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We're going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask us what we're doing, you can say, We're remembering. That's where we'll win out in the long run. And someday we'll remember so much that we'll build the biggest goddamn steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in it and cover it up.

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Friday, October 30th, 2015
Written by Stefan and Erik
Directed by Selena
Episode Guide Transcript
By The Light of The Moon

 O.R.B.S Headquarters, New York, NY (Present Day) 

(Song: Hugo- 99 Problems)

ORBS Headquarters.jpg

“Fiona’s henchmen are becoming a problem.” Olivia says, worried.

“We're sure that she's not in Malibu yet, right?” Violet mentions.

“There have been no reported attacks by hunters in or around Malibu, but the facts speak for themselves. The hunters are growing bolder. Just look at all these reports of missing persons, unsolved murders, all involving known supernatural species. I couldn't begin to guess how many more incidents there are, going unreported. The rate of attacks has risen steadily for months, ever since word of her arrival reached us. Thus, it is safe to assume that it's only a matter of time before they turn their attention to our presence there. ” Chester responds while stroking his chin and examining the reports meticulously.

“I agree there is a definite southerly flow,” Olivia states as she bends over the table with the map, full of pins depicting all of the recent incidents. “We've lost contact with the Cedar River Pack in Washington two months ago; not to mention that the local police have found the bodies of all 12 members of the NuLife coven in Portland, Oregon.” Olivia flips through a few manila folders containing other reports. “In just a short amount of time Fiona has managed to rally hunters all over Oregon, including some of the more notable families, but we can't definitively attribute any of these attacks to her clan. She could just as easily be focusing her efforts there, or even heading west into Idaho. We shouldn't jump to conclusions without solid evidence.” Olivia states, looking up from the map.

Maxim Whitaker, seemingly uninterested in the discussion, suddenly shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

“Everything alright?” Chester asks a bit concerned.

“If you will all excuse me,” Maxim says unrepentant, rising from his chair.

“The meeting isn't over yet,” Violet responds, looking flustered at having Maxim getting ready to walk out. “The death of some mangy werewolves or backwater witches do not concern me. I have more important business to take care of. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen.” And in just a few seconds, Maxim is gone.

“What’s his problem?” Violet asks surprised. Chester and Olivia shrug their shoulders just as perplexed.

“Anyway, what's our next move?” Olivia asks trying to change the topic.

“I'd propose we reach out to our allies in the Pacific Northwest. Have them take extra precautions. I'll contact Nathan over at Point Dume Academy as well. Security will need to tighten over there as an extra precaution, just in case. We shouldn't do anything that draws attention to us, right now though. But when the time comes we'll have to deal with Fiona head on.” Chester replies.

The group breaks up just as the phone rings. Chester picks up the phone as Violet closes the door to his office. “Hello Chester, Nathan Specter calling.” The voice on the other end says.

“Nathan, my boy, I was just about to call you. What's happening?” Chester replies with a grin.

“You won't believe who just showed up on my doorstep last night.”

“I'm listening...” The angel says, quite intrigued now.

 Willowcreek, OR January 1998 

(Song: Jacqueline Irvine- OMG Really)


"It’s going to be okay, May.” a frightened Russell whispers. The creaking floorboard and sound of footsteps coming closer causes Russell to become dead quiet.

Don't you see that it's pointless to hide! One way, or another I'm gonna find both you and be rid of this godforsaken family once and for all.” Glenn yells. He yanks open the closet door, exposing the terrified forms of Russell and May Nguyen.

Russell stares up at Glenn holding a knife, the blade still dripping with the blood of his mother and stepfather. Glenn offers them both a wicked smiled before he drags May out of her hiding place and throws her on the ground.

Why are you doing this We're your siblings?!” May utters out. But as a response, Glenn slaps her in the face.

Don’t be so sentimental sis, you know I liked you least of all. Always thought you were better than me huh? Mom and dad even gave their lives protecting you both, but what do I get? Always the black fucking sheep of this family who was never good enough. I showed them didn't I?” Glenn can’t help but smile, grabbing the knife still covered in blood and licking some of the blood of it.

Out of anger May spits in his face. Glenn’s eyes lose their spark of dark humor and become murderous in an instant. He tightens his grip on the knife, raising it above his head. Russell rushes out from the closest, grabbing Glenn's arm, and the two begin to struggle for the knife, but Russell's charge was poorly aimed and he ends up also on the ground, with Glenn towering over him.

Always so impatient and couldn't wait for your turn, little brother?!” Glenn shouts maniacally. A couple of kicks to the ribs cause Russell to curl up in pain and gasp for breath.

"Don't hurt him!" May shouts, tears streaming down her face. May's cries make Glenn turn back to her.

How could you kill our parents Glen? You’re insane and a true monster!” Russell replies. He's desperately trying to keep Glenn's focus on himself.

"That man was not our father. I don't even know what he was. But he won't hurt me ever again.” Glenn's look of blissful satisfaction makes Russell shudder.

What about mom then? Why did she have to die?” Russell notices May is slowly trying to creep toward the door, and he wants to keep Glenn focused on him for as long as he possibly.

She shouldn't have gotten in the way!” Glenn's eyes lose their fervor for a second “I’m sorry. I didn't want to hurt her. But she only had herself to blame.” Glenn brings his fists up over his eyes, as if doing so could keep out the images he must be seeing. May gets onto her knees and begins moving a bit quicker to the door, but the floorboard under the carpet creaks loudly, causing Glenn to spin around at the sound. His momentarily lapse is over and his hardened eyes have return once more.

Where do you think you're going you little bitch!?” Glen shouts.

Run May, Run!” Russell manages to say. May picks herself up off the floor and runs toward the bedroom door, but Glenn is able to quickly close the distance and wraps an arm around her chest and begins pressing it against her throat, pulling her back to him. He spins himself around, dragging May with him to stare down at Russell whose on the ground. Russell watches in horror as Glenn jabs the knife deep into his sister's stomach. A shocked cry from May is cut short as Glenn withdraws the knife, only to plunge it in several more times. The sound of the slick blade puncturing her chest makes Russell nauseous. Glenn tosses May aside and she falls to the floor, the blood pouring out of her midsection onto the white carpet. Forever staining it and leaving staining it with a crimson red stain.

Sorry, but I can’t have any witnesses of this crime, little brother, I'm sure you understand. Say hi to mom and dad for me!” Glenn states while standing over Russell.

What about you? The police will figure it out Glenn! You won't get away with it!”

Sure I will because you see, our stepfather went crazy and killed his wife and her two children. I was the only one to survive that maniac.” It was the last thing Russell hears before finding himself with a severe stab wound on his upper shoulder. Glenn pulls the knife out, and walks out of the room. With great pain, Russell struggles to crawl over to May who has a giant gap in her stomach. She’s already lost so much blood and her face is ashen. He attempts to calm her down by softly stroking her cheek. May weakly raises a blood-soaked hand onto the top of his and pats it gently. Unable to stave off unconciousness any further, Russell just manages to witness the shadow of a tall man standing in the doorway, right before he collapses.

 Wood River High School, Hailey, ID (Present Day) 

(Song: Sia-Salted Wound)


Russell found himself staring at his reflection in the mirror that came with the school locker. His skin was flawless. He couldn't find any faults, no imperfections, not even a pimple. Instead of feeling happy as most teenagers surely would, looking at this perfect face left him feeling nothing but angry and discontent.

I didn't want this.

“You're doing it again,” a voice coming from behind him says.

“Doing what?” Russell looked at over at the new reflection standing beside him even though he already knew the person behind the voice.

“If you're checking your hair, again. It looks fine. It always looks fine. Come on, you're gonna be late for your class,” the red-headed girl said while grabbing his arm to pull him away from the trophy case. Russell took one last, painful look at the hideous falsehood in the reflection before turning to look at Brooke Linx, the owner of those strawberry blond curls.

“I was not checking out my hair.” Russell didn't know why, but he felt like he had to defend his actions.

“Oh, so it's supposed to be doing that thing?” Brooke replied, pointing at his head while sporting a look of consternation on her face.

“What?” Russell did a double take at the reflection, before realizing that Brooke was just teasing him. He had fallen for it yet again.

“Very funny.” Russell readjusted his backpack and started walking away to class. Brooke was right on his heels.

“Don't be like that, you know I'm kidding. I like it, it's very R-Patz from his Twilight era. Come to think of it, you got that brooding thing going on too. If it weren't for that reflection I could totally peg you for a vampire. You don't sparkle by any chance do you?” Russell stiffened at the accusation. Damn that horrible movie for ruining brooding as an otherwise perfectly acceptable emotional state.

“So you're back?” Russell asks changing the subject rather than answering while walking along side Brooke and noticing her own skin looked gorgeously tanned.

“I am! California was amazing! Too hot though. Met a cute guy too who was easy on the eyes among other things. Why... Did you miss me?” She asked as she played with a loose strand of her hair and asked the last question in a falsetto breathy voice, clearly indicating she was joking, but it still had the intended affect of making Russell nervous. Thankfully, he didn't reveal his embarrassment by blushing, but he still ran his hand through his hair. A nervous tick she had picked up on long ago, but never revealed she knew.

“Oh it's all ruined now!That was what, 6 hours down the drain and so much hair product?” she joked, looking at his now dishevelled hair. Which, even in its messy state, the asian guy still managed to pull off effortlessly.

“You know what, I didn't miss this at all. Enjoy your new private school, maybe you can find someone else there to annoy.” Russell replied, adjusting his pace and walking just a little bit faster to leave Brooke behind.

“Relax, it was just a tour thing. But I don't think I'll be transferring. Sadly,you're gonna be stuck with me.” Brooke states, while catching back up to him and giving him a warm smile.

“What was that place called again? I don't think you said the name of it before.”

“Like I said, it doesn't matter, it was just some preppy rich kid school full of boring people with more money than some third world countries.”

“Then why'd you go down there?” Russell asks. Brooke bites her lip and shakes her head slightly.

“Mmm- my mom wanted me to go there from what I can remember anyway. My real mom, I mean.” Brooke looks down at her feet. “She went there when she was my age, so technically, I'm a legacy.”

Russell tentatively places a hand on Brooke's shoulder.

“I-I'm sorry, Brooke. I didn't mean to-” Russell faltered.

“It's alright, I don't think about her all that much these days.” Brooke patted Russell's hand on her shoulder with her other hand, her fingers coming into contact with an ornate ring. Curiosity getting the best of her.

“That’s a nice ring.” Brooke says curiously. “Where did you get it?”

Russell looks at it as if he didn’t know he was wearing it. “Oh, this thing? One could say that an old friend gave it to me.”

“Old friend? You’re only 17.” Brooke laughs. Russell stares down at the intricately carved silver ring, eblmazend with a coat of arms, and some large initials. He can't help but think back to the first time he saw such a ring.

 Malheur Forest, Oregon, January 1998 

(Song: Marian Hill-Got It)

Oregon Forest.jpg

Wake up.” a voice said. It was unfamiliar. Russell opened his eyes. Above him was an outstretch hand. A gaudy silver ring glinted in the sunlight. The hand was connected to a tall, dark form. The sunlight behind him prevented Russell from being able to tell who the person was, but he believed it to be the same one he saw moments before he collapsed.

Come on, I haven't got all day.” the voice says growing irritated. Russell stretched out his arm and the ringed hand grabbed his, helping to haul him to his feet. With the sunlight out of his face, he could finally look upon the man in front of him. He was an older man, atractive, almost regal in his appearance and his bearing. He was impecably dressed in a suit that Russell knew must have cost a fortune. Setting the strange man aside for a moment, Russell took note of his surroundings.

They were standing in the middle of the woods, on what appeared to be a hiking trail. The worn down path between the trees was unfamiliar and Russell didn't know was how he ended up out here. He continued to look around to try to get his bearings better when he spotted May leaning up against a tree.

“May!” Russell shouted in relief, dashing over to her, ecstatic to see her alive. He embraced her with one arm while simultaneously trying to examine her stomach where she had been stabbed. May returned the hug with one arm too, while deflecting his hand away from her stomach with the other.

Hey, hands off, perv!” May joked, feigning disgust, but her joy at seeing Russell was genuine.

How did?-” Russell was still trying to check May for injuries. Her bloodstained clothes looked horrible, but there was no sign of injury underneath.

Are you quite finished yet, or how much longer will the family reunion go on?”the stranger behind Russell asked. His impatient tone had not diminshed. Russell turned back to stare at him.

Who are you?”

“My name is Maxim Whitaker.”

What have you done to us and why are we here?!” a worried Russell asks. “Where are we?”

“Malheur Forest.” Maxim said, succintly, as if that was all that was needed of him to say.

Malheur National Forest is 100 miles away from where we lived.” Russell said, incredulous.

I know. I carried you.” Maxim said matter of factly.

What is going on? Why are we here” Russell repeated, growing tired of this Maxim's attitiude.

I saved your lives, and you’re here because I am going to teach you how to feed yourselves.” Maxim answers.

Just as soon as something appealing comes along.” He sees that May and Russell are still confused.

You are both vampires now. I turned you.” Maxim sighs.

You're insane! Vampires don't exist. They are a thing of folklore and stories used to scare little kids by their parents.” Russell grabbed May's arm and tried to pull her away from the obviously unstable man. In the blink of an eye, Maxim was right in front of them, his eyes shifting to a dull reddish color and his mouth open as fangs descended from above.

I assure you, we are quiet real. With the bite comes strength, and power, far above those of humans. But this power is balanced by the need to feed on blood; human blood to be specific.”

Russell can't quite believe what he is seeing and hearing as Maxim continues on about the nature of vampires. He thinks there must still be some logical explanation for what happened to him and his sister. He looks back at her when he feels her shrug off his grip on her arm. He watches as May starts sprinting away from him in a blur. In the span of a heartbeat, she is easily 100 yards away, and yet he can still see her clearly as if she were right in front of him.

This is so fucking cool Russ!” May says to herself, but Russell heard it as if she were standing right next to him.

I can hear you,” he said somewhat incredulously.

Oh my god, I can totally hear your heart beating frantically,” May responds, her hands going up to her face with the shock. Then with a giddy laugh that turned into a squeal, she runs back and is standing nose to nose with Russell in the blink of an eye. Russell turned back to look at Maxim, who appeared to have had a small smile on his face for the briefest of moments before the regal bearing and emotionless expression returned once more.

The more you exert yourself, the more quickly you will need to feed.” Maxim explains.

"Tell us what to do then so we get Vampire 101 down to a T !” May says impatiently.

How can you take this so lightly, our lives will never be the same again.” Russell questions her sister, anger evident in his tone.

You should be grateful that you ARE still alive.” an irritated Maxim responds.

Alive? We are as good as dead. We are vampires!” Russell shouts angrily.

Don't believe everything you read. I’m experienced at this. It gets better.” Maxim confesses.

What do you mean? ” Russell asks.

You really think you’re the first person I've turned?” Maxim laughs, then cocks his head as he spots a random hiker just appearing on the trail head.

Alright, this is our chance.” Maxim sprints to the person and grabs him tightly so he can’t escape. He starts screaming for help, until Maxim uses one of his hands to grab the man's chin and pull it to the side, preventing him speaking and presenting his neck for Russell and May.

Come on now children and feed.” he yells. May doesn’t even hesitate for a second. She launches herself onto the man's neck and begins to drink deeply. Quenching a thirst she didn't she know she had until now.

Easy there! You can’t let him die.” Maxim quickly says upon seeing her thirst.

Now you have to compel him to forget that you fed on him. Say the words and look him straight in the eyes.” May does what she’s told and the man walks away like nothing happened. Maxim looks at Russell and sees that he’s just standing there like an idiot, still shocked about what just happened.

Your sister was a bit overzealous, but not bad for a first effort. Shall we go find something for you now? A pretty brunette perhaps?”

I will never do that. I don't want to be a monster.” Russell adamantly says while shaking his head vigorously.

Don’t you feel the hunger? Resisting that urge, it is impressive, but ultimately foolish. Refusing to feed will leave you weak and vulnerable.”

I'd rather die than feed on another human.”Russell declares resolutely. Maxim eyes narrow as he regards Russell.

I can’t believe I turned such a pussy into a vampire.”

I imagine more people than just me weren’t that excited of you turning them without their permission.” Russell replied defiantly.

Maxim rolls his eyes and looks away, but pauses briefly, clearly pondering the question. “It’s true, I even had to kill one of my progeny in in the early middle ages. He became... dangerous, and it got out of hand. It was either I that had to kill him or someone else might.”

Russell, I don’t think you should blame Maxim for this, he saved our lives. Besides, I don't know about you but a girl could get used to this.” May replies while licking the remnants of blood that had had gotten on her fingers. Maxim's small smile returns as he rests his hand with the large silver ring on her shoulder.

I like this girl already.”

 Wood River High School, Hailey, ID (Present Day) 

“I’ve known him for a long time. And he was more like family. Distant family. ” Russell replies.

“How come I’ve never heard of him?”

Suddenly, the bell rings and Russell quickly withdraws his hand, and readjusts his backpack.

“Sorry but I have to go, you know my teacher is a real pain in the ass when people come late to his class.” he laughs nervously. Brooke gets the feeling Russell isn’t telling her something, but she just brushes it off and says goodbye for now.

While Russell is walking to his class he thinks about everything that’s happened the last few years. It had been 17 years since Maxim turned him and May into vampires. He'd not seen nor heard from Maxim since that one day in the woods. Upon returning to the house where Glenn had his mental breakdown(if you can even call it that), they saw that the bodies of his mother and stepfather were now missing. For over five years, they had searched for their parents' remains, Glenn and Maxim, without much success. Each clue only lead from one dead end to another. As if neither party wanted to be found. Russell had finally decided to give up and chose to pretend that it had all never happened and that he was just a normal human being. May, on the other-hand, refused and had kept on searching to this day, she was determined to avenge her family and kill Glenn for what he had done. However, the young vampire's thoughts are abruptly interrupted by Mr. Novak, his math teacher.

“Have you finally found your way to the classroom, Mr. Nguyen?” Russell rolls his eyes and sits down at his usual spot in class.

 Morgan Ridge, Hailey 8:30pm 

Morgan Ridge Night.jpg

“It’s getting dark.” Russell says worried.

“That’s the point, remember? There must be as few people as possible in the area.” May exclaims.

I'm not hungry.” He whispers angrily.

“Stop trying to be so virtuous, just admit that you're starving little brother. You stay weak when you don't drink human blood. And besides, vampires don’t really get to be the good guys. It's not in our nature now is it?” May glances around, searching for a vulnerable target.

“What’s wrong?” Russell asks.

“There’s someone nearby.” She swiftly sprints towards an old lady. Russell is looking at May with pitiful eyes trying to change her mind. But it's all in vain, she runs out, grabs the old lady and bites her wrist.

“Now it’s your turn.” May says, looking up from the lady's arm, thick red blood still dripping from her mouth like some vibrant lipstick. The old lady is in total shock.

“Let her go, I’m not gonna drink blood from an innocent ol' lady.”

May looks into her eyes. “You were not attacked this evening, you fell down on your walk and cut your wrist. When you get home, you'll put on a bandage, swear to be more careful in the future, and you will go straight to bed.”

May turns to her brother. “I cannot believe you Russell! How much longer must you keep this up? I thought you'd have grown out of this phase already. Or have you forgotten why we moved to Hailey in the first place? Why do you always have to be like this? Last time I checked, I was the girl and I certainly never acted this way, even when I was human.” May turns her back on Russell and stalks off into the night. Russell slips his hands into his pockets and hangs his head in shame. He then jogs after May, coming up alongside her.

“I--I just can’t do it.”

“You’re a vampire, it's your nature! It shouldn't be hard to resist! I love you Russ, but you've got to take care of yourself, because if you ever want to get something done as a vampire you will have to drink human blood. You'll need to be strong when we find Glenn.” May had still not given up her obsession with finding their deranged brother.

“I don't want to find Glenn, anymore May. I just want to live my life now, as normally as possible.”

“Glenn is the reason we’re in this situation. Russ. Maxim wouldn't have turned us if it wasn't for him. Now that we are vampires, he’ll be the one crawling and bleeding on the floor. That son of a bitch will be the one who'll be afraid,” she says venomously.

 Later that night... 

“Come on slow-poke! We need to bag this wolf before Fiona misses us. She'll be pissed we went off book without a good excuse.” an African-American woman yells to a man behind her.

A man crouches over the wolftracks in the dirt, and realizes they are still fresh.

“Well, Alisha, I think we are on the right track.” he grins.

“Alisha?” The man starts panicking, his partner is nowhere to be found. He tries to flee but he bumps into someone.

“Looking for this?” Moses asks while holding the woman's head.

“Didn't anyone ever tell you, when hunting werewolves, one must always keep one's head about themselves?” Ben laughs while he steps out of the shadows on the far end, cutting off any chance of a retreat.

“The honor is all yours, Ben.” Moses replies, smiling.

 Wood River High School, Hailey, ID (Next Day) 


As Russell watches the teacher scribble something on the chalkboard, he absentmindedly begins twirling the silver ring on his hand with his thumb. At the same time he is acutely aware that Brooke is staring him from over in the next seat. Trying (but failing) to be inconspicuous.

“You still haven’t told me who gave you that ring, by the way.” Brooke presses on.

Blond hair and a pair of crystal blue eyes flash in his mind before Russell, bringing with them a complex rush of emotions: camaraderie, joy, confusion, loss, anger and loneliness. The sudden influx actually causing him to grip the desk for support. Being careful to not draw attention to himself, the vampire tries to play it off as simply readjusting himself in the seat.

“What does it matter, I don’t see the person anymore so can we please just drop it?” Russell says, clearly irritated, and looks toward the blackboard and tries to follow class. Brooke stares at him for at least a minute.

“I get that you’re frustrated but you don’t have to take it out on me; it was just a question, you know.” Russell looks at the hurt in Brooke's eyes, but without saying a word, he returns his focus on the blackboard again. He does his best to ignore the faint sniffling he can clearly hear coming from Brooke. Russell sighs quietly and glances down at the ring on his finger once more.

 Malheur Forest, Oregon, January 1998 

Somebody is coming.” May whispers softly. Russell, too, can hear the telltale sounds of movement through the forest, movement too faint and too distant for a mere human to detect. He silently begged whoever they might be to turn around and save themselves before it was too late. That was when he noticed that whoever was approaching was doing so with incredible speed.

It's about dam time.” Maxim muttered aloud. Irritation and anger seemed to be his favorite moods, Russell noticed quickly. At the head of the trail came a young man with blond hair. He was casually, but finely dressed in a button down shirt that was out of place in the middle of the forest, but the young man wore it well, coming off looking like a model straight out of an Ambercrombie & Fitch catalog.

So sorry pops, it took longer than I thought.” The young man said as he continued approaching the group. He had a bemused smirk on his face.

Is it done and do you have them??”Maxim inquired. The young man's smile faltered and he nodded briefly.

Yep, that's what took so long. The jeweler was late.” The young man produced a small box from behind his back.

Excellent. I'll leave you to handle the rest. I will see you at home, Todd.”

What, you're leaving? Shoudn't you be making sure we got this vampire thing down and not go on a killing spree?”Russell asks incredibly, unable to believe the older man leaving them just like that.

This is my progeny, Todd Rollings. He will continue your education.” Maxim's gaze shifts from Russell to his sister.

May,” Maxim seems to bow his head ever so slightly as he says her name. Then without so much as a sound, Maxim disappears into the woods.

Wow, never thought I'd see the day but someone has an admirer,” Todd says while unleashing a killer smile that causes May to blush and and look away quickly.

What do you mean by that?” Russell asks, confused and still angry about Maxim's sudden departure.

Maxim acknowledged May. You must have really impressed him.” The other vampire explains.

“S-seriously?” May asks, looking up again at Todd, and was rewarded with another big smile.

Trust me, Maxim isn't much for doling out praise or recognition. It must have been almost a solid decade before he would refer to me by name.”Todd lets out a hearty laugh, which May joined in with a fit of giggles.

When did Maxim turn you?” May asks.

Almost 85 years ago.” Todd answers and smirks at the incredulous looks on the other two vampire's faces.

How old does that make you then!?” May nearly shrieked her reply. Overcoming her initial shyness, she gets right up close to Todd to examine his still flawless skin as she gazes in wonder.

Yeah I'm pretty spry for an old guy.” Todd jokes. “Where are my manners? I'm Todd Rollins at your service and I take it you are May.”

Uh-huh,” May says nodding vigorously, still entranced by Todd's youthful appearance. She seems unaware that Todd is in the middle of shaking her hand.

And that would make you Russell then, pleasure to meet you both.” Todd offers his hand to Russell as well. His sincere attitute and easy-going charm had sufficiently supressed Russell's irritation about Maxim's departure. Russell thus extended his own hand and was rewarded with a hearty handshake. In this moment, he noted that Todd's hand had a silver ring on one finger, smaller than Maxim's, but definately a similiar design.

I've got to say, I've always wanted an older brother, my own siblings didn't live to see the world past two years old.” Todd continued. Russell became confused again as they parted.

Y How am I an older brother?” The raven haired vampire questions the blonde in front of him.

Maxim told me you guys were 17. I was 16 when I was turned. So you're technically older than me. So what do you say, will you buy me some beer then big brother?” Todd winked conspiriorially.

Still just 17, so nope!” Russell couldn't help but play along with Todd's easygoing nature.

Haha, dammit! I forgot things arne't as they were back in the early 1900's. That wasn't such a big deal back then.” The woods seemed to reverberate with the sounds of Todd's laughter echoing off the trees.

What was it that Maxim wanted you to bring?” May asked trying to get back to the course at hand, looking down at the box still in Todd's other hand.

Oh, right. He wanted me to give you two this,” Todd raised the box so they could see it better. It was a small black velvet ring box, but larger than the standard size. He opened the box facing them, and revealed two silver rings with identical engravings as the one Todd was wearing.

These are for you both.” Todd pulled out the larger ring and handed it to Russell.

Besides the obvious, What are their purpose?” Russell asked, looking closely at the sides of the ring. There appeared to be some form of family crest on one side, some indecipherable symbols on the other, and on the top of the black inlaid pearl center was a etched with silver monogram with an interlocking M and W.

They are signet rings,”Todd explained. “Wearing one means you are a vampire of Maxim's creation. That you are a member of his bloodline and thus, coming after you means retribution from him.” He took out the smaller ring and delicately placed the ring on May's finger, who blushed once more at the contact.

It's just like the one you have,”May says looking at Todd's hand. Todd looks away from her and down at his own hand to the ring on his finger. His bright blue eyes seem to darken slightly with emotion. Todd pulls his hand away from May and clenches his fist briefly before looking back up and giving them both a smile, albeit smaller than from before.

Yep, just like mine. Welcome to the family!” Russell deduced that Todd wasn't especially fond of wearing the ring with Maxim Whitaker's initials, and suspected there might be some underlying animosity between the two, especially given what he knew from Maxim's personality and Todd's demeanor which seemed to be polar opposites. It made Russell like Todd that much more.

So other than telling everyone we belong to Maxim's bloodlines, do these rings do anything else?” Russell inquired.

Well they certainly don't keep you from bursting into flames, if that's what you mean, because-”Todd points out the pervasive sunlight filtering down through the trees.

Oh my god, is that really a thing?”May asks half-scared, half-thrilled.

Not that I've ever seen. That's just one of those myths associated with vampire physiology that aren't really true. Sunlight doesn't kill us, but it will weaken you eventually. You can't really feel it with all these trees, but out in the open, it will start to sap your strength. To answer your question though Russ, the rings are for protection, just not in the way you think. Maxim is very important in the supernatural world. His mark informs everyone else that you are under his protection and care.”

Like the equivalent of royalty? The Queen of England or something?” May ponders the thought.

No, he's more powerful than the Queen of England. Richer too, but they are good friends. He attended her christening, or so I'm told. It's thanks to him she's managed to live for so long after all.” Todd explains.

The entire supernatural world knows of Maxim. They know what it means to defy him. Harming his progeny is tantamount to spitting in his face. So don't ever take the ring off. It will probably save your life, more than once.” The blonde vampire continues.

 Wood River High School, Hailey, ID 

The bell rings, bringing and end to class and taking Russell out of walk down memory lane. The last period is over and everyone is filing out of the classroom and leaving school. Brooke packs her bag quickly, then gets up without looking over toward him. She tries to leave but Russell blocks her her exit.

“Look, Brooke, I'm really sorry.” He begins, unable to stand not being able to talk to the only true friend he feels like he has at this school.

“You act so strangely whenever I ask you about that thing. It's like you become some other person. I don't know who that person is, but I don't like him.” The red-headed girl states, biting her bottom lip in the process.

“It's just...family stuff. I rather not get into it to be honest.”

“Is there something I should know?” Russell stares into Brooke's eyes and sees her desire for an honest explanation, something he can never give her. He sighs and looks down.

“No... There's nothing.” The disapointment in Brooke's face is heartbreaking.

“Could you please move, then? My step-mom doesn't like it when I'm late.” Russell frowns, takes a deep breath, and moves aside to allow Brooke to make her exit. He tosses his books into his backpack roughly and hitches it up to his shoulders. Still in a daze over seeing Brooke's face and the whole mess of the situation at hand, he doesn't even notice upon walking outside the school when suddenly a tall man is standing in front of him.

“Did you miss me?”

“Maxim?! What are you doing here?” Russell asks, surprised and a little angry.

“I just came to say hi.” he responds smiling and places a hand on the younger man's shoulder in greeting.

“So you disappear for 17 years, we don’t hear anything from you, and now you’re here to say "hi"? Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell do you want and don't try to lie to me?”

Maxim sighs. “I had a feeling you would see through that.”

“Yeah, I would work on it if I were you. Hate to say it, but your age is showing grandpa.” Russell quips haughtily , while pulling out his earbuds from his bag.

Maxim chuckles briefly, but it doesn’t take long for him to get serious. “Still so defiant. Good! I've come because I want you and May to come with me to Malibu. I can protect you there but not here.”

“This is my home now, so what could you lead you to take May and I from here?” Russell asks.

“Attacks from hunters are increasing in nearby states. They are terrorizing the entire supernatural community. From what I've learned they are all over Washington and Oregon. Idaho could be next. Hailey is no longer safe.” Maxim explains.

“How can you know they'll even be coming here? What makes you so sure”

“Because you two are here. You would be...high value targets.” he answers.

“When you come to California, you will both enroll at Point Dume Academy.”

“It’s a school for supernatural species like yourself. You would be safe there.”

Russell scratches the back of his head, while thinking. “No, Maxim this isn’t necessary, Idaho and Oregon are big states. they can’t be everywhere and even if they do, we can handle ourselves just fine. After all we've done just that for the past 17 years.”

“ Don't you get it? The hunters are organized like never before. They may not be everywhere, but they don't have to be. If you recall, Sun Valley is surrounded by woods and mountains. I'm sure you can guess where an easterly path will take them? Where they'll go looking first?” Maxim remarks.

“Right through Hailey.” Russell sighed with frustration.

“Correct. This exactly what I didn't want to happen. Why do you think I left you both the minute I saw that both yourself and your sister were fine. I have made many enemies over the years who'd gladly use you, Todd or May as leverage.”

“Still, I’m not that easy to take down.”

“Are you sure? I know you haven’t been drinking human blood.”

“Wait... How do you even know that?” he asks puzzled.

“A little birdy told me.” He smirks and raises an eye-brow, taunting Russell into confronting him.

“You've been spying on us? This whole time yet never appeared to us in person?” Russell didn't think he could hate Maxim anymore, but he was wrong.

“I have been kept apprised of your activites. May has shown great promise acclaimating to this lifestyle. You, however, continue to deny your nature. This will not be tolerated when you attend the academy.” Maxim says, already taking out his cell phone to call Nathan ASAP.

“Are you kidding me? Who said I even want to go!?”

“In truth, my primary interest is in securing May's safety and enrollment at Point Dume. However, I know she will not willingly come with me without her beloved brother, so you will also be allowed to enroll.”

“Allowed to enroll, what the hell, don't I get a choice?” “Furthermore, you will be the one to convince May that it is not safe here and that you must leave for California at the earliest opportunity. She is not to learn that I was here today, do you understand?” Maxim continues, as if he didn't hear Russel's remarks at all.

“You've got to be fucking kidding me! We're not going anywhere with you, not noww or ever for that matter! Do me a favor and just go back the way that you came and get lost . I hear Oregon is lovely this time of year! Who knows, maybe if your lucky, you'll get mauled to death by a bear or something?” Russell was furious and felt oddly giddy to be so openly defiant. Maxim smiled briefly at Russell's outburst and was about say something when he sees May exiting the school. He instead just looks Russell in the eyes, nods briefly, and departs, losing himself in the crowd of walking students. He is completely out of sight by the time May walks over.

“What's with the face? Did something happen?” May asks, seeing the murderous expression still on Russell's face.

"Nothing...let's go home,” he states while sticking his earbuds in his ear.

 Moon Lite Grill (2 AM) 


Moses and Mario are sitting at the bar with a beer in their hands.

“Don’t you have a class to teach tommorow?” Mario laughs.

“It will take more than this cheap tap of yours to lay me out,” Moses replies with a wolfish grin.

“So we aren't counting those shots you did earlier trying to impress that girl with the big breasts?” Mario asks.

“We are not.” Moses states with an air of finality. “Shouldn’t you be with Shakira instead of hanging here?” Moses fires back in a taunting manner.

“Someone has to make sure your sorry ass gets home okay. But not before you tell me more about these hunters that were found near our terriotory.” Mario insists. “Are you sure they were hunters?” the Alpha presses.

“Do you know any regular joe-six pack hunter loading up their guns with silver bullets?”

“Have you decided what you will do with the prisoner you brought in last night?” Mario asks while touching the rim of his glass.

“For now, we gather intel about any other hunters in the area, and figure out who's organizing them, and where their reinforcements will come from. If I'm right, it could be the Evergreen Hunter Clan behind this. If so, the rest of O.R.B.S. will have to be notified immediately.” Moses replies.

“And you're sure this hunter will be so talkative?” Mario asks the beta werewolf.

“Don't worry oh alpha, my alpha! Ben and I can be quite...persuasive.” Moses replies followed by a mock salute.

You mean you'll torture him,” Mario replies while he takes a sip of his beer.

Moses slams his hand on the counter "Mario, enough beating around the bush. All this is exactly what the hunters are doing to us. You know what's been going out there. They are declaring war!”

“And you want to let Hailey become the front lines of that war? Moses, tell me, why is the Moonlight Wolf pack the strongest pack in the state?”

“Um, because we're the largest? Good leadership?” Moses can't think clearly to provide a better answer.

“Because we are smart. We have roots in the community, this club for one. An understanding with the human authorities. We don't make waves or draw unwanted attention unto us. AND we certainly DON'T leave headless corpses so carelessly in the woods for any wild animal to come and dig up! How foolish could you be!?” Mario's eyes were filled with rage. Moses, in shock ends up knocking over his beer and nearly topples off from his stool before grabbing onto the bar at the lat minute.

“We-we buried her somewhere where she'll never be found, Mario!” Moses replies nervously, picking up the pieces of broken glass.

“If I can find her, you can be damn well sure the police dogs would have found her. Go home, Moses. I'm tired of cleaning up your messes for one day.”

Moses quickly gets up and heads to the door sheepishly. Before he's fully out though, Mario calls out to him without turning around. “What have you done with the head?” Mario asks coldly.

“It's in a box at Ben's appartment. The man we've got, he was pretty quick to give up a safe-house they were using not too far from here. Ben thinks we should use it to send a message. To give them a taste of their own medicine. I’m sure we can it can be in the hands of it’s rightful owner before the next sunset if you say the word boss-man.”

“Goodnight, Moses.” Mario says with the sound of bitter dissapointment in his voice. Moses swallows nervously, and walks out into the night.

The Alpha Werewolf sits down once more and massages his forehead, the events of today already giving him a head-ache as he sighs loudly.

“So hard to find good help these days,” Maxim says by way of announcing his presence.

“Now is not a good time, Maxim. Kind of busy dealing with some possible hunters if you must know” Mario says, continuing to nurse his beer.

“Send the head.” Maxim states matter of factly.

“Excuse me?” Mario turns to look at Maxim.

“Your pack has already killed the hunter, the damage is already done. If the hunters are indeed being led by who you think they are, a show of force is your only chance to mitigate the fallout to come.” Maxim says, still standing by the back door.

“You didn't come all this way just to offer me tips on straegy,” Mario replies, hoping to spur Maxim along.

“I've come for an update on the children. You've stopped sending me reports a year ago and I came to find out why. I had to find out by other means, no thanks to you, mutt.” Maxim says without much ceremony, as he sits down next to Mario at the bar, ignoring the deathly glare the werewolf is sending his way.

“Because I didn't feel like sending them anymore. It's not like you care for them anyway. We've been there for those two more than you ever have.” Mario responds angrily.

"Do I need to remind you that you were tasked with seeing to their safety and the development of their abilities with routine progress reports by not just me but the rest of O.R.B.S. As well?”

“I don't need a reminder, Maxim. I got it loud and clear.” Mario turns and looks at the vampire.

“You want a report, I'll give you a report. They're great kids, which you'd know if you bothered to spend any time with them. Sure I might not have been too fond of them at first, but they grow on you, you know? I see the way Shakira lights up around them and her happiness is just contagious. Russell, he's a good guy; so smart, so caring. I wouldn't ever thought I'd see a vampire who cares more about people than he does, more than most humans I know. And May, May is simply amazing. The sweetest girl you've ever known whose joy fills your own heart and whose troubles cause your heart to ache until you've remedied them. She's even a decent vampire, if any of your kind could be considered "decent". She's smart and efficient when she feeds, she doesn't over-indulge, doesn't kill, doesn't leave evidence behind.” The other man says with such emotion that for a second, Maxim is stoic and speechless. “They will be accompanying me back to California to attend classes at Point Dume Academy. It's for the best.” Maxim says, rising from the bar.

“The hell they are! You put Todd there and look what happened to him!” Mario argues, standing up at full height in defiance.

“Aww! Isn't that sweet? You went and got feelings for my little vamps. Don't tell me you and Shakira actually enjoying playing Mommy and Daddy with them? If you so much as care for them, you'll let them go, Rossini because if they die, their blood will be on your hands. Don't tempt me cause if you do, the truce my sireline has with your pack will end and you'll gain a new enemy in the process.” Maxim fires back.

“We've had hunters try and come through Hailey before. We will be fine. I can protect them much better than you ever could...” The other man protests.

“That's what you say now, but you've never dealt with a hunting clan like the Evergreens. Hailey is no longer safe if they have stepped foot here. O.R.B.S. thanks you for your service but I am taking them with me and that's final. It's a shame Shakira can't bear children of her own.” Maxim nods in clear victory, and walks out of the bar. Mario sits back down boiling with rage, but also feeling numb and wondering how he's going to break the news to his wife.

 Wood River High School, Hailey -Next Day 

Hallway of Wood River.JPG

The bell rings, signaling the end of class. Brooke and May walk out of the classroom on their way to the cafeteria. Booke looks over at may and says, “Am I risking my life if I ask you what’s going on with that bonehead brother of yours?” She squints her eyes, preparing for the expected retaliation.

“Why? Is he still clueless to the fact that you like him?” May asks cheekily.

“Wha-? How do you know that?” Brooke stammers, clearly caught off-guard.

“Your heartbeat speeds up every time he comes around.” May says a little too carelessly.

“My what?” The other girls asks confused.

“I mean you blush. So I assume that also means your pulse quickens too. I know it does for me whenever I see a sexy George Clooney on the TV screen,” May quickly recovers with with a joke.

“No it's not like that. I mean he's nice and all-”

My brother is the definition of nice. He'd be the one to send you an apology note after you broke up with him. That's how much how he cares for others.It's his achille's heel unfortunately” Brooke and May exchange a laugh as they pass the doors of the gymnasium.

“If it's not that, then what did you mean?” May asks, curious.

“Since I asked about that ring he’s wears, he’s been acting strange.” Brooke notices that May is wearing is wearing a similar ring.

“I don’t know why he’s acting weird about it, it’s just a ring.” May replies, but her playful banter is gone.

“Then why is he getting so bent outta shape over it?”

“It's really just a- a family thing. It's the only thing our father gave us before he walked out on us. Russell still has a grudge against him while I've learn to move on and not dwell on what was out my control at the time.” She replies

“Can I see it?”

“I’d rather hold on to it, I really don’t want to lose it.” May responds, looking down to avoid looking Brooke in the eye and giving in.

Suddenly the gymnasium doors open and group of senior basketball players stream out, one of them still bouncing a ball in the hallway. One of the jocks asks for the dribbler to toss him the ball. The ball goes up high, nearly hitting the ceiling. The jock backs up to catch the ball, not noticing the girls standing so close behind him. The jock stumbles into Brooke with enough force to slam her into the trophy case, whose glass shatters. There are numerous cuts on Brooke's arm which had taken the brunt of the damage.

“I'm so sorry, it was an accident!” One of the jocks exclaims and looks ready to faint at Brooke's cuts and the blood on them.

“Are you okay?” May asks concerned and glaring at the careless jocks until they run away.

“Ah, I think I'll be fine. It looks worse than it is. I should be asking you. Your eyes...they are turning red.” May instinctual reaction to the smell of Brooke’s blood, cannot be helped as she was caught off-guard. She shuts her eyes quickly and supresses her desire to hunt. Silently thanking that she had fed not too long ago and thus, wasn't all that hungry.

“Talk about a bad time for my allergies to kick in. I-I've got some drops in my bag, she lies quickly, fumbling for it with her eyes still closed. She picks it up and then stands up. She grabs the jock by the collar hauls him to his feet.

“You! Take my friend to the the nurse's office. Now!” May says and compells a young girl who happens to come by. Once Brooke and her companion are gone, the vampiress rushes off to find the nearest bathroom. Trying hard to avoid running into anyone else and hoping the bathroom will be empty.

 Moon Lite Grill, 3pm 

06252015 biz moonlite 02.jpg

May ended up ditching school after that incident. The very real threat of exposure left her feeling vulnerable, so she made her way back to the one place she felt safe, the restaurant owned and operated by Mario, her- well she wouldn't call him her stepdad; she'd already had one of those, but his wife Shakira had taken it upon herself to look after her and Russell after they had come into their lives, with Shakira effectively becoming a surrogate mother naturally, making Mario a fatherly figure and manages to get the alpha to warm up to them. The fact that he was a werewolf didn't even seem to matter nowadays; he'd helped the twins out when they'd run into a spot of trouble, and has been protecting and providing a home for them ever since.
But while the Grill was normally a place of sanctuary, today it did nothing to calm her nervousness about what to do regarding Brooke, who by now must suspect that something is seriously wrong. She can't let her hurt or allow her to find out their secret.

“Can I get you anything, beautiful”? a brown-haired guy asks winking at her. One quick once-over and May estimates him to be around 20 years old but nevertheless isn't sure how to respond, having never been addressed like that before.

Is he flirting? How can I be sure?

“A cheeseburger and some french fries please. Oh, and chocolate milkshake while you're at it” She smiles polietly back at him while he turns around to pass the order.

Oh, great, just what I needed.” May whispers to herself when she notices Brooke coming through the front entrance. She idly wonders if she can dash out the back quickly but before she can even move, Brooke has seen her and starts walking over, eventually taking a seat next to May.

“Can you please tell me what the hell is going on because I’m terrified at the moment. My brain is giving me some rather bad scenarios.” The young girl is able to say, the distress evident on her face, May considers confessing to Brooke. It would be nice to have someone else besides her brother to confide in and Brooke had been very nice to both of them from the get-go after they had started attending Wood River High. But revealing such a large secret would put Brooke in danger and could ruin their friendship and May needed a real girlfriend in her life; there was just some things you couldn't talk to a boy about, let alone her brother. So as much as it pained her to have to do it, May looks at Brooke square in the eye and says

“Forget what happened at school today and go home. You will take a long nap and wake up the next day thinking you just had a bad dream.” The vampire compels Brooke effortlessly, who gets up and exits the grill without another word.

Woah, that was pretty easy.” May thinks to herself.

The same guy returns with her order and decides to sit with her. She’s just staring at him waiting for him to say something. “I thought you might like some company.” he laughs.upon seeing her questioning gaze.

“Please tell me that you got more game than that. This can't be your big move now can it?” May smiles while trying to take a rather large bite from her burger.

“Well actually, I was waiting to see if you were going to compel me into fortgetting what I saw as well, while you were at it," the young man smiles.

The hair on the back of May's neck raises as she is shocked to hear him say this so non-chalantly. 'Not that it would work, mind you, being a werewolf has its perks after all but I still might do anything for you if youd ask nicely” The older (and very attractive) man explains.

“Okay, that one was better,” May decides to play along. She gives him her best smile and the guy chuckles loudly as he reaches behind the bar to bring up a bottle of ketchup for the fries.

“Neat trick.” May says giggling a little.

“Not as neat as that compulsion thing you can do. Never actually seen it done before up close.” The guy takes a few fries off the plate and begins eating them without much thought.

“Why won't it work with you? And how do you know about that?” May asked, more curious than afraid now.

“Werewolves are immune to compulsion. Hasn't anyone taught you yet?”

“Oh, are you new to Mario's pack then? I would have seen you around if you were a member otherwise.” May asks, finally understanding why this boy seems to know everything and relaxing a bit.

“Yeah, even though I was away for a while. I decided the whole "college thing" wasn't for me. So I came back home. Mario offered me a job here in the meantime.”

“But more importantly...Do you always hit on customers?,” May asks jokingly as she takes a sip of her milkshake.

“Only on the pretty ones; you get better tips that way” the boy replies with a wolfish grin on his face. May blushes, puts what remains of her burger down and shakes his hand in greeting. “I’m May, May Nguyen.”

“Milan Novak. Nice to meet you, May.” She is in ultimate shock. “Milan NOVAK? as in Ivan Novak’s son?” a stunned May asks.

“Yep, that’s my dad! Can you tell?” he asks, lifting his head as if posing for a painting.

“No, not at all! I guess your mom’s the one with the good looks...and I probably shoudn’t have said that. I’m sorry.” She says, shyness overtaking her earlier boldness.

“Hey don’t worry about it! I know I’m cute as hell. You're not the first to notice babe.” Milan answers with a straight face.

“Well your dimples might be cute, but let’s not get carried away about the rest of you just yet.” May responds jokingly. However, the banter comes to an abrupt end when she gets the notion that she is being watched. Out of the corner of her eye, the vampire notices two men eyeing her suspiciously through the window. The older of the two had hardened eyes. The younger man seemed even more devoid of emotion as he stared at her unrepentant. She turned to look at them full on as well. However, the duo turns away when they are caught and quickly make their way to the other side of the street.

“Do you know those guys?” she asks.

“Wouldn't know, really. I haven't been in Hailey for a couple of years, I barely know anyone anymore. But they didn't look local to me. Which doesn't really mean much now does it? There wasn't a set of vampire twins living with the local alpha last time I was here. It's an everchanging world if you think about it.” Milan remarks, ever so jovial. May considers Milan's words, but decides she isn’t about to be intimidated by some lurkers and decides to confront the men and get an answer out of them. Something just doesn't sit right with her one bit.

“Milan, it was nice to meet you but I really gotta go, there's something off about those guys, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it.” She says obviously distracted. May leaves the money for her meal and gets up to exit the grill.

“And I was doing so well too.” Milan says with a forlorn look and sad face, before breaking into a smile and chuckling to himself as he begins cleaning the tables.

“I'll be right back.” May says, throwing him another brief, but genuine smile. She leaves and heads across the street. She begins tracking the men and soon locates a trail she can follow. She travels only only briefly along the main road, opting instead to take a shorcut between buildings and across parking lots to make up ground. She catches up to one of them after rounding a corner leading to another alley. A young girl is leaning against the side of the building, burning cigarette in one hand, and typing furiously in an iPhone on the other. The younger of the two men she was chasing is further down the alley, with both his hands in his pockets, seemingly trying to fight off the afternoon chill.

“Hey where'd your friend go?” May asks, rather rude.

“Right here, darling.” the older man says from behind as a dark cloth bag comes down over her head. The first man takes his hands out of his pockets, brandishing a taser. He uses it on May's abdomen, sending a powerful electric shock throughout her body. Despite the pain, her insticts kick in and she rocks her head back, managing to connect with the second man's face, breaking his nose and causing him to cry out. She utilizes her richochet to launch herself into the man in front of her and is rewarded by doubling him over and making him drop the taser. The pain gone, May rips the bag from her head and follows up on her earlier attack, wrapping the bag around the older man's neck and slamming him into the brick wall. By then the younger man had gotten to his feet.

“You want to tell me who you jokers are, or am I going yo need to beat it out of you?” May asks. Instead of speaking, he pulls out a weapon and points it at May, but in the blink of an eye May iss there, knocking the weapon aside and picking up the young man by the throat with her vampiric speed.

“Let's try this again. Who are you and what do you want with me? Did someone send you?” May asks, looking up at the hunter with disdain. The man struggles in her grip, but is unable to escape. He can barely breathe. May slackens her hold.

“You were saying?”

“D-Dylan!” he manages to utter hoarsely.

“Amateurs” she can hear the voice of the cigarette smoking girl say. She turns off her phone and slides it into her pocket. May tosses the young man aside and confronts the girl who flicks her cigarette away.

“Are you with them? Is this some kind of family affair?” May asks, her anger rising and her eyes turning bloodshot.

“Puh-lease, like I could ever be related to these useless posers. My family's dead if you must know.” Dylan says crossing her arms in front of herself in a defiant manner.

“Unless you want to join them in the afterlife, stand aside bitch if you know what's good for you.” May threatens.

“Leaving so soon? But I haven't gotten to play yet.” Dylan replies with a grin.

“Very well then, if you insist, now don't say I didn't warn you!” May says and with a burst of vampire speed closes the distance between them. Dylan pulls out a weapon and May grins, seeing the whole thing happen as if all of it is in slow motion. She makes the move to grab the weapon away, only to be shocked again with a powerful electric current. This one much stronger than the last. The decoy weapon falls away as the pain of the shock spirals through her entire body. Dylan smiles at the expression on May's face as she pulls another gun and fires it in May's direction. A dart impacts May's neck and injects her with some strange substance. The effect is almost immediate. Though the electric shock has worn off, May can barely move. Her muscles feel arophied. There is a dullness sweeping through her whole body.

“What did you do to me?” May asks as she falls to her knees.

“You like? It's one my favorite toys I helped design. The first part is a paralytic, a strong muscle relaxant. Takes away all that nifty vampire speed. The second part is a powerful sedative, the same kind they use on elephants. Those suckers literally fall asleep while standing. You can imagine the effect it would have on a tiny little thing like you. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine anymore do you?” Dylan says, now standing directly over May. Unable to stand, May instead raises her hand over her head, the one with her ring.

“You messed with the wrong girl! Do you know who I am? I am the daughter...of....Maxim Whitaker,” May manages to mumble underneath the onslaught of the dart's contents, hoping the name will mean something to her attackers.

“You don't say? Why do you think we got you in the first place?” says the blonde girl before uncermoniously snapping the asian vampire's neck.

 Evergreen Hunter Clan-Unknown Location 

“Your suspicions were true after all, they are both vampires and of Maxim's bloodline no less.” Dylan says to an older blonde woman.

“Your assistence has been invaluable. You will be rewarded for this.” Fiona responds.

“And how goes our other project?” Fiona asks another girl who is also in the room but sitting on a large chair.

“Russell is deeply conflicted. There's alot of hate and anger toward Maxim. Every time I ask about the ring I spin his head around. Everything else is going well. It won't be long before I have him wrapped around my finger and right where we want him,” Brooke says with a smile.

“So Russell is officially a candidate for recruitment? How wonderful! I have faith in you my dear.” Fiona says proudly and plants a kiss on top of Brooke's head.

“May, though, I do not think there's any chance we'll be able to turn her. She loves this life too much. I've watched her hunt and probably views being turned into a vampire as a blessing in disguise.” Brooke says, looking up at Fiona as she reports her findings to the leader of their group of hunters.

“May won't be a problem. She's already with my hunters as Dylan here, can attest. Walked right into my trap like some gullible girl straight out of a horror movie. To be honest, I thought she'd be smarter than that.” Fiona says dismissively while Dylan smirks in confirmation.

“The stupid girl tried to compel me, not knowing that it wouldn't work.” Brooke laughs just as Adam McClain enters the room and interrupts the conversation.

“Fiona, this was found at the safehouse, you're going to wanna see this...” He tentatively hands her a small package wrapped in red and with the Evergreen Hunter Clan's mark.

Fiona opens the box and is shocked to see it is in fact Alisha’s head. “Who sent me this wonderful...gift?” Fiona asks, with barely restrained anger.

“The note said, With Regards, -The Midnight Wolf Pack.' Adam replies stoically.

“It seems this town has more of an infestation than we previously thought. No matter. Not even a pack of wild mutts will distract us from the great things we're about to do.”

 Medean Wellness Center – Somewhere in Oregon  


Maxim steps onto the dock and tugs down his suit. He walks along the curving dock until the ancient wooden beams give way to gray cobblestones. Before long, he stands in front of the entrance to a white and gray stone building looking more like a castle than a hospital. Maxim gazes up briefly, sighs quietly, and enters.

Just past the entrance the receptionist looks up from her desk to see who it is. The double-take she does confirms she knows exactly who he is.

“I'm here to see a patient.” Maxim says succinctly.

“Yes, of course. Right though those doors and the room you are looking for will be at the end of the hallway, Mr. Whitaker.” The nurse (whose nametag reads Jaqueline) wastes no time with standard procedure and goes back to her computer.

He proceeds through the double doors of the restricted area for employees and patients. He walks along the hallways and prepares to enter the correct wing when a voice from behind him causes him to halt midstep.

“I'd heard you'd arrived. Almost couldn't believe it when the ferryboat captain phoned me. The illustrious Maxim Whitaker himself graces us with his presence.” Maxim sighed softly again, and turned around, his eyes narrowing.

“Hello, Gaya.” Maxim says, acknowledging the man.

“Greetings, big brother. What brings you to this neck of the woods? Thinking of checking in? We have some lovely rooms available that are up to your luscious lifestyle.” Gaya smiled pleasantly.

“Ha, very funny. If you'll excuse me, brother, stop playing coy, you know exactly why I'm here.” Maxim says, turning around intent on ending this family reunion as quickly as possible and get to what he came for right away.

“Well isn't this unusual? When Maxim Whitaker sends someone here to me, they usually don't ever leave, let alone receive visits from the man himself.”

“You know this was different. He needed this and you know it.” Maxim says, annoyance creeping into his voice.

“But of course, I wasn't trying to argue with you there dear brother of mine. He's made remarkable progress, considering . Enjoy your visit.” Gaya bows his head slightly, and walks away. Maxim watches him depart, takes a deep breath, then enters the psych ward.

 Medean Wellness Center – Unknown Patient's Room (Ending Scene) 

Padded room.jpg

He walks down the dimly lit corridor, passing room after room. He pauses at the correct one and opens the door.

The light from the corridor does little to illuminate the cell's interior. The once white padded walls have faded into a sickly beige, with both the walls and floor covered in old and new stains. The sole occupant is lyin on the bed at the far end of the cell, with their back to the door. Maxim closes the door and walks a few steps in.

“I have need of a favor,” Maxim says with little preamble.

The lying form doesn't move at first, but then begins chuckling. Before long they are cackling with maniacal laughter. The mysterious figure turns around and sits up straight.

“Doing this will secure your early release from treatment.” Maxim continues, unphased by the outburst.

“You've already taken everything from me. What more could you want from me?”

 Title and Background: 

  • The phrase Bad Blood refers to anger or hostility between two people or groups,  based on the old association with blood and emotion, particularly anger. Versions such as ill blood preceded it; Charles Lamb was among the first to use the idiom in its current form in an 1823 essay.(Source)
  • It also refers to the song titles for the Taylor Swift and Bastille songs with the same name.

 Epsidode Cast: 


Guest Starring:

Special Guest Star:


  • It is revealed the Todd isn't the only vampire created by Maxim but that Russell and May are also part of his sireline.
  • The location of O.R.B.S. Headquarters is revealed to be in New York, New York.
  • The Medean Wellness Center is also introduced and located somewhere in Oregon.
  • The character of Brooke Linx reveals to Russell Nguyen that she had gone to visit a private school in California. Thus alluding to Point Dume Academy  and the fact that she had enough time to hook up with resident bad boy: Josh Frazer .

 Body Count: 

Body Count: 3 (confirmed)

  • Jackson Bryant: Snapped neck by May
  • Alisha: Decapitated by Ben
  • Jay Bryant: Snapped neck by May.
  • 12 members of the NuLife Coven and All the members of The Cedar River Pack: By the Evergreen Hunter Clan (Assumed)

 Final Thoughts 

So... what did you guys think then? This episode has been a long time coming. We (Erik, Steffan and I Selena) hope you guys fall in love with this series as much as you have with the other series. Initially, I (Selena) had no need for a spin-off but when Stefan came to me and pitched the idea, I couldn't refuse. It was genius really. Furthermore, it also provided myself with the opportunity to put certain characters in the spotlight that perhaps weren't getting as much attention (as they deserve) due to the main characters taking over much of the screen-time. In this manner, we end up being able to showcase even more characters and continue to expand the Inferno Universe. :) So, while Horrifically Wicked Tales is an anthology series (meaning it reboots at the end of each season) and series like The Devil Within, Handsome Little Liars and Inferno have full season orders (20+ episodes)...this series is more of a limited series. Meaning that it's more of a limited series type of deal that consists of 10-13 episodes(still deciding on the exact number of episodes though) and each season will focus on a different member of O.R.B.S. Hence the title Bloodlines(clever no?)! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the first three episodes of this season are set 2 or so weeks between episodes Highway to Hell and Born Under A Bad Sign from its sister show: Season 1  (which was our introduction to the Inferno Universe). But don't fret cause by the end of the third episode of this series,  the two timelines will be caught up! Does this all make sense? Now onto discussing the episode then!

  • Did you expected so much death in the premiere alone?

  • Todd (who is a main character over on Inferno) was credited as a Special Guest Star in this episode and some more insight on his past (and by proxy his complicated relationship with Maxim) was explored in this episode. What are your thoughts on that? If you guys watch shows like Arrow and The Flash (which air on The CW here in the USA and are part of what is known to fans as the ''Arrowverse'') then you'll know all the writers involve want to make sure this feel like a true universe/spin-off. So expect frequent cameos and appearances from both casts. Lol Todd is only the first of many (Hint**: If you look at the series page of this wikia for Bloodlines, you will see which Inferno characters are confirmed to make appearances this season thus far)

  • The Evergreen Hunter Clan are also this season's big bad... Any ideas, theories or guesses as to what makes them such a formidable foe? What is their agenda and should the supernatural residents of Hailey, Idaho be afraid of them?

  • As always, do any of you have any favorite scenes, quotes or interactions between characters.(has any shipping started already)

  • What are you all hoping to see this season on Bloodlines and the Inferno Universe in general? Are there any characters that you think would fit on the Bloodlines Series (That we have made pages already or that are in currently unused in the auditions blog) and are there any established Inferno Characters not yet listed as making an appearance on the spin-off that you think deserve to do so over on Bloodlines?

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