Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost without deserving. ...
William Shakespeare, Othello: Act II Scene III
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date June 7th 2017
Written by Jay
Directed by Sel
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun
A Promise To The Dead
A Hollowed Crown is the third episode of Horrifically Wicked Tales first season.


Following another murder at Windsor Academy Olivia refuses to be a victim, she intends to find out who's behind this murderous rampage, but can she stop the killer before they strike again.

Elsewhere Leo and Logan grow closer than ever and Head Boy and Girl are announced.

  Police Station 

DI Ryan McKenna sat at his desk, his eyes transfixed on the small dusty television which sat in the corner of the room. He sipped on his mug of coffee, as the BBC news report began. The two lead reporters introduced the story as breaking news and handed over to Blair Robinson, who was live at Windsor Academy.

Blair stood poised and collected, she stared directly into the camera, taking one long bated breath, as she began her newscast. “I bring you the tragic news of yet another unfortunate passing, here at Windsor Academy. Theodora Memphis, known by her friends as Dolly, was found murdered outside Periwinkle Dormitory” Blair stated as she began to walk, the camera panned out revealing the now infamous dormitory.

“Several students were seen fleeing, from the dormitory and our sources tell us, several students have been voicing their distress, with some believing that Windsor Academy is no longer safe” Blair turns around to face the dormitory shaking her head before sighing loudly.

“This all coms just twenty – four hours after the death of fellow student Cameron Johansson. One has to now wonder whether this is the end, of the nightmare at Windsor, or is this tragedy, just beginning” Blair wipes away a tear as she adjusts her standing position.

“Let’s not dwell on speculation, yet another young women lost her life tonight, to the family of Dolly, you are in all our thoughts and prayers. I am Blair Robinson goodnight” Blair stated, McKenna pushed himself back in his chair revealing the remote from under his desk. He hit the power button, turning the television off completely.

“What a load of shit” McKenna sighed as he stood up, several files, all regarding Windsor inhabited his desk. “We’re here working our asses off, whilst she is trying to dramatize the murder of these kids” he shouted at his co-workers, who all remained silent and returned to their work.

“Two girls have died in the past two days, and there you have some wannabee, plastic Barbie doll trying to become famous, by sponging and leaching off their deaths, it’s disgusting” McKenna hissed, as he looked at a file, with Dolly’s picture on it, he flicked through it briefly and threw it back down.

“She wants to talk about a nightmare, you know what’s a nightmare, trying to solve this thing when there is literally no evidence, whatsoever!” McKenna kicked the table aggressively. “No hair, no finger prints, nothing!” he roared. “Chief, calm down, it’s just been a rough night” one of McKenna’s youngest co-workers whispered nervously.

“No! I won’t calm down, because whilst we sit here, acting calm, those kids are having a rougher night! All of them are in danger and we can’t do anything. And I swear, if I get one more phone call from a digressed parent, I don’t know what I’ll do” McKenna replied, in a panicked tone. He took a big sip of his coffee and began to breathe heavily, in a bid to calm himself down. “I am sorry, for going off like that. It was very unprofessional of me. Maybe you’re right, maybe it has just been a rough night” McKenna apologised to his co-worker, who simply nodded his head and began to walk away.

McKenna then returned his attention, to the files which were spread across his desk. He stared at them all profoundly, his eyes narrowed and his lips tightened. “No one else, is going to die, not on my watch” he whispered to himself, in reassurance. He then raised his head to look out of the window, towards the rain filled night.

  Periwinkle Dormitory – Liv and Cassie room 

Olivia lay in a sleepless state, every time she shut her eyes all she heard was that voice, the voice of the caller, the voice of the killer. Not to mention the key she found in the bed post, Could this be Callista’s key? She asked herself, over and over.

Olivia had placed it, within a draw in her nightstand and at various points in the night, she found herself opening the draw to simply to stare at the key. She couldn’t get Dolly out of her head either, had it not been mere minutes before, that she saw a drunken Dolly laughing and enjoying life to the fullest. It was at that moment Liv’s alarm clock rang, signalling the beginning of a new school day.

“Wake up!” Casandra shouted, jumping on top of Olivia, “Oh my god is somebody else dead!” Olivia cried, jumping up instantly.

“No!” Casandra laughed in a rather insensitive manner. “Today is finally the day, today I become Head Girl!” Casandra screamed in excitement, as she ran towards her bathroom. Olivia rubbed her long blonde hair, yawning as she pushed herself out of bed. She automatically picked up her phone, but flinched when she once again remembered the caller. Nevertheless, she opened her screen to see several missed calls from Tyler. Amongst all of the horror, that transpired last night, she neglected to call her boyfriend. Her stomach sank, God he must be so worried she thought to herself, but another more distressing name appeared on the call list. Olivia’s mother had also tried to contact her throughout the night and although she loved Tyler, her family was always going to be number one priority.

With a deep breath, Olivia hit call, and began to pace the room nervously. “Olivia! Thank goodness, you had us worried sick! You’re father and I, we saw the news and we’re just heartbroken. Are you safe? Are you okay? Do you want us to come and collect you? Because if you want to come home, believe us, we will drive straight up!” her mother screeched, in one long drawn out breath. Olivia now felt even worse, she imagined her mother, awake all night with grief, which could have been avoided if she simply called her back..

“Mum, I’m fine” Olivia whispered, walking towards the window, the birds were singing loudly as if they were unaware of the horrors that accorded, just below their nest. “Everyone is fine, just please calm down” Olivia continued to speak, in her low soft voice.

“Olivia, please don’t speak to us in such a patronising manner!” the voice of her father, boomed over her mother’s whimpers. “I’m not being patronising, I’m being honest” Olivia replied, raising her volume ever so slightly.

“What did you say?” Cassandra mumbled, with a mouth full of toothpaste. “I’m on the phone” Olivia mouthed to her roommate. “Look, Mum, Dad. I am so, so, so, so sorry I kept you up all night. But I am fine, Dolly’s death shook us all up, but we’re still hanging in there. I don’t want to come home, honestly I feel safe here” Olivia stated, somewhat unsure if she believed her own words.

“Okay dear, if that’s really what you want” her mother cried. Olivia touched the window, she smiled at the rising sun and nodded her head. “Yes, that’s what I want” she replied. “Well, please keep in touch dear, we love you” her father added, in a much calmer tone. “I love you guys too, but I have to get ready, so I gotta go” she told her parents, as she crept towards her wardrobe.

“Okay sweetheart, love you, have a good day, bye” her mother said, “Love you too” Olivia replied, before ending the phone call.

“Wow, that was really sweet” Cassandra stated, as she strutted around the room in her underwear. “Your parents didn’t call you?” Olivia asked as she sat on the bed. Cassandra flung the door to her wardrobe open, and began to swift through her clothes. “Nope, Daddy is Aspen and Mommy dearest is on a wine tasting tour in the south of France, with her middle aged women’s club” Casandra laughed, as she pulled out a petite white blazer.

“I’m sure they’ll call soon” Liv responded, in an attempt to comfort her friend. Casandra looked over her shoulder and giggled. “They won’t, believe me a meteor could hit this entire school and my parents wouldn’t even notice I was gone” Cassandra snorted as she threw the blazer to the floor, pulling a preppy black dress.

“Cassie, I’m sure they care, they probably just don’t show it. I guess you take after them, in that department” Liv laughed, in a bid to break the ice.

“You bitch!” Cassie laughed, throwing her pillow at her friend. “And as for your comments, all of this is easy for you to say, you’re the oldest, whereas I am the youngest! All three of my brothers were head boy!” Cassandra shouted.

Olivia could hear the desperation in her friend’s voice, she felt bad for not dropping out of the race, but this was too big of an opportunity to give up, being head girl of Windsor Academy, was a golden ticket to a bright future.

“Well, all fingers crossed” Liv smiled at her friend. Cassandra approached her and raised her pinkie finger. “May the best women, win!” Cassie laughed playfully, as Liv interlocked her finger with her friends.

Cassandra soon pulled away and returned to her wardrobe, and for a brief second, Olivia had forgotten all about the murders, it was like she was her old self, where the most important thing on her mind, was a head girl pin. She soon returned to reality, with her phone still in her grasp, Olivia slowly peered down at the call list. There it remained, in bold letters, mocking her, tormenting her, reminding her off all of the trauma surrounding last night. Two simple words, that sent a shiver up her spine.


  Iris Dormitories – Leo and Logan’s Room 

The two boys slept on Logan’s bed, with Leo’s head resting softly on Logan’s firm chest. The rising sun began to peak through the curtains as a bright beam of light shone through into Logan’s face, his eyes fluttered as he gently awoke.

He breathed several times, seemingly unaware of Leo’s presence. Logan blinked several times, before looking around the room, eventually noticing his roommate.

A smile arose on his face as he gently stroked Leo’s hair thick mane of hair, Logan then leaned into the boy and softly blew into his ear. “Stop” Leo moaned, batting away Logan’s playful advances. “Well, good morning to you too” Logan laughed, putting both hands behind his head.

Leo raised his head, forcing one eye open, he looked at his roommate and smiled, “I’m sorry, I’m not really a morning person” he sighed, before placing his head back onto Logan’s chest. “I can tell” Logan laughed, as he returned to running his hands through Leo’s hair. “You have the best hair, sorry if I pulled any out last night” Logan laughed, biting his lips seductively.

“Believe me at one point, I thought you were gonna tear it out in clumps. But thankfully, you didn’t do any long term damage” Leo giggle, raising his head once more, to make eye contact with Logan.

“So, about last night, did you enjoy it, your first time?” Logan asked the boy, raising one of his eye brows. Leo responded by leaning over and kissing him, passionately. “It was everything and more” Leo whispered, as the pair continued to kiss.

“Well maybe, you can think of someway, to thank me properly” Logan sighed gesturing to Leo with his eyes to go lower. The two boys returned to kissing, however Leo began to do as instructed, he slowly began to kiss Logan’s neck working his way down towards to Logan’s chiselled abs. His lips were soft and gentle, they practically glided across Logan’s well-built torso.

It wasn’t long before Leo disappeared under the bed sheets. Logan resumed biting his lips, he once again placed both hands behind his head and looked up towards the ceiling, releasing a blissful sigh.

Suddenly, pounding came from the door. Logan jumped, his eyes burst open, as Leo quickly emerged from under the sheets. Both boys looked at the door, bewildered, unsure of their next move. They stared at each other and back at the door, the pounding continued. “Answer it!” Logan shouted in a low tone.

“Why can’t you answer it?” Leo responded instantly, he too kept his voice low. “Hm, well firstly you’re in my bed, secondly you’re underwear isn’t around your ankles and most importantly, you don’t have boner!” Logan replied, both boys broke out into a fit of giggles, but quickly collected themselves.

“You’re shirt and joggers are on your bed, hurry” Logan giggled, pushing Leo out of his bed. Leo laughed as he quickly scrambled towards his own bed, he quickly placed the joggers on first, followed by a black t-shirt. He fixed his hair in the mirror, before finally approaching the door, he turned around to Logan for reassurance, who raised thumbs up from the comfort of his bed, and with that Leo opened the door.

Clara burst into the room, her hair was tangled and her skin was pale, with two red circles covering her entire eyes. “Clara, Jesus! What’s happened?” Leo asked, touching his friends shoulder, before embracing her into a hug.

“What? You seriously haven’t heard?” Oscar asked, stepping into the room. “Heard about what?” Logan asked, pretending to be half asleep.

“Dolly” Clara stuttered, “Dolly’s dead” she cried into Leo.

“What!” Logan shouted, as he jolted upwards, “Dolly, as in Dolly, Dolly. You’re roommate Dolly?” he asked, dumbfounded by what he had just heard. “Of course she means that Dolly, what other Dolly’s do you know?” Oscar hissed at the boy, to which Logan simply rolled his eyes.

“Why didn’t you come over last night, you could have slept here” Leo said sympathetically. “I got kicked out of my room, they said there could have been evidence in there. So I stayed in a single for the night” Clara cried, her words slurring into one.

“I just feel so bad, the last interaction we had, was a fight” Clara whispered, as she sat on Leo’s bed. “Well, all your interactions were fights” Logan stated rather bluntly. All three teenagers stared at him unamused. “I’ll just go back to sleep” Logan continued, his words trailing off as his head hit the pillow.

“Yep, good idea” Leo added, before returning his attention to Clara. “Akiyama announced there won’t be any classes today, but the Head Boy and Girl assembly is still going ahead, apparently they’re also going to make it a memorial service” Oscar told the group, he crouched down and touched Clara’s knee. “We could go… That is if you want to?” he asked. “That is so typical” Clara responded, her voice flat and emotionless, “They’re combing an irrelevant popularity contest, with a memorial for two girls, who were brutally murdered” she snorted. “Windsor, you have truly outdone yourself” …

  The Courtyard – 1 Hour Later 

Lavender stood in the empty courtyard, the wind whistled through her hair as she remained still cradling a bouquet of pink flowers. She stared at the archway which led to the main body of the school, unsure of her next move. These past two days had been an emotional roller-coaster, with Raven being arrested, two murders and the bitchette’s out for her head, Lavender was feeling disoriented, with immense fear everywhere she went. She slowly took a few steps forward, before she was brought to a screeching halt by the sound of two voices, which gradually got louder and louder. “Jules! I said get back here, don’t ignore me!” one of the voices boomed. “Jesus Christ! Just leave me alone” the other rebuked.

A short boy emerged out of the archway, an overtly large sports bag was hurled over his shoulders. He stormed past Lavender, hitting her with his bag in the process. Shortly thereafter, another boy appeared in the archway. Caleb Barons was a tall, pale boy, he stormed past Lavender, stopping to look her dead in the eyes. Lavender felt uncomfortable, this boy had an air about him, a cold and unwelcoming one at that.

The birds in the sky chirped and sang, as the pair continued their stare off however Lavender soon gave into pressure and walked away. She crept through the arch and turned the corner, once she was out of the boy’s sight she threw herself against the wall, pressing herself up against the cold brick. Lavender could hear the two boys argue, she knew it was wrong to ease drop, but something within her compelled her to listen. “Jules I said get back here” Caleb roared, grabbing his brother’s arm, aggressively pulling it back. The sports bag, which rest on Jules tiny shoulders fell to the floor, landing in a pile of mud.

“Why did you do that? Jonathan is going to kill me!” Jules cried, as he quickly scurried to pick the bag up. Caleb placed one foot atop of the bag, foiling his brother’s attempt to pick it up.

“You shouldn’t care about Jonathan in the first place!” Caleb screamed in frustration, looking around the deserted courtyard. “Do you know, how embarrassing it was to hear those assholes talk about you? They think you’re Jonathan’s personal bitch” he spat at his little brother, who was avoiding all eye contact with him.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this, what could you have to gain by being his whipping boy?” Caleb stated, in a rather cooling tone of voice. “It’s none of your damn business!” Jules roared back, he leaned down, and pulled the bag, out from underneath Caleb’s foot. He quickly whipped the traces of mud, with his bare hands, before turning away from his brother.

“This conversation isn’t over” Caleb insisted, knocking the bag off his little brother’s shoulder, yet again.

“Stop doing that!” Jules cried out in annoyance. “Well answer my questions?” Caleb pleaded with his brother, his voice began to sound desperate. Jules shook his head, a smirk arose on his face, as he once again picked up Jonathan’s bag.

“You know, they were right about you, the rugby boys that is?” Jules laughed.

“What does that mean?” Caleb asked nervously.

“They said you were a little bitch. And that they could help me, you see brother dear, I don’t want to be like you. I want to be like them, I want respect and I want power. And I don’t care what I have to do, to get it” Jules hissed, hovering towards his brother. The two boys locked eyes, Caleb couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he clenched his fist, squeezing it tightly.

“Temper, temper” Jules whispered as he stared upwards. Caleb pushed him away, his breath intensified, as Jules once again approached him. “You’re a joke, nobody at this school likes you, even Cameron left you when she realised you were a freak” Jules mocked his brother. Caleb pushed his little brother to the floor, sending Jules into the mud, just like the bag.

“Don’t EVER, say her name. You don’t deserve to say her name!” Caleb screamed at the top of his voice. He immediately snapped out of his range induced state and backed away, he spun around and took several deep breaths.

“My, my, that temper is a killer” Jules whispered from the ground. The younger of the brother’s picked himself up and hoisted the bag over his shoulder. “See you round, oh and don’t be a little bitch, if you tell mum or dad about my arrangement with Jonathan I’ll make your life hell” Jules hissed at his brother.

The younger Barons brother exited the courtyard and headed towards the dormitories, leaving his brother in his tracks. “Dear god, he’s becoming them” Caleb whispered to himself, he took several deep breaths and closed his eyes.

“No, I am not going to lose him, not to them. I’m not going to lose anybody else” Caleb told himself, unaware that Lavender was eavesdropping. He looked around at the courtyard, he looked towards the plaque dedicated to Callista and faintly smiled, before he too headed for the dormitories.

Lavender stood in silence, still clutching her flowers, the young women was shaken by what she had just heard. She peered her head around the corner and gazed upon the now empty courtyard.

She leaned against the archway, and stared up towards the sky. Dark clouds were forming over Windsor Academy, Lavender looked up towards them and gently nodded her head. “Fitting” she whispered and slowly turned away from the archway and headed to the assembly hall.

 Outside, The Assembly Hall 

Tyler, Cohen, Joel, Dean and Oliver lined the wall closest to the entrance, all donned in various black garments and sunglasses, they waited with baited breath for the arrival of the bitchette’s.

“So Tyler, which one of us is going to be head boy?” Cohen asked, trying to break the ice. “Neither, we all know David’s going to win” Tyler sighed, gazing towards the floor. He too had a sleepless night, his mind raced with thoughts of Olivia, was she upset about the boys watching them? Dolly’s death? Or both? He thought to himself, as they all stared towards the staircase.

“Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. This is all so stupid” Joel blurted out, his voice sounded annoyed. “They are literally combining the head boy and girl reveals, with a memorial service. Like seriously?” He asked rhetorically. “Oh look how sad this is, but hey at least we have winners in our midst” he said rather sarcastically. “No offence guys” he added, indicating towards Tyler and Cohen, who both merely nodded their heads.

“Where do you think they are?” Oliver asked looking at his watch. “Why so eager, are you that desperate to see Chasity?” Cohen teased his friend, who blushed momentarily. “No, its just curiosity” he replied back.

“Well, you know what that did to the cat” Tyler added, pulling out his phone. He had still yet to hear anything from Olivia, not a single phone call or text.

“Speaking of absences, where is Jonathan and David?” Cohen asked his teammates. However just as the words left the captain’s lips, a familiar voice echoed through the halls. “No, well I don’t care if the mud won’t come out, try harder. Jules I swear to god, if my boots aren’t spotless by the time I get back, you can kiss all of this goodbye” Jonathan bellowed down the phone.

He and David approached their fellow teammates, Jonathan shoving his phone back into his pocket. “Well, well, well. Here was me thinking you’d be late to your own coronation” Cohen stated rather bluntly towards David.

“Thanks for the concern, but I had to help the control freak over here” he indicated towards Jonathan, “Find a book from the library for English” the two boys exchanged a brief smile. “I’m not a control freak” Jonathan rebuked playfully. “I told you guys, I’m __” “Shaping Jules in your own image” all of the rugby boys said in unison, “You’ve said it once or twice” Oliver added, elbowing Jonathan in the side.

“Anyway, I haven’t won yet, who knows, could be your coronation Cohen or yours Tyler” David replied to his friends. Cohen gave David a patronizing smile for his efforts, before diverting his attention towards the staircase. Clara, Oscar, Leo and Logan were beginning their descent. Clara linked both of her friends, whilst Logan trailed briefly behind, they too all in black.

“Jesus Christ, look guys Logan’s friends with the Adam’s Family!” Cohen laughed wickedly, pointing towards the four teenager’s descending the stairs. “Shut up, she just lost her roommate” David whispered into Cohen’s ear, his eyes transfixed on Clara.

As they reached the bottom, Logan broke away running towards the rugby boys. “I don’t know about you guys, but I find it highly suspicious that in all the years at this school, there hasn’t been a single murder” Oliver announced loudly. “Then, the American shows up and BAM, two girls dead” he shouted, pointing towards Leo.

The trio pulled to a halt, with Oscar shooting daggers at his brother. “I mean it makes sense, I guess the fag, really REALLY doesn’t like women” Oliver continued to laugh. Several of the other boys joined in, even Logan, however Dean, Joel and David remained stone faced.

In one quick move, Clara stormed over towards the boys, her eyes were wide and her fists were clenched. “Do you have something to say?” she asked aggressively, getting into the face of Oliver.

“Leo has only been at this school three days and all you boys have treated him like utter shit!” she screamed, silencing the boy’s laughter. Leo and Oscar approached with caution from behind, unsure of what Clara’s next move would be.

“And what?” Oliver replied, trying to shrug off the girls aggression. “What?” Clara replied. “Or the next time you even look at him funny, I will take my foot and shove it, so far up__”

“That is not the way to behave at a memorial service” Casandra’s voice cut off Clara’s speech. “I thought a lot more of you Clara” she said in a patronizing manner. Similar to everybody else, all of The Bitchette’s were donned in short black dresses, with Liv concealing herself in a modest black cardigan.

Tyler approached his girlfriend with caution, but as soon as the couple got close together, Olivia melted into his arms and held him tightly.

Cassandra smiled at the couple, before returning her attention to Clara. “I’ll let it slide, considering you just lost your roommate and considering the fact I am a generous head girl” she announced to everybody. “Well you’re not head girl yet” Oscar interrupted. “I’m sorry did we ask for your opinion Rob Kardashian” Vev hissed at the boy. Everyone had confused looks on their face, following Vev’s insult. “What?” Joel questioned, speaking on behalf of the entire group.

“Because he’s the irrelevant sibling… Like Oliver is Kim and Oscar is Rob. You know… The Kardashian’s” Vev explained, in a bid to make people laugh.

“Shut up Vev” Casandra ordered, silencing the girl instantly.

Clara and Olivia locked eyes, the two girls faintly smiled at each other, before Chasity stepped in front of Olivia, severing the moment. She stepped towards Oliver and passionately kissed him, in sloppy teenager fashion.

“Now is that appropriate memorial behavior?” Leo whispered to Oscar, causing the boy to laugh. Unbeknownst to Leo, Cassandra heard the comment and joined in with the laughter. “Oh god, girl you are so funny” she giggled, creating another awkward moment of silence, amongst the group.

“So, GBF, have you thought about my offer, am I going to be dying that mop top blond?” Cassandra asked him, ruffling his hair. Leo backed away awkwardly, bumping into Oliver in the process.

“Erm” he stuttered, unsure of how to word his reply. “Don’t worry, I won’t treat you like I treat Lavender, that would be homophobic” she added rather stupidly.

“Speak of the devil” Chasity laughed, pulling her lips away from Oliver’s. All of the group turned towards the entrance to the courtyard. Lavender entered, still carrying her bouquet, upon seeing the large group of people, Lavender slowed down her pace, however it wasn’t too long, before she was among the teenagers.

“Well, lookie cookie, gangs all here” Cohen announced. “Where is obese Jason Voorhees? Is he busy, slicing up another female student?” the captain asked, referring to Lavender’s best friend Raven.

“Shut up Cohen!” David and Clara shouted together, immediately silencing the boy. The pair nodded their heads, in an exchange of recognition.

Lavender stood there in silence, unsure of whether she should speak or not. “Lavender it’s okay, you can talk, where is Raven anyway?” Olivia asked, in her usual soft tone of voice. Lavender’s mouth opened, however she was silence by the Head Mistress Akiyama, who appeared from behind the girl. “That is of none of your concern” she told the entire group. “Mr Castillo, is remaining in his room, per his own request. Now if you’re finished with your little meeting, could please take a seat the assembly will begin momentarily” she directed the teenagers towards the door.

One by one, they all marched in, a silent Dean Mendoza smiled at Olivia as he passed her. Clara whispered something towards Oscar and Leo and indicated for them to follow. She then weaved her way through the rugby boys and Bitchette’s until she reached Olivia and Tyler. “I need to talk to you” Clara whispered to her former best friend. “Can it wait? We have to go inside” Olivia replied.

“I promise it won’t take long, five minutes tops” Clara pleaded. Olivia looked up towards her boyfriend, who simply nodded his head. “Go on, I’ll save you a seat” he whispered, kissing her head.

Tyler left the pair alone, once he had entered the hall Clara took Olivia by the hand and walked towards the stairs.

 Underneath the staircase 

“So, how are you” Clara asked Olivia, touching her arm to comfort her. “I’m fine, I guess” Olivia replied, pushing her blonde hair out of her face. “Why do you asked?” she whispered.

“Because, everybody’s talking, they said you lead the girls to the window, that you basically found the body” Clara replied instantly, leaving little gaps in between the conversation. “I was on the phone to you, minutes before it all happened, how can you be so calm?” Clara panted.

Olivia now reciprocated Clara’s warm gesture and touched her friend on the shoulder. “Look I am fine. Yes, it was shocking, yes I thought I was going to pass out. But it is what it is and I can’t change that” Olivia whispered.

“How did you know? A lot of the girls said, you just approached the window. Why did you do that?” Clara asked. Olivia thought about telling Clara, about the phone call, about the key, about everything. But she didn’t want to drag her friend into his, she wanted Clara to stay far away from this mess.

“I just needed air, it was an unfortunate coincidence” Olivia lied, avoiding the gaze of Clara. “I just can’t even, I must sound like such a whiny bitch” Clara cried, whipping away a tear. Olivia handed her a tissues, and shook her head gently.

“No, you don’t sound like a bitch, you sound human. What those poor girls went through, is unimaginable” Olivia corrected her friend, as she touched her cheek. “First Callista, then Cameron and now Dolly… Why is this happening?” Clara asked, leaning against the wall. “Wait, you think Calli, was murdered?” Olivia questioned.

“Well after that video, I’m pretty sure that’s what everybody thinks” Clara replied instantly. Olivia’s mind wandered, she knew she had to gain more information about Calli, she needed to find out more about that key and what it opened.

“You had lot of classes with her, what was she like?” Olivia questioned.

“Callista? The same as every girl who wears a bee broach, she was a raging bitch… No offence” Clara laughed, which in turn caused Olivia to laugh. “None taken” the blonde girl giggled.

Through their laughter Clara managed to speak, “Why are you asking me? Can’t you ask one of your girls?” she asked, pushing herself off the wall.

“Not really, anytime one of us mentions the C word, Cassandra basically melts down” Olivia explained, peering out, towards the hall, watching as several more people had gathered inside.

“Look I need to know about her. You know I’d tell you why, but I really can’t” Olivia explained. Clara nodded her head in response, she could see the desperation in her friend’s eyes, and as much as Olivia’s new found curiosity, in the former queen bee, intrigued Clara, she knew her friend wouldn’t lie to her.

“If you wanna know about her, maybe talk to Dean Mendoza. Those two seemed awfully chummy in class. He could probably tell you something” Clara said.

“Thank you” Olivia sighed, hugging her friend. Clara reciprocated, throwing her arms around the girls back. “Wow, have’t done this in a while” Olivia laughed. “Yeah, it’s nice” Clara sighed blissfully, as the two remained embracing.

Olivia finally backed away, she looked towards her friend and smiled. “I don’t think I’ve officially said it, but I am really sorry” she whispered, her eyes turning watery. “See Olivia, that’s the thing about being best friends, you don’t need to apologise” Clara cried, her eyes too filling with tears.

“Don’t cry, you’ll smudge your eyeliner, you can’t become Head Girl, with terrible makeup” Clara laughed, dabbing Olivia’s skin. “Oh god! I really don’t want to go in there” Olivia moaned, rolling her eyes at the mere thought.

“It will be over before you know it. Now let’s get inside, before Akiyama finds us” Clara laughed attempting to guide her friend away from the stairs. “I will go inside, under one condition” Olivia told her friend.

“What’s that?” Clara asked, a smile appearing on her face. “Pizza, tonight… My treat” Olivia replied. “Deal” Clara accepted the offer immediately. The pair linked arms as they stepped out, from underneath the stairs and strutted confidently towards the hall.

  The Assembly Hall 

The hall was abuzz with students of all ages, well the ones that bothered to turn up that is. Young and older pupils gathered as one, sitting in their individual cliques, gaggling and gossiping about mindless bother. However, as soon as Head Mistress Akiyama approached the podium, the room fell silent.

“Good morning everybody” she announced, “Good morning, Miss Akiyama” the room replied in unison.

Behind the podium, the teachers of Windsor Academy all sat in a perfectly straight row. Dean couldn’t help but notice, how far apart his mother and father were sitting. At the mere sight of his father, Dean’s fist tightened.

“I’m sure a few of you, are wondering why I didn’t make this assembly compulsory” the head mistress stated. “My answer is simple. People chose to grieve in a variety of ways, we should not look down upon anyone who is not in attendance. We do not know their circumstance, perhaps they wish to be alone in this dark time, perhaps they chose to be with friends or perhaps, much like all of you here right now they prefer to be in a larger group” she continued.

Olivia was trying to listen, but to her right she had Tyler, who practically had a death grip on her hand, and to her left, she had Cassandra, whose leg bobbed up and down nervously. She turned her attention back towards the stage, and tried to follow the head mistresses words.

“For the past forty-eight hours, tragedy has befallen our school. Two beautiful and bright young women, have lost their lives in horrific fashion. I will not delve into details, I am not the media nor do I wish to be” Akiyama continued, in her calming tone.

“We should not focus on how these young women died, we should focus on how they lived. Cameron Johansson, captain of the debate team and science club, was an avid reader, co-founder of the girl’s field hockey team and an all-around friend to all. Theodora Memphis, a member of the school’s dance society, along with art and music club, she too was a friend to all” in a moment of emotion, Akiyama’s voice cracked. Her eyes began to water, she stuttered, unsure of her next move.

“My apologises” she whimpered. “I am sorry for that” she continued whipping away a tear from her eyes. Several other attendees were also in tears, Olivia could even see tears forming in Casandra’s eyes.

“We are one, we are Windsor Academy, these girls deaths will not be in vain. For those of you, who wish to lay flowers or light candles for the girls, you may do so, in the courtyard later tonight, the parents of the deceased have kindly donated photographs, so there will be two photographs of our lost girls” Akiyama explained poorly, her hands trembling.

“I ask you now, to enter a moments silence” she announced, bowing her head. As quiet as the room was, an ever greater silence befell the room. In this time Olivia’s mind ran with thoughts of the key and what exactly it opened, the voice on the phone, the voice that was plaguing her every waking moment. But most of all, she thought about Callista.

Is Clara right? She asked herself, will Dean tell me what I need to know? Olivia was so engrossed in her own thoughts, she didn’t even notice the silence had ended, Akiyama pulled out two small envelopes from her blazer pocket. “To Cameron and Theodora, you will be missed” she stated. “However, we must continue, we must thrive as a school, and a new day will commence, with a new Head Boy and a new Head Girl” she announced, forcing herself to smile.

“Can I have all the nominees on stage please” she asked, instantly Casandra shot up eagerly, she was flanked by Cohen and Chasity, who blew a kiss towards Oliver before she left. “Come on, this is us” Tyler whispered into Olivia’s ear.

She nervously stumbled out of her seat and approached the stage, as she continued to walk, she noticed Clara. She smiled at her friend, who in return mouthed “Good Luck”.

As the pair stood on stage, David quickly followed behind, as per rules, all three female nominees stood together, as did all of the male nominees.

“Everybody on this stage, is a shining example of what a Windsor Student should be” Akiyama told the entire room.

“Sure” Oscar whispered, in a sarcastic tone, Clara elbowed him in the ribs, in a playful manner. Her eyes returned to the stage, where they met David’s. A smile appeared on the blonde boy’s face, the second she gazed towards him, David lit up like a Christmas tree. Clara raised her hand ever so slightly and gave the boy a thumbs up.

“First, as per tradition we start with the boys. Cohen Kingsley, Tyler Stephensen and David Thomas, you three are all excellent candidates, in completely different ways.

However, there was one outright winner, the students and teachers of this Academy have all voted and they have decided” Akiyama continued, vamping up the pressure. She slowly opened an envelope, with a large inhale she announced “Our next head boy is, David Thomas” David laughed with joy, as Cohen playfully pushed him to one side and Tyler punched his shoulder. The room burst into applause, Clara joyfully clapped her hands together, much to the dismay of Oscar.

“Thank you all so much, this means the world to me” David announced. Oscar rolled his eyes and sighed. “What does he think he’s won a fucking Grammy?” he whispered to Leo, who in turn stood their awkwardly unsure of how to reply. Leo was too preoccupied with thoughts of Logan and how he basically joined the rugby boys as they berated him. He watched his roommate from the opposite end of the room, with mixed emotions and a heavy heart.

“I know we as a school and as a community are going through a dark time” David stated, his voiced filling with passion. “But I promise you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will get through this together” he concluded with a smile and the room erupted in applause once more. David approached the Head Mistress and received the Head Boy, he quickly attached it to his shirt, wearing it with pride.

“Now, we move onto the ladies” Akiyama announced as the room fell silent once more. Olivia, Chasity and Casandra all locked hands, they stared at each other, all exchanging pleasant smiles. “The new Head Girl is” Akiyama stated, as she opened the envelope. “Olivia Wright” she beamed, shooting a smile towards Olivia. The room again erupted, Tyler cheered on his girlfriend as all three Bitchette’s stood there in shock. With some trepidation Olivia approached the Head Mistress, to receive her badge.

It was placed into her hands and she briefly gazed upon its simplistic beauty.

“I just want to say” Olivia stuttered, “Thank you, this does mean a lot. I may not be as good as David at giving speeches” she smiled to her fellow Head. “But until last night, I wasn’t even sure I wanted this” she said, holding up the pin for all to see. “Following the events of the past couple of days, the women of Windsor need to stand together” she announced, her eyes were focused and her voice began to fill with intensity.

“With this pin, I want to be a mentor for young women at this school, I want you girls to know, you can come to me with anything and I will help you” she told the room, looking around at the younger pupils. “We will not let fear win, we cannot let fear win” she stated bluntly. “Thank you for listening” she stated returning to her regular, soft tone. As she walked away from the podium, her eyes met Cassandra’s. Her friend was filled with rage and angler, she stood there with a fake smile on her face, but Liv could see through it, she looked into Cassandra’s eyes and saw nothing but hate.

 Outside the Hall 

Cassandra quickly stormed out of the hall, she was flanked by Chasity and Vev. However Olivia followed behind, quickly on the girl’s tail. “Cassandra would you stop, please just talk to me!” Olivia shouted. However her friend did not listen, she stormed ahead and didn’t look back.

“I wouldn’t beat yourself up Liv, Cassie just really wanted it” Cohen said patting her from behind. “Congratulations by the way” he added, flashing her a cheesy smile. “Thanks” Olivia replied briefly as she focused on her friends, who were getting further and further away from the hall.

I should probably go” Cohen sighed, as he too looked at the three girls, Olivia nodded her head in understanding and watched as the rugby player chased after the trio.

All of a sudden Olivia raised off the ground, “There is the Head Girl!” Tyler screamed, as he playfully carried her. He kissed her neck, causing the girl to giggle uncontrollably. “Stop, it’s not appropriate to do that here” she whispered into his ear. “Well, could we maybe arrange it for tonight, a little victory party” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“Maybe” Liv laughed breathlessly, as she quickly kissed her boyfriend. “But it will have to be later, I have plans with Clara” she told him. Tyler backed away and stared at his girlfriend in confusion. “With Clara?” he asked. “Since when where you two friends again?” he added.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you everything tonight. I promise” she whispered, kissing him softly. “Okay” he whispered, placing the girl back onto the floor. “Now, I have to go talk Dean actually, and then I have to go check on Cassie” Olivia told him. “Since when do you talk to Dean?” he asked, even more confused. “I’ll tell you tonight” Olivia replied, as she walked through the crowd that was beginning to form. As she worked her way through the crowd in search of Dean, Olivia bumped into David, who was shaking a bunch of first year’s hands.

“Olivia, my fellow Head” he laughed, embracing the girl. “Congratulations” she told him, throwing an arm over his shoulder. As the pair backed away, Dean began to squint, he looked around the area, before returning his attention back to Liv.

“I take it Cassandra didn’t hang around for the celebration” he stated.

“The opposite, stormed away, pretty sure she’ll be burning all my clothes right now” she replied, causing the pair to share a laugh. “Anyway, I would love to stay and chat, and obviously, this year we will be chatting a lot, but I gotta go, sorry” Olivia apologised, once again hugging the boy. “It’s cool I get it, go! Embrace OUR subjects” he stated dramatically, before returning his attention, back to the line of first years, who all wanted to shake his hand.

Olivia wormed her way through the crowd, however this time she and Clara collided. The brunette let out a large scream, as the pair embraced into a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you! And that speech, you had me in tears!” Clara screamed. “Oh god, thank you so much C” Olivia replied, hugging Clara once more.

“I would have dropped out of the race, if it wasn’t for you” she added. Clara’s two friends stood their awkwardly, unsure of how to interact with Olivia.

She turned to the two boys and smiled, “Well done Olivia” Oscar whispered, “You were clearly the best choice” he added. “Congratulations” Leo stated quickly, still being preoccupied by Logan, more specifically his whereabouts.

“Thanks guys” Olivia laughed, “Aw Oscar, I know you think this is probably some mindless popularity contest, which is unnecessary in today’s school system. So it means A LOT, that you just said that” she said to Oscar, who simply nodded his head and smiled. “And Leo, I know we haven’t been properly introduced, I’m Olivia” she stated sticking her hand out, Leo reverted his attention to the girl and shook her hand.

“Leo Barnaby” the American boy said, formally introducing himself.

“I just want you to know, I feel terrible, about the way my boyfriend and his friends have been treating you. So I just want you to know, I will have words with them don’t worry, I will handle this” she told the boy, grasping his hands to assert her point. Leo gave her a small smile, and simply whispered “Thank you”.

“Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to go talk to Dean Mendoza. Clara I will see you tonight, I’ll tell you everything” she shouted as she began working he way through the crowd, yet again. “Please don’t skip the part were Cassandra has a meltdown” Clara laughed as the trio of friends walked away.

“When are you and Liv friends again and since when is she so interested in Dean Mendoza?” Oscar asked Clara. “Calm down Sherlock, nothing out of the ordinary just another case of the cliques of Windsor integrating” Clara explained, trying to divert attention away from Olivia. Oscar looked back, back to Olivia “Dean Mendoza?” Oscar whispered to himself, before he continued walking.

Finally Olivia found the rest of the rugby boys, who all cheered as she approached. “Congratulations” Joel said, before he was interrupted by Olivia. “Thank you Joel, but this is not a victory parade. Dean, can I have a word with you please, in private?” she asked, the rather quiet boy.

“Why me?” Dean replied, breaking his silence. “I’ll explain when we’re alone, please, just two minutes, five MAX” Olivia pleaded. Dean looked around at his friends and nodded his head, he walked away without another word.

“Okay…” Dane whispered, quickly trying to keep up.

Dean led Olivia to a quiet corner, in which no one was standing. “What do you want?” the rugby player asked bluntly.

“Fine, if we’re doing it like that. I need to know about Callista. I’ve been told you were close” she stated, in a similarly blunt fashion.

“Whatever you need to know, just Google, you’ll get over five thousand hits. Or alternatively go and ask that bitch Cassandra, she’ll tell you everything, you need to know and then some” Dean whispered aggressively, he attempted to walk away but Olivia stood in his path.

“No! Dean please, she won’t tell me anything, you’re my only hope” she pleaded.

“I don’t care, was I close with her yes, but that was last year, that all seems like a different life now. I am not going to talk about her, ever again” he replied, the boy stormed away, back towards his friends.

“Dean please!” Liv shouted at the boy, grabbing his arm and spinning him around. “Fine! You wanna know about her, go read her memorial plaque, sit on her bench. Maybe her ghost will come to you, and then she can tell you everything you need to know!” he hissed at Olivia, finally making his escape.

“Well that a bust” Liv whispered to herself. She leaned against the wall, before feeling a buzz in her cardigan pocket. She pulled out her phone and read 1 new text from: Chasity Olivia groaned loudly, before opening the message, it read

Get back to your room, she is LOSSING IT!!!

Olivia groaned even louder, rolling her eyes. “Can’t avoid her forever” she whispered to herself, as she pinned the Head Girl badge onto her cardigan. She turned and looked at her faint reflection in the window. A proud smile appeared on Olivia’s face, as she confidently strolled through the crowd and headed towards her room.

  Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra and Liv’s room 

As Casandra angrily threw pillows and bed sheets across the room, Cohen, Vev and Chas watched in abject horror. “How could they pick her over me, if it wasn’t for me, that bitch wouldn’t be nominated in the first place!” Casandra screamed at the top of her voice. “I gave her that makeover, I gave her Tyler, I gave her EVERYTHING” Casandra roared, throwing herself face down, onto the bed.

“It’s not the end of the world babe, it’s just a badge, I didn’t win and I was fine” Cohen whispered, trying to lean seductively into his girlfriend’s ear. However Casandra was not willing to play ball, she unceremoniously kicked him off her bed, without so much as raising her head.

“Cass, it will be okay, don’t worry” Vev stated, stroking her friends back. “No it won’t. I’m going to be the embarrassment of my family! And it’s all that pale bitches fault” Casandra cried into the pillow.

“Did you text her?” Vev whispered to Chasity, who was not paying attention, instead the tall girl stared down at her phone, grinning.

“Stop texting Oliver, this is serious” Vev whispered approaching Chasity, who finally looked up, towards her friend. “But he sent me this cute picture of him after a shower, all his hair is wet and cute” Chasity giggle, attempting to turn around her phone to show Vev.

“Don’t really need to see that” Viv objected, blocking the phone with her palm. “Did you text her?” she asked, yet again, looking back over at Casandra, who remained put, whilst Cohen attempted to cuddle her. “Who, Liv?” Chasity asked, “Of course I did. What did you think, I’d forget?” Chasity asked, as the girl spoke her phone beeped, distracting her once more. “Aw look, now he’s sent one in his rugby kit” she laughed, showing the picture to Vev.

“What’s the big deal? He’s always in his kit” Vev responded, keeping her voice low. “Yeah but, in this picture his teeth look so white and his hair is sooo perfect” Chasity pointed out, zooming into the screen. Vev rolled her eyes and pouted her thick lips, “You two really are something else” she said sarcastically, as Chasity was drawn back into her phone.

Just as Vev turned, to walk back to Cassandra’s bed, the door slowly opened, revealing a hesitant Liv, standing in the doorway.

As the door creaked Cassandra quickly raised her head, until her eyes met the Olivia’s. The newly crowned Head Girl entered the room with trepidation, slowly tiptoeing her way inside. Once the door was closed, Cassandra slowly pushed herself off the bed, and onto her feet.

The silence that befell the room was deadly, no one spoke, only intensifying the stare down between the two girls. “You have a lot of nerve coming in here!” Cassandra hissed. “Nerve? It’s my room besides Chas texted me, telling me to come here” Olivia refuted instantly, her tone of voice rising by the passing second.

Casandra shot Chas a venomous look, the girl slowly placed her phone in her blazer pocket, before staring down at the floor. “Oh look, she’s even wearing the pin. Really rubbing it in my face, aren’t you!” Casandra shouted in Olivia’s face.

“Casandra will you stop, you’re acting like a brat!! Olivia shouted back, she looked to Chas and Vev for support, but the two girls diverted their attention towards the window. Whereas Cohen reveled in every second of the drama, comfortably lounging himself on his girlfriend’s bed.

“Do you not even care about anything I told you this morning? Casandra screamed. Olivia couldn’t help but roll her eyes, she had far more concerning things on her mind, besides being Head Girl. “Cassie, are you seriously hearing yourself?” Olivia pleaded. She attempted to speak again, but her efforts were foiled by Cassie, who continued her rant.

“Are you hearing YOURSELF?” Cassandra asked, throwing Liv’s words back at her.

“Let’s get one thing straight Liv, you were and always will be nothing without me and without that bee broach. I invented you, if it wasn’t for me you’d still be a sad nobody, Tyler wouldn’t even know you existed and you wouldn’t even be nominated for head girl! All you had was Clara, I gave you EVERYTHING and this” she gestured to the Head Girl badge, “This is how you repay me, by stabbing me in the back” she screamed.

“Poor choice of words, don’t you think?” Cohen asked from the bed. Cassandra spun around, gritting her teeth and snarling the young man, who quickly retreated under the covers. “Shut up! I’m trying to be dramatic!” Cassandra roared stomping her feet.

“Yes, you are being dramatic, as usual!” Olivia replied. “And as much as I hate to say this, Cohen is right! That was a poor choice of words. I know your head is shoved so far up your own arse that you often miss what’s going on around you, but two girls have been brutally murdered. And instead of doing something about it, you’re bitching out about a stupid badge and a meaningless title” Olivia hissed, stepping toe to toe with Cassie. “Don’t even play that with me” Cassandra laughed obnoxiously. “That sweet innocent Miss Congeniality shit doesn’t work on me. I know you, and you’re the bitch that dumped her best friend, to be one of us. So don’t act like you all of a sudden care about Dolly or Cameron, because we all know you couldn’t care less. You just want people to think you care. Because that is the type of person you are Liv, you are a bitch, a bitch who doesn’t even have the balls to admit she’s a bitch. You have no real friends, you’re boyfriend doesn’t even want to fuck you, you are the lowest of the low and you are going to die alone, like the sad, miserable, unlovable bitch that you are!” Cassandra bellowed directly into her friends face.

Olivia clenched her fist, she stared deeply into Cassandra’s eyes, before slapping her across the face.

Cohen, Chasity and Vev all let a simultaneous gasp, as Olivia struck the queen bee across the face. Cassandra stumbled backwards, leaning on the bed post for support. She rubbed her cheek and stared at Olivia, her eyes filled with venom and hate.

“You are going to regret that” she whispered, clutching at her cheek.

“No, I’m not” Olivia replied lowering her voice, returning to her sweet, angelic like voice.

“You are DONE, do you hear me, DONE” Cassandra replied, taking her hand away from her face. Olivia laughed shaking her head, before she turned around to exit the room. Before she could get any further Cassandra grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.

“Excuse me, aren’t you forgetting something?” Cassandra asked aggressively, pulling her former friend backwards.

Olivia smiled, pushing her blonde hair out of her face. “How could I forget” she whispered, and in one fluent motion, she ripped the bee broach off Cardigan and threw it onto the floor, by Vev and Chas.

“But as for this badge” Olivia pointed at the Head Girl pin. “You will never get this. I won fair and square, the people voted for me which proves your theory wrong. You are the one who’s going to die alone Cassandra, your friends don’t like you, they’re scared of you and as for your boyfriend, who are you kidding? The second a better option comes along he will leave you in a heartbeat” she continued, before quickly dodging an attempted slap, on Cassandra’s part.

“Too slow” Olivia whispered, getting into the girls face. Olivia opened the door and confidentially walked away from the room, knowing she was victorious.

Cassandra let out another ear piercing scream. She quickly ran over to Olivia’s wardrobe and began to throw things across the room. “Coffee?” Vev asked Chasity.

“God YES” Chas answered instantly, as they both scurried out of the room, to dodge the wrath of Cassie.

She continued to throw items of clothing across the room, until she saw the bee broach on the floor. She stared at it, her eyes filling with tears, before she quickly stomped on it repeatedly, until the once beautiful jewel, broke into smaller pieces.

Cohen couldn’t watch this any longer, he jumped out of his bed and stormed over to Cassandra. He wrapped the screaming girl in his arms, clutching her in his embrace. The couple hugged, as Cassandra’s screams slowly turned into a soft cry.

“I just wanted it so much, I just wanted to be Head Girl, so much” Cassandra cried, tears streaming down her face. “My brothers are all going to laugh at me, I’m a joke, everyone’s going to laugh at me” the young girl moaned, showing vulnerability to her boyfriend.

“No they’re not. Nobody’s going to laugh, I’ve got this, I’ll do anything for you” Cohen whispered clutching his girlfriend’s soft blonde hair.

  Leo and Logan’s Room 

Logan paced the room, his phone glued to his hand. “Come on, come on” he whispered to himself, tapping his feet nervously onto the hard wood floor. He stared out his window, looking down at all the student below. A smile came across his face, as he could see Leo slowly making his way towards the building. Just as his eyes followed Leo, towards the entrance of Iris dorm, his phone let out a loud BEEP.

Logan stared down at his phone, the banking app read “£550.00 deposited into your account” he breathed heavily, another smile appeared on his face. “Fuck yeah” Logan cheered to himself, but quickly went silent, when he heard the sound of keys in the door.

Leo entered the room, the pale boy had a solemn look about him, as he hung his head, avoiding the gaze of Logan. In contrast, Logan giggled, he approached the boy, attempting to nuzzle his nose into Leo’s neck. “So how about you continue, where you left off” Logan whispered, slowly undoing his belt.

Leo slipped past the boy silently, not engaging in Logan’s advances. “Are you upset or something?” Logan asked Leo, as he turned around to face the boy. Leo looked out of the window, his eyes were bloodshot as he bit his lips in frustration.

“No I’m not upset, I’m angry!” Leo snapped, causing Logan to jolt backwards.

“Shh” Logan shushed the boy, not wanting to draw attention to the room. “Why are you so angry?” he whispered to Leo, slowly approaching him.

“Back there, with all the rugby guys, they were dicks and you said nothing, you did nothing!” Leo explained, his voice gradually getting louder.

“Pray tell, what did you want me to say?” Logan asked the boy rhetorically. “Hey lads, better leave Leo alone, we fucked last night but don’t tell anyone because we’re both closeted homos” he added sarcastically, to which Leo rolled his eyes and let out a large defeated sigh.

“You don’t have to say anything like that” the young America boy complained, his voice lowering significantly. “You could at least have my back” he whispered, tears now forming in his eyes.

“I’m sorry okay, I’m really fucking sorry” Logan whimpered, embracing Leo in his thick muscles.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you” Leo cried into Logan’s shoulders. “It’s just, bringing up bad memories yanno, from back home” he continued.

“That’s why you left? That’s why you’re here? Because of some homophobic arseholes” Logan questioned. Leo slowly nodded his head, in response.

A faint smile appeared on Logan’s face as he kissed the boys head, “Don’t worry, nobody’s going to hurt you, ever again. I’ve got you and you’ve got me” Logan whispered into Leo’s ear.

Leo’s grip on the back of Logan’s shirt tightened as he continued to cry, slowly Logan raised his head, so the pair were staring into each other’s eyes. “I promise you Leo, as long as we’re together, nothing bad will ever happen. And if that means we have to hide our relationship, to the confines of this room until we are both comfortable, then so be it” he laughed, smiling down at him. Leo smiled softly, as he pulled Logan in for a kiss. The pair stood in the middle of the room, stationary, simply embracing each other for the passing moment.

“And I promise, I’ll never let anything bad happen to you, either” Leo replied back. “You’re the first person, that I’ve actually cared about. I sound stupid because I’ve only known you three days, but it feels like, like I’ve known you my entire life” Leo sighed, his eyes glistened, as he spoke.

“Well I can’t blame you, I’m pretty lovable” Logan laughed, causing Leo to push him away playfully.

“You’re so full of yourself” Leo laughed as he threw himself down onto Logan’s bed. “Don’t tempt me, you hopeless romantic” Logan sighed as he crawled on top of Leo, laying kisses on the boys neck. Leo laid there staring up at the ceiling, gasping with pleasure as Logan’s kisses grew softer and softer. Just as Logan threw off his belt, Leo’s pants vibrated, abruptly killing the mood.

“Whoever it, tell them where to go” Logan ordered, unbuttoning his pants and throwing off his shirt. Leo took his phone out of his jeans pocket, before the pants were dragged off by Logan.

Leo laid there in his shirt and underwear, staring up at the phone. “Shit, it’s Oscar, we still need to finish the assignment for Mendoza’s class” he sighed. “Well can’t he come back tonight, or something” Logan pleaded.

Leo smiled at him apologetically, as Logan rubbed his temple and frowned. “Fine, but you owe me, that’s twice, TWICE. In one day, your friends have interrupted us” Logan said, standing off the bed, in nothing but his tight purple underwear. “I promise you” Leo laughed pulling his pants back on.

“Now, get dressed he’ll be here soon” the American boy laughed, throwing Logan’s shirt, directly into his face. “Nah screw him, think I’ll have a nap” Logan announced dramatically, as he flung his blanket into the air, hitting Leo in the face, before quickly retreating underneath it.

“You’re welcome to join me, we can spoon until MaryKate, gets here” Logan laughed, tapping the other pillow. It wasn’t long before Leo gave in, he scurried across the bed and snuggled in next to Logan. The pair laid there intertwined, absorbing each other’s warmth.

“Logan” Leo sighed.

“Yeah?” Logan replied.

“You’re so right” Leo continued. “Oscar is MaryKate, Oliver is Ashley” he stated, as the pair erupted into a fit of giggles.

  Outside Blossom Dormitory 

Lavender sat on the bench facing Blossom Dorms. She had been texting Raven all day, with no response. She desperately wanted to talk to Raven, she had spent the better half of last night comforting him, she had no idea why he was avoiding her now.

She sat there nursing a cup of coffee, staring at the other students, wondering how the murders were affecting them, if they were at all. Her concentration was broken when she felt a slight tap on her shoulder. She looked up at the sun and saw Daniel Johansson staring down at her. “Hey, is this seat taken?” he asked her, indicating to an empty spot on the bench.

Lavender shook her head and moved further along, making even more room for the boy. Daniel sat down with ease, removing his sunglasses, from his perfectly chiselled face. “Why are you still here?” Lavender whispered, her eyes opened widely, as she hurried to correct her rude comment. “Not to sound rude, or anything, it’s just, I thought, you’d want to leave. Do even have permission to be here?” she asked the boy, slurring her words as she spoke.

“My sister was killed on school grounds and her murderer is still walking free, Akiyama has basically given me a free pass to roam the grounds. Probably a bid to stop my parents from suing the school into the ground” Daniel explained, looking up at Blossom dorm. “You think her killer is a student?” Lavender asked him quietly.

Daniel took his glasses of and stared at the girl with his piercing blue eyes. “Of course I do” he replied. “You’re his friend right? That Raven guy, I know he was arrested the night Cam was killed, and the police have no other suspects but him” Daniel stated bluntly, forcing Lavender to retreat her into her shell.

“Don’t lie to me, tell me the truth. Are you his friend, yes or no? The question is simple” he continued, piercing her skin, with his cold blue eyes. Lavender avoided his gaze, she looked down to her shoes and hid behind her hair.

“Yes” she whispered, her voice barely audible. Daniel bit his plump lips as he stared up to the dormitory. “Bring him down” Daniel replied his voice intensifying, with rage. “What?” Lavender cried, her voice breathy and filled with panic.

“Get him down here. I may have free range of the grounds, but for all intensive legal purposes, I cannot enter a building that houses minors. I want to speak with him man to man, get him down here NOW!” Daniel screamed causing Lavender to jump off the bench.

Daniel soon followed suit, dropping his coffee onto the floor. “I didn’t mean to scare you. But I really need to talk to that boy, please, just call him and tell him I just want to ask him a few questions” Daniel’s eyes were deranged, his voice unstable as he approached Lavender.

The young women stuttered, unable to get a word out. She backed away, before bumping into another person.

She spun around to see Oliver, Jonathan and Joel, all gathered behind her. The boys smiled deviously, as Lavender slipped away amongst the crowd. “Lavender wait” Daniel shouted, but it was too late, the girl was already out of sight.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s not worth your breath” Oliver laughed, tapping Daniel on the shoulders. “I’m sorry, do I know you boys?” Daniel asked the rugby players.

“No you don’t, but we know you” Joel smiled towards the boy. “You are an icon in this school” he continued.

“Don’t be such a kiss arse Joel” Jonathan snapped at his friend.

“Look, you don’t know us. But we’re on the rugby team and we have heard of you” Jonathan stuck out his hand which Daniel shook firmly.

“Couldn’t help but overhear your dilemma. You want Raven’s head on a spike and we’ll gladly serve it to you” Oliver smiled darkly.

“I don’t want him hurt. I just want answers” Daniel told the boys.

“We all do” Joel replied quickly, exchanging a smile with Dan.

“Let’s walk and talk shall we, we’ll do introductions on the way” Oliver laughed, charging forward, causing Daniel and Joel to run behind him.

Jonathan lingered for a moment, he looked across the yard to see Caleb Barons staring at him. Jonathan smiled wickedly, he thought of Jude and all the work he would be doing. He smiled at Caleb, waving in a patronising manner, before her walked off to join the other boys.

  Courtyard- Callista’s memorial 

Liv sat on the bench, gazing at the plaque, which rested just below a blossom tree. Her eyes were red and puffy as she watched the pink petals drift to the floor. Following her fight with Cassandra, Olivia walked the school for the better half of an hour, her rage soon turned to sadness, she locked herself in the nearest bathroom and began balling her eyes out.

As she sat in the small cubical, whipping mascara off her cheek, she finally remembered the words of Dean and despite his sarcasm, the thought of coming to Calli’s memorial seemed like a good idea.

As she sat on the bench trying to drown out the world, Olivia clutched the key in her hands. “I have one, there are three out there” she whispered to herself. “What do they open?” she asked herself. At this point Olivia wished Calli’s spirit would appear, she needed guidance, she needed answers, she didn’t even know if she was asking the right questions.

She leaned back, slumping into the bench, sighing loudly. She threw her perfect blonde hair out of her face and watched the clouds float by. “Come on Callista, give me a sign” she sighed.

She stood up and slowly approached the blossom tree, little did she know that she was being watched by Dean, who was lurking on the other side of the courtyard. She keeled down to inspect the plaque, the gold sign glistened in the sun, as Olivia stared at her own reflection.

“This was a stupid idea” she whispered to herself. As she spoke, the pocket of her cardigan vibrated aggressively. She pulled out her phone and smiled as Clara’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello” she greeted her former friend, with a large smile.

“So, word on the grape vine is you’ve ditched the broach. Heard Cassandra banished your arse” Clara laughed, causing Olivia to do the same. “So are you gonna ditch the blonde and come crawling back or_” she giggled, making Olivia cackle aloud.

“Totally. Coincidentally I’m actually on my knees right now, please take me back C please! As for the hair, I kidna love it. Couldn’t imagine going back to brown” she explained to Clara.

“Wait for real why are you on your knees? Please don’t tell me you’re with Tyler celebrating your win” Casandra joked.

“Ew, no I am alone” she explained.

“Then why are you on your knees?” Clara questioned.

“Again, I will explain all of this later over pizza, I promise. It’s just been a crazy day” Olivia sighed rubbing her temple, she attempted to stand up, before she could get to her feet, she wobbled, her shoes crashing into the mud. But what she felt beneath her feet, wasn’t mud, but it was solid.

Her face dropped, as she stared at the ground. “Liv, you still there?” Clara asked from the other end of the phone.

“Totally, look C, I’ll call you back, I promise” she panted. “Is this another, you’ll tell me later situation?” Clara laughed. 

“Yeah, it actually is” Olivia replied, not paying much attention to the call. “I know I may seem crazy but I promise, I will call you back” Olivia explained, hanging up her phone.

She fell to her knees and gazing into the mood. She began to dig, using her hands and it wasn’t long before she came across a wooden box. “What the hell” she whispered to herself, as she continued to dig.

Her once pink nails now became encrusted in dirt, as she pulled the box from the earth. She brushed off the excess mud, and her eyebrows rose when it all fell into place. She stared at Calli’s name on the plaque and down at the box, in particular the key hole. “Oh my god” she whispered to herself.

“Come on! Cohen keep up, I’m starving” she heard from across the yard she saw Cassandra storming towards the dining hall, trailed by Cohen. She soon realised that her room would now be empty, giving her ample time to inspect the box and try to process this wild day, before explaining it all to Clara over pizza. She looked around the seemingly empty courtyard and ran away from the blossom tree, heading towards Periwinkle dormitory.

Suddenly, just as Olivia vanished into the school's winding corridors, Dean Mendoza emerged from behind a tree on the opposite side of the courtyard. His face was pale and his lips were tight. He quickly withdrew his own and pressed it several times. He held it to his ear and anxiously awaited an answer.

“Look, things have just gotten so much worse. Olivia Wright has found the box. I don’t know what’s inside, but if it has anything to do with last year, I am not helping you. Deal with this one yourself” he hissed aggressively before hanging up.

  Raven’s Room 

“So everyone thinks I’m a murderer, Daniel Johansson wants to beat the shit out of me and on top of that the rugby team want to burn me at the stake… Great” Raven sighed as he threw himself onto his plush bed.

Lavender stood awkwardly in the corner of the room, she bit her finger nails as she anxiously watched the window. “It might not be that bad. Daniel seems like a really nice guy” she tried to explain, however Raven was not so eager to listen. “You’re just saying that, because you think he’s hot” he hissed at the girl.

“I do not!” Lavender rebuked. “All he wants to do is talk to you” she explained calmly, approaching her friend’s bed. “Yeah I’m sure he just wants to ‘talk’ to the boy who is the prime suspect, in his sister’s murder!” he continued the verbal onslaught, screeching at his friend.

“Jesus Christ! Relax!” Lavender shouted back, “What is wrong with you today?” she questioned. “Do I need to reiterate… I am a prime suspect in a national murder investigation. I have been questioned by the authorities, university is literally months away and who’s going to accept someone, with a criminal conviction!” he screamed back at her yet again.

“It’s not at that stage yet and it will never be at that stage” Lavender reassured him, stroking his back, as the boy laid face down into a pillow.

“You’re my best friend and you always will be. I don’t believe any of this, but Daniel doesn’t know you like I do. He hasn’t even had the pleasure of meeting you. Keeping yourself locked in your room will do you no good, you need to get out, and you need to show everyone, especially the Rugby boys that you have nothing to hide!” Lavender stated firmly.

Raven lifted his head off the pillow, his eyes squinted as he looked up towards his friend. “If I leave, they’ll all crucify me on the spot, they won’t listen to my side” he cried, retreating back to the pillow.

Lavender pulled his head upwards with a loud sigh and forced him to make eye contact. “Then we’ll make them listen. One way or another we will prove your innocence” she said, her eyes welling up. His eyes grew glossy too, yet he did not shed a single tear, instead her drew her close and the pair embraced for a brief moment.

“Thank you Lav” he whispered into her ear.

“What would you do without me” she replied smiling. She popped off his bed and extended her hand towards him.

“Come on, let’s hit the road. Its dinner time and I am famished!” she roared with delight, as Raven reluctantly peeled himself off the bed.

“You’re sure it’s going to be fine?” the boy stuttered as Lavender grabbed onto the door knob. “I’m sure” she replied.

She pulled it open to reveal a gaggle of students all congregated outside Raven’s door. In the instant that it opened, several students fled whilst other stood and gawked at the boy, some even had the nerve to take pictures, like the pair were wild animals at a zoo.

Lavender soon saw what they were all looking at. Through her peripheral vision, she could see that someone had wrote on the white board, which hung on Raven’s door.

In bright red letters it red ‘Here lies Raven Costillo... RIP – Our resident serial killer” Lavender gasped, as she hurried to wipe it off with her palms. But Raven grabbed her, halting her efforts.

“No” he whispered to her, as the students watched on nervously.

“Who did this?” he asked the group, there were several murmurs, but no one answered. “I said who did this?” Raven shouted, throwing the board off the door, preceding to stomp on it with his heavy boots” the flock of pupils scattered, leaving the pair alone as Raven panted aggressively, continuing to stomp.

“Calm down, Raven… Raven CALM DOWN” Lavender screamed, shaking his aggressively. Raven snapped back to reality, his eyes were empty and pale as he stared at his best friend. “Sorry, I got a bit carried away” he whispered, to the frightened girl.

“Let’s go get some dinner” he sighed, shutting the door and staggering off towards the stairs. Lavender remained stationary, bewildered by the two extreme behaviors she had just witnessed, the aggressive wild Raven and the shy, lost Raven. She had never seen the aggressive side of her friend before and it was something she did not wish to see again, and so as she followed him towards the stairs, Lavender couldn’t help but wonder, just how Raven was feeling and if those outbursts were not only a regular occurrence, but a well hidden secret.

  Olivia’s Room 

Liv sat at her desk, the box sat in front of her, the key resting in her trembling hand. She knew once the box was open, there was no turning back, Liv may not have known the contents of the box but she wasn’t stupid, whatever was inside is important enough to bury, important enough that Callista wanted it to remain in the correct hands.

Her breaths were fast and rapid, she placed the key into the box and unlocked it. The metal box clanked and clinked, as the lid eerily opened by itself. To her surprise, all that rested inside was a hospital wrist band.

Olivia gently picked the flimsy band out of the box, lowering her head she noticed a name, a name she was familiar with, followed by ‘The Priory’ Olivia placed the band down on her desk and quickly searched the hospital on her laptop. She scrolled through several chunks of useless information, slowly murmuring to herself, when she stumbled upon something which sent a chill up her spine. “A ward at Priory opened in 1990, was founded with the sole purpose of helping the criminally insane. As of 2015, Priory boast an unprecedented success rate, for assisting and rehabilitating former criminals” Olivia read, as her jaw lowered in horror.

She pushed herself away on the desk chair and stared at the now sinister wrist band which lay face down on her desk. Suddenly her phone buzzed and began to ring, the newly appointed head girl jumped out of her seat in fright and quickly scrambled to get her phone.

“Hello” she stuttered nervously.

“Hello, where are you? I did not risk getting detention by ordering pizza to the school gate, for you to just bail on me. And don’t say you’re busy and you’ll call me later and tell me everything, Ms Wright you need to take off your Sherlock Hommes hat and call it a night” Clara demanded.

“Well Watson, you may wanna put that pizza in the microwave. I’ve just made a major breakthrough, how fast can you get to my dorm?” she asked her former best friend. Olivia walked towards her window and peaked through the curtains, the outside of periwinkle dorm was dark and dreary. “I’m already out of the door, are you okay? You sound a little nervous” Clara asked her, breathing heavily as she locked her dorm room door.

Olivia nodded her head and sighed “Yeah, text me when you’re here. I got a phone call to make” she told Clara before hanging up abruptly. She sat on her chair and pushed herself back to the laptop, there she highlighted the number to The Priory and began to dial it on her phone.

  Teacher’s Dorm 

Simon Mendoza laid on a couch, a defeated look took over his face as the man stared up at the celling with a stack of papers siting in his lap. “Aren’t you coming to bed?” asked his wife, entering the living room in a nightgown.

“Not yet, I still have a lot of papers to mark” Simon told Maggie, unable to even look at her. “Well I will stay with you until you finish” she replied instantly, strolling towards the end of the sofa, her husband moved his legs, allowing his wife to sit by his side. “How’s he doing?” she asked him. Simon’s mind was somewhere else, bewildered he was unsure of who is wife was referring to.

“Dean, that’s his essay. How is he, in class?” she asked caressing the paper, with her son’s name written on it.

“As good as he can be, all things considering, he’s still managing to get A’s” Simon noted, singing a red A at the top of his son’s paper. “He gets his brains from you, obviously” Simon placed Dean’s to one side and began marking the next.

“He gets his brains from both of us” Maggie quickly corrected her husband, stroking his stubble.

“Someone with brains wouldn’t do what I did” Simon sighed as his eyes began to glaze and his pupils dilate.

“It’s was a mistake and it’s all in the past. We need to move on as a family” she reassured him, trying to be stern and remain composed.

“Our son hates me, he’s disgusted by his own father and everything I’ve done” he moaned.

“He will come around, he has to. He’s an accepting boy and that is something he gets from me” she laughed kissing his cheek. In that moment Head Mistress Akiyama stormed into the living room in a frantic hurry.

“Sue, my god what’s wrong?” Maggie aske standing up from the couch.

“That was the police, apparently they have an unknown source, who has offered some kind of verbal evidence in the case” she told the pair. Simon now stood up, he grasped onto Maggie’s hand and held it tightly. “I don’t know much, but the police are now investigating one student in particular” she told the two parents.

“Who?” Simon asked, with thoughts of Dean coursing through his brain.

“Cassandra Clooney” Sue told them in one baited breath.

  David and Jonathan’s room 

“As you can see, my boy Jonathan runs a pretty tight ship around here” Oliver told Daniel, as both boys watched on from the door as Jules sat on the floor, now cleaning Oliver’s rugby boots.

“Seems pretty weird to me. Having a little kid be your personal slave, seems kinda darkly kinky… And also very illegal” Daniel said awkwardly as he entered the boys room. “Just like I tell the others, Jules is not my ‘slave’ he is here of his own accord, he wants my help, just as much as I demand his” Johnathan laughed, as he laid on his bed. “Well at least someone agrees with me. It’s super weird” Joel added, nodding in agreement with Daniel.

“You’re such an arse kisser Joel” Oliver snickered as he joined Daniel who now sat on Tyler’s empty bed.

“Am not, all I am doing is reaffirming what Daniel said. It’s super creepy, it’s almost like you get off humiliating this kid” Joel shouted at Jonathan, who simply rolled his eyes at his teammate.

He pushed himself off the lavish bed, knocking Jules with his knee as he walked past. He continued striding towards Joel.

“You know, for the past two days you have been running your mouth and acting like mother fucking Theresa. So here’s an idea, leave. Get out of the room, because if you’re gonna be such a downer all night, nobody wants you here” Jonathan roared into Joel’s face. “Careful Johnny, you’re Cohen is showing” Joel sniggered, as the rest of the room fell silent.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jonathan asked, pressing his forehead against Joel’s. “You’re not Cohen and you’re David. You’re not even relevant Jonathan, that’s the real reason you’re torturing this kid” he barked back, pushing Jonathan away from him.

“Same goes for you Oliver, I don’t know what’s gotten into you this year, but seriously both you guys have stepped majorly into the dark side and I am not okay with it” he stared down, one half of the Olsen twins who in turn stepped off Tyler’s bed.

“God look who’s talking. This past year you’ve become such a pussy Joel, matter of fact you always have been and always will be” Oliver hissed, standing side by side with Jonathan.

“Now like I said, get out of my room and enjoy your last night of your social life, because when we’re done with you, you’re going to wish you were dead” Jonathan whispered into his ear, so Daniel wouldn’t be able to hear.

Joel smirked and backed out of the door. “I’ll welcome it with open arms” he told the others before leaving the room, storming past Tyler who was just entering, wearing joggers and covered in sweat.

“Joel? Where are you going?” Tyler asked, but his friend had already left.

“Forget him, we don’t associate with him anymore” Oliver said, returning to sitting on Tyler’s bed.

“Erm who’s the guest?” Tyler asked pointing towards Daniel.

“Oh this is the legend that is Daniel Johansson” Oliver introduced the blonde boy in grand fashion, as Daniel sat awkwardly perched on Tyler’s bed.

“Oh, nice to meet you man. So sorry about your sister, she was a sweet girl” Tyler told Daniel, as they all continued to ignore Jules who was still scrubbing dirt out of cleats. “Sweet? Things like this shouldn’t happen to sweet girls” Daniel sighed, staring out of the window and up at the dark nights sky. “Which is why, we vowed to help Daniel” Oliver told him. “Help him how?” Tyler asked, sitting next to Jonathan.

“We’re going to help bring Raven down. For what he did to Calli, to Dolly and to Cameron” Jonathan told Tyler, grabbing a hold of Daniel’s knee for support. “We are going to put him away for good” he continued his faux inspirational speech as Daniel finally stood up. “Okay boys, I have had enough of this weirdness for one night. You both have my number, call me tomorrow and we’ll get coffee and go over some things. As you kid” he addressed Jules, who stared up and the former king, practically star struck.

“When you run this place, don’t turn out like me and don’t turn out like these guys” Daniel whispered, as he strutted towards the door. “Night boys” he shouted as he disappeared into the corridor.

“Ignore him, his grief is making him delusional” Jonathan told Jules, “We’re still you’re role models” he stated leaning back onto his bed.

“So celebrations with Liv tonight, it is her coronation? Oliver asked Tyler who remained silent, looking down at the Jules.

“I don’t know” Tyler replied, “She’s seemed so distant today, like something’s been distracting her”

  Scene 17 – Courtyard 

Lavender sat on the bench once more, gazing up towards the stars, she was alone. Until she saw Clara storming across the yard, she stood up to wave at the girl but noticed Casandra was following behind her at break speed. Wanting to avoid the queen bee at all coasts Lavender sat back down and remained silent.

Whereas Clara had one thing on her mind Periwinkle dormitories, she had to get there, she was so desperate to know what Liv knew, that was until she felt a hand on her shoulder. “I need to talk to you now!” Casandra roared at Clara, dragging her backwards and slamming her against a brick wall.

“Don’t touch me!” Clara pushed her hand away. The girls locked eyes they stared each other down, the tension was palpable as noting but silence befell them. “You have twenty seconds, talk now!” Clara responded pushing Casandra back. “Olivia, she needs to leave. You’re gonna let her stay with you. Since you have a spare bed now” Cassie said bluntly, pushing her thick hair out of her face.

“Yeah we’re already ahead of you, she’s moving in, tonight” Clara smiled at the girl, cutting Cassandra down. “Now if you excuse me, your twenty seconds are up. And I need to help my friend escape the Manson family” Clara laughed, flicking Cassandra’s bee broach. Clara once again tried to escape, but Casandra pushed her back against the wall. “You know Clara, sometimes I wonder, what life would be like if you joined me, instead of Liv. You’re stronger than her and you always will be” she whispered, playing with Clara’s dark hair.

A twig snapped and the two girls jumped, Lavender hid behind a tree trying to remain hidden from the girls view. “I can see you freak! I thought I made it clear, you’re socially dead to me and so is Raven. When we’re done with the pair of you, you’re both going to wish whoever killed Dolly and Cameron, killed you instead!” Casandra roared, as Lavender sat behind the tree trunk shaking, she stared up to see Daniel listening in from a window. He placed his finger on his lips and shushed her.

“Sorry about that bitch, where was I?” Cassandra diverted her attention back to Clara, only to find the young brunette had escaped and was heading towards Periwinkle dormitory. “Wait” she shouted running after Clara.

“Cassandra as much as I would love to stand here and talk to you. I have to leave, please don’t follow me” Clara rebuked attempting to storm away. Cassandra sped up her pace until she was at Clara’s side.

“You know what, I think the pair of you are hiding something from me” Cassie barked. Clara bit her lips, and paced around in a circle. “So it’s true, what are you doing, cutting up my clothes, going through my laptop… what, what are you hiding?” she continued.

“I don’t know!” Clara screamed at the queen bee. “I don’t know, Liv hasn’t told me anything she keeps hiding secrets and she is going to tell me everything right now. So I am going to go over to her room, find out what she knows, help her move into my room and get back the friend YOU stole” she pushed Cassie once more.

“Fine, then you won’t mind if I tag along and find out exactly what this secret is and what it is that she may know” Cassie smirked. The girls fell silent once again, the wind whistled through their hair. “What are you going to ban me from my own room?” Cassie laughed, placing her hands on her hips.

“Fine” Casandra sighed in defeat. “Let’s go” she whispered as the two girls headed to the dormitories, and as they walked through the dark night Cohen’s words raced through Cassandra’s head.

I will do anything for you.

  Liv’s Room 

“Yes, hi I was wondering if you could help me, I am calling regarding a patient, that stayed at your facility” Liv told the nurse on the other end of the phone, she was so close to getting answers she could taste them, She had the hospitals number, she had the wrist band and as the blonde beauty paced her room, she could feel a surge of energy within her, she could feel the rush of adrenaline pulsing through her body. They will not die in vain, I will end this she thought, as a faint smile emerged on her lips.

“Yes, patient number 1601. The reason for my questioning?” Olivia asked, knowing she would have to lie, by way of means.

“Yes they have applied for employment within my company and I was just doing a background check, when noticed the applicant spent a period within your care” she lied to the nurse as she sat on her bed.

Olivia’s mind raced with possibilities, is patient 1601 the killer, are they behind all this? Why did Cali have the band and is that why they killed her?

Liv had a million questions, some of which could be resolved when she finally learnt the identity of the patient. “One moment please” the nurse on the other end placed Olivia on hold, Liv walked to her window to search for signs of Clara, but there was no sign of her, there was no sign of life at all.

“Yes, we have their file on record here” the nurse told Olivia, as she was snapped back into reality. The nurse continued to talk, Olivia’s mouth quivered and her fingers trembled, the hand holding her phone shook, as the nurse spoke, revealing what Olivia longed to hear.

“Thank you, thank you for your time” Olivia hung up. Her palms became sweaty, causing her phone to fall out of her hand as her knees gave way, collapsing onto her bed. She gasped for air, she couldn’t form any sentences, but she knew what she had to do. She had to call Clara. She wasn’t sure where Clara was, or what was taking her so long. She scrambled to pick up her phone, when to her dismay it began to ring itself.


Her heart sank, she slowly placed her phone to her ear. In an instant the lump in her throat disappeared and in a faint whisper she greeted the caller. “Hello” Liv stood off her bed and quickly walked to the window, thankfully this time there were no dead bodies in sight.

“Hello Olivia, miss me?” the deep voice laughed, sending an ice cold shiver up her spine. “Missed you a bunch” Olivia replied sarcastically.

“So secrets out” she replied giggling feeling proud of herself. “Not only are you going to rot in hell for what you’ve done, but most importantly, you’re going to rot in jail” she said getting serious, as her tone quickly shifted.

“Big threats coming from a skinny fucking blonde bitch” the voice cackled from the other end of the phone. Olivia knew something wasn’t right. Something in the depths of her stomach told her to run. She placed the hospital band back into the box and locked it once again, placing the key within her cardigan pocket.

She threw the box under her bed and ran to collect her coat. “Making a lotta noise, leaving Olivia?” the voice asked her.

“Damn right I am” she replied panting trying to catch her breath. “I’m leaving and I am going straight to the police” she told the voice believing she had gotten the better of the person behind voice.

“And tell them what, even if you did reveal my identity you’re the only person I’ve called, there is no trace of me whatsoever, other than you. So here’s my question, who’s going to believe you” it asked. Olivia went pale as a croak accidentally escaped her voice.

“Well we’ll just see who believes me won’t we” Olivia whispered, trying to show some confidence. She hung up her phone and threw it onto the bed.

She hastily ran and opened the door, however as soon as her hands clasped the handle she was greeted by a mysterious figure in a dark cloak wearing a masquerade mask.

Olivia attempted to scream but the figure covered her mouth and threw her onto the floor. “Help me somebody” she screamed, the cloaked figure slammed the door shut and pulled a knife out from behind them.

Olivia stared up at the shinning blade, feeling another rush of adrenaline course through her, she quickly jumped to her feet and scrambled towards the window. The figure charged forward, swinging their knife. Luckily Olivia dodged them in time, the figures blade wedged into the wall but quickly became unattached as they pulled at it aggressively.

Olivia knew she had to call for help, she ran for her phone gasping for air as her heart was beating rapidly. Her hands touched the screen, when suddenly blood splattered the device. The figures blade sliced through the side of Olivia’s arm, causing blood to pour over her bed sheets. The girl howled in pain as she once again fell to the floor.

She backed away, leaning against her bed side table. As the figure stood over her, she thought it was the end. As the killer’s sickening mask smiled down at her blood dripped from their knife and onto the clean white carpet.

As they rose the blade high into the air, Olivia’s leg rose with it. She kicked the figure in the stomach, knocking them onto their back. Once again she sprung to her feet and ran out of the door. “Help me, somebody help” the girl roared, banging on doors of periwinkle dormitories.

She received no response, none whatsoever, everyone was at the hall eating dinner, unaware of the horrors that were transpiring. She clutched her bleeding arm and bolted for the staircase. Her blonde hair flowing behind her and her heart continuing to beat out of her chest.

Her blood stained hands touched the ice cold railing and she felt a sharp stinging in her back. A short puff of air left Olivia’s lips, before blood slowly trickled out of her throat and down her perfect pink lips.

The figure stood behind her. They removed their blade from Olivia’s back and grasped onto her hair. They pulled her back before plunging the blade deep into the young girl’s chest. Tears formed in her eyes as she turned to face the mask and with her last ounce of strength she peeled it off and stared into the face of her murderer. Her eyes widened, noises attempted to escape her mouth as the killer twisted their blade, again and again and again. Blood poured out of her, turning her once perfect white shirt into a crimson nightmare.

“Surprise” the killer laughed maniacally, as Olivia touched their face. “I’ll take this” they whispered into her ear, withdrawing the key from her pocket. The blade was removed from her chest and Olivia was thrown down the flight of stairs, the mask fell from her grasp, and the world passed Olivia in an instant.

She was no longer in pain, she was free and as she hit the bottom of the stairs her eyes began to flutter. In her last moments Olivia thought of her family, her mother and father, what they would do and how they would respond. Then she thought of her sister, little Dorothea as her eyes filled with tears, as she whispered “Goodbye Munchkin”

  Outside Periwinkle Dorm 

Cassandra rattled at the doors to the lobby, but they wouldn’t move. “They never lock the main door” she told Clara who had previously failed to open said door. Now Clara stood behind her pacing the stone walkway, inches away from where Dolly was butchered.

“She’s not answering phone” Clara told Casandra in a panic.

“Calm down, she’s probably with Tyler or something” Cassandra replied, walking towards Clara.

“Then why is the door locked!” Clara screeched in response.

Both girls stared at the illuminated building, shivering with the cold night air, both of them suddenly felt unease as a twig snapped behind them. “Lavender is that you?” Clara asked, looking towards the heap of bushes and trees which lay just beyond the dorm. “Oh no, I am not sticking around for this shit. Clara lets go. We’ll call Liv from somewhere else, somewhere a little more populated, somewhere safe!” Cassandra decreed.

However Clara did not follow her, she remained still, gazing towards the bushes. “Listen Wednesday Adams, may I remind you we are inches away from where Dolly was butchered last night. We have no way of getting inside and we are hearing strange noises… That AND you just called out, basically asking ‘who’s there’ which is a complete no, no in horror films” the bitchette continued to rant.

“We are not in a horror movie, shush” Clara said, as she slowly approached the origin of the noise.

“If you get slaughtered with a machete, die with the comfort of knowing I got away safely” Casandra shouted.

“Lavender, if that’s you please come out or whoever it is, please we won’t be mad” Clara said rather calmly. Once again there was no response instead Dean Mendoza emerged from behind the bushes and slowly crept towards the girls.

Clara backed away from the silent boy, eventually bumping into Cassandra who was equally as shaken. “What the actual hell” the blonde beauty whispered. “If we both split up he won’t be able to get both of us” Cassandra began to panic, as her voice became breathier. “Dean” Casandra stuttered.

“What are you doing here and why were you hiding in the bushes?” Clara finished her sentence as the girls clutched onto each other for support. Dean remained silent, his gaze turned to the door and back to the girls. They awaited his response, Casandra’s grip on Clara’s shoulder tightened as the boys mouth opened.

Before any words could pass through his lips, there was a loud sound coming from above the trio. They all stared up towards the roof of the dorm. To their horror they saw it, quickly falling down towards them.

Olivia’s dead body hit the cold stone floor, landing at the feet of the three students. The girl was pale, covered in blood and completely motionless. “Oh my god” Casandra screamed loudly.

“Liv!” Clara cried, she looked back up towards the roof, but no one else was visible. “We need some help! Help!” Dean screamed at the top of his voice.

“Use your phone idiot!” Casandra ordered as she and Clara kneeled at both of Liv’s sides. Dean nodded and pulled out his phone instantly.

“Yes, I need an ambulance and police… Windsor Academy a girl… Olivia Wright has been thrown off a roof… I don’t know what happened just please hurry” the boy told the operator.

Both of the girls grasped Liv’s cold dead hands. Clara softly placed her hands onto her friends face and closed her eyes, once and for all.

“Her badge, the head girl badge!” Casandra croaked.

“Seriously?” Clara snapped in disgust. “That’s what you’re still talking about …”

“Her badge is gone, they must have ripped it off her, look her cardigan is torn” Casandra wept as she pointed to the corner of Liv’s cardigan. Suddenly Clara felt a buzzing in Olivia’s pocket. Bewildered she pulled out Liv’s smashed phone, which had just received a message.

“What does it say?” Casandra asked, as Dean returned to join them.

“Queen Bees can’t fly…” Clara whispered, reading the message aloud, her voice shook as the screen went black. Clara's eyes filled with tears, whilst Casandra's narrowed as she focused on Dean's sweaty brow. Both girls remained either side of Olivia, refusing to let go of their lost friend.


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