Horror is the removal of masks
Robert Bloch
Horrifically Wicked Tales
Season 1, Episode 5
Leo Smile
Air date November 8, 2017
Written by Jay
Directed by Selena
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A Promise To The Dead
Spilled Tea
A Gentleman's Choice is the fifth episode in Horrifically Wicked Tales season 1.


Part One of the Horrifically Wicked Tales: Halloween Special.

It's mischief night at Windsor Academy and two of the schools hottest couples are planning date nights. But on a night were parks and chaos lurks around every corner, will it be the romantic evening everyone is hoping for? Elsewhere Clara assembles a team of students, with the shared goal of stopping the killer before they strike again.

 Police Station: Interrogation Room 

The lights of dank room flickered viciously, as precariously hung above Casandra’s head. The leader of the Bitchette’s clasped onto herself, her mascara now covered her cheeks and her eyes were red and puffy, barely visible behind the tattered mess of damp hair, which concealed most of her face.

The door slowly creaked open as DI Ryan McKenna entered. He was stiff and stone faced as he approached the girl. He dropped a paper file in front of her and took his seat. “Miss Clooney may I remind you that you are being recorded and that anything you say can and will be used to further this investigation” McKenna stated bluntly, to which Cassie nodded her, remaining silent as she did so.

“Tonight at twenty-five minutes past nine, you were apprehended from your room at Windsor Academy. Is that correct?” he asked, beginning to take notes without even looking up at her.

“Correct” Casnadra whispered faintly. “Now, Miss Clooney I’m sure you’re very confused as to why you were brought here tonight” he stated in his gruff tone. Casandra pushed her tattered hair out of her face, just so the detective had a clear view of her rolling her eyes.

“No, you said it yourself. I was arrested on suspicion of the murder of Liv and Cameron. So no Detective, I’m not confused at all” she grinned.

Her perfectly glossed lips taunted the Detective, McKenna clutched onto his pen and tried to remain as professional as possible. “Forgive me, allow me to rephrase. I am sure you’re confused about the allegations made against you. So allow me to make it clear” he stated, commanding his authority. “We have reason to suspect you murdered both of these young women, we have statements from various students and DNA evidence to support our claims” he concluded, lowering his pen to look Casandra in the eye.

The girl giggled to herself and sat back in the chair, “Well detective allow me to make something clear. These watery eyes are not because I am scared, I am crying with rage” she whispered, in an aggressive tone of voice. “How dare you have the audacity to accuse me of such heinous crimes, one of which was committed against my best friend” she reminded him, in a bid to defend herself. “I watched her die! You know this, we called you to the scene for Christ sake!”

“Former best friend, because it has come to our attention that you and Miss Wright had a falling out, shortly before her death” he added. Casandra froze, she wasn’t sure how the detective worked that.

“That fight, was nothing more than that. A stupid fight, ask any teenage girl on that campus, they’ll tell you the same thing. We have fights about the stupidest things, they mean nothing and that fight meant nothing to me. I wouldn’t and didn’t kill Olivia!” she insisted aggressively.

“And what about Cameron Johansson?” he asked, not giving Casandra time to breath. “Our sources also tell us you two had a fight, just moments before her death too. Care to explain?” he asked, leaning forward to intimidate her.

But Casandra remained stiff and focused, she wasn’t about to be bullied into a confession. “Yes, Cameron and I did have a physical altercation. But I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill anybody” she spoke at a normal tone, as her hair dripped onto the table. McKenna’s ears perked up.

“You’re saying you and Miss Johansson got into a physical fight correct?” he asked her, as he frantically took notes.

“Yes, the bitch jumped me when I was leaving my bedroom, after using the bathroom” Casandra screamed. “I was so wasted I didn’t even notice that sociopath Raven in Olivia’s bed, who by the way should be the one you’re talking to right now!” she screamed again. “What happened?” the Detective insisted, hoping to gain insight on how Casandra’s DNA ended up under Cameron’s finger nails.

“We ragged each other’s hair and she clawed at my face. Thankfully she didn’t leave a mark” Casandra said, as she calmed down. “Some quiet kid, Caleb something broke it up” she said as she returned to leaning back in her chair.

McKenna was at a dead end, but things got worse when a second officer entered the room, carrying yet another case file. Casandra adjusted her hair and quickly patted her cheeks, in a bid to make herself appear more presentable. “Thank you” McKenna whispered, as the officer quickly fled the scene.

Inside McKenna saw several photos with time stamps, all taken from Casandra’s private Snapchat. “Well… What is it?” she asked in a demanding tone. McKenna rolled his eye and aggressively grabbed everything remaining on the table.

“You’re free to go” he hissed. McKenna grabbed the recording device and spoke into it, with a furious tone. “Suspect has received an alibi, which places her at several different locations within Periwinkle Dormitory at the moment of Cameron Johansson’s murder. This interview is over” he stated before finally turning it off. A baffled Casandra stumped to her feet as McKenna stormed out of the door.

“Erm, excuse me an apology wouldn’t go amiss and how on earth am I supposed to get back to campus” she screeched as she tried to keep up with officer, as they worked their way through the stations corridors.

The whole place was a mess following the fallout of the fire, officers, fire fighter and medics littered the halls, talking, panicking each giving various statements and calling various public figures, paper reporters scattered across the hallway’s floor, as McKenna peered around each and every door.

“Has anyone seen Blair Robinson?” he asked aloud, to which no one responded. “Hello, still here” Casandra screamed at the top of her voice. “Taking all my things as evidence was one thing, but to actually arrest me. I hope you’re ready for a lawsuit, because when my father hears about this he will__”

“Enough!” McKenna screamed back. “You have a ride awaiting outside Miss Clooney. If you’re awaiting for an apology, I’m sorry you won’t get one. But I can offer some advice” he said, just as the whole station hushed and all eyes were on them. “You are a spoilt little brat, who’s too scared of being scared. You put up this queen bee bitchy front, but deep down inside you are just a scared little girl. You think you’re special, sweetheart there are a million of you out there in the real world. You may have your little school friends fooled but not me” the gathering audience gawked and gasped in shock as the Detective continued his verbal onslaught.

“Maybe you are this killer, maybe you’re not. But I know one thing, all you Windsor kids are the same, twisted spoiled little brats, only you seek freaks could do this to each other. And I am going to great pleasure in stopping it. You’re excused” he whispered before calmly walking away, leaving the bystanders and Casandra in total silence. He was completely unaware that a piece of paper had fallen out of one of the folders, falling to Casandra’s feet.

She saw enough, ‘Two sources: Lavender Jensen and Clara Stark’ as the rest of the station remained unaware, an enraged Casandra put her heel down and rubbed the piece of paper into the ground. Her lips tightened as she made her exit.

As McKenna entered the main part of the station, he rubbed his head in frustration. “Can someone get me a fucking coffee” he shouted to panic stricken room. “Jesus a little bit of arson and the whole station turns into a bunch of babies” he screamed loudly. “Pathetic!” he continued.

“And where the fuck is Blair, with that laptop!” he screamed, remaining unaware of her grizzly fate.

  1 Week Later - Iris Dormitory – Leo and Logan’s Bedroom 

The two boys were entwined under the sheets, the sun had begun to rise, peaking through the curtains and onto Leo’s face, illuminating the sleeping boy’s perfectly chiselled cheeks. Logan lay awake, running his fingers through Leo’s hair, admiring every single strand of the boy’s thick locks. “I don’t want to go to class” Logan whispered into Leo’s ear. “I just want to lay here, with you forever and ever” with each passing word Logan drew Leo closer and closer.

Leo yawned quietly as he rubbed his eyes, “Then let’s skip class, I’d much rather stay here all day, get warmed up for the big date” he whispered, as he turned onto his side so he came face to face with Logan.

“Skip class? And miss out on all the fun” Logan giggled. Leo backed away from his boyfriend ever so slightly, he raised his eyebrows as Logan continued to smile. “What you don’t have mischief night in America?” he asked, to which Leo shook his head.

“Mate! Mischief night is the best, I can’t believe you don’t have it” Logan gasped theatrically. Leo pushed himself up and leaned against the headboard “I’ve literally never heard about this ever, pretty sure you’re making this up” Leo laughed, pushing Logan back onto his back, foiling his attempt to join him on the headboard.

“Am not” Logan insisted. “It’s real, every 30th of October is mischief night, people pull pranks, egg houses, tp stuff, slash a few tires, break a few window , get super drunk… You know usual teenage shenanigans” Logan said calmly, as Leo laughed with shock.

“I don’t think any windows or tires suffer from teenage American shenanigans” Leo stated, as he now played with Logan’s hair.

“Well they should, maybe if you guys drank at a younger age you’d be more fun” he whispered, he pulled on Leo’s legs forcing him back onto his back. Once his head rested on the pillow, Logan crawled on top of him. “So that’s why we’re going out tonight, I want to show you a proper British mischief night” he whispered into Leo’s air.

“Well I can’t wait” Leo whispered back, “To get mischievous” he continued as the boys kissed passionately. As they paused Leo pushed Logan away playfully, “If anyone tries to pull any pranks on me, you better have my back” he giggled.

Logan smiled down at the boy “Believe me, the other week I promised you that I would protect you from the rugby boys, tonight I promise I’ll protect you from all the horrors that lie around each and every corner of this school. I’ll look after you, always” Logan whispered softy, the boys embraced once more as a gentle wind blew the curtains into the air.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Chasity and Vev's Room 

Meanwhile Chasity and Oliver lay under the covers, their voices remained low and muffled, as the sheets began to thrash about. “Ugh” Chasity grunted, throwing the blanket off herself and violently dropping her head onto the pillow. “I just don’t get it” she grunted aggressively, she looked over to Vev’s bed and noted that her friend was still sound asleep.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault. I just can’t control myself” Oliver giggled as he joined her on the second pillow. “You’re just so hot” he whispered as he kissed her on the cheek. “That being said, I don’t know how you control yourself around me, I am pretty spectacular” he laughed arrogantly.

Chasity rolled her eyes, before rolling over entirely, choosing to stare at the wall rather than her boyfriend. “Every single time we have sex, it’s like you can’t wait till it’s over. You go so fast and only care about yourself” she whispered.

Oliver began to stroke her shoulder but the girl merely nudged him away. “Do not even attempt what you’re about to attempt” she insisted, clutching onto the blanket.

“I am so sorry baby” he whispered into her ear, not taking the situation seriously. This time a more agitated Chas batted him away, slapping Oliver’s hand with so much brute force the boy gasped with pain, acting quickly she covered his mouth.

“Be quiet, Vev is still asleep” she whispered in a raised tone. She leaned over the boy to see Vev fidget in bed, but still remain asleep.

“Ugh, I don’t care about Vev. I just care about you. And I really mean that baby” Oliver said, in an attempt to be sentimental. “You’re all I care about, you’re all I think about. Night and day, you’re my everything” he whispered as he brushed her long her out of her face, just so he could stroke her cheek.

“I’m sorry if I’m not sexually satisfying you, but I promise I will work on it” he whispered, as the two shared a soft kiss. “And to apologise for all this drama, I am going to take you for a meal tonight” he said, grinning to himself proudly.

“Are you serious, with everything that’s gone on recently?” Chasity asked in disbelief. “You really think it’s smart to sneak out of school?” she asked.

Oliver shrugged off her answer “What are you talking about. No one has died for like two weeks, it’s all over with now” he told her in a patronising tone. Chasity shook her head and continued with her argument.

“But that news reporter, Blair Robinson” she said. “Haven’t you read the paper, she’s gone, vanished. No one has heard from her in over a week” she said, now sitting up completely.

“Yeah which to me proves that she was the one behind it, not Casandra or Raven” Oliver refuted. He took a hold of his girlfriend’s trembling hand and gently squeezed it, “I promise, I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you” he said, before kissing her once more. All of Chasity’s worries soon floated out of her mind and all she could think about was how soft Oliver’s lips felt. “We’ll go and we’ll have a really great night” he whispered, as the two gradually pulled apart.

“Ew, not what I wanted to see, when I just opened my eyes” a now fully Vev awakened Vev, moaned as she turned away from the couple.

“Good morning to you too” Oliver replied.

“Morning sweetheart, sorry about that. You try and get back to sleep, I know you don’t have any classes first period so just have a nice lie in” Chasity exclaimed. Just as she finished her sentence the two girls received a text message. Picking it up in sync they each took a moment to read, before shooting each other a look of dread.

“What is it?” Oliver asked as he lowered himself back onto the pillow.

“It’s Casandra…” Chasity sighed, as she stared down at the screen.

 Dinning Hall 

Clara and David sat an empty table, with a notebook separating them the pair locked eyes and nodded in agreement. “So it’s decided, this is our team” Clara said in hushed tone. She quickly closed the pad and hid it in her bag.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her, as he quickly scouted the room. “This could get us killed” he said seriously.

“I don’t want to put anyone in danger, but this has to end” Clara stated, her eyes narrowed as she too quickly gave the room a scout. “It’s not like we’re forcing these people to help us, we give them the option, either they help us and we end this together, or they don’t help us at all and they can go about their everyday life” she said calmly. David fidgeted in his seat as a teacher walked past their table, Clara bowed her head and tried to act as casual as possible. As the teacher walked away Clara released a heavy breath, and glared at David. “Can you please try to remain calm” she insisted, as she sipped her coffee.

“Sorry, I’m just nervous. I’ve never really done anything like this, you know breaking the rules and stuff” he breathed heavily, trying to calm himself down.

Clara’s hand reached out and touched his, a faint smile arose on her face as she watched the boy grow red in the face. “Hey” she whispered, “I know this is out of your comfort zone, which is why I am so glad that you’re helping me” she said, flashing the boy a smile in the process.

David blushed once more, as the pair sat in silence. Clara’s mouth opened, as if she wanted to speak, but the silence was instead ended by Oscar who placed a bowl of cereal on the table and joined the duo, severing the tension in an instant. “Morning all” Oscar said as he sat down next to David.

Clara smiled and nodded “Morning Osc” she stated. Similarly David too nodded and wished Oscar “Good morning”.

The trio sat in silence, as Oscar slowly ate his cereal. “So, you revised for the history test?” Oscar asked aloud. To which Clara merely nodded once more. David raised from his seat and smiled down at Clara.

“I have a meeting with Akiyama, so I have to be getting on my way” David told the group. “So I bid you both goodbye and see you both in History” he said, as Oscar faked a smile in response. David was about to leave, but he suddenly turned to Clara and his eyes widened. “Believe me when I say this, I am so glad to be helping” he stated, before finally walking away.

“What is he talking about?” Oscar asked curiously, as he aggressively chomped on his cereal, all whilst Clara was watching David make his exit, almost as if she was hypnotised to the boy.

She slowly snapped out of her trance and returned her attention to Oscar. “I probably should have told you this before, but the other night David showed up at my room and we just got talking and well planning” she began to stumble over her words, she didn’t even notice the pain in Oscar’s eyes when she recalled that night.

“But, to cut a long story short, we’re going to assemble a team. A team to take down and stop these killings, once and for all” she whispered, once again returning to her low tone.

“Am I going to be on this team?” Oscar asked instantly, not even allowing Clara a second to continue. “And if I am not, I am going to be” he said determinedly.

“Of course you are, Osc you know that I would trust you with my life” she stated, grabbing a hold of his hand. “But I really don’t want to endanger you” she whispered, rubbing his hand with her skin. “Are you sure you wanna do this? I haven’t even told you my plan yet” she whispered.

“Well, we have half an hour before classes start, explain” he said bluntly, as the best friends locked eyes. Clara knew then that Oscar had her back and was in this with her completely, she nodded her head and retrieved her notebook.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Casandra's Room 

Casandra stood in front of her two minions, gazing down upon them as they inspected her work. In their hands Chasity and Vev held a large piece of card, which held the designs for the Casandra’s plan. “I still don’t get this” Vev stuttered nervously, as she diverted her gaze up towards Casandra.

“It’s simple, I went to Akiyama and asked if I could do something to raise money for the victims’ families and et voila” she gestured down the card again. “I give you Windsor Academy’s Halloween Tea Party” she giggled, clapping her hands together.

“It will be great, daddy is flying in his finest mallets so we can have a charity game of croquet, there will be a high tea, costume contest and everyone will just have a great time and forget about the horrible mess” she stated, as she sat next to Vev.

“Just one problem, no way is Akiyama going to let you make it Halloween themed. Too disrespectful to the dead” Chasity said bluntly as she handed the designs back to Casandra. “Besides how is any of this going to raise money?” she asked.

Casandra snatched the card off her and threw it down to the floor. “Obviously people will pay an admission fee you div” Casandra hissed, as she once again rose to her feet elevating herself above the girls. “And we’re not talking Michael Myers Halloween, we’re talking about fun, campy Halloween. Like hocus pocus” she said, her gestures gradually becoming more exaggerated.

“Besides Akiyama already told me it was a great idea, so there” she said, flicking her hair as she dismissed all of Chasity’s disputes. “So I’m going to need you guys to help with decorating, I know it’s much to ask for twenty-four hours, but I used my new status and got you excused from class today” following these words Vev perked up and clapped loudly.

“Well I for one am in!” Vev said cheerily, “I think it would be a great way to remember the girls we lost” she insisted, flashing a smile at her leader. However Chasity was not so convinced, she tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

Without any sign of hesitation she stood and approached Casandra. “So Chas, you going to join us. I’m sure you and Oliver will have a fabulous couple’s costume” she laughed, but Chasity did not join in.

“Girl, who are trying to kid?” Chasity asked defiantly. “This is not you Casandra, I’ve been friends with you for over seven years and you have never been more fake than this moment” she whispered into her ear. “You don’t care about those girls, you just care about restoring your reputation” she hissed spitefully.

Vev shifted awkwardly on the bed, not wanting to be caught between the two bees. Meanwhile Chasity towered over the much smaller Casandra, in an attempt of intimidation. “I hear people talk about you, all the time actually” she confessed. “It used to just be comments like ‘God Cassie is such a cow’. But now those comments are a little different” she told, as Casandra listened in clenching her fists.

“Now people say things like ‘Oh Cassie definitely did it’ and ‘She wanted Olivia out of the way” she said, mimicking the voices of the other students. “I used to defend you, every time I heard a mean comment. Now I don’t know if I can” she confessed as tears began to form in her eyes.

“You think I’m the killer?” Casandra cried, as tears now began to form in her eyes too. Chasity shrugged and attempted to walk away, but Cassie refused to let her go so easily and grabbed a hold of her arm. “Answer my question” she ordered, to which Chasity merely rolled her eyes and pushed her friend off.

“Well let’s be honest, now Olivia’s gone you got what you’ve always wanted. You got the head girl badge and the power that comes with it” she hissed, staring directly into Cassie’s eyes.

“Do you seriously think I’d kill someone over a badge?” Casandra gasped.

“I don’t know” Chasity stated calmly, choosing to stare at the carpet rather than her friend. “Everything that has gone on recently, I don’t know what to believe” she confessed, brushing tears away from her eye.

“But I know one thing and that is I am not buying this tea party shit. You came home from that station, vowing revenge against Clara and Lavender and now all of a sudden you’re Miss Congeniality” Chasity stated. Vev’s palms were beginning to sweat she didn’t know what to do, where to look or whose side to take, she remained quiet, blocking out the vicious voices of her friends.

“I was angry and scared! What did you want me to do write them a fucking thank you note for sending me to the slammer?” Casandra asked rhetorically.

“Well you didn’t technically go to jail” Vev whispered, but the other girls were too busy arguing with each other that they failed to notice her.

“No, but I didn’t expect to see this either” Chasity said pointing down towards the card. “I am trying to do something good, why is that so hard to understand!” Casandra screamed in frustration, as she went on her tip toes to shout in Chas’ face.

“Because like I said, you don’t do nice things Casandra. You’re a bitch, always have been and always will be. You’re doing this for you. Not for Liv, Dolly or Cameron. You are doing this for you and you alone” she whispered, her words cut like knives and Casandra went quiet.

Chasity flicked her hair and headed for the door, “Thanks for the day off, I’m going back to bed” she said without even looking back at her friends, the door slammed leaving Cassandra a teary mess.

Vev whimpered as she ran to the girl, catching her friend as her knees gave way. She consoled a hysterical Casandra on the floor and began to stroke her hair.

“Don’t listen to her Cass, I’m going to help you” she whispered. “We’re gonna do this and it’s going to be great, just like you said” Vev said supportively. “Remember we’re doing this for Liv, we don’t need Chas” she reassured her.

“I just” Casandra whimpered. “I just wish Liv were here” she cried into Vev’s skirt, as the bell for first period aggressively rang!


Dean walked the halls limp and lifeless, bags hung under his eyes as scrolled through his phone, ignoring the surrounding world. The news was in front of him, headline to be exact, ‘Arson on the mores: 1 Week On'

His stomach sank and his hands trembled, as he continued to skim through the article, looking for any mention of his name. Until he saw it, ‘No current suspects’ it read at the bottom of the article. Dean breathed a sigh of relief as he placed his phone back into his pocket, becoming a man obsessed, he checked the news on the hour, every hour. He hoped that with all the murders that the fire would be swept under the rug, but now that the murders had seemingly stopped Dean feared he’d soon be caught.

Stupid, stupid, why did you do it? He’d often ask himself, as he lay awake at night, plagued with nightmarish thoughts, the striking of the match and how the flames engulfed everything within seconds. And then there was Tyler, adding another dollop of guilt onto his consciences, how could he tell his friend it was him that night, without implicating himself.

His own mind was like a rock concert, a million different voices going off at once, all telling him to do different things and, act in different ways. Dean had never felt more alone in the world, so when a familiar face tapped his shoulder he was forced to put on a smile.

“Hey, you okay?” Joel asked, as he came up from behind the boy. Dean merely nodded in silence, he kept his gaze forward, practically ignoring Joel entirely. “So, erm what you been up to? Haven’t see any of you guys in a while” Joel asked.

Dean could sense it, through Joel’s tone of voice and his body language, that this was an act of desperation. Joel had been excommunicated, he was completely alone and did not want to end up like him. He continued to ignore the boy, keeping his head forward and his lips sealed.

“Dean?” Joel said somewhat annoyed. Dean wanted to talk to Joel, but if the boys saw the pair talking, they’d kick him off the team and he would lose what little he already had. Joel shook his head in disappointment, “Why are you all ignoring me? I did nothing wrong!” he shouted down Dean’s ear.

“Fuck off Joel” Dean whispered, cutting the boy down without even giving him the decency of looking him in the eyes when he said it.

Joel stopped, his attempt had failed. He shook his head and began to walk away, but not before he got one last word in. “I actually thought you were different. You’re just like the others, maybe even worse. At least the others know they’re arseholes, you pretend to be this innocent little lamb, when you’re not” he stated, as the students of Windsor began to watch on with intrigue. “So, fuck you Dean” he said, looking at the boy with utter disgust.

Just as Joel turned to walk away, an egg flew and hit his head.

He backed away with shock, as several other students screamed just before a barrage of eggs came flying towards Joel. Three tall figures in Halloween masks stood at the end of the corridor, and continued to pelt the boy with eggs until he finally fell to the floor. Dean backed himself into the wall in a bid to avoid the onslaught, students now began to laugh and cheer, with several of them taking the opportunity to record the humiliation on their phones.

“Aww common Joely” one of the masked figures laughed, as they lowered to his level. A trembling Joel removed his hands from his eyes, just long enough to see Cohen take the mask off. “Don’t be scared, it was only a joke” Cohen laughed in his face, as the two other figures approached, taking off their masks to reveal Jonathan and Oliver underneath. “Oh, but maybe there is a need to be scared. Remember Cohen, you are a… Wait what did you call him Joel?” Oliver asked, as he slapped Joel’s head.

Jonathan withdrew his phone and squatted so his eyes met Joel’s. The flash of his camera stung Joel’s eyes, as Jonathan pranced round snapping pictures of the boy from ever angel. “Oh I remember, you called me a sociopath” Cohen said, as the hallway now fell into an awkward silence, realising this wasn’t a funny prank, but rather a malicious attack.

“Well from where I am standing, Joel has a pretty good judge of character” the voice of Raven came from behind the rugby boys. With Lavender by his side he stared down the three boys.

“Oh, two more people jumping on your theory Joel, interesting” Jonathan said in a fake tone. “So tell me this Ray-Ray. If you believe this, what makes you think we won’t do to you and your little fag hag, what we just did to good ol Joel?” he continued to laugh. “I mean, we have plenty of eggs leftover” he noted, looking down at his carton.

The three boys were so busy paying attention to Raven and Lavender they hadn’t even bother to notice Headmistress Akiyama standing right behind them. “Because, if you do then you will all have dentition for three weeks, not just one” she said calmly as the three rugby boys tensed with fear.

“That’s why” Lavender giggled to herself, as the boys turned around to meet their Principal.

“My office, now!” she screamed at the trio, who ran quickly away without even so much as another word. She turned to look at Joel and then back at Raven and Lavender. “Castillo, help him to his feet. Mr Wheeler, get a shower and then get to class” she ordered. “And that goes for the rest of you. Class now” she screamed, as the hallway began to scatter. Dean watched on in silence as both Raven and Lavender aided the boy to his feet, his eyes soon met the Head Mistresses. “I’m very disappointed in you Dean” she whispered before walking away.

“Thanks for that” Joel whispered as he flicked the gunk out of his face. “Means a lot, least someone at this school likes me” he laughed awkwardly.

“Well we outcasts have to stick together” Lavender laughed, as she picked several pieces of shell out of the boy’s hair. And just as those words passed her lips, all three individuals received a text at once

 Outside Biology Labs  

The bell echoed throughout the corridor and the sound of voices rose from behind the door, one my one the students filed out of the classroom, the final two to make their exit were Oscar and Caleb.

“So I’ve applied for Bio-Med down in Bristol. Sent all my applications off and now comes the dreaded wait” Caleb said, his voice giddy with excitement. The boys had been discussing University options, which were the furthest things from Oscars mind at the moment, following his breakfast meeting, all he could think about was Clara. He wanted to prove himself and spent the better half of the morning trying to think of a plan, which would assist Clara and her team in their crusade to stop the killer.

“What about you? Saw some leaflets for University of Edinburgh on your bed, you thinking of heading up to Scotland?” Caleb asked curiously, as the boys walked around Windsor’s winding corridors.

“Yeah, maybe. Haven’t really given it much thought recently” Oscar sighed, trying to remain as focused as possible.

“Well deadline is two months away, you have to apply sooner or later” Caleb lectured. Just as the boys pushed through a set of doors which lead to the quad they froze. Over in the corner Jules and a gaggle of fifth years hung around the wall, sticking up large posters, advertising Casandra’s party.

“Halloween Charity Tea party?” Caleb read aloud in confusion, as the younger students began to don the square with more posters.

“How very… Casandra” Oscar sighed as he rolled his eyes.

Caleb hadn’t seen Jules for a whole week, and now looking at his brother’s face he knew why. Jules had concealed himself from the rest of the world to hide his battle wounds. His right eye was red and swollen, as was his upper lip, with the rest of his face being plagued with dents and scratches. “Jonathan’s handy work I assume” Oscar whispered into his friends ear.

Just then Jules’ entirely personality shifted, when a small, first year merrily walked past him and accidentally hit him with their school bag. Jules glared at the small boy who didn’t even notice what he had just done. Enraged Jules charged forward and tripped the boy onto the floor.

The little boy gasped with fright as he attempted to get to his feet, only to have Jules kick him back down. The fourth years began to laugh and jeer Jules on, which only made the boy’s ego bigger. “Hey kid, did I hear an apology for what you just did?” Jules asked creepily, as the boy cowered in the ground.

Caleb had seen enough rugby boy beatings to know this was just the beginning, he watched in disgust as his little brother mimicked their behaviour. Oscar shook his head in disapproval, “You’re brother turned into such a __” but before Oscar could finish his sentence Caleb had charged over towards him.

Seeing his older brother approach, Jules allowed to younger child to flee. He smiled arrogantly as Caleb grabbed onto him by the scruff of his blazer. “What do you think you’re doing, huh?” Caleb screamed. Jules remained quiet, but kept his devilish grin.

The fourth years continued to laugh, as Oscar slowly approached the group. “I said what do you think you’re fucking doing?” Caleb roared at his little brother, Oscar stared at his roommate in disbelief, he had never seen this side of Caleb before and it made him feel uneasy, like he didn’t even know who he was looking at.

“Hey!” the voice of Mr Mendoza boomed across the courtyard. “Caleb, what do you think you’re doing to this younger student?” he asked the boy. Caleb refused to let go, he stared at Simon Mendoza dead in the eyes without any fear.

“This is my little brother, this is family business Sir” Caleb informed his teacher, he grew red in the face at his insolence.

“Sir, please help. I was just helping Casandra Clooney’s cause, we were putting up posters when my brother came up and just started attacking me” Jules whimpered dramatically. “He’s just been so angry lately, I don’t know why, but you’re starting to worry me” Jules cried. “Don’t lie_” Oscar attempted to have his input but Mendoza’s head snapped towards him, silencing him instantly.

“You get to class” Mendoza ordered as Oscar, reluctantly shuffled. Caleb gave him a reassuring nod, allowing him to leave the premises. “Mr Barons, let go of your younger brother, now” the teacher ordered. Caleb’s hands trembled, he looked at his brother unable to recognise what he had become.

He reluctantly released his younger brother from his grip, shoving him as he did so. “Detention” Mendoza said, handing Caleb a small pink slip of paper. “My room, after school” he continued signing the sheet aggressively with a pen.

He extended his arm and without another word Caleb snatched it and walked off, leaving everyone behind. Jules pretended to dust himself off, acting nervous in front of the teacher. “He gives you any more trouble, you come to me okay” Simon said in a sympathetic tone.

Jules smile like a weak child, “That means so much, thank you sir” he said, as he adjusted his tie. All the other fourth years smiled at the teacher as he slowly backed away. “Keep up the good work boys” Simon said, giving them all an awkward thumbs up.

As he turned to walk away Jules smiled wickedly. “Oh don’t worry, we will” he whispered as he clutched onto the poster.

 Windsor Academy Sports Hall 

Casandra stood tall on a wooden box, megaphone in hand and accompanied by David and Vev on the other. “I want the tables set up either side of the room, we need a clear runway for the costume contest” she dictated to the workman. The trio watched as the men Casandra’s father hired got to work, content with her direction the queen bee dropped off the box and began to walk to the other side of the room.

“Look Casandra” David said, as he tried to keep up with the girl. “I am all for helping a good cause, but don’t you feel that is all a bit much” he asked curiously, weaving past the workman as he did so.

“David sweetheart, I understand your concerns, I really do. But this is Halloween, there is no such thing as too much” she insisted with a smile, as she turned back around to look at her blueprints. “Oh, and can I count you in for the croquet game?” she asked batting her long eye lashes at the boy, in a bid to soften him up.

David looked around at the construction site, he knew that this kind of party was in somewhat bad taste, but he also wanted to help and with that he reluctantly nodded.

Casandra let out a high pitched squeal of glee, as she pulled the boy into her. “This is going to be so fun!” she screamed with excitement.

“Casandra, food delivery is here” Vev called from the other side of the hall. Cassie once again turned away from her blue prints to give Vev a thumbs up.

“David can you help Vev take the food to the kitchen pretty please, the cooks are letting us use their refrigerators, thank you sweetie” Casandra chirped, receiving a confused look from the Head Boy.

“Casandra, are you feeling okay?” David asked nervously, as he placed his hand on the girl’s forehead.

“Of course, why wouldn’t be?” she asked through a fit of giggles.

David shuffled awkwardly on his feet and removed his hand. “Well because you’re smiling and you didn’t call the chefs, fat servants like you usually do” he told the girl as he inspected her body, for any signs of trauma.

“Well a girl can change, can’t she?” Casandra proclaimed. “But seriously though, that food will start to melt, so please go help Vev” she said, in a perky, yet more demanding tone. David took the hint, and with a salute to his captain he jogged off towards Vev, allowing Casandra to return to her work.

“I don’t think you’ve changed” a voice came from behind her.

She quickly spun around to see Tyler standing directly behind her. “I don’t think you’ve changed at all, I still see right through you” he hissed at her. Tyler looked considerably worse from the last time she saw him, he looked like he hadn’t ate in days, his stubble was growing out of control and two dark bags rested beneath his eyes.

Casandra forced a fake smile and shook her head. “Likewise” she whispered, as she began to approach the boy.

“When I heard about this party, I didn’t believe it. I thought, who would be stupid enough to have a Halloween party, when three girls were just murdered” he said, as she got closer Casandra quickly realised that it appeared Tyler hadn’t showered in a few days either.

She stepped back as he continued his rant. “Then it hit me, it was so obvious, it had to be you. Only Casandra Clooney is that stupid, to have an idea as ‘good’ as this” he said sarcastically, as he began to inspect the room.

“Everything’s going to be in good taste. No scares, blood or ghosts, just croquet, tea, cakes and laughter” Casandra announced, gesturing grandly to her surroundings. “You having a temper tantrum is not going to stop me from helping this good cause” Casandra hissed, as she attempted to walk away from the boy.

“You think Olivia’s family needs this money? You think any of their families need the money?” Tyler asked, grabbing her arm. “We go to one of the most elite private schools in the world, they don’t need the fricken money!” he screamed at her. “But you don’t care about that, all you care about is restoring your reputation. As usual you’re only think about yourself” he whispered, as his bad breath blew into her face.

“Well, I’m doing more than you” Casandra whispered, attempting to keep a low profile amongst her father’s employees. “You know, Cohen told me how you would constantly complain about your sex life… Or rather lack thereof” she said. “You only wanted one thing from Liv, you didn’t care about_”

“You spiteful bitch” Tyler shouted, not allowing her to finish her sentence. “You think that’s all she meant to me?” he asked her, beginning to apply more pressure to her arm. “Because she meant the world to me and then some” he hissed. The added pressure forced Casandra into silence, she attempted to call for help but the boy covered her mouth with his grubby hands.

“I lay in bed at night and wish it was you died, instead of her” he whispered into Casandra’s ear. “Because if you died, no one would care” he added. “Just like you replaced Cali, Chasity would replace you, Cohen would probably move on within a month, give or take. And you would rot in the ground, without a single person giving you a passing thought” he hissed, finally letting go of her.

She pushed him away, tears now forming in her eyes she let out an ear piercing scream. “GET OUT” she roared. “GET THE FUCK OUT” she continued. Tyler laughed to himself as he backed away, proud of his work.

He gave the construction workers the middle finger as he towards the door, leaving Casandra alone screaming with anger.

 Yorkshire Mores  

McKenna stood atop a hill staring down at the crime scene. A mound of ash and shoot were the only remains of an abandoned barn, police had sectioned off this part of the blaze, in the hopes of finding any clues, but McKenna only wanted to find one thing.

Blaire had seemingly vanished without a trace and with a crucial piece of evidence. Other officers believed that Blaire stole the evidence for herself, due to the fact her car was spotted on CCTV heading down south. But McKenna had a bad feeling about the whole thing, Blaire wasn’t responding to his calls or texts, she wouldn’t just away. He feared that Blaire fell victim to the killer, but with no body or evidence, McKenna was having a hard time proving his theory.

He couldn’t think of anything but Blaire, but for now he had work to do and this case required his attention. He walked down the hill and approached the forensic investigator. “So, we finally know what we got?” he asked, as the woman ducked under the tape.

“Morning detective” she greeted, as she opened her notebook. “Yesterday we finally found traces of feathers amongst the ashes” she told him, as she passed over a piece of paper. “Which we believe came from pillows” she told him, as he looked up from the paper.

“Pillows?” he asked curiously. To which the investigator nodded, “So our theory is correct?” he asked her the follow up question. The investigator beaconed McKenna to join her at the scene, the pair ducked under the tape and circled around the mound.

“From what we gather, the theory is correct” she insisted, as she began to show the detective several photos. “Whoever was using this barn, was using it as a love den” she told McKenna.

“Any idea who was using it?” he asked her. McKenna was trying his best to engage with case, but Blaire was still on his mind. A cold winter breeze blew onto McKenna’s face, he slowly closed his eyes, taking a moment to himself and when he opened them again, he was completely alone.

All of a sudden a thick fog consumed the entire mores as the wind began to pick up. McKenna struggled to stay on his feet, eventually his body was threw back by the wind, landing on the mound of rubble with a dramatic thump. He sighed loudly, staring up at the night’s sky. But it was just morning? He thought to himself.

In an instant a hand shot out of the mound and grabbed him by the neck. McKenna screamed at the top of his lungs, as the burnt flesh attempted to choke him out. Suddenly the mound began to part, as a burnt Blaire emerged from the ground. Her eyes glowing red and her skin burnt and peeling. She kneeled over the detective and cackled, as she continued to add pressure.

She leaned into him and kissed his lips, her skin radiating heat, fear took over his entire body, as the mound began to sink into the earth. Flames rose around him, as the duo began to sink deeper and deeper into ground. “Where were you?” the burnt figure screamed, as McKenna jolted with fright.

His eyes opened and he was back on the mores next to investigator. “No, we currently have no leads” she told him, as he looked around his surroundings. “Whoever was using this, they’d didn’t want anyone else to know” she continued, as McKenna stared at the mound with fear.

“We’ll keep you updated” she said in a kind tone, but received no response. McKenna merely gawked with his mouth open, still staring at the ash. “McKenna, you okay?” she asked him, with a concerned look.

When McKenna finally snapped out of it, he rubbed his eyes and pretended to yawn. “Yeah, just a little tried” he lied. “Had enough on my plate with the murders, now this” he said, pointing at the ash.

“I know the feeling” she added, staring out towards the horizon. “We’ve been working overtime for the past month now and have gotten nowhere. Feels like we’re clasping at thin air” the investigator sighed.

“They’ll slip up” McKenna added bluntly. “They always do” he added, as the wind whistled through his ears. He couldn’t stop thinking about what he saw, what did it mean, and why did he see Blaire? Was he just tired or was he genuinely losing his mind? His mind was plagued by a thousand questions, all of which he soon hoped to answer.

 WolfsBane Dormitory: Dean's Room 

Dean sat on his bed with a box resting neatly on his lap. He reached inside and withdrew a singular key, he held it up to light and sighed loudly, before reaching inside to withdraw a second key!

He shut his eyes and recalled the night, when he dropped the match and lit up the entire mores.

 Flashback: 1 Week - Yorkshire Mores  

He knew this was wrong, sick, twisted and deplorable behaviour, he also knew that if he were caught then he would get more than just detention, yet he knew it needed to be done.

His hands trembled, as he struggled to ignite the lighter, but as if by magic or some unseen force, he found the will and the flame arose. Blowing with the wind, Dean’s eyes followed the fire as it flickered and flounced. A line of fuel created a barely visible path, leading towards the barn, which was firmly in his site.

He struggled to breath under the mask, but in that moment he managed to release a parting word to the love nest. “Fuck you” he whispered, as he dropped the lighter to the ground. The flame caught the fuel in an instant, creating a speeding line of fire headed straight for the barn.

Within seconds Embers and smoke danced around him, he watched on emotionlessly as the barn and all of its secrets burnt to the ground, suddenly the flame became a little more powerful, Dean backed away as the fire exploded.

Dean was thrown back onto the ground, his ears rang, as he stumbled to his feet. Following the explosion, the whole mores were on fire, Dean knew that the emergency services would soon be here and he couldn’t risk getting caught.

So with the key now safely within his possession, he ran.

He ran through the flames in the dead of night, he ran from fear, he ran for because his life depended on it. The sky’s once beautiful stars were clouded in a thick smoke, he finally stumbled off the mores edge and onto the open road.

Finally breathing a sigh of relief, he knew it was a straight shot home. Ironically Windsor now seemed safer than ever, little did he know that Tyler would be waiting.

 Present Day: Wolfsbane Dormitory - Dean's Room 

His eyes opened once again, with the keys still in his hands Dean felt more nervous than ever before. The mere sight of the small metallic objects drove him insane, he tried to shut them away in the box, buried deep within his wardrobe, but he couldn’t stop thinking about them. It was his very own Tell Tale Heart, every night when he shut his eyes to go to sleep, the small keys would burrow into his brain and cause him to toss and turn all night.

When he did sleep however, his dreams were plagued with nightmares of the red hot flames and thick smoke. He knew this was nothing special, everyone looked like shit recently, it seemed like none of the final years were getting any sleep.

Dean couldn’t help but think of the words of Cohen, the other day when he along with the rest of the rugby boys laughed at death, claiming this killer was only targeting women. Dean couldn’t help think this wasn’t true, he felt it, in the pit of his stomach… his was the calming before the storm.

I should have spoken up! Dean told himself, he often told himself this. It was a real issue of his, he seemed to remain quiet when people needed him most, he wanted to stand up, he knew his friends were idiots and yet he could never bring himself to intervene. Maybe it was out of fear or maybe he just has an innate need to be liked by everyone, he wasn’t sure himself, but as he lay on his bed, holding both keys up to the light he knew that something had to be done, something had to change.

He lowered the keys to the side and simply sunk into his bed, when suddenly his phone aggressively buzzed. With a loud sigh Dean held the phone up to his face -

Dad: Why did you skip class!

Dean smirked to himself as he read the text. He didn’t even bother to reply, he had more important things on his mind. He could no longer stay silent and now he knew what he must do. He kicked the box off his bed and shoved the keys deep into his pockets, he slipped on his shoes and darted for the door.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror and gave himself a supportive a nod. With that he exited, off to his destiny.

 Sports Hall  

Vev leaned over a table, donning the center pieces with glitter covered fake cobwebs. She adjusted the large vase which filled with sweet and proudly smiled at herself. The hall looked significantly better, the room was tinted in a slightly green light and the runway was being installed for the costume contest.

Vev was delegated the task of filling the verse with sweets and ensuring that all the center pieces were, in Casandra’s own words “Completely Halloween-esque”. She was truly proud of her work and couldn’t wait for to enjoy the party tomorrow. She clapped her hands together, in a bid to get rid of all the glitter.

“It’s looking really good” Mrs Mendoza said, entering from behind Vev. The teacher looked around the room with a look of awe, “Seems like no expense has been spared” she laughed, running her hand across a table approaching Vev.

“Thanks Mrs Mendoza, yeah we’ve been working hard all day” she informed the teacher, smiling at her contently. Maggie reciprocated and reached into her bag, before she passed Vev a piece of paper.

“I only came here to give you, your homework back. Well done” she said to her student, Vev beamed an even greater smile as the paper read “A*”

“Keep it up” Mrs Mendoza said as she headed towards the door.

Vev clutched onto the paper, she didn’t know what it was, but she felt that she needed to talk to Mrs Mendoza on a personal level, about something that was weighing heavily on her mind. “Mrs Mendoza” she blurted out, “Could I ask you a question?” she asked politely. Maggie leaned on the door frame and smiled once more.

She nodded her head gently and said “Of course”.

“I don’t really want to worry my parents and my friends, they just keep telling me to not worry” Vev said, as she plonked herself down on a chair.

“Oh god, sweet heart are you pregnant?” Mrs Mendoza gasped, hastily walking towards the girl so she could supportively touch her shoulder. To which Vev gasped and shook her head, she would have found the situation funny, had she not been actually concerned about something.

“No!” she insisted. “I don’t even have a boyfriend” she added, much to the relief of Maggie. “It’s these murders” she whispered, hushing her voice. “After everything that’s gone on recently, I’m just so scared that… that” she breathed heavily, as tears began to stream from her eyes.

“Hey, hey” Maggie said in a motherly tone, she pulled up a chair next to Vev and once again touched her shoulder in a bid to comfort her student. “Being scared is nothing to be ashamed of. Your friends are wrong to tell you that, you shouldn’t desensitise yourself to the world Vevina” she continued. “That’s the problem with your generation, you think showing emotion equates to showing weakness” she added in a disappointed tone.

“Chasity said that we need to show female solidarity in times like these” Vev informed her teacher, as she whipped away tears from her eyes.

“Well Chasity is a smart girl” Maggie added, as she stole a lollypop from the table. She unwrapped it and shoved it into her mouth without a second thought. “You girls always tear each other down, you should try looking out for each other” the teacher sighed.

“We do” Vev refuted, often labeling herself a proud feminist.

“Vevina, I may be a teacher, but I am not oblivious to what goes on in this school” she told the girl. “We all see how the rugby boys treat the other male students of this school, but we also see how you and your bee broach wearing friends treat the girls” she informed Vev.

Vev was at a loss for words, did Mrs Mendoza really know the extent of the bitchette’s behaviour? If so why did she or any of the other faculty members allow it to continue?

“Like I said, show a little sisterhood among your fellow female students” the teacher insisted, as she slowly raised to her feet.

“And what about the boys?” Vev asked curiously.

Mrs Mendoza giggled, she took the lollypop out of her mouth and headed for the exit. “All men are idiots… Remember that Vevina” she laughed as she made her exit.

Vev was left alone in the hall, merely staring at the door. “She’s really weird” Vev whispered to herself as she got up and continued her job.

 Iris Dormitory: Logan and Leo's Room  

Leo adjusted his bow tie in the mirror, with a flick of his hand he flattened his slicked back hair. His breathing became heavy and his palms clammed up, tonight was the night, date night. He stared at his reflection and practiced conversation, he and Logan had spoken, what seemed like a thousand times already, but tonight felt different.

He’d never been on a date with another boy before, whereas Logan was an expert in contrast. Logan’s knees trembled at the thought of him, he never believed in love or anything that was associated with it, he scoffed at couples who would kiss in public and thought Valentine’s day was total sham. But now, every time he passed Logan in the corridor he wanted to dive on him and shower his lips with a thousand kisses.

He looked at the clock, class had ended half an hour ago, but Logan was nowhere to be seen. He walked away from the mirror and began to pace the room, he walked over towards his bed just to check his phone.

Nothing, no text or calls. The thirty-minute timespan felt like thirty hours, he sat on his bed and stared at the floor. His nerves were getting the better of him, he could feel the butterflies in his stomach get worse and worse, his brain felt like it was pressing against his skull, he was overthink, attempting to predetermine every last detail.

Then he heard the knock.

He dived off the bed and charged to the door, he got to it, brushed off his shirt and checked his breath, he smiled and opened the door.

There standing in the hallway was Logan, dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of roses. “Hey” Logan said, with a welcoming smile. Leo assessed the boys outfit, he turned around to their room and then back to Logan.

“How did get dressed, you haven’t even been in?” he asked, his face was radiating with happiness, his words slurred with laughter as he stared at his handsome prince.

“Skipped class, got dressed and then went out to get you these” he whispered, as he held the bouquet of roses up to Leo’s face. The American blushed, he leaned in and smelt them as he took them into his arms.

“They’re beautiful” Leo whispered, as his cheeks turned a faint shade of red. He touched each and every petal, before looking up at the boy.

“Well aren’t you going to invite me inside?” Logan asked jokingly, to which Leo opened his arms allowing him to step into the room. The door closed, allowing the boys to be alone, with no one but themselves. “So, are your parents home?” Logan asked, as the two boys giggled. Leo placed the flowers down onto his bed, allowing Logan to sneak up behind the boy.

Leo laughed faintly, as Logan showered his neck with kisses. “You sure you don’t just want to stay in, after all you’re already in position” Logan laughed down his boyfriend’s ear. Leo turned Logan’s cheek to face him and gently kissing his lips. Logan left his eyes open, gazing at every inch of Leo’s face, amid his euphoric state.

He pulled away and rested his forehead on Logan’s chin. “As much as I would that, I really want to go on this date” he whispered into Logan’s ear. Logan grinned, he raised Leo’s head to look him in the eye. “And, I can’t wait to taste my first proper British pint” Leo giggled aloud.

Logan joined in with the laughter, as he took Leo by the hand. The two boys fell into a wistful silence, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes. “Well we can’t go just yet mister. The sun will still be up for another hour, then we can sneak out and get you that pint” Logan sighed.

“In the meantime, we shall go grab a coffee in the dining hall” Logan said, as he spun Leo around to face the door, “Then we can take our coffee’s and go on a nice romantic walk around campus, enjoy all the fall leaves, you know all that romantic crap” Logan said, sending Leo into another fit of laughter.

“Sounds perfect” Leo whispered, as the two boys kissed once more. “Shall we go?” Leo asked seductively, beginning to pull him towards he door, when suddenly Logan’s phone rang. The boy reached into his pocket and stared up at Leo, “It’s my auntie, can you go ahead, grab me a _”

“Latte, extra foam. I remember” Leo said with a smile. “See you over there, you better not keep me waiting” he joked, as he turned to the door, just before he could leave Logan got one last word in “I’ll be there soon my love” he shouted, just as the door slammed.

The smile on Logan’s vanished, as he quickly placed the phone against his ear. “This better be a pleasant call” he hissed down the end of the line.

 Dining Hall 

Clara sat at the table, nervously tapping her fingers across its hard wooden surface. David clasped his own hand over her’s in a bid of reassurance. “They’ll come” he whispered to her softly, the two stared into each other’s eyes longingly, as Oscar watched on awkwardly from the other end of the table.

“So who exactly is coming?” Oscar asked, stopping the intimate moment in its tracks. David released his hold and placed his hands on his lap, as Clara fiddled with her fingers, attempting to remain as normal as possible.

“Erm, well” Clara sighed, just as Joel entered the hall. He gave a slight nod to David, before cautiously approaching the trio. Oscar shot Clara a look, raising his eye brows and pouting his lips. ‘Really?’ he mouthed to her, as she hastily shrugged, before Joel was standing before them.

David rose to his feet and shook the boy’s hand, welcoming him to the group. “Hey, guys” the former rugby player coughed, as he shuffled on his feet. “So, is this the right time?” he asked nervously, as he too messed with his hands.

“Yeah, you’re right on time, perfect” David said, as he returned to his seat, leaving Joel to sit next to Oscar. Clara smiled at the boy, whilst Oscar chose to go for an awkward nod of the head, which all men seemingly do to greet each other. Then the table went quiet once more.

“So, this is team” the voice of raven boomed over the table, as he and Lavender approached.

“Yeah, we’re still waiting for a few more people though” Clara informed them, as she stood to greet the two friends. However, both Raven and Lavender appeared stiff. “You guys okay?” Clara asked him, tilting her head with curiosity, as the two friends shared a concerned look.

“We did, but we don’t know if it’s a good idea” whispered Lavender, much to the dismay of the others. “What you’re planning or suggesting, sounds dangerous. I mean it could get us killed” she continued, with the look of fear rooted within her eyes. “But with that being said, if we don’t stop this creep… Who will?” she said, stiffening her upper lip. She nodded confidently at Clara, who in turn reciprocated before finally taking a seat, next to David, leaving Raven standing at the head of the table.

“Agreed” Raven said bluntly, gritting his teeth as he did so. “However I did not agree to work with arseholes from the rugby team?” Raven added, as he glared down at Joel. The two boys stared each other down, Joel shot out of his chair to up his intimidation.

“I’m not on the team anymore, I’m here for the same reason you are, I want to put an end to this” Joel said, as he snarled Raven. Desperate to maintain piece David stood in between the boys, whilst Oscar not wanting to be outdone began to pull Joel back to his seat.

“We’re all in the same boat” David asserted. “Like it or not, we all have to work together, we’re all going towards the same goal” he reminded Raven, who bit his lip with frustration.

“Raven…” Lavender whispered, reaching her out for him to join her. “Please” she pleaded, as the boy’s face softened. He stared at Lavender, before shooting a snide look of hatred towards Joel, before finally joining the team.

“So is this everybody?” Lavender asked quietly, at which Clara shook her head, just as a Daniel Johansson strutted into the cafeteria, much to the delight of Lavender and the dismay of Raven.

“You have got to be kidding me, that weirdo” Oscar whispered into Clara.

“Why is he even still here?” Joel asked, as the Daniel grew ever closer to their table. “Because he can be, Akiyama gave him free roam of the campus” Lavender refuted, rushing to defend Daniel, whom she found herself becoming more infatuated with by the passing days.

“He’s vital to the plan” Clara informed the group, as the boy finally stood with them. “So just smile and go with it” she insisted, forcing out a smile of her own, as Daniel towered over the table in his signature sunglasses.

“Hello children” he greeted them in a patronising tone, removing his glasses allowing his eyes to meet Lavender’s. Suddenly his face lit up with enthusiasm, “Daniel it’s a pleasure to finally_” Clara stood to shake the boys hand, but he darted straight for Lavender at the other end of the table.

“Meet you” Clara sighed as she returned to her seat. Oscar rolled his eyes, which received a kick under the table from Clara, the pair giggled as Daniel and Lavender embraced. “So what’s the plan kids” Daniel asked, as he sat next to Joel, leaning back in a cool and confident manner.

“Well” Clara cleared her throat, in preparation of her speech.

“Wait a minute, aren’t we waiting for Leo?” Oscar asked, as he looked towards the door. Clara’s face grew pale as she pushed her hair out of her face, she turned to David for reassurance, who placed his hand on her knee.

“Osc, Leo isn’t coming” she informed him, in a hushed tone. “I didn’t want to involve him in this” she told the group, in a disappointed tone. “He’s just came to this school and he’s been through so much, I just don’t want him involved with something like this” she said, her voice showed no signs of cracking, she was confident with this decision and knew it was for the best. Oscar looked just beyond Clara, as a figure approached them, his mouth opened to speak but Clara was not yet finished.

“I just think Leo is too fragile, he’s not cut out for something like this, as bad as it sounds we can’t afford to have a weak link” she told the group, as Leo stood directly behind her. The whole table gawked awkwardly and avoided all eye contact with the boy, Clara turned around to see her friend before her.

Having not heard the full conversation, Leo’s eyes began to tear up. “What are you… What are you talking about, Clara?” he asked as he clutched two cups of coffee.

Clara stumbled over her words, allowing Daniel to speak up. “We’re all planning on stopping the killer, so Clara went all Avengers and formed a team, one of which she doesn’t think you’re cut out to be on kid” Daniel told the boy, without any sign of emotion in his voice.

Lavender knew Daniel’s words were cruel, but she had to think of things from his perspective, he wanted answers for his sister, he needed this more than anyone and truly couldn’t afford for this to go wrong.

“Leo, look” Clara attempted to talk, stepping away from her chair.

“No need to explain, think I heard enough” Leo cried, as he stormed away from the group and towards Logan. Clara watched as Leo whispered into his ear, who quickly shot Clara a look of utter disgust before ushering Leo out of the hall.

“That went well” Joel sighed, as Clara threw herself down onto her seat, sighing loudly with frustration as she began pushing her hair back in an attempt to focus.

“You didn’t need to say that” Oscar told the older boy. “And you should maybe have told Leo in private, before he had the chance to see all of this” Oscar scalded Clara for her decision.

“The guy just got teary eyed just from hearing someone say mean things about him, you were right he would be the weak link” Daniel said emotionlessly, all whilst Lavender remained silent.

“Well nice to see you’re as pleasant as ever” Raven sighed, as he glared at Daniel, who merely brushed off the student’s hateful stares.

“Say what you want, but I don’t care if I hurt people’s feelings. All I care about is finding out who’s behind this” Daniel said to the group in an aggressive tone. “Look at everything that has happened, three girls have died and the killer is always one step ahead. You tell Blaire Robinson your theory, then winds up dead too” Daniel grunted in frustration.

“Technically she’s missing, we don’t know if she’s died yet” Oscar refuted, prompting another loud grunt from Daniel.

The older boy fixed his perfectly quaffed as he began to speak “Oh please, we all know she’s isn’t missing and if you can’t see that then you’re clearly_”

“Enough, stop it!” Lavender shouted, prompting several strange looks from other students around them.

“Girl, sit down” Raven whispered, and feeling the pressure she did as she was told.

“Well this is starting so well, I can’t wait to work with you guys” Daniel sighed sarcastically as he placed his glasses back onto his face. Clara couldn’t believe how quickly she had lost control of things, the group was already turning on each other and she hadn’t even explained her plan.

Finally, David hit the table with an open palm, silencing everyone.

“Look, Clara and I picked all of you for a reason” David said in his most inspirational voice. “We know that you guys all want to end this killing spree, we also know how determined and strong willed each of you are too” he continued, prompting another eye roll from Oscar.

“We are in for the fight of our lives, but I know I can trust you guys with my life. And I hope that you can do the same. So you all have to stop being bitches and learn to get on with each other, because it is our only hope of survival” he said, as the group remained in silence.

Clara smiled at him, thanking him without words. “We need to be a team, we need to work together and if you’re not willing to do that, then you might as well leave now” he said. “So are you in, or no?” he asked the group.

The students and Daniel exchanged looks, before finally someone spoke. “I’m in” Oscar added instantly, smiling at Clara as he did so.

“In” Joel added immediately after.

“In” Lavender said softly, she too exchanging a smile with Clara, who was so proud to see just how much the girl had grown.

“In” Raven added bluntly.

The group turned to Daniel, who reluctantly nodded. “In” he added, leaning further into his chair. David was proud of his work, he managed to unite the group with one common aim and now he was happy to pass it back to Clara, but before he could they were interrupted by another voice.

“In” Tyler said, as he leaned against the table, after eavesdropping on their entire conversation. Everyone’s head snapped to meet the disheveled boy, “What, don’t have room for one more?” he asked the group who merely stared back, blankly.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Chasity and Vev's Room 

Vev entered the room covered in glitter and laughing merrily, shutting the door behind her, “Oh my god, you missed the funniest thing” she laughed to herself, spinning around to see Chasity in a skin tight black dress radiating beauty. “Woah, you look gorgeous” Vev complimented her friend, who merely smiled at her.

“So what did I miss?” Chasity asked her, as she pretended to sound interested.

Vev continued to giggle to herself as she threw herself onto her bed. “Me and Cassie, got into a huge glitter fight, then she popped some champagne and we toasted to our hard work and to tomorrow’s event” she announced dramatically as she kicked the air.

“Your success?” Chasity questioned, as she clipped on her earrings. “Did all those bubbles go to your head or what Vev?” she asked again, this time sounding annoyed.

Vev turned to her side and frowned, “What are you talking about?” she asked, prompting Chasity to sigh louder than ever before.

“It’s never been about our success, it’s always been about hers” she hissed, throwing her eyeliner against the counter with frustration. “Come to think of it, it’s never been about us period. It’s always been about Casandra and when it wasn’t about her it was about Cali” she said with disgust.

“That’s not true?” Vev refuted, pushing herself up onto her elbows, before drunkenly falling back down, face first.

“Yes it is and it always has been true” Chasity argued, turning away from the mirror she approached Vev and kneeled down to meet her eye. “We have always been an afterthought and I am through with it” she whispered, her eyes narrowing as she spoke. “I am not her puppet, I am my own woman” she continued. As she spoke Vev quickly realised that Chasity was no longer wearing her broach!

“Remember a few days ago, we spoke about not letting men define us and how we shouldn’t wait for a man to rescue us?” she asked, to which Vev nodded in response. “Well the same rules apply, I am not going to let another bitch define who I am. When we walk down those corridor’s all people see is that broach, they don’t see us” Chasity said, finally sitting on the carpet. As she was listening Vev began to tense up, she had never thought about these things, her eyes glazed over with tears as Chasity continued.

“And now I am done, I am no longer going to be defined as a Bitchette. I love you and I always will sweetheart” she comforted Vev who still remained silent throughout this whole speech.

“So I will support you, if you decide to stay friends with her. I just can’t let Casandra bring me down, especially since she’s tangled up with all this murder shit” she shouted, becoming enraged at the thought of the queen bee.

“But she’s innocent” Vev refuted, from the comfort of her pillow.

“Jesus Vev, wake up. Everyone who has crossed paths with her has died. When Cali died, she took over and became queen bee, Cameron insulted her and ended up dead, Olivia took head girl off her and we all know what happened next” she continued, slowly rising to her feet. “The only one that didn’t make sense is Dolly” she added as she began putting on her heels. “But just as I can’t wait for a man to rescue me, I sure as hell can’t wait for that bitch to get me killed. So as far as I am concerned she’s dead to me” Chasity scoffed, as she conducted her final inspection.

“I hope you realise this too, sooner rather than later” she said, turning around to find her roommate sound asleep. She smiled softly as she approached the bed, pulling the blanket over Vev’s body. “Bitch worked you too hard” she whispered, before kissing her on the head. “I’ll be back later” she told Vev, as she grabbed her keys and walked out of the door.

She closed the door and stumbled slightly in her heels. The lights above her head flickered, paying more attention to them, than anything else the keys slipped out of her hands and onto the floor.

“Shit” she moaned, as the light turned off completely. Chasity squatted and hastily picked the keys up and shoved them into her bag without a second thought, when suddenly a hand gabbed her from behind and covered her mouth.

She let out a large muffled scream, just as the figure spun her around, to reveal himself to be Oliver. He released his grip of the girl and roared with laughter. “You dick” Chasity said, playfully punching him in the arm. “So getting you back” she added, as the boy pulled her closer.

“Your first of many mischief night delights, my darling” the boy laughed, as he threw his lips around hers. The couple pulled away from each other, long enough for Oliver to get a word in. “Shall we go?” he asked, as she giddily nodded her head.

 Mr Mendoza's Classroom: Detention  

Caleb sat in silence, his notebook sat untouched, his nails clawing at the wooden desk as he glared at the teacher with utter hatred. Meanwhile Simon Mendoza continued about his work, as if the boy weren’t even there. The clock ticked away, with each passing second Caleb could feel himself getting angrier and angrier.

“You know the whole point of a detention, is to do work” Simon said, finally looking up from the stack of papers. “So do some work” he said harshly, his eyes attempted to strike fear into Caleb’s sole, but the boy showed a fierce resistance. He leaned back in his chair and with a flick of his wrists he flicked his only pen across the room.

Simon let out a faint laugh, mostly out of disbelief. “Wow” he chuckled, “Didn’t think you had it in you Barnos” he added, before standing up from his desk to approach Caleb. The boy watched his teacher with great caution, following every single footstep with anticipation, bracing his body for the unknown.

Mendoza calmly leaned down and picked up the pen, he spun around on his heels and marched towards the desk. He gently placed the pen on the table and lowered himself to Caleb’s level. “I thought I made it clear last time we spoke, you don’t disrespect me” he hissed at the boy, who remained stone faced.

“That little stunt you pulled with your brother today, that could have drew a lot of attention from other students” he whispered, leaning in closer to Caleb’s face. “He was baiting me, both Oscar and I told you that” Caleb refuted, still clutching onto the table, growing enraged at the mere thought of Jules.

“But you took the bait!” Mendoza spat, “That is my whole fucking point” he roared, shooting to his feet he threw Caleb’s book across the room and began to run his hands through his hair with frustration. “It only takes one idiot in this cesspool to believe him, one person to approach the police with your name… And we’re both done” Mendoza screamed, as he leaned against his desk.

“Let them go to the police” Caleb screamed back in retaliation. “And just what are they going to tell them?” he asked sarcastically, slumping himself back into the chair.

“That you’re an idiotic, little fucking hot head, who can’t keep his cool” Mendoza hissed in a spiteful tone.

“I am not a hot head” Caleb said in a somewhat calmer tone. “That is all just lies! Lies that my brother wants everyone to believe, all because I am not okay with YOUR son and the other apes treating him like a piece of shit” Caleb spat, as he attempted to rise to his feet.

Mendoza immediately halted the boys attempt, he shoved the boy back down onto the chair and leaned over him in an act of intimidation. “One thing clear before we continue, you never, ever mention my son again. He is twice the man you will ever be” he said in a wicked tone.

“Rich coming from you” Caleb scoffed, leaning back in his chair unphased by Simon’s intimidation tactics.

The teacher bit his lips, he unleashed a breathy laugh as he gazed up towards the ceiling. “As I was saying, all the police need is one allegation, they do a little digging and they won’t believe a single word you say” he told Caleb, as he patted his curly locks patronisingly. “Which is why you need me, more importantly you need to do as I say, otherwise I will be dragged down with you and that is not going to fucking happen” Simon said, as he prodded the boy’s shoulder harshly.

Caleb fell to complete silence, he dropped his head and bit his own lip to silence himself. Simon smugly smirked to himself as he glared down at his student. “You know, you’re much more pleasant when you’re not talking” he laughed as he began his walk back to his desk. “Maybe if you were a mute, you’d have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, whatever you’re in to” Mendoza said as he sat on his chair, he kicked his feet up on his desk, proud of his work with the boy. “May I remind you, you still have half an hour left, so why don’t you be a good boy and stay quiet for the remainder” he laughed, throwing his hands behind his head.

“Why do you care so much?” Caleb whispered.

“That you’re quiet? Didn’t you just hear me, you’re much more tolerable when you’re quiet boy, so shut it” the teacher roared from his relaxed position.

“No, why do you care if we work together or not?” Caleb said as he raised his head. “You no longer have anything to worry about, ever since that fire all your problems and worries should have vanished, but clearly they haven’t” he said with the tilt of his head.

“I don’t need to explain anything to you, you’re a child” the teacher said, as he returned to a more formal position, ridding himself of his relaxed demeanor.

“Because I think you’re scared” Caleb whispered as he leaned forward in his desk. “You don’t know who started that fire, so you don’t know if they’re friend or foe. Have they done you a favour or collected a few incriminating items?” the student pondered aloud. “So as much as much as I need you, you also need me Mr Mendoza, so maybe treat me with some respect and just maybe, we’ll get through this together” Caleb said, narrowing his eyes as he honed in on his teacher, who was growing red with rage.

Mr Mendoza banged his fist on his desk, as he stood to his feet. In that same moment Caleb jumped out of his chair and shoved his desk to one side. The two men locked eyes, the tension in the room was palpable, neither willing to back down before the other.

Before either man could speak, a key flew across the room and landed on Simon’s desk. The pair jolted with fright, Simon’s gaze shot to the doorway in which Dean was standing. The teacher looked down at the key and the back up at his son, his jaw quivering with fear. “You’re both welcome” Dean said in an emotionless monotone, before turning his back on the room and walking away.

Caleb nervously approached the desk, to take a look at the key, as he too remained in a state of shock. Both he and Simon were left with their hearts pounding out of their chest, watching anxiously as Dean walked away after dropping a bomb in their lap.

 The Dinning Hall  

With Tyler now joining them on their crusade, the group attempted to listen to Clara’s plan, but Daniel was becoming ever more distracted by the new addition. “We need to take back the night” Clara told the group in a hushed tone, as students around them now sat eating their dinner.

“We all need to be vigilant, we need to constantly travel in groups and be aware of our surroundings at all times” she added, pushing her hair out of her face. Daniel let out an artificial yawn, garnering a slight smile from Lavender, who was becoming intoxicated with the boy’s confident bravado.

“Yes, this is all the basics I get that. But how exactly are we supposed to stop a serial killer?” Joel asked the group, his eyes darting around the room to ensure they didn’t arose any unwanted attention.

“Well, I don’t have all the logistics worked out as of now” Clara told the group anxiously, as her fingers trembled. “But what_”

“What that translates to is you have no plan” Daniel sighed with frustration.

“We have a plan” David immediately refuted. “We just need to work out a few more theoretical things before we get to the practical aspect” he said, as he addressed the entire table.

“What are the theoretical aspects exactly?” Lavender asked curiously.

“We need a list of suspects, we need motives” Clara told the group, as several nodded their heads in approval. “We need to know who to look at before we set a trap” she told the group. Tyler’s eyebrow raised, as he put his hand into the air.

“You don’t need to put your hand up Ty, you can just ask a question” David told the scruffy boy.

“And who are we supposed to suspect exactly?” the boy asked, his words slurring together. “Everybody and anybody” Raven added, as he briefly glanced up at the boy.

“I know most of us aren’t exactly friends. But that’s what makes this team so valuable” Clara said to the group calmly. “We all have access to different people and cliques in the school. Even those of you who run in the same crowd, your interactions with certain people will vary” she added, as each of the group exchanged a look. “Tyler, David and Joel. You guys all run in the same group, but are closer to a different boy, likewise you all share rooms with a fellow teammate. We trust that you guys will be able to gather whatever information you can about each member of the team” she said, but before she could continue Joel spoke over her.

“How exactly am I supposed to do that?” he asked David. “None of them will even look at me, let alone talk to me” he told the group.

“Well that may work to your advantage, you can go under their radar. Plus you share a room with Oliver, who is a total dick, no offence Oscar” Raven added, as he nodded at the Olsson twin.

“None taken” Oscar replied, before allowing the boy to continue.

“You can still do what they’re asking. You’re going to be just as valuable as the rest of us” Raven said, in a bid to give the boy confidence. Joel smiled ever so slightly, before nodding his head in agreement.

“I’ll have your back every step of the way” David pitched in. “I’ll do anything in my power to get this heat off you. Hopefully then you can go unnoticed” he added, before bumping fists with Joel.

“Thank you Joel” Clara whispered, before she could turn her attention to attention, to the other members of the team she was cut off.

“So you expect me to spy and rat on my friends?” Tyler asked her. “Wait let me rephrase that, rat on OUR friends” he stated, glaring at both Joel and David. “I want justice just as much as the next guy. But I refuse to believe one of my friends would ever harm Olivia” he roared.

“Then why are you here?” Daniel asked the boy, breaking his brief moment of silence. “If you want justice, you need to be willing to go to any length necessary to get it” he scaled the rugby player as if he were a child. “I don’t care what I have to do or who I have to step on, I will have justice for Cameron. And if that means playing the long game, then so be it” he added in a hushed tone, silencing Tyler.

“Look I don’t like the idea of Oliver being involved in this. We may be brothers, but if he is behind this, rest assured I’ll stop him” Oscar added, in an attempt to show his loyalty to the cause, whilst encouraging Tyler to do the same.

“This kid is willing to stop his own family, which means he has reason to believe his brother is involved. So here’s my question” Daniel asked as he leaned across towards Tyler. “What makes you think your friends are so special, so different? What makes you think that they wouldn’t be behind this?” he asked, as Tyler remained silent.

“Enough” Clara said, as Daniel reverted back to his formal posture. “We can’t already have problems within our own ranks. We need to remain a cohesive unit” she told the two boys. “We’ve literally just been over this” she added.

“I was just asking a question” Daniel scoffed, rolling his eyes in the process.

“Well I’m glad that you did” Clara replied, in a more confident tone. “Because you’re going to find out how ‘special’ these boys are first hand. You are going to infiltrate their ranks, as a mentor like figure. They already view you as a godlike figure, so just maybe they’ll confess their sins to you” she stated calmly.

Oscar couldn’t help but grin when he saw Clara act in this manner. Never before had he seen her with this level of confidence, it was a joy to behold, if only she could see how happy it made him.

“And I’ll do it with a smile” Daniel responded patronizingly, as he flashed a cheesy grin at Tyler.

“What about the rest of us?” Lavender asked, as she pulled out a notebook from her pocket, ready to record her marching orders.

“Well Raven and Lavender, you guys are exceptionally bright, all the teachers love you” she told the duo. “Which is why we’re going to ask you guys to get closer to them. Teachers aren’t clueless, they know how the social ladder of this school works, or at least I hope they do” she whispered, as the team looked over towards the teachers section of the dining area, which was notably missing Simon Mendoza.

“If you guys could get onto their computers, or look for notes they make on the students, anything along that line would be great” David added, as Lavender diligently took notes. Daniel couldn’t help but sigh at her beautiful innocence, as he watched her eyes dart from line to line, as her hand scribbled.

“It’s a little more risky, I know. But we trust you guys, we know that you can do this” Clara said, as she smiled at the duo.

“It will be hard, but I think it can be done” Raven sighed reluctantly as he rubbed his head, already trying to plot his first move. “If we act accordingly, play our cards, we may even be able to get access to records, maybe that would enlighten us some more” he added.

“We would also like you to keep tabs on some of the schools… Smarter students” David said, with some hesitation in his voice.

“You mean the nerds?” Raven asked him, his face grew weary as he waited to see how David would work his way out of this.

But before the head boy could even comprehend Raven’s question, Lavender jumped in to make the save. “So what if that’s what he means” she said calmly, as she touched her best friends hand. “We’ll do whatever we can” she told the group in a mellow tone. To which Raven reluctantly bit his lip and stood by his friend’s statement.

“Excellent” Clara said sweetly, as she finally turned her attention towards Oscar. “Now Osc, we’re going to need you to multitask here. We need you to look at Oliver obviously, but also try and get some info on Caleb and Logan too” she told him.

“Logan? Don’t you think that would be Leo’s area of expertise?” he asked curiously.

“He’s too close to him, which was another deciding factor in not allowing Leo to join us. He would let his personal feelings cloud his judgment. We just can’t afford that, we need total clarity” Clara stressed, as he looked over towards Tyler.

“Yes, these people are our friends and we shouldn’t treat any differently, well not until we’ve got evidence at least” David added. “Don’t let these tasks get to you, we’re not saying all these people are bad, but there is a wolf among the sheep, and we need to catch them, before they strike again” he said.

“Me and Clara are going to focus more on the thing that seemingly started it all” David continued. “We will look at Callista’s death, if we can crack that maybe it will help us crack the entire thing” he sighed.

“We’ll report back to each other at all times, when we have a reasonable amount of evidence we can corner the bastard and take him down as a team” Clara concluded, with her newfound sense of power her tone became definitive.

The group remained in silence, attempting to absorb all the information that they were just bombarded with. “Am I the only one seeing the glaring problem with this plan?” Tyler asked aloud. Each member of the team snapped towards Tyler, giving him undivided attention. “No one can infiltrate the Bitchette’s, they are the ones we need to watch most!” he insisted as he slammed his hands down onto the table, silencing several students around them.

David awkwardly smiled at the silent tables around them, which eventually returned to their regular conversations. “Agreed, we need someone on to take those girls down” Daniel added.

“They won’t let anyone near them, not without putting them through hell first” Lavender quickly responded.

“We’ll just have to work collectively then, it’s impossible for one person to penetrate the inner circle that is the Bitchette’s. Whilst Casandra has been somewhat nice to me recently, I doubt she trusts me enough to lower her guard. Likewise with the other two” Clara sighed. She knew that this was always going to be the flaw in her plan, The Bitchette’s were loyal and devout to each other, or so she thought. This would pose a great challenge, one of which she hoped they would soon overcome.

“Casandra wants Leo to join, few weeks back she said all he’d need to do is dye his hair blonde. So looks like we missed a key chance” Oscar informed them, much the dismay of Clara whose heart stopped following the revelation. Her eyes shut instinctively, as seemingly the whole table let out a drawn out sigh of discontent.

“That whimpy kid?” Daniel gasped. “He could have helped us? Well in that case. Thanks for sending him away Clara, really good move” he continued in a more sarcastic tone of voice. “I told you why I didn’t want him here” she refuted, attempting to remain as composed as possible.

“Before anyone says another word, what is done is done” David said definitively. “Leo is not a part of this team and we will find another way to get to those girls. We are a team and we are one, so we can’t indulge in petty arguments” he said addressing the men of the group.

“I know this isn’t ideal, and I know we’re asking a lot, some of us don’t get along and some of us don’t know who each other even are, but for this to succeed, trust is key” Clara said in a final bid to inspire the group. Everyone shared a look, inspecting each other from head to toe, offering an unspoken seal of approval. “With trust, we can put a stop to this bastard” she said, as her voice took a more serious, she looked at her team proudly, ready to lead them into battle.

 Weatherspoons Pub 

Leo and Logan were sat, tucked away on small table in the far corner of the crowded pub. “I can’t wait to try this… Whatever this concoction is” Leo laughed, as he watched Logan placed several the chips on a piece of bread. “I mean fries and bread, can’t be so bad” he said aloud, as he sipped his beer.

“Well, you’re in Engaland now, so they’re chips not fries” Logan told the American, as he placed another piece of bread on top and proceeded to cut it in half. “So, I bestow onto you, the humble but amazing chip butty” he announced sliding Leo over.

“A butty? What the fuck is that, sounds disgusting” Leo laughed as the took it in his hand, inspecting it nersvously.

“Mate, you’re not that stupid. It’s just another word for a sandwich” Logan laughed as he tucked in to his half of the chip butty. He nodded his head, encoruaging Leo to do the same.

“Ah well, when in Rome” the American laughed as he bit into the bread. “Not bad” he added, as he was mid chew. “Actually, really not bad” he added, as he dove in for a second bite. “Aww look at you, pint of beer, chip butty, you’re a real brit now… Well a real Northerner at least” Logan added as he too downed his beer. “When you finish up we can head over to Gentleman’s, get our gay on” he joked, as he playfully danced in his chair. Leo laughed nervously, as he sipped his beer trying to hide his discomfort.

“Yeah, sure” he whispered, as his excitement gradually decreased.

“Is something wrong?” Logan asked, taking the boys hand into his own.

“Yeah, I mean no” Leo stuttered. He took several deep breaths, trying to calm himself down, when Logan slid his chair closer and wrapped his arm around Leo’s shoulder. “It’s just, it’s my first time at a gay bar. I just, I don’t know how comfortable I am with myself, you know, admitting it” he sighed, choosing to stare down at the half eaten sandwich, rather than at Logan.

His breath became heavy, he closed his eyes tightly as a tear fell down onto the table. “That’s the reason I left. Because I was scared of who I was” he cried, finally looking up at Logan.

“That’s why you left America? Because you’re gay?” Logan asked, as he gently rubbed Leo’s shoulder.

Leo nodded his head, as Logan graciously wiped away the tears on his cheek. “When people found out, I was just bullied every second of every day. I didn’t eat, I didn’t study. I couldn’t do anything” he confessed. “One day, I got into a fight with a boy, kinda how my parents found out” he continued, as Logan listened hanging off his every word. “They told me I needed a fresh start. I needed to get far away, they told me it would ‘improve my behaviour’ but I know what they really want. They don’t want me to come home a well behaved boy, they want me to come home straight” he sighed, his stomach churning at the thought.

“But fuck em” he continued, much to Logan’s surprise. “Because whilst this new part of my life is terrifying, I still have you. And bringing you home, would be a dream come true” he sighed, clutching tightly onto Logan’s hand.

“Aw, Leo” Logan sighed, before Leo pulled him into a kiss. The boys kissed, like they were completely alone, like no one was watching, like they never left their bedroom at Windsor.

When he pulled away, Logan wanted to do nothing more than hug the boy, but Leo was not yet finished.

“I love you” Leo sighed blissfully, catching Logan off guard.

“What?” Logan asked in disbelief.

“I said I love you, I love you Logan Kendrick” Leo cried, as he now cried with happiness. “You’re all I need. Fuck my parents, fuck Clara, fuck the lot of em. You are my sole mate, my everything” he said, as the two boys began to weep with joy.

“Leo Barnaby, I fucking love you too” Logan laughed, as he now pulled the boy into a kiss of his own. “We need to get this club. Think this kinda night calls for Champagne” he laughed, as the American giddly nodded his head in approval.

Little did the boys know, on the opposite side of the pub two other students were also on their date night.

Chasitly was slumped in her seat, twirling her hair as she watched Oliver attack his steak. She sighed loudly, in an attempt to capture his attention. The boy however was more interpreted in what was on his plate, rather than his girlfriend.

“You said that we were going somewhere romantic” she sighed, tossing her hair to one side, as the boy looked up with a full mouth. He swallowed and patted his lips with a napkin, before he cleared his throat with a sip of beer.

“Anything can be romantic, as long as we’re together” the boy sighed, as he attempted to squirm his way out of trouble. “Aren’t you having fun baby” he said, attempting to take her. Chasity batted him away and folded her arms, as if she were a petulant child. “Aw baby, come on don’t be like that” he pleaded fabely, as he continued to down his beer.

“This place is so… Common” she sighed, as she looked around at the pub’s frequenters. “It’s were all the public school students come” she sighed, as she snarled a group of girls from across the room. “Seriously, your Dad owns one hottest bar in town, why couldn’t we go down there and dance?” she asked, as she avoided all eye contact with her boyfriend.

“How would that have gone down, oh Hi Dad, so I snuck out of school in the dead of night whilst there is a serial killer on the loose, all for a night of underaged drinking. Oh by the way this is my girlfriend, can I have a beer and a cosmo?” he said sarcastically. “Whatever” she sighed as she stood up. “I’m going to bar” she annouced as she rummaged through her bag.

“Can you get me a beer?” he asked, which gained no response, Chasity walked away with a huff and stromed her way to the bar. “So was that a no?” he shouted, before returning his attention to his dinner. “Bitch” he whispered to himself, as he picked up the sharpened steak knife.

She threw her bag on the bar with a loud a grunt and snapped her fingers at the bar tender. “A cosmo please, in fact make it a pitcher” she said, before shooing the young man away. With another loud sigh Chasity leaned over the bar, as she did so her tight black dress clung to ever curve of her body, capturing the attention of every male within the small bars radius.

“Wow” a voice came from beside her, as a drunken McKenna leaned back on his stool, as he checked out the girls body. Chasity smiled at the man, as she slowly ran her fingers through her hair. “All dolled up for a place like this, you going anywhere special?” he asked, as the she edged closer towards him.

“Not anymore, my idiot boyfriend considers this a romantic night out” she sighed, leaning against the man’s knees. McKenna bit his lips as he followed her long legs. “But it’s nice to know somebody cares” she whispered, leaning in closer to the Detective.

“So you’re not single?” he asked her, as he drank his whiskey.

“I might as well be” she sighed, as the man’s legs parted allowing her to step inbetween them. She stroked his thick hair, as he admired her figure, “What about you, are you single?” she asked him, whispering into his ear.

McKenna slowly kissed the girls neck, “I might as well be too. The women I loved is no where to be seen” he sighed. “So looks like things worked out for us” he sighed carelessly. Chasity didn’t know what was coming over her, this sort of behaviour was not like her, she stared at the man with only one desire, to kiss him.

Without warning she pulled the man towards her and passionately kissed him. McKenna took the girl onto his lap, beginning to run his hands through her thick blonde mane. “So, wanna leave your boyfriend here and take this back to my place?” he asked her.

She bit her lips seductively, gazing at the man’s gorgeous blue eyes. “Yeah, miss your cosmo pitcher is ready” the bartender said awkwardly, as she backed away from McKenna. The lower half of his face was covered with her lipstick, both of their hair was shaggier than usual and once they were done the officer had to adjust his seating, to ensure he kept his decency.

“Thanks you’re a doll” she sighed blowing the bartender a kiss. She threw the money into the air, sending the boy scrambling to catch it. McKenna laughed at her display of power, as he finished the reminisce of his drink.

“Seriously that’s all I’m going to get?” he asked her, as he whipped his lips clean. Chasity smiled confidently, she adjusted her hair and clear her own lips, to not raise suspicion. “Unfortunately, I just needed one brief moment of satisfaction, before I return to my gorilla of a boyfriend” she laughed, picking up the pitcher. But before she could go the drunken Detective slipped his card into her cleavage.

“In case you ever change your mind” he whispered, followed by a wink. She smiled wickedly, pushing the card further down to avoid detection.

“Maybe” she sighed, before quickly scurrying away, back to the mundane reality of Oliver. The Detective watched her from behind, as her perfect figure and gorgeous hair disappeared gradually disappeared into the crowd. He smiled to himself proudly, every thought of Blair had gradually faded with the each passing second, and each passing drink. With that he rose his hand once more, and the bartender refilled his glass.

 Periwinkle Dormitory: Outside Chasity and Vev's Room 

Casandra approached the room in her silk night gown, it trailed behind her as she gracefully strolled down the corridor. In one arm she clutched the Bridget Jones collection and in the other a giant bar of chocolate, hopping to continue this joyful day, with a quite sleepover.

She gently knocked on the door three times and awaited a response, but nobody came. She tried again, to the same result. “Vev, Chas, it’s me” she said aloud, as she knocked for a third time. Again no one came to the door, baffled by her minion’s lack of response she pushed out her chest and strolled back to her room, not allowing this to phase her. Meanwhile Vev lay sound asleep, tucked away under her warm covers, remaining none the wiser.

As Casandra turned the corner a gaggle of girls lined the corridor, talking and giggling among each other. But as soon as she walked by, all conversation died out. She walked past them in a hurry, feeling their judgmental eyes penetrate her every pore. She knew what they were thinking, it was what the whole school was thinking, After tomorrow, all of this will stop, things will go right back to normal she told herself.

She quickly scampered back into her room, and in the instant that her door closed, she heard the girls resume their conversation. She looked over at Olivia’s empty bed, which now sat bare as the investigators stripped it of its sheets. She was alone, for the first time in a long time.

She slid down against the door, until finally she found a seat on the plush white carpet. She didn’t like this feeling, not one bit. Within seconds she had withdrawn her phone, beginning to dial Cohen.

She placed the phone against her ear and listened to it ring. “Hey sweetheart” the boy said in a hushed tone.

“Hey baby, I know it’s last minute but, I was wondering if you want to come round for a movie night” she said, in her most cheerful voice.

“Can’t tonight sorry. Me and Jonathan are pranking first years, knocking on their doors and when they come out we’re gonna jump out and scare them wearing scary masks and shit” he laughed arrogantly.

“Oh” she sighed, as she ran her fingers across the chocolate bars edges.

“And by the way, I haven’t forgotten what you asked me to do, that night you came home from the station. Just want you to know… I’m working on it” he added in a reassuring tone. “That’s great, but can you come over later?” she said, in a desperate bid for company. “Maybe we could talk about it more then?” she sighed.

“I told you, I’m doing this with Jonathan. Look we don’t have to be together all the time. Just enjoy some alone time sweetie, or go hang out with the girls. I love you and I promise you’ll have my undivided attention for your party tomorrow, but for now I really gotta go” he said in a rush, leaving Casandra feeling loved and shafted all at once. “Tell Jonathan I said hi” she whispered, before realising he had already hung up.

She threw her phone down onto the floor, defeated and alone she rested her head on the hard wooden door and gradually fed herself the chocolate. She didn’t like being alone, not anymore. Without Liv, the entire room not only felt hollow, but it was terrifying to be in. Casandra couldn’t help but wonder what her last moments were like, she tried not to think of the carnage that transpired in the place she called home, but it was easier said than done. Being in the room was a constant reminder of all the fallen girls, of the horrors that had been plaguing the academy since the start of the year, and as she sat against the door, feeding herself chocolate, Casandra couldn’t help but feel powerless. But then there was a knock, and she was pulled back to reality.

She hastily whipped away all signs of tears and running mascara, before scrambling to her feet. Without a second thought she slid the DVDs and chocolate under her bed, and hurried towards her mirror for a final inspection. Then there was a second knock, “Be with you in a second” she shouted, as she puffed up hair.

Finally she was her usual self, or rather the self which she presented to the world. With that she skipped over towards the door and opened it. Much to her surprise, Dean Mendoza stood on the other side of the door. “Oh Dean” Casandra sighed. “To what do I owe the pleasure, you know Cohen isn’t here” she informed him.

“I know, I’m actually here to see you” he said bluntly, storming into her room uninvited. Casandra stumbled back as the boy barged past her, she poked her head through the door, only to find the hallway now completely deserted. She hesitantly shut the door, and turned towards an anxious Dean. “So, what brings you here so late?” she asked, tip toeing her way towards the boy.

“I need to get something off my chest and I think you’re the right person to tell” he said, his palms and brow sweated, as he slowly reached into his pocket and withdrew the key. He tossed to Casandra, who caught it in her opens palms.

The girl let out an extravagant gasp, when it dawned upon her what exactly Dean had just given her. “Is this what I think it is?” she asked skittishly, as she raised the key closer to her face.

“One of Cali’s keys” he replied bluntly, seating himself on the edge of Liv’s empty bed.

“So that video was true…” the girl cried, “Everything she said was true” she continued, as the realization hit her like a ton of bricks. “How did you get this?” she asked, as she approached the boy with trepidation.

“She gave to me” Dean replied, in the same monotone voice.

“I didn’t know you two were close” Casandra sighed. She felt a general sense of unease, there was something about this whole situation that gave her uncontrollable goose bumps and yet she needed to know more. She compelled herself forward and joined Dean on the bed. “We were more than just close, we were a couple” he confessed.

Calista had never mentioned Dean before, not Casandra at least, so as she sat listening to the boy she was left questioning, just how much her former friend really hid from her. “Is this the only key you have? In her video I remember her saying there were four of them. And do you know where that box is, because if so, we could end this, we could end it right now” she exclaimed in a blind panic.

“No” he replied in an instant. “I’ve looked everywhere, in every nook and cranny and couldn’t find that stupid fricken box” he added, slowly lifting his head to look upon Casandra. “I did however have another key, but I gave it to my Dad, I couldn’t take the burden” he sighed. As Casandra looked into his eyes, she couldn’t help but notice how lifeless they were, it was as if there was no heart or being behind them.

“I set that fire” he confessed, as he began to shake. “All to protect my Dad” he continued, arousing Casandra’s suspicion.

“Why would you do that and why would it protect your dad?” she asked, as her whole body tensed with fear.

“Because that’s where they went together, and it’s where she gave him his key” he confessed, his eyes now streaming with tears, as he watched the horrified Casandra clutch at her chest…

 Gentleman's Choice Bar 

Logan popped the champagne, receiving a loud cheer from Leo as he did so, it wasn’t long before the sparkling drink was poured to the rim of Leo’s glass. “Quickly, down it!” Logan chanted, as he drank from the bottle. Leo did as he was told, he quickly washed down the glass without a second thought, before slamming it back onto the table when it became empty.

“Again” Logan shouted as he filled the glass up for a second time. Leo repeated the process again and then again for a third time.

Finally he coughed and held his hands up in defeat. “I can’t” he coughed, whilst laughing simultaneously. Logan shook his head in playful disapproval, before he quickly downed the reminisce of the bottle himself.

“You need to become a better drinker!” Logan laughed loudly, as he placed the empty bottle down. Leo couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride, he felt like had achieved a great accomplishment, he was here in a gay bar with another boy and he could hardly contain his excitement. He watched as the lights flashed every colour imaginable and found himself drawn to the well chiseled DJ. “Chris doesn’t like twinks” Logan jokingly said, as he punched his boyfriend in the arm.

“I’m just admiring the views” Leo playfully laughed. Just then a drag queen with a tray of shots approached the boys, she placed it down onto the table and winked at the two boys. Leo looked at her long flowing pink hair and flowing white gown, which oddly resembled a tattered wedding dress.

“Any shots gents?” she asked in a deep voice, which made Leo jump with surprise. “What’s up with this one? Never seen a bloke in a dress before?” the drag queen asked with a deep laugh, as she patted Leo on the back. The American giggled, shaking his head as his face grew red from embarrassment.

“He’s new, and we’ll take two each” Logan replied, handing the queen a five pound note. “Keep the change” he insisted as she placed the individual shots in front of the boys.

“Oh, one pound tip. How generous” she said sarcastically, as she walked away without another word. Logan smiled at the blushing Leo, causing him to erupt into a fit of giggles.

“You’re so adorable” Logan sighed as he threw his head back. “You’re like a little lamb, so cute and innocent” he laughed as the downed one shot. “I have much to teach you grasshopper” Logan laughed as he finished the other.

“But for now, I’ll say to you what I say every night. Bottoms up” he said, pointing down to the two shot glasses. Leo laughed again, unable to put his joy into words. He put the glass to his lips and threw his head back, sending the alcohol into his system. Just then the music changed, Logan’s head perked and his eyes lit up, he quickly grabbed onto Leo’s hand as his mouth hung open.

“What?” Leo asked, watching as the dance floor became more crowded.

“The song… It’s Cher, let’s dance!” he proclaimed, jumping off his stool. Much to his surprise, Leo remained stationary looking somewhat perplexed, “Jesus, I do have a lot to teach you. Just come dance” he laughed, pulling Leo to his feet.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe he was just having so much fun, but Leo no longer resisted, he merely grinned and allowed Logan to lead the way.

 The Courtyard 

Clara and her team had long since left the hall, the dark night was upon them, forcing them to retreat back to their respective dorms. “I’ll message you guys a schedule of when I think we should next meet” Clara told the group, as she placed her phone back into her pocket.

“And I’ve added us all into a group chat, so we can all contact each other, whenever we need” David chimed in, as he flashed his phone to the group.

“Ingenious, we’re using whatsapp to hunt and capture a serial killer” Daniel sighed, which received several annoyed looks from the other members. “Kidding, love whatsapp, go team” he said sarcastically, as the group continued walking.

Finally, they came to the intersection which broke off to the various dorms on campus. “So, I guess this is goodnight then” Lavender sighed as she looked around at her new friends.

“Guess so” Clara added, as the group awkwardly stood around, unsure of who should leave first.

“So Clara, you want me to walk you back, since you’re the only one going to Iris” Oscar said, in the hopes that he’d finally get some alone time with his friend. But before she could take him up on his offer, another boy made her the same offer.

“Mind if I do it?” Tyler asked, stepping forward towards her. “I kinda wanna talk about Liv” he whispered, at which Clara nodded in understanding.

She quickly turned to Oscar and offered a warm smile. “I’ll text you tomorrow I promise” she apologised, leaving the boy deflated as she slowly began to back away towards her dorm. “I’ll text all of you” she added, giving the group a slight wave, before ushering Tyler forward. “Come on” she said politely as the boy quickly followed suit.

“Well, guess we best be going to Davey boy” Joel said, tapping David on the shoulder. Both David and Oscar were too preoccupied with watching Clara and Tyler to engage with the rest of the group, the blond boy’s exchanged a brief look, before forcing a smile.

“Okay, lead the way Joely” he said theatrically, gesturing his arms north towards Wolfsbane Dormitory. “Night guys, see you all tomorrow, bright and early” he proclaimed as he and Joel marched off into the night.

“You want me to walk you back?” Raven asked Lavender.

“Sorry to play copycat, but would you mind if I walked you home?” Daniel said as he extended his hand to her. The girl blushed bashfully and nodded her head. “I would love that” she sighed, as she took Daniel’s hand. She looked over at Raven who gave her a nod of approval, before pulling the older boy in the direction Iris Dormitory, trailing behind Clara and Tyler. “Goodnight guys” she giggled, waving at the two boys who were left behind.

“Well, looks like it’s just us then” a proud Raven said to Oscar, who was still transfixed on the faint outline of Clara and Tyler. “Hey” he said tapping the boy on the shoulder. “Follow me, we need to talk” he said, as a reluctant Oscar finally diverted his gaze and walked alongside Raven.

“So how long have you liked Clara?” Raven asked curiously, as the harsh nights air blew against them.

“Since as long as I can remember, she’s everything I think about. When Olivia joined the bitchette’s she chose to hang out with me and I chose her, it was like nothing was standing in our way” he said, his cheeks became rosy at the thought of all their happy memories. “We were inseparable last year, now it just seems like everything’s changed” he said.

“You mean David weaseled his way in?” Raven asked bluntly.

Oscar laughed loudly and nodded his head. “Pretty much” he replied. “Just, why can’t she look at me the way she looks at him?” he sighed, in a heart breaking tone.

“Been there, done that dude, quite recently actually” Raven replied, as Oscar indicated behind him.

“You like Lavender?” Oscar asked curiously.

When Raven heard this question he roared with laughter, shaking his head as he beamed a comical grin. “I love Lavender with all my heart, as a friend. But as a partner, well she’s not really my type” he explained, as the dormitory came in sight. “I’ve had the biggest crush of Logan Kendrick, for as long as I can remember” he explained, his heart fluttering at the mere mention of the boy’s name.

“Oh, so you’re, okay cool” Oscar stuttered, after realising how awkward he may have made the situation. “Have you even spoken to him?” he asked.

“No, but that’s not the point” Raven said, as the two boys huddled under the dormitories doorway. “My point is that he doesn’t even look at me, probably doesn’t even know my name. He’s all obsessed with your friend Leo, the new shinny twink of the school” he continued. Oscar hadn’t previously given Leo and Logan’s standing relationship a second thought, but after tonight things suddenly became clear, he understood now that the two were probably more than just roommates. So as Raven opened the door, he continued to listen to his explanation, in the hopes it would provide him with some comfort.

“Logan will never look at me, will probably never bother to learn my name and whilst that sucks, because he is super-hot, I understand that he and Leo probably have a better relationship and probably share something special” he continued, as the two boys climbed the stairs. “You have to realise you and Clara share something unlike anybody else at this school” Raven told Oscar, as he stopped on his floor.

“Because just like Logan and I would never work, Clara and David will never work. You’d have to be blind to not see how much you love her” he sighed, causing Oscar to blush. “It’s only a matter of time before she sees it too, and then she’ll see how special you are. Because you are special Oscar, you’re a really great guy, if you were gay I’d try and snatch you up myself” he laughed, flashing Oscar a dazzling smile.

“Thanks” Oscar replied, in an equally joyful laugh.

“Just remember that, he is a momentary distraction, you’re the endgame” Raven added confidently, causing Oscar’s smile to grow tenfold.

“You’re a great guy yourself Raven” Oscar said extending his hand. The two boys shook and pulled each other in for a hug, “If Leo wasn’t my friend I’d say go for it, but if you steal his boyfriend I’ll kick your arse” he joked, now sending Raven into a fit of giggles.

“Kidding” he quickly added, as he began his ascent to his own floor. “This talk was really great” Oscar sighed, staring up towards the window on the staircase. The moon was full and beautiful, on and the for once the sky was clear allowing the stars to shine brighter than ever before. “It has given me a lot to think about” he confessed. “I hope you find your Prince Charming dude” he beamed.

“And I hope you win her heart” Raven replied, his smile showing no signs of fading. Oscar sighed loudly once more as he started to climb the stairs a little more.

“As do I, but for now I guess we have to settle for being relegated to the back seat” Oscar moaned in response. “Night mate, I’ll come knock on your door in the morning, we can walk to class together” Oscar shouted from the upper floor, peaking his head over the banister as he awaited a response.

“Sounds good, sleep tight Romeo” Raven shouted, waving one hand in the air before turning to his door. As he placed his key within the lock, he felt his phone buzz. A shameless dating app notification, he looked down at the screen named puzzled.

Mr Windsor: Hey sexy

 Meanwhile: Lavender and Daniel - Outside Iris Dormitory  

Meanwhile the duo had long since fallen behind Clara and Tyler, not that they minded of course, it gave them time to be alone. The stars were shining brightly, as the pair walked hand in hand towards the dorm. “It’s amazing how things here, just never change” Daniel sighed as he looked at his surroundings.

“Did you ever think you’d be back?” Lavender asked out of curiosity. As she the cold wind blew against them.

“Not for a single second” Daniel replied instantly. “And if it weren’t for recent events, I probably would never have come back” he explained, as they neared the building. “Do you want to take a seat?” he asked, directing the girl towards a bench. Lavender nodded gleefully as she stepped forward, leading the boy.

“But, it is what it is and I am here, and so are you. And I am so thankful for that” he whispered to her, stroking her cheek as he spoke.

“I’m glad I got to meet you Daniel, even if it were under dark circumstances” she whispered, as she gazed longingly into his rich blue eyes. “But don’t you miss it? Your life, your friends, your travels?” she asked, as the boy now stroked her long hair.

“Of course, before I came here I was offered a modelling job, was going to attempt to launch my career” he explained dramatically gesturing towards the stars in the sky. “But then you get that call and you realise how futile of a career that would be, you realise that some things in life are more important. Like stopping this arsehole” he said, as his voice became venomous.

“I’m scared” Lavender confessed abruptly. “Everyone was so brave in the hall, yes I want to stop whoever is behind this, but I am terrified of dying Daniel” she sobbed. He quickly wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his shoulder.

“We all are” he said, attempting to comfort her. “But I promise to do whatever it takes, to protect you. Because I don’t think I can lose someone I care about again, I just don’t” he confessed, as she took her head off his shoulder. “Because I care about you Lavender, I really fucking do” he sighed emotionally. The pair looked at each other, looked deep within each other’s soles and finally kissed.

 Meanwhile: Iris Dormitory - Clara's Room  

Tyler was sat on the bed, looking through the box of Olivia’s possessions, whilst the Clara silently studied the boy’s behaviour from a far. He didn’t cry nor did he show any sign of emotion, he caressed the photo of Olivia and her younger sister and simply smiled. “I was thinking of sending that to her parents” Clara said in a hushed tone. “They probably already have a copy, but you never know” she said awkwardly, unsure of what she should even say. The walk to the dormitory was very much similar, Tyler refused to say a word to Clara, until he knew that they couldn’t be heard.

“I think all of this stuff should go to her parents” he sighed, without look he placed the photo back with the rest of her belongings, unknowingly resting the frame atop of Calista’s mysterious box.

“I know, I just thought that maybe you’d want to keep something too” Clara said with a soft smile.

“Thanks, but I don’t know” he sighed, unable to even look at the rest of the boxes contents. “I didn’t come here to look through old memories. I came here to talk about them” he whispered. Clara slowly approached the bed, as he placed the box down on to the floor allowing room for her.

“It appeared that Olivia, led a completely different life before she knew me. I want to know more about that life” he whispered, as she joined him on the bed.

“Likewise, she led a completely different life when we stopped talking. I guess I would to know how she was then” Clara replied, as the pair became more at ease with each other. “Guess we have a lot to catch each other up on” she said, as she held back the tears.

“Yeah guess we do” Tyler replied in a quiet tone. They looked at each other and smiled nervously unsure of where to even start. The silence continued with each of them hoping that the other would talk first. “Well” Tyler sighed loudly, “Why don’t we start off easy, why don’t we just share our greatest memory of Liv” he said.

“Okay” Clara replied, already thinking of her memory. She smiled, her cheeks growing rosy at the thought. “Okay, so we were in year ten, it was the night before we finished for Summer, neither of us wanted to sleep, because the more we slept, the less time we would have together” she sighed, unable to hold the tears back any longer.

“We stayed up all night, just talking about everything, boys, family, food” she laughed, whipping away the tears from her cheeks. “It was everything, but nothing at the same time. It was just meaningless chitchatter, and she made it feel so special” she laughed with joy.

“I remember our first date so vividly. She wore a white summer dress, her hair had just been dyed so it was super blonde. I’d never seen a more beautiful girl in my entire life. We went on a bike ride around campus and caught in a horrific hail storm, had to hide out in the bike shed” he sighed, his eyes now starting to become watery. “We were soaking wet, I looked like a drowned rat, but again she just looked like her regular gorgeous self” he laughed, the memory was so vivid, it was as if he could see her in the room with them. Her long blonde hair drenched, as it all fell to one side, the damp summer dress that clung to her body and her beautiful angelic face, he could see it all, clear as day.

“We had our first kiss and everything was just perfect” he sighed, unknowingly he had taken a hold of Clara’s hand, during the course of his story. He looked down and saw the girl supporting him. “Thanks” he whispered, as he slowly let go.

“She was so special, perfect in every sense” he continued, not allowing himself to cry. “That’s why we need to stop this bastard” he said, as his voice shifted into a more serious tone. “I know you may not have initially wanted me on your team, but I hope you realise now, how much is at stake for me” he said, his face filled with rage.

“I know now, I hope you didn’t take your lack of invitation personally, I just didn’t know what emotional state you were in” she explained her logic. “I was a mess, so I could only imagine you were just as bad” she said, now taking his hand into her own. “Now I know how much this means to you and I hope that we can get our justice” she said, feeling a rush of empowering rage.

“The other night, I thought I had the bastard. I was outside my dorm and this guy in a ski mask just saw me and bolted” he said recalling the events of that night. “Finally tackled him down, but Raven and Lavender stopped me before I could take the mask off” he said, clenching a fist with his free hand. “And when they got away, I just, god I just wanted to beat the living shit out of both of them. They ruined what could be my only chance” he shouted, punching the side of the bed.

Clara let go of his hand, as she jumped with fright. “That must have been frustrating. But you can’t let it get you down, Raven and Lavender are not the enemy. You will get another chance, I promise you” she sighed, caressing his shoulder.

Tyler shut his eyes and steadied his breathing, he didn’t want to lose his temper, he had to remain calm. “For Olivia, for Olivia, for Olivia” he repeated to himself after every breath.

The action put a smile on Clara’s face, when suddenly her phone rang, disrupting the silence. “Sorry, let me get that” she said, as she walked across the room to pick up the phone. As she did so, a much calmer Tyler grabbed the box out of the floor, and pulled out one of Olivia’s old sweaters.

He held it to his face and smiled like a child as he rubbed the soft cashmere against his cheek, a single tear rolled off his eye lash, as he inhaled the faint smell of her perfume.

Clara smiled at the boy, who was acting as if he were completely alone. She answered the phone and held it to her ears without even looking at the screen. “Hello” she greeted.

“Hello” the deep voice replied. Clara head quickly turned away from Tyler, when the unfamiliar voice came from the phone. She pulled the phone away from her ear just long enough to read:

                                Unknown Caller

“Who is this?” she asked, trying to hide any trace of nerves. It was at this point, Tyler put down the jumper and slowly approached Clara from behind.

“Can’t tell you that, not yet anyway” the caller replied. “Let’s just say, a friend of Olivia’s” they laughed wickedly.

“What the fuck do you want?” Clara shouted down the phone, as Tyler remained baffled. She beckoned the boy closer and with a trembling finger she put her phone on speaker. “I said what the fuck do you want?” Clara screamed down the line, as Tyler quickly peered down at the screen.

“Heard you the first time bitch” the caller replied. “And I want to play a game” they said in their dark husky tone.

“What game?” Clara asked nervously, placing her finger on her lips, indicating for Tyler to remain silent.

“It’s a very special game and you are a very special player” the caller cackled. “Because lucky, lucky you, gets to decide which MALE student becomes the next victim!” they laughed.

All colour washed away from Clara’s face as she grabbed onto Tyler in disbelief. “No, fuck you!” she screamed, she went to hang up the phone, but the killer was not yet finished with their call.

“If you hang up, they all fucking die!” they roared, freezing Clara in her tracks. Both she and Tyler trembled, as she slowly approached her bed, bending down to retrieve an old hockey stick from underneath. She tossed it to the boy before nodding towards the door.

Tyler put his thumb up and began to make his way across the room. “The game is simple, I name a list of male students, you tell me which one I kill next!” the caller laughed manically, as Tyler opened the door, ready to swing… But the hallways remained empty. Clara stomach sank with disappointment, she was hoping that the caller would be outside, and all it would take is one strong swoop from Tyler and it would be all over.

But this was not the case and the caller remained on the phone. “Ready, or not here we go!” the caller giggled. “Miss Clara Stark, come on down!” they announced dramatically as Clara began to weep uncontrollably.

“No, no I can’t, I can’t!” she screamed in a blind panic.

“Sorry, have to name one. And heeeerrreeee are your options” the caller said obnoxiously, as Tyler pulled her in closer to him.

“I’m calling the police” he whispered, in what he believed to be an undetectable tone, oh how wrong he was.

“Second rule, just like the first. Call the police and they all die!” the killer laughed, once more forcing Tyler to stop his dialling. “Now before there are any more interruptions, we can finally begin” they said, as the distressed Clara slumped herself on the bed. “The options are simple, who will die next. Will it be A) Raven Castillo, B) Tyler Stephensen or C) Leo Barnaby?” the killer asked.

“What!” Tyler roared.

In that instant it felt like Clara had left her body, she charged through her open doorway and dove towards Leo’s room. She wacked on the door with all her might, screaming at the top of her lungs. “Leo! Leo! Open the door!” she screeched. But no one answered…

“Allow me” Tyler said to her as he handed off the hockey stick. He gently moved the girl to one side, before kicking the door in. Much to their dismay, the room remained empty. “Well where is he?” Tyler asked her.

This panicked Clara even more, she didn’t know where he was, she merely shrugged and let out a small yelp. “I don’t know!” she cried. “I don’t know” she repeated, as she aggressively ran her hands through her hair. “Just, stall them. I’ll go to Raven, the two of us together we’ll be more than fine” Tyler shouted in a blind panic as he grabbed the hockey stick off of her.

“But Tyler!” Clara screamed as she chased after the boy down the stairs. “This person wants to kill you” she continued to, as the boy crashed through the doors.

“Yeah and I want to kill them” he said bluntly, his voice steadied, no longer panicked or scared, this was a man on a mission. As he charged his way out of Iris dormitories, they came across Lavender and Daniel, who relaxed in each other’s arms as they stared up at the stars.

“What are you gonna do with that?” Daniel asked, as he jumped with fear, indicating towards the stick. Lavender too jolted, but when she saw the dishevelled Clara approach, “Oh my god, Clara are you okay?” she shouted as she left the boy on the bench and ran to her aid.

“Both of you stay here and protect Clara, don’t let her out of your sight” Tyler screamed, as he ran off towards Blossom dormitories. Daniel was in a state of utter confusion as he approached the two girls, he stared at Lavender in the hopes of gaining some clarification, but she merely shrugged, unsure of what was happening herself.

The caller’s spoke, once again causing both Lavender and Daniel to jump with fear. “So you work out where Leo is, because I certainly know… Could pay him a visit if you want?” the caller laughed, as Lavender’s mouth dropped open.

“Who the fuck?” Daniel whispered, as Clara held the phone directly to her mouth. “Leave Leo alone, he’s hasn’t done anything wrong and if you hurt him, I swear to god!” she screeched. “Just leave him the fuck alone!” she roared in a groggy voice, her face was now soaked with tears.

“Okay…” the caller responded in an unnaturally calm tone. Then, just like that the line went dead…

 Gentleman's Choice Bar  

The two boys danced to in the heated club, rubbing against each other, their shirts clung to their bodies and hair caked in sweat. The song ended and the couple attempted to catch their breaths. Logan pulled Leo out of the crowd and towards the bar.

“That was amazing” Leo laughed loudly, as they sat themselves on the bar stools. “Honestly the best night of my fricken life!” Leo shouted loudly, as Logan remained quiet. The confident boy flicked his hand in the air and the bar tender brought over two large cocktails. He smiled as the American’s face lit up with excitement. “Dude, seriously you’ve spent so much money tonight” he laughed as he took the pink cocktail in hand.

“Only the best” Logan said, as the two boys clung their glasses together. He swiveled his straw around his drink and watched as Leo innocently drank up. He leaned back and couldn’t contain his happiness. “God you’re just so adorable. I really can’t believe you’re all mine” Logan sighed, as he rubbed his chain.

“Look who’s talking. I hit the jackpot when I found you” Leo replied, once again flashing his radiant smile.

“I can’t stop thinking about what you said” Logan sighed, as he placed the glass back on the bar. “Early tonight, when you told me you loved me” he continued, grasping onto Leo’s knee. “I’ve never been this happy, because our future looks so bright together” he proclaimed loudly. “I just want to know, how much you love me” he said with a grin, as he leaned in closer to Leo.

“Is this the point where you want me to sing I’d Do Anything from Oliver?” Leo laughed as he too set down his drink.

“Aw, you’re adorable” Logan laughed, as he pulled Leo’s stool closer towards him. “But I was thinking of something, different” he continued. “See that guy in the far corner” Logan said indicating towards a lanky man, with a pony tail. “Yeah” Leo said, somewhat bewildered

“Let him fuck you in the toilets” Logan said bluntly, at which point Leo’s eye brows raised higher than ever before.

“What?” he asked, with a laugh, believing that Logan was said jokingly.

“Go on, just do it. I can tell he likes you. Can’t take his eyes off that perky little arse of yours” Logan chuckled, waving towards at the man. Leo looked behind him, his breath intensified as he returned his attention to his boyfriend.

“You’re kidding right? The guy looks like he’s been on meth” Leo gasped, not wanting to look at the man for a second longer.

“That’s not a nice thing to say Leo” Logan said, scalding the boy for the insult. “Just go in there and pretend it’s me. When it’s all over, then I’ll know that your love for me is real” he whispered, delivering the twisted sentence as if it were a romantic sonnet.

Leo couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he didn’t know if this was all some twisted joke or an actual request, but his happiness high vanished with the blink of eye. He once again became uncomfortable, he retreated into himself, folding his arms and avoiding all traces of eye contact. “Logan, please I wanna go home now” he stuttered nervously.

Logan took a sip of his drink, he laughed and nodded his head. “Leo it was a joke, calm down” he laughed, hitting him in the shoulder. Leo breathed a sigh of relief, his breath steadied to a normal rate. “I would never ask you to do something like that” Logan sighed, as he leaned in to kiss Leo on the cheek.

But then, he moved quickly grabbing a handful of Leo’s hair and pulling it down to the ground. “Because I am not fucking asking you, I am telling you” he whispered sadistically into his ear. “You are going to go into that bathroom, and you are going to let him fuck you” he continued.

Leo shivered and whelped with pain. His mind was working overtime he didn’t know how to respond, so he just sat there at allowed it to happen. “You are going to do that and then he is going to give me a lot of money” Logan whispered, a wicked smile arose on his face. He let go of Leo’s hair and pushed his head up aggressively.

The American boy shook with fear, as Logan slimily smirked to himself, leaning back in his chair proud of his handy work. “Aw don’t act all sad and innocent. It was that type of money that paid for this date” Logan said, in between sips of his cocktails. “See, start of the year it dawned upon me, my only clients are guys that want to get fucked BY me” he said, forcing Leo to listen to his story.

“So I thought about earning even more money, by letting guys actually fuck me” he laughed aloud, it was at this point Leo attempted to leave, but his flight instinct was no match for Logan, who merely shoves him back down on the chair. “I wasn’t finished” Logan said, as Leo hung his head in shame.

“But here’s the thing, I didn’t want to let another man fuck me, why? Not just because I’m a top, but because I love power” he whispered, grabbing a hold of Leo’s chin to force his head up. “And that’s when you dropped into my lap” he sighed stroking the boy’s cheek. “You were the perfect candidate, I initially thought we could just be partners and split the money, but what fun would that be?” he asked rhetorically.

“My end goal was simple. I got all the money and you got a loving boyfriend, who’s never felt this way before” he said, mimicking his voice from earlier in the night. Leo couldn’t believe what he was hearing, it felt as if he had just ripped out his heart ripped out of his chest and watched and it was stomped to a bloody pulp.

“I hoped you would do this out of love, but I guess I’m going to have to execute plan B” he sighed, before once again smiling wickedly.

“Which is?” Leo asked, his voice barely audible.

“Oh, so glad you can still talk. If you don’t do this for me, I share every little dirty text, picture, video you’ve sent me and I put it online for everyone to see. And after what you told me tonight, will probably send a copy to your parents too” Logan laughed. Leo’s face dropped, it became devoid of emotion.

It was as if he left his body, he couldn’t process the threats, but knew how serious they were. “Do we have a deal?” Logan asked, to which Leo merely nodded his head, doing so out of fear, of what could happen if he chose to say no. “Then what are you waiting for, go on. I’ll have another cocktail waiting for you when you get back” he laughed, as he slapped Leo’s face playfully.

Leo’s autopilot kicked in, he felt numb, unknowingly he rose to his feet and walked towards the man with the ponytail. “Atta boy!” Logan shouted as smiled in victory, Leo didn’t look back, he couldn’t, he felt his stomach sink as the man with the pony tail extended his hand.

Back at the bar, Logan was still reveling in his conquest, when an older bartender approached him. “First time?” the man asked.

“First time” Logan repeated. He shoved the glass in the man’s chest and clicked his fingers “Fill her up Olsson, make it snappy” he said, to the bar owner Elias, who reluctantly nodded his head and walked away, leaving Logan to bask in his own glory.

 Blossom Dormitory: Raven's Room 

Raven couldn’t help but be perplexed, was this another student, or a teacher. The boys on the app were mainly from the various public schools and colleges around the area, grouped with several older men, he never saw another Windsor student on there.

He entered the pitch black room and looked at the boys profile, his picture was nothing more than a shirtless torso. He squinted, in the off chance that he would be able to recognize the boy. He was too busy paying attention to his stupid phone, that he didn’t see the masked figure standing behind the door.

As the door closed, Raven’s eyes remained transfixed on the screen, allowing the figure to silently approach him, undetected.

“Hey… Do, I know you?” Raven read aloud as he replied to the message. He waited with anticipation as the person began to type their reply.

Mr Windsor: Probably, I know you

Raven laughed to himself, focusing on the boy’s delicious abs. “Send face pic” he replied back to the boy. Then in a second, his message was filled with various different pictures of the boy’s body parts, none of which included his face. Whilst Raven became more excited, he still wanted to see what the boy looked like, he stepped closer towards his window, allowing himself to be illuminated by the streetlamps below. “Tease” Raven joked with the boy.

Mr Windsor: :P

Mr Windsor: You’ve seen mine, let me see yours x

Raven again bit his lips with excitement, as the masked figure grew ever closer. “You’re going to have to work harder than that” Raven replied eagerly. “Or you could come over to my room, see it for yourself… In person” he giggled, hitting send with a burst of excitement. But just as the message delivered, ‘Mr Windsor’ went offline and the communication ceased. “Aw seriously?” Raven groaned with disappointment.

He slowly raised his head, that’s when he caught its reflection in the window, the masked figure. He attempted to scream, but before he could do so the killer grabbed onto his hair and sent his head crashing into the window. Raven yelped with pain, as blood began to gush from his forehead. He moaned and winced, but was quickly silenced, when the killer shoved his own phone down his throat.

As Raven gagged and struggled to breath, the killer stomped down on the phone, forcing it in further, several pieces of the screen shattered into tiny pieces, lodging themselves in the boy’s mouth. He kicked his legs frantically, eventually turning onto his stomach. The killer circled him like a vulture, as he pushed with all his might in a bid to rise. His knees closed together, as he finally got himself on all fours, the choking boy steadied his shaking hands, as he forced himself onto his knees. He couldn’t see a thing, the blood blocked his vision, he tried to cry for help but did nothing but gag on the shattered phone.

The killer nodded proudly, as they leaned against his set of draws. In a last ditch attempt, Raven moved forward, hoping he’d be able to crawl to his door. But as soon as he moved, he fell flat on his face, too weak to make the journey. The fun was over, the killer pulled out their knife and flipped Raven on his back. They looked as his blood soaked face shivered and winced with pain.

With one fluid motion they ripped the phone from his mouth, breaking several teeth and slicing his gums with the broken glass as they did so. Raven screamed feebly, before his mouth quickly filled with blood. The killer watched as he choked on his own blood, but they were not content with this, and in one quick flick of the wrist they slit his throat.

The boy lay underneath his killer, motionless.

Just when the murder thought the job was done, the door to the room was kicked in. Tyler stood in the doorway hockey stick in hand. “Raven?” he said calmly, scoping the room. His head turned and then he saw them, the killer standing over Raven’s mutilated corpse. His mouth dropped open with shock, however he quickly tamed his quivering jaw, knowing what had to be done.

The killer backed away nervously, as Tyler grew red with rage. His grasp on the stick tightened as he locked his eyes firmly on the target. “This is for Liv” he said calmly, she slammed the door behind and with one loud monstrous roar, he charged forward.

 15 Minutes Later: Blossom Dormitory  

“We need to get everyone out now!” Clara screamed as she entered the building, still looking disheveled and distressed.

“On it” Daniel said, as he punched the fire alarm. The building erupted with a loud ear-piercing bell. “Everyone out!” he screamed at the top of his voice, as students were already out of their rooms. “Jesus that was fast, guess people are really scared of fire” he sighed as the staircase became cluttered.

“We have to get up there, I need to know if they’re safe now!” Lavender insisted, both Daniel and Clara nodded reluctantly, he grabbed onto Lavender’s hand, as the pair followed Clara, who shot up the stairs in rapid motion.

The trio weaved their way past several students, until one grabbed a hold of Clara. “What are you doing here?” Oscar asked in a blind panic, the boy looked as if he were still half asleep, as his roommate Caleb chose to follow the other students out of the building.

“I got a call, the killer wanted me to play a game and… and” the girl began to well up, as she dropped into Oscar’s torso, clinging onto him for dear life.

“We need to get to Raven’s room now, he’s not answering any of my calls” Lavender cried, as more hysteric students flooded past them.

With a nod of agreement from Oscar, Lavender lead the charge up the final flight of stairs towards Raven’s room. Clara kept a hold of Oscar’s dressing gown, and even though the thick fabric he could still feel her hands tremble. The team approached Raven’s door, much like the others in the hallway, it remained open.

With one faint push Lavender opened it and entered without fear. But on the other side, lay nothing but an empty blood soaked room…

 Undisclosed Location  

A groggy Tyler finally awoke, he attempted to his up but quickly and harshly bumped his head. The boy then tried to out stretch his arm, to the same result. Two wooden walls sat either side of his arms and another above him.

He slowly placed a hand on the wall which rested above his head and sighed, “Help” he coughed. “Somebody, please help” he coughed once more. But no one was going to hear him, he was alone, he was trapped, he was buried alive…


Main Cast

  • Lily James as Olivia Wright(Created by TivaForever)→ 5/15 (Mentioned Only)

Supporting Cast

  • Maiara Walsh as Callista Ranza (Created by Britt)→ 5/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Joel Hayes as Caleb Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 5/15
  • Quinn Lord as Jules Barons (Created by Marina. V28)→ 5/15
  • Italia Ricci as Blair Robinson (Created by Emily May) → 3/15 (Mentioned Only)
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ryan McKenna (Created by Emily May) → 4/15


 Final Thoughts  

Hello, hello, hello!!

Guys first of all I am so sorry I couldn't get this to you for Halloween, ah well a week later is better than a month late! This episode has been one that I was looking forward to from the beginning, so now that it's finally out there I am just so happy!

On a more serious note - When Selena and I first planned this season we wanted to tackle some major issues. As you can see from the comment section below, we did offer a disclaimer, because of course this episode showed Logan's true colours and dealt with the serious issue of sexual harassment and manipulation. We planned this series a long time ago, so we couldn't possibly imagine just how much this episode would relate to current news stories. Our goal was ultimately to highlight and discuss this issue, within the context of the Horrifically Tales Universe.

However I hope you guys enjoyed the episode as a whole, please share all of your thoughts/theories/whatever in the comments section or a blog post, we love hearing from you guys and your feedback really means the world to us. So I hope to hear from you soon byeeee

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