We are here to drink beer.

We are here to kill war.

We are here to laugh at the odds, and live our lives so well That Death will tremble to take us!

Charles Bukowski
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 7
Daniel christmas
Air date 5th June 2018
Written by Jay
Directed by Kat
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Dangerous Liaisons
A Wilted Flower is the seventh episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales Season 1


This Episode Will Act as the Horrifically Wicked Tales: Holiday Special

Deck the halls, for the Holiday season is upon us. It has been two months since the murder of Joel Wheeler, Windsor Academy is officially closed and the students scattered across the country.

But someone is STILL watching whilst they're all sleeping and they know when they're awake. Will it be A Wonderful Life or will there be a Nightmare Before Christmas?

 Police Station - Interrogation Room: October 31st 2016 

Oscar and David sat either side of a damp shivering Clara. Her makeup had ran down her face, whilst her damp hair still showed traces of murky blood. Wrapped in a hoodie from the lost and found, she attempted to steady her shaking body, unable to look into either boy’s eyes for comfort she had to make do with Akiyama and McKenna’s who both stared at the trio with utter disdain.

“So let me get this straight” the detective moaned, as he aggressively rubbed his temples. “Not only did you lie to my face, withholding information regarding a serial killer. But you went out of your way to tamper with evidence” he shouted loudly, as the teenagers jumped in their seats.

“Not to mention cutting class” Head Mistress Akiyama added, as she backed away from the wall, capturing the trio’s attention. The Detective shot her look of confusion before finally reverting his gaze towards the kids.

“We didn’t want anyone else to get hurt” Oscar whispered defensively, speaking for the group.

“Well somebody did get hurt. So do you realise now the seriousness of this situation, or do you think that this is some kind of playground game?” McKenna roared, forcing Clara to clench her eyes shut in a bid to hold back the tears.

“We were doing as we were told. We didn’t want to go against the killer’s wishes, we were scared” David added, finally speaking up.

“If you were scared you should have come to Detective McKenna, or a member of the teaching staff” Akiyama refuted, silencing the boy immediately. “All three of you acted very immaturely and now the entire school will suffer for your wrongdoings” she hissed, slowly beginning to pace the investigation table.

“Shouldn’t we all have a parent or solicitor present?” Oscar asked curiously.

“Well this isn’t an official investigation into you personally, you’re not being charged with anything… Yet” McKenna replied, as his eyes burned into the boy’s skin forcing Oscar to retreat and divert his gaze to the floor.

“We merely wish to get some sense for your actions. Wanted to know why you felt it warranted to lie to an officer and go around collecting and tampering with vital pieces of evidence” he repeated himself, but the teenagers all remained silent. “The room… Well it’s the only room that was free on such short notice” McKenna added, pointing to the ceiling of the interrogation suit.

“But I guess we’ll just have to report, you were scared and thus made terrible, terrible decisions” he said, triggering an immense feeling of guilt in all of the teenagers. “Now before I excuse you, I will ask you one final time. Are you hiding anything else?” he asked them forcefully. Both boys shook their heads silently, as Clara remained in her trance-like state.

“Clara?” Akiyama roared. At which the girl merely shook her head, still remaining zoned out and silent.

“Well, if you’d excuse me I have a lot more pressing matters to take care of. You are all excused, I better not hear from any of you again” McKenna hissed, as he slithered out of the door.

“Get up, all three of you get up and get ready to go back to school” Akiyama commanded. “And get ready to pack” she continued, as the two boys exchanged a look of confusion.

“You’re parents have all been notified, but as of tonight Windsor Academy has been closed for the foreseeable future…” a tear ran down her cheek, as she delivered this message to the dumbfounded boys.

Upon hearing the news, Clara closed her eyes once more and let out a long drawn out sigh.

 Police Station, Hallway 

As McKenna wandered down the halls his head was pounding with pain. All of the stress of the last few hours was finally getting to him. He replayed the events again and again in his head. Swerving his car to avoid the school children, seeing Chasity run past him and then the blood soaked Clara collapsing into his arms. He relieved those moments again and again and again, unable to awaken from his nightmare.

He felt awful being mean to the teenagers after everything they went through, but he constantly reminded himself that he needed to be tough, if he were to get anywhere with this case. And so far he had gotten nowhere.

He finally flung himself onto his chair, releasing a painful moan as he did so. Before he could relax for even a brief second, he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Sir, we believe we another piece of evidence” a younger officer told the man, who gestured for the boy to continue.

“This phone was found in the locker room where Joel Wheeler was murdered. We believe it to be the victim’s phone sir” he said, dangling the evidence bag in front of McKenna’s face, who stared at the phone and prayed for hope, prayed for a revelation.

 Iris Dormitories – Clara’s Room 

Clara remained dead eyed and emotionless, as she slowly began to pack away her belongings.

This is all my fault, she told herself over and over again, unable to shake the unbearable feeling of guilt from the pit of her stomach. She kept reimaging the last time she saw Joel alive, how they told him to stay put. If I only told him to follow us, he’d still be here. She threw herself down onto her bed, and merely laid next to her suitcase staring up towards the ceiling. “I am not going to miss this place” she whispered to herself.

Her newly returned phone buzzed next to her head, with the passing days she dreaded the device’s sound. But now, defeated and deflated she merely held the screen to her face. The message was from her father, who informed her that he was five minutes away from campus.

“Better late than never” Clara told herself. Three quarters of the school had already fled, she watched from her window as Oscar walked out of the gates with his brother, heading towards their home in the local village. And then she watched as a limousine escorted David off the premises.

She didn’t wish to say goodbye to either boy in person, Clara’s sole desire was to just go home and lay in her own bed. Despite showering at the station and in her own bathroom, Clara could still smell and feel blood over her body, the last trace of Joel reminding her of her own shortcomings, reminding her that she is to blame for the school’s downfall.

With that she raised from her back and placed her suitcase onto the floor, ready and willing to leave the room forever. She opened her door and took one last look at Iris Dormitories. She turned her head slightly to see Leo’s room had been long since abandoned.

Staring at the bed emotionally, she was overcome with sorrow for not saying goodbye to her friend and being deprived of the chance to tell him how sorry she was. But he was gone, and unlike the others Clara wasn’t sure if she would ever see him again.

Upon forcing herself to look away, she took one single step before freezing in her tracks. She caught it, just sitting there under her bed, the box of Olivia’s belongings. “Shit” she whispered, reminding herself that she had forgotten to send it to the victim’s family.

Placing it onto her bed she smiled softly, as she went through her old friends memories once more.

Pictures of Liv and her younger sister, makeup and perfume that ensured all of the belongings still smelt like her. Clara whimpered, as the scent cast her mind back to the start of this year, another friend she wished she could apologise to, and another death she felt responsible for. As she whipped away a tear from her cheek, she saw something different and unfamiliar to her, resting at the bottom of the cardboard container.

Reaching down deep, she pulled at the item until it finally came out. Her mouth dropped open at the sight it, the thing that seemingly caused all of this, the thing that Callista was hiding, was now in her possession, for she was holding the wooden box in her hand. “Holy shit” she exhaled, as she stared on in disbelief…

 Oxford, England: Clooney Residence - 7 Weeks Later, 22nd December 2016 

I feel like I am a walking cliché, but is it better to be a cliché than a pariah? Leo stared up at the lavish skylight, as his diary lay open in on his bare his chest. His hair was now a bright shade of blonde, next to him on his bed side table rested a bee brooch.

Ever since school closed, I have been forced into an artificial state of happiness. Every morning I awaken in a stranger’s house, and have to lie to her and her entire family. I have to lie and tell them that my life is perfect, I have the perfect friends, perfect boyfriend and accept nothing but perfection…

When Windsor was first closed I breathed a sigh of comforting release, believing the nightmare known as my brief stint in England to finally be over. But as usual I was wrong. His eyes continued to scan the pages, inspecting the wet ink to review his work. He turned to the clock besides him, despite reading 4:00 am Leo didn’t bat an eyelid. He had become accustomed to not sleeping, for every time he shut his eyes he was plagued with nightmares, of Windsor’s past…

On the final day of school, Head Mistress Akiyama informed me that my parents wished for me to continue my education in the UK. She proceeded to recommend a local all boy’s public school. Only The Barnaby’s could send their only son across the sea, hear a serial killer is loose in the local area and STILL wish for him to stay put.

Thankfully Casandra stepped in, she vowed that she wouldn’t allow me to go through that kind of hell, so allowed me to stay in one of her seven guest bedrooms. Each and every day we get private tutoring, in all subjects ranging from Literature to Mandarin, dine on culinary master pieces as Casandra’s parents discuss the ramifications of Britain’s politics, before we retire to a heavy night of gossiping with Cosmopolitans under the stars.

And yet, I am still not happy. I have to convince myself every day that Casandra is a good person. Even though I know deep down in my sole she isn’t. Then again I have to question my own moral standing, sponging off a girl I don’t even know, does that make me a monster? In return for my safety, in return for being allowed to live in the lap of luxury, all I have to do was dye my hair and allow Casandra to dress me like a ken doll… I take solace in the fact that one day this misery will end and one day I will be happy, who knows what form it will come in, but I know it will come.

And thus the reason for this diary, which will allow me to look back retrospectively when things seem tough, and remind myself of how lucky I truly am, to be far away from Windsor Academy…

He threw the diary onto his bedside table and rubbed his face. Exhaling dramatically, Leo snuggled himself under the thick blanket, staring up the skylight which was being gradually covered in beautifully delicate snowflakes.

His phone lit up, and so did the smile on his face. He placed the blanket over his head and curled into a ball, ensuring his phone was cradled in the palm of his hands. He opened the DreamBoy app to find a message from ‘WindsorKid’ which read ‘Hey Handsome, missed you today’

‘Missed you too, but I told you, you don’t have to message me on this app. It literally charges you to send each message’ Leo replied instantly, with the deadening thought of Logan’s back account growing even bigger. ‘You have my number, you can text me’ he added, with a soft smile on his face.

‘I don’t care, I like giving you money because you deserve all the finer things sweetie’ the boy replied, not knowing how little of that money Leo truly saw.

‘Well, if you’re sure’ Leo replied, as the screen continued to illuminate his face. ‘What’s with the late message?’ he asked curiously.

‘I was just thinking about your handsome face, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t get your gorgeous eyes out of mind. That beautiful blond hair of yours is a night time distraction too, although I think I prefer you as a brunette ahaha’ the guy replied, as Leo let out a breathy, quiet laugh.

‘Why thank you, I wish I could see the handsome face of yours, bet it matches your torso perfectly’ Leo said, referring the WindsorKid’s profile picture, which was just his muscled torso.

‘You’ll see it soon, I promise. Just working up the nerve to show you x’ the guy replied instantly, before sending Leo a tip of £20. The American boy sighed with guilt, as he continued to talk to his client, as the snow enveloped the town around him…

 Manchester, England - Tyler's Home 

Tyler lay on his bed and intently listened to the rain that pelted against his window. His eyes were undercut with several red bags, and his hair showed signs of greying, this was not the same carefree Tyler he had begun to notice a change in himself, a change which he did not enjoy.

He escaped Windsor barley intact, truly believing that he remained unfazed from his experience with the killer. But as soon as he returned home, the nightmares began, every time he fell asleep he was in the box, helpless and unable to move as the air left his lungs. So he decided to sleep as little as possible, to stay in realm of the woken where the nightmares of Windsor were but a distant memory.

Once his parents were informed of his ordeal he was pulled from school all together, instead he had to learn from the comfort of his bedroom taking online classes. He now lived inside his room, only venturing out of the house to talk to his therapist.

He now stared at the screen of his phone, with his earphones pushed firmly in he watched as a conspiracy theorist depicted their thoughts on the Windsor murders. With all of his free Tyler had become somewhat obsessed with the case, along with the entire nation. With the passing of two months and not a single murder, the Yorkshire police department now believed the spree to finally be over. But something told Tyler otherwise, something in the pit of his stomach told him that this was only the beginning.

“Now we move on to Tyler Stephensen” the vlogger said, as a photo of Tyler appeared on the screen next to her. “Conveniently Tyler is the only ‘victim’ to encounter the killer and make it out alive” she said, using patronising air quotes. “Stephensen, was also the boyfriend of victim number #3 Olivia Wright, could it be that Stephensen is the killer or an accomplice, killed his girlfriend and then faked his own kidnapping just to throw the police off his scent, who knows? That’s just my theory” the girl said, as Tyler’s face scrunched up with rage. He pulled out his headphones, just as the vlogger was reminding her audience to like and subscribe.

As Tyler ferociously exited the video his viewing history was a very telling story. Every single video had something to do with the Windsor murders. He put his phone to one side, and returned to listening to the rain.

He tried not to listen to all the conspiracy, he tried not to buy into all the pomp and circumstance of the investigation, but when people accused him of hurting Olivia, the girl who he loved more than life itself, that made him fill with an uncontrollable sense of rage.

He rubbed his temples and flung his legs to one side of the bed, escaping from his sheets which were engulfing him. Wiping sweat away from his brow, he let out several large and fast pants of air, before strolling towards his window.

He stared at the large tree in his garden, which was decorated in red Christmas lights, reminding him that the merriest day of the year was right around the corner. This holiday season had been an emotionless blur for Tyler, who had not thought about gifts, peace or joy once in the passing months. He was struggling to get into the holiday spirit, struggling to understand how his family and friends could celebrate at such a time.

Just as he was about to turn away from the window he heard the faint sound of knocking. Turning his head, he smiled faintly seeing his neighbour who too was wide awake at this ungodly hour. Waving his hand, he pushed open the window. “Hi” he whispered.

“Hi” Vev replied, lounging in her alcove, with her window wide open…

 Muker, Yorkshire - The Olsson House 

Oliver slumped on a chair, force feeding himself cereal as he desperately tried to keep his eyes open. He jumped with fright, as Oscar pounced from behind the door and hastily charged towards the breakfast table. “What are you so happy about?” Oliver murmured, in a barely audible tone.

“Well it’s the last day of school, so there is plenty to be excited about” Oscar replied, as he happily chomped down on a piece of toast.

“Oh yes, the last day of public school hell. Seriously I didn’t even know schools could legally keep us in this close to Christmas” Oliver moaned, as he rubbed his eyes aggressively. “I still say we should have just got the f out of Yorkshire, went to another private school” he added, before returning to his bowl of cereal.

“Well it’s a lot safer now, besides at least you have Chasity and Logan. A lot of people got separated from their friends and partners” Oscar replied.

“Maybe it’s just the thought of living back at home” Oliver sighed. “I hate being trapped here with Dad, I feel like I can’t get away with anything fun, I just have to be a quiet goodie-goodie, you know like you” he said, ensuring he got in a dig at his brother.

“Is that why you were so different this summer, and why you’ve been so different since we left Windsor?” Oscar asked, silencing Oliver instantly. “Or is just that you’re a nicer person when you’re not around your friends?” Oscar added, getting his own dig in.

Oliver’s face dropped, his eyes widened and his bottom lip stiffened. Oscar noticed the instantaneous change in his brother’s demeanour, but before he could ask any further questions, Elias joined this children in the kitchen. “Morning boys” he said rather merrily. “Last day of school, are we excited?” he asked them, in that patronising tone seemingly all parents have mastered.

Oscar turned to his brother, whose face had created an artificial smile. “Yeah, super excited. I can’t wait for a break. Get away from all those lower-class street rats that stare at us in the corridor because we went to the murder school” Oliver replied, in a sarcastic tone.

“I’m sure they’re just jealous of you son” Elias replied in an equally sarcastic tone, bringing a smile to Oliver’s face. “So you boy’s want a ride into school?” he asked them, patting Oscar’s shoulder as he approached his ready-made cup of coffee.

Before either boy could speak, the trio were interrupted by a bell. The doorbell echoed throughout the house, and before his sons could take a further step Elias charged forward, exiting the kitchen and headed towards the door. The twins exchanged a look of confusion before following in their father’s path. “I’ve got it!” the man shouted from the down the hall.

With his heart pumping out of his chest, Elias clasped his sweaty palms and cleared his throat. After finally opening the door, his face dropped when he saw Logan standing before him arrogant as ever. “Hello Mr Olsson, can Oliver and Oscar come out to play?” the boy said with a smile on his face.

The older man did not seem too pleased to see the boy, but forced a smile nevertheless. “Logan, always a pleasure seeing you in the light of day” Elias said through gritted teeth.

“Likewise, so are they ready to go to school?” he asked, watching as the happiness faded from Elias’ face. The man didn’t get an opportunity to reply however, as Oliver slipped past his father and joined Logan in the front garden.

“Bye Dad, see you later” he shouted.

“Yeah, bye Mr Olsson, I’ll see you soon” Logan added, as he and Oliver began to walk away from the house. Unbeknownst to all parties Oscar had been listening to the interaction, and has he cautiously approached his father he couldn’t help but notice how his gaze was transfixed on Logan.

“You okay Dad?” Oscar asked, as his father now pretended to be looking at birds.

“Yeah of course, have nice day Son” he said, patting Oscars back. He retreated back into the warmth of his house, watching as Oscar followed the other boys with uncertainty. “And watch out for your brother, as always” Elias added, a statement which further peaked Oscar’s curiosity.

 London, SOHO - Photoshoot  

“Darling, give me more, give dangerous” a photographer shouted theatrically, as got on his knees for a better shot. Daniel stood in front of green screen, smouldering with all his heart as he posed shirtless.

Lavender watched from the side-lines, cradling his in her arms. “Gorgeous darling, simply gorgeous” the photographer said, as he stood up and placed his camera to one side. “Now, if you’d like to go put on the pink floral print we can get the next set done” he added, skipping away to the laptop.

A proud Daniel strutted towards Lavender, who couldn’t help but smile with pride. “Did I do good, or did I do good” he asked, as he ran towards the girl to scoop her up. Lifting her above his head, Daniel spun Lavender around before kissing her passionately. “Thank you for coming today, I liked having you on set” he whispered into her ear.

“Well I gotta say, I liked watching” she giggled, running her hands down the boy’s chest. “I can’t wait for tonight” she added, as the two went in for another kiss.

“Me too, it’s going to be one to remember that’s for sure” he whispered, planting soft kisses on Lavender’s neck.

“If you two hetero love birds are quiet finished, we have to get these shot BEFORE spring” the photographer yelled sassily, prompting the couple to giggle. Daniel placed her firmly on the ground before pulling a bright pink floral shirt off the clothing rack. He placed both arms in but left the buttons undone. “Tick-Toc time is money handsome” the man yelled.

“Being interrupted it’s like we never left school” Lavender laughed feebly. As the camera began to flash at a rapid pace, Lavender’s smile dwindled. She was happy for Daniel, she was happy with Daniel, but the moment he left her alone, she was plagued by her own thoughts. She missed Raven with all her heart, she recalled the day they found Tyler buried alive.

She knew it was wrong, she knew she should have been happy he was safe, but secretly she wished it were Raven. She wished he were alive and Tyler to be dead. But that’s not the way things worked, and thus she went to bed each and every night knowing that she’d never see her best friend again.

 Liverpool - Therapist Office  

Clara sat with her knees to her chest in a large, plush purple chair. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were dropped with bags. She ran down her arm, tracing her scar from the attack at the pool, which she ashamedly hid under a thick jumper. Her therapist moved a box of sweets closer towards Clara. “Don’t fucking patronising me” Clara moaned, pushing the box right back with her foot.

“You don’t have to take one Clara, I thought I would just offer one, have an abundance of chocolate laying around. Gifts from the other patients” the women replied, smiling as she indicated towards a packed shelf behind her.

“Hooray for you” Clara replied in a sarcastic tone, refusing to look at the therapist for a second longer.

“Well why don’t we start with, where we left off last session” the woman replied in a calming tone.

“Oh yes, how could I forget? So a serial killer called me, made me and my friends collect murder weapons, buried my best-friend’s boyfriend alive, killed another one of my friends with a croquet mallet and then proceeded to Carrie me with his blood and guts” Clara said in a fast monotone voice. “Oh and then my school was shut down, and the killer disappeared into thin air. Cut to now, I haven’t slept in what feels like two months and every time I do sleep I wake up with nightmares… So you’re all caught up on my life, what’s new with you?” Clara concluded, raising her head to look at her therapist.

“Clara, you have been through such a traumatic experience. You show common traits of someone suffering from PTSD. Recurring nightmares being one of them, and your emotions when talking about the events, they clearly bring you great stress so much so that you feel the need to disassociate yourself with the events” the woman explained.

Clara remained in her sulky position, but she was listening intently. Part of her resented her mother for sending her to therapy, the other was glad as she was able to discuss her feelings regarding Windsor and get genuinely useful advice in the process.

“You mentioned how the killer disappeared into thin air, how does that makes you feel?” she asked Clara. “Relieved?” she asked, as Clara slowly raised her head. “It makes me feel worse” Clara replied.

“Why is that?” the therapist replied.

“It makes me feel like that they’re just waiting in the shadows. That they had their target, and once their target was taken away they just went into hiding” Clara whispered as she zoned out, her mind instinctively speaking for her. “What makes me feel worse, is that I feel like they’re waiting for me” she added, as her breaths began to become heavier.

“And what makes you think that?” she questioned, intently staring at Clara who seemed to be in a trance like state.

“Because I’m there final girl” Clara replied. “The girl that answers the phone, the girl who has to accept the killer challenge, the girl they are obsessed with, the girl that has to defeat the killer” she whispered softly, as eyes began to glaze over. “And I’m not that girl, I am not strong enough, I’m not smart enough. And I can’t lose any more of my friends” she said, now beginning to blubber. “I’ve tried to be that girl, and look where it got me” she looked at her therapist, with tears now streaming down her face. “I’m not a final girl, I’m nothing” she screamed loudly. “It should have been me who died, not Liv. Liv would’ve done better than me. She would have saved them all…” she whimpered.

 Canterbury: The Mendoza House 

Dean lounged on the couch, watching as both of his parents scurried around, as they tried to get ready for their morning. “Have you seen my keys?” Simon panted, as he pushed his tie up.

“They’re by the phone darling” Maggie replied, putting on her earrings as she dashed in and out of the living room.

“Why are you guys stressing out? Calm down” Dean whispered smugly, as he slashed his father an arrogant grin.

“Well Dean, some of us haven’t started our Christmas break yet, so we can’t just calm down” Simon snapped, without even bothering to look at his son. “But by all means, you calm down” he added, effectively causing Dean to snarl him. Back at Windsor Dean could barely stand his father, however he didn’t always have to be around him. But now he was home, and locked within the confines of own home, every action his father made infuriated him.

“So, have you got any plans today mister?” Maggie asked, as she re-entered the living room missing the father and son’s interactions.

“I’m heading into London this afternoon, going to meet up with Casandra and Leo” Dean replied, noticing his father’s shoulders tense at the mention of the girls name. “I didn’t know you were still friends with Casandra” Simon murmured, just as Maggie began to fix his tie.

“Why of course I am. You don’t have a problem with that, do you Dad?” he asked, raising his eye brows as if to challenge his father.

“And so what if I do” Simon barked back, making Maggie jump with fright. “That girl was nothing but trouble, everything she did at Windsor made everything worse” he roared. “I don’t know why you’d want to be friends with someone like that. Someone who is not only superficial, but has death literally lingering over them” he hissed, and whilst Maggie awkwardly backed away, Dean remained stone faced calling his father’s bluff.

“Don’t scare him” Maggie moaned, trying to pull her husband away by the shoulder.

“I thought you’re a fan of the superficial Dad. After all, you basically ruined our family for someone even more superficial AND dangerous than Casandra. Or do we just pretend that never happened?” Dean asked, as the colour in both of his parent’s faces quickly washed away.

Refusing to listen to another word, Simon grabbed his satchel and stormed out of the living room and out of the home entirely. Dean smiled at his mother who shook her head in disapproval. “Must you be so childish” she barked, following her in her husband’s lead. “You’re nearly eight-teen, grow up Dean” she shouted from the doorway.

“I am not the one who destroyed our family” Dean roared, as Maggie aggressively slammed the front the door.

 Bristol : Bryn’s Manor 

Jonathan stared intently at the sky, his eyes narrowed as he held a rifle up to the clouds. “Pull” he roared, and in an instant clay pigeons were sent soaring into the air by Jules. One by one, Jonathan shot them into tiny pieces, laughing contently as he did so. “Again” he roared, steadying the gun as Jules covered his ears, as he pulled on a cord.

More clay pigeons met the same fate, shattered into nothingness. Jonathan finally lowered the gun. “Come, I think we need to take a stroll around the grounds” he sighed, as he placed the gun on safety. He threw it to Jules without a second thought as the pair began their stroll through the Manor’s greens.

The Byrn’s were one of the wealthiest families in England, Jonathan’s father often boasted about being distant relatives to the royal family. As such they lived in a grand mansion, which was surrounded by vast fields, luscious woods as the aches stretched on as far as the eyes could see. The nearest home was but a mile away, which homed Jules and his brother Caleb. One could say they were neighbours, a statement none of the Bryn’s would say aloud.

Jules trained behind his mentor, shivering in his cadies shirt and sweater-vest, as the older boy proceeded to light a cigar. Wrapped in a warm trench coat, Jonathan sighed contently, as he puffed out a cloud of smoke into the cold winter air. “Fine day isn’t it? I love this time of year, don’t you?” Jonathan asked without even so much as looking back at the boy.

“Yes sir it is a fine day, and yes sir, I do love this time Mr Bryn’s Sir” Jules said cowering as he spoke, staring down at the floor at all times.

“So tell me what are you getting for Christmas?” Jonathan asked, as he kicked the grass beneath him.

“Well Sir, my family is Jewish. So we celebrate Hanukah, which starts on the 24th this year” Jules stuttered, as he attempted to keep up with his ‘employer’.

“Interesting, so another question what will you be getting me for Christmas?” Jonathan asked yet another question spinning around on his heels in order to face the younger boy. “Or you could get me 8 days of presents for Hanukah, completely your call kiddo” he laughed punching Jules a little too hard in the shoulder as he did so.

Jules stood there awkwardly, stumbling over his words as he struggled to form a sentence. But as he opened his mouth wide to speak, a much deeper voice emerged from behind his back. “Jules, where the hell have you been?” Caleb roared, storming towards his little brother, who slowly backed towards Jonathan. “Have you seriously been here all night?” he asked, glaring at Jonathan who merely grinned in return.

“You’re coming home right now!” Caleb stated aggressively. The boy looked paler than usual, his stubble had grown into a fully formed beard and his hair was now long and curly.

“Mate, don’t take this the wrong way but you look like microwaved shit” Jonathan laughed, as he snatched the rifle from Jules, and leaned on for himself as he attempted to intimidate Caleb. “And this is a private property. Please see yourself off the green or I’ll have to call the police” he added.

“Not until I get him home. Mum has been worried sick!” he roared.

“Well I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell Mummy he has work to do. He can’t leave, his shift isn’t over yet?” Jonathan smirked, whilst Jules remained humbly silent.

“What do you mean shift?” Caleb asked, as he glared down at his brother with frustration. “I mean he works for me. Now that Windsor is shut we had to reassess our relationship. Popularity means nothing when we are all privately tutored. So Jules is my PA, my caddie, call it whatever you want. But he works for me, I pay him and he’s very happy with it” Jonathan said calmly. “Aren’t you J?” he asked, as he patted the boy’s head.

Before Jules could answer, he was silence by his brother yet again. As Caleb charged towards Jonathan and pulled him to one side. “I am so sick and tired of the way you’re treating my little brother” Caleb hissed at the boy.

“Are you broken or something? I swear you say the same thing every time we interact. Get a new catchphrase loser” Jonathan refuted spitefully.

“You’re the broken record. All that talking down to others trying to act superior. Are you forgetting that the whole world knows what you’re really like now? Everybody has seen the CCTV footage, everybody knows how you ran away and let Joel die” Caleb whispered. Jonathan rolled his eyes, and sighed in frustration. He bit his lips and stared down at the boy. “How dare you. You’re in my family’s house and you will show me the respect I am entitled to and deserve” he hissed, as the boy’s foreheads now touched.

“You’re looking a little bad yourself, has lil Jonathan been having nightmares?” Caleb asked mockingly.

“You’re trying to act so big and brave, you trying to save your lil brother from my clutches. Face it, you have lost, you always lose. I’ll tell you why you hate me, because you’re a control freak. A control freak who has no control, over the people around you and over yourself” Jonathan refuted, pressing the rifle against Caleb’s kneecap. Seeing this made Jules clutch his chest, but he dared not intervene. For he had faced Jonathan’s wrath before and did not wish to do so again.

“Your brother was telling me you’ve been through a lot since school was shut down. It would be a real shame if other people were to find out what you’ve been up to… Wouldn’t it?” Jonathan asked, as Caleb’s pupils dilated. “Then everyone would know, who you really are. You’re already a freak, but that… that would finish you” he added, laughing sinisterly.

Caleb bit his tongue and turned away from the boy, without uttering another word. “Fine, stay with him. But you’re walking home” he barked Jules, before storming towards the car.

“Well, well…Shall we continue J?” Jonathan asked as he continued his stroll like nothing ever happened. Jules watched his brother’s car vanish into the cold morning’s fog, before he the riffle fell at his feet. “Common, what are you waiting for” Jonathan roared, and with that the boy scooped up the gun, and followed.

 Paris, France– The Thomas Estate 

“Hi, this is Clara. Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but please leave a message after the” the phone beeped loudly, as the girls voice echoed throughout the living room. “Hi Clara, or should I say Bonjour. I was just calling to tell you that I landed and got here safely” David said, as he lounged on the couch with the phone resting beside him.

“So the worry you had about me flying is unfounded” he said, attempting to inject a dosage of humour. But he quickly awkward, as he was unsure if she was even ready to even laugh. “I was also calling to ask if you want anything whilst I’m over here. Maybe some macaroons or something. I’m hoping to come back to England for New Years, so hopefully we can meet up then” he said softly, with hope in his voice.

“So I won’t keep you much longer, please feel free to either return my call or ignore me completely… Again. I just want you to know that I’m always here if you want to talk” he whispered, as he stared solemnly at the screen. “And just in case I don’t talk to you before, Merry Christmas” he sighed before finally hanging up.

He rested his head against the cushion and sighed yet again, but this time in a more exaggerated fashion. The room was large and luxurious, with seemingly everything inside being white.

As he rested he heard the front door click, instantly the boy jumped to his feet. He wasn’t expecting any visitors, not today at least. “Hello?” he shouted loudly, as he pushed himself off the couch. There was no reply just utter silence. “Is somebody there?” he asked, as he cautiously pushed himself off the couch. There was still no reply, just shuffling and the sound off heavy footsteps.

On his way past the fireplace David grabbed a poker and headed for the door. “Last chance, is there somebody there?” he asked as he leaned for the doorknob. Yet again he got no reply, so with a deep breath, the boy raised the poker high into the air and opened the door. On the other side he was met with a banshee-like scream, as his mother threw her arms into the air. David jumped back with fright dropping the poker behind him, he too joined in on the screaming.

“David what is wrong with you” Jenna Thomas shouted, as she unplugged her headphones and removed her designer sunglasses. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack young man?” the woman screeched.

“Erm, I could say the same for you. I shouted three times and got no response” the boy replied, clutching at his beating heart.

“You know when the headphones are on, I am in my me time. And during my me time, nothing interrupts me and Mariah” the woman stated, finally cracking a smile as she stepped closer to her son in her designer heels. “Come give your mother a hug, I haven’t seen you in three and half months” she sighed, pulling her child towards her.

The duo locked together perfectly, she stroked her son’s thick blonde hair as he playfully squeezed her tightly. “So tell me everything, how is school?” she asked stepping away from David and into the living room.

“Which one, the one where a serial killer murdered my best friends, or the Canadian one where you shipped me after the aforementioned one was closed?” he asked sarcastically.

“Both. You haven’t really talked much about the whole experience darling. And Dr Glover says everyone should share everything. It’s healthy for the mind” Jenna stated calmly as she toyed with her hair.

“Mother, you’re an A list actress. Please stop getting therapy from a day-time talk show, lord knows we can afford better.” he insisted. “And I’d prefer not to talk about the whole thing. I think I am finally moving on, I don’t want to rehash old wounds” he said, as his eyes began to fill with tears. “I spent a lot of time alone when I was in Canada. And I don’t wish to reopen those Windsor wounds. So for now, let’s just say it was a bad experience. But it’s over” he insisted, as he leaned against the door frame for support. “Say no more darling, say no more” his mother stated theatrically. “If you’re not comfortable talking about it, then you don’t have to. I am just so sorry I couldn’t help you when you needed me most” she sighed. She stood up and approached the boy, and began to softly rub his cheeks.

“Well you had a movie to film. I get it” he replied, in an emotionless state.

“Well, you shouldn’t have to get it. You deserve a proper mother” Jenna added, as she whipped away a tear from the boy’s eye. “I may not always be there for you when you need me emotionally. But I am always there for you on special occasions. So let’s make this one extra special shall we” the woman declared. She clapped her hands and several men in white shirts and red bow ties entered the home. Several of them carried large, perfectly wrapped presents, whilst others carried a pre-decorated Christmas tree and a large turkey. “It truly is the best time of year” the woman sighed whimsically, as David watched on with disappointment, trying his best to resemble a happy child.

 Edinburgh, Scotland – Akiyama’s Flat 

Sue Akiyama lay asleep on her couch. Her living was cluttered in wine bottles and discarded takeaway boxed, with a single chip wrapped up in her dark brown locks. Her lipstick was smudged across her face, and she murmured to herself an action which eventually caused her to wake herself up.

She groggily looked around the room, and upon seeing the mess that laid before she let out a loud, dramatic moan. Rubbing her forehead, Sue quickly discovered the chip and discarded of it accordingly, by eating it.

She stood up and stumbled over her own feet, hitting the ground with a mighty thud. She crawls towards her coffee table and pushes herself up to her knees, just as her door begins to buzz loudly. “One minute” she shouted, as she scrambled to her feet. Dashing towards her arm chair, she pulled a robe out of a pile of dirty clothes, and casually draped it over her shoulder.

She pressed her buzzer, and spoke into the mic. “May I help you?” she asked her visitor. “Yeah, I have a package here for A Miss S Akiyama” a man’s voice said from the other end of the electronic doorbell. Sue buzzed him in quickly, rolling her eyes with discontent. “Just leave it in the lobby please” she moaned, before taking her hand off the button. The woman stared around at the flat, grunting with disgust. How had she gotten here, how had her life gotten to this point. She slumped down on her counter top, on which rested a piles upon piles of letters, newspaper clippings and notes, all to do with Windsor Academy.

As she let out a loud yawn, her stomach twisted and turned as she found an old letter, among the pile. She stared down at it blankly, before pushing herself off of the marble service, and hastily running towards the bathroom, almost as if she were trying to flee from the letter itself.

It was there, written in dried blood. Watching her forevermore, “I own this school” …

 London, England – Oxford Street  

The duo exited the hair salon with coffee cup in hand, Cassandra’s perfect locks practically glowing in the daylight, whilst Leo’s hair also looked several shades lighter than the previous night. The young American rubbed his head with unease, “It’s still hurting” he moaned, as he gingerly touched it. “I think they put too much bleach in” he added, as the two marched down the busy street.

“There’s no such thing” Casandra rebuked playfully, as she flicked her own hair. “Besides, you look way better as a blonde. Bet Logan thinks so too” she said, gently pressing her shoulder into his.

“Yeah, I guess he does” Leo replied nervously. He avoided Casandra’s gaze and desperately hoped that the conversation would turn away from the boy.

“So are you two going to see each other before you head home for Christmas?” she asked him in between sips of her coffee.

“I don’t think so. Neither of us have the time really, he’s just finishing school today” he whispered. “So maybe in the New Year?” he added. Casandra looked at her friend with sympathy, merely believing that he missed his supposed boyfriend. She grabbed him by the hand and smiled, attempting to offer the boy some comfort.

“Well on a positive note we have a day of shopping ahead of us. And a lovely catch up with Dean” she said, gesturing outwards accidentally hitting a man in the face in the process.

“You mean you’ve got a lovely catch-up with Dean. I’ll use that time to look for presents for my family. I’m thinking about getting my sister something touristy, like a mug with the queens face on or something” he replied, trying to supress a giggle as Casandra continued on, not stopping to apologise.

“Well I will gladly help with the gifts, just like I am gladly helping you with an outfit for the party” she told him, as they finally linked arm in arm. “And what are you implying about Dean?” she asked him curiously.

“I am implying that he probably thinks it’s a date” Leo told her, as the two crossed a busy road.

“What would give him that impression?” Casandra asked nervously.

“Well from what you told me, kissing and then getting locked in a freezer, confessing that you had interest in each other and then kissing in said freezer” he added, as Casandra tried to play down his explanation. “As for the party, I can just wear some of your brother’s hand-me-downs, they’re nicer than anything I own anyway. And are you sue a party is a good idea, going off of track-record parties haven’t gone so well this year” Leo said awkwardly, reflecting on the Windsor murders.

“First of all, don’t be silly. My Father left me with a fully loaded Visa card so we can get you something new. Secondly, this is a company Christmas party, nothing bad is going to happen. Windsor is far, far behind us and I don’t even wish to look in the rear view mirror. Those murders, Cohen and every little petty drama is behind me” she whispered.

“Behind us” she said in a louder tone. “And just to clarify, it is not a date” she added in hastily.

“It is so a date” Leo replied as the pair broke into laugher. Leo couldn’t explain it, but being around Casandra when she was alone was different, she was friendlier, funnier and thoughtful. Maybe it was just the power of Windsor Academy, which altered her personality.

As the pair got outside the shop, Leo attempted to enter but Casandra pulled him back. “I have been meaning to ask you. What do you want for Christmas?” she asked him, with a big smile on her face.

“No, you’re not buying me anything else. You have given me a roof over my head, clothing, food, everything. So from you I require nothing but friendship and good memories” he said cheerfully. But this sentence seemingly had the opposite effect on Casandra. Instead of smiling along with him, she began to cry. “Are you okay? I haven’t upset you or anything, have I?” he asked her, placing both hands on her shoulders.

“No, I’m just” she stuttered, dabbing a tear off her cheek. “I know I am going to sound stupid saying this. But I’ve never had a friend that actually just wants to be my friend” she explained to him. “With the Hive, it seemed like we were friends because we had to be. Cali bound us together for life, and once we were together we couldn’t be apart. I know I may have sounded superficial, with the whole GBF thing, so I do apologise for that” she told him, an action which brought a smile to Leo’s face. “But we’re friends now, and that’s all that matters. And I am so blessed to have a friend, as smart, funny and handsome as you” she told him tapping his nose.

“Well now your bound to me for life bitch” Leo laughed, as the pair embraced. “But if the Hive meat nothing then why did I have to dye my hair blonde?” he asked as the pair entered the store.

“Because, blondes have more fun, gentleman prefer blondes… Everyone looks better as a blonde!” Casandra explained as the pair erupted into giggles.

 Yorkshire - Police Station  

McKenna stared a computer screen, behind him his investigation board was clean and well organised, with fewer photos on than the previous months. His gaze was locked and focused, studying every single movement made on the screen. He watched her, as he had for the previous month. Callista Ranaza, in her natural habitat.

Following the schools closure, the police received three years’ worth of security footage. For the first few weeks McKenna studied the other victims, focusing on their final hours, and attempting to see where the killer disappeared to. But whoever they were knew the school to well, and would disappear in the camera’s blind spots, never to emerge again.

Thus he found himself a new strategy and a new tactic, watching Callista. She walked with so much confidence, a bully, a queen bee, the detective immediately disliked her and he didn’t even hear her speak. However, her behaviour thought him a lot. He smiled to himself as she walked past the film classroom, only to see the door open a few seconds later.

Simon Mendoza emerged and followed the girl, down the corridor ensuring they kept a comfortable distance. But McKenna noted they always kept their space, in public at least. Until they approached a blind spot, at which point Callista would smile, or turn or do anything to capture the man’s attention, before they disappeared from view.

He also noted that the girl would leave the grounds at ungodly hours, he turned his head to the picture of the burnt shack before quickly jotting down notes.

Joel’s phone rested just within reaching distance, a piece of evidence that would be the final nail in the coffin. McKenna smiled to himself, as he stacked all of the papers together in one file.

“This is it, it’s all over” he whispered to himself proudly. But before he turned off his screen, he paused it, and stared intently at the members of the Hive. His cheeks blushed, as he slowly zoomed in on Chasity’s face. Tracing the outline of her hair, with the tip of his finger.

“You kids, you’re finally safe” he said, before closing his eyes. Not allowing him to rest for a single second, McKenna’s telephone rang out forcing him to snap out of his state of relaxation. “DI Ryan McKenna here, how may I be of service” the man said in a deep hoarse voice.

His lower lip dropped open as he frantically began to take notes on a small yellow sticky note. “You have got to be kidding me. Are they brain dead or just stupid” he roared. “Yes, fine I’ll come. But please let them know dragging me to this is taking away vital time from the actual case, and that I hope they’re very proud of themselves” he hissed.

“So when is this gathering happening?” he asked the person on the other end of the line. “Tomorrow night, got it. Thanks for this, take it easy” he added before slamming the phone down. “God sake, what is wrong with these rich idiots” he moaned rubbing his temples.

 Liverpool, Clara’s House 

Clara sat at her kitchen countertop staring blankly at her phone. The message from David appeared in her voicemail, along with several texts from Oscar and Lavender, all of which remained unopened.

The door to her family home opened and quickly slammed shut, forcing Clara to jump out of her skin with fright. “Only me darling” Clara’s mother shouted from the hallway. “Where are you?” she asked.

“Kitchen” Clara whispered, patting her chest to calm down. Her mother entered the room carrying in several large shopping bags. “See you’ve been busy” she said forcing herself to sound somewhat happy.

“Just a few last minute things my dear. How was the session?” she asked in a caring, motherly tone. Clara avoided her mother’s gaze, and instead chose to remain silent. “Well how about we talk about this over a cup of tea, and a few biscuits” she added flashing her daughter a packet of chocolate chip cookies. But Clara remained emotionless, as he eyes darted back and forth between the biscuits and her phone.

“Fine” Clara whispered, as she took the packet from her mother’s hand. “I just don’t get how this is going to help” she moaned, as she mindlessly shoved one of the biscuits into her mouth.

“Because there is no problem in the world, that a cup of tea and talk with your Mother can’t solve” Mrs Stark said as she poured her daughter’s drink into a cup and joined her at the counter. “Let’s start off with something easy shall we” she said calmly. “How are you?” she said, at which Clara let out a long moan.

“That’s not easy, that’s like the hardest question you could possibly ask right now” Clara refuted. “I feel terrible all the time and I just don’t even know how to word how bad I feel, without sounding like a total bitch” she cried.

“Well, why don’t you try and talk to one of your friends from school?” her Mother suggested. “They must know how you are feeling, and don’t think I haven’t seen you. You’ve been ignoring their messages Clara” she added. “That can’t make them feel good and I know it won’t make you feel good” she sighed.

“What am I supposed to say? Sorry I have been MIA for the past two months guys, I have been in an emotional comatose state and whilst I am apologising I am sorry for getting Joel killed and effectively getting the school shut down” Clara said in rapid succession. “That boy’s death is not your fault. As for the school, well that should have been shut down when the first girl died” Mrs Stark informed her daughter, in a motherly tone. She took Clara’s hand and gently caressed it, before taking it into her own and squeezing it tightly. “You are a kind and wonderful girl. Who is seriously being too hard on herself, God knows you’ve been through torture. So please don’t torture yourself any further” she added, offering a comforting smile as she did so.

“But what if, what if they hate me. What if they still blame me” Clara cried, as she slowly sipped at her drink.

“They won’t, they love you. And they probably all miss you” she told her as she moved the phone closer towards Clara. “Please, sweetheart call one of them. Let them know you’re okay” her mother sighed, before slowly getting up off the table and turning towards the cooker. “I am going to the chippy for tea, we deserve a treat after all” she said, as Clara began to scroll through her phone.

She stared at the screen and wondered who she would text, or rather who she could text. Who wouldn’t turn her away? Who would understand everything she is going through? And then it dawned upon her, if she was going to reconnect with one person it had to be the one person who she began to connect with, during the last days of Windsor.

She picked up the phone and walked out of the room, much to the delight of her mother. It rang against her ear, and as she entered her living room. “Hey, it’s me” she greeted the caller.

“Hey” Tyler’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Am I talking to a ghost or is this really Clara Stark” he joked, prompting her to laugh. “It’s good to hear your voice” he stated calmly.

“Likewise” Clara sighed, as she slumped onto the couch and began to converse with the boy for the first time in months.

 Muker, Yorkshire – Village Square  

Oliver and Chasity walked hand in hand through the town, as a weary Oscar and ever confident Logan strolled behind them. “Ever notice how the giant Christmas tree always dies before Christmas” the now brunette Chasity commented, flicking her long chestnut coloured locks to one side.

“Yeah, totally like what’s even the point in having one if it’s just gonna die” Oliver stated, regurgitating his girlfriend’s words, in a disinterested tone. As the group walked through the square they caught the attention of several citizens, some older and some of the same age. The group walked as if they didn’t notice, but they did, they always noticed.

“You’d think the wonder and whimsy of Windsor Academy saviours, would have worn thin by now” Logan whispered, as he winked at a passing flock of mothers. “And yet here we are” Chasity added swiftly, and bluntly.

As the couple took the lead, Oscar trailed further behind, his eyes fixated on the back of Logan’s skull, his mind went to his father and more specifically his behaviour. Why was he so jittery this morning, and more specifically why did his father and Logan have such a strange dynamic, why?

“I am so over these public school freaks, I cannot wait for school to reopen?” Logan moaned, as a group of scruffier boys glared at them from across the street. “Are you insane?” Chasity gasped, turning around to look at him. “You actually want Windsor to reopen, are you fucking insane?” she moaned.

“I mean I have to agree, would be nice to see everyone again” Oliver said calmly, as Logan pointed at him, as a sign of agreement.

“I could give a flying fuck about other people from Windsor, good riddance” Oscar added harshly, at which Chasity mimicked Logan’s point. “It’s all behind us, it’s over. And if we have to endure a mere five months of public school before University, then so be it” he added in an aggressive huff.

“I bet you wouldn’t say that around Clara” his brother refuted. “Or have you forgot little miss perfect already?” he asked sarcastically. “I’m sure we all have our reasons for wanting or not wanting the school to reopen. Like I’m sure Logan misses Leo, me and Chas are lucky we still have each other, but some of us aren’t so lucky. So stop being a dick” Oliver said to Oscar, in a spiteful tone that most teenagers seem to master. Chasity clung to her boyfriend’s arm in an obedient manner, but kept her eyes far from his gaze.

“This is more important than missing ones partner or not. If Windsor reopens, what if the killings start again?” Oscar replied quickly.

“Like you said, the killings are over, it’s all over” Logan laughed, a comment which drew further attention from the passers-by. “The killer probably just bored, or scared that they were going to get caught” he added, before adding his signature Logan smile. “Or they’re just lying low, and waiting for the school to re-open” Chasity said coldly, as she backed away from Oscar.

“You two are so morbid. Are you wishing death upon us?” Oliver giggled, as the group finally continued to walk.

“Are you, I swear opening that school again would be hell” Chasity sighed.

“Yeah, and if it does open I’m pretty sure Casandra will drag you to hell. After sheading the final bleached trace of your hive mentality” Oliver laughed, as he messed up his girlfriend’s hair.

“You mean going back to my natural colour. And please if worse comes to worse, I’ll be ready to face that bitch, believe me” she joined her boyfriend in laughter, however as she did so she couldn’t help but notice how fast the tone of the conversation changed. From murder to hair, in the blink of an eye, Are we truly that vapid? She thought to herself. “Anyway, this is where I leave you guys. Safe journey home” Logan said, as he crossed the road and went up a diverted street, which lead to a row of large houses.

“See you later, talk to us before Christmas. We’ll meet up for a pint or something” Oscar shouted, as Logan threw a thumbs up before disappearing around the corner. When the coast was clear and he knew he was alone, Logan opened up his bank account and smiled wickedly, at his phone screen.

 London – Harrods  

Casandra sat across from Dean, two steaming coffees ensured that the pair kept a comfortable distance, as they merely stared into each other’s eyes. “So it’s really nice to see you” Dean whispered to the girl, as she smiled at him. “I didn’t really realise it would be just the two of us. I thought Leo Barnaby was living with you” he stated rather awkwardly.

“He does, he’s shopping for some presents actually. He’ll join us shortly, so for now you’re stuck with me” Casandra said in an unfamiliar tone, sounding somewhat confused and desperate to be likable. The forced smile faded from her face, as Dean looked disinterested and nervous. Casandra quickly snatched her coffee up and began chugging it down, desperately trying to avoid silence.

“So I guess we kinda have to talk about it” Dean sighed, throwing himself back into his chair. Casandra continued to sip at her drink, whilst the boy’s eyes wondered across the café. “It’s nice being here, in London. You can just disappear into a crowd and nobody knows who you are. Back home, everyone looks at me like I’m this”…

“Freak” Casandra replied, finishing off the boys sentences. “Same for me. I often catch my friends from back home just staring, or going quiet when I walk into the room. Or worse, they bombard Leo with questions they don’t have the balls to ask me” she hissed, before starting over the ledge and down to the various other floors. “What did you want to talk about?” she whispered softly.

“The freezer, and everything that happened after that” Dean replied instantly.

“What is there to talk about? We had a shitty experience and then we witnessed a shitty thing. I mean I know Clara and I aren’t exactly the best of friends but that was horrid, and Joel… Thank Fuck that hell hole is closed for good” she said, prying her face away to look back at Dean.

“We did a shitty thing to Cohen, have you spoken to him?” Dean asked inquisitively. “I’ve sent a dozen apology messages, at first I was practically begging him to take me back. But then I kinda had one of those epiphany things” she explained. “And I was like, why am I begging this inconsiderate sociopath to take me back. I am Casandra fucking Clooney for fuck sake” she shouted, garnering the attention from many of the other customers, who looked at the girl in snobbish disgust. “You trusted me with your secrets and this isn’t some I think I have a crush secret, this is some fucked up shit” she added, drinking the dregs of her coffee.

“So you guys broke up because of me?” Dean asked.

“We broke up because Cohen was a paranoid arsehole, who couldn’t take the fact that I was keeping secrets from him. You had nothing to do with it, you were just caught in our crossfire” she explained to him, attempting to put Dean’s mind at ease.

“Does Leo know?” he asked almost instantly after she finished speaking. “Does he know about my Dad and Cali, because I know you’re best friends now and I don’t expect you to keep this burden hidden to yourself” he explained to her.

“No he doesn’t know” Casandra replied in a comforting tone, rubbing the boy’s hand. “Besides I don’t wanna burry Leo with more stuff” she whispered, raising the attention of Dean. “I mean he moves to a new country because of his homophobic parents, and get’s caught up in a murdering spree that is global news. Plus he doesn’t even have Logan to lean on anymore, and I can tell he misses him. Every time I mention his name he just goes quiet and stuff” she explained. “So don’t worry, it’s just between us” she restated. “Thank you, Casandra. You’re a really good friend” Dean replied, as the two stared at each other longingly.

“What are you doing tonight and tomorrow?” she asked him curiously.

“Erm probably hanging out with my parents, and pretending to be a happy family. You know the usual. Why do you ask?” he questioned, now too finishing his drink.

“Please come to my Dad’s Christmas party. I know getting back home on the 23rd will be hell. But I’ll drive you back myself, just please I have barely gotten to see anyone from Windsor and it would be lovely to catch up. You know just relax and not worry about any of this drama” she stated quickly.

Dean pondered the offer for a second, before a smile took over his face. “Why the fuck not. It will get me away from that hell hole for a two days. So that is the greatest Christmas present of all” he laughed.

“So things are still bad?” she asked curiously.

“They’re still bad, but being away from Windsor is like stepping out of the pressure cooker. I don’t have to worry about Cali’s memory, police questions or anything. For all purposes now, my Dad is just another dick who cheated on his wife… I don’t really like to think of it in detail” Dean confessed. “Like what could be in Cali’s box, and whether it incriminated him… Or whether he killed her” he said, in an emotionless state.

Casandra went to comfort the boy, but from the corner of her eye she saw Leo approaching. Dean also saw, for in an instant he went from being a brooding wreck, to happy-go-lucky friend, who offered Leo a welcoming hug, and a firm handshake. As the duo acted like their conversation never happened, and that these dark secrets, never existed.

 Paris, France – Restaurant Guy Savoy 

David dapped his lips with a napkin, as waiters quickly scurried around the table ensuring it was cleared. The workers avoided making eye contact with their customers, respectively keeping their eyes down at the plates and cutlery. “Thank you” David whispered to one of them, before the scurried back off into the kitchen.

He stared back at his mother who now began to apply lip-stick, with all her attention diverted into a hand mirror. “Wasn’t that lovely darling. Oh how I’ve missed the Parisian cuisine” Jenna sighed dramatically.

“Yeah, me too” David said in disinterested tone, as he began to compose a text to Tyler from underneath the table. Have you heard from her yet? He asked, sending the text and staring at the screen, desperately hoping for a speedy reply.

“So darling, I do have one question. How are you healing up, that nasty scar still visible?” His mother asked as she puckered her ruby lips.

David slowly raised his head and sighed, “Yes Mother it has healed, I’m just lucky that fucker didn’t do any permanent nerve damage” he moaned, as he rubbed his shoulder blade at the mere memory of Halloween night.

“Well I’m just glad we don’t need to get you any surgery” she giggled, as she rose her glass of wine.

“Not until I’m thirty-five, right?” he joked superficially, as she sipped on his own drink. “Now please tell me all about your latest film” he decreed, forcing himself to take interest in his mother’s affairs.

“Well, I play a window tortured by the murder of her husband and children. She desperately tracks down his killer, with nothing but the families old RV and memories to fuel her fire” she whispered in a dramatic tone.

“Sounds Oscar worthy… As usual” David sighed, as a young beautiful woman approached his mother.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt Mrs Thomas, but could I get a selfie please” the young woman nervously asked the starlet.

“Of course my dear, you’ll have to take it on my good-side though. I didn’t pay for this face to have double chins or squinty eyes” Jenna joked, as she and her fan engaged in laughter. “David honey, save the girl the trouble and take a photo for us” she said, as she handed her son the girls phone.

“Smile” David said in monotone, as the flash went off instantaneously. He handed the girl back her phone and returned his attention to his own, opening a reply he received from Tyler.

‘Meeting with her tomorrow, will tell her to call you’ it read. David sighed with disappointment, slamming his phone down onto the table just as Jenna’s fan was scurrying away.

“Something wrong my dear, was it the fan. Because I know you hate our time together being interrupted, but just think of a celebrity you’d really want to meet, and what you’d do if you saw them” the woman said, misinterpreting this moment.

“No it’s not her Mother, it’s this girl from back at Windsor” he sighed, capturing his mother’s interest. “Her name is Clara, and she’s just the most perfect girl I have ever met in my entire life. It’s just with everything that is going on, I don’t want to make a move, I don’t want her thinking I’m trying to take advantage of her vulnerability” he explained, whilst Jenna sipped at her wine. “She’s just in a bad place, and I thought we were all there together. But it seems that everyone has gotten out, except for her yanno” he said rather solemnly.

“Look sweetheart, all of you went through a lot of things. The girl clearly needs some space, and I am so proud to see that I have raised such a gentleman, that you know not to pursue a girl who is not in the right frame of mind” Jenna said, with her hand against her chest. “If this girl is as special as you say she is, then she’ll find the strength to get out of this mess, and she’ll see how special you are” Jenna sighed, as she rubbed her son’s chin.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, I may never see her again at this rate. She is ignoring my calls, and I don’t just wanna turn up on her doorstep” David said, leaning back into his chair.

“Well you never know, you may see her if Windsor reopens in January” Jenna said passively.

“January? What are you talking about?” David asked, as she stared at his mother clueless to what had just left her lips.

 Muker - City Hall 

The crowd fell into a hushed silent as the mayor took the podium, a storm battered against the windows, with loud claps of thunder echoing throughout the buildings halls. “Now, I’d like to thank you for all your patience, in both today and the ongoing investigation which is being conducted by the police” the mayor announced. “Your children’s safety is our priority, however we are here to continue our discussion on the matter of reopening Windsor Academy, commencing in January 2017” the man announced.

McKenna watched from a seat in the very front row, observing the parents of Windsor’s parental board as they whispered amongst themselves. “Earlier today we heard statements from facility members, some local students and other parents. Now I offer the floor to the lead investigator in this ongoing case, DI McKenna if you would please” the mayor said, indicating down towards the bottom of the podium.

McKenna stood up, he wasn’t nervous not even a little. In fact he had never been more confident in his life, he knew what he needed to say and he wasn’t going to stop until all of the board listened to him. He spun around on his heels, straightened his tie and inhaled deeply.

“Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you a changed man” he announced. “The things I witnessed at Windsor Academy have changed my entire perception on life. Never before did I believe someone was capable of committing these type of atrocities against children. Never…” he sighed, as he began to pace the floor attempting to look at each and every member of the room in the eyes. “When you cast your vote tonight, I implore you all to think rationally. The perpetrator of these crimes still walks among us and I do not believe that it is safe to reopen this school. Now I understand that the parental board has worked in collaboration with the local government to try to reopen the school, but I urge you all for your children’s safety, do not reopen that school” he begged.

“I know you only want the best education for your children, but is it truly worth endangering their lives?” he asked them in disbelief.

“Well maybe if you and your team would have done a better job we wouldn’t have to pick between the two” a woman shouted from the crowd, an action which halted the detective right his tracks. “We placed our children’s safety in your hands!” another shouted. “You placed your children’s safety in the hands of the school. Head Mistress Akiyama and her staff are the ones who failed to protect your children. The police did everything we could, I warned her multiple times to intervene” McKenna explained.

“Yes, and as the parental council agreed, should Sue Akiyama be allowed to return to Windsor Academy, she will be asked to step down as Head Mistress and will return to her post as a Geography teacher” the mayor explained.

Just as McKenna opened his lips, he was interrupted by another booming voice from the back of the room. “Why should we trust you and those other pigs? It’s because of you that my son is dead!” a bald headed man roared. “My Joel was a good boy, didn’t do any harm to anyone. And look what happened to him, all because of you!” the man screamed, his face practically turning purple with rage.

“Mr Wheeler, we have spoken many a time on this matter. I am so sorry that we couldn’t save your son” McKenna apologised “But” he stuttered.

“But nothing!” the man refuted. “I’ve read the reports, about how you were all late to the party, you were too slow to save my son. Just like you were too slow to save the other children” the man screamed.

McKenna attempted to explain himself, but was cut off yet again by a familiar voice, that of Elias Olsson. “Now I don’t mean to interrupt, however I have something I would like to add” the man said calmly. “I have been a local business owner for over twenty years now, and I can say I have never felt more uncomfortable with the police’s inadequate work” he said hissing at the detective.

“It is not just the killings, but vandalism, trespassing and even” the man held his breath for a while, as he reflected on Mischief night. “Sexual related crimes have seen a sharp increase, have they not Detective?” he posed the question to McKenna.

“That is indeed true Elias, however we’re not here to speak on that” the man said calmly. “But does this not all relate to the safety of our children?” Elias asked. “Because I for one would like to know that both my son’s would be safe from any crime, no matter what the description” the man replied smugly. “Which is why I am proposing that should the school reopen, that we the parents hire top-notch security teams to parolee the grounds 24/7 to ensure that our children remain as safe as possible” Elias said, which prompted the other parents to applaud.

“Hang on a minute, I know you are all upset but I will not stand there and have you besmirch the name of the local authorities, just because you want your children to be privately educated” he shouted. “If you have any reasonable sense of decency, you will not reopen that school, until the killer has been apprehended” the man said in a plea of desperation.

“Well answer me this detective” Joel’s dad shouted from the back of the room. “If the police force is so great, why is it that there hasn’t been a murder in months and yet the killer remains at large?” he asked hypothetically. “I think I speak for all the parents when I say we have no confidence in you or the rest of your force” the man shouted as he sat himself down, the room erupted into a fit of applause, as parents rose from their seats to applaud the grieving man.

McKenna stared at them all and knew it was all a lost cause. He sighed pathetically and stormed out of the room, dramatically pushing the doors open as he did so. He held his phone up to his mouth and with one fit of rage he burst into a roar. “We need to get them, tomorrow if possible. We need to make the arrest” he screamed, as he stormed down the corridor still hearing the parents in applause.

 Manchester: Tyler's Home 

Tyler jumped up from his bed with fright, his face dripped with an abundance of cold sweat. He struggled to recapture his breath, panting frantically as he sat himself up against his bed post. His open window revealed a sky full of stars, and his clock indicated that it was only eleven at night. He sighed with defeat and marched forward towards his window.

His sweaty chiselled body was on display for all to see, as he leaned against the frame, trying to sooth his now throbbing head. Nightmares had become a regular occurrence, regardless of what time of day it was, regardless of whether someone was in the room with him, they horrific images always seemed to find him. Just as he inhaled his first real breath, a knocking at the window took him by surprise. He spun around to see Vev, lounging in her alcove with a book in her lap.

He pulled his window open and greeted the girl with a welcoming smile. “Good evening” he said in a calm tone as he took a seat on the floor. “Nice to see I am not the only awake, as usual” he said to her, as he briefly looked towards the night’s sky.

“Well yeah, just can’t really bring myself to do it yet” she explained. “Saw your legs sticking out of your sheets, thought tonight might finally be the night where you get some proper rest” she sighed.

“Please, knowing my luck when that night does eventually come, Freddy Krueger will start targeting us” Tyler said, as he forced himself to laugh. “You excited for the holidays yet? Or is that same feeling of terrifying doubt and extreme bouts of survivor’s guilt plaguing you too?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know how anyone from Windsor could be excited for Christmas, not this year, not after everything we’ve been through” Vev sighed, just as she said that car lights came from the bottom of their street, both teens went into silence as the vehicle pulled into the house which faced both of theirs.

Cohen stumbled out, a lit cigarette still firmly in his lips as he opened the passenger door for a drunken girl in a Santa Clause hat, who flung herself into his arms. Neither Vev nor Tyler spoke, but merely observed from afar. The former rugby captain could feel their judgmental gaze on the back of his neck, he turned around to snarl the duo, and to ensure they knew he could see them. “What you two looking at” he roared, blowing smoke into the girls face as he did.

He turned around and entered the house, pushing the girl into the dark before he slammed the door shut behind him. “Well clearly someone is very excited” Tyler said in a monotone. “From Casandra to random bar girls, oh how the mighty have fallen” Vev sighed as she flicked through her pages.

“Casandra isn’t the be all, end all of girls” Tyler refuted the girls claims, watching Cohen’s house from his floor, as all of the curtains suddenly shut.

“She’s a lot nicer than people give her credit you know. If you got to know the real her, you’d see how nice she can really be” Vev explained, but Tyler wasn’t completely sold. “What are you reading anyway?” he asked the girl, desperately attempting to pry his eyes away from Cohen’s bedroom window.

“Pride and Prejudice, for like the millionth time. I know it sounds pathetic but I just want a Mr Darcy for Christmas” she said bashfully.

“Doesn’t sound pathetic at all, any guy would be lucky to have a girl as sweet as you Vev” Tyler said finally returning his gaze to the shy girl. “And you have to stop being so hard on yourself, the second you stop looking for love is the second you’ll find it. It will come out of nowhere and hit you like a ton of bricks” he explained to her, watching as the smile grew across her face.

“It just sucks yanno, like I know it sounds sad, but I just want to hurry up, because both Cas and Chas have had multiple boyfriends and always have sex. So I just kinda feel like I am being left behind you know” Vev explained her concerns. To her surprise, Tyler reached across the window and touched her hand.

“Like I said when it is meant to be, it will happen” he said softly, rubbing his thumb across the back of her hand. “It really isn’t that big of deal. You can easily function without a guy believe me, we aren’t that great” he laughed.

Tyler removed his hand and the pair returned to watching the sky, however Vev’s eyes soon trailed down to the boys abs. She shook her head ever so slightly and let out a breathy giggle. “I am so silly, I meant to say that my parents are at their Office’s Christmas party tomorrow. I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a load of Christmas movies and eat our body weight in gingerbread… I was even thinking of inviting Cohen” Vev said, as she looked over towards his house.

“I’d love to, well I wouldn’t really like to interact with Cohen. But, I am meeting up with Clara tomorrow and I think we just need to spend the day together and talk about everything that happened to us you know” he explained in a clam tone. “I know this sounds dramatic, but I feel like only she knows what I am going through, only she knows what it’s like to feel like the world is trying to suffocate you. Above everyone else, I just need to see her” he explained as his eyes filled tears.

“I’m sure Liv would have wanted you two to spend as much time together as possible. She’d want you to be there for each other” Vev explained as she handed him a tissue.

“She would have wanted that for all of us” Tyler sighed, as he stared across to his bedside table, on which sat a photo of him and Liv huddled together under a fury white blanket…

 Liverpool – Clara’s House 

Clara sat on her bed in nothing but a robe and towel wrapped up in her damp hair. She listened to the sound of the rain pelting against her window, as she contemplated the day ahead of her she thought of the last time she saw Tyler. She broke out into nervous pants, knowing what needed to be done.

Thinking of her friend not only brought back memories of Liv, but of Windsor all together. Her attention diverted towards the wardrobe, like the beating of a tell-tale heart it beckoned her to go forward.

She grasped the cold metal handles and pulled it open, looking down to the bottom of the pile of clothes, Clara kneeled down onto the carpet and began to rummage through her garments. She pulled out a hard block, concealed within a black jumper. Gently placing it onto the floor, she pulled on the sleeves to reveal Callista’s wooden box.

Her heart beat at a paid peace, as she stared at the heavily dented box, knowing what needed to be done.

 London – Hilton Hotel 

Daniel lounged on the bed in nothing but his underwear, with his laptop resting in front of him he swiped through the photographs from the days shoot, with a proud smile on his face. “They turned out really well” Daniel shouted, indicating his head towards the door behind him.

“Yeah”? Lavender replied, shouting from the bathroom. “Well I am very glad, you’re making such a big splash, you should be so proud of yourself” she exclaimed, her voice filling with glee.

“Yeah I am, and I cannot wait for this party tomorrow. I mean can you seriously believe we are going to a Vogue Christmas party?” he laughed, as fingers tingled with excitement. He closed the link to the photographs and returned to his home screen, on which a picture of Cameron and himself as children. His smile faded, and he slowly closed the device and placed it onto the floor.

In that instant his phone blew up, messages were coming in at rapid succession and thus it buzzed uncontrollably. However, just as he was about to pick it up the bathroom door was flung open and Lavender emerged in noting but black lace lingerie.

“I thought I would give you a Christmas gift early” the girl whispered, sending Daniel into a confused state of being, in which he knocked his phone off the bedside table. “You’ve just been working so hard lately, I just think that we both need to let off a little steam” she said seductively as she crawled from the bottom of the bed, until she was on top of him.

“Well, aren’t you very very thoughtful” Daniel said, as Lavender strutted towards the bottom of their bed.

“Well tis the season after all” she giggled.

“You know I don’t have any mistletoe on me. So what did you have in mind?” Daniel replied, in a wistful tone, just as their two lips met. The couple kissed passionately, whilst Lavender slid her hands down Daniel’s tight briefs. “I love you so fucking much, you know that right” Daniel said, as he briefly backed away from the girl, and relaxed himself into the pillow.

“I love you too, and I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world, that I get to call myself your girlfriend” she replied. The couples eyes met, just as Daniel had managed to unhook Lavender’s bra. “Oops” she laughed, as he tossed it across the room. “Your turn” she giggled, pulling down his pants and throwing them behind her head. She leaned down and kissed him once more, but this time Daniel bit her lip ever so gently.

The couple rolled under the covers, blissfully unaware that his phone continued to buzz beneath the bed. Messages, tweets, instagram comments, everything was coming through all relating to one thing. Just as another set of tweets came through so did a news story which consumed the entire phone screen.

‘Windsor Academy set to reopen: As ordered by parental board’ the headline read, before the screen finally went dark.

 Muker - The Olsson House 

Chasity sat look at herself in the mirror, whilst Oliver stood behind her and wrapped a beautiful silver necklace around her neck. “Oliver, it’s so beautiful” she cried, as it shimmered in the light.

“Only the best for my queen” her boyfriend replied as he planted a kiss on the back of her neck. “And that is only one of the presents I have for you. Would you like another?” he questioned. Giddy with excitement, Chasity nodded his head and Oliver backed away and threw off his shit in an instant.

Next he kicked off his shoes and slowly pulled down his pants to reveal that he was wearing Santa boxers. “Now, have you been naughty or nice this year?” he questioned, sending the girl into a fit of giggles. Meanwhile, in the room next door Oscar wasn’t having nearly as much fun…

What do you do, when you feel completely lost in your own mind?

What do you do when you believe your Father is doing something bad?

What do you when you have a Brother who is as emotionally distant as he is aggressive?

What do you do when you suspect your Brother’s friend isn’t a good person?

These were some of the many questions that passed through Oscar Olsson’s head, as laid on his back, staring blankly at the ceiling. “What do you do, when the girl you love more than anything in the world, has forgotten you exist” Oscar whispered to himself, as he stared at Clara’s Instagram.

He stared longingly at her last photograph and couldn’t help but smile. It was from the night, he, Clara, Leo and Logan watched the Back to The Future: Trilogy, the four of them smiled as she took the selfie, unaware that it was one of the last nights the three students would spend together as friends.

Not only was Clara ignoring his messages, but so was Leo. From what Oscar saw online his friend was now lost to the world of peroxide blonde and bee broaches. He still felt some form of guilt from how their friendship ended, for how the group hurt Leo’s feelings. He wanted the boy to know that the group were only acting with his best interest at heart, as they wanted to keep him safe. But again, Oscar received no replies.

This is how he spent most of his nights, merely lying in bed and waiting for sleep to come, that is when he wasn’t acting as a fourth wheel, in Oliver, Chasity and Logan’s friendship group.

He closed his eyes ever so slightly but was interrupted by a pounding at his door. He jumped out of his bed fright “What, what, what is it!” he screamed, as Chasity burst into his room in nothing but one of Oliver’s t-shirts.

“You’ll never believe this” Chasity panted loudly, as she pushed her long mane of hair out of her face. Oscar diverted his gaze, unsure were too look as his brother’s girlfriend paced around his bed.

“You’ll never believe this!” Oliver reiterated in a cheerier tone, as he entered the room shirtless as he pulled up his workout shorts.

“Ew guys, seriously” Oscar moaned, as he covered his eyes to avoid looking at the practically naked couple. He pushed himself off the bed and joined his brother’s side, whilst Chasity remained a panicked mess. “Now are you going to tell me what’s going on, or is some kinda ritual to get you guys going?” he asked sarcastically, at which both Oliver and Chasity let out a short, ‘Ew’.

“No, it is not a ritual” Chasity grunted, as she sat on the edge of his bed. “They’re reopening Windsor” she said, clutching at her chest.

Oscar’s jaw dropped with shock, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Apparently there was a meeting with the parent’s board, and they decide unanimously, set to reopen in January” Oliver explained, as he tapped his twin brother on the shoulder. “Isn’t this great, we’ll all finally get our lives back on track!” he exclaimed, throwing himself onto Oscar’s bed with excitement. “Better start working out now, can’t go back to the team with Holiday weight” Oliver added, as he squeezed his own bicep.

“So guess Casandra really is gonna scalp me come January” Chasity sighed, as she ran her fingers through her dark hair.

“Are you guys serious!” Oscar roared. “The school where seven people were murdered is reopening, and that is all you both can think of?” he asked in disbelief, reminding Chasity of her inherently fickle nature. “Dad’s on the parent’s board, why didn’t he tell us about this meeting?” Oscar questioned, as he began to loiter in his own doorway, staring at his father’s empty room with curiosity.

“Probably didn’t want to worry us” Oliver said as he wrapped his muscles around Chasity. “I don’t buy that for a second” Oscar whispered, as he took one step out of his room. “And get off my bed the both of you” he roared, before finally exiting the room. Chasity jumped off of the mattress instantly, however Oliver lingered before finally rolling off after several nudges from his girlfriend.

He let out a large and overly dramatic groan before he chased after his twin. “Osc, what are you doing. Dad probably has a very good reason for us not to know about the trial. It’s not like he’s a shady guy that keeps secrets” Oliver said, as he followed his brother into their father’s room.

“The start of the school year Dad asked me to keep an eye on you. Said he thought you were acting weirdly all summer. Now did he ever ask you what was wrong, or did he go behind your back and have me be a parent for him?” Oscar said, raising his eye brows at the revelation. He broke away from Oliver and began to search his father’s desk for anything that could be regarded as suspicious.

Oliver was stunned into silence, he turned back to Chasity who now returned to his room before looking back at his brother. “Dad thought I was acting weirdly?” he asked nervously. In that moment it was as if he transformed into a little boy, the natural bravado and charisma he seemed to ooze vanished in a second and he retreated into himself. “Did he say what he thought was wrong, or?” Oliver asked but was cut off by Oscar, who turned to rooting through the desk’s draws.

“No he didn’t seem to care, like I said he just wanted me to do his job for him” he said dismissively.

“Oh” Oliver replied nervously, unable to pry his eyes away from the floor. “What are you looking for anyway?” he asked, as he slowly began to back out of the room.

“Anything, regarding the case against Windsor. I am telling you something hasn’t sat right with me all day. Did you see the way he acted at breakfast, when he ran towards the door? I bet he thought it was something to do with the school” Oscar explained. “And then when Logan showed up” it was after he uttered these words that the cogs in Oscar’s head began to turn. “Wait, this afternoon” he whispered. “Logan said, that he couldn’t wait for school to reopen. I thought he was just speaking hypothetically, but he must have known” Oscar said in disbelief.

“Well Logan lives with his Auntie, maybe she told him about the case” Oliver said in defence of his friend.

“Then why didn’t he tell us?” Oscar questioned. He sprung up and opened the next set of draws, and slowly began to rummage through it.

“Mate, you’re overthinking all of this entirely. Go to bed, it’s late” Oliver said, before jumping at Oscar’s loud and unruly gasp! He fell back onto the door frame and banged his head in fright.

“I knew it, I knew it!” Oscar shouted, as he hit the letter with his bare hand. “Knew what?” Oliver asked as he nervously walked over to his brother.

“The both of us were asked to speak on behalf of the students of Windsor Academy… Now can you recall Dad asking us whether or not we wished to speak?” Oscar asked.

“That doesn’t mean anything, he could still be trying to protect us” Oliver said, desperately hoping that his father wasn’t the man Oscar believed he was.

“Then let’s take a look on his laptop for more information shall we?” Oscar said sarcastically, as he flipped the computer open. But to the boys surprise the device was already open to PayPal’s website.

“Dad knows how to use PayPal?” Oliver asked sarcastically.

“Yeah but why is he using it?” Oscar asked, as he slowly scrolled down to the account’s recent activities. “Oh my god” he whispered, as Oliver peeped over his shoulder. “Dad has been paying Logan” he said.

As the scrolled Logan’s name was the only one to appear consecutively, with several messages congratulating him on his hard work, stating that the money was his cut for the night. “Well maybe Logan just works at the bar, and he didn’t want to tell us because he’s embarrassed or something” Oliver said defensively.

“You don’t get paid over two hundred pound for working one night Oliver, something is strange about this. About all of this” he added before pushing himself away from the desk. “Yes you can, he could be a gay stripper” Oliver shouted.

“I doubt it, Logan is too much of an arrogant dick to degrade himself like that” Oscar sighed, dismissing his brother’s theory. “We’re twins, we’re supposed to know what each other’s thinking, so I hope you’re on the same wave length here. You know what needs to be done right?” he asked Oliver, who merely nodded his head.

“Go to sleep, and just go about our lives, until we can get away from Dad in January” Oliver said, with a hope filled tone.

“No, we need to go to the bar and find out what’s going on. If we confront Dad at home he will wriggle out of it. If we confront him at work he will be professional, he will be forced to tell us the truth out of fear. And whilst we’re there, we’ll find out what Logan’s doing for him” he concluded, staring at his nervous brother, before dropping the letter back into the draw and slamming it shut.

 Oxford, England – The Clooney Residence 

The sun shone brightly, high above the fields of snow covered grass as a cool breeze promised that the day ahead would be a bitter one.

Leo and Dean joined Casandra’s family for their breakfast, everyone was glued to their phones reading stories and updates regarding the reopening of Windsor. “Can you believe that they’re stupid enough to do such a thing?” Casandra moaned. “Oh well, at least it will be nice to see Vev again, and we can show off our new and improved HIVE, before university” she giggled, as she squeezed a disconnected Leo’s chin.

“I’m just happy my parents will have stable work again” Dean whispered to himself as he spooned a mouthful of cereal.

“Enough of this folly, school is weeks away and you children should be enjoying every second of your break” Casandra’s mother proclaimed. “Now Leo darling, I meant to ask you if you are joining us for Christmas. Because if so I will happily run out and ensure you have gifts waiting for you” she stated, sipping on her bloody Mary.

“Thank you for your kindness Mrs Clooney, but as I will be returning home tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family” Leo replied in a low voice, as he placed his phone under the table in order to text WindsorKid.

“He’s told you that six times now mother, perhaps if you didn’t drink in the morning you’d remember that” Casandra added, purposely sipping on her coffee in a dramatic fashion. “Ladies, please stop and behave in a more appropriate manner. You’re embarrassing yourself in front of our guests” Mr Clooney stated, as he indicated towards the two boys. “I swear the sooner your brothers come home the better, I do not enjoy being the minority in this house” he sighed, sipping on his martini. Both Casandra and her mother rolled their eyes in sync.

“It’s really okay Mr Clooney” Dean explained. “Believe me this is nothing compared to my daily life. It’s actually rather pleasant to be in total silence” he added, flashing a smile to older man.

“Is this your new boyfriend Casandra?” her mother asked, as she downed the rest of her drink.

“Mother!” Casandra screamed with embarrassment.

“What, he is a very handsome and polite young man. I just assumed that since you brought a boy home, that maybe he was your boyfriend” the woman continued to explain her reasoning. “I brought Leo home, did you just assume he was my boyfriend?” Casandra asked dramatically, prompting both Leo and her parents to laugh along together at the thought. “No dear, we knew Leo was gay the second he walked through the door” her father explained. “But stop dodging the question, are you and young Dean here dating or aren’t you?” the man asked, as the teenagers locked eyes. “Because if so I will have to introduce him to all of your brother’s and ensure he knows how to properly respect my daughter” the man said half-jokingly.

“No, me and Dean are not dating” Casandra stated. “So if you would please stop with these questions, I would like to go on my morning jog in piece” she insisted, throwing her napkin down onto her plate. “I’ll see you when I get back Leo, then we can start getting ready for the party” she said calmly, as she blew a kiss towards the boy. “Dean, help yourself to anything in any of my brother’s wardrobes that fit” she added, flashing a smile at the boy before excusing herself from the room.

“Remember you still need to help me decorate young lady!” her mother shouted, as she “Last party I threw, a body was found, a boy was buried alive, another one was murdered and a girl was Carried with his entrails. I don’t really wanna go near any decorations. I’ll see you AT the party Mother” Casandra stated as she briskly jogged out of the dining room.

“Well, I better head off to work. You boys enjoy your breakfast” Mr Clooney stated as he kissed his wife. “See you at the party darling” he said to his wife, as he aided her to her feet.

“See you there love” she replied, following him out of the room. “Now I know Casandra said that she and Dean weren’t dating. But if you two boys are, then I’d just like to say I will be gone in five minutes and you will be all alone. I will tell you what I have told all my children.” She said with a the deepest of intent. “Don’t do it on the table it’s a heirloom and don’t get pregnant or get somebody pregnant… Which come to think of it shouldn’t be a problem for you boys” she laughed.

Both Dean and Leo blushed awkwardly, “No, no. We’re not dating Mrs Clooney, Leo actually has a boyfriend already. But I should be so lucky” he laughed, as he pretended to wink at the boy.

“Aww adorable, well statement remains. Not on the table” the woman laughed as she put on her sunglasses and waved at the duo.

“Sooo, how are you today” Dean asked awkwardly. “Haven’t really spoke much, and you’ve hardly touched your, what even is that?” he asked pointing down to Leo’s plate.

“Grapefruit. Cassandra always says eating anything but fruit for breakfast is the equivalent of swallowing a stick of butter” Leo laughed, still unable to stop his texting to WindsorKid.

“Sounds like her alright” Dean laughed, as a small smile appeared on his face at the thought of the girls behaviour. “You texting Logan?” he asked, forcing Leo’s head to snap upwards. “You’ve been smiling from ear to ear, and haven’t looked up once. I just figured it must have been him” he explained, as he swallowed his final ration of bacon.

“Yeah… It’s Logan” Leo whispered, as an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach forced him to finally lock his phone and place it onto the table.

“Well, if you’d excuse me I am going to have a lie down, as it feels like I have swallowed several sticks of butter” Dean joked as he whipped his lips with his own napkin. But before he could stand up, he was forced back into his seat by the voice of Leo. “Dean wait” the American shouted. The former rugby player’s head slowly turned towards him, as his heart began to beat at a rapid pace. “You know Casandra very, very well correct?” he asked him.

“Yeah, but I think you know her a little better than I do” Dean replied. “After all, you’re the one with bleached hair” he said pointing towards the boy’s head.

“Yeah, but you guys have run in the same crowd for years, right?” Leo asked desperately. “Yeah, I guess. Why?” Dean replied curiously.

“I was just wondering, if you think she can be trusted with a secret. Like a dark secret?” Leo asked, forcing Dean to lean back into his chair.

The boy was sent reeling, his mind raced with thoughts of Casandra telling their secrets to Leo, why was the boy asking such a question, was it a test? Or did he perhaps want more secrets? Dean raised his brow and merely nodded his head in silence.

“Is that a yes?” Leo asked nervously, just a text came through to his phone.

“You going to get that?” Dean asked, wanting to escape, hoping that Leo would retreat back into his phone.

“It can wait, just please give me a straight forward answer. You have no idea what a big risk I am taking by asking you this. So please, please just tell me. Will she keep a secret, if it means ensuring people won’t get hurt?” he asked.

Dean looked into Leo’s eyes, he could tell the boy was in some of pain, but did not wish to linger, due to the nagging thought that this all may have been an elaborate trap. “Yes she will, she will not only keep your secret, but she’ll do whatever she can to help you protect it. Despite her reputation, Casandra Clooney is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met in my entire life” Dean explained, to the nervous American. “I’ll see you later” he whispered before leaving the table entirely.

Leo slumped back into his seat and covered his face with hands. He let out a drawn out exhale, peeking through the gaps between his fingers to read that another message from WindsorKid, and another from a fellow user of the DreamBoy app. Leo lowered his head and reopened his phone, before helplessly shovelling spoonful after spoonful of grapefruit into his mouth.

 Manchester Victoria Train Station  

Clara sat on the edge of her seat, with her feet tapping at rapid pace. She clutched onto her bag tightly, wrapping it firmly within the confines of her arms. Her earphones lulled soft music into her ears, as her eyes gently shut.

It felt as if, for but a moment she was on her own. The train pulled to a gradual stop, and Clara forced her eyes to open, as she made her way to the door, she ensured that her earphones stayed in, attempting to block out as much of the world as possible. She walked carelessly from the platform to the main body of the station.

She quickly became uncomfortable, believing every single eye was on her, that everyone knew who she really was. She spun around, still struggling breath, still struggling to find him. She cranked up the volume in her headphones, drowning out any audible sound the station had to offer. Clara quickly began to feel as if she were suffocating, and thus as she threw her bag over her shoulder she spun around and made a break for the door.

But in the instant that she did so, she ran face first into Tyler’s chest. “Hey, hey, are you okay?” Tyler whispered, as he placed his hands on either side of Clara. Without saying another word, Clara wrapped her arms around Tyler and pulled him in for a hug. The pair embraced each other, with any fear subsiding Clara sighed, finally at ease. As the boy pulled away and smiled down at her, she gladly reciprocated as both of the teenagers began to cry.

“I am so happy to finally see you!” Tyler said, as he slicked his thick hair back.

“Likewise” Clara sighed. “I have a lot to show you, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell a single soul” Clara explained as she lowered her bag off of her shoulder and down towards Tyler’s feet.

“Cross my heart” Tyler replied, as his eyes followed the bag. Unaware that the revelation would send him reeling and change his life forever.

 Edinburgh, Scotland – Akiyama’s Flat 

Sue stumbled into the lobby of her building, heels in her hands and her tights ripped. Her hair was a tangled mess, as was her smeared makeup. As she made her way into the building she was stopped, when the receptionist beckoned her to come closer. “You have left your package here for twenty-four hours. Pick it up immediately” they shouted.

“Calm down, I’ve had a rough night!” she screamed in her drunken state. “They said I am incapable of protecting them. Incapable! That is the word they used!” she screamed, stumbling over the front desk. “Go back to be a Geography teacher and earn a fraction of the pay, what bull shit” she continued, as the man pulled a disgusted face when he smelt the woman.

“Please, Miss Akiyama, take your package and go upstairs, you look like you could do with some rest” the man hissed, pushing the box further forward he stopped looking at her all together and instead returned to his regular business.

A saddened Sue took the box in her hands and stumbled towards the staircase. As she inspected the box, she noticed that a tag was placed onto it. She twirled it in her hands and immediately tensed up, for the messaged too was written in red marker, similar to the blood message she had previously received.

Merry Christmas Bitch, Just a Little Thank You, for All You’ve Done…

 Flashback - Windsor Academy September 2016 

“Thank you for all of your help Detective” a more formally addressed Akiyama stated, as McKenna put his coat back on. “If there is any further information about Cameron, please keep me informed” she added, as she showed the man to the door.

“The station will do just that, as for the room, well the two girls who lived there will have to move out immediately” the officer informed the teacher.

“The girls will be speaking to me later on, so I will inform they that they are being relocated” the teacher explained as the detective lowered his head and left the room. “What about Raven Castillo, will he return to campus?” she asked curiously.

“He has been apprehended and is being taken down to custody as we speak. As lead investigator on this case, I will be conducting it personally. Should we believe there to be insufficient evidence then he will return. However, should we believe there to be evidence or enough reason to believe he is responsible for this crime, then he will remain in custody until further notice. So, for now I shall say good night and goodbye. I have a lot of paperwork to do” the Detective explained, as he left the hallway entirely.

“Goodnight Detective” the woman said softly, as she closed her door. Before she could even return to her desk, her laptop beeped loudly, signifying that she had received an email. This was to be expected, in fact Sue was surprised that her inbox wasn’t flooded with emails from concerned parents.

Thus she walked over and took a seat, opening the unlabelled email. Once she did so, she gasped with horror, to her surprise a video began playing, of Sue drinking consecutively throughout the summer. Various clips, with exact dates showed the teacher being wasted from June till September. She covered her mouth when the video revealed a final, devastating blow to her heart. The final sequence showed Sue, drinking secretly during the Masquerade Ball of 2015. All of sudden the video ended, and a message written in red appeared on the screen.

‘You failed to save Callista, and you’ll fail to save everyone else. This is my school now. Keep quiet, or I’ll ruin you’

Sue gasped loudly, as she quickly slammed her laptop shut. Unable to bear another second. However, in the instant that she did a knocking came from her door. “Head Mistress Akiyama, we’re here” the voice of Olivia came from the other side.

“Yes” the woman cried out, whipping her eyes to avoid any suspicion as she placed her laptop under her desk. “Please, come in girls” she shouted.

 Flashback – Windsor Academy – 30th October 2016 

Akiyama entered her office, only to immediately shut the door to avoid the other members of staff seeing what was waiting for her on her desk. A bottle of bourbon wrapped up in a pretty red ribbon. Sue threw down all of the books, and opened the card which rested against the bottle.

Inside contained the letter, written in blood – ‘I own this school’ She cried loudly, and threw the paper down onto her desk. When once again her laptop beeped. A whimpering Akiyama turned to face her desk, and slowly made her way to the chair, sitting as if the laptop was already barking commands.

The email sent her into a depressed pale complexion. ‘Down the bottle, or I will tell the police how complicit you really are, you drunken Bitch!’ it read, as the principal now fully sobbed, staring at the bottle. Then in seemingly the blink of an eye, half the bottle was gone. The room was significantly darker and her head was now pounding. She was unable to keep her head up, as she once again passed out.

“Wake up Sue, wake up now” the booming voice of McKenna demanded, as the woman slowly raised up. “Are you kidding me right now?” the man asked angrily, as he picked up the bottle and proceeded to lob it across the room. “You’re drinking at a time like this?” the man asked a further question, pretending that he wasn’t just drinking mere hours ago.

“Hey, I am having a really hard time right now. And what are you talking about” she asked in her drunken state. “At a time like what?” she asked, rubbing her both sides of her forehead.

“Tyler Stephensen and Raven Castillo are missing and presumed dead” he roared in her face, forcing the woman to open her eyes.

“They’re what?” she replied as she stumbled towards her feet, clutching onto her desk for support.

She knew now what the plan was, she knew that the killer was making her look complicit, making her look as if she were turning a blind eye to the monstrosities that lay on her doorstep. She nodded her head, and continued her conversation with the Detective.

 Canterbury, England – Mendoza House 

Maggie sat at the kitchen table, with her coffee mug in her hand, staring blankly out of the window, watching as the snow fell around her. Simon soon entered, dressed in nothing but robe, both remained stiff and emotionless, as he made his way over o the kettle. He pressed it down to boil, and merely stared at the back of his wife’s head.

“I am so, so sorry” he sighed, attempting to touch the woman’s shoulder. But Maggie was quick to act, she batted her husband off immediately, slapping his hand away without so much as a second thought. “I didn’t mean to do it, it just slipped out” he cried, lowering himself to her level.

“It just slipped out because you were thinking of her, there is no other explanation Simon. And there certainly isn’t an excuse for calling out somebody else’s name during sex” Maggie said, in a robotic like monotone. “Even when she is six feet in the ground, Callista Ranza still holds power over you, and of this family” she hissed, finally showing a form of emotion.

“It was a lapse of judgement” Simon sighed, “I just, lost control” he added, as he clenched onto his wife’s hand all whilst the kettle behind them continued to boil. “You have no idea how much I love you” he said, before he kissed Maggie’s hand.

The woman pulled away from him, refuting his affection’s yet again. “I don’t you think know how much I love you… Or how much your son loves you” she whispered. “We have both suffered, went through so much pain and humiliation in order to keep this disgusting secret of yours” the woman moaned, unaware of exactly how far Dean had gone in order to protect his father.

“Believe me, I know. Which is why I want to prove myself to you” he explained, as he finally broke down.

“You will never, ever prove yourself. You disgusting, weak man” the woman said, as she stormed out of the room, just as the kettle finally came to final boil.

 Bristol, England: Bryn’s Manor 

Jonathan sat at the table awaiting his lunch. Jules sat facing him nibbling on a plain cheese sandwich. “So have you heard school’s reopening? Should be exciting” Jonathan said without even looking up from his phone.

“Yeah, I mean I guess so. I don’t even know if my parents will want me to go back” Jules explained softly, barely looking up from his plate. “Are you excited Mr Bryn’s?” he asked Jonathan, who still remained glued to his phone.

“I guess, should be good to see the boy’s again. Get that nightmare far, far behind us” he replied, finally looking up to meet Jules’ eyes. “Where’s my food I want it now!” the young man shouted towards the set of doors, prompting Jules to jump with fright.

In a flash, a chef burst through the door carrying a sliver tray. He placed it down in front of Jonathan and bowed his head, as he lifted to reveal a thick stake. “Took you long enough. Now leave” Jonathan hissed at the man, who stumbled backwards. Jules looked at the food with longining as his stomach rumbled, but as Jonathan cut into the meat it was if someone had flicked a light switch within him.

As his knife pierced the first layer, a stream of blood came oozing out of the dead animal. Jonathan’s stomach turned, and his face became devoid of practically any colour. Just as Jonathan backed away from his plate, the chef crashed into the door, causing a loud bang. Immediately he jumped off his chair, and Jules watched as his employer’s brow began to form a thick layer of sweat.

“Are you okay” he asked Jonathan, who began to clutch at his chest looking like a scared little boy. Jonathan avoided eye contact with his both of his’ employees, feeling humiliated and weak. He could feel his chest closing in, tightening with every passing breath. Without a second thought, Jonathan grabbed the lid and slammed it down concealing the bloody meat.

“I’m taking you home” he shouted, as he stormed around the table towards Jules.

“But it’s only half the day” Jules said, confused by Jonathan’s panicked state of mind.

“I’ll pay you for the full, you can’t stay here. Besides, I am relieving you of your duties, until school reopens” Jonathan said in a hasty breath. “I won’t be needing you around any time soon, so just enjoy your time off. Because the second we step back into that school I am going to work you into the ground. Do you understand” Jonathan roared at the young boy, who merely nodded his head and stayed in absolute silence, knowing it was best not to mess with Jonathan when he got worked up.

“I’ll get your coat. And then I’m taking you home. Finish your sandwich” the boy said, in a tone which sounded more like an order. Jules sat down like a trained dog and placed the bread against his lips, forcing his eyes back down onto the plate as Jonathan fled the room.

As the doors to the dining room slammed shut, Jonathan pressed himself against it, and began to whimper.

 Bristol, England – Caleb’s House 

The Fact this shithole is being reopened is beyond a joke!

Caleb sat his desk, typing away at his laptop. The boy’s eyes were red and baggy, and his face was a faint shade of white. He frantically hit the keyboard with rapid succession, as his eyes slowly wondered to the punching bag in the corner of his room.

Students routinely torture each other for their own amusement. Not to mention their incapable, bloodline on neglectful teachers.

The rugby players rule with brutality, whilst the self-professed HIVE rules with psychological fear.

If I have anything to do with it the school will not reopen, and on through this I will share my entire Windsor Academy experience.

Beaten and practically falling apart, the bag also contained several small holes which could not physically be made by the human hand. “Caleb, you have to take your pills before dinner” his mother shouted. “Come down and get a glass of water” she added, as the boy stood up in complete silence, his eyes still locked firmly onto the bag.

With an emotionless expression plastered across his face, the boy hit the bag with such great force, that it shook from side to side. “Coming Mum” the boy shouted towards his open door. He walked back towards the laptop and leaned over the chair, to inspect his handy work.

On the monitor was a proud display of aggression. For Caleb had started a twitter account revealing the truth about Windsor Academy and all who dwelled inside of it. He smiled at his handy work and finally exited the room.

 Manchester - Coffee Shop 

“So you’ve had this since Windsor was closed?” Tyler sighed as his fingers ran across the surface of the dented box. “And you are sure this is hers?” he asked Clara, as the two sat in a secluded area of the café, far away from the prying eyes of the general public. “I am sure, I think this is the reason they went after Liv tonight. Maybe she knew too much” Clara sighed as the boy shook it to attempt to hear what was inside. But he heard nothing, but dead silence. “I tried that a million times. Tried a bunch of things, but nothing ever works. That thing is indestructible” Clara whispered as she rested her head against the seat. “I just wanted to you to know I had it, and why” she whispered.

“It’s like she is still here, helping us. Willing us on to stop this sick fuck” he stated, as he handed Clara the box back.

“Yeah, I am sure is” Clara said, before she placed it back into her bag. “I just don’t know what to make of this” she sighed.

“If this what we think it is, then the keys will be in Windsor. When school reopens, we can find them and find out what she knew” he said to Clara, attempting to keep a low profile.

“I don’t even know if I want to go back. And quite frankly I am surprised you want to!” Clara gasped in horror.

“I have to, I think it’s going to give me some sense of closure or something” he said, sipping at his drink as he attempted to explain his reasoning. “I just feel like I will be just as safe there, as I am here. At least when I am back there I have the numbers on my side” he said before placing his drink down, when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye. He adjusted his posture and once again crouched ever-so-slightly, to avoid detection.

“Well that’s your choice. And if you do go back without me, then I will send you the box and you can do this yourself” Clara said rather dismissively, as she lowered her head to rub her temples.

“We all need you, I know I do at least” he whispered to her, as he slowly reached out to touch her hand. “I can’t solve all of this without you” he said, attempting to hide just how much he was longing for answers. “You are the one who brought The Team together, you’re our only hope” he added.

“You can, now enough talking about Windsor please. I get enough of that at home. Just please tell me, how are you?” she asked him seriously, finally taking his hand she couldn’t help but notice that Tyler’s eyes kept darting back and forth towards the far corner of the room.

She turned around to her seat, “Please don’t” he whispered, as Clara finally saw what the boy was looking at.

Sitting in the same café, were Olivia’s parents and little sister. Clara gulped, unable to pry her eyes away from the seemingly happy family. “Do you want to leave, because if you do I will happily go with you” she whispered to Tyler. As she turned around to meet the boy’s eyes, she noticed that they were a bright shade of red and running with tears. “Tyler” she whispered attempting to stand up, to comfort the boy.

He pulled her back down into the seat, and lowered his posture a final time as he noticed that the Wright’s were putting on their coats. “I can’t, I don’t…” Tyler panted unable to form a sentence as he struggled for breath.

Clara no longer needed an answer to how the boy was feeling, for she could see it clearly herself. Tyler was suffering just as she did, if not greater. She clutched onto his hands tighter and formed a simple smile. “I can’t face them. Knowing that I couldn’t protect her. I don’t want to know what they’d say” the boy moaned, as he leaned his head against Clara’s shoulder.

“We are in this together, regardless of what happens okay” Clara whispered, as she practically cradled Tyler, watching as Olivia’s family finally left.

“You were right, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore” he whispered into her chest. “I just need to know everything’s going to be okay. Because right now, if feels like everything is getting progressively worse” he told her.

“I don’t things could get much worse” Clara whispered to him, as she began to stroke his head. As she sat there, helping the boy Clara realised just how helpful this whole experience was to her. She thought it would involve Tyler trying to baby her, as they awkwardly danced around the topic of Windsor Academy.

And yet, she found herself feeling at total ease. For now she could see that she was not alone, she was not the only one who this tragedy had effected. It was all around them, and they were all victims in some way or another. But when she finally locked eyes with the Wrights, that was the moment she knew that they not only understood each other. But in fact they needed each other, not only to survive but to function. For they were all bound together now, with one dark and ongoing connection.

The pair embraced, and although they didn’t speak of it, they both were longing for a miracle, longing that this waking nightmare would finally free them from its clutches.…

 Oxford – Clooney Residence  

As night slowly began to fall the Clooney’s Christmas party was in full force. Guest floated down the halls, carrying glasses of champagne and cider, clanging them together as they laughed theatrically.

Leo found himself standing under the Christmas tree alone and for a moment he was quite content. He had left his phone upstairs, feeling that he had grown too dependent on talking to WindsorKid whenever there was a moment of silence in his life. But for now he stood still, soaking in the crazed atmosphere as he sipped on a glass of mulled wine.

“So, how are you enjoying the festivities?” Casandra whispered, as she snuck up behind him to tickle his back.

“You know what, I honestly am having a lot of fun. Despite the fact that I may be standing here alone… In total silence” he laughed.

“Well a toast, to you” Casandra said as she raised her glass.

“And to your amazing family for having me as a guest” Leo replied, as the glasses clung together. “Casandra, I was actually wondering if we could have a moment alone to talk about something” Leo sighed. He knew what he was about to do was hard, but he had to tell her everything, he had to get the weight off of his chest.

“Okay I can tell whatever it is you want to tell me is super important. But I actually came over to give you, your present” Casandra giggled with excitement as she handed her empty glass to a cocktail waiter.

“Casandra no, I told you not to get me anything” Leo insisted as he watched the girl bounce with excitement. “You’ve already done so much for me. I can’t possibly expect anything else from you” he said with so much love in his voice.

“I know, I know. But I think you’re really going to love this present. Because… You already do love it” Casandra sighed wistfully as a huge smile appeared on her face. Leo tilted his head in confusion, he opened his mouth to speak but before a single word could pass through his lips, he heard a familiar voice come from behind him. “Hello my love” Logan said, instantly freezing Leo with fright.

“I got Logan to come down here!” Cassandra exclaimed, turning the American boy around so he could look his ‘boyfriend’ in the eye. “I know how much you’ve been saying you miss him, well now you don’t have to!” she added, as he took Leo by the hand and pulled him into a kiss.

The American boy remained stiff, as his lips pressed against those of his tormentor. They finally severed the moment, but Logan refused to let of Leo’s hand. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I am sure you two love birds have a lot to catch up on. So enjoy the night, Leo if you still wanna talk we can do that later okay” she said, flashing a perfectly beautiful smile at the boy as she did so.

“Casandra wait” Leo shouted, stopping the girl dead in her tracks. He wriggled his way out of Logan’s grasp and quietly contemplated his next move. He so desperately wanted to reveal every filthy secret about their ‘relationship’ but feeling Logan’s icy cold glare on the back of his neck forced Leo into submission. Instead he approached his friend and wrapped his arms around here and merely whispered “Thank you so much” into her ear.

“Merry Christmas sweetie” Casandra sighed as she kissed Leo’s cheek goodbye. He watched as she disappeared into the crowd, before he finally turned his attention back onto Logan. “Have you missed me sweetheart?” Logan asked, circling the boy and stroking his shoulders. “Of course I have” Leo replied obediently. “Every single second, of every single day” he added in a dry tone.

“And I you” Logan added, raising Leo’s chin up with his hand. “You look so pretty as a blond, all the customers seem to think so too. You’ve made me very rich darling” Logan added. Leo had almost forgotten what the boy’s venomous voice sounded like. But now he was back in his presence he remembered all too well. “I’m sure you enjoyed your cut of the money. Did you buy this with it” he asked, pulling at Leo’s blazer.

“No this is Casandra’s brothers. The Clooney’s let me borrow quite a few items of clothing” Leo replied, unable to bring himself to look Logan in the eye.

“Do you have a room here?” Logan asked, as he went back to circling the boy. Leo nodded his head in response, as he felt Logan’s hands run down his back and down to his bottom. “Because I think we should go up there, because I have so missed you and your body my love” Logan whispered into his ear.

He kissed the American’s cheek softly, as Leo remained stiff and lifeless. “Have you missed mine, have you missed the feeling of me inside of you?” Logan whispered sickeningly. Once again Leo nodded his head and remained silent. Logan gazed around the room, ensuring that there was no attention on them, when believing they were truly invisible he gave the back of Leo’s hair a hard tug. “Answer me, when I talk to you” he barked.

“Yes, I have missed it. I have missed it so much” Leo cried, feeling as if he were alone in the world with this monster.

“Well, take me to your room. And show me just how much you’ve missed me” Logan added, as Leo obeyed instantly, pulling him from the party and towards the stairs. Casandra and Dean watched from the buffet table, unaware of the dialogue that the two boys had just exchange. “Awww they’re so adorable” Casandra giggled, as she clapped her hands together.

“You know they’re gonna fuck the living day lights out of each other in that room right?” the slightly drunken Dean asked her as they made their out of the main living room. “Of course, what do you think I am twelve” Casandra replied. “Whatever they do in that room is all of their business and none of mine” she added, as the pair came to a gradual stop. “Are you just jealous that I got him a present and not you” Casandra asked, as Dean took two glasses of champagne from the waiter and handed one to her.

“I mean kinda, you’re pretty much showing favourites” Dean giggled, as Casandra pulled him backwards.

“Then let me give you a gift” Casandra said as she looked deep into Dean’s eyes. She moved in closer so the tip of her shoes were touching his.

“What are you?” Dean asked, but Casandra put her finger on his lips in order to silence him, Slowly, she used the same finger to point up towards the ceiling, from which a piece of mistletoe was hanging.

He looked down at Cassandra who was getting closer to his lips, he puckered his own and slowly moved towards her, before they finally kissed.

 London – Vogue Christmas Party 

Camera’s flashed around Daniel from every visible direction. Photographers were screaming at him desperate to know his name and to know who he was. Lavender watched from the side-lines as she so often did, cheering him on with the raising of her glass.

“He’s a star” a man said, as he emerged from behind her. Appearing seemingly out of thin air. Lavender turned to him and simply smiled without saying a word. “Are you his representative?” the man asked her curiously.

“No, I’m just his girlfriend” Lavender replied quietly, beginning to get creped out by the man breathing down her neck.

“Wow sweetheart, let me just say I am insanely jealous!” the man exclaimed in a loud and melodramatic fashion. “I would kill for a man who looked like that… He is a man right, like he isn’t underage or one of those handsome woman that have you questioning things at clubs?” he asked as he sipped on his cocktail.

“Yes, he’s very much an of age man” Lavender said, sharing a laugh with the stranger. “Sorry that was very rude of me, just wondering up here without even introducing myself” the man added. “Chester Louis Grove, I represent some of the most promising young models in the entire world” the man said, as he offered Lavender a handshake.

Upon drinking the last ounce of her drink, she took his hand and gladly shook it.

“Lavender Jensen, I survived a serial killer” she said in a drunken slur, which caused the man to burst into a fit of giggles.

“Well, I certainly can’t top that” Chester said, now roaring with laughter. “But what I can do is offer your boyfriend the opportunity of a life time” he said, just as he finished doing so he snapped his fingers and a waiter came running offering both he and Lavender a gorgeous pink cocktail.

“What is it?” Lavender asked, as the photographers around Daniel began to walk away from him and towards GiGi Hadid.

“It’s a Cosmo darling” the man explained as he sipped at the drinks surface.

“No, I meant the offer?” Lavender asked, just as Daniel scooped his arms around her back. “Hey baby, I’ve missed you” he whispered, as he panted kisses on her neck.

“Darling, this is Chester Grove. He represents a lot of big name models and he was just saying he has a proposition for you” Lavender said, as she introduced the man to her boyfriend.

“Chester Louis Grove” the agent corrected, ensuring that Daniel got his full title. “And your girlfriend is very correct in the sense that I do have a proposition for you” he said, finishing of his cocktail in one sip. “I want to make you into a star” he explained. “I want you to become the biggest male model in the world” he said, using a lot of hand actions to display his excitement.

“Me?” Daniel asked with a look of utter confusion. “Why me?” he repeated.

“Good Sir, do you own a mirror?” Chester asked. “Because you are gorgeous, because you are a star!” he shouted.

“Well what would all of this involve, like would I need to get surgery or something? Because there is always a twist” Daniel asked, as Lavender retreated into her shell and remained silent, once again observing her boyfriend’s career take flight.

“No surgery! You’re absolutely perfect!” the man exclaimed. “Except you would have to move to the States before the Spring, because let me tell you kids the fashion world waits for nobody” the man explained. “I will have so many people to introduce you to, and you’ll need to learn how to act like a star. So the sooner you sign with me, the better your life will be” the man said, as he took another cosmopolitan off the waiter.

“Easy, I am spending Christmas in New York with my parents, so consider me yours on the twenty-sixth” Daniel proclaimed. Hearing this Chester let out a large pitchy cheer.“And I can bring my girlfriend too?” an ecstatic Daniel asked.

“Well of course, no rules against that. Although the gays will be so upset to learn that you’re straight” the man giggled.

“I’ll have school Daniel, Windsor is reopening” Lavender whispered, bringing the starry-eyed boy back down to earth.

Daniel looked down at her and back to Chester. “Would you excuse us, for a just a moment” he said, at which the man nodded. With that he and Lavender stepped aside, away from the bother and commotion of the bar, and into a secluded booth. “I am not doing this without you by my side” Daniel whispered to her. “I can’t do this without you by my side” he said, correcting himself. “I will stay until you finished school, and if Chester doesn’t want me come July… Then I’ll find a new career”

“Yes, yes you can. And you will” Lavender explained, as the excitement on Daniel’s face soon faded away. “I am the only thing that is keeping you here, keeping you tied down” she sighed, running her fingers across the man’s cheek. “Please, you need to do this. You need to go out there and sore high. I can always meet you on the other side” she said, as her eyes began to fill with tears. “I can always come over there and meet you in June” she sighed.

“I just don’t want to be the girl that stopped you from living your dream” she explained. “Please don’t take this the wrong way” Lavender cried.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Daniel gasped in disbelief. “Lavender, no please” he moaned.

“Don’t think of this as goodbye, but merely an I’ll see you soon. The second I finish up with school, I promise you, I will fly to wherever you are on the globe and we’ll pick things back up, and it will be like nothing ever changed” she whimpered, now fully crying.

“I love you, so much. But we both know this needs to be done” she sighed.

“I will always love you, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, ever!” Daniel declared. “Everything I do from this moment on, is for you. And whilst June may seem like an eternity away, I know that it will make our reunion, that much sweeter” Daniel sighed as he leaned in and kissed the girl.

As the couple shared their loving moment, party poppers blew in the distance sending confetti into the air as delicate artificial snow cascaded down from the ceiling and onto the shimmering floor.

 Gentleman's Choice Bar 

Oliver and Chasity waited in the back alley behind the bar, huddled together to avoid the freezing night air. “Why couldn’t we just use the front entrance like regular people? You guys could have cut the line and avoided all of this” Chasity said, through her chattering teeth.

“If we all went through the front the door staff would have let Dad know we were here, so if only one of goes in, it looks slightly less strange” Oliver explained, as he tapped his foot nervously. “Kinda nervous” he whispered to himself, hoping that Chasity wouldn’t take much notice.

“About breaking into your Dad’s office?” she asked Oliver, whose eyes stared up towards the pink neon lights of the club.

“… Yeah” he replied in a low tone, as the fire escape door burst open. “Come on, we don’t have much time” Oscar said in a frantic pant, beckoning his brother and Chasity into the warmth of the club. He quickly shut the door behind them and ushered the couple down a narrow hall way to the officers which lay deep within the confines of the club. “Okay so we all know the plan, Oliver you watch the door and ensure that nobody walks in on me” Oscar explained, as the club’s music pounded through the walls.

“Chasity, we need you to go into the bar and figure out anything you can about Logan and what he does here” Oscar dictated, as the teenage girl nodded in understanding. “Okay, who died and put you in charge?” Oliver asked with a bitter voice.

“Nobody, but twenty-four hours ago you didn’t believe me. This was my idea, so I am in charge” Oscar replied, finally asserting himself. With a slight nudge he opened the door to his father’s office and entered without a second thought, once again leaving the couple alone. Chasity handed her jacket over to her boyfriend, exposing her glamorous, skin tight blue sequined dress for the entire world to see.

“Do you expect to get answers in that? This place is full of fairies” Oliver whispered. “Don’t be ridiculous, there will be straight men in here too. And if not, then I’ll just have to go ask a lesbian about Logan” the girl said as she pushed up her boobs. “See you in a while” she whispered, as she kissed her boyfriend’s cheek.

“Keep your phone out in case we need to make a quick escape” Oliver shouted, as she snuck behind a door and back into the main body of the club.

Meanwhile inside his father’s office, Oscar began to search for any evidence that could link his father to Logan, or Windsor Reopening. He didn’t have to look hard, for the second he moved papers across the desk he found a sheet of paper with several notes from the meeting. Elias had written about the folly of last semester, reminding himself that his two son’s needed the best education possible. He had underlined McKenna’s name several times under which he wrote the word incompetent.

On the back of the page was a telephone number which had been written in red pen. Quickly taking his phone out, Oscar searched the number into google. What came up was a private security company, naturally the boy did not understand why his father would need such a number, but he ensured he screenshot the website in order to further his own investigation.

Next, the boy hastily moved onto the laptop. His father was truly of the older generation, for his password were his children’s names. “OliverandOscar” the boy whispered to himself as the gained access to the device. Again to his surprise his father had already had something loaded onto the screen. “Jesus Dad, you need to learn to close those windows” he added, as he slowly began to scroll through his father’s emails.

Albeit there was nothing too interesting, that was until the security company’s name popped up yet again. Oscar acted quickly and opened the message his father had sent. From this he learned of the Parent’s board intent to hire the company to protect Windsor Academy come January. He took yet another picture of the laptop before conducting a search of his hard drive. “Okay Logan, let’s see what my Dad has on you” he said to himself as he searched for any trace of the boy’s name.

Back in the main body of the club Chasity had been leaning over the bar in order to talk to the bartender, ensuring her breasts were pushed out as far as possible. “And you’re sure he doesn’t work here?” she asked the older man, after showing him a picture of Logan on her phone.

“I’m sure. He comes in here quite a lot, but only to drink and to dance. He’s never worked here” the man explained, as she lowered her phone in disappointment. “Sorry I can’t be much of a help, but can I get you a drink?” he asked her.

Before she could turn down his offer a familiar voice came from behind her and declared “Get her a martini, on me” McKenna came from behind the girl and gave his money to bartender without removing his eyes from Chasity. “So we meet again” he whispered. “So we do” Chasity said awkwardly.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were underage?” he said in a demanding tone.

“I don’t know, why didn’t you ask?” Chasity fired back. “In fact why didn’t you tell me you were investigating the murders of my friends?” she asked, firing another question at the man.

“Besides, I’m not anymore” she whispered. “What are you doing in here anyway, shouldn’t you be out catching a killer?” she said, staring the man up and down.

“Consider it a victory drink” the man said, which offered Chasity no answers but instead provoked even more questions. He leaned his elbow on the bar for support and continued his inspection of the girl’s body. “But now that you are of age, why don’t we celebrate with something else. After all, you had me hooked with just one kiss” the man whispered leaning in close to her.

But Chasity acted fast, instead of falling for the man like she did on mischief night, she pushed him away without a second thought. “The girl who had you hooked is not the girl who stands before you. I was not myself that night, I was angry at my boyfriend” she explained in a cold tone. “But guess what, I have realised now what a great man he is. He is worth ten of you or any other guy in here” she continued. “Sure, he may have his dicky moments. But he treats me the way all girls long to be treated. And deep down he is brave and has a great heart” she whispered.

“Is that so?” McKenna asked.

“Yes it is” Chasity replied in an instant. “What are you even doing in here? This is a gay bar, or are you just that hooked you’ve taken to stalking me?” she asked with a sassy tilt of the head.

“Can’t a man enjoy a stiff cocktail” McKenna asked playfully. “I don’t want to come across as a creep. I just thought we could have fun and get to know each other” he said, attempting to explain his actions.

“Well you thought wrong” Chasity refuted. “I would say I’ll see you around. But hopefully, I will never see you again in my life Detective” she hissed at the man, taking her martini in hand. “But thanks for the drink” she said, with a bitchy smile that would make Cassandra proud. With that she stormed away, leaving the detective deflated and alone. McKenna didn’t wait long, he stormed out of the club in a hurry, barging past both the bouncers and drag queens on the door until he was on the opposite side of the road. “I need an update, now!” the man shouted into a communication device.

“We’re on our way now Sir” a voice came from the other end. “Find anything in the club?” the voice asked.

“No, must have been a prank call or false accusation. Olsson is running a decent place in there. I’m heading back to the station now. Go get that bastard” the man said, before he finally left the facility.

Back by the offices Oliver had taken to leaning on the door for support, that was until Oscar opened it and sent him crashing down onto the floor. “Jesus Christ, scared the living shit out of me” Oscar said, as he caught his brother in his arms.

“SAME” Oliver shouted in a panicked fright, as he steadied himself back onto his feet. “Find anything?” he asked, turning around to look his brother in the eye.

“About Windsor yes, nothing about Logan whatsoever. Maybe Chasity had some luck” Oscar said, as he placed his phone back into his pocket and shut the door behind him. As the sentence left his lips Chasity appeared next to them, once again slipping through the main door.

“Nope, no luck” Chasity said instantly, as she sipped on her martini. “People know his face, but he doesn’t work here” she explained to the boys. “In fact, everyone only said positive things about him. That he was charming, sweet, and handsome. Seems like he doesn’t have a single enemy in this entire place” she told the twins.

“Where did you get that drink?” Oliver asked curiously as Chasity finished the cocktail. “Seriously, that’s the question you ask?” Oscar replied, raising his eyebrows in confusion. “Well there is nothing in there either, so I guess we’ll have to get the information from the horses’ head and ask Logan himself” Oscar decreed, in a determined state of mind. “As for now, we need to get the hell out of here” he said, as the teenagers nodded in agreement.

But before they could leave the main door opened once more, and Elias entered the office space, and was immediately taken back to see them. “Kids, what on earth are you all doing here!” the man shouted in shock.

Chasity stared at both of the boy’s as the trio remained in silence. “Erm, we came to see you of course” Oscar shouted. “We decided to come for a night out and we were wondering if we could get free drinks. So I said, let’s go ask Dad before we name drop and maybe he can help” Oscar said, coming up with a flimsily excuse.

But to his surprise it worked almost instantaneously as a huge smile appeared on Elias’ face. “Oh I am so proud of you boy’s, coming to a gay bar for your first big night out. Your Mother would have been so proud to see what progressive young men you grew up to be” he said, as he embraced his two sons. “Now, get in there and dance. And heck make sure you name drop me to the staff, and get as many drinks as you can muster!” he laughed. “Just don’t drink too much” he said, as the trio had to force their excitement.

“Come on guys, let’s go dance?” Chasity said, as she opened the door to the colourful club.

“But, it’s so weird?” Oliver whispered, before Oscar stomped on his foot and pushed him inside.

“See you later Dad” Oscar said as the door gradually shut behind him. Once they were out of sight Elias’s smile faded and a stern look arose, as he noticed the door to his office wasn’t properly shut…

 Manchester – Vev’s House 

Vev and Cohen sat at an award length apart, staring blankly at the tv-screen as It’s a Wonderful Life played. “This is my favourite Christmas movie” Vev whispered, as she helped herself to the pop-corn bowl that sat between them. “What’s yours?” she questioned.

“I am quite partial to Gremlins” Cohen explained, as he stretched his legs onto the coffee table without permission. The young man let out a large and unruly burp, before placing the pop-corn bowl onto his lap.

“Oh, I always forget that is set during Christmas” Vev sighed, as she returned to watching the film.

“So, how have you been?” Cohen asked. “I only ask because you and Tyler have been ignoring me since we got home. So I wouldn’t know” he added in a spiteful tone. “But hey, better late than never I guess” he added, as Vev awkwardly backed herself into the corner of the couch. “Why do you always act like that?” he moaned, slamming the bowl down onto the table.

“Act like what?” Vev asked quietly.

“Like a timid mouse. You let people dominate you and treat you like dirt” he moaned. “Casandra is just one example, hell you even let me come into your home and insult you. Jesus Vev, if you don’t change this mousey attitude you’re going to die a virgin” he said. “Because let me tell you, it’s such a boner killer” he moaned.

Vev shut her eyes and attempted to process the boy’s words. They seemed so familiar to her, she closed her eyes and was taken back to Windsor Academy.

 Flashback Windsor Academy – 2015 

Callista and Vev sat on a bed giggling with joy, as they took photo’s using Cali’s newly acquired MacBook. “Oh my god, try that filter” the brunette girl said, which sent the girls into a fit of giggles. But just as the laughter subsided, Callista’s phone altered her to a text message, which she hastily grabbed.

The girl stood up and walked far away from Vev, and began to compose a text, with a wicked smile on her face. “Something interesting I assume?” Vev asked, as she too stood up and attempted to join her leader.

“You assume right, but I am not going to share with you the many juicy details” Cali explained, as she locked the phone and threw it back down onto the bed.

“Well why not, I thought we were all best friends and didn’t keep secrets” Vev asked, watching as Callista lowered herself down onto the bed.

“Yes, that is when it comes to silly stuff like boy’s or embarrassing stories, or girls we need to destroy” Cali explained, as she returned to taking photographs of herself. “But this is some real deep shit, that I can’t share with you… Just yet” she explained, as she stuck out her tongue.

“So you will tell us eventually?” Vev asked, as she once again approached the girl. “When it’s all said and done, the entire world will know my story darling” she told Vev, who began to play with a wooden box on her nightstand. As though something blew within her, Cali flew up from her bed and snatched the box out of Vev’s hand. “Do not touch this okay, strictly off limits. That is an order!” she screeched, pressing her lackey up against the wall.

Acting quickly Cali slid the box under her bed and spun around to see a shaken Vev, cowering with fear. The young queen bee rolled her eyes dramatically and approached her once again, but this time taking a slower and gentler approach. “Sorry about that, but that really is too precious to have anyone playing with” Cali explained, in a soft voice. “Does it have something to do with your story?” Vev asked curiously, but Cali refused to answer. Instead she pulled her friend over towards the bed, and sat her on the edge, before crouching to look her in the eye.

“Vev, please listen to me when I say this. Stop acting like weak little lamb” she insisted. “You are a member of The Hive, but you act like a common piece of trash, terrified of all of us and of any boy that so much as looks at you” she said, as she rubbed the girls hand.

“I just don’t have the same power that you guy’s possess” Vev explained, in a barely audible voice.

“Yes, yes you done. You just need to own it, act instinctively and passionately. Make the world fear you because you are an impulsive bitch and they’ll never know what you’re gonna do next” She said flashing Vev a perfectly white smile, as he bee broach glimmered and shinned in the sun that peaked through the window. “Take power from your actions” she whispered, before Vev snapped back into reality.

 Manchester – Vev’s House 

“Like seriously, if I told you to get in that kitchen and make me a sandwich I bet you would” Cohen laughed. “You need to grow some lady balls” he said, but before he knew it Vev dived on top of him and began to passionately kiss him.

It wasn’t long until the boy was kissing her back and grinding his lower body against hers. Vev could already tell from the feeling inside of his jeans that Cohen was enjoy this as much as he was. He pulled away for but a moment and whipped her lipstick off of him. “But what about Casandra, aren’t you like her bitch or something” he asked shaking his head.

“Fuck Casandra” she whispered in a seductive tone. “But for tonight, I guess I could be your bitch” she whispered, ensuring to stroke the boy’s ego. A huge smile appeared on the young man’s face, but before they could do anything, Vev’s front door was kicked down and a man wearing dark clothing and a hoody stood before them, causing the teenagers to scream with fright.

 Oxford – Clooney Residence  

Leo sat on the balcony an emotional mess, he whipped the tears off his cheek as he stared at his phone which read ‘Flight cancelled’ he wrapped himself up in a blanket as the cold night’s air battered against him, desperately hoping it would carry him far away from this nightmarish party.

“There you are” Casandra shouted, approaching him now wearing her pyjama’s and carrying to cups of hot chocolate. “So, I ensure that you and Logan had an enjoyable night. See he’s sound asleep in bed, guess you did a good job” she laughed, but once she realised that Leo was not joining with her, her smiles soon faded. “What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked curiously.

“My flight was cancelled so I won’t be able to get home” Leo cried, unable to even look his friend in the eye. “So guess you’re stuck with me for the rest of Christmas” he sighed leaning back into his thick and comfy chair.

“Leo, I am so sorry. There must be something I can do” she whispered, but Leo merely shook his head and reached down under his seat.

“Nothing you can do besides open this” he said, after handing her a box with a bright yellow ribbon around it. “I don’t want you opening it on Christmas Day, because compared to some of the presents you’re bound to get, it’s pretty crappy” he said pessimistically.

Casandra stared down at the box and gently pulled at the ribbon, once removed she opened the lid and gasped when she saw what was inside. A small, rose-gold charm bracelet lay atop of a thick layer of tissue paper, the bracelet contained but one charm, which were two bees flying next to each other.

“Figured since you let me into your Hive, I should show my appreciation” he whispered. “I know friendship bracelets are for kids, but that’s what I thought about when I bought it, because you’re a really great friend Casandra” he said, fighting back his tears in order to have a sincere moment with her.

“I love it” Casandra said, as her eyes welled up. “It’s one of the nicest gifts anybody has ever gotten me” she added, as she wrapped her arms around the boy and embraced with a hug. “You’re my best friend in the entire world, I want you to know that” she whispered into his ear. “More than a GBF, and I am sorry I ever called you that. You’re practically family at this point” she whispered, finally backing away from him. “And family takes care of family” she said.

“Which is why, Daddy’s private jet will take you home first thing tomorrow” Casandra declared with a huge smile on her face.

“What?” Leo said, unable to form a larger sentence. “Really?” he cried. “Yes really” Casandra sighed. “Because even though your parents are total monsters for trying to convert you. At least you’ll be happy, back at home with your little sister” she said, stroking his chin.

“I don’t even know the words to say how thankful I am to you” the American boy stated.

“You don’t need to thank me. That’s what friends do, they look out for each other” she whispered as they hugged once more, just as snow began to fall once more from the pleasant star filled nights sky.

 Liverpool – Clara’s Room 

Clara kneeled down on the floor and placed the box back into her wardrobe, she didn’t bother standing up, she merely sat on the floor and inspected her phone. As soon as she did so, the screen flashed revealing a message from Tyler thanking her for the day they shared and thanking her for the company, she smiled and began to compose her reply.

“Thank you, you too. It was truly a lovely day and I am so happy that I got to share it with you” she said to herself, reading the message aloud before finally hitting send. Clara sighed to herself and stood up, she spun around slowly in her room finally feeling more at home and more relaxed than ever before. She knew what needed to be done next, she hit the screen several times before finally holding it next to her ear.

“Hey this is David, I can’t come to the phone right now, so if you please leave a message” the rugby player’s deep voice said from the other end of the line. “Hey David it’s me Clara. Sorry I couldn’t catch you at a regular hour. But I don’t think this could wait” she explained, as she began to pace the room.

“I was just calling to say that I am sorry, for icing you out. For icing everyone out really, and believe me I know I have a lot of phone calls to make” she said, as she walked closer towards her pin board. “I’m sorry I acted so instinctively on Halloween, and every other time” she said, as she lowered her head.

“I just, I didn’t think I was the leader you guys needed” she explained. “And I was right, I am not a leader, the alliance thing should have been totally equal, but I stupidly thought I could take charge” she said, as she took down a photograph of her and Liv. “I learnt that today, that and that I need you guys, just as much as you need me. Being a leader and being a loner, won’t help me” she cried, as her finger ran across Olivia’s face.

“Which is why I’ve decided to come back to Windsor, because I love you guys so much, and I think I need some light to banish this darkness once and for all” she whispered. Clara continued to pace her room, unaware that her laptop’s webcam was now flashing, unaware that she was being watched.

“So please, call me back. I look forward to hearing your voice and the stories of Paris” she smiled, as she leaned out of the window in order to watch the snow fall.

 London – Heathrow Airport 

Daniel and Lavender clutched each other’s hand so tightly that their knuckles practically turned a bright shade of white. “Have to admit, when Chester said we’d be leaving shortly, I didn’t know he’d mean right away” Daniel sighed as they approached the departures gate. “Likewise” Lavender sighed, as her head remained bowed and her voice subdued.

“I’ll make sure you get all of your presents” Daniel whimpered, as he ran his fingers through Lavender’s hair. “And I’ll call you, every single day, multiple times if needs be” he added, as Lavender leaned into his chest to console her tears.

“Please don’t” he whimpered, as he rubbed his back. “It’s only six months, just like you said. We can do this” he told her, as he gently pushed her away in order to see her face. “Please say it back to me” he sighed.

“We can do this” Lavender replied, as her boyfriend once again pulled her in for a hug. Just as the couple did so a voice came over the monitor overhead and caught the couples attention. “Flight 166 to JFK Airport will be departing in one hour” the voice said as Daniel returned all of his attention back to Lavender.

“Please be safe, you know the world you’re about to enter is dangerous. Don’t slip back into old bitchy habits” Lavender said, as she let out a short, breathy giggle. The boy planted a kiss on her pale pink lips and smiled softly down at her, “Now that I have someone like you in my life, I will never go back to the person I once was” he whispered. “Now I must ask you to be safe, that school will always be dangerous.

Whatever you do, do not put yourself in danger. Stay far, far away from this investigation and leave it in the past. Focus on your work and on your grades, don’t get bogged down on the past” he told her. “I know you miss Raven, because I miss Cameron too. But you have to promise me Lavender, please leave this be. And focus on your future, and on ours” he said softly, with tears streaming down his cheek.

“I promise you” Lavender whimpered back in response, as they kissed once more. The moment was perfect and beautiful, like something out of film. Lavender saw this as a moment of great sacrifice, but from it steamed a moment of great love. She and Daniel would hold this moment forever if they could, but she knew now was the time to let him go.

“You better run. You still need to get your bags checked” she sighed backing away from him. The blond man nodded his head and too took several steps backwards. “Goodbye Daniel” she whispered, unable to hide her proud smile amongst all of her tears.

“Goodbye Lavender” he whispered back, before blowing her kiss. She then watched as the he ascended the escalator up towards the light, waving every second of the way before he finally vanished out of sight.

 Manchester - Outside Tyler's House 

Tyler rounded the corner of his house when he was taken by surprise to see blue flashing lights surrounding his streets. Headstrong, the boy ran towards his own home screaming at the top of his lungs. “Mum!” he roared, finally coming to an abrupt stop when he saw Vev sitting on the pavement. “What the hell happened here!” he asked frantically kneeling on the floor to inspect the girl.

“Common run of the mill burglar” Vev explained. “Broke in wanting to steal god knows what” she explained.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a frantic hysteric frenzy.

“I’m fine, really” Vev insisted, as she gently prompted Tyler to lower his head. “Because Cohen was here with me. And he saved me, took on the guy by himself” she explained, as Tyler’s face dropped. He looked around and saw his former teammate being inspected by the police.

“Tyler, we were wrong about him. So wrong” she whispered. “He’s a hero” she cried, as Tyler continued to stare, unable to control his aggressive snarl, as the so called hero looked over, flashing Tyler a cocky and arrogant smile.

 Edinburgh - Akiyama’s Flat 

Dry hurling echoed throughout the flat, as the former head teacher spent the better half of the night leaning over her toilet. Before she stretched back to her legs, she reached over her bath and picked up another bottle of champagne she hid among her products.

“Always good for an emergency” she mummed to herself, as she flushed the toilet with her foot.

Stumbling into the living room, she collapsed onto her couch spilling some of the fizz over herself in the process. “oops” she said before letting out a little giggle. “Oh well, time for a little Netflix and chill” the woman said as she leaned over towards her computer. As she began to type into the search bar, her screen went dark and the light on her webcam slowly illuminated. “Cheap piece of shit” the moan moaned as she smacked the keyboard.

All of a sudden a message appeared on screen, in simple white letters. ‘Why haven’t you opened my gift?’ the message read. “Oh god, now what. Leave me alone!” Sue moaned, once again splashing herself with the champagne.

“You sent me that flaming pile of shit, a white box and red bow. What are you eight?” she moaned. The message then changed before her eyes. ‘Since you are a drunk, I assume you’re trying to talk to the computer screen. We’ll this is a pre-recorded message bitch. I can’t hear you so open the fucking box already’ it read.

“Fine, I’ll open the box” she stuttered after barely making it to her feet. “What are you recording this for further blackmail, let me guess you’ve got me a bottle of jack daniels or some shit and are going to force me to down it and then threaten me with the video” the woman shouted as she snatched the box off her kitchen counter and brought it towards the couch. “Well newsflash buddy, I am not the head mistress anymore. I have no power! You won, you have nothing to hold against me” she shouted, spitting at the monitor in the process.

“And by the looks of things, you also don’t have any balls either” she hissed as she slowly undid the bow. “Not killed anyone in quite a while. Did you get scared, because let me tell you I bet you are going to be very popular in prison for killing innocent kids” the woman screamed as she lifted the lid off the box. But just as she did so, a cloud of white dust erupted into the woman’s face sending her into an instant fit of coughing.

With every breath she took, Sue felt as if her lungs were on fire and no matter what she did she kept inhaling the dust that lingered around her. She reached out for the bottle of champagne, but another bout of coughing caused her to spill it entirely and knock it over her coffee table.

She now began to panic even more, until she finally noticed that the gift box also contained a small glass bottle labelled ‘drink me’. Without so much as a second thought the wheezing Sue frantically grabbed the bottle, after she was beginning to turn blue in the face.

In one stiff pull she snatched off the lid and downed the liquid which did nothing but seal her fate.

She felt another intense burning, but this time running down her entire body. Whatever it was did the trick, Sue fell to her knees and began to cough up blood, all whilst the camera still watched everything. With her last ounce of strength Sue attempted to stand to her feet, but like a baby-deer she was stumbling around from side to side.

She looked dead on in the screen and defiantly put one finger up to the monitor before everything went dark and she fell face first onto the empty champagne bottle. And with that a rotating circle appeared on the screen, with the words ‘saving video’ before the computer returned to its regular function, reopening on Netflix.

 Canterbury – Mendoza House. 

Maggie and Simon at in total silence at the dinner table, with nothing but the sound of their silverware against their plates to fill the void, that was until there was hard, heavy knock at the door. “I’ll get it” Maggie said, excusing herself before her husband even had a chance to lift his head away from his plate.

The woman strode confidently towards the door, and when she opened it she was met by two female police officers as their blue lights flashed in the distance. “Maggie Mendoza?” one of the women asked. Seeing all of this sent Maggie’s heart racing, as Simon slowly emerged from the dining room.

“Is everything okay, is it Dean is he okay?” Simon shouted, as he ran towards the door. “Maggie Mendoza you are under arrest” the other woman said, an action which caused both of the Mendoza’s parents face to drop.

“Excuse me, on what grounds” Maggie said in a disgusted tone.

“On behalf of the Yorkshire police, we are arresting you under the suspicion of the murder of Callista Ranza and a suspected murder of several other victims” the first officer asked as she spun Maggie around and slammed her against the wall before placing handcuffs on her. Whilst this was happening Maggie stared at her husband in utter disgust, whilst he watched on at a loss for words.

“Are you Simon Mendoza Sir?” she asked, at which the man quietly nodded. The woman proceeded to hand the man a piece of paper, which he merely stared at blankly. “This is to let you know that the Yorkshire police are investigating you as a suspected sex offender. You may need to come down to the station at any moment’s notice, we’ll be in touch” the woman explained as they dragged Maggie away.

“This is your fault you spineless bastard” Maggie screamed at the top of her voice as the neigbours began to filter out. “You fucking pervert” she screamed as her rage turned to tears. “I want to see my son, I want my Dean” she cried, as the woman forced her into the car. Simon stared down at the paper and back up at his wife, all whilst remaining silent.

As the siren began to go and the engine start he watched as the car drove off with his wife inside. Wishing to avoid all the chaos and gawking of the neighbours, Simon slammed the door shut and began to make his way back to the dining room. As he past the hallway mirror, he couldn’t but gaze at his own reflection, as he grinned from ear to ear.

 Cast List 

Main Cast ===

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright (Created by TivaForever)→ 7/15 (Voice and Mention Only)
  • Ryan Guzman as Raven Castillo (Created by Raven)→ 7/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Sasha Pieterse as Vevina Ferozco (Created by Britt)→ 7/15
  • Hunter Parrish as David Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244)→ 7/15

Supporting Cast

  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 6/15 (Flashback)
  • Maggie Q as Sue Akiyama (Created by TivaForever)→ 7/15
  • Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Byrns (Created by TivaForever)→ 7/15
  • Logan Leerman as Joel Wheeler (Created by Emily May)→ 7/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Peyton List as Cameron Johansson (Created by TivaForever→ 7/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Parry Glasspool as Oliver Olsson (Created by Sim)→ 7/15
  • Cody Christian as Dean Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 7/15
  • Jamie Dornan as Simon Mendoza (Created by Queen Steph)→ 7/15
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 7/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 7/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 4/15 (Not Mentioned)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 6/15
  • Austin Butler as Daniel Johansson (Created by TiviaForever) → 6/15 (Final Season Appearance)
  • Simon Baker as Elias Olsson (Created by Sim) → 3/15
  • Julianne Moore as Jenna Thomas (Created by PLLLOVER2244) → 2/15 (First Physical Appearance)
  • Stanley Tucci as Chester Louis Grove (Created by Jay) → 1/15 (First Appearance)


So hello, hello, hello. So the episode is finally out and boy is it a gooden (tooting my own horn I know but still) As always I apologise for how long it took me to write but I suffered from tonsilits and was out for most of May so again please forgive me I am not just lazy.

So yeah a little background, yes Daniel has left this season for good, however you never know you may be seeing him real soon... In season 2 perhaps is that an exclusive... I believe it is! I would also like to mark this as a turning point in the season. I wanted to fill the episode with light and love, because from here on in shit gets REAL. Every episode the deaths will be HUGE and GAGWORTHY and believe me when I tell you... Nobody is safe!

As always I would love to hear any thoughts and theories you may have on the episode. And if you're a first time reader go and read the rest of the series QUICK. Never been a better time as this WIKI has so much new fresh ideas coming soon, so why not be apart of it! DO IT!!!

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