Cowards die many times before their deaths, but the valiant never taste of death but once.
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Act II Scene II
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 4
Clara Crying
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A Promise To The Dead is the fourth episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales first season.


Following the death of newly appointed Head Girl Olivia, the students of Windsor Academy are in a mass state of mourning. Whilst Olivia's nearest and dearest have to face a harsh reality without her, DI Ryan McKenna and Blair Robinson work together in a bid to put an end to the murderous rampage.

 Outside Periwinkle Dormitory 

Clara was sat on the stone steps of Periwinkle Dorm, a thick warm blanket wrapped around her shoulder’s concealing her from the winter’s harsh air. To her right sat Dean and to her left Casandra, the trio remained shaken, they had just watched Olivia’s life end before their very eyes and as Casandra’s trembling hand clutched onto Clara’s, they watched on as Olivia’s corpse was placed into a body bag and then slowly carted into an ambulance.

Three nights, three lives lost, the flashing blue lights once again illuminated the night and as they had previously the students of Windsor Academy lined the lawn of Periwinkle Dormitory. “They’re over there” the voice of Akiyama guided students under police caution tape and towards the trio.

Oscar and Leo ran towards Clara, she jumped to her feet and ran towards her friends. Once she was safe in their comforting embrace, Clara began to weep uncontrollably. “It’s not fair, it’s not fair!” she screamed into Oscar’s chest. Leo softly stroked her hair, as Oscar whispered in a quick panty breath “It’s going to be okay, I promise”. Dean’s mother and father emerged underneath the tape next, much to his dismay. His face lowered as he slowly rose to his feet and strolled towards his family. His Mother quickly pulled him close and stroked his cheek, inspecting every aspect of his being. “I’m fine Mother” he sighed, avoiding all eye contact with her. Mr Mendoza patted his son’s shoulder and stared up towards the roof.

Finally Cohen ran straight under the tape and straight up the stairs, he lifted an emotionally distressed Casandra to her feet, her eyes welled with tears but before he could speak, Casandra pulled him close and kissed him. “I love you so much” she mumbled, pulling away from him for just a moment. “Never let me go, never let me go okay?” Casandra pleaded with her boyfriend, before kissing him yet again.

Clara pulled herself away from Oscar’s arms just long enough to see Cassandra and Cohen’s personal display of affection. Her tears she stopped abruptly, her gaze locked onto the couple as their lips continued to touch.

Clara could feel her blood boil “Is she fucking kidding me?” she asked the boys in a rage filled tone of voice. “She’s getting it on when our best friend has just died!” she whispered aggressively.

“I don’t think she knows what she’s doing, she’s probably just in shock” Leo attempted to justify Casandra’s actions. But Clara was not willing to listen, she didn’t acknowledge Leo’s comment instead her attention turned towards DI Ryan McKenna, who too was watching Casandra intently.

“Leo’s right Clara. As much as I can’t stand Casandra she’s been through a lot, first a girl turns up dead in her room, another girl dies at the sleepover she threw and now this. She must be feeling so guilty” Oscar added. Clara’s attention was peaked, she absorbed Oscar’s words and began to ponder her suspicions.

“She’s the killer” Clara whispered, spinning around to address the boys. Leo and Oscar’s eyes both widened at this accusation. “What?” Oscar replied almost instantly. “Think about it” a distressed Clara panted. “She fights with Cameron and then Cameron turns up dead, she fights with Liv and well” she trailed off not wanting to finish her own sentence. “Okay, that may just be a coincidence” Leo tried to explain, but once again Clara was refusing to listen to reason.

“Besides, even if your theory was right, Dolly was friends with Casandra why would she want her dead?” Oscar asked Clara, attempting to put an end to the whole conversation. “Well we’ll let the police work that one out, won’t we” Clara said, before she stormed towards Detective McKenna.

“Clara, you’re in shock okay, you’re in no state to do something like this. Please think about your next action before you do it” Oscar pleaded, gently holding onto Clara’s shoulder.

“Do not patronize me right now Oscar okay. As you can see I’ve had a really shitty night, my mind is made up so if you’d excuse me gentleman” Clara stated as she once again turned away from the boys, however Leo reached out and touched her hand, pulling her back towards them.

“Leo!” Clara shouted in frustration.

“Clara please listen to Oscar, just take a breath, assess the situation and then make your decision” Leo whispered looking deep into his friends eyes.

The brunette but her lip with frustration. Before inhaling and exhaling deeply, her eyes shot open and her head nodded. “Okay, just thought about it and I’m still gonna do it” Clara stated, confident in her decision she continued to walk towards McKenna, leaving the two boys in her wake.

“Detective McKenna” she addressed the older man, who quickly spun around. His eyes met the schoolgirls as he shooed away a fellow officer. “May I help Miss Stark?” he questioned. Clara quickly turned back towards the Dormitory, she watched as Cohen guided Casandra to her fellow Bitchettes, the three blondes wept in each other’s arms, which filled Clara with even more rage.

“I think I know who the killer is” she stated confidently, as McKenna’s jaw lowered and his eyebrows raised.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra's Room - One Week Later 

The three remaining Bitchette’s gathered together in the hallowed room, donning their finest black attire all three girls remained silent as Casandra lit a candle, next to which rested a framed photograph of Liv.

“Ladies, forty-eight hours ago we lost our sister. Olivia was taken from us in a manner so horrific” Casandra said to the other two girls. She concealed her eyes behind a large pair of black sunglasses and tried to retain her composure.

“Olivia didn’t deserve this” Casandra whimpered, her voice cracking ever so slightly. “She was a wonderful person, a wonderful person deserved a long and happy life” Casandra now whaled, effectively sending both Vev and Chastity into a fit of tears.

“Her life may have been taken. But we cannot let this tragic, deplorable incident taint our memory of Olivia” Casandra announced to the other girls, as she ripped her glasses off her face. “Olivia would want us to remember the good times and not the bad. Our sister is now at ease, she is in a better place. Olivia Wright rests in peace” she whispered, lowering Olivia’s bee broach onto the dresser, next to the photo frame.

Chas and Vev held hands to comfort each other, both girls watched as the candle flicked and jumped, illuminating the photography, highlighting Olivia’s immense, effortless beauty.

Casandra untied her bun and her long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. She stared at herself in the mirror and began to pull at the ends of her hair. “God my hair sucks” Cassandra sighed, trying to shift the topic along, she had been in a constant state of emotional turmoil in the past forty-eight hours, she needed some time to recuperate, to put her mind at ease.

“Have they still not given you your stuff back yet?” Vev asked as she rose from the bed, beginning to fluff her own hair in the process.

“No, they haven’t” Casandra hissed out of frustration. “McKenna said that anything that could have DNA samples on must be checked… Including my brush. Cohen’s been letting me borrow his comb, needless to say it’s not doing the job” Casandra said as she continued to tug at her ends.

Without either Cassie or Vev noticing, Chastity picked up the photo of Liv and began creasing the frame’s rim. “She was so beautiful” the tall girl sighed, her eyes watering at the mere sight of Liv’s smile.

The air became tense and thick, as a sickly silence befell the room. Chastity stared at her fellow Bitchette’s, looking for comfort. The three girls wept in unison, Casandra grabbed Vev’s hand softly and lead her towards Chas. She united the trio in one friendly hug, as the girls once again took a moment of silence.

“Remember when she first came to us” Vev whispered.

“Of course, she was… dare I say it, pretty as a brunette” Chasity laughed, brushing a tear off of her cheek.

“Things were so much easier back then. There was no drama, no tension, just us” Casandra whispered softly.

  Periwinkle Dormitory: 8 Months Ago 

Olivia sat on the edge of a wooden stool, her legs together and her posture impeccably straight. Her hair was mounded together, under several lays of bleach. Her scalp burnt, but she showed no signs of fear or pain, it would make for terrible lasting impression. Facing her were Chasity and Vev, both girls sat on the edge of the bed clutching clipboards firmly in their hands. Casandra however circled Liv, inspecting every inch of her new friend. “Okay ladies, now that the bleach is doing its magic, we can test Olivia and see what she has learnt” Casandra decreed, a smirk appeared on her face as she joined the other girls on the bed.

“Go!” Casandra ordered. Chas and Vev’s necks swiftly shot forward, their attention once again focusing on Liv.

“You’re at a party and a girl is wearing the same dress as you, what do you do?” Chasity asked instantly, not missing a single a beat. Olivia breathed heavily, she smiled from ear to ear already forming the perfect answer in her head. “Simple, I tell my girls and then we form a strategy, spill a drink on it, knock into her with food or we get one of the boys to ensure that the dress… Doesn’t stay intact” she whispered as a devious smile arose on her face.

“Good answer, I’ve never even considered getting a boy to the dirty work, extra credit” Casandra stated bluntly.

The second Casandra’s sentence finished, Vev was on the attack. “A boy is being a creep and won’t leave you alone, what do you do?” she asked, her eyes narrowed.

“Again I tell my girls before I tell anyone else” Olivia stated, causing Casandra to smile once more. “After that we could do anything. My personal go to, would involve encouraging him to send ‘personal’ pictures, which I would subsequently use against him, should he continue to remain, persistent” Olivia added, winking at the other girls.

“Well, well who would have thought sweet innocent Olivia Wright had such a mean streak” Chasity laughed. “You were right Casandra, she is truly is a bitch” Vev added, applauding Olivia for her answers.

“Thank you” Olivia said, bow her head and clutching at her chest playfully.

“Can’t believe you ever doubted my judgment” Casandra whispered. “This calls for a celebration, Chas you still got that bottle of Champagne in your room?” she asked.

“Of course, it’s practically on tap” Chas replied, flicking her hair out of her face.

“Good, you and Vev go get it. I wish to speak to Olivia alone for a moment” Casandra ordered. The lesser two members quickly shot to their feet and scurried out without any interaction or response. The door shut behind them with a loud and assertive thud. “Your answers were very impressive” Casandra said, once again rising to her feet, just to circle around Olivia’s stool. “Thank you Casandra” Olivia said, graciously accepting the compliment. As she finished speaking Casandra slowly knelt down, so she was at eye level with Liv.

“Those answers were also not you” Casandra stated, her voice becoming deeper. Before Olivia could respond, Cassandra spoke once more. “Those answers were a character, you told us what we want to hear, or at least what you think we want to hear” Casandra whispered, her eyes narrowed as Liv’s palms began to sweat.

“You just displayed the correct mind set. We can’t be bitches all the time, we are very much actors in that regard. If you are one of us you have to not only tell people what they want to hear, you need to show people what they want to see and most importantly you remind people who you are at all times. If that includes ripping the a new one and insulting them till you’re blue in the face then so be it” Casandra explained. “See people expect us to be bitches, the rugby boys expect us to rip the other girls down, just like they do with the other boys. And the other expect us to do so” she continued to stare into Liv’s deep brown eyes.

“Even Clara?” Liv whispered, the mere mention of her name forced Cassandra to tense up. “Yes, even Clara” Casandra replied. “She had her chance to join us and she refused. If it comes down it and she questions your new found status I expect you to treat her the same way we’d treat Lavender Jensen, the same way we’d treat that tub of lard Raven. She is nothing and you my dear, are everything” Cassandra laughed, as she stroked Olivia’s cheek.

“I don’t know if I can insult or be mean to Clara, she’s been my best friend for years. I mean I’m no Callista” Olivia sighed. She quickly gasped and covered her mouth. Instantly recognising her mistake.

“You know we don’t say the C word anymore Olivia dear” Casandra grunted as she stood up. “I’m sorry it slipped out” Olivia quickly apologised, attempting to cover her tracks.

“It happens, Freudian slip and all that” Cassandra stated, as she attempted to laugh it off. “However … That person always lived their life like a true queen. She always used to quote Niccolo Machiavelli, every time we’d question her actions she’d remind us ‘It is better to be feared than loved” Casandra whispered, gazing out of the window.

In that instant Vev and Chas came crashing through the door holding a bottle of champagne and four glasses. Vev set off several party poppers and cheered with delight. Cassandra applauded loudly, changing her domineer instantly to fit the mood.

“Welcome to The Bitchette’s Olivia!” Casandra roared, as all the girls bounced around screaming.

Vev took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. The girls spun around, dancing atop of the confetti which now loitered floor.

“Just to make it official” Casandra cheered, as she began to pin the infamous bee broach onto Olivia’s cardigan. Chasity then snapped picture after picture, of all the girls dancing and smiling, it wasn’t too long before the champagne was popped, the celebration roared on as the girls danced and laughed, unaware of the trauma and horrors, which lay but months ahead.

  Police Station: Present Day 

McKenna swiveled in his chair, his face was scruffy and his hair coated in grease. He had barely left the station since returning from Windsor Academy, the autopsies had been ordered and with the press and school breathing down his neck, he needed to produce answers and fast.

The sound of heels echoed throughout the contained space, McKenna halted his spinning and locked eyes with Blair. “Thought you could use this?” she whispered, before faintly smiling at the detective. McKenna sighed and reluctantly accepted the drink.

“Miss Robinson, when I asked you to be a part of the investigation I was hoping you would be able to put your investigative journalism skills to some use, not making coffee” the detective said in a rather patronising manner.

“Forgive me for offering to do something nice, you look like utter shit so forgive me for thinking you could do with a coffee” Blair replied firing an insult back at McKenna.

“Oh how considerate of you, you went to the coffee machine and poured it yourself. That was so generous of you, I know traditionally you have to be dead to be named a saint, but I think for you they’d make an exception” Ryan roared, slamming the mug of coffee onto the desk, inches away from where Blair was now sitting.

“Look, you asked me to help out on this case and I want to. Too many of those kids have died, I want to put a stop to this” Blair replied, leaning in closer to the disheveled detective.

“When I called you this morning I thought you would be of some use, but as you can tell I haven’t slept much recently, guess a lack of sleep has affected my judgment” he stated bluntly. “Besides you don’t want to help these kids, you want to help yourself. After only one encounter I know who you truly are, you are someone who wants to advance her career by any means. You’re riding this cases coattails for your own gain” McKenna hissed. Blair merely rolled her eyes and hopped off the table, she stood high above McKenna in her heels, both hands on her hips ready to battle.

“Mistake or not, I am a part of this now and I wish to help” she said, maintaining her composure. “I was the one that told you about Casandra Clooney and after reading your notes this morning I can see that you’re investigating her… You’re welcome” she said, firing his patronising tone back at him. “As for your other comment, I want to help these kids. When there are lives at stake my career will take a back seat” Blair whispered, as a growing number of officers began to stare at the pair.

“So I either work with you or I go rouge and stop this myself. Which, if I do successfully, won’t shine a good light on this station’s reputation” Blair said, grinning from ear to ear. She turned to walk away, but was quickly ceased by the raspy voice of McKenna.

“Wait” the detective sighed loudly.

“Fine, you can work on the case” he reluctantly stated as he leaned further into his seat. Blair clapped her hands together and grinned once more, before returning to sitting on the edge of the desk. “So what’s our first cause of action?” she asked him, giddy with excitement.

“Well it’s funny you should mention Casandra Clooney, because she is our first cause” the detective answered, whilst he spoke Blair pulled out a small notebook and began to diligently take notes. A small smile sprung across McKenna’s face as he watched her do this, he quickly snapped out of his trance and returned to his stone faced self. “All of this is off record. I don’t want to be hearing this on tonight’s news” he told Blair, without even looking at her.

“Understood, this is for personal use only” Blair replied instantly, once again causing McKenna to smile, just ever so slightly. “Continue” she ordered as she turned onto a fresh page.

“Well, following the death of student Olivia Wright another student approached me. Her name is Clara Stark and she stated that she believes Casandra to be the killer, says that Casandra got into a fight with Olivia just before her death. She also states that Miss Clooney got into a fight with Cameron Johansson mere hours before her death” McKenna explained.

“Now, this statement along with the one you retrieved from Lavender Jensen, can only be taken as allegations. However now that we know Miss Clooney was connected to both victims, it leaves her open for investigation” McKenna said, he stood up and began to pace around the chair, whilst he recalled the information to Blair, who remained diligent with her note taking.

“So how far into investigating are you?” she asked, not removing her eyes from her notebook. McKenna’s pacing ceased, he gripped the chair’s back and sighed. “Not far I’m afraid. We have a DNA sample from Miss Clooney, which we are going to cross section with the three deceased students. If we somehow find a match, then we will bring her in for questioning” McKenna explained. Finally Blair’s head rose as a puzzled expression emerged. “What about the previous suspect?” she asked.

“Raven Castillo remains under a close watch, however he has not been seen much around campus. Sue Akiyama states that he has locked himself in his room and is refusing to come out, due to high levels of bullying” the detective said as he slumped back into his chair. He rubbed his temples and eyes, the desperation for sleep was getting more intense by the passing second. “And now we have to look through evidence obtained from the victim’s room. See if there is anything among Miss Wright’s possessions that could assist our investigation” he yawned.

“Well I could do that” Blair stated with much ease. McKenna’s head shot up, he remained silent, choosing to simply raise his eyebrow. “Look you need rest and I want to help. You can nap and I’ll look through her things” she tried to reason with McKenna, but he was unwilling to listen.

“No, I can’t leave an untrained civilian alone with evidence in a murder case. No matter how tired I am” McKenna argued, in between yawns.

“The let another officer sit in with me. Or put fifty cameras on me and lock the door, please just let me help you!” Blair stated intensely. She jumped off the table’s edge and locked eyes with the detective. Her eyes were passionate and rage filled, that instant her saw her drive, her fire, McKenna reluctantly nodded his head, letting out a large dramatic sigh.

“FINE!” he shouted sarcastically, “I’ll get one of the officers to sit in with you. I’ll only be asleep two hours and then you are to report back to me. I expect detailed notes of everything you find” he told her as he leaned forward.

“Deal” Blair stated as she outstretched her hand. McKenna graciously accepted the offer and in turn the pair shook hands. “I think this is the start of a great partnership” Blair giggled, whilst McKenna merely shook his head, exhaling a deep breathy laugh.

  Iris Dormitory: Clara's Room 

Clara had remained concealed under her sheets, Leo and Oscar had taken it in turns to come and sit with her. She didn’t speak, but the boys felt it was vital to have another person in the room with her at all times.

Olivia was gone and she had never felt more alone, sure she had the boys but neither of them knew her the way in which Olivia did, neither of them shared that bond. As the days past, Clara found herself only leaving her bed to go the bathroom, she had barely eaten a thing, nor had she found the will power to shower.

This day was just like the last, Oscar sat in the corner of the room silently reading, whilst she lay in her tomb of blankets of pillows. He remained unaware, but Clara was very much awake, she scrolled through her phone’s camera roll, staring upon picture after picture of Liv. Her beauty comforted Clara, however she could only bare to look at pictures of her Liv, the Liv without blonde hair, the Liv who wouldn’t be caught dead in a bee broach.

She initially attempted to look at Olivia’s facebook, but all the false transparent mourners leaving her messages drove her insane. Everyone from Casandra to Lavender were posting photos, poems, links to songs to accompany ‘heartfelt’ posts, all about how they were going to miss her and how much she meant to them.

They didn’t know you like I knew you Liv Clara whispered to herself as she continued to scroll. Clara knew in her heart of hearts only one person knew Liv the way in which she did, if not more so and that was Tyler. She wanted to call him, but she couldn’t speak to her own friends, never mind someone she regarded as a stranger.

She couldn’t cry, it was almost as if her tear ducts had stopped working, she closed her blood shot eyes, practically squeezing the last reminisce of a tear out, before returning to her phone screen. A much younger Liv smiled back at her, in the picture she and Clara laid on the grass, both just fifth teen years old, they looked so young, so beautiful and ever so happy.

 Flashback – Courtyard, 2 Years Ago 

Clara’s phone flashed in their faces as both girls laid on the grass, giggling as they enjoyed the warm summer sun. A brunette Liv took the phone into her own hands, she inspected the picture in order to ensure she looked okay. “You look great, I don’t know why you always do this” Clara giggled, as she lowered her sunglasses over her eyes.

“Hey there is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice” Olivia insisted, handing the phone back to its rightful owner. In turn Liv lowered her own glasses and the girls returned to their lounging. “God it’s so fricken hot” Clara moaned as she fanned herself with her hand.

“I swear England isn’t supposed to be this hot” Liv joked. “It’s unnatural” she laughed, her mouth opened as if there were to follow. However her sentence failed to form as another booming voice came from the opposite end of the courtyard.

“Keep up ladies!” Callista bellowed as she stormed ahead of Casandra, Chasity and Vev. Directly behind them came the rugby boys, they were a lot less built compared to their future selves, nevertheless they were intimidating for their age. Callista froze, sending a chain reaction down to the others, effectively causing a pile up of bodies.

“What’s with the delay?” Cohen shouted, as he wrapped his arms around Casandra’s waist. Callista spun around and smirked. She pointed towards a much larger Raven, who sat on a bench happily eating his lunch, this bench was shrouded in shade as it rested underneath a mighty tree, the perfect escape from the days blazing sun and Callista wanted that escape.

“Gentleman start your engines” Callista whispered as her eyes narrowed. “I think you know what to do!” she stated shooing them forward. Cohen kissed Casandra on the cheek before he, Jonathan, Tyler and Joel charged forward. The four boys ran towards Raven, who stopped eating immediately. He scrambled throwing his sandwich into the lunchbox and attempted to stand to his feet. But the rugby players got to him first.

They grabbed onto his shirt and collectively shoved him to the floor, several feet away from the tree. He fell to the floor with a monstrous thud, Cohen began to kick the boy, whilst Jonathan kicked mud into his face for good measure. Meanwhile Tyler and Joel presented the bench to the Bitchette’s like ‘true gentleman’.

Clara and Liv looked at Raven who struggled to get to his feet, every time he got close the two boys would just kick him down whilst the others simply laughed. “Look everyone, a whale has beached here at Windsor of ALL PLACES” Callista laughed manically as she enjoyed the cooling shade. Several other students who inhabited the space laughed awkwardly, not wanting to anger the girl. Even the older students feared her power, not that they would admit it at the times.

Clara and Olivia however were still young, they knew it was best to not confront Callista, especially not when she was armed with her entourage. They instead lowered their heads as a crying Raven finally managed to escape the cruel torture. “Well done boys!” Callista cheered, whilst Casandra jumped to her feet, in order to kiss her boyfriend.

“Those girls seriously piss me off” Clara whispered to Liv. Whose vision remained transfixed on the bee broach. “They walk around here like they’re better than everyone else and we can’t do anything about it, otherwise we’d just end up like Raven” Clara moaned, ripping chunks of grass out of the earth in frustration.

Olivia’s soft hands touched hers, her friend smiled at her, oh how perfect of a smile Olivia had. “I would never let that happen to you. I would never ever let anyone talk to you or treat you like that C. You’re my best friend, practically my sister. I have you back, always and forever” Liv whispered, she leaned in to hug her friend.

“Those girls are nothing but bitches who rule with fear. But in a few years, they’ll be nothing! Just a picture and bad memories of school days. In the real world, they would be nothing” she whispered, the duo watched the clique who now inhabited the shade. Casandra attempted to touch Callista’s hair, but was quickly batted away by her leader.

The pair embraced tightly, before letting go. Liv smiled and shot to her feet, she extended her arm and lifted Clara to her feet. “Let’s go get some food, clearly you don’t want to get stung by all these bees” Olivia joked, at which Clara merely laughed and playfully pushed her friend.

“Fine, let’s get us some food. And for your information, I am not scared of bees!” Clara laughed. Olivia smiled, but as she walked away with her best friend, her eyes met Tyler’s. The pair stared at each other, as if time itself stood still. Tyler was in awe of her beauty, he had never even noticed the girl before, he didn’t even know her name, but in that moment it didn’t matter. He stared at her absorbing her grace and beauty.

Little did the pair know of what was to come, the love they’d share, the love he’d loose and the hearts that would break.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory: Tyler and Cohen's Room - Present Day 

Cohen and David stood around Tyler’s bed, whilst he remained tucked in he too looking at photos of Olivia. He had failed to acknowledge his friends presence in the room, he too had been in a unbreakable state of misery. Unable to function without her, it made him sick to the bottom of his stomach that he wasn’t there for her final moments. Instead of being with him, Olivia died alone, he kept thinking of her and what her final moments would’ve been like, what she would have thought and if she thought of him.

“He’s been like this all week. Ever since__” Cohen mumbled.

“No need to say it, not whilst he’s in the room idiot” David whispered, pushing Cohen gently with his shoulder. He approached Tyler’s bed and lowered himself onto his knees, in order to communicate with his friend.

“Hey buddy, we’ve got a big match in a couple of hours. Are you up to playing or do you wanna just stay as you are?” he asked in a soft and gentle voice, as he patted Tyler’s shoulder. Tyler looked up from his phone and sighed loudly.

“Whilst I appreciate the sentiment David, you sound so fucking patronizing right now” Tyler moaned, before returning to his phone. “No I’m not playing. I don’t want to play” Tyler continued, he turned to face the wall, no longer wanting to carry on the conversation.

“Well, we have our answer” David told Cohen, he reluctantly stood up straight and approached his Co-Captain. “I really think he should play today. Might do him some good, take his mind off things yanno” Cohen whispered, covering his mouth with his open hand.

“Taking your mind off things may work for some, but may not work for Tyler. He experienced some serious trauma and maybe shutting himself off from the world his is coping mechanism. Either way we are to respect him and be here for him every step of the way” David replied, in an equally quiet tone.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Tyler shouted, as he sat up. “Both of you realises I can hear every word you’re fucking saying” he jumped out of bed and began to slowly approach both boys. “Do you realises how you both sound right now?” he asked them rhetorically.

“Cohen, newsflash my girlfriend was fucking butchered seven days ago!. So I don’t really think a stupid game of rugby would manage to take my mind of that… But thanks for trying!” David screamed, his face turning red with rage. Both of his friends remained silent as he flew off the handle, absorbing his words whilst remaining stone faced. “God you are so stupid! If Casandra died you would order the whole school into mourning her. But no when Olivia dies, I am told I have to take my mind off it!” he continued, spit now flying out of his mouth with every word.

“Oh and then we get to David, Saint FUCKING David” Tyler roared, pointing at the newly appointed Head Boy. “You swan around this entire school thinking you’re better than us, because your mother is famous and because you have ‘better morals’ and don’t harass the freaks of this school” Tyler continued, David and Cohen exchanged a look, before returning their gaze back to their friend.

“But the funny part is, those same freaks that you defend and that you refuse to bully, still hate you!” he roared. “They hate you because they see right through you. You are not one of them, no matter how hard you try to reject it, sooner or later you will just have to accept the fact you’re one of us” he stated, his face now completely red, vanes bulging in his neck and his eyes turning ever more bloodshot.

“That is why they hate you okay, they know you’re one of us. So when they see you trying to defend them, they just think you a patronizing asshole. Which I can testify for, because you are a PATRONIZING ASSHOLE” Tyler screamed louder than ever before.

“Now why don’t the two of you leave me the fuck alone and tell everyone else to leave me the fuck alone!” Tyler ran towards the boys and shoved them out of the door without even a second for them to talk back.

He slammed the door behind him, but as soon as he turned around a knocking came. He grunted with rage, grabbing Cohen’s kit bag from underneath his bed and storming back towards the door. Once it was open, Tyler threw the bag at him.

“Thanks man__” Cohen said carefully, before the door was slammed in his face. Tyler’s breaths intensified, he stumbled back towards his bed and hastily wrapped himself in the blanket. Feeling the blankets warm embrace, his mind wondered back to just a few days ago, when he and Liv were wrapped in the blanket, enjoying a beautiful picnic in this very room. Tyler began to weep, at the mere memory of Liv. The crying soon got louder and louder, until he was wailing uncontrollably.

He was alone now, completely alone.

  The Hallways of Windsor Academy 

Lavender solemnly walked through corridor towards her locker. Her earphones drowned out the chatter of the other students, she didn’t need to hear in order to deduce what everyone was talking about. The school had been abuzz with talk of Olivia’s death, many students had been pulled from school by their parents.

Lavender had been in contact with her father, who was desperate to have her home. However she reassured him that for the time being, she felt safe at Windsor Academy. She only had to complete a few more months and then she would be free.

She finally got to her locker and retrieved her notebook, with it being the weekend there was no immediate need for Lavender to study, but she thought it necessary. She didn’t know Olivia that well, but recently she found herself enjoying her company, with the exception of Raven, she didn’t have any friends. Thus Lavender was hoping to soon form a friendship with the blonde beauty, but that is a friendship that will never come to be.

She shut the locker and someone instantly caught her eye. Jules, once again on an errand. Jonathan walked in front of the boy, texting away with a smug grin on his face, whilst the young boy trailed behind him, struggling to carry his kit bag. The bag itself looked bigger and far heavier than the small boy, thus she watched his face wince with pain, as he struggled to keep it on his small shoulders.

Lavender’s lips pouted together, in that moment she saw herself in the young boy. She saw someone desperately seeking approval of someone the school had deemed ‘popular’ someone who was willing to do anything to climb the social ranks of the Academy. She ripped her earphones out of her ear, just as Johnathan spoke. “Keep up little one, remember today we’re building muscle AND character” the older boy laughed, as Jules struggled behind him. “Yes Sir, Mr Byrns I remember” Caleb panted, as he powered through. Lavender had seen enough, she clenched her fists and was ready to give Jonathan a piece of her mind.

However, in the instant that she moved, she was pulled back and pushed against the locker. Caleb Barons looked at her directly in the eyes, his hands placed firmly on her shoulders, now pinning her against the locker.

He placed one finger against his lips and shushed the girl, before stating at his younger brother. He watched as Jules and his mentor disappeared behind a door, his grip on Lavender loosened, but his eyes remained ever enraged. “What was that for?” Lavender whispered, rubbing her aching shoulder. “Why do you keep watching my little brother?” Caleb fired back, refusing to answer her question.

“What?” Lavender panted, yet again answering a question, with another question. “The other day in the courtyard, the day that girl died. You were watching my brother remember. Don’t even try to deny it, because I saw you Lavender” the boy hissed, he stepped closer to her. Lavender attempted to escape, she took a step back, but was now pined against the locker by her own accord.

“Now today, just as I was about to give Jonathan a piece of my mind, what do I see. You watching them, again!” Caleb said, now nose to nose with the shy girl, who remained silent. “So what’s your deal, you like Jonathan or something? Or do you like watching a grown ass man humiliate a child for his own amusement, because either way I am disgusted” Caleb said, his face wrinkled as he looked her up and down. “My brother is not an object, he’s my family and for some reason everyone is treating him like a toy… Well no more” Lavender struggled, to escape but remained trapped, her eyes now watered and her heart was pounding rapidly.

“I’m sorry” she stuttered, but Caleb continued unaffected.

“Now let me make something abundantly clear” he now lowered his voice and raised Lavender’s chin, in order to look at her in the eyes. “If I ever catch you looking at my little brother again, for whatever reason, I will destroy you. And I am not talking in same fashion of Casandra and her minions or those mindless apes on the rugby team” he whispered into her ear.

“No, I won’t destroy your social life, I will destroy every single aspect of your life, I will have you pissing yourself with fear. To be blunt, you’ll regret the day, you ever laid eyes on my brother Lavender” Caleb’s eyes narrowed as he delivered his address.

Suddenly he was picked off his feet and slammed against the lockers on the opposing side of the corridor. Raven pinned him against the, the pale boy was somewhat dazed and confused. Even so Raven continued and slammed him against the locker again and again. Caleb grunted with pain each time, whilst Lavender helplessly watched. She was in a state of shock, she couldn’t think let alone speak. “What is wrong with you, you absolute freak” Raven roared, he dropped Caleb to the ground only to punch him to the floor. Lavender had seen enough, she ran towards her friend and pulled him back, preventing him from hurting Caleb any further.

“Stop, Raven” Lavender panted as she tried holding him back. “Calm down please, please take a moment” Lavender pleaded.

Raven did as he was instructed, he leaned back into his friend and watched as Caleb scurried away and ran from the duo. “Leave her alone!” he roared, as Caleb stumbled with fright. But just like that he vanished, leaving them alone.

“Thanks for that” Lavender whispered, hugging her best friend, as he wrapped his strong muscle arms around her. “My pleasure” Raven whispered into her shoulder. The pair slowly backed away from each, Raven leaned down and picked up her notebook.

“Thank you for stopping me. I’m already a suspect in a murder investigation. So that wouldn’t have looked good” he lowered his head in shame, he too was thinking about Olivia and if the police were planning on blaming him for her death too.

He passed her the notebook and forced himself to smile, “Don’t worry about it, you’re innocent. You had nothing to do with those murders. You have nothing to stress about” Lavender reassured him. “Well accept for the Psychology test on Monday. So hope you brought your notes, because we are going to have a cram session” Lavender laughed, as she produced flash cards out of her jeans pocket, almost like magic.

She was trying her best to lighten the mood, she desperately hopped it would work. Raven laughed and stepped out of her way. “Well my lady, please lead me to the library” he decreed in an exaggerated voice. Lavender smiled, content with her achievement, she spun around theatrically and took a confident stride forward, before she walked straight into someone’s chest. The person steadied the dazed girl and as she brushed her hair out of her face, she looked up to see Daniel smiling down at her.

“Daniel” she stuttered, blushing innocently.

“Missed me?” the blond boy whispered. “I was hoping I would run into you. I wanted to apologies about the other day. I just wanted to meet Raven, I wanted answer so baldy that I ended up shouting at you” he whispered. Lavender looked at Raven from the corner of her eye, Daniel too stared at the boy with intent.

“Seems like both my wishes will be answered. I’ll get to apologies and I’ll get my answers” Daniel stated, his eyes darted from Lavender to Raven whilst the friends breathing intensified, under the presence of the former king bee.

 The Police Station 

Blair rooted through box upon box, until she finally came across something she deemed useful. Olivia’s laptop was cased within a zip lock bag, she handled it with caution, gently placing it atop of the wooden desk.

A fresh faced and freshly showered McKenna watched her from the door way with intrigue. He studied the women’s movements, trying to get a better sense of his newly found partner. His shoe accidentally knocked against the door frame effectively causing Blair to jump with fright, so much so that she briefly lost her balance.

“Sorry” the detective panted, hastily walking over to comfort her.

“Jesus, why are you lurking in a doorway when there is a serial killer on the loose?” Blair sighed loudly, as she clutched her chest in an attempt to steady her beating heart. Her hand trembled, as she slapped his shoulder with force.

“I said I was sorry, I just wanted to see the investigative journalist in action” he explained, leaning against the desk. Blair’s eyes narrowed, flicking her hair out of her face in order to suss the man out.

She giggled, as she joined the detective in leaning on the table. “Well did I live up to expectation?” Blair asked, looking over her shoulder at the handsome detective. McKenna’s eyebrow raised, his mouth pouted as he slowly patted the laptop. “I was very impressed” he laughed.

“Well you look much better” Blair giggled complimenting the handsome officer as she blushed, seeing him in a completely different light. McKenna smiled back at her, before his attention turned towards the boxes of evidence.

“Do you have any questions, regarding… All of this?” McKenna asked, indicating towards the boxes. Blair spun around, quickly inspecting them once more, just for safe measure. “Only one” she explained. “Did you retrieve everything from the room?” she asked the officer. McKenna shook his head, just as he ran his finger down the edge of the box.

“We only took what we deemed could help the investigating. However most of this stuff will be returning to the property of Miss Clooney tonight, as it has been deemed useful to the investigation” he continued, he rooted through the evidence and retrieved a very familiar wooden box. The same box which ultimately caused sweet Olivia’s downfall, the officer handled it without care, dropping it back with the other evidence without even a second glance.

“I see you found the young girls laptop” he whispered, staring down the piece of tech. He turned back to Blair who now began to fidget uncontrollably. “She’s got a password on it, tried everything and I couldn’t get through. So we’re waiting for our tech guy to get back, he picked a really bad week to go on holiday” McKenna sighed rubbing his temples. “So you think that there’s something on her laptop?” Blair asked. McKenna’s head snapped back to her, as he ran his hands through his perfect hair.

“Well when her room was searched, it was found open. So the other officers thought that it may have been of some use. But who knows, maybe there will be and maybe there won’t. Nevertheless we have to wait till Tuesday to get this sorted” he sighed, pushing himself off the table.

Blair bit her lip before mimicking the officer. “Not necessarily” Blair confessed, in a hushed tone. McKenna’s brows once again rose, but before he could ask a further question Blair hastily trotted towards the door. She closed it quickly and spun back around to the detective.

“Okay, so what I am about to tell you may get me into trouble, but it may also be of a great assistance” she explained. McKenna resumed his stance, leaning against the table once more. Blair’s hands fidget once again, her breaths became deeper and longer as she finally confessed. “I will be able to get into her laptop. I know it’s illegal, but I know how to hack things and it probably wouldn’t be hard to hack a teenager’s laptop” she explained nervously, her voice cracking in the process.

McKenna gritted his teeth, his face became stiff yet he remained silent. Almost as if he were contemplating what to say next. He nodded his head gently, before looking up at her. “I don’t care, do it! Do whatever you have to do. Get through to that laptop and let’s see what we can find” he said to her.

Blair grabbed her handbag and pulled out a set of glasses and placed them on her face. “Let’s crack this bitch” she said to the detective, with a new found sense of determination in her voice.

 Iris Dormitory: Leo and Logan's Room 

Oscar and Leo stood in the doorway, whilst Logan remained sprawled on his bed, his eyes glued to his laptop. “Okay, I’ll be right over in two minutes. Let me just put my shoes on and I’ll be right over” Leo whispered, he looked past Oscar’s shoulder into Clara’s room. He saw the outline of her body, still entombed under her sheets.

“How is she today?” he quietly asked Oscar, who’s eyes were weighed down with bags. “She’s fine, pretty much the same really. Hasn’t spoken a word either” he said rather solemnly, Logan couldn’t help but eavesdrop, he was intently listening to the two boys conversation whilst they were so engrossed that they didn’t even realizes.

“And how are you Oscar?” Leo asked his friend, over the past few days he had noticed Oscar had become more disheveled by the passing days. He looked pale and his eyes were heavy.

Unbeknownst to the others, Oscar had been getting very little sleep either, all he could think of was Clara and how she was coping. He shook his head, gently resting it on the door frame, he rested his eyes and let out a long drawn out breath. “I am so fricken tried. I don’t think I’ve ever been this tried Leo” he yawned, barley able to keep his eyes open.

“Well try and get some sleep, I can stay with her tonight. You need your rest just as much as she needs hers” Leo whispered, rubbing his friends shoulder. “I know, I know” Oscar replied as he rubbed his red eyes.

“I just keep thinking about her. I really just, wanna be there for her” he told Leo, before he turned back to look into Clara’s room, forcing himself to smile. “I want to be there, I want to hug her and tell her everything’s going to be okay” he told Leo, as the smile slowly disappeared off his face.

“And you will be. But you still need your rest, now as your friend I am telling you to get to bed” Leo laughed, poking Oscar in the chest. Oscar laughed and nodded his head, taking one last look into Clara’s room, he turned back to Leo and patted the boys shoulder. “You’re a good mate. Text me if anything happens” he said.

Leo nodded his head and replied with a smile of his own. “Of course, now bed mister!” he shouted playfully, Oscar laughed before he spun around and headed away from the room and out towards the exit.

Leo looked into Clara’s room and back into his own. He picked up his converse and lowered himself onto the bed and began to slip the shoes on. “So you’re leaving again” Logan sighed, not bothering to look up from the laptop.

“Clara needs us, she can’t be alone at a time like this” Leo sighed, his eyes tried to meet Logan’s but his roommate refused even acknowledge his presence. “Yeah and I need you too!” Logan replied as his typing became louder and faster.

“You know I was so excited for our first weekend together. I was expecting a really fun time!” Logan sighed loudly. Leo’s face dropped in disappointment, he approached Logan’s bed and attempted to stroke the boy’s cheek. However without a second look, Logan batted him away.

“I wanted to have fun this weekend too, but some things are more important than sex Logan” Leo explained, rolling his eyes at Logan who always seemed to want sex and only sex.

“Besides I think spending time with no one but each other would only damage us in the long run?” he explained to the muscular boy, who still remained sprawled across his bed.

“What are you talking about?” Logan moaned. “I like spending time with you and I love having sex with you” he explained, forcing himself to arise. Leo wanted to escape the room, he didn’t want to get into an argument and considering both doors were open Clara could awaken at any moment and overhear them.

“Yes and I love having sex too, but relationships can’t be only sexual, I would like some romance too” he explained, walking away from the bed. Logan followed and gently took a hold of his hands. “I am just so fed up of this room. We can only be together in this room, trapped inside these four walls” Leo moaned.

Logan stroked his cheek and ran his fingers through his hair. “I know neither of us are at the stage where we want to shout it from the rooftops, but I would like to at least be able to hang out with you outside. We don’t have to go around telling people we’re doing it, just that we’re friends” he sighed once more as Logan continued to stroke his hair.

“You’re right my love” Logan sighed, he looked out at the bright sky and smiled. “We can hang outside these four walls and I promise if any of the boys say anything to you, I’ll step in” he whispered into Leo’s ear, gently kissing him on the neck.

“But I feel like I owe you, considering you’ve done soooo much for me” Logan laughed, widening his eyes. Leo giggled as Logan ran his fingertip down his jawline. “I wanna take you on a date soon, a proper date. We’ll walk to town and go for a nice meal and then maybe grab a drink, I know you yanks have to wait till you’re twenty-one so this would be another treat, your first ever club” Logan whispered, as the pair kissed once more.

“But we have a curfew?” Leo reminded him. “And I’m not eighteen yet how do you plan on sneaking me in?”

“There is a hole in the fence behind the rugby pitch, everyone uses it, even teachers” he whispered. “As for you getting in, I know the bouncers so don’t you worry your pretty little head about that” he laughed, tapping Leo’s nose. “So Leo Barnaby, is that a yes?” he asked. Leo bit his bottom lip as his eyes lit up with excitement.

He nodded his head and kissed Logan once more. “Name the time and the place and I’ll be there” he whispered, leaning into his boyfriend.

“Well it will be in a week or so, what with all the murders I’m guessing they’ll be extra vigilant of people coming and going. As for the where, well it’s the only gay bar for miles and they free pour their spirits, so you’re in for a good time” he laughed, snuggling into Leo.

“I didn’t even know there were bars here, let alone gay bars” Leo stated, he turned his head slightly to inspect Clara’s room. She remained in the same position, still under her covers. “What’s it called?” Leo asked.

“Gentleman’s Choice” Logan whispered into his ear. He drew Leo closer and hugged him tightly, he now stared into Clara’s room. A smile appeared on his face as he felt the buzzing of his phone, for he knew another load of money had been deposited into his account.


Oscar strolled through the hallways, his vision blurred as he continuously yawned. Everyone he passed looked at him in passing, he knew they were talking about him, it was common knowledge he and Clara were best friends and it was slowly becoming common knowledge that Clara was the first on the scene, following Olivia’s death.

With every passing glare, Oscar heard his bed calling to him like a sweet siren song. He just needed a quick rest and the he could return to her side. When all of sudden he felt an immense weight on his back, his twin brother Oliver came crashing down on him, playfully jumping atop of his brothers shoulders. Somewhat bewildered, but mostly agitated, Oliver flung his brother off him with the athlete landing square on his feet. He smiled and brushed off Oscar’s offense and continued to walk with him.

“Well that was a fine hello, Brother Dearest” Oliver laughed as he fixed his hair, he was wearing his rugby kit and clutching onto his own kit back. Walking side by side it made the boys differences even more apparent. With just a few hours of sleep to his name, Oscar looked like a corpse compared to his muscular brother, who had never looked better and was practically radiating.

“Yeah and jumping on my back wasn’t a great hello either” Oscar replied, his voice was emotionless and drained, he was only mere seconds into a conversation with his brother and he could already feel himself loosing what little energy he had left.

“God you can’t even take a joke” Oliver laughed to himself. As the boys turned a corner Oscar made an attempt to ditch his brother. “Don’t you have a game to get to?” he asked him, hoping that Oliver would take it as a hint to leave.

“I’m on my way right now actually” Oliver answered immediately. Oscar quickly noticed that his brother appeared to have a new stride to his step, there was something about Oliver that seemed much more confident than usual.

“Why are you so upbeat?” he asked, faking an interest in his brother’s personal life. “Haven’t seen you this happy in a long time, come to think of it I don’t think I saw you smile once over summer” Oscar stated bluntly, causing Oliver’s smile to tremble, ever so slightly.

“Well summer is long gone, Brother dearest. Besides I have plenty to be happy about. I am on the rugby team, I have great friends and a beautiful girlfriend” Oliver bit his lip and elbowed his brother’s ribs.

Oscar rolled his eyes, he knew what Oliver wanted him to ask, so he thought he would get it over with. “What, you and Chasity had sex?” Oscar said, once again in a fake voice as he pretended to be shocked.

“Of course we did, she was practically begging for it and being the gracious boyfriend that I am, I delivered” Oliver laughed. In turn Oliver now observed his brother, they weren’t like most twins who instantly knew when the other was upset or hurt and it took the Olsen boys several minutes to work out whenever the other was upset.

He finally noticed Oscar’s dishevelled appearance and knew he had to speak out. “Mate don’t take this personal, but you look like utter shit” Oliver said bluntly as he continued to inspect his brother. From his mangled, greasy hair, to a stained shirt which had clearly been worn for multiple days. Oscar’s head snapped to his brother, he gave him an aggressive look and picked up his pace.

Oliver wasn’t letting him get away so easy, he too began to walk much faster in the hopes of getting some explanation from his brother.

“You could at least tell me why” he said to him, but once again Oscar remained silent choosing to ignore his Brother’s comments. “Is this to do with the whole Olivia thing?” he asked, lowering his voice to avoid anyone potentially overhearing. Oscar froze causing Oliver to break too, the brothers stared each other down in the middle of the deserted corridor, neither willing to back down from the other.

“What do you mean ‘whole thing’ call it what it was Oliver, it was a murder. It wasn’t even a murder it was a butchery” Oscar whispered, his voice filled with aggression as he got into his brother’s face. Oliver looked around for signs of life, ensuring they were alone before they spoke.

“Sorry that was a poor choice of words” he replied, his voice too began to fill with rage in a bid to intimidate his brother. “So answer me, does your sudden homeless appearance have anything to do with Olivia Wright?” he asked his brother one more.

Oscar lowered his head, once again scouting the empty corridor. “I’ve been watching Clara, she needs me there with her” he explained to his brother. With the mere mention of her name, Oscar’s voice became soft and gentle, his eyes widened as he entered a state of ease.

“Clara Stark really?” Oliver asked, sounding annoyed rather than gentle. “God she just uses you, everyone can see that” Oliver told his brother. In that moment Oscar’s whole world shattered before him, his eyes became glazed and his jaw dropped open, his brother’s words took him by surprise and wounded him deeply.

“What, no she doesn’t” Oscar stuttered in a bid to defend himself.

“Yes dude she does” Oliver retorted instantly. “The whole school knows you like her and she obviously knows that too. But instead of letting you down easy she pulls you along, like a little puppy on a leash” Oliver continued his rant, whilst Oscar shook his head in disbelief.

“She clearly knows how you feel about her, I know she’s going through a really tough time right now, but the girl is using you!” Oliver shouted in a bid to get through to his brother.

“You don’t have the faintest idea what she’s going through right now!” Oscar replied in an equally loud tone.

“She just lost her friend, newsflash so did Chasity, so did Vev and so did Casandra. But do you see them going round draining people emotionally and by the looks of the bags under your eyes, draining people physically too” he explained pointing at said bags.

“Clara would never do something like that, she needs all the support she can get and when she finally sees that I’m there for her_” Oscar tried to defend his friend once more, but was again cut off by his brother.

“She’ll what fall madly in love with you?” Oliver asked in disbelief. “Look I told you before if you like Clara so much you need to just tell her. That way you’ll get your answer and if you don’t like what you hear, you can cut the leash and free yourself from her” Oliver explained, looking at his brother directly in the eyes.

The two boys had never had a conversation this emotionally driven in their entire lives. Oscar’s eyes glazed over once more and Oliver knew he had won. He didn’t say another word, but simply walked past his brother and headed towards the door which lead to the fields. “Oliver!” Oscar shouted after him. The rugby player slowly turned around and acknowledged his brothers presence. “Why are you doing this, why now, why today?” he asked curiously.

Oliver inhaled deeply, not wanting to admit what he was about to say. “Let’s just say these recent tragedies has made me reevaluate our relationship. Look Osc at the end of the day you’re still my brother. Even though you’re a complete loser, dress like you’re Amish and have freaks for friends, you’re still my brother and I don’t want to see you get hurt” he explained.

The statement brought a smile to Oscar’s face and as he watched Oliver run towards the rugby field, he was overcome with emotions and polarizing thoughts.

Was Clara just using him and did she really know how he felt. These were questions Oscar now longed to have answered, but he knew must return to the mission that was interrupted by his brother, he knew he needed sleep and he intended to get it.

 Dinning Hall 

The tension was palpable, Lavender sat in between the two boys who stared each other down. The trio sat in the dining hall, all nursing cups of coffee, Lavender spoke first she stared at her best friend and then back at her newly found acquaintance. “Well, why don’t we clear the air” Lavender whispered, keeping her voice hush, in order to not draw unwanted attention.

“Why where you in the room with my sister’s dead body?” Daniel asked, jumping over Lavender’s words. Daniel was not the same arrogant, golden boy he once was. Sat before them now, was a determined man who wanted nothing but answers and now with Raven there in front of him, he knew that’s what he would get.

“I was asleep” Raven replied weakly, he had to stand his ground but Daniel was an intimidating force to be reckoned with. Raven could tell just by looking at him, that Daniel hadn’t lost all of the traits that made him the feared king of Windsor Academy. His piercing blue eyes cut deep into him, putting ever more pressure on the boy. “Asleep, is that you all have to say to me?” Daniel asked, his voice filled with venom and hatred. Lavender opened her mouth, but Daniel wasn’t through just yet. “In fact you’re just digging yourself a bigger hole” he whispered, leaning further into the table.

“Now I’m a wise man or at least I like to think I am” Daniel told the two friends. “I am not just going to accuse you so willy-nilly, like most people at this school” he said, referring to the rugby boys. “However if you were ‘asleep’ as you claim, that means you could have been in the room when my sister died. And instead of helping her, you chose to sleep” he stated.

Raven shook his head, neither of these statements were true, he wanted to explain to Daniel everything he knew, but he couldn’t get a word in as Daniel continued his verbal onslaught. “Either way I do not respect you, because you are a pathetic specimen of a man” he insulted Raven, once again highlighting his mean-boy traits.

“Daniel, stop” Lavender whispered in a bid to defend her best friend. Daniel snapped out of his state, he was no longer that boy, he was a grown man insulting a teenager.

“No Lav” Raven whispered, halting her defense. “Daniel can say whatever he wants, he’s been through a lot and I wouldn’t blame him if he said something worse” he told her, before looking back at Daniel. “But I just want to say, I will help you, I want you get justice” he told Daniel who merely nodded in response.

“I’m sorry I insulted you, but now Raven I really need answers. I need to know what happened that night” he stated, sipping his coffee to clear his throat.

“I didn’t harm Cameron. I was at that party when I started to feel sick, so Olivia” Raven stated, at the mention of the girls name he inhaled deeply before releasing a loud sigh. “Olivia told me that I could sleep it off in her bed. I woke up and saw your sister on the ground” he continued to explain, as Daniel sat back in his chair. “At first I thought she just might have drank too much, but when I went to go check on her, I felt blood. Next thing you know Casandra storms in and well, you know the rest” he said, concluding his tale.

“Is that seriously it?” Daniel said, his face told the whole story, he was angry yet again. He was hoping for a little more than that, thus Raven’s reveal was anticlimactic to say the least. “Neither of you saw or heard anything else?” Daniel asked the two teenagers.

Lavender gently clutched onto her paper cup and cleared her throat. “Well it’s not much but I theory of who the killer is and said theory has been partially influenced by the events of that night” she whispered, her eyes widened as she spoke.

Both boys were now hanging off Lavender’s every word, with their ears and interest peaked, both boys waited patiently for Lavender to reveal her theory. “I think Casandra is the killer” she whispered, leaning in closer to the boys, who reacted accordingly. Raven’s jaw dropped, whilst Daniel merely looked puzzled unsure of whether he should speak or allow Lavender to continue.

“Well we all know how much Casandra loves power, maybe she killed Callista, maybe she wanted to oust one queen bee, to crown herself” Lavender said. “Then you have the night of the party Carmen and Casandra got into an argument and after being on the receiving end of Casandra’s wrath, well I just feel like she’s capable of doing dark things” she cried, staring not at the boy’s bur rather the table.

“Name calling and teasing doesn’t equate to murder Lav” Raven whispered. “Besides Callista wasn’t murdered, she was a horrible person, but she slipped end of story. Now I know Casandra is capable of many things, but I don’t think she’s capable of this. Cohen, sure he seems like a total sociopath, if she is behind this then he’s probably doing her dirty work” Raven replied, debunking her theory as he sipped his coffee.

Daniel bit his lip and contemplated what he’d just been told. “Does anybody else know about this theory of yours?” he asked the young student. Both Lavender and Raven now stared at the former prince as he slowly concocted a plan in his head.

Lavender froze, she knew that had told someone. She cleared her throat once more and spoke, her voice shook as she addressed them.

“I may have told that journalist, Blair Robinson” she confessed.

Daniel’s face dropped, he placed his palms over his eyes and grunted in frustration. “We could have used this Lavender” he moaned. “We could have watched her, tracked her movements and her boyfriends. But now that a journalist of all people know, it’s going to be open season” he told the teenagers.

“I don’t know her personally, but I bet she’s already starting to gather together some information on Casandra” he continued. The power dynamic of the table had changed once more, once again Daniel was in control of the conversation and both of teenagers were listening intently.

“If that little bitch gets a whiff of an journalist tracking her, then its game over. She’ll never slip up and she’ll get away with murder” he said solemnly.

“What can we do?” Raven asked desperately. “We are not police officers, we can’t go around stalking other students” he insisted. “It may implicate us, it may make us look guilty” he continued, Raven’s voice was panic driven and breathy.

“It may also put an end to this killing spree” Daniel insisted, his words foiling Raven’s attempt of a defence. Daniel stood up and placed his sunglasses over his eyes. He pushed a napkin towards Lavender, on which he had wrote his phone number.

“We need to take action children. Lavender when you and the princess here want to put an end to this call me” he whispered, turning away without saying another word.

“Seriously, why is he still here?” Raven asked. “Don’t you think it’s weird he’s still hanging around here, he doesn’t go to school here, he’s not even a teacher!” Raven insisted.

“You know full well, Alumi have full access to use the grounds, should they receive permission” Lavender insisted. “And Daniel has permission, he said it himself. Akiyama gave him permission because she was afraid he would sue” she continued to explain, whilst looking down at the phone number. She blushed gleefully, admiring the boy’s penmanship.

“And you don’t think that’s weird, he threatens to sue unless he’s given excess to all of the school grounds. He could be the one behind this for all we know” Raven stated pointing towards the door. Lavender’s head quickly turned, accidentally hitting her friend in the face, with her hair.

“You of all people should know how much it sucks, to be accused of something you didn’t do” she stated, defending Daniel.

“Why are you walking away” a loud voice came from the other end of the hall. Every teenager in the room stopped and stared, as they saw Mrs Mendoza shouting at her husband. “I’m getting some food, or do you have more questions about that?” he roared as he stormed through the set of doors. After seeing the room full of wide eyes, gaping mouthed teenagers Simon Mendoza froze.

Maggie came storming in, only to walk directly into his back. “As you were” Mr Mendoza announced as he attempted to escape from his wife, however the women was not through just yet. She took him by the arm and dug her nails deep within his bicep. “The second you get back we are talking about this, you can’t avoid this forever” she whispered into his ear, before she retreated far away from the hall.

Raven and Lavender watched as the grown man’s breathing accelerated. He lowered his head to avoid during further attention to himself and charged towards the food service area. The pair watched as the teacher disappeared from their view.

Once he knew he was alone, and once he couldn’t feel the cruel judgment of his students upon him, Simon’s lip began to quiver. A layer of sweat formed on the back of his head as he let out a subdued whimper.

 The Changing Room 

The changing room was abuzz with deep voices, the assortment of boys donned their kits as they prepared for the game. Laughing and enjoying each other’s presence, the room was a stark contrast to the rest of the school’s moody atmosphere.

However Dean was again silent, choosing to dress alone in the corner rather than with the other boys. The incidents surrounding Olivia’s death kept replaying in his mind, over and over again. The sound her body made when it hit the concrete, her pale lifeless skin and worst of all the judgmental look her cast by her eyes. His every waking moment was consumed by thoughts of that night, he knew it wouldn’t be too long before people started to ask questions, after all on the day of her death Olivia approached him and made it known to many that she needed to talk to him. He tried not to dwell on these thoughts, he had to act normal and play this game as if he didn’t have a care in the world and perhaps a win today would take his mind off things.

David was laughing with the other boys when he noticed his teammate’s miserable appearance, he quickly threw his shirt on and approached Dean with a welcoming smile on his face. “Hey Dean, you ready?” David laughed, as Dean pulled his socks up to his knees. The boy nodded his head, avoiding any verbal communication with David.

David sensed the tension in the air, he sat down on the bench next to Dean and offered him another smile. “You okay?” he asked politely, before gently placing his hand on Dean’s shoulder. He shrugged off David’s attempt to comfort him and continued to get changed.

David could tell that his friend didn’t want to talk, but every moral fiber in his body compelled him to comfort Dean. “I know everyone is concerned about Casandra and Clara, they keep saying that what they witnessed will haunt them forever, but I get the impression that nobodies asked you how you are Dean” David whispered. His words froze Dean, as he ceased his dressing process and listened.

“I’m not going to pretend like I know how you feel, because I have no idea how you’re feeling or what you’re going through” David said. “But I know that I can be here for you whenever you need me, night or day” he told his friend, forcing Dean to produce a faint smile on his stone face. “If you ever need to talk about anything, just call or message” he said before finally getting to his feet. He turned away from Dean, feeling as if his words had no real ramification, as he moved just a step forward he heard a faint “Thank you” from behind him.

He looked over his shoulder and smiled once more. “You’re welcome” he mouthed before returning to his bench. The door to the room creaked open as the room fell silent as Joel wondered in late, much to the dismay of Jonathan.

David looked around unsure as to why everyone was silent. Joel dumped his bag next to David and began to unbutton his shirt. “Excuse me” Jonathan stated calmly, Joel rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth as he turned to face the boy. “This room is reserved for people on the team and you’re not on the team” he said grabbing a hold of Joel’s back and kicking it towards the door. Oliver and Cohen offered Jonathan back up, standing behind him as the trio continued their intimidation.

“Yeah and I’m on the team” Joel said, he walked towards his bag but was shoved back into position by Oliver.

Jonathan laughed, shaking his head as he nudged Cohen’s side. “Not anymore” Cohen barked, stepping a little closer to up his intimidation factor. “If I recall a few nights ago, you said I was and I quote ‘super creepy’ and believe I got off on hurting little Jules. Am I remembering that correctly Oliver?” he asked sarcastically, as he turned to the Olsson twin.

“Why yes Johnny, I think you are remembering correctly” the twin added, a sadistic smile growing on his face. David attempted to stand but was pushed back down by Cohen, “Stay out of it, just watch” his co-captain insisted as they returned all attention to Joel.

“I believe you also said that my Cohen was showing” Jonathan laughed, tilting his head towards the aforementioned boy. “So I don’t know about you guys, but I think little Joel was trying to say you were a sociopath Cohen and that I was merely mimicking your behaviour” he laughed sarcastically once more.

Cohen pushed his tongue to the side of his lips, he grabbed onto Joel’s shirt and slammed him into the locker full force. “So you think I am a sociopath?” he screamed into Joel’s face, grabbing onto his hair and slamming his head into the locker once more. “Is that what you think!” he roared into his former friends face. David couldn’t take it anymore, he shot up and pushed Cohen back with all his might, the boy fumbled nearly hitting the ground before Oliver and Jonathan made the save.

“That’s enough!” David screamed pointing at Cohen. “No David, its okay” Joel insisted, clutching at the back of his head. “I said those things about both of them. I’m a big boy I can take responsibility for my actions” he told David, whilst the other boys helped Cohen to his feet.

“Oh good you do remember” Jonathan stated, poised and ready to deliver the final blow. “So you’ll also remember when I told you that you were finished at this school and that I was going to destroy your social standing” he whispered, leaning forward towards Joel. “And I am so happy to report I am about to succeed in doing just that” he laughed.

He turned around and jumped onto a bench in order address the entire locker room. “Gentleman, are we all excited to win our first game of the season” he shouted, as the room erupted into a frenzy of cheers and roars. Jonathan hushed the room from his higher standing and continued.

“That is what I like to hear!” he cheered, bending down to high five and shake hands with the younger members of the team. “Now, I hate to do this just before a big match, but I have a question for you all” he announced. David and Joel started at each other, both of them had knots in their stomach as they watched on. “Our brother and fellow teammate Joel Wheeler, had made some disheartening comments about myself and one of our captains Cohen Kingsely. As a result of his behavior I call for a vote” he said. Jonathan oozed charisma, the entire team were hanging off his every word, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand which did not bode well for Joel.

“A vote, to remove Mr Wheeler from the team effective immediately” he stated, shooting daggers in his former friends direction.

Cohen looked to David for some response, his mouthing gaping and his fists shaking. “You can’t do that, I’m captain and I’m not allowing this to happen” David insisted charging towards the trio. “Co-Captain, you’re co-captain” Cohen replied, smiling in a belittling manner. “As am I, and as Co-Captain, I am backing Jonathan’s idea” he laughed, his smile soon turned to a snarl as he tried to intimidate Joel once again.

Cohen jumped atop of the bench to join Jonathan on the raised platform, the two players looked down upon their teammates, like Gods from the heavens. “Everyone in opposed to Joel’s explosion from the team raise your hand” Jonathan announced. David’s hand shot into the air, but no one followed.

Both Joel and David looked to Dean, who merely shook his head and mouthed “Sorry” before slumping his head back down towards the floor.

“Oh this is a real nail bitter” Oliver chuckled as he pushed his hands through his hair. “And now all in favor” Cohen added, the entire room raised their hands, even Dean who remained alone in his corner. Cohen, Jonathan and Oliver all smiled at each other, as they slowly turned towards Joel.

His skin blushed, he could feel nothing but the eyes of the other players, judging him and for what? For calling out Jonathan’s unusual behavior, all he wanted to do was scream but after the public humiliation Joel couldn’t do anything he tensed up and froze. “So it’s unanimous, Joel get the fuck out” Cohen shouted as he jumped down from the bench.

Defeated he shook his head, he wasn’t going to cry or runaway, he was not going to give them the satisfaction. He raised his head, picked up his bag and headed for the door. “Joel wait!” David shouted, he halted his exit and turned back towards the two captains, who were now in the midst of showdown.

“What is wrong with you all, he did nothing wrong. We are a team, we can’t just kick people out when they piss us off” David screamed.

“Oh enough with the High School Musical, we’re all in this together shit” Cohen groaned. “He’s out, fair and square. If you think it’s such a travesty, clearly you don’t understand democracy and maybe you should join him on the other side of that door” Cohen stared up at the much taller David, still trying to be an intimidating force.

“David it’s not even worth it” Joel stated in a calm and collected tone. “Stay on the team, it really doesn’t matter to me anyway” he whispered now approaching the trio. “So if you think this is going to hurt me, think again. My real friends will stand by me and that’s all that matters” he told them. “So your first attempt to destroy my life has failed Jonathan, try again next time” he said patronizingly as he turned away. The trio looked at each other as the changing room door opened, illuminating their faces with the harsh neon light of the corridor. “Are you forgetting who your roommate is?” Oliver shouted, in a bid to prove his own worth.

“I am going to assist Jonathan in making every single second your life miserable, better sleep with one eye open from now on” he added, flashing his pearly white teeth.

“Bring it on, bitch” Joel sighed unfazed as the door slammed behind him.

 Blossom Dormitory 

Oscar’s head rested softly on the plush whit pillow, finally at ease he soon found himself drifting into a dreamless slumber. For the first time in so long he was totally relaxed. Alone and asleep in the dark room, Oscar remained unaware of the noise coming from just beyond the door and its handle which repeatedly jiggled.

Finally the door opened and a crack of light peaked through into the room, highlighting the outline of a figure standing in the doorway. They crept into the room and quietly shut the door behind them, lurking in the shadows they made their way towards Oscar.

Suddenly the boy’s body tensed, Oscar began to wriggle with discomfort and as he slowly awoke from his slumber, he got the impression that he was not alone. He lowered his breathing and +pretended to be asleep, his heart pounded in his chest as he clutched onto the side of his bed with fear, staring into the darkness listening vigilantly for other signs of life, when suddenly the floor boards squeaked. He knew in that instant that his gut instinct was right and he was not in fact alone in the room.

He quietly reached for the digital clock on his bed side table and gripped it tightly, it wasn’t much of a defense weapon, but it was better than nothing. His mind was blank, he thought of nothing but that sound of the floorboard. As he sensed a presence grow closer and closer, he held onto the clock tighter than ever before. Finally he could hear breathing, the figure was standing over his bed, Oscar knew he had to act quickly, he pushed himself upwards to his knees and rose the alarm clock high into the air, ready to strike.

The reading lamp turned on revealing Caleb standing over him, Oscar jumped with fear as did Caleb, stumbling backwards onto his back. “Jesus Christ, Caleb you scared the living shit out of me” Oscar panted as he lowered the alarm clock.

Caleb remained on the floor clutching at his chest “Erm right back at you!” he roared at Oscar, who now perched himself on the edge of his bed. “What were you going to do, bludgeon me with that thing?” Caleb asked, his breath still accelerated. Oscar turned to the alarm clock, he pushed his lips together and shrugged.

“I thought you were the killer” Oscar sighed in a bid to explain himself, meanwhile Caleb had wondered over to his bed on the opposite side the room, he tossed his backpack onto the floor and threw himself onto it.

“Oh okay, so you were going to hit the killer with a clock?” Caleb questioned in a sarcastic tone. The pair laughed awkwardly as Oscar returned to laying on his bed. Caleb’s entire face lowered as it only now dawned on him what a terrible state Oscar was in.

“Sorry I woke you up by the way, I was just coming to drop my bag off before heading to diner, I saw the lights off and was trying my best not to disturb you” he explained apologetically. “I know you haven’t slept much these past few night, so I really wasn’t trying to disturb you” he said. Once again his tone was filled with desperation, Caleb didn’t want Oscar to think of him as his ‘weird roommate’ he wanted Oscar to like him, he wanted to be his friend.

Oscar smiled and merely shrugged the whole situation off. “Caleb it’s okay, you don’t have to keep apologizing seriously” he laughed, flashing a dazzling smile at his roommate. “But don’t let me hold you up, go have dinner. I will probably be here when you get back, hopefully a lot more rested” he sighed as he shut his eyes once more. Caleb smiled nervously and got off his bed, however just as he reached the door a thought popped into his head. He turned around to Oscar, whose eyelids were shut and cleared his throat. “Oscar can I ask you a question” he stuttered nervously.

Oscar’s eyes opened and smiled through gritted teeth, he desperately wanted to return to his slumber, however he knew liked Caleb and didn’t wish to come across as rude. “Sure” he sighed, his head still rested on the pillow, with his eyes half open.

Caleb nodded and knelt on the floor next to his bed, “How do you deal with your brother?” he asked Oscar, who’s eyes opened wide once more. Oscar sighed loudly following the mention of Oliver, he pushed himself into a seat position and looked down at his roommate.

“That question could be interpreted many ways, is Oliver bullying you or something?” he asked, knowing full well what his brother and the rest of the rugby boys were capable of. “Because if he is I’ll deal with it for you” he said, not that it would do much good. The boys never listen when he defends Leo, so why would this situation be any different. Caleb shook his head and slumped down off his knees, he leaned against the bedside table and exhaled.

“No he’s not bullying me. I guess I pretty much fly under the radar in that sense” he explained, looking rather pensive. “I should have worded my question better” Caleb explained, looking off towards the door. “I meant, how you deal with your brother’s personality? The egotistical nature, the arrogance, the superiority complex. Doesn’t it all drive you insane” he panted, finally looking at Oscar, eye to eye.

Oscar now understood what this was all about, he leaned onto the bed’s headboard and addressed his roommate. “I’ll assume this about Jules”. Caleb tensed at his brother’s name, he wasn’t being indirect but he secretly hopped that Oscar wouldn’t bring the situation up. “I’ve seen him running around campus, chasing popularity, climbing the ever present social ladder that dictates the hierarchy of the school” Oscar said dramatically.

“In short, Jules will become what Oliver became, he’ll become popular and with that he’ll become a total asshole. It’s just the way things work” Oscar explained to an anxious Caleb, who longed for better advice.

“But what can I do?” he asked desperately. “No offence but I don’t want my little brother turning into your brother or any of the rugby boys for that matter” he explained to Oscar. “Look, I get where you’re coming from. I know the way Jonathan and the others treat him is deplorable and you’re a big brother merely doing his duty, looking out for his little brother” Oscar said, smiling down towards Caleb. “But Jules isn’t a child, if this is what he wants then he needs to do this by himself and if this all turns out to be a horrible mistake, well he needs to learn from that the mistake too” Oscar concluded with another humble smile.

Caleb sighed and pushed himself to his feet. “So you’re saying I can’t do anything to stop this?” he asked another question.

“Afraid not, unless you have some divine intervention up your sleeve that can snap Jules out of his popularity induced high, you’ll have to learn to accept the fact that your brother will be an asshole” the pair laughed.

“Well I can keep trying, I guess” Caleb sighed reluctantly as Oscar lowered himself into a laying position once more. “Thanks for your help Oscar” he said politely as he headed towards the door yet again.

“You’re welcome, besides I’ll be here to offer advice along the way, I’ll be your Yoda” Oscar laughed, as he gradually trailed off into a sleepy haze. Caleb looked at him from the doorway as his smile faded, he turned off the light and whispered “Tell Clara my thoughts are with her” before stepping out into the corridor.

He shut the door gently as to not wake Oscar a third time, he leaned against the wall and sighed loudly, all the colour drained from his face following mentioning Clara, he wiped sweat of his brow and sighed loudly. Suddenly a pair of strong arms pinned him against a wall. Caleb jolted knocking his head against the wall, he looked up to see the furious face of Mr Mendoza.

“We need to talk, my office NOW” the teacher roared into the students face.

  The Courtyard - 9 Months Ago 

Clara and Olivia sat on the bench under the old oak tree, both girls were enjoying each other’s company as Clara jotted down notes in her book, whilst Olivia watched Tyler and the other boys doing press ups on the green. Everywhere she went she would see Tyler, every corridor she turned down and every door that was opened, always seemed to lead to his perfect smile.

Clara rolled her eyes, as she noticed the boy watching Olivia too. “Jesus why don’t you two just do it and get it over with already” Clara laughed. Olivia blushed at the thought and chose to remain silent on the matter. “You two obviously like each other. Why don’t you just ask him out?” Clara asked.

“You don’t just ask out a boy like that” Olivia replied, pushing her dark hair behind her ears. “You have to let him ask you out” she added before turning back to the boys. Tyler jumped to his feet and ran his fingers through his own thick black locks. Olivia sighed wistfully as she leaned further into the bench.

“I can’t believe you’ve just said that. Do you really think in this day and age a man has to ask the women out?” Clara asked baffled by Olivia’s explanation.

“Oh of course not!” Olivia refuted. “But when it comes to rugby boys, YES” she insisted, adjusting her seating so she could face her best friend. “See they like to think their all macho, thus having a women ask THEM out would call into question their manhood and they would not like that” she explained, her words trailed off just as Tyler ripped the shirt off of his body and exposed his muscled torso to the world.

“Okay did you have that timed or something” Clara laughed at the irony, Olivia joined her flashing a smile, which caught the attention of the shirtless athlete.

Suddenly Clara moaned loudly, in response Olivia’s head turned towards the archway where she saw Casandra flocked by Vev and Chasity. The three girls were coming towards them at a great pace, there was no way for the friends to escape, instead they had to put on their best fake smiles and hope for the best.

“See she didn’t wait long to crown herself queen” Clara whispered through gritted teeth, Olivia once again remained silent but couldn’t help but concur with her friends observation. She watched a newly crowned Casandra trot towards them.

“Hello ladies” Casandra greeted producing a fake smile of her own.

“You’re not getting the bench. We were here first” Clara replied bluntly.

The three Bitchette’s laughed in sync. “Oh I am not here for the bench” Casandra replied smiling, she took her sunglasses off of her face and looked down at the two friends. “On the contrary, I am here for the two of you” she explained.

“Us?” Olivia asked in a breathy voice, she was desperate to divert her attention back to Tyler, but attempted to remain focused. Casandra took note of the boys, she could see Olivia staring at Tyler from the corner of her eyes, so she smirked at innocent girl and continued to step closer.

“Yes, I am offering you two the chance of a lifetime” Casandra announced. With that she raised both of her arms, prompting the two other girls to step forward. From behind their back’s Vev and Chasity withdrew two small velvet boxes, they smoothly raised the lids to reveal two golden bee broaches. “I am offering you both a chance, to join my hive” Casandra said.

The broach glimmered in the sun and Olivia now had zero distractions, she started at it in a hypnotic state, looking upon its beauty and craftsmanship. “No” Clara replied in a harsh tone, breaking Olivia’s trance. “We don’t want it” Clara added defiantly.

“I didn’t know you answered for the pair of you” Casandra was quick to respond. She saw the glimmer in Olivia’s eyes and knew how much she wanted it. A confident smirk arose across her lips, she flicked her hands forward and like well-trained animals Vev and Chas stepped forward and placed the boxes on the girl’s laps.

Olivia stroked the velvet lid, as her breath grew heavier the longer she stared at the piece of jewelry. Clara’s lips quivered, she quickly shut her boxes lid and turned to Liv. “We don’t need it do we Liv?” she asked. There was a long, awkward pause and Olivia looked to her friend. “I’m sorry what did you say?” Olivia asked bewilderingly.

“Well I’ll take that as a maybe” Casandra laughed, knowing now that she had Olivia hooked.

“And remember my darlings, should you choose to join me you’ll have the entire school eating out of the palms of your hands” she said, lowering herself down to the girls levels. “Everyone will love you, boys will do anything for you and girls will want to be you” upon saying this she stroked Olivia’s cheek, whilst Clara watched on baffled and confused.

“Oh golly gee, with a deal that good there must be a catch” Clara laughed sarcastically. “No catch, just asking if you want to be friends” Casandra sighed. She stood up and slowly backed away towards her minions. “Well if you girls wish to accept my offer, please come to my room any time, the offer has no expiration, so you girls don’t need to make a snap decision” she said, now beaming the fakest smile ever. “Byeee” she whispered before trotting away. Vev and Chas both waved without saying a single and quickly followed their leader.

Olivia touched the broach with her bare hands, as her breath steadied. Clara looked on and saw Tyler and the other boys grinning. Had this been a plan for a while? Had the schools elite cliques been in on this? So many question passed through Clara’s head.

“You can’t seriously be considering this” Clara gasped. Olivia smiled and shrugged, managing to pry her eyes away from the broach for just a second.

“Why are you treating this like she just put a gun in our laps?” Liv asked. “She is just asking if we want to be her friend or not” Olivia explained returning her attention to the broach.

“Oh you can’t be serious!” Clara rolled her eyes, exhaling dramatically. “Look I just don’t have a good feeling about this” she explained. “I don’t trust Casandra as far as I can throw her” Clara continued, grabbing onto Liv’s hand for support. “This broach means nothing to me, those girls mean nothing to me. But you, you’re my best friend Liv” she whimpered.

“Please, please don’t be friends with Casandra. I don’t want to lose you” she sighed, as a single tear fell down her cheek.

Olivia didn’t hesitate, she hugged Clara tightly and refused to let go. “You’re acting paranoid. Nothing will come of this encounter” she whispered into her friend’s ear. “You are my best friend and you always will be my best friend” she sighed, gently resting her chin on Clara’s shoulder.

The two girls held each other for a moment, remaining unaware that they were now a public spectacle for the rugby boys, who were practically drooling at the sight of the girl’s interaction. Clara backed away and looked deep into her friend’s eyes.

“And you are my best friend Liv, I just couldn’t imagine my life without you” Clara sighed. The two girls felt they were being watched. They turned their heads to see the rugby players still ogling them, some a little seemed a little too please at the view they had. The girls turned to each other and broke out into a fit of giggles, laughing carelessly like no one was watching.

 Iris Dormitory: Clara's Room - Present Day 

Clara’s eyes opened, she awoke still under her covers and for the first time in days, she actually felt normal. Her mind was completely empty, allowing her to feel lighter than ever before. She pushed the blanket off her face and breathed deeply, before rising to a sitting position. “Hey” she heard the faint voice of Leo from the corner of the room. He stood up out of his chair and approached her cautiously.

“Hey” she replied in monotone-like fashion. Leo sat on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on his friend’s leg, in a bid to offer her some comfort. “You don’t have to stay you know. I appreciate the concern from you and Oscar, but you don’t need to do this” she whispered.

As Leo watched his friend speak he noticed that much like Oscar, she too was looking rather rough. Two big bags hung under her eyes, her porcelain was somehow even paler and hair was practically a bird’s nest. It was not the same Clara he had grew accustomed to see every day, but nevertheless he offered a comforting smile “Yes I know, but I am here and Oscar is here because we want to be” he explained, pushing himself closer towards her.

Clara wheezed, her eyes grew watery and she flung herself into Leo’s arms. In a matter of seconds the girl’s world crashed down upon her all over again, she sobbed into Leo’s shoulder howling uncontrollably. The boy didn’t know how to respond, thus he awkwardly patted the back of her head and sighed “It’s going to be alright, it’s all going to be alright”. Clara’s crying grew louder and louder, she pulled at the back of Leo’s shirt tightly and refused to let go.

“No it’s not!” she screamed helplessly. “She’s gone, my best friends gone” she continued. Finally she took her head off Leo’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. “What am I supposed to do now?” she asked in the same pitiful tone.

Leo panted, the young man had to scramble for something to say, his mind worked overtime as he tried to formulate some useful advice. “Erm” he sighed, severing the eye contact. “You just have to continue” he whispered. “Believe me, I don’t know how you’re feeling Clara, I couldn’t possibly imagine. But what I do now is you have to keep going” he told as he began to pick up some momentum.

“I have suffered dark times in my life, not as dark as what you’re going through now, but still pretty dark. It felt good to just cry, it felt good for a really long time. But you can’t just sit and cry forever, you have to push forward and continue with your life” he explained, his eyes too welled with tears.

There was a moment of silence before Clara hugged her friend again. “How did you do it, how did you just push on?” she asked in a raspy voice.

“I came here” Leo explained, “I ran away from all my problems, all the hurt and putrid back home and I came here” he told her. “Not the smartest idea, but it was what was best for me. You just need to work out what will work for you” she explained stroking her cheek. Clara smiled as she touched her friends face back.

“You’re really brave Leo, Liv would have really loved you” she sighed, playfully messing up his hair. “And I’m sure I would have loved her” he replied, whilst he did his best to fix his mop top. The pair sighed in unison and smiled at each other.

Clara brushed the tears off of her face and sighed loudly, she stared at Leo for a long period of time, not saying a word but merely enjoying his comforting aura. Being in the young American’s presence put her at ease, Olivia may have been on her mind but Clara found that she could actually smile around Leo, she could relax and not be filled with fear and regret.

“I will say this, I am fucking starving” Clara laughed as she threw herself down onto the pillow. Leo jumped off the bed and dramatically skipped towards the empty bed that was once occupied by Dolly. A plastic bag sat atop of the bed, he held it in the air theatrically as Clara giggled. Leo was now making it his mission to distract his friend and if it meant acting the fool then so be it.

“They may have stopped serving dinner an hour ago, but luckily for us we have a bag of snacks donated by Mr Oscar Olson” he held the bag to her face, whilst doing jazz hands.

“Oscar bought all of this stuff for me?” Clara asked, she took it off Leo and began to route through it. “Well of course he did, he cares about, you’re his best friend and he wanted to make sure that you had everything you need” Leo sighed. “I was hungry myself, I routed through it before but I don’t know what half the things are so, I’ll leave it all to you, to pick something yummy for me” he laughed. Clara raised her eye brow and pouted.

“Girl, are you seriously telling me you’ve never heard of a Pot Noodle?” she asked in disbelief. Leo shook his head and giggled. “Digestive biscuits?” she asked, once again Leo shook his head and laughed louder. “Leo have you even had a real, proper BRITISH cup of tea since you’ve been here?” she asked playfully pushing him. Leo shook his head and burst into laughter.

“I’ve been meaning to though” he tried to defend himself. “Well that settles it, you’re going to go into your room and get your laptop, you are going to try all of these snacks and we are going to have a chick flick marathon” she tapped him on the nose as she concluded her sentence.

Leo saw how happy Clara was, he couldn’t say no to her, all he wanted was to take her mind off the trauma and if that meant trying all of these things, then it had to be done. He got off the bed and headed for the door. He watched from the door as Clara began to unload the snacks onto her bed. “Are you okay?” he asked her in a serious tone.

Clara slowly looked up at the boy, she knew the question wasn’t merely a throw away statement, she knew that Leo was genuinely concerned. She simply nodded her head “I will be” she whispered. Her eyes told the full story, as Leo looked into them he could see how devastated Clara still was, he could see every ounce of pain she had been through and yet, he could also see her strength. The strength that put a smile on her face, the strength that allowed her to smile, the strength that would eventually allow her to continue on. He smiled back at her before stepping out of the doorway and headed across the corridor to his own room.

Now that she was once again alone, Clara reverted to feeling powerless. She didn’t have Leo’s welcoming embrace to comfort her, she was cold and lonely yet again, and just like that, every memory she had of the Olivia came flooding back. But every memory, every single thought of Olivia now ended the same way, with the sound of her body hitting the concrete and the sight of blood gushing out of her lifeless corpse.

A single tear fell down Clara’s cheek, she brought her knees to her chest and began to breathe heavily. “It’s going to be okay” she whispered into herself. She closed her eyes tightly and attempted to steady her breathing, she longed for the return of Leo, desperate to try and enjoy what promised to be a fun evening.

  Wolfsbane Dormitory: David and Jonathan's Room 

The small bedroom was up in awe with deep voices, cheering and laughing as the rugby boys clanged together cans of beer together, “Cheers” they all shouted in unison. The beers frothed as the boys scrambled to gulp them down, followed by more laughter and loud burps. “That was some game” Jonathan sighed, punching Dean’s shoulder.

“Doesn’t matter, all that matters is we won” Cohen shouted from the other side of the room. David rolled his eyes and continued to sip his beer. He hated being in this environment, it felt so sinister and wrong, here they were drinking and partying as if they hadn’t just kicked Joel off the team, as if there weren’t people being murdered right on their doorstep. This was his room and yet he felt completely powerless, if it were up to him a celebration wouldn’t have even taken place, they won the match, but there wasn’t any need to make this big of a deal.

“So has anyone heard from Tyler?” Dean whispered, Cohen merely shrugged his shoulders and withdrew his phone.

“Well he hasn’t text me, so I’ll assume he’s still in bed” Cohen said dismissively, as he checked his phone. He did however have a text from Casandra. You know how you said you’d do anything for me?

He read, before returning tho his conversation. “He really needs to learn not to mope around all the time, it really isn’t healthy” Jonathan added, a statement which caught the attention of David.

“How’s Casandra?” David asked. Cohen’s face now softened at the mention of his girlfriend’s name. His face blushed and for once he actually looked somewhat gentle. “She’s doing good, thanks” he whispered back. This response accompanied with Cohen’s softer body language only confused David even more.

Jules, donned in a tight tux and shorts knelt down beside David holding a tray of champagne “Would you like a drink?” he asked, David’s face grew redder, he saw the glasses shake as Jules struggled to hold the weight of the tray. David shook his head and the younger boy slowly arose to his feet and waddled over to the other guests.

An enraged David turned towards Jonathan who was paying no attention to his protégé. Without even looking at the younger boy, Jonathan snapped his fingers together and Jules came running along.

He knelt down and raised the tray high for Jonathan, who merely took a glass and continued to ignore the boy, who remained in his kneeling position. Dean turned away choosing to ignore it. However David stormed towards his teammate and pushed him against the wall, knocking the plastic champagne glass to the floor.

“Excuse you” Jonathan scoffed as the whole room went silent.

“Have you actually lost your mind?” David shouted at the boy’s face. Jonathan refused to look him in the eyes, pushing his chin outwards in an obnoxious fashion. “Mate I do not know what has gotten into you this year, but I’m getting really sick of it” he continued, taking a step away. Cohen sat on the bed next to Dean and the pair watched intently as the roommates duked it out. “Joel was right about you, you have gone full blown socio” hearing this statement once more made Jonathan laugh, a very nervous Jules now began to tremble.

“Oh Joel was right really?” Jonathan said in a sarcastic tone as Cohen laughed loudly.

“Look where Joel is now?” he continued, tilting his head and smirking smugly. David shook his head and laughed too. “What’s so funny?” Jonathan asked, stepping closer to the Head Boy.

“I am laughing because I know what you’re thinking. You’re already plotting to try and get rid of me, just like Joel, but it’s not going to happen. You see I am captain” David explained before he was cut off by Cohen.

“Co-Captain!” he shouted from over Dean’s shoulder.

“I am Co-Captain” David corrected himself. “I can’t be kicked off the team” he explained, getting nose to nose with Jonathan. “Now we have to share this room and I am getting so sick of you belittling this kid. As Head Boy, I can’t stand to see this behavior” he said, looking down at Jules with a welcoming smile.

“Oh no, not another ‘you’re using a child a man-servant’ lecture” Jonathan laughed sarcastically. David looked around the room and then back at his roommate. “Does anyone else in here have a problem with the way I treat Jules?” Jonathan asked the room, he looked out in search of a response but the room remained silent. “Outnumbered again” Jonathan whispered.

“I have something I need to do, but by the time I get back, I want all of you out. Unless you want to spend next weekend in detention” he announced, much to the dismay of his teammates.

“Can’t wait for more of those threats” Cohen whispered into Dean’s ear, as the quiet boy forced out a smile.

David outstretched his hand towards Jules and once again smiled. “Come on kid, I’ll take you back to your room” he said softly. Jules stared at the hand and then up towards an enraged Jonathan, he looked at both boys truly contemplating his next move. Finally he let out a large sigh and shook his head. “No thank you, I wish to stay here” he announced.

David’s face dropped as the rest of the room erupted into laughter, Jonathan leaned against the wall for support as he graciously applauded Jules. A disappointed David nodded gently, before returning his focus to Jonathan. “Just go easy on him please” he said softly before turning away and hastily heading towards the door. He felt such a mixture of emotions but none more so than fear, David truly feared for Jules. He didn’t want to leave the boy alone with his teammates, but he knew deep down in his heart he needed to be somewhere else.

As soon as he left Oliver quickly entered carrying several cans of beer. He turned to the passing David and then back towards his other teammates. “Leave him, he’s in one of his superior moods” Jonathan shrugged. He looked down at Jules and actually smiled, ruffling the boy’s hair in the process.

“Jesus do you have a death wish, you couldn’t have even put them in a bag!” Cohen shouted, he rushed towards the door and slammed it shut before grabbing the exposed cans.

“I forgot, I lost track of time talking to Chas” he announced, hoping to invoke some sort of response from the other boys. Cohen sighed reluctantly and took the bait, gabbing a can out of Oliver’s hand he pulled the boy down onto the bed. “So you and Chasity, how’s that going?” he asked pretending like he cared.

“Really goof actually, not to sound corny lads but I think she might be the one” he whispered with humble smile on his face. The rugby boys fell quiet, they stared at each other unable to hold a straight face, and then in an instant they all laughed loudly and began to push Oliver in a playful manner, with the ever silent Dean even joining in. Cohen hit his friend’s head with a pillow as the laugher continued, finally Oliver jumped to his feet and began to jokingly hit Cohen with the same pillow.

The room’s laugher eventually died down and Cohen managed tame his laughter. “Mate, if all that is true you are fucked” Cohen giggled whipping a tear from his cheek. Oliver shook his head and once again joined his teammate on the bed.

“Why am I fucked?” he asked. “There is nothing wrong with having a girlfriend?” he refuted, starting to look rather embarrassed.

“We didn’t say that there was” Dean whispered, much to the surprise of the other boys.

“What we’re trying to say is once she has her claws into you, boom game over” Jonathan laughed, downing his glass of champagne. He placed the empty glass back onto Jules’ tray and wondered over towards the trio of boys.

“Look Oli, you get more girls than any of us. You’ve slept with more girls than all of combined” Cohen pointed out, wrapping his arms around Oliver’s shoulder. “What on earth has brought about this change? Why do you want a girlfriend so badly?” he asked in between sips of beer.

Oliver’s face flushed, he bit his lips and looked down at his feet. Dean immediately clocked hiss strange body language and began to pay closer attention.

“I just want one okay, when I am with Chasity I actually feel like someone gives a damn” he whispered. He turned to Cohen and continued “It’s how you feel when you’re with Casandra. I don’t want to be with or sleep with any other girl other than her, ever again” he said.

“Aww” Cohen laughed as he pulled at Oliver’s cheek like an old lady. Oliver batted him away before giving him the finger. “Well I think that is great that you’re willing to give up fucking other girls. Which brings me to my toast” Cohen announced as he jumped onto the bed.

“That’s David’s bed be careful” Jonathan laughed. Cohen smiled at his friends and began to bounce up and down on the set of pillows. He merely laughed at Cohen’s actions and took another glass off of the tray, with Jules still kneeling on the floor.

The room fell silent once more as Cohen raised his can into the air. “Gentleman, I want to once again commend all of you on an excellent game this afternoon” he said as the room erupted into cheers. “But I also wanted to take time to have a moment of silence” he said in a solemn tone.

“For all the beautiful young ladies we have lost” some of the boys looked down to the floor following Cohen’s words. Both Dean and Oliver shifted uncomfortably as the co-captain continued his toast. “May they all rest in peace, it’s a real shame that we’ll never get to fuck any of them” he said, changing the atmosphere of the room entirely. Dean mouth dropped instantly, Oliver’s eyes widened as Jonathan chuckled loudly. He leaned over Jules and clinked his glass with Cohen’s can. “Dude” Dean moaned with disapproval. He turned to Oliver for support, who stayed quiet.

“It was a joke calm down” Cohen hissed downing his can, before throwing it at Jules’ head.

“But a true joke, sad that I’ll never get to take a turn on Olivia” Jonathan laughed, whilst Oliver forced a smile as a basic response. Having heard enough Dean simply got up and walked out of the room, without another word. “Come on Dean!” Jonathan shouted flakily, as Cohen jumped off the bed to join him.

“Wonder what’s up with him?” Cohen asked, grabbing the last glass off of the tray. “I don’t know the kid is always moody” Jonathan responded as they clinked the glasses together for a final time. “I think he had a point” Jules whispered from beneath them. The two boy’s heads shot down to him, they watched on in disbelief following Jules’ outburst. “It was quite an insensitive thing to say, considering the girls have just died” he whispered, now avoiding all eye contact with the older boys.

“Did you just talk back, you little troll?” Jonathan asked, as rage quickly took over his entire mind. Jules’ stuttered unable to form a straight sentence. He attempted to back away only to be met by Cohen, who lightly kicked his back, sending him crashing forward to Jonathan’s feet.

“Just when I actually start to like you, you do something like this! Seriously I have never been so offended in my entire life” Jonathan whispered, crouching down to Jules’ level. “I help you, I waste so much time trying to teach you how to rule and this is how you repay me?” he his asked, his voice was dark and filled with hatred. Jules gulped loudly, as he tried to stumble to his feet only to have Cohen sweep his legs from underneath him.

“Gentleman, I think little Jules needs a reminder of his position here” Jonathan announced to the entire room. One by one other rugby players began to circle Jules, like a pack of hyenas. Oliver took his place next to Cohen, just as Jules threw himself into the foetal position. Jonathan was the first one to start, he viciously kicked the boy’s concealed face and what followed as barrage of vicious stomps and boots.

  Police Station: 1 Hour Later 

Blaire and Alex sat at his desk, the hacking process was underway and soon they would have the answers the so desperately needed. Their eyes dotted between his computer and Olivia’s laptop, whilst the software was hard at work. “While everything processes, I have a few questions” Blair stated, as she tied her hair up into a bun.

“Fire away” the detective replied leaning back into his chair. Blair withdrew her notebook, and hastily flicked through its pages. She pushed her glasses up and grunted in frustration, “I didn’t find any sign of the Miss Wrights phone. Was it apprehended from the scene or is it missing?” she asked, raising her gaze to meet the detective.

“Miss Wright’s phone was apprehended at the scene, upon further investigation we found that the phone no longer works. However we are trying to get her phone records, but for some reason it’s taking longer than usual” he told the reporter, who returned her gaze to the notebook.

McKenna looked at Blair in a way he had never before, his eyes filled with compassion as he watched work. For the first time he actually saw her as more than just a television reporter. He watched eyes as they scanned the notes, studied her luscious lips and followed every lock of hair up to the bun, he unable to find a single imperfection. “Have you got any more suspects, apart from Casandra Clooney?” she asked, once again pushing her glasses up.

The detective shuffled in his seat following his brief distraction and tried to regain his focus. “I would very much like to say that the information is classified” he said, as his seat rolled closer to Blair. “But I’d be lying, I have no other leads. If it isn’t Casandra Clooney then we’ll be back to square one I’m afraid” he sighed, looking at her hopelessly.

The reporters face lost all colour, she dropped the notebook onto the desk and untied her hair. The thick brown locks cascaded down her back, capturing the undivided attention of McKenna. “It shouldn’t be longer now” she whispered.

Once again McKenna looked lost, he stared at her blankly awaiting clarification. “The laptop” Blair stated, pointing at the computer. McKenna blinked and laughed awkwardly after making a fool of himself yet again. “Sorry, that nap really wasn’t enough” he sighed as he pushed his hands through his hair.

“It’s okay, I understand completely. You’re under a lot of stress” Blair whispered as she smiled at the man sympathetically.

“That’s an understatement” the detective replied instantly. “I actually found a cluster of grey hair the other night. This case, it’s driving me insane” he moaned. “There is literally no evidence, what pisses me off even more is that this laptop is our only hope” he sighed miserably.

“That’s not true, there is still have the autopsies. You have Casandra’s brush, you have a DNA sample now” she explained, trying to reason with him.

“The lab was supposed to call an hour ago” he sighed, shrugging as he did so. However just as he said that the phone rang, the detective looked shocked as he stared at Blair and then down at the phone. “Well that sentence was well timed” Blair sighed, as Alex dived to pick up the call.

“Hello, DI Alex McKenna speaking” he answered. There was nothing but silence and static on the other end of the line. “Hello, Detective Alex McKenna speaking” he repeated, this time heavy breathing came from the other end. “Who is it?” Blair whispered into his ear, as she joined him around the phone.

“I’m sorry, can you hear me on the other end?” the flustered detective asked.

“Why yes Detective, I hear you loud and clear” the deep voice said from the other end of the line. The detective’s stomach sank, as the dark voice whispered into his ear. “And now you’ll hear me, loud and clear” the voice said again, in its sickeningly smooth sensibility.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the detective asked, but the line went dead instantly. He looked at the phone in disbelief and attempted to redial the caller. He once again placed the phone to his ear, when suddenly the whole station burst into life.

The constable ran over to his desk, panting profusely, as sweat dripped from every pore in his face. “McKenna we need your assistance, there has been a fire out in the mores. We’ve… We’ve” he panted again repeatedly, unable to form a sentence. “We need all units” he stated, leaning against the desk for support.

“For a fire? That’s not our jurisdiction. Let the fire brigade handle it” McKenna replied calmly, still clutching the phone in his hand.

“No, the fire brigade called us” the constable explained. “Fire is originating from an abandoned farmhouse. They think it’s connected to the Windsor academy murders, they think it’s someone” the man struggled to get his words out, through all of his coughing and wheezing.

“They think it’s someone trying to burn evidence” McKenna finished the sentence for him.

“Loud and clear” he whispered to himself, repeating the words of the mysterious caller.

“The fire fighters are at the scene now, but with all the grass fire is spreading by the minute” the constable wheezed yet again.

McKenna turned to Blair who had terror painted across her face. “I need to call my cameraman” she whispered, she turned away but was slowly brought back to the desk as Alex gently tugged on her wrist. “No, no press absolutely not” he insisted firmly.

“But it’s my job. I may be helping you solve this but the BBC pay me to report” she replied in an equally firm tone. McKenna looked at her, he looked deep into her eyes and slowly released her from his touch. “Please, stay here. You’re safe here, just wait until the computer is loaded and when it does we may have our answers. And if that is the case, I promise you an exclusive interview” he pleaded desperately.

Blair had never seen the detective act in such a manner. He was shaken, she knew this wasn’t an act and that he genuinely cared for her safety. So she merely nodded her head and sat down on the desk chair.

“Thank you” McKenna whispered, as he touched her shoulder. He nodded at his fellow policeman and they both headed towards the door. However just as he reached its handle his movement was ceased by a women calling his name.

“McKenna” she shouted as she sprinted towards him. “Here are those autopsies and DNA test you wanted” she panted, before handing the Detective an envelope.

“You were supposed to call an hour ago with these results” he stated, as he uncomfortably shuffled. “Can you just summaries this for me because I need to be at the mores ASAP” he huffed solemnly, as he fiddled with the envelope.

“Apologies but we’ve been pretty busy lately” she replied. “But of course I can sir” the woman added. “The autopsies merely confirmed what we already knew. Both Cameron Johansson and Theodora Memphis suffered from several fatal stab wounds and died due to blood loss.

Both to the spinal and chest area. Whilst Olivia wright suffered from these injuries too she also acquired several cracked ribs, we believe the killer may have thrown her down a flight of stairs” the forensic scientist explained. “We believe she was already dead when she was thrown from the roof of Periwinkle dormitory” the woman trailed off.

“Thank you, to you and all your team” he replied in hastily fashion, ready to leave the station immediately. His mind was so preoccupied with other thoughts that he forgot the DNA test he ordered.

“And the DNA test you ordered” she kindly reminded him. McKenna stood there once more in silence, hoping the report would soon end. “It was a match” the scientist stated bluntly.

“We found several traces of Casandra Clooney’s DNA on Cameron Johansson” as soon as the words left her lips, McKenna’s eyes shot straight to meet Blair, who was eavesdropping from the other side of the room.

His mouth hung open, as both the constable and forensic scientist stared at him dumbfounded. “I can’t go” McKenna whispered. “I need to get to Windsor now” he insisted, he looked off to Blair and nodded. “Stay here, watch that laptop if you find anything call me straight away” he shouted, before storming out of the station.

Just as the door slammed shut Olivia’s laptop beeped, Blair’s eye line lowered to see Olivia’s desktop open for all to see. Finally she was in.

  Periwinkle Dormitory: Chasity and Vev's Room 

Vev and Chas both lounged on their respective beds, both girls had a textbook in front of them as they diligently did their homework. The clock ticked back and forth, filling the silent void that was the room. Vev stared at her friend and faked a cough, in an effort to start a conversation.

“So” Vev sighed finally capturing the attention of her friend “Did you talk to Oliver about, you know” she smiled whilst Chasity simultaneously rolled her eyes and onto her back. She moaned dramatically as he legs flailed in the air. “Not yet, but I will don’t worry girl” she yawned, withdrawing her phone in the process.

“Are you texting him now? Tell him now” Vev pleaded desperately, as she got off her bed and knelt besides Chasity. Her friend once again rolled her eyes and sighed in an even more dramatic fashion.

“You don’t need Oliver to set you up with one of the rugby boys” Chasity insisted hiding her phone from Vev’s view. “I do, I really do” Vev begged.

“Girl do not be this desperate. Boys will sense that shit and they’ll use it against you” Chasity said in a motherly tone, as she ran her fingers through Vev’s gorgeous blonde hair. “Especially the boys in this school” she added in a more serious tone. Vev smiled before joining her friend on the bed, she too laid on her back.

The two girls contently stared at the candelabra light that hung from the ceiling. Both admiring the tranquility of the moment. “For a minute then I actually forgot about all the horrible things going on” Vev whispered softly, as the light gently swayed.

“Is that why you want a boyfriend?” Chasity asked. “Because of what’s going on?” she asked yet another question. Vev brushed her hair put of her face and grunted, she nodded meekly ashamed of her answer. “Okay so my net question is, why you think a boy will change any of this?” she asked, tilting her head. “What good have boys been recently?” Chasity pondered aloud, as if Vev wasn’t even present.

“A man couldn’t save Callista, nor could one save Cameron or Dolly” she croaked solemnly. “Even Tyler couldn’t save Olivia. Moral is, boyfriends are nice, they’re sweet but even in times like these they aren’t a necessity” she whispered, Vev reluctantly nodded in agreement.

“It’s a shame about the last one, because I really fucking wish he saved Liv. I wish anyone saved her” Vev whispered softly, as she stared off into the night sky from her window.

“It’s weird isn’t it?” Chasity added. “Liv’s gone, just like that” her voice began to crack, “We’ll never see her again, she’ll leave school, never go to university or get married. She’s just gone” she cried her eyes welling with tears. Vev looked at her friend and pulled her in for a hug, allowing Chasity to rest her head on her chest.

“She’s not gone” Vev whispered in a bid to comfort her. “She’ll never be gone, so long as we remember her” she cried, as they both embraced each other warmly.

“How are we supposed to do this” Chas cried, as her tough exterior continuing to lower.

“How are we supposed to act like this is normal, someone is out there butchering women and no one is stopping it!” she shouted in frustration as tears poured down her face. She wriggled out of Vev’s embrace and began to pace around the bedroom frantically.

“Calm down okay” she pleaded with Chas, grabbing onto her hand and caressing her shoulder. “You don’t need to panic because you’re right” Vev continued. “Men can’t save us, in fact most of them of them are probably thanking god that this killer is only targeting women. But if they can’t save us, if they can’t end this reign of terror, then we’ll have to do it ourselves” she stated with a fiery intent.

Chas whipped away all of her tears and stuck out her chin proudly. “That psychotic ass hole won’t know what him” she whispered.

“Him?” Vev asked curiously. “How do you know it’s a boy?” she questioned. “Because this has all the makings of a psychotic douchebag, probably venting all of his sexual frustrations, or trying to fulfil some twisted sexual desire” she added. All traces of fear disappeared from Chasity’s body, instead stood an enraged and powerful young women.

“The killer could easily be a women” Vev added, still somewhat dumbfounded by her roommates firm belief. “I mean sure the boys in this school are twisted, but can you really say that the girls aren’t just as bad” she whispered.

Silence befell the room, as the girls stared at each other. Without saying a word they both knew that the sentence could be applicable to themselves and to Cassandra. Chasity sighed carelessly and flicked her long hair, as Vev awkwardly shifted from foot to foot. “I didn’t really think about that” Vev moaned, as she hung her head.

Chasity touched her chin and rose it, allowing her friend’s eyes to meet her own. “Now you have to listen to yourself” Chas insisted. “Man or Woman, teenager or teacher. Whoever this is picked the wrong bitches to mess with” she added. “As the old saying goes, Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorn” she stated, now more determined than ever.

 Iris Dormitory: Clara's Room 

Clara and Leo laid across her bed, her head resting gently on his shoulder as they watched Miss Congeniality, without a care in the world. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, pulling their attention away from the movie. “Is that Oscar?” Leo asked curiously. He went to stand but was halted, as Clara jumped off her bed and walked towards the door.

She opened it with a welcoming smile and open arms, much to her surprise it was not Oscar on the other side of the door. Instead stood Casandra, still dressed in black carrying a cardboard box.

“Oh Casandra, I’m sorry I didn’t think it would be you” Clara whispered, as she adjusted her hair. “Sorry for interrupting your night” Casandra apologized softly. “But the police dropped of this box earlier, said that it wasn’t vital to the investigation. I went through it, but I really think you should have it” she whispered, elevating the box higher.

Clara’s lip quivered, before dropping ever so slightly. She opened her door further and welcomed the girl inside. “Please come in” she whispered, Casandra accepted the invitation and strode inside, only to be met by another welcoming smile from Leo. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had company, I can just leave this and get out of your hair” Casandra insisted. She placed the box onto the bed and turned around, determined to make a hastily exit.

“No, no” Clara said, blocking the door. “Please Casandra, please stay” she continued. “You of all people know what I’m going through right now, you of all people know how much it hurt losing her” she added, her eyes welling with tears.

“We were both her best friends, as was ours” Clara continued to whimper, as both Casandra and Leo watched on in dead silence. “Tyler loved her, but a boyfriend never sees the full story. A boyfriend never knows the things friends know” she whispered approaching the leader of the Bitchettes. “I’m glad you came, because I really want to know how you’re coping with all of this” she stated calmly.

“I…” Casandra stuttered, she leaned forward as if she wanted to say more. Instead she peered over her shoulder at Leo before snapping her head back to Clara. “I don’t wish to talk about any of this, not now” Casandra whispered, before making another break for the door. “Please, please move Clara” she asked politely. However Clara wasn’t willing to back down so easily, she stood tall and proud, still blocking the door.

“I asked nicely, please move” Casandra insisted, her voice lowered significantly. “And I asked you nicely, I have no else I can talk to about this, please stay” Clara retorted, as the back and forth continued Leo grew more and more uncomfortable.

“Look, if you ladies need some time alone I’ll just go across the hall into my room” Leo whispered, as she awkwardly fumbled his way off the bed and onto his feet.

“Stay down sweetie” Casandra insisted. “Like I said, I am leaving” she hissed, as her eyes narrowed. She weaved passed Clara and locked her hand firmly around the door’s handle. The two girls stared each other down, neither showing any signs of weakness.

“Clara” Leo said calmly. “If she really wants to go, just let her go” he insisted, he too joined them by the door, drawing the stand off to an anti-climactic halt.

“Fine” Clara sighed reluctantly, stepping aside and opening the door once more. “But I am always here if you want to_” Before she could finish her sentence, Cassandra barged passed the girl and stormed away from the room without saying another word. A baffled Clara peered around the door frame and watched as Casandra vanished behind a corner. “Can you believe that bitch” she screamed in frustration.

“I actually thought she was doing something nice bringing me that box. I should have known, a leopard never changes its spots and at the end of the day Casandra Clooney is still a_” before Clara could finish her sentence she was yet again interrupted, this time by Leo.

“Human, Casandra is still a human” he interjected. “She may be a shallow bitch, but she is still human” he reminded her. “Like you said, you both have just lost a very dear friend.

You’re both processing this and thus will have different grieving responses You asking her how she felt may have triggered something in her” he explained in a calming tone. “She may have felt uneasy being trapped in the room and being bombarded with questions probably made the whole experience worse” he continued.

“So you’re saying this is my fault” Clara gasped in disbelief, that Leo was actually siding with Casandra over her.

“No whoever murdered Olivia is at fault” Leo said, as he spoke a new wave of emotion crashed over her. “Now you two can be friends and you can comfort each other. You just need to be less direct with people like Casandra” he explained, still remaining calm and collective.

“Maybe you’re right, should I follow her? Talk to her outside maybe” she asked aloud, however this time she did not wait for a response. She stormed out of the room and down the corridor before Leo could say another word.

“Okay” Leo shouted down the corridor awkwardly. “I’ll just wait here” he added. When he was completely alone, he began to grow uncomfortable, he walked towards his own door and opened it, hoping to find Logan on the other end. To his dismay he found nothing but a dark, empty room.

“Logan?” Leo whispered, once the boy got no reply the hairs on his neck stood on end. He scouted the room once more before tightly shutting the door and retreating into the safety of Clara’s room.

 Outside Iris Dormitory 

“Casandra, please wait” Clara pleaded as she descended the stone stairs. Casandra was several paces ahead of her, not even bothering to look at Clara. However eventually she caught up to head bitchette and spun her around, until they were once again eye to eye, “Look, I am really sorry that I came across as pushy back there” Clara apologized.

“Oh yeah, because you’re totally not coming across pushy, right now” Casandra sighed, rolling her eyes in the process.

“Look, what you did was really sweet, you could have kept all of Liv’s stuff to yourself and not gave anything to me. But you didn’t and I just want to say how thankful I am” Clara said emotionally. “I just really wanted someone to talk to, about all of this.

And I really mean that you’re the only person that will understand” she said, as she began to cry. “Look Casandra, I’m not saying we need to be best friends. But I would love it, if we could at least support each other” she cried.

Casandra stared down at the pavement, kicking a pile of fallen leaves as she contemplated her response.

“Despite popular belief, I am not a total bitch” Casandra whimpered. “I gave you all of those things because you were more of a friend to Liv than I ever could be. I mean could have been” Casandra corrected herself.

“But you were so out of order to corner me back there. In front of Leo” she moaned. “I know he thinks I am a bitch already, but now he must think I am a heartless monster” Casandra cried out.

“That’s one of the reasons why I followed you, I shouldn’t have cornered you. I shouldn’t have tried to air this with Leo in the room and I certainly shouldn’t have locked you in the room” Clara stated. “And for that I am truly sorry” she added, provoking a faint smile from Casandra.

The nights wind whistled around them, blowing both girls hair wildly. “Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of that apology Clara, I really don’t think we ever could be friends” Cassandra stated bluntly as she whipped away a tear from her cheek. Clara bit her lip, already accepting defeat. “However it would be nice to have some support. So if you ever want to talk, you know how to find me” she whispered.

Much to the surprise of Clara, who nodded in agreement and smiled warmly, “I would like that very much” she added beaming at Bitchette.

“You know, I never like to admit when I am wrong” Casandra laughed. “But you would have made a horrible Hive member, I don’t even know what I was thinking” the duo snickered. “Guess you just have good taste” Clara replied, with a grin on her face as she pushed back her brown hair.

“Anyway, I better get going. It’s already dark out and my bed is calling” Casandra sighed, wrapping her arms around herself in a bid to keep warm. “Do you need walking back to your dorm?” Clara asked politely, but Casandra merely shook her head and spun around, to begin her journey home. “Meeting Cohen along the way, but thanks for the offer Stark” she giggled aloud.

Clara ascended the stairs and watched as Casandra walked towards the main body of the school. She was happy with their newly found alliance, little did she know that her discussion with McKenna would sever that friendship, before it even got the chance to begin.

Around the back of the dormitory Logan paced behind the bushes, smoking a cigarette as he spoke on the phone. “Aw yeah excellent” he laughed, exhaling a cloud of smoke. “Well I am very happy you transferred the money. After all it’s in better hands, I appreciate it so much more” he laughed arrogantly.

He once again drew the cigarette close to his lips and inhaled. “Well you know next time it will be doubled” he stated calmly, as he leaned against the brick wall. “What can I say I am in demand” he laughed, forcing another cloud of smoke out of his mouth.

“Well if your wife is asking too many questions, maybe I should tell her for you” he snickered, as he stubbed the cigarette out onto the wall behind him. “Oh well I guess I could stay quiet. Ironically I had my eye on these gorgeous suede boots. I think I could stay quiet even better whilst wearing those” he said, as he inspected his finger nails.

“Oh, really” he said sarcastically. “You’d do that for me” he said in a fake tone, placing his hand onto his chest.

“Great, I’ll send the details later, have them shipped to me by Halloween, K” he stated bluntly before hanging up. He grinned to himself as he lit another cigarette and gazed up at the dark night’s sky.

  Outside Wolfsbane Dormitory 

Tyler looked rough, his stubble had grown out of control and heavy bags weighted down his eyes. He sat alone on the bench, as he pensively gazed up at the stars and enjoyed the cooling night’s breeze, which surrounded him at every turn. He slowly shut his eyes and wished for a better life, “Olivia” he whispered softly. “Olivia” he whispered yet again.

As the breeze picked up more momentum, his perfectly combed quiff struggled to remain intact, and yet Tyler remained completely unfazed.

He heard footsteps rapidly approach, someone was running straight towards him. It was the middle of the night and the campus appeared dead, thus one question ran through his mind, who is approaching? Could this be the killer, the person who stole his sweet Olivia from him? He slowly rose to his feet, putting all fear aside and headed towards the footsteps, the footsteps grew louder and louder with each stride Tyler took, that is when he saw it.

A mysterious hooded figure, dressed in all black stood before him illuminated by the street lamp. The figure froze, almost as if it were surprised to Tyler.

He looked directly at the figure’s face, even that was concealed under a black ski mask. In one fluent motion the figure threw its hood up and ran in the opposite direction, heading away from Wolfsbane Dormitory. Once again Tyler acted instinctively, without a second thought he bolted after the mysterious figure.

Like a predator stalking it’s pray it wasn’t long before Tyler caught up to the figure, his eyes narrowed as he gritted his teeth, when suddenly the sprinklers came to life, drenching both individuals instantly. Tyler stumbled as the figure froze, they turned around and shook their head, provoking the boy even more. The figure quickly changed directions and now began to run across the slippery grass.

Tyler was not willing to give in so easy, he brushed the droplets off his forehead before he continued his chase. Both individuals slipped and slid across the grass, as the sprinklers continued to pelt them with water. Finally Tyler saw his opportunity, when the figures shoe got caught in a patch of mud, he wasn’t willing to let this chance pass him by. He increased his speed and charged shoulder first directly into them.

The figure grunted deeply as the rugby player crashed into them, knocked directly onto their back they struggled under Tyler’s weight. An enraged Tyler knelt on their shoulders, pinning them into the dirt. “Who the fuck are you!” Tyler roared. “Did you kill Olivia” he screamed loudly. The figure remained silent but shook their head excessively.

“Then why did you run?” Tyler screamed once more. The figure remained silent, as their legs kicked rapidly, still attempting to fight their way out. Tyler punched their jaw aggressively and grabbed a hold of the mask which covered their face. But before he could rip it off, he was distracted by two voices. “Tyler!” Raven and Lavender shouted in unison. The momentary distraction was all the figure needed, they wriggled out and hit Tyler with a knee to the chest.

The rugby player grunted as he crashed to the floor, the figure quickly rolled out of the way and stumbled to their feet. Raven and Lavender quickly approached the duo, they too getting soaked by the sprinklers. As Tyler attempted to get back on to his feet he slipped on the grass and crashed down onto the grass. He watched from the ground as the figure escaped into the night, he clenched the grass with rage, he had them in his grasp and let them slip away.

“Mate, are you okay?” Raven asked, kneeling down to Tyler’s level.

“Who was that?” Lavender asked curiously. An enraged Tyler got to his feet, clutching on to Raven’s shoulder for support. He grunted in pain as he raised his right foot off the ground. “I don’t know, but I would have fucking found out if you two didn’t interrupt!” Tyler shouted, he place his foot back down only to be plagued by pain. “Ugh fuck sake” he screamed loudly.

“Calm down okay, people will be asleep” Raven whispered, in a bid to calm the boy down. “I don’t give a fuck” Tyler replied, screaming at the top of his voice. “I could have ended this, I have could have ended all of this. But no, the dynamic duo show up and ruin everything!” he screamed at the pair.

“Look Tyler, I know you’re going through a bad time right now, but do you seriously think that was the killer?” Lavender asked. Tyler turned to her and rolled his eyes, before smiling in an extravagantly patronizing manner.

“Yes Lavender, I sure did think that was the killer” he shouted with a patronizing tone to match. “But as I said, you wrecked everything” he concluded, as he pointed at the girl.

“Calm down” Raven repeated, attempting to touch Tyler’s shoulder. But the boy latched onto Raven’s wrist and twisted.

“Just because you’re not fat anymore, doesn’t make you the hero Raven” he whispered into the boy’s ear. “You’re still the same freak you always were” he continued to twist the boys arm more and more.

“Stop, you’re going to break his wrist” Lavender shouted.

“See I find it highly strange that you and your bestie appear out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, just as I’ve seemingly apprehended a serial killer” he continued, as he whispered into his ear, Raven looked towards Lavender and then back to Tyler, who was ignoring the girls pleas. “Maybe the police were right about you, but maybe you had a little help” he whispered, as the pressure intensified. Raven winced with pain, as his arm grew redder.

“Maybe this was all laid up as trap for me. I think you and that person in the hood were in on this together” he continued. Raven’s eyes narrowed as he attempted to fight out of the hold, he got halfway before Tyler used both arms to pull the boy to his knees.

“Stop!” Lavender pleaded.

“Wait until I tell the rest of the boys my little theory. Because then everyone will see that you’re no hero, you’re the freak, you’re the villain Raven” he laughed in the boy’s face, as he began to cry from pain.

Finally Lavender ran behind him and pushed Tyler to the ground. He landed face first in the mud, she quickly grabbed onto a stunned Raven’s hand and pulled him to safety, before they too quickly took off and vanished into the night. As they ran, Raven cradled his injured arm, he now looked at Lavender in a whole new light, baffled by the strength which he just lay witness to.

Meanwhile Tyler arose to his knees. He regretted every second of that interaction almost instantly, his rage got the better of him. He didn’t want to hurt Raven or Lavender, but all of the anger and hatred he felt towards that figure, seemingly transferred onto Raven. And as he sat on the damp, muddy grass he wept, calling one name and one name only “Olivia… Olivia, I’m so sorry”

 Wolfsbane Dormitory: Single Bedroom 

The door slammed shut, a figure dressed in all black entered the room. They quickly removed their hoodie and ski mask and hid them in the wardrobe. The figure spun around to look at themselves in the mirror and there he stood, covered in soot and ash, Dean Mendoza.

 Police Station 

Blair sat at the desk, scrolling through all of Olivia’s personal photographs. She looked at the happy girl on the screen and felt a sick uneasiness in her stomach. “You were pretty” she whispered to herself, as the picture changed. She was the only person who currently presided in the station, so when her phone rang out loudly, there was a small jolt of fear, before it was quickly placed beside her ear. “Blair this is Mckenna” the man said on the other end of the line.

“Hey, have you arrested her yet?” she asked, as she continued to scroll through pictures. “No, road works are a bitch with this fire, I can’t even get through with the siren on” he told her in a panic.

“Well I’m sure if you remain calm, you’ll be at Windsor in no time” she stated, as she clicked off the folder and onto Olivia’s internet browser. “I was just calling to ask if you’ve found anything” he said, as she lowered the phone onto the table and put the Detective on speaker.

“Nothing as of yet, looked through her documents, her photos, her emails and nothing. This kid seemed pretty perfect, in fact seemed like her and Casandra Clooney were good friends” she stated.

“You and I both know, when crimes like these are committed the perpetrator often knows the victim” McKenna stated calmly, as Blair clicked onto the internet history. The screen reflected onto her glasses as she scrolled, her luscious red lips pushed together and dropped open in an instant as she let out a large gasp. “Blair what is it?” he asked on the other end of the line, before the call abruptly ended.

“McKenna you there” Blair shouted, but the phone merely returned to its home screen. She quickly hit redial, but the call failed within a second. “Fuck” she whispered to herself, before her eyes returned to the screen.

“The Priory… Why were you searching the priory?” she asked aloud, when the squeaking of a rusty door frame echoed throughout the station. Blair jumped once more, she looked around but all the doors appeared to be shut. “McKenna” she shouted, desperately hoping for a reply. Her eyes quickly jolted back to the screen, as she scrolled through more of Olivia’s searches. “Anger issues” she read, “Intermittent explosive disorder, what?” Blair asked baffled by the search history.

Suddenly a door slammed, causing Blair to knock over a small bucket of pens. “Okay, nope, nope not happening. I’ve seen Scream too many times to fall for this” Blair screamed as she slammed the laptop shut. She scoped the room, before quickly grabbing her bag from underneath the table. She threw her phone into her pocket and took the laptop under her arm, before heading straight for the door.

Just as she reached it, heavy breaths now bounced off each wall, someone was coming and they were coming in fast. “Fuck you” Blair said to herself, before storming out of the station entirely. She knew she couldn’t stay here, but she also knew she had to get the laptop somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was, Windsor Academy. If anyone could keep her and the evidence safe it was McKenna.

Her safe haven was await her, her one ticket to freedom. She spotted her car and began to walk more briskly in her heels. Remaining ever aware of her surroundings. She looked behind herself, after every other step before making sure that she wasn’t followed. That is when she felt it, buzzing in her pocket. Her phone rang aloud, just as she reached the cars door. Blair quickly opened the passenger side and gently placed the laptop and her bag down, before she answered the phone in a blind panic. “McKenna, thank god” she panted. “Look there isn’t much time I’m coming to you. Look I don’t know what was in the station, but I didn’t want to stick around to find out” she cried, slamming the door shut.

“Aw really, but I wanted an autograph” the deep voice said from the other end of the phone. Her stomach churned and her heart stopped, Blair’s eyes immediately produced tears as she attempted to steady a trembling hand. “So Blair, you’ve seen scream too many times huh?” the voice asked. But before Blair could answer, she was bashed around the head with a wrench.

Blood spattered the pavement and her car windows as Blair fell to the ground. “Because Ghostface hasn’t got shit on me” the killer laughed. She looked up to see a figure dressed in black, wearing a mascaraed mask. She attempted to speak, but could only form simple murmurs. The figure raised their phone to their face and spoke through the voice changer again, “And I put so much effort into destroying your breaks. Ah well improvised plans are way more fun” the laughed manically, as they took another swing at Blair’s face.

They bashed her again and again, until she was nothing but a bloody wreck. The wrench dripped, as the killer admired their handy work. “Shame, she was so pretty” they whispered, before taking one final swing at Blair.

Once all movement had stopped their attention turned to the car, with their gloved hand they opened the door and retrieved the laptop. They acted slowly, knowing they had time. They placed it next to Blair’s body, before violently swinging at that too.

Stomp after stomp, hit after hit, it wasn’t long before the laptop was completely obliterated, erasing Olivia all over again.

The killer smugly giggled to themselves, proud of their work, before they slowly dragged Blair’s body away from the scene.

 Iris Dormitory: Hallway 

Clara guided a sleepy Leo towards the door, linked arm to arm the pair entered the corridor together, grinning from ear to ear. “Are you sure you want to be alone?” Leo asked, with one hand already placed on his own door. “Because I can stay or you’re more than welcome to crash in here” he indicated behind him, “Logan won’t mind at all” he said.

Clara shook her head and sighed blissfully. “No I’m sure, but Leo it was so nice of you to offer. You have been so amazing these past couple of days. I know this must be the last thing you want, moving schools, looking for a new start, only to find yourself in this mess” Clara said, stroking his shoulder. Leo’s face grew pale, he shook his head in disapproval and leaned against the door.

“It’s not the most ideal thing in the world, I fact it’s quite the opposite” he said glumly. “Besides it really is the least I can do” he flashed a smile at Clara, which was reciprocated by the girl. Clara leaned in and hugged him before allowing him to return to his room. “Goodnight sweetheart” she whispered softly.

She watched as Leo opened his door and saw Logan, laying there in his underwear looking as arrogant as ever. “Hey Clara” he shouted, waving from the comfort of his own bed. Clara merely raised her hand and smiled, before blowing kiss towards Leo. And with the shutting of doors, the teenagers had returned to their individual rooms.

  Iris Dormitory: Leo and Logan's Room 

The second the door shut, Logan pounced off the bed and charged towards Leo. He raised Leo off the ground, practically pinning him to the door as he passionately kissed him. “What’s that for?” Leo asked as gasped for air, pulling himself away from Logan.

“Well I am just so excited for our date, I’ve been thinking about it, all day long” he whispered seductively. “It just got me all excited” he continued as he kissed Leo’s neck.

“Well then maybe I can help tame your excitement” Leo giggled, as Logan pulled him closer, grabbing a lock of his hair in the process. The two boys continued to kiss, as Logan carried Leo to bed.

 Iris Dormitory: Clara's Room 

Meanwhile, Clara was pacing her room in circles, her eyes transfixed onto the box Casandra dropped off. Is this really a sentimental act? Clara asked herself, Or just another Bitchette mind? Both thoughts plagued her mind, she went back and forth, on whether she should touch the stuff or just leave it as it was. She wanted to believe Casandra had changed, she wanted to be a support system, but could she really trust the queen of mean after everything has done or has yet to do?

Clara finally caved, she ran her finger to each corner of the box before finally delving inside, unearthing its contents.

She pulled out several knick-knacks, a framed photo of Olivia and her little sister, several hair ribbons, her makeup bag and finally a mysterious box, which Clara simply tossed to one side of the bed.

She tipped the box upside down, hoping for something else. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to find, but Clara secretly hopped to find something, some trace of the old Olivia. Much to her dismay she found nothing, no trace of her friend, only the plastic barbie doll she became. She threw everything back into the box, except for the photograph and the box.

Olivia may have had blonde hair in the photo, but she was no Bitchette. She was smiling, like nobody was watching, laughing with her little sister and enjoying life to the fullest. All of that beauty, kindness and joy was gone, her little sister would grow up without her, she would eventually grow older than Olivia ever would, she’ll do things Olivia never could. Clara wept slightly, she knew it wasn’t right to keep the picture and would send it back to Olivia’s family, but for now all she wanted to do was hug it. She placed it on her pillow and finally picked up the box.

She had never seen this box before, she didn’t know its significant value. She gave it a frim shake and listened to the faint rattle from inside, when suddenly there was knock at the door. Clara shrugged and put the box back inside the cardboard container, which she placed her underneath her bed, before finally opening the door. David stood in the open doorway, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Clara smiled when her eyes met his, the flowers smelt fresh and beautiful, drawing her closer to the boy. “David, what a pleasant surprise” she whispered, leaning against the door frame.

“Pleasure is all mine” David replied, flashing his perfectly white teeth at Clara. “Look I know it’s really late, but I had these flowers for a while now, I didn’t know when you were planning to come back to class, so I figured I’d bring them now, along with my condolences” he whispered, lowering his eyes as he extended the bouquet towards her.

“David that’s so sweet, they’re so beautiful” Clara sighed as she cradled the flowers, as if they were a new born baby.

“I really am sorry Clara, Olivia was such an amazing girl. Smart, funny and beautiful. It was truly a tragedy” he whispered, knowing full well that students would be asleep mere meters away from where they spoke.

“I know you’re probably going through a lot and I know flowers can’t help, but they brighten your day” he smiled. Clara remained speechless and the boy’s gift, she looked at each and every petal as a work of art.

“They do, thank you so much” she whimpered, as she lowered them away from her face. The pair exchanged another smile, their eye contact never breaking or loosening for a single second.

“I better get going, it’s late and it wouldn’t look good for the head boy to wonder the grounds at night” he laughed playfully. But Clara didn’t want him to go, his presence was different from Leo and Oscar’s she felt, a greater inexplicable sense of comfort from David. So when turned from her, she touched his wrist and gently pulled him back.

“I need your help” she whispered, peaking the boy’s interest.

“What do you mean?” he asked curiously.

“After tonight, I am through being the victim, I am not going to sit here and allow Olivia to die in vain” she explained. “I want to put an end to these killings, once and for all” she explained to him.

“I would love nothing more than for this to be all over, but how can we stop this?” David whispered, as he leaned in closer to her.

“We can’t do it alone, we need a team. A team of people who are as dedicated to this cause as we are” Clara explained. David shook his head and exhaled loudly, “Well you can count the boys out” he said disappointingly, as he recalled his teammate’s actions at the party. “Most of them are just glad that this killer is only targeting women” he explained, with a solemn expression on his face.

“Fucking dicks” Clara whispered to herself.

“But unlike them I’m willing to help. With whoever else you have in mind” he said, offering Clara a warm, comforting smile. The girl peered down both ends of the corridor, before opening her door even wider. “We can talk inside” she told him. “Walls have ears” she whispered. Without further instruction David entered the room, as he walked past her Clara inhaled his intoxicating aftershave and blushed bashfully, before quietly shutting the door behind her.

Little did they know, they were indeed being watched. Oscar emerged from round the corner, carrying his own bouquet of flowers, tears fell from his cheek as his face grew red with rage. He stormed towards the stairs and aggressively threw the flowers into the bin.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra's Room 

Casandra lay on her bed with wet hair, her phone pressed firmly against her cheek, as she bit lips in frustration. “Well you said you’d meet me” she shouted down the line. “You weren’t there Cohen!” she screamed dramatically.

“Well I don’t care, where were you? What were you doing that was more important than meeting me?” she screeched. She rolled her eyes, tired of her boyfriend’s whining and simply cut him off. “You know what don’t answer that. Call me tomorrow when you’re not drunk. Goodnight Cohen” she said firmly, before finally hanging up.

She threw her phone onto the bedside table and covered her face with the pillow, omitting the biggest scream ever. She threw the pillow off her face and launched it across the room, her whole body felt like it was going to explode, she didn’t know why she was so angry with Cohen, she just knew she was.

She leaned over and grabbed Olivia’s bee broach, her mind was cast back to the last day of Liv’s life. How she threw the pin at Casandra after that stupid argument, she held the broach to her chest and began to weep uncontrollably. She wept for Olivia, her dear friend, who she’d never see her again.

Casandra looked into bee’s bejeweled eyes and sniffled. “I’m sorry” she whispered to herself, as her door was opened. She jumped with fright, dropping the broach to the ground. Head Mistress Akiyama entered, accompanied by McKenna.

“Head Mistress, what… What is going on?” Casandra gasped as she got to her feet.

“Casandra Clooney” the detective announced. “We’re arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Cameron Johansson and Olivia Wright” McKenna stated bluntly.


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