework, essays and surpassing One Direction Fan Fiction, he had failed to notice that someone else had entered the room, and was currently watching him from afar.

His eyes narrowed as he found a file labelled ‘Callista’. He clicked on it instantly, his fingers twitching and shaking with nerves. The person watching him waited a little while, but slowly began to approach. They reached out and touched him on the shoulder, an action which forced Oscar to jolt and scream with fright.

“I’m sorry!” Oscar shouted, as he tightly clenched his eyes.

“Oscar, what are you doing in here?” the voice of his roommate Caleb asked.

Oscar opened his eyes nervously, just to check he wasn’t hallucinating. His friend stood in front of him, his clothing was drenched, his hair clung to his forehead, and his pants were caked in mud. “What are you doing here?” Oscar repeated, as his heart rate settled. “I thought you went to jail last night” Oscar said, as he began to inspect his friend’s appearance. “Why are you so wet and dirty?” Oscar asked another question.

“I escaped” Caleb whispered, looking around as if someone would hear him, and report him to the police. “I was going to call Jules, or maybe Clara. Just to tell them that I was okay, to reassure them that I was innocent. But the killer called me instead” he said, as Oscar pulled a face of confusion. “I know it sounds weird and unbelievable, especially what I’m about to say next. The killer told me I had to escape custody, otherwise they were gonna kill Jules. I was told to brace myself for a distraction, next thing I know a police car comes crashing through the station. I escaped amongst the chaos, and I know it’s bad and I know I’m probably going to get in a lot of trouble, but I couldn’t let them hurt Jules” he cried.

“Shit” Oscar said, the words erupting from his lips after the astonishing story. “Sorry, I don’t know how to quite process all of this” Oscar stuttered.

“Have you seen Jules, is he okay? I looked everywhere for him, I know his class rota so I looked outside his room but he wasn’t in there” Caleb explained.

“No, I haven’t seen him. I’m sorry” Oscar replied. “Why did you come here?” he questioned curiously.

Caleb knew he was in no place to ask Oscar the same question, not until he had fully explained himself. “I went to Clara’s room, then to ours, now I came here. I just need a friend right now. I found the door open and assumed Vev was inside” he explained. “But to my surprise, I found you” Caleb said, as he pointed towards his friend.

“I know I shouldn’t be in here. But I had to follow up on a hunch” Oscar replied. “Clara told me that Cassandra had gone missing, and that Vev was supposed to meet her to explain everything they knew about the killer. Don’t you think that’s strange, like what would the killer have to gain from stopping Vev from finding out what we all knew?” Oscar said, as he leaned forward in the chair. “We’ve all shared information with each other, but why would they stop Vev from knowing, what’s so special about her that she can’t know” Oscar added.

“What are you saying?” Caleb muttered.

“I don’t know I just find that weird. And if Clara was going to accuse me, I think I have the right to investigate activity I believe to be strange” Oscar added, as he slumped back in his desk.

“Clara accused you of being the killer?” Caleb questioned.

“Yeah she did, indirectly but she did” Oscar sighed. “For the record, I always knew you were innocent” Oscar said, as he smiled at his roommate.

“So I’m assuming you’re looking for clues?” Caleb said, as he looked around the baron room.

As he did this Oscar turned to his attention back the computer screen, and slowly began to scroll through photos of Cali and Vev, all perfectly harmless, all seemingly filled with good memories. “Yeah, I guess so” Oscar sighed. “I didn’t know you and Vev were friends” Oscar said as Caleb walked over to Chasity’s side of the room and sat down.

“It was kind of a new friendship. She helped me with my scavenger hunt for Lavender. I had arranged a picnic for us and I was gonna tell her how special I thought she was” Caleb cried. As his friend spoke Oscar wanted to pay attention, he wanted to comfort his friend, but some photos had caught his attention, photos of Cali shot from a distance. Some through her bedroom window, in which she’s wearing nothing but a towel, others from when she wondering the corridors of school. But two in particular stuck out, one of which was again taken from a window, a showed Cali sitting in Mr Mendoza’s lap. The other was from the mascaraed ball, and was taken from what looked like the dance floor, and showed Callista walking towards the balcony.

“But somebody got to her before she could even make it to me?” Caleb cried, as Oscar’s eyes darted towards his fried.

He jolted out of the desk chair and ran towards his friend. “Caleb, where were you supposed to meet Lavender last night, where did you arrange for this picnic to be?” Oscar asked quickly.

“The rugby field, but the killer got to her before she could make it” Caleb cried. It all clicked into place at once, and now Oscar was finally believing that his hunch was correct. “And I’m assuming the final clue of this scavenger hunt was the location correct?” Oscar asked, as he rapidly began to pace the room.

“Yeah” Caleb stuttered.

“And Vev was the only other person who knew the location of these clues?” Oscar asked, as he grabbed onto his friends shoulders.

“Yeah” Caleb repeated, confused as to where Oscar was going with this.

“Caleb, Lavender didn’t die in her room. She was lead to Leo and Logan’s abandoned room, her body was found in their room. The news said she was found on a picnic blanket, with love notes around her. Who was the only other person to know the location of your notes, that could have went back to where you hid the, and changed the location of the meeting point, before Lavender found them?” Oscar asked.

“Vev” Caleb whimpered, as he too was finally understanding what was going on.

“Exactly, the same person, who has creepy voyeuristic photos of the very first victim” Oscar shouted as he pointed towards the computer.

“Oh my god, Vev’s the killer” Caleb cried, as tear fell from his face.

“I got to go look for more stuff, maybe she’s crazy enough to keep some kind of photographic evidence of her crimes, look around the room, see if you can find anything” Oscar pleaded, as he rushed back towards the computer.

Caleb was frozen for a moment, his body in a state of shock. He didn’t feel a complete betrayal, because Vev so well. But the killer’s identity finally being revealed came as a shock to him, because this evil unknown entity finally had a face.

Oscar found no further photos of Callista, so took his chances looking through other files. As clicked onto a file labelled ‘Cassandra’ something immediately stuck out to him. Everything had the same photograph icon, apart from one which was marked with strange icon that Oscar was unfamiliar with. The sub-file was entitled ‘C&C Live’ and Oscar clicked it immediately, but the screen went dark as a loading bar appeared.

“Find anything?” Oscar shouted from across the room, as Caleb had emptied all of her draws onto the floor, creating one big pile of clothing. The shocked boy merely shook his head, before his head turned to the wardrobe. “God, that smell of roses is so overpowering. It’s knocking me sick” Oscar coughed.

As the wardrobe doors were flung open, Caleb let out a cut wrenching scream. Oscar dove from his seat, and threw himself across Vev’s bed in order to see what his friend was looking at. “Holy fuck” Oscar screamed, as the room finally revealed Vev’s true character. There were multiple photographs pinned into the wall, most of which had thick red crosses through them, “She’s marking off her victims” Oscar whispered.

His eyes watered as he looked down to see certain photos had things attached to them. A chunk of Olivia’s perfect blonde hair, was wrapped around the pin that held her photo to the wall. Below Raven’s picture was single tooth, hanging from a string, whereas Chasity’s photo was rubbed in black ass, which Oscar assumed was the girl’s ashes.

“Jesus Christ” Caleb cried, as he stared at Lavender’s photo, which much like Olivia’s had a lock of hair pinned to it. He was about to reach and touch it, before Oscar’s voice prompted him to withdraw.

“Don’t touch anything” Oscar shouted. “If the police find your finger prints on anything to do with the crimes then they can try and pin this all on you” Oscar explained. His eyes wandered down, and that’s when he saw it, the masquerade mask. “Guess she’s a little theatrical, must think she’s in a horror film or something” Oscar said, as he kicked it gently with his foot. “Guess the rose smell is to mask the stench of death” Oscar said, as the two boys gagged, with the pungent indiscernible smell attacking their nostrils. “Bitch needs to wash her murder clothes” Oscar said.

“So when she gets in here, we’re gonna bash her skull in and run” Cassandra’s voice boomed from the computer, scaring the two boys. They instinctively ran to the computer, where they found the file had loaded, now to show a live feed of Cassandra and Cohen, “They’re alive” Oscar said, as hope filled his voice. The imagine was in black and white and would occasionally become grainy, but it was indeed them.

“Where are they?” Caleb questioned, as they watched the former couple, holding two chair legs in their hands. “Looks like they’re trying to escape wherever it is” he added, as Oscar squinted.

He looked at the faded wallpaper of the room that held Cassandra and Cohen, before he ran outside of the room. He looked around the hallway and then ran back into the room. “That wallpaper, it’s exactly like the ones outside, just in a little worse condition. See” Oscar shouted as he tapped the screen.

“Of course! Its decorated with Periwinkles” Caleb said.

“So they’re somewhere in the building!” Oscar shouted.

“It may be a long shot, but maybe they’re the bunker?” Caleb explained.

“We have a bunker?” Oscar questioned in shock.

“Didn’t you ever read A History of Windsor Academy?” Caleb questioned, as Oscar shook his head. “Well during World War II, Windsor Academy fitted bunker beneath every dormitory.

They eventually weren’t needed but kept around during the Cold War days, as a precautionary. But eventually the threat of War became non-existent, and they were all sealed in the mid90s. Kinda like a time capsule, I didn’t even know you could get into them now” he said, as he squinted at the computer.

“Well clearly she has, and that’s where she’s holding Cassandra and Cohen. So would you care the lead the way Mr Historian” Oscar said, smiling at his friend proudly.

“Let’s take this bitch down” Caleb laughed, as he and Oscar locked eyes.

“And more importantly, let’s clear your name!” Oscar added, as they dashed out of devilish room.


Jules, Clara and Tyler entered the courtyard, the rain was finally easing up, as they came to a gradual halt. “I don’t even know where to start” Clara sighed, as she pushed her hair from her face. “Where would a serial killer hide two alive people?” she questioned.

“I know there’s an old supply cupboard that doesn’t get used anymore” Jules said, as he pointed over to the far corner of the courtyard. “We could try there” he suggested as the two older teenagers merely nodded their heads.

“Sure, better than any ideas we’ve got” Clara sighed, as she allowed Jules past in order to lead the way. As both she and Tyler followed, the rugby player could see the contempt written all over her face.

“Are you okay?” Tyler questioned. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost” he whispered. Clara did not initially responded, and instead entered the sheltered corridor in total silence, as Jules continued to lead the way. “Are you at least going to tell me why you asked me to come, and not your boyfriend then?” Tyler questioned.

“It’s complicated” Clara whispered, finally responding to him. “I didn’t want David to get jealous or whatever. Because…” she trailed off, as she turned around to see if anyone else was following them. All of a sudden Jules came to a stop and he pointed towards the old wooden door.

“I’ll go in with you” Tyler insisted, but Jules merely put one of his hands up and opened the door.

“I’ll be fine, doors wide open” Jules said, as he entered the large abandoned cupboard, alone.

“Because what?” Tyler said, finally prompting Clara to finish her sentence.

“Because, Oscar just told me he had a crush on me” Clara said dramatically, as Tyler looked on blankly.

“Yeah… And?” he questioned.

“And that’s a big deal!” Clara shouted. “I thought we were just friends, but all of this time he wanted something more, and I was so unaware, because he hid it so well” she sighed, as she leaned against the wall.

“Hid it well?” Tyler laughed. “Clara, I don’t want to freak you out, or call you blind. But everyone and I do mean everyone, has known that Oscar has had the biggest crush on you since we were all like thirteen” Tyler laughed, as Clara’s face dropped even further.

“What!” she shouted. “Everyone knew?” Clara gasped.

“Yep, everyone” Jules said as he exited the cupboard. “Even people in my year knew, and they’re not in there. Just old text books and office paper” he explained, closing the door behind him.

“I don’t know what to do?” Clara moaned, as she aggressively rubbed her temples.

“About the Oscar thing?” Tyler questioned. “Just let him down gently and tell him you like him and all, but you’re with David now”

“I mean about Cassandra and Cohen being missing Tyler” Clara said, interrupting him. “But thanks, I guess I just didn’t know how to respond in the moment. It’s weird, because when he told me about his feelings, I could see the emotion and the intensity in his eyes. I don’t think anybody has ever cared as much about me as Oscar did then” she whispered, as if she where explaining the reaction herself. “I just couldn’t be around David, not after that high intensity” Clara sighed.

“Well head’s up because he’s running towards us” Jules shouted, as he pointed towards the end of the corridor at which Dean was running down at a great speed, tailed by McKenna and David.

“Watch out!” McKenna roared, as Tyler tried to shield both Clara and Jules from the swinging of Dean’s hockey stick. It hit him square in the chest, and he was thrown into the wall, whilst the others remained unharmed. Dean didn’t stop, but simply continued to run, crashing through the set of doors.

“You okay kid?” McKenna asked quickly as he continued to follow.

But before Tyler could even answer the Detective had vanished in hot pursuit of Dean. David assisted his friend to his feet, and narrowed his eyes, as McKenna now crashed through the doors himself. “What’s going on?” Clara questioned. “How did he escape? And why is McKenna here?” she asked, as David started to the chase once more.

“No time to explain, point is he’s out. So let’s hope he’s leading us to Cassandra and Cohen” David bellowed from the opposite end of the corridor. Jules didn’t think, and instead darted after the older boy without another word.

“What do we do?” Tyler asked Clara, who simply shook her head as to say ‘fuck it’ and ran after everyone else. “Guess we’re doing that” Tyler said talking to himself, as he ran towards the rest of the group.

 Periwinkle Dormitory – Basement 

Oscar and Caleb crept through the dank dark basement. In the corner was a stack of old Christmas Decorations, whilst the old shelving unit was cluttered with broken lamps and misplaced objects from students who had long since departed. “And you’re sure it’s down here?” Oscar questioned, turning on his phone’s torch as the door to the illuminated halls shut behind them.

“I guess so” Caleb sighed as he followed suit with his own phone. “I mean you couldn’t really have an above ground bunker, that would defeat the whole purpose of a bunker right?” Caleb questioned, as they zigzagged their way through the winding shelves.

“Touché” Oscar sighed, as he raised his torch, upwards to the walls. “Creepy seeing all these photos” Oscar said, as he viewed a group of students standing outside of Periwinkle Dormitory, underneath a plaque told them that this was the graduating class of 1990.

“Weird to think all these people probably have houses and kids, probably going to the same job they hate, day after day” Oscar sighed. “Sad to think if we survive all of this, then that’s the joy and prosperous life that awaits all of us” he added, before walking a few paces ahead.

Caleb sighed at the morbid statement, before something caught his attention. “Oscar!” Caleb shouted, as the boy froze. “Come here a sec” Caleb said, as she shined his light on an upturned desk. This white and gold desk stood out among the broken crap and dusty decorations, this looked new and felt displaced in the basement.

“Yeah it’s a desk” Oscar said.

“Exactly, and back in the room, did you notice that on Chasity’s side of the room the desk was gone?” Caleb questioned.

“Yeah, it was probably moved down here when the room was stripped” Oscar replied.

“But think about it, in Clara’s room Dolly’s side wasn’t completely stripped. Her desk remains there, just all of her personal possessions were taken out” Caleb said, with Oscar’s suspicions regarding the desk now arising too. The skinny, dirt covered boy walked over to the desk and threw it to one side, revealing a heavy metal door behind it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of said door, both Cassandra and Cohen were alarmed by the fight. “What was that?” Cohen whispered, to his former lover, whose grip on the wooden chair leg tightened.

“Get ready” Cassandra whispered, but the door didn’t open, the keys in the lock didn’t even turn, the atmosphere became palpable as they awaited for something to happen.

“Hello?” Cohen shouted, before Cassandra promptly hit him in the chest. Cassandra attempted to hush the boy, but he simply refused to back down. “If it was her, then surely she would have been in here by now” Cohen said, trying to rationalise his actions. He took his own chair leg, and gently tapped the metal door.

The metallic echo, caught both Oscar and Caleb off guard. “Did you hear that?” Caleb whispered, as he raised his fist to the door and knocked gently.

“Cassandra? Cohen? Are you both in there?” Oscar shouted.

The sound was muffled but it was just enough to hear, they could recognise that the voices were too deep to belong to Vev, and so decided to make more noise. Cassandra had now started to mimic Cohen, she slammed onto the door and screamed at the top of her voice. “Help us, help us!” she roared, practically clawing at the thing as her nails scrapped across the thick painted metal.

“Hold on, we’ll get you both out of there!” Oscar shouted.

Caleb tugged at the lock but it refused to move without a key. “What are we going to do?” Caleb questioned, his face looking desperate and scared. At any moment Vev could have come down and spotted them, the lord know what would happen.

Oscar surveyed his surroundings, looking for anything that could possibly help in the moment. He ran towards a rusty shovel that lay among cracked plant pots, and ran back towards the door. He gently shoved Caleb to one side before he began to viciously attack the lock. Metal clanged against metal, as Cassandra and Cohen listened on, haplessly acting as bystanders in the life or death situation.

Oscar eventually began to see a small dent in the lock and thus decided to consistently attack from that angle. Caleb clasped his hands over his ears, as the squeaking sound became practically torturous. As sweat formed on his brow, Oscar began to loudly scream with frustration at how little progress he was making, but knew he couldn’t give up, for the rewarding of saving two live far outweighed any risk he was about to put himself in.

Finally, the lock cracked and fell to the floor with a thunderous thud. He grabbed onto the door frame and flung it open, as Cassandra and Cohen ran out clutching onto their make-shift weapons. The four teens looked at each other in a state of disbelief, the fear had completely evaporated from their bodies, as they each let out a short laugh, containing a mixture of emotions ranging from happiness to terror.

They didn’t have to speak to communicate, their eyes told the entire story. Cassandra cried, before they all clung to each other and hugged in a circle, unaware that they were being watched.

 Vev’s Room 

The aggravated killer watched on from the live feed in her room. She bit her lip and clenched clawed at the wooden desk with her perfectly manicured nails. “FUCK” she screamed, as she kicked the desk chair across the room. In that exact moment she received a text from an unknown number that simply read ‘play time’. The text appeared to relax her, at least for the time being. She smiled to herself, as if she had just received a warm hug.

“Okay that’s how they wanna play, they cheat” she said, calmly. She began to type in some sort of coding into the mainframe of her computer. “Wait till they get a load of us” she whispered, as if she were speaking to her phone.

 Outside Periwinkle Dormitories 

As the entire group were hot on Dean’s trail as he neared Periwinkle Dormitories and began to speed up, pushing his body harder than ever before. He wasn’t about to be caught, for he feared what would happen should they capture him again.

Jonathan was one person not chasing Dean however, for he was casually strolling around the dormitories, with his phone pressed against his ear. “Well can you put me through to my Father please Deborah, you’re his assistant not my mother so stop acting like you are of any relevance to my life” Jonathan shouted. “I will not remain calm, somebody tried to kill me yesterday and my father didn’t do anything about it. He didn’t even send a bouquet of flowers to my hotel room!” Jonathan continued his rant, before Dean knocked into him shoulder first, forcing his phone out of his hands.

“Dean what the fuck” Jonathan shouted, as the rugby player froze for a moment. He looked as if he were about to apologise, but as soon as he was turned around he saw the larger group following him.

“Stop him!” McKenna shouted at Jonathan, but before he could even turn around, Dean was running through the doors of Periwinkle Dormitories. “What part of stop him do you not understand!” he shouted, this time looming into Jonathan’s face, before he resumed his chase.

“What the fuck is going on!” Jonathan shouted, but David simply ignored him and followed McKenna, determined to catch the boy who attacked him. Clara barged past the boy in similar fashion, desperately trying to catch up with her enraged boyfriend. “Tyler please explain to me what’s happening!” Jonathan shouted, as he grabbed onto Tyler’s hand.

“No time to explain” Tyler panted, as he tried to pull away from Jonathan’s grasp.

“We can explain once we’ve caught that fucker” Jules shouted, as he ducked under Jonathan’s arms, in order to grab one of his hands. He took a hold of it and the two boy’s began to pull Jonathan along with them.

“The more help we can get the better” Tyler added, as Jonathan instinctively began to run alongside them.

“Help with what exactly?” Jonathan asked.

“We think Dean’s the killer, we’re gonna catch him and send his arse to jail” Jules shouted.

“So you’re telling me you’re both pulling me towards a potential serial killer?” Jonathan questioned.

“Yes” both Tyler and Jules said at once.

“Great, like my life couldn’t get any more fucked” Jonathan sighed. The rain commenced once more, coming down in heavy loads. Another clap of thunder echoed around the sky, as the group entered Periwinkle Dormitory, unaware that they were escaping the rain, but about to enter Vev’s personal place house.

 Periwinkle Dormitory 

As they ran through the doors, the lights above their heads flickered and produced an aggressive buzz that penetrated their eardrums. Their focus was still firmly on Dean, as they continued to run through the ground floor of Periwinkle Dormitories, when all of a sudden the lights were cut and the entire group was submerged into total darkness.

“Clara” David shouted, as he clutched onto who he believed to be his girlfriend.

“David, where are you?” Clara shouted, her voice coming from the complete opposite direction, to where David currently stood.

“Someone’s touching my hand!” Jules said, trying his best to remain calm throughout the situation.

“Sorry man” David replied, as he attempted to etch his way towards his girlfriend. “Can somebody please take some fucking action please” Johnathan said, his voice filled with boredom and distain for being dragged into this situation. He reached into his pocket and withdrew his phone, as soon as he turned the torch on, everyone else quickly followed suit.

“What just happened, was there a blackout?” Tyler questioned, as Detective McKenna wondered over to a window.

“Well if it is, it’s only effecting this dormitory. All the others look like they’ve still got power” McKenna said, before turning back to the teenagers. “We need to evacuate this building, I know its class hours but we need to eliminate any possibility of casualties.

Someone press the fire alarms and open the doors, and once that’s done I want you kids out of here, so I can deal with Dean alone” he said, explaining it to the kids who were far out of their own depth.

“But we want to help, you wouldn’t even know it was Dean if it wasn’t for us” Tyler refuted, rather aggressively.

“Simmer down” Clara said, as she pushed against the set of doors. “Seems like we’re not going anywhere. The doors are sealed” she explained, pushing against them, with no result.

“How can fire doors be sealed?” Jonathan questioned in dramatic fashion. “God I fucking hate this school” he added, continuing his tantrum by throwing his hands into the air and groaning.

“The new security system must have a failsafe” David said, as he attempted to steady his nervous quivering lip.

“The failsafe must be designed, in case burglars break into the school” McKenna said, talking over David as if this where his own discovery. “Once tripped all the doors would be sealed effectively trapping them inside like caged animals, until the police, or the security company can arrive on the scene to handle said criminals appropriately” he added, as the teens looked around them, using their phone’s to search for any signs of Dean.

“So we’re submerged in total darkness, with a serial killer on the loose?” Jules questioned.

“Well ain’t that just swell” Jonathan added, as he threw himself against the wall.

“You guys are being dramatic” Clara said to the two boys. “There are six of us, and one of him. What could he possibly do, if we stick together then nothing bad will happen. We’ll find him, subdue him and then wait for the police to arrive” she said, as she put her arm around David.

“Speaking of” McKenna added, as he held his own phone to his ear. “Come on, somebody pick up the phone” he moaned.

“What are you doing?” Tyler asked.

“I’m calling the station and I’m going to tell them to send every available officer down to this school in order to make sure that Dean doesn’t get far” McKenna explained to the rest of the group.

“Well you may be waiting a while on that one” a voice came from behind them, as the door to the cellar had now opened without anyone in the group noticing. Caleb, Oscar, Cassandra and Cohen emerged from the dark stairwell, each of them still holding their makeshift weapons much to the shock of everyone else. The person who spoke was Caleb, an act which was quickly noted by McKenna.

“Oh my god” Clara gasped, as she ran towards Cassandra with open arms and hugged her newly found friend tightly. “I thought we lost you guys!” she said, as both Tyler and David rushed to greet Cohen.

“I thought we were goners too” Cassandra said, as she released herself from Clara’s hug.

“We’re all goners” Jonathan cried, still throwing his tantrum, sinking lower and lower against the wall until he was finally sat on the carpet.

“Anyway” Cassandra sighed, brushing off the boy’s dramatics. “We were goners, until Oscar and Caleb came to rescue us, I’d hate to think where we’d be or how we would have ended up had they not came” she said, as Clara turned to Oscar, who smiled bashfully.

“You saved them?” Clara asked. “How did you know where they were, and I thought you didn’t want to be involved?” she had so many questions on her mind, but none of that seemed to matter, because she was staring at her best friend in a completely different light than she ever had before. She viewed his perfect blue eyes, and felt the pitter-patter of butterflies in her stomach.

“Had some incentive” Oscar replied. Whilst Clara looked at him in this new light, he too was looking at her in a similar way. But his stomach was no longer filled with butterflies when he saw her, he was emotionless and was now looking at her as simply another stranger. As the teens were interacting, McKenna wouldn’t stop glaring at Caleb. He looked him up and down, noting his dirty clothing and dishevelled appearance. As the rest of the group continued talking, it was as if a blind rage took over McKenna, all he heard was white noise and it was as if the rest of the world was running in a slow motion. Something snapped within him, and he charged towards the teenage boy, picking him by the scruff of his collar, McKenna spun in a one hundred and eighty degrees and slammed Caleb down to the carpet.

Jonathan jumped and scrambled with fright, as the rest of the teens screamed. “What did you mean by that?” McKenna said, spitting with rage, as the teenagers tried to pull him away from Caleb, but to no avail. “What do you mean, we’re going to be waiting a while and why aren’t you down at the station?” McKenna asked again. He didn’t even realise it, but was strangling the poor boy, it was only when Clara reached forward and grabbed the man by his hair did he stop. She tussled with him around the carpet, until her knee was placed firmly on top of his chest.

“Get off me” McKenna grunted, as the rest of the students hurried to Caleb’s aid.

“What the fuck! Who invited Bruce Willis?” Cohen shouted, as he pointed towards the man.

“It’s a long story, but we were basically chasing Dean and McKenna was helping us” David explained, as Jules made sure to stand in front of his brother, acting as a human shield between him and the Detective. The older man grunted, as ensured to place one hand in front of him, just by the off chance he attacks again.

“It’s a long story” Caleb said, avoiding the man’s stern gaze.

“Well you better start talking, because as far as I’m concerned you and Dean Mendoza are working together on this one. And breaking out of prison isn’t exactly the look of an innocent man” he added.

“I had to break out okay, the killer threatened my brother, next thing I know a taxi comes crashing through the front of the station. I did what I had to do, in order to protect my family, and I don’t care how guilty that makes me look, because I know I am innocent. And my friends know I am innocent” Caleb said, as he gently moved Jules out of the way, in order to confront the Detective, who was trying to process what he had just heard. He thought of his colleagues and whether or not any of them were killed in the crash, then he thought of the Taxi, and whether it could be the same guy he had the encounter with earlier that morning. “For the past year I have let everyone intimidate me, from Callista, to Jonathan, to my brother, to the Mendoza family. Each one have made my life a living hell, and I refuse to let anyone do that anymore, not even you Detective. I am innocent, and I will not be bullied into admitting something that isn’t true. I am not Dean’s accomplice, I am not the Killer_” as he spoke these words a shot rang out from atop of the stairs. The group all screamed with fright, as suddenly, Caleb’s shoulder began to ooze with blood, as the boy dropped to his knees, before falling back onto his brother.

Everyone looked up the direction of the shot, and gasped when their torches shined onto a figure dressed all in black, wearing a masquerade mask. “Oh my god” Jules screeched, as he threw himself over his older brother, once again attempting to act as a human shield.

“Don’t move, you don’t have to hurt anyone else!” McKenna shouted as the figure slowly descended the stairs. “Dean, please don’t hurt any more of these kids” he added, as the teens clung onto each other. Cassandra and Clara had slowly backed behind Oscar and Cohen, still holding each other’s hands, out of sheer fear of imminent death.

David and Tyler took a stand too, shielding the two Barons brothers, from any further danger. “Dean, I’m warning you” McKenna shouted as he reached down into his pocket and produced a gun of his own.

“Jesus Christ, why does everyone have guns in school, this is England shit like that doesn’t happen hear” Cohen cried out, as the murderer and the Detective stared each other down, effectively playing a game of chicken.

“It’s not Dean” Oscar said bluntly, as Clara, David and Tyler both stared at him in surprise. “We know it’s you Vev, give it up” he simply said.

“Vev!” Clara said in disbelief, murmuring under her breath as Cassandra nodded, to seemingly confirm this. “That’s impossible, she was helping us today, she was_”

“Using you” Cassandra replied simply. “She was using all of us” she added, as the figure reached forward and peeled off their mask, to indeed reveal Vev, with her thick blonde mane tied up behind her head in a bun.

“Why are you doing this?” Tyler gasped in horror, as both he and David recoiled at the sight of the emotionless girl.

“I have my reasons, but I’ve already given my Act 3 monologue to Cassandra and Cohen, so if any of you need summary’s please, copy their notes at your own leisure” Vev said, as she circled the group.

“Bitch was going to burn us alive, and use the Diary we found to frame Dean for the murders” Cassandra explained, as she clung to Cohen’s shoulder for emotional support.

“You know it’s funny, for someone who didn’t wish to be involved Oscar, you were the first one to figure it out all by yourself, that is commendable and you deserve all the kudos in the world for that” Vev said, smiling at Oscar who was repulsed by the sight of her in the costume.

“You killed Oliver. You killed all of them. Fuck you” Oscar said, simply and direct.

“Fuck me? No fuck all of you!” Vev shouted. “Each one of you is such a fucking terrible person. You all make out like you’ve all grown, that you’re good people, but you’re not. I may be a serial killer, but at least I’ll throw my hands up and admit it. I would never lie about my mental health and create a slander page for the school like Caleb” Vev said, as she aimed the gun down at the boy. “I would never basically enslave an underage boy and psychologically torture him like Jonathan did to Jules. I would never put all my friends’ lives at risk like Clara. And I would never kiss a seventeen year old girl at a bar… Detective” she said, referring to the night that McKenna kissed Chasity.

Each of the teens exchanged a look, as McKenna steadied his aim. “So I’m assuming that you’re the one behind the police station attack too?” he asked Vev, who simply nodded her head.

“Had to find some way to get Caleb out of jail. Once the police saw he escaped, and found Cassandra and Cohen’s charred bodies, I knew they’d naturally assume that he was Dean’s partner and would arrest him for good” Vev explained her plan. “But now they’ve been set free, and you’re all here and know the truth, guess there’s gonna have to be a change of plan” Vev said, refusing to back down as she too locked her aim on the Detective.

“You can still let us all Vev, killing us now would just increase your prison time” Tyler whimpered.

“You assume that I’m stupid enough to get caught?” Vev scoffed.

“I don’t know, but you were stupid enough to expose yourself to us all” Cassandra added, an act which received a snarl from the killer.

“God I can’t wait to watch you fucking die!” Vev sneered.

“And this Taxi driver, how on Earth did you get him to come around to your side? How did you convince him to lie about these kids” McKenna asked, indicating towards Clara and Cassandra, still completely oblivious to the whole story.

“Well see Detective, that’s the best part of the story. Because the real kicker is_” but just as Vev was set to deliver yet another villain monologue straight out of a horror movie, Jonathan emerged from the shadows and hit her over the head with a vase. The boy had remained undetected on the floor, and had managed to scurry into the shadows just in the nick of time. When the vase hit, he threw himself towards David and Tyler, in fear of the girl’s retaliation. But Vev crumbled and fell to the floor, buckling under her own weight. A single lose bullet shot towards the ceiling and knocked down the grand chandelier.

Once the bullet hit the chain holding it to the ceiling, it came crashing down to the floor. David, Tyler, Jonathan and the two brothers were trapped behind it, on the side closest to the entrance, whereas everyone else, including Vev’s unconscious body, were trapped on the opposite side, closest to the stairs with nowhere to go but up.

“Clara! Clara! Are you okay!” David screamed, as he rushed towards the chandelier. He attempted to climb, but as soon as he put his hands on it, the shattered glass cut him deeply. He winced with pain, backing away from the object. It was too big to climb, too wide to squeeze past, and now too dangerous to even touch.

“David be careful” Clara shouted, as she rushed over towards him. She looked down at the rest of the group, and then at Vev, who was now being subdued by McKenna. “Look, just get Caleb out of here, break a window if you have to. We’ll find a way out” she shouted, as Casandra was now crying inconsolably. David looked down to Caleb, who was slowly bleeding out, as now Jonathan joined in, in helping him to his feet, before throwing him over his shoulder.

“Okay, we’ll wait for you outside” Tyler panted, as he took Vev’s discarded gun and aimed it at a window. In one shot, all of the glass shattered, creating an escape, he emptied the gun of its bullets, discarding them within the shrubbery that lay just outside the window, before tossing the useless gun down to the carpet . “Come on dude” Tyler shouted, as he now aided Jonathan in carrying Caleb through.

“Call the police, alert them immediately” McKenna shouted at which, David nodded obediently and withdrew his phone. “Even if they don’t answer keep trying” he shouted, but David wasn’t leaving he was too nervous to leave, he lingered by the window and stared at Clara through the shards of glass and crystal.

“David go okay, we’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine” Clara reassured him, as he finally gave up and left.

“Well what do we do now?” Cohen asked the Detective.

“Go upstairs and check the fire escapes, see if you can find any way out. And stay together” the man insisted, as Oscar lead both Cassandra and Cohen up the stairs.

But now Clara lingered, she took the first step and stared down at the man, with an uneasy feeling in her stomach. She thought learning the killers’ identity and apprehending them would feel more satisfying, more definitive. But this felt nothing of the sort, in fact it felt as if something else was yet to happen, inconclusive in the fact that Vev was defeated without so much as a fight. She stared down at Vev and clung to the banister, how could she have not seen this coming? Was her seeming lack of judgement the thing clouding her satisfaction, or was something worse about to happen? These were the thoughts of Clara Stark, as she ascended the stairs after her friends.

McKenna was now alone with the body, he pinned her against the floor, face down and awaited for his hopeful backup. He wished he hadn’t been discharged from the case, for then he would have had a set of handcuffs, which would have made this task easier. He took his eyes off the girl for but a passing second, as his phone rang he saw the station was trying to contact him. And this was all it took, this one moment of weakness allowed Vev to slip into her pocket and withdraw a knife.

 Outside Periwinkle Dormitory. 

The boys laid Caleb out on the front lawn, as Jules now began to crying hysterically. Tyler placed one hand over the wound before freaking out. “Do I put pressure on it? I don’t wanna push the bullet further inside?” he cried, as his hand already soaked with blood.

“If bloods coming out you’ll need to put pressure on it” David explained with a phone glued against his ear, as he desperately tried to get a hold of the police. But here was no luck yet again, as they were still dealing with their crises.

Caleb was becoming paler by the passing seconds, he felt as if he were fading, when all of a sudden Jonathan’s voice came booming from beside him. “Yes we need an ambulance to Windsor Academy Periwinkle Dormitories, our friends been shot by the killer and the police aren’t picking up” Jonathan roared, as Caleb clutched onto Jules’ hand. “We know who the killer is to. Her name is Vevina Ferozco!” he roared, as Caleb began to cry, fearing that this was the end for him.

“I’m so sorry for how badly I treated you” Jules cried. “I was such a dick, but I just wanted people to like me” he added, as he leaned in to hug his brother as best as he could.

“An ambulance is on its way Caleb” Jonathan shouted, as he rushed back over towards the group of boys. “They’re going to try and bring a police backup, but they’re kind rushed off their feet at the minute” he explained, as he too kneeled on the floor.

It was only David who remained standing, with his gaze locked firmly on Periwinkle Dormitory. “David, you’re making me fucking anxious, will you please just sit down with the rest of us” a disgruntled Tyler said, as his hair clung to the sweat forming on his brow.

“I’m just scared, should we really have left them alone in there?” David sighed, as his hands became clammy.

“They’ll be fine, they’re with McKenna and besides Vev is knocked out. Nothing bad is going to happen, so please just help us” Tyler roared, as David eventually pried his eyes away from the building, in order to rush over to the pale boy’s side, doing whatever he could to help the rest of his friends.

 Inside Periwinkle Dormitory 

The gang walked up the several set of stairs with a sense of unease, despite knowing that Vev was downstairs with McKenna, they still clung together and moved as one in a group, Cassandra, Oscar and Cohen still holding their weapons. The two wooden chair legs rested in the hands of the former IT couple, whereas Oscar gripped the shovel, unwilling to part from it just by of the off chance they encounter any issues.

“The fire exit should be just up ahead” Cassandra whispered, as Clara shined her torch down the hallway, but what they saw at the end of said hallway made them jolt with fright. For an aggravated Dean Mendoza now stood before them.

“Cassandra, oh my god, you’re alive” Dean said, as he bolted down the hallway towards them. But Oscar and Clara, were not going to let him get too close so easily, for they both still had their suspicions regarding the boy. Clara reached over to a nearby table and grabbed another vase to use as a weapon, before dumping the fake flowers to the ground. “I was in the Dormitories looking for you, when I heard two gun shots and a big crash and” his words trailed off. Oscar aimed the shovel at him, prompting Dean to make a hastily stop. “Why are you with these freaks, they can’t be trusted” Dean said, glaring at Oscar.

“Oh what, and you can?” Cassandra questioned.

“You’re fucking shady mate” Cohen added, as Dean now bit his lip with rage.

“Couldn’t put it any better myself” Oscar said, as Dean took several steps backwards.

“I’ll tell you all what I told Stark and her friends today, I’m not the killer” Dean said emotionlessly.

“So why did you run away from us?” Clara questioned.

“Because how do I know that none of you where the killers, or that you weren’t just trying to set me up for something I didn’t do?” Dean questioned, as his deranged eyes darted back and forth.

“We know Vev is the killer” Clara replied, jumping over his words and forcing him into silence. “Are you her accomplice?” she asked. “Did things turn sour with you two, is that why she was looking to pin all the murders on you, a little double cross?” she asked yet another question.

“Vev!” Dean shouted in shock, before shaking his head. “And no stop doing that, stop trying to pin all of this on me” he added.

“So if you’re not the killer then why did you attack Caleb yesterday in your Father’s office?” Cassandra questioned. “You said you’re a good guy, so why do you keep defending your monster of a father?” Cassandra questioned, tears now streaming down her face.

“And why are you so insistent on making me out to be the killer?” Oscar said, watching with laser focus as Dean anxiously twitched. His breathing became heavier, and his inhales quickly increased. He looked around rubbed his chin, unsure of what his next move would be. But then it happened, the teens once again jumped with fright when they heard Detective McKenna scream from downstairs.

As they were momentarily distracted, Dean reached out and attempted to grab the shovel from Oscar. But Cassandra was too quick for him, and almost like a reflex, she swung her chair leg and hit the boy square in the stomach. For good measure Clara hit him over the back with the vase, with the entire group watching as he fell down to the floor. “Told you he was fucking shady” Cohen shouted as they ran down the hallway, not wanting to find out what made McKenna scream in the way that he did.

But as they reached the fire door, they slammed against it with the weight of all four of their bodies, with no result to show for it. The door had been tampered with and was jammed from the outside. “Shit what do we do now?” Cohen questioned, as Oscar looked back down the hallway, to the only room with an open door.

“This way come on, we’ll barricade ourselves in” Oscar shouted, running into the mysterious room with the rest of the group, however much to his and everyone else’ dismay the room belonged to Vev.

 Vev’s Room 

“Oh great, just when I think it couldn’t get any fucking worse” Cassandra shouted, as Clara slammed the door shut and locked it manually. The two boys aided each other in moving the dresser, in order to block the door.

“Hate to repeat myself, but what the fuck do we do now?” Cohen screamed, as he latched onto Cassandra for dear life.

“I’m afraid we may just have to wait this one out” Clara said, with the slight flicker of fear in her voice.

“Oh my god!” Cassandra shouted, as she rushed towards Vev’s desk. “It’s the diary and the box. They’re both here. She told me she destroyed them” she said, clutching onto the tightly in disbelief. But as she opened the box she did indeed find it empty, the wrist band already destroyed.

“Well at least we still have the diary evidence that can be used against Dean” Clara said for reassurance. “Despite his protests, I still doubt him” she added.

“Exactly! If he isn’t the killer then why did he try and take Oscar’s weapon?” Cassandra asked the rest of the group. “I’m with your theory Clara, I think he and Vev where maybe on a team and perhaps they turned one each other or something. It’s like we said when we were trapped downstairs Cohen, it’s just physically impossible for Vev to do all of this by herself” Cassandra said, as she looked around the girls devilish room.

“God this place is fucking creepy” Cohen sighed, as he stared into the wardrobe.

Believing they were safe, Clara pulled Oscar to one side of the room and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, thank you so much” she whispered into his chest. “I know I have been a really shitty friend lately, but the fact you managed to piece all of this together before any of us, shows just how fucking amazing you are Oscar” Clara sighed.

“She’s right” Cassandra added.

“If it weren’t for you mate we’d be burned alive right now” Cohen added, and then something clicked in Oscar’s mind, for the room no longer smelled of roses. He pushed Clara away and began to sniff the air around him.

“Guy’s what can you smell here?” he asked the rest of the group.

They all stood there for a moment, and as soon as it dawned upon each one of them, they went pale.

“Petrol” Cohen gulped with fear, as a sickening silence befell the room.

“We need to get out of here, now!” Cassandra screamed in terror. She was about to head for the door, but slammed in her tracks.

“Please open the door, please she’s coming” Dean screamed from the other side of the door, banging on it with all of his might. “Please, I beg you please” he screamed, his voice becoming weak with tears, and that’s when another shot rang out and the banging ceased. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck” Clara cried, as she covered her mouth.

Another gun shot was aimed at the doors lock, blowing it clear off its hinges, allowing Vev to simply kick the thing open, toppling the cabinet they hoped would save them. She entered the room as cool and natural as ever, dragging in Dean’s still conscious body by his hair, behind her. “Haven’t you guys seen horror movies? Always make sure the killer is dead before you think it’s over” she laughed, as she released her grip of the boy’s hair. “Wow, thank you McKenna for the extra gun am I right guys?” Vev laughed loudly.

“What’s wrong with you?” Clara screamed, as she and Oscar attempted to stand their ground.

“Nothing that I can tell. I just really like killing people!” Vev laughed loudly.

“Is that why you shot your partner?” Oscar questioned, looking down at Dean, who was clutching a bullet wound in his thigh.

Vev let out a loud cackle, as if Oscar had just told the world’s funniest joke. “Partner, Dean was never my partner. He was just an easy scapegoat, and the fact you all still don’t trust him just prove how shifty he really is. God Dean you really need to hang around better people” Vev laughed, before kicking the already injured boy in the stomach.

Cassandra attempted to race towards him, but Vev aimed the gun at her, and she quickly backed against the wall. “Oh what? Now that you know your boyfriend’s not a serial killer you want him again C?” she questioned. “That’s really fucked up. Like I said downstairs, you’re all bad people. And the Mendoza family is perhaps the worst of them all” she sighed as she pulled out her phone.

“Which is why I murdered your Daddy Dean” Vev laughed, as she dropped the phone down to the boy, as if it were a snack for a dog. He scrambled to pick it up and on the screen he saw photos of his father hanging from his office ceiling. “Don’t worry I made it look like a suicide. The guilt of sleeping with his son’s girlfriend and destroying his marriage was too much for old Simon, and he finally buckled. That man doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath of the Windsor Academy Murders. This is a cultural masterpiece, people all over the world are talking about it, and a monster like him doesn’t deserve to be remembered as one of the fallen” Vev chuckled.

Dean couldn’t believe what he was seeing, in that moment he simply gave up. He rested his head on the soft carpet and awaited death.

“But we will all be remembered guys. I’m kinda glad the others escaped, history remembers the killers Manson, Bundy, OJ. They don’t remember the victims. They can spread the world, that I am the greatest serial killer of this generation, who went out in a blaze of glory. And that’s not a metaphor, I’m literally gonna take you guys out in a blaze” Vev said as she reached into her pocket to withdraw a box of matches.

“No you’re not” Cohen shouted, as he charged towards his ex-girlfriend and tackled her to the ground, knocking both the matches and gun out of her hand. The gun one again let out a rogue bullet, as Cassandra threw herself onto the ground to dodge it. The bullet shattered the window, with both Clara and Oscar charging forward to help the boy.

Oscar stomped down on her wrist and took the gun for himself, whereas Clara quickly grabbed the matches and ran to the other side of the room, to throw them out of the window. “You fucking evil bitch” Cohen shouted. But Vev wasn’t done yet. She once again withdrew the knife she used to attack McKenna and plunged it deep into Caleb’s chest, before yanking it out and slicing the back of Oscar’s knee.

Each boy yelped with pain as they individual fell to the floor. Cassandra rushed over to her ex-boyfriend’s aid, only to have her arm slashed by Vev. She screamed in agony, as Oscar quickly tossed the gun over to Clara as a last resort, before abruptly falling to the ground, clutching at his bloody knee.

“Oh and then there were two” Vev laughed demonically. Clara looked around at the chaos that the one girl had managed to cause with a simple blade, and she feared for her own life. “I’m going to enjoy killing you, you fucking nosey bitch! Could never leave well enough alone could you” she screamed. “Out of everyone in this school I think, I hate you the most Clara, you claim to be this empowered woman who will defend herself no matter the cost. But you always do stupid shit, and when you do you always drag other people into said shit! Well look around you honey, this is your reward, Clara Stark, this is your life” Vev screamed, as she opened her arms.

Clara looked around at all the pain in the room, and she felt so reassured, she knew what she had to do. She gritted her teeth and ceased all crying to aim the gun at Vev. “See you in hell bitch” Clara grunted, before pulling the trigger… but nothing happened.

Another wicked smile came from Vev. “Oops, out of bullets” she whispered, before charging at Clara with the knife in hand. She managed to pin the brunette girl to the wall, but Clara also managed to keep the knife hand at bay. Vev applied pressure with her other arm, attempting to choke Clara out. Vev kneed her in her ribcage, allowing Clara’s grip on her to loosen. “Say Hi to Liv for me?” Vev whispered.

This was it. Clara thought to herself. This was how she was going to die. She stared at the blade that was coming towards her neck, but then her face was suddenly splattered by blood, and Vev’s blade fell to her feet.

Clara gasped with shock as Cassandra had caved in Vev’s skull with Callista’s wooden box, saving her life in the process.

Vev stumbled unable to speak, unable to walk, as the two other girls clutched each other for reassurance, as Clara picked up the knife, ready to defend them. But it wouldn’t be required, for Vev stumbled backwards and in that passing second her face said it all, she accepted death and knew it was her time. She leaned into it and fell out of the window, plummeting down to the ground. The other two girls didn’t scream, but merely breathed a sigh of relief, before rushing to the three boys in the room.

Cassandra held Cohen’s hand, which were already growing colder. “You saved us Cohen, you saved all of us” she whispered. “You’re a hero” she added. “You’re my hero” she said, as she leaned in and kissed his soft cheek. She couldn’t help but cry for she knew that there was only one way this could end.

“I’m sorry about everything” Cohen whimpered. “I love you so much” he said, as his facial features softened.

“I love you too” Cassandra cried out. “And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she hysterically cried, as she leaned in and hugged the boy’s body tightly. It was if all their relationship drama had never happened, as if their breakup never even occurred, for as she was hugging him, she was letting him know that all the pain they caused each other was nothing more than a distant memory, she was letting Cohen know that in his final moments, he was loved.

 Outside Periwinkle Dormitory 

Jules hopped into the ambulance with his brother, still smiling and hoping for the best, refusing to let go of his hand even for a second. Dean and McKenna were getting stretchered out the dormitory and into ambulances of their own for treatment, each looking as miserable as the other. Whilst the bodies of Cohen Kingsley, Simon Mendoza and Vevina Ferozco were being carried out of the school in body bags. Windsor Academy was rocked with fear once more, but this time it indeed felt as if it all was coming to an end, that this was the last time they’d need to be afraid.

Clara, David, Tyler, Oscar, Jonathan and Cassandra had all gathered on the green outside Periwinkle Dormitory, unsure of what to even say to one another. They all looked battered and bruised, both emotionally and physically. They sat in silence as the police desperately attempted to reign in photographers and journalists, all of whom wanted words from the survivors.

Their life’s as they knew it were over, the fear was now over. And for the time being each one of them could get back to simply being teenagers.


Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 12/15 (Mention Only)
  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 12/15 (Mentioned)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 12/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244)→ 12/15
  • Nina Dobrev as Chasity Fairize (Created by Queen Steph)→12/15 (mentioned Only)

Supporting Cast 

  • Jeremy Irvine as Leo Barnaby (Created by Mr. Clayton)→ 12/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Emma Roberts as Cassandra Clooney (Created byFreakySnixx)→ 12/15
  • Grant Gustin as Logan Kendrick (Created by Freakysnixx)→ 12/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 10/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Cohen Kingsley ( Created by Emily May)→ 12/15
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 8/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 12/15
  • Idina Menzel as Maggie Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 12/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 11/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 8/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 12/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 12/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 12/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 12/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 11/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 5/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 11/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 10/15 (Mentioned Only)

 Final Thoughts 

Hello, Hello, Hello! So I really hope you guys like this episode, it took a little while to write, but that's simply because I wanted it to be perfect. The final 4 scenes were very hard to write in terms of trying to navigate which character went where etc. Anyway I won't bore you with the semantics.

HOWEVER, I would be interested to know your thoughts on our killer, and their demise. And well anything else you wish to share or talk about. As always thanks for reading!

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